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November 11, 2004

Rising Phoenix Series #30: Taking The Beast By The Horns

Hello everyone

To introduce this compilation, I'd like to offer you Meria's most compelling feedback to my last compilation "The Days of Infamy Series #1: A Fictitious Democracy - An Horrendous Carnage". She puts it bluntly and convincingly and speaks for me and, I'm sure for most of you too...

Depressing for sure. However, I choose to let it fuel my fire. I covered the stolen election yesterday with Mark Elsis - It's re-airing at the recent show link for FREE all week. Everyone needs to tune in.

We need to DUST ourselves off, RISE up, and SPEAK loudly and say "hell no, we won't take this".

Of course since my show yesterday, todays show was hacked to pieces (truth hurts) but I will rebound as ALWAYS and keep on fighting the fine fight for real truth, justice and the humanitarian way.

If we don't speak out now, it will be too late. We must DEMAND a new vote, and a new voting and counting system. We need to exercise our rights for a new government since this one no longer serves the people.

This government is hell bent on Armageddon, and killing off all those who stand in their way. What is being done in Fallujah is the blackest smear on our country ever. Unless we stop this war and get those responsible BEHIND BARS, the rest of the world will see us as their "common enemy". That will be curtains for America and perhaps the world. Remember, crazy man, war criminal Henry Kissinger once wrote that he felt "nuclear was is winnable". Unbelievable.

We are here at the most exciting time in human history on the planet. We are here for the fight against the darkness in all forms. Their minions may be many and may be mighty, but the light will ALWAYS win. If we give up, all is lost. I choose to continue fighting and stay out of fear.

My dad used to say "they can kill your body, but not your soul". We are fighting for our very souls right now and the survival of the human race. What could be more important?

People need to drop their Starbucks coffee, turn the tv off and get their asses in gear. This 'war' is a spiritual one. Buff up your spirituality, ask Spirit for help and get on out there! Many other universes are depending on us, not just the people of Earth. We must set the example for all time to come.

In solidarity for peace and beauty to be restored to Mother Earth,



Now let's hope her rallying spiritual call will be widely heeded and that sustained action will ensue on all fronts...

There are LOTS of most inspiring, profound and magnificently heart-stirring contributions in this compilation, all coming from other ERN subscribers like you.

I'm always amazed at the incredible wealth of wisdom that people on this list are offering to this world.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Meria's just published book is finally available. Give this a good look. An excellent way to support her amazing spearheading work! According to Meria, this book took 13 years to come to fruition -- Reinventing The Wheel - The Universal Wheel: Tool of Global Unity

"This book is going to touch and transform. This is a beautiful, rare gift you are giving the world."
- Jaimie who proofread it for Meria

"No greater time on Earth has the message of the wheel been more important or timely. This book is an inside view of me, my mind, my beliefs and the spirituality that guides me daily. It fuels me, fires me, and calms me."

- Meria

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"Keep on keepin' on, dear Jean! Your wisdom and compassion encourage and inspire more people than you'll ever know."

- Nancy G Walker">

"One million dollars a minute, probably now its more protecting ourselves etc. Protecting ourselves by preparing for war, hundreds of babies are dying right now, nothing to feed them with. What? The food we throw away each day could feed the mothers far away! Why? Now take a deep breath! Because here on Earth our rulers and religions and our media worship death! Ah it's such a waste. A trickle from those trillions would add up to billions enough to support a world where life affirms life, flourishing, sharing the hearts of many cultures, world-wide caring, food & water decent shelter, plenty for all and some left over. Preparing for Life - the past forgiven, ancestors prepared the world for us to live in. Each generation more awakened, learning to love on this garden home. Learning to Love all life - not just our own. It's not too late you know, we can change our course. That's the purpose of this show. First we need to see exactly where we are right now... and then may Goddess guide us to where it is we need to go."

- Jaiia Earthschild"> - from her rock opera OurStory

Worthy of Your Attention

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This was found through Marie Ladurée's website at who has a quite beautiful animation with her mandalas


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From: "Kathleen Beatty"">
Subject: There is ALWAYS hope
Date: 6 Nov 2004

Dear Jean,

It has been quite a while since I wrote to you--I rely on your compilations to find out the truth, and thank you again for all the energy and love you give to this work.

During the past three years I have been alternating between times of great despair and sadness--especially when I learn of more destruction of our beautiful Earth and the innocent animals and other beings who share our planet with us--and times of feeling great waves of powerful loving energy sweeping across our globe (and have learned to expect a counterattack by the dark forces after that energy reaches us). During the dark times I have found it difficult to believe that the Light is growing--but of course this is the intended effect: to cause us to lose heart and hope. I have not responded to any of your requests for feedback because I have been being buffeted about between these two poles of despair and inner peace.

But, oddly, the "election" in my country, with its extremely probable result of fascism, has pushed me over the line into the place of peace. Maybe it's just that the other shoe has finally dropped--no more waiting--or that people who have been telling me that I'm "too negative," or a "conspiracy theorist," are finally waking up. I sometimes give myself encouragement by remembering, and asking to be connected with, all the people all over our Earth--and our numbers are growing--who care about freedom and justice and who dream of a world at peace.

I dreamed about the twin towers falling several months before 9/11 (and knew on that day that fascism was really on its way here). My dreams and visions of my own personal future have been positive--I sometimes wonder if this is an unconscious compensatory mechanism to give me the will to go on, but my 9/11 dream and others that have come true give me hope that a positive future is ahead for all of us. I am not afraid of death, though it IS the Great Mystery (and watch out for the reptilians on your way out of the body!)--what I want more than anything is for human beings to learn to live in peace with each other and all the other beings on our planet.

I have had one infrequently reoccurring dream that I would like to share with you: I am with a group of people. We all hear and feel a huge deep vibration, maybe coming from the Earth? We all look at each other and in instant telepathic contact know that "it's" happening--then there is a flash of blinding white light and I wake up.

A rather disturbing dream, and one I've given a lot of thought to. My current thoughts on it are that this could be the way the "New Heaven and the New Earth" come into being--the worst possible scenario could be worldwide nuclear war--not far-fetched, given the huge numbers of such weapons extant, the current administration's fascination with Armageddon, and that the boys can never seem to resist playing with their toys. My rather primitive understanding of nuclear bombs (maybe scalar weapons too?) is that they transform matter into energy. So here's an idea: Suppose we all do leave our planet this way. If our physical bodies are all suddenly disintegrated and all we have left is our consciousness--and if matter is created by consciousness--then why couldn't all of us who hold deep in our hearts the image of a world at peace reunite through our common level of consciousness and the New Heaven and New Earth form around our collectively held vision? This is one reason to never give up that vision.

Another understanding of this dream could be that it portrays the critical transition point of our planet making the jump into a higher dimension. (Or it could be just a scare dream by the dark side!)

I have hesitated to write this to you, but I do think that the deep depression that is gripping the people of good heart in my country--and around the world--may stem in part from the growing knowledge that, as Elie Wiesel once said, "The impossible can happen." I would dearly love to be able to believe that the "good ETs" won't allow this to happen, but they have allowed centuries of appalling suffering to go on and on and on--if they intervene now it is from self-interest--and not "service to others."

In the end all we have is our souls, and I believe that care of our spiritual selves is most important right now. I will continue to do what I can to speak out and non-violently resist the coming oppression, but on the basis of knowing that the Spirit is most important.

