August 19, 2004

The Light Series #65: Caring and Concerns - And Lots of Oddities!

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This compilation is a bit of a mixed bag but I feel it mostly falls in the Light Series category.

I wish you all a great weekend!

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"May we all experience a field of connection with all life that fills our days and nights with a sense of belonging and being held in love. May the animals and flowers, trees and waters, stars and sun enter our dreams and nestle in our inner consciousness, blessing us and all that is."

Ariel Ky, Daughter of the Earth>

Worthy of Your Attention

Virgo Light Meditation
You are invited to participate and align with this cycle's meditation during the moon phases as the sun traverses the zodiacal sign Virgo, during the month surrounding the full moon of Virgo, from August 16 through September 14, 2004 (from the previous new moon to the new moon following the Virgo full moon). offers this meditation as our full moon focus, which can be used throughout the cycle. The Virgo full moon in 2004 is on Sunday, August 29, 2004.

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1. Latest message from Matthew
2. A Global Experiment in Love and Communication
3. Russian DNA Discoveries
5. Book recommended - The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe
6. Florida Eyewitness Death Count Close To 400 Now
7. The Worst Scene I've Ever Witnessed
8. Phoenix Project was intentional disinformation
9. The alchemy of anguish - Angelic invocation

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Sun and hydrogen 'to fuel future' (12 Aug 2004)
He added: "If we look five years ahead and we have a few square miles of hydrogen farm in a desert, we think we could produce hydrogen that is competitive with coal and oil." Once production costs have been scaled down, large hydrogen cell farms could produce hydrogen, untaxed, at $1.80 to $3 a kilo. That is equivalent to a third of the price of the same amount of power produced from untaxed gasoline, he thinks. Capturing sunlight to make enough hydrogen fuel to power cars and buildings has been brought a step closer by a British research company. Hydrogen Solar says it has managed to convert more than 8% of sunlight directly into hydrogen with fuel cell technology it has specially developed. For an energy source to be commercially viable, it must reach an efficiency of 10%, which is an industry standard.Hydrogen power, a renewable energy, has the potential to replace fossil fuels." Over the last couple of years we have doubled efficiency. "We are not yet in the hydrogen economy, but it has the potential to takeover when the oil economy becomes untenable," Dr David Auty, chief executive of Hydrogen Solar told BBC News Online.

Tell the Navy to protect whales from mid-frequency sonar! (August 19)
I urge the U.S. Navy to stop needlessly inflicting harm on whales and other ocean life with your use of high-intensity mid-frequency sonar in training exercises.A growing body of scientific evidence shows that such sonar can kill marine mammals by causing their organs to hemorrhage. In addition, an increasing number of mass strandings and die-offs of whales -- from the Canary Islands to the Bahamas to Japan -- have coincided with the military use of mid-frequency sonar. The International Whaling Commission has declared that the evidence now appears "overwhelming" that military sonar is causing mass strandings of whales. I understand that the Navy's mission is defending our nation, but there are simple ways to protect marine mammals that will not hinder military readiness. I urge the Navy to immediately adopt such common-sense measures to keep whales safe. These include identifying low-risk areas for routine training, consistently establishing appropriate safety zones around ships transmitting sonar and reducing the source level of sonar signals. Whales should not have to die for the sake of military training. Please take steps to ensure that the Navy is protecting our marine environment as well as our national security.

Note Nr.: 210 from 2004-07-27
by James>
Few would disagree that misunderstanding between cultures and nations is running at dangerously high levels. What is more difficult to glimpse is a strategy to improve communication. What would it take and who could make it work? It is a question that is preoccupying governments, agencies, artists, educationalists, policy-makers and thinkers, the (responsible) media and others. The British Council, a leader in the field of cultural dialogue, thinks that the time for debate about the role of cultural relations is now. Its think-tank, Counterpoint, is organising a global conference in London 2-4 November called Eye to Eye, where representatives of all these professions, and more, will join in discussion about how we stimulate the creative co-existence of people and peoples. It is clear that the time is short for developing a new grammar of intercultural relations based on equitable dialogue and mutual listening. We hope as many will join us in discussion as possible, both in London and through the discussion forums on our website There you can find updates on Eye to Eye and register online for your conference place
Found on the ERN guestbook at


Matthew - August 9, 2004

S: I’m here, dear! What’s on your mind for sending out?

MATTHEW: Thank you, Mother. Although I have no dynamic development to relate, a great deal has been happening. The most important things still are behind the scenes, but your media are beginning to report some valid information, and we want to emphasize the great significance of this as reinforcement of our past encouragement that the light increasingly is improving situations on Earth.  

The colorful alert system in the United States still throws some into panic, but increasingly, many feel “Ho-hum, today it’s orange” rather than fearful. Even a few months ago your media could not have reported that the information, which the government calls “intelligence,” that spawned all those recent security precautions actually was a plan devised some years past. The spin was, old or not, the targets could be in that same danger now just as easily as then, and therefore it was necessary to announce the alert and fortify the areas. But did those plans, which were conveniently discovered as President Bush was slipping in the polls and the Democrats were holding their convention, specify the present time as its intended attack date and that is what spurred the rush to fortification? No. Both that “discovery” and its announcement are indications that the administration is grasping at straws to save their ship from going down.

True, your mainstream media cannot yet disclose much of what is going on, but reporting that the information was old and quoting influential people who questioned the need for those security measures is evidence that the hammerlock on the media is cracking. While we herald this critical breakthrough, the Internet remains your most valuable source of credible information that still is taboo to other media outlets. The Internet is where you’ll find articles and photographs that show the US presidential administration’s complicity in “9/11” and the deteriorating state of the president’s faculties, for example.

S: Matthew, excuse me, but it is true that Bush is a clone? And if it is, why hasn’t a new clone replaced this one that seems to have become really irrational?

