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November 16, 2004

The Light Series #68: Changing Realities

Hello everyone

Lots of inspirational, hope-filled material in this one.

Enjoy and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"True spiritual guidance is always something that emerges from the deepest recess of the connection we have with All That Is as One with this unfathomable Reality - not as a separate entity which is of course another pervasive mythical delusion - without ever trying to attach a name to or identify the source of the guidance as being some master in some hierarchy - ultimately just another human construct that creates yet another obstacle between the Source and our inner sensing of It."

- Anonymous

Planet of Enlightened Beings

To solve the grave afflictions our world is suffering from, we require spiritual solutions, not political solutions. What we need is vastly expanded awareness hand in hand with personal empowerment.

The only way out of the vicious circle of fear, hate and retaliation to which the politics of partisan power and profit has kept us hostages for as long as we can remember, is through the Christ Consciousness—the Power of Love—within us.

Look within! Your truth and your power are within you. Once you recognize the light and love within, and find a way to project it all around you, you will reclaim your soul's sovereign birthright to be who you are, and do what you came for.

The world needs to be guided and governed by non-partisan enlightened and altruistic philosophers, not by plundering warriors and ruthless exploiters, as it has been since times immemorial. For this shift to happen we must create a planet of enlightened beings.

Don't put it off. Start NOW!

(Author Unknown)

"We urgently need to take a good look at why violence, the most destructive force that humans are capable of, is so acceptable – and prevalent - in our society. The acceptance and endorsement of violence indicates that people are living unconsciously, closed off from their spirit and the love that is sleeping in their hearts. When we are unconscious in this way we cannot respond to the rest of life as sacred. To become conscious, and to start treating the Earth and all life on it with reverence as sacred is the most pressing goal for all of Humanity."

(Author Unknown)


1. A Possible Dream: Pilgrimage for Peace in Fallujah
2. Unique meditation group
3. Crossing the Bridge into the Age of Light
4. Feedback from Meria
5. Indigo Children: "PRAY FOR BUSH"
6. Feedback on the Current State of Affairs
7. Duality Busters & Finding a New Way
8. Invocations

Worthy of Your Attention

Participate in an historic citizen lobbying effort to create a U.S. Department of Peace (HR! 1673), sponsored in the House of Representatives by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. This bill establishes nonviolence as an organizing principle of American society, providing the U.S. President with an array of peace-building policy options for domestic and international use. "What marching through the streets was to the Sixties, walking through the halls of Congress is now." - Marianne Williamson - Recommended by Ed Elkin>

Indigo Day - January 29th
INDIGO WILL BE RELEASED IN THEATERS ON JANUARY 29TH FOR ONE DAY! Over 50 theaters around the US will be screening INDIGO on that day, and hundreds of other churches around the world have also agreed to show the film that won the "Audience Choice Award" at the Santa Fe Festival. Why is INDIGO being screened in theaters for only one day? We are trying to do something very new here, something that has never been done before in any theater. We have made an exclusive agreement with the AMC theater chain, and they want to know just how supportive this "New" audience is. We have been telling them that the esoteric spiritual community is very much like the traditional Christian market that came out to support Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." If we prove this to them, then it will pave the way for many other films with Spiritual messages to receive mainstream distribution. It also increases the likelihood of INDIGO getting a longer run in all these theaters. CLIP

Gateway to Conscious Evolution
Also recommended by Ed Elkin who wrote: "Jump on the evolutionary bandwagon toward the changes we all fervently support. The seeds of the future are NOW in the present. Let us use media to shine the light of consciousness on these seeds and help them grow."


From: "Claude Veziau">
Subject: A Possible Dream: Pilgrimage for Peace in Fallujah
Date: 15 Nov 2004

Hello Jean,

Yesterday I had the strangest of Dreams... (who can tell "truth" from "fiction"?)

... An idea came to me in dream form during my last sleep period: I was being awaked by Teddie (my love partner) telling me in an excited voice, "Have you heard about the Pope?" Still groggy (in the dream) I answered sleepily, "What? Did he pass away?"

