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October 2, 2004

The Light Series #67: We Have Turned The Corner

Hello everyone

Here is an amazing amount of hope-filled information and views that should enlighten your day.

Now it is your turn to share this with others ;-)

Jean Hudon

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"What a beautiful site! I am so glad I've signed up for your newsletter... the state of our beautiful planet and inhabitants at the bullying hands of the hierarchy just makes you want to break down and cry, cry, cry. But we must be positive and fight back, reclaim "Love, Peace and Light" and justice for Mother Earth and the oppressed ...... Little ways you can help is sign up for a email account with where every click helps and sign as many petitions with them as possible, also sign petitions with "The Union of Concerned Scientists and any other sites that have petitions for Mother Earth, the Animal Kingdom, the Oceans and the needy ...... Together we can make a big difference .... 'THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD'"

- Message from Anne Khan

Worthy of your Attention

It's all One (A MUST see!)
1.3 Meg Flash Animation. Watch a simple cartoon creature state a powerful message in simple words. Courtesy of the Foundation for Global Community, a nonprofit educational organization, dedicated to reconnecting people, the planet, and prosperity. Recognizing that natural, social, and economic systems are all parts of a single interconnected whole, the Foundation has been promoting cultural change, facilitating personal development, and strengthening community connections for over 50 years. More on this foundation at -- and while you are there, make sure to watch another TRULY amazingly well produced 6.3 Megs 10 minutes flash animation: "An Extraordinary Moment - Every one of us has inherited a rich heritage that is billions of years old..."
An amazing English online resource! is a comprehensive and searchable reference tool on the web offering search results from a diverse array of dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and other valuable references. Completely free and non-profit.


1. "60 SECONDS A DAY FOR 6 WEEKS!" for Kerry
2. Harmonic Concordance ll
3. A wonderful vision & a snapshot from the front line
4. Reclaiming the Path of Love
5. Kerry is definitely not Bush!
6. Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts
7. Telling the Truth About the Election
8. Unlimited New Energy from Sun and Water

See also:

It Was a Rout - By William Rivers Pitt (Oct 1)
There was a President on that stage in Florida on Thursday night, and his name was not George. This was supposed to be the debate that played to the strengths of Bush and his administration. Foreign policy in general and the protection of the United States from terrorism in particular, according to all the polls and every talking head within earshot, are the areas where George supposedly commands the high ground. That illusion came crashing down on the stage in Coral Gables. How else can one describe the demeanor and behavior of Bush, as seen by 40,000,000 television viewers and heard by millions more radio listeners? Shrill. Defensive. Muddled. Angry, very angry. Repetitive. Uninformed. Outmatched. Unprepared. Hesitant. Twenty four minutes into the debate, Bush lost his temper, and spent the remaining hour and six minutes looking for all the world as though he were sucking on a particularly bitter lemon. This is what happens when you surround yourself with yes-men. John Kerry put the bricks to Bush and the last four years of his administration clearly, concisely, eloquently and with devastating effect. Bush reacted like a man who has never, ever had anyone tell him anything other than "Good job, sir." That is what happens when you have to defend your record as President, something that no one in the media or elsewhere had managed to force Bush to do in the last 1,000 days. In the October 2000 debate, Bush managed to hold his own simply by making promises and telegraphing an aw-shucks charm. On Thursday night, Bush faced a reckoning at the hands of a man who cut his teeth prosecuting and imprisoning mob bosses. (...) Yeah, that's it. Never mind that one participant had total command of the facts, an understanding of the foreign policy realm, a firm grasp on the situations in Iraq, North Korea and Afghanistan, while the other participant seemed shocked that faded platitudes and repeated campaign slogans weren't getting the job done. The shattering, humiliating, obvious defeat handed to George W. Bush before a massive television audience must have come because moderator Jim Lehrer somehow conspired with debate host Fox News to telegraph the questions to Kerry beforehand. (...) No amount of spin will be able to undo the reality of what took place in Florida on Thursday night. What happened on that stage was an absolute, immutable truth. Bush looked bad. Worse, he looked uninformed, overmatched and angry. Worst of all, he's going to have to go through it two more times. If he shows up.

Bush v. Kerry: The Full Debate Transcript

Just the Highlights of the Debate

New York Times: "Mr. Kerry Delivered the Goods"

It's the IQ Stupid (01 October 2004)
Kerry outsmarts Bush in the crucial first debate.

The World Speaks
New Internet Gateway Gets Americans and Non-Americans Talking About the US Election. The World Speaks ( launched today, creating a global online gateway that facilitates a multimedia dialogue between Americans and non-Americans in advance of the US presidential election.

Ambassadors for Change
A movement inspired by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, Be the Change You Want to See in the World, is gathering pace. Next year, Scotland will host a Be the Change conference following on from the first in Morocco, opened by the King and attended by 1,000 young people. Meanwhile, Be the Change Ambassadors are presenting dramas in schools raising key issues of sustainability.

Russia to OK Kyoto Ratification (September 29, 2004)
MOSCOW (AP) -- The Russian Cabinet will approve ratification of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the Interfax news agency reported Wednesday. Moscow has wavered on ratification of the 1997 protocol, which can go into force only with Russian ratification. President Vladimir Putin vowed to speed up the ratification process in May in return for European Union approval of Russia's bid to join the Worth Trade Organization. Interfax quoted an unidentified government source as saying the government would approve a draft law on ratification of the pact at a session on Thursday. That would mean ratification would have Putin's backing, making approval by the Kremlin-controlled parliament highly likely. Earlier this month, officials said the Russian government had asked five ministries to approve ratification, and the World Wildlife Fund said Putin had instructed key ministers to sign off on the ratification documents.

