= =Light Series #56: Taking Up Responsibility for a Brighter Future


January 14, 2004

Light Series #56: Taking Up Responsibility for a Brighter Future

Hello everyone

Most of this compilation is on a much Lighter note as my last one as you'll see. It includes some positive actions to take to help the good people as well as much stimulating readings.

Feel free to share widely ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"As we become purer channels for God's light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be."

- Marianne Williamson

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind."

- Buddha

"I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end."

- Kahlil Gibran

Worthy of Your Attention

My E.T. Diary by Channie Centara
In this extraordinary book an Extraterrestrial person, incarnated in a human body, for the first time tells her story - from the first contact with Extraterrestrials at the age of five to the awakening to the great mission to which she was born. My E.T. Diary also gives you never before told insights into the lives of the peoples of the Universe, the Lightforce that forms the bond between them and the great change that is very soon to take place right here on Earth. The Shift to the New Earth. CLIP
Also recommended, a 40 page excerpt from this tantalizing book at http://www.wistancia.com/metd-41.htm

Manifesto 2000 for a culture of Peace and Non-violence 
The Manifesto 2000 for a culture of peace and non-violence, was drafted by a group of Nobel Peace Prize, to translate the resolutions of the United Nations into everyday language and to make them relevant to people everywhere. The Manifesto 2000 does not appeal to a higher authority, but instead it is an individual commitment and responsibility. Sign Online the UNESCO Global Culture of Peace Manifesto 2000 (Over 75 millions people have signed it)


1. Let us Help Dennis Win Big in the Iowa Caucuses
2. Kyoto agreement ditched by Australia
3. Earth Changes 101
4. Glamour, Current Affairs and World History
6. Announcing GLOBAL LOVE DAY - May 1, 2004
7. Leno, Letterman and others on Bush

See also:

Orang-utans 'may die out by 2025' (Jan 12)
The orang-utan, Asia's "wild man of the forests", could disappear in just 20 years, a campaign group believes. WWF, the global environment network, says in the last century the number of apes fell by 91% in Borneo and Sumatra. Globally, it says, there were thought to be somewhere between 45,000 and 60,000 orang-utans as recently as 1987. But by 2001 that number had fallen by virtually half, to an estimated 25,000- 30,000 of the animals, more than half of them living outside protected areas. The apes, restricted to the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, are regarded as two species, the Bornean (Pongo pygmaeus) and the Sumatran orang-utan (Pongo abelii). Hesitant breeders The Sumatran animal is classified as critically endangered, with possibly no more than 9,000 specimens. Across their range they are at risk because of the fragmentation and destruction of the forests. WWF says: "This is caused by commercial logging, and clearance for oil palm plantations and agriculture. Almost 80% of all forests in Malaysia and Indonesia have now been logged. "The apes are also threatened by hunting and poaching for the bushmeat and pet trade, and by forest fires. "Over 60% of orang-utans are living outside reserves, and this catastrophic decline will continue until conservation efforts are scaled up to tackle habitat loss and poaching on privately-owned land." Female apes become fertile around the age of 12, and can live for up to 40 years. But they have the slowest reproductive cycle of all the great apes, averaging eight years between births. Domestic demand Stuart Chapman, head of the species programme at WWF-UK, told BBC News Online: "A mother can probably bear four or five young and rear them successfully in her entire lifetime. "One study suggested the orang-utan could tolerate a loss in numbers of about 2% annually. But this loss of about 50% in just 15 years is completely unsustainable, hence the urgency of the conservation work. "And for every orang that is caught and traded, we estimate five or six more die and are never found." WWF says the international trade has declined sharply, because of Taiwan's improved enforcement of its import laws, but there is still demand in Indonesia for the animals as pets. 
(Go at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3383425.stm#graphic to find out more about endangered apes - To help go at http://www.orangutan.org/home/home.php beginning with http://www.orangutan.org/home/firsttimer.php)



From: gkirschbaum@mchsi.com
Subject: Let us Help Dennis Win Big in the Iowa Caucuses
Date: 13 Jan 2004

Dear Mr. Hudon,

I want to thank-you for your wonderful news compilations. I started reading them about a year ago and it is where I get most of my news. I got to your website by accident and am so glad I did.