"No, she answered, he's done a pilgrimage to Fallujah, Irak, to stop the war!" I can tell you that THAT woke me up completely! (remember, I was still dreaming) In the dream, I was seeing TV media coverage of that extraordinary event, people crying and lifting their hands to heaven in thanksgiving, embarrassed soldiers still holding their weapons in the devastated streets, not quite knowing what to do, for the pope and many millions of followers of all faiths had set up camp right in the middle of the city, in full view of the media crews, the embarrassed faces of Tony Blair and George Bush trying to cope with the situation... you can imagine the scenes...

In the dream, many other embarrassed spiritual leaders of the world were now (better late than never!) announcing that they also were going to the city, including the Dalai Lama, many Nobel prize peace winners, with millions of other 'ordinary people' flocking in droves to the town, creating a fantastic air traffic jam, in all places around the globe, people were stopping work in response to a call for an indefinite 'moratorium on war' issued by the Pope. The response was spreading like wildfire in all places as more and more people went off the job to 'meditate on peace'.

All business ground to a halt, except for essential services, the banks were closed, no gasoline was sold, all manufacturing had stopped, the police and armed forces were split in two factions, as more than half of their personnel remained off duty in support of the peace meditation.

... And then, I woke up... the dream was so real that I asked Teddie if there had been any news from the Pope! Of course, she had no idea what I was talking about!

So I recounted my dream and she told me that I should actually send an email to the Vatican and to all of my friends to tell them of the dream and maybe ask the Pope about going, he being the most influential person in the religious realm, capable of uniting millions of people, untouchable by view of his very high profile. What an example he could set! What a beautiful, marvellous proof of service to humanity!

Well, I tell you, writing to my friends about it is not a hard task. But when I went to the Vatican's official web site, I was rudely awakened to the fact that in the whole website (it is enormous and extremely comprehensive). Can you believe that in those hundreds of web pages, there is NOT one contact email address, not for the Pope, not for secretaries, not for anyone! Nowhere on that site can you contact anyone. Speak about non-communication, this is one enormous blooper on the part of the most recognized church in the world.

Anyway, I can still share this vision with my friends, at least, I know who THEY are.


Claude Veziau


From: Miro>
Sent: November 11, 2004
Subject: Unique meditation group

Hi Mr. Hudon

Referring to the present conflicts in many part of the Earth I have received an email from a meditation group asking me to spread the word.

In order to help the civil populations from aggressions, this group pray the superior spirits to stir-up the wind so it can provoke a sand storm, or a heavy rainfall, or heavy snowfall, or a heavy fog, or a tornado in the places where the people suffer the brunts. All these meteorological events can reduce and/or hinder the attacks of the offenders. They tell me that they have attained really amazing results. In some cases the attacks were totally canceled. In Sudan they have stirred up a sand storm which compelled the helicopters and airplanes which attacked some Darfur villages to stay on the ground. As the sandstorm lasted for more than a week the attackers canceled all the air actions against the villages.

This group does the meditation in this way: They take a sheet of white paper, they draw with a marker a circle of 20 cm of diameter. They glue in the middle of the circle a clipping of the map of the place or of the region where they want to produce the meteorological event. Presently all the newspapers and magazines (TIME and NEWSWEEK, etc) prints daily small maps of the "hot places", which can be cut with a scissor. Inside the circle on the free space left by the clipping they write - at list 4 times - in big letters the word which indicate the event invoked such as FOG, HEAVY RAIN, SANDSTORM etc. etc.

The meditation group then congregate around a circular table, relax and start the meditation. They ask then the superior spirits to stir-up the wind which could generate the weather event they think could help the people martyrized, they have in mind in that occasion. This group include two ladies who are very strong psychics and other persons of good character prone to service to others.

Please pass the word.



AND MY REPLY WAS - with a Bcc to Suzy:

Dear Miro

Thanks for sharing this amazing story with me. I believe it is possible indeed but I'm not sure it would be a good idea to network this info widely.

I prefer to recommend less drastic methods of effecting changes. I'm not sure either about the karmic consequences of such interference with other people's free will.

Love and Light to you



Beloved friend Jean, this is Matthew giving you an unsolicited comment on this message. This group is using its collective free will through love energy to initiate circumstances to lessen or prevent death and destruction. If their energy were not in the light, their means could not be effective. You might think of this as a modern parting of the sea to permit passage of 'innocents.'