MATTHEW: Yes, the President Bush seen publicly is a clone. It was only when he became governor of Texas that it occurred to the powers that be to have him cloned. By that time, alcohol had seriously compromised his physical and mental status, so the first clone could only be a poor specimen. Because the art and science of human—or even animal—cloning is far from perfected on Earth, there is deterioration with each successive clone, so a replacement cannot be in much better condition than the predecessor. And since the brain’s storage unit cannot be downloaded into a physically-ready clone until a new one is required, because all knowledge to that date must be included, by now there is little chance that Bush’s mental condition will improve.

S: Does the clone have a soul?


S: Maybe that’s causing or at least adding to his behavior?   

MATTHEW: It may be contributing to his stated belief that he has been anointed by God to do what he’s doing, but basically it is the personality that is quite authentically reproduced in clones that you are witnessing. It will be surprising if his controllers can be patient much longer with his erratic behavior and diminishing effectiveness in carrying out their orders, but regardless of their concerns, this will not be publicly apparent. As it appears now, the campaigns will continue to roll and dominate your attention, the election will be held on schedule, and John Kerry will be the next US president by “the voters’ choice.”

The Illuminati are desperate to keep the façade of “democratic election” in place because they are not prepared to handle a full-scale rebellion of the most powerful nation on the planet. They are not prepared to handle the fact becoming widely known that Bush was involved in the tragic events of September 11, 2001, because legitimate investigations will go to the top, where these people have resided in privacy and unyielding control. So you can expect what appears to be benevolent new directions with the change in governing party, and while this definitely is not what the Illuminati intend to maintain, the light forces will persist and the progress of the new trend will continue during Earth’s transition from dark influences into the dominance of the light.

S: So there won’t be any government terrorist attempts to postpone the November election and the Bush people won’t try to steal the presidency again? 

MATTHEW: Mother, that would be assuming too much! This isn’t between Bush and Kerry, you know. There is conflict within the Illuminati, which has competing factions for the zenith of power, and the Bush family has far more influence globally than you may suspect. Ego plays a huge role in any powerful group, and the collective ego in support of Bush wants to save face after the embarrassment of the recent orange alert fiasco. They have firm plans for serious terrorist activities in the US to prove that alert had teeth, so to speak, and it would serve doubly well if they could scare the public enough so the outcry to keep him in office—to preserve the world from terrorism!—would force their Illuminati competitors to back off. The Bush contingent is not going to go down with a whimper!

I hasten to repeat what I have mentioned many times: Your ET family on and beyond the planet is ever vigilant and will not allow these dark plans to reach fruition. The isolated instances of terror that are born of hatred and vengeance will continue due to the committed nature of their zealous perpetrators, but any attempts on a large scale will be prevented. Eventually these thwarted efforts will become known because the dark minds that plan and attempt to execute them will be long gone, but in the meantime, we are striving to allay people’s fears about the officially proclaimed imminent danger of an event equal to or surpassing 9/11.

Now I’d like to return to my original topic. Because information control has been one of the Illuminati’s most essential tools and strongest strangleholds on the population, their steadily ebbing control is critically important. Let me give you examples. Coverage continues on the torture and death of prisoners in Abu Ghraib under US military command and the detaining of prisoners without charges at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. These examples of inhumane and illegal practices that the US government wanted never to have been aired, still are making headlines—public pressure is keeping them there. Despite all the information controllers’ attempts to distract your attention with “sensational” news of importance only to the few individuals involved, the truth of these despicable situations is not being allowed to fade away.

The increasing light on Earth also is affecting the entertainment industry. Films with spiritual foundation are being made, and “What the Bleep Do I Know,” a documentary demonstrating the inseparability of soul and science, is becoming known. The documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” made it past a very determined dark block and became a box office hit—that could not have happened even a month sooner than it did. A remake of the movie “The Manchurian Candidate,” depicting the use and the intended effects of mind control, is currently in theaters; and a series called “The Grid,” showing the sinister aspects of intelligence organizations, is currently on TV. The popularity of “The Matrix” and its successors is a testament to society’s pondering what is becoming more and more a realization: You can live within the illusion of the official scenario or recognize it for what it is and get out of it. No longer are films like these considered merely fictional entertainment—people are beginning to relate these to the undeniable facts emerging and giving them serious thought.

None of these examples is news to you, but we would like you to see them for what they signify—not only a departure from what has been offered, but why! The change is the result of your quest for truth. Information once declared and accepted as factual has been shown to be lies—how many more “facts” are lies? And while terrible injustices in “justice systems” still are occurring because of lies, there is heartening change here as well, with the collective energy generated by demands for the guilty to be found guilty and the innocents to be freed.

I want to speak more about the economic changes I mentioned in my last message. As I said then, they are starting on a small scale. Money that has been earmarked for specific purposes but its release delayed is starting to enter the investment picture as light is permeating the funding sources. The unimaginable fortunes illegally or unethically amassed by the Illuminati still are largely untouchable, but the availability of money for what they consider small enterprises is opening. One means of keeping these fortunes intact has been through tax-free “charitable” foundations, and now the captors of these massive funds are looking for ways to fend off their loss that will come with the implementation of NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act;]. They are fighting that act tooth and nail, and getting really charitable is one way they are trying to squelch interest in its far-reaching political and economic reforms. Thus they are eager to give many millions of dollars—a pittance relative to the total—to individuals and organizations, from scholarships to medical research teams, from struggling artists to national cultural endeavors, from donations to little animal shelters to sponsoring global efforts to preserve animal life. In short, they want to seem benevolent by meeting people’s needs and interests. Investigate these grants, apply! Even though those at the peak of the foundations intend to control all sterling inventions and curtail progress of anything that would imperil their own interests, their power will become so weakened that they won’t be able to do either.

