February 14, 2004

The Light Series #58: Massive Spiritual Stimulation Underway

Hello everyone

One final compilation for you this week with lots of very interesting material.

As usual the next Meditation Focus will be networked early Sunday morning.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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May I be in peace.
May my heart remain open.
May I awaken to the light which is my true nature.
May I be healed.
May I be a source of healing for all beings.

- A prayer of loving kindness taught by Buddha
Sent by "Stephanie Rudd"

"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear."

- Edmund Burke

"Great as these things are, there is a totality of experience and sensation that includes them all, a vortex that contains and transforms these infinite parts. Yet, each minute event immeasurably increases not only itself but all other events, bringing into birth by its own actualization an infinitude of new actions and events, an unfolding ... of itself, an initiation into dimensionalization. For all versions and possibilities of each event must be actualized in the limitless multiplication of creativity."

- Jane Roberts

Worthy of Your Attention

14th February 2004 Campaign for World Peace and Sacred Sexuality
A campaign is launched today, February 14th 2004, the day most recognised for Love across the globe, to ask as many people as possible to start to make love specifically for World Peace. Campaigner Bernadette Vallely has created the campaign as her contribution to the current global crisis. Couples are being encouraged to think, visualise or meditate together on the topic of world peace at any time before, during and after their lovemaking starting on Valentines Day. The idea is to dedicate the most gorgeous and blissful part of being human towards something so very important. The increased intimacy, excitement and the heightened sensuality are some of the effects of such an intention says Bernadette. She believes that many of our ancestors, from around the world in various religious and spiritual traditions used to harness their sexual energy to connect with a spiritual source or universal energy. The campaign is launched to the world by Bernadette on February 14th at the UK Arts Festival For Peace, a four day festival with over 6,000 people meeting in Hackney, London and will be webcast to the world courtesy of Indymedia. Visit and - Bernadette Vallely, author, social and environmental campaigner and United Nations Global 500 Laureate, has started the campaign to increase global love and decrease global tension by asking couples to have conscious sex for Peace. That means to have sex for a purpose other than only pure pleasure or procreation. Contact Bernadette Vallely on 020 8974 8608
Forwarded by (Brenda/Beverly)


1. Matthew's latest message from heaven
2. International Spiritual Support for Dennis Kucinich - Project Update
3. Global Drums Network / Planetary Ceremony on Equinox / March 21st
4. Spiritual Parenting: Children's Psychic Abilities and Sense Perception
5. Ram Dass: Slower Mind, Deeper Wisdom



Kiara Windrider first wrote to me: "Dear Jean, I looked through Celest's Trojan Horse article (which is available for your convenience at I've heard similar things from other sources, and I think she is generally pretty clear, but my first thought is whether that particular channeling itself may be a Trojan Horse to create support among lightworkers for a "preemptive" US invasion of North Korea? What do you think? Kiara


Dear Kiara, I'm glad you took time to check this and tell me your feelings about it. I have similar hesitations but for different reasons (most people are not ready to face to and deal with such a perspective) and will wait to see where it is going with her next installments before deciding whether to network this. I doubt very much though that Celest would be consciously taking part in the conspiracy you alleged to. I also sent a copy to Suzy Ward (as some info on this intersect with what was portrayed by Matthew I believe) and when she is back from her current trip and have time to look into this, she may verify with Matthew or her other sources what perspective they have on this "Trojan Horse" material. As for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea, the fact is the US military are tied up in Iraq and could certainly not undertake anything against North Korea, except retaliating with nukes if they were attacked, at least not before the next elections and then, hopefully there will be a new administration more likely to tackle this and other international issues differently. And besides there is no oil there and no strategic value to fight for. 

NOTE FROM JEAN: The second installment of Celest's channeling, "The Illuminati, The Unconscious Mind and The Unspoken Word" is currently available at and is also rather provocative. Incidentally the abduction program for the purpose of genetic manipulations of the human species that is described in this 2nd channeling was corroborated in an "Unexplained Mysteries" episode I saw on TV this week as it dealt with memories recovered through hypnosis of several people who had been repeatedly abducted by Grey-like aliens (70% of abductees are women according to this TV report) who displayed during the bodily examinations they performed a very specific interest for the human reproductive organs. Some women even recalled having foetus implanted in them and then taken away several months later during such abduction episodes.

AND HERE IS WHAT Suzy Ward REPLIED: Greetings, Jean and Kiara! Here is what Matthew said. It goes beyond your primary interest because it's the first time in quite a while that I've had (I've TAKEN) time for a sitting. And no time now for more than I love you both! Suzy


February 8, 2004

S: Matthew, hi dear! You read with me the message received by Celest, no? And you know that Jean has requested your comments on it?

