October 23, 2004

Miscellaneous Subjects #208: Crunch Voting Time Fast Approaching

Hello everyone

As indicated in my last email to you - in my special note at the top of Special Addendum to the Meditation Focus #118 - I'm happy to be able to resume sending you my compilations and hope that if anyone wishes to no longer receive these compilations, they will ask me to be unsubscribed (which I'll do immediately) or follow the self-unsubscribe instructions below. I must add however - briefly - that I received a couple revealing comments about AOL's anti-free speech censoring actions (against a number of other email-driven information sources) which is more likely to be the reason why the listserver we use has been temporarily disabled. Suffice it to say that my life would be much easier if all AOL subscribers on this list would at least change their AOL listing for any non AOL email address - NOT through asking me but through following the instructions below PLEASE - such as yahoo or hotmail, although these have their drawbacks too because their small Inbox quickly reaches Over Quota status if not regularly emptied and thus all emails bounce back to the listserver and create a high bounce rate which I must then correct.

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Now since it is already 4 am and I'm fairly exhausted - and have put already lots of time preparing this new compilation for you, I'll simply let you explore it without any additional comment.

Have a good weekend ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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Worthy of Your Attention

Matthew's October 20 Message

You MUST see this picture!
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Noam Chomsky on the State of the Nation, Iraq and the Election (video and transcript)
(...) we have a thing called an election, which is a choice between two men, both born to great wealth and political influence, and went to the same fancy private schools, same elite university, joined the same secret society where you train people to be members of the ruling class. They can run because they're funded by pretty much the same concentrations for private power. Both understand that the election is supposed to keep away from issues. That's -- they are run by the PR industry, and in a way designed to keep the public out of it. CLIP Recommended by "Mark Graffis"> who wrote "Worth Watching!"


The CERT training timetable parallels exactly the training timetable for the Texas State Guard leaked by a brave guardsman to talk radio host Alex Jones. He told Alex that elite units of the Texas State Guard were being intensively trained to be ready for martial-law-style deployments come the first week of November. . .


"Alex Jones is notorious for promoting disinformation along with real material. A quick websearch found CERTs that are TAKING ELECTION DAY OFF, not doing a disaster simulation (ie. Arlington VA). Perhaps the CERT info is real somewhere, but I couldn't find any corroboration via a websearch. Alex Jones specializes in fear mongering, and has no editorial skills to sift through real material vs. fake stuff." (More on these allegations at


See the bottom of showing that the U.S. government was running various drills on Sept. 11, 2001 using airplanes as weapons.


1. Feedbacks from ERN subscribers
2. An Israeli/U.S. strike on Iran?
3. Feedback from JEFF
5. Commander-In-Thief: 'A Republican businessman vilifies George Bush'
6. The polluted planet: Alarm as global study finds one-third of amphibians face extinction
7. The Coming of Deindustrial Society: A Practical Response
8. Breaking 9-11
9. World Hunger and Poverty: How They Fit Together
10. The Three Top Sins Of The Universe
11. Inspiring Political Principles
12. Rock the Boat! Vote!
13. Kerry Aims to Avoid Gore Recount Mistakes

See also:

TRAINING FOR TERROR: National Guard units prepare to respond to unconventional attack (Oct 20)
(...) The exercise followed a fictional scenario in which a private airplane sprayed an unknown agent on the crowd at an Oakland Raiders game and a suitcase bomb tainted with radioactive material exploded in the stands. Hypothetical results: 2,000 injured, unknown numbers dead, 35,000 flee -- contaminated -- back to the Bay Area. As the rain beat down, volunteer victims wearing a horrifying host of mock injuries were trucked to the scene, where Guard members in bioterror suits screened them for contaminants, treated their wounds and decontaminated their shivering bodies with water in specially designed tents before taking them away for medical treatment. The team's goal is to treat and decontaminate 60 patients an hour. CLIP

Alert of Oct 12, 2004
Sen. Mark Dayton (D-MN) announces today he is closing his Washington offices through Election Day, in response to unspecified threats. He is the only member of the Senate to do so following an intelligence report by an unnamed agency, which was presented to all senators two weeks ago by Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN). CLIP

Spychips off the Orwellian block
Do we want our old-fashioned, wonderful privacy, or will we accept the Star Wars concepts of allowing "Big Brother," whoever he may be, know everything about us?

FDA Approves Use of Chip in Patients (Oct 13)
WASHINGTON - Medical milestone or privacy invasion? A tiny computer chip approved Wednesday for implantation in a patient's arm can speed vital information about a patient's medical history to doctors and hospitals. But critics warn that it could open new ways to imperil the confidentiality of medical records. The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that Applied Digital Solutions of Delray Beach, Fla., could market the VeriChip, an implantable computer chip about the size of a grain of rice, for medical purposes. With the pinch of a syringe, the microchip is inserted under the skin in a procedure that takes less than 20 minutes and leaves no stitches. Silently and invisibly, the dormant chip stores a code that releases patient-specific information when a scanner passes over it. CLIP

FDA Letter Raises Questions about VeriChip Safety, Data Security
Dear CASPIAN members and subscribers: As you may know, last week the FDA approved the VeriChip ID implant for medical use in humans (along with a whole class of similar implants). While VeriChip promoters discuss only the "benefits" of chip implantation, CASPIAN researchers have uncovered a host of serious potential medical dangers associated with the VeriChip. We have outlined details in the press release below and in a special web report. As I have discussed on NPR, CNN, NBC, and elsewhere in the last week,the VeriChip is bad news for consumers, putting their health, privacy and security at risk. CLIP Originally sent by

George Bush - Do Not Start World War III

The End of Democracy: Losing America's birthright, the George Bush way
Once upon a time, not too long ago, the president of the United States declared that the war on terrorism was the most important issue in this year's presidential campaign. Then every time his opponent brought up this most important of issues, George W. Bush cried foul, accusing John Kerry of hindering the war on terrorism. (America might be a democracy, but that doesn't mean the Democrat has a right to campaign.) The president's campaign enlisted the taxpayers' servants as agents of his re-election, with Secret Service officers submitting attendees at Bush rallies to ideological X-rays, and election officials systematically suppressing the franchise of groups most likely to vote Democratic. Meanwhile the president, who earned some 500,000 votes less than his opponent, busied himself ramming through a radical legislative program as if he had won by a landslide—his congressional deputies all but barring deliberative input from the opposition party in order to do it and gaming the legislative apportionment system in ways, as the counsel to one Texas representative bragged in an e-mail to colleagues, that "should assure that Republicans keep the House no matte[r] the national mood." In Washington, it has turned some once calm souls into apocalyptics. Thomas Mann is a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, noted for his deliberateness of manner, his decency, and his near religious devotion to the ideal of bipartisan comity. Now, he says, "I see the damage to our system and our sense of ourselves as a democratic people as really quite substantial. . . . The consequences of both the policies and the processes have been more destructive of our national interest and our democratic institutions than any president I know." When someone as level-headed as Tom Mann begins to worry for the future of our democracy, that's news. CLIP

The Other War: A Three Year Assault on Civil Liberties (Oct 19)

Chiller Theater: Fear as a Campaign Tactic (Oct 21)
As the election draws near, the Bush campaign grows ever more irresponsible in its effort to scare Americans into believing that voting for John Kerry will bring on another terrorist attack. In Ohio on Tuesday, Vice President Dick Cheney said Mr. Kerry was incapable of understanding, much less acting on, the specter of terrorists' creeping into our cities with nuclear bombs "to threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans." Attorney General John Ashcroft was back in Washington, meanwhile, suggesting that God had spared America from an attack since 9/11 because President Bush's team was assisting "the hand of Providence."  Politicians like to tell scary tales about their opponents; the Republicans have been complaining that Mr. Kerry keeps accusing Mr. Bush of secretly planning to reinstate the draft. But what the Bush campaign is doing is far more serious and can't be dismissed as a particularly ridiculous bit of political theater. The Republicans' habit of suggesting that a vote for Mr. Kerry is a vote for the terrorists - a notion that drew an embarrassing endorsement from President Vladimir Putin this week - is a reminder of the reckless way this administration has squandered the public trust on public safety. CLIP

Supersized Americans and the toxic food environment (October 6, 2004)
“Everything’s bigger in America. We’ve got the biggest cars, the biggest houses, the biggest companies, the biggest food, and, finally, the biggest people. America has now become the fattest nation in the world.” So begins Morgan Spurlock’s recent film about fast food and obesity in America, Super Size Me. He goes on to report that nearly 100 million Americans are overweight or obese, which is more than 60 percent of the adult population; during the last 20 years the number of overweight and obese Americans has doubled. Health professionals have begun to cite obesity as an equal or greater hazard to human health than smoking: there are currently more than 300,000 deaths each year in America alone that are related to obesity. Recently lawsuits have been filed against fast food companies by obese Americans seeking compensation, in much the same way as smokers did in the 1990s against the “tobacco giants’. (...) According to Kelly Brownell, a professor of nutrition and eating disorders who was a consultant for the film, Americans live in a “toxic food and physical inactivity environment,” which means that many Americans live in an environment that “almost guarantees” that they become ill and diseased, and that although not all Americans will get sick, more and more of them will. Fast food corporations, like the tobacco companies before them, are largely aware of the ill-effects of their products, but as long as the customers keep lining up they continue to sell their toxic wares. The process of building “customer loyalty” begins at a very early age. Although the fast food and junk food industries in every country target children, in America McDonald’s is especially notorious for creating an association between children’s lives and their fast food products, by means of special “happy meals,” games and toys, birthday parties, and recreation facilities in and around their restaurants. The results have been startling: in the past 20 years the number of overweight and obese American children has doubled, and the number of such teenagers has tripled. A major health crisis is looming, according to David Satcher, a former US surgeon general: a host of debilitating and potentially fatal diseases have been linked to obesity, including diabetes, which alone affects more than 17 million Americans already. It is quite clear from the information summarised by Spurlock in this film that Americans are eating themselves to death. CLIP - MAKE SURE TO ALSO REVIEW "World Hunger and Poverty: How They Fit Together" BELOW IN THIS COMPILATION...

Organic farming boosts biodiversity  (11 October 04)
Organic farming increases biodiversity at every level of the food chain – all the way from lowly bacteria to mammals. This is the conclusion of the largest review ever done of studies from around the world comparing organic and conventional agriculture.Previous studies have shown that organic farming methods can benefit the wildlife around farms. But “the fact that the message is similar all the way up the food chain is new information”, says agricultural scientist Martin Entz of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. CLIP

Contamination caused with depleted uranium will last for 4.5 billion years

Consumption of Resources Outstripping Planet's Ability to Cope (October 21, 2004)
GENEVA - People are plundering the world's resources at a pace that outstrips the planet's capacity to sustain life, the environmental group WWF said Thursday. In its regular Living Planet Report, the World Wide Fund for Nature said humans currently consume 20 percent more natural resources than the earth can produce.Consumption of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil increased by almost 700 percent between 1961 and 2001, it said. But the planet is unable to move as fast to absorb the resulting carbon-dioxide emissions that degrade the earth's protective ozone layer."We are spending nature's capital faster than it can regenerate," said WWF chief Claude Martin, launching the conservation body's 40-page study."We are running up an ecological debt which we won't be able to pay off unless governments restore the balance between our consumption of natural resources and the earth's ability to renew them." CLIP

Gaza Girl [Iman al-Hams] Death Officer Cleared (October 20, 2004)
The Israeli army has cleared an officer accused of repeatedly firing into the lifeless body of a young Palestinian girl of "unethical" behaviour. Doctors said Iman al-Hams was riddled with 20 bullets.

Questions remain after Israeli unit commander is cleared of Palestinian pupil's death (October 21, 2004),2763,1332219,00.html
The undisputed facts are these: it was broad daylight, 13-year-old Imanal-Hams was wearing her school uniform, and when she walked into the Israeli army's "forbidden zone" at the bottom of her street she was carrying her satchel. A few minutes later the short, slight child was pumped with bullets. Doctors counted at least 17 wounds and said much of her head was destroyed. Beyond that there is little agreement between the army top brass and Palestinian witnesses as to how Iman came to die last week, or even among members of the military unit responsible for killing the child in Gaza's Rafah refugee camp. Palestinian witnesses described the shooting as cold-blooded. They say soldiers could not have failed to see they were firing at a child, and she was killed as she already lay wounded and helpless. "Some soldiers were lying on the ground and shooting very heavily toward her," said Basim Breaka, who saw the killing from her living room. "Then one of the soldiers walked to her and emptied his clip into her. For sure she died on the second or third bullet. I could see her lying on the ground, not moving. I can't imagine why that soldier wanted to shoot her after she was dead." This week an army investigation cleared the unit's commander after some of his own soldiers accused him of giving the order to shoot knowing the target was a young girl, and of then emptying the clip of his automatic rifle into her. CLIP

Sunni Group Is to Urge an Election Boycott over Attack on Falluja (Oct 21)
(...) The threat of a boycott came from a group representing thousands of Sunni Arab mosques around the country, which said Wednesday that it would call for Iraqis to sit out the elections if the American military and the Iraqi government continued military operations around Falluja, which has been the target of nearly nightly airstrikes for two months. The city is one of the rebel-held areas that the interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi, and American leaders have resolved to take control of before the elections. In a statement read aloud at the Umm al Qura Mosque in Baghdad, a cleric with the Association of Muslim Scholars, which claims to speak for as many as 3,000 Sunni mosques, denounced what he said was a campaign of "aggression" against Falluja and called on "Arabs and Islamic peoples" from around the world to support their resistance to American forces in the country.

