February 27, 2004

The Veracity Series #1: A Sobering Reality Check

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"This is the time when your soul has reached the furthermost point of its journey of separation, and is now ready to begin the journey of 'Reunion and Integration' once more. Your soul has gradually been infused with a Divine discontent which slowly filters into your conscious mind and emotions, and you begin to turn inward in order to tame the ego and reconnect with the soul, your Oversoul and the multiple facets of your greater Self. You now have the potential to connect with the many facets of your soul family, your Higher Self, your many Oversouls and your God Ray (I AM Presence). At a cosmic level, the Supreme Creator is now sending down the radiance of Itself via the Great Central Suns, which is being filtered down upon Earth in great bursts of Living Flame of Life via the Sun of your solar system."

- Archangel Michael's February 2004 message, received by Ronna Herman ( and recommended by Michael Joseph as a confirmation of the Omniversal Energy mentioned in a recent compilation

Worthy of your attention

The Parents Circle
In 1994, following the kidnapping and murder of 19-years-old Arik Frankenthal, by Hamas terrorists, his father, Yitzhak Frankenthal, founded THE PARENTS' CIRCLE - an organization of bereaved parents who lost children in terrorist acts. Membership in the Circle was later broadened to form THE FAMILIES FORUM, which includes, Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families who have, as a result of the Israeli-Arab conflict, lost a family member, a first-degree relative. The Families Forum believes in solving the conflict between Israel and the peoples of the region by way of a political process which eventually will lead to a peace agreement and co-existence based on mutual respect. This goal, the Forum believes, will be achieved by means of advancing ideas of tolerance and reconciliation, coherent with moral values affirming sanctity of life and the safeguarding of human dignity and freedom. In spite of the high price of loss of human lives paid by members of the Forum, they fervently seek to bring reconciliation and compromise to this war-ridden region. Hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian families, who lost their dear ones, got together to join forces within the framework of THE PARENTS' CIRCLE - THE FAMILIES FORUM. CLIP
Recommended by "Marianne"


1. New Kucinich Video: THE ONE
2. A Letter to the Dalai Lama
3. CDC Vaccine Data Leads Scientists to Shocking Discovery
4. Original Pentagon Report on Abrupt Climate Change Scenario
5. The Pentagon Sounds The Alarm On Global Warming; Why Isn't President Bush Listening?
6. Seven Jewish Americans Control Most US Media
7. The Passion
8. Uncle Sugar
9. Background on Haiti: Questions and Answers
10. New Pamphlet Explodes Haiti Myths
11. 'Kelly Was Murdered,' Says UK Intelligence Insider

See also:

Candidate Nader
Whatever the criticisms of his strategy or agenda, however, no one who knows Nader questions his sincerity or integrity. For him, running for president is no ego trip -- it's simply a continuation of his life's work. The man Life magazine named one of the 100 most influential people of the last century is beginning the new one doing the same things he's always done, day in and day out: traveling, giving speeches, bashing big business, urging citizens to make a difference. If he is risking his reputation on a hopeless cause, he does so with the same determination that he has brought to dozens of other campaigns over the years. Some of those causes were hopeless, too, before Nader got involved.
Recommended by "Mark R. Elsis"

Shiite Leader Threatens Intifada Against U.S. (Feb 21)
Iraqi Shiite Leader Seyyid Ali Al-Sistani yesterday warned that he would call for an intifada (uprising) if American soldiers stayed in Iraq after the handover of power on June 30, 2004. He also insisted that there should be a significant role for the Shiite in the future administration of the country, as they make up the majority of the population. Sistani spoke to the German magazine Der Spiegel and said: "The U.S. presence in Iraq should not be prolonged. The Iraqi public knows how to act. If the U.S. presence is drawn out longer than necessary, I will call for an intifada." The necessary posters reportedly have already been printed and are awaiting distribution to every corner of the country. CLIP

Afghanistan: Now It's All-Out War (Feb 24)
KARACHI - A massive land and air military operation on either side of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is now under way, with the main goals of catching leading commanders of the Afghan resistance, as well as Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar. The focal point of the operation at this point is the tribal areas of North and South Waziristan on the Pakistani side, and Paktia and Paktika in Afghanistan. On Sunday, Pakistani Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat confirmed that Pakistani paramilitary troops had been deployed in these tribal areas. In the coming weeks, the operation is gradually expected to increase in intensity and size and spread to all seven of the Pakistani-administrated tribal areas, and subsequently to all major Afghan cities, including Jalalabad, Asadabad, Gardez, Khost, Zabul and Kandahar, in a bid to wipe out the Afghan resistance. (...) Coalition forces aim gradually to cordon off huge areas to squeeze out guerrillas, no matter how long it takes. This will lead to the second stage of the offensive, in which the "war" will spread across Pakistan's seven tribal areas and corresponding territory across the border in what the US terms a "hammer and anvil" approach.

Lawyers Against the War
LAW opposes the illegal use of force against Afghanistan and other countries and supports the use of national and international law to settle disputes, prosecute offenders and protect rights. - Website recommended by "Stephanie Rudd"


Date: 25 Feb 2004
Subject: New Kucinich Video: THE ONE
From: "Barbara Peck"

Dear Kucinich Friends and Supporters:

I'm sending out this email 'en masse', rather than individually, to save time. But let me say, to each and every one of you who has been in contact over the past month - it has been a great pleasure to share my 'Real American' song with you and to receive your enthusiastic, encouraging responses. Thank you!

Now, I have the added pleasure and privilege to officially announce the release of an amazing Kucinich documentary video called: THE ONE - in which 'Real American' is included in the soundtrack.

Below is an introduction by Aldo, the producer.

SPECIAL INFORMATION - PLEASE FOLLOW CAREFULLY: Specific instructions for sending out the advertisment for the video. Use the whole piece for Kucinich supporters but the PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT only(at the end) for the general public:

Introductory Instructions to Kucinich Supporters ONLY about 'THE ONE':

To convince the media-misinformed that Dennis is indeed electable, Maestro Vidali, an associate of Federico Fellini, has volunteered to assist in the production of a new digital film, available in VHS and on DVD, called: THE ONE

This film does not reveal who THE ONE is until the end, so that those who have only heard the insidious media mantram that "Kucinich is unelectable" will want to see the film to learn how to defeat Bush. Consequently, they will at last be presented with Dennis' eloquence and many are astounded to discover that the media pulled dirty tricks on the public to prevent Dennis Kucinich from achieving full national visibility. Spreading this message will successfully dismantle their tricks and expand the DJK Movement.

