January 29, 2004

The Light Series #57: A Rainbow of Wise Words

Hello everyone

I'm sure most of you will be happy to read the fine contributions below from several ERN subscribers.

It feels good to have each other in these challenging times...

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The 2004 U.S. presidential election will be a defining moment for the United States. In Dennis Kucinich we have the opportunity to replace the most arrogant, corrupt, dishonest, extremist, and dangerous administration in our nation's history with an administration led by one of the most dedicated, honest, and visionary leaders ever to come onto the U.S. political scene. We need a president who can inspire and rally the American people to come forward as a nation to put our country on a positive course, move us from a politics of hatred and deceit to a politics of love and honesty, repair our democracy, rebuild our economy, and restore America's reputation in the world as a force for peace, democracy, and compassion. Dennis Kucinich is the man and I'm proud to endorse him for President."

- David C. Korten, Ph.D. /Author, When Corporations Rule the World
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"I have been a political activist for 40 years, always voting, yet I never got active in a campaign because I never felt the candidate was progressive enough and often voted for the least dangerous. The last election was stolen by the most dangerous (evil ever) Administration in our history. Not only do we have to get rid of this cancer, we need a vanguard to promote peace, justice and care for all people here and abroad. We have to end the hegemony of the transnational corporations. We are at a great time of opportunity to make compassion and generosity our value system and end the love of power and money. Dennis has the intelligence and courage to make love a value. Please vote for him. Together we can do it.

- Patch Adams, MD
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"I am happy to support Dennis Kucinich because I believe he is our only hope. Never before has it been so important that the nation rally around one candidate as today. This nation has been hijacked by right-wing politicians who are leading us on to certain disaster. Dennis Kucinich with his progressive policies and love for peace is the only candidate who can bring us back from the brink."

- Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi, Founder and President of the M. K. Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence in Tennessee.
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"When your spirit is battered and your energy is depleted, and you feel like you can't go on, you can go on. In fact you can surpass all you've ever done before and reach a new level of accomplishment. It is amazing what you can do when you know you must. It is incredible what you can accomplish when it means everything to you. But how could you ever be that passionate, and so totally committed that you would endure any difficulty in order to reach ever higher? That's a good question, and one that would be very much worth your time, your thought, your effort to answer. Somewhere in you is something you sincerely care about enough that you would transcend any obstacle in order to give it life. Somewhere in you is a burning passion ready to be ignited. You'll find clues in the things that make you happy, sad, angry, frustrated, joyful, serene, in the things that make you feel most alive. Pay heed to those stirrings, and listen to what they have to say. The power of passion is somewhere in your life. Let yourself know it and live it."

- Ralph Marston - Sent by

Worthy of Your Attention

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1. The Supramental Awakening
2. A Gift of Light
3. Matthew on Soul Transference
4. The One Life exploring and emerging
6. Supporting Pioneering Leaders as Communities of Practice +
7. Dennis Kucinich and the Question



From: "Kiara Windrider"
Subject: The Supramental Awakening
Date: 25 Jan 2004

Dear Jean, here's a re-write of an earlier article. I've been spending quite a bit of time in Auroville lately, and just love it!





by Kiara Windrider

Will we destroy ourselves in ecological catastrophe, human misery, and war? It is the ultimate question for the human species. It is a question many are asking around the world, and a question I have often asked myself. Too often I look at the physical realities around me with eyes that have become overly cynical, and a heart overly burdened. Is there a true and lasting hope in a world where increasingly militaristic global powers battle for the last remaining oil reserves, where tyranny is euphemistically paraded as a war on terrorism, repression is paraded as freedom, and corporate greed as democracy? Meanwhile, seismologists and "sensitives" are increasingly talking about major earth changes to come, economic analysts are increasingly talking about a collapse of the global economy, and ecologists are increasingly talking about a breakdown of the entire global ecosystem.

What kind of hope do we have to sustain ourselves in the midst of all this, to sustain our communities and children, and our children's children? Where do we find our power to confront these realities, turn them around, and co-create the world of our common dreams? Have we been abandoned to our own darkness? Or is there still a divine plan at work?

Near the beginning of the 20th century the great Indian freedom fighter and yogi-sage, Sri Aurobindo, began to express a truth which had not been expressed before. In his high states of divine union he saw that the time had come for a new stage in the evolution of mankind. He saw that the divine was to manifest right here on earth and that the time for this divine emergence into earth life was now. He spoke of heaven descending to earth, even as earth experienced a breakdown due to the intrinsic resistance held within her material body towards this “descent”.

Sri Aurobindo was joined in Pondicherry, India, by a French mystic, Mirra Alfassa, who later became known as the Mother. Together they embarked on a journey of intensive cellular and collective transformation that is very relevant to the colossal uncertainties we face today..

Sri Aurobindo saw that the divine force permeates all matter, and that all matter therefore has a force of consciousness. The process of the divine spirit descending down into matter is called involution. The process by which the divine ascends back upwards out of matter is called evolution. According to Sri Aurobindo, humanity has reached a stage where these two events are occuring simultaneously, and in his inner visions, he foresaw that we would soon be experiencing a descent of what he called “supramental consciousness” that would entirely change everything on Earth.

Man’s greatness is not in what he is, said Sri Aurobindo, but in what he makes possible. An immortal soul is somewhere within him, even if seldom active in most people, while an eternal spirit overshadows him, even if obstructed from descent by the hard lid of his constructed personality. There is a great divine plan in motion, even if the evidence of the outer senses seems to contradict it.

Decades ago, Sri Aurobindo recognized that humankind must go through an evolutionary crisis, what he referred to as the "supramental catastrophe". A stage has been reached in which the human mind had made tremendous strides on the one hand, but was left hopelessly inadequate to prevent its own extinction as a species. It was time for humanity to come of age, and the supramental catastrophe would be the outward manifestation of this inner process. Meanwhile, as the Mother testified before her death in 1973, a consciousness higher than the human rational mind, what may be termed the Supermind, had recently been established in the fields of the Earth, and was active there. Our task now is to bring it down into cellular consciousness, into the daily activities of human life.

Evolution took a great leap forward with the origins of Life, and later with the emergence of Mind. According to Sri Aurobindo, we are now at the threshold of another leap forward, even more momentous, as we prepare for the emergence of the Supermind. He speaks about four stages of human evolution, which we will soon be starting to experience concurrently upon Earth. The first of these, briefly, is the “animal human”, our current species, a rational being possessing an individualized soul, but largely obstructed from contacting and merging with it.

Next is the “human human”, a species that is spontaneously coming to birth under the influence of an ever-expanding supramental field, a being that is largely able to merge and live from soul-consciousness rather than mind-consciousness.  Could it be that the current generation of "cultural creatives" are the first representatives of this root race?