Sweet Taters (Funny!)
Recommended by star light>

Omega-News Collection 20. October 2004


From: "Meria Heller">
Date: 21 Oct 2004

The coup in America began with the assassination of JFK. It was the groundwork for 911 and all that's happened since. The same factions are behind it all. My guest tomorrow, producer of JFK2, the Bush Connection ties it all together quite nicely.

It's way past time to take the country back, but Kerry's not the answer. The people are.

Light exposes darkness. As you found with your server, darkness always attracts to the light, but never wins, not in the long term anyway. Keep the faith. If everyone knew what walked beside them all the time, they would fear nothing.


"THE MERIA HELLER SHOW "- 5th yr On The Net- #1 on Net! & WARL1320AM, R.I.

"Meria is the best weapon of Mass instruction we have" - Greg Palast
My book "Awakening of An American, How My Country Broke My Heart" is now available. Order your autographed copy by email today at>

NOTE from Jean: Give a look - and a good listen! - at and support Meria if you can. She thoroughly deserves it. Best webcast Light warrior around!


Hi Jean, Thank you soooooooo much for the kind words to your readers. Many people may think of me as a talk/news show host, but I am way more than that. I am a messenger and recorder and have been for decades. The show is only the means of putting the information out there for all with ears to hear. It is a tool for seeking out the best of humanity, awakening them, and getting on with our journey. A clarion for our soul group. As a teacher of the medicine wheel for decades, I know the answers. I also know the message I was given in 1991 to tell the world "live in a sacred manner or die". Not very charming, but the truth. The time for the wheel to begin re-turning is NOW. The power of spirit will wipe this planet clean of all its enemies - politics, finances, religions and the darkness that pervades it. When the light begins to shine, there is no turning it off. These are the days we have been waiting for, and we are the saviors we've been waiting for. Love, Meria


From: "Aiya FaanesHorne-Ortiz">
Subject: RE: Special notice
Date: 20 Oct 2004

Dear Jean,

Thank you. I have missed your compilations.

I'd like to bring to yours and the readers attention, if you haven't already heard, that there is a Peace Conference put on by the Department of Peace Campaign, November 5th , 6th and 7th in Berkeley, CA. Dennis Kucinich and Mariane Williamson will open the Conference on Friday night. You can go to the web site to find out all the details. They say if anyone is going to book reservations at hotels soon as there is a big football game happening in the same timing and rooms are filling up fast.

Thanks again Jean for ALL your dedication to the unfolding of a new world of Peace.


From: "Loni">
Subject: RE: Special notice
Date: 20 Oct 2004

Dear Jean,

You are truly unique in the work you do & I value the many insights & facts that you collate for us all around the globe, helping us to see the 'bigger' picture.

With Love & many Blessings to you,

(in England)


Date: 20 Oct 2004
Subject: Re: Special notice

Dearest Jean,

Thank you for all you do to disseminate this information. I have been subscribed to your list for years and have never told you how much I appreciate you. I depend on your compilations to keep me up-to-date on the real news. The thoughtful and loving work you put into your emails provides not only knowledge, but comfort in these troubled times. I am just one of the people you touch with your time and effort. In turn, I touch many, as do all who receive your compilations. We are all reaching for the "hundreth monkey" and through loving service like yours, we WILL succeed.

Alisa Hudson
NW Arkansas  


From: "Ovid Dasilva">
Subject: RE: Special notice
Date: 20 Oct 2004

Thank you, Jean, for your subscription notice.

Yes, I would like to continue receiving your very enlightening writings.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you send me.

Yours truly,

Ovid M. Da Silva


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004
Subject: Re: Special notice

Thank you for all of your informations - they are absolutely spellbinding! Thanks again



From: (Richard & Sandra Keber)
Date: 20 Oct 2004
Subject: Re: Special notice

"...some strange reason..."> indeed! - such wonders afoot in the world these days - thank you, Jean, for your persistence, your diligence, and your downright powerful PushThru Adversity spirit - I'm so grateful that you continue to keep truckin' -

Peace - Richard
One Heart - One Love - One Spirit - One Family


From: "Avillion">
Subject: RE: Special notice
Date: 20 Oct 2004

I think you are doing an incredible job - much appreciated.... Most admirable, the way you do it and the time you dedicate to this work.

Thank you, Peace & Joy to you,

Ingrid Jolly-Trayfors


Date: 20 Oct 2004
Subject: Re: Special notice

Dear Jean,

The glitch gives me the chance to say thank you for all you do! Sharing your work and knowledge is informational and inspiring. By providing a place for expanding conversations or introducing new topics, you provide a service that is most appreciated. Thank you.

May Peace Prevail on Earth,
Monica Willard

United Religions Initiative
United Nations NGO Representative

The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.


From: "Maureen Willett">
Subject: RE: Special notice
Date: 20 Oct 2004

Dear Jean, maybe your wonderful, dedicated work is reach too many minds and hearts?????? Dont stop. Blessing on you, and triple Celtic thanks from Findhorn and Mo Willett


Date: 20 Oct 2004
Re: Special notice

Thank you soooo much for all that you do! Sorry that you had to do all this extra work, but just know that you are a real source of connection and support for the Light network in the world and that it is greatly appreciated.

Love and Light,

Brenda Lieberman


From: "irisha">
Date: 21 Oct 2004

Hello Jean,

It is only my feelings of inadequacy that have been in my way of acknowledging and expressing my deep gratitude for your tremendous work. Your compilations have been a great source of sustenance and information for me and others as I share it with my friends. They continually provide me with information that contributes to the expantion of my feeling of Oneness with others on our planet. They also continually provide me with the ability to keep imagining and joining hands and hearts with others in meditation and in daily activities. I especially appreciate your objectivity in sending sometimes diverse opinions on a topic, and always the light and the dark. In perfect balance. Sometimes I am thrown off balance by the sheer magnitude of the dark side, yet I have so far always been able to regain my balance, and know that it I am stronger in my vision of the Light and Love being rebirthed within me and our universe, because I am informed.

Thank you, many blessings, and my prayers for a quick restoration of the list, and the continuation of the source of information, as vital as water itself, I feel.

Thank you


Date: 21 Oct 2004
Subject: Re: Special notice

Thanks for all your great work. You may want to share this with your list. Most appreciated! Blessings Da Vid

Please send your request with your snail mail for a beautiful musical CD designed to "Inspire, Delight, Heal, and Enlighten'. From The Light Party- Compliments of Da Vid M.D., Founder - Enjoy!


Date: 22 Oct 2004
From: "Dr. Joyce - Meet the Coach">
Subject: Re: subscription reminder: earthrainbownetwork

Definitely want to remain subscribed. You provide an incredible and necessary service to all of Earth's light workers. I look forward to all your messages, whether happy or sad, as they help me stay centered and informed. Your newsletter allows me to see the positive changes occurring all around me/us and know that the yearned for peace and evolution in consciousness is on its way. I'm overjoyed that Mother Earth is healing as well as evolving into 5th Dimensional awareness and taking us along with her.


Joyce Kovelman

Joyce is a Psychologist, Scientist, Certified Coach, and author of "Once Upon ASOUL: The Story Continues.... Science, Psychology and the Realms of Spirit," "Namaste': Initiation and Transformation," Jalmar Press, 1998, and "The Reluctant Twin", "The Lonely Triplet" and a game, "Knowing Me, Knowing You," for children ages 4-9, and 5 workbooks, "I AM WOMAN on a Journey called Life."



An Israeli/U.S. strike on Iran?

October 11, 2004

Voice of the White House

In recent past issues, we have carried comments from a reporter assigned to the White House press corps. Some of these remarks, most especially one about Bush’s physical and mental problems, drew an enormous number of viewers and hundreds of inquiries, most especially from foreign press entities. The reporter advised us by email that there was rampant fury in the White House and security was becoming very tight. As a result of this, he decided to lay low for a few weeks and see how the wind was blowing. Yesterday, he sent us the following material which we are now posting. Some of it is outrageous in the extreme but to date, no one has proven him wrong. Our source was the first to expose and we were the first to make public, the accusations that the President of the United States was a man that suffered from serious psychological problems. Since our initial publication of what we call the Madness of King George, there has been increasing interest in the subject and herewith, we present additional input from inside the White House.

October 10, 2004: “This time, friends, I have some very important news for all of you. Unlike the usual silly gossip that goes on around the White House, intermingled with loud praying, this is really news. We are about to embark on another war! Yes, it has been decided and carefully planned. Who are we going to war with? Iran. Background here: (I am taking this from a paper which I have to return)

Thesis: Iran hates the United States and Israel. Iran has atomic weapons and missiles (the Shahab, courtesy of North Korean/Russian technicians) It can easily reach Tel Aviv. It can also reach US troop concentrations in Iraq. Israel is scared shitless. Their pressure groups have leaned on the White House, with a great deal of assistance from Cheney and the Neocons. The actual plan is this:

The U.S. has no troops available for an Iranian adventure and the Israelis would rather not lose any warm bodies so…it has been firmly decided that both Israel and the U.S. will launch a surprise attack against 1., Iranian missile sites, 2. Iranian nuclear facilities and 3. the leadership of Iran located in and around Tehran. How will this be done? By aircraft attack using U.S. developed “smart bombs” and the so-called “bunker-buster” bombs designed to destroy underground reinforced concrete facilities .We just sent these to Israel. Because of the political ramifications, the Israelis will conduct the main strikes, supported by U.S. aircraft as needed. The aim will be to wipe out any vestige of nuclear weaponry, its delivery system and all the Iranian leaders capable of starting any attacks on Israel (mostly Tel Aviv…too many fellow Muslims in Jerusalem.) Since it would be a problem for Israeli Air Force units to fly round trip from Israel, the solution will be to launch these attacks from U.S. aircraft carriers located in the Persian Gulf area. As I write, the super carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) is now in the Persian Gulf along with the so-called Essex Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) [31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) (SOC)] which consists of:: USS Essex (LHD 2) USS Juneau (LPD 10) USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) USS Mobile Bay (CG 53USS Hopper (DDG 70) USS Preble (DDG 88) The initial attacks will be an early-morning surprise attack launched to coincide with religious services in Tehran’s Muslim mosques with the idea of catching not only the leading Mullahs inside but a large number of their congregations as well. One attack will concentrate on these religious centers and the other will hit both the underground nuclear facilities and identified (courtesy of U.S. satellite shots) missile launching sites. The U.S. will supply observation and radio surveillance aircraft with radar-jamming capacities operating out of Turkey and Italy.

The entire attack is scheduled to last no more than one hour with at least three waves of Israeli aircraft utilized. No warning will be given to the Iranians and no declaration of war. The possible deaths of foreign diplomats in the attacks has been discussed and accepted as part of the price. This attack has the full support of the President who wants it launched before the elections. He can then make a speech to the American people stating that the evil Iranian nuclear weaponry has been destroyed by the Israelis with the full cooperation of his government as part of his heroic war against terrorists. Believe me, that speech has already been written and I have seen a copy of it. The brass here feels that this will have a tremendous impact on the American people, just before the elections. No U.S. ground troops will be used; Bush will stress that this is a joint U.S.-Israeli anti-terrorist project. Part of the speech deals with ongoing Shiite Iranian physical support of their Shiite brethren in Iraq and that by knocking out the Iranian nuclear weaponry, at the same time, they are protecting GIs from ongoing guerrilla warfare. The brass is literally rubbing it’s hands and drooling over what they see as Bush’s Final Victory.

I have seen a negative report copy from someone in the Pentagon [who is not going to get promoted] that says if the Iranians get wind of this little game, they might strike first and they might also realize that large numbers of vulnerable American troops are concentrated inside Iraqi cities, prime targets for a nuclear tactical attack. These people are literally insane and I really hope you don’t delete this. Something really has to be done to stop these maniacs before we all die of radiation sickness!”

