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December 2, 2004

Rising Phoenix Series #31: Subtle Activism and Mass Awakening Urgently Needed

Hello everyone,

I've decided to gradually bring to your attention over the next several weeks a number of useful articles archived on the Focus Group website under the heading "Spiritual Nuggets". They were specifically written by Focus group members to provide conceptual tools and offer general guidelines for people doing global healing work such as what is done during the Meditation Focus.

This is a result of a request I received from David Nicol for material that could be useful for a course on "Subtle Activism" he will soon offer.

I recommended these articles and others to his attention and on November 16, 2004 he replied the following, which is worth noting:

Hi Jean,

Thanks so much for your prompt and very helpful response. I quickly scanned some of the articles you referred me to and I'm sure they will be a great resource for our class. We will be sure to reference the material appropriately and you may well get a number of new members of your network through our recommendation in the class.

We hadn't intended to make the class available online, although that is a good suggestion and may be something we will work toward. The class itself is quite exciting, and could lead to some very valuable research and practical experiments.

In part as appreciation for your help, but also just for your interest, I've attached a paper written by Sean Kelly, who will teach the class, called "The Hidden Face of Wisdom." He sets out, quite elegantly I think, a variety of approaches to subtle activism and argues convincingly that we cannot afford to not take them seriously.

Love and light to you too Jean,


Note from Jean: I've archived this long (20+ pages) article ...

The Hidden Face of Wisdom: Towards an Awakened Activism

Then on November 29 David also wrote this to me:

Hi Jean,

I thought you might also be interested in a paper I wrote called "Cosmology and the New Activism: Awakening the Political Voice of the American Cultural Creatives"

Marianne Williamson developed "7 Principles of the New Activist" that apply metaphysical principles to the domain of activism. More specifically, they guide the work of "new activists" participating in "Peace circles" in which participants pray, meditate and dialogue about social and political issues. The Peace circles have been (until recently) the focus of her organization the Global Renaissance Alliance.

In my paper I 'translate' the "7 Principles" into the language of cosmology - our naturalistic understanding of the principles of universal creativity that we can glean from the Story of Evolution from the Big Bang to present-time. In this way I hope to make the principles of the new activism more accessible to a larger audience.

The paper (22 pages) is archived on the GRA website at

Best wishes,



So here is below the first of these useful articles from the Focus Group website, as well as a short compilation of complementary material that may also be of interest to many people, Make sure also to read below "Warning from the benevolent ETs" which, in my view, is an exceptionally important document. For those interested in this topic, a visit at should also lead to many interesting discoveries. There is also a description of a VERY interesting dream I just received from a long-time ERN subsriber from Germany (#4 below).

As usual, I encourage you to circulate this material to anyone who might be interested.

Jean Hudon
Focus Group Facilitator
and Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. If you have not yet taken part in the Poll about the First Contact with ETs - 143 people have done it so far and the results are definitely very positive - you are welcomed to do so at - You may also want to give a look at the comments many people left in the related guestbook at

Please note also that there will be a new Meditation Focus coming your way this Saturday...

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"There is an Indian Belief that everyone is in a house of four rooms: A physical, a mental, an emotional and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room everyday, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete."

- Author unknown -Sent by "Mark Graffis"">

Worthy of Your Attention

For a more in-depth understanding of some of the basic principles of global healing meditations, it is recommended to read Global Meditation Working Principles at

"The Spiritual Odyssey Towards the Light of a New Dawn Continues"

Mutation... What Mutation?
Includes step-by-step meditation guidelines at the end of it.

The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn - focusing on the power of affirmations and of our thoughts and words
Recommended by Dan Stafford"> who wrote: "Her work is based on the Christian Bible, but it is a very unique take on metaphysical principles that dovetails strongly with what is taught in the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?" - except her work teaches you how to work with those principles. It is very smooth reading, and easily adapted to reading in small pieces. It was written in 1925. I have been reading it again of late and I believe it has very great import for these times and most especially for this particular group."