Thirdly is the ”Overman”, who will still inhabit a dense physical body, but will be in possession of the Mind of Light, which is supramental consciousness that has begun to merge with cellular consciousness. Are the “Indigo” or “Crystal Children” being born today the precursors of this root race?

Finally, our ultimate goal as a species, is the “Supramental Being”, divinity incarnated fully within the subtle realms of matter. This will be a race of what we could call “Descended Masters”. In this species, the unity of matter and spirit would be fully realized upon Earth .

The great work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was in bringing supramental consciousness down into the cellular consciousness of their own bodies. Since this is a unified consciousness, this meant that the supramental consciousness was simultaneously being brought into the consciousness fields of the Earth, awaiting the moment when it would flower into its full manifestation in collective matter.

Whenever there is a “descent” there is corresponding resistance. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother speak of their experience with the four “Asuras”, essentially anti-divine forces, at work in the world today. There is the Asura of Darkness, the Asura of Suffering, The Asura of Falsehood, and the Asura of Death. These are the forces that are so outwardly apparent, and which seem to be in control of current global events. Interestingly, they spoke of the Asura of Falsehood “channeling” through Hitler during World War II, and of their own intensive inner work in countering his influence. It would not be difficult to see how this same Asura may be influencing other political leaders in the post-911 era.

With the descent of this new vibratory consciousness all our old obsolete human structures will be demolished. During this process, there would be a transition period which would be chaotic, extremely chaotic, as the last strongholds of greed, fear, and darkness, came up to the surface to be dispelled. Sri Aurobindo emphasized that although the changes will be enormous they did not have to be necessarily catastrophic. The power of Truth automatically erases Falsehood, and our world for the most part consists of Falsehood. Yet, the Supramental, he maintained, carried a power of harmonization which could overcome this resistance by means other than dramatic struggle and violence. The Asuras will eventually be absorbed into their original emanations of Light, Life, Beauty and Truth, and our fractured consciousness will eventually heal. It may be interesting to speculate, with all the violence in the world today, the destruction we might be experiencing if not for this power of harmonization!

When does all this happen? Sri Aurobindo and the Mother believed that the world stage was set for this quantum descent, and that it was quite imminent now. The Mother said in 1968 that the supramental transformation was a certainty now, and that it would come about with a minimum of destruction, "although this minimum is still considerable". She said that there would be a turning point around the year 2000.

Sri Aurobindo, before his death in 1950, gave five indications that would precede the dawning of the New Era. To summarize them briefly, knowledge of the physical world would increase exponentially, people would start becoming more psychic, there would be a concerted effort from the dark forces to maintain control, the world would move towards increasing unification through technology, and finally, many would rise up such as Hitler with the power to influence large numbers of people.

When I confront the ecological and political realities of our modern world, I realize that our 3rd dimensional problems cannot be solved through 3rd dimensional means. I find myself greatly comforted by spiritual researchers like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, whose visions and understandings derived from a direct experience of a more expanded cosmic paradigm.

We cannot remain in denial about the ecological and political realities on our planet. However, the pathway to the Age of Light is in affirming the new realities that are emerging among us. Somewhere between an ungrounded spiritual escapism based on denial, and a narcissistic preoccupation with gloom and doom, we can choose to intentionally and purposefully envision a brave new world based on the deepest truth of our being. In order to do this we must consciously face our own shadows, seek a genuine hope, commit to rebirth, and open to the light of our guiding truth.

We can only go as high as we are willing to go deep, and it is often in the very depths that we find the greatest light. This is where we find the power and the hope to sustain us. For it is only as we are willing to see and to embrace all of our deeply human fragmented realities that the light of grace can shine upon us.

As we enter a new spiral of time, I feel that we will be seeing increasingly rapid expansions of consciousness on our planet, accompanied by correspondingly stronger resistance. As I connect with my deepest truth, I know that we will make the Shift, although there could also be many who choose to leave. The emerging consciousness may trigger the last dance of a polarized worldview, but we will override the third-dimensional ecological and political realities on our planet.

The “Great Purification,” the Hopis say, will bring wars, hunger, disease, and Earth changes. These have already begun. We have transmuted much, however, and the transition is likely to be gentler than previously expected. This is a time when we will experience a great transformation of Spirit. Vast numbers of people will choose to awaken into their spiritual mastery, and merge with their lightbodies. Psychic, healing, and telepathic gifts will awaken. We will learn to walk between worlds. As we move through these times, let us keep our eyes fixed beyond the appearances to what is real. The pathway through the valley of fear is in embracing a larger planetary and cosmic perspective. “Lead us from the unreal to the real,” said the ancient Hindu sages, “Lead us from darkness to light. Lead us from death to immortality!”

The nature of most spiritual initiations is the experience of a gradual ascent of consciousness followed by a quantum leap. It is like the phase shift that takes place as water slowly heats up and suddenly becomes steam. When the time is right, the Shift could take place “in the twinkling of an eye”. This goes well with the Mayan understanding of the end of linear time, and is becoming extremely likely now as we align with the galactic center, and enter the birth canal of a new Earth.

The realities portrayed by our news media are becoming increasingly fearful. When rightly understood and attuned, however, these same events can be cause for great celebration! I have spoken often about averting the earth changes through our collective intentions and prayers. While I believe this perspective has validity, we cannot pretend to understand what evolutionary transformation must look like. There are certain cycles of death and rebirth that serve our evolutionary growth, and this next cycle of evolution may be accompanied by a massive dissolution and restructuring of our planetary realities, including some degree of economic, political, and earth changes.

The easiest way to make the transition is to understand it from an evolutionary perspective, so that we can choose to joyfully align with the process, rather than resist in fear and contraction. With all the apparent realities of terrorism, war, and tyranny in the world today, it is yet possible to live with increasing fearlessness, joy, and excitement. My hope for the world comes from a place deep within me that understands fear and denial, yet no longer lives there. As long as we are in denial we are not going to want to see either the darkness or the light, and I see that many of us are on a journey of embracing our fears fully so that we can let go of the illusions.

Once we understand the nature of illusion we realize that anything we perceive as a “threat” from the outside, whether it is earth changes, terrorism, political repression, or war, is ultimately about our own unowned shadows being reflected back. Once that understanding comes, we can choose with the enormous power of the newly emerging “world soul” to co-create a new unified reality! Beyond any outer appearances, even beyond any cosmic or planetary cycles, we are each responding to the Supramental Descent, the In-breath of God, the return of all things back into Oneness.