NOTE FROM JEAN: This was just the beginning of this amazing story as you will see at where it is explained why tbrnews website collapse under two many hits of people trying to view it because this news above has been widely reported and now has caused second thoughts apparently about this mad plan. On a separate but related matter I also found a stunning allegation - that the CIA is responsible for the Russian school massacre - on this same webpage. Here is a brief excerpt:

"Putin came into power when the CIA’s Yeltsin drank himself into a permanent stupor. Putin, an ex-KGB man, is not stupid and is not a drunk. He stopped the takeover of Russian oil, broke up the Russian/US cartels and caused spastic colon in boardrooms all over the United States and England. The US could not tolerate well-heeled and generous friends of the Republicans being deprived of their profits so they embarked on a clandestine campaign to discredit Putin and get their hands back on the Russian oil-producing areas. The CIA ran the show. They overthrew the government of Georgia and put their man in power and moved on Azerbaidschan and Cechenia. To make a long story short, it turns out that the CIA supported fully the Chechen leader that was directly responsible for the Russian school massacre. They have a lovely habit of doing such things. After all, the CIA killed Allende in Chile and replaced him with their man, Pinochet, who slaughtered God knows how many Chileans. The point is here that Putin found out about our official but clandestine support of this monster and to say he and his people are angry and determined to put a stop to any future adventurism of this kind goes without saying. This leads me up to tacit Russian support of Iran."


See also:

Regime change in Iran now in Bush’s sights
PRESIDENT George Bush has promised that if re-elected in November he will make regime change in Iran his new target.Bush named Iran as part of the Axis of Evil along with North Korea and Iraq almost three years ago. A US government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that military action would not be overt in changing Iran, but rather that the US would work to stir revolts in the country and hope to topple the current conservative religious leadership. The official said: “If George Bush is re-elected there will be much more intervention in the internal affairs of Iran.” The Iranian government announced this weekend that it had successfully eradicated all al-Qaeda cells operating in the country, but the statement comes as leaked reports from the US September 11 Commission show definite links between Iran and the September 11 terrorists. The final report from the cross-party inquiry, which is examining the origins of the September 11 attacks, is believed to contain concrete evidence of contacts between al-Qaeda and Iran. CLIP

Iran as Bush's nuclear bogeyman (Sept 30)
The Bush administration continues an escalating spiral toward conflict with Iran, using Iran's nuclear policy as its primary focus. At the same time, the administration is reducing restrictions on other emerging nuclear states that pose a far more serious and immediate threat to world peace. The consequence of this badly inconsistent policy is increased nuclear danger for the entire world. Since the end of the Cold War and collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States has lacked convenient villains to be "against, " and the essential mechanics of American foreign policy seems to lose focus and founder.


NOTE FROM JEAN: I recently wrote the following to a long-time ERN subscriber, Jeff Wefferson from Australia, who gave me a CD of his piano music a couple years ago:

Hi Jeff!

Just to let you know I've been listening tonight to the CD The Brink you gave me some years ago, and greatly enjoyed it, especially the third piece on it - Trees. Very inspiring!

I simply wanted to share my appreciation with you...

Love and Light to you Jeff



Date: 18 Oct 2004
From: Jeff Phillips>
Subject: Feedback from JEFF

Jean... bro it's SO good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you lately...actually, all the time, as I greatly look forward to your compilations. This is not an exaggeration, I actually think that you are one of the few people on Earth who really knows what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a very timely email from you for several reasons. Synchronistic might be a better word! I want to send you a couple more cd's I've recorded down under. Today I just laminated some cards with photos of giant trees in Tasmania which are under threat of logging... they are awesome Gondwanaland remnants! And there are two huge trees here that I commune with daily...maybe they have linked us now!

Probably within the week my website will be on-line. Bro, I have to tell you, this is a WICKED site, not because of a fancy design... it's not, it's as simple as can be...but the CONTENT is a synthesis I've been working on for 20 years! It's all about the weaponization of communication and the pollution of our mental environment. These I refer to as "infotoxin." But I go much further. I have been learning about the influence of the importation of Nazi scientists into America after WW2 and how their work is actually the root of a lot of what we are witnessing today, particularly in the domain of what they called "weltanschauungskrieg", or "world-view warfare." Christopher Simpson and Linda Hunt are primary sources on this. Their proteges and the NWO "technocratic fascists" are implementing what Aldous Huxley called the "scientific dictatorship" which is conducting what author Paul Collins ! calls "epistemic warfare": trying to impose an entirely surrogate "reality' onto the human population. I won't continue here but it would be of greatness in many ways if you mention this new site and tell people about it. In the beginning I have several of my own articles, which are more broadly conceptual and then a file of close to 400 articles on the whole spectrum of "why we need to regain our brains" stuff, from examples of lies, media analysis, linguistics, the psychology of denial, trends in mass-communication, elf effects, a hoaxed space invasion. Plus, I actually have all the articles on the site, not links.

It is a vast reservoir of raw data from which people can draw their own conclusions, form their own hypotheses, create their own simulations of what is REALLY going on. I am putting up whole book chapters from hard-to-find sources, like Harold Innis (who was a major influence on McLuhan); plus, I have coming about 6 dozen books from America which will give me a much more comprehensive foundation of high-quality source material relating to the "infotoxin" hypothesis. Kalle Lasn of Adbusters said that we need someone to write a " 'Silent Spring" of the information environment." Well, this could easily turn into that.

I can't thank you enough for your contributions to humanity in these days of galactic alignment. I was reading some David Wilcock last night, if you go to and look at chapter 8 he goes into great detail about the energy shifts happening in our region of the galaxy now. Of particular interest is what he says about how entirely new manifestations of life are being conceptualized in the "mind" of the star-maker right now based on what will work best with the new conditions that are being created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had a wonderful two months living on a sail-boat in Darwin, and it's been one of my most productive periods...attached are pics of recent art...I'm hitch-hiking down the west coast, then will return to NZ in Feb. then I'm going to Chile to visit my good friend who is an ayahuasca shaman!!! and I'll prob. stay in South America at least a year!

I am also sending you two articles I wrote recently. The Free-Lance Intelligence Report I wrote for my friend Sarah McLachlan when she was in Melbourne in May. When I saw her again for the first time in five years, it was precisely during the transit of Venus...I was feeling some wickedly intense energies then! To me, she is a major spiritual force in the music world; I would like to do some music with her sometime...she has an amazingly beautiful spiritual voice. She is a force; I think she and I knew each other somehow way back in Scotland many centuries ago! I think of her as my muse, and I will send you a cd with a song I did that she inspired! Remember her Lilith Fair thing? What if she did a new one based on loving the Earth?

Also I'm sending "The Ghoulest and the Coolest", which is the true story of the absolute freakiest thing that ever happened to me in my 300,000 kms of hitch-hiking. It's quite inspiring...check it out!

Feel free to post any or all of any of these, and I will email you when is on-line, it will only be a few days. Hitler said "Give me the minds of your children." I say "Regain your brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, VERY good to hear from you mate. Tell me your mailing address and I will send you a few cd's! cheers and plasma from the hunab ku!


"I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's."

- William Blake

"On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers: everyone is crew."

- R. Buckminster Fuller



Date: 18 Oct 2004
From: Jeff Phillips>


(written for Sarah McLachlan, Ashwin Sood, and Dan Cleland)

When I left America I wasn't "leaving", I was just coming down under to check it out. But then in the post-9/11 climate I began to see that it was as if the Great Spirit had whisked me safely away before the shit hit the fan. I mean, for many years I had already been on "orange alert", and had gone "red alert" in the spring of 2001 when I learned of the navy sonar attack on the whales and dolphins; to me, this is really their planet.

Maybe in the back of my mind I remembered a warning given to me by my "conspiracy theorist" friend in Athens, GA in 1985: that the New World Order was going to stage a terrorist attack in the United States and use that as a pretext for turning America into a police state. And in 1996 when I was in Martha's Vineyard I met Spar Tharpe, who was the skipper of the Arabella, Hugh Taylor's katamaran (he's James' brother); he told me that the New World Order was going to do the takeover attempt in 2000 and that he was leaving the country! I didn't really take any of these predictions seriously, but indeed, it has come to pass.

To me, it's all a global issue; it doesn't matter where you are, because we're all connected in the web of life. "Conspirare" in Latin means "to breathe together." We're all co-conspirators in the web of life, literally! It's kind of like, the Bush administration/NWO is to North America (and spreading) what human industrial civilization is to the Earth: an invasive viral parasite, similar to cancer in the human organism, where the unhealthy cells multiply rapidly, stealing nutrients from and crowding out the healthy ones.

Jimi Hendrix said that "in ancient civilizations they didn't have disease as we know it..." Because what we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves, since we as-a-whole are acting like a cancer on the Earth, we are seeing a rapidly increasing rate of human cancers. I don't think it's going to drop away until we collectively are pulling back on the total damage we are inflicting on the Earth and all of her life-forms; right now, we are showing no sign of letting up. People are consuming more and more stuff, generating more and more waste, expending more and more non-renewable resources, making species go extinct, accelerating climate change and global toxicity. Since Bush was put in (not elected...he was installed by an administrative junta or coup d'etat) any and everything related to protecting the Earth has either been dismantled or is under attack. One of the most dangerous aspects of the current scenario is the exponential increase in uranium mining and the revived proliferation of nuclear weapons, extending to the militarization of space. And can you believe that Israel is the fifth largest nuclear power in the world?

In addition to a profound sense of the sacred in nature, indigenous cultures have always had a much more long-term and cyclical world-view than western civilizations. The Hopi Indians of Arizona tell us that periodically the Earth cleanses herself of that which is out of balance with life; their prophecies have been excellently portrayed in Ron Fricke's film Koyaanisqatsi, a Hopi word meaning "crazy life" or "life out of balance."

When I heard Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya speak in 1986, around the same time the Chernobyl meltdown occurred, he said that at that time if we as a whole were to make a serious effort to pull back on our damage to the Earth, the "purification" would not be as severe as it might be. The Hopi prophecies said that at the day of purification, the Great Spirit would shake the world to remind us of our true nature; that he would shake the Earth twice, with one hand. The first two shakings were world wars one and two. The prophecy continued, saying that if he had to shake the Earth a third time, it would be with BOTH hands.

Hindu mythology tells us that we're now at the end of the Kali yuga, a "galactic season" of several thousand years, an "iron age" in which humanity has sunk into almost complete materialism and identification with matter, and has almost entirely forgotten our true spiritual nature.

This same idea is expressed in the cosmology of the Mayans from Central America. All of these cultures acknowledge a cosmic cycle of around 26,000 years, which corresponds to the astronomically-recognized cycle called the "precession of the equinoxes." The date 2012 (which in Mayan is marks not only the end of the current cycle, but more importantly, the beginning of the next one.

At this moment we're in a window of galactic alignment during which evolutionary energies from the center of the galaxy are streaming to Earth via the sun. These energies are creating an ascension process, a realignment of our whole reality with its actual, healthy vibration which we have gradually lost; these energies carry us to our next level of cosmic evolution. This is the "second coming of Christ" in a true sense. What we are witnessing is a separation of realities; the denser materialistically-centered "false reality" or matrix consists of all those souls who continue to live primarily in fear and greed and who keep the ball of the Kali yuga rolling; the other souls, and the Earth and all of her life-forms, are literally ascending in frequency into a new, true "reality" that will be like the Garden of Eden, the "kingdom of heaven", while the fear and greed collective will inherit what Jose Arguelles calls the "necrosphere", a world of machines and "life" completely unlike water-based life. The forces of global totalitarianism, death and destruction and the planetary "military-industrial megamachine" are the most extreme manifestation of the "fear and greed"-driven Kali yuga energies.

In terms of what has transpired in America since 9/11, it's just an amplified version of processes that began in World War 2, if not long before. Imperialism is as old as civilization; what we now experience is the latest version of what the Nazi's called the "weltanschauungskrieg", or "world-view attack", implemented by what Aldous Huxley called the "scientific dictatorship." Their diabolically ingenious scientists and strategists were incorporated into the military and research communities of both the US and the USSR, where they had unlimited funding and complete freedom to continue their to take over the world not only through military might but more importantly, through deception and psychological manipulation; how to dominate everyone, control everything, kill off everyone you don't like, enslave the rest, and enthrone themselves as rulers of a new genetically-obedient "master race", while reaping vast profits every step of the way!

My concept of "infotoxin" concerns the weaponization of communication and the techniques of deception using mass-media. 9/11 is a textbook example of a psychological warfare operation. The basic idea is to stage or engineer a heinous atrocity on your own using your secret "terrorist apparatus", which may consist in part of people or groups who don't know who they're really working for. You make it look like it was done by who you wish to popularize as your new official "enemy"; then you go about instituting the changes and programs (a global police state, for example) that you wanted to achieve. This way you give the appearance of "coming to the rescue, combatting the 'axis of evil' and solving a big problem"; this Nazi tactic of the "big lie" gains popular support and maintains the facade of democratic decision-making! It is economical, too, in that with existing levels of public indoctrination and addiction to mass-media, primarily television, you don't have to blow up more just constantly replay the footage of what already happened and issue new "terrorist alerts" to keep people on edge. People who are upset and afraid are much easier to manipulate.