Kathleen Beatty

"There is ALWAYS hope..."
- Aragorn



Dear Kathleen

Thank you very MUCH for sharing these thoughts and feelings with me. If that's OK with you I'd like to include your letter in a coming compilation because I believe it will be of interest to many - although I disagree with your suggestion that what you saw in this recent dream could be about a nuclear explosion.

As you alluded to, I think it magnificently points out to what will happen when we will collectively reach the threshold of global One-Mind spiritual consciousness - Gaia's awakening in short through all of us.

In my eco-spiritual novel, The Immortal Child, you van also find a mention of the phenomenon that happened to you in this dream, something which I would not be surprised to read being reported by many other people...

"Like many other people, he had had in a dream a vision of a great transformation which was about to change everything that people on Earth had known until now.

(...) At the same moment, millions of human beings wake from a restless sleep or stop all activity, sensing the imminence of Something totally unknown and prodigiously important. A great shudder runs through the whole Earth and violent thunderstorms suddenly burst out everywhere, whilst furious winds are rising and a low rumbling shakes the bowels of the Earth. Gaia as a whole feels the imminence of the Event. Then everything subsides everywhere at once and a great silence shrouds the planet on the eve of Awakening...

(...) Gaia's whole body is being transmuted into Light and begins to radiate Life like a new star. Life resuscitates the Life that was lying dormant in matter."

- Taken from

If you never had a chance to read this book, it is available online starting at

Again thank you for sharing all of this with me/us.

Love and Light will prevail



Date: 9 Nov 2004
From: Bonnie Mandell-Rice">
Subject: Feedback Re: The Days of Infamy Series #1: A Fictitious Democracy - An Horrendous Carnage


I had to write because of your comment that, while you believe light and love ultimately will prevail, things are likely to get much worse before they get better.

The election sent me into a tailspin, and not simply because Bush won. I was depressed after hearing the results. Then I noticed, as others (e.g., Karen Bishop, What's Up On Planet Earth), that there was a withdrawal of light from the planet. I experienced it as a withdrawal of the Divine Feminine Energies and of the Living Christ. 

What enraged me was not the election results or even the possibility that the election was rigged, but the words of the Ascended Masters/Spiritual Hierarchy (also, in Matthew's transmission to Suzy Ward that you included in a recent compilation) that were circulated to comfort and reassure the Lightworkers. Didn't anyone besides me notice? What they said was that they had (it was) decided that it was necessary to reelect Bush so that things would get worse so more people would have the opportunity to wake up. If it was "necessary" for that reason - then, who was responsible for rigging the election? The Spiritual Hierarchy! Responsible at the level of cause - even if it was effected here in 3D by the Bushites.

If you read the messages from the Ascended Masters - particularly those channeled by Nancy Tate (Wake up Call) with regard to NESARA - you see all the same drama being enacted (white knights vs. bad guys). There is reassurance that all will be well; that something terrible was averted; that more time is needed to deal with the bad guys..... It's beginning to sound a lot like Bush's promises. As above, so below.

I have loved the Ascended Masters for years. Only recently have I realized that they have an agenda - which looks good when they talk about the light and the love, and paradise. However, it seems that they still are operating within the Matrix - and that, while they may in fact avert a nuclear war because it has been decreed that none will be permitted, they are willing to go to great (and terrible) lengths to "awaken" more people. We do not have to have more negativity "cleared" by being brought to the surface (one of the reasons there is so much negativity is because there has been so much negativiy played out on the earth already - why is this time any different? It is still pain and suffering - and we do not seem to have learned yet that an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.). We do not have to continue down the path spelled out in the Bible. Those are just beliefs - and beliefs can be changed and when beliefs change,! the world changes.

One of the recent messages (St. Germaine through Nancy Tate) talked about how Bush is serving his role so well - by playing this role, he is awakening so many - and what a delightful time his soul is having in the role of villian. I get that. I have been telling people for a couple of years the very same thing. And if that is true - then Bush is "awake" and all these other people who we think need awakening are awake too. They are just still "having fun" playing these roles in the same game (the Matrix) that we have been playing for millenia. And, on the same theory, on a soul level we are having fun resisting their resisting the light....

On some level we are all making the whole thing up. WE have made up the Ascended Masters (and does it bother anyone besides me that they are also referenced as the Spiritual "Hierarchy"?)  - and we have given them the power to decide that Bush should get reelected so that more bad things can happen so the truth will out so that more people will wake up. Why can't the truth just come out now?

The Ascended Masters are us - one with us, just as we are one with Bush and Osama and everyone/everything else. As above, so below. 

Seems to me the first thing we need to do is take back our power! Declare our own Divinity, our own oneness with all that is, and then DECREE that the Living Christ be awakened and restored to Earth, that the Divine Feminine be fully present and balanced and unified with the Divine Masculine, that the GAME of the Matrix is at an end, that all souls willing to awaken be awakened by love and with ease and grace. Yes, there will still be work to do in 3D - but let's do it joyfully, intending and knowing that the very fabric of the old creation (in the Matrix) is dissolving and disintegrating and that the new creation of the Christ Consciousness is here, now.





Dear Bonnie

Thanks for sharing all of this with me. See... This whole situation got you pumped up enough to write this down to shake things up a bit. That's the purpose - in part - of what can be described as a glorified mess. But if I were you I would not pay too much attention to what all the channels - especially those related to NESARA - try to spin. These people (the people doing the "channelings") are doing their best to make sense of unfolding events like all of us and except for very few who are clear enough to receive high level spiritual input without too much personal interference - Suzy Ward is one such person I believe - most of them just muddle through. Of course I'm biased in the sense I seldom read all this channeling stuff, so who am I to make any kind of judgement on anyone? The gist of the matter for me is that it is nearly impossible, at an intellectual level, to have a firm grasp of why things are as they are and so it is pointless beyond a certain point to try to put an explanation of world events.

Yes, of course, there are plenty of circumstantial "explanations" in the stuff I network - the Illuminati, the covert government, sheer human greed and so on - but in the end this is just another illusion to be overcome - the "Matrix" as you put it. I think your inner intuitive drive took over magnificently in your last paragraph above and that's where we should each look for true guidance -- not in any outside source, however valuable they may be in providing us with key pieces of the larger puzzle, but within our core inner Source-connection with the Great All That Is where the true dot-connecting vision can be achieved in the twinkle of an eye and with no need to dress it up with any word to try to fit this into our brain. You simply tingle out the radiance of our One Divinity, shed a few tears, take a deep breath and forge ahead with a wide happy smile.

Love and Light already prevail




From: Lloyd Mercer">
Subject: Keeping our Cool Re: The Days of Infamy Series #1: A Fictitious Democracy - An Horrendous Carnage
Date: 9 Nov 2004

Dear Jean,

I've been reading your your newsletter for a while now and I appreciate the sincerity of your service.

Whereas I used to devour every word these days I mostly just scan headlines and read occasional articles or parts thereof. Other than time constraints, I've a simple reason for that.

I'm reminded once again of the anecdote where Grandfather, teaching grandson, says, "There are two wolves inside of me fighting. One fights for peace, allowing, harmony, understanding, compassion and prosperity. The other fights for power, control, greed, cruelty, deception, poverty and keeping me lost in the slavery of its agenda." "Which will win?" asks grandson. "The one I feed the most." replies Grandfather.

