June 30, 2004

Hybrid Series #24: It's Over for Bush & Co

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This will be my only compilation for this week.

Lots of interesting developments included, notably several articles about the "Farenheit 9/11" breakthrough movie by Michael Moore.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.

- Ayn Rand, The Nature of Government

Worthy of Your Attention

"Sweet Misery": A Poisoned World - New film about corruption and ASPARTAME
New 90 min. Movie about How Aspartame Was Criminally Legalized !! -- Aspartame Documentary: After 7000 miles, and 25 hours of footage, "Sweet Misery" will reveal one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of the industrial revolution. Tales of the Inconceivable - Sweet Misery - The toxic long-term effects of aspartame are often dismissed as a "hoax" by the sweetener industry and at least five other Internet websites. The real footwork, however, unravels something less comforting than a mere "Hoax." "Sweet Misery" is the working title of a documentary currently in post production at Sound and Fury. Our primary investigation includes interviews with doctors, lawyers, people who have had health problems which they associate with aspartame usage, advocates, and many others. "Aspartame is inherently, markedly and uniquely unstable in aqueous media" is a quote from the congressional record in 1985, and yet it was approved for use in soft drinks and other beverages. So what happened? Is there credible evidence if you look beyond the smokescreen of corporate medicine? The primary research and interviews have been quite disturbing. CLIP

"This is an excellent educational and public information tool. This will also quickly change anyone’s mind, who thinks they can deal with this government on a "level playing field"… the feds won’t let that happen. But, We, the people, can and will change that " playing field ". After viewing this documentary, you will know the truth. You will also recognize that we must deal with the " corporate-political monster" for what it is"… a concurrence of greedy, power-hungry criminals who will destroy the world and everyone in it, in order to have their New World DisOrder. This well-accomplished movie is part of that proof of Business of Disease!! The behavior and actions of the federal government, with the collusion of the pharmaceutical-banking cartels, is in direct contradiction to the public’s God-given right to a natural and free life. Some call this a silent war. At the moment, there are no tanks, no guns or bullets (except sporadically) brought to bear against the U.S. general public… but it’s a war just the same. Quiet, covert, and just as deadly. Any government which refuses to honor and respect the health and welfare of its citizens, a government which actively participates in (the public’s) harm, and that will go so far, as to force them into oppression and force us to submit to dangerous drugs and toxic products to keep us sick, is tyranny !! … is horrific …is murder. Organized crime may be called different names. It is also criminal enterprise imbedded within the Industrial-Military-Congressional Complex of our country. See how these criminal enterprises, and those within the highest levels of government, have poisoned a world with: Aspartame, (along with the many other chemicals). *Also, see Bill Moyers’ expose’ : "Trade Secrets" at to learn more of this human destruction and disgrace."

- Ed Johnson, J.D., Environmental Attorney & Counsellor at Law

Check also the recent aspartame lawsuits filed against companies knowingly poisoning the public at
Recommended by Arthur M. Evangelista>

Filmmakers Against War
FAW seeks to educate and raise awareness of UK and international war law, and to highlight military actions that have been taken now and in the past, which violate these laws.

Omega-News Collection 28. June 2004

Sananjaleen June Hughes> has indicated that there will be a very rare interview with Kalki tonight at 8 pm (East coast time) and click on Ch 57 once there. Here are some details: "Mitchell interviews a spiritual teacher to over 15 million followers, Sri Kalki, on location outside Madras, India in Golden City. Bhagavan has a vision of world awakening and the power to see it through. Sri Kalki discusses this and the related subjects of Enlightenment with Mitchell in detail. Kalki does not give interviews regularly, so catch this rare footage and special conversation now being shown in different parts of the world to groups interested in Enlightenment for both self and the world."


1. Feedback to Lightworkers on the Path
2. 2 notes from the ERN guestbook
3. William Rivers Pitt: Tuck Tail and Run - "total failure" and "ruined credibility"
4. The multibillion robbery the US calls reconstruction
5. Abandon the Battlefield
6. Reality is unravelling for Bush
7. Cold Irons Bound -- The Russian Gambit and Reality's Rout
8. How Healthy is our Democracy
9. Koreas Sidestep U.S. to Forge Political and Pragmatic Links
10. Farenheit 9/11: We Were Right! & Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique & Film stirs up unprintable
11. Lovelock: World 'appeasing' climate threat
12. Middle Finger News - George W. Bush Promoted!
13. A Child's ABC of Terrorism

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Peaceful Protestors Charged With Felonies For Highlighting Bush's Dirty Energy Plans
After hanging a banner on one of the dirtiest coal plants in the country to protest the Bush Administration’s energy plan, six peaceful Greenpeace activists were charged with multiple state and federal felonies. The four women and two men scaled the 700-foot smoke stack at the Hatfield’s Ferry power plant, 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, and unfurled a 2,500 square foot banner that read, “The Bush Energy Plan Kills – Clean Energy Now!” The climbers have been charged with four state misdemeanors, three state felonies and two federal felonies.“Federal felonies charges against Greenpeace activists are completely unwarranted and should be immediately dismissed,” said Greenpeace Energy Campaigner Casey Harrell. ‘The real threat to Americans is the Bush energy plan, which kills over 23,000 people every year.” (...) The Bush administration has systematically weakened clean air laws by allowing power stations to install new equipment without adding pollution controls, and permitting coal-fired power plants to continue to release tons of mercury into the air and waterways. In addition to its negative impacts on health, dirty energy wreaks havoc on the environment, causing global warming, acid rain, and smog. CLIP

Dirty Air, Dirty Power
Mortality and Health Damage Due to Air Pollution from Power Plants Clear the Air, June 2004

Ron Reagan on Larry King Live - "Anyone but Bush" (23 June 2004)
Larry King, Host: Tonight, Ron Reagan, his first live prime-time interview since the death of his father, former President Ronald Reagan. The history-making leader that he knew as dad. How's his mother Nancy doing and the rest of the family holding up? We'll cover it all and we'll take your calls with Ron Reagan... (...) King: Do you have thoughts on the war? Reagan: Sure, I have thoughts on the war. King: And what do you think? Reagan: And I think we lied our way into the war. King: You think it's a mistake? Reagan: Absolutely, a terrible mistake. Terrible foreign policy error. We didn't have to do it. It was optional. And we were lied to. The American public was lied to about WMD, the connection between Osama bin Laden and Saddam, which is virtually nonexistent except for fleeting contacts. But they're still trying to pull that one off now, Cheney and all are out there flogging that. King: Can I gather from that, that you will not support this president? Reagan: No, I won't. King: Will you support his opponent? Reagan: I will vote for whoever the viable candidate is who can defeat George W. Bush, yes. CLIP

Good for Business, Bad for the People (27 June 2004)
It's funny. I'd seen all this stuff before-I mean it isn't as if there was anything really new here for anyone who's been paying attention for the past few years. And yet, I cried. Maybe it's the deprogramming of having at least some of what we've seen replayed with any decent focus for One Brief Shining Moment, beyond the self-imposed straitjacket of a docile and dangerously inept US press. Maybe it's just the oxygen given to all those impulses so many of us have kept in check, all those shoots of anger, sadness and embarrassment blossoming into full blown consciousness. My own thought process in response to Michael Moore's new film reminded me of one of those desiccated sponges you put in water-a few hours later and voila: your tiny piece of foam has bloated into a full blown fish, or frog, or palm tree ten times its original size. Or maybe like opening an archive, unzipping a million saved files at once. My brain fairly exploded with repressed anger going back to the Florida recount disaster: things I had known in much more detail before Moore scratched the surface again and brought it all flooding back. In fact, as soon as we got home, my wife and I started searching through old folders of emails from that period tucked away, too important to throw away, yet too disheartening to face on a more regular basis. This is the potential power of Fahrenheit 9/11: rousing the natural, inevitable rage against the machine of war, lies and fabricated videotape. Of course, many people will be exposed to new (for them) truths or aspects of the current crisis they haven't fully thought through. But more, I suspect, will be nudged into acknowledging nagging feelings that something is terribly wrong in this country, feelings they have been harboring but afraid to express. (...) It is rousing the US public out of this paralysis that may be the chief goal and result of this film, as tall an order as that may seem. It fairly burns to see the puffy red face of Jim Baker from Florida 2000, the oil-greased slide of power, death and war profits that motivates these bastards, the total contempt for the poor and working-class kids they snare in relentless, targeted recruiting shams-all while yucking it up with the "haves and have-mores," what Bush loathsomely refers to in one of his scripted, awkward, podium-joke deliveries: "some people call this the elite-I call it my base!" CLIP

Waxman: U.S. Imposes New Limits on Scientists (June 25)
Political Appointees Determine who may speak to WHO.

