May 6, 2004

The Light Series #60: A Nonillion Reasons to Be in Love

Hello e v e r y One

There are over 11,500 words in this compilation but probably well over a nonillion (10 exponent 54) reasons to be in Love with Life, All That Is and Everything In Between. Why? Go figure! It was Wesak today and the energies - tingling, buzzing, vibrant, ecstatic, buoyant, fantabulous, soulfully good vibes were hard to miss if you took a few minutes to close your eyes and just let it Be as One - no more Me and Them... just ONE. Well if you didn't, it is still time. It is always time! Time is but a fictitious human construct to make us feel constrained, lacking, late and all that. But you know that! We all know It deep within and if we just allow ourselves to step aside for a moment from any bubble we may have blown around us to hide inside from ourselves, then it is just so easy to get it. Do you follow me?

Well you don't need to follow anyone anyway. There is nothing to be followed but our Oneness and Perfect Beingness.

So relax and enjoy just for the sake of It as you read this if you feel so inclined ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Nothing happens anywhere that doesn't affect everything everywhere."

- Unknown

"Many of us carry wounds from past relationships that failed or from current ones that have lost their way. As a result, we tend to make decisions about how we will love in the future. We decide that we will withhold our love, or to not even be open to it ever again. Our hearts close in some obvious ways and in some imperceptible ones. Perhaps your belief in the basic goodness of humankind is faltering as a result of the events taking place on our planet at this time. And yet we want to hold true to our hearts and have our faith restored so that we believe “all will be well”. We yearn to connect and belong to something or someone that loves us and that we can love. This celestial influence is an opportunity to clear out the old programs and garbage we have accumulated and be renewed in the process, ready to love honestly, with a clearer intention and in a way that is in sync with our authentic Self. This will give us the courage, strength and renewed faith to continue forward in a way that does not betray or ignore the love within us. But we must be willing to be touched by this magical love. By a magic that will open us again to the possibility of love and caring. We must be willing to see and know ourselves as a being of love."

- Elizabeth Jones - taken from "Venus and Pluto Opposition and the Transit of Venus" below

"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."

- Frank Outlaw

Worthy of Your Attention

Request from "Sylvie Avery">
We have been working on a new book that the spirit world want to produce for us and we would like to enlist your help. The spirit team would like questions posed to them on matters concerning childhood and spirit or in relation to the spirit world. In fact this can be anything to do with development of ourselves in our infant stages, mortality, growing up, how we fight disease, what relation do we as children have with our spirit? All kinds of different and most varied questions are what they want as this title needs to include you and what is on your minds. Please don't think your question might be too trivial - it won't be to someone! And it might just be the gateway to furthering understanding for those who have not brought these issues to their minds. You will be helping so many people in this way. The details you write in with will be asked at various sessions with the spirit people who work with us, and then included in this new title along with their answers. Please try to be included, its your chance and you can make them as easy of difficult as you wish. This is really important and the spirit world needs you! MORE DETAILS ON THEIR SITE AT - Mike is a long-time ERN subscriber.

Quest for Global Healing: A Conference for the 21st Century
You are invited to join an extraordinary gathering of concerned global citizens and innovative thinkers in a quest towards a more collaborative, peaceful and sustainable future for humankind and the planet. Recommended by Gary Malkin>, a long-time ERN subscriber, who wrote: "It's going to be a "conference without walls, a true intercultural experience." Check also Gary's new - and most excellent! - instrumental CD featuring music from Graceful Passages without the spoken messages, including an additional choral chant, at

SUSTAINABLE WORLD SYMPOSIUM - June 19, 2004 in San Francisco
Healthy People - Healthy Communities - Healthy Planet: The Symposium is a dynamic, intensive one-day conference for the general public on the most critical global issues that we face (environmental, social & economic), their affect on us here in the US, the most viable solutions, and the actions that we can take – both individually and collectively – to achieve a peaceful, sufficient and healthy world. Recommended by Sue Zipp>

Circle of Light Community Network - Everything about the Rainbow Gatherings worldwide!

2004 Rainbow Gathering info - Location undecided yet!

Excellent Rainbow intro in French

Listen to Triaka's "Cosmic Connection" from Kaua'i - 3rd Monday each month 12-1pm HST, 3-4 pm PDT, 6-7 pm EDT, Late evening- West Europe, Night- East Europe, Early morning- Asia & Pacific. Listen at - On his May 17 show, he will be helping to coordinate Mind energies for a special endeavor: "UNIVERSAL LOVE FOR ALL LIFE"
(1) VISUALIZE universal love for all life
(2) PRAY for universal love for all life
(3) MEDITATE on universal love for all life, and
(4) AFFIRM universal love for all life.
More details about Triaka at or from him at> another long-time ERN subscriber


1. Feedback
2. Soulful Spring
3. The Sound of Oneness
4. Vital importance of May 4-6th
5. Excerpt from an interview with Tek Nickerson on Oneness
6. Venus and Pluto Opposition and the Transit of Venus
7. Thank God ~ Love is Blind
8. Entering the Third "Night" of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle
9. Feedback & Non-Nonsense Suggestion
10. Twilight Thought

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US Citizens Form Special Disinterest Group
LAWRENCE, KS—More than 3,000 U.S. citizens have banded together to form a massive special disinterest group, Coalition Of Unconcerned Americans press secretary Sarah Fisher said Tuesday. "Politicians are completely out of touch with those Americans who are completely out of touch with politics," Fisher said. "Why is Congress always debating foreign policy and tariffs and social security and stuff? How can they claim to represent the views of the people when the people don't know anything about all that legislative nonsense? CUA represents the views and beliefs of those Americans who care the least." (...) "We've been doing canvassing and mailings to get our non-message out there," said Wendy Christianson, director of public outreach for the CUA. "We need to tap the huge wellspring of apathy that exists today. There are a lot of political inactivists who aren't being heard." CLIP

Vatican Acknowledges ET Presence - by Monsignor Balducci
Preface by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (Finally I have obtained an English translation of the unprecedented paper Monsignor Balducci gave me at our historic meeting in Rome in December (2002). In this seminal work, the Monsignor-theologian, (who is the Pope's choice as Chief Exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome/Vatican itself), not only makes an air-tight case for the reality and acceptability of Star Visitor contacts with humans, but argues that these Visitors are more highly intellectually and spiritually evolved than humans. The Monsignor gave me a copy of this Paper, and intends to share it with his Vatican colleagues. It must also be the first document by a high-level churchman to mention Area 51, Nevada!) CLIP

Japan Gives $6 Million In Emergency Help To Palestinians
Palestine — As part of its continuing effort to ease the acute humanitarian crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories, in January the Government of Japan announced its intention to give an emergency grant of $6 million to the United Nation's Development Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (PAPP). (...) The statistics are grim: 66.5 percent of Palestinian households are living below the poverty line — 57.8 percent in the West Bank and 84.6 in Gaza. And 56.5 percent of the Palestinian households overall — 58 percent in the West Bank and 53.6 percent in Gaza — have lost over half of their usual income during the current crisis. One-fifth of Palestinian children can now be classified as moderately to severely anemic, a condition brought about by malnutrition. In Gaza, the rate reached 13.2 percent, a comparable rate to that in Zimbabwe (13 percent) and the Congo (13.9 percent).


