February 5, 2004

A Call To Spiritual Action & Wake Up Torchbearers

Hello everyone

This is a special forward that I prefer to make separately instead of sending it as part of a compilation. This "Call To Spiritual Action" has been forwarded to me more than a dozen times and I could not originally pass it on to you in a timely fashion. Yet this suggested meditation will happen again every Sunday at 20:00 GMT during the month of February.

Please consider it carefully and pass on if you are so inspired.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator and Focus Group Facilitator

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead


We are writing to ask for your help. America's political leadership has an enormous impact on the well-being of the world, and we believe it is time for more conscious, generous, and wise leadership. America truly needs it and we believe the world needs it as well. We are thus asking for you to join an international network of spiritual activists that will focus on empowering the people in America working for this change.

Within the United States, the greater movement of social, ecological, and spiritual transformation is converging around the campaign to elect visionary Congressman Dennis Kucinich to the White House.

In stark contrast to the paradigm of fear and domination championed by the Bush Administration, Kucinich offers a bold vision of fundamental transformation toward the emerging paradigm of sustainability, partnership, and cooperation. He has been called "America's Gandhi," and has been endorsed by many of America's leading spiritual teachers (including Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Joanna Macy, Jack Kornfield, Shakti Gawain, and many others) as a rare man in politics who embodies their fundamental teachings of love, wisdom, and peace.

The Kucinich campaign has electrified the emerging subculture of progressively-minded Americans on the leading edge of cultural change (identified by sociologist Paul Ray as the "cultural creatives"). In particular, the campaign has galvanized those involved in America's contemporary spiritual scene, and has brought tens of thousands of spiritually-oriented people back into politics. Key leaders have created a branch of the campaign that specifically targets the cultural creatives with campaign events and media designed to mobilize body, mind, heart, and soul.

The leadership team behind this effort now extends this call to spiritual activists around the world for your help.

The upcoming American presidential election has vast implications for the whole planet. If America continues on its current trajectory, the world will almost certainly accelerate toward ecological and social breakdowns. In contrast, the Kucinich campaign offers enormous hope to all people around the world who feel called to participate in the transformation of this planet toward a new global era of peace, sustainability, and cooperation. In fact, there may be no other single project with more potential to accelerate the shift to the new era than the campaign to put Kucinich into the most powerful political office on the planet.

But to do this may require the support of good-hearted people all over the world.

We are calling forth spiritual warriors and activists in every country to participate in building a metaphysical grid around the planet that will focus on the campaign to elect Dennis Kucinich as the next American President.

Our vision is to create a powerful collective intention - an "energetic infrastructure" - that channels unconditional love and light from all corners of the globe toward Dennis, the campaign, and all people involved in the upcoming election. We believe that many of you who read this email will instantly recognize that this is work you are called to do. You are the people we want to reach.

We are calling for people who are ready to take a leadership role in their country to bring together groups of people to meditate and pray for Kucinich, and to spread the word about this project. Once the network is established, we will provide to you details of collective meditation events (i.e., timing and suggestions for the meditation format). As we are seeking representatives from as many countries as possible, if you know of people in other countries who you think would want to participate in this project, please forward this email to them, or let us know their contact details.

If you are a US citizen, you are most likely very aware that this country needs as never before the assistance of all people who love its ideals, who know its heart is sound, and who realize it needs a new direction to fulfill its destiny to serve humanity. Please join us in building a strong grid of spiritual support across this country. The US circles are important as they can act as connection points for the energy pouring in from gatherings all over the world. We aim to have prayer/meditation gatherings in every state. Please let us know if you are willing to organize a gathering in your state, and please forward this email to those in other states who you think may want to get involved.

Time is of the essence! March 2 is "Super Tuesday" involving the primary elections for the Democratic candidate in about 20 states, including California.

Please respond to this email as soon as possible.

Return your email to

Please join us in the creation of a beautiful miracle for our planet.