MATTHEW: Yes to both, Mother, and hello to you! Welcome back to a sitting after a long absence of time for this. Now I shall comment as requested by Jean:

My opinion of the message is so minor in comparison with its import for the world today. I admire the unfolding of this provocative and evocative presentation of all truth and without embellishments as to what has been going on for eons. As you recollected in part, Mother, the same basic information has been presented by several of your other sources in addition to that which I have recounted.

Now then, it appears that the crux of this message per the questions of Kiara and Jean is the strategic mention of North Korea as the primary "Trojan Horse" of the moment. There is truth to this indeed, that is, insofar as the Illuminati plans. North Korea had a brief media moment regarding its nuclear capability and then quietly was eased out of sight on the note that the country's leaders were being cooperative. Oh indeed, but cooperative in what way and with whom?

The nuclear power that is possessed with intention to serve dark purposes cannot and will not be effective. By Creator's decree that no nuclear detonations in space will be permitted, the technology of the light warriors both on and off-planet already has thwarted and will continue to thwart efforts to annihilate targets of both Earth planetary realm and other celestial bodies that are temporary homelands or relay stations for light warriors. I have covered the non-use of nuclear power on quite a few previous occasions but without specific mention of these targets.

The sudden determination of the US government to spend billions of dollars to explore and possibly colonize Mars is to us almost a laughable disguise for the dark truth, which is to prevent the light forces from en masse landings on the planet by extending the combat into space. Although this is put out publicly as a US exploration decision, it is the intent of the Illuminati globally to heat up their battle capabilities with this off-planet use of technological weapons that only a few scientists and the quiet elite there know exist. Of course this effort will be as futile as their attempts to use known nuclear weaponry have been.

S: Matthew, surely the Illuminati know why their efforts to use nuclear weaponry have failed, so why would they think this space approach would be any different?

MATTHEW: Mother, perhaps you remember my telling you years ago that we are baffled as to why these dark forces continue to try to invade when time and again the superior light forces have caused their efforts to fail. My reference at that time was their momentary penetration of the light shield that surrounds and protects Nirvana, but this applies universally. While the intelligence of the advanced dark souls is beyond your ability to comprehend, it is severely compromised by their denial of the Christed Light, that most powerful force in the universe that is love. Since the darkness refuses the light and thus functions without that highest love energy, it can't be victorious in its conquests unless it can create enough fear to block the light from entering souls.

When the peak of the dark forces was reigning in its broadest space, the battles for supreme domination of the universe were unimaginable horror. It was with Creator's exception to Its law of free will — that the free will of the peak of darkness no longer could amass for its own use the free will of all souls with dark proclivity, and the ensuing release of countless souls‚ free will from that peak captivity — that this widest control by the darkness was profoundly turned around. In your linear time, this was in 1995, as is explained in detail in Revelations For A New Era.

Creator's decree enraged the dark forces and intensified its stubborn determination to resist the ever-increasing light being generated by individuals‚ free will choices. This light has diminished the former stronghold of dark control by exposing millennia of deception that in this moment is being literally "brought to light" with increasing momentum as more and more souls awaken to the truth that so long was hidden from their memory by intent of the darkness.

Mother, I feel that this is really only a recap of many messages and material in the books, but perhaps it is helpful to be repetitive in this case.

S: Thank you, dear — I think it was helpful. Now please tell me what's ahead for Earth.

MATTHEW: Well, this too will be a recap, Mother, because on many occasions I have told you that the profound changes on the planet that were set in motion by the in-beaming of light are assisting Earth to rise above the third density negativity that almost caused her planetary body to die. All people who are receptive to the light will accompany her physically, and those who refuse the light, will not. Light absorption is imperative for changing cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables physical survival in the higher frequencies. The souls who choose to remain dark will be led automatically to energy realms aligned with their lifetime energetic registration, and those will be areas of primitive intelligence with opportunities to learn anew the need for balanced experiencing. For Earth and her people who are journeying into higher vibrations there will be the joy of spiritual, moral, intellectual, environmental and technological renewal. These two situations are not in the nature of punishment and reward, respectively — it is simply the impartial laws of the universe in motion.

Mother, I know you would like me to give you at least a general timeframe for the darkness to exit completely, and I cannot. It is a misconception that "destiny" is carved in granite. Free will embodies the choice to behave throughout the gray spectrum between "good" and "bad," simplistically speaking, and even though Eden WILL return to Earth, until the existing duality is reconciled and balance attained, violence and greed and betrayal will continue, albeit in ever-lessening measure. The boulders of the darkness will continue to be reduced to rocks and then pebbles and then dust as the light evolves from its recent collective dimness to its former brilliance, where darkness cannot hid or survive.

S: How significant is the US presidential election in this evolution?