Date: 29 Apr 2004
Subject: Re: The Arisen Phoenix Series #3 : Brightening Prospects

Hi Jean,

What an eye-opening treat was your article about the Fundamentalist Christians. I speak as one who left that movement after 9 years of being told that ,"God has a message for you, so you had better listen to the preacher." That was in 1987. Needless to say I have suffered much guilt since then, and much confusion as to whether or not I was indeed "born again," and to wonder what would happen to me (as a proverbial "black sheep") if I were to miss "The Rapture," and have to live through the "Tribulation." I am so thrilled and happy to say that since I read your article I no longer suffer from the above maladies. Thank you!


There are many more (maybe millions?) people like me who have been force-fed the belief that we need to be "Born-Again" to get "Raptured," so that we will miss the "Tribulation." Now I can stop guiltily listening for that trumpet call and pursue the blessings of the Light-filled Universe.

Love, Light, and Blessings,

Cathy in Tampa, Florida

NOTE FROM JEAN: According to the Waking Planet Chronicle #18 ( and quite incredibly, the "Left Behind" series on the Rapture has sold over 40,000,000 copies!


Taken from

Soulful Spring

I am complete in who I am. There is nothing lacking, nothing needed. I am as full as the earth that sings her songs through her many different aspects: the waters, the sky, the wind, the clouds, the rain, the thunder, the birds, the trees, the grass, the rocks, the animals, the people.

I am as full as the planet, the earth, in her cycles and rhythms; her turning, her day, her night. Nothing changes really - all is fullness no matter what the season. One only needs to recognize the fullness that exists.

I am as lush as the planet, as carefree as the earth, as structured and timely as the elements of nature with their own intelligence, their own timing. Even in the deserts of the earth there is fullness, lushness - the fullness of the heat and sand, and the winds that whip across the seemingly barren terrain.

Like the desert I have been seemingly barren - wind whipped and dry, wandering in the fullness of the sand and sun, not seeing, not knowing my own lushness; my underground well that holds the lushness of my own life; my own inheritance of fullness waiting for the time to emerge.

My fullness awaits its expression. My fullness is bubbling up from its underground cave; a holding den for the ripeness of its time. My fullness knows it's time to allow the underground spring to find its outlet; to flow into the rest of me, ripple out and merge into the lushness of the planet - blending, merging, seeking oneness in the fullness, in the rhythm and delight of the flow. My body knows it is time. My body knows its fullness and seeks to express it in harmony with the other rhythms of life and the planet.

The rocks and boulders sing in harmony around me as if in a concert or symphony. The trees stand in the delight of their song. The water ripples with joy and gladness at the vibration of sound. The birds perch themselves where they can join in the melody. The earth beneath embraces the rocks and receives their deep pulsations, cradling the sound and the stones in her bosom - never to forget the hum of life penetrating her. The dandelions applaud to hear the lullaby and draw near to feel its comfort.

The earth moves and creates in silent symphony sung to the inhabitants of the planet. The music is always there. We have become numb, forgetful, blasé. We have lost our connection to the sounds of the universe that speak of Light, of Source, of fullness, of purpose, of order, meaning and endless maturation. We ARE the universe in human form gathering dust and decay. Our knowing is hidden in the underground cave of our hearts that longs to sing with the universe, to travel amongst the stars, and breath in the life that permeates everything that surrounds us.

Creation is so full. How did we become dead.... Creation speaks to us daily and we do not hear the music. We do not hear creation calling to us - to play with her, to sing her tunes, her life, and dance her dance. We have forgotten the music. Where did it go?... How did we lose it?... What muffled and snuffed it out?... Why are we so dead to the music of life?...

The final act is upon us and we must awaken to the sound, hear the beat and dance into the cavern of our hearts - keeping time to the rhythm within us that longs to sing to US, to heal US, awaits for US to awaken. We ARE creation and long to be in harmony with the created others. We long for the oneness of creation. How simple life would be if we all saw ourselves as one with creation. How the hostilities would drop away; the prejudices that keep us separate, divided, different, unreconciled and unresolved would lose their power. We could all sing in harmony - all different instruments and different sounds, but playing together in the grand symphony, creating the music of the spheres: The Oneness of the Universe orchestrated by the Light of the One. The Light that knows all and loves all no matter what sound you make, or dance you dance, or thought you think, or action you take, or word that you speak - because all is part of the symphony of the planet that adds to the symphony of the stars, that adds to the symphony of the other planets, galaxies and realms....

Such a calling:

Singing my tune in harmony with other tunes, in harmony with other tunes, in harmony with other tunes in an ever unfolding sound ripple, sound wave, reaching back to Source - the wellspring within our own hearts.

Peace and Blessings

Christine Kennedy - Sent 22 May 1999


From: "Ruth">
Subject: The Sound of Oneness
Date: 30 Apr 2004

The Sound of Oneness

Sound is the creative agent of the One Life. Sounds are all around us and through us: sounds we can’t hear and sounds we can hear. The sound of our thoughts ripples through the inner planes, moulding and re-moulding the fabric of our shared substance. The sound of our speech impacts both at an inner and outer level. All these sounds create change and their effect is destructive or constructive. As outposts of the One, our task is to destroy, chiefly through the silence of a loving heart, all that stands in the way of oneness. In the resulting void, we must then use soul-chosen sound to construct forms which reflect the spiritual aspects of our Being. Often we are doing quite the opposite. We are destroying the underlying oneness through sounds which describe our differences, our superiorities, our cherished and separative points of view. We are also letting our first impressions about everything that happens spill out of our consciousness unchecked; this constructs a dense barrier of tightly-packed thought-forms behind which stands the true spiritual Reality.