Consideration is being given by the government to extending loans to small businesses with less red tape, applying restrictions on loan institutions regarding home repossessions as a result of job loss through mergers or other means beyond the workers’ control, and funding schools and medical clinics in economically deprived and rural areas. These possibilities are solely politically motivated by an administration running scared; nevertheless, demands voiced to state and national officeholders can force the top-level discussions into actual benefits. The only way “possibility” or “potentiality” can be effected is by generating the energy required to manifest them into actuality. You have the power to do this!

S: Matthew, what about the environment? Do we actually have the power to reverse all the devastation to the planet, get rid of the pollution, restore the forests, return the balance of Nature and save the greatly endangered species?

MATTHEW: You do, but you don’t believe it. Individuals and groups are working to legally protect specific areas in accordance with their inspirations, but as a population you’re not convinced of your manifesting capacity to even think of undertaking such a massive restoration, and that is why you will have an abundance of assistance. The technology is available there to some extent—secretly, or the developers would be killed and their developments destroyed or put to destructive use—but it will be primarily the technology of advanced civilizations that will handle these restoration projects. Considering the millennia of accumulated negativity and the centuries of abuse Earth has endured to her body, her return to health and glory will be so swift as to seem miraculous.   

S: By the year 2012?

MATTHEW: It’s very likely, yes. The momentum toward that calendar year is increasing exponentially. You will see more and more evidence of this as government and corporate leaders become inspired to take great strides to effect change globally. Not all of them will veer from their dark course, so progress will be steady but in patches rather than uniformly and not without detours.

S: You’ve explained that souls who don’t absorb light won’t survive physically after Earth reaches a certain frequency, but what about the millions who are living in ethnic or tribal conflicts, the cultures that have caste systems and those that regard women as chattel, and the religious fanatics anywhere? These people are products of their heritage or what they’re being taught to believe.

MATTHEW: Mother dear, please don’t underestimate the dark influence in all of these situations or the power of the light in opening these people’s hearts and minds! As the darkness fades in the growing light, love will unseat conflict and replace it with harmony and cooperation. Love will eliminate the superficial superiority of one group over another; it will enlighten those who regard women as possessions and uplift those who have been subjected to being possessions; and the fallacy that religions are teaching the “word of God” will be shown in the fullness of the deception that spawned them. Not overnight, no, but the transition in this regard also will be swift in comparison to the long ages that these inequities and abuses and lies have prevailed.    

We remind you of the need to be discerning about all information, and that includes channeled. Sources in the light are transmitting information straightforwardly in their various speaking styles, and our trusted receivers are clear. Some minor distortion is inherent in the telepathy process and the receivers have their filters, too, and the combination accounts for variations in details in messages whose basic information is the same. However, some channeled messages are doom and gloom, fear-filled, and others are unrealistically rosy, and no messages of either extreme originate in the light.

Indeed Earth is ascending into the higher frequencies and the era of love, peace and harmony with equitable allocation of resources is coming closer! Nevertheless, it is prudent to realize that the pathway from this moment to that is not without challenges. Although the negativity that had accumulated for millennia has been reduced considerably, remnants of that plus what is being generated currently must be released through geophysical events. It matters not whether the release is via natural or manmade occurrences—the release of kinetic energy itself is what is important. Even though the advanced technology of your space family will ameliorate the effects by spreading the energy streamers harmlessly throughout a vast area instead of what would happen normally, immense devastation around the site, some damage cannot be avoided. These necessary events will lessen in frequency and severity as Earth approaches fourth density.

No major strongholds of the darkness will cease abruptly. Wars and other violence will continue until that energy is played out, and disease will continue to claim many, many lives before you reach the vibrational level where disease cannot exist. Animal and plant life will continue vanishing due to environmental circumstances and pollution will plague Earth somewhat into the future. To tell you otherwise would be neither truthful nor wise as your expectations would not be met, and instead of having the will to successfully move through these days ahead, you could deter the movement by falling into hopelessness.

If you perceive challenges as suffering, deprivations, hardships and discouragement, that is what this interim period will be for you. If you perceive the pathway as the playing out of the last vestiges of Earth’s and your own karmic learning; if you remember that you chose to be you, right there, right now, to experience this unprecedented time in the universe; your hearts will be lighter and your journey a triumphant adventure.     

I couldn’t say this if I were addressing the billions whose painful experiencing has exceeded their soul contracts because some people in power have reneged on theirs. These are the ones who were willing to play the “bad guys” so masses of souls could experience what they had chosen for balance, and when that balance had been reached, the “bad guys” then were to join the light. Instead, they have knowingly refused to honor their agreements and thereby have caused needless massive suffering.

We realize that it is not a simple task to become aware of the truth and accept it with loving spirit. For the great majority on Earth, the truth still to be publicly revealed will be shocking, and the natural reactions would be disgust, contempt, bitterness and desire for punishment. Yet we are asking you to see the truth and forgive rather than judge. It is especially to these darkest ones that we are beaming light in such abundance that if they would but open to it, they would be swept into the sublime ecstasy of pure love. It is to these loveless souls that we ask you to send forth light and forgiveness. It is for them that Earth was patiently waiting so they too could ascend with her and all who have embraced the light. But the price of waiting was too high for humanity, and with the blessing of the universe and with light still beaming intensely to the recalcitrant ones, beloved Earth is moving at her desired pace into the vibrations where love reigns supreme.


Visit for more details of the 4 books published so far through Suzy and Matthew Ward's Heaven/Earth cooperation.

See also:

Terror Alerts - Substance or Politics? By Howard Dean (11 August 2004)
Over the past week there has been a lot of controversy about whether President Bush is using the timing of terror alerts to bolster his re-election campaign. Terrorism is a very serious issue and I do not believe that the terror alerts are based solely on politics. However, I do have some concerns that the timing of this announcement seems to be based on an election strategy. Let's look at the facts: CLIP

How They Could Steal the Election This Time (August 16, 2004)
On November 2 millions of Americans will cast their votes for President in computerized voting systems that can be rigged by corporate or local-election insiders. Some 98 million citizens, five out of every six of the roughly 115 million who will go to the polls, will consign their votes into computers that unidentified computer programmers, working in the main for four private corporations and the officials of 10,500 election jurisdictions, could program to invisibly falsify the outcomes. The result could be the failure of an American presidential election and its collapse into suspicions, accusations and a civic fury that will make Florida 2000 seem like a family spat in the kitchen.