MATTHEW: Very significant to this extent: If the current leading candidate's momentum continues, the resultant energy will unseat the incumbent president. However, there will be a change only of personality and no change in the behind-the-scenes controlling powers. If sufficient belief and manifestation capability were exercised to raise people's awareness about the only light-filled candidate, healing changes would come to Earth swiftly and magnificently, not only through spiritually enlightened leadership, but also the vast increase of light within and from the voters who "free-willed" him into office. I can give no "odds" on this. The dark control of the media still holds sway, and little is publicly known of the moral and spiritual integrity, ancient wisdom and leadership capability of Dennis Kucinich.

I qualified my reply with "to this extent," because however significant the election can be, no one situation is of itself pivotally important. That is, no situation can solely deter or enhance Earth's ascension or the spiritual evolution of each soul. The reality is, the promise of the Christed light on Earth where love, peace and harmony prevail is being fulfilled. What is affected by significant events such as the US election is your linear time concept of progress into that era.

As I have told you all along, you have the unflagging assistance of the light brotherhood in this progress as individual souls and as Earth's collective soul population. It is up to each of you to recognize first that their help is available for the asking and then ASK! The light brotherhood observe the laws of the universe which include that only if a soul requests help, may another civilization provide it. Earth herself asked and is receiving accordingly. With or without each and all of you, she is rising into the promised era. The innocence of her animal souls automatically lets them journey with her, but your free will gives you the choice. What is immensely heartening to us is that in each moment more souls are using their free will to accept the truth of their godselves, thereby generating light and adding it to the light of others on Earth and to that beamed there by your benevolent universal family.

S: Matthew, I think this can be interpreted both as encouragement and discouragement. Obviously it's encouraging that we have so much help from extraterrestrial light beings and that many souls are "seeing the light" here, but it can be discouraging that the Illuminati still are so powerful in shaping world events.

MATTHEW: Mother dear, "discouraging" is precisely the outlook they want to prevail there — it's what permits them to keep their last measures of control! It's those who are NOT discouraged, do NOT live in fear or lapse back into it, who are uncovering and unseating the darkness. The energy these people are generating is the essence of the monumental progress you've made in just the few years of your time since Creator's decree initiated the great turnabout in power between the light and dark forces. The collective free will now is decidedly in the light's favor.

It is true that there is great confusion and turmoil as this profound change is happening, but this too can be viewed with encouragement. Nothing is static for more than a nanosecond, so in any moment change can be forward or backward insofar as soul growth. The changes Earth is experiencing are solidly forward into the light. The light forces‚ unseating of eons-long dark status quo is being countered by the last gasp efforts of the darkness. They‚re out of time for subtle strategies and developments, which is why there are such blatant claims without foundation, legislation without proper approval, war zones, new laboratory-made diseases released, and unprecedented government spending in a bankrupt global economy. People generally would be hard-pressed to even imagine the machinations of the Illuminati in their desperation to hang on. How much longer they can clutch onto waning power depends upon the actions and reactions of the population they are trying to keep controlled. What will dislodge the last vestiges of this control is love-light spreading throughout Earth with such steady brilliance that it obliterates darkness.

S: I've seen more references to two or more planets Earth during this period of great change. Are you still sticking with your idea of only one Earth and a separate journey for each soul?

MATTHEW: Mother, I can barely recognize myself in your question paraphrasing what I have said! But first, it is not "my idea" that Earth is one soul. She is who she is who she is! Remember, the body does not hold the soul — the soul creates a body for physical experiencing, and Earth or any other celestial body is no exception. A minor point here is that Earth is only a name.

Let me give you an imaginary scenario, going back about sixty or so years when beloved Earth/Gaia/Terra/ Shan was in death throes. Had she chosen to abandon her damaged body and ascend into higher vibrations, no doubt she would have created another body as pristine and beautiful and bountiful as this planetary self once was, and her abandoned body would have revolved with its various life forms dying off and their energy reforming into other shapes consistent with their manifesting capabilities.

Everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, so who knows what would have happened eventually to Earth's "dead" body sixty years ago? A powerful celestial soul may have entered it and revitalized it. It may have gravitated toward massive celestial bodies and one may have absorbed the wholeness into itself and nurtured it back to health. Powerful universal energies may have disintegrated the planet and hurtled countless parts into space, where the larger parts may have gone into orbit each with a new soul, or all the parts may have been pulled into other living bodies — now how many "Earths" are there? None as previously, but the soul who had inhabited the planet in the 1940s is her inviolate, independent self just as she also is, and always has been, inseparable from all else in the universe.

Very well, none of that happened because Earth soul decided to remain with her current planetary body, asked for help to restore the light she had used up to keep all her life forms alive to that point, and chose to ascend intact as one body and soul entity.

As for each soul on a separate journey, yes, this is so regardless of the sameness of circumstances, and this is because of individual perceptions. When two souls are viewing identical situations on Earth, how each perceives the situation is the reality of it, and acting and reacting to one's reality on the path of self-discovery is the journey.