So pass on the following information to those corporate media has misinformed and DON'T MENTION WHO THE ONE IS -- LET THEM FIND OUT! Curiosity will bear its fruits as they will not believe their own ears when they hear the words of THE ONE.


Roman Senator and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero in 42 B.C. said:

"A nation can survive its fools...but it cannot survive treason from within."

When enough Americans see this factual video, regime change will become inevitable.

This nation's most honest, outspoken and formidable statesman, known to many as America's 21st Century Cicero, a man Jefferson, JFK, Martin Luther King, and all patriots would embrace as a brother, is the star of this film produced by U.S. citizens in collaboration with the Fellini-Antonioni Studio.

The video should be available for streaming on the Net at within the next few days.

Defending Democracy is America's
1 priority. Order your 39 min., copyright free master copy of 'THE ONE' by posting a refundable $20 deposit with Paypal (click on "The One" at

or by sending a check to:

United Eco-action (UNECO)
245M Mt. Hermon Road, #307
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

(you receive the video, copy and return it in good condition minus only the cost of shipping)

The most sincere statesman of our times is receiving the worst press coverage. This film is a grassroots effort in response to media censorship and misinformation to expose the truth that internal enemies of our country want to hide.


Show Bush the door in 2004!


From: "Monica Wilson"
Subject: A Letter to the Dalai Lama
Date: 26 Feb 2004   

Hi Jean,

Today I sent a letter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama with a request that he consider endorsing or showing his support for Dennis Kucinich. I've enclosed a copy of the letter and thought that you and other Earth Rainbow readers might also want to encourage spiritual leaders around the world to step forward and acknowledge the light that Dennis is so valiantly bringing to the planet at this crucially important time of change.

Thanks for all of your hard work Jean!




To His Holiness the Dalai Lama,

Although I recognize that you are not a United States citizen, I also feel that we are at a pivotal time in history which would be greatly enhanced by your compassionate understanding. I trust my request to your discernment.

It is an election year in the United States as I am sure many are aware, and as such we are all watching the usual spectacle of political posturing, which would be amusing if it weren't so critical to the well-being of the planet. Rising above all of the normal political strife is one candidate who continually asks for peace and compassion, whose message is one of love, not fear. I feel strongly that those of us who believe that these are the words of our own hearts must find ways to support this courageous man. His name is Dennis Kucinich. Perhaps there could be a way that you could endorse his efforts or otherwise acknowledge the love and integrity that he is bringing to all of us at this time. Any recognition on your part would be appreciated by all of us who share the vision of a loving and peaceful planet.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and all that you do, you are indeed an "Ocean of Wisdom".

With love and peace,

Monica Wilson


Forwarded by "John T. Linnell" on Feb 25

CDC Vaccine Data Leads Scientists to Shocking Discovery

February 9, 2004

The Institute of Medicine held a meeting to review research that has been found, which links thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in vaccines, and neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. The panel used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionís (CDC) Vaccine Datalink, which concluded that children who are given three thimerosal-containing vaccines are 27 times more likely to develop autism than children who receive thimerosol-free vaccines.

Thimerosal has been gradually removed from vaccines since 1999, however it is still present in some vaccinations, including virtually all flu shots.

During the review, medical experts discussed the results from a study that showed urinary mercury concentrations were six times higher in children with autism, as opposed to normal-age/vaccine matched controls. They also said that they found evidence that suggested the link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism had a higher risk than that between lung cancer and smoking cigarettes.

More on this at


Dr. Mercola's Comment:

It is nearly incomprehensible that the well-documented, toxic mercury-containing preservative thimerosal is still in many vaccines, years after federal agencies have mandated that thimerosal be removed from the hepatitis vaccine (See at

Most people, physicians included, don't understand that the mercury preservative thimerosal is still used in most vaccines and is likely one of the major contributing factors to vaccine toxicity.

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin. Injecting it into a child, whose nervous system is rapidly developing, could have terrible consequences. So, before you decide to vaccinate your children, do them a favor and look into the many risks and side effects associated with common childhood vaccines. Doing so could mean the difference between life and death.

Another essential resource for anyone interested in finding out more about the vaccine issue is Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal, (at a two-hour video by world-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The video is the culmination of Dr. Tenpennyís three-year investigation into the real story behind vaccines. The facts on several crucial areas are covered including:

How vaccines can cause illnesses including autoimmune diseases, allergies, ear infections, and more

The very real link between vaccines and developmental learning and behavioral disorders in children

How vaccines have never been proven safe

The ingredients and contaminants in vaccines and why they're detrimental to your health

How vaccine studies are seriously flawed

If you are a parent, a medical practitioner, or otherwise interested in how to exercise your freedom of choice to bypass vaccines, you should also consider Dr. Tenpenny's insightful cassette tape, The Dangers of Vaccines, and How You Can Legally Avoid Them at

Related Articles:

Childhood Vaccines Exceed Federal Guidelines for Mercury

Mercury in Childhood Vaccines: What Did the Government Know?

Autism 'Linked to Mercury Vaccine'

Death By Lethal Vaccine Injection

Vaccines May Fuel Autism Epidemic



From: "Mark Graffis"
Subject: Original Pentagon Report on Abrupt Climate Change Scenario
Date: 25 Feb 2004


An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security

October 2003

By Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall

Imagining the Unthinkable

The purpose of this report is to imagine the unthinkable — to push the boundaries of current research on climate change so we may better understand the potential implications on United States national security. We have interviewed leading climate change scientists, conducted additional research, and reviewed several iterations of the scenario with these experts. The scientists support this project, but caution that the scenario depicted is extreme in two fundamental ways. First, they suggest the occurrences we outline would most likely happen in a few regions, rather than on globally. Second, they say the magnitude of the event may be considerably smaller. We have created a climate change scenario that although not the most likely, is plausible, and would challenge United States national security in ways that should be considered immediately.

Executive Summary

There is substantial evidence to indicate that significant global warming will occur during the 21st century. Because changes have been gradual so far, and are projected to be similarly gradual in the future, the effects of global warming have the potential to be manageable for most nations. Recent research, however, suggests that there is a possibility that this gradual global warming could lead to a relatively abrupt slowing of the ocean's thermohaline conveyor, which could lead to harsher winter weather conditions, sharply reduced soil moisture, and more intense winds in certain regions that currently provide a significant fraction of the world's food production. With inadequate preparation, the result could be a significant drop in the human carrying capacity of the Earth's environment.