Air Powered Car
The first air powered cars will be rolling off the production lines in France later this year. Other countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa and Mexico are hoping to start making the cars in 2005. (...) Since the air car was presented in Spain in 2001, the technology and the concept have improved considerably. The engine is now driven only by compressed air obtained from cylinders installed in the vehicle. Improvements made to the 25 horsepower engine mean that the car will run for up to 200 km. It will also travel at 110 km per hour on motorways and recharge will take only take three to four minutes at service stations that supply compressed air. Negotiations are under way to ensure that existing service stations will provide this service. CLIP

Fuel cell celebrates one year (September 23, 2004)
Fairbanks, Alaska—The University of Alaska Fairbanks and Fuel Cell Technologies of Kingston, Ontario, have announced that the five-kilowatt solid oxide fuel cell installed in Fairbanks has successfully passed the one-year field operational mark.UAF has been testing fuel cell systems, which convert natural gas to grid-compatible AC electricity, for more than six years. Fuel cells promise highly reliable and efficient small-scale systems for remote power applications that may mean a significant reduction in both fuel consumption and CO2 production. Since system lifetime and reliability are major issues preventing deployment of these systems in remote areas, the one-year mark represents a significant milestone for solid oxide fuel cell systems toward proving that the technology is coming of age.The unit has operated for 8,700 hours and provided 24,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity to the Fairbanks Natural Gas facility. That, together with an average of two kilowatt-hours of generated heat, brings the total system efficiency to 70 percent, a significant efficiency gain when compared to current systems of similar size, such as small diesel generators, which operate at about 25 percent electrical efficiency.The fuel cell functioned 91.5 percent of the time over the past year, a significant number as the U.S. Department of Defense, a potential user of the fuel cell, requires a minimum—and rarely achieved—90 percent efficiency. CLIP

First European Conference on Complementary Currencies
Complementary currencies, often called local or community currencies, are evolving. Professor Margrit Kennedy, author of 'Interest and Inflation Free Money' and a key speaker at the first European Conference on Complementary Currencies, says: “Few people understand how money functions. If they did, we would have a quite different monetary system immediately – one which would bring more social justice, better opportunities for a healthy environment and higher stability of currencies.” One of the most exciting developments is the new regional currencies starting in Germany and France which should encourage people to choose to buy products and services from their own regions.Professor Bernard Lietaer, author of The Future of Money made his presentation from America via the Internet, projected onto a screen from a laptop. He says: “It is important to realise that money is not a thing, it only appears to be. Rather, money is an agreement, a social contract and, as such, is subject to amendment and evolvement.”

Alliance for a New Humanity
The Alliance for a New Humanity holds its second Forum in Puerto Rica in December. Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Arun, and Robert Redford are among those invited to speak. The Alliance is working to connect those who strive for peace, social justice and ecological balance. Board members include Nobel Peace Laureates, Betty Williams and former Costa Rica President, Oscar Arias, Deepak Chopra and singer Ricky Martin. The Alliance says it is working to connect those who strive for peace, social justice and ecological balance. They want to create a critical mass of social consciousness so that public policy is founded on compassion, the inherent dignity and oneness of all human beings, and a nurturing relationship with nature. They say a new humanity will emerge from a global change in perception and a vision of unity in diversity that engenders selflessness in our actions towards others. More details at

Human populations are tightly interwoven (29 September 2004)
Family tree shows our common ancestor lived just 3,500 years ago.The most recent common ancestor of all humanity lived just a few thousand years ago, according to a computer model of our family tree. Researchers have calculated that the mystery person, from whom everyone alive today is directly descended, probably lived around 1,500 BC in eastern Asia. Douglas Rohde of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge and his colleagues devised the computer program to simulate the migration and breeding of humans across the world. By estimating how different groups intermingle, the researchers built up a picture of how tightly the world's ancestral lines are linked. The figure of 1,500 BC might sound surprisingly recent. But think how wide your own family tree would be if you extended it back that far. Lurking somewhere in your many hundreds of ancestors at that date is likely to be somebody who crops up in the corresponding family tree for anyone alive in 2004. CLIP

Running on Sunshine For most of the year
Simon Roberts runs his car on sunshine! The photovoltaic panels on the roof of his house in Lambeth, London, supply 80 per cent of the fuel. Five years ago he became the first person to install his own kerbside electric car charger to power his Peugeot 106 and has been enjoying emission free, silent motoring ever since.Intent on being as green as possible, Simon recently decided to install PV panels so that he could generate his own, clean, free solar electricity supply. Now Simon is driving London’s first solar powered car. He has no worries about the price of fuel and he can sell his surplus electricity to Ecotricity through their Renewable Rewards scheme. He explained that he did it to prove that it can be done. “I’m trying to be an ecowarrior without changing my lifestyle too much,” said Simon.

Freeing the World of Landmines
A converted mechanical digger, which clears landmines 100 times faster than clearing them by hand, is Kiyoshi Amemiya’s gift to the world. The Japanese businessman has donated machines to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Thailand and Vietnam. The Japanese businessman first saw the gruesome effects of landmines while on a business trip to Cambodia and, like most other visitors, he was deeply shocked. On his return to Japan, he resolved to do something. As President of Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery he had the resources to set up a team to develop a mine-clearing machine. The result was a converted mechanical digger, with a drum bristling with blades, which sets off anti-personnel mines and withstands up to 10,000 explosions. The machine cost the company 100 million yen (943,000 US dollars) to develop. Ten years on and Kiyoshi has donated a total of 36 machines to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Thailand and Vietnam through the UN and local non-governmental organizations, paid for with profits from the company’s commercial operations.“In Cambodia and Vietnam, mined areas are often covered in dense trees and bushes, but our blades can cut them before disposing of the land-mines,” says Kiyoshi. “For Afghanistan, we made the blades strong enough to resist sand and rocks while in Nicaragua we had to adjust the blades so they could work in mud.” CLIP

The Rainbow Peace Caravan (A brilliant initiative of long-time ERN subscribers)
Over the past eight years, 500 people travelled with the Rainbow Peace Caravan as it journeyed through 20 Latin American countries. Adventures included mediating in the conflict between Colombian guerrillas and paramilitary forces and meeting with the Zapatista Liberation Army.