Yours in hope for a transformed world,

David Nicol
Stephen Dinan
Kosta Makreas

P.S. To find out more about the campaign of Dennis Kucinich, please visit, or hear his famous speech "A Prayer for America" at

This International Spiritual Support Day will be every Sunday in February, at 8 pm Greenwich Mean Time - see your corresponding local time below. For US participants, this translates to 12noon PST, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, and 3pm EST.

These times below are currently corresponding to 20:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 10:00 -- Anchorage 11:00 -- Los Angeles 12:00 AM -- Denver 13:00 -- San Salvador, Mexico City, Houston & Chicago 14:00 -- New York, Toronto & Montreal 15:00 -- Halifax, Santo Domingo, La Paz & Caracas 16:00 -- Montevideo, Asuncion * & Santiago * 17:00 -- Rio de Janeiro * 18:00 -- London, Dublin, Lisbon, Reykjavik & Casablanca 20:00 -- Lagos, Algiers, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris & Madrid 21:00 -- Ankara, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Athens, Helsinki & Istanbul 22:00 -- Baghdad, Moscow & Nairobi 23:00 -- Tehran 23:30 -- Islamabad +01:00 -- Calcutta & New Delhi +01:30 -- Dhaka +02:00 -- Rangoon +02:30 -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta +03:00 -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +04:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +05:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +06:00 AM -- Wellington * +09:00 AM

+ means the place is one day ahead of Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time.
* means the place is observing daylight saving time (DST) at the moment.

You may also check at to find your current corresponding local time if a closeby city is not listed above.


Date: 1 Feb 2004
Subject: A Call To Spiritual Action: Visualization Outline for Dennis and the Movement

Dear Friends,

A few days ago, Stephen, David, and I urgently requested that you, as a spiritual warrior, add your meditations, prayers, visualizations, and good intentions in order to uplift and energize not only Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign but also the global movement of concerned citizens who are nourishing that campaign and all efforts towards a better world.

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our call to spiritual action!

Following is an optional format for those of us linking together with like minds and hearts on Sundays. We aim to build an enormous reservoir of spiritual energy to help propel Dennis through the coming primaries as we construct a worldwide spiritual grid of support by doing future similar, rhythmic actions on a regular basis.

You may, of course, embellish this suggested visualization or create one of your own.

We're in this for the long haul. We're part of a rising tide, a Sea Change, that carries Dennis towards the White House, and beyond that, creates an unstoppable tidal wave that will sweep away all obstructions to a world of peace, sustainability, justice, environmental sanity, and compassion.

Thanks for joining in!

Kosta Makreas


'A Call To Spiritual Action'

A Visualization for Dennis Kucinich and the Movement

Visualize yourself linked in a powerful circle to the thousands of others worldwide who are joining you at this moment.

Visualize Dennis and the larger movement that is gaining momentum around him in the middle of this circle.

Invoke the cooperating presence of whatever spiritual Teachers, Guides, Angels, great Masters, and so on who are special to you.

Invoke Their aid, asking for all the necessary resources to be made available for Dennis and his movement to accomplish their mission. This mission includes the transformation of politics, society, the environment, and so on - all areas of human endeavor - so that love and compassion become the rule of an enlightened America within an enlightened global community of nations.

Visualize the response from your spiritual sources flowing powerfully through your circle, through Dennis, and throughout this movement, completely bathing the Earth in a healing action and empowering all the positive groups and individuals who comprise this global movement.

Visualize the new global civilization of love and compassion materialized in its fullest and most magnificent embodiment.

Offer gratitude to your peers within this movement and to the Spiritual energies which animate it.


Date: 2 Feb 2004
From: David Nicol <>
Subject: International Spiritual Support Day - Thank you!

Dear friends,

I want to personally thank each one of you, from my heart, for your participation in yesterday's beautiful event. I am still feeling the effects, and am a little at a loss for words to describe the expansion I am experiencing to fully take in what we accomplished today.

For me, our event was both small and momentous.