Let us say, for a very simple example, that a sunny day has turned into rain. The person who just planted a garden welcomes this while one who had picnic plans is disappointed. Each of the one hundred others in that vicinity has his own perception, too, and while some may welcome the rain and others be disappointed, the fact that it's raining is processed in context of each individual's lifetime experiencing. For instance, one may have lived through a raging flood and those fear-filled memories bring a wave of panic. Another who survived that same flood feels anew the sensation of having been embraced by an angel and again feels thankful.

Mother, consider: If souls’ incarnate journeys were not separate experiences, why would any bother? Where would the learning come in that each soul needed for karmic fulfillment? This doesn't mean that at the godhead all are not connected, it means that each chooses what to experience prior to birth, and whether or not once embodied those chosen experiences happen, no soul's journey is exactly like any other's .

S: OK, dear. All of that makes sense. Is there anything else you want to mention?

MATTHEW: Mother, I'm keenly aware of your "work heap" and your eagerness to get on with it, and we've already digressed considerably from the original sitting purpose, so lovingly I say, Ciao for now!

S: Thank you, sweetheart. Goodbye for now — but don't go too far because some of my "heap" is requests for your comments.

MATTHEW: I can reach you across the "light years," dear soul!


For more information on Matthew and Suzanne Ward please visit



Date: 10 Feb 2004
From: David Nicol
Subject: International Spiritual Support for Dennis Kucinich - Project Update

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your participation last Sunday in our second global meditation. Once again, we received a number of emails from people wanting to share the power and profundity of their experiences during the meditation. Our own circle in San Rafael, California again saw participants moved to tears of hope and tears of gratitude for the goodwill pouring in from all around the world. We hope that the meditation was also a personally healing and enriching experience for each one of you.

Our vision is that, over time, we will establish a robust international network of spiritual activists who will continue to be engaged in this sacred work as an ongoing practice to support the greater movement of global transformation (as well as our own personal spiritual evolution), regardless of the outcome of the US primaries and general election.

However, for now, the central focus of the greater movement of transformation is clearly on the campaign of Dennis Kucinich.

And friends, while we can never know for sure the precise effects of our spiritual work, the fact is that after we began our efforts on Sunday Feb 1, Dennis jumped to third place in the Washington primary with 8%, and third place in Maine with 15%! I genuinely believe that we can never underestimate the power of prayers offered from a sincere heart. And when those prayers are pouring in simultaneously from all around the world - well, we may just be discovering a weapon of mass creation!

With Dean losing momentum, and possibly pulling out of the race if he fails to win Wisconsin, Dennis may have a real shot at making very, very big waves in California. In fact, we're convinced that Dennis can shock the world by winning California. This would totally change the nature of the race, and give Dennis enormous leverage going into the convention.

Time, however, is short. There are only three weeks until "Super Tuesday," when about 20 states, including California, go to the polls. California has built an awesome grassroots campaign for Dennis that will be going bananas over the next 21 days with concerts, parties, email blitzes, and on-the-ground canvassers. But we are convinced that our sacred work to build the spiritual infrastructure to support the campaign is an absolutely crucial piece of the puzzle.

Therefore, we want to propose the following practices over the next three weeks as a means to build the "energy grid" to a peak:

if you have a daily spiritual practice, please build into your practice some time of tuning into the "grid" we have created - the collective energy and intention to support with unconditional love Dennis and the greater movement of global transformation.
you might also tune into the grid while doing your daily activities - cooking, cleaning, going for a walk...just take a few moments to bring your attention to the grid, thereby feeding it and sustaining it.
help us by thinking creatively about friends or networks who you think may be receptive to our "Call to Spiritual Action" and forward the Call to them (copy below)
We will be in touch later in the week about this week's meditation/prayer event.

Yours in solidarity for a transformed world,

David Nicol
Stephen Dinan
Kosta Makreas
Amara Rose


From: Anahuak Home
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004
Subject: Global Drums Network / Planetary Ceremony on Equinox / March 21st / Worldwide Call

Planetary Ceremony on Equinox
March 21st
An ancient sonic grid pulsating with Gaia's heart!
Register your ritual!
Thanks a lot for passing this to others and make photocopies for your artistic, civil and holistic centers in your city!

Universidad Indígena Internacional



The Indigenous First Nations, Peoples, Communities and Organizations of the World and all Humankind

According to a Prophecy Revealed at the Otomí Ceremonial Center by the Otomí Elder Sages to the Indigenous Peoples and all Humankind and a Vision of our Venerable Ancestors, the day when the Sounds of Eight Thousand Sacred Drums join together will be the beginning of a true Healing of Mother Earth, of All the Species and of the Human Family – which is now in total disequilibrium – in order to be able to live together on the road to Sacred Peace, in harmonious union with the Universe, Mother Nature, the Community, the Family and our own Hearts. It is time to re-unify ourselves and rediscover for ourselves all the Seeds of the Four Directions in order to reactivate cosmic energy, heal historical wounds and heal our Mother Earth by respecting life and the liberty and dignity of our Peoples.