We destroy this barrier through the fires of oneness which spark and flame from thinking as One and speaking as One. If we are One, we cannot label, compare, judge or condemn. When we see others as fragments of our collective Oneness, we consume by fire any prior thoughts and feelings we had about them. We look at the unifying energies flowing through all that exists upon the three planes of our physical life and we see oneness everywhere. We appreciate all forms by which the One has chosen to explore these lower realms before returning to Oneness. We love compassionately and unconditionally. We are now creating a sound which unites us with everything visible and invisible. This sound will construct what is necessary to manifest oneness throughout the body of humanity. It will unite individuals, groups and nations. Through this unifying sound, we can re-make the world to an entirely new design, sparkling with the light, love and purpose of the One.

The Great Invocation is a powerful tool we can apply to all problems and difficulties and restore our lost oneness. It has been called a divine energy vehicle, because its energy-field stretches from the dense layers of substance in which we sound it and upwards through multiple dimensions to divine Lives. We can use it to call for help from higher realms. By doing so, we tap into the accumulated spiritual energies of the vast worldwide group that uses it daily and the power of its ‘call’ is infinitely multiplied. A group call is activated and the Great Invocation lays a line of communication and transfer of energies between us and the illumined Ones who oversee the evolution of our planet. The energies that come down this line of light help to purify all layers of consciousness and as a result reconfigure life as we know it in these dense realities. When we have done our best to deal with humanity’s self-inflicted woes, the Christ, a cosmic Being, will return to outer life to support the whole of humanity in our continuing effort to let a higher Light, Love and Purpose work out. This is all part of a wider cosmic Plan for our corner of space. The sub-plan we are activating is allowing our local ‘God’, the Planetary Logos, to find His serving place and purpose within the energy-field of the Solar Logos, the ‘God‘ which is our sun, and in whose invisible body we live and move and have our being.

Recent world problems have caused confusion and disarray within the world mind. We have fought within our collective Self about how best to deal with issues that concern us all. However we can worry less about the details of extricating ourselves from the world mess when we use our mantra of oneness. We simply need to visualize the emergence of light, love and will (divine purpose) from the inner spiritual planes as we sound the Great Invocation silently or aloud and project these into the world troublespots and places where world discussions are being held. These higher energies will, of their own accord and without our further intervention, do the work that needs to be done. They will seed themselves and radiate qualities of the One into our planetary space. They will catalyze change and transformation from deep within, creating multiple lines of light stretching upwards into the higher dimensional layers of all outer forms and situations. We have already seen the high-lighting of what needs to be addressed in this ongoing process of purification. The world personality is examining and cleansing its form life and becoming liberated from the ways of the past that do not reflect the spiritual Life that we truly are. In an uncertain world in process of transmutation, we know one thing is certain: the Plan and the Purpose are working out and an enlightened, inclusive and co-operative future is absolutely guaranteed.

The text and more information about The Great Invocation can be found at


Date: 03 May 2004
From: Tek Nickerson>
Subject: Vital importance of May 4-6th

Hi Gang,

If the Harmonic Concordance got your attention, you should read why this alert deserves your attention.

In One Heart,


Forwarded Message

From: Stephen Popiotek>
Date: 02 May 2004
Subject: Vital importance of May 4-6th

Hi everyone, here is some info that I hope you will forward...

The following is a synopsis of why it is essential (more so than usual) that Light-Workers focus their intention as being conduits and embodiments of Unity, Love, and Higher Will anchored deep into the Earth from May 4th-May 6th.

This 72 hr period represents a convergence and synchronizing of many cycles and heavenly events that will impact our timeline tremendously. We are being asked by Archangel Michael, Abaddon, and the Confederation of Planets to stand our ground and be sovereign Vessels and Vicars of Love balanced with Will so that those forces of Duality and Negativity do not violate the Earth by grounding distortions and temporal loops in the timeline to suit their own agendas (esp. in regards to generating more dissonance that would make the ascension process much more bumpy so to speak).

5/4-There will be a Lunar eclipse in Scorpio that is within 2 degrees of being exactly opposite the Harmonic Concordance Eclipse Event from last November. This will trigger the activation of the Taurus-Scorpio Axis, which in many ways represents the next level of completion and manifestation of the Concordance. This is further amplified by the fact that on May 6th the transiting Sun will be conjunct the Harmonic Concordance Eclipse point (16 degrees Taurus)! Ellipses are not just one-day events but are like time-released capsules that release more energy into the Collective Consciousness especially when the Sun aligns with it (illuming the underworld and bringing to fruition that which was stimulated by the Moon during the last lunar ellipse).
May 5th-6th is also the exact midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and therefore is more accurately Maypole day than May 1st. The 4 days corresponding to the Equinoxes and Solstices are not the only Powerful Magical Windows where Groups on this plane and Others do work (for the Light and Dark); the other dates are the 4 days (within a day or two) that represent their midpoints (It is a double cross or eight pointed star or octagon, similar to the bagua used in feng shui).
According to astronomers, on May 5th Venus will be at its highest or northern-most position in the sky for the entire last century.
There are two comets coming during this month that Astronomers expect to rival Hale Bopp. One is coming from the North Ecliptic and the other the South. They are called NEAT and LINEAR. Neat will be closest to the earth (and quite visible) on May 6th and 7th. These Comets need Love/Light to be sent to them to ensure that their energies are not misqualified by Negative ETs, which according to channeled info that others and I have received is their desire.
During this Lunar Cycle, the Moon will also be at its closest position to the Earth on May 6th (which amplifies further the effect of the eclipse on the 4th).

For those who receive this email and do not know me, I do a lot of work with the grid systems of the Earth and receive channeled info (as well as from contacts I have made over the years), concerning what needs to be transmuted in regards to activities of various power groups--- (Illuminati, etc). With the above in mind, what we need to counteract is the following... A negative ET agenda to open a negative star-gate to Orion by comprising two US cities, NYC for sure, and Chicago as a high probability. If compromised, they would act as two giant tuning forks whose overlap region would open a door... These groups are also seeking to influence the Poles, particularly, the South One. The dissonance in the Middle East isn't helping, as there is an ancient Doorway or negative Stargate between Iraq and Iran. Interestingly enough, 7 days before the 5/4 eclipse large numbers of UFO sightings were reported in Iran...

Please understand, I am not trying to create fear with this info, but rather inform people that a clear road to 2012-2013 requires diligence and dedication from Light-Workers, who do not suffer from the New Age Spiritual Ostrich Syndrome of denying that there is a not just a personal but Collective Shadow that has to be dealt with, especially with Bush and the Shadow Elite running our government. (Please also send light and to transmute any so-called terrorist incidents that they may try to use to generate the levels and chaos needed.) Call on Mother earth in whatever form you wish (her rising Kundalini will greatly counteract these negative intentions) Isis, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and Abaddon to assist, as well as The Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator (see "The law of One books by Ra), and Khonsu (Egyptian Moon God Archetype and Positive Higher Dimensional Guardian).