The research suggests that once temperature rises above some threshold, adverse weather conditions could develop relatively abruptly, with persistent changes in the atmospheric circulation causing drops in some regions of 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit in a single decade. Paleoclimatic evidence suggests that altered climatic patterns could last for as much as a century, as they did when the ocean conveyor collapsed 8,200 years ago, or, at the extreme, could last as long as 1,000 years as they did during the Younger Dryas, which began about 12,700 years ago.

In this report, as an alternative to the scenarios of gradual climatic warming that are so common, we outline an abrupt climate change scenario patterned after the 100- year event that occurred about 8,200 years ago. This abrupt change scenario is characterized by the following conditions:

· Annual average temperatures drop by up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit over Asia and North America and 6 degrees Fahrenheit in northern Europe

· Annual average temperatures increase by up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit in key areas throughout Australia, South America, and southern Africa.

· Drought persists for most of the decade in critical agricultural regions and in the water resource regions for major population centers in Europe and eastern North America.

· Winter storms and winds intensify, amplifying the impacts of the changes. Western Europe and the North Pacific experience enhanced winds.

The report explores how such an abrupt climate change scenario could potentially de-stabilize the geo-political environment, leading to skirmishes, battles, and even war due to resource constraints such as:

1) Food shortages due to decreases in net global agricultural production

2) Decreased availability and quality of fresh water in key regions due to shifted precipitation patters, causing more frequent floods and droughts

3) Disrupted access to energy supplies due to extensive sea ice and storminess As global and local carrying capacities are reduced, tensions could mount around the world, leading to two fundamental strategies: defensive and offensive. Nations with the resources to do so may build virtual fortresses around their countries, preserving resources for themselves. Less fortunate nations especially those with ancient enmities with their neighbors, may initiate in struggles for access to food, clean water, or energy. Unlikely alliances could be formed as defense priorities shift and the goal is resources for survival rather than religion, ideology, or national honor.

This scenario poses new challenges for the United States, and suggests several steps to be taken:

· Improve predictive climate models to allow investigation of a wider range of scenarios and to anticipate how and where changes could occur

· Assemble comprehensive predictive models of the potential impacts of abrupt climate change to improve projections of how climate could influence food, water, and energy

· Create vulnerability metrics to anticipate which countries are most vulnerable to climate change and therefore, could contribute materially to an increasingly disorderly and potentially violent world.

· Identify no-regrets strategies such as enhancing capabilities for water management

· Rehearse adaptive responses

· Explore local implications

· Explore geo-engineering options that control the climate.

There are some indications today that global warming has reached the threshold where the thermohaline circulation could start to be significantly impacted. These indications include observations documenting that the North Atlantic is increasingly being freshened by melting glaciers, increased precipitation, and fresh water runoff making it substantially less salty over the past 40 years.

This report suggests that, because of the potentially dire consequences, the risk of abrupt climate change, although uncertain and quite possibly small, should be elevated beyond a scientific debate to a U.S. national security concern.

Climate Change

Reduction in Carrying Capacity

National Security Implications
Border management
Global conflict
Economic malaise

CLIP - Download the whole pdf document (913 k) at


Forwarded by Ed Elkin

Date: 25 Feb 2004
Subject: The Pentagon Sounds The Alarm On Global Warming; Why Isn't President Bush Listening?
From: "Arianna Huffington"


By Arianna Huffington

If he's smart enough to use it, the Democratic nominee may have just been handed the perfect cudgel with which to pummel President Bush — and cripple Karl Rove's attempts to position his man as America's go-to guy on national security.

The weapon in question is a new report on the grave and gathering threat posed by global climate change — and the potentially cataclysmic consequences of the Bush administration's obstinately ignorant approach to global warming.

And the thing that makes the report so frightening — and the prospective bludgeon so crushing — is that it wasn't authored by some crunchy granola think tank or a band of tree-hugging EarthFirsters, but by the U.S. Department of Defense.

That's right, the Pentagon — Rummy's playpen. In fact, the report, which was slipped to the press earlier this month after being kept under wraps by the White House for four months, was commissioned by Andrew Marshall, a legendary DOD figure, nicknamed "Yoda" for his sagacity. As head of the Pentagon's secretive Office of Net Assessment, Marshall has offered national security assessments to every president since Richard Nixon.

And this latest assessment pegs climate change as a far greater danger than even the scourge of international terrorism.

Dryly entitled "An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security," the report reads like the plot summary of the upcoming Dennis Quaid doomsday flick, "The Day After Tomorrow," in which global warming pushes the planet to the edge of anarchy and annihilation.

But this scenario is not science fiction. According to the Pentagon study, the question is not if abrupt climate change will happen, but when. It could be, according to the report's authors, as soon as the next three years, with the most devastating fallout potentially occurring between 2010 and 2020.

At that point, we could find ourselves in the midst of a new ice age in which mega-droughts devastate the world's food supply, drinkable water becomes a luxury worth going nuclear over, 400 million people are forced to migrate from uninhabitable areas, and riots and wars for survival become commonplace.

I believe that would qualify as a Red Alert in Tom Ridge's color-coded book.

But the Bush White House remains unwilling to address — or even acknowledge — this looming peril. Instead, the oiligarchs in the administration continue to fiddle while the atmosphere starts to burn, routinely ignoring scientific evidence and international consensus, and casting a questioning eye on the very idea, let alone the fact, of global warming. It's a stance that has warmed the hearts — globally, no doubt — of the Bush Pioneers and Rangers in the oil and energy industry, making them feel very generous indeed.

As last week's release of a scathing letter signed by 60 prominent scientists — including 20 Nobel laureates and former science advisers to both Republican and Democratic administrations — makes clear, the Bush administration has made an art out of ignoring science. Particularly when it comes to the issue of global warming.

Who can forget the president's famous CO2 flip-flop, or the way the White House tried to force so many changes to a section of an EPA report dealing with climate change that Christie Todd Whitman finally threw up her hands and decided to eliminate the section on global warming altogether?

But blinding the voters with pseudo-science may no longer be an option now that the Pentagon report threatens to put the issue front and center — and reframe it as a key component of our national security debate.