Date: 30 Sep 2004
Subject: "60 SECONDS A DAY FOR 6 WEEKS!" for Kerry

Dear Jean:

You've probably seen this already, but I decided to research who the author, Susan Skog, and came up with the following at the end of the message. Thought you might be interested. Please share this specially with your network. It just might do the trick. :)

Aloha & blessings.

ps. Susan is a lovely looking woman. :)


With only 35 days before the Presidential election, I feel compelled to share this idea. I am an author, activist, and former science writer. I enjoy the intersection of physics and culture - never more obvious than this fall.



We want John Kerry as our next President. Give up focusing on George Bush. We don't have to agree with him or support him in any fashion. Instead, we have to turn our thoughts now to something greater. We have to do something unstoppable. In the legacy of Einstein and all great thinkers, we have to harness the power of our thoughts to get the outcome we desire in November.


THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: FOR 60 SECONDS EACH DAY visualize John Kerry elected as our next President of the United States. See the relief, the celebrations, the excitement, and the sense of fulfillment all across America. See yourself rejoicing with people in your home, neighborhood, and workplace. See us all rejoicing with people all over the world! See John Kerry being sworn into office. Feel the hope, joy, and gratitude. Feel it in your hearts. Believe it is possible. And be sure to vote!

** Now, imagine John Kerry restoring greater wellbeing in America.

** See people streaming back to work.

** See young students getting the support they need.

** Visualize our teachers, police officers, single mothers, the mentally ill, and many others getting the help they deserve.

** See our soldiers coming home to their families.

** Imagine our leaders establishing greater trust and good will, earning the respect of other nations.

** See peace spreading across the world.

** See the Iraq conflict ending.

** Feel how good it will be for the environment to be protected and renewed.

** See hope rising across the world in the hearts and souls of those in need.

** See these pictures in your mind for 60 seconds every day between now and November 2.

** Be grateful that you have the gift of participating in shaping a greater country.

** Be grateful that you care.

Believe that all this is possible, -and more! Please be sure to vote!


In Peace,

Susan Skog

Susan Skog is a nationally known author, writer, and presenter. Trained as a journalist, she is the author of five books, including Peace in Our Lifetime: Insights from the World's Peacemakers; Radical Acts of Love: How Compassion is Transforming Our World; Depression: What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You; ABCs for Living; and Embracing Our Essence: Spiritual Conversations with Prominent Women. Radical Acts of Love was named one of the must-read books of 2001 by New Age Journal and the Wisdom Channel. It was also a OneSpirit Book Club selection for 2001. Radical Acts of Love features more than 80 examples of compassion in action in medicine, business, education, and elsewhere.

Embracing Our Essence, offers the spiritual stories of women such as Jane Goodall, Drs. Christiane Northrup, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Naomi Judd, and Betty and Susan Ford. It was widely praised by national media and developed into a series of national women’s conferences in California, Washington, D.C., and Colorado.

Susan is a frequent, popular lecturer on topics like living with compassion, resolving conflicts, and finding greater joy. She has presented at numerous corporate, medical, government, educational, and nonprofit organizations, including Hewlett-Packard, DePaul University, the USDA, Planetree Medical Alliance, Colorado State University, and MindShare Foundation, a nonprofit linking the world’s kids. She’s presented at bookstores and churches nationwide.

Susan also toured with the former Whole Life Expos in Florida and California and keynoted Embracing our Essence conferences in Washington, D.C., Colorado and California.

Susan has written numerous award-winning articles about science, medicine, technology, and the environment for the nation's leading periodicals. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband and two sons.


From: "Maggie Erotokritou" Date: 26 Sep 2004
Subject: Harmonic Concordance ll

Three dates to pay attention to and for linking in during meditation:

October 1st Opening observation,
October 14th Solar Eclipse,
October 28th total Lunar Eclipse.

Following is more information on these important events.

Love and light,



Harmonic Concordance ll

Do you remember the Harmonic Concordance of November 8/9 2003? It was an exciting time for millions of people all over our beloved planet.

Concordance Celebrations were held in Moscow, Maylasia, Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, and everywhere in between, at the time of that Total Lunar Eclipse. Now there is another set of dynamic astrological patterns that are coming our way. If you gave credence to the original Concordance, you might well be interested in these new astrological indications.

This October, there will appear, in sequence:

* A Grand Quintile (Star/Pentagram) pattern, * A solar eclipse, * A Total Lunar Eclipse and * A second Grand Quintile pattern,

all within the span of 28 days. Astrologer, Jill Whitman, has told us that such an extra-ordinary sequence has not happened during the 2,500 years that she has researched extensively. It is a rare planetary performance. Of further interest is that the two Grand Quintiles and Total Lunar Eclipse are astrologically related to the Grand Sextile and Total Lunar Eclipse of the Harmonic Concordance chart.

A brief explication of the astrology of these October charts may be found at

This period of time looks, and feels, to many - to be a very important one. This can readily be seen in the current discourse within the Spiritual Community. More of us each day, from across the Spiritual spectrum, have been coming to an awareness of ourselves as One Body. The collective imagination seems to be poised on the edge of creating a shift in consciousness to a new level of recognizable awareness.

The original Harmonic Concordance was a call to the Conscious Community to gather together, in one moment of time, to focus the collective imagination on Unity, a Healing for Mother Earth, and the continued awakening of our own Self-Aware God Consciousness. To a significant extent that moment became a rallying point to which many sojourners on the Spiritual path now relate. Now the new astrology points to another high water mark on that journey, with the added attendance of the Divine Feminine Presence.*

Coming together in Community once again can only improve the chances for us to make these changes as a collective Body. Thus we invite that Community to take advantage of this moment. Read in astrology's universal metaphors of time, it presents us with another opportunity to join in consciousness with all others who would enter the ONE Heart, in either an individual and/or community ceremonial observation at the Total Lunar Eclipse of October 27th/28th.