With the divine love of the universe, I say only this and not my usual verbosity.


Recommended by "Suzy Ward">

Sent: November 13, 2004
Subject: Archangel Michael: Crossing the Bridge into the Age of Light

You may pass this on as long as ALL contact information is left in tact.

Crossing the Bridge into the Age of Light

A Message for Lightworkers from Archangel Michael on the occasion of the 11:11 Stargate

by Celia Fenn

Dearest ones, on this special day, the 11th day of the 11th month, we bring you a message of joy and upliftment. We have seen how tired many of you are, and the effort and love you have put into the work of transition, ascension and change.

The people of your planet have collectively chosen the Path of Rapid Transformation in this cycle of change between the two new moons of Libra and Scorpio. The Path of Slow Transition, originally favored, proved to be too slow and too exhausting for you as Lightworkers. And so, as a collective, you have decided on Rapid Transformation. In the next two years you will indeed experience this rapid transformation. We ask you not to be fearful of the challenges that will come, for the path forward is open, and you will lead others across the Rainbow Bridge into the Age of Light and Peace that will be the New Earth.

This message is to ask you to understand that the work of the Grand Quintile formations was to release the collective DNA codes of the Age of Pisces and initiate the new codes for the Age of Light.

Spiritual Mastery and the Piscean Age

The Piscean Age, which you are leaving, was the age in which the Human Species as a collective evolved towards Spiritual Mastery and Ascension to a Higher Octave of Consciousness. The Archetypes for this process were Jesus and the Buddha, amongst others. For nearly two thousand years the path of evolution has been to achieve the level of awareness and compassion achieved by these masters. And it has been achieved. As you leave the Piscean Age, the Human DNA takes with it the record of Spiritual Mastery in Love and Compassion achieved by many in the process of Ascension. And soon, all will walk the bridge from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Light.

But first, you as Lightworkers, must be conscious and willing to release the shadow side of the path of Spiritual Power and Mastery. And this is the path of the Martyr. So many Lightworkers still carry in their psyches a fear of being harmed that often prevents them from fully entering into their work. This fear can now be released, for this path and its shadow archetypes are completed.

The New Archetypes or Codes for the Age of Light

The distinctive energies for the Age of Light will be ADVENTURE and UNFOLDING. Spiritual Mastery and Personal Empowerment will be achieved absolutes and rights, as already seen in your Crystal Children. The Next phase of your evolution will be the exploration of the path of the Achieved Master in Playfulness, Adventure, Trust and Unfolding. The joyful love of the Universe will hold each Human Angel and Master as they explore their new potential in adventures of creativity and love.

But, before this can be achieved, humans will need to integrate their Piscean archetypes and allow the new energies to be activated. And to do this in a balanced way requires each human to be conscious and to make empowered choices for their own lives. This is the education process in which Lightworkers will engage with many people as the path of Rapid Transformation opens the way into the future for all. This work will be challenging in the extreme, as many seek to cross the bridge, leaving behind the old and embracing the new. Leaving behind control, power games and corrupt systems for the path of freedom and new possibilities.

The Energy of the New

In many ways the Age of Light will be the Age of the Magical Child, as humanity takes its first steps into this new realm of the Higher Octave of Consciousness provided by the Ascension process. It is a realm of miracles and possibility. The image of the Dolphin swimming with a child will become a key symbol for you. The dolphin signifies higher consciousness, the connection with the stars, especially Sirius, and the ability to shift DNA patterns and heal instantaneously with the sound and color aspects of energy. The child signifies the innocence, wonder and power of the newly birthed Multi-Dimensional Human Angel Consciousness.

The Magical Child within each one of you will be supported by the "parent" energies of the balanced Inner Male and Female. The male Energy will express itself in a shamanic role. In the Age of Light, the male energy will reconnect once again with the Earth and express itself in ceremonies of Light and Healing. You will walk in the Dreamtime as empowered beings of Light. New modes of healing based on energy, plants and crystals, will take the place of toxic drugs and invasive surgery. Communities will arise that will join together to celebrate the connections of Humans with their Planet. Your Male energy will rediscover the deep ecstatic and healing experiences of ceremonial connection with the Planet.