This is particularly good news for John Kerry, should he prevail, given his long history of leading the charge in the Senate to cut down on greenhouse gases by raising fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks. The president, of course, has done just the opposite, giving Kyoto the kiss-off, and pushing through unconscionable loopholes that reward gas-guzzling monster SUVs and allow carmakers to effectively reduce fuel economy for millions of the vehicles they sell.

One of the defining traits of leadership is the ability to see not just the crisis right in front of you, but the one lurking around the next corner. Bush's steadfast refusal to act upon the potential desolation that awaits us if we do nothing to confront global warming makes him a major national security liability.

Everyone in the Bush administration acted shocked and surprised when 9/11 happened — even though there had been red flags aplenty warning of al-Qaida's evil intentions. Well, let there be no surprise this time. We have all been warned.

While the Pentagon is sounding the alarm on an environmental Armageddon, the president is covering his eyes, crossing his fingers, and whistling about the "national importance" of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The Democratic nominee needs to remind the White House — and the American people: It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.


See also:

Below is an interesting confirmation of Arianna Huffington’s "THE PENTAGON SOUNDS THE ALARM ON GLOBAL WARMING; WHY ISN’T PRESIDENT BUSH LISTENING?" It is in the form of a radio documentary on BBC World Service. To listen to it click on this url to get on the Internet.
Click on the underlined ‘Listen to Discovery’ below. It will bring up Discovery Program on RealOne You may need to be prepared to raise the volume.

Listen to Discovery - As the planet emerges from another record-breaking hot year, Gerry Northam delves into the politics that often underlies the science of climate change. In the UK, the government’s chief science adviser calls global warming a greater threat than international terrorism; but in the US a leading politician calls it “possibly the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”. But what does the science say? And is any of it value free? Find out in Climate Wars, part of Discovery on the BBC World Service.


Recommended by "Boudewijn Wegerif"


Originally from:

Seven Jewish Americans Control Most US Media

From John Whitley

From southern France, Christopher Jones summarizes and comments on a report on the assassination of President Kennedy. Need I stress that WAIS censors only direct attacks on other WAISers and grossly improper language.

Christopher says: "I glanced at the Kennedy assassination site and found this; it fits into our discussion of Hollywood stereotypes and the slavish behavior of the US press after the 9/11 tragedy and in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. In a quick rundown, the website recapitulates an old story that I heard back in the late sixties and early seventies in California: that Kennedy was liquidated by the mafia whose kingpin was Meyer Lansky (pal of Lucky Luciano). In fact, I could add a small tidbit which the author may or may not have covered: that Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the mafia as a warning to her lovers; Bobby and Jack Kennedy. The story of the Corsican hit squad was documented in a TV documentary in Europe. Of course it would be interesting to know more about Auguste Ricord and his collaboration wih the Gestapo and if he had anything to do with our old friend, Mandel Szkolnikoff.

"Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner

Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd

Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios

Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc

Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric

Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. "Si" Newhouse, who owns two dozen daily newspapers from Staten Island to Oregon, plus the Sunday supplement Parade; the Conde Nast collection of magazines, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Allure, GQ, and Self; the publishing firms of Random House, Knopf, Crown, and Ballantine, among other imprints; and cable franchises with over one million subscribers."

I could add that Michael Eisner could depart Disney tomorrow but the company will remain in the hands of Shamrock Holdings, whose principal office is now located in Israel".



From Donna Halperin

Hi Jeff - I am Jewish and I take exception to some of the articles you post on your site. However, this particular article is staggering in its implications. It is said there are less than 15 million Jews on the planet. Most of us...and I know a lot of people... are kind, normal and not megalomaniacal in our approach to life. When someone of ANY religious or political persuasion reads this story and then also factors in the dominance of Jews in finance and the economy, government, science, the medical profession, the legal profession - in fact all the professions - one has to come away pondering how such staggering influence has been acquired by such a microscopic percent of the world's 7 BILLION people. For ANY group to wield such power clearly and obviously injects profound bias and skewing into all areas of a nation so dominated. Is there a Zionist/Jewish bias in Western society and especially the US? Is grass green? It is often whispered that Baron Rothschild really owns and controls Great Britain. It is reported that 7 of the 8 oligarch/gangsters who control most of Russia are Jews ...probably hard core Zionists. (Maybe Putin is trying to prevent a total Zionist takeover of Russia with the Lukos oil magnate's arrest?) And then look at the Zionist Jewish near domination of the Bush administration (no coincidence, that) and the more than one trillion dollars the kindly American people have given to Israel in 'loan guarantees'...not a penny of which has ever...or will ever... be paid back. I could go on but it when a Jew starts to point out the facts and connect the dots, they are quickly smeared as 'self-hating' and so forth. Well, this Jew is an American first and I'm hoping you continue to post factual articles like this on your site. Thank you.



From: "Robert Rodvik"
Subject: The Passion
Date: 26 Feb 2004

The Passion

by Edgar J. Steele

The Passion of Christ operates simultaneously on many different levels, therefore it isn't surprising that it draws different reports from different people.

As a piece of entertainment, this film is not a movie so much as it is an experience. I didn't expect anything like the way this film took hold and refused to let go until well after the closing credits. Think about your very first roller coaster, imagine it going on for two straight hours. 

"Bad trips" on LSD result from the eleven-hour forced introspection that the drug creates. Most cannot stand to look that closely at themselves, certainly not for that long. That's why Leary and company were getting complete cures of psychotics after five or six guided LSD trips, of course, before the government stepped in and outlawed the drug. Well, this movie is like being on acid for two straight hours, only the subject isn't yourself, it is Jesus Christ.

The Passion gripped me like nothing I've ever seen. Maybe it's the subject matter, which occupies such a special position in Western civilization. Surely, it must be that. Watching this movie is like watching a horrible auto accident take place in slow motion, up close and personal, right before your eyes. You want to look away, but you can't. You know how it must end, yet still you hope, somehow, some way, it will be different.

It was surreal to emerge into the glitz of a theatre lobby afterwards. A long walk down a dusty road after the credits should have been included in the price of admission. Nobody from the audience was speaking, other than in hushed tones. Everybody seemed to sense that something truly significant had just taken place.

I want to shake Mel Gibson's hand and thank him for making this very important motion picture.

There is no question in my mind that this is one of the best written, directed, acted and filmed movies I have seen. The Academy Awards should be cancelled this year altogether. To have other movies jockeying for awards alongside this one, which so clearly is in a class by itself, seems obscene. Yet, I will be surprised if this film gets even a single nomination, considering who controls Hollywood.