Jan and Johnny Mirehiel

Global events are posted at the following link, you may add yours if you are planning an event.


Maggie Erotokritou Planetary Awakening Network



Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004
From: "B. Pramana" Subject: A wonderful vision & a snapshot from the front line

Hi Judy (and Jean),

Congratulation for your wonderful vision, especially for your ability to feel that comes along with the vision.

"That's the first time I've ever been able to picture Earth like that so something good must be happening!"

Yes, for sure!. Something good is happening! And it is happening especially with you! For the first time you have opened up yourself and be able to resonate to these wonderful light full of love energy that is blanketing our mother Earth.

Actually, those white light have been there all the time. It only depends on our own ability to open up ourselves to LOVE to be able to resonate to it, to see and to feel it. These have been happening to more and more people lately. I hope you will keep yourself resonating to it and probably one day to let those light to guide you to your true 'mission' in this life.

You are welcome to visit my website to see how I started 5 years ago and by clicking the box on the top right hand corner you can visit "Current Project Focus" page( ) where you can find a simple grounding meditation technique to ground the light you've visioned.

As you may see from the above website I had a similar experience about 5 years ago during the Global Peace Meditation for Kosovo, where Jean's and my paths have crossed. So, probably I am one of Jean's first subscribers, who gratefully enjoying his service for over five years now.

Since then, my life has changed quite dramatically. It is full of little miracles if I could say it. From working for a Multi National Corporation in Indonesia, I went through the country's economic meltdown and decided to 'retire' from profit making business.

I then moved back to Australia, registered myself as a volunteer to go to East Timor but the light guided me to end up with a well paid Technical Consultancy job for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Northern Iraq to rehabilitate the electricity network.

During the war I was evacuated and had a 4 months long break, building our new home in the most beautiful spot of Australia. It is now a million dollar house with a million dollar view, a result of another miracle in my life and a proof that you don't have to be poor to be spiritual.

After the war I was called back to do the Needs Assessment survey for the electricity sector of Iraq to be presented as a working document at the first Donor Conference in Madrid (October 2003). I was just completing my survey when our UN Head Quarter in Baghdad was hit by a truck bomb on 19 August 2003. (I left the building just 2 hours before the explosion, another little miracle). We were all then evacuated from Iraq and from thereon we are working from our office in Amman, Jordan.

From the Madrid conference, the UN is setting up a new mechanism to properly managed the donor funds through the UN Development Group Trust Fund, and an integrative approach strategy for the implementation, known as the cluster approach combining the efforts of many UN Agencies assisted by hundreds of NGOs aiming for a much higher effectiveness due to synergy effect.

The 11 clusters are:
1. Education and Culture
2. Health
3. Water and Sanitation
4. Infrastructure and Housing
5. Agriculture, Water Res, & Environment
6. Food security
7. Mine action
8. Refugees and IDPs
9. Governance and Civil Society
10. Poverty reduction & Human development
11. Electoral process.

From the news media we may hear the difficult circumstances for working in the country due to security situations, and the UN is currently not fully represented in the country. However, our projects are still going on. Unlike some companies who had to hire expensive foreign security personnel (who ends up being kidnapped), we are encouraging our Iraqi brothers and sisters to help themselves by funding their efforts.

In my area (Infrastructure - electricity) there are many Iraqi Engineering / Consulting companies being set up to do the necessary site surveys, engineering design and implementation plan, as well as to supervise and manage the project implementation for us. At the same time Iraqi engineering & construction companies are being established to do the project implementations under the supervision of their own country fellows.

At present we are managing over half a billion dollar funds donated by many donor countries and there are countries already indicating their intention to provide several billion dollar further funding. For your information this UNDG Trust Fund is totally separated from the DFI (Development Fund for Iraq) set up and managed by coalition forces.

Early this week (21 & 22 Sept) we had a workshop on electricity to discuss project coordination between our (UN) projects and US/coalition projects to avoid any overlap / double effort and to find gaps that need to be filled, in anticipation of the next donor conference to be held next month in Tokyo.

During this workshop I had a vision that we are sowing the seed for a totally new way of cooperation and development. This is just an early start in finding the right and most effective ways to develop a country and community from a chaotic and dire situation. But once this new modality is rolling smoothly, stream lined and earned the trust from all sides, from the donors as well as the people, it would be the new recepies for further human development. When we succeed with Iraq, I think the whole developing world is waiting for us.

As we started to implement this new modalities in Iraq, the craddle of our civilisation, I got goose bumps all over me visioning that this may be the seed of our coming civilisation based on 'giving', 'donating' or 'sharing surpluses' (read LOVE) to help our brothers and sisters in need to develop themselves.

To have a glimpse on what the UN / UNDP is undertaking in Iraq please visit: and

in Light and Love,





It is certainly a tough time for a lot of us. Not only here in Indonesia, but all around the world humanity is undergoing a change of time. It is not only a Reformation period for Indonesia, but a global transition period involving everything from the world wide political and global economic system, down to individual transformation.

There is a sense that we are in the midst of an 'evolutionary leap' which involved not only humanity, but all Creation and the Planet Earth herself. This transition involves the awakening of a new consciousness which includes an awakening to the understanding on the inter-relatedness of all creation, the fundamental unity of life, and the ONE-ness of Humanity.

To bring about these inner transformation, we are given all kind of 'catalysts', from the mildest to the toughest. From physical, emotional or mental illness, through poverty and other sufferings to man made calamities like wars, riots, economic and political crisis, to natural catastrophes like earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, famine, floods etc.