I will be conducting activities in NYC on all three days starting at 8:30 pm on the 4th and 4pm on the 5th and sixth.

For those interested in more details as to specific locations, please email Stephen at or call me at 646-541-9031. For info on me, you can visit under Stephen Popiotek.


Stephen Popiotek


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Astrological info on the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE - May 4, 2004


The following is excerpted from an "Interview on Oneness" posted in its entirety at


Ann: Is there any place on the planet that is light?

Tek: Certainly, there are points of light. I am a point of light and you are, too, to share the light with the others.

Ann: We need more of us.

Tek: Absolutely! That’s our job to spread the light.

Ann: We do and I’m trying, but it’s not easy.

What would be the highest form of sharing the light at this moment in time?

Tek: Perhaps the highest form of sharing the light, at this moment in time, is to remind everyone who and what you are, in a way they can hear, and ask, “What if you were told that you only had up to 2012 to make a difference? How would you reorder your life? Would you remove the clutter of your relationships, your fears and your worries? What serves you? Would you eliminate the dross and what doesn’t serve you? Imagine, just for the remaining time, that you are an expression of God and how you want that expression to take place. Always take the high road. If you’re not clear and you’re at a point of not knowing what to do, ask Spirit, ‘What would you do in my situation?’” You will know in an instant. Then, do it and don’t question. Don’t let the chatter interfere.

Ann: Do you have the skill to do that, now?

Tek: Yes, I asked to receive that ability in l979 and it turned on like a tap.

Ann: You can really hear?

Tek: Sure, as clearly as I hear you. I’m in continual communication with the Creator. Creator prepped me for this conversation and Creator is editing the final text to His/Her complete satisfaction, but I wasn’t always that way.

It wasn’t very long ago when I couldn’t look at a twenty-dollar bill and see Jackson, who massacred my Indian people, without revolting me. I have moved off of that side of the seesaw and come to the pivot point. The pivot point is between good and evil. That’s to be at the point of balance. This is the point at which we seek to restore our life and balance. So, if you’re angry, then understand that you’re out of balance and you need to get back to balance. In other words, taking one side validates the existence of the other side.

Ann: What if you’re in despair?

Tek: You’re out of balance.

Ann: I can see using your consciousness to dispel anger, but despair is harder.

Tek: All you have to do is to step back. Step back, further and further, until you can see the bigger picture that is going on. I mentioned the bigger picture about the holocaust, which for me was an excellent answer. It isn’t the answer for everyone. Everyone has to seek his, or her, own truth. My truth isn’t necessarily another’s truth.

Ann: So, this isn’t the answer, but it is an answer.

Tek: Yes, but I think that the answer is to seek the balance. You are a part of the One. And now might be a good time to draw a finer line on this issue. Many people are genuinely concerned about abortion, because they believe abortion is taking a life. I once met the Angel of Death and immediately questioned, “At what moment is a life taken?” The Angel of Death explained that the answer is embedded in the Truth at what moment is life given. Life is given at the moment that the baby takes its first breath of life. That first breath is God’s breath, which reminds us that the air we breathe is God’s breath and each breath is sacred. I mentioned this, briefly, to you outside of the interview, and you indicated that you have regressed people, who related their memories, as a fetus in utero. At 4:30, the following morning, I received this clarification to what you reported, which I immediately wrote down:

“From the moment of conception to the moment of the first breath, the soul witnesses the construction of the fetus. At birth, the soul moves into the body with its first breath.”

It is not surprising that people remember being present to witness the construction of their body, as we might observe the construction of our new home. However, we would not move into the home before it was completed and we do not move into our baby body until either it’s construction is completed, or is forced by circumstances to take its first breath. Therefore, although abortion prevents the first breath and, therefore, the soul’s occupation of the body, abortion is not taking a life.

Getting back to the big picture, it’s your choice, as to whether you are choosing the illusion of duality, or not, but it’s time to wake up. If you choose not to seek this balance, then you will continue to experience things even worse than we have already experienced. It’s your choice. Shakespeare was right, “All the world is a stage”. It’s an illusion and you can get out of that costume.

Ann: So, in closing, it’s about choice.

Tek: It’s about choice, empowered by free will and remembering. If you’re in doubt, simply ask yourself, “How do I choose to be the expression of God for the remaining time?” If you simply follow that, then you’ll be fine.

Ann:  That means on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour basis?

Tek: Absolutely. God doesn’t take a vacation. The best we can do for Him/Her, for us, is to Lighten up!


Date: 03 May 2004
Subject: Venus and Pluto Opposition and the Transit of Venus
From: Elizabeth Jones>

Hi Jean. This is an article I wrote on the upcoming Astrological transits coming up in the next few weeks. Since they are quite potent and rare, I thought you may like to include this in one of your emailings.

Thank you for your devotion and commitment to “the cause”. You truly are an inspiration to us all.

Many Blessings,

Elizabeth Jones

P.O. Box 1002
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067



Venus and Pluto Opposition and the Transit of Venus - May, June and July, 2004

by Elizabeth Jones -

Astrologically speaking, the heavens are filled with rare and mystical aspects in May, June and July. The Full Moon in Scorpio is on May 4th. This is the lunation of the Wesak Festival, considered to be the most spiritual event of the year by many. And this year, the Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, bringing another degree of intensity and significance to it. For more information on the potential influence of this event, go to

The other event, and one that will have a longer influence, is Venus going retrograde in Gemini (5/17), opposing Pluto (5/2, 6/2 and 7/25). On June 8th, Venus eclipses the Sun”, called “the transit of Venus”. There has been quite a bit written about this “transit of Venus” and its relation to the Mayan calendar, as this Venus cycle completes in 2012, the same year the Mayan calendar is said to end. In this article, I would like to focus in on the various impacts these events hold for us in the next few weeks.

First, Venus in Gemini opposing Pluto in Sagittarius will be influencing us from early May through mid-summer. It is rare for them to oppose each other this long, as it is usually only a 2-3 day event, which occurs once each year. However, because Venus is going retrograde during this time, it will be opposing Pluto for several weeks. This will bring us the opportunity to look deep within at our thought forms, communications and our language skills, both within ourselves and with others. This gives us the opportunity to see if what we think and say is in fact clear and honest and not loaded with hidden agendas. We will most likely have several chances to explore the decisions we have made at different times in our lives that hold our beliefs in place. The beliefs we hold in our deep memory can influence us from unconscious levels that we usually have trouble accessing with the conscious mind. Now, by focusing our conscious attention in the direction of self-honesty and then make it our clear intention to know more of who we truly are, we are creating the place where transformation can happen. And so, one way to work with this influence is to say “yes” and be willing to know ourselves in deeper ways. In other words, to not resist that which is happening anyway.