Violent? No. Nothing like what is standard fare for America's teenagers, such as Halloween or so many other slasher movies or, even, Gladiator, the huge hit from two years ago. What insults the senses about this movie is not so much what is being done to Christ throughout, as the reality that people actually did this sort of thing to one another, let alone the Savior.

Religious propaganda? No, there is no danger of being converted during this movie. 

AntiSemitic? Only in the minds of some Jews. Only Jews could expect Gentiles to hold them responsible today for the acts of their forbears two thousand years ago. However, some of the rhetoric I have heard coming from the likes of Abraham Foxman this week is reminiscent of the impression left by The Passion's Jewish elders, I must confess. It must really be genetic. I actually had one Jew email me that, "He (Jesus) had it coming." Imagine. 

Why does it (everything, that is) always have to be about the Jews? The only thing AntiSemitic about The Passion is the furor being created over it by the Jews! If only they knew when to shut up.

I've said it before. Let me say it again, as the Jewish reaction to this film more than amply demonstrates: AntiSemitism is a disease - you catch it from Jews.

It is okay, in fact it is de rigueur, for Hollywood's Jews to produce filth like The Last Temptation of Christ, a trashy piece of total fiction, yet a production like this, hewn faithfully from the four main Gospels, is somehow not acceptable. It is okay to desecrate the memory of Christ, but don't you go hinting that Jews are anything other than God's gift to the world. The real problem with Christians is a sincere belief in Jesus' admonition to turn the other cheek. The Chosen certainly have no such proscription for themselves.

See this exceptional movie. See it now in a theatre with lots of other people so that you can experience the majesty of how differently this film affects people. See it this week so that its opening week gross through Saturday night goes through the roof and sends a message to the troglodytes in Hollywood.

See it by yourself first, then see it again with your children. Be there for them throughout this very disturbing film. It will hurt you to watch them experience it, but, as they say, it hurts so good.

See also


Robert S. Rodvik
Author/media analyst

"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience…Therefore [individual citizens] have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring" -- Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal, 1950


Recommended by "Mark R. Elsis"


Uncle Sugar

By Chris Floyd

Feb. 27, 2004

Why did George W. Bush insist -- with such fanatical certainty, despite the well-established, clearly-stated doubts of his own intelligence services -- that Saddam Hussein was hoarding a vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction? Why the insistence on this pathological disassociation from reality, which led directly to the death of thousands of innocent people? Why did he tell such lies, such cynical lies, such horrible lies, lies dripping blood, lies breeding more lies like rats on a plague ship?

That's easy -- his family was making money from it.

We're not talking here of the family's well-known association with the Carlyle Group, the world-bestriding "private equity" firm whose massive war-machine holdings have been so greatly engorged by Bush's sack of Baghdad. True, Carlyle has long been a profitable Bushist perch: Papa George was an eager bagman for the firm, cruising the globe with his plutocratic partners -- like the bin Ladens -- for insider contracts, secret buyouts and lucrative "privatizations" of public services. Even the L'il Pretzel himself was parked on the board of one of Carlyle's companies when he was at loose ends between scamming the shareholders of Harken and bamboozling the voters of Texas.

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Email the Opinion Page EditorBut last year, Papa retired from the firm, heading off into the sunset to wallow in the government swag that Junior had pumped Carlyle's way -- $2.1 billion in 2003 alone. While he doubtless still has "interests" in a number of Carlyle's shady deals, he's through with the higher hustlerdom. No, today we're dealing with Pop's brother, William, uncle of the current president.

William Bush is a director of Engineered Support Systems Inc., a supplier of high-tech military goods to -- well, to the highest bidder. Just last year they sold $13 million worth of advanced radar gear to upgrade communist China's fleet of fighter jets -- you know, the kind that force down U.S. spy planes with such aplomb. This is just par for the family course, however; William's brother, Prescott Jr., is head of the America-China Chamber of Commerce, while Pretzel's brother Neil is in bed with the son of former communist chieftain Jiang Zemin.

But helping arm a dictatorial regime that tyrannizes its own people, invades its neighbors and actually possesses large stockpiles of WMD is just a sideline for Uncle Bill. (Although, again, it's a family tradition -- after all, it's what Papa George did for years with his special little friend, Saddam.) Mostly, Bill's ESSI does boffo box office with nephew Georgie's Pentagon and that new family investment opportunity, the Department of Homeland Security. And this is where those phantom Iraqi WMDs -- so maniacally hyped by Junior -- come in, investigator Margie Burns reports in the Prince George's Journal.

Among its many wares for the "warfighter" (the firm follows current Pentagon usage in replacing the ancient and honorable name of "soldier" with this nerdy adolescent jargon), ESSI markets a "Chemical Biological Protected Shelter System" unit -- a mobile shed that can provide a non-contaminated area for command centers or field hospitals during a WMD attack. In the very first week of George's war, with the television generals warning every hour of impending bioterror doom hurtling toward the troops, Uncle Bill's boys raked in $19 million for a shipment of CBP units, an ESSI press release reports. This was on top of $44 million worth of the anti-WMD units ordered during Pretzel's panic-mongering before the war.

Now what would have happened to Uncle Bill's bottom line if George had told the truth?

ESSI is also profiting from panic-mongering on the home front. Last summer, while Georgie bounced the "threat level" up and down, ESSI bagged a fat Homeland Security contract to begin developing a fleet of mobile emergency communication centers for use in the event of a biochemical terrorist attack by the CIA's old Afghan jihad employees -- now better known as al-Qaida. As long as George keeps those colored lights going -- and the ex-CIA gang do their duty with the occasional bit of ooga-booga here and there -- Uncle Bill will keep gulping that "threat level" gravy.

Overall, ESSI slurped up an estimated $380 million from the Pentagon alone last year, not counting the China deal and an extra $26 million dollop from Saudi Arabia -- that other famous bastion of freedom and democracy -- to service its Royal Air Force.

And so it goes, on and on, the great wheel of grease. Bush's bellicose policies -- obviously based on the Scriptures: "There shall be war, and rumors of war" -- foment a never-ending cycle of blowback and revenge, of fear, instability and global militarization. (Indeed, cosmic militarization: a whole armada of new "space weapons" programs are now in preparation, Wired reports.) But this is the kind of moral chaos the Bush-Walker clan has always profited from, as Kevin Phillips shows in his devastating new history, "American Dynasty."