We've been injured physically, emotionally as well as mentally. We feel our pain, our sorrow and we are often in despair. We feel the darkness around us, and at times we even doubt, if there is a little spark of light at the other end of the tunnel, where we can enjoy peace and happiness.

We have been going down our path of separateness, injuring ourselves due to our selfishness and greed of wealth and power. We lived to search for any opportunity to take rather than to give, and to serve ourselves rather than to serve others.

Now it's time for us to transform ourselves and to realize that we all are ONE.

It is human nature that sometimes we can't help ourselves not to harbor anger or hatred, and to have the urge for revenge. But on the other hand we also notice very clearly that more and more of us are deeply touched in their heart, and compelled by their inner urge to help and to serve others in need.

Through the hardship around us, more and more of us have been transformed from having the attitude to serve one-self into dedicating one-self to serve others.

For those who have felt their innermost calling to serve, we initiated this Network to link one another for the purpose of being acquainted, exchanging information and exploring ways of working together synergistically to serve our brothers and sisters and to make this transition a gentle and positive experience for the highest good of all.

CLIP - Read the rest at


From: Patricia Cota-Robles Subject: Reclaiming the Path of Love
Date: 09 Sep 2004

Reclaiming the Path of Love

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

When the influx of Divine Love from our Mother God is assimilated into every person's Heart Flame, we will fully experience the long-foretold shift of consciousness that will catapult us out of the quagmire of pain and suffering Humanity is currently experiencing in almost every facet of life. This shift of consciousness will allow the Divine Truth of the Oneness of ALL Life to awaken in every person's heart and mind.

The significance of this event cannot be overstated. When every person remembers that WE ARE ALL ONE and that ALL Life is interrelated, interdependent and interconnected, war, greed, selfishness, hatred, violence, intolerance, the abuse of power or any other behavior pattern that reflects a lack of Reverence for Life will be recognized as absurd and totally self-destructive.

At the moment, much of Humanity is polarized and filled with fear. The negativity that is surfacing to be healed and transmuted into Light seems to be exacerbating the problem. When our human egos are filled with fear, they cling to distorted beliefs and obsolete behavior patterns even if they no longer serve our highest good. In an odd way, the old patterns feel safer simply because they are familiar. In this fear-based consciousness, rational, logical reasoning goes out the window. Negotiating becomes an act of futility, and compromise seems beyond our grasp. Only an Awakening within the Divinity of our Hearts can break this oppressive deadlock. Only the Epiphany of Inner Knowing can shatter the illusion of separation and the bonds of fear that are keeping Humanity trapped in our dysfunctional behavior patterns.

Through the Divine Grace of our Mother God, help is now available for Humanity in ways we have never experienced. Our Mother God and the Beings of Light who are assisting Her through the powerful Venus Transits are flooding the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth with Divine Guidance and Enlightening information. This information is specifically designed to awaken within every evolving soul the pre-encoded memories that reveal the Truth of the Divine Feminine and the Oneness of all Life. Once these codes are activated within every person's RNA/DNA structures, our I AM Presence will have greater access to our hearts and minds. The Divine Intervention of our I AM Presence is the ONLY permanent solution to the maladies being perpetuated on Earth at this time by Humanity's fallen human egos.

CLIP - To read the rest, go at


From: "Kiara Windrider" Subject: Kerry is definitely not Bush!
Date: 28 Sep 2004

Dear Jean

Some amazingly positive things happening here at Kalki's ashram in India which give me great hope for he world, which i will write you about soon. Meanwhile, here's one worth passing on for those who have been putting Kerry in the same basket as Bush. Okay, he's not Kucinich, but he is definitely not Bush either!




Dear MoveOn member,

The war in Iraq is President Bush's signature failure. To reduce the damage the war has caused him, Bush and his campaign operatives have spent the last six months attacking and distorting John Kerry's position on Iraq. But yesterday, in a powerful speech in New York, Kerry set the record straight.

John Kerry laid out a plan to end Bush's irrational, deceptive and unilateral policy in Iraq, and pursue a policy of international cooperation to end the worsening insurgency and rebuild Iraq -- and bring our troops home. And Kerry made it clear that we would not be in Iraq today if he were president.

The action today is simple: if you like what you hear from Kerry in the speech below, pass this email on to your friends, neighbors, co-workers -- anyone who wants to hear from you on this issue. It's critical that progressives like us spread the word that John Kerry is fighting back on Iraq.

We've excerpted a few of the highlights, below. You can read the whole thing at:

Here are the main points from Kerry's speech on Iraq yesterday:

The war on Iraq was a mistake -- war was unnecessary because the inspections were working: "Today, President Bush tells us that he would do everything all over again, the same way. How can he possibly be serious? Is he really saying that if we knew there were no imminent threat, no weapons of mass destruction, no ties to Al Qaeda, the United States should have invaded Iraq? My answer is no -- because a commander in chief's first responsibility is to make a wise and responsible decision to keep America safe."

Iraq distracted from the war on terror: "The president claims it is the centerpiece of his war on terror. In fact, Iraq was a profound diversion from that war and the battle against our greatest enemy, Osama bin Laden and the terrorists. Invading Iraq has created a crisis of historic proportions and, if we do not change course, there is the prospect of a war with no end in sight."

President Bush misled us about the reasons for the war before it occurred: "He failed to tell the truth about the rationale for going to war. And he failed to tell the truth about the burden this war would impose on our soldiers and our citizens. By one count, the president offered 23 different rationales for this war."

President Bush is still misleading people about Iraq, painting an optimistic picture directly contradicted by his own intelligence officials: "In June, the president declared, 'The Iraqi people have their country back.' Just last week, he told us: 'This country is headed toward democracy. Freedom is on the march.' But the Administration's own official intelligence estimate, given to the president last July, tells a very different story. According to press reports, the intelligence estimate totally contradicts what the president is saying to the American people."