1. Suggestions for Enhancing the Effectiveness of our Healing Focus in Meditation
2. Feedback on the Meditation Focus #120: Preparing for Global First Contact
3. Warning from the benevolent ETs
4. Are they out there?
6. Cosmic Conundrum
7. Spiritual Alliance of The Golden Eagles

See also:

A new phase, the Fourth day, in the Cosmic Plan is opening up - by Carl Johan Calleman;f=15;t=000032
A new phase is beginning in the Cosmic Time Plan as of Dec 4, 2004 - The Transformation of Consciousness will really take off. (Many people recently networked this article)



Suggestions for Enhancing the Effectiveness of our Healing Focus in Meditation

Having considered the background research that deals with the nature of the crisis and its root cause, our task as meditators is to assist the positive transformation of the crisis into a situation of healing and wellbeing, in accordance with the highest good of all. In order to become an effective channel for the universal healing energies, we must first develop an attunement to them. To do this we find peace within ourselves, dedicate our intent to the will of the divine, or the highest good of all, and then intend that the vibration of our consciousness is elevated, focusing upon the experience of divine unity and universal love which characterises our contact with the ultimate source of healing. What we focus on grows, so after a few moments we will have opened our channel, strengthened our connection, and built a surplus charge of healing energy within us.

In this state of consciousness we then direct our attention to the crisis situation and intend that the healing energies flow through us under the guidance of Spirit to where they are most needed (we may not know but Spirit, or the intelligence of the whole, does). One way to help these energies to be grounded is to hold in focus a positive vision of the healing process, in which we experience new healing options and positive outcomes developing to further the spiritual self-realisation of all. In order for the vision to be fully integrated with the current situation of crisis so that a healing transformation can begin, we can include in our focus the root cause of the crisis, and request the assistance of Spirit in its healing. In a state of elevated consciousness we realise that the suffering born of conflict and separation is temporary, not the only reality, and is calling out for positive change and resolution. In this way such attention to the crisis does not serve to amplify the crisis, but to amplify the unfolding of the potential for healing within that crisis, for with our attention we carry the awareness that the situation before us is in a state of flux.

Our vision can then take the form of living out and experiencing the birth of the healing transformation with all of our senses so that we experience the healing process unfold in all things as if it were happening to us - and indeed it is, for at the deepest level of our being we are all essentially one. We can, for example, experience obstacles being overcome at the peace table as common ground is found and we can experience the growth of love and spirituality within peace negotiators and the nations they represent as this happens. We can feel the deep longing within people's hearts for peace and love, and experience it breaking out from the shell of indifference and finding human expression. We can experience within people the falling away of fear and illusion and the movement beyond egocentrism towards sacred and harmonious relations. We can experience the self-empowerment of all peoples as they connect with the true source of their being. By holding this vision we acknowledge it as a reality, and the energy we give to it empowers it with a life of its own, making its manifestation on Earth a more probable one.

When visualising new healing options, it is important that we do our best to avoid incorporating into our vision unconscious assumptions that are part of the old framework of reality rather than the new one. Maintaining clarity, awareness, and responsiveness to Spirit will assist us here, as will the deliberate casting away of all assumptions so that we are left with that which we experience as truth.

It is important to realise that holding a vision, and experiencing that vision as a manifesting reality, is not the same as trying to impose our will on specific people to bring about peace - an activity we would discourage. What people on Earth choose to experience is their own privilege as free will beings learning their own lessons. What we can do is to increase the availability of healing where Spirit decides it is needed and to *offer* it to certain situations of suffering, with an accompanying vision of healing. The difference is that we honour people's free will experience, without taking it away from them, whatever stage they are at on their path of growth, but recognise at the same time that they have potential for change, and that there is an alternative to conflict and suffering, which we add our energy to. Like angels, we don't force people to change, we merely work in partnership with their God-Self, supporting their evolution with love, light, and compassion.

Once we feel that our healing meditation is complete we may want to seal it in some symbolic way as a means of closure, for example, by seeing the situation within a ball of light, or under the protection of Spirit, and then detach ourselves from it, entrusting the healing process to the self-organising forces of the whole. We would like to remind you never to doubt your power as a co-creator with Spirit, for on the inner planes where we place our attention energy will flow.

Note: the above text is meant as a suggestion only, and as a clarification of certain issues that were raised within the Focus Group discussions. We request that you work in your own intuitive way for the highest good of all, using the text as an additional guide if necessary.