Record 600,000 Protest Bush Plan to Weaken Mercury Emission Controls (June 28, 2004)
Tomorrow marks the last day for the public to comment on the highest-profile battle in years between the Bush administration and advocates of public health. The administration is under court order to finalize the first-ever federal regulations to reduce poisonous emissions of mercury from power plants--the largest uncontrolled source of mercury pollution in the U.S. The battle is marked by an unprecedented public protest against a Bush administration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal that would allow power plants to emit six to seven times more mercury into America's air--and for at least a decade longer--than would be the case if the current Clean Air Act were simply implemented in good faith. An EPA analysis earlier this year stated that 630,000 American newborns are at risk each year of having unsafe levels of mercury in their blood. Mercury can cause serious developmental and neurological problems in children. It is a highly toxic chemical whose effects on the central nervous system are comparable to those of lead. Many people are exposed to mercury by eating tainted fish. Currently, more than 40 states have issued advisories against eating mercury-contaminated fish from their rivers, lakes and streams. CLIP

Toxic Pollutants in U.S. Atmosphere Up by Five Percent (or More)
The U.S. EPA reports that the volume of toxic pollutants released into the atmosphere increased by 5 percent in 2002 -- only the second increase since 1988, when the EPA started keeping track, and the largest -- but according to enviro groups, even that grim figure is a gross underestimation. Immediately preceding the release of the EPA's annual Toxic Release Inventory, two groups, the Environmental Integrity Project and the Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention, released a report alleging that last year's TRI (covering 2001) underestimated the amount of 10 toxic pollutants by some 330 million pounds. The groups criticized the EPA for allowing industrial plants to estimate emissions, using what the report calls outmoded formulas, rather than actually measuring them. "The bottom line here," said Kelly Haragan of the EIP, "is that the public is being exposed to far more toxic air pollution than the EPA acknowledges." Taken from WEEKLY GRIST, 29 Jun 2004


From: "Joyce Kovelman">
Subject: RE: Lightworkers on the Path
Date: 29 Jun 2004

Dear Jean:

It was wonderful and refreshing to read Maggie Erotokritou's words on the Divine Feminine. It does deserve some special attention. Thank you for reminding us and sending this to us. The Emerging, Divine Feminine is indeed within all of us, urging us towards love, compassion and relationship. She is healer, redeemer and resurrector of humanity.

Joyce A. Kovelman
"Once Upon ASOUL"


NOTE FROM JEAN: I found this note in the ERN guestbook:

Note Nr.: 199 from 2004-06-27
by Randy Fricke 

One other important thing I want to mention is that the best way any of us can do our portion is to make the most of yourself. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. We create our realities through our thoughts. We are responsible for the reality we create. It's simple. Just BE happy. Regardless of current physical appearances, focus on what you are preferring. That sets up in your mind what your reality will be. We create in the now. Time is an illusion. There is only now. OK. Who wants pie?

Check also Randy's quite interesting site at - Here is an excerpt:

(...) So as I am understanding this, we (humans) are part of a whole. The planet earth is a living, breathing, sentient, omnipotent being in, and of herself. notice I said herself and not itself. She is alive after all......Think of the universe as being One gigantic ocean of energy and at the very core of existence, at the sub-atomic/quantum level, this One big energy field contains within it, All That Is, at all times. You and I, the animals, the trees, soil, stars, planets, air, space, all of which are as important and vital to It, as our little toe, or our right eye, or our pancreas, or one teensy, weensy little hair on our head is to our body. As important as a tree is to a forest or a flea is to a cat...... Since this One ocean of vibrating energy contains all of the elements that make up everything, so does each one of our trillions of cells contain all of the information that makes us. The power that this represents is not outside of ourselves, nor is it inside of ourselves. We ARE, this very power. We can't tap into It. We are It. The Ancients knew it. Many people today are now coming to know it too. CLIP

And here is another message left on the ERN guestbook

Note Nr.: 198 from 2004-06-26
by Kevin Farrell 

Just to say that I am deeply grateful for sources such as yours to tell us the TRUTH rather than the lies the US and UK (I'm from England) governments force-feed us.

I posted an email to my local Member of Parliament re the Iraq issue and his response was that my mind was "contaminated". I ought, in other words, only to believe my and the US governments because according to him they are the only credible sources of "truth".

Amazing eh.

Best wishes

Kevin Farrell


Many more on the guestbook at where you are welcomed to leave your own message... As John McConnell> just did. McConnell, now 89, offers a quite comprehensive wrap-up of what he did (in part of course!) and understood so far, and concludes with these words...

"I hope the word will spread contagiously -- that the faith that works by love can change the darkness into day. And instead of total catastrophe, we will see a new beginning for the human adventure with a promise of peaceful progress on this amazing planet. "Every time I hear a newborn baby cry, or touch a leaf, or see the sky, then I know why, I BELIEVE !!!




Tuck Tail and Run
By William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Tuesday 29 June 2004

The American people are not comfortable dealing with words like "total failure" and "ruined credibility," but these are words that all of us are going to have to become accustomed to.

A process that began in September 2002 as a coordinated propaganda blitz to convince Americans they were on the verge of being gassed by an Osama-Saddam Axis of Doom, a process that was swathed in flags and a snarling, nationalistic patriotism, a process that has in the last 22 months delivered 855 dead American soldiers, thousands of gravely wounded American soldiers and over ten thousand dead Iraqi civilians to our collective doorstep, has now concluded with a farcical handover of 'sovereignty' in the dead of night.

One can almost imagine American proconsul Paul Bremer handing the keys to this rolling bomb over to former CIA pal and newly-minted Iraqi 'Prime Minister' Iyad Allawi with a snicker and a shrug. Thanks for the laughs, Iyad, but my helicopter is waiting on the roof.

In January 2003, less than 60 days before U.S. forces rained fire and steel upon Baghdad in the ' Shock and Awe' portion of this escapade, Mr. Bush stood before Congress and the American people to deliver his State of the Union address. In it, he solemnly informed us that Iraq was in possession of 26,000 liters of anthrax, 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin, 500 tons (i.e. 1,000,000 pounds) of sarin, mustard and VX gas, 30,000 munitions to deliver these agents, mobile biological weapons labs, a program to procure uranium from Niger to use in nuclear bombs, and connections to al Qaeda.

None of this - not one bit of it - was true. This didn't stop Bush' people from repeating these lies over and over again, even as all the evidence accounted against them. Pottymouth-in-Chief Dick Cheney continues to flap the Iraq-al Qaeda canard despite the fact that his best evidence to support the theory, a bin Laden insider named Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, has gone off the reservation. Once, al-Libi confirmed the existence of a connection, but now he has changed his story completely.

The going theory on this flip-flop is that al-Libi endured some of the "aggressive interrogation techniques" we have become famous for, and told his interrogators what they wanted to hear. If you had electrodes strapped to your testicles while you sat in one of those dark rooms with the swinging, bald light bulb, you'd probably do something similar. Once the electrodes came off, and once al-Libi was confronted with evidence that contradicted his gonad-inspired claim, he reversed course and delivered another blow to Mr. Cheney's theory.

This is, in the end, merely an accent in the symphony. In attending to the present, here is what we call sovereignty in Iraq:

* 97 legal orders have been enacted by Bremer which are "binding instructions or directives to the Iraqi people, "which will last for years, and which allocate positions controlling communications, public broadcasting, securities markets, investigations into public corruption, petroleum and virtually every area of government to people loyal to the occupation force. One elections law crafted by Bremer gives a seven-member commission the power to disqualify political parties and any of the candidates they support.

* The 25-member Iraqi Governing Council, appointed by the Bush administration to run Iraq in its name, supposedly dissolved itself on June 1st. A little-noticed decree from the Council, however, guarantees Council members power to veto laws, approve Iraq's 2005 budget, and gives them seats on an array of committees that will choose the remaining members of the National Council. In short, the puppets installed by the Americans after the invasion, all of whom were roundly rejected by the Iraqi people as illegitimate, are still very much in charge.

* 160,000 American troops will remain in Iraq, but the new government will have no command over them. In fact, a recent decision by Bush and Rumsfeld grants total immunity to the soldiers and their commanders for any illegal acts they might commit. This newly sovereign Iraq will continue to be swarmed by an occupying force over which Allawi and friends will have no control whatsoever.

* Oil revenues from Iraq, the money Bush has repeatedly claimed belongs to the Iraqi people, totals more than $20 billion to date. Almost none of that money has made its way to the Iraqi people, or to the rebuilding of infrastructure, but has instead been redirected to the U.S. and British corporations which basically control the Coalition Provisional Authority. The contracts diverting these funds to these corporations are binding, and cannot be changed even if the 'sovereign' Iraqi government decides the money could better be spent elsewhere. For the time being, despite the billions of dollars coming out of Iraq' s oil industry, the diversion of funds created by these CPA contracts means that most of the money for the rebuilding of Iraqi infrastructure will come from American taxpayers by way of the U.S. Congress. According to a report by the BBC, most of the $20 billion cannot be accounted for at this time. The party is not likely to end soon; since oil production began, only 2,300 wells have been drilled in Iraq, compared with about 1 million in Texas. A large part of the country remains virtually unexplored.

* The most important person in Iraq will not be Iyad Allawi or any other Iraqi. The most important person in Iraq will be John Negroponte, former American ambassador to the United Nations, who has been tapped to be ambassador to Iraq. The American embassy in Baghdad will be the largest American embassy anywhere in the world. As ambassador to Honduras during the Reagan administration, Negroponte was accused of playing a central role in the human rights violations and terror campaigns which were exposed during the Iran/Contra scandal.

* The handover of 'sovereignty' was done two days early and in the dead of night, purportedly, to forestall any attacks planned for the now-discarded June 30 handover date. Somehow, however, this handshake between pals does not seem likely to dissuade those Iraqis disposed to resisting the invasion and occupation of their country. In all probability, the dying will continue, which is why Mr. Bush made absolutely sure Iyad Allawi is prepared to declare martial law in his newly liberated country.

George W. Bush would have us believe this is a great day, a great victory for the United States. Here is what we call victory:

* 855 American soldiers dead.

* Thousands more American soldiers wounded, many gravely.

* Over ten thousand Iraqi civilians dead.

* No weapons of mass destruction, and no connections to al Qaeda.

* $151 billion of taxpayer money spent to enable this mess in this fiscal year alone, money which came out of the border patrol budget, the rail safety budget, the Port Security budget, law enforcement agency budgets, firefighter grants, the bioterrorism budget, the First Responders budget, and more. Do you feel safer?

