February 17, 2004

Hybrid Series #17: Moving Full Speed Ahead And Upward

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"That which is looked upon by one generation as the apex of human knowledge is often considered an absurdity by the next, and that which is regarded as a superstition in one century may form the basis of science for the following one."

- Paracelsus

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

– Buddha

Worthy of Your Attention
Recommended by "Mark Graffis" - Excellent music indeed!


Brief History of the People's Assembly Movement

Global Ascension Meditation - May 31st, 2004
An updated version of the English and French versions of this meditation have been uploaded on this site. Feel free to begin networking this now and contact "Andromis" if you wish to help with translations in other languages or with anything else.

Indigo Insights: An Interview with Stephen Simon
What do you do when the dazzle of Hollywood no longer interests you? When you have spent a quarter century producing mainstream films and helping to launch star-studded careers, yet you see the industry shrinking away from your own growing vision of what moviemaking could be? When mega budget films that please everyone—yet transform no one— have left you wondering why the kind of stories that really matter are going untold? If you are producer Stephen Simon, you pack up and leave town. You head to Ashland, Oregon, a growing spiritual oasis of the Pacific Northwest (count the likes of Neale Donald Walsh, James Twyman, and Jean Houston as your neighbors) and start over. You let the ocean of your life wash away the beautiful sandcastles of yesterday and begin building again. Recently, Magical Blend Magazine spent two days on the set of Indigo, Stephen’s directorial debut about a psychic child and her ability to heal even the deepest of family wounds. From the first moments, when Stephen came out to welcome us with smiling eyes and a warm handshake, it was clear this was not the movie set of your stereotypical imaginings. The more we talked to the crew, most of which were working at either 10% of their usual rates or as self-supporting volunteers, the more it became clear what we were witnessing. This was more than the making of a spiritual film. This was the spiritual making of a film. As you might expect, we had lots of questions… CLIP

Stephen Simon’s review of MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS is also an excellent short read.

Jean-Paul Avisse's paintings


1. Humanity vs George Bush et al, War Crimes
2. Music and Spirit
4. Feedback to Meditation Focus #105
5. Love
6. Questions for Kerry
7. International A.N.S.W.E.R. - Support the Haitian People
8. Media vs. Reality in Haiti
9. The Omniversal Energy
10. Kucinich Reaches Out to the Neglected
11. Kucinich is the only choice
12. We urgently need your help here in Humboldt County

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Starting a Brush Fire for Freedom - An interview with US Rep. Ron Paul (Feb 9)
When asked what advice he would give to Americans concerned about the growing power of the federal government and the various threats to our liberties, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex.) quoted Samuel Adams: "Every individual has a responsibility to be informed, to know what is going on and to know the issues. As Samuel Adams once said, 'Go out and start a brush fire.' And you can do that with one individual or many. You can become a teacher or a writer or help somebody in politics. But you can only start a brush fire for freedom if you feel confident that you understand the issues and really can defend liberty as being the best system for all of us." (...) Since the 9/11 tragedy, Dr. Paul has been an outspoken critic of the USA Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, which he believes are a threat to liberty and a sign that our country is becoming more like a police state. "The idea that search warrants could be granted so easily under the Patriot Act," says Dr. Paul. "with sneak and peak searches and going into libraries and other places to find out what people are doing is wrong. It's total surveillance." Dr. Paul has also been a strong critic of the war in Iraq, going so far as to call it "unconstitutional" because there was no formal declaration of war, and "immoral" because there was no direct attack on our country. "Iraq is a Third World Nation that couldn't defend itself," says Dr. Paul. "This has been proven to be correct. We had been bombing them, flying over their air space, intimidating them and controlling them for 12 years. They have been trying to shoot our airplanes down, and never have been able to. Iraq simply could not defend itself." CLIP
Recommended by Ken who wrote: "In this upcoming election we are probably going to be offered the "choice" between John Kerry and George Bush, who BOTH belong to the same Skull & Bones secret society of Yale, and who BOTH support the war agenda being pushed by the neocons. This election (just like the last) will be tantamount to Americans being on a doomed ship, penned below decks like Third Class passengers, while the elite controllers of the game rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. The icebergs are all around us. Congressman Ron Paul would be an intelligent alternative, but alas, he's not running and those who control "the system" would NEVER let him become President if he were to run. Compare the content and intelligence quotient of his interview (below) with the incredibly inane Bush "Village Idiot" babble in the Tim Russert "Meet the Press" interview, the full transcript of which you can read at:

Spanish demonstrators call for military withdrawal from Iraq
MADRID, Feb. 15 -- Some 200,000 demonstrators took to the street across Spain on Sunday, protesting the occupation of Iraq by US-led forces and demanding an immediate military withdrawal and the return of sovereignty to the Iraqi people.