The Mayans say that the last four world ages ended in fire, wind, ice, and water. The current world age will end in ‘olin’, which could be translated as ‘the great shift’. It could refer to a magnetic polar reversal, or a geographical pole shift. It could be tectonic plate shifts. It could be a shift in consciousness, or all of the above. As I have written about elsewhere, it could even be a dimensional shift. Whichever way we look at it, we stand at the doorway of a massive shift -- a shift of the ages -- and possibly the end of linear time as we know it. Beyond this doorway, according to the Mayans, nothing is known. It is a blank slate and we hold the chalk in our hands.

Something very spectacular is happening on the Earth today. The Supramental Transformation is imminent. Will the human race as a collective rise up together into this experience, and rebuild the Earth according to our highest collective dreams? This is the challenge and promise of this Age.


You are welcome to share this article, but please keep it in its entirety. For more information on this and related themes, please see my book, "Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension", available through or To add or delete yourself from my e-list, or to make comments, please contact


From: Nelly Lewin
Subject: A Gift of Light
Date: 24 Jan 2004

"When darkness reigns over the Earth and humanity is mired in ignorance, God incarnates as Man (Rama, Krishna, Bouddha, Jesus, Mohamed...), with more or less divine power according to the era and the circumstances, "in order to demonstrate that Man is divine, in order to be within reach of Man. The human mind cannot grasp the Absolute Attributeless Principle; it is abstract and beyond the reach of speech, mind and intellect. "

- Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 8, page 107

At this "halfway point" in humanity's spiritual journey, our lower natures continue to sabotage our best intentions, to hinder our most ardent desires to send Light and Love to certain of our fellow creatures. In such moments of great need, when the material world presses in on us and makes a mockery of our attempted detachment, we can and must make use of our God-given mind and intellect to bind ourselves to the Divinity within us, wherein our true nature resides. By entreating our preferred Name or Form to act through and for us, we may thus transcend our still very "human" limitations and, in a genuine causal sense, "have" the Light and Love sent where they are needed most. In the heat of the moment, we may be incapable of loving, but the Divine, beyond attributes and beyond duality, is nothing but Love itself.

Nelly Lewin

"The body, the mind and the spirit: all 3 must be equally looked after. Unless you have 'muscles of iron and nerves of steel', you cannot contain in your head the tremendously transforming idea of Advaita, of your being the Universal itself, the Eternal Reality itself; lesser strength can only think in terms of servitude of subsidiary roles. To see the Truth as Truth and the untruth as untruth, clarity of vision and courage of vision are both needed.

- Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 9, page 24)

"Slow and steady, let that be your maxim."

- Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 2, page 33


NOTE FROM JEAN: Recently someone asked me some questions about reincarnation and issues related to cognitive disabilities following a brain injury. I have solicited Suzy Ward's input and she included along with her reply an excerpt from her second book "Revelations for a New Era" which I found quite interesting and which I reproduce below with her permission. Perhaps some of you will identify with the phenomenon described below.


S: Why can some people recover completely after being clinically dead for periods exceeding the time of usual brain death? I met a woman who had regained consciousness over 40 minutes after being pronounced dead. She had complete cognitive ability and total memory of all that had happened around her during that time lapse and her nearly lifelong crippling was healed.

MATTHEW: Mother, there are two issues here. Let's deal first with those people who experience "clinical death" and recover sound mental and physical health. Say ten minutes pass in that state, which normally would cause brain damage. When no damage results, it is because the love bonding between that person and this realm furnishes the body with a life force that cannot be calculated by your medical instruments.

Because that physical life force is below the instrument ratings of vital life signs, the person is considered dead. But that minimal force is parallel to the far stronger energy force that is taking over the spirit and allowing the soul to function at that stronger level rather than within the physical body. When that powerful energy is infused into the minimally sustained body life force, no nerve or mental damage results from the lapse in regular physical functioning.

This intervention would not happen if either physical death at that time or impaired functioning for the duration of the Earth lifetime were a provision of the pre-birth agreement. For the greater numbers of people who do not regain consciousness, the end of the physical lifetime usually is in accordance with their agreement provisions.

Now then, in the case of the woman who was clinically dead for forty-some minutes, that was soul transference. She is known here as one of the sterling successes of that process. Hers was not a singular experience, but much more often this process occurs in people who are unconscious far longer than she, people in a lingering comatose state. Even then it is not a commonplace occurrence by any means!

S: What usually happens to the souls of comatose people?

MATTHEW: Most often the souls of the people who recover have remained with them throughout the period of unconsciousness. Or there can be the soul transference I mentioned. If so, that is what enables the body to be rejuvenated.

S: Please explain soul transference.

MATTHEW: When the soul of the comatose patient wishes to pursue other lessons and there is an agreement with another soul who also sees opportunities for karmic fulfillment, then preparations are made for the soul transference to the benefit of both souls. This can happen at the onset of the comatose condition or at any time throughout the remaining viability of the body. The initial signal may be made either by that soul or by one interested in entering a comatose body. A central registry for recording such signals alerts interested souls to the availability of a transference requester or provider.

There is another vital point here. The body must be willing to endure whatever its functioning limitations and attendant problems may be after rejuvenation, so the body's agreement to experience all the physical, mental and emotional ramifications must be considered by the two pertinent souls. No approval from other sources is required, so if the two souls and the body agree, the process is initiated.

The transference of knowledge from one soul to another is a simple process. The human brain is a computer, and just as your computer may easily be keyed to download data into a second computer or storage facility, so can the knowledge of the comatose soul be downloaded, or transferred, to the acquiring soul. The downloaded knowledge encompasses all memories of experiencing and all acquired knowledge from all learning sources. Having left the original soul of the comatose body, that knowledge becomes the property of the entering soul. All experiencing of both souls prior to the transference already has been recorded in their lifeprints in the Akashic Records. From that point on, the same will be true.

The entering soul has the ability to infuse the comatose body with life force that the previous soul could no longer manage due to the extent of debilitation. Souls do not regenerate cells automatically. That life force is physical, and although a soul's will can be strong indeed, certain physiological forces are at work. Millennia of progressively frail physical constitution and the indoctrination that Earth bodies will age and die have taken their toll. The brain is so constrained in this indoctrination that it has added a layer of this belief to the cellular memory. Consequently, physical aging and death happen.

Although the memories, acquired knowledge and behavioral patterns are intact at soul transference, they cannot be as well grounded as if the body and brain were in top condition at that time. Transference usually takes place after severe brain injury, and although the infusion of bodily health through energy transfer does rejuvenate the brain cells, there is slippage of details due to the body's impaired brain functioning at transfer time. Thus some information is lost that the recovering person, now with the new soul, previously knew. That slippage, combined with the new soul's intent to experience its own lessons, would certainly account for a "personality change." Even with the easily accepted explanation of memory loss due to the effects of injury or illness on the brain, the difference in personality often is shocking for the person's family and friends.