It seems pretty well accepted in ERN circles that energies have increased, up the scale, on our planet in general. One thing this implies is that every creative action we take, every use of energy whether it is thought, word or action, is more powerful, more effectively creative than before.

Which wolf does the bulk of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions feed?

Reacting to events in typical fashion is anticipated by the perpetrators for the events and is continuing to play their game by their rules and that is just taking more wrong turns in the rabbit hole.

Things are happening that many of us could do without. Playing the blame game is a rabbit hole past time. We must, individually, each and everyone, take personal responsibility for all that transpires. It happens because we have allowed it to happen.

The New World Order, one world dominion types, are having their own troubles. There are different factions at work that do not support each other.

Election rigged? Of course. Standard practice for many years now. Should we mourn Kerry's loss? Not in my personal opinion. Though I am not a 100% Bush fan, I am convinced that Bush affords us more time to take up the reins of personal responsibility than Kerry would have. Kerry's agenda, evidence suggests, would have sold us out to the UN and one world government faster than Bush ever will.

As America goes, and as Canada goes, so goes the world. There are more profound complexities to this entire drama than is typically known. Research supports that.

Emotional reaction to events works against us. A record voter turnout is a positive thing, a sure sign that people are awakening with intent. Encouraging that intent to feed the wolf of choice, the one fighting for higher values for most of us, would seem to be a natural follow-up.

I suggest reserving judgement, emotional reaction, and practicing discernment as the drama unfolds. Ultimately, there are no leaders who are going to save us. At best they can only lead us to save ourselves and the art of spiritual discernment is a higher consciousness than emotional reaction.

You are a real warrior spirit, Jean. Thanks for your commitment.




From: "Margaret Wolf"">
Subject: A new human
Date: 9 Nov 2004

Dear Jean and Friends,

For your Rising Phoenix compilation, and in the face of our common despair at unfolding world events, I would share these thoughts.

In our personal illuminations and enlightenments we do come to know that the distinction between the personal and the collective is not as it may seem. We experience consciousness as the overriding Reality. Who is left out of consciousness? Well, no one. In our personal evolution, we come to experience our oneness. We awaken to the truth that people are all a part of one thing, one organism. We are Humanity. We are a unified field of consciousness.

Emily Dickinson wrote, "I am nobody. Are you nobody too?" I say, I am a new human. Are you one too? A new human belongs to no nation except to the human nation. Personal and collective realities become one. We participate in a common life. I am not only a "me". I am a "we". Cosmic consciousness and cosmic community arise together. We are points of light awakening to our simultaneous reality as a wave of light.

The individuals strutting on the stage are just a stage in our development and evolution. The drama surrounding us today will be out-shown by the Revelation of Our True Being As One. I am no Biblical pundit, but I do seem to recall that Jesus never directly said that he was the son of God, as all the churches attest, it being the rock upon which they have built their edifices. Jesus, however, was reported to have said that he was the "Son of Man". I think that statement has left pontificators speechless. What could it mean? Don't you know? I am a new human. Are you one too?

We stand at perilous crossroads. As citizens for the planet, we must see how reflective this crisis is of our limited belief systems. We can choose, first as individuals and then as Humanity, to move into more enlightened possibilities and higher states of consciousness. We can explore all of our possibilities by finding out who we really are. As a whole, Humanity is attempting to bring into focus a new vision of our selves and of the world. We are trying to envision how wonderful we could be; we are trying to see our world as a planet united in peace and abundance. I choose to believe that anything is possible. Let us enter the world of "make-believe" and dream together. Let us make it so. Let us see it into being. The linear time of the old earth is passing away. Let us be ready to create a new Earth. Humanity today is in anguish. Feel its hunger, need, and fear. Feel its hope and love. Feel it as one thing, one organism, changing and growing. Our Self-seed wants to crack open and flower. The earth-bound caterpillar we seem to be wants to transmute into the free-flying butterfly we are destined to become. I am a new human. Are you one too?

Together we are the new evolving humanity and we will create a new world. Truly, we are spiritual beings having a material experience, and when we really know that, we will choose to be responsible for our planet, all of us, and then we will totally change everything. When we create peace within ourselves, then we will no longer wage war with ourselves. When we renounce victimhood and realize with joy how responsible we are--(for 100% responsibility is the gateway to freedom)--then we will create a new reality and a new Earth. Somewhere over the rainbow will be right here, for we will be the rainbow people, making dreams come true. We will decide to be our own saviors, for indeed we are. I close these thoughts with the dreams of a beloved brother, who saw more than most:

Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
Living for today....

Imagine there's no countries,
It isn't hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.

The most important word above is "imagine". All the wonderful things in the world, and all the horrible things too, existed first in someone's imagination. Remember to "make-believe". Thank you, Jean, for all the wonderful work you do. And thank you, everyone else, for being here.

Love to all,
Margaret Wolf

Author of the maybe someday to be published book, A Primer in Galactic Citizenship. Blessed Be.


PROFOUND AND POWERFUL JUNGIAN ANALYSIS - THE US IS POSSESSED BY A SORT OR PRIMEVAL EVIL AND THIS CAN BE SEEN AS AN INITIATORY COSMIC TEST FOR HUMANITY: "Whether the darkness destroys us or unfolds its blessings depends on no one but ourselves. Everything depends on if we can have the expansion of consciousness that the darkness itself is demanding of us. (...) The fact that evil is incarnating in this world of ours is itself an expression that light is nearby, for shadows are nothing other than expressions of light. Demons are actually blessings in drag. It is darkest right before the dawn. Right before a demon gets vanquished is when it makes its worst destructive outburst." WORTH DIGGING!

From: "Paul Levy"">
Date: 9 Nov 2004


by Paul Levy

These are dark times we are living through. At times such as these, to quote the great doctor of the soul, C. G. Jung, "Something of the abysmal darkness of the world has broken in on us, poisoning the very air we breathe and befouling the pure water with the stale, nauseating taste of blood."

I feel in shock about what has happened in the election. I see the part of me that wants to deny to myself the horror, the absolute nightmare that is happening. It's like I have a part that wants to look away, that wants to pretend that what happened in the election isn't really that bad. I find myself fantasizing that maybe Bush will have a radical shift in attitude and start making policy decisions based on what is good for the greatest number of people, instead of for an elected few.

It is really that bad, however, and that is the point. We have dreamed ourselves into a sci-fi nightmare, and there is no avoiding it. In essence, there is a part of me that is in a form of trauma. I am not presently able to wrap my mind around and integrate the darkness that has befallen our country. I feel numb, dissociated and dis-empowered. I feel like screaming. I am completely appalled and horrified that supposedly close to sixty million of my fellow countrymen and women actually voted for someone who from my point of view is criminally insane. What does this tell us about the state of consciousness of our fellow citizens? I don't understand how anyone can even question that there's a collective psychosis ravaging our country. What more evidence do we need?

I am left with the overwhelming feeling that the election was only a staged election, an appearance of an election which had been rigged from the beginning. Is there anyone naïve enough who doubts that the voting process in our country has been co-opted and corrupted? Most people I speak to who recognize this just tend to look away with a "what can I do?" shrug of the shoulders, as if they've resigned themselves to their fate. The whole situation is horrifying. 