The Otomí Nation, through the Council of the Elders and the Guardians of the Otomí Tradition, the Dänguu Mfädi “Mähki ´Ñuu” (Grand House of Otomí Knowledge), and the International Indigenous University invite to:

* Indigenous Keepers of the Ancestral, Ceremonial and Medicinal Sound of the Sacred Drums
* Councils of Elders, Sages and Leaders of all Indigenous Nations, Peoples and Organizations
* Indigenous Guides, Guardians and Spiritual Leaders
* And All Traditions of Humankind to come together at the Grand


Which will be held at the Otomí Ceremonial Center in Temoaya, State of Mexico, Otomí Nation, Mexico, and at Ceremonial Centers and Sacred Indigenous Sites around the world at 12 noon on March 21, 2004.


Sealing and healing the wounded vertices of Mother Earth is urgent.

Identifying and activating the Indigenous Energy Centers at Sacred Places is our duty.

Planting and strengthening consciousness of Love and Respect for our Mother Earth is everyone’s work.

The indigenous ancestral recommendation to create and practice the Grand Culture of Peace and Life is fundamental.

Recognition of the use of the energy and healing properties of our sacred instruments is a principle and goal of our Indigenous Mission.

All Indigenous Peoples, Native Nations, Communities and Organizations that would like to participate in this Grand Ancestral Cosmic Ceremony are asked to notify us as soon as possible to set up contacts and facilitate communication and coordination.

¡Ra zö ga ihmu! ¡Welcome, everyone!

In harmony,



Otomí Ceremonial Center.

The main event at the Grand Indigenous Ceremony will be held at the Otomí Ceremonial Center in Temoaya, State of México, Otomí Nation, at 12 noon local Mexican time on March 21, 2004, when the Elder Sages, Spiritual Guides and Guardians of the sacred Otomí and Indigenous Drums will appear and play their Sacred Drums to the Four Directions of Mother Earth, thereby attaining unity in diversity and communally receiving the Healing Energy of the Great Spirit and the Cosmos. It will be a marvelous blessing to all of us who are able to come together at this Celebration of Peace and Dignity in honor of Our Ancestors.
In order to take part in this Indigenous Ceremony, bring your Sacred Drums, your Native Nation, Indigenous People or Community; bring the Sacred Drum from your Ceremonial Cultural or Educational Center or the Sacred Drum of your Family, Group, Council, Collective or Association; you may also bring the drum of your heart. To take part, it is imperative that you contact us quickly, register and let us know how many Sacred Drums will be taking part in the Grand Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums to Cure Mother Earth and Ensure Life and Peace. We ask you to register as soon as possible. The registration deadline is March 5th, 2004.

Taking Part from your Home Countries.
Another way of participating in this Indigenous Ceremony is to meet with your Sacred Drums and the drum of your heart at some Sacred Place in any region or country on the planet. If you do this, we still ask that you inform us as soon as possible, register your drums and let us know how many people will be taking part from their home areas so that we can make the connection and know how many drums are contributing to the Sound of the 8,000 Sacred Drums.

Your Offering for the Earth, Peace and Life.
We are appealing to the generosity of your heart to help humankind. This Grand Indigenous Ceremony of Cosmic Harmony will lift up our prayers. We would also be grateful for your donations and offerings to Dänguu Mfädi “Mähki ’Ñuu” (the Grand House of Otomí Knowledge) and the International Indigenous University; your collaboration will help support this sacred work guided by the Great Spirit, with the blessing of our Elders, to further the revival of our Ancestral Wisdom.

Important. We are contacting our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters from all Traditions on the Planet that would like to take part in the Ceremony to be held on March 21, 2004, at the Otomí Ceremonial Center by bringing their Sacred Drums to let them know that as we are making every effort to offer them the best service, we are also asking them to register and obtain confirmation and plan to cover their own expenses for lodging, food, transportation and any other needs.

International Indigenous In-Gathering of the Sacred Drums.
We are scheduling an event called the International Indigenous In-Gathering of Sacred Drums for March 18-20, 2004, just prior to March 21, at the same Ceremonial Center. For logistics reasons, anyone attending – Indigenous Persons and People of Other Traditions – must register, give a donation or contribution, and obtain confirmation of their participation. Space is limited. For further information, please contact us


Iberamerican Web of Light



Spiritual Parenting: Children's Psychic Abilities and Sense Perception

Psychic and intuitive perception (what most people refer to as their “gut feeling”) is god given and natural to us when we are born. But what happens to these abilities as humans grow and develop? Children are generally taught to use them only in their most basic form and psychic abilities are often seen as superstition, imagination and other worldly experiences. How can we as parents support our children in awakening these innate abilities?