* An Iraqi government as close to democracy as the Earth is to the Oort Cloud.

* An American government thoroughly discredited on an international stage still rife with dangers to American security. As Cliff Kupchan, vice president of the Nixon Center which specializes in foreign policy, said, "I don't think you can turn around three years of U.S. foreign policy with some midnight initiatives. The image of this president in the public's and the world's eyes is pretty much established."

"Total failure" and "ruined credibility" are the watchwords for the day. A process that never should have begun in the first place, a process which had nothing to do with defending the United States, has led us to a place where every 'goal' put forth by the Bush administration, no matter how stupid or simple, has turned to ash. This is the great gift Mr. Bush has delivered to us: A midnight deal, a washing of hands, and a quick exit out the back door. Honor and integrity indeed.

William Rivers Pitt is the senior editor and lead writer for t r u t h o u t. He is a New York Times and international bestselling author of two books - 'War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know' and 'The Greatest Sedition is Silence.'


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40,000 Protest Bush in Turkey

Cheney obscenity shocks senators
US Vice President Dick Cheney has resorted to the use of obscenities to defend his former employer Halliburton. The terse discussion between the two ended with Cheney finally telling Leahy to "f--- off" or "go f--- yourself," the aides said...


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


The multibillion robbery the US calls reconstruction

The shameless corporate feeding frenzy in Iraq is fuelling the resistance

Naomi Klein

Saturday June 26, 2004 The Guardian (London)

Good news out of Baghdad: the Program Management Office, which oversees the $18.4bn in US reconstruction funds, has finally set a goal it can meet. Sure, electricity is below pre-war levels, the streets are rivers of sewage and more Iraqis have been fired than hired. But now the PMO has contracted the British mercenary firm Aegis to protect its employees from "assassination, kidnapping, injury and" - get this - "embarrassment". I don't know if Aegis will succeed in protecting PMO employees from violent attack, but embarrassment? I'd say mission already accomplished. The people in charge of rebuilding Iraq can't be embarrassed, because, clearly, they have no shame.

In the run-up to the June 30 underhand (sorry, I can't bring myself to call it a "handover"), US occupation powers have been unabashed in their efforts to steal money that is supposed to aid a war-ravaged people. The state department has taken $184m earmarked for drinking water projects and moved it to the budget for the lavish new US embassy in Saddam Hussein's former palace. Short of $1bn for the embassy, Richard Armitage, the deputy secretary of state, said he might have to "rob from Peter in my fiefdom to pay Paul". In fact, he is robbing Iraq's people, who, according to a recent study by the consumer group Public Citizen, are facing "massive outbreaks of cholera, diarrhoea, nausea and kidney stones" from drinking contaminated water.

If the occupation chief Paul Bremer and his staff were capable of embarrassment, they might be a little sheepish about having spent only $3.2bn of the $18.4bn Congress allotted - the reason the reconstruction is so disastrously behind schedule. At first, Bremer said the money would be spent by the time Iraq was sovereign, but apparently someone had a better idea: parcel it out over five years so Ambassador John Negroponte can use it as leverage. With $15bn outstanding, how likely are Iraq's politicians to refuse US demands for military bases and economic "reforms"?

Unwilling to let go of their own money, the shameless ones have had no qualms about dipping into funds belonging to Iraqis. After losing the fight to keep control of Iraq's oil money after the underhand, occupation authorities grabbed $2.5bn of those revenues and are now spending the money on projects that are supposedly already covered by American tax dollars.

But then, if financial scandals made you blush, the entire reconstruction of Iraq would be pretty mortifying. From the start, its architects rejected the idea that it should be a New Deal-style public works project for Iraqis to reclaim their country. Instead, it was treated as an ideological experiment in privatisation. The dream was for multinational firms, mostly from the US, to swoop in and dazzle the Iraqis with their speed and efficiency.

Iraqis saw something else: desperately needed jobs going to Americans, Europeans and south Asians; roads crowded with trucks shipping in supplies produced in foreign plants, while Iraqi factories were not even supplied with emergency generators. As a result, the reconstruction was seen not as a recovery from war but as an extension of the occupation, a foreign invasion of a different sort. And so, as the resistance grew, the reconstruction itself became a prime target.

The contractors have responded by behaving even more like an invading army, building elaborate fortresses in the green zone - the walled-in city within a city that houses the occupation authority in Baghdad - and surrounding themselves with mercenaries. And being hated is expensive. According to the latest estimates, security costs are eating up 25% of reconstruction contracts - money not being spent on hospitals, water-treatment plants or telephone exchanges.

Meanwhile, insurance brokers selling sudden-death policies to contractors in Iraq have doubled their premiums, with insurance costs reaching 30% of payroll. That means many companies are spending half their budgets arming and insuring themselves against the people they are supposedly in Iraq to help. And, according to Charles Adwan of Transparency International, quoted on US National Public Radio's Marketplace programme, "at least 20% of US spending in Iraq is lost to corruption". How much is actually left over for reconstruction? Don't do the maths.

Rather than models of speed and efficiency, the contractors look more like overcharging, underperforming, lumbering beasts, barely able to move for fear of the hatred they have helped generate. The problem goes well beyond the latest reports of Halliburton drivers abandoning $85,000 trucks on the road because they don't carry spare tyres. Private contractors are also accused of playing leadership roles in the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. A landmark class-action lawsuit filed by the Centre for Constitutional Rights alleges that Titan Corporation and CACI International conspired to "humiliate, torture and abuse persons" in order to increase demand for their "interrogation services".

And then there's Aegis, the company being paid $293m to save the PMO from embarrassment. It turns out that Aegis's CEO, Tim Spicer, has a bit of an embarrassing past himself. In the 90s, he helped to put down rebels and stage a military coup in Papua New Guinea, as well as hatching a plan to break an arms embargo in Sierra Leone.

If Iraq's occupiers were capable of feeling shame, they might have responded by imposing tough new regulations. Instead, Senate Republicans have just defeated an attempt to bar private contractors from interrogating prisoners and also voted down a proposal to impose stiffer penalties on contractors who overcharge. Meanwhile, the White House is also trying to get immunity from prosecution for US contractors in Iraq and has requested the exemption from the new prime minister, Iyad Allawi.

It seems likely that Allawi will agree, since he is, after all, a kind of US contractor himself. A former CIA spy, he is already threatening to declare martial law, while his defence minister says of resistance fighters: "We will cut off their hands, and we will behead them." In a final feat of outsourcing, Iraqi governance has been subcontracted to even more brutal surrogates. Is this embarrassing, after an invasion to overthrow a dictatorship? Not at all; this is what the occupiers call "sovereignty". The Aegis guys can relax - embarrassment is not going to be an issue.


Date: 26 Jun 2004
From: Michel Chossudovsky>
Subject: Abandon the Battlefield!

Centre for Research on Globalisation
Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation


by Michel Chossudovsky

25 June 2004

The URL of this article is:

"Throughout the history of mankind there have been murderers and tyrants; and while it may seem momentarily that they have the upper hand, they have always fallen." (Mahatma Gandhi)

The United States has discarded pretensions to international legality and decency, and embarked on a course of raw imperialism run amok." (William Rockler, Nuremberg Tribunal prosecutor)

* * *

This war is criminal. It violates the Nuremberg Charter, the US Constitution and the UN charter.

Lawrence Mosqueda in an article published in March 2003, shortly before the onslaught of the US-led invasion of Iraq provided the following advisory:

US troops have "A Duty To Disobey all Unlawful orders". (See )

The military oath taken at the time of induction demands unbending support and allegiance to the US Constitution, while also demanding that US troops obey orders from their President and Commander in Chief:

"I,____________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God"

The President and Commander in Chief has blatantly violated all tenets of domestic and international law. So that making an oath to "obey orders from the President" is tantamount to violating rather than defending the US Constitution.

According to Lawrence Mosqueda:

"The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) 809.ART.90 (20), makes it clear that military personnel need to obey the "lawful command of his superior officer," 891.ART.91 (2), the "lawful order of a warrant officer", 892.ART.92 (1) the "lawful general order", 892.ART.92 (2) "lawful order". In each case, military personnel have an obligation and a duty to only obey Lawful orders and indeed have an obligation to disobey Unlawful orders, including orders by the president that do not comply with the UCMJ. The moral and legal obligation is to the U.S. Constitution and not to those who would issue unlawful orders, especially if those orders are in direct violation of the Constitution and the UCMJ." (Mosqueda, op cit, )

The Commander in Chief is a war criminal. According to Principle 6 of the Nuremberg Charter:

"The fact that a person [e.g. Coalition troops] acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him."


Let us make that "moral choice possible" to enlisted American, British, Canadian and Coalition servicemen and women.

Disobey unlawful orders! Abandon the battlefield! ...

Refuse to fight in a war which blatantly violates international law and the US Constitution!

But this is not a choice which enlisted men and women can make individually.

It is a collective and societal choice, which requires an organizational structure.

Across the land in the US, Britain, Canada and in all coalition countries, the anti-war movement must assist enlisted men and women to make that moral choice possible, to abandon the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This will not be an easy task. Committees at local levels must be set up across the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy, Japan and other countries, which have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These committees should provide protection, support and legal council to soldiers who refuse to fight and who face the possibility of prison sentences for desertion, as in the case of Sergeant Camilo Mejia, who was sentenced by a military court in May:

"I sit here a free man... I will sit behind bars a free man because I did the right thing," said Mejia.

When service men and women come home, we must ensure that they are not obliged to return to the war theater. We must engage a process which protects them from court martial.

We call upon veterans' associations and local communities to support this process.

This movement needs to dismantle the disinformation campaign. It must effectively reverse the indoctrination of coalition troops, who are led to believe that they are fighting "a just war": "a war against terrorists".