I find myself looking away from seeing that it is as if some non-local evil force has gotten its tentacles far enough into the fabric of our country that it controls not just the presidency and both houses of Congress, but every other aspect of our country that it needs to in order to have power over us. Our corrupt corporate government complex controls the judicial branch, so we therefore can't deal with our corrupt government through the legal system, as the government controls the courts. The checks and balances that were established by the constitution and built into our government has been disabled and effectively abolished. The corrupt corporate government complex also owns and controls the very media which is supposed to keep it in balance. It has now become obvious that the corrupt corporate government monster controls the process of voting itself, so we are even unable to vote the criminal perpetrators out of office. And now the takeover is complete, as it controls the minds of millions of our populace, too. Maybe all of this has been the case for awhile and I'm simply recognizing it now.

It is shattering to realize that our grand experiment of democracy has, for the time being, failed. It is like realizing that a demon has entered into our home and it has gotten itself too deeply entrenched to be removed through the normal channels. In other words, it's not that our corrupt corporate government complex is planning to turn our country into a fascist state, it already has succeeded in doing this and most of us haven't seemed to notice.

I see the part of myself that says, no, it can't be happening here. I see the part of me that looks away from how similar what is happening is to what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Germans who lived through that time in Germany say it was like watching one law after another subtly being changed, as their civil liberties were slowly taken away. No one stood up because everyone was still comfortable in their inertia and their denial. They were like frogs in water that was getting hotter, but they didn't even notice the changes in the temperature until it was too late, and they got boiled to death. This is our situation right now, and we the people need to realize this before it is too late. Like Jung says "We are in the soup that is going to be cooked for us, whether we claim to have invented it or not."

Times such as these, when the opposites are totally polarized, are apocalyptic, end-times. We are living in a time in which a deeper process that has been unfolding since the birth of human history is emerging and becoming visible. The word apocalypse means something hidden being revealed. What is being revealed is the dark or the hidden God, the shadow side of God, so to speak. Interestingly, the inner meaning of the word Satan is "shadow of the Lord." It is as if the evil that was operating underground and hiding in the shadows is revealing itself and has become visible for all who have eyes to see. To quote Jung "God asserts his power through the revelation of his darkness and destructiveness. Man is merely instrumental in carrying out the divine plan."

We have all gotten drafted into playing roles in a deeper, mythic, archetypal drama, what Jung would call a "divine drama of incarnation." This deeper archetypal process has endlessly re-created itself all throughout history. If Bush and Cheney weren't around, for example, there would have been others to get dreamed up to pick up these roles, as these are archetypal roles that exist deep inside the psyche of every one of us. Our country is unconsciously playing out a deeper, archetypal pattern that has previously resulted in the self-destruction of many powerful civilizations throughout history. Becoming conscious of the deeper archetypal process that is collectively playing itself out through us unconsciously, however, is the very act that effects its transformation, and enables us to collaboratively channel this energy constructively.

The daemonic‚ is a transpersonal energy that is supraordinate to us, which means it is a power that is mightier than us and can thereby overpower us. The daemonic can possess an individual or a group, thereby giving shape and form to itself as it acts itself out through those who unwittingly fall asleep and become its agents. To quote Jung "the daemonic is that moment when an unconscious content of seemingly overwhelming power appears on the threshold of consciousness. It can cross this threshold and seize hold of the personality [of the individual or group]. Then it is possession." As Jung points out, when a daemonic energy is ready to be integrated, it always appears physically, "since it forces the subject into its own form," or we could say gets dreamed up into materialization. What this means is that the full-bodied playing out of archetypal evil such as we have on the world stage right now is initiatory and is itself an expression that something is being shown to us and is available for assimilation. Encoded, in hidden symbolic‚ form, in the revelation of the darkness itself is the key to its own re-solution and transcendence. This is why Jung questions whether "in this very power of evil God might not have placed some special purpose which it is most important for us to know."

Jung defines the daemonic as the "not yet made real creative," by which he is pointing at that if gotten in conscious relationship with, the daemonic contains our highest creativity and genius. If not related to consciously, however, the daemonic possesses us from behind and beneath our conscious awareness and acts itself out through us in a destructive way that is truly demonic. Whether the darkness destroys us or unfolds its blessings depends on no one but ourselves.

Everything depends on if we can have the expansion of consciousness that the darkness itself is demanding of us. To quote Jung, "the only thing that really matters now is whether man can climb up to a higher moral level, to a higher plane of consciousness, in order to be equal to the superhuman powers which the fallen angels have played into his hands." Even though Jung died over forty years ago, it is as if he is describing our current world situation. This is because Jung was articulating in his day the same archetypal pattern that is re-enacting itself today.  

The fact that evil is incarnating in this world of ours is itself an expression that light is nearby, for shadows are nothing other than expressions of light. Demons are actually blessings in drag. It is darkest right before the dawn. Right before a demon gets vanquished is when it makes its worst destructive outburst. This is because the demon can't stand and will violently resist the light of consciousness, for to be seen de-potentiates and exorcises the demon, so to speak. Once the evil is seen, however, it loses its power and control over us, as it can no longer act itself out through us.

Lucifer, which means "the bringer of light"‚ is the necessary dark side of life, of shadow revealing light by contrast. Jung goes so far as to point out that Lucifer was "necessary and indeed indispensable for the unfolding and completion of the divine drama." Jung even refers to Satan as "the godfather of man as a spiritual being," by which he means that the appearance of evil can activate in humankind a process of spiritual awakening.

We are not in a position to judge or to know God's secret intentions. It is clearly God's will that George Bush be president, as it IS what is happening. It could be that George Bush needed to get re-elected, because if John Kerry got elected, maybe people would fall back to sleep, thinking everything was O. K. I find myself imagining, however, that the evil that is enacting itself through George Bush will activate a collective awakening unimaginable before Bush came on the scene. I imagine that with George Bush as president we the people will connect with each other in lucid awareness, and tap into how we can, in real time, the present moment, creatively and collaboratively effect real change in this world of ours.

The antonym and antidote to the "diabolic"‚ whose inner meaning is that which separates and divides, is the "symbolic"‚ whose inner meaning is that which unites. Symbols are the language of dreams. To connect in symbolic awareness is to realize that we are all collaboratively dreaming up this universe together, which is the very revelation that the universe itself is symbolically reflecting back to us. If this is a mass shared dream then we are not separate from each other but are all interconnected parts of one another and are all on the same side. Once we recognize this, we can get in phase with each other, connecting our lucidity together as we unite as one, co-operatively transmuting this archetypal, daemonic energy into our highest creative inspiration and genius. Having Bush as president might precipitate a radical, revolutionary, evolutionary and epochal quantum leap in human consciousness undreamed of until now. I find myself wondering, maybe George Bush getting elected is an actual blessing in a very convincing disguise that it's not.


A healer, Paul Levy is a spiritually-informed political activist. He is in private practice, helping other people who are also spiritually awakening to the dream-like nature of reality. He can be reached at Please visit his website at - Please feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired.



From: "Patricia Cota-Robles"">
Subject: Hold The Light!
Date: 10 Nov 2004

Hold The Light!

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
E-mail:; FAX: 520-749-6643; Phone: 520-885-7909
PO Box 41883, Tucson, Arizona 85717

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included.