The reason I am writing is that I live in Iowa and the caucuses are next monday night at 6:30. I am going and I will be caucusing for Dennis Kucinich. There are so many people in Iowa that are still undecided and a good prayer or meditation for Dennis to have a surprise showing would be so helpful. I am a volunteer for his campaign and so is my teenage son. We are doing all we can do physically like phonecalls e-mails and door to door. I think though if a
large number of people were focusing there energy on Dennis that night that we could have a miracle and then the media would have to pay attention. Can you imagine if he was in the top three. The media would be in shock.

If you could help out in anyway it would be so wonderful. Peace be with you and in all you do.


Gina Kirschabaum


Date: 10 Jan 2004
Subject: Call Iowa Now
From: "David Swanson, Kucinich Campaign" info@kucinich.us>


No, I don't mean “Predict the winner.” I mean: Determine the winner by making some phone calls! You seriously can. The Iowa caucuses are small local gatherings at which one person can often put a candidate over the 15 percent mark or another mark needed to elect a delegate. If a candidate receives fewer than 15 percent of the votes in a caucus, he or she receives zero delegates from that caucus. Here's an explanation of how it works: http://us.denniskucinich.us/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2444

The key thing to know is that you can have a serious impact on the outcome in Iowa by taking the time to make phone calls and persuade a few people to become as passionate about Dennis as you are, and by persuading them to attend the Iowa caucuses and to take a few of their friends along too.

Here's how you can get a list of phone numbers to call: http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?ID=M632580291485054384555&iEvent=33251

Our webmaster Karen Kilroy traveled to Iowa on the Cleveland bus with a group of Ohioans and will be out there all week posting updates about her experiences at http://us.denniskucinich.us/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2430

Your can post your messages to our door-to-door canvassers in the same discussion forum, (registration required to add messages).

Here's an excerpt from Karen's postings: “This race seems to be wide open. If you possibly can, please get on the phones and start calling Iowa . Just go to the kucinich.us home page and click the CALL IOWA VOTERS button. You'll certainly have some very interesting conversations and, per Leatrice, you don't even have to worry about the dogs! So what have you got to lose? Make a difference in the January 19 Iowa caucus, call Iowa voters now! I got some really nice video of the canvassers talking with Iowans. We should have this online in the next day or so.”

Go at http://www.kintera.org/TR.asp?ID=M632580191485054384555&iEvent=33251 to get a call list, a script, and instructions


JUST RECEIVED: 14 Jan 2004


Many thousands of Kucitizens are actively promoting Dennis' campaign through phone calls and door knocking and flyering, talking to people about Dennis' stands on the issues and his record as a Congressman. And they're coming to the conclusion that Dennis is electable. People are thrilled by the stands he is taking and are beginning to acquire the hope needed to believe they can nominate him and give him the chance to draw in new voters, create a new movement, and sweep into the White House with a more Democratic Congress as well. Read why Dennis is electable: http://kucinich.us/electable.php .


Our Iowa field staff has been working hard for many months to make Dennis' name and platform known to Iowans. Their intense efforts are paying off, but many Iowans are still undecided. This creates an opportunity for the rest of the country to rally behind the Iowa staff in a focused effort to win delegates for Kucinich. Over 1,200 people have signed up to call Iowans to encourage them to caucus for Dennis on Monday. This weekend many Kucitizens are coming to Iowa to help get out the vote. To find out how you can get involved, please visit http://kucinich.us/doortodoor2004.php

If you also want to rally behind the Iowa staff but are too busy to make phone calls or canvass, you can still help by making a contribution today. Your dollars make a big difference in what we can do to mobilize. https://www.kucinich.us/contribute.php


Our webmaster, Karen Kilroy, has been reporting from Iowa since Friday and will be staying until after the caucus. To read her account of the activity there and description of the caucus process, please visit http://us.denniskucinich.us/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=7


Voting ends Sunday night in this internet primary: http://www.truthout.org/ and February 2nd for this one: http://www.campaigngalaxy.com/ . Another you can vote in is at http://www.aaiusa.org/


Check out the latest endorsements: http://www.kucinich.us/pressreleases/pr_011404.php

If you have any questions, please email nationalphonebanks@kucinich.us.