In other words, the vast majority of terrorist acts at any level are actually being sponsored by factions within the governments of the US, Israel, England, and other NWO strongholds. Al Qaeda = CIA = Mossad = Bin Laden = Saddam Hussein = Bush = New World Order. They're all more like puppets or actors in a highly orchestrated attempt to engineer what the public thinks of as "reality." The main goal is to keep our attention on their fabricated "reality" to distract us from using our extremely powerful innate abilities as creative and spiritual beings.

I know for a fact that most of the weird stuff in the world is on TV far more than it is in the real world. All the rape, pillage and violence on the tube helps keep people afraid of each other; divide and conquer; desensitize and coerce. I know that in reality the world is a very friendly place. When I hitch-hike I am in the REAL world in many ways. She is my friend; she loves us!

Regardless of prophecies and predictions, however, no one can possibly really know where it's all leading. We are inflicting major pain and damage on the Earth and her life, including ourselves. Much of it comes about through the summation of daily activities we take for granted as "normal." What mankind does to each other is bad enough, but I think that it's what we're doing to the Earth as a whole that is of far greater impact.

The damage seems to be intensifying. Lots of people are waking up, but just as many seem to be retreating into denial and diversion. We're burning up fossil fuels at an ever-accelerating rate. Brutality is thrust in our face by all forms of mass-media. The whole world is under ourselves!

Is Mother Nature using us to destroy ourselves? Is the Bush administration and the New World Order debacle nature's way of telling us that we've gone too far? It would seem that if we are not capable of regulating ourselves, globally speaking, as a species, that nature will intervene and do it for us. This appears to have happened many times in the history of the Earth. It appears already to be happening.

I think it very unwise to sit back waiting to be saved by the phantom gods of fictitious religious belief systems; indeed, religion has long been used as a massive form of disempowerment and psychological enslavement. Jesus wasn't a Christian, but George W. Bush is; the pope is Catholic, and so were the Nazis. And Mel Gibson!

I think that the Great Spirit is doing her best to wake us all up to who and what we really are: divine spiritual and creative beings who have been blessed with Spaceship Earth and who are intended to be her guardians and navigators, not the homo sapiens macro virus. We ARE the ultimate technology ourselves! The challenge before us is to remember who and what we really are.

In the 60's it was the artists and musicians who catalyzed the consciousness revolution, protesting the state-sponsored genocide and projecting the vision of peace and togetherness. John Lennon died for this vision. Today the world is in far greater danger than in 1969; weapons technologies have grown exponentially in number and destructive capacity; the planetary ecosystems are stressed; the sun is behaving mysteriously, and the magnetic fields of the planets are changing. Resource extraction is peaking as are toxicity levels. Forests are falling and babies deformed from DU radiation are being born. Humanity is under a spell of apathy and fear. We ARE on the brink. But of what?

We have in place a massive global communications network that can reach tens of millions of people with the same message instantaneously. Right now the positive uses of this system are being undermined by the forces of centralized control and propaganda power. Our global nervous system is clotted with pus. If the forces of goodwill can somehow gain control of mass-communication as a whole, and rapidly shift the balance of information flow from the currents of death and destruction to currents of love, sharing and creativity, we MAY be able to avert or delay impending major catastrophe. If people can somehow be inspired through music and art-forms to FALL IN LOVE WITH THE EARTH, to make even small but real changes in lifestyle which reflect this love, to actually live the highest knowledge we already have... we may be able to experience a more harmonious and continuous transition into the post-2012 world instead of the catastrophic discontinuity which seems almost inevitable now.

"It would be incredible if you could produce music so perfect that it would filter through like rays and ultimately cure..." This was Jimi Hendrix's vision for the power of music. I am calling on artists and musicians everywhere to create forms of expression which convey these messages and inspirations. The challenge is ours; WE are the citizens of planet Earth and she is the only planet we know of with life in the whole universe! We have to heal our relationships with ourselves and with the Earth herself and all her life-forms. We have to create whole new ways of thinking and communicating which reflect a broader understanding of ourselves and our home.

We are now within the window of galactic alignment. Everything we think, do and say matters. This is the most important part of the entire 26,000 year cycle; in the words of Barry Brailsford, "we stand at the greatest cross-roads ever reached by human kind." We are literally creating our own reality as I write this. We have to wake up because as a whole we're asleep at the wheel. There's no guarantee that humanity will still exist 26,000 years from now. Extinction? Metamorphosis? It's partly up to us... but it's also beyond our control. What is happening here and now could be a unique experimental art-form of the Great Spirit.

But we have to do our best with what we've got. The universe can only help us when we've reached the limit of our own capabilities. Many of us are still fast asleep!

JUNE 2004


Recommended by Meria Heller>


Commander-In-Thief: 'A Republican businessman vilifies George Bush'

October 18

Mr. Karl Schwarz -- Conservative and Devoutly Christian -- and His Wild Book of Outrage

By Richard W. Behan

George Bush is not a Christian, Karl Schwarz tells you. He is a liar, and Christians don't lie.

Schwarz is telling this to anyone who might listen, including President Bush, to whom he fired off a smoking email entitled "An American Demands the Truth From You."

Other listeners are adding up quickly. First he sent to his stockholders--300,000 people or so--a PowerPoint presentation daylighting the greed, deception, and stupefying corruption of the Bush Administration. Lately he is making the rounds of the talk show circuit, and the wild book of outrage will soon be on the streets.

It is a formidable read. 810 pages. And a comprehensive title to match: One Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas: A Conservative Republican Speaks Out on September 11, 2001; Afghanistan; Iraq; Bush-Cheney 2004; Imperial Oil "Strategeries".

Mr. Schwarz' faith does not surface in the book, but his disgust as a citizen is apparent, and his white-hot anger about the Bush Administration is supported by vivid descriptions of graft and corruption, with dates, names, and places.

The book displays the ongoing transformation of a decent democracy into the functional fascism of corporate empire. The Republicans are not uniquely responsible for this--Schwarz takes directed swipes at the Clinton years--but the Bush Administration's frenzied, happy sellout to the corporate and the wealthy is rapidly completing the process. George Bush and his henchmen, Schwarz asserts, are brazenly using the military might of the United States to enrich their political supporters and their associated corporate interests.

Karl W. B. Schwarz lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was twice asked by his party (but declined) to run for governor, opposing Bill Clinton. He was a top fundraiser for the Republican National Committee, as a close personal friend of RNC treasurer, William J. "Mr. Mac" McManus. Schwarz was active at the highest levels in the re-election campaign of George H.W. Bush. He has not been a lightweight Republican.

But neither is he dogmatically partisan. More than victory in politics, Schwarz seeks integrity in public life and truth in the flow of information to the public.

One Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas is a comprehensive expose of the Bush Administration's systematic deflecting of public policy to favor private, corporate interests. The Administration leapt on the opportunity provided by the anthrax scare, for example, to inoculate 550,000 servicemen and women with a vaccine known to be dangerous. Hugely profitable to a pharmaceutical corporation benefactor, there is clinical evidence the vaccine caused widespread respiratory disease, heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolisms. The book also details the Bush Administration complicity in Enron's savaging of the California electricity market. And so forth.

Schwarz' signature revelation is the story of what happened to an obscure Argentinean company, the Bridas Corporation--and how that might explain 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

There is $7.34 trillion worth of petroleum and another $3 trillion of natural gas in the Caspian Basin. A pipeline across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India could bring it to market. (Included in this "market" are a number of gas-fired power plants in Pakistan, owned by US corporations, and, at the time, an Enron project in Dabhol, India.)

In 1995 the Bridas Corporation was negotiating with the Taliban in Afghanistan to build the pipeline. The U.S. Government and the Unocal Corporation were pressing the Taliban fiercely to decline. In January of 1996, however, Bridas signed the contract to proceed: it now controlled the flow of Caspian riches.

Fast forward to1998. The Project for a New American Century is staffed by a group of "neoconservatives," starkly rightwing political thinkers and activists. It is committed to maintaining the military and economic supremacy in the world accorded the United States by the collapse of the Soviet Union. On January 26, 1998, the PNAC sent a letter to President Clinton urging the removal of Saddam Hussein by military means, if necessary. Should he remain in power, much would be put at hazard, including "a significant portion of the world's supply of oil." Signing the letter were Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, James Woolsey, Zalmay Khalilzad, John Bolton, Richard Armitage, and Elliott Abrams.

Fast forward now to 2000, an election year. Eleven members of the PNAC would assume prominent roles in the upcoming administration of George W. Bush: the signers of the 1998 letter to Clinton, plus Richard Cheney, Douglas Feith, and Lewis Libby. In September the PNAC made public another document, a 90-page report entitled, "Rebuilding America's Defenses." The new document advocated pre-emptive war--something never done in the history of the nation--but it realized how sharp a departure this would be. The "transformation" would be long and difficult, in the absence of "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor." President Bush, early in his Administration, formally adopted the concept when he signed and issued the National Security Strategy document.

One more fast forward: to January of 2001. The Bush Administration has taken office, and the linkages with the oil industry are intimate, historic, and huge. The president and vice president are just the openers: eight cabinet members and the National Security Advisor were drafted directly from the oil industry, and so were 32 other officials, in the Departments of Defense, State, Energy, Agriculture, Interior, and the Office of Management and Budget.

Vice President Dick Cheney convenes his supersecret "Energy Task Force." Its membership and deliberations remain deliberately obscured, but Schwarz is certain the forced removal of the Taliban and the Bridas Corporation was discussed. The citizen group Judicial Watch did force the release of a few documents, however, with a lawsuit. Prominent among them is a map of the Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, tanker terminals, and oil exploration blocks: the Cheney Task Force had more than a passing interest in Iraqi oil, as well.

From Paul O'Neill and others we know the new Bush people, from their first days in office, intended to invade Iraq. Less well known was the covert planning, undertaken in the spring of 2001, for an attack on Afghanistan. The State Department gained the concurrence of both India and Pakistan for the attack, but as late as August 2, U.S. negotiators were still asking the Taliban to rescind the pipeline contract with the Bridas Corporation. The negotiations were fruitless.

On August 6, 2001, President Bush ignored the CIA's warning of a terrorist attack contained in the "Presidential Daily Briefing," and 36 days later the World Trade Center was rubble. Was this the "catastrophic and catalyzing event" the Project for a New American Century anticipated, and was the Bush Administration in any way involved?

The Internet is full of assertions that it was. Websites, books, and DVD's abound, making their cases--some alarming, others hyperbolic, conspiratorial, or looney. Michael Ruppert 's book Crossing the Rubicon is alarming. Ruppert lays the blame for 9/11 directly at the feet of Vice President Cheney, and his argument was worthy enough to stimulate an invitation from the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco--hardly on the lunatic fringe--to present it in person. Speaking on August 31, 2004, Ruppert did so. Attorney Stanley Hilton, on the other hand, claims George Bush personally signed the order authorizing the attacks of 9/11, and he intends to prove it in a court of law. Mr. Hilton was chief of staff for Senator Robert Dole, which is a decent enough credential to keep him out of the looney bin, but his assertion does give pause to reasonable people.

The reasonable people of New York City, however, are evenly split: a Zogby International poll in late August found 49.3% of those interviewed believed the Bush Administration had foreknowledge of the attacks on the Trade Towers and "consciously failed" to act.

To Karl Schwarz' credit, he chooses only to establish the dots of fact, leaving it to others to connect them and find culpability. But his dots show the Bush Administration was fully aware of the Bridas contract and its threat to the domestic oil industry.

Anyone past middle school can understand how desperately the Bush Administration needed a credible excuse to proceed with its planned attack on Afghanistan. To suggest 9/11 was engineered is risky, but to consider it an unrelated coincidence is asking a great deal. Can anyone be that lucky? There is, of course, a middle ground between engineering and random good fortune: the Bush Administration might in fact have known about the impending disaster but chose, as half of the New Yorkers believe, to do nothing.

On October 7, 2001 the attack on Afghanistan--planned long before 9/11--was undertaken. On December 31, Hamid Karzai is appointed by the Bush Administration to be interim president of Afghanistan, and much has been made of his former service to the Unocal Corporation, as a consultant on the Trans Afghanistan pipeline.

With the Taliban deposed, the Bridas Corporation's contract to build the pipeline was now in play, and on February 8, 2002 its fate was sealed. Presidents Karzai of Afghanistan and Musharraf of Pakistan agreed to a new plan for a pipeline, and by the end of the year a project known as the Central Asia Pipeline was born. The Bridas contract was, in Karl Schwarz' words, breached by US military force.