There are great benefits to be had from these experiences. For one, it is through this new clarity about what has been motivating us, for perhaps a very long time, that we are able to make new choices. Choices that are from our heart and our innate capacity to love. Further, our words and speech will become more connected to our Higher Self and the wisdom that is known there. A wonderful way to check in and see if you are, in fact, gaining from this dynamic aspect is to see if your words are empowering others or disempowering them in some way. Again, this can happen at such subtle levels in our everyday communications that usually we can’t even see this taking place. And so now, under these transits, we may have revealed to us the truth of our own intentions, thus, as I said, giving us the awareness to make different choices in this way. But it is more than making different choices that makes the impact of this influence so far reaching. It is also its power to heal and transform us that is so magical and unique.

Pluto is the “The Great Transformer” and Venus the planet that rules our capacity to love, what and how we love, and how we express that love. This Venus/Pluto opposing for so long is rare and enables us to literally transform our relationship to love. Many of us carry wounds from past relationships that failed or from current ones that have lost their way. As a result, we tend to make decisions about how we will love in the future. We decide that we will withhold our love, or to not even be open to it ever again. Our hearts close in some obvious ways and in some imperceptible ones. Perhaps your belief in the basic goodness of humankind is faltering as a result of the events taking place on our planet at this time. And yet we want to hold true to our hearts and have our faith restored so that we believe “all will be well”. We yearn to connect and belong to something or someone that loves us and that we can love. This celestial influence is an opportunity to clear out the old programs and garbage we have accumulated and be renewed in the process, ready to love honestly, with a clearer intention and in a way that is in sync with our authentic Self. This will give us the courage, strength and renewed faith to continue forward in a way that does not betray or ignore the love within us. But we must be willing to be touched by this magical love. By a magic that will open us again to the possibility of love and caring. We must be willing to see and know ourselves as a being of love.

The Transit of Venus on June 8th plays a significant role in this process. For several weeks prior to it, Venus and Pluto have been working to get through to us in the ways mentioned. We have delved into our patterns, beliefs, and examined our thought forms. We have perhaps felt as though we are in some way now cleansed and purified, but maybe feeling somewhat weary or drained in the process. It is good to get a visual of what this Transit of Venus is, astronomically speaking. Venus will be between the Earth and the Sun. If you drew a straight line between them, Venus would fall exactly on that line. In other words, if you were to look at the Sun (of course, not recommended with the naked eye) you would find Venus there. Imagine the Suns rays shining through Venus as they come to Earth. I get the feeling of Venus, this planet that rules love, being energized and charged by this event. And that we will benefit by it in that our own love nature, the part of us that has recently been purified by its contact with Pluto, is now being given life again through the Solar Fires and warmth of the Sun. And as this recharging takes place, I feel we will begin to open to our loving natures in ways that we had closed off. Not only in personal, intimate relationships, but in all relationships. It may also affect our creative projects, our passion for life and our desire to fulfil our purpose.

Looking forward, there are some other key dates that are related to these events. During Venus retrograde (again, from May 17th to June 29th), much of this process may be primarily internal in nature, gestating until we are strong and restored enough to share our new insights and ways of being in the world. Then, when it turns direct on June 29th ending the retrograde period, you may find the recent internal shifts begin to take outward expression. You may feel a call to life beckoning to you again.

July 22nd is another key time as it is when Venus returns to the same degree as during the Transit of Venus on June 8th. This will reinforce the events that took place at that time. Perhaps we will get a reminder of the significance of these influences in our lives. For those in the United States, the original event took place during the night hours. But this time, it is in the morning (about 9:00 am, PDT). Take some time to sit in the Sun, as this may increase the potency of the affects of this Venus energy.

Then on July 25th Venus opposes Pluto one last time in this cycle. And on August 2nd, Venus hits what is called the shadow point of its retrograde period. These two aspects complete this influence in a dynamic way. I would expect that this week will bring realizations and experiences that mark how significant of a time this has been for us. It may come to our awareness, through the new thoughts we are thinking, the understanding we now have, and the love we now feel, that we have, indeed, evolved into a greater manifestation of our own true Self. And we may now be able to comprehend our true capacity to love and to be loved.

One may ask, will this affect all people? No, surely it will not. Many are not ready to look so intently at themselves. Others are simply not willing to love in a way that is more in alignment with higher principles and their own higher self. And others will not place enough focus on these influences to gain lasting benefit from them. And also, for some, it is just not time to be open in this way. Yet for anyone reading this (especially since you have gotten this far!), look to see if this message resonates someplace within. For if it does, then you may notice significant transformation during this time.

Also, I like to offer ways to work with these energies. Gemini rules breathing, so breathe work can help to bring forth our loving nature (or awareness of our resistances to it). Also helpful will be journaling to help sort out our thoughts and ideas as they emerge through this process. Further, reading things that inspire and encourage you can have a penetrating impact now, as you will likely be more open to the wisdom of what is being said. Heart felt, honest talks with friends and those you love can add insights that assist this process as well. Nature and beauty can also be a way of accessing these energies, generating feelings of awe and reverence for the Divine. Perhaps the greatest way to avail ourselves to these wonderful influences is to place our conscious attention on them. To ask our Soul and the beings that oversee our incarnation to keep us vigilant and aware of the process as it unfolds. To guide us and lead us through this journey of healing and renewal so that we may know greater love and greater loving.

Many blessings of love to you on this path and during this time,

Elizabeth Jones


Date: 29 Apr 2004
From: Aluna Joy - Pilgrimages & Sessions>
Subject: Thank God ~ Love is Blind

"Funny thing, when you're not in alignment with The Flow, stepping into the Flow with complete surrender seems terrifying, but when you're in The Flow no material thing on the planet is worth stepping out of it for!"

- M Sagan MD


Thank God ~ Love is Blind

When we get to the heart of the matter, the center purpose of our lives is to simply love, to love with arms wide open, to love with mind, body and spirit. Love at its core is the most powerful spiritual path one can journey on and seems to be the most elusive. We must be missing something because we keep getting love all wrong? We fall in love and out of love over and over. We get love sick at the onset, and heart broken when it fails. We have all been wounded by love and have been the one doing the wounding. It rips us up, turns us inside out and burns us to a crisp, yet we keep asking for more.