Spiritual Parenting: Children's Psychic Abilities and Sense Perception

By Athene Raefiel

It is true that everyone is psychic. Our psychic and intuitive perception is god given. These things are natural to us when we are born of body. They reside within the lower three chakras of the etheric consciousness, emotional consciousness and astral consciousness. Often called instinct and feeling, the psychic abilities within each of us keep us alive survivally. Most people refer to them as their gut feeling. Spiritual people refer to them as their intuition. Either way all humans are born with them.

So what happens to these abilities as humans grow and develop? They are generally taught to use them only in their most basic form. Present day life disregards sense perception as a necessary form of development. It is seen as superstition, imagination and other worldly experience.

Fear based, present life teaching and programming comes from the adult every day world surrounding us. We are brought up as children not in an environment of multiplicity that acknowledges the feeling sense as primary to any use other than our most basic survival. When first born till the age of four all humans not only have the ability to see and experience the astral plane and its inhabitants, but spend a lot of time doing so. Young children still have recollection of where they were before incarnating this round as well as memories of other incarnations.

Because the rational mind is under-developed during these early stages of life, it does not yet have the developed capacity to assimilate experiences as an adult mind does. Certain cultures advocate methods of teaching that help their young learn how to reflect and remember their experiences as they grow. In this way these experiences will be properly assimilated later in life. Some cultures teach their youth the importance of dreams, visions and to learn to interpret them. In modern times, these cultures are rare.

In the modern world things such as dreams and visions hold little if any daily importance. Children are taught that dreams are not real and visions are imagination. Little if anything is taught or learned concerning individuals as soul. Because of this children now often experience night terrors and many people have developed sleep disorders.

Lets look for a minute at the journey of the soul into the womb of human conception. Metaphysics teaches us that as a soul being, we choose our parents and environment before re-incarnating. This teaching is misunderstood because it is often taken literally to mean that we actually pick out the people in life that will play these roles. What is actually chosen by us, are the experiences needed to complete the next rung of the ladder in our own physical and soul evolution. Our need for this set of experiences was determined by our soul during previous incarnations. There are many things that factor into our choice of experiences in one lifetime; most are to accelerate our soul process.

This is why we do not choose the individuals that will be our parents but the experiences these beings present to aid us with our karma. The people whose lives we enter also have soul experiences that are needed with ours and resonate with us. When the soul enters the womb of a physical mother it merges with her and the fathers DNA to receive its blueprint of what its life is to be about. Whatever the mother experiences and feels during the pregnancy is taken on by the child as its earliest memories of personality before being born. Because during this phase of life the new individual restores itself to where it left off learning in the previous physical incarnation, I call this karma.

To assume that when we die we go to a better and more spiritual plane of learning and then assume that we no longer need to continue where we left off in our physical learning last lifetime, is absurd. Each plane of learning is what it is, and even though they are all interconnected, they still hold individual learning that needs be fulfilled before true ascension can occur. These are Universal Truths that cannot be superseded simply because we do not like or agree with them.

So we choose our parents not because of the love they will give us but because of the lessons we ourselves have not yet overcome the need for as a human being. When born we are at the mercy of these seeming strangers and their environment. All life seems quite foreign to us as we just came from a place where all our needs were simply met as they arose. Now we must obtain what we need to survive physically. Things such as, food, clothing, shelter, love, compassion and kindness, are necessities we had forgotten about. If the family we are born into does not normally have or share these things, we will do without them. Our formative years will be lived as an animal in the wild and we will believe that we too are wild and unruly. If the family you are born into is organized educated and loving, then you too will experience this energy and be taught to develop in this manner.

Now let us say that you are born to parents who are spiritually aware of themselves and the Universe as a whole. Entering the womb in this manner would be like being home, safe, loved and understood. Even the trauma of birth would subside by the loving connection the parent has already attained within life. The parent would have already established an energy of loving support and safety in the home you are sleeping and eating in, as well as understanding and communicating with you knowingly telepathically all the time. There would be a sense of peace established early on as well as sense of safety and security.

If in your last round of incarnations you yourself had reached such a state of awareness this indeed would be your experience. Instead, most parents create a dependent sense of security within their children rather than a natural sense. This they do because they know no differently. That was their experience and they maintain it. The natural sense perception they were born with, is not part of their remembered reality. They establish security based on fear, not love.

This doesn’t happen because parents don’t believe they love their children, but because they know no other way. Thus the pattern of dependency upon others out of fear of loneliness thrives. While very young we are like sponges, sucking up on all the energies around us. This is how we develop our sense perception. Other children surrounding us are also going through their own experiences and are often combative. Just as animals in the jungle learn to survive and fend for themselves, so do we.