New Civilization News

A Global Experiment in Love and Communication

2 Aug 2004, by Lydia Teo

Can our thoughts and feelings affect matter?

Are we really a connected or are we separate individuals?
Is there really a universal energy that ties all things together?

Well, as I see things, it's about time this becomes a proven fact by the scientific community.

A new civilization? Why not! Time to prove that our thoughts influence and manifest our expectations and experiences in the world we live.

Will the sceptics ever believe? Only if they choose to. As the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding"

A Global Experiment in Love and Communication.

Can our thoughts and feelings affect matter?

Are we really a connected or are we separate individuals?

Is there really a universal energy that ties all things together?

On Saturday, September 18, 2004 lightworkers around the globe are invited to join together to take part in a scientific experiment that will answer these questions. . .and more. Under the auspices of Measurements Research Inc., an independent laboratory in Providence, Rhode Island, and in conjunction with our hosting partners, we will be presenting a global experiment to scientifically monitor the effects of human emotion on specified target objects. The data collected will be used as the basis for a scientific study and subsequently published paper to the scientific community. To accommodate different time zones, this experiment will be conducted on two separate occasions at 11:00am (1100) and 4:00pm (1600) US Pacific Time on 18 September 2004 for twenty-five minutes duration.

The purpose of this experiment is two-fold: First, to introduce and substantiate the veracity of certain metaphysical concepts to the satisfaction of the scientific community. Second, to activate a new form of global telepathic communication, which is called the Web of Love.

The Web of Love

We have been aware that many of the new children being born on Earth have a way of communicating telepathically. Some spiritual teachers have labeled this ‘the Web.' It has been suggested that the collective vibration of humans is now high enough to sustain this form of communication on a worldwide scale. All we have to do to activate this web is to join together with focused intent to transmit love and healing energy. This experiment will enable us, not only to accomplish the very first activation, but also to scientifically measure and prove the effects on humans.

The actual protocol of what will take place is now posted on the web site at: The Web of Love site also has other interesting information from both the scientific and metaphysical perspective. See what others are saying about this grand event. We are about to make history! To see how to participate please follow the links above. You can participate as an individual or a hosting partner with your organization. Please mark your calendars now for this event and we will see you on the Web!

Steve and Barbara Rother
and the entire staff at Lightworker.

"When we all hold hands we can change the world". . . . the Group



2 Aug 2004 @ 19:31 by ov : Collective Intention

Thanks for the heads up on this Lydia. This idea of collective intention through group meditations seems to be a popular subject these days.

Got this message in today's email from James Twyman

"There are currently over 300 schools in Japan teaching children who have demonstrated psychic and Indigo abilities, serving over 30,000 students. I had the chance to meet with a group of these children in Tokyo on Sunday. They came with a message from all the students in their program, asking us to join them in a day of prayer and peace on August 6, the anniversary of the first atomic bomb falling on Japan."


From: "Steve Lawrie">
Subject: Russian DNA Discoveries
Date: 18 Aug 2004

Dear Jean,
As a long standing reader of your wonderful ERN newsletter and, like most of your readers, of all the other sources of information your compilations point to, I have observed that the reprogramming of one's DNA is one of the fundamental aspects of this search in which we are all engaged.

How many times have I been reading marvellous chanelled messages and wondering what "getting your 12-strand crystal DNA" was really about, and then combing the Internet' scientific sources for some confirmation of this transformation which, we are told, is going on as I write.

Please take a look at this article, which I discovered by accident while surfing on the cropcircle theme (lots of DNA we abving in and out there too!):

Thanks so much for your work, and please continue,

Steve Lawrie, Toulouse




Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained.The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered "junk DNA."The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore that 90% of "junk DNA." Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary!

Note from Jean: I was puzzled by this notion of "junk" DNA, so I googled it...

And found quite a number of corroborating documents including this one:

'Junk' throws up precious secret (May 12, 2004)
Humans and rats share large amounts of DNA - A collection of mystery DNA segments, which seem to be critical for the survival of many animals, are causing great interest among scientists. Researchers inspecting the genetic code of rats, mice and humans were surprised to find they shared many identical chunks of apparently "junk" DNA. This implies the code is so vital that even 75 million years of evolution in these mammals could not tinker with it. But what the DNA does, and how, is a puzzle, the journal Science reports. Before scientists began laboriously mapping several animal life-codes, they had a rather narrow opinion about which parts of the genome were important. According to the traditional viewpoint, the really crucial things were genes, which code for proteins - the "building blocks of life". A few other sections that regulate gene function were also considered useful. It absolutely knocked me off my chair David Haussler, University of California The rest was thought to be excess baggage - or "junk" DNA. But the new findings suggest this interpretation was somewhat wanting. CLIP

Finally, here is another excerpt from

(...) A modern day civilization which develops group consciousness would have neither environmental problems nor scarcity of energy: for if it were to use such mental powers as a unified civilization, it would have control of the energies of its home planet as a natural consequence.When a great number of people become unified with higher intention as in meditating on peace - potentials of violence also dissolve. CLIP



Posted By: Rayelan
Date: 31 May 2002


This is a excerpt from an interview I did with Theresa de Veto of Surfing the Apocalypse. The full interview is in the new book, Universal Seduction. With the breaking news about Mars, I am very happy I included this story in the book. Theresa conducted this interview last year!


