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October 9, 2004

Rising Phoenix Series #29: The Gates of Heaven Are Opening

Hello everyone

This is a quite unique compilation as you'll see, mixing high flying optimistic views and initiatives with searing revelations about those who try to rule the world. I hope you'll have time to go through this one. Quite interesting!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try,
No hell below us, above us only sky,
Imagine all the people, living for today.
Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too,
Imagine all the people, living life in peace.
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.

Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.

Happy 64th Birthday John
Saturday, October 9, 2004
Sent by "Mark R. Elsis"> in an email entitled "Imagine An International Holiday Honoring John Lennon". Mark also posts everyday his "Most Important News On Earth" at - Dozens of progressive news links daily -- 9300+ progressive news links published in 2004!

There is, in just one moment, enough beauty to last a lifetime.
How much of it can you see right now?
In every tiny detail there is beauty.
In every broad horizon there is even more.
Beauty is more than just glamor or brilliance.
Beauty is found in the truth of what is.
When you can see a little beauty, you open yourself to seeing more.
Were you to see it all, there would be no end to the joy.
Take in a little of the beauty of this moment.
And you'll carry it with you wherever you go.
The more beauty you see and love, the more beautiful life will be.

- Ralph Marston -- Taken from the latest newsletter published by "Aluna Joy Yaxk'in" - <

Worthy of Your Attention

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Discover the world of Jaiia the Earthschild, an amazing artist and enchanting being
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1. Feedbacks on "The Empire of Darkness Series #15"
2. Oct 6 message from Matthew
3. Think carefully, and from the heart, when you cast your vote
4. New Energy Movement Update
5. Let's go invade Canada!
7. Row erupts as top Sharon aide says there will be no Palestinian state
8. ABC Reports US Military Chiefs Approved Terror Acts on US Soil
9. How Poor Journalism Drives Nation to the Right
10. Bush Earpiece Prompter Recorded in Paris
11. Global referendum on democratic world government

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The Scary Little Man By William Rivers Pitt (08 October 2004)
George W. Bush, still smarting from his embarrassing performance in the Florida debate, decided on Friday night in St. Louis that volume was a good substitute for strength, that yelling would be mistaken for gravitas. The result was an ugly, disturbing, genuinely frightening show. In my report on the first debate, I described Bush as, "Shrill. Defensive. Muddled. Angry, very angry. Repetitive. Uninformed. Outmatched. Unprepared. Hesitant." As bad as that display was, it honestly paled in comparison to the frenzied hectoring Bush sprayed at 140 Missouri citizens who had the ill fortune of watching the man come unglued before their eyes. John Kerry, by comparison, was every inch the controlled prosecutor pressing his case to the jury. It was, perhaps, that calm delineation of Bush's myriad errors which caused the Republican candidate to blow his stack. Exactly 30 minutes into the debate, Bush became so agitated by Kerry's description of the "back-door draft," which is literally bleeding the life out of our National Guard and Reserve forces, that he lunged out of his chair and shrieked over moderator Charles Gibson, who was trying to maintain some semblance of decorum. CLIP

Eternal Darkness of the American Mind
Our government is as much a terrorist as those in Beslam, Bali, New York and Madrid. It is time we stop thinking ourselves the enlightened culture we are not. It is time to stop a hypocrisy that seems to validate the atrocities we commit while castigating those made against us. Manuel Valenzuelas10/02/04 "ICH" -- The prevalent and continued decline of the Empire’s mind can be attributed to the evolving degeneration of American capitalism, through the inherent evils it espouses, its subjugation and control of human nature, and its consequences on a society entangled and indeed dependent on the very mechanisms of exploitation of self, addiction to materialism and the pandemic of greed. This latest stage of capitalism, the most sinister to arise from the realm of human conscious, has replaced once nobler, controllable, equal and just instruments. It is simply the erosion of capitalism, after having flourishing in previous stages of development, into a phase that has mutated beyond the control of humans and into a realm of damaging and malevolent repression and exploitation. CLIP - Recommended by "Roberto Bruni">

Bush's Crimes Against Nature By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (07 October 2004)
Editor's Note: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is arguably the nation's most prominent environmental attorney. His new book is "Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy." On Sept. 23, he made an impromptu appearance in Eugene, Oregon. Below is an edited transcript of his talk. (...) Americans have to understand that there is a huge difference between free market capitalism which democratizes our country which makes us more efficient, more democratic, and the kind of corporate crony capitalism which has been embraced by this administration and which is as antithetical to democracy in America as it is in Nigeria. This is an administration that's about plundering our air and our water, plundering our national treasure, shifting our wealth, plundering the great relationships we had with people all over the world, and shifting the wealth of those assets to large corporations who are its donors, who are the lowest bottom feeders who profiteer on the American people.

Omega-News Collection 7. October 2004


From: "Meria Heller">
Subject: Re: The Empire of Darkness Series #15: The Smirking Robot Terrorizes The World
Date: 6 Oct 2004


It is ALL smoke & mirrors. Two parties, same agenda, one fast - one slow. The answer will NEVER come from politicians. It is our spirituality that will create the miracles we need.



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NOTE FROM JEAN: A new Earth News Hour with Meria Heller and Mark R. Elsis will begin October 29, 2004 and continue on the last Friday of every month.



From: "Daniel Kolos">
Subject: Re: The Empire of Darkness Series #15: The Smirking Robot Terrorizes The World
Date: 6 Oct 2004

Response to The Empire of Darkness Series #15: The Smirking Robot Terrorizes The World

Hello Jean, and thank you for your continued compilations!

While your assessment of Edwards' one sided support for Israel is justified, Kerry and Edwards have to reach out to the Fundamental Christians who support Bush/Cheney. Somewhere down the line even the most sincere Christian families will begin hurting if their sons and daughters die in Iraq, begin hurting if they lose their jobs to outsourcing to foreign countries, and Edwards, whether he knew it or not, offered these Christians a code: by unilaterally supporting Israel, he will keep up the pretense of bringing on Armageddon, the current Christian hope. While the rest of us may have strong feelings for the Palestinians who bear the brunt of the Israeli war machine, it looks like this is their 'destined' role in the Christian prophecies. That was the code, the message, Edwards sent last night.