On February 23, 2003 the Bush Administration agreed to finance the Central Asia Pipeline and protect it with US troops, stationed at permanent bases in the region.

The $10 trillion of hydrocarbon fluids in the Caspian Basin are now firmly controlled by US oil companies, including BP/Amoco, Chevron-Texaco, Amerada Hess, Devon Energy, and Remington/Western Resources. (These companies also have in common a law firm to represent them: Baker Botts of Houston, Texas. The senior partner in the firm is James Baker, the engineer of George Bush's selection as President by the Supreme Court, and former Secretary of State in the first Bush Administration. Baker Botts has been retained also by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia. Prince Aziz has been accused of complicity in 9/11--and sued--by the families of World Trade Center victims, and Baker Botts is defending him.)

In Afghanistan, neither the Bridas Corporation--nor Osama bin Laden--has been seen or heard of since.

Does the Afghanistan episode demonstrate the influence of the oil industry in the administration of George W. Bush? Does it explain what happened next?

With "Mission Accomplished" in Afghanistan, the doctrine of pre-emptive war can now be applied elsewhere.

President Bush spoke repeatedly of an al Qaida-Iraqi linkage, deliberately and successfully (and we know now falsely) persuading the American public Saddam Hussein was an accessory to 9/11. Chemical weapons, biological weapons, soon-to-be nuclear weapons. Months and months of lies and deception at home, of arm twisting abroad and at the United Nations. And then came the "pre-emptive" invasion.

Now that the lies of the Bush Administration have been exposed, we are told the Iraqi adventure was undertaken to bring freedom and democracy to that tragic region of the world. Liberation to the Iraqis, however, looks more like occupation. And the construction, once more, of permanent military bases in Iraq provides ample reason to feel that way.

US military might has now cordoned off, during the Bush Administration, both the $10 trillion in Caspian Basin resources and the world's second largest pool of petroleum in Iraq. This is a fact, one of Karl Schwarz' dots. Is it truly just a collateral result, a mere by-product of bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East?

Ask who benefits from the fact. Ask who bears the costs. And ask how it happened. Karl Schwarz can answer all three questions, with names, dates, and places. He will let you connect his dots.

Mr. Schwarz has seen what other Republicans need to see: Emperor Bush is utterly naked. He is a geopolitical Wizard of Oz. Behind the curtain of his "freedom and democracy" rhetoric there lies indeed a world-class liar, a wretched charlatan.

As no other president in history, George W. Bush has directed a Big Lie campaign against his own country, disgracing our nation in the eyes of the world and dividing our people at home

We need to honor, by reinstating it, our proud national heritage of honesty, decency, and generosity in both foreign and domestic affairs. We need to regain the respect of the community of nations. We need to salvage our democracy.

We need to give George W. Bush a one-way ticket home.

This essay is deliberately not copyrighted, so permission to reproduce it is unnecessary. Richard W. Behan's latest book is Plundered Promise: Capitalism, Politics, and the Fate of the Federal Lands (Island Press, 2001). For information about the book go to Behan is currently working on a more broadly rendered critique, Degenerate Democracy: A Failing U.S. Constitution and the Triumph of Corporate Avarice. He can be reached at



The polluted planet: Alarm as global study finds one-third of amphibians face extinction

By Steve Connor Science Editor

15 October 2004

They were the first animals with backbones to walk on land. They witnessed the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and were present at the birth of a bipedal ape who went on to become the most destructive species the planet has ever known.

Amphibians - frogs, toads, newts and salamanders - are among the longest surviving animals on earth, yet something dramatic now threatens that longevity. And mankind is responsible.

A global study revealed yesterday that almost a third of amphibians face extinction - and pollution is cited as the biggest cause. The three-year survey, involving 500 scientists from more than 60 countries, has found that a third of the 5,743 known species are threatened with being wiped out and at least 427 are so critically endangered that they could disappear tomorrow.

The animals are so sensitive to the man-made environment that scientists have likened them to the canary in a coal mine - songbirds that fell silent, killed in the presence of odourless gas. The latest and most comprehensive study of amphibians around the world has shown that for many species of frogs and their nearest relatives the singing has suddenly and inexplicably stopped - and the same bipedal ape is almost certainly responsible.

"This is a problem way outside what we know," said Simon Stuart of the World Conservation Union and leader of the study published in the online version of the journal Science.

Dr Stuart said: "This level of decline is ... extraordinary and serious because amphibians represent a very important part of the overall diversity of life. Since most amphibians feel the effects of pollution before many other forms of life, their rapid decline tells us that one of earth's most critical life support systems is breaking down."

The figures in the survey are almost certainly underestimates because more than 22 per cent of the known amphibian species are too poorly understood for the researchers to reach a reliable conclusion about what is happening to them.

Populations of almost half of the known amphibian species are in decline. While 32 per cent of amphibians are threatened with extinction, only 12 per cent of birds and 23 per cent of mammals are in the same position. The latest study estimates that up to 122 species have gone extinct since 1980.

Dr Stuart said that all animal groups undergo a natural "background" rate of extinction but, in the case of amphibians, the actual loss of species is equivalent to the total number of background extinctions for many tens of thousands of years being squeezed into a single century.

"The bottom line is that there's almost no evidence of recovery and no known techniques for saving mysteriously declining species in the wild. It leaves conservation biologists in a quandary," Dr Stuart said.

Amphibians are considered uniquely sensitive to man-made changes in the environment. Their moist, porous skins are vulnerable to water-borne toxins and infections, and their reliance on two habitats - freshwater and land - means they cannot survive properly without both.

Scientists have suggested many possible reasons for the decline. Pollution of both water and the atmosphere, human exploitation for food and medicine and habitat destruction all pose serious threats.

But it is clear that amphibians are also disappearing from what appear to be pristine habitats. At one protected site in Costa Rica, for instance, some 40 per cent of amphibians disappeared over a short period in the late 1980s. Other losses occurred almost simultaneously in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Venezuela.

It is this so-called "enigmatic decline" that poses the biggest problem for conservationists simply because they have little idea about what needs to be done to address the problem.

The authors of the report say: "Enigmatic decline species present the greatest challenge for conservation because there are no known techniques for ensuring their survival in the wild. Most enigmatic declines have been recorded from the Americas south to Ecuador and Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, but they are spreading, for instance to Peru, Chile, Dominica, Spain and Tanzania."

Many of these mysterious disappearances seem to take place in tropical habitats involving amphibians living in mountain streams. Some studies suggest they may be linked with the global spread of a fungus called chytridiomycosis, which may be exacerbated by global warming. What is most worrying is that the decline in amphibians is occurring across the world.

Bruce Young, a zoologist who took part in the global amphibian assessment, said: "We already knew amphibians were in trouble, but this assessment removes any doubt about the scale of the problem." Dr Achim Steiner, director general of the World Conservation Union, said: "The fact that one third of amphibians are in a precipitous decline tells us that we are rapidly moving towards a potentially epidemic number of extinctions."

Russell Mittermeier, president of Conservation International, said: "Amphibians are one of nature's best indicators of overall environmental health. Their catastrophic decline serves as a warning that we are in a period of significant environmental degradation."




The Coming of Deindustrial Society: A Practical Response

John Michael Greer

With the coming of Peak Oil and the beginning of long-term, irreversible declines in the availability of fossil fuels (along with many other resources), modern industrial civilization faces a wrenching series of unwelcome transitions. This comes as a surprise only for those who haven't been paying attention. More than thirty years ago, the Club of Rome's epochal study The Limits to Growth pointed out that unless something was done, a global economy based on fantasies of perpetual growth would collide disastrously with the hard limits of a finite planet sometime in the early twenty-first century.

The early twenty-first century is here, nothing was done, and the consequences are arriving on schedule. The road that would have brought industrial society through a transformation to sustainability turned out to be the road not taken. The question that remains is what we can do with the limited time we have left.

The Failure of Politics

There are specific practical things that can be done, right now, to deal with the hard realities of our situation. The problem is that most of them are counterintuitive, and fly in the face of very deeply rooted attitudes on all sides of the political spectrum.

The first point that has to be grasped is that proposals for system-wide, top-down change - getting the Federal government to do something constructive about the situation, for instance - are a waste of time. That sort of change isn't going to happen. It's not simply a matter of who's currently in power, although admittedly that doesn't help. The core of the problem is that even proposing changes on a scale that would do any good would be political suicide.

Broadly speaking, our situation is this: our society demands energy inputs on a scale, absolute and per capita, that can't possibly be maintained for more than a little while longer. Sustainable energy sources can only provide a small fraction of the energy we're used to getting from fossil fuels. As fossil fuel supplies dwindle, in other words, everybody will have to get used to living on a small fraction of the energy we've been using as a matter of course.

Of course this is an unpopular thing to say. Quite a few people nowadays are insisting that it's not true, that we can continue our present lavish, energy-wasting lifestyle indefinitely by switching from oil to some other energy source: hydrogen, biodiesel, abiotic oil, fusion power, "free energy" technology, and so on down the list of technological snake oil. Crippling issues of scale, and the massive technical problems involved in switching an oil-based civilization to some other fuel in time to make a difference, stand in the path of such projects, but those get little air time; if we want endless supplies of energy badly enough, the logic seems to be, the universe will give it to us. The problem is that the universe did give it to us - in the form of immense deposits of fossil fuels stored up over hundreds of millions of years of photosynthesis - and we wasted it. Now we're in the position of a lottery winner who's spent millions of dollars in a few short years and is running out of money. The odds of hitting another million-dollar jackpot are minute, and no amount of wishful thinking will enable us to keep up our current lifestyle by getting a job at the local hamburger joint.

We - and by this I mean people throughout the industrial world - have to make the transition to a Third World lifestyle. There's no way to sugar-coat that very unpalatable reality. Fossil fuels made it possible for most people in the industrial world to have a lifestyle that doesn't depend on hard physical labor, and to wallow in a flood of mostly unnecessary consumer goods and services. As fossil fuels deplete, all that will inevitably go away. How many people would be willing to listen to such a suggestion? More to the point, how many people would vote for a politician or a party who proposed to bring on these changes deliberately, now, in order to prevent total disaster later on?

John Kenneth Galbraith has written a brilliant, mordant book, The Culture of Contentment, about the reasons why America is incapable of constructive change. He compares today's American political class (those people who vote and involve themselves in politics) to the French aristocracy before the Revolution. Everybody knew that the situation was insupportable, and that eventually there would be an explosion, but the immediate costs of doing something about it were so unpalatable that everyone decided to do nothing and hope that things would somehow work out. We're in exactly the same situation here and now.

So while it may be appealing to fantasize about vast government programs bailing us out of the present predicament, such fantasies are not a practical way of responding to the situation. We have to start with the recognition that the most likely outcome of the current situation is collapse: to borrow the Club of Rome's formulation, sustained, simultaneous, uncontrolled and irreversible declines in population, industrial production, and capital stock.

Apocalyptic Fantasies

Now as soon as this is said, most people who don't reject it out of hand slip off at once into apocalyptic ideas of one sort or another. These should be rejected; history is a better guide. Civilizations collapse. As Joseph Tainter pointed out in his useful book The Collapse of Complex Societies, it's one of the most predictable things about them. Ours is not that different from hundreds of previous civilizations that overshot their natural resource base and crashed to ruin. What we face is a natural process, and like most natural processes, much of it can be predicted by comparison with past situations.

But fantasy is often more palatable than reality, and most of the apocalyptic notions in circulation these days are sheer fantasy. The idea, popular among Christians who don't read their Bibles carefully enough, that all good Christians will be raptured away to heaven just as the rest of the world goes to hell is a case in point. It's a lightly disguised fantasy of mass suicide - when you tell the kids that Grandma went to heaven to be with Jesus, most people understand what that means - and it also serves as a way for people to pretend to themselves that God will rescue them from the consequences of their own actions. That's one of history's all time bad bets, but it's always popular.

But the Hollywood notion of an overnight collapse is just as much of a fantasy; it makes for great screenplays but has nothing to do with the realities of how civilizations fall. The disintegration of a complex society takes decades, not days. Since fossil fuel production will decline gradually, not simply come to a screeching halt, the likely course of things is gradual descent rather than freefall. Civilizations go under in a rolling collapse punctuated by localized disasters, taking anything from one to four centuries to complete the process. It's not a steady decline, either; between sudden crises come intervals of relative stability, even moderate improvement; different regions decline at different paces; existing social, economic and political structures are replaced, not with complete chaos, but with transitional structures that may develop pretty fair institutional strength themselves.