From: "Jeremy Burnham"">
Subject: Feedback on the Meditation Focus #120: Preparing for Global First Contact
Date: 28 Nov 2004

Hi Jean,

Several of us sat around a fire to join you on the Global First Contact meditation. Some thoughts:

Good to go through a process of cleansing and forgiveness before venturing into the realm of asking for help;

Mother Earth and Nature are way too complex for my mind to fathom what is needed to heal things. The energies in other dimensions - from Earth spirits to extra-terrestrials to angels to the Christ and beyond - are likewise, and by definition, way beyond my ability to comprehend, so it feels a bit pretentious to ask for help from a specific range of beings - say extra-terrestrials. We found it more meaningful to acknowledge that we need help, and to ask for it in whatever form those beings with greater perspective than ourselves see to be appropriate;

We're all connected - you and I and Earth and extra-terrestrials and beyond - so ultimately it's me (an intra-terrestrial) who is here to do the work. The healing is available to be channelled through me - and you and each one of us. In fact that's why I'm here - to experience the realisation of that potential; and

When I'm asking for help, am I heeding others' calls for help? Each of us around our fire noted that just today we had each in some way ignored a call for help. There's a truth somewhere in giving that which I most desire.

Bless you as always for your tireless offerings,


The Natural Step – Gauteng - South Africa
(NOTE from Jean: If you are interested in a new way to implement sustainable development - developed in Sweden - and have yet look at this site above, I really recommend it. My good friend Jeremy says)


Date: 29 Nov 2004
From: Karen Eck">
Subject: Warning from the benevolent ETs

This is what I believe we can evolve to.

I know I've been there -- in other lives, in other worlds so advanced . . .

I've always felt it -- and sometimes long to return home . . .

There is no money, there is no war, is no want for anything.

No greed, no competition, no hoarding.

There is love, cooperation, oneness, abundance for ALL.

Please forward widely.

Love is who we are,



Subject: [ECETI News] Warning from the benevolent ETs

Many people have asked me after fully documented contact with benevolent ETs what is the message. The message is the same message that has been given by every enlightened master, saint and sage throughout time. It is a message of love. Love of the Creator within all creation, love of your fellow man/woman. These wise and ancient ones would rather be known as the greater family of man. They have watched over humanity for eons inspiring and intervening on some occasions as long as the intervention was aligned with universal law. Despite their efforts Earth humanity continues to ignore the inspiration, the higher guidance and continues on a path of self destruction. It is as if the masses cheer and support their own demise following leaders that common sense would clearly divulge do not have their best interests at heart. Many of these off world visitors are our ancient ancestors. They have already transcended a past history of great wars some of which were in far off distant Galaxies and some were a part of Earth's ancient history. They have transcended disease do not have a monetary system due to the greed and separation it causes. They have transcended all material need and want for nothing. 

It is hard to believe a society can exist, live abundantly and not have a monetary system mainly because you have to have the consciousness for it. These extremely spiritually and technologically advanced beings do not have the ego driven desire to compete with others or their environment. They have learned to cooperate in the highest and best good for all living in harmony with each other and the environment. This is their message. The soul purpose of each individual is known at birth. That individual is given all he/she needs to advance to the highest state of awareness and ability in that field. They are also trained in other fields as well to round out their education and understand how everything fits and functions together. Innate within each individual is the knowledge of oneness and a desire to serve the whole. There is no competition there is total support for each individual to excel and give back to the whole of which they fully understand they are a part. They are unique yet one with life. This understanding applied in their society created a quantum leap in evolution.

These benevolent spiritually and technologically advanced visitors have intervened on many occasions to insure we continue to evolve. Their hands are often tied by universal law and cannot come down and fix everything. We gain wisdom through experience and even what we might call negative experience is only negative if you do not gain the wisdom from it. The basic action/reaction principle with consciousness creating reality along with the divine right to free will to create and experience that creation must be allowed yet there is a limit to allowing. There have been magnificent ships that have stood in harms way and blocked solar flares from delivering kill shots that would have sterilized that part of Earth facing the sun. They have disintegrated incoming meteors and diverted comets. They have even intervened on some of the pollution. One event they will not allow is a nuclear exchange. This will affect other levels of life of which most are unaware as well as innocent life on Earth. There is a limit to allowing the pollution and destruction of the Earth for she is conscious as well and has her destiny and divine right to evolve. The warning to Earth humanity is not concerning some outside threat. It is Earth humanity itself and the leadership of Earth humanity that is the greatest threat.