The legitimacy of the US military authority must be broken.

The Bush Administration must learn the lessons of history. The Iraqi and Afghan people are waging a struggle to oust the US invaders. And that resistance is winning. Ultimately, the only solution is for the American, British and coalition occupiers to withdraw.

Coalition nations should follow the example of the Spanish government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, which has withdrawn its troops from Iraq.

The anti-war movement must question the legitimacy not only of the Bush administration and its indefectible British ally, but also of all those governments, which directly support or pay lip service to the US-led military occupation.


Honduras also decided to withdraw its troops, in response to the appointment of John Negroponte as US "ambassador" to Iraq.

Negroponte served as US ambassador to Honduras during the Reagan administration and played a key role in supporting and supervising the Nicaraguan Contra mercenaries based in Honduras. The cross border Contra attacks into Nicaragua claimed some 50 000 civilian lives. During the same period, Negroponte was also instrumental in setting up the Honduran military death squads, "operating with Washington support's, [they] assassinated hundreds of opponents of the US-backed regime."

In a cruel irony, the Bush administration has appointed a bona fide "terrorist" to wage its "war on terrorism" in Iraq.

In the words of Human Rights Watch:

"There are serious unanswered questions about his complicity with the atrocities in Honduras and the war in Nicaragua."

But "atrocities" --including the torture and killing of POWs-- are part of the Bush Administration's agenda in Iraq.


The "ambassador" who oversees "an embassy staff" of 1700 people, will report back to the Pentagon rather than to the State Department.

The hidden agenda is to replicate in Iraq, the Central American death squadrons. Negroponte has been given the mandate to recruit loyal collaborators from within the ranks of the former Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein. Under this scenario, part of the repressive apparatus including the torture chambers (of course under US supervision to ensure "good governance") could be handed back to officials of the former Baathist police and intelligence apparatus. In all likelihood, a new wave of covert civilian killings and targeted assassinations is envisaged, to weed out civilian support for the insurgency.

Michel Chossudovsky is the author of War and Globalisation, The Truth behind September 11.

Ordering information at:



Reality is unravelling for Bush

Even negative attacks on Kerry no longer seem to be working

Sidney Blumenthal

June 24, 2004

At the Pentagon, on June 10, while business in Washington had officially halted as the body of Ronald Reagan lay in state, defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld convened an emergency meeting on the Abu Ghraib scandal, according to a reliable source privy to its proceedings. Rumsfeld began the extraordinary session by saying that certain documents needed to "get out" that would show that there was no policy approving of torture and that what had happened in Iraq and Afghanistan was aberrant.

The Senate armed services committee had been conducting hearings whose corrosive impact needed to be countered. Rumsfeld complained about "serial requests" for information from Congress. Yet he was even more upset by subpoenas of defence officials issued by the special prosecutor in the case of Valerie Plame. The Pentagon, Rumsfeld said, was nearly "at a stop" because of them. Rumsfeld admitted he was startled by the uproar over Abu Ghraib: "There are so many international organisations."

On June 22, the White House released documents on policy on torture, including a directive signed on February 7 2002 by Bush stating that he has "the authority under the constitution" to abrogate the Geneva conventions, that the Taliban and al-Qaida as non-signatories were not covered by them, and that consequently Bush "declines to exercise that authority at this time". Rumsfeld's damage control was simply one front in the expanding Bush administration war for credibility.

Vice-president Dick Cheney staged a preemptive strike last week by reiterating that Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida had a relationship and insinuating that they were in league. His intended target was the 9/11 commission, which is dangerously independent. Its Republican co-chairman, Thomas Kean, replied that there was "no credible evidence" that Saddam and al-Qaida had collaborated. Bush entered the battle, repeating that there was indeed a "relationship". Then the Democratic co-chairman of the commission, Lee Hamilton, explained that al-Qaida had in fact approached Saddam seeking his help, but that it had been rebuffed. The rejection was the relationship. But Bush and Cheney's affirmative assertions made it seem that the "relationship" was affirmative.

The urgency of Bush's credibility crisis surfaced in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll showing the collapse of Bush's standing on terrorism, losing 13 points since April, putting Kerry even on the issue and one point ahead in the contest. But even more worrying was Bush's rating on trust. By a margin of 52% to 39%, Kerry is seen as more honest and trustworthy.

Since March 3, the Bush-Cheney campaign has spent an estimated $80m on mostly negative advertising, to eliminate Kerry at the starting gate. The strategy was the acceleration of the lesson of Bush's father's victorious effort in the 1988 campaign when, 17 points behind in mid-summer, he shattered Michael Dukakis with a withering negative attack.

Now, Bush's opponent is not only moving ahead, but the failed assault may insulate Kerry against future offensives. Bush had every reason to believe that his attack on Kerry's image would succeed. After September 11, he was able to impose his explanations on the public almost without resistance and to taint anyone who contradicted them as somehow unpatriotic.

With Congress in Republican hands, checks and balances were effectively removed. Most of the media was on the bandwagon or intimidated. Cheney himself called the president of the corporation that owned one of the networks to complain about an errant commentator. Political aides directed by Karl Rove ceaselessly called editors and producers with veiled threats about access that was not granted in any case. The press would not bite the hand that would not feed it.

But Bush's projection of images can only faintly be seen on the screen, which is overwhelmed with Bush's past images of triumph unreeling in reverse. The majority of the people had supported the war in Iraq because they believed that Saddam was involved in the terrorist attacks of September 11. Bush envisioned the Iraqi war unfolding into a new world order: the liberation of Iraq resembling the liberation of France, democracy flowering throughout the Middle East, and the Palestinians submitting quietly to Sharon's fait accompli.

But the neoconservative prophesies had been advanced by suppressing the scepticism of the US intelligence agencies, the military and the state department. Without deranging and dismissing the professionalism of the basic institutions of national security, Bush would not have been able to sustain his reasons. Bush's battle is not with image, but with the unravelling of his reality.



Cold Irons Bound -- The Russian Gambit and Reality's Rout


Part II: Caves and Chains

The poverty of any given political discourse can be measured by how far its fundamental terms depart from reality. Putin's heavy-handed intervention – drawing from the deep, poisoned well of the "black ops" world, chasing ghosts in a hall of mirrors – is entirely representative of our famished discourse today. Like Plato's cave-dwellers, we can only sit in the dark, talking trash about the shadows on the wall. This is especially true for the "debates" over the war in Iraq, particularly its origins, for they are founded upon the most insubstantial, unmoored fantasy imaginable – namely, that the American-led war against Iraq began when George W. Bush launched his ravaging blitzkrieg in March 2003.

In reality, the only genuine question up for debate in the months before that fateful plunge was not, "Should we now go to war with Iraq?" but rather, "Should we now escalate our war against Iraq?" This could be further refined as: "Should we now add ground forces to our on-going, 12-year air war against Iraq?" or "Should we now convert our murderous economic war against Iraq into an open takeover of the Iraqi economy?" or "Should we now upgrade our long-running covert terrorism against Iraq into outright conquest?"

In March 2003, fully one-third of Iraq's land-mass was already controlled by Kurdish armies allied to the United States: a vast region where U.S. forces, CIA agents and Iraqi dissident groups operated with absolute freedom, far beyond the reach of Saddam Hussein. From here, the CIA ran various terrorist groups whose bombs killed dozens, perhaps hundreds of civilians in the Iraqi "heartland." (As often noted on Counterpunch, new Iraqi strongman Iyad Allawi – currently preparing to impose direct military rule on the subjects his American paymasters have given him to play with – was one of the main terrorist leaders.)

It was here too, in what was essentially American-controlled territory, that the now-infamous Islamic extremist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi operated his terrorist camp – again, beyond the reach of Saddam, and with no connection to al Qaeda, according to the CIA itself. Bush cancelled several planned military strikes on al-Zarqawi's camp – precisely because it would have drawn the American public's attention to the fractured reality of pre-invasion Iraq and undermined the Regime's cartoonish agit-prop for war.

The airspace of another third of the country was controlled by Anglo-American fighters and bombers, which ranged freely throughout the land to destroy any military structure they saw fit. Indeed, by the late 1990s, U.S. generals were openly complaining that there were no more targets to hit; they had destroyed everything that could have possibly posed a threat to other countries. Still the bombing went on, again killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent civilians over the long, relentless air campaign.

Finally, there were the famous UN sanctions that helped destroy Iraq's physical and social infrastructure, its hospitals, waterworks, waste-treatment plants, agriculture, industry, roads, turning one of the most developed nations in the Middle East into a backward sewer where disease ran wild, killing people by the hundreds of thousands – especially children and the poor, the old and the sick. Weakened, starved, blockaded, cut off from anything that might help them build any kind of alternative social and civic structure in opposition to the regime (except, of course, for the religious extremism now coming to full flower in the occupation), the Iraqis were forced into an even further dependence on the tyrant, whose food distribution system (hailed, ironically, as a model by the very UN whose sanctions made it necessary) was the only thing that kept most people alive.

This was the reality of the situation during the run-up to Bush's invasion; and in any political/media system not completely narcotized – to the point of zombification – by Big Money, these facts would have set the terms for the debate. Instead, the decision for war was presented as a blank slate, with no history, no context, no connection to reality. We were all trapped in a ludicrous pipe-dream, where Iraq was a strong, unitary state, threatening its neighbors in all directions, "harboring" al Qaeda terrorists, raging with irrational, unfounded hatred against the United States, bristling with weapons of mass destruction – not WMD "programs" or "WMD-related program activities," but the real deal, cited with iron certainty in speech after speech: "We know where they are," declared Donald Rumsfeld early on; "they are north of Baghdad, in the area around Tikrit."