Daniel Kolos



From: "Suzy Ward">
Subject: Oct 6 message from Matthew

October 6, 2004

S: Matthew, hi dear! From people I’ve talked with during my trips this past month and from emails I’ve been receiving, I know that many people are feeling discouraged about what’s still going on. The reports from you and other souls in high stations sound optimistic and encouraging, but we don’t have your vantage point and we can’t see any solid evidence that terrible world situations are changing for the better. What are we missing? 

MATTHEW: Mother, what you’re missing is our vantage point, and that is why we are sending messages to encourage you about what we can and DO see. It’s totally understandable that it is difficult for you to remain positive when you’re still being pummeled with the same DISinformation that has been hiding truth and destroying godself-confidence for millennia. It is natural, logical, that you want to see solid evidence that change actually is happening, which it IS at a very rapid rate when you consider the massiveness of long-accumulated negativity that already has been transmuted into the light. But more negativity must be dispelled before Earth can rise into the vibrational level where darkness no longer can reign or even exist. It is within that dimension of fourth density where Earth’s New Eden is being created by the lightworkers on the planet in conjunction with light beings beyond. 

Your natural pattern of proceeding is linear, and if time and again you have preconceived ideas as to WHEN happenings “should” occur and they don’t materialize within those timeframes, of course there is discouragement. That is why the most credible reports from respected channels, or rather the information given them from their high sources, do not give timeframes. 

S: Matthew, excuse me, but do you mean that “Earth’s New Eden” is a separate world from this planet?

MATTHEW: No. Earth has one soul and one planetary body. What I meant by Earth’s New Eden is not a separate world, but the new atmosphere or ambiance or environment that is being created by the infusion of light. The negative energy attachments that have been pervasive for eons on the planet are being changed into the positive attachments that are enabling Earth to keep moving into successively higher vibrations. 

S: OK, I can see that, but where is the evidence that this is happening?

MATTHEW: All around you, just as the evidence that you’re allowing to be predominant in your vision still is all around you. Mother dear, I know that you are not as discouraged as many others and you are being a spokesperson for them, but you, too, falter in those moments when you see photos or hear of the brutality and grief so many souls are suffering. Some souls there still are ensconced in the depths of negativity that allow them to intentionally inflict pain upon others. This free will situation is what I have mentioned many times and so have other high sources sent messages to encourage you to send light to those souls who are so lost in darkness. Please insert here what you told me along with my suggestion of the flashlight, and then I’ll continue.

S: Matthew, you’ve mentioned this before, but it’s hard for me to separate my thoughts about the people who are causing such terrible suffering from what they’re doing, so I don’t see how I can be sending them light. Can you please help me with this?   

MATTHEW: Mother, you would turn on a flashlight to guide someone out of the darkness of uncertainty and anxiety onto a path where they are confident and secure, wouldn’t you? Those souls have lost their way and are fearful and foundering. Do not think of them as their deeds, but rather what you want for the world! Think of kindness, helpfulness and justness and sharing, think about the world’s people living in harmony, peacefulness and love and send those thoughts to those souls in darkness.
Thank you. Now, I shall remind you about another factor pertaining to these dark souls that I have mentioned in previous messages. Earth’s original desire was to have all her population accompany her into the higher vibrations, but seeing that many souls were still captive of the darkness, she slowed her pace to give them more opportunity to receive the light being sent to them in great abundance. When it was apparent that these souls knowingly, willfully and adamantly are refusing the light and fully intend to retain their darkness, Earth decided to resume her desired rate of ascension. Her decision was not made in the nature of punishing those souls with proclivity toward unconscionable behavior, but rather to save her other souls from experiencing so far beyond their pre-birth agreements. Now Earth is moving as quickly as possible into the higher vibrations where the darkness cannot enter. That is what we see in these high stations. We cannot share our exact vision with you, but we can—and DO—tell you what we see. 

S: Well, that’s encouraging, but it’s pretty much just what you’ve said before. Maybe it’s because of the 3D limitations, but I think we really do need to know what positive changes are happening, so please give me some specifics here.  

MATTHEW: Mother dear, what I can do is remind you of things you do know but simply aren’t putting into the “changes” context. Consider the political scene in your country where members of the incumbent party are speaking out against harmful presidential decisions and emphasis is being given to an authentic vote count. The same is happening in other countries. Growing numbers of young people worldwide are taking responsible action to turn the tide from corruption and deception to integrity and international cooperation. Some military personnel are speaking out against war and their voices are being heard. Your mainline media are beginning to crack the controllers’ hold and are reporting some truth along with the material they are required to air. Your entertainment industry is presenting some truths and recently published books are exposing factual information that exposes the lies that before were hidden. Internet sites are providing an abundance of comprehensive factual information. Some in justice system positions are making fair decisions and righting past injustices. The growing numbers of peace crusaders are being heard around the world. Environmental conservation and preservation are getting increasing attention and effort.

The collective positive energy attachments from all of these endeavors and the feelings and thoughts that are motivating people to act are incredibly powerful in generating the light that is essential for overcoming the darkness. That is what’s happening, and it’s happening because lightworkers are making it happen!  

S: Yes dear, you’re right, those developments are evident, and they’re significant. I think what it comes down to is our weariness of waiting for all the suffering and violence and lies to end, and wondering how much longer that will take. Or maybe the question is, What MORE will it take to end all of that?

MATTHEW: Mother dear, it simply takes more of what you and all other light beings are doing: Holding your course in living the light and knowing you are not alone in this unprecedented journey of Earth’s. More than ever before in her history, she is receiving the powerful assistance of your “space family.” Her desired faster ascension pace is being facilitated not only by the increasing light you are generating, but also by the increasing light from myriad extraterrestrial sources. KNOW this, BELIEVE this, LIVE this—that is all you have to do!