The present civilization is unsustainable. The environment is collapsing and without a platform for life, life ends. The oceans are dying. The forests are diminishing at an alarming rate. The air water and land are becoming toxic. The nuclear waste is now affecting the entire planet. The physical bodies of the Earth are becoming toxic and what you do to the beast, the fish and the fowl, you do to yourself. It is becoming harder and harder to preserve life for the toxins are everywhere. This must cease if you are to continue as a species. Profit, greed and material acquisition do not equate power. It is a very low state of awareness. Consciousness equates power and those who are awake realize true power comes from within. Selfishness gives way to selflessness and true happiness comes from a consciousness free of guilt, filled with love and service to others. Earth humanity must find itself individually and collectively. The benevolent off world leadership is chosen by their service to others and spiritual attainment. It is entirely backwards on Earth. It would save these visitors a lot of frustration and work if we would wake up and smell the coffee.

There must be a mass awakening from the ground up and the leadership must be held accountable to the desires of the people. As a collective we do not want war. We do not want the destruction of the environment. We do not want the air, water and land to be polluted. We do not want synthetic over processed food, food should be our medicine. We do not want the diseases that follow incorrect actions within our environment. In our heart of hearts we want to live according to the universal principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. We want universal peace; we want individual freedom and prosperity for all. This is the will of the people and if the leadership cannot recognize this, it is time for new leadership.

The off world visitors cannot force these changes, they can only inspire them. It is up to Earth humanity to clean up its own nest. The assistance is there once the choice is made. There are technologies beyond your wildest dreams, yet these technologies must be used properly not hoarded, kept from the masses and used to destroy rather than to maintain and create. We are being given a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap in consciousness, restore the environment and unify with the greater family of man throughout the universe. Are we going to stand up to the offer or continue to be lead on the downward spiral of evolution ending in disease, destruction and environmental collapse? As it is now seen there will be those that choose the upward spiral and support the awakening and healing process and those who will choose the downward spiral receiving their just desserts.

The benevolent ETs are doing everything possible to inspire, telepathically communicate and intervene when in accordance with universal law to insure we continue to evolve on the upward spiral. When the time is right and we have chosen as a collective they will make themselves known and assist on a greater level. It is the destiny of man to reunite with the rest of the universe. It is prophesy found in all the cultures for those with the ears to hear, eyes to see and the mind to know. Hopefully it will occur before too much damage is done and the reactions to actions in ignorance against humanity and nature come home to roost.

Pass it on

James Gilliland
Enlightened Contacts with Extraterrestrial Intelligence



Date: 1 Dec 2004
From: "Matthias Böning"">
Subject: Are they out there?

Hello Jean,

First of all, I want to tell you, how much I appreciate and honor your work!

I am always happy to open my account and see you send a compilation again. Though its sometimes frustrating, you need to know what is going on in order to change it. The world would be much poorer without you. Thank you very much.

Relating to your last meditation focus I would like to share a dream with you I had twice in the last two years and an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I am going to give you a short version of the dream, because it was very detailed:

In my dream, I woke up in my bed in my hometown near Cologne/Germany. I had the feeling, something BIG is going to happen and it is going to be good. I thought about that I have to take care of the people I love to assure them they don't have to be frightened, whatever is going to come. But there was just one person, a girl, which I didn't know though I felt very familiar with her, in our house, and she somehow represented all of my family and friends. It was as if my presence was enough to take her fear away. I took her outside and we walked over to a meadow near my home where you can look over part of the town.

It was a marvellous view. The night sky was crowded with ships, all in different size, from huge to small, hovering silently above the town. Lights in all colors where shining from them and they radiated such an overwhelming feeling of family, like you are up to meet a friend you dearly love and probably haven't seen for a long time. I was full of love and very exhilarated. I had this girl close beside me and we both were just gazing at the ships and the beautiful lights and I knew, that everything is going to change from now on and at last the waiting is over.