Of course, they were not there. They were nowhere. Most of Iraq's WMD arsenal – the chemical weapons Saddam had used against Iran, with the direct assistance of U.S. military intelligence under Ronald Reagan, the chemical weapons Saddam had used against the Kurds, for which he was awarded with increased aid, money and military technology by George Bush I – had been destroyed after the first Gulf War. The rest of the WMD and the "WMD-related program activities" had been destroyed or shut down at Saddam's order in 1994 – a fact which the United States and Britain well knew, because it was confirmed by top Iraqi defectors, including Saddam's own son-in-law, as Time Magazine (among many others) reported years ago.

In other words, more than a million innocent people were killed in order to "punish" Iraq for not destroying WMD which the Anglo-American intelligence services knew had already been destroyed. This pre-invasion reality – a dismembered, partly-occupied country, a dismantled arsenal, a million civilians murdered, a 12-year war of bombing, sanctions and state terrorism – is the true context for any reports that Iraq considered retaliatory strikes against such an onslaught. You don't have to be a Powell-like apologist for Saddam's murderous, American-succored regime to acknowledge this fact – nor the fact that despite the 12-year war, Iraq never actually launched or supported any terrorist act against the United States.

But of course, this reality has been erased from the American mind, allowing the Bush Regime to spin whatever flights of fancy serve its partisan turn at any given moment. Zarqawi is a case in point. After being repeatedly reprieved by Bush before the war – in effect, given a license to kill – Zarqawi has since conveniently morphed into the Scarlet Pimpernel: striking here, there and everywhere, with one leg, two legs, with dark skin and light skin, with a Jordanian accent and a Russian accent, in Mosul, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Fallujah – the prime mover of all evil in Iraq and now, according to Bush in his recent casus belli contortions, the retroactive justification for the war itself.

Once again, we're in the cave, chained to fools whose gazes are fixed on the dark shapes flickering across the wall. Putin's KGB kibitzing is just the latest amorphous shadow sent out to blot our vision. Right now, it looks as if this particular gambit hasn't taken; it was too clumsy, too obvious. But there will be more, many more of these in the months to come – and some of them will have blood in them. For it's clear now that the shadowmakers will stop at nothing to hold on to the very real substance of their power.


Date: 26 Jun 2004
From: Connie Fogal>
Subject: How Healthy is our Democracy

On CBC, The House, June 26,2004

"CBC has labelled its coverage of the election campaign: "Making It Count". They ask," How Healthy is Our Democracy?"

Well, it is on the critical list. Globalization and deep integration with The United States of America is killing us.

What does democracy mean to you? To me it means freedom to choose arrangements that function in the best interest of my community and me.

Canadians did not choose to join the F.T.A. or NAFTA. First Brian Mulroney, for the Conservatives and then Jean Chrétien for the Liberals won elections on their promise to stay out of those agreements. But they betrayed us by entering them immediately after their elections to power.

Canadians did not choose to enter deep security and military integration with the U.S.A. We did not choose to sacrifice our liberty for alleged security. No, our government just gave it to us in lock step with the destruction of liberties in the USA.

The USA created The Patriot Act. Canada created Bill C 36, our anti-terrorist legislation that even criminalizes dissent and through which the Raging Grannies have been defined as terrorists by Canada's CSIS..

The USA created the US Department of Homeland Security. Canada created a Ministry of Public Safety. With the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act and Bill C7 a few Canadian Ministers can declare martial law without any checks and balances, and without going to Parliament.

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has said that if the U.S. goes to 'Red Code Alert', that would shut down the US. With our new legislation, Canada would follow suit.

A Canada /US agreement called Smart Border Declaration 30 point Action Plan integrates all the tax and immigration data of Canadians in the hands of the USA. Previously privileged information respecting income, assets, debts, social insurance numbers, employment status, occupation, birth place, marriage, divorce, number of children, citizenship status, immigration history, refugee concerns, everything private to us, is in a foreign data bank to be used against Canadians at the whim of the USA. Our border will be patrolled by the US. military. Eventually, our eye prints and finger prints will be taken against our will to be shared with the U.S. Canada will no longer decide who gets a VISA to Canada.

We have a joint U.S.- Canadian Binational Planning Group (BNG) consolidating a mutual-defence organization that supercedes NORAD and will permit deployment of special forces on Canadian land, sea, and air, all in the context of collaboration to protect the USA home front.

Did you even know that was in the works?

How healthy is our democracy? Very ill and in palliative care.


Connie Fogal is the Leader of The Canadian Action Party

Connie Fogal, Leader ,Canadian Action Party/ parti action Canadienne Tel: (604)872 2128; fax: (604) 872 -1504 E-MAIL Head office : 99 Atlantic Ave, Suite 302, Toronto, Ont, M6K3J8, tel: 1 877 629 0841, e mail:

"The world is not, in fact, ruled by global corporations. It is ruled by the global financial system."

- David Korten

"The ability of a party to make a valuable contribution is not dependent upon its capacity to offer the electorate a genuine government option. Political parties... act as a vehicle for the participation of individual citizens in the political life of the country. ...Marginal or regional parties tend to raise issues not adopted by national parties. Political parties provide individual citizens with an opportunity to express an opinion on the policy and functioning of government. Each vote in support of a party increases the likelihood that its platform will be taken into account by those who implement policy, and votes for parties with fewer than 50 candidates are an integral component of a vital and dynamic democracy. " Figueroa v Canada (Attorney General) 2003 SCC 37

"Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security"

- Benjamin Franklin

“The constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are entitled.”

- Supreme Court of Canada A.G. of Nova Scotia and A.G. of Canada, S.C.R. 1951 pp 32


Recommended by "Jean-Pierre Caron"> who wrote: "This is what happens when you give peace a chance... It would appear the Koreans have decided to listen to the voice of reason, thanks to the new generation... There is still a lot of work to do but, hey, there is also hope, after all!"


Koreas Sidestep U.S. to Forge Political and Pragmatic Links


June 26, 2004

NCHON, South Korea, June 24 — Wielding wrenches on a rainy morning, South Korean marines methodically dismantled a wall of 48 olive-green loudspeakers that only days earlier had been blaring news and pop music to sentries and rice farmers working on the North Korean bank of the Han River.

On Saturday, the marines will start removing a 20-foot computer-controlled sign board that blinked news flashes across the demilitarized zone.

After half a century of cross-border propaganda, all is now quiet on South Korea's northern front. By Aug. 15, the hundreds of propaganda signs and loudspeakers are to be entirely removed from both sides of the inter-Korean border.

The Koreas are entering more than a summer of détente. Quietly ignoring Bush administration efforts to isolate North Korea, South Korea has become North Korea's largest source of aid, trade and tourism. It is also North Korea's most consistent diplomatic advocate.

Even though the two Koreas are still technically at war, their athletes will march again under one "Unification" flag at the Athens Olympics in August.

While older people and conservative politicians get nervous each time the United States announces a troop withdrawal, as it did earlier this month, younger South Koreans typically cheer. To them, and increasingly to the more liberal members of the South Korean government, North Korea is no longer seen as a military threat.

The conciliatory stance causes uneasiness — and confusion — in Washington, where the White House tries to keep a united front with South Korea and Japan to induce North Korea to drop its nuclear weapons program.

The latest round of talks, which also include China and Russia, are to end Saturday in Beijing.

"You could call it engagement, you could call it neutrality," said Victor D. Cha, a Washington-based Korea specialist visiting Seoul this week. "We don't know what South Korea's grand design is."

Outside the peninsula, North Korea is a pariah, a Stalinist dictatorship that runs a string of harsh labor camps, and that allowed one million people to starve to death in the 1990's rather than accept foreign aid. Its missiles and artillery have long threatened rapid annihilation of Seoul, a megalopolis that holds nearly half the nation's 48 million people.

But in South Korea, where years of confrontation with North Korea have yielded little progress toward greater security, a hear-no-evil, see-no-evil policy took root five years ago under the previous president, Kim Dae Jung. Mr. Kim's "sunshine policy" was devoted both to avoiding a second Korean war and to diminishing the huge social and economic gap between the neighbors.

Today, South Korea's central bank is the best source of statistics on North Korea's economy. South Korea's Agriculture Ministry is drawing up plans to revive North Korea's failed farm sector. Other ministries are working to rehabilitate the North's electric power system and railroads.

On the information front, South Korea's Unification Ministry is planning to start broadcasting North Korean news programs next month on the ministry's Web site. Backed by Seoul's new, liberal-controlled Parliament, Unification Minister Chung Se Hyun said Thursday that he might allow southerners to travel in July to the capital, Pyongyang, for the 10th anniversary of the death of Kim Il Sung, North Korea's founder.

"South Koreans have gone the full circle," said C. Kenneth Quinones, director of the Korea Peninsula Program at International Action, a Washington research group. "Ten years ago, anyone who went north was painted pink. Today, anyone who does not go north is not a real Korean."

For years, under a military dictatorship and the conservative government that succeeded it, contacts with the North were seen as virtually treasonous, despite the longing of many ordinary Koreans who had relatives and ties in the north. A new generation of South Koreans also came of age with no memories of the horrors of the Korean War.

To avoid offending North Korea, government officials rarely remind the public about the military threat from the North, so younger South Koreans come up with their own theories about the military alliance with the United States. Many believe the United States and Japan simply want to keep the Koreas divided.

In "The Third Scenario," a novel by Kim Jin Myung, the United States centralizes its Asian military command in Japan, concentrates troops on Guam, then provokes a full-scale war between the two Koreas. The goals are to keep Korea weak and to increase sales for American weapons manufacturers. In the three weeks since the book went on sale, it has sold 1.6 million copies.