The power of love is so encompassing and overwhelming that it can sweep us away by its beauty and power. It can feel like a fire burning into our very souls. Love can make all other things in life pale in comparison. If love can move mountains, then I would expect love can do just about anything at all. Are we afraid of its power or are we ready to be taken by love all the way? All we have to do is look at our life history to discover the answer.

When I look at how we speak about love and discovered that our thinking about love has negative connotations. We say "your love sick" and "love is blind." When you fall in love your friends say "be careful, be smart, cover your bases." Why do we relate love to an illness or something to be cautious with like a ticking time bomb? With these kinds of projections on love, how could we possibly make love last? We have already begun the journey with a handicap. We have failed before we have even taken our first step.

When I was a kid in Sunday school I was told God is Love. They never said God loves and then falls out of love ... or God loves sometimes and sometimes not, or loves with conditions. So if God is a living example of overwhelming unconditional love why is it we can't get it right. Is it because God's love is blind?

I looked at how we fall in love. When we fall in love we see perfection in the other person. We are blown away by the connection, the power, the intensity, the beauty. We see the truth of that person, not the illusion. We are seeing this person as God sees this person. God does not see us linked to our past, our mistakes, our reactions or programming. All these negatives are just conditions caused by simply being human. We don't get through life without a few bumps. The Dalai Lama says that all people are good at heart and that it is simply their hard situations that make them who they are. Is the Dalai Lama Love sick, blinded by love? Hey if that is the case, I want to experience the world like he does.

Why do we keep letting the insidious negative programming of this world sneak in and open our physical eyes and close our hearts, ending our blissful blindness? Why do we allow ourselves to see perceived faults and react out of past experience? I am no expert in love, but I bet it has something to with the fear of intimacy... You know... In-to-me-see. Love brings a brilliant piercing light into any relationship in which every corner of our being can be pulled out and examined by those who love us. Love is the purest form of spiritual awakening. Do we really want to become spiritually awakened? Do we really want to be really seen by another? Are we afraid to merge, like God merges with us?

Then I notice another pattern many of us seem to have... we doubt love. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaks about doubt and he says, "If you observe the nature of doubt, it is always about something that is positive. You never doubt what is negative. You know this from your own experience... If someone says "I love you very much" you say "really?" But if someone says. "I hate you" you never say "Do you really?" Understanding your doubt as questioning the positive and having confidence in what is negative, and knowing that you are having doubt, there must be something good present. Once you cross this barrier of doubt, then further progress comes." The Star Elders say something similar. They say "Doubt always follows truth. Doubt is the marker to remind you that you just had a powerful truth!"

Love is a force to be reckoned with. It will keep searching for an open conduit in which to express itself totally. If we open the rear escape door in relationship, called doubt or fear, love is going to leave quickly to find another willing person to express blinding love through. If we apply our past wounds to the present, we break the spell love has on us and create the problem we had hoped to avoid. We may feel temporally safe from a possible hurt by pulling back, but soon we discover we are lonely and out there again searching for love.

One thing I have learned over and over, spiritual awakening does not come to those who play it safe! Spiritual awakening is full of risks and is a bit like being pushed off a cliff. The falling is great as long as you forget to hit the ground. So close your eyes and go blind to the fact that the ground is down there somewhere and jump without hesitation.

A line in one of my favorite prayers is "May I have the eyes to see as God sees, May I have the heart that Loves like God Loves." I know God loves me no matter what I do, good, bad (my judgment by the way) and otherwise. So If I want to love as God Loves... hey I got to get back to being love sick, blind, and under the spell love can bring.... and stay there! Thank God for a great example ... Love is blind and I hope I never wake up.

~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in 4/2004




6th Issue

May 1, 2004


This is the Third "Night" of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle; the "Midnight" of this cycle will occur on June 6, 2004.

In this sixth issue, I’m going to explain what we are about to experience as Consciousness shifts over the next few months.

During each Third "Day" of previous consciousness cycles, certain truths about consciousness and survival begin to take shape. During the Third Nights, these truths evolve—and are applied.

Below is some research I did into which truths came forward in consciousness during Third Days and Nights. You can decide for yourself, but it looks to me like profoundly basic truths come out during these Third Days, and those truths are, sure enough, applied or acted upon during the Third Nights.

During the first Third Day in the Cellular Cycle (10 billion years ago), the first clouds of matter were gathering; eventually, they would become galaxies.

During the second Third Day of the Mammalian Cycle (500 million years ago), the Cambrian explosion occurred, and the truth about calcium as a survival tool emerged. This is when soft-tissue organisms began developing shells of calcium around themselves as a survival tactic.

During the third Third Day of the Family Cycle (15 million years ago), a new development in the evolution of man occurred. Pliopithecus, a tail-less ape, walked the earth on hind legs.

During the fourth Third Day in the Tribal Cycle (1,200,000 years ago), Homo Erectus, the first man of our genus, appeared.

During the fifth Third Day in the Cultural Cycle (69,200 – 61,300 B.C.), the first tools, scrapers made of bone and stone were used.

During the sixth Third Day in the National Cycle (1538 –1144 B.C.), Egyptian obelisks, the first clocks, were erected. Through trade and sea travel, the Egyptian and Phoenician cultures expanded in influence. The Iron Age began. Beer was invented in Egypt. And it was declared by Amenhotep that Aton was the “One God”—the first time in recorded history that god had been conceived of as a single entity.

At the very end of the sixth Third Day in the National cycle, Moses received the Ten Commandments. During the seventh Third Day (1834 – 1854) in the Planetary Cycle, the abolitionist and women's suffrage movements swept through consciousness among industrialized nations.

During the eighth Third Day (Dec. 14, 2002 – Dec. 9, 2003), you have witnessed an almost overwhelming amount of truth concerning your personal survival level. Which is basically that you are all slaves of corrupt corporations, including the corporation called the United States of America formed in 1873.

During each and every Third Night, Consciousness applies the new truths received during each Third Day. This applied consciousness is another step in the evolution of Consciousness in general.

During the first Third Night (8.5 billion years ago), our own galaxy, the Milky Way, was forming. (Now there’s a worthwhile application if I ever saw one!)

During the second Third Night (460 million years ago), if you didn't have a shell, you got eaten. So just about every body tried one on. (Application again.)

During the Third Night of the Family Cycle (12 million years ago), Oreopithecus, a more upright ape, roamed Africa, Europe, India and China.

During the fourth Third Night of the Tribal Cycle (1,020,000 years ago) Homo Sapiens, our most direct ancestor, appeared.