Order Directly From the Publisher online



The next thing I knew, I was standing in a dry creek bed. The dirt was red, and somehow I knew I was in Arizona. It was night. Everything was illuminated by the moon. I looked around that saw ten or eleven other women. They were all in their nightclothes as I was. No one spoke. We walked around slowly, looking at each other and our surroundings.

Suddenly, without sound, a golden ball began to materialize. It was about fifteen to twenty feet high. A door opened, and a man with white hair and blue eyes walked down the steps. It is time to go he said as he motioned us to get on board.

I was one of the first inside. I was almost directly across from the door. There was a bench that ran along the edge of the round room. Each woman sat down in front of her own window. There were twelve windows and the door. The man sat on a seat in front of the door. He said that we were going for a short ride. He told us to look out the windows because the view was going to be beautiful. I followed his advice.

I don't remember him telling us we were going to Mars, yet I knew that was where we were headed. I could see Mars in the distance. The red planet grew larger and larger, until it filled the entire window. I could see that all the women were now looking out the windows on my side of the Golden Globe.

Without sound or warning, the man with the white hair stood up and opened the door. We had come to rest on the red planet. Our trip took about half an hour or less. One by one, the women silently filed out the door of the Globe. Not one of us had spoken to the others.

Each woman was met by a man in a gray uniform with yellow piping and patches. I watched the other women as they were led to different areas. The place where we landed looked like a freeway underpass system. There were several large entryways which led down into the red planet. The Golden globe had landed on a flat piece of ground which seemed to set on top the underground passages. There was a fence or guardrail around the landing area. The section where we disembarked was the only place we could exit.

I was the last to leave the golden globe. As I stood at the doorway I saw two of the women who had been in the globe with me. They were walking with their arms around the men who had met them. It appeared as if they knew and loved the men.

There was no one there to meet me. I looked at the man with the white hair. He read my mind and sent back the answer. I am your guide. He walked away from the landing area and the underground passages. He headed toward the red rocks that were in front of us. I can remember thinking; "There is an atmosphere on Mars. Why haven't our scientists told us about it?"

I heard the man answer me, "If they told you, there would be an overwhelming rush to colonize Mars. We don't want that."

As we walked closer to the red rocks, I could see that there were caves carved in the rocks. The man corrected my thinking. "They aren't caves, and they aren't rocks. These are living structures. On earth we would call them apartments, but these apartments are made from living crystals. The crystals create an energy field that keeps the people who live in these structures in perfect health. When the Martians lived here, there was no sickness, there was no death."

I climbed the rocks and walked inside one of the structures. I could feel something touching me. It gave me a shiver. I heard the man tell me, "Don't worry. It will not harm you. It is sensing your energy system. If you spent the night here, you would go home in perfect health."

My mind was already thinking, "How can we bring these crystal beings to earth?"

The man silently answered, "We already have. We are trying to duplicate the process that the Martians used to make these structures." I quickly discovered that not only could the man communicate with me telepathically, but he could put pictures in my mind. The man showed me the dome-like structures that they had created using the crystal beings in a mixture of concrete like substance.


The man said he had more to show me and started back down the hill. He stopped at a wall that came up to his waist. The wall had hidden a passageway that led down into an underground structure. The man went ahead of me. The light was filtered. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw a long hall with picture windows on each side.

When I first saw it, I thought that it must be some kind of indoor zoo. The windows appeared to hold different scenes. I don't know why I thought it was a zoo, but that was the first thought that popped into my mind. I could almost hear the man laugh as I thought 'zoo'.

He told me to take a look and tell him what I was seeing. As I approached each picture window I saw that there was no glass. I could look into them at scenes I couldn't understand. I didn't know what I was looking at. Some of the scenes appeared to be swirling clouds and fog. Other scenes were of meadows and grass. "Could it be a picture album left by the people who used to live here?" I asked.

The man didn't laugh at my question. "That is a very good thought, but no. This was not what Mars looked like."

The man read my mind and realized I had no idea what I was seeing. He said, "This is a space-time portal. When the Martians knew they were going to lose their atmosphere, they knew they had to find a new planet on which to live. Earth was their first choice. It was nearby and easily accessible with their spacecraft. But earth was still in the creation process thirteen million years ago."

The man told me that the Martians did not have the technology to travel in spaceships outside of this solar system and none of the planets in this solar system were ready to support life. He said the Martian scientists turned their attention to creating space/time machines.

About half way down the long hall, the man stopped me and pointed to a window. This is the portal to earth.

I thought you said that earth was not habitable 13 million years ago. It wasn't, he replied. This portal leads to earth, approximately 50,000 years ago, earth time. From a Martian point of view, it is 13 million . . . minus 50, 000 . . . earth years in the future. Come with me and have a look.

The man stepped through the window or portal. He stood there waiting for me to join him. I looked in and tried to figure out what kind of room he was in. It was dark and glowed with a green light. I really couldn't see anything but the man.

Once I stepped through the portal, it closed behind me. We were in some kind of underground cave. We stood on a rock platform that was surrounded on all sides by water. It was very dim; I could not see anything very well. From the water I heard a voice. It was irreverent and humorous, "Are the two of you going to stand there all day, or are you going to come with me?"

I looked down and saw a creature that looked like a dolphin with the head of a catfish. The man led me to the stairs and we walked down into the water. There were two dolphin-like creatures waiting for us. He grabbed the fin of one and gestured for me to do the same thing.

I heard the dolphin creature tell me that the Martians designed the entrance to earth to make sure no one could get through the portals unless they were invited and wanted. The dolphin-like creatures were the guardians of the portals. Without them, no one could ever find their way out of the portal and onto the earth.

The two dolphin creatures swam for a very long time. Finally they skidded to a stop up a golden brick ramp. The talking dolphin creature said, "This is where the two of you get off. We will see you on the other side."

The man with the white hair was the first to climb to his feet. He offered me his hand and helped me up out of the water. I felt strangely refreshed and alive. Almost like there was something in the water that nurtured me and healed me.