S: But with the downloaded knowledge from the original soul to the new one, why would there be such a personality difference? Aren't all of the experiences that help form a personality still present in that knowledge?

MATTHEW: The entering soul has its own personage to take into the body. Personage is the personality of a soul, which is not the same as the personality of an individual. An individual's personality consists of attitudes developed during the lifetime whereas the personage is the essence of an individual. It is what the soul imparts: sense of honor, conscience, radiant goodness, absolute knowingness of the light within. Depending upon the degrees of light within the original soul and the entering soul, the individual's personality may differ in quite noticeable ways that may be an enhancement or a disadvantage to his or her existing relationships.

S: I can see that -- thank you for the explanation. What happens when someone's brain is so badly damaged that rejuvenation of mental functioning is impossible but the body keeps on living?

MATTHEW: The soul may choose from several alternatives. It may remain in a state of rest within the body until physical death. It may leave and embody in a fetus that has no soul designee. It may come directly to this realm and choose from all the options here.

When a soul chooses to leave the body, physical functioning is purely by the will of the body life force as apart from the soul life force. This does happen in persons who may experience long-term unconsciousness, even when breathing is by the body's own ability. If the soul has chosen to leave, the bodies of persons in a mechanically-maintained living state would die if removed from that apparatus.

There is no standard time for a soul to decide in this issue. This is as personal as the decision about what to do. If the soul is experiencing a chosen lesson, the outcome is known, but when the comatose condition is not by pre-birth agreement, continuance of physical life is reevaluated. This is allowed always, not only when further experiencing would be far different from the agreement. Here again it is divine grace entering a situation wherein circumstances that are not a part of the agreement are introduced into the life experience.

S: What is the advantage of soul transference over a soul entering a newborn except accelerated aging that could offer certain experiencing that waiting until later might not?

MATTHEW: Mother, that is enough! That is the purpose, and especially in this time of accelerated experiencing, the ramifications are far more extensive and advantageous than you are considering. Also, there is learning for both souls in the process itself, and the willingness of the acquiring soul to engage in the transference is vital growth -- in most cases, he's not scheduled for "easy street."


To find out more about Suzy Ward and the 4 books she published so far, please go at

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From: "Ruth"
Subject: The One Life exploring and emerging
Date: 26 Jan 2004

Dear Jean

Two more pieces follow, for sharing with the wider group: the first, "The One Exploring Through Space and Time" will be of interest to parents and educators. We need to 'free' our children from our expectations and narrow guidelines as to their path of experience and expression. The second, "The One Life Emerging" is an affirmation of the soul acting 'as One' in the world. May it help us all to strengthen the soul's mastery over the personality and to allow the underlying Oneness to emerge.

With love and light



The One Exploring Through Space and Time

“Who am I?” asked the One and let out a sigh. And in that moment of Self-awareness and Self-enquiry, the physical universe was breathed into being. The Big Bang sent agents of exploration out in all directions, searching for understanding of the substance in which they found themselves. These agents slowly coalesced into communities nestling within communities, to support each other in the shared task of unfolding consciousness and potential within the body of the Universal Spirit. Their mission was to stretch and extend the boundaries of thought, feeling and expression within the ’space’ in which they found themselves. Each galaxy, solar system, planet and individual would have a unique role in this task, so that no avenue of enquiry would be missed, no creative potential untapped.

The outsweep of the divine breath took the form of a fractal, a continual branching out of consciousness from every point, and yet each tiny branch would still remain connected at an intimately deep level to the One. When exploration stopped at any one point and no further potential was sensed, consciousness would be drawn back into the One on the in-breath, and with the next out-breath, new galaxies would be born, to create further possibilities for expanding awareness along new lines of enquiry. The scope of enquiry of the One would thus expand infinitely until time and space was conquered in its entirety, and the consciousness of the One colonised throughout. Then expansion would stop and the last in-breath would bring all forms, all consciousness back to the seed atom which is the One. A new universe would then be born, elsewhere.

On a small but apparently significant planet not far from a sun, agents of exploration continually chip away at the boundaries marking the extremes of creative thought and expression. Exploration proceeds through thinking the previously unthinkable, and doing what has never been done before. As generation succeeds generation, avenues of thought are explored and abandoned. Some were well-trodden highways, which eventually led to dead ends. Various u-turns in thought brought explorers back onto the main branch, only to set off again in new directions, always seeking to manifest awareness of the One, imaginatively, creatively and beautifully. As consciousness branches out into finer and finer strands, it becomes increasingly flexible, sensitive and responsive to the environment it explores. Interplay between explorer and environment reveals misunderstandings and stagnant thought. Explorers bring fresh sap into the branch-lines, by experiencing and communicating the Oneness discovered as they travel back from fine branches to the main trunk and thence into the ground of all Being.

Explorers realise that children are born with the seed of a fresh and unique branch within them. Their task is not to re-trace the pathway of the parental branch but to diversify outwards into new lines of enquiry, new understandings of their place in the cosmos and the task the One seeks to accomplish. An as-yet unexplored portion of the lower worlds is theirs to research, explore and infuse with the spirit of the One. Their individual passion indicates where their branch must blossom and flower. Freedom to develop their potential to expand the outreach of the One into new fields is their divine birthright. At the end-point of each branch they will create an expression of beauty, redemption, a symbol of the underlying unity of all, and so the world we know is continually being re-created and uplifted. New thinking condenses into words, forms, eventually well-established and understood interpretations and wisdom. Fresh buds will then form, as the next generation comes to birth, to pick up the enquiry of the One where it ceased, and push once more at the boundaries. The ’known’ is once again stretched and shattered and the rising sap thrusts new enquiries into being.

And so the One Universal Spirit expands, explores and uplifts the substance of Its body - through dimensions, through space and through us, the multiple sparks of Its consciousness.



The oneness at our heart is expressed in daily living as we evolve to a new Identity. This identity is characterised by a seamless, unifying flow. Our first task is to let the borders and boundaries of our old identity fall below the threshold of awareness. We are now what we always have been: one soul, one mind, one feeling nature and one physical entity.

We become fluid and flexible, allowing our Self to indicate where our talents and qualities are needed. Somewhere in our vicinity is a shortage of an energy we can supply. We flow automatically towards that lack and fill it. Elsewhere there may be a congestion we can dissipate. We take the surplus energy into ourselves, raise it to the soul and dissipate it harmlessly into light particles, releasing it back into the sea of life.