If you received this Email from a friend and would like to receive them directly, go at http://kucinich.us/alerts-signup.htm

Contact us:
Kucinich for President
11808 Lorain Avenue - Cleveland , OH 44111 216-889-2004 / 866-413-3664 (toll-free)


From: "Anne Papasavvas" annepapas@hotmail.com>
Subject: Kyoto agreement ditched by Australia
Date: 13 Jan 2004

Dear Jean,

I am very disappointed to tell you that yesterday the Australian government announced that it has decided to pull out of the Kyoto agreement. Quite a coincidence that you sent that big compilation about it all out today ! Very sad and worrying that we are all in the hands of so few.

Thank you for your amazing contribution to the knowledge and welfare of our society.

In Light and Love,



Scientists say extreme weather is here to stay (Jan 12)
Swiss scientists warn Europe could face more extreme weather patterns and temperatures similar to last summer’s heatwave. (...) The United States, the world’s biggest producer of greenhouse gases, has refused to sign. Australia has also rejected the accord and Russia is still making up its mind. CLIP

Study: Quarter of Land Life Could Die
Jan. 7, 2004 - Over one million plants and animals - a quarter of all life on land - could become extinct in just decades due to human-made climate change, scientists say. The main culprit for this change, they say in an article due out Thursday in the British journal Nature, is greenhouses gases, which are churned out by automobiles and industry and trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere. CLIP

Record retreat in Swiss glaciers in 2003 due to climate change: scientists (Jan 13)


I DID INCLUDE AN EXCERPT FROM THE FOLLOWING IN "The Green Holocaust Files #12: Facing Up to What We Are Doing to Mother Earth" ARCHIVED AT http://www.EarthRainbowNetwork.com/Archives2004/GreenHolocaust12.htm

From: "Kiara Windrider" kiara@eternaldoorway.com>
Subject: Earth Changes 101
Date: 12 Jan 2004

Dear friends, I got some flak about the last mailing I sent out, so I decided to write this one to help clarify what this all means to me. Feel free to pass this along.

To add or delete yourself from this e-list, please contact kiara@doorwaytoeternity.com

Love, Kiara


by Kiara Windrider

January 12, 2004

There is a lot of information coming out lately about Earth Changes, usually defined as catastrophic geological events such as earthquakes, volcanoes, polar shifts, flooding, and global warming. What do we do with all this? Some of it is disinformation, deliberate attempts to terrorize people. Some of it, written or channeled with the best of intentions, still carries elements of our own subconscious fears. Much of it, however, is carefully researched information, whether from seismologists, cosmologists, geologists, ancient record-keepers, or contemporary seers and mystics. It is easy to pass off certain predictions as “gloom and doom”, when we should be paying close attention to the living voice of an ecosystem terribly out of balance. Tragically, by closing ourselves to some of these possibilities of earth changes, we are also closing ourselves off to the larger possibilities of planetary renewal and hope.

Yes, there is a lot of disinformation out there, and it is important to be discerning. However, we are seeing tremendous changes on the Earth today, with more to come in upcoming years, and I feel we need to be aware. Awareness of changes is not the same as “going into fear”. We need to acknowledge that we are ALREADY in a time of severe Earth Changes, much of which goes unreported in the mass media. This also includes Earth Changes caused by human willfulness and interference. Why is it that when humans go on an ever increasing rampage of war and environmental destruction, creating gloom and doom for millions around the planet it is accepted as “reality”, and yet when Mother Earth decides to do something about it, it is perceived as “gloom and doom”?

Do we dare look at the extent to which we have ALREADY wrecked our environment, making it unfit for all life on the planet within a decade or two? Do we dare look at the extent to which our misguided political and military systems (I won't name names here) are creating doom and gloom for others on this planet, all in the name of democracy, freedom, and maintaining a fictitious "way of life"? It would be very easy for us to sit in our ivory towers, bury our heads in the sand, and pretend none of this is happening. I am not even talking here about predicting gloom and doom for the future, just opening our eyes to what is happening RIGHT NOW on our once beautiful planet!!! What we will see in the near future, simply as a result of disharmonic patterns we have created on Earth today, is terrifying, as many highly credible scientists and environmentalists and political analysts are now telling us.