In revolutionary Russia, the Bush-Walkers did business with Reds and Whites; then they helped arm the Nazis and the Allies. His descendants arm China and threaten it -- as always, making money both ways. The nature of the customer doesn't matter -- king, communist, nazi, sheikh, warlord, poobah -- it all comes down to this: Are they open for business?

So did George Walker Bush attack Iraq just so his uncle could shift a little product? No. But for generations, he and his family and their silky ilk -- the higher hustlers, in search of easy money -- have used bloodshed, hatred and deceit to turn public policy, and public treasuries, into engines of private gain. War profiteering is inevitable, inescapable -- even laudable -- in the waking nightmare of corruption and death they've helped foist upon the world.



Background on Haiti: Questions and Answers

By Mary Turck

Resource Center for the Americas

24 February 2004

As violent gangs invade Haitian towns, murdering police and opening jails, news reports repeat several catch phrases as if everyone knew their meaning. In fact, those catch phrases—from "the opposition" to "flawed (or fraudulent) elections of 2000"—are laden with political and historical freight.

What happened in the 2000 elections?

Two elections took place in 2000. The first elections, in May, saw full participation by a range of political parties, including the Lavalas party of now-president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In the May elections of legislators and municipal government authorities, Lavalas won by a landslide. Observers from the Organization of American States did not fault the conduct of the elections. However, in eight cases, the electoral council seated Senators who had won by a plurality of the votes, not by an absolute majority. Because these eight Senators were Lavalas party candidates, the opposition immediately cried fraud.

Knowing they would lose the presidential election in November 2000, the opposition Democratic Convergence refused to participate. They cited the eight contested senatorial elections as "proof" that the presidential vote would be rigged. In November, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected.

The OAS tried, in more than 20 missions, to arrange new elections or compromise between the Democratic Convergence and the government. President Aristide persuaded seven of the eight senators to resign, clearing the way for new elections. Aristide agreed to OAS proposals for new elections. The Democratic Convergence did not.

In January, the terms of all legislators elected in 2000 expired. The opposition refused to allow new legislative elections, so now there is no legislature.

The opposition has consistently demanded—and continues to demand—that Aristide immediately leave the presidency, without completing his elected term of office, and they be put in charge of a non-elected "transition" government. They will accept nothing less. They want power, but not elections. They know they could not win elections, as they never have had anywhere near majority support.

Most recently—on February 21—Aristide unconditionally accepted yet another international peace proposal, this one calling for power-sharing with the opposition.

Who is in the opposition?

The political opposition is headed by the Democratic Convergence, which is primarily led by the Haitian business elite. Other opposition groups, such as the Group of 184, include students, teachers, and even former Aristide supporters who have become disillusioned with his government's performance. But the political opposition, while it turns out demonstrators in the streets of the capital, is not the power behind the current armed "rebellion" in Haiti.

The leadership of the armed rebels is drawn from criminal gangs and from the disbanded army, which was responsible for the 1991-94 reign of terror that took over the government and killed more than 5,000 Haitians. Former leaders of that era, some of whom have been tried in absentia and convicted of massacres and other crimes, have returned from their hiding places to lead the armed rebels. They include former military death-squad leader and convicted murderer Louis-Jodel Chamblain and former police chief and coup plotter Guy Phillippe.

How did Aristide become president and what has he done?

Aristide, a populist, leftist, charismatic leader of the poor, was first elected president in 1991, by a landslide. Within a few months, he was deposed and replaced by a brutal military government, whose leaders now seek to return to power. In 1994, U.S. and U.N. forces restored Aristide to the presidency. Haiti had been the poorest country in the hemisphere before 1991. After the coup, its economy was further destroyed. Yet international economic aid, promised for Haiti's rebuilding, came in tiny trickles rather than in the needed flood.

When Aristide's first term ended, he acceded to the constitutional prohibition against consecutive presidential terms, even though he had lived in exile for most of his first term. The next president, also a candidate of Aristide's Lavalas party, was René Preval. During Preval's 1996-2001 term, the opposition continued to do what it does so well—to oppose any and all government initiatives and sabotage progress. In 2000, Aristide was again elected president, and he began his current five-year term in 2001.

Seizing upon the excuse offered by opposition criticism of the 2000 elections, the United States orchestrated a suspension of international aid. The small amounts of aid that have been doled out have been conditioned on adoption of neo-liberal economic measures, such as cutting education spending and ending fuel subsidies. These measures are anathema to Aristide's political base, and his reluctant acquiescence in them has alienated some of that base. Haiti remains divided between the desperately poor farmers and slum-dwellers and a small elite running export-import businesses and light industry.

Who are the police and who are the "thugs"?

After 1994, the Haitian military was disbanded, but not disarmed. A small police force—5,000 officers for a country of eight million— was trained with U.S. and international assistance. They are outgunned by criminal gangs and underpaid by the government. Today they are a prime target of the rebels. In Hinche, as in other towns, the rebels' first move was to attack the police station, kill the police, and open the jail.

The opposition speaks repeatedly of "Aristide's thugs" or the chiméres. It is true that Aristide supporters, including "thugs" recruited from the slums, have targeted opposition demonstrators and organizations that have taken anti-Aristide positions, including unions and students. The opposition also claims that the rebels are former Aristide supporters, including members of the "Cannibal Army." This claim is, at best, a misrepresentation and a half-truth, based on the strange saga of the Metayer brothers.

Amiot Metayer was the leader of a criminal gang that called itself the "Cannibal Army." Amiot Metayer and his gang supported the military from 1991-94, but his allegiance was based on profit rather than principle. For a time during Aristide's second term, he professed allegiance to Lavalas.

That allegiance ended when the Aristide government jailed Amiot Metayer for arson in July 2002. His gang broke into the jail and released him and 158 other prisoners in August 2002. After the jailbreak, Metayer and his gang first opposed the government, then supported it again. Last September, Amiot Metayer was murdered.

The gang, now led by Amiot's brother, Butter Metayer, blamed the Aristide government for Amiot's killing, and again threw its lot in with Aristide's opponents. Now the gang has changed its name from "Cannibal Army" to the "Gonaives Resistance Front." This is the gang that took over Gonaives and that now, in cooperation with the former military, is attempting to oust Aristide and take control of all Haiti.

Where is the United States government in all of this?

The United States government has never been comfortable with the leftist, populist platform of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The U.S. National Endowment for Democracy has consistently funded opposition groups in Haiti, including many members of the Democratic Convergence.