We are in the divine circulatory flow and so all we have gained becomes the property of all. We take exactly what we need and pass on the rest to where it is most required. Our mind is that of the group, so ideas are freely and spontaneously shared. Our highest emotions of joy, tolerance and compassion are radiated freely into the group emotional space. Our physical possessions are kept as long as need dictates and then released back into the group supply.

We cease to obstruct and resist the evolution of our shared Self. We observe and experience difficult situations without complaint; we see them as the balancing act that Life must conduct in order to maintain equilibrium. We act in accordance with inner direction, from the level of causes where our Self indicates the next step that it requires in order to fulfil its destiny.

Time becomes a sequence of sacred moments. In each moment we are fulfilling the sum of our past and creating our future. We recognise the return of our outgoing impulses and learn to be harmless in what we initiate. We meet each moment with full awareness and use to our best ability the energetic impulses that present themselves. We observe the upwardly-spiralling effect of repeated events as previously unlearnt lessons test us again and are met with more enlightenment and comprehension. We take a long view regarding accomplishment. The spiritual impulses we transmit today may have a quick or a delayed result according to divine right timing and the permeability of the substance into which they are projected. We work with equanimity and perseverance, recognising results when they occur but undisturbed by their non-appearance. We learn both from successes, where evolution has apparently been well served, and failures, where unforeseen consequences result from our work. We grow in applied wisdom.

We free ourselves progressively from our physical, emotional and mental desires. An expansiveness stretches before us, which once was filled with longings, things to do, activities to initiate. We are in a still centre and have a real and enlightened choice as to how our days are filled. Simplicity characterises our routine and our list of things-to-do. We work on the perfection of a few tasks, rather than on the rushed accomplishment of many. We seek to beautify and to harmonise all that we do.

Our primary urge is to love, widely and spontaneously. We see the people around us as products of their conditioning energies and of their place upon the evolutionary path. They are reflections of our own self: as we are, as we once were or as we may yet be. We value the opportunities they give us to develop tolerance and understanding. We let them learn at their soul-chosen pace and in their soul-chosen way. They may choose a path other than the one that is ours and expand upon truths that have not been part of our own understanding. We know that our shared Self is enriched by this variety of experience and evolutionary route.


From: "Kiara Windrider"
Date: 24 Jan 2004

Here's a couple articles on the Pluto Mars opposition occuring in the US chart this year for the very first time in its 228 year history. Written by Australian astrologer Richard Giles, they are worth a serious look, even if you know nothing about astrology. The first one is condensed from a lengthier article on Richard's website,, while the second one derives from a conversation with American astrologer Elizabeth Jones ( Pluto is the Great Transformer. It's the archetypal energy that represents death, followed by rebirth. We are entering the Days of the Phoenix. We are cresting a new wave of consciousness. The old order is rapidly deteriorating, and a long cycle of national karma is coming to completion. What does this Pluto Mars oppositon mean in terms of political, social, and economic conditions in the US? How might it reflect a new wave of possible earth changes? Please also look at for Mitch Battro's interview with Ian Lungold on the Mayan perspective for this year.

I sometimes get accused of taking a "gloom and doom" approach to future events. In my view, the days of "gloom and doom" are here already, as is excruciatingly evident in current political, social and ecological realities on the planet, and especially in the US today. From an evolutionary perspective, this Pluto Mars opposition offers us a way out -- it offers us a path towards hope and renewal of consciousness, freedom and equality for all, and healing for the Earth. Astrology, when understood properly, can help us understand the flow of divine wisdom, and I think Richard and Elizabeth do this impeccably. As we attune to this wisdom, and confront the realities of "doom and gloom" in an increasingly fascist "new world order", we will overcome, and as we do so, we will experience the biggest collective awakening in the history of our planet!





By Richard Giles

All nations go through cycles of ups and downs over the course of their existence. Looking through the eyes of astrology at these cycles can help illuminate how and why it happens. The nation I intend to focus on here is the most powerful today, the United States of America. It leads the world in the ownership of wealth. It owns much of the world's resources through its business empires and its people are among the richest on the planet. It made its mark as both the harbinger of economic abundance, the writer of new freedoms and the imposer of its ways on smaller countries who don't have the resources to fight back. Its also offered the world unique art, music and creativity that's changed the twentieth century.

Some nations were built on blood and sweat. Others are made of independence movements separated from their origins by war and strife. Some just come into being gradually over decades or even hundreds of years making themselves an individual entity with a minimum of fuss. Not so with the USA. It decimated its original inhabitants (native American Indians) through war, disease and murder. It exploited its neighbours to draw on their considerable resources and it made its wealth on other's backs through oil, gas, timber, banking and manufacturing.

The USA was born July 4th, 1776 and has its astrological chart derived from the exact time the Declaration of Independence was signed (5.10 pm, 4/7/1776). With that in mind we can go to specific dates for major events watching how transiting planets in the heavens affect important points in the chart.

The transit many astrologers are now looking towards and making comment on is in January 2004 when the planet Pluto (bringer of transformation, regeneration and fundamental change) directly opposes Mars's position in the US birth chart ( 21 degrees Gemini). Mars is the red planet - ruler of action, war, blood, heat, competition, passion, anger, hate and male sexuality. Its the ruler of Aries and sub-ruler of Scorpio so its energy is intense and direct.

To understand Mars through movie heroes look at actors like Clint Eastwood as 'Dirty Harry', Sylvester Stallone as 'Rocky' or Arnold Schwarzenegger as 'The Terminator'. Those movie men present a clear picture of how Mars energy works. Note that they are all American heroes who fight their way to the end through violence with force and win.

Exact dates for the coming oppositions are January 26, May 27 and November 23, 2004. However, the exact dates aren't as important as the process, which lasts all through 2004 and is already well underway. Pluto's long-term intensification of America's military energy manifests in a war obsessed nation.

So what happens to the US psyche as the war/action planet is opposed by the planet of fundamental transformation? The first thing we may expect is the lowest manifestation of this energy - and that's likely to be either another war or an attack on the American homeland. As Robert Hand says in "Planets in Transit" (Para Research, 1976) - "If you let the energy out with no restraint, you may run roughshod over everyone in your way and scramble furiously toward the top. But in doing this you are likely to arouse truly horrendous opposition from people who struggle to the death to prevent you from succeeding". It indicates more of the same for the US this year.

What happened last time when Pluto set off Mars in the US chart? The last transit was a square to Mars from Pluto in Virgo in the 1960s. Exact passes were in October 1967, March 1968 and August 1968 (plus May 1969). Some key events of that period included: December 1967 - the death (Pluto) of three US astronauts in a fire (Mars) on the Cape Canaveral launch pad. Early 1968 - the US exploded an underground hydrogen bomb (Pluto) in a site near Las Vegas. March 1968 - Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, and a massacre of up to 500 Vietnamese civilians took place at My Lai, led by Lt William Calley. June 1968 - Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles. August 1968 - the Democratic Convention in Chicago was marked by street riots and police brutality, which was broadcast on TV around the world ("The whole world's watching!" was the chant on the streets).