After I woke up, the feeling hold on all the day, and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The second time I dreamed the dream it was exactly the same.

Then, some weeks ago I was standing in the garden ( not dreaming), watching the rain and the closed cloud cover, which came by in all shades of grey. A very nice sight. So I watched the clouds and felt the rain dropping on my face as this feeling I had in me dreams suddenly woke up. At the same moment, I saw ragged clouds in about fifty meters height swiftly approaching me. Looking closer, it seemed, as if something in the shape of a Zeppelin was flying by, and you just could figure out the shape because of the ragged clouds thrust aside by the object and swirling around behind it. As "it" passed by, I had to walk around some trees and our small implement shed to not loose sight. Looking around the corner of the shed, a hole in the clouds opened as if something went trough the cloud cover. I stared directly through the hole at the sun, as the last clouds spinning around dissolved.

After a short period of time, the hole closed again but every time I think of this moment I feel complete and joyful because I know, we are not alone and it wont take long, that we all know that.

I would like to share this with those who have similar experiences and everybody who wants to hear it. And because there are not much people around here (actually none I know) I thought you might be interested in hearing it. At least I have to tell it someone. Something is happening, and it is BIG indeed.

With lots of Love,




Date: 02 Dec 2004
From: Antares">

Jean Hudon wrote in 'The Days of Infamy Series #3 (PART 2)':


Most Admirable & Beloved Brother Jean,

I for one have been left SPEECHLESS by all that has happened on Earth since late 1998... and the rapid deterioration on the environmental and geopolitical levels capped by the White House coup d'etat in 2000 when the Smirking Chimp was thrust into the role of Most-Powerful-Puppet-On-The-Planet. All of it is so horrendously hellish it can only be called the Final Nightmare of Kali yuga!

To protect my own equilibrium and sanity I have turned my attention towards my own neurology and genetic archives. Within the innermost core of Self I have found the Eye of the Cyclone, so to speak, and events in the disintegrating 3D Matrix swirl around me without impacting on my vision of beauty, joy, and perfect harmony.

Thus am I anchoring the hologram of heaven on earth even as all hell apparently breaks loose. Yes, I focus my attention regularly on the comprehensive (and much appreciated) bulletins you send out, among many other internet sources. All the data is integrated and transmuted into further reassurance that the Eye of Sauron has indeed been destroyed and that Evil is now operating on sheer force of habit and the momentum of historical process. Truth must and will triumph over Deceit. Never doubt that.

I applaud every effort that re-empowers the individual and disempowers the hideous institutions of iniquity we have miscreated through fear. I embody the Soul of Life as it rises like a phoenix from the ashes of despair and the sense of powerlessness. I am every maimed child in Baghdad, every melted corpse rotting in the streets of Fallujah, every embittered Palestinian widow and orphan. Alas, I am also each benighted fundamentalist redneck that voted for Dubya on November 2nd; and I am the millions of young souls deactivated and enslaved by mind-deadening drugs, and trapped in the illusion that resistance is futile, and therefore driven to seek refuge in apathy and neo-existentialism. There are various parts of my being still in conflict and turmoil.

But I know the Earth herself has ascended beyond the 3rd Dimension - and both Dream and Nightmare elements of the astral plane are manifesting as physical events - while the mass media are programmed to project only what arouses negative emotions amongst the human population. Millions who are awakening and experiencing deep realizations and revelations go unnoticed because their experience is beyond the reptilian frequency lock, and therefore unreported.

Personally, I have been showered with initiations and blessings beyond my wildest imagining. I have been privy to the subtle but magnificent activities of Prime Creator Source on behalf of our genetic redemption - and have been granted the knowledge that incredible surprises are in store, even as we quantum jump in consciousness with the beloved Lady Planet Gaia.