Let me explain what I mean by "small." I think that it is a common human tendency - even an instinct - to seek safety in numbers. We want to convince ourselves that we are right, or powerful, or safe, because we are joined by a huge crowd moving in the same direction as we are. Since you are a Kucinich supporter, I know that I don't need to tell you about how we've seen that psychology at work already in these primaries. Many people seem to have decided to support a particular candidate, not because of that candidate's values or policies or personal appeal, but solely because they think everyone else is going to support that candidate. Hence the Dean Bubble, and now the Kerry Bubble.

I noticed this tendency in myself as I was talking to people about this meditation event. Although the response we received was truly amazing, I noticed myself wanting to hype it up even more, to tell everyone how big it was, and wanting it to be bigger, bigger, bigger! But at a certain point a small voice inside guided me to embrace the size of our event just exactly as it was. As soon as I did that, I felt a wonderful appreciation of the beauty and uniqueness of our particular group of spiritual activists. I felt that exactly the right people, and exactly the right numbers of people, had responded to our call. It was not the numbers of people who were gathering that were the source of our power; rather it was the depth and purity of our intention. So perhaps a better way to describe it is that, for me, the event was "perfectly sized."

(By the way, the numbers were really very good: in a little over 72 hours after we put out the call, we had people participating in 119 venues across the US, and in 35 venues internationally in 15 different countries.)

It also felt momentous.

I gathered with Kosta Makreas, Stephen Dinan, and a few other friends at Stephen's house in San Rafael, California. A few months ago, we had a magical campaign event at Stephen's house with some of America's most beloved spiritual teachers in attendance: Ram Dass, Shakti Gawain, Jack Kornfield. Dennis was there in person and he was showered with love that evening. Somehow it feels as though that house has become an important spiritual focal point for the campaign.

Some of the members of our circle were trembling with tears throughout the meditation. I felt especially touched when we tuned into the energy pouring in from international sources. I sensed from those people a very genuine love, a very deep desire for peace, and a very beautiful feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood with all of us working for positive change here in the US. One of the women in our circle had an experience of making contact with Dennis in a very profound and direct way, and saw him sitting in the lotus position, receiving all our love.

When I came back home, my mailbox was already full of messages from people wanting to share their experiences. One woman shared how, completely unexpectedly, she began sobbing from a deep place inside within five minutes of being in the meditation. She then "felt moved to literally get up and get my large drum and begin drumming, seeing drumming circles all over the world, with people in their native garb, drumming, with Dennis moving from circle to circle, receiving the light. My roommate did the meditation at home, and shared how he felt inspired to fast for the rest of the day, to stay connected to the spirit of prayerfulness he experienced during the meditation. There were many other stories like this.

I felt as though we had collectively crossed some kind of line. I felt proud of our effort. I felt proud that together we had made a beautiful contribution of peace to the planet at this hour of great peril. No one can ever take that away from us. And we are just beginning.

We want to continue to expand our web of spiritual activists across the country and around the world, and to continue to build the metaphysical grid to support Dennis Kucinich and all those working for positive political change within the US. With time of the essence as we march through the primaries, we invite you to gather weekly during the month of February on Sundays at 8pm GMT. An especially important focus point will be Sunday February 29 - two days before "Super Tuesday" when over 20 states, including California, go to the polls.

Please help us by continuing to circulate our "Call to Spiritual Action" throughout your networks and by continuing to organize gatherings of good-hearted folks in your area.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are the ones we've been waiting for!


David Nicol
Stephen Dinan
Kosta Makreas
Amara Rose

Wake Up Torchbearers

February 03, 2004

by Stephen Dinan

I often speak in softer tones in my articles, but today I write to you with fire.

Now is the time to awaken from playing victim, whining about the media, and scurrying about in a vain search for a sufficiently popular Democratic candidate. The voices for true progress are NEVER popular until the changes they carry forward are finished. History then looks back at them as heroes. Torchbearers who behave like sheep are not torchbearers. Torchbearers call a country forward with the sheer intensity of their will, the vastness of their heart, and the clarity of their vision.

When you succumb to discussions of electability, you are putting down your torch. You are wimping out on the larger mission. You are shrinking yourself to fit a socially conditioned box and you will not accomplish what you dream possible. You are effectively saying, "I can't do it, it's too hard."