I have received hundreds of E-mails from Lightworkers who are heartbroken and confused by the results of the Presidential election in the United States of America. So many miraculous things have happened over the last few years, which generated such hopeful expectations about the future of this country and the world. The question seems to be, "Why aren't we seeing more tangible results of the awakening and the shift of consciousness that is taking place? Why is there such polarization, such hateful interaction and such mean-spirited behavior amongst the American people and those associated with our governmental process?" In order to answer those questions, we need to look at the bigger picture.

First of all, it is important for us to remember that we are multidimensional Beings functioning simultaneously in various levels of consciousness. The physical plane of Earth is the densest and the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in. It is also the very last dimension to reflect the shifts of consciousness and the changes we are cocreating in the Realms of Cause. So my words of encouragement to you are... Hold the Light! Things are not what they appear to be.

We must remember that fundamental change never begins at the top. It always starts at a grass roots level within the hearts and minds of conscious Human Beings. At this moment, it looks like people are hopelessly polarized, but we actually are far more united than one may think.

Unfortunately, our media loves to focus on the trauma/drama aspects of life. Consequently, we normally only hear about the most offensive and shocking behavior within our Human Family. When negativity is all we see on the news or read in our newspapers, it is easy for us to form the distorted perception that greed and corruption are the way of life for the majority of people. Nothing could be further from the Truth.

We rarely hear about the harmony and unified heart desires of the overwhelming majority of people living on this planet. The reality is, that even though we have different ideas and opinions on how to accomplish our goals, the desired end result is the same.

* People want to have good, well-paying jobs.

* They want to be financially secure, so they can take care of themselves and their families.

* They want a decent home and a comfortable, safe place to live.

* They want affordable health insurance, so they can have good health care and affordable prescription drugs.

* They want their families to be safe and secure.

* They want high quality, affordable education.

* They want to be able to freely worship their God as they see fit.

* They want to have clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink.

* They want to live in peace, cooperation and harmony with the rest of the world.

* They want to preserve our beautiful planet and to leave a legacy of love, prosperity and hope for their children.

The greed-motivated, fear-based human egos of people who oppose those concepts and are striving to block that reality from the rest of Humanity comprise a minuscule fraction of the six-billion souls evolving here. The Old Age consciousness of greed, corruption, fear, selfishness, manipulation and hatred being perpetuated by that small minority is crumbling away. Those oppressive thought-forms, behavior patterns and archetypes cannot be sustained once Humanity awakens to the Divine Truth that we are ALL Beloved Sons and Daughters of God and that everything our Father-Mother God has is ours.

If we will step back and observe the bigger picture of what occurred on election day, we will see a very hopeful scenario. Americans in record numbers responded to their heart’s call and went to the poles to take part in one of the greatest opportunities citizens of this great country have the privilege of participating in. Young people and first-time voters of all ages who had never exercised their right to vote came to the poles. These people were motivated by a desire for change and the desire to improve the quality of life for themselves, their loved ones, Humanity and the Earth. This is true regardless of which candidate they chose to vote for or what path they felt would accomplish their goals most appropriately. The amazingly positive sign of their awakening was their collective, conscious desire to improve the quality of life on this sweet Earth.

Now, I know there are all kinds of reports of fraud and manipulation associated with the voting machines, but once again, we need to look at the bigger picture.

Because of the influx of Divine Consciousness from the Shift of the Ages and the Venus Transit, previously unknown frequencies of God's Light are now flowing through the 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras and the Heart Flames of every man, woman and child. The Divine Love of our Mother God and the Divine Will and Power of our Father God are now expanding exponentially through Humanity's Heart Chakras. This unprecedented Light is flowing into our newly created Grid of Love, gently unifying Humanity's hearts and bathing all life in its healing essence.

The result of this Divine Intervention is that the Light of God is pushing all of our human miscreations to the surface to be transmuted and healed at an accelerated pace. This is the fulfillment of the time referred to in the Bible when... ALL THAT IS HIDDEN MUST NOW BE REVEALED.

All corruption, including the corruption involving our voting system, is going to be exposed. Through the deliberate intent, the integrity, the heart desire and the specific actions of awakening Humanity, the corruption and abuse of power of the small minority is going to be revealed and corrected. This is true of all of the clandestine operations around the world that involve a lack of integrity or disavow the Oneness of ALL Life.

As Saint Francis of Assisi once said: "Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

Our hearts are the portals for the physical manifestation of All That Is. Our mighty I Am Presence has recently opened our 5th-Dimensional Solar Heart Chakras to full breadth. An Open Heart is the key to transformation, and it is the path into the Realms of Light and Love that leads to Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. Our Open Hearts have created new doorways into the Causal Body of God, where the viable solutions for the maladies existing on Earth abide.

Professor Einstein once said:

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

We are now experiencing new levels of Divine Consciousness, which far transcend the fragmented human consciousness that created all of the pain and suffering Humanity is experiencing at this time.

We must send Love and Forgiveness to the small minority of people who are being controlled and manipulated by their fear-based human egos. Do not judge them or add to their negativity by hating them or fearing them. There is no separation; we are ALL One. The consciousness of "us against them" is obsolete and self-destructive.

Day by day, we are cocreating a new paradigm that will reflect within Humanity a level of love, cooperation, abundance, peace and Oneness that we have scarcely dared to dream about. This new paradigm will encompass all aspects of our Earthly experiences including our government and our interaction with the governments of the world, the rest of Humanity and Mother Earth.

The elections have mobilized people in ways that I have not witnessed in my lifetime. Passionate people focused in the Light are taking action as never before. They are not seeking revenge or retribution. They are seeking answers that will result in healing the separation and creating win-win situations for both Humanity and the Earth. This is our new beginning!

The Transfiguration of this blessed Earth into a planet of Light is an unfolding process. The unified efforts of Lightworkers around the world are succeeding beyond the greatest expectations of Heaven. One day we will look back and see that, contrary to how it felt at the time, the transformation truly did take place the twinkling of an eye.


This monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of this information is to encourage, empower, uplift and inspire all of us by allowing us to see the bigger picture, during these wondrous but extremely challenging times.


Forwarded by Jim Grapek">

Subject: At Least We Didn't Change Horses in Mid-Apocalypse!
Date: 07 Nov 2004
From: Copa">

To those who did not understand that Bush would win this election, or who woke on November 3 feeling they had lost some opportunity, I would say the following:

Elections are stage-shows put on to legitimize ascendencies of segments of the class. They have never been able to afford to let them come down to the vote in my lifetime. They pick and manipulate the candidates, the debates, the issues, the pre-election polls, the exit polls and the concessions that stop the count. In 2,000 I couldn't figure out why Gore refused to concede, and then it struck me. They wanted us to know that we don't elect the president, they do. They rubbed our face in it to make us feel powerless, which is the real point of elections.

If we resist too much, we get someone who maintains the control but increases the illusion of democracy. The tension inside the ownership class is between those who want the illusion to remain and those who want to take the glove off the fist and show us who is in charge. The neocons are in the latter group, and even the Pentagon is balking at their control and Pax Americana game. As the pressure builds towards illusion, the other end fears we will make democracy real. As it slips towards open fascism and control, they jockey over who will be at the top, and scandalize each other.

The group around Bush is in the ascendency now, despite the fact that a growing segment of the class oppose him. The historical pressure is towards fascism and genocide and perpetual wars because the wealth and surplus that could save the entire planet are concentrated instead into the hands of a tiny percentage of the population, the technology exists to make labor essentially expendable, and the currencies are devalued. Instead of national or regional fascism, it is now a global Axis of the old power states, the countries under neo-liberal financial control, and the new wannabees China and Russia.