During the current violence, the U.S. position has fluctuated from day to day, and from official to official. Donald Rumsfeld, quoted on PBS News Hour February 16, gave perhaps the most accurate view of the currently unclear U.S. position: "Needless to say, everyone is hopeful that the situation, which tends to ebb and flow down there, will stay below a certain threshold, and that there's—we have no plans to do anything. By that, I don't mean we have no plans. Obviously, we have plans to do everything in the world that we can think of. But we—there's no intention at the present time, or no reason to believe, that any of the thinking that goes into these things year in and year out would have to be utilized."


NOTE: All this material below was recommended by "Jean-Pierre Caron"


New Pamphlet Explodes Haiti Myths

November 12, 2003

The U.S. government is engaged in a systematic campaign to vilify and overthrow Haiti's elected government. Millions of North Americans are either unaware of this assault or have swallowed a host of lies and distortions about Haiti being repeated regularly by the mainstream media.

This is the point of departure of Hidden from the Headlines: The U.S. War Against Haiti, a booklet recently published by the California-based Haiti Action Committee (HAC).

"Since the election of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2000, the United States has moved to sabotage Haiti's fledgling democracy through an economic aid embargo, massive funding of elite opposition groups, support for paramilitary coup attempts, and a propaganda offensive against the Aristide government," the authors write, noting that U.S. offensives against Iraq, Venezuela and Cuba are more well known. "Hidden from the headlines for years, this campaign has now become an open effort to destroy a progressive, popularly elected government."

Smartly produced with graphics and photographs, the 16-page publication offers a concise riposte to the principal falsehoods that the mainstream media bandies about: that Haiti's press is silenced, that the opposition is repressed, and that human rights are systematically violated. "The reality is that Haiti has largely eliminated the human rights violations of the dictatorship period and is now struggling with the human rights problems of a fledgling democracy," the booklet states. "While political violence continues ˆ egged on by the United States‚ attempts to destabilize the Haitian government ˆ there is no pattern of systematic state repression."

Authors Laura Flynn, Pierre Labossière and Robert Roth outline how Washington has targeted the Haitian people through an economic aid embargo, which has contributed to less clean water, paved roads, and stocked clinics, more disease outbreaks, road accidents, and illiteracy. "Since December 2001, the Haitian gourde has lost 69% of its value and Haiti's foreign reserves have shrunk by 50%, largely due to the embargo," they write.

They also lay out why and how "the U.S. has spent millions to fund the ‘Democratic Convergence’‚ an opposition group conceived and orchestrated by the International Republican Institute," which is an arm of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The "Contra war against Haiti" by the opposition's "armed wing," a guerilla force made up largely of former Haitian soldiers based in the neighboring Dominican Republic, is also detailed.

Hidden from the Headlines sums up many of the Haitian government's worthy accomplishments, which the U.S. corporate press effectively whites-out. "More schools were built in Haiti from 1994-2000 than between 1804 and 1994," the authors point out, "many in rural areas where no schools existed previously." They also cite progress made in agriculture, public transportation, infrastructure, health care, AIDS prevention and treatment, and defending children's rights. "Clearly, these programs represent a progressive agenda, initiated under the most trying conditions," the booklet says.

Perfectly designed as a publication you can stick in someone's hand at a demonstration or the water cooler to clear up multi-faceted mystification, the booklet often speaks directly to misguided maximalists and progressives distracted by secondary issues, such as Aristide's inevitable mistakes or shortcomings. "The United States is attacking Haiti's government and popular organizations not because Haiti is a compliant partner, but precisely because it represents an alternative to globalization and corporate domination," the HAC responds to doctrinaire critics.

"So much disinformation has been given to the broad American public, and also to solidarity organizations, that we felt we had to set the record straight," said co-author Labossière, an agronomist and trade unionist. "In the corporate media, you don‚t see the realities of Haiti reflected. Basically they give the right-wing's version of events. But the public and solidarity community need the real story about what's going on in Haiti."

Individual copies or bulk orders of Hidden from the Headlines can be ordered for $1 apiece from the Haiti Action Committee at P.O. Box 2218, Berkeley, CA 94702. For more information, visit their website at



See also:

As Hinche Falls: Foreign Military Intervention Looms Over Haiti (Feb 18, 2004)
Haiti this week started to look a lot like the Congo in 1960. That was when the U.S. and Belgium, the Congo's colonial master until June 1960, fomented a rebellion against newly elected Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. The rebellion, which not coincidentally flared in the oil and mineral rich Katanga province, was led by Moise Tshombe, a wealthy plantation owner who was backed by 10,000 Belgian troops. Lumumba unwisely invited in United Nations "peace-keepers" to fend off the attack. Instead of helping him, the UN forces disarmed Lumumba's troops, thus aiding Tshombe's rebellion. Meanwhile, the CIA helped Col. Mobutu Sese Seko seize power in a September 1960 coup d'état. Mobuto then arrested Lumumba and turned him over to Tshombe, who had him murdered. Could this scenario be repeating itself in Haiti today? On Feb. 17, Haiti's former colonial master France craftily offered to send troops to help quell a patchwork rebellion which it has helped foment. Over the past three years, for example, French diplomats, in violation of all diplomatic protocols against meddling, have funneled money to Haiti's principal opposition radio station, Radio Métropole, and chaperoned Haitian opposition leaders on trips and in marches around the country, while constantly and sharply scolding the Haitian government despite President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's unending, unilateral concessions to his intransigent adversaries. France also orchestrated the European Union's funding of Haitian opposition groups to the tune of almost $1 million last year. Haiti is "on the edge of chaos" French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin smugly asserted in a Feb. 17 press conference. He said that Aristide "over the years has let things degenerate" and asked, with almost unbearable irony, "that all Haitian officials think only of one thing: Haiti and the Haitian people who have suffered for too many years." France is "ready to act" with other countries, Villepin said, assuring that it was "absolutely" possible to quickly organize an international intervention force because "we have the means and many friendly countries are mobilized." France has 4,000 troops stationed in its Caribbean colonies of Martinique and Guadeloupe. Such an intervention would, of course, desecrate Haiti's 2004 bicentennial commemorations and effectively neutralize the Aristide government's demand for $21.7 billion in restitution for France's post-colonial blackmail of the isolated, fledgling republic. CLIP