During the fifth Third Night of the Cultural Cycle (61,300 – 53,400 B.C.) tools for scraping, chopping, cutting and crushing were fashioned by chipping rocks and grinding bones.

During the sixth Third Night of the National Cycle (1144 – 749 B.C.), Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and out of slavery. Troy was destroyed by the Greeks. And between 1090 – 945 B.C., civil war raged in Egypt.

During the seventh Third Night of the Planetary Cycle (1854 — 1873), civil war racked the world. The Apache declared war on the U.S government. The Spanish, French, East Indian, Russian and Japanese peoples were embroiled in civil war. The U.S. Civil War raged between 1861 and 1865. The potato famine in Ireland killed a million people; many of those who survived emigrated to the United States.

In every case, those with more sophisticated technologies won out over those whose cultures were based on agriculture or sovereign natural law. (Raw Power Applied)

This is the purpose of the Third Night—to jettison systems that are antiquated and need to be upgraded or cast aside. That is why monarchies fell, the Indians were sent to reservations; this is why the Shoguns and Samurai of Japan were defeated, and why the North won the Civil War—industrial power. The North had more commercial clout than the agriculturally based economy in the South could manifest. In fact, if you check the history books, you'll find that the tariffs demanded by the North on goods shipped from the Southern states to their French trading partners were the real reason for the war. Not slavery. The slavery issue was put forward to garner public support for the North’s invasion of the South. Consciousness works in wondrous ways, doesn’t it?

During this, the eighth Third Night of the Galactic Cycle (12/10/03 — 12/3/04), we are going to see another jettisoning of systems that are unworkable in light of the new consciousness. Being as this Galactic Cycle's consciousness (1/05/99 – 10/28/2011) is bringing in Ethics as its focus, any system not based on Ethics and Integrity will be jettisoned, along with those who are in any way "dependent" on those systems. That includes some fifty percent plus of Americans who are supported by the federal government or defense contractors. This is no joke—or fluke. Study your history—this will become very much clearer. The Third Night never fools around. Things Change! In the past, though, those changes happened over longer periods of time. During the time of Moses, the Third Night was 397 years. During the time of the American Civil War, the Third Night lasted for 19.7 years. This Third Night will last for just 360 Georgian calendar days. Same amount of no fooling around about change—just twenty times quicker change than ever before.

Here are some of the ideas and things that are going to become extinct:

1. The idea that any governmental or administrative body can bestow or take away any rights of a living breathing person.

2. The idea that any person owes anything to anyone anywhere at any time. In other words, an economy based on “Pay It Forward.” The basic Idea of pay it forward is that you do a service(s) for three different people that benefits them, for free. There is not a limit of three. Before long, with each person helping three, there is an explosion of assistance everywhere and life as we know it changes.

3. The idea that your body is somehow the property of the State and can be licensed to, or not to, perform in society. For example, marriage, which is a license from the state to have sex (otherwise an “unsanctioned” or illegal act.) The fruit of this contract is new taxpayers, who are also the property of the State. (Never read the small print did you? They count on that.)

4. The idea that only powerful and rich players can generate power (electrical, oil, atomic, etc.) that you in turn must purchase at exorbitant rates to participate at a useful level in society.

5. The idea that you can keep secret, any unethical thought or deed. And that's the big one I want to talk about.

This is my own take here, so I don't expect you to swallow it as the truth. Chew on it a good long time and spit out what you don't like. Okay?

What I am seeing in the news is that if something is crooked, it is being brought to the light of day very quickly. A tidal wave of ethics is surging against the fortress of power, and that fortress is being demolished in front of our very eyes. Of course those in the battlements, the empowered, are very excited and yelling like crazy! Bush and company, for instance. Their methods of offensive defense, assaults, secrets, threats, and their reliance on public apathy are just not working very well against the onslaught of an ethical tsunami.

Now, I am not saying that Kerry and the skull-and-bones crypts on his team are any better than Bush—they are just different. But bones is still bones, and both Kerry and Bush are vile zombies who will soon be tearing each other, the people of this country and the economy into itsy bitsy pieces. They will have the help of the weather, which is just about to rage out of all predictable control, and earth changes that will alter our coastlines and mountain ranges.

This is gonna be over quick—although it will be dramatically violent.


First, because everything is speeding up. And because "What you pay attention to you become conscious of."

Just take a quick look around at which movies are the most popular, what television programming pulls in the most audiences. In our culture, this is the most direct measure of what the general public is paying attention to. From what we now know, looking through the lens of the Mayan calendar, as this acceleration continues, we can expect people to experience more and more directly whatever they are paying attention to.

So it looks like some troubling times ahead for most of these folks.

What are you paying attention to? Now, of course, bad news is going to come to you. The message of the Hopi Elders is "Keep your eyes open and your head above the waters." This means know what is going on around you but maintain a higher perspective on all that you see. It is important to watch the news. It’s probably best to track the news on the Internet to keep pace with the rapid dissemination of information in our society. Television networks are hopelessly slow and retarded—and I’m being kind.

What do I mean by what are you paying attention to?

What do you intend for your own future? Which abilities do you see developing in yourself? Are you only looking at your problems, who is doing what to you? This is literally what will make the difference in your coming experience: whether or not your awareness is focused on insurmountable problems or mounting abilities. Your choice.

Either you will be an unconscious victim who has unknowingly created his or her circumstances, or a Conscious Co-Creator who is creating his or her abundant future. There is little middle ground here, and it is shrinking very quickly. As always, what you pay attention to is your choice, no matter what circumstances are currently challenging you or what problems lie down the road. You can either move out of your “comfort zone” by choice now, or have it vaporize in front of your eyes in the very near future.

Your choice, of course.

Secondly, things are going to change fast and furiously because of the Venus transit happening on June 8, 2004. We know that in the middle of the Third Night a midnight happens on June 6, 2004. From there Consciousness will move towards the dawn of the Fourth Day—which will take place on Dec 4, 2004. What we see here is a reversal of direction on the part of Consciousness, and a major event happening right after this change. I would encourage each of you to read the articles about the Venus transit by Dr. Carl J. Calleman and Kiara Windrider on our site for the details.

In general, each Venus passage recorded in human history has been a time of great change in perspective and communications.

Recent Venus Transits

1518 (1526) The first circumnavigation of the globe, proving the world was not flat.

1631 (1639) The first national mail services were established.

1761 (1769) The first ever international scientific experiment was conducted. The purpose of this experiment was to measure the distance from the earth to the sun, and it involved the observation of the Venus transit from seventy-seven locations all over the globe. This was a crucial step in global cooperation.