The behavior of most Democrats these last months has been that of sheep, scurrying around and baaing about electability while chasing one candidate and then the next in an attempt to find out who is popular enough to beat Bush. But popularity is a function of which way the scared herd runs next, so it's an ever-shifting target. The main tool to motivate this herd has become endless rhetoric about winning, until most of the candidates sound more like football quarterbacks before a game than presidents. We are capable of more than this. We should demand more than this.

What most of those behaving like sheep do not seem to realize is that the wolf is strengthened by sheep behavior. Our insecurity is what will defeat us. Our power comes in finding our boldest, most authentic truth and standing passionately for that in the world.

Deep down, none of you are truly sheep. You are ALL lions who believe yourselves to be powerless and thus behave as sheep. Each of you is capable of greatness. Sheep behavior is a relic of your past. Let it drop away and stand as the leader you really are.

Our planet cannot wait for more conscious leadership in America. It has become a survival imperative that we grow into the next stage of our maturity. Our country must grow into adulthood, when we stand with dedicated commitment to compassionate, responsible leadership in the world. It is time for America to lead the world forward in healing ecosystems, eliminating war, treating the sick, dismantling nukes, feeding the hungry, and balancing the economic scales. Right now, we lead the world militarily and economically and lag badly morally. That simply has to change. 

We are the only country powerful enough to lead the world to its next level of maturity and we simply cannot do it without a president and a government infrastructure that is compassionate, wise, and just. Our days of adolescent braggadocio must end, unless we want to run the planet into the ground. Bush and the corporate cronyism that buoys him must be relegated to the dustbin of history.

America's growth into adulthood is not going to happen with Bush at the helm OR with any of the media-chosen front-runner Democratic candidates. The media has dubbed them the chosen ones largely because they represent the status quo. They do not represent a fundamental advance but a slight improvement in the left-right swing of the pendulum. What we need at this point in history is PROGRESS. Real, authentic, deep progress on all fronts. The "main" candidates are not torchbearers for fundamental progress:

1. Dean carried the flag of transformation for a time but the simple fact is that he's not the real McCoy. He sensed the movement, spoke to the movement, rallied the movement but he lacks the vision, depth, and wisdom to lead the next stage. He's not particularly environmental or socially aware, and now he's in bed with the very folks he claimed to be usurping, which is how much of Vermont viewed him as a governor. The language of a revolutionary does not a revolutionary make. Dean's high-spending, rhetoric-fueled campaign is careening downwards. It should be honored for the gifts it brought, but it's not going to lead us to the next stage.

2. Kerry is a well-groomed puppet of the status quo who has now discovered the magic of speaking the language the herd wants to hear. I expect him to be knocked down as the public faces his real record: the MOST money from special interests of any senator in the last 15 years, Yale pedigree (even a member of the same secret society as Bush), big bucks, backing of the Iraq war, and a tendency to make grand statements and do little. A classic politician. The honeymoon will end. Anyone who is really committed to evolutionary change in America will see he's mainly a lateral move.

3. Clark is a fine seeming guy, but leading us to the next stage of maturity as a country is beyond him. He can hardly figure out whether he's a Democrat much less what his vision is for a revitalized America. Generals are meant to take orders from a Commander-in-Chief rather than vice versa. He's also green in politics and the presidency is a dangerous place for on-the-job training. Clark will not maintain the enthusiasm of real torchbearers for long. I wonder how long Michael Moore will last on his team once he no longer seems like "the winner." 

4. Edwards is basically Dennis Kucinich's understudy. He simply takes planks from Dennis' platform, one by one, and delivers them with Southern charm and a handsome mug. Once the romance wears off, I suspect people will see him as a viable vice president. However, he doesn't have the experience, vision, or evolutionary compass to lead America's next stage. 

5. Lieberman seems to be a moral and decent man but he's part of a dinosaur culture headed for extinction. He's not a torchbearer for tomorrow.