Does this model apply to the current situation? Almost certainly. As oil and natural gas run short, economies will come unglued and political systems disintegrate under the strain. But there's still oil to be had - the Hubbert Curve is a bell-shaped curve, after all. The world in 2020 may still be producing about as much oil as it was producing in 1980. It's just that with other fossil fuels gone or badly depleted, nearly twice as many people in the world, and the global economy in shreds, the gap between production and demand will be vast. The result will be poverty, spiralling shortages, rising death rates, plummeting birth rates, and epidemic violence and warfare. Not a pretty picture - but it's not an instant reversion to the Stone Age either.

Equally imaginary is the notion that the best strategy for would-be survivors is to hole up in some isolated rural area with enough firepower to stock a Panzer division, and wait things out. I can think of no better proof that people nowadays pay no attention to history. One of the more common phenomena of collapse is the breakdown of public order in rural areas, and the rise of a brigand culture preying on rural communities and travelers. Isolated survivalist enclaves with stockpiles of food and ammunition would be a tempting prize and could count on being targeted.

Equally inaccurate is the notion that stockpiling precious metals will somehow make the stockpilers exempt from the consequences of industrial collapse. This strategy has been tried over and over again in recorded history, and it doesn't work. Every few years, for example, archeologists in Britain dig up another cache of gold and silver hidden away by some wealthy landowner in Roman Britain as the empire fell apart. They're usually close to the ruins of the owner's rural villa, which shows the signs of being looted and burned to the ground by the Saxons. As a working rule, if your value consists of what you've stockpiled, there will be an unlimited number of other people interested in removing you from the stockpile and enjoying it themselves. However many you kill, there will always be more - and eventually the ammo will run out.

Communities of Survival

So what does work? The key to making sense of constructive action in a situation of impending industrial collapse is to look at the community, rather than the individual or society as a whole, as the basic unit. We know from history that local communities can continue to flourish while empires fall around them. There are, however, three things a community needs to do that, and all three of them are in short supply these days.

First, a community needs some degree of local organization. Our present culture here in America has discarded most of the local organizations it once had, in favor of a mass society where individuals deal directly with huge government and corporate institutions. This has to be reversed. The recent move to reinvigorate civil society is a step in the right direction. Joining or creating a local community group, and helping to revive local civil society, will help provide your community with voluntary networks of cooperation and mutual aid in difficult times.

One often-neglected but useful resource is the old fraternal orders - the Masons, the Odd Fellows, the Grange, and so on - which once included more than 50% of adult Americans in their membership. Many of these organizations still exist, and they're far less exclusive than people outside them tend to think. Joining such an organization, or some other local community group, and helping to revive local civil society is a crucial step that will provide your community with essential networks of cooperation and mutual aid in difficult times. The Stormwatch Project website is specifically aimed at helping fraternal orders and similar organizations get ready to fill such a role.

The second thing a community needs in the twilight of industrial society is a core of people who know how to do without fossil fuel inputs. An astonishing number of people, especially in the educated middle class, have no practical skills whatsoever when it comes to growing and preparing food, making clothing, and providing other basic necessities. An equally astonishing number are unable to go any distance at all by any means that doesn't involve burning fossil fuels - and almost no one in the developed world can light a fire without matches or a lighter from some distant factory. Survival skills such as organic gardening, low-tech medicine, basic hand crafts, and the like need to be learned and practiced now, while there's time to do so. Similarly, those people who cut their fossil fuel consumption drastically now - for example, by getting rid of their cars and using public transit or bicycles for commuting - will be better prepared for the inevitable shortages.

We live in a "prosthetic society" in which most people have totally neglected their own innate abilities in favor of ersatz mechanical imitations. Even our schoolchildren use pocket calculators instead of learning how to add and subtract. All this has to be reversed as soon as possible. Those people who can use their own hands and minds to make tools, grow food, brew beer, treat illnesses, generate modest amounts of electricity from sun and wind, and the like, will have a survival advantage over those who can't. In a violent age, practical knowledge is a life insurance policy; if you're more useful alive than dead, you're likely to stay that way. The pirate enclaves of the seventeenth-century Carribbean were among the most lawless societies in history, but physicians, navigators, shipwrights, and other skilled craftsmen were safe from the pervasive violence, since it was in everyone's best interests to keep them alive.

The third thing a community needs is access to basic human requirements, and above all food. Very large cities are going to become difficult places to be in the course of the approaching collapse, precisely because there isn't enough farmland within easy transport range to feed the people now living there. On the other hand, most American cities of half a million or less are fairly close to agricultural land that could, in a pinch, be used to grow food intensively and feed the somewhat reduced population that's likely to be left after the first stages of the collapse. What's needed is the framework of a production and distribution system around which this can take shape.

The good news is that this framework already exists; it's called the farmers market movement. The last two decades have seen an astonishing growth in farmers markets across the country - the latest figures I've seen, and they're some years out of date, indicate that farmers markets are a $16 billion a year industry, with most of that money going to small local farmers. I personally know organic farmers who are able to stay in business, and support their families on quite small acreages, because they work the farmers markets. Every dollar spent on locally grown produce from a farmers market, instead of supermarket fare shipped halfway around the world, is thus an investment in local sustainability and survival.

There are a good many other, similar steps that can be taken. Anything that provides functional alternatives to energy-wasting lifestyles lays foundations for the transitional societies of the late 21st century, and ultimately for the sustainable successor cultures that will begin to emerge in North America in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. The important point, it seems to me, is to do something constructive now, rather than presenting plans to the government in the perfect knowledge that they will be ignored until it's far too late to do anything.

Perhaps a metaphor will make an appropriate finish for this little essay. Imagine that you're on an ocean liner that's headed straight for a well marked shoal of rocks. Half the crew is dead drunk, and the other half has already responded to your attempts to alert them by telling you that you obviously don't know the first thing about navigation, and everything will be all right. At a certain point, you know, the ship will be so close to the rocks that its momentum will carry it onto them no matter what evasive actions the helmsman tries to make. You're not sure, but it looks as though that point is already well past.

What do you do? You can keep on pounding on the door to the bridge, trying to convince the crew of the approaching danger. You can join the prayer group down in the galley; they're convinced that if they pray fervently enough, God will save them from shipwreck. You can decide that everyone's doomed and go get roaring drunk. Or you can go around quietly to the other passengers, and encourage those people who have noticed the situation (or are willing to notice it) to break out the life jackets, assemble near the lifeboats, take care of people who need help, and otherwise deal with the approaching wreck in a way that will salvage as much as possible.

Me, I suggest the latter. Life jackets, anyone?

2004 October 5


See also:

Peak Oil and Depopulating Asia (Sept 27, 2004 - EXCELLENT THOUGHT-PROVOKING SATIRE!)
(...) Stan: "Depopulating" is the euphemism for killing all the livestock affected by a disease as a preventive business measure to preserve markets, etc. The "depopulating" of all Fraser Valley poultry operations because of the chicken influenza outbreak is a recent example. Depopulating Asia means using modern weapons to kill off the Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Muslim--Russian maybe--peoples in an attempt to head off the coming war of resources predicted with the end of oil and Wilson's Bottleneck. When Bush seized Iraq - using Saddam as an excuse - it was the first step in an endgame for the remaining oil reserves necessary for our way of life. Peak oil is upon us, but very few understand the consequences. Very few understand the importance of the signal that the US is sending about how the US is going to react to peak oil. (...) Stan: To future generations. Maybe even to us. Richard Heinberg, who is a peak oil expert, put a great sci-fi description of our present unbelievable waste of an incredibly precious resource up on the net called A Letter from the Future. Look it up. We are completely submerged in an oil economy and most of us have not a clue how special and transient the oil economy is. The best depiction of the past century of human endeavor is exponential growth of the world's population based on an exponentially growing world economy based on the utilization of this incredibly cheap fuel. What happens when there isn't enough oil to keep growing? Americans use 25 barrels per capita yearly (BCY). A Japan or Italy size economy has a 10-12 BCY. The global average is less than 4.7 BCY. China and to a lessor extent India are following the US in rapidly expanding their economies using the technologies of cheap oil. The high prices for oil today are a dawning understanding that there isn't enough oil being pumped today to supply everybody. Poor Third World countries are already priced out of the market. CLIP - WORTH READING, ESPECIALLY THE FEEDBACKS FOLLOWING THIS ARTICLE ABOVE, SUCH AS...

In Alberta, where have a good portion of the world's oil, our own energy and utilities board (AEUB) has released data showing that conventional oil reserves are already declining. If you divide the numbers, which they won't do although they provide them, there is less than a decade of oil left. Our tar sands, or unconventional oil reserves, will last much longer than the conventional reserves but at some point even they will be used up, according to the utilities board. What's happening? Production is going up, and so are prices. Rather than evening production out over a longer period so that we will have oil for a longer amount of time, the industry is quite happy to get the oil out of the ground as fast as possible and damn the consequences--after all, in the short term they're making scads of money. Do we see alternative energy development at the same time? Yes, but wind turbines won't replace the plastics we use for so many products, and you don't see many hydrogen cars or even hybrids out on the market yet--let alone fuel efficency, which government regulation could certainly improve--because oil and gas consuming cars are just too damn profitable for now. CLIP


World production of solar cells--which convert sunlight directly into electricity--soared to 742 megawatts (MW) in 2003, a jump of 32 percent in just one year. With solar cell production growing by 27 percent annually over the past five years, cumulative world production now stands at 3,145 MW, enough to meet the electricity needs of more than a million homes. This extraordinary growth is driven to some degree by improvements in materials and technology, but primarily by market introduction programs and government incentives. For entire text

A Short Path to Oil Independence: Gas-Electric Hybrids and Wind Power Offer Winning Combination" by Lester R.



Date: 16 Oct 2004
From: Carol Brouillet>
Subject: Breaking 9-11...

Dear friends and activists,

Please forgive me for being the worst organizer in the world... I just have so many circles of friends, locally, nationally and internationally, on so many issues that I can't create any rational, logical email list that works for one announcement... so here is a bit of local/national and international news regarding 9/11...

We are producing DVDs and videos of the SF International Inquiry into 9-11 (although we haven't had time to market them); we are trying to get them on community access television stations with some success...

Billionaires for Bush has a new Hip Hop video featuring our Deception Dollars (over 4,000,000 in circulation)

The September events - NY Omission Hearings (see for audio and transcripts), multitude of SF events, helped to raise the visibility of our issue, as did the publication of Mike Ruppert's pathbreaking new book- Crossing the Rubicon - The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil at and Paul Thompson's excellent new book- The Terror Timeline at and Barrie Zwicker's outstanding new documentary - The Great Conspiracy: The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw at

In Japan documentaries on 9-11 are being shown, and in England there has been some great work done - see The Making of the Terror Myth at,12780,1327904,00.html

The mainstream press, besides ignoring us, has now begun to attack us. A series of full page ads on 9-11 have been placed in various newspapers and Newsweek magazine, and clearly we will win in the battle of public opinion, though - when - remains to be seen... A Zogby poll showed that half of New York City residents believed that the Administration consciously allowed the attacks to happen... (unfortunately still a large percentage of Americans also believe Saddam Hussein had links to Al Qaeda and 9-11 which is completely false; and fewer know that Al Qaeda is largely a creation of the CIA and a CIA asset...)

However, through the combined efforts of many, many, many people, the big lies are being deconstructed; the truth is beginning to emerge.

I'm organizing a protest at Stanford University next Wednesday ( Kresge Auditorium- 4-6 PM ) against Zelikow, Executive Director of the 9-11 Cover-up Commission, who worked for both Bushes, was part of the Bush transition team, co-authored a book with Condoleezza Rice, and had an obvious conflict of interest. (see )

The 9-11 Commission Report which Zelikow helped author failed to mention or address the mulitple wargames/exercises that were being conducted that day, out of the White House. As many as five war game drills were in process, some involving hijacked airliners, some involving false blips deliberately inserted onto FAA and military radar screens. One exercise pulled significant fighter resources away from the North Eastern United States on September 11th, 2001. These exercises involved NORAD, the FAA, the Canadian Air Force, the CIA, the National Reconnaissance Office, and, "coincidentally," in New York City massive preparations were underway for a "biochemical attack drill" involving FEMA, the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, the FBI, US Department of Justice, Weill Medical College of Cornell Medical Center, NY Department of Health, NY Fire Department, NY Police Department, the American Red Cross, the Port Authority. The Secret Service and Cheney's overseeing role of the "exercises" during the events of 9-11 should have been scrutinized. *(Detailed in Ruppert's book.)

The 9/11 Commission's Report and recommendations are highly suspect, if not downright fictitious. (Ominously, they are being used to rush through legislation to create a new powerful overseeing Intelligence Agency.)