S: OK dear! You have said that the souls here that knowingly continue to refuse the light won’t go to Nirvana when their bodies die, that they’ll go some place where learning starts over In all this talk about third and fourth densities and higher, there’s never been any description of first and second. Is that where those souls will go? What kind of life exists in those lower densities, and is it in physical form or only spirit?

MATTHEW: Well, dear soul, just as it’s beyond the comprehension of most on Earth to relate to life in higher densities where manifestation by visualization of weather and buildings and scenery is commonplace, it’s also beyond your comprehension to relate to life in the lower densities. Almost without exception, none of you ever has experienced it, so there are no cellular memories much less a fleeting memory bleeding through to consciousness. However, the graphic depictions and surmised intelligence of prehistoric Earth humans is a start on understanding the level of awareness in second density worlds. 

But first to answer your question, will those souls who knowingly refuse the light go to first or second density placements? Yes. In accordance with the cosmic law of like attracts like, the energy of their lifetime free will choices will draw them to the placement where the energy is in accordance with that which they have generated and is automatically registered in their lifeprints. So you can see that this is purely scientific and neither an arbitrary judgment nor a punishment. In fact, it is the opposite—it is an opportunity for these souls to break free of the spell of darkness by starting over with a fresh slate and with light constantly beamed to them. And yes, life in those lower densities is in physical form as that is the only mode that can provide the kind of learning the souls require.

Now then, in the lowest order of inhabitants in second density there is the merest spark of reasoning processes, so reactions to any stimuli are primarily intuitive at a primitive level. The purpose of this nearly tabula rasa mind is to offer the choice of growth steps free from the malice of prejudice or any false preconceptions. So not only is there no memory of previous incarnations where the elements that formed negative emotions and inclinations were a part of life, but there is no reproduction, thus no orientation from parents to children that could include those. The beings in second density are in ageless forms, you could say. As the intelligence level slowly evolves, free will choices become correspondingly wider in scope, and eventually the souls who “see the light” evolve and incarnate in third density realms. If they don’t, they remain in the virtual unawareness of second, and if their choices become heinous, they regress to first density.

First density is not a place you would want to look upon. The life forms could rightfully be called beastly appearing creatures rather than people. Just as the souls who evolve into the densities higher than third incarnate in beautiful forms, however differently they may appear from you, souls in the lowest density can only be in forms that befit their free will choices that pulled them into those lowest frequencies. Since the darkness in their souls steadfastly refused the light, they literally choose their living atmosphere to be with barely perceptible visibility, so it is the dimmest and bleakest imaginable environment and the permeating energy is the negativity that they themselves created in previous physical lifetimes. Once again incarnate after a life in spirit, their resolve in that spirit realm to stay within the light when they embody again catapulted back into free will choices like wanton killing, cruelty, hatred, greed and willfully causing others to suffer. 

Light energy is constantly beamed to these creatures just as it is to all souls in second density, and even with their sub-intelligence level, there is that instinct that has the choice of moving toward the light or withdrawing from it. Those who respond by moving toward the light acquire that spark of reasoning that enables them to ascend into the lowest order in a second density realm.

I want to emphasize that these densities have nothing whatsoever to do with the lower levels of Nirvana or the tiny orbiting sphere where the basest souls reside or any other civilizations’ sanctuary realms. All occupants of those areas are souls who have transitioned from physical life to spirit life, and as I said, the souls in first and second density realms are in physical forms. Worlds with these two densities do not have sanctuary realms per se. Instead. each of these worlds has a transitional space where the accustomed form is transmuted into a suitable form for the next higher level as the intelligence is solidified for the soul’s physical step upward. This can happen because the worlds in these two densities are of a layered composition.

When souls are ready to embody after contemplation of the experiences they need to evolve spiritually, some need to start over in a physical form with an awareness that you could say is virtually from scratch. So, while this subhuman existence may seem to be loathsome, it is by the grace of redemption that this soul growth experience is made available; and through continuous light beaming, the souls may be motivated to accept that purest and most powerful healing energy and rise above those lowest of stations. 

S: Thank you for this information, Matthew. Maybe this will be an incentive to those souls who are hanging onto their dark ways. And even if it isn’t—their agenda probably doesn’t include reading your messages—it can motivate lightworkers to keep on “living the light” and hopefully reach some of the dark souls.

MATTHEW: Mother, that is exactly what is helping Earth move into fourth density vibrations! You just need to continue as you are and not become discouraged that the journey may be taking longer than you had hoped! 

It bears repeating that love and light are the very same energy, only their visible manifestations differ. It is the most powerful energy in the cosmos, the total essence of Creator, and through the Supreme Being of this universe called by God or any other name, it is the original ingredient of all souls; it is the fabric of which every civilization in this universe was formed; and it is the eternal bonding of beloved souls. This truth, which has been hidden from you by the darkness and now is being revealed, is the foundation of your journey with Earth into the era of peace, love and harmony in the higher vibrations of the universe.



Date: 07 Oct 2004
From: Mona LaVine>
Subject: Please help by sharing this important information with others

Dear Friend,

In just a few minutes of time you can really make a big difference in the November election. To help this work we request that you forward this email to everyone you have an email for. Together we can change the course of history!

We are a grassroots group who have formed a PAC, 'Americans for Peace Through Justice', to raise money to run large ads in swing states. Through extensive research we have pin-pointed the exact counties that will swing states to Kerry. 

The gist of the ad is that we must change course because war will not end terrorism; addressing the causes of terrorism - like poverty - is the only way to have Peace through Justice. The current administration is on a dangerous course we must stop. As we say in the ad, "Cast your vote for peace, justice and the rule of law."

This week we are aiming to finish raising $50,000 to run the ads in the papers we have researched. Please go to our website to read the ad. You can make a credit card donation on our secure site or send a check to the address on the site. PLEASE ACT TODAY.