Bush went to war for ideological reasons and consistently misjudged the situation on the ground: "This president was in denial. He hitched his wagon to the ideologues who surround him, filtering out those who disagreed, including leaders of his own party and the uniformed military. The result is a long litany of misjudgments with terrible consequences. The administration told us we'd be greeted as liberators. They were wrong. They told us not to worry about looting or the sorry state of Iraq's infrastructure. They were wrong. They told us we had enough troops to provide security and stability, defeat the insurgents, guard the borders and secure the arms depots. They were wrong. They told us we could rely on exiles like Ahmed Chalabi to build political legitimacy. They were wrong. They told us we would quickly restore an Iraqi civil service to run the country and a police force and army to secure it. They were wrong. In Iraq, this administration has c onsis! tently over-promised and under-performed. This policy has been plagued by a lack of planning, an absence of candor, arrogance and outright incompetence. And the president has held no one accountable, including himself."

John Kerry has a four-point plan to fix our Iraq policy:

"First, the president has to get the promised international support so our men and women in uniform don't have to go it alone.
It is late; the president must respond by moving this week to gain and regain international support. The president should convene a summit meeting of the world's major powers and Iraq's neighbors, this week, in New York, where many leaders will attend the U.N. General Assembly. He should insist that they make good on that U.N. resolution. He should offer potential troop contributors specific, but critical roles, in training Iraqi security personnel and securing Iraq's borders. He should give other countries a stake in Iraq's future by encouraging them to help develop Iraq's oil resources and by letting them bid on contracts instead of locking them out of the reconstruction process."

"Second, the president must get serious about training Iraqi security forces. The president should urgently expand the security forces training program inside and outside Iraq. He should strengthen the vetting of recruits, double classroom training time, and require follow-on field training. He should recruit thousands of qualified trainers from our allies, especially those who have no troops in Iraq. He should press our NATO allies to open training centers in their countries. And he should stop misleading the American people with phony, inflated numbers."

"Third, the president must carry out a reconstruction plan that finally brings tangible benefits to the Iraqi people. One year ago, the administration asked for and received $18 billion to help the Iraqis and relieve the conditions that contribute to the insurgency. Today, less than a $1 billion of those funds have actually been spent. I said at the time that we had to rethink our policies and set standards of accountability. Now we're paying the price. Now, the president should look at the whole reconstruction package, draw up a list of high visibility, quick impact projects, and cut through the red tape. He should use more Iraqi contractors and workers, instead of big corporations like Halliburton. He should stop paying companies under investigation for fraud or corruption. And he should fire the civilians in the Pentagon responsible for mismanaging the reconstruction effort."

"Fourth, the president must take immediate, urgent, essential steps to guarantee the promised elections can be held next year. If the president would move in this direction, if he would bring in more help from other countries to provide resources and forces, train the Iraqis to provide their own security, develop a reconstruction plan that brings real benefits to the Iraqi people, and take the steps necessary to hold credible elections next year -- we could begin to withdraw U.S. forces starting next summer and realistically aim to bring all our troops home within the next four years."

Most people will see a second or two of the speech, if they see it at all. But by forwarding this email to your friends and family, you can help make sure people get a full picture of Kerry's position on Iraq -- in his own words. And you can read the whole speech at:

Thanks for everything,

Eli Pariser
Executive Director, MoveOn PAC
September 21st, 2004

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


Date: 30 Sep 2004
From: Serena Subject: Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts

Hi Jean

The Bush campaign has painted Kerry as a flip-flopper... Kerry has been consistently consistent! He has changed the syntax, but NOT his answers on Iraq. A piece from the SF Chronicle analyzed and examined 200 of his speeches which prove he has been consistent! (see below)

Jean after 3.5 years of Bush, people are accustomed to hearing sound bytes ...
Kerry is more nuanced and by far more intelligent and actually speaks to the American public as if we are 1/2 way intelligent ... I have resented Bush's attitude and his 'dumbing down' the people.

Tonight Kerry was clear, sharp, "consistent", strong during the debates ... There are sharp differences between him and Bush. Bush sounded like he had copied and pasted sound bytes from his campaign stump speeches; whereas Kerry clearly made the distinctions in their policies with hard facts, figures and knew what he was talking about. There is no doubt Kerry came off as statesman-like and presidential. Bush was Bush what can i say !!!





Flip-flopping charge unsupported by facts

Kerry always pushed global cooperation, war as last resort

Marc Sandalow, Washington Bureau Chief

Washington -- No argument is more central to the Republican attack on Sen. John Kerry than the assertion that the Democrat has flip-flopped on Iraq.

President Bush, seated beside Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said Tuesday: "My opponent has taken so many different positions on Iraq that his statements are hardly credible at all.''

The allegation is the basis of a new Bush campaign TV ad that shows the Democratic senator from Massachusetts windsurfing to the strains of a Strauss waltz as a narrator intones: "Kerry voted for the Iraq war, opposed it, supported it and now opposes it again.''

Yet an examination of Kerry's words in more than 200 speeches and statements, comments during candidate forums and answers to reporters' questions does not support the accusation.

As foreign policy emerged as a dominant issue in the Democratic primaries and later in the general election, Kerry clung to a nuanced, middle-of-the road -- yet largely consistent -- approach to Iraq. Over and over, Kerry enthusiastically supported a confrontation with Saddam Hussein even as he aggressively criticized Bush for the manner in which he did so.

Kerry repeatedly described Hussein as a dangerous menace who must be disarmed or eliminated, demanded that the U.S. build broad international support for any action in Iraq and insisted that the nation had better plan for the post-war peace.

There were times when Kerry's emphasis shifted for what appear to be political reasons, such as the fall of 2003 when former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean surged to the top of Democratic polls based on an anti-war platform and Kerry's criticism of the president grew stronger. There are many instances in which clumsy phrases and tortuously long explanations make Kerry difficult to follow. And there are periods, such as last week, when the sharpness of Kerry's words restating old positions seem to suggest a change.