The Feminine energy within you will become the receptive channel for the incoming cosmic and galactic waves of light and information. The creative impulses of the source will once again be channeled by you through your bodies, and you will express your divine right to creativity. Every day will become an adventure of creativity and love in expression.

These energies, male, female and child, will blend together to create balance and harmony between the head and the heart. The Multi-Dimensional Earth will be a place of miracles and joy and peace.

So, beloved ones, as you cross the bridge be aware that the turbulence may be violent, but it will be short. You, as a planetary people, have chosen the Path of Rapid Transformation. And you chose it so that you might enter the Age of Light all the sooner.

We in the Higher Dimensions walk with you and support you as Masters of Light on the path forward that you, as a group, have chosen. We honor the courage and vision of your choice.


*Excerpted from: The Circle Of Light Ezine a Newsletter Egroup.
Publisher/Editor: Lady Isis
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From: "meriaheller">
Subject: Re: Rising Phoenix Series #30 : Taking The Beast By The Horns
Date: 11 Nov 2004

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for your bravery and inspired newsletter. You are a treasure and true son of Mother Earth. Spirit smiles upon you daily.

I would like to offer you and all your readers a special deal on my book. I am willing to share the profit on the book 50/50 with anyone that will help me get the book out there. The book retails for $15, I'm willing to package it in sets of 10, for $10 apiece.

It is a tribute to great people that have walked this planet in a sacred way, and truly a Bible for our generation and future generations. Sun Bear, my teacher is honored in the book and in the Universal Wheel for his bravery and teachings. On his impetus I have taken the wheel to it's next level, one for all beings. I have hundreds of plants, minerals and animals in the glossary, and their updated spiritual meanings. If you work with totems, you will understand that all has evolved, and all meanings evolve with it.

As I read the news on the show, and my new Earth News Hour (last Friday of the month), I realize how timely and important the book is. It is not a coincidence that it is ready NOW, in time for the last battle on this planet, and for true paradise to begin on a new Earth populated by those who know how to live in a sacred manner.

In 1991 I was given a message for the world "live in a sacred manner or die". This book is the bible for those who chose to live in a sacred manner. Shift from this reality, and start loving life and the Planet.

It will help those who aren't in alignment with the energies of the shift to get there, simply by reading and applying the information.

We must disconnect ourselves from the negative low energy of this planet and the masses, tune up, and get ready for the shift out of here. Soon, we will be able to live in peace in a beautiful Earth. We need the tools to get there and appreciate it once we are there.

I have not done anything the past 30 yrs for personal gain. I have turned down numerous "big offers" because of the integrity of my work and mission. It all culminates in this book "Reinventing The Wheel, The Universal Wheel: Tool of Global Unity".

Please have your readers go to my website for information on the book. Write me if you are able to help me get this book out, either through your websites, newsletters or businesses.

In this world, we must become the change we want to be. I choose to be the new media. Will you help?

May the Great Spirit rush the end of this system, and propel those of honest hearts into a world without madness,


ALSO THIS taken from another email: "Also, this book is not an airy fairy dream story. It is about my life before and after I met Sun Bear, learned the philosophy of the medicine wheel "live life in a sacred manner" and treat all life as precious (even people you don't know). It is also a fabulous glossary of animals, minerals and plants as they have evolved, are threatened, and what they mean to you."


From: "Christine">
Subject: FWD Indigo Children: "PRAY FOR BUSH"
Date: 9 Nov 2004

Beloved Friends,

The Indigo Children are asking us to Pray for President Bush!!!

Many in the world have expressed feelings of regret or anger since the US re-elected George Bush as President. Not the Indigo Children. I have received two separate messages today from children, exactly the same, and I know many of the rest share their feelings. The message was: "Pray for all world leaders, especially the ones from countries that have the greatest power to do good." Think about that statement for a moment. "The greatest power to do good." Their focus is not on what should or should not have happened during the election, but what did happen, and their deep, profound knowing that it is exactly as it should be. By focusing on this, they are able to empower every leader to answer a higher call, and to promote compassion and peace. If we follow their lead, then we will move into a position of greater power, leading the leaders into a new world.