We hope you like our web site: and if you like the project, see how to get involved: and we hope you will make a donation page:

Here is the text of the ad:


An appeal to our fellow citizens:

Think carefully, and from the heart, when you cast your vote

We, the citizens of the United States, are approaching a time of critical decision. On our decision, in November, may depend the future happiness of many millions around the world, not only Americans.

One would have thought that this decision would not be difficult, that the choice was obvious to all who treasure peace and right relationship among nations. However, there are those who think otherwise – who believe our government has the right to invade other countries on the pretext that they might be plotting us harm.

Our present administration, far from showing remorse for its unjust and cruel invasion of Iraq, proudly asserts, if re-elected, its firm resolve to continue its program of pillage in its war on terror.

To fight a war on terror is to fight a phantom – a useless, costly and dangerous exercise. Terror is a Hydra, a many-headed monster: each head severed is replaced by two. Those who suffer from this war‚ are the American people, its victims, and the world as a whole.

There is only one way to deal with terror, and end it forever: to seek its cause.

There are, of course, several causes of terrorism, but most important is the unbalanced distribution of the world's resources – leading to poverty, hunger, degradation and despair. This injustice creates the dangerous gulf between the nations which drives men to use terror to realize their dreams. They are desperate men, who feel they have nothing to lose. There is an immense, untapped army of such desperate people ready to die, if necessary, for the justice they long for.

No war on terror can defeat such an army. No nation, however strong, can by itself defeat terrorism. It is born of the injustice which disfigures this world. Only when we learn to share the world’s resources will we see the end of terrorism. Only through sharing can the goal of justice and freedom be realized.

We appeal to you, our fellow citizens of the blessed United States of America, to think carefully, and from the heart.

Cast your vote for peace, justice and the rule of Law.

Paid for by Americans for Peace through Justice PAC. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.



"If you have a chance to go to our website and click on "essays", that's where a draft of the next ad is - if we can raise the $$. It's REALLY powerful."



When American citizens go to the polls in November, they will have the opportunity to change the course of history. On their decision largely rests the style and structure of the immediate future. If they choose wisely, they will elect a President committed to fostering the well-being of all who long for peace and justice in our troubled world; who realize that peace and justice are the outcome of trust, and who are prepared to share the vast resources of their country to create that trust.

The alternative is too terrible to contemplate: a mounting programme of war and terror and counter-terror; a tightening grip on the traditional freedoms of the American people; a breakdown of relations with other countries; and a ‘pariah’ reputation among the nations for the proud United States. Who would knowingly make such a choice?

As the day of destiny approaches, the minds of many turn to the beleaguered people of America whom, now, so many despise and hate. They pray for the deliverance of its people from the cruel and crude exponents of illegal, usurped power. They call for every peace-loving American to raise their voice against the war-mongering of the present administration, and to cast their vote in like fashion.

Of course, America is not alone at fault for the inequalities of the world, the basic canker in our midst, the source of all our troubles. It shares the blame with all the developed countries who ride roughshod and cavalier over the poor and struggling, and must awaken to this main source of tension — and terror.

Therein lies the fault of the Western world: these ‘successful’ countries owe their wealth and dominance largely to history, and their ability to manipulate the world’s economy to their own advantage through aggressive ‘market forces’. The world’s poor and destitute now demand their share. If this simple right of justice is not addressed and remedied, the world will know no peace. Terrorism will fester and grow into war, which will threaten the future of the people of Earth.

We cannot stand aside and watch while the very future of the world is under threat. America is a great nation with much of good to give the world. It must now awaken to its soul’s longing to serve, to live in peace and justice, and, together, in harmony and co-operation, to work with all nations to remake this world.

This election can be a great turning point in the affairs of men. Cast your vote, We beg you, for justice, sharing and peace.


From: "Stephen Kaplan">
Subject: New Energy Movement Update
Date: 6 Oct 2004


We had an excellent kickoff conference for the New Energy Movement (NEM) in Portland, Oregon on Sept. 25-26. Three hundred and fifty people attended and interacted with knowledgeable speakers and each other in a high-energy, spirited gathering that laid the foundation for a growing, mass movement to move beyond our current deadly over-dependence on increasingly scarce fossil fuels.

A first-rate overview of the conference, including summaries of the presentations, can be found at the Pure Energy Systems website

We urge people who are interested in learning about and joining NEM to go to our website

At this site, we will soon post information regarding the availability of conference audio and video tapes.

We are seeking start-up funding for NEM. As with many new movements, we have started out on a wing and a prayer, with board members providing volunteer efforts and some funding from their own pockets. A wonderful group of twenty volunteers from Portland and Eugene, Oregon staffed the conference. To maintain the momentum we've built up and grow stronger, we need immediate inputs of green energy
- dollars - and we look toward your network and others to come on board. We believe that only citizen action will turn the tide and move us toward a paradigm of abundance rather than scarcity.


Steve Kaplan


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"> on 6 Oct 2004


Let's go invade Canada!

I have recommended repeatedly that the US take action and invade Canada pre-emptively to avoid threats to our(US)non-negotiable lifestyle. There is ample evidence for these threats: - proposals to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana - proposal to legalize gay marriage - there are all kinds of labs in Canada that could develop biological or chemical weapons - Neil Young came from there - US senior citizens are buying medications from Canada, threatening the profits of major drug companies and distributors in the US - they could be putting who-knows-what in those drugs, causing senior citizens to vote for John Kerry or something - they could decide to stop sending oil and gas to the US at any time, in violation of their NAFTA agreement, to keep their grandchildren from freezing in 2040 - my neighbor Paul Celluci went up there as ambassador to Canada and now his house is for sale; what happened to Paul? He may have been kidnapped by Canadian insurgents. - We have a huge long border with Canada that's not at all secure. - Freddy Hutter lives there

For all these reasons and maybe a few more (Karen Carpenter came from there) there are ample reasons to invade and occupy Canada since it represents such a threat. In addition, we can secure their oil and gas fields and profits from sale would go to pay for the reconstruction of Ottawa and Montreal and Freddy Hutter's new deck, and to put up Wal-Marts in every city with a population of more than 147.