As I was thinking the thought I heard the man reply, When earth was younger and non-polluted, ordinary water was healing water.

I walked by his side to the doors at the top of the ramp. He pushed the two doors open. The first thing I saw was beautiful columns and temples. The colors were vibrant turquoises and orange and yellow. The land was lush with trees and grass. I saw the two dolphin creatures swim out from under the temple.

There was a canal that surrounded the area. The water was crystal clear. There were many other types of fish swimming in the canal. When the people saw the dolphin creatures, they fell to their knees and seemed to pray before them.

I looked at the man, he answered, "The dolphins are sacred to these people. The dolphins take care of them. They don't appear very often. The people haven't noticed us yet. The dolphins are telling them about us. Wait a moment, you are going to be surprised."

After a few moments, a young man came over to us. He kneeled before us. I tried to pull him up but the man with me stopped me. When the young man stood up, he said, in perfect English, "Welcome to Egypt. I am your guide."

We followed the young boy down the steps of the temple. The man told me that the dolphins had read our thoughts and instantly taught the boy to speak our language.

The young boy led us through their city. There were no cars; none were needed because the area was not large enough for cars to be needed. There appeared to be thousands of people living there. Their skin was medium brown and their facial features were similar to the people of Italy. They were very beautiful.

We were taken to the edge of the city where the fields that grew the crops were. I could see fields of green with people working. There were also trees and bushes. Everything was so beautiful it looked like a park.

The young boy handed me an orange fruit that looked like an apricot. I looked at the man, "Eat it", he said, "You will never in your life taste anything as sweet."

The last thing I remember is the wonderful sweet taste of the fruit. The next thing I remember is floating through space. I was lying horizontally. I could faintly remember being told to keep my eyes closed. I fought to open them. Above me I saw a space ship. I was in some kind of beam that was moving me through the roof of my apartment and putting me back in my bed. I was dressed in a long white night gown, and I could feel the silk fabric flutter against my arms.

I fought to stay awake long enough to write myself enough notes so I would remember my trip

When I woke up the next morning, there was red dirt in my bed. I wondered where I could have gotten red dirt on my feet. Then I saw my notebook wide open on the bed stand. The first word I saw was MARS followed by Golden Globe. . .and other key words. By the time I had finished reading the code words, I had remembered the entire experience.

Four years later, I met the man with the white hair on Offutt Air Force Base. I have wanted to tell the story of my trip to Mars for a long time. Friends who know the story have advised to keep it to myself. They fear it will cause me to lose all credibility.

I don't know if I went to Mars. I know there was red dirt in my bed when I woke up. Did I go to Mars or just to Arizona? I can't give you an answer. What I do know is the man in the dream turned out to be my husband Gunther's boss, a four star Admiral who was in Navy Intelligence, and at the time I met him in 1989, on Offutt Air Force Base, he was the Director of Covert Operations for the CIA.

If the Admiral did not take me to Mars, then someone went to a lot of trouble to make me think that he did. About a week after I met the Admiral on Offutt, he took me on another journey. He took me to meet the King of the World. The only two times I have gone on unusual journeys in my physical body, it has been with the Admiral. (The King of the World story is included in this anthology.)

Q: What did you do after you realized what had happened? Did you lecture about your trip? Did you make it part of your work? How did it affect you, and do you think it had any impact on what you were doing at the time?

A: I don't think it had any impact on what I was doing. In fact, I can only remember telling one friend about it. For some reason, it was very upsetting to me, and I wanted to put it out of my mind.



From: Jette Møller Ibsen>
Subject: Book recommended - The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe
Date: 19 Aug 2004

Dear Jean,

I am just reading a book called "The Field", by Lynne McTaggard, published in 2001. The book is about the Field that surround us. The space between everything. She actually documents that we are one. That our brain is not the place where our memory is stored, but our memory is stored in the Zero Point Field, and we access the field to get memories. Therefore it doesn't require any scanning mechanism in the brain to shift through years and years of memory. Some scientist suggest that all of our higher cognitive processes result from an interaction with the Zero Point Field. That's how intuition and ideas come to us. We all share the field, which contains every thought and memory from all of us. I recommend this book to everyone.



NOTE FROM JEAN: More details on this book at where I found this:

Editorial Reviews - McTaggart, an investigative journalist (What Doctors Don't Tell You), describes scientific discoveries that she believes point to a unifying concept of the universe, one that reconciles mind with matter, classic Newtonian science with quantum physics and, most importantly, science with religion. At issue is the zero point field, the so-called "dead space" of microscopic vibrations in outer space as well as within and between physical objects on earth. These fields, McTaggart asserts, are a "cobweb of energy exchange" that link everything in the universe; they control everything from cellular communication to the workings of the mind, and they could be harnessed for unlimited propulsion fuel, levitation, ESP, spiritual healing and more. Physicists have been aware of the likelihood of this field for years, McTaggart writes, but, constrained by orthodoxy, they have ignored its effects, which she likens to "subtracting out God" from their equations. But, McTaggart asserts, "tiny pockets of quiet rebellion" against scientific convention are emerging, led by Ed Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, an alternative-science think tank. McTaggart writes well and tells a good story, but the supporting data here is somewhat sketchy. Until it materializes, McTaggart may have to settle for being a voice in the wilderness.

Book Description: Science has recently begun to prove what ancient myth and religion have always espoused: There may be such a thing as a life force. Lynne McTaggart, indefatigable investigative journalist, reveals a radical new biological paradigm -- that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. The Field is a highly readable scientific detective story that offers a stunning picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena. Original, well researched, and well documented by distinguished sources, The Field is a book of hope and inspiration for today's world.

Read 20 mostly ecstatic readers reviews at




FL Eyewitness Death Count Close To 400 Now

August 17, 2004

What an eye awakening day this was. I thought that I had seen it all having been involved from Viet Nam to the beginning of Desert Storm in my military and civilian law enforcement career, but today I learned about a new part of the shame game.