The nature of the Pluto/Mars combination describes a fundamental tone for the entire year, and can be characterised as increased violence, anger, and religious fanaticism. America as a whole is now seen by many countries as being an arrogant empire builder. And with the stated American policy to remodel the Middle East, the prospects for re-election of George W.Bush and the internal politics and safety of the US must be seen as dubiously volatile.


May and June 2004 are transit times for Saturn on the US Cancer Sun and Pluto opposite Mars and all this in the middle of the race to Presidential elections in November 2004 (which is the final pass of Pluto opposite Mars). Its not to be a happy time ahead for a nation trying to control the world.

In October 2003 Saturn made its retrograde station at 13 degrees Cancer, the degree of both George Bush's and the USA Sun. A stationary planet at an exact degree in the chart is very emphatic and signals a tense period until the next conjunction in June 2004. Saturn here represents the accounting for the consequences of all past actions and this will apply great pressure to meet a responsibility to rectify wrongs. Under Bush's administration, US policies have been thoroughly criticised internationally and its accumulated goodwill largely drained. So we can expect a fundamental re-examination of all America does in the coming year as Pluto applies the screws. Perhaps one half of the country will want radical change and the other half will want war and revenge and this clash could unhinge the US.

Recently an American officer was quoted as referring to his men as the "Cowboys from Hell" allowing them to paint this on their APCs when they raided Saddam Hussein's old home town of Tikrit, Iraq taking revenge for the shooting down of American Blackhawk helicopters and the resultant death of US soldiers. The US chart has a Sagittarian ascendant which exactly describes cowboys on the wide open plains. And its interesting to further note that armed and angry cowboys are ruled by Aries/Mars and Hell is ruled by Scorpio/Pluto - is this officer being just too prophetic to be true?

For the Full Text of the complete story go to -




Supporting Pioneering Leaders as Communities of Practice

How to Rapidly Develop New Leaders in Great Numbers

by Margaret J. Wheatley ©2002

What time is it?

Do you ever stand back and try to see the big picture, the view from 50,000 feet of what's going on in organizations, communities, the world? From up there, how would you describe these times? Is it a time of increasing economic and political instability, of growing divisiveness and fear, of failing systems and dying dreams? Is it a time of new possibilities, of great examples of hope, of positive human evolution, of transformation? Are we succeeding in solving major problems, are we creating more? Is it any of these things, is it all of these things?

It's important to think about how we answer this question, because that answer affects our choice of actions. If we think that, generally, things are working, that at present we're going through a difficult but temporary downturn, then we don't question current systems or their operating assumptions. Instead, we work hard to revive and improve them. We support initiatives and programs focused on process improvements , developing present systems to work more effectively and more efficiently.

If we believe that the old system cannot be repaired, if we expect to see only more system failures, then the work is not to fix. Instead, support needs to be given to radically different processes and methods, new systems based on new assumptions. The work becomes not process improvement but process revolution.

I frequently think about this question of what time is it. My answer is that we are living in a period when many of our fundamental beliefs and practices no longer serve us or the greater world. Worse than that, they are causing great harm and disabling us from being effective sponsors and facilitators of healthy change. I believe that the longer we continue to use familiar Western beliefs and practices, the more impotent we become to create the world we want.

We have caused many messes in the world, many of them unintentional, because we acted on beliefs and assumptions that could never engender healthy societies. We wove the following beliefs into our practices: that humans are motivated by selfishness, greed, and fear. That we exist as individuals, free of the obligation of interdependence. That hierarchy and bureaucracy are the best forms of organizing. That efficiency is the premier measure of value. That people work best under controls and regulations. That diversity is a problem. That unrestrained growth is good. That a healthy economy leads naturally to a healthy society. That poor people have different motivations than other people. That only a few people are creative. That only a few people are willing to struggle for their freedom.

These beliefs are not true and they have created intractable problems that cannot be solved within current systems of thought and practice. The destructiveness of these beliefs materializes in the major problems afflicting local communities around the globe, problems that persist and grow in spite of years of attempts to solve them: loss of cultures, ecological degradation, poverty, deteriorating health, war and dislocation, economic disempowerment of nations, accrual of power and wealth into fewer hands. While millions of people are working earnestly to solve these problems, and billions of dollars are poured into efforts to reverse the destruction, we need to take an honest look at whether our current approaches work. I believe that we are living out Einstein's well-known maxim: "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Where have all the leaders gone?

There is a well-noted and alarming trend reported throughout the world--a desperate shortage of good leaders and talented professionals. These shortages appear at a time when the world is reeling from years of failed leadership. Leaders either have struggled valiantly with ineffective means, such as bureaucracy and command and control, or they have held onto power through brutal and corrupt means.

We are not yet free of this legacy of bad leadership, of abuses of power and profound disrespect for the human spirit. As this era grows more turbulent, some leaders are becoming desperate in their grasp for power. Daily, we learn of greater corruption, more extremes of abuse, more belligerent behaviors on the part of leaders.

Many individuals and organizations, in increasing numbers, are attempting to intervene to resolve the most pressing problems of this time: health, human rights, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, environmental issues, democracy. Far too many of these well-intentioned efforts are subverted by the lack of talented leadership. Money for projects disappears because of mismanagement, inexperience, or corruption. Change efforts fail because of inappropriate implementation processes. In developing countries we say there's a leadership vacuum. In developed countries, we ask, "Where have all the leaders gone?"

So the need for new leaders is urgent. We need new leadership in communities everywhere. We need leaders who know how to nourish and rely on the innate creativity, freedom, generosity, and caring of people. We need leaders who are life-affirming rather than life-destroying. Unless we quickly figure out how to nurture and support this new leadership, we can't hope for peaceful change. We will, instead, be confronted by increasing anarchy and societal meltdowns.

Thus, new leadership becomes a central and pressing challenge of our time.


I believe that the old leadership paradigm has failed us and that our current systems will continue to unravel. This has changed what I do and who I choose to support. I no longer spend any time trying to fix or repair the old, or to improve old leadership methods. I spend all of my time now supporting those giving birth to the new, those pioneering with new approaches to organizing and leading. In communities all over the world, there are many brave pioneers experimenting with new approaches for resolving the most difficult societal problems. These new leaders have abandoned traditional practices of hierarchy, power, and bureaucracy. They believe in people's innate creativity and caring. They know that most people can be awakened to be active in determining what goes on in their communities and organizations. They practice consistent innovation and courage-wherever they see a problem, they also see possibility. They figure out how to respond. If one response doesn't work, they try another. They naturally think in terms of interconnectedness, following problems wherever they lead, addressing multiple causes rather than single symptoms. They think in terms of complex global systems and yet also understand this world as a global village.