I have repeatedly urged my Congressman to talk to Donald Rumsfeld about this but he just laughs. Therefore I'm appealing to this list to please take it up with your congressman (or woman! yes, we heard some of these men are women now!) and get this important matter out in the open.


Dick Lawrence


From: "Judith iam">
Subject: SO funny, but TRUE! ~ Michael Moore WANTED IN MICHIGAN!!
Date: 6 Oct 2004


You may have heard by now that the Michigan Republican Party has called for my arrest. That's right. They literally want me brought up on charges -- and, hopefully, locked up.

No, I'm not kidding ( The Republican Party, yesterday, filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutors in each of the counties where I spoke last week in Michigan (

My crime? Clean underwear for anyone who will vote in the upcoming election (

Each night on our 60-city "Slacker Uprising Tour" through the 20 battleground states, I've been registering hundreds (and on some nights, thousands) of voters at my arena and stadium events. I then ask for everyone over 23 who has never voted (or didn't vote in the last election) to stand up. I tell these slackers that I understand and respect why they think politicians are not worth the bother. I tell them that I may have been the original slacker, and that I do not want them to change their slacker ways. Keep sleeping 'til noon! Keep drinking beer! Stay on the sofa and watch as much TV as possible! But, please, just for me, on 11/2, I want you to leave the house and give voting a try -- just this once. The stakes this time are just too high.

If they promise me that they'll do this, I give the guys a 3-pack of new Fruit of the Loom underwear, and the women get a day's supply of Ramen noodles, the sustenance of slackers everywhere.

I then close by having them repeat the 2004 Slacker Oath: "Pick nose! Pick butt! Pick Kerry."

It seems to have worked, as each night the volunteer tables are swamped afterwards with hundreds of new and young voters signing up to campaign for regime change for the next four weeks.

The satire of all this seems to have been lost on the Republicans. Or maybe it hasn't. The state of Michigan (where we spent most of last week) reported that over 100,000 young people recently registered to vote, a record that no one saw coming. The Slacker Tour has turned into a huge steamroller with a momentum all its own.

So, the Republican Party, to show their gratitude that so many young people will now be involved in our system, has demanded that I be sent to jail for trying to "bribe" students to vote.

Of course, this would be quite laughable if they weren't so serious about their charges. But they are. I may soon be a wanted man in Michigan -- simply because I convinced a few slackers to change their underwear and eat a healthy meal of artificially flavored noodles.

I thought I'd seen it all this year -- Disney refusing to distribute the film they paid for, right-wingers harassing theater owners who showed "Fahrenheit 9/11," conservative action groups trying to get the FEC to kick our film ads off the air, the unnecessary restrictive R-rating that forced teenagers to sneak in to see it, and all the stupid, crazy attacks on me and my movie that I've had to listen to as I watched the public ignore them and pack the movie houses anyway, where my film was being shown. And when all that failed, five different Republican groups made five different attack dog tapes (oops, "documentaries"!) against me in a period of about six weeks. But they were all so bad, so boring, so right-wing, no one wanted to watch them and they too went away, a sad waste of good videotape.

Now, after enduring all this, with no tricks left in their bag, they've just decided, "Let's toss his sorry ass behind bars -- him and his noodles and his gift of clean underwear!"

My friends, they will not catch me. Though I may be on the run, and I may never be able to return home to my beloved Michigan, I make this solemn vow to you and yours: The slackers of America shall not be denied their noodles, they will proudly wear their clean underwear as free Americans, and they will vote Bush out of office come November 2nd (though they will not show up to the polls until well after noon)!

Stay strong, stay slacker, and please remember to turn the underwear inside out every three days. As for the noodles, add boiling water, stir.


Michael Moore

P.S. My favorite moment of the VP debate: Cheney saying to the moderator that this was the first he heard that that many black women in America had AIDS. Clueless. Cheney, for an entire 90-minutes, only mentioned Bush's name -- that's his running mate, the "president" -- once. They should have called this the "President (Cheney) -- Vice President (Edwards) Debate."

P.P.S. Tomorrow's letter, as promised for today, will be about my new book, "Will They Ever Trust Us Again?; Letters from the War Zone" And thanks, everyone, for sending "Fahrenheit 9/11" on its first day to
1 on Amazon. If you find that your store didn't order enough copies, or to report other problems, please e-mail Sony Home video at

NOTE FROM JEAN: more than 2 million copies of his DVD were sold in the US Thursday!...

Fahrenheit 9/11 DVDs go like hot cakes (7 Oct 2004),12589,1321702,00.html
Fahrenheit 9/11 DVDs go like hot cakes Staff and agencies - Michael Moore: Clean drawers for all Fahrenheit 9/11 looks set to become to most successful documentary ever released on video and DVD after selling around two million copies on its first day of release in the US. Michael Moore's much-discussed swipe at the Bush presidency is expected to sell another million copies by the end of the week, after hitting American shops on Tuesday. The DVD is released in the UK on October 18. CLIP


From: "Mark Graffis">
Subject: Row erupts as top Sharon aide says there will be no Palestinian state
Date: 6 Oct 2004


Chris McGreal in Gaza City

October 7, 2004

The Guardian Ariel Sharon's chief aide caused a political storm yesterday by claiming that the real purpose of the Israeli prime minister's "disengagement plan" was to freeze the peace process and prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, all with the blessing of the US.

Dov Weisglass, Mr Sharon's chief of staff and point man in negotiations with the White House, boasted that he had won an agreement from the Americans for Israel to keep almost all Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

Swiftly seeking to defuse the row created by Mr Weisglass's comments, Mr Sharon said he remained committed to the US-led road map as "the only plan that can permit progress toward a durable political settlement".

But the celebratory tone of Mr Weisglass's remarks confirmed suspicions among Palestinian leaders and some on the Israeli left that Mr Sharon's strategy has been to kill the possibility of a negotiated peace so that he could impose an emasculated and semi-autonomous Palestinian homeland on terms he could not hope to win by agreement.