Yet taken as a whole, Kerry has offered the same message ever since talk of attacking Iraq became a national conversation more than two years ago.

"Let there be no doubt or confusion about where we stand on this. I will support a multilateral effort to disarm (Hussein) by force, if we ever exhaust ... other options,'' Kerry said 23 months ago on the Senate floor before voting to authorize the force, imploring Bush to take the matter to the United Nations.

"If we do wind up going to war with Iraq, it is imperative that we do so with others in the international community," Kerry said, insisting that Bush work with the United Nations. "If he fails to do so, I will be among the first to speak out,'' Kerry said.

CLIP - To read the rest, go at



Date: 30 Sep 2004
From: Goldi Subject: Telling the Truth About the Election

Below is a wonderfully articulate and well-organized article explaining what is REALLY important to be focusing on regarding this election. We are being manipulated as usual into losing our focus on the issues from both the right and the left, and Mr. Haider reminds us that the goal of getting Kerry into the White House and Bush out is only one small step in the process of bringing our country (and, because of it, the world) back from the brink of disaster. He also explains the importance of voting strategically in this election, for the benefit of those who believe that "sticking to principles" is the most important thing. This is a MUST-read for all those who are opposed to a Bush second term, as well as those who may be undecided about what's the best choice to make. Please do take the time to read this, it will be worth it! Also, if you find yourself as impressed as I was, please consider dropping Mr. Haider a note to let him know, his email address is at the end of the article.




ZNet | 2004 Election

Telling the Truth About the Election

by Asad Haider; September 29, 2004

The left needs to come to its senses about the 2004 election. Some thoughtful analysis has appeared on ZNet and elsewhere, but it seems that too much commentary is coming to reflect the regrettable polarization into a "more-radical-than-thou" camp and a "more-sensible-than-thou" camp. It’s a real shame, because there is a great need for serious strategic analysis today, and the often dogmatic and sectarian quibbling over Kerry is a real obstacle to creating the kind of unified left that is so necessary in the United States.

The Anti-Kerry Camp

I have a lot of respect for Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo; I think the attacks on them as egomaniacs and fanatics are simply rude, and the attempts to keep them off the ballot are disgusting and undemocratic. At the same time, I am extremely skeptical about the usefulness of their campaign. It is telling that many Marxist-Leninist organizations support Nader/Camejo, combining Lenin’s authoritarian vanguardism with what he himself described as the “infantile disorder” of ignoring concrete questions of political power. The fact that Nader/Camejo are running independently instead of focusing on building a grassroots third party seems to indicate that their ticket reproduces what could perhaps be termed “infantile Leninism.”

It is clear that some people are voting Nader/Camejo in an honorable attempt to remain committed to their principles; however, questions of principle cannot be divorced from questions of strategy. We know Ralph Nader will not win, and I think we can agree that John Kerry is less likely than Bush to bring on a nuclear apocalypse. In principle, that is good enough reason to hope he gets into office, but it goes further. If we don't have to try to prevent unilateral aggressive wars, as Bush is more likely to keep doing in a second term, we can bring our attention to the military-industrial complex and US imperialism throughout the world. If we don't have to fight the criminalization of abortion, we can fight for reasonable sex education, welfare for women doing the hard job of raising children, and the rights of all women to have control over their bodies and their lives. If we don't have to halt attacks on affirmative action, we can work against the long-standing system of economic apartheid and the cultural suppression of people of color. The list goes on.

The Kerry Camp

Many progressives understand this, and urge us to support Kerry, but I find that they often run into another problem. Michael Moore's recent article is a good example ( Moore gives an effective critique of the media and left pessimism, and points out the importance of getting Bush out of office—but nowhere does he mention the importance of building a movement beyond the election.

Let me say up front that I admire Michael Moore. He has brilliantly brought a left perspective to a mass audience and in that sense he is a model for activists. But his rather meek request that Kerry return to his hippie roots, placed next to his demand that we not criticize him, is a very dangerous move. The reason that electing Kerry will have a long-term benefit for the American progressive movement is the likelihood that more space will be opened up for creating meaningful social change. But this will only happen if we show him that Americans are angry and are willing to fight AGAINST him—not by stating openly, as many progressives have done, that we'll vote for him as long as his name isn't George W. Bush. Knowing that Michael Moore and the rest of the progressive community will vote for him anyway, he is free to ignore us and pander to the corporate interests that fund him.

There is a great danger in simply dissolving our differences with John Kerry, because life will go on after November. Will activism? I hope so, but the current rhetoric makes me afraid that once Kerry has won, people will simply celebrate and return to comfortable complacence. Teresa Heinz Kerry came to speak at Penn State University and attracted a crowd of 3,000. But the Human Rights Film Series, a grassroots effort by and for Penn State's activist community, is lucky to get 100 people to come to its screenings, even after heavy advertising with limited resources. Surely many of the people who came for Kerry are outraged at Bush’s extremism and have earnestly progressive inclinations—where are they when more progressive events take place? Moore and other progressives understand that we should take the advantages of a Kerry presidency for granted; but without focusing on building an anti-capitalist movement beyond the election, we will sell ourselves far too short.

A Common Problem

The fundamental problem here is that both sides fall into the same trap of assigning elections much more importance than they are due. Yes, Bush stole the election last time, and yes, corporations have too much power over politics; these are both important issues. But the real problem with our electoral system is that it reduces political decision-making to choosing bureaucrats to make decisions for us; and in the end, elections function as an ideological tool to delude us into thinking that we have any control over the political process. The low level of voter participation shows that most people haven't been fooled.