This information is out there for those who look for it. Much of it, however, is not discussed in the mass media, which gives us a false sense of security, increasingly divorced from the truth of what is taking place on the planet. We need to share this with people who are put here on God's earth to make a difference, since we cannot make a difference until we first understand. We cannot heal until we are willing to find the causes and extent of our injuries. Mother Earth is deeply hurt, and we cannot ignore this. She is a highly evolved living entity, and is attempting to heal Herself by correcting some of these unbalances, and some of this WILL involve earth changes. After all our wanton plundering of Mother Earth's nurturance and resources, do we have the right to tell Her to keep still? Yes, we CAN change these realities if we join with Her soul and if there is enough conscious intent, and on many occasions we have already done so. That is the power and potential of the divinely inspired human spirit. But where is our power if we are asleep or in denial? Where is our power if we are still governed by fear?

We need not go into fear. If we look at Earth Changes from an evolutionary perspective, what we see is much bigger than the Earth simply trying to find a way to heal herself. Supported by Cosmic Beings and a vast galactic network that includes our own higher-dimensional Selves, She is involved in birthing an entirely new Reality, a collective creation that is so much bigger than any of us realize, simply because our minds are too conditioned by our past to conceive of life beyond a passage of this magnitude. I see a transformation taking place that is unprecedented in the history of our planet, and it involves not only our own planet but our entire solar system, galaxy and beyond.

The conclusions I derive are backed up by scientists and mystics of the first order. All of this gives me hope. And more than hope, it gives me perspective. It is not an ostrich perspective from underneath the sand but a systems perspective that is bigger than our individual selves and our individual lives. From this perspective I see that if there are earth changes to come, it is not something to fear. These are simply the necessary adjustments we need to make so we can move forward in trust, moving forward as spiritual beings who are inflamed with a planetary vision, moving forward beyond the nightmares of our misqualified creations into a divinely inspired heaven on earth.

"I have seen the promised land", said Martin Luther King in his well-known speech that was also a prediction. How many of us can say that? Do we know yet what we are choosing to move towards? Or are we content with a way of life that is becoming increasingly unbalanced, destructive, and bereft of beauty, a way of life that according to some of the most astute scientists on our planet, will lead to the end of all life on Earth in less than two decades?

I understand that all of us are conditioned by an instict to survive, and this instinct makes us recoil when we hear of earth changes, suffering, turmoil, and destruction. Many of us on a spiritual path have also been conditioned by another instinct, an instinct that refuses to acknowledge destruction as an aspect of transformation, or death as an aspect of rebirth. This is ironical, when we consider the teachings of Christ, or Krishna, or any of the great initiates who have graced the Earth. It is especially ironical knowing that our civilization has learned to peddle the dark side of death to the extent that governments can get away with every kind of murder and justify it in the name of protecting our "way of life".

Yet what does being on a spiritual path truly demand of us? Do we understand the long-term process of change? As greater frequencies of light enter our planetary fields it brings up whatever darkness needs to be cleared. We are moving through the tunnel of planetary birth, and birth is sometimes painful. A true spiritual transformation is not a tame, sterilized, process in which we can keep a dysfunctional “way of life” intact. It demands that we boldly go where no one has gone before, and as romantic as this sounds on Star Trek, it is the hardest thing on Earth for any of us who are conditioned by attachments to the past. It demands opening our minds to new perceptions, our hearts to new sensitivities, our souls to new possibilities. Human beings are so constructed that this does not happen unless we reach a crisis point. If there are Earth Changes to come, it is only Mother Earth trying to shake us awake when every other means has failed.

We have every right to be fearful as we step into the future. Yet, let us not lose sight of what this planetary adventure is all about. If you have ever surfed a big wave, or skied the double diamond, or jumped off a waterfall in Hawaii, you know the knot of fear that sits in your belly as you leap off the edge, only to dissolve in profound celebration of life as you move through that belly of fear and taste life beyond that edge. It is the same with us collectively as we step into the tunnel of planetary and cosmic birth.