It's impossible for us to know why anything happens; it is only ours to use whatever happens to bring peace. As much as many of us would have preferred a victory for John Kerry, we have to trust that everything is happening according to a Divine Plan. The Children know this, and they are calling us to know it as well. Please take a few moments today to send a blessing to every leader. As you know, I will be in the Middle East for our world wide prayer vigil on November 13 (for more info go to: where we also pray for calm as Yasser Arafat prepares for his transition. We will help anchor all these prayers for that troubled region. There is so much good all these leaders can do, and we must be the ones who support them in doing it.

Thank you!!!


On December 10, 1994, James Twyman performed the Peace Concert for the first time at the Peace Abbey outside Boston. Since then he has shared these prayers and music in countries around the world, often during wars or international conflicts in some of the most dangerous areas on the planet. Millions of people have taken part in the peace prayer vigils that have accompanied many of these journeys, beginning in 1998 when James was first invited to Baghdad by the government of Iraq.

Please join us for a 10th Anniversary concert on December 10, 2004 being held in Ashland, Oregon. Two different concerts will be performed at (time) and (time), both of which will be taped for an upcoming video. If you are interested in attending, please (details on how to sign up).

We hope all of you from our extended spiritual family will join us for this very special event.
See you there.

The Beloved Community


From: "Eve Howard">
Subject: Feedback on the Current State of Affairs
Date: 13 Nov 2004

Hi Jean,

Very bleak days indeed. Of one thing I am confident, we will no longer be able to effect change within the system, it must be on the outside. Our only hope, in my opinion is to create a new world independent of the one that exists and have the good fortune to start a movement of interested parties so large and so quick that it becomes an unstoppable tidal wave. If we are unable to accomplish this and people continue to walk around with the blinders that they have during this whole sordid affair - God help us.

Thank-you so much for all you do, please know how much we appreciate you and the haven of refuge you offer so that we may keep the thread that connects us all alive.

Love and Light,



Date: 12 Nov 2004
From: Aluna Joy>
Subject: Duality Busters & Finding a New Way

I have to admit that my guides and the Masters that I work with have had a change of attitude since the Venus passover in June. They have had a urgency in their tone and much more power and conviction in their messages. It is time to shift my friends, and they are all behind us cheering for us!

Below is a couple of short messages from Lord MERU. Lord Meru has been the spoke person for the South American chapter of the Great White Brother/Sisterhood. We have work together for the last 5-6 years, but this year he has taken a turn and become quite verbal and very intense. His messages are strong and potent and there will be many more coming.

Duality Busters

Lord Meru from the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, South America
Through Aluna Joy Yaxk‚in - September 2004

We are entering into a new world together, and many worlds are already in great celebration knowing what is about take place. We hope you can feel the joyful reverberation throughout the universe. We have been waiting for this for a long time.

We want to guide you through a new doorway to a higher world, but we need your help and participation. We are asking you to enter into a world without duality. This will be your greatest challenge, because you're world is based in understanding reality by comparison. Comparison is duality at its core. 

Those of you who see yourself at the cutting edge of the awakening of humanity have placed yourself there by using duality. Now you must awaken the rest of the way by not using duality. There is really no concept about how to do this in your world yet. We are calling on you to be creative awakening souls to become Duality Busters. You are a world defined by your differences.

There is no way we can explain to you a non-dualistic reality with a dualistic language. So we want to show you how immersed you are in duality. You can't shift out of duality without knowing what you are leaving behind. You judge your food. Sugar is bad for you, but the big organic salad is good for you. You eat vegetables and not meat. Some colors you consider high frequency colors to wear and use and others not. There is night and day, good and evil. When you have right, you also have wrong. When you have peace, you also have war. When you have love, you also have hate. Your foundation of how you live is dualistic. If you think you do all the right things just by doing so, you judge other things as wrong or opposite. Duality is the basis of every religion and every governmental institution. Duality is how we raise our children, teaching what is right and what is wrong. We think dualistic by deciding in each moment what we want. Even your languages are dualistic by nature with the exception of a rare few indigenous languages.

Open your eyes and hearts and allow your masterful creativity to show you another way to live holistically unified in oneness. You know what we say is true, yet you don't know how to go about it. We are at a great loss to help you. We can only shine light on the issue and offer some support and encouragement. We can only sit back and watch as you begin to create the world you all have dreamed of. This new world is no longer just a fantasy. It is becoming a fact, only because you dreamt it. Remember a fantasy is just a dream you gave up on!