6. Rev. Sharpton is an exciting leader but he doesn't have chops. He would have no idea how to be the most important legislator in the world. But it's fun and morally uplifting to have him in the race.

That leaves us with Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis Kucinich is the ONLY Democratic candidate who is taking a powerful stand for America's next stage of maturity on every front. He has the specific platforms and programs that will create America's next stage. He's also got the experience on local, state, and national levels to govern. He is committed to going beyond war, to creating a sustainable energy economy, and to healing the social ills of our country. He walks his talk and stands up, even when that is not popular. He is also a world-centric leader, not just focused on narrow American interests. He's our first real opportunity for a planetary leader of wisdom and integrity at the helm of America.

Dennis is a major leap forward in a way that none of the other candidates are. And he can win if the forces working for real change rally around him this month. It's got to happen fast. He's the leader we need but most people who can see this are still trapped in a belief system that we can't elect the man we really need. That is simply not true. Truth and justice eventually DO win. Always. Look at the track record, from abolishing slavery to winning the right for women to vote to ending gay bashing. Progress always wins at SOME point. That point can be now.

To do so will take shedding the sheep behavior and standing as a torchbearers. I say this to all of you who are working for positive change. If you don't stand up, you are failing your mission.

I maintain that if you care about sustainability and you are not passionately devoted to advancing the campaign of a man who is committed to 20% renewable energy by 2010 and walks his talk with a vegan diet and simple lifestyle, then you are wimping out.

I maintain that if you care about social justice issues and you are not blasting your email networks with words about a candidate who is committed to universal health care, repealing the tax giveaway to the rich, and redressing social ills across the board, then you are wimping out.

I maintain that if you care about consciousness and personal growth and you are too wrapped up enjoying the burble of your hottub to mobilize for the first truly conscious Presidential candidate we've ever had, then you are wimping out.

I maintain that if you are marching for peace and not shouting Dennis' name from the rooftops as the man who will get us out of Iraq and create a Department of Peace to make war archaic, then you are wimping out.

I maintain that if you are fighting corporate abuses and not trumpeting the importance of getting behind Dennis Kucinich, who has made a career of taking on corrupt corporations, then you are wimping out.

The worst, honestly, have been the leaders of the movements for positive change. While a wide range of them have endorsed Dennis publicly, they walk around like sheep saying, "I don't think he can win." They are not promoting him actively. They don't email anything to their troops. They don't rally their networks. They haven't started building the planks of the new White House. They just sign their names and disappear, as if the sheer majesty of their name is enough. They seem more content to work on some little area of change and complain about big picture issues than to dare, to risk, to rally for a man who can actually accomplish what they want to see in the world by leading this country.

Our progressive and spiritual leaders have wimped out on us this election, just when we really need it most. Some of them may come back around to being torchbearers for this election. However, many of them likely won't. It is up to everyone else to take up the torches that they are dropping until the herd gallops in Dennis direction. 

Once the herd is turned by the torchbearers, every change leader will triumphantly claim that they've backed him all along but the ones who have been putting the money, sweat, and soul power into carrying the torch will know who really elected the man. It's not the sheep. It will be the torchbearers. Which can include you.

Now tell me, do you want to look back on one of the most pivotal elections this planet has ever seen and know that you were one of the sheep rather than one of the torchbearers? What if Bush is far weaker than he seems and ANY Democrat will win. What if the existence of such an exaggerated version of the last stage of America is precisely what can catapult into the next, and, at precisely the moment when boldness is possible, we choose the safest, most centrist of the bunch? How large a failure would that be? What if a safe, centrist military man keeps the juggernaut happily rolling forward to our ecological demise? 

And what if the whole sheepish dialogue was precisely what ensured the global breakdowns we were so afraid of? 

Our biggest failure may be in electing Kerry (or Clark or Dean) precisely when we need someone bold, visionary, and amazing to inspire America again to make our transition into adulthood. The Big Four candidates are simply not going to do it. The media is not going to do it. WE are the only ones who can do it and it will happen by galvanizing all the forces for social, ecological, and planetary transformation around Dennis Kucinich's campaign. Now. 

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