Please see my website, http://www.doorwaytoeternity.com for further articles on themes related to planetary awakening. My book, Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension, also addresses various aspects of this journey. If not available at your local bookstore, it can be ordered through my website or through http://www.hoep.org


Date: 08 Jan 2004
From: "Joseph M. Contrada" jmcontrada@optonline.net>
Subject: Glamour, Current Affairs and World History

Dear friends and coworkers,

In the interest of the enlightenment and healing of humanity, permit us to send along a thought-provoking passage from The Rays and the Initiations (pp. 428-430), which the Tibetan Master Dwjhal Khul communicated telepathically to Alice Bailey in April 1947. Its pertinence to the current crisis in this country and in the world will not escape the thinking person's notice.

A brief note for those who are unfamiliar with the work of Alice Bailey. Just as Rudolf Steiner attained a leadership position in the Theosophical Society prior to founding the Anthroposophical Society in the German-speaking world, the Englishwoman Alice Bailey and her American coworker Foster Bailey rose to prominence in the American Theosophical Society prior to founding the Lucis Trust in New York over 75 years ago.

Please note that the glamour referred in the textual passages below designates the distortion of Reality on mental, emotional and physical levels that occurs because of unhelpful, limiting patterns and impure frequencies in an individual's mental, emotional and physical aspects (or spheres), as well as in those of humanity and of the planet.

It is through the bringing in of higher energies from our higher principles (variously termed, but Soul or Higher Self will work) through invocative/evocative meditative practices, and the irradiating of our minds, feeling-sentient natures and vital energy bodies with these fiery energies that a clarification of our thought and emotional life as well as the purification of the pranic currents (Chinese: chi) flowing through our energy bodies takes place. Likewise, it is through invocative/evocative meditative practices that link humanity to the Spiritual Hierarchy (consisting of human and angelic adepts in our planetary system and beyond) that the necessary fiery energies are received, assimilated and distributed which result in the clarification of the mental, feeling-sentient and physical spheres of humanity and of the planet. This is the Path of true Enlightenment and Healing.

So please, dear friends, do not neglect those spiritual and energy practices you are guided to engage in by your Soul, since these are the swiftest, surest and safest means to strive towards the release of yourself, humanity and the planet from imprisoning influences. Daily is best and twice daily even better. In this is release and the moving into true Freedom. Such practices are excellent, but let us not forget to watch our thoughts, emotions, words and deeds the rest of the day, lest we undo the benefits that might have accrued.

Some of you have already studied Alice Bailey's Glamour: A World Problem. At this time we would like to suggest it to those of you who have not for the light it sheds on the Path towards Freedom -- for us as individuals, for humanity and the planet. Please note that you can read it and other works of Alice Bailey/Djwhal Khul online through the website http://www.netnews.org

You can also purchase these texts directly through Lucis Publishing Company or Amazon.

United with you in the Loving Will and Light of the Divine,

Joseph Contrada


The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation The World Tension Analyzed

The tension in the world today, (written in April 1947) particularly in the Hierarchy, is such that it will produce another and perhaps ultimate world crisis, or else such a speeding up of the spiritual life of the planet that the coming in of the long-looked-for New Age conditions will be amazingly hastened. I would have you consider carefully what I have said here, remembering what I have told you in the past anent points of tension. This present tension constitutes a major problem for the disciple in training, and therefore our particular theme in this instruction is peculiarly apposite.

There is a great deal of glamor in the world today and a great deal of that glamor is concentrated in Russia, owing to the youth and the basic political inexperience of that people. The United States of America is also young and inexperienced, but not to the same extent as are the Russian people. Today, the Russians are suffering from the glamor of power, the glamor of planning, the glamor of what they consider a great ideal (and such it is), the glamor of prestige and the inevitable - but ephemeral - glamor of totalitarianism. It is this same totalitarianism which also constitutes their weakest point, because it leads inexorably to a revolt of the human spirit. That human spirit is to be found in Russia to exactly the same extent as it is to be found in any other country in the world.

Freedom is an essentially spiritual attribute, underlying the entire evolutionary process; this should always be remembered as a strengthening and conditioning reality by all men everywhere. It has survived aeons of opposition from the principle of enslaving selfishness and is largely responsible, at this time, for the struggle in which we are all participating.