In the new world, colors will be different and more intensified. Sound will be more acute. You'll hear and see things you have never seen or heard before. Your understanding of reality and of life will blossom into a holistic fullness that will feel strangely familiar. It will be just like déjà vu . . . like you just remembered something you've always known.

You're so close to shifting now. You're standing in the open door. It a fragile time but also the most powerful creative time you have ever lived in. So trust and know that you, and the universe, and all of us out here are working together to end the separation, to end war, to end hate, to end illness, to end lack. It will be a wild and weird ride, but once on the other side, you'll say "WOW! what a journey!" You'll find gratification and feel fulfilled like you have come to the end of a very long project. You'll be a little tired and worn out, but never before feeling so amazingly good and uplifted. So get busting your duality and separation as this will make the shift a little easier. We can't tell you where you're going. We only know your ready to jump, and we will be right there with you.              


Finding a New Way

Lord Meru at the Interdimensional Doorway at Lake Titicaca
and The Universal Temple of the Heart at Taquile Island - Lake Titicaca
Through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - September, 2004

The way you have been doing things do not work anymore. You knock on the door over and over, and the door does not open. Yet you keep knocking. You say the right words, wear the right clothes, do the right rituals. Yet after all this time, you still are not at your desired destination. Why do you keep doing things that do not give you lasting desired results? When are you going to get it? It isn't working. Quit doing things over and over that don't give you the desired results. Find a new way.

You say that you want to wake up. You say this all the time. You want to wake up, yet the universe is showing you over and over what is not working, and you don't listen. So how can you wake up if you are not listening. You wave the feather in the air and chant ancient chants, but you do not notice that it is not working for you.

Be in the moment, and do what your heart calls you to do, since this is where the truth and power lies. Truth evolves just as you do. Truth shifts and changes all the time. The universe, humanity, and all forms of all life evolve. Nothing ever stays the same so quit expecting it to! This goes for the old traditional ways that you've been taught. The ancient ways served you up to now, but you are in between worlds as you read this, and what worked in the past is not working now. You're just wasting your time. It is just a show now; a type of spiritual entertainment. You want more than this we hope.

Ceremony, ritual and affirmations done over and over are just other ways that keep you asleep when done with repetition and not from your heart. Old ways are just another from of drug; another form of an addiction in which you may feel temporarily connected with all that is. You might feel better in the moment after a prayer or ceremony, but just a short while later you're right back where you had begun. Then you have to do it all over again to feel the oneness; the bliss. Afterwards you feel frustrated that you cannot stay there. Your actions should not give you temporary results. They should give you lasting results. The universe is telling you it isn't working anymore. Wake up. Look for a new way to enter the timeless oneness and stay there. You're entering a new world. New worlds have new ways, and you're the creator of these new ways. Get creative.

Open your hearts and listen for the new way. The old way has carried you this far, but the old ways can go no further with you. You walk into a new world as a babe, alone with no guides pointing the way, or any outside validation or permission. It is up to you to create the new way that will work for you and humanity. Find new ways that will open your hearts eternally. Find a new way to reach the oneness, the bliss, and live there. Find a way to open dimensional doorways, and keep the doors open for all to enter into.

Quit beating your spirits up with repetitious actions that do not give you the desired outcome. Your knocking on a old door that has rusted shut. If it hasn't worked for you by having now giving you the desired outcome, it is not going to. It is time for find a new door. It's time to find new way. Find a new way.


“In this quarter century, your dream produces its harvest. The bridge between Creator and Creation appears. . .”

- Ken Carey "Starseed: The Third Millennium"


These invocations are offered up to the fountainhead of Light, Love and Power in the sincere hope that they harmonize with the Plan for the Earth, and with the soul blueprints of all those of us who are now living on Earth.

Darkness into Light

We invoke that the raising of the physical Universe and of neighboring dimensions into higher frequencies begins to gather momentum, setting in motion tides of energy, waves of Light and Love and creative Power that cannot and will not be opposed.

We also invoke that all those who have been working against the Light, at whatever level, recognize that this moment provides them with a God-given opportunity to return to the Light, by re-directing their energies and activities to the service of the Plan. . .