"They have gotten themselves in a position where defending the alliance will offend the North Koreans," Mr. Cha, a Georgetown University professor, said of Seoul's silence.

Whatever South Korea's designs, they do not include unification, at least not anytime soon. Instead, South Korea wants to nudge North Korea down the road toward a free market and economic development, postponing the day when a Germany-size reunification bill will come due.

With efforts to destabilize the North completely out of fashion, relations are steadily improving. Bilateral trade, for instance, soared to $724 million last year, from $400 million in 2000.

Starting this summer, North and South Korean ships plan to trade directly for the first time, as each country opens seven ports to ships from the other. In the fall, a South Korean-run industrial park is to open with 15 factories in Kaesong, about 15 miles north of the border.

On the eastern side of Korea, day trips are to start July 3 across the demilitarized zone to Mount Kumgang, a North Korean tourists' enclave. Expecting a flood of tourists, Hyundai Asan, the tour operator, is devising "smart cards" to speed tourists through border controls.

Since Mount Kumgang opened to foreign visitors in 1999, nearly 700,000 South Koreans have made the tour. Critics call Mount Kumgang a Potemkin village, where North Korea collects $100 from each visitor and minimizes contacts between citizens of the two countries.

But even outside this enclave, 15,280 South Koreans visited North Korea last year, double the number in 2000. North Korea allowed only 1,023 citizens to visit South Korea last year, but that also doubled the level of 2000.

Mindful of the staggering cost of unifying the two Germanys, South Korea has made North Korea its primary recipient of foreign aid.

"When a rich brother goes to visit a poorer brother, the rich brother should not go empty-handed," Mr. Kim, the former president, told The Financial Times last week when asked why Seoul surreptitiously paid $100 million to facilitate the summit meeting. "We wanted to provide $100 million of support. But there was no legal way to do it."

Most aid appears to be in the open.

Last week, for example, a South Korean charity group opened a 100-bed children's hospital in Pyongyang. The group, which brought 11 South Korean children to the opening, is also building a dairy plant in Pyongyang.

This relaxed atmosphere reassures foreign investors and keeps South Korean flight capital at a low level.

"There is no fear here — that is the striking change," Selig S. Harrison, an American academic who has been visiting the Koreas for decades, said in Seoul on Wednesday.

At the Jaejok Peak border post, it is hard to quantify the impact the loudspeakers and sign boards had on the northern side of the Han River. Over the last five years, the only known defector in this region was a North Korean Army officer who floated across the river in a raft made of empty plastic jugs.

As the soldiers unbolted the loudspeakers, a visitor peering through field binoculars could only imagine what impact the information effort had had on the minds of seven farmers who could be seen, dressed in black and toiling in a field, cut off from the world by more than coils of rusty barbed wire on the crest of a muddy riverbank.


Recommended by "Mark R. Elsis">


Fahrenheit 9/11: The Reviews Are In

Meria Heller says that we were right all along, and conservative, William Norman Grigg says that the Bush regime are Busted, and Frank Cerabins's daughter says it's The Passion of the Christ for Democrats.   

26th June, 2004

Farenheit 9/11: We Were Right!

by Meria Heller

I just got back from the first screening in my neighborhood theater (it's playing everywhere in Phoenix) of Farenheit 911. The second show was already SOLD OUT when I left the theater.

Someone has tossed some Moveon stickers on the floor in the theatre saying "Defend America, Defeat Bush" - it's on my car now under my Kucinich for President sticker.

I will tell you this, after all the years of telling the stories that are being seen/heard for the first time by so many Americans, it still kicked me in the stomach. Bring tissues. You'll need them.

The crying started for me at the beginning with the stolen election. Seeing those images again brought up all the feelings of disgust and sadness over losing our country in 2000 to the Supreme Injustices. Of course there wasn't a one story I haven't covered on my show in depth numerous times (1,000 archived shows and growing).

Michael covers a lot of issues in his usual style of music, levity, and seriousness. The audience (packed) was as quiet as a mouse, except for the loud laughter at each Bush "guffaw".

What Michael Moore has done with this movie is something the losing Democratic party and the "left" media should have been doing all along. However, when you are two sides of the same coin, feeding off the same corporate trough you do as they do - NOTHING. It's a pity when the only source we have for getting the news out is a MOVIE, not our own airwaves or newspapers.

If you don't believe what Craig Hulet had to say on my show yesterday, this movie PROVES it in pictures. So many brave Americans have been SCREAMING trying to be heard for the past four years, yet called conspiracy freaks by the dumbed down, drugged down masses. This film will put them on the pedestals they have EARNED through being real patriots and real good human beings.

For years I have been called everything from a neo-pagan to a crackpot. Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, this movie shows that my 1,000 shows are worth a zillion words.

Pray that EVERYONE gets to see this film and discusses it. Pray that EVERYONE says "STOP THIS CORPORATE WAR", and a loud "NO" to a draft.

It's not time to take our country back, it's time to take the planet back. Back to people being informed, educated, safe and secure. As Neo would say "Imagine a world without them in it".

World governments are now Corporate governments. They don't care a whit for any of us. We are cannon fodder and feeders. We HAVE all the power we need to bring them down. All we have to do is say "NO". Vote with your dollars every chance you get.

1. Stop paying for television which is nothing more than mind control for the masses

2. Stop paying for newspapers/magazines that LIE to you and load you up with subliminals.

3. Stop paying your dollars to Corporate conglomerates/franchises/superstores, they are breaking our economy

4. Stop banking at multi national banks, and put your money in local banks or credit unions

5. When someone says support the troops, ask them to sign up for the military

6. Stay sound in your beliefs and don't waste time with people that want to argue and fight. They are part of the problem

7. When you cancel supporting one world order factories, such as America Online, let them know WHY. You can't even post a review on unless you're a member of AOL!

Let your bank know WHY you are pulling out. Let your voice be heard in the few dollars we are allowed to have.

8. Support those who truly are supporting freedom, truth and LIFE. No one I've interviewed in four years is rich. Not a one of them is getting corporate dollars. Not a one of them gets any money except from whomever is kind and aware enough to support their work.

Are you fed up enough to say "I'm mad, and I'm not going to take this anymore"? It's time to choose. The fence is lined with glass, no more time to sit on it. Will you stand for love and truth, or fear and hate?

Buy someone who can't afford it a ticket to the movie. Buy a bunch and hand them out. Buy your friends a subscription to my show, or a two day pass. The clarion call is out! It's time to get on our horses and RIDE!!!!

The time is NOW. We ARE the saviors we've been waiting for.

Get out there and kick some butt this weekend,



"THE MERIA HELLER SHOW "- 4th yr On The Net- #1 on Net! & & WARL1320am Radio, R.I.


Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique

by William Norman Grigg

I just returned from viewing Fahrenheit 9/11 here in Appleton, WI. I went to the 1:30 PM showing, which was – astonishingly – sold out.

The crowd was overwhelmingly white and middle-class (this IS Wisconsin, remember), ranging in age from early teens to retirees. The people were polite, friendly, well-mannered (something we shouldn't take for granted on the part of contemporary theater crowds).

There was tumultuous applause at the end, punctuated by a moment of reflective silence as we read the dedication card invoking those murdered by terrorists on 9/11, and those murdered through state terrorism in the aftermath.

The film itself very much reflects its creator: It's shaggy, flabby, occasionally witty, and frequently infuriating. It will have a HUGE impact because Moore – his facile leftist economics notwithstanding – has nailed his case against the Bush regime flush to the plank.

It will be all but impossible for anybody who sits still and watches this film to view Bush the Lesser as anything other than a petty, spiteful, dim-witted, bloody-handed little fool – and the figurehead of a murderous power elite. This explains why the Bu'ushists are threatening to go Abu Ghraib on Moore: They're busted.

The most powerful moments in the film are those that humanize U.S. troops, several of whom are shown on-screen criticizing the regime. A major arc of the film is devoted to a Flint, Michigan housewife from a military family whose son, just prior to being killed in Iraq, wrote a letter condemning "George 'I wanna be like my Daddy' Bush" for staging this useless, unjust war.

Moore himself, who narrates the film (and makes himself too much a part of the story, incidentally) observes that the largest immorality of this entire enterprise is the actions of a dishonest president lying our country into war and forcing decent young men (and women) to do immoral things.

It should be pointed out as well that the film – despite being lambasted as an exercise in unalloyed Bush-bashing – doesn't spare Democrats who acquiesced in Bush the Lesser's power grabs and his criminal war against Iraq. Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle comes off particularly poorly, which in his case merely requires a recording device of some kind. [..]

I chatted with several people as they left the theater, all of them roughly my age (early 40s) and of similar economic and cultural background. Each of them indicated that he or she would urge friends to see the film – which means that it will have "legs" even if the GOP and FEC were to choke off advertising somehow.

There were no screaming Bolsheviks (one viewer had an anti-animal rights T-shirt) or marijuana-scented bohemians in the crowd. This wasn't the sort of crowd you'd see at a Phish concert, or storming McDonald's at an anti-WTO rally.

There were Wal-Mart customers, people who probably listen to country music (even Toby Keith), and even vote Republican. And they were PISSED – quietly, but palpably. A would-be political prisoner Martha Stewart would say, that's a good thing. And well overdue.



Film stirs up unprintable

By Frank Cerabino,
Palm Beach Post Columnist
Sunday, June 27, 2004

I've been to movies when people talk to the screen.

I've been to movies when people laugh, cry or gasp during the show and applaud at the end.