Defeat looms for Iran reformists (Feb 15)
The main reformist coalition taking part in Iran's controversial election says it expects to lose after many candidates were disqualified. (...) Mr Aghajari, a jailed academic, launched a scathing attack on the country's clerical establishment in an open letter. He said that organising an "unfree election" marked an end for hope of reforms from within, and urged passive resistance. He blamed President Khatami for lacking the "will and courage" to bring about the change that he said most Iranians wanted. Mr Aghajari has long been a critic of the establishment. He was sentenced to death two years ago after he questioned the clergy's right to rule. The verdict sparked weeks of student demonstrations in his support and the death sentence was later quashed by the supreme court.

Iran still wants nuclear weapons: US (Feb 14)
BURDEN OF PROOF: US officials claimed Iran was still intent on developing nuclear weapons, after a UN inspection that found undeclared blueprints for a gas centrifuge Iran is still seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, despite commitments to the contrary made to the international community, US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said on Thursday. "We have been following the question of Iran pretty closely and there's no doubt in our mind that Iran continues to pursue a nuclear weapons program," Armitage said in an interview with Washington's Salem Radio Network. Earlier Thursday, US Under Secretary of State for Disarmament John Bolton made a similar comment in Berlin. CLIP

Will Iran Be Next?

The "Criminalization of the State", is when war criminals legitimately occupy positions of authority, which enable them to decide "who are the criminals", when in fact they are the criminals.

President Bush's New Iraq Commission Won't Be Investigating the Key WMD Issue

Kay: Bush Should Admit "Error" on Iraq WMD

"Burning Bush" Turns Up Heat on President (Feb 15)
Opponents of George Bush have taken a novel protest on the road as they try to ensure that the president’s re-election campaign is shot down in flames. A 12ft effigy of Bush with his trousers burning is touring the US in the Pants-on-Fire mobile display, an attempt by a group that includes some of America’s most prominent business leaders to highlight the "lies" coming from the President ahead of November’s vote. The ‘burning Bush’, as followers have nicknamed it, is the idea of Ben Cohen, co-founder of the Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream empire and leader of an internet-based advocacy group called True Majority, which claims to have 380,000 subscribers around the country. "The problem with politics is that it’s too serious," said Cohen, who worked on the construction of the £19,000 model, paid for by public donations. "There is a serious message behind what we are doing with the Pants-on-Fire mobile, and presenting it in this way gets that across effectively." A digital screen held aloft by the model Bush displays what the group says are misrepresentations made by his administration about key policy issues such as the Iraq war, the war on terror and facts about the US economy to which Cohen and his fellow campaigners take exception. CLIP

Energy crisis 'will limit births' (Feb 13)
As the world's reserves of oil and gas run out over the coming decades, the birth-rates of societies are likely to fall considerably, a US scientist says.

Medical evidence does not support suicide by Kelly (Feb 12),3858,4856799-103683,00.html

Fiore Presents: Bare Essentials of Leadership

At the FEC, Putting Free Speech in Peril (Feb 12)
Though it's not listed on the agenda as such, on Feb. 18 the Federal Election Commission plans to rule on the suspension of the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech.


From: "D. C. Williams"
Subject: Humanity vs George Bush et al, War Crimes
Date: 13 Feb 2004

Humanity vs George Bush et al, War Crimes

To: International Criminal Court WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WHOLE EARTH herewith petition the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately investigate, arrest and prosecute United States President GEORGE W. BUSH and his primary co-conspirators for their horrendous crimes against millions of innocent men, women and children in and of but not limited to the nation of Iraq; the above-referenced atrocities being premeditated and deliberate mass murders, mayhem, torture, radiation exposure, imprisonment, displacement, deprivation of life-sustaining goods and services, and all other aggression-inspired U.S. actions aimed at law-abiding Iraqi citizens for no good, just or worthy cause.