In an interview with the Ha'aretz newspaper, Mr Weisglass said that Mr Sharon's plan to withdraw settlers from the Gaza strip while expanding Jewish settlements on the West Bank was designed to freeze the peace process.

"When you freeze that process, you prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and you prevent a discussion on the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem," he said.

"Effectively, this whole package called the Palestinian state, with all that it entails, has been removed indefinitely from our agenda. And all this with authority and permission. All with a presidential blessing and the ratification of both houses of Congress."

Mr Sharon portrays his unilateral plan as a reluctant initiative undertaken because the peace process had stalled and he could find no negotiating partner on the Palestinian side.

But Mr Weisglass said the Israeli prime minister's strategy was to prevent any such negotiation. "The disengagement is actually formaldehyde," he said. "It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians."

Under the disengagement plan, Mr Sharon says he intends to remove about 7,500 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip and a few hundred more from four small settlements in the north of the West Bank.

Mr Weisglass said that would mean that 190,000 settlers in the rest of the West Bank, in addition to those in East Jerusalem, "will not be moved from their place". "What I effectively agreed to with the Americans was that part of the settlements would not be dealt with at all, and the rest will not be dealt with until the Palestinians turn into Finns. That is the significance of what we did," he said. In August George Bush broke with decades of US policy by agreeing that West Bank Jewish settlements, illegal under international law, would eventually become part of Israel.

Mr Weisglass's comments appear to be aimed at placating right-wing opponents of Mr Sharon's disengagement plan by assuring them that he has outmanoeuvred the Palestinians and that there will be no Palestinian state.

But the interview brought criticism from Palestinians and some Israelis. Shimon Peres, the former prime minister and leader of the opposition Labour party, warned that such a strategy would not bring peace. "He who seeks half peace will bring half war," he said yesterday.

The former Israeli cabinet minister and author of the Geneva peace initiative, Yossi Beilin, said Mr Weisglass's "frightening comments" revealed Mr Sharon's true intentions. "They reveal the fact that it is Sharon who is not a peace partner, and the peace camp must work for him to be overthrown," he said.

An Arab Israeli member of parliament, Ahmed Tibi, sent a letter to the US ambassador asking "if the American administration is a partner to Sharon's political deceit, which Weisglass revealed with incriminating candour".


From: "Frederick Burks">
Subject: ABC Reports US Military Chiefs Approved Terror Acts on US Soil
Date: 6 Oct 2004

Dear friends,

A revealing ABC news article begins, "In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba." The article goes on to say that the plans, code-named Operation Northwoods, were approved in writing by the top US military chiefs. These plans even proposed that the US military secretly blow up an American ship and hijack US planes as a false pretext for war. Does this ring a bell? Don't miss this disturbing article on the ABC website at:

The team presents this information to inspire in you a desire to strengthen democracy and to build a better world together. Our website focuses on providing reliable, verifiable facts which are being hidden from public view. By spreading this important information, each of us can make a difference.

To read the original declassified Operation Northwoods documents posted on the National Security Archive of George Washington University, see

If you don't have time to read the 15-page declassified report, take a look at the key excerpts below. We invite you to then ask yourself, is it beyond comprehension that this same kind of thinking and planning could have led to 9/11?

Remember that these documents were approved in writing by the Joint Chiefs of Staff˜the top generals of each branch of the US armed forces˜and submitted to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1962, though never acted upon. The plans were classified top secret so that the American public would not know how it was being manipulated. They came to light only because of a Freedom of Information Act request in the late 1990s. By going to you can request these documents yourself from the US Department of Defense.

Excerpts from Operation Northwoods Documents

Page 1 of File (Memorandum)

13 March 1962


Subject: Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have considered the attached Memorandum for the Chief of Operations, Cuba Project, which responds to a request of that office for brief but precise description of pretexts which could provide justification for US military intervention in Cuba. It is assumed that a single agency will be given the primary responsibility for developing military and para-military aspects of the basic plan. It is recommended that this responsibility for both overt and covert military operations be assigned the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Page 5 of File (page 2 of Joint Chiefs report)

World opinion, and the United Nations forum should be favorably affected by developing the international image of the Cuban government as rash and irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat to the peace of the Western Hemisphere.

Page 10-11 of File (page 7-8 of Joint Chiefs report)

A series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.

(1) Start rumors (many). Use clandestine radio.
(2) Land friendly Cubans in uniform „over-the-fence‰ to stage attack on base.
(3) Capture Cuban (friendly) saboteurs inside the base.
(4) Start riots near the base main gate (friendly Cubans).
(5) Blow up ammunition inside the base: start fires.
(6) Burn aircraft on air base (sabotage).
(7) Lob mortar shells from outside of base into base.
(8) Capture assault teams approaching from the sea or vicinity of Guantanamo City.
(9) Capture militia group which storms base.
(10) Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires ˆ naphthalene.
(11) Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims.

We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.

We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.

Page 12 of File (page 9 of Joint Chiefs report)

Use of [Soviet] MIG type aircraft by US pilots could provide additional provocation. Attacks on surface shipping and destruction of US military drone aircraft by MIG type planes would be useful as complementary actions. Reasonable copies of the MIG could be produced from US resources in about three months.

Page 13 of File (page 10 of Joint Chiefs report)

Hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft should appear to continue as harassing measures condoned by the government of Cuba.

It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States. The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday.

An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At the designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual aircraft would be converted to a drone.

The drone aircraft and the actual aircraft will be scheduled to allow a rendezvous south of Florida. From the rendezvous point the passenger-carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin AFB where arrangements will have been made to evacuate the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status. The drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to fly the filed flight plan. When over Cuba the drone will be transmitting on the international distress frequency a „MAY DAY‰ message stating he is under attack by Cuban MIG aircraft. The transmission will be interrupted by destruction of the aircraft which will be triggered by radio signal.