Thank you!


We invoke that all children and adults around the world who are being unlawfully detained, starved, confined, punished, threatened, tortured, conditioned, brainwashed or in any way misused shall be set free, and safely returned to their families and communities. . .

Thank you!


We invoke that, from this moment, we be fully protected from all and any doubt, insecurity, demoralisation and dread; and that we be shielded from any illness, mishap or negativity that serves no constructive purpose.

We also ask that we all continue to receive guidance and protection during this crucial phase, and thereafter.

Thank you!


We invoke that, as the Plan for Earth and humanity begins to reveal itself in ever greater detail, we have the clarity of mind to understand what we are sensing and seeing, and to identify the unique role that each of us has to play in this great adventure. . .

Thank you!


We invoke that all people, everywhere, who have endured years of drudgery, difficulty and disappointment, soon experience the release and the fulfillment they deserve. . .

Thank you!

A timely reminder

We invoke that, at the appropriate time, and by whatever means, agency or authority is considered most appropriate, all governments on Earth will be reminded that they exist to serve, and not to control, their peoples; they will then be reminded of the will and desire of the majority of their peoples; and they will be instructed to make the freedom, safety and prosperity of their peoples their first priority.

We ask that, as a result of these instructions, the sharing of resources and information will immediately replace the hoarding of resources; secrecy, espionage and coercion will be phased out; individuality and self-expression will become the foundation on which education will now be built; hostilities and ancient vendettas between countries and peoples will be exposed as malignant cancers - and will quickly be healed by practical alliances based on mutual advantage; and oppression of every kind will become a thing of the past.

Thank you!

‘The greatest energy source on Earth. . .’

We invoke that, the human race, which is the greatest untapped energy source on Earth, will now wake, and empower itself; and that the people of the world will immediately organize and equip themselves to rebuild civilization. . .”

Thank you!

Liberation [ii]

We invoke that all people in the grip of divisive, destructive, disempowering belief systems and creeds be freed from their enslavement to them.

Thank you!


We invoke that the Earth herself will appear to every one of us in a vision or dream, and that she will show herself to us as she really is - in all her multidimensional glory.

We ask her to speak of the pain and distress we have caused her, by losing touch with our own total identity, and to reveal the many benefits that await us, when we have readjusted our attitude both to her and to ourselves.

We ask that this vision leaves us all with the urgent desire to repair the damage we have done to the planet and to each other. . .

Thank you!

A universal language

We invoke that, by a special act of grace, a universal language or other system of precise thought communication be instantaneously granted to the human race, enabling us all to communicate with each other at will, regardless of our own national languages. . .

Thank you!

Free choice

We invoke that all restrictive dogma and orthodoxy now begin to fall away, leaving people with free choice in every area of their lives. . .

May we all wake to our own fundamental rights and freedoms, and no longer feel the need to herd together in sects, cults or regimented belief systems. And in enjoying our new-found freedom, may we never lose sight of the needs and requirements of everyone and everything around us.

May we begin to enjoy our individuality, our creativity, our uniqueness. . .

Thank you!

Global disarmament

We invoke that all weapons and devices of mass destruction now be phased out, and that the huge resources that have so far been spent on their construction and maintenance be channeled into other, more life-enhancing enterprises.

Thank you!

Science, technology and medicine

We invoke that the new sciences, technologies and healing systems that have been created, to assist and empower mankind at this moment of transition, can now be introduced.

We ask that all individuals, corporations, conglomerates, governments, banks, cartels and other institutions realize that they have nothing to fear from the new: no trauma, no loss of impetus, employment or even profit need occur - they will simply adapt their plant, laboratories and work force to the production of the new. . .

Thank you!

Liberation [iii]

We invoke that all political, economic, religious, social, financial, medical, educational, cultural, industrial, commercial, technological, telecommunications, media, military, and other institutions, systems and corporations that have been used, openly or in secret, to control, exploit, program, neutralize or in any other way to disempower the public shall, with the least disruption, find the means to transform themselves into the service of the people. . .

Thank you!


We invoke that the present system of party politics, which ensures that entire populations are perpetually divided against each other, be replaced by a system that takes advantage of administrators’ talent and experience, regardless of their political persuasion; a system in which effectiveness and performance will be the chief criteria; above all, a system which reflects the collective will, desire and best interests of the people . . .