Echoes of Venezuela 2002 Are Heard Across the Caribbean (Feb 25)
Five Questions About Haiti and the Coup Attempt - (...) Haiti – a nation that celebrates its bicentennial this year – has suffered 30 coups in 200 years. In that context, when President Jean Bertrand Aristide tells reporters that he will die before being pressured to resign, given his history as a social fighter, it’s probably a safe bet to believe him: “We cannot continue to move,” he says, “from one coup d’état to another.” So let’s begin, before the 31st coup d’etat gains traction, asking the questions to help us learn and write that truth. It’s no secret that the Bush administration – with its extremist Latin America policy chiefs and their obsessive fear of a red planet – doesn’t like Aristide, the Canadian-educated former Catholic priest, and historic leader of the poor. But in its final year, the Clinton administration turned on Haiti, too, imposing an economic embargo against an already impoverished country that has been continued by Bush. Proponents of the embargo raise different reasons for it: alleged fraud in May 2000 congressional races, unwillingness to abide by conditions imposed by the International Monetary Fund and other global banking entities, and one of the questions that must be asked is “what is the agenda, really?” Is it simply to make an example of a small nation to warn other Latin American countries that they had better fall in line with impositions from above? After all we’ve seen this same trend in U.S. policy for three years now regarding Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil, all relatively large and resource-rich countries, and also regarding a smaller, poorer, country, Ecuador where the policy has already succeeded in turning the president against his indigenous electoral base and toward obedient compliance with the dictates of the North. CLIP

The CIA Haitian Connection (25 February 2004)
The following articles on the CIA Haiti sponsored narcotics smuggling by Dennis Bernstein and Howard Levine were published more than ten years ago. They shed light on the history of US interventionism in Haiti, focusing on the 1991 CIA led military coup. The coup was led coup by general Raul Cedras, resulted in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Aristide. CLIP

Haiti’s Nightmare: The Cocaine Coup & The CIA Connection (25 February 2004)
It was a day before the scheduled return of Haiti’s exiled president Jean Bertrand Aristide, and it was clear that the October 30, 1993 deadline for a return to democratic rule in the western hemisphere’s poorest nation could not occur. Aristide, a Roman Catholic priest who had been elected nearly three years before with 70 percent of the vote in Haiti’s first free election, was speaking to a packed session of the United Nations General Assembly. In a dramatic move, Aristide told the diplomats that the military government of Haiti had to yield the power that was to end Haiti’s role in the drug trade, a trade financed by Colombia’s Cali cartel, that had exploded in the months following the coup. Aristide told the UN that each year Haiti is the transit point for nearly 50 tons of cocaine worth more than a billion dollars, providing Haiti’s military rulers with $200 million in profits. CLIP


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis" on Feb 26

NOTE: This is from Alex Jones' website:

'Kelly Was Murdered,' Says UK Intelligence Insider

Simon Aronowitz:

Shocking new details about the death of Dr David Kelly emerged exclusively today on the Alex Jones radio show . Michael Shrimpton, a UK national security lawyer who was a guest on the show, revealed that sources within MI5 and MI6 are `furious' that Kelly was murdered.

Shrimpton spoke in depth about the details of Kelly's murder on 17th July 2003, information which has been withheld by the British press.

With apparent backing from the organisations whose members he claims to speak for, Shrimpton presented their view that Dr Kelly had been murdered by a team of assassins and the charade of an apparent suicide was then played out to cover this up.

Speaking with impeccable credentials, including contributions to the Journal for International Security Affairs and having previously given a closed-doors confidential briefing to the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Shrimpton exploded the much-reported myth that Dr Kelly had taken his own life.

He spoke of the probable method of Kelly's death, the group which most likely carried out the assassination, who arranged it and finally where the responsibility lies. Additionally, he explained the political context and motive for Kelly's murder.

David Kelly went missing on 17th July 2003 and was found dead on 18th July. In the previous days, Kelly had testified before Parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee that he was not the source of a BBC story which had accused the Government of making false claims about Iraq's WMD. When Kelly's body was found, the British press quickly reported it as a suicide, though several analysts had their doubts.

On Jones' show, Shrimpton explained how he had learned that David Kelly was the BBC's source before the BBC disclosed this fact. He went on to explain that his source from within the intelligence community knew David Kelly personally, and did not believe that he had committed suicide. After making their own enquiries, says Shrimpton, this source determined that Dr Kelly had not committed suicide, but rather had been assassinated.

Apparently at ease to discuss these explosive disclosures, Shrimpton explained that there was advance knowledge of Kelly's death in Whitehall, but that the deed itself was most likely carried out by the French external security organisation, DGSE. There was no indication that anybody in MI5 or MI6 had been involved. He went further by suggesting that the hit squad itself was composed of Iraqis from the former regime's Mukhabarat intelligence organisation, recruited from Damascus with the help of Syria's own intelligence apparatus. They were apparently then flown into Corsica, seven days prior to the murder. He doubts that any of the hit-squad are still alive.

Officially, Kelly's body was said to have been found in a copse, in a wood, but the forensic tents were set up in the adjacent field, suggesting, says Shrimpton, that the body was found in the field. This has not been explained to his satisfaction.

The incision in Kelly's wrist was probably to conceal the injection of both Dextroprypoxythene, the active ingredient in Co-Proxamol, and Succinylcholine, a muscle relaxant, rather than as evidence of his bleeding to death, as highlighted by a group of six doctors in letters published in the British press . Shrimpton further agreed with the doctors by pointing out that Kelly only had one Co-Proxamol tablet in his body and that this was not sufficient to kill him.

According to Shrimpton, Kelly was murdered because he had been talking to the press and there was a fear of what else he might discuss with journalists. Furthermore, Kelly was due to return to Iraq and may have learned fresh information on that trip which Whitehall could not afford to trust him with.

Shrimpton's appearance on Jones' show gave him the first public opportunity to bring forward his information, since the story has been effectively censored by the British Press, who according to Shrimpton are concerned about losing the pro-Euro Tony Blair as Prime Minister were they to publish details of Kelly's assassination. Blair's departure, he says, could threaten Britain's proposed adoption of the Euro as the national currency.

Whilst this story begins to circulate in the USA, the coverage in the UK may well remain nil, whilst maneuvering behind the scenes attempts to pre-empt Shrimpton's accusation of government-sanctioned murder of one of its own operatives.

Only with public support, and a belief that this information should be widely known, can this information be brought into the wide open and covered by the mainstream media.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis" On Feb 25


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