I don't believe though, I've ever been to a movie when all that happens in the same show, when the applause is a standing ovation, and when the video image they're yelling at on the screen is the president of the United States, and calling him... well, something unprintable in this newspaper.

I've also never been to a movie theater before when people in the audience linger to talk, organize and argue until the lights go down for the next showing and the next batch of moviegoers start calling out, "Hey, finish your fighting outside."

All that happened Friday night in Boca Raton, on the opening night of Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's seminal shock-and-awe firebombing of George W. Bush's presidency.

"It's like The Passion of the Christ for Democrats," my 14-year-old daughter said.



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Fahrenheit 9/11 An Authoritarian View of American Fascism (June 29, 2004)
Everyone knows that Michael Moore is against George Bush, but after watching “Fahrenheit 9/11” last Friday I was left wondering what he’s for. Is he for peace, or is Moore just against Dubya? Remember, this is a guy who endorsed General Wesley Clark for President. Fox News dubbed “Fahrenheit 9/11” an “ultra-patriotic film.” Overall, the movie suggests that Bush was duped by America’s enemies into believing they were his friends. Bush is a fool who needs to be kicked out of the White House so America is free to kick its real enemies’ collective ass, beginning with the Saudis, or so Moore’s film would have it. Basically, “Fahrenheit 9/11” is a “documentary” that exposes the world’s war profiteers and America’s current political leadership -- rather than its political economic system -- as the main culprits behind the current chaos in Iraq. Remove the corrupt scumbags in charge and everything will take care of itself. CLIP



World 'appeasing' climate threat
By Alex Kirby
BBC News Online environment correspondent

3 June, 2004

One of the UK's best-known scientists, Professor James Lovelock, says only a catastrophe will prompt the world to tackle the threat of climate change.

He says the global climate treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, is simply an attempt to appease a self-regulating Earth system.

Professor Lovelock thinks the Earth's attempts to restore its equilibrium may eliminate civilisation and most humans.

He wants a rapid end to the destruction of natural habitats, which he says are key to planetary climate and chemistry.

We are at war with the Earth itself. We are Gaia's target now

Professor James Lovelock

Professor Lovelock won acclaim for developing the Gaia Hypothesis, which suggests the Earth functions as a single organism which maintains the conditions necessary for its survival.

His latest comments were made at a conference at Dartington Hall in Devon. He told a collection of scientists, civil servants and others concerned about climate change of his concern at the prospect facing the Earth.

Professor Lovelock said: "In the late 1930s when I was a student we knew that war was imminent, but there was no clear idea of what to do about it.

Future fears

"I find a marked similarity between attitudes over 60 years ago and those now towards the threat of global [climate] change.

"Most of us think that something unpleasant may soon happen but we are as confused over what to do about it as we were in 1938.

"Our response so far is just like that in 1938, an attempt to appease. The Kyoto agreement is uncannily like that of Munich, with politicians out to show that they do respond but in reality are bidding for time."

Professor Lovelock said global warming was "the response of our outraged planet", and the consequences for humanity were likely to be far worse than any war.

"We are at war with the Earth itself", he said. "We are Gaia's target now." Professor Lovelock added that we had still to wake up to the seriousness of our plight, with some people continuing to deny that global change even existed.

Heeding them, or the deep Greens who rejected science, would allow the planet to return to its normal state of health, "but by eliminating the majority of humans and probably civilization as well".

Repeating his call for humans to use the best technology, including nuclear energy, Professor Lovelock said: "There may be a way to come to terms with Gaia and survive, and it is to take the hi-tech road.

"We must stop fretting over the minute statistical risks of cancer from chemicals or radiation.

Scorched Earth policy

"Our goal should be the cessation of fossil fuel consumption as quickly as possible, and there must be no more natural habitat destruction anywhere.

"To attempt to farm the whole Earth to feed people, even with organic farming, would make us like sailors who burnt the timbers and rigging of their ship to keep warm.

"The natural ecosystems of the Earth are not just there for us to take as farmland; they are there to sustain the climate and the chemistry of the planet."

In place of sustainable development, Professor Lovelock called for "a well-planned sustainable retreat", a programme that would dwarf the space and military programmes.

He said his hope lay "in that powerful force that takes over our lives when we sense that our tribe or nation is threatened from outside".

Professor Lovelock told BBC News Online: "I do think it will take a disaster to wake us up.

"We had one in Europe last summer with the heatwaves which killed 20,000 people. I'm afraid it will take more of the same, or something else like that, to stir us."

Tony Juniper, from Friends of the Earth, said there was much to admire in Professor Lovelock's thinking but it was crazy to consider nuclear power as a solution.

"One of the advantages of nuclear power is that it produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions than fossil fuels, but weighed against this are a great many disadvantages - and top of the list is what to do with the very deadly radioactive waste," he told the BBC.


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Nuclear Power 'Can't Stop Climate Change' (June 26, 2004)
Nuclear power cannot solve global warming, the international body set up to promote atomic energy admits today. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which exists to spread the peaceful use of the atom, reveals in a new report that it could not grow fast enough over the next decades to slow climate change - even under the most favorable circumstances. The report - published to celebrate yesterday's 50th anniversary of nuclear power - contradicts a recent surge of support for the atom as the answer to global warming. That surge was provoked by an article in The Independent last month by Professor James Lovelock - the creator of the Gaia theory - who said that only a massive expansion of nuclear power as the world's main energy source could prevent climate change overwhelming the globe. CLIP

Climate experts urge immediate action
Governments and consumers in the United States and worldwide should take immediate steps to reduce the threat of global warming and to prepare for a future in which coastal flooding, reduced crop yields and elevated rates of climate-related illness are all but certain, top U.S. scientists said Tuesday.


Date: 27 Jun 2004
Subject: Middle Finger News - George W. Bush Promoted!

Sticking It To The Poobahs News Hot Enough To Fry Radio Stations By Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom

6-26-4 The press informed us that George W. Bush on June 26, 2004, was in Ireland, to attend a meeting of leaders of the European Union. As usual with the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, they did not tell us what is really going on. Nearby, in the Irish Sea, on the Isle of Man, Bush was promoted.

But first, Bush's accomplishments, warranting him to be stepped up to a more important role.

[1] On behalf of the oil cartel, the Bush Crime Family, and the warmongering Carlyle Group, George W. Bush was put in a position to once and for all, put a clamp of control on the Moslem and Persian occupied oilfields of the Middle-East.

A faction in the Aristocracy installed him, as their front man, as their stooge and scapegoat, as occupant and resident of the White House. How? By a 5-Judge, Military-Style Junta, sitting as the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court. Secretly corrupted, and under a malign influence, this drumhead Court made an arbitrary ruling. It was spearheaded by an arrogant judicial officer, known in proper circles as a "Go To Hell Judge", namely Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, a proto-Fascist.

[Attempted to be suppressed court records show the corruption of the high court Five. "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", particularly part 9,].

The duly elected but not inaugurated President, Albert Gore, Jr., was pushed to the side.

By July, 2001, Bush already knew that there was to occur an orchestrated two-pronged attack by U.S.Military/CIA, first on Afghanistan, and then on Iraq. The reason? Because the Afghani's rejected a low-ball offer by the oil cartel (in which CIA-puppet Enron and the Bush Crime Family had a financial interest) to permit a natural gas and oil pipeline to be laid across Afghanistan to Pakistan, India, and points East. Moreover, the Taliban, installed by the Pakistan Secret Political Police, the ISI, created by Daddy Bush, somehow, for supposed religious reasons, ordered the shutdown of poppy-growing, permitting other dope trafficking regions to take over the dope-peddling business in Europe and elsewhere. After the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, poppy-growing was by the Bush Crime Family in conjunction with the Afghani warlords, immediately resumed, bigger than ever.

[As to the Bush Crime Family and dope trafficking, visit several part series on "The Chandra Levy Affair".]

Further, Iraqi strongman, Saddam Hussein, acceptable to the bulk of his countrymen, as THEIR resident Son-of-a-Bitch, demanded payment for Iraq's oil in Euros, a precedent dangerous to the U.S. credit infrastructure.

[2] Despite being thus installed, George W. Bush was under the supervision and control of Daddy Bush. All that "Dubya" (said quickly Texas-style) knew, something big was going to occur in September, 2001. AND, that Dubya was more or less to permit Daddy to be in charge, through his links to crazies in the U.S. Military, the faction in the Aristocracy, and their Secret Political Police (like the aborted plan of 1962, "Northwoods Project", revealed for the first time, just before 9-11, in the book by a CIA-leaker, James Bamford, "Body of Secrets").

As shown by his actions on the morning of September 11, 2001, Dubya was prior-informed by Daddy Bush to "stay out of it". So he just sat there, listening to a story by small children in school of their pet goat. This, after Dubya was informed that two of something struck the twin towers in lower Manhattan of the World Trade Center. Dubya and the U.S. Secret Service knew the truth: there were no "Moslem terrorists". If there were, would Dubya have been safe to continue, known to be sitting in that school house?

Under various excuses, a few hours later, Dubya ended up at the CIA mind-control center, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska (in conjunction that very day with Warren Buffet's meeting with his apparent pedophile pals and associates. See Daddy Bush, pedophile/homosexual links while Daddy Bush was in the White ).

[3] So under the greatest treason and deceit in recorded history, Daddy Bush, with his puppet son, both as ordered by their Aristocracy handlers, arranged the U.S. Military attack, first on Afghanistan and then Iraq. All without a U.S. Constitution-required Declaration of War by CONGRESS. And also warned of possible U.S. attack was Syria (not fully acceptable to a faction in the U.S./British Aristocracy) and North Korea. Of course, the monopoly press says nothing about Donald Rumsfeld, as a director of the Swiss heavy-industry monopoly, ABB, supplying nuclear components to North Korea.