Questions and Issues that they completely ignored-

The importance of oil, "Peak Oil," Cheney's Secret Energy Task Force meetings, the importance of the illicit drug trade to the US economy (particularly the heroin flow through Afghanistan), money laundering, the strategic importance of the Caspian Sea region, Pakistan's ISI's close relationship with the CIA, the Carlyle group, Dave Fresca, Sibel Edmonds, Coleen Rowley, John O’Neill, insider trading, Israel, World Trade Center Building #7, Enron, the Office of National Preparedness·

We want to protest the obvious cover-up, and also ask Zelikow some questions:

Why didn't you resign after you ended up testifying as a witness to your own Commission?

What did it mean when Commissioner Max Cleland did resign last year, and called the Commission a whitewash and a sequel to the Warren Commission?

Why does "The 9/11 Commission Report" fail to pursue the well-known terror connections of the CIA's client agency, the Pakistani ISI? Why does it ignore reports that the alleged 9/11 plotters received funds from the ISI? Why does it claim that the financing of the 9/11 attacks is of "no practical significance"?

Why does the report fail to ask why the key men in the U.S. military chain of command - Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers, Winfield - by their own accounts, and by the public record, appear to have done nothing to exercise their decision-making authorities during the actual 9/11 attacks, i.e. in the time from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001?

Why does the report omit to mention the advance warnings of attacks on the United States received from foreign intelligence agencies in the weeks prior to Sept. 11?

Why does the report ignore the FBI whistleblowers who decried high-level obstruction of field investigations into potential terrorists in the months before 9/11?

Why did the report arbitrarily change the timeline, in contradiction to public testimony, of U.S. air defense response on Sept. 11?

Why doesn't the report even mention the mysterious collapse of a third skyscraper, 7 WTC, on the afternoon of Sept. 11?...

The organization sponsoring Zelikow's talk - The Department of Homeland Security - (DHS) has awarded a 15-month $1.65-million contract to the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford Institute for International Studies. CISAC's program will be run as part of a joint project with the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey...



How comforting to have these folks, the CIA, and the Nuclear Weapons Labs, all within a bike ride of home!

At least we are getting more stories into print, more television/radio interviews; people are seeing through the propaganda. I have been trying to educate the Green Party on this issue, and they are speaking publicly about it (one candidate called me up for talking points...) Just wish we had more time; ideally, exposing the truth would diminish the chances of their attempting another 9-11. So many people think that "they" were too "incompetent" to pull off 9-11. I do think that whatever the original plan was "they" actually didn't pull the whole thing off which is why so many people were able to see through it; and the anthrax attacks that they hoped to blame on Iraq blew up in their faces; Madrid was a disaster for Spain and the right wing.

Unfortunately, "they" are operating out of fear, and making very bad decisions. My dear friend, 9-11 activist, Ken Jenkins, reminds us not to panic, to feel some sense of urgency, but to realize that "there is enough time" to make good decisions which will help all of us move in a direction that will benefit everyone. I remain hopeful and optimistic.

Carol Brouillet


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Current and Retired FAA Employees Issued "Series 900" Gag Order by FAA.
Stanley was recently shown, by a former FAA employee, an FAA issued document known as a "Series 900". The document is an FAA issued gag order that has been, as we understand things currently, issued to and pertains to all current and former FAA employees demanding that they refrain from discussing any issue related to the September 11th attacks. Current and former FAA employees are banned by issuance of the "Series 900" from discussing 9/11 even with their own families. The document threatens current FAA employees with firings and current and former FAA employees with cancelation of pensions. See also:



World Hunger and Poverty: How They Fit Together

Bread for the World Institute seeks justice for hungry people by engaging in research and education on policies related to hunger and development.

Hunger Basics

842 million people across the world are hungry. 1

* In essence, hunger is the most extreme form of poverty, where individuals or families cannot afford to meet their most basic need for food. 1

* Hunger manifests itself in many ways other than starvation and famine. Most poor people who battle hunger deal with chronic undernourishment and vitamin or mineral deficiencies, which result in stunted growth, weakness and heightened susceptibility to illness. 1

* Countries in which a large portion of the population battles hunger daily are usually poor and often lack the social safety nets we enjoy, such as soup kitchens, food stamps, and job training programs. When a family that lives in a poor country cannot grow enough food or earn enough money to buy food, there is nowhere to turn for help. 1

Facts and Figures on Population

* Today our world houses 6.3 billion people. 2

* The United States is a part of the developed or industrialized world, which consists of about 50 countries with a combined population of only 0.9 billion, less than one sixth of the world’s population. 1

* In contrast, approximately 5 billion people live in the developing world. This world is made up of about 125 low and middle-income countries in which people generally have a lower standard of living with access to fewer goods and services than people in high-income countries. 1

* The remaining 0.4 billion live in countries in transition, which include the Baltic states, eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. 3

Facts and Figures on Hunger and Poverty

* In the developing world, more than 1.2 billion people currently live below the international poverty line, earning less than $1 per day. 4

* Among this group of poor people, many have problems obtaining adequate, nutritious food for themselves and their families. As a result, 798 million people in the developing world are undernourished. They consume less than the minimum amount of calories essential for sound health and growth. 3

* Undernourishment negatively affects people’s health, productivity, sense of hope and overall well-being. A lack of food can stunt growth, slow thinking, sap energy, hinder fetal development and contribute to mental retardation. 1

* Economically, the constant securing of food consumes valuable time and energy of poor people, allowing less time for work and earning income. 1

* Socially, the lack of food erodes relationships and feeds shame so that those most in need of support are often least able to call on it. 1

* Go to the World Food Programme website and click on either "Counting the Hungry" or "Interactive Hunger Map" for presentations on hunger and poverty around the world.

Facts and Figures on Health

* Poor nutrition and calorie deficiencies cause nearly one in three people to die prematurely or have disabilities, according to the World Health Organization. 5

* Pregnant women, new mothers who breastfeed infants, and children are among the most at risk of undernourishment. 5

* 153 million children under 5 in the developing world are underweight. Worse yet, 11 million children younger than 5 die every year, more than half from hunger-related causes. 6

* Most of these deaths are attributed, not to outright starvation, but to diseases that move in on vulnerable children whose bodies have been weakened by hunger. 6

* The four most common childhood illnesses are diarrhea, acute respiratory illness, malaria and measles. Each of these illnesses is both preventable and treatable. Yet, again, poverty interferes in parents’ ability to access immunizations and medicines. Chronic undernourishment on top of insufficient treatment greatly increases a child’s risk of death. 6

* In the developing world, 27 percent of children under 5 are moderately to severely underweight. 10 percent are severely underweight. 8 percent of children under 5 are moderately to severely wasted, or seriously below weight for one’s height, and an overwhelming 32 percent are moderately to severely stunted, or seriously below normal height for one’s age. 7

Facts and Figures on HIV/AIDS

* The spreading HIV/AIDS epidemic has quickly become a major obstacle in the fight against hunger and poverty in developing countries. 3

* Because the majority of those falling sick with AIDS are young adults who normally harvest crops, food production has dropped dramatically in countries with high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates. 3

* In southern Africa, close to 500,000 people died of AIDS in 2001 alone, fueling a serious food crisis in 2002-2003 in which more than 14 million people faced hunger and starvation. 3

* Infected adults also leave behind children and elderly relatives, who have little means to provide for themselves. In 2001, 2.5 million children were newly orphaned in Southern Africa. 3

* Since the epidemic began, 25 million people have died from AIDS, which has caused more than 13 million children to lose either their mother or both parents. For its analysis, UNICEF uses a term that illustrates the gravity of the situation; child-headed households, or minors orphaned by HIV/AIDS who are raising their siblings. 3, 8, 9

* 42 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in the world – 92.8 percent of them in developing countries. 3 million are children under the age of 15. 2.9 million of those children live in the developing world, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa. 4

You Can Help in the Fight Against Hunger and HIV/AIDS

Bread for the World's 50,000 members contact their senators and representatives about legislation that affects hungry people in the United States and worldwide. We do not provide direct relief or development assistance. Rather, we focus on using the power we have as citizens in a democracy to support policies that address the root causes of hunger and poverty.

You can make a difference, too. Join us in our efforts. Here’s how.

Sites and links to source material:

1. Are We On Track To End Hunger? Hunger Report 2004. Bread for the World Institute

2. 2003 World Population Data Sheet. Population Reference Bureau

3. State of Food Insecurity in the World 2003. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

4. Human Development Report 2003, Millennium Development Goals: A compact among nations to end human poverty, United Nations Development Programme.

5. World Health Organization.

6. State of Food Insecurity in the World 2002. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

7. State of the World's Children Report 2003—Child Participation. UNICEF.


9. Human Development Report 2002, Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World, United Nations Development Programme.


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Hunger Facts: Domestic
Hunger persists in the U.S. 34.9 million people—including almost 13 million children—live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger. This represents more than one in ten households in the United States (11.1 percent). This is an increase of 1.3 million, from 33.6, million in 2001. CLIP

U.S. Poverty Increases for Third Year in a Row (Sept 2004)

Number of Hungry Families Increases in U.S.



The Three Top Sins Of The Universe

by Mark R. Elsis,, February 9, 2002

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, at least 35,615 of our brother and sisters died from the worst possible death, starvation. Somewhere around 85% of these starvation deaths occur in children 5 years of age or younger. Why are we letting at least 30,273 of the most beautiful children die the worst possible death everyday? Every 2.43 seconds another one of our fellow brothers and sisters dies of starvation. Starvation doesn't just happen on Tuesday September 11, 2001, it happens everyday, 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, it never stops.

The number 35,615 is a conservatively low number for the barbarically needless daily deaths the poorest of the poor die. If we were to add the next two leading ways the poorest of the poor die, water borne diseases and AIDS, we would be approaching a daily body count of 50,000 deaths. Yes, upwards of 50,000 people per day are needlessly dying on Earth. These deaths are dictated by the greed of a very few, and the rest of us are not changing it -- or this ultimate sin wouldn't be happening, now would it? Let us not forget that the vast majority of these needless deaths are of children 5 years of age and under. One person every 2 seconds needlessly dies from starvation, water borne diseases or AIDS. I know Harry Chapin and George Harrison are both looking down on this travesty and are really pissed off.

If the truth be known, not only did these fellow humans die the worst imaginable death, in fact they were, and always are, very quietly being murdered. This heinous, barbaric sin is mainly perpetrated by an elite few, the extremely rich and powerful megalomaniacs of the ultimate oligarchy -- the illuminati. But the inherent greed that is allowing this daily mass murdering of our fellow human beings is based in the roots of capitalism itself. This means we all have the blood of the tens of thousands of innocent children on our hands every minute of every day. This is not very good karma for us. We must quickly put an end to our relentlessly heinous and barbaric slaughtering of our own species children.

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, another one of the three top sins of the universe occurred. Our species, Homo sapiens, blatantly caused approximately 578 species of the web of life to go extinct. This extinction rate equals one species of life going extinct every 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Millions of people are at work legally day and night, quickly destroying the richest place there is for life on Earth, the Rainforests. For every legal worker there are perhaps as many as 5 illegal workers destroying the Rainforests. Our species reckless expansion into the virgin Rainforests are causing countless atrocities to all life sustaining ecosystems. The virgin Rainforests are home to 61.8% of all the biological diversity on Earth. In this, the richest environment for life, we are destroying a land area which is equivalent to the size of the city of Tokyo Japan ( 240 square miles ) every day. This equals 6417 acres per hour, 107 acres per minute or 1.78 acres per second.

CLIP -Read the rest at


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World Hunger Report: 842 Million Starve In The Midst Of Plenty (Dec 19, 2003)
World hunger is increasing, with an estimated 842 million people going to bed hungry every night. Most people suffering from hunger live in Africa and Latin America, but 34 million are in the former Soviet Union and 10 million live in the rich industrialised countries.This startling evidence of the growing division between rich and poor on a world scale appears in a recent report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Halving hunger was one of the UN Millennium Development Goals announced in 1992. The number of people experiencing hunger was supposed to be halved by 2015. Rather than decreasing as the FAO anticipated, the number of hungry people has increased by 4.5 million a year between 1995 and 1997 and from 1999 to 2001. Improved nutrition in some countries is being more than offset by a decline in others.Amongst the group of countries that suffered a reversal of falling numbers of malnourished were some with large populations such as Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia and India. The report states, “With reversals in many large countries and progress slowing in others, the pattern of change in the developing countries as a whole shifted from a declining to a rising trend. Between 1995-1997 and 1999-2001, the number of hungry people in the developing countries increased by 18 million wiping out almost half the decrease of 37 million achieved during the previous five years. Unless significant gains are made in large countries where progress has stalled, it will be difficult to reverse this negative trend.” CLIP

Hunger Facts
Every day in the developing world, 30,100 children die from mostly preventable and treatable causes such as diarrhea, acute respiratory infections or malaria. Malnutrition is associated with over half of those deaths. More than 800 million people in the world are malnourished -- 777 million of them are from the developing world. 177 million of them are children. In the last 50 years, almost 400 million people worldwide have died from hunger and poor sanitation, according to the report. That's three times the number of people killed in all wars fought in the entire 20th century.