The underdeveloped world (what the Pentagon now calls The Gap) and the pockets of resistance in the neoliberal countries is their only challenge abroad, and not a strong one. No international allicance can stand up to the US military juggenaut which now has its excuse for "war that won't end in our lifetime." The only enemy left, and it is the one they most fear, is the American people, us.

Those who expected to be "saved" by Kerry in an election are now disenheartened and disempowered. Some talk of going to Canada, others of resigning themselves for four more years in hopes of Hillary Clinton running. A few can now smell the coffee and have given up the false hope held out by Kerry (a fellow Skull and Bonesman from Yale who is actually genetically related to Bush from their mutual British progenitors). Cynicism is cheap and there is no choice but to oppose fascism, even if you think you will lose. While Kerry might have provided some "breathing room" or tried to respond to popular campaigns, he would not and could not stand in the way of the emerging fascism, which is beyond his control. The presidents come and go, or are removed if they stand in the way like JFK did. The "military-industrial-intelligence complex" remains and grows.

We are at the crossroads, and we have to take responsibility now. Time is of the essence and the longer we wait the less democratic space we have to work in. We are the Germans in September 1939, Poland has been invaded, the world war has been declared and the holocaust is looming. As it was up to them to stop the merger of corporations and the state that Mussolini called fascism, it is now up to us. No other opponent has anywhere near the resources we do to create a real democracy here. Not with guns but with our heads and hearts. Political power does not grow out of the barrell of a gun, it grows out of the ability to define a situation.

First steps must include re-evisioning what democracy, freedom and liberation are in the 21st Century. We are still working with an obsolete and corrupted model that dates to the 1700s. Jefferson doubted it would be sufficient into the next generation, and would have to be revised constantly. Basic first steps need to include:

Working to properly define the situation, and to give it the historical context the system works so hard to hide from us.

Taking back control of the commonwealth of electronic airwaves for public use, not corporate monopolization.

Opening the commonwealth of public education to teaching real history and permitting discussion of alternatives and real democracy.

Breaking the death grip of the militarization that is transforming us into an anti-democratic fortress state and a Pax Americana that makes new enemies for us each day. It is our military, we must decide its proper size, budget and role here and abroad, as well as how it treats those inside it and those who have been discharged.

Dismantling the covert operations function of intelligence and defunding the massive black ops budget. What that function has done in our name over the last 50 years in secret and without consent is why people abroad hate American policy.

Breaking the expanding rule of secrecy and taking our own history back from the national security state which has been burying it since 1947 in a massive way.

Create transparent and accountable government functions.

Establish direct allocation of tax when it is paid, that is taxation with representation.

Replace non-representative government with direct and participatory democracy, voting on issues and policies after thorough education and debate.

Re-envision and re-invent real democracy, decentralize it to the local level and create financial, ecological, energy and community alternatives that make us self-sufficient and reduce harm to the planet.

Dissent, because practicing democracy between wars is like being a vegetarian between meals.

Be creative, inclusive and active.

My essay from 2000 on Real Democracy is attached with more concrete proposals for direct rule. Let's start a discussion with everyone about what real democracy should look like. Isn't it a system where people can make decisions that directly affect the conditions of their lives after being educated about and engaging in critical discussion about issues that matter to them? Isn't it a system where the people actually affected by a decision make that decision? Isn't it a far cry from what this systems labels democracy and wants to import abroad?

It's time to break the paradigm and to create visions for the future that sustain us all. Live the future now. Set up working models people can see, plant the seeds of democratic machinery even if they have no weight yet, train people to empower themselves. Break free of the control of this system and support real viable communities. Decentralize. Don't whine petulantly at the system. If Kerry had been elected, how many would have sat back down and expected him to take care of the problems?

Even if you believe in the stage show election results, aren't you encouraged to know that 51 million people agree with you, at least in not wanting Bush? Is that too small a base to build on? Don't do what you have done in the past, it isn't working. Democracy isn't a majoritarian rule by the political party that gets 51% of the vote. Parties are inimical to democracy. Democracy involves everyone, and a good vote builds alternatives that truly reflect divided popular will.

Their message takes power away from you, because they are petrified you will realize how much you have. The responsibility rests on us. No dictator rules but through the capitulation of the people ruled. Always remember, there are more of us, and we can think. Don't demand orthodoxy, demand participation and inclusion.

"And when they said repent, repent, repent, I wondered what they meant"

- Leonard Cohen, The Future


Realizing Democracy

Are You Tired Yet of Voting for the "Evil of Two Lessers?"

We have the technology now for direct, participatory, informed democracy.

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves. And if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion" 

- Thomas Jefferson

The 18th Century

In the 1700’s, horse or wagon accomplished transportation and communication, over days or weeks. Decision-making required a "representative" to travel to common meetings and to participate in the deliberations, learn from others, and return to report the results to the "represented". At this point, the fruits of liberty had not fallen far from the tree, and the most likely candidate was probably the person the community liked having around the least. Over time, these "representatives" were allowed to centralize the power of decision making for hundreds of millions of people, an impossible task. In today’s complex world, elected officials neither seek nor try to honestly represent the diverse views of the people.

The 21st Century

In an age of instantaneous communication and almost instant travel, mass communication, media and information flow, the old method is obsolete and open to abuse. With the concentration of wealth and corporate power that now finances the election of "representatives", the needs and views of a huge, complex society are ignored in favor of the desires of a privileged few.

“Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?”

- Thomas Jefferson

In my lifetime, no one could represent me, or even tried to. Those elected are chosen by a minority of those eligible to vote because we are increasingly disenfranchised and disempowered by the corruption of representative decision-making. And when elected officials do begin to respond to the popular movements or will, they are too easily bribed, blackmailed, bullied or bulleted into compliance.

Who needs a representative?

We don’t need representatives, we need a free and open flow of information about local, national and global issues that affect our daily lives and our futures, full and fair debate of these issues, and direct participation in the decision-making involved. To say that our option is only to vote for someone who cannot represent us, or to wait until we can vote them out of office when they do not, is a far cry from empowering people. We have the technology necessary now to make this a fully democratic society, we need only to use it to carry out the popular will.

"Mob rule" vs. Corporate rule

“[People] by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes (Aristocrats) and those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe (Democrats)”

- Thomas Jefferson

Those cynics who will assert that the population cannot comprehend their own best interests, that a technocratic elite must make the important decisions, or that apathy rules are only maintaining a system of wealth and privilege that is geared to make people feel powerless and to discourage them from participation. Those who contend that people who do not take part in current elections must
remain silent on issues are like the players in a fixed poker game who chide those who stand on the sidelines and refuse to wager. If people had the right and power to participate fully in decisions that effect their lives, they would. This is not to say that the majority would never make a mistake, but they would have the opportunity and likelihood to correct it sooner than the current system can or will.

How Would it Work?