Note from

Remember that these and other government leaders think of this like a chess game. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your own in order to win the game. As a further example of this, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US National Security Advisor and co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission, gave his 1997 book the title The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. In this seminal book on American foreign policy in the coming century, Brzezinksi states that because of popular resistance to US military expansionism, his ambitious strategy for "American global primacy" can’t be implemented "except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat." (The Grand Chessboard page 211 -

Consider also that in September 2000, a neo-conservative think-tank named Project for the New American Century (PNAC) published a "blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests." Written before the 2000 Presidential election, this revealing report was commissioned by future Vice President Cheney, future Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, future Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz, and Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The report shows that the Bush administration intended to take military control of Persian Gulf oil whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power. It advocates "regime change" in China, North Korea, Libya, Syria, and Iran. [See the Sunday Herald, 9/7/02, article at or go at to download the report--Rebuilding America's Defenses]

Considering the above information, is it beyond comprehension that tactics similar to Operation Northwoods might have been used in relation to the 9/11 attacks in order to create "a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat?" Could 9/11 have been the pretext upon which to build a War on Terror in order to "maintain global US preeminence?"

We invite you to explore our website at for more on these and other important facts. Of particular relevance is a summary of verifiable facts taken from major media sources which suggest a major 9/11 cover-up at - We draw no firm conclusions with this information. We present reliable, easily verifiable facts and information without interpretation, allowing you to draw your own conclusions.

We invite you to join in making a difference. By spreading this information far and wide, we can help many others to wake up to what is happening. We can build the critical mass necessary to strengthen democracy, and to change this world for the better. One easy way you can help is to forward this email to your friends and colleagues. We also invite you to look inside yourself to see what you might be keeping secret which is not serving the good of all, or which is in some way manipulating others. The most powerful changes we can make are often inside of ourselves. We thank you for caring enough to explore this disturbing information. May we all work together to build a better world for us all.

The team is a group of dedicated researchers from around the world who compile and summarize important, verifiable facts and information being hidden from the public. We are deeply committed to building a brighter future for us, for our children, and for our world.

Explore these empowering websites: - Revealing major cover-ups & working together for a better world - Building a Global Community for All - Every person in the world has a heart

Together, we are building a better world based on love and cooperation.

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Friendly Fire (November 7, 2001)
Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba - In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba. Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities. The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba's then new leader, communist Fidel Castro. CLIP This is really a MUST READ!


Date: 06 Oct 2004
From: Peter Phillips>
Subject: How Poor Journalism Drives Nation to the Right

New Retro Poll Findings:

How Poor Journalism Drives Nation to the Right

Berkeley--According to findings from several recent polls the public is split about 50:50 on whether the U.S. should immediately withdraw its military forces from Iraq. Now in a poll completed October 1, the Retro Poll organization takes an in depth look at what's behind that split. Retro Poll's findings reveal that opposition to withdrawal, like support for the war in the first place, comes mostly (59%) from people who have been fooled into believing that Saddam Hussein and Iraq worked with the Al Qaeda terrorist network. This difference was highly significant (likely to happen by chance less than 1 in 1,000 trials by chi-squared test).

"The glass is both half full and half empty," said Marc Sapir, Retro Poll's Executive Director. "Twenty nine percent of our sample still believes, in the face of no evidence at all, that Al Qaeda worked with Saddam's Iraq and this group heavily supports continuing the occupation. But the group is getting to be a lonely place. At the beginning of the war the media did little to dispel the neo-con myth, so over half the public held that view. A year ago it was 41%; in May it was 39%; and now only 29% of our latest sample is holding on to this."

"Moreover," Sapir continued, "it's just one of many examples that expose how corporate media's weak journalism and inadequate defense of the truth drive the U.S. public to the right and away from support of democratic values and their own best interests."

Similar dramatic findings in the poll pertain to the death penalty, often a major issue in political campaigns. Only 16% of the sample knew that more than 110 convicted murderers have been proven innocent and released from prison in recent years. About 80% (of that 16%) oppose the new rule allowing the Government to bug conversations between lawyers and prisoners while it's about 50:50 for removing that basic confidentiality among those who believe that 10 or less innocent people have been released from death row (a significant difference).

"Media pay much attention to murder, mayhem, the rights of victims and the death penalty and yet seem to have failed in exposing the actual injustice in the application of the death penalty," according to Mickey Huff another Retro Poll Director. "This perpetuation of public naiveté is also born out by the data that just 15% were aware of systematic abuse of South Asians in several prisons within the U.S.; and only a small proportion was aware (as General Tacuba's report proved) that the Abu Ghraib situation was not the result of 'a few bad apples.'" Nevertheless, as in the May, 2004 poll, 56% still favor a suspension of the death penalty until systematic problems in its application have been addressed.

Turning to the struggle between Israel and the Palestinians, only 11% knew-in the face of a consistently pro-Israeli media-that there are no documents of any Israeli offer to Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians from the Camp David 2000 meetings sponsored by President Clinton. And 21% thought that Israel has been dismantling its settlements compared with 22% who knew that Israel has continued expanding its seizure of land and building of major population centers and army bases in the West Bank occupied territories. Nevertheless, 44% of respondents said Israel should remove all its settlements (28% no, 28% don't know). And a hefty 70% said that Israel's treatment of the 3 million Palestinians it controls is not consistent with a democratic government (a direct slap at the U.S. media-government claim that Israel is the region's bastion of democracy).