So until we can create a genuinely participatory democracy—which building a third party and effecting electoral reforms would be minor steps towards—let's just take the elections at their face value. It's impossible to make any real or important changes with an election, whether it is John Kerry or Ralph Nader or Peter Kropotkin on the ballot; that's not what elections are for. The only reasonable approach for radicals to take is to hold our noses and try to prevent the kind of damage another Bush term will do, and focus our energy on what really matters: building a grassroots movement in the United States by moving politics out of the polls and onto the streets. As both Naomi Klein ( and Ted Glick ( have pointed out, another Bush term would make movement-building extremely difficult. But both getting Bush out of office and effective movement-building require that we criticize the Democrats with honesty and articulate our goals with intellectual rigor.

Left Failures

There is a further complication here—while we debate about Kerry and Nader, Bush may well be winning the election! Although poll results are undoubtedly distorted, and the corporate media has managed to overwhelm its viewers with fear and misinformation, we still have to reckon with the fact that a significant portion of the left’s natural constituency—the working class—supports Bush and other right-wing politicians.

Facing a similar situation, Wilhelm Reich tried to understand how the fascists took power in Germany. He wrote, "While we presented the masses with superb historical analyses and economic treatises on the contradictions of imperialism, Hitler stirred the deepest roots of their emotional being." And while we spend all our time meticulously dissecting in exactly which speech Bush lied about what, the American right has been able to convince the American working class that they have its interests at heart by appealing to issues that affect people in their everyday lives: family, religion, culture, security, morality, etc. Instead of letting the right monopolize personal life, we should show that a revolution can extend to the way we interact; we should reject the culture of alienation, hierarchy and conformity, and build one based on solidarity, diversity and freedom.

We have also allowed the right to push the issue of capitalism out of public discourse, and we have not effectively advanced an alternative. Economic issues are perhaps the area in which the American people are furthest to the left. Business Week polls show that 95% of the population thinks business has too much power. Two-thirds of American adults think that Marx's slogan "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs" is in the Constitution. But we have not adequately emphasized organizing among working-class people, building a radical labor movement, and spreading and practicing concrete proposals like participatory economics (

No wonder the right has so effectively convinced people to vote against their interests. If we want to reach out to Bush voters—and we must—we need to demonstrate that another world is possible by confronting capitalism and remembering that the personal is political.

Telling the Truth and Winning the Struggle

Antonio Gramsci wrote, "To tell the truth, to arrive together at the truth, is a...revolutionary act." So let us, as revolutionaries, be truthful to ourselves and the American people. Buying into the corporate media's empty debates and ignoring the issues that leftists should pay attention to makes us seem like hypocrites. People know that politicians are corrupt bastards; that's why they don't vote! If like and Common Dreams we pretend that John Kerry is the hope for humanity, people will not trust us. But if we can effectively argue that getting Bush out of office is part of a wider program of what Andre Gorz called "non-reformist reforms" directed towards radical change in the totality of social life, we will demonstrate that we are committed to the issues that matter to the majority of the population. Why is there so much resistance to being honest about this? Surely Michael Moore does not think the American people are too stupid to understand that we can vote for Kerry and still struggle against the corrupt system that he represents. Surely we are all committed to building critical consciousness and creating a broader base for radical politics.

I am confident that most of us are part of the left because we want to struggle for a new society, a society that realizes the promises of freedom and justice. Getting Bush out of office is important, but we can work for that without getting distracted from the more important work we have to do. As Gramsci said, "It is necessary with bold spirit and in good conscience to save civilization... Are we not ready?"

Asad Haider is a Senior in High School, and an activist, in State College, PA. He can be reached at



Unlimited New Energy from Sun and Water

A revolutionary new way of harnessing the power of the sun to extract almost unlimited energy from water will be a reality within seven years.

“It would be the cheapest, cleanest and most abundant energy source ever developed,” say scientists from Australia’s University of New South Wales. “The main by-products would be oxygen and water.”

Special titanium oxide ceramics will harvest sunlight and split water to produce hydrogen fuel. The researchers say it will then be a simple engineering exercise to make a device with no moving parts to harvest the energy; and it will give off no greenhouse gases or pollutants.

“This is potentially huge, with a market the size of all the existing markets for coal, oil and gas combined,” says Professor Janusz Nowotny who, with Professor Chris Sorrell, is leading a solar hydrogen research project at the University’s Centre for Materials and Energy Conversion. The team is thought to be the most advanced in developing the cheap, light-sensitive materials that will be the basis of the new technology.

Chris Sorrell says Australia is ideally placed to take advantage of the enormous potential of this new technology: “We’ve abundant sunlight, huge re-serves of titanium. But this technology could be used anywhere in the world. It’s been the dream of many people for a long time to develop it and it’s exciting to know that it is now within such close reach.”

Although existing hydrogen fuel cell technology is more efficient than the internal combustion engine and dramatically cuts down vehicle emissions, currently hydrogen is produced from fossil fuel, so that it still gives off greenhouse gases. This new process would cut out these emissions.

In Britain, a team of scientists at Leeds University have developed an-other process that enables hydrogen to be produced from vegetable oils, so cars could in future have a tank of sun-flower oil that would be converted into hydrogen to power the fuel cell motor.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, the world’s first commercial-scale floating Wave Energy Converter, The Pelamis, has successfully generated its first electricity for the UK grid.

In the US over 350 bankers and investors met to explore the state of financing for renewable energy in America. The American Council on Renewable Energy and Euromoney was completely oversubscribed. “It’s great to see renewable energy entering the mainstream,” said the organizers.


Ocean Power Delivery Ltd has developed a novel offshore wave energy converter called Pelamis. Building on technology developed for the offshore industry, the Pelamis has a similar output to a modern wind turbine. The first full-scale pre-production prototype has been built and will be tested at the European Marine Energy Center in Orkney.It is anticipated that future `wave farm' projects would consist of an arrangement of interlinked multi-machines connected to shore by a single subsea cable. A typical 30MW installation would occupy a square kilometer of ocean and provide sufficient electricity for 20,000 homes. Twenty of these farms could power a city such as Edinburgh.

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