If we have parents who have developed their sense perception already we are taught love and enlightenment early on. We are taught to think for ourselves and to use compassion and common sense when dealing with the rest of the world.

When born to parents who have stifled their sense perception we are taught that we are strange and weird and that we must conform to what the world recognizes as normal. We are taught to go against our natural sense perception. In an ideal world we would be taught how to blend the two. Since so few of us were born to parents aware of their sense perception, we had to re-start the process later on in life to free ourselves from the stifling existence our childhood’s produced.

We had to go outside the so-called “norm” to begin searching and finding a true purpose and meaning to our life. We had to travel beyond what was known to us and into the unknown to learn to overcome our fear. We had to discover our own inner sense perception and begin using it anew.

Metaphysics teaches us that we gods. It teaches us that we are the creators of life and all the experiences therein. This being true then it is mandatory for us to not only comprehend what this means but to live it. Using our god given natural sense perception is key. Sense perception and telepathy are strongly related.

Without sense perception, there is no telepathy. When sense perception is distorted by our life path experiences, we receive all kinds of meaningless and distorted messages. We then convince ourselves that our intuition is useless. We have not yet learned how to clear our mind and thought of the distortions we have accepted as truth during our present incarnation. We expect a miracle to occur so that all the inner distortion be simply magically removed. We forget about the journey of life and karma and just want salvation. When this does not immediately take place we decide that we cannot trust what we feel and ascribe intuition to superstition. This is another distortion of truth.

Most people think that true sense perception is being able to see the future. They often believe in the intuition of others and not their own. We are actually seeing the future everyday by being observant in the present. If indeed it is true that history repeats itself, and strong evidence supports this theory, then we are looking at the future daily. It is not the ability to see the future that one should want to develop, but the ability to change it.

Re-acquainting yourself to your sense perception and its development are the key elements to achieving this. Sense perception is unending and continual. It is connected in with the “all” and “whole of life”. It is linked to the awareness and genius of all planes of existence, those that can be seen or not. It delves into the mysteries of life itself on planes of awareness established long before the earth existed and far beyond its demise. It is natural and genuine, just as you were designed to be, if you so choose.

Everyone loves a newborn baby when they meet it. This is because the baby is yet unconditioned by the exterior world around it. The baby is still telepathic and unconditional. As an adult, is it a huge undertaking to find and re-establish these things within self? Only the boldest and strongest will succeed.

Humans wish their worth to be recognized by their lower mind, their rational being. Their need for approval supersedes their desire to know themselves to be the universe of light that they are. They are afraid of being different and alone in life. They believe that they need the security they have been taught life is and will not explore other possibilities they believe to be outlandish and superstitious.

To all of you I would say, before you were incarnated you were nothing but sense perception. Somewhere within you is this memory, for truly you have spent more time within sense perception than you have within physical existence. The only journey and path of life is to get in touch with this memory and develop and integrate into the experiences you are now having.

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Indigo Children, Super-Psychic Children, Violet Children, Children of OZ and Chrystal Children are all referring to children born with a new level of consciousness. Kiara Windrider explains.
(...) Steve Rother ( has been communicating for many years with a group of light beings who very fittingly call themselves the Group. They speak of the New Planet Earth that is coming, and also have a lot to say about these Crystal Children. According to them, the Indigos came to shake up our old paradigms and to make room for the next wave in evolution, the “Children of Crystal Vibration.” At the beginning of their messages in 1996, the Group said that if we could make the planet safe for their return they would come. Apparently, despite outward experiences, the planet must be getting safer, for recently they have said that the Crystal Kids are starting to enter.

The following selections are drawn from Steve Rother’s Internet site, where the unabridged version is available at
This information resonates with me deeply, and also seems to harmonize with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s understandings of our future evolution. I would equate the Indigo Children with Sri Aurobindo’s “human humans,” and the Crystal (or Violet) Children with the “overhumans.”

“Those that you call the Indigo Children have already shifted the focus of humanity. Because of their work and sacrifice you are learning to make space in your reality for empowered humans. They have done well and will now begin to move into adulthood. As they do, they will shift the paradigms of all that is to follow. The Indigo Children have begun the change of your systems that relate to children. Now watch the miracles that take place as they move into adulthood and change those systems as well. Imagine what the world will be like as the first Indigo world leaders take their place. As this unfolds, the New Earth will become firmly rooted in the balanced Crystal Energy. You will see space created for empowered humans on Earth, no matter their beliefs, sex, or origins. The work of those you call Indigo will be known forever as the great shift. They have come into a harsh world, shaken it up, and are making you re-think everything. These beautiful beings are direct and therefore may have appeared to you as abrasive. Enduring boredom is their greatest challenge. Blessed be the Indigo Children, for they are opening the door. Now let us tell you more of what is behind the door.”