1874 (1882) The World Postal Union was established, and a trans-Atlantic telegraph cable were both contributing significantly to global communication.

2004 (2012) An increasing awareness of telepathic abilities in humans.

Yes, I said that the next step in the evolution of our ability to communicate will be delivered, starting June 8 in earnest. Telepathic abilities, which many of you have noticed have been on the increase, will be unleashed.

This means real trouble for a lot of humans. Which ones?

Those who need to hold secrets. Anybody come to mind?

If we are going to get bumped towards an ethically based consciousness, this telepathic ability opening makes the most sense to me as the next step of our evolution.

Those who cannot accept these abilities will be eliminated from the journey of evolution. Those who will not or cannot allow telepathic connections will be totally eliminated by Nov 28, 2005, if not before. Most will simply go insane and kill one other after receiving threats by thought wave.

Can you imagine Bush receiving all of the thoughts directed at him?

My advice? Get off your secrets right now. Go find someone to spill your guts to and do it. Get clean! Start forgiving yourself for everything you have ever done that you are not proud of. You DO NOT NEED permission to do this! Just do it!

In service to the God~Us
Ian Xel Lungold

More articles by Ian at



From: "Daniel Kolos">
Subject: Feedback Re: Veracity Series #5: I still believe in the good in man
Date: 3 May 2004

Hello Jean,

It often pains me to read of so many wars perpetrated and atrocities being committed with the only visible 'good' being corporate profits and political power. As with our personal illnesses, we can either treat the symptom or find and treat the cause. It may be a good time to look at the 'causes' of our many wars and 'treat them'. The following Concise News item, I believe, takes us top the roots of war.

Daniel Kolos


Concise News - Item 113

Just as the United States, and many other countries, have successfully separated the influence of the church from the State, so it is now high time to being the separation of business from the State.

The Church‚ was global and corrupt and its influence on the various Kingdoms have become onerous. Corporations have become global, corrupt and unconscionable. Their influence on the administrators of the State - the buying‚ of both legislators and policy makers - has replaced the will of the people. Since it is the people who buy and use the products and services of business, we have a tremendous influence on business!

Who bought - or bought into - the last twenty wars? Armaments manufacturers and politicians. And who fought these wars? The people.


Peace Within Concise News Network


From: "Arthur Bond">
Subject: Twilight Thought
Date: 30 Apr 2004

Jean I felt this was a piece of verse worth sharing. It sort of puts things into perspective. Greetings from Arthur a fellow traveller.

Twilight Thought
by Tony Dodd

A time when darkness creeps over the world
A time when creatures seek
the sanctuary of their haven
To sleep away the hours of darkness
safe from the night hunters.
The nocturnal world.
The vast night sky...
studded with a billion stars.
Like a black cloak...
infested with sparkling diamonds,
which give ghostly light
across the face
of the countryside.

The hills hang dark and foreboding...
casting shadows over the sleeping hamlets
Their peaks pointing
towards the night sky
in sinister accusation.
The night air on the hills is cold and clean...
with an edge sharper that the sharpest knife
cutting through anything
which intrudes on it's privacy
singing as it dances
through the branches
of the tall pine plantations
A song which says...
the world is not sleeping...
it is awake.

Anyone lucky enough to share
this nocturnal world ...
and to make peace with the night
will soon develop an acute awareness...
that the surroundings are not as they first seem.
The night comes to life...
the heavens are alive
with movement.
The wind...
sings a song...
with a choir of a
thousand ghostly voices
as if the past...
and future were all one.
Singing in mournful harmony.

The wind stops...
as if to take breath.
And the heavy sound of silence prevails.
A silence which echoes
through the heavens into infinity.
A silence which is the music
of the heavens...
a music of beauty and purity
which encompasses
the whole of time and space...
in a warmth of breathtaking magnitude.

The darkness is alive ...
with an all knowing wisdom...
a wisdom as old as time itself.
A wisdom that says...
I am the creator of all things.
My energy is the creation of the cosmos.
I am your blood...
your flesh...
your breath...
I am you.

How little we know
of the scale of eternity
How dare we challenge
the might and enormity of such
wisdom and creation.
A million worlds could exist in the heavens ...
beyond our sight.
Each with living beings,
looking at the sky in wonder,
at the never ending universe.
They may also think
that no other intelligent being exists...
apart from themselves.
But perhaps they do not share
the arrogance of the human race.
Perhaps they possess
the intelligence to realize...
that all things are possible
in the vastness of forever.

Perhaps civilizations exist
many thousands of years
in advance of our own,
who view our existence
as we would view the
lowliest creatures on this earth.

Is it conceivable...
that this earth of ours...
which is but a speck of dust
against the scale of reality,
is not only being visited by other life forms...
but is being controlled by them.
Let us not be blinded by our arrogance...
as to what is possible and what is not.

Because we are children
at the dawn of our creation,
with the universe as our classroom
and intelligence
beyond our imagination
waiting to be tapped...

when we are ready to receive it.

When all wars are history
and the annihilation
of our own species is long forgotten.
And famine and plague
of the unfortunate no longer exists.
And we live together as brother and sister.
we will be fit to go forward
and achieve the endless possibilities
which are there for the worthy.

Every living creature
in the universe has a life cycle
which is part of creation.
Each with it's own intelligence
and life style and each
with it's fear and pain.
We are all part
of the greater scheme of things
and none of us are exempt.

Remember the virtue of destiny...
and the peace of understanding.
The beauty of compassion...
and the honesty of being at one with creation.
And the dignity of peace and eternity.

and the wonders you will see...
will reveal the true qualities of your universe.
To the truth of your origins your hearts will go out.
Your substance ...
which is the matter of time and space
will go forward to meet the next challenge.
The beauty of your origins
will surpass your belief and comprehension.
And the infinite depth of the cosmic reality,
will remain part of your heritage
in the mists of forever

Your council is the great host of light...
who's fabric is your fabric.
The fabric of all things.
You are nothing...
you are everything...
you are the spirit of eternity.
Where all roads cross
and souls of the universe
reassemble to the next stage.

Who are you?
What are you?
I am you.
You are me.
We are brothers and sisters of destiny.
We are the dust of the cosmos.
Our existence is infinite.
There is no life.
There is no death.
There is only creation.
The cosmic fusion of your being.
Be at peace with your creator.
Because here is the knowledge of all things.

The peace of understanding...
is the beauty of creation.
The word has been spoken
and the spirit within you knows.
That home is eternity...
and existence is immortal.


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