For those who won't bother to read all this report, let me spell out the body counts that 6 of us (all retired military and/or law enforcement) went out to confirm today in different areas. These are confirmed bodies in the trucks, restaurant refers, or refer vans, and they are NOT "missing persons" or animals:

Charlotte Harbor areas - 58 dead as of 5pm today; Fort Myers & the barrier islands - 21 deaths as of 3pm today; Punta Gorda - 275+ deaths and escalating each hour; Desoto County - 36 deaths, expected to increase;

These figures came from our own eyes, medical personnel, various county sheriff's deputies, and eye witnesses or residents from the worst devastated areas. CNN and the rest of the world biased and controlled media are fooling none of us who live here. The current CONFIRMED body count in our 3 county area on the west coast of Florida is near 400 as I write this.

Readers should know right up front who is doing their best and who fails to pass the grade:

Honors awards to those people who have given and done the most: 1. City of North Port Police Department 2. Charlotte County Deputies 3. Desoto County Deputies 4. Visiting Pinellas County Deputies 5. Florida Power and Light All of the above have gone beyond the call of duty. They are showing us what real cops and utility workers used to be... humanitarians.

Failing grades go to: 1. FEMA, the government loan people. 2. John Ellis Bush (JEB, the corporate Governor of Florida). 3. The untrained and unequipped remnants of the Florida National Guard. 4. George Walker Bush, the non-elected and appointed U.S. President. 5. Recycling firms who are stealing aluminum siding from destroyed mobile homes. 6. Those selling bags of ice for $10. 7. Thieves from Miami taking personal belongings from demolished homes. 8. Those thieves demanding money up front to file fake insurance claims.

Here's some of what went on today...

There are staging areas for FEMA (with their red and white signs to let you know they are "there"), et al, that we could not openly enter into with photo and movie cameras having been "discovered" in our vehicles... our cars and pick-ups were searched in the "sensitive" areas where the worst devastation took place and where we were then refused entry. None-the-less, we still walked into most of these "off limits" areas at waterfront motels, I-75 restaurant/commercial areas, destroyed mobile home parks, and the temporary Charlotte morgue... to name a few. This is how we came up with the above figures for body counts. We spoke with medical personnel who have come from Miami to work triage and other temporary facilities, ambulance drivers (a special thanks to the Ambutrans people), homeless residents, and deputies from many different counties.

Considering most of the trained and experienced personnel and modern equipment from the Florida National Guard are now in the Middle East, JEB THE BUSH dared to send us antiquated equipment that broke down on I-75 driven by untrained personnel who have no idea what to do. Worse is that there were no water purification trucks (erdilators) sent, just old water tankers and old communications and storage trailers. It was a circus show and a true military cluster puck. There is no Florida National Guard... all the necessary equipment we need is sitting in Iraq or Kuwait right now.

A professional group of electronic thieves intercepted telephone calls from Lee and Charlotte counties to the special Allstate and State Farm insurance claims lines. They demanded credit card numbers and up-front payments from those calling in claims stating that they could guarantee 24 hour payment for all damages if the victims would pay $250-500 to them.

The lowest theft and emergency incident rate is in the City of North Port. Although they had little hurricane damage, most of their electric power was off from Friday afternoon until this afternoon (just a few neighborhoods are still without power). For a rapidly growing city with the third largest city land mass in Florida, they managed to control traffic, stop burglaries and other thefts, and were "gentlemen" with all Charlotte, Desoto, and Lee county people who went there for food and gas. They are grossly understaffed, yet they have performed like a crack military unit. One member of our group insists that I especially thank Lieutenant Choinere for his assistance.

There is NO Martial Law here. In fact, all city and county law enforcement are stretched to the limit. While they work overtime and are as physically exhausted as we are, Federal and State law enforcement departments do very little [if anything] in comparison. The local departments are shunned by the State and Federal "boys", yet the locals are doing far more than their share of what is needed.

The biggest joke going around among us is about the guy who walked up in the new white car - wearing a nice suit in our 90% humidity - who said, "I'm from FEMA and I'm here to help you." The ladies ran one of these "suits" out of our neighborhood today when he told them that we can "borrow" all the money we needed to rebuild.... with interest. They are no different than the other FED banksters posing as "community" banks. Not one of us cares to become one of the new federal sheeple.

As of this morning, our area has found the need to organize our own security 24/7. Last night and early this morning, we had thieves driving our streets stealing personal belongings and clothes that had not yet been collected from those neighbors who hadn't made it back here yet. We now warn all the Miami and Tampa gangs roaming our streets that if you dare to once again trespass in our community, you will deal with better armed resistance from us than you would from the local police and Sheriff's Departments. Other areas are now doing the same as we are. We will personally protect ourselves and what possessions we have left. We have been through far too much to be victims of prey.


We have all found out that there is nothing better than a local community effort. We take shifts getting gas for the generators and for buying food, have organized our own security and damage clean-up teams, and the ladies are cooking up a storm with the charcoal and gas grills. Many of us only barely knew each other a week ago. Now, we have become a community family. There are no more blank faces of shock among any of us. We are strengthening each other and working with one another. There is no segregation or racism among us, and we represent a local community of many different races, nationalities, and colors.

This is what the Living Light brings to those who seek it. The LifeCross within us all never fails regardless of our circumstances. For the first time any of us have ever remembered, this new neighborhood that now exists has become one... all are one.

In this adversity we have and will continue to face, and among all the devastation our eyes see surrounding us, we have learned to be a collective family. For this, all of us are grateful. There is joy in the hardship each of us face with every passing hour. We have found that our daily hardships have made our spirits stronger. Surely, no man, woman, or child has been left behind among us. We encourage and strengthen each other. This is what Life is all about.