[4] For these and other reasons, the U.S./British Aristocracy had two options.

First, they could throw away like an old shoe, Dubya, labeled by us as Bushfraud, the same as they have done for independent-investigator-identified crooked Judges, in the last forty years, such as in Chicago.

Or, secondly, they could promote George W. Bush. In the Irish Sea, not so far from Bush's Ireland meeting, is the Isle of Man. Some consider it as a notorious tax-dodging and money-laundry center. Banks from all over the world have headquarters there.

Also headquartered there is THE most secret of the Secret Societies. The Bilderberg Group, the Bohemian Grove, and even the Skull & Bastards Society (of which Daddy Bush, Bushfraud, and John F. Kerry are members) pale by comparison. Headquartered on the Isle of Man, called for short by some Manx, is the Poor Richard's Society. Started way back in the 18th Century, they are the plutocrats of plutocrats. American and British members of the Aristocracy, together with some of their facilitators.

Their vow and purpose? To return the American continent to being dominated by the British Monarchy, with inhabitants, misguidedly calling themselves "Americans", actually subjects of The Crown. To do so, the Aristocracy, embodied in the Poor Richard's Society, has repeatedly sought to split up the United States of America into minor, warring among themselves, provinces.

[For loads of details, visit and as on companion websites, the series "The Overthrow of the American Republic", including the assassination of seven U.S. Presidents.]

So while Bushfraud was in Ireland, his agent, also on behalf of Daddy Bush, a longtime director of the Poor Richard's Society, went over to the Isle of Man, to receive promotion instructions.

None of the monopoly press will discuss any of this. Especially, since the latter day purpose of the Poor Richard's Society, is to absolutely dominate the Moslem and Persian oilfields.

Instead of disposing of Bushfraud, like an old shoe into prison for various crimes, known and unknown, the super elite could promote him to a less public, less sensitive position.

For example, they could make him head of the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and to sit with their Board of Rejectors. That is, those who reject loans to various needy nations who refuse IMF's orders to starve out their already impoverished populace, by way of making such country "well-managed", and on a "sound financial basis".

They could promote Bushfraud to be head of the World Bank, not to be seen too often and not to speak publicly except with a much-rehearsed series of remarks. That, so as not to be viewed bumbling around and searching for a word, appropriate or not.

Cynics claim Bushfraud is eligible to be made the head of the newly-created Solar System Central Bank, an actual private bank masquerading as the official Central Bank of the various planets to be presumably visited and to which Dubya would visit in some rocket ship.

As a mark of disrepute, however, Bushfraud could be promoted to being a leading member of "The Smugglers and Embezzlers Society". He could join member Paul Martin, potentate of a worldwide shipping octopus, who has so far been alleged head of the Canadian government. Actually, Queen Elizabeth II is head of State of Canada and concealed, she is also head of State of the U.S.A. Of course, the newsfakers would not dare discuss any of this. (More specific details in a prior Middle-Finger News story, "The Queen's Bribery Gang", also )

So George W. Bush HAS BEEN PROMOTED. What is his new title?

More coming. Stay tuned.


Mr. Skolnick's articles are also posted and archived through http://

Skolnick is a co-host with Lenny Bloom of worldwide-heard Internet radio, heard LIVE ON-LINE and archived. Check schedule.


Date: 27 Jun 2004
Subject: A Child's ABC of Terrorism


A Child's ABCs of Terrorism

By Steve Perry

A is for Al Qaeda and amnesia. Are you old enough to remember when the war on terror was being fought against people who actually attacked us?

B is for Bush and Bin Laden. They hate each other, but they could never be the same without each other--just like lots of mommies and daddies!

C is for Chalabi and the cap President Bush would like to pop in his ass. Ahmed Chalabi was the man America paid lots of money (over $340,000 a month) to make up scary stories about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. But that's not why President Bush is mad at him. He's mad because last month Chalabi was caught trying to organize a coup against the US occupation forces. No more allowance for you, Chalabi.

D is for dirty bomb. Did you know a dirty bomb (that's a regular bomb with radioactive materials inside it) could render an area the size of Manhattan uninhabitable? Just imagine how much trouble you'd be in if you rendered an area the size of Manhattan uninhabitable! D is also for Department of Homeland Security. Do you know what the Department of Homeland Security would do if someone detonated a dirty bomb? Neither does the Department of Homeland Security!

E is for Election Day and end times. Many experts believe there will be another terrorist attack in America before Election Day. Other experts believe the president is only using the color-coded terror alerts to scare people into voting for him. And some millennial (muh-LEN-ee-ul) Christians don't really mind, because they believe we live in end times, meaning that sometime soon Jesus will invite all his friends up to Heaven and kill everybody else.

F is for faith-based and Fox News. Do you know the difference between something that's faith-based, like President Bush's saying that God told him to invade Iraq, and something that's made up, like the evidence President Bush presented for invading Iraq? (Ha! Tricked you--there isn't any difference.)

G is for governing council and Gitmo. Let's use them both in a sentence: If the Iraqi governing council doesn't do what we want it to do, its members will all be sent to Gitmo.

H is for hegemony and Halliburton. Hegemony (huh-JEM-uh-nee) is when you're so big and powerful you can do anything you want, like appointing a horse to the Roman Senate or openly handing out billions of dollars in contracts to people everyone knows are your friends. H is also for hubris.

I is for Iraq and ignorance and infantilism. Did you ever notice that when President Bush talks to grownups about Iraq, he talks to them like they were children--and they let him? Silly grownups!

J is for jihad and Jenna. Jihad (JEE-hod) is holy war against imperial, infidel Western elites (eh-LEETS). Jenna is the name of one of President Bush's daughters. Do you suppose jihad will still be going on when Jenna Bush becomes president?

K is for Kerry and K-Y Jelly. Would you like the chance to be a hero when you grow up? President Bush wants you to have that chance! Did you know John Kerry would make you grow up and marry your best friend--and it would even mean kissing them and stuff? Ick!

L is for liars.

M is for "Mission Accomplished!" and memory hole.

N is for neocon and 'Nam. Do you remember being very little and having nightmares about monsters lurking in the shadows and hiding under beds? Well, guess what--they were neoconservatives, and they're so evil they make your grandma and grandpa miss Nixon!

O is for oil and occupation. When a president does something bad, he's supposed to get impeached. (Impeachment is a time-out that lasts until you die.) Do you want to know something funny? Occupying a country for its oil is not an impeachable offense, but oral sex is. We can't tell you why--better ask Mom or Dad about that!

P is for pretext, which democratic nations like ours must have before they can go to war, and the press, which is what very important people like presidents have in the place of pets. This will help you remember: The press helps presidents purvey their pretexts.

Q is for Qusay and quicksand. Qusay and Uday were the sons of Saddam, and they were all very bad men. When your parents were younger--a whole year younger!--President Bush used to tell them a bedtime story about how the Iraqi resistance would fall apart when Qusay and Uday and Saddam were gone. (Ask them if they remember that story!) Quicksand is when you get into something you can't get out of.

R is for Rumsfeld and Richard Clarke. Donald Rumsfeld is the secretary of defense. That makes him the top civilian official at the Pentagon. All the generals think he's nuts. His nickname is Rummy. Did you know that "rummy" is also a word for people who are so far gone they can't be trusted to do anything right? Richard Clarke wrote a book that said Donald Rumsfeld and President Bush and all their friends were bozos. (Bozos are people who have no idea what's really going on around them--kind of like rummies!)

S is for sooo many words. S is for Saddam and sadism (those prisoners will talk) and sodomy (we'll make them talk!) and Sunni and Shi'ite and--oh boy, our head already hurts! S is also for Saudi Arabia--wouldn't you be mad if your friends gave money to people who were trying to kill you? Not President Bush! He is a Christian, and Christians are supposed to forgive. He also loves oil. Does that make him an oily Christian?

T is for terrorism and tax cuts. Can you solve this problem? President Bush wants to invade Iraq. But foreign invasions cost billions of dollars, and President Bush has just passed huge tax cuts. How's he ever going to pay for the war? It's a very hard problem, but you may take as long as you need to solve it. Put your head on your desk when you've finished. Hint: Don't forget to compound the interest! (Did we mention that D is also for debt, and S is also for Shit Happens?)

U is for undercover. Sometimes spies pretend to be someone they're not so that they can learn the secrets of bad guys. That's called being undercover. Once there was a CIA agent named Valerie Plame who was undercover. But then her husband wrote a story in a newspaper that said President Bush was lying about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. So the White House wanted to be mean to him, and they told everybody that his wife was an undercover CIA agent. Can you see where the White House made its mistake? That's right--blowing the cover of a secret agent is a felony!

V is for victory. President Bush says the war on terror could last more than a generation. That means you'll have kids by then. When it's over, be sure you have a really nice parade, and take them to it!

W is for the whole wide world, which hates us now. Silly world!

X is for exit strategy and X-president. President Bush's dad is already an X-president. A lot of people hope it runs in the family.

Y is for yellowcake. When President Bush gave his 2003 State of the Union speech, he said Saddam tried to buy yellowcake from a country called Niger. But he knew it wasn't true. Yellowcake is milled uranium oxide. You wouldn't want to eat it--it's used to make bombs. President Bush had to eat all the yellowcake in his State of the Union speech, and he's still sick from it!

Z is for Zawahiri and Zarqawi. There are so many terrorists whose last names start with Z that it's hard to keep track of them all! Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is the one who cut off an American's head in a video. Ayman al-Zawahiri is Osama bin Laden's best friend. But Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi don't like each other at all. See how confusing it is?


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