“The Children of Crystal Vibration are what you would consider to be the magical children with abilities that you have yet to understand. The attributes of Crystal Children are simply two-fold, they are extremely powerful and yet extremely vulnerable. They are highly evolved beings and have an under-standing of what simple energy really is. Feats that you would think impossible may seem like child’s play to humans carrying the Crystal Vibration. You will begin to see magical abilities in human children that you have never seen before. Their basic understanding of energy will make it possible to manipulate energy in new ways.”



Date: 13 Feb 2004
From: Antares
Subject: The Ram Dass Effect: Slower Mind, Deeper Wisdom

Ram Dass has always been lucid and inspiring - and he still is, even after a massive stroke!

~ Antares

The following interview is from the Ram Dass website -

Ram Dass: Slower Mind, Deeper Wisdom
by Virginia Lee
Conscious Choice, October 2003

As an interviewer, it has been a lifelong goal to interview Ram Dass. And as a spiritual seeker, the chance to spend a moment or two with him was one I had waited for since 1973. That moment finally came, and this interview is the result.

To those of us who were spiritual seekers in the '60s and '70s, Ram Dass was the American guru for our generation. As kids, we were exposed to everything from political assassinations, race riots, and the Vietnam War on the evening news to a revolutionary era of rock 'n' roll and the mind-expanding potential of LSD. In a world where anything was possible and the nature of reality itself was being questioned, we were trying to make sense of the phenomenal social changes happening around us and the moral dilemma before each of us: Sell out to The Establishment or choose the path with a Higher Calling? Not wanting to support what we thought was an unjust war, some of us became flower children, some became war protesters and others were draft dodgers who escaped to Canada. Some even went to war and came home disillusioned. In any case, we were in search of an identity and looking for answers obviously lacking in the society and culture we grew up in. Collectively, we were redefining consciousness itself, and without the likes of Ram Dass, many of us would not be who we are today.

Born as Richard Alpert in 1931, Ram Dass enjoyed the secure life of a Harvard psychology professor until he met Timothy Leary in the early '60s. Everyone knows about their experiments with LSD, which led Tim Leary to say, "Turn on, tune in and drop out."

Richard Alpert did just that in 1967 when he made his legendary pilgrimage to India where he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba. Ever since, he has been known as Ram Dass, which translated means "servant of God." When he returned from India, Ram Dass shared the experience of his search for enlightenment through the classic book Be Here Now, published in 1971. I remember my own journey of awakening while reading the now-ragged pages of Be Here Now in the early '70s, when I finally saw a clear path out of the drug culture and into the realm of yoga, meditation, and spirituality. The realizations I had while reading that book remain a continuing theme in my life and have affected the choices I've made ever since. And I know I am not alone.

Since writing Be Here Now, (which is in its 34th printing and has sold over a million copies), Ram Dass established the Hanuman Foundation (dedicated to the promotion of spiritual well-being), the Prison-Ashram Project (created to help prison inmates grow spiritually), the Seva Foundation (designed to help wipe out curable blindness in India and Nepal, among other projects), and the Living Dying project to help the terminally ill face death. Aside from being a prolific writer and teacher, his life has been one of service and helping others.

But now, the roles have been reversed. Just as Ram Dass was seeking a conclusion to his manuscript for Still Here, he collapsed when he was stricken by a crippling stroke. Although he survived the stroke, Ram Dass is now confined to his wheelchair, and has spent recent years dealing with the cycles of depression and acceptance of his limited physical abilities. Having once been the helper, he is now the one being helped, and has had to adapt his life -- and attitude -- accordingly.

Characteristic of Ram Dass, he regards his post-stroke condition as "grist for the mill." It has become an entirely new spiritual exercise of being in the moment. As you may deduce from the following interview, his words are not as abundant and flowing as they once were, but they are still powerful in their message. During the course of the following interview, Ram Dass spoke slowly, as he thoughtfully chose each word, often pausing to find just the right one. I like to think of these words as distilled spirits. So drink deep, and enjoy Ram Dass, while he's still here.

CLIP - Read the rest at


Date: 10 Feb 2004

A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present "Seven Wonders of the World." Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes:

1. Egypt's Great Pyramids
2. Taj Mahal 
3. Grand Canyon
4. Panama Canal 
5. Empire State Building  
6. St. Peter's Basilica  
7. China's Great Wall

While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one student had not finished her paper yet. So she asked the girl if she was having trouble with her list. The girl replied, "Yes, a little. I couldn't quite make up my mind because there were so many."

The teacher said, "Well, tell us what you have, and maybe we can help." The girl hesitated, then read, "I think the 'Seven Wonders of the World' are:

1. To See
2. To Hear
3. To Touch
4. To Taste
5. To Feel
6. To Laugh
7. And to Love.

The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. The things we overlook as simple and ordinary and that we take for granted are truly wondrous! A gentle reminder -- that the most precious things in life cannot be built by hand or bought by man.


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