The country which is the most free from selfishness today is Great Britain; she is experienced, old, and therefore mature in her thinking; she has learnt much in a relatively short time and her judgment is sound. The most [429] selfish country in the world today is France, with the United States (though along totally different lines) running her a close second; both are materially selfish and capitalistically engrossed. Russia is also selfish but it is the selfishness of a fanatical ideal, held by an immature, a too young a people. The selfishness of the United States is also due to youth, but it will eventually yield to experience and to suffering; there is - fortunately for the soul of this great people - much suffering in store for the United States. The selfishness of France is less excusable; France too is old and experienced; again and again she has been the victim of the armed forces of Germany and cries aloud to the world about it. France forgets that she frequently overran central Europe in the Middle Ages, and the Napoleonic conquests are relatively modern history. Her evil destiny (as she regards it) does, nevertheless, give her the opportunity to become spiritual in her life and attitudes, instead of grossly and intellectually (though brilliantly) material. She has not yet learned her lesson, and as yet shows little inclination to do so. Strain, economic privations and anxiety may teach her; the result will be stability.

In the hands of the United States, Great Britain and Russia, and also in the hands of France, lies the destiny of the world disciple, Humanity. Humanity has been passing through the tests which are preparatory to the first initiation; they have been hard and cruel and are not yet entirely over. The Lords of Karma (four in number) are today working through these four Great Powers; it is, however, a karma which seeks to liberate, as does all karma. In the coming crisis, true vision and a new freedom, plus a wider spiritual horizon may be attained. The crisis, if rightly handled, need not again reach the ultimate horror.

The area of difficulty - as is well known - is the Near East and Palestine. The Jews, by their illegal and terrorist activities, have laid a foundation of great difficulty for those who are seeking to promote world peace. As a Jewish member of my Ashram pointed out (and I commend him on his soul vision), the Jews have partially again opened the door [430] to the Forces of Evil, which worked originally through Hitler and his evil gang. The "sealing" of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and it is the part of wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, one point of which is to be found in the Zionist Movement in the United States, another in central Europe, and the third in Palestine. Palestine is no longer a Holy Land and should not be so regarded.

I would have you bear these points in mind while you investigate the world picture. This picture is taking shape and warrants recognition. It involves the Jews (who are not a nation but a religious group) the Near East and Russia. In the maps which are to be found in the Archives of the spiritual Hierarchy, the entire area of the Near East and Europe - Greece, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Palestine, the Arab States, Egypt and Russia - are under a heavy over-shadowing cloud. Can that cloud be dissipated by the right thinking and planning of Great Britain, the United States and the majority of the United Nations or - must it break in disaster over the world? Will it present a task too hard for correct handling by that inexperienced disciple - Humanity?

In what I have written above you have the picture of the true situation; it is one which finds Great Britain temporarily weakened and ineffective (except for the clear thinking of her people and her political maturity); it finds the United States, unused to power, somewhat arrogant, with a strong superiority complex, inexperienced and yet at the same time exceedingly well-intentioned and fundamentally sound. It is the mass of the people who are sound in their thinking and not their representatives in Congress.

It is not for me to tell you what will happen, although the Hierarchy knows. Humanity must (as must all disciples) be left entirely free to settle its own destiny. Humanity has not yet learned the difficult lesson which all disciples have to master: the lesson of the dual life of the man whose soul is functioning and whose physical brain is constantly aware of this fact. [431]




Rev. Dr. Joseph Contrada, Executive Director

Email: joseph@globalspirituality.org

USA Tel. 347.728.2167



From: http://www.globalspirituality.org/


The Will-to-Create that which expresses the Will-to-Good


At one time or another we have probably all heard the phrases, coming down to us from the Mystery Schools of Antiquity:

Man, know thy [higher] Self; There is no religion higher than the Truth. Our entire program towards the education and healing of individuals, communities and nations is based on the recognition that Self-knowledge is the basis for self-healing and spiritual transformation. When a person does not know the first thing about who they truly are, about their purpose and destiny, they cannot begin to go about leading, educating and healing themselves in a way productive of far-reaching, lasting results.

When you successfully educate and heal yourself, and become a more loving and light-filled being, you are in a position to more effectively help others achieve important positive changes in their inner and outer lives. The best leaders, teachers and healers know themselves best, and are working with determination, wisdom and knowledge to transform themselves into the enlightened, compassionate beings they yearn to become in the deepest recesses of their hearts.