Editorial Review of State of the World 2004
From the moment they awake in the morning to bedtime at night, Americans are among the 1.7 billion people who are the megaconsumers, using most of the world's energy and eating almost all highly processed food. Unfortunately, that leaves 2.8 billion people living in poverty, hunger, and on a planet running out of resources. Sponsored by the World Watch Institute, this book should be read by every stakeholder on Earth, who will never take the everyday consumption of industrial products for granted again. Included in the dozens of issues covered is the environmental toll made by the annual production of four trillion plastic trash bags, and luxury foods such as shark-fin soup. The authors also offer thought-provoking solutions for solving the environmental issues presented. Even though it's chock-full of statistics and details, the book is fascinating and flows well. Its focus on the negative aspects of our consumer society, and the resulting excessive consumption will help teens relate to how their individual actions directly affect the global environment. A wonderful book for students interested in environmental issues and to stimulate class discussions.

Terrorism vs Starvation Deaths from 1968 through 2003
Terrorism: 16,000 (CIA) - Starvation: 300,000,000 (UN)
As sent by "Mark R. Elsis">




Political Principles of (based on a consensus of the Red Cursor Collective).

The purpose of our organization is the creation of a free society organized along the following principles:

* Democracy: A free society depends on a free media and organizes civic, social, and economic life using the principles of participatory democracy arising from direct action and public accountability. Those affected by a decision have an opportunity to participate in that decision.

* Equality: All people are welcomed as part of a free society. All people are equal and all labour is valued equally.

* Diversity: All people in a free society are different, and space for their difference is paramount to their equality.

* Security: Every human in a free society has secure access to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, health care, information, education, and transportation.

* Creativity: A free society values culture, art, and leisure as fundamental needs. Every person has the right to their own culture and to practice creative expression.

* Self-Determination: A free society is decentralized and all localities are autonomous and self-determined so long as they do not infringe upon the other basic principles of a free society.

* Interdependence: Communities in a free society are dependent on one another through mutual aid and exchange.

* Justice: All people have the right to be free from coercion, threat, and violence. A justice system should reside in the community it affects, seek resolution rather than revenge, and should work towards abolition of authoritarian prisons and jails.

* Peace: A free society uses conflict as an opportunity to learn from divergent views, opinions and experiences, with the goal of crafting agreements and taking actions that affirm the humanity and basic rights of all parties.

* Ecology: Humans live in balance with, and are part of, the natural world. A free society recognizes the right to clean water, clean air and food free of industrial toxins and genetic engineering.

* Economy: In a free society the means of production should be placed in the hands of the people, empowering communities to organize meaningful employment, and provide a responsible and sustainable standard of living which tries to meet the needs of all people.


Also from:

The Red Cursor Collective is an autonomous body based in Seattle with collective members world wide. Our purpose is to aid in the creation of a free society, a world with freedom from want and freedom of expression, a world without oppression or hierarchy, where power is shared equally. We do this by providing communication and computer resources to allies engaged in struggles against capitalism and other forms of oppression.

* We value, support, and engage in struggles for human liberation, the ethical treatment of animals, and ecological sustainability. We join in the fight for freedom and the self-determination of all oppressed groups. We oppose all forms of prejudice, authoritarianism, and vanguardism.

* We organize on the basis of automony, mutual aid, resource sharing, participatory knowledge, social advocacy, anti-oppression work, community creation, and secure communication.

* We work to create revolution and a free society in the here and now by building alternative communication infrastructure designed to oppose and replace the dominant system.

* We promote social ownership and democratic control over information, ideas, technology, and the means of communication.

* We empower organizations and individuals to use technology in struggles for liberation. We work to support each other in overcoming the systemic oppression embedded in the use and development of technology.


Date: 17 Oct 2004
From: Moriah-Melin Lurie>
Subject: Rock the Boat! Vote!

Dearest Jean,

My name is Moriah-Melin Whoolilurie, and I am the former Musicians Coordinator for the Kucinich for President Campaign.  My husband and I wrote a very powerful non-partisan get-out-the-vote song titled "Rock the Boat!Vote!". It speaks to all, but is more specifically directed towards the youth. As the November 2nd election grows near, I ask that you take a few minutes to review this song, and pass it on. If you can please encourage others to pass it on too that would be great. If you or anyone else is interested in hearing more songs you/they can visit our new website at

Thank you for your time,

Thank you for everything....

Moriah-Melin Whoolilurie

NOTE FROM JEAN: The following is taken from their website:

“We are at a cross roads in our evolution, and it is of utmost importance that we set apathy aside, educate ourselves, and become active. The military budget of the United States is more than the rest of the worlds military budgets combined! If a fraction of the energy invested into the military was directed towards artistic endeavors, the vibrations sent forth into our society would touch all. If we have a Department of Defense, we need a Department of Peace, and if we have an Army for War, we need an Army for Life.”



Kerry Aims to Avoid Gore Recount Mistakes

The Associated Press

20 October 2004

Washington - Sen. John Kerry has a simple strategy if the presidential race is in doubt on Nov. 3, the day after the election: Do not repeat Al Gore's mistakes.

Unlike the former vice president, who lost a recount fight and the 2000 election, Kerry will be quick to declare victory on election night and begin defending it. He also will be prepared to name a national security team before knowing whether he's secured the presidency.

"The first thing we will do is make sure everybody has an opportunity to vote and every vote is counted," said Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter. "We will be ready to hit the ground running and begin a fresh start in this country, given that so many critical issues are before us."

The prospects for another contested election grow with every poll showing the race neck and neck.

Gore prematurely conceded the 2000 race to George W. Bush, then had to retract his concession after aides said Florida wasn't lost. He never declared victory, an omission Kerry's advisers - many of whom worked for Gore - now believe created a sense of inevitability in voters' minds about Bush's presidency.

Gore didn't plan for the legal showdown, though few could have predicted it before Election Day. And he watched as Bush seized political advantage during the 36-day recount by publicly discussing a transition to the White House.

Not this time, promise Kerry's advisers. If there is doubt about the results, they will fight without delay.

Six so-called "SWAT teams" of lawyers and political operatives will be situated around the country with fueled-up jets awaiting Kerry's orders to speed to a battleground state. The teams have been told to be ready to fly on the evening of the election to begin mounting legal and political fights. No team will be more than an hour from a battleground.

The Kerry campaign has office space in every battleground state, with plans so detailed they include the number of staplers and coffee machines needed to mount legal challenges.

"Right now, we have 10,000 lawyers out in the battleground states on Election Day, and that number is growing by the day," said Michael Whouley, a Kerry confidant who is running election operations at the Democratic National Committee.

While the lawyers litigate, political operatives will try to shape public perception. Their goal would be to persuade voters that Kerry has the best claim to the presidency and that Republicans are trying to steal it.

Democrats are already laying the public relations groundwork by pointing to every possible voting irregularity before the Nov. 2 election and accusing Republicans of wrongdoing.





Link to a breakdown of the Bush tax cuts over the next 10 years:

Link to the National Education Association's analysis of Bush's "No Child Left Behind" policy:

Lewis H. Lapham's (editor of the American monthly, Harper's magazine) observations on the Bush healthcare policy and much more:

Here is what the leader of the "free" world has done before and during is presidency. By Kelly Kramer and available as an email attachment-friendly .pdf from

George W. Bush Resume

Past work experience:

* Ran for congress and lost.
* Produced a Hollywood slasher B movie.
* Bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas, company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock.
* Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using tax-payer money. Biggest move: Traded Sammy Sosa to the Chicago White Sox.

* With fathers help (and his name) was elected Governor of Texas.


* Changed pollution laws for power and oil companies and made Texas the most polluted state in the Union.
* Replaced Los Angeles with Houston as the most smog ridden city in America.
* Cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas government to the tune of billions in borrowed money.
* Set record for most executions by any Governor in American history.

* Became president after losing the popular vote by over 500,000 votes, with the help of my fathers appointments to the Supreme Court.

Accomplishments as president:

* Attacked and took over two countries.

* Spent the surplus and bankrupted the treasury.

* Shattered record for biggest annual deficit in history.

* Set economic record for most private bankruptcies filed in any 12 month period.

* Set all-time record for biggest drop in the history of the stock market.

* First president in decades to execute a federal prisoner.

* First president in US history to enter office with a criminal record.

* First year in office set the all-time record for most days on vacation by anypresident in US history.

* After taking the entire month of August off for vacation, presided over the worst security failure in US history.

* Set the record for most campaign fund-raising trips than any other president in US history.

* In my first two years in office over 2 million Americans lost their job.

* Cut unemployment benefits for more out of work Americans than any president in US history.

* Set the all-time record for most foreclosures in a 12 month period.

* Appointed more convicted criminals to administration positions than any president in US history.

* Set the record for the least amount of press conferences than anypresident since the advent of television.

* Signed more laws and executive orders circumventing the Constitution than any president in US history.

* Presided over the biggest energy crises in US history and refused to intervene when corruption was revealed.

* Presided over the highest gasoline prices in US history and refused to use the national reserves as past presidents have.

* Cut healthcare benefits for war veterans.

* Set the all-time record for most people worldwide to simultaneously take to the streets to protest me (15 million people), shattering the record for protest against any person in the history of mankind. (
* Dissolved more international treaties than any president in US history.

* My presidency is the most secretive and un-accountable of any in US history.

* Members of my cabinet are the richest of any administration in US history. (the 'poorest' multi-millionaire, Condoleezza Rice has an Chevron oil tanker named after her).

* Had more states to simultaneously go bankrupt than any president in the history of the United States.

* Presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud of any market in any country in the history of the world.

* Created the largest government department bureaucracy in the history of the United States.

* Set the all-time record for biggest annual budget spending increases, more than any president in US history.

* First president in US history to have the United Nations remove the US from the human rights commission.

* First president in US history to have the United Nations remove the US from the elections monitoring board.

* Removed more checks and balances, and have the least amount of congressional oversight than any presidential administration in US history.
* Rendered the entire United Nations irrelevant.

* Withdrew from the World Court of Law.

* Refused to allow inspectors access to US prisoners of war and by default no longer abide by the Geneva Conventions.

* First president in US history to refuse United Nations election inspectors (during the 2002 US elections).

* All-time US (and world) record holder for most corporate campaign donations.

* My biggest life-time campaign contributor presided over one of the largest corporate bankruptcy frauds in world history (Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron Corporation).

* Spent more money on polls and focus groups than any president in US history.

* First president in US history to unilaterally attack a sovereign nation against the will of the United Nations and the world community.

* First president to run and hide when the US came under attack (and then lied saying the enemy had the code to Air Force 1)

* First US president to establish a secret shadow government.

* Took the biggest world sympathy for the US after 911, and in less than a year made the US the most resented country in the world (possibly the biggest diplomatic failure in US and world history).

* With a policy of 'dis-engagement' created the most hostile Israeli-Palestine relations in at least 30 years.

* First US president in history to have a majority of the people of Europe (71%) view my presidency as the biggest threat to world peace and stability.

* First US president in history to have the people of South Korea more threatened by the US than their immediate neighbor, North Korea.
Changed US policy to allow convicted criminals to be awarded government contracts.

* Set all-time record for number of administration appointees who violated US law by not selling huge investments in corporations bidding for government contracts.

* Failed to fulfill my pledge to get Osama Bin Laden 'dead or alive'.

* Failed to capture the anthrax killer who tried to murder the leaders of our country at the United States Capitol building. After 18 months I have no leads and zero suspects.

* In the 18 months following the 911 attacks I have successfully prevented any public investigation into the biggest security failure in the history of the United States.

* Removed more freedoms and civil liberties for Americans than any other president in US history.

* In a little over two years created the most divided country in decades, possibly the most divided the US has ever been since the civil war.

* Entered office with the strongest economy in US history and in less than two years turned every single economic category heading straight down.

Records and References:

* At least one conviction for drunk driving in Maine (Texas driving record has been erased and is not available).

* AWOL from National Guard and Deserted the military during a time of war.
* Refuse to take drug test or even answer any questions about drug use.

* All records of my tenure as governor of Texas have been spirited away to my fathers library, sealed in secrecy and un-available for public view.

* All records of any SEC investigations into my insider trading or bankrupt companies are sealed in secrecy and un-available for public view.

* All minutes of meetings for any public corporation I served on the board are sealed in secrecy and un-available for public view.

* Any records or minutes from meetings I (or my VP) attended regarding public energy policy are sealed in secrecy and un-available for public review.

* For personal references please speak to my daddy or uncle James Baker (They can be reached at their offices of the Carlyle Group for war-profiteering.)


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