Sincerely, The Undersigned 

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NOTE FROM JEAN: Whether you are a musician or not, you will find in Patty-Lynne's article a most interesting suggestion: Healing the planet through heart-stirring, Love-filled music, one disharmonious place at a time. Worth considering...

Date: 14 Feb 2004
From: Patty-Lynne Herlevi
Subject: Music and Spirit

Bonjour Jean,

And happy Valentine's Day!

I posted this article which is a call to action for musicians to spread love in the world, on my site Cranky Crow World Music last summer. Could you add it to your compilation. I think the time is right for it. Thank you.

The article is also posted at under articles.


Patty-Lynne Herlevi


From: Coeta Mills
Date: 14 Feb 2004


Wo ai ni (Mandarin)

Ngo oi ney (Cantonese)

Saya cinta padamu (Indonesian)

Sukiyo (Japanese)

Yo te amo/Te quiero (Spanish)

Ich liebe Dich (Germany)

Je t'aime (French)

Sarang Ham-nida (Korean)

Ya tyebya lyublyu (Russian)

Ti amo/Ti voglio bene (Italian)

Eu te amo (Portuguese)

Seni seviyorum (Turkish)

Khao raak thoe (Thai)

T'estimo, t'esteme molt (Catalan)


From: "Joyce Kovelman"
Subject: RE: Meditation Focus #105 : Healing Troubled Haiti
Date: 15 Feb 2004

Dear Jean:

Thank you for turning the light towards Haiti - and doing all possible to bring humanitarian aid and resolution to this troubled region. Seems the only way people in difficult situations get some attention (if they get attention) is through the shedding of blood. So sad. My thanks for all your caring.

Joyce Kovelman


Date: 15 Feb 2004
Subject: Love

Aloha to All ~ Increasingly, humanity is learning of the seemingly unlimited power of Love. Though its a subtle energy as compared to gravity, Timeless Wisdom tells us that Love can heal all things, disarm warring opponents, and even make friends out of "enemies".

A man once told me about an experience with his mango tree. One day he felt a loving "urge" to hug the tree and it soon began bearing fruit twice per year compared to its former cycle of once yearly or alternate years. His unknowing neighbors asked what kind of fertilizer he was using!

Love is the greatest of all human powers. There is nothing that it cannot penetrate for both internal and external healing and harmony. Love energy promotes physical wellness and growth in all forms of life.

As the opposite of hate, which is negative and destructive of life forms, Love is a magnetic-like force that attracts and reproduces life, the "glue" that holds together families, friends, communities, and humanity itself.

All life forms respond positively to Love at their own level of consciousness, including even predators, human as well as animal. It's the Great Reservoir of power to unite all things - the supreme reality of the universe.

For peace and harmony throughout the world, Timeless Wisdom tells us that Love is to be focused individually and collectively, by ourselves and our organizations, including governments, without bias. Specific thoughts of Love driven by a strong desire/emotion, can penetrate and transform any negative situation wherever it may exist.

Practicing unconditional Love for all life is the pinnacle of human power, purpose and performance. Send Love and say hello to happiness, personal to planetary.

In the Spirit of Love/Aloha,

Listen to "The Cosmic Connection" from Kaua'i -
3rd Monday each month 12-1pm HST, 2-3 pm PST, 5-6 pm EST, Late evening- West Europe, Night- East Europe, Early morning- Asia & Pacific -- Listen at


Forwarded by Joseph-Michael Contrada on Feb 13


Questions for Kerry

by William Greider

Nothing stirs Democrats' anger like the fearmongering rhetoric Bush/Cheney employed on the march to war. "The Iraqi regime's record over the decade leaves little doubt that Saddam Hussein wants to retain his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction and to expand it to include nuclear weapons. We cannot allow him to prevail in that quest. The weapons are an unacceptable threat."

"Can we afford to ignore the possibility that Saddam Hussein might provide weapons of destruction to some terrorist group bent on destroying the United States?"

"Every nation has the right to act pre-emptively if it faces an imminent and grave threat."