Those who pursue self-knowledge with sincerity are able to acquire true knowledge of the greater Reality in which we live and move and have our being. They develop the awareness, arising from awakened inner senses, that allows them to explore and experience causal levels of life and consciousness. These source levels give rise to everything we experience in time and space, and it is from these levels that we can effect the most profound and lasting changes in ourselves and our environment.


We are currently developing a number of projects devoted to the education and healing of nations. We endeavor, in this way, to offer our unique contribution to the efforts of the world group of servers of the Light.


THERE IS MUCH MORE TO DISCOVER AT http://www.globalspirituality.org/



From: Lapachi@aol.com
Date: 12 Jan 2004
Subject: Announcing GLOBAL LOVE DAY - May 1, 2004


We value & honor your work in assisting the planet towards love, enlightenment and peace. Global Love Day will be a perfect opportunity to meditate and visualize the love we all possess.

We know you will appreciate the information below regarding the First Annual GLOBAL LOVE DAY and the impact this event will have in shifting planetary consciousness. May 1, 2004 - A day to love unconditionally!

Please contact us as to how we may work together raising awareness and uniting the world with the energy of unconditional love...the ultimate way to clear our planet of fear & hate bringing about peace and harmony through a collective energy of true global love intention.

We invite all your ideas and value your support in spreading the word.

Think: GLOBAL LOVE DAY Feel: "Love Begins With Me" Remember: May 1, 2004

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love and Light,
Lanis L. Chidel
Director of Research
The Love Foundation, Inc.
Tampa, Florida

For Immediate Release: The Love Foundation Announces the 1st Annual

"GLOBAL LOVE DAY", May 1, 2004

Global Love Day - It’s all about LOVE in global proportions!

The Love Foundation is inviting people around the world to join together in celebrating and expanding LOVE during a one day planetary event encompassing all nations, all people, all life.

The event’s theme is “Love Begins With Me” and will take place as various celebrations across the globe.

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) December 17 2003--Global Love Day - It’s all about LOVE in global proportions! The Love Foundation is inviting people around the world to join together in celebrating and expanding LOVE during a one day planetary event encompassing all nations, all people, all life. The event’s theme is “Love Begins With Me” and will take place as various celebrations across the globe. (Visit http://www.thelovefoundation.com for further information)

“This magnificent planet is filled with opportunities to experience love, tolerance, peace and joy. We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected, interdependent and share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With tolerance and compassion we embrace diversity. When we, as individuals, realize our potential to love unconditionally, we transform ourselves and the planet at the same time” said Harold W. Becker, author of Internal Power, Seven Doorways to Self Discovery and Founder/President of The Love Foundation, Inc. “Together, we can make a difference by joining our energy during this one day celebration of love, restoring balance to our personal and collective lives and by understanding that love begins within each one of us.”

The Love Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Their hope is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of love within individuals and society as a whole. Their purpose and vision is to further the understanding and application of unconditional love through education, research and charitable programs.

For more information, contact John T. Goltz, VP The Love Foundation, Inc. http://thelovefoundation.com


I Love...

I love... Use these words and view your life from a different perspective for a day. Think about love and what it really means to you. Allow yourself to open up and feel love. Accept the aspects of life that challenge you. Decide to let love be your response to everyone and everything. See all life interconnected, joyful and safe. Enjoy life no matter how difficult it may have been or how challenging you may perceive it to be. Just let love be your focus for the day and see what happens.

Some Ideas For Yourself...

Consider what it means to fully accept yourself and forgive your past choices.

Offer forgiveness either in your mind or shared verbally to another who you feel has impacted you in a negative way

Meditate on Love as a force in your life

Express your compassion and forgiveness to yourself and the world around you

Think and feel thoughts of love to friends, family and neighbors


Send kind words to others via e-mail, faxes, mail or call them personally to express your gratitude of having them in your life

Make amends with someone you have discarded from your life

Forgive a person, place or illness that has challenged you

Hug someone and let yourself be hugged

Watch a sunrise or sunset, even better if you can do both in the same day


Embrace a stranger and meet the friend they become

Watch children play

Write a poem

Take a walk

Feel grateful for everything currently in your life

Dance as if no one is watching

Sing out loud

Accept another person's view as their right to think that way

Spend the day thinking positive thoughts

Say a kind word to a stranger

Love the amazing animal kingdom

Forgive your childhood traumas

Send loving thoughts to the plants and flowers of this earth

Let go of fear and doubt

Trust yourself

Release the judgments you hold about life

Accept for a day that everything that comes your way as being right and perfect for the moment and is teaching you something

See the world as a loving place

Taken from http://www.thelovefoundation.com/i%20love.htm where there is much more!