Thank you!

NB: ‘politics’ comes from the Greek word ‘polites’, which means ‘citizen’...


We invoke that all governments, local governments, civil services, police forces and other institutions involved in the quality of life of “ordinary” citizens - especially those people without the means to cushion themselves from the effects of illness, accidents, unemployment, setbacks, conflicts, litigation and other costly misadventures - will without delay introduce policies to protect rather than to penalize the unfortunate.

We ask that such practices as heavily penalizing debtors for minor debts, drivers for minor traffic infringements, blameless victims of accidents, unemployment, violence, unsuccessful litigation, illness and other costly misfortunes will find the State and all other institutions and individuals concerned more receptive to their needs and swifter to take remedial action.

We also ask that the legal and justice systems around the world be radically revised to protect the innocent - rather than the rich, the powerful and the corrupt.

We also ask that we find the strength of mind and character and the compassion immediately to phase out our many forms of cruelty to animals and other life forms.

We also ask that special consideration and practical assistance will be given to the aged, the needy, the hungry, homeless, the derelict and the mentally impaired. . .

Thank you!


We invoke that, without further delay, all such concepts as class distinction, social stratification, racial superiority, racial inferiority, gender superiority, gender inferiority, religious superiority, religious inferiority, physical superiority, physical inferiority, mental superiority, mental inferiority, industrial superiority, industrial inferiority, creative superiority, creative inferiority, monetary superiority, monetary inferiority - indeed, all thinking that tends to separate and to foster unwarranted feelings of superiority and inferiority - be subjected to the most radical reappraisal, based on logic, compassion and spiritual law. . .

Thank you!


We invoke that the shamelessly exploitation of workers in almost every country of the world shall be replaced by a more honest practice; and that systematic exploitation of all kinds shall be exposed and rapidly phased out. . .

Thank you!

A no-lose situation

We invoke that everyone who might be unsettled by the great changes that are now beginning to occur on Earth, will receive from their own inner guidance whatever reassurance and encouragement is required, not only to enable them to accept that what is happening is for the good of all, including themselves, but to leave them with an instinctive desire to contribute to what is now happening, and will continue to happen until the Plan has been fulfilled. . .

Thank you!


We invoke that all those who have been deliberately misinforming, or deceiving, or disempowering, or programming, or exploiting, or enslaving, or controlling, or undermining, or threatening, or coercing, or penalizing, or marginalising, or torturing, or terrorizing or murdering their fellow human beings immediately lose their power to do so.

We invoke that they be confronted with their own Overselves, who will make them aware of their own behavior - and of the grave implications of what they have been doing for their own aggrandizement, and to perpetuate their own power, status and wealth.

May these people recognize that, by converting their activities to the service of mankind and the planet, the karmic debts they have already incurred can swiftly be canceled out, and that they can resume their onward journey without delay.

May these people also realize that what they have been given to see and understand comes from their own higher selves, and not from any other source.

Thank you!

Grand Alliance

We invoke that constructive and creative interaction now begins to occur between the entire human race and Spirit, in order to accelerate the rebuilding of human civilization according to the Plan. . .

Thank you!

Let there be Light

We invoke that, if life without negativity, discord, disease, conflict, cruelty, violence and horror is possible and permissible in this Universe - and if such existence breaks no natural and immutable laws in a galaxy in which duality and polarity appear to provide the only arena in which life, growth and experience can take place - we be inspired, encouraged and determined to attain it without further delay. . .

Thank you!

Thy Will Be Done

We invoke that the long-awaited moment of transition will soon pass, that will enable the Earth and all her life forms and all her helpers - and all other worlds and dimensions that are included in the Plan - to begin [or to resume] their journey back to the Light. . .

Thank you!

A message from an Angelic source to the growing number of souls who valiantly serve the world:

“You will blaze up, you will become a guiding star to nations younger than yourselves; a torch by which those yet unborn shall see the path to wisdom.

“The greater world outside yourselves will grow, taking its ideals of leadership from your own example. Generations to come will pour their blessings on your names, and you will live again in them; through them receive the gift of immortality.”


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