Presently, many organizations and individuals are engaged in supporting these new leaders, often known as social entrepreneurs. However, the majority of these efforts support these leaders at the level of the individual, awarding them fellowships and scholarships, bringing them from their own communities to study at universities, foundations, and leadership programs. But as yet, no one has determined how best to develop these new leaders in the large numbers that are needed. If we are to resource our communities with new, life-affirming leadership, we need a very different model for how to educate and nourish leaders at a new level of scale.




Dennis Kucinich and the Question

By William Rivers Pitt

t r u t h o u t | Perspective

23 January 2004

The three most powerful letters in American politics are ‘FDR.’ Franklin Roosevelt unleashed a political revolution so powerful and complete that it required the incredible extremism of the Bush administration to bring it to heel. That is not to say the revolution wasn’t flagging before George took the Oval Office chair. Democratic Presidents and Presidential hopefuls have been running on Roosevelt rhetoric since the titan died in his fourth term, but the facts on the ground are clear. The country has been steadily retreating from the legacy of FDR for decades.

Enter Dennis Kucinich, Democratic congressman from Ohio, former Mayor of Cleveland, and candidate for President in 2004. There is not a single polling indicator that puts him above ten percent support at this point, and he managed only a 1% showing in the Iowa caucuses. Pragmatism dictates that he is merely tilting at windmills, but a closer look reveals something far different in play.

I spent Friday to Sunday on the eve of the Iowa caucuses in a giant red van with the Kucinich campaign as he stumped in a dozen cities all across the state. In speech after speech, Dennis Kucinich railed against the sorry lot of the American worker, the pale shadow that is health care in this country, the deteriorating state of the environment, and the war in Iraq. These were themes that, by and large, were echoed by virtually every other candidate running in the state. The difference, however, is that Kucinich owned a moral authority and clarity of policy on these matters that most of the other candidates would love to call their own. He is untainted by corporate funding, and has practiced what he preaches for the duration of his career. The other candidates, each one, are excellent individuals in their own right. But there is just something extra happening with Dennis.

He is the only candidate in this race hitting hard against NAFTA and the WTO. He is the only candidate promising, with details attached, to establish universal single-payer health care for everyone in America. He is the only candidate attacking the deranged nature of the bloated Pentagon budget, and has sworn an oath to clean that house to pay for his social programs. Drawing on the lessons of Vietnam, a conflict which dragged on because we were too proud to leave when we should have, he has crafted a detailed plan to get our troops home within 90 days. This, like the other policies, sets him apart. Through it all is a cry for the worker, the forgotten American worker, and the family, and the soul of the nation entire.

The ghost of FDR had come to corn country.

Welcome to Iowa


Will you sign my aura?

There is an assumed caricature of the typical Kucinich supporter that has worked its way into the public consciousness. People who support Kucinich are moonbeamers who commune with crystals, and who are fifth-level vegans who only eat food that doesn’t cast a shadow. I was fully expecting to meet crowds of people asking Kucinich if he would sign their auras. The reality, I quickly saw, was far different.

Kucinich stopped at coffee houses, at town halls, at art galleries, and was met each time by hundreds of people. Often, there was no room inside these places because of the crowds, and dozens of people were forced to wait outside in 18 degree temperatures and a bitter wind. They waited. And waited. And waited. And finally met the candidate. And left feeling supercharged.

I met veterans, and union workers, and college kids, and grandmothers. Here and there were the occasional Grateful Dead tour refugees, but one can find these folk within virtually every campaign. These were very normal people, and they all loved Dennis Kucinich.

The campaign van was a microcosm of the difference between perception and reality. The driver was David, a father from Iowa who had volunteered early and had risen to one of the top positions in the campaign. He wore a suit and tie, and sat at the helm of the operation with a calm hand and a quietly wry sense of humor. Kevin, another organizer, sat in the back lamenting the fact that he had not had a haircut in weeks. Yet his hair was short and neat. In the shotgun seat sat a security man carved out of Vermont stone whose heart was as big as a mountain. For that weekend, actress Mimi Kennedy from the show ‘Dharma and Greg’ rode along. A more sincere, normal, warm person would be difficult to find anywhere.

This was the infrastructure which surrounded Kucinich as we roared across the state. The cell phones and Blackberries were constantly beeping and humming as the operation rolled with the road. It was one of the most regular groups I’ve ever seen. So much for the public perception.


An Interview in Seventeen Parts

Being inside a campaign van during a Presidential race is like being inside a very small hurricane. The candidate does media interview after media interview via cell phone, hoping the next stretch of farmland allows for cell phone reception long enough to get his points across. Others in the van discuss language for press releases with the home office, and everyone checks the schedule for the next campaign stop, and the next, and the next.

There were eight stops on Sunday, the day I meant to get an interview with Dennis Kucinich. I got it, interspersed between phone calls, speeches and cross-seat strategy meetings.

WRP: You spoke in your Dubuque speech about having 21 homes all over the place when you were young, moving around a lot, and enduring that insecurity. How did that experience inform your view of politics and your reasons for doing the work you do?

DK: For a lot of people, life is uncertain. Many people out there do not know whether they’ll have a job from one day to the next. There are people out there who are not sure if they will be able to hold on to their homes, if their health care will be there one day to the next, if they’ll be able to send their children to college, if their retirement security is assured. There’s a lot of insecurity out there, and I understand it. I grew up in that kind of environment, so I have a deep understanding of the kind of lingering anxieties people can have about their financial position.

WRP: What, specifically, is your plan to deal with the Iraq situation?

DK: It is a plan that involves a real shift in U.S. policy, moving away from unilateralism and pre-emption to a practice of cooperating with the world community on matters of security. First, my plan is to go to the U.N. and to ask them to handle the oil assets of Iraq on behalf of the Iraqi people, until the Iraqi people are self-governing. Second, ask the U.N. to handle the contracts under conditions of transparency where contracts will be given to the best bidder, and eliminate the kind of considerations which have so tainted the contract process. Part of that is to make sure that the Iraqi people can get jobs from that contract process. One of the compounded tragedies of our presence there is that we are manipulating the contract process. There are billions of dollars sailing through the air, and most people in Iraq don’t have work.

WRP: We reported on truthout not long ago that U.S. forces opened a Burger King at the Baghdad airport, and imported workers from Pakistan to run it. So the Iraqi people can’t even get work at Burger King.