The "founding fathers" created a Constitution, and at the insistence of Tom Jefferson, a Bill of Rights for the people. The challenge that faced them is the same that faces us, how to define liberty and justice in our own time and in the foreseeable future. A system of direct, participatory democracy does not have to endanger the rights or views of minorities, pander to mob rule or misinformed decisions, or open itself to corporate corruption. What follow are basic ideas that would encourage participation, discourage elitism, and provide checks and balances in a truly democratic process, both locally and nationally:

Referendum and Repeal

A fair, informed and workable system of decision making on local and national issues would replace the current outmoded method with decisions made directly to either repeal existing laws or establish new precedents by popular referendums. The role of "representatives" might then change to one of carrying out and implementing the popular will as expressed, with a clear system of oversight and the right to recall them instantly if they were failing to do so. The goal of these referendums would be to involve all the people actually affected by an issue in making the decision, including whether the issue is really "local".

Technology of Democracy

Voter registration should be direct and simple, perhaps based on a universal, such as the social security number, and the establishment of an identifying code for some methods of communication. Voting itself should be made easy, and not limited to polling areas, but open to mail ballot, electronic ballot, and other methods. Citizens’ councils would be appointed randomly from the registered base, for a period of one month, and would be demographically representative of the community making the decisions. Like jury duty, citizens would be paid for their time and participation in them.

These councils would then poll the populace fairly to determine the major local or national issues that were considered urgent by a plurality of the voters for that month. To insure that issues affecting minorities were considered, a mix of majority and minority issues would be announced for that month’s balloting. These councils would arrange full and open debate, from many perspectives on these issues.

A rotating judicial panel from the community would review the proposed initiatives to be sure that they did not override existing Constitutionally protected rights, but the final decision to include or discard them would rest with the council, and the concerns would become part of the public debate on the issue if balloted. Existing barriers to putting initiatives on the ballot would be withdrawn in favor of the polled choices of the people.

The commonwealth of electronic and print media would be "taxed" to free up commercially and corporate controlled time to air these debates, as part of licensing privileges. Advertising would either be prohibited or limited to an equal time basis for each point of view, and provided without cost. Voters would
be notified in print and electronic media of pending issues, information sources about them and upcoming debates and votes.

Opponents could propose reconsideration of any decision by polling after six months. Amendments to proposed initiatives could be adopted by the councils, perhaps based on a super-majority decision, prior to the debate and vote. Wording of the initiatives would prioritize clarity over legal nuance. Decisions would otherwise be final, and not open to being overruled judicially without high court involvement.

Participation in such methods would be taught and practiced in schools, educating young people in real democratic methods, debate, involvement, and information sources in making decisions.

Taxation with Representation

A critical additional method of direct democratic rule would be direct allocation of all individual taxes paid. A corporate gross income tax would be fairer than the current income taxes, and would generate more at a very low percentage rate currently. Corporations should not be accorded individual rights or be able to influence public policy and decisions, as they do now by buying elections of representatives. If personal income tax at local, state and national levels, or property tax continues, the voter should directly allocate it at tax time. This can be accomplished with a simple budget form. Allocation could be done two years in advance of spending, giving time to compile the resulting budget and allow amendment by referendum in the interim if deemed necessary by the majority of people. Be assured that the people’s tax budget would not resemble that of their so-called representatives, and it would end many abuses.

Share Your Ideas

There are other methods of decentralizing decision-making, localizing economies, and encouraging the people to empower themselves in many ways. If you are interested in exploring them and testing them out, please join with others around the country who are looking at alternative means to realize democracy in this society.


Referendum the decision making
Decentralize the decision-making
Repeal the oppressive laws
Directly allocate the taxes
Recall the "representatives"
Debate the issues and open access to information

When acting locally, think globally, and when acting globally, think locally.

Contact us for more information and to share your ideas:

PO BOX 772
WASHINGTON, DC 20044-0772



Coming Clean: Building a Wonderful World From the Inside Out

by Catherine Austin Fitts & Christina Engelbart
"The only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts -- that is where the battle should be fought."

– Mahatma Gandhi

We are often asked why we are happy and optimistic about our future. We are far from oblivious to the risks and pain in our environment. Yet, we believe that we can have a wonderful world, and that the path to our collective well being begins with each of us transforming from the inside out – coming clean. With prayers, positive intentions, actions and transactions, we have the power to shift energy away from those who misuse their power and do harm in the world and move it to ourselves and to those who are worthy stewards of our planet's wealth and our children's future.

The current financial system is centralizing political and economic power in a manner which is draining or destroying all living equity – people, plants, animals and our natural resources – as well as the financial equity of many people worldwide. We liken these forces to a tapeworm – a parasite that grows stronger as we feed it. Like a tapeworm, these forces inject addictive substances into our system that addict us to participate in what makes the tapeworm strong. As we do, we are drained until we perish.

To stop the tapeworm, we must first each appreciate our own individual role in helping it thrive, and understand how we are connected to and feed the tapeworm. With this understanding, we can detach from the tapeworm and cleanse it from us. We can cleanse it from our thoughts, our habits, our home and our family. We can cleanse it from our transactions – our bank deposits, media and consumer purchases, and our investments. We can cleanse it through our participation in the governance of our local political, civic and economic systems as well other private institutions in which we are involved. We understand that most instances of confronting the tapeworm or trying to reason with it only adds to its power and depletes our enthusiasm and resources. There is a better way – one that redirects the flow of energy away from the tapeworm and back to us.

By shifting our actions and transactions away from the tapeworm we increase our personal power, security and wealth. By doing so, we exercise our power to fashion a new unity between those who respect and encourage living equity and those concerned with the need to preserve and grow financial equity. Such a new grassroots “conspiracy” can transform and decentralize political power and economic markets, moving us into alignment with a free and abundant world. See also Building a Wonderful World short visual presentation.

We thought we would share some of our beliefs, knowledge and actions that have been most energizing for us, in the hopes that some may be useful for you. Here is our list of 22 areas of opportunity for coming clean. As we come clean, we live more joyously and profitably amidst spiritual and economic warfare. As we each come clean, we withdraw the energy that we give each day to the people and organizations destroying our world. As we each come clean, we give new energy to each other and to the people and organizations leading the creation of this new world that is percolating. As we each come clean, the world we envision emerges.


22 Areas of Opportunity for Coming Clean

Cleansing & Building Living Equity

11 Areas of Opportunity

1. Be Divine
2. Be Inspired
3. Clarify Who We Love
4. Honor Our Children
5. Value Nature
6. Assess “Solari Index” Opportunities
7. Create Excellent Health
8. Create a Beautiful Home
9. Optimize Time
10. Raise Our Learning Metabolism
11. Create Community

Cleansing & Building Financial Equity

11 Areas of Opportunity

12. Appreciate Wealth as a Power Tool to Build Our World
13. Learn “How the Money Works” Around You
14. Move Towards Financial Freedom
15. Integrate Your Time & Money
16. Switch to Real Deal Media
17. Vote with Your Money
18. Vote for Excellent Leadership
19. Vote with Your Work
20. Profit from Protecting Our Natural Resources & Infrastructure
21. Invest in People & Assets You Know and Trust
22. Participate in a Solari Investor Circle
23. Gift & Tithe with Intention

A New Unity is Percolating

In a Nutshell - Coming clean boils down to this:

1. Build abundant wealth locally & globally, with one proviso - do no harm

2. Shift your prayers, your money, your media, your leadership away from the tapeworm to support #1

When wonderful people take this to heart and assimilate these golden rules into our daily intentions, actions and transactions, a wonderful world is created.

See the current full draft of Coming Clean at

NOTE FROM JEAN: This full draft is amazing in its comprehensive detailed examination of the 22 Areas of Opportunity for Coming Clean described above. I did not have time to review it all but I’ve seen enough to strongly recommend it. Here is how it ends...