Yes, Jean, I could wail and gnash my teeth over the human and inhuman tragedies reported daily - and succumb to anxiety and paranoia as we watch Big Brother don his shiny jackboots and prepare to trample on all who dare resist. Do we want more fear and grief and depression than already exists? No, we are shifting the paradigm by allowing the big shifts to occur within our neural circuitry. The *real* action is taking place within the lobes of our own brains as they increase their capacity from one-third to two-thirds... and ultimately three-thirds. We are transcending the gameboard of economics, politics, and religion - and purging ourselves of aggression and competition by witnessing the horror of warfare - or participating in it by proxy.

We are reclaiming the vastness of our cosmic beings and the glory of our true destiny. Each of us is mightier than the Grandmother Of All Bombs and - when we regain our divine perspective - the desperate machinations of ET-manipulated drones (like the criminally insane bunch that hijacked the White House, using Dubya as their meat puppet) will seem like a momentary plague of midges (a mere irritation) as we stroll calmly and peacefully along the shores of eternity.

All who feel inspired to take political action, by all means do so, with the wholehearted blessings of Heaven and Earth. However, do so from that still, eternal center within our Godselves. We must not hate - or be intimidated by - our own shadows. Be thankful each moment that we are alive and alert in these astonishing and unprecedented times - when all begins afresh as the New Galactic Day vanquishes the Long Dark Night Of Our Collective Soul.

Never fear... all will be CLEAR! :-)

Your brother and friend,

Magick River



Found in the Nov. 29, 2004 issue of TIME magazine


Cosmic Conundrum

The universe seems uncannily well suited to the existence of life. Could that really be an accident?

Dealing with cranks is an occupational hazard for most scientists, but it's especially bad for physicists and astronomers. Those who study the cosmos for a living tend to be bombarded with letters, calls and emails from would-be geniuses who insist they have refuted Einstein or devised a new theory of gravity or disproved the Big Bang. The telltale signs of crankdom are so consistent - a grandiose theory, minimal credentials, a messianic zeal - that scientists can usually spot them a mile off. That's why the case of James Gardner is so surprising. He seems to fit the profile perfectly: he's a Portland, Ore., attorney, not a scientist, who argues - are you ready for this?--that our universe might have been manufactured by a race of superintelligent extraterrestrial beings. That is exactly the sort of idea that would normally have experts rolling their eyes, blocking e-mails and hoping the author won't corner them at a lecture or a conference.

But when Gardner's book Biocosmcame out last year, it carried jacket endorsements from a surprisingly eminent group of scientists. "A novel perspective on humankind's role in the universe," wrote Martin Rees, the astronomer royal of Britain and a Cambridge colleague of Stephen Hawking's. "There is little doubt that his ideas will change yours," wrote Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in California. "A magnificent one-stop account of the history of life," wrote complexity theorist John Casti, a co-founder of the Santa Fe Institute. Since then, Gardner has been welcomed at major planetariums and legitimate scientific conferences, explaining his ideas to a surprisingly interested public.

It's not that anyone actually buys Gardner's theory. He admits it's "farfetched," and even those scientists who find it stimulating think it's wildly improbable. But it does have one thing in its favor. The biocosm theory is an attempt, albeit a highly speculative one, to solve what just might be science's most profound mystery: why the universe, against all odds, is so remarkably hospitable to life.

Given that we haven't found any life beyond Earth yet, "remarkably hospitable" may sound a bit strong. At a deep level, though, it's true. Many of the most fundamental characteristics of our cosmos - the relative strengths of gravity, electromagnetism and the forces that operate inside atomic nuclei as well as the masses and relative abundances of different particles - are so finely tuned that if just one of them were even slightly different, life as we know it couldn't exist.

If the so-called weak nuclear interaction were a tiny bit stronger or weaker than it is, for example, stars wouldn't blow up in the mammoth supernovas that spread elements like carbon and oxygen out into space - and without those elements, there would be no water and no organic molecules. If the strong nuclear force were just one-half of 1% stronger or weaker, stars could not make carbon or oxygen in the first place. In 1999 Martin Rees postulated that there were "just six numbers" that make life possible, although other theorists have since added several. And because there is no known law that requires those forces to have the values they do, scientists figure that there must be another explanation for how we got so lucky.