DK: This is one of the things that is leading to great resentment, as is the effort by the United States to control the oil. Another source of resentment is the administration’s plans, articulated on September 19th by Paul Bremer, to privatize the top 200 enterprises in the Iraqi economy. Such privatization plans and practices violate the Geneva and Hague Conventions. We have to renounce those. We must let the world community know that we anticipate Iraqi sovereignty, and that it will be up to the people of Iraq to make a determination as to what happens with the assets of their country. In the meantime, the responsibility of the United States is to rebuild what we blew up. Some will say that it is only a private investor who can come in and do this. That’s not right. To the extent that we destroyed a functioning infrastructure, we have an obligation to repair it.

The third thing we have to do is to turn over to the United Nations the responsibility of developing an Iraq constitution in concert with the clerical leaders in Iraq, and other leaders from within the society. The U.N. will work with the Iraqis to schedule free and fair elections. This, too, is a major stumbling block and what could prove to be the flashpoint for serious organized violence against our troops. What the administration is doing is desperately seeking a government structure which would facilitate American hegemony. The leader of the largest religious group, the Shi’ite Muslims, has rejected the plan of the United States repeatedly over the last two months. Grand Ayatollah Sistani has demanded free and fair elections, and very pointedly has said that the Shi’ites will not cooperate with any structure that was imposed by the United States. Anyone who is a student of history, in the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, knows of the ill-fated attempt by the United States government to try and impose a government in Vietnam which lacked popular support.

It is our troops who will bear the brunt of this. I don’t think anyone can state strongly enough the great risk which this administration is exposing our troops to. This is an urgent matter. Two months ago, when this question first arose in the media, there were stories in the Dallas Morning News and the Omaha paper about the potential for an uprising, a true uprising, against the United States presence in Iraq. It appears that the Grand Ayatollah Sistani is, at this moment, taking a non-violent approach. Given the explosive nature of the U.S. presence in Iraq, it is very dangerous for us to be insisting on a certain structure of governance, especially if that is met with resistance by the clerical leaders. Do the math. 130,000 U.S. troops. 25 million Iraqis. 15 million of those are Shi’ite Muslims.

WRP: You have said that, on your first day as President, you will cancel NAFTA and the WTO. Why?

DK: NAFTA and the WTO were written by global corporate interests whose ambitions are to seek cheap labor. That’s why NAFTA and the WTO both precluded institutionalizing workers rights, human rights, or environmental quality principles in trade agreements. They put the requirements of facilitating global commerce over every principle of ethics and what should attend to commerce. There has been much said about side-agreements that were made in developing both NAFTA and the WTO. They are not worth the paper they are written on.

NAFTA cannot be changed without the permission of Canada or Mexico, or the global corporations which wrote them for their own benefit. NAFTA has led to a loss of 550,000 American jobs directly. With the WTO, we’ve lost 3,000,000 manufacturing jobs since July of 2000. We are losing our manufacturing base, and our high-tech base in America, because of these trade agreements which put global commerce above every other principle.

In recognition of the toll this has taken, of NAFTA’s unsurpassed shortcomings, I would exercise the provisions of both NAFTA and the WTO which authorize parties to withdraw with 60 days notice, and proceed to do so. I will reinstate bilateral trade based on workers rights, human rights, and environmental quality principles.

WRP: You are running for President, but you are also trying to start a national movement. Explain the basis for that movement, and the goals you are ultimately trying to achieve.

DK: It is one thing to be elected to an office. I’ve won a lot of elections in my time. It’s another thing to make that election part of a broader construction of a socially and economically just society, and of a world where we can make operative the practical principles of peace as the basis for conduct between nations. I think we are at a moment in time when we are really called upon to tap the deepest capacities we have for transforming this world.

An election campaign, while a contest of ideas, and while intended to lead to a new order of things in the United States through electing a new President – in this case, me – it is part of a much larger picture. That larger picture is about the consideration of the principles, the themes, the values, the aspirations which have moved people from so many different communities to get involved in this campaign. They see something beyond it. They see the potential for something beyond it. That something is at once the realization of the potential of the future, and the creation of a structure to help us get there.


How much change are you ready for?

In speech after speech, in place after place, Dennis Kucinich asked the same question time and again. “How much change,” he asked, “are you ready for?” The people gathered in these places, people who came out by the hundreds, always leaned forward hungrily, always cheered, always waited for the word. Without fail, Kucinich brought that word, and people left filled.

It comes down to this. Dennis Kucinich is running for President, but he is also formulating a national movement that will be in place long after the race is run. This movement, in all 50 states, will stand ready to defend the most basic American principles that have been lost for years. The movement stands for the workers. The movement stands for the families. The movement stands for the environment. The movement stands for health care. The movement stands for peace.

The movement stands for America. During his speech in Dubuque, Kucinich said, “My campaign is about bringing the end of fear in this country, the fear which keeps us from standing up for our own interests, the fear which causes people to take positions that are against the interests of the American people. The red in our flag stands for courage, not fear. The white in our flag stands for purity. The blue in our flag stands for loyalty. When Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled banner, he posed a riddle to all of us. He asked a question. Does that Star-Spangled banner yet wave in the land of the free and the home of the brave? He made the connection between freedom and bravery, between courage and democracy.”

“My candidacy,” he said in Dubuque, “is about calling forth the fearlessness that exists in the heart of every American, calling forth the courage to meet each day on its own terms. Without fear, with confidence, with hope, with the anticipation that we can meet the challenges, whether they be terrorism or poverty. This campaign is about a celebration of who we are as Americans, about the path of fearlessness that will lead us forward in the world, about the path of courage which will lead us to a country where we have health care for all, jobs for all, education for all, and peace in the world. We are capable of this. It is time to create a new America. The time is now. The time is now.”

Dennis Kucinich reminds people why they are Democrats, why they are progressives, in the first place. He is the soul and the spirit of those beliefs personified, he is Franklin Delano Roosevelt returned, walking and talking and preaching in the 21st century. Anyone who doubts this has not seen the man in action, has not met the people who surround him and support him.

This run for the White House is about far more than winning that office. If you think the end of the primaries will spell the end of his run, think again. If the Democratic Party should win the White House in 2004, a powerful progressive network will have to be in place to push the new administration in the right direction, and against the tide that has been unleashed. This is what Dennis Kucinich is constructing, one brick at a time.

This tide has only just begun to rise. How much change are you ready for?


William Rivers Pitt is the Managing Editor of He is a New York Times and international best-selling author of three books - "War On Iraq," available from Context Books, "The Greatest Sedition is Silence," available from Pluto Press, and "Our Flag, Too: The Paradox of Patriotism," available in August from Context Books.


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