The problem with this rhetoric is that it belongs to Senator John Kerry, the Democratic front-runner. He voted for unilateral war in Iraq, citing the same basic rationales offered by the White House. The only difference was that Kerry simultaneously expressed ambiguous "on the other hand" doubts. Ever since his vote, he has elaborated nuanced explanations as to why he didn't actually mean what he seemed to be saying.

Does it matter? Maybe not. Democrats are so anxious to oust Bush and infatuated with "electability," many seem eager to skip past important substantive questions. If Kerry locks up the nomination in the next few weeks, one can expect him to move swiftly to the center, broadcasting to wider audiences why he is not one of those peacenik liberals Republicans like to demonize. To avoid "buyer's remorse" later, Democrats might ask for clarification on three fundamental matters before it's too late.

- Kerry supports Bush's new doctrine of pre-emptive war. True, the Senator did question whether the Administration had sufficient evidence to invade Iraq and did urge further diplomacy, but the war resolution he supported in October 2002 required neither. Headed "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq," the resolution consigned open-ended, undefined powers: "The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in order to--(1) defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq; and (2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding Iraq." Kerry's claim that he was not giving Bush "carte blanche" for invasion is believable only if you haven't read the text.

Lately, Kerry has further embellished his antiwar credentials, denouncing Bush for "ideological pre-emption," claiming "the vote I cast was not a vote to go to war" and opposing $87 billion for the Iraq conflict. Yet he also continues to defend the concept of pre-emptive unilateral war. He belittled Howard Dean's insistence that "a true international coalition" (Kerry's words) should have been the condition for war. "For Howard Dean to permit a veto over when America can or cannot act not only becomes little more than a pretext for doing nothing--it cedes our security and presidential responsibility to defend America to someone else," Kerry explained. Which is it, Senator?

These positions could come back to haunt Kerry if he gets to the White House. The Pentagon and CIA are adept at concocting "threats" around the world, then promoting vague and often fictitious intelligence into a "crisis" the President must address. With helpful clamor from conservative hawks, the military intelligence agencies seem especially to enjoy doing this to Democratic Presidents.

- Kerry is a down-the-line free trader. As a senator for eighteen years, he has always supported the multinationals' position by voting for new trade agreements. Fond of attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, he reportedly once dubbed himself "Davos man." As a presidential candidate, he muted these views and joined his rivals in calling for environmental and labor rights. He has promised to "fix" NAFTA (as Bill Clinton promised in 1992 before he sold out labor and pushed it to passage). In the run-up to 2004, aware that labor and environmentalists are hostile to corporate-led globalization, Kerry took a more critical position on fast-track negotiating authorization for the proposed FTAA. He offered an amendment to block the notorious investor-rights provisions. His amendment lost. Kerry voted for fast track.

The Senator's views on trade are as tortuously constructed as his positions on the war against Iraq. His floor speeches on trade agreements meticulously lay out both sides, acknowledging all the negatives and the American workers who will be injured; then he embraces the establishment reasoning and votes yes. In 2000 when the United States formalized trade relations with China and allowed its entry into the World Trade Organization, Kerry anguished at length over human rights, the environment and other concerns but concluded that opening China's vast market to American companies was more important. It would reduce the soaring US trade deficit with China, he said. The deficit was then $68 billion and is now $127 billion.

- Kerry is a conventional establishment politician, not a reformer. Colleagues regard him as thorough and conscientious, not a clubby insider but the opposite of bold and inventive. While he talks now about confronting "special interests," he has shown no interest whatever in reforming what's wrong with the Democratic Party itself. Kerry supported the accommodating Tom Daschle for Senate Democratic leader over the more aggressive and liberal Chris Dodd. He serves on Commerce, one of those "money committees" where the stream of business legislation guarantees a heavy flow of corporate campaign contributions. His Massachusetts colleague in the Senate, Edward Kennedy, has often teased and tweaked him into supporting more liberal measures. On welfare reform, Kerry abandoned Kennedy and voted with Clinton and the Republicans.

If Kerry is the nominee, the Democratic Party will have once again managed to finesse important matters that generate great political energy and anti-establishment dissatisfaction among rank-and-file voters--the ill-conceived war in Iraq, globalization and fundamental political reform. If Kerry wins the White House, a disenchanted campaign strategist told me, "it will be like electing the editorial board of the New York Times: totally establishment--but a whole lot better than The Weekly Standard."


From: "Jean-Pierre