As in a previous poll, knowledge on the Bill of Rights was high. Sixty to 90% correctly identified three important rights named. Over 70% identified two statements limiting rights as not part of the Constitution. People who thought that the Bill of Rights gave the government the power to hold people indefinitely without charges were significantly more likely to approve of taking away the privacy rights of prisoners again showing how ignorance skews opinions rightward (chance probability less than 3.5%). The poll reached 223 randomly selected people throughout the U.S. between September 17 and October 1st. The average margin of error statistic for individual questions was 4.5%. The complete poll and response rates can be found at


Marc Sapir MD MPH
Executive Director, Retro Poll

Mickey Huff
Director, Retro Poll



From: "suzy">
Subject: Fw: Bush Earpiece Prompter Recorded in Paris
Date: 8 Oct 2004


Bush Cheated (In the 1st Debate!) --by Ron Harold

On June 5th, 2004, President* Bush spoke in Paris, France. Bush's speech was recorded live by virtually the entire media worldwide. On this recording, you can hear an off-camera voice loudly telling President Bush what to say. You can clearly hear the voice speaking first, then President Bush attempts to mimic the very words spoken by the off-camera voice. You can even hear the off-camera voice telling President Bush which reporters to take questions from, whereupon Bush picks those named reporters. The off-camera voice continues to tell Bush what to say in response to the reporters' questions.

President Bush is using a wireless communications system, including an earpiece and a wireless receiver which can actually be seen on Bush's back during the last debate. Someone off-camera is actually telling President Bush what to say.

Tomorrow night, at the debate, if lawful, one could intercept this wireless signal and silently record it or broadcast it as happened in Paris, France, June 5th, 2004.

If Bush is recorded at the debate, the Kerry campaign could file a motion with the Presidential Debate Commission seeking Bush's disqualification from the debates. Bush cheated. Now, defeated.

Game over. Somebody give Dubya a lift back to Texas.

Ron Harold
October 7, 2004

*Citizens For Legitimate Government does not recognize George W. Bush as president.



See also:

Bush's Mystery Bulge (08 October 2004)
The rumor is flying around the globe. Was the president wired during the first debate? Was President Bush literally channeling Karl Rove in his first debate with John Kerry? That's the latest rumor flooding the Internet, unleashed last week in the wake of an image caught by a television camera during the Miami debate. The image shows a large solid object between Bush's shoulder blades as he leans over the lectern and faces moderator Jim Lehrer. The president is not known to wear a back brace, and it's safe to say he wasn't packing. So was the bulge under his well-tailored jacket a hidden receiver, picking up transmissions from someone offstage feeding the president answers through a hidden earpiece? Did the device explain why the normally ramrod-straight president seemed hunched over during much of the debate? (...) So what was it? Jacob McKenna, a spyware expert and the owner of the Spy Store, a high-tech surveillance shop in Spokane, Wash., looked at the Bush image on his computer monitor. "There's certainly something on his back, and it appears to be electronic," he said. McKenna said that, given its shape, the bulge could be the inductor portion of a two-way push-to-talk system. McKenna noted that such a system makes use of a tiny microchip-based earplug radio that is pushed way down into the ear canal, where it is virtually invisible. He also said a weak signal could be scrambled and be undetected by another broadcaster. Mystery-bulge bloggers argue that the president may have begun using such technology earlier in his term. Because Bush is famously prone to malapropisms and reportedly dyslexic, which could make successful use of a teleprompter problematic, they say the president and his handlers may have turned to a technique often used by television reporters on remote stand-ups. A reporter tapes a story and, while on camera, plays it back into an earpiece, repeating lines just after hearing them, managing to sound spontaneous and error free. CLIP



Date: 8 Oct 2004
From: Jim Stark>
Subject: Global referendum on democratic world government

Dear Earth Rainbow Network:

We learned on the Internet about your organizationís past or current interest in establishing a democratic world government (DWG). This is perhaps something of a "motherhood" issue that virtually everyone is "for," but no one knows how to do. The missing ingredient has been a practical strategy that has the power to actually achieve this goal, and we think we may have found exactly that.

It is unlikely that there will ever be an effective world government until the people of all nations speak up and state in a formal way that this is what they want and need. We now have the technology to conduct a global referendum on this issue. By using the Internet, we can proceed with a referendum even without the cooperation or consent of national governments. (We think that once it is realized that people can do this job on their own, many national governments will cooperate, especially since all nations have much to gain through the establishment of an effective DWG.)

The ballot proposition is very simple, as must be the case. It is: "Do you support the creation of a directly-elected, representative and democratic world government?" By the nature of referendums, the question must be simple, even if the issue is complex. To cast your vote, or to learn more, please go to our site,

We realize that only one seventh of all adults worldwide have the Internet. To us, that just means that those who do have Internet access will have to physically bring the ballot to those who do not, and while that is a challenge, it is not a reason to not make the effort to launch the global referendum. We have reason to think that perhaps 70% of people from all countries will vote "yes" to the establishment of a formal world parliament. It is just common sense to accept that no one has the ability to say "no" to the entire human race, or even to the large majority of us, so it is a reasonable proposition to suggest that if we should succeed, and collect 5 billion ballots by 2014, the mandate will "stick," and compel the actual construction of the DWG. At the very least, our referendum will stir the pot, stimulate discussion, educate a lot of people and give hope ! to the younger generation that humans won't go on settling their conflicts with violence forever.

World government has been needed for a long time, but it has not become a serious topic of discussion at the street level, in the school system or in the media. If your organization started running mini-referendums, and others around the world did the same, there would be some kind of awakening, we think, a sudden realization that this could happen, that we, the people of the Earth, can speak as a single voice and can act as a unified political entity — and can perhaps even get what we need. A "global mandate" in the order of 70% is quite compelling, and should lay the foundation for the construction of the democratic world government we all know is needed if humanity is to survive its own technologies.

Please take a look at our site. We would be happy to hear back from you. What is needed most, however, is for your organization and thousands of others to just dive in and get this referendum going. Please consider doing your part. At a minimum, cast your own vote, and get a few friends to do likewise. It won't take long.

Thanks very much, and I wish you all the best for your continuing efforts to build a better world.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Stark
Acting President,,
P.O. Box 1102,
Shawville, QC
Canada J0X 2Y0
(819) 647-6113

P.S. We hope to translate our site into all major languages, but we are not yet financially able to afford this. Sorry.

NOTE FROM JEAN: As mentioned above, there is a need for translators. So if anyone wants to help (provided you can do a fairly good job), this would most certainly be greatly appreciated...


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