From: "Mark Graffis" mgraffis@vitelcom.net>
Subject: Leno, Letterman and others on Bush
Date: 10 Jan 2004


"The United States is putting together a Constitution now for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It's served us well for 200 years, and we don't appear to be using it anymore, so what the hell?"

-- Jay Leno

"President Bush has been silent on Schwarzenegger. Of course, he can't pronounce Schwarzenegger."

-- David Letterman

"Here's how bad California looks to the rest of the country. People in Florida are laughing at us."

-- Jay Leno

"Well, we're all excited because President Bush has started his 35-day vacation. He's down there in Crawford, Texas, and on the first day of his vacation he went fishing. He didn't find any fish but he believes they're there and that his intelligence is accurate."

-- David Letterman

"President Bush held his first full press conference in over 5 months this week. He announced that the war on terrorism is continuing, much, much more work needs to be done on the economy, then he said, 'I'm going on vacation for a month.'"

-- Jay Leno

"President Bush is leaving to go to Crawford, Texas, for a 35-day working vacation. This should go over big with all the people taking a can't-get-work vacation."

-- David Letterman

"The White House says that the vacation in Texas will give President Bush the chance to unwind. My question is, when does the guy wind?"

-- David Letterman

"President Bush's economic team is now on their jobs and growth bus tour all across America. I think the only job they created so far is for the guy driving the bus."

-- Jay Leno

"President Bush has refused to declassify portions of the congressional 9/11 reports about the Saudis, because he says it will help the enemy. Not Al Qaeda - the Democrats."

-- Jay Leno

~~~~~~~~ O*°´¿`°*O ~~~~~~~~


Three Texas surgeons were playing golf together and discussing surgeries they had performed. One of them said, "I'm the best surgeon in Texas. A concert pianist lost seven fingers in an accident. I reattached them, and eight months later he performed a private concert for the queen of England."

One of the others said, "That's nothing. A young man lost both arms and a leg in an accident. I reattached them, and two years later he won a gold medal in field events in the Olympics."

The third surgeon said, "You guys are amateurs. Several years ago a cowboy who was high on cocaine and alcohol rode a horse head-on into a train traveling 80 miles an hour. All I had left to work with was the horse's ass and a cowboy hat. Now he's president of the United States."

~~~~~~~~ O*°´¿`°*O ~~~~~~~~

The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL.
The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING.
The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL.
The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL.
The sport of choice for middle management is TENNIS.
The sport of choice for corporate officers is GOLF.
The President says he plays marbles, when he hasn't lost a few...


The higher you are in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become.

~~~~~~~~ O*°´¿`°*O ~~~~~~~~


Three years ago, before the inauguration, George Bush was invited to a get acquainted tour of the White House. After drinking several glasses of iced tea, he asked Bill Clinton if he could use his personal bathroom.

He was astonished to see that the President had a solid gold urinal. That afternoon, George told his wife, Laura, about the urinal. "Just think," he said," when I am President, I'll get to have a gold urinal!"

Later, when Laura had lunch with Hillary at her tour of the White House, she told Hillary how impressed George had been with his discovery of the fact that, in the President's private bathroom, the President had a gold urinal.

That evening, Bill and Hillary were getting ready for bed. Hillary turned to Bill and said, "Well, I found out who pissed in your saxophone."

~~~~~~~~ O*°´¿`°*O ~~~~~~~~

Perhaps Bush learned from that great Texan J.R. Ewing, who when asked how he could do the dastardly things that he did replied, "When you give up integrity, the rest is a piece of cake!"

~~~~~~~~ O*°´¿`°*O ~~~~~~~~

I don't approve of political jokes... I've seen too many of them get elected.


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