Appendix A: But, But, But …

But....I'm Only One Person!

Yes, you are only one person. If you are like most people, you are "voting" for the tapeworm. If you want the tapeworm to lose power in your life and your world, you have the power to change that. You have the power to shift your "vote." Only you can do this.

Yes, you have a vote. That is how democracy and freedom work. It's something to appreciate. As it turns out, there is a lot of leverage in how you combine your votes.

When you "vote" with your prayers and meditations, your "vote" is leveraged by many others who share your intent. Our collective intent is leveraged by divine intent when we are in alignment with divine love. Such love and intelligence is the most powerful force in the universe.

The Bible says, "Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I." This speaks to the power of being in accord with one other person when your agreement is leveraged by the divine will.

When you "vote" with your money to decentralize political and economic power, your "votes" in the marketplace are leveraged financially by those who also vote in similar ways. Many people shifting tiny amounts of money can move markets because of the way that money works.

The number of customers that a bank or company have and their profits per customer, can multiply many times in terms of their ability to borrow money or sell stock on Wall Street. In fact, their stock price is often what determines the top management's pay. Hence, a shift of deposits, purchases on investments from large institutions to more decentralized institutions can have a dramatic impact.

When our prayers and our meditations are leveraged by our alignment with divine will and that is further leveraged by our moving our money into this alignment and that is further leveraged by the multiplier effects on Wall Street -- that is a lot of leverage!

Add to that the leverage that comes from shifting resources to honest media and your ability to move the best people into local leadership positions or governance positions in organizations in which you have an influence, and that is a lot of potential power for one person.
Now, that gets even more powerful when you realize you can do this in a way that gives you energy.

So if you think you are only one person, appreciate that you are one person who could be getting more energy!

But.....Greed is Bad!

When we choose to ignore our responsibility for the money in our lives and around us, we create an opportunity for the tapeworm to assume the power that we have abdicated. This abdication is not "good" -- it is dangerous both for us and for others.

Accomplishing financial security for ourselves, our family and those for whom we are responsible in a manner that creates wealth for others is quite wonderful. Respecting and using resources effectively -- whether it is our time or money or other kinds of resources -- is highly ethical behavior. We live on an abundant planet. When we use our own and other people's time well, we attract allies and build constituencies for our efforts. For example, when we help generate investment returns from sound economic activity that funds a secure retirement savings, we honor our elders and create good will between generations.

In short, there is a difference between optimization that nourishes people and communities and grows the pie and optimization that destroys people and community and shrinks the pie. There is only one way to end poverty and that is by creating wealth. Poverty is the absence of wealth.

In the Solari model, creating financial wealth results not from increasing consumption and the degradation of natural resources and community but from reducing consumption and investing in our natural resources and local communities. Attracting management and investors -- including you -- to this purpose is an excellent idea. The more we are rewarded for successful efforts, the more of us will be attracted to switch resources out of the tapeworm and into a healthy economic model.

Positive results attract more positive investment which make more positive results a possibility-- that is a good thing!

But......Altruism is Bad!

Again the issue is, what is the impact of your actions. If you "help" others in a manner that shrinks the pie, or justifies the tapeworm, or results in your failing to care for your own responsibilities, then "helping" others can do harm. However, if you gift or tithe or do service in a manner that builds wealth in your community and in your network, these actions can be quite wonderful for you and for those around you.

Part of understanding what is good or bad about a particular action or investment relates to understanding how the resources work around you and how the tapeworm is part of that -- and whether your actions are truly adding or deleting value.




From: "Graeme Taylor"">
Subject: Stockholm Syndrome
Date: 9 Nov 2004

For some reason, about a week ago, I started thinking about that "psychological condition" that claimed Patty Hearst, when she was teen-napped by the Symbianese Liberation Army.

It's called 'Stockholm Syndrome' and it is a condition where a person, when held captive and in fear, develops empathy and becomes supportive of their captors.

In Western Cultures, to obtain food, water and shelter requires entering into interest bearing debt for a great many, and it only gets worse for the global south.

The Stockholm Syndrome has been used by control regimes for a long time, but it is becoming so obvious to anyone who has eyes to see, or has ears to hear, that, like all extremes, it reaches it's endpoint and reverses.

Awareness of the group Stockholm Syndrome is worth a meditative moment.

Graeme Taylor



Date: 09 Nov 2004
From: Ilona Ireland">

Good Morning Jean,

Thank you as always for your diligence in researching and sending what is important for all of us to know about. I know already that evil is rampant in the world and I just cannot take in any more of the darkness as I strive almost every moment to hold the light. I'm grateful to receive the sendings but just can't read them.

I once heard "THE DEMON SCREAMS THE LOUDEST AS IT IS ABOUT TO DIE! ". I have to believe that we are coming to an end of this cycle of darkness even though it may not come to fruition in my lifetime. Those who know the truth must focus on the love and the light and the harmony that is the balancing reality. It doesn't matter what IT looks like, we have to become the still, calm centers in the midst of the storm and hold that center at all costs. It requires vigilance and mindfulness, moment by moment.

I have just discovered a new (to me) website called Operation Terra ( The channeled material is not all light and laughter but it reflects the cyclical nature of all life and is worthy of a visit. You may already know and recommend the site, but if not, it might be a source of hope for folks in these times when hope is an insubstantial commodity.

A Radiance of Love,

Ilona Ireland
Sound Advice: Integrative Holistic Health



From: "Neal Kruse"">
Subject: This is EXACTLY the kind of ACTION that is required to make a difference RE: Democracy Fails: Corporations Win
Date: 9 Nov 2004

Dear Jean:

I laud and applaud your effort in this regard. This is EXACTLY the kind of ACTION that is required to make a difference. Unfortunately, I will likely prove a disappointment as I have so little time.

Nevertheless, please go forward with this idea!!!!!!


“Then creating a new political party with a collegial leadership and consensus-based approach to decision-making, a party truly representing, in a broad and balanced way, the new emerging values in society and trying to rally all progressive forces behind it in the hope to break the monopoly on power of the Republicans and Democrats could possible happen?”




By Maggie Erotokritou

As I go into the silence
To connect with my being
I settle down into the oneness
That pervades my soul.
In this moment I know that I AM.
I breathe, I feel, I sense, I allow.

It is a rare moment of unity
Which once tasted cannot be forgotten,
It is the remembrance of the Christ light
That surrounds and permeates everything.

I feel the light pouring through me,
Down through the crown chakra
Into every cell of my body,
Filling my mind with wisdom and clarity,
Opening my heart to love and compassion.
I am open, I am receptive,
My boundaries are temporarily released.

The light energy pulsates
Like the hum of the universe.
It is perfection, blissful and unifying.
My soul recognizes this pulsation
And longs to hold onto this treasured moment,
But knows it to be fleeting in order
To make way for the next experience.

The light envelopes me like a cloak of wonder,
Embracing the totality of who I am
And who I may become.

I feel the light reaching out from me to you
And from you to me,
Outward and onward, sharing and connecting,
Creating a beautiful network of Light.

May we share in the beauty, carrying our
Torches of light out into the world.

And in doing so, let us remember
To give thanks again and again.
For to have the opportunity to be of service
To mankind is to share in a great honour
And to be truly blessed.
May light prevail on earth!


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