The proposition that the cosmos is - against all odds - perfectly tuned for life is known as the anthropic principle. And while it has been getting a lot of attention lately, there is no consensus on how seriously to take it. Some scientists are confident that there is a law that dictates the values of those key cosmic numbers, and when we find it, the anthropic problem will go away. Others think the answer is even simpler: if the numbers were any different than they are, we wouldn't be around to argue about them - case closed. "The anthropic principle," complains Fermilab astrophysicist Rocky Kolb, "is the duct tape of cosmology. It's not beautiful or elegant, and it sure as hell is not going to be permanent."




Spiritual Alliance of The Golden Eagles

This group was formed by Kuthumi and El Morya in July 1996. The purpose for the formation of this group was to bring together a group of people who had chosen, prior to incarnation, to reunite in service at this time in Earth's history. Before the group could render the service they had pledged to do, they first had to undergo a period of intense training. This training is ongoing at this time. The books that are presented to you from this site are edited versions of the channelled weekly lessons that Kuthumi gave to the group through Aisha and Aleah. There are English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew versions of the Books. This website is dedicated freely to all sincere seekers of Truth. CLIP



The name Golden Eagles was used by a group of spiritually oriented people within the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt at the time of Pharaoh Akhenaten and afterwards. The name has been used many times since then by that same group of people when they have incarnated in groups to serve humanity in one form or another.

At this point in time many of the Golden Eagles are incarnated all over the world. One such group was gathered together by the Ascended Masters Kuthumi and El Morya in July 1996. This group of people had chosen, prior to incarnation, to reunite in service at this time in Earth's history.

Our Core Beliefs

The Soul

Our Soul is our real Self/Higher Self/Spiritual Self – the Spark of God within.

Self Mastery

Bringing the personality under the control of the Soul.


We have lived many lives so that we can attain Self Mastery, which can’t be done in only one life.


Moving onto the next higher level of existence through the attainment of Self Mastery, no longer reincarnating into this physical world.

The Alignment

The conscious alignment of the various levels of our being to the Most High God, bringing our will in line with the Will of the Most High God.


Prayer is talking to God while meditation is both talking and listening.

Guides, Teachers & Guardian Angels

Beings who are not presently in physical incarnation who guide, teach and protect us.


Consciously allowing our Higher Self, Teachers and Guides to communicate through us by speaking or writing.

Universal Truth in All Religions

Most world religions are based on the same basic spiritual truths.

Many Paths – One Goal

There are many spiritual paths to suit the individual but ultimately they all achieve the same spiritual goal of Re-Union with the Creator.

Respect Free Will

We respect the beliefs, views and choices of others.

Our Focus

Before we could render the service we had pledged to do, we first had to undergo a period of intense training.

This training centres around the attainment of Self Mastery focusing upon 48 Spiritual Attributes linked to the Paths of Wisdom of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. These Spiritual Attributes were given to the group by Kuthumi to provide a simple yet effective method of progression towards Self Mastery.

32 Spiritual Attributes of the Visible Paths of Wisdom

Unconditional Love





Integrity, Serenity

True Humility


Light of the Spiritual Vehicle

Spiritual Zeal, Truth

Spiritual Integration, Bliss

Attainment of the Spiritual Life and of the Authority of the Direction of Cosmic Energies and Forces

Eternal Persistence



Spiritual Strength




Inner Stability


Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Valour

Spiritual Attunement





16 Spiritual Attributes of the Invisible Paths of Wisdom

Trust, Faith, Patience, Tolerance
Discernment, Intuition, Honour, Temperance
Duty, Charity, Selflessness, Selfworth
Allowance, Acceptance, Loyalty, Respect

The secret to success is to sincerely try to live these Spiritual Attributes in your daily life. 

Lessons for each of the Spiritual attributes are available. They are the books that you can access from our Main Page. You are free to copy them and give them to anyone you feel will benefit from them.

Our group sessions focus upon using various meditation and discussion techniques to help us to understand these Spiritual Attributes and how we can apply them to our lives. In addition to this we do Spiritual Healing within the group.

We also offer an Absent Healing Service. If you wish to receive Spiritual Healing or know someone else who does please contact us to be placed upon our Absent Healing List.

If you are interested in starting a meditation/development group based on the Spiritual Attributes and would like some guidance please contact us.

Spiritual Alliance of The Golden Eagles


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