Michael Edward

Much more news on Hurricane Charley's aftermath at



From: "Mark Graffis">
Subject: MORE on Florida hurricane
Date: 18 Aug 2004

----- Original Message -----

Sent: August 18, 2004
Subject: Re To Lucky: Re Florida hurricane

Damage is bad, way worse then media is reporting, not sure why that is. It is also strange they are keeping the death count "incorrect". The figure being given is 17, I saw in a field four bodies and they had not been recovered yet, that alone would dispute their "final" total. I do not understand what they are doing.

The support is not so good, because the National Guard is in Iraq, that too is a "little known fact and not repeated" ... The Guard left behind is not trained and in some cases joined just for the day ... that is how short handed we are ..

Like I said, things are a lot worse than they are saying, and I don't understand why. If the true facts were out there, more help would be coming. I realize not the National Guard but still ...

As for the man with the gun, hey, you have to remember this is the South LOL and yep he would shoot a person, a dog, nope, I doubt that, would probably try to help it find food :O)

There is some looting, but in places you would not suspect. People who took shelter in hotels had their rooms vandalized ... my postman's sister was one of them. I know this for a fact. They got stuck trying to avoid the hurricane and ended up in it as they went to Daytona. Their room was burglarized all their money, credit cards, everything gone. Worse they took the purse that had the car keys in it so they could not go anywhere and had to find a working phone as their cell phones were in purse too ... If they had stayed here in Citrus county they would have been safe from storm AND THIEVES ..

I could go on, but I am busy coordinating rescue efforts on animal shelters that were hit. Also helping in water effort for people.





15 August 2004

There used to be a big Encore mobile home park for retired people in Punta Gorda, and another large mobile home park on the other side of the street. Now, all you can see is a large garbage heap on both sides of the street. I was there Friday night trying to get to a relative's house a mile down Burnt Store Road, but the road was blocked by fallen trees and power poles that snapped in half.

As I turned the Jeep around, my headlights lit up the most devastating site I have ever seen... hundreds of mobile homes reduced to small pieces of trash. There were no emergency vehicles there yet and perhaps we were the first to stumble on this site hours after the eye of Charley had passed over that location.

My friend and I commented to each other how everyone must have gotten out since there was no sign of life anywhere. As we walked down the main entrance driveway, we realized how wrong we were. There were bodies under all that rubble and bodies in crushed cars. The silence was broken when we heard a faint voice off in the distance calling for help, but there was nothing we could do as there was no way to get through the rubble.

It doesn't matter what FEMA or the media may report about the two mobile home parks that were completely destroyed on that road. The truth is, there are hundreds of dead there and it will be weeks before they will be able to recover all the bodies.

We talked to an elderly survivor that night who was walking around the street in a daze looking for her cat. I couldn't help but think how she was somebody's mother She refused to let us help her or take her to a shelter. She told us that most of the year-round residents never left because they felt there was no danger. Many of them went to the clubhouse to ride out the storm. She said the clubhouse was the first to go as it collapsed on all the people inside. We walked up the road towards an approaching car to let them know the road was blocked, but when we returned to the Jeep, she was nowhere to be seen.

I can't find the words right now to describe what I saw Friday night. My own neighborhood on the Peace River is also demolished and I am one of only 3 who still has a home. As soon as we can finish getting all the LP gas tanks and lines shut off today, I'll rest much easier as we already had one explosion.

So, to all RMN readers, keep your prayers headed toward all those less fortunate than I. Please send your love and compassion to the survivors. There is no electric, water, or phone service... and there won't be in our rural area for many days or weeks. Most have no place to live and are sleeping in cars. Even though my roof leaks, it's a welcome place for my neighbors each night. I had 100 gallons of water stored up and 120 gallons of diesel to run my generator. It's the first time I ever though of my place as a sanctuary, but that's the name my neighbors have given it now.

It's amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye... even the eye of a hurricane.


Date: 17 Aug 2004
Subject: Phoenix Project was intentional disinformation

Aloha Jean ~ I was pleased to see your warning (see "Item #5 - The Ultimate Mystery" at regarding the Phoenix Project material. My Inner Guidance told me in the 90's it was intentional disinformation and I found most of its materials proved to be quite contrary to the teachings of Light Beings.

Thanks again for your Great Service and giving warnings!

Goodwill to you,



Date: 17 Aug 2004
From: Jaiia Earthschild>
Subject: The alchemy of anguish - Angelic invocation

When the stars begin to fall.
Then the curtains of infinity are drawn
Drawn against the certainty of military might
Drawn down to shield the angels
from the cruelty of the sight
Of the simple people's plight
Yes the simple people
The ones too poor, too black
or in other ways not quite
So significant to the ones
who decide what wrongs are right.

And in every age and continent
while women birth and feed,
The fathers of the nations
Call up the sons to bleed.
Behind this sacrifice of children
What is the true emotion?
Is it jealousy or fear?
What is the motivation
That demands such huge privation
From each nation?
So much tragedy and personal devastation

In the name of yet another temporary emperor
Who'll never last the distance of a Buddha or a Christ
Whose name shall never be magnified by time
to look more nice.
(What hope for immortality achieved at such a price)
In thou Oh burning bush
we see the grandeur of the scheme
The hubris of a lineage
to catch the wealthy stream.

Not for all the oil in Texas
would your family have wrecked us
But for all the oil of OPEC
now that's a different barrel to cope with.
What's America but a superpower
ruled by corporate hands
A nation grown so fast
its roots have little strength to last.

The huge myopic hand waved its murderous wand
Crushing the cradle of what we hoped was civilization
Now a rubble of confusion
where the money grabbers gather
Planning reconstruction amidst bombs and revolution
Spreading endless terror - the kind they came to mend
Spreading their economy - a war without an end.

Angels - great winged ones who watch from behind the veils
listen to the humble prayers
amidst the cries and wails.
Please don't wait for the voice of might
to summons you here
Come now - tonight
And help us - all the simple ones
Help us to make things right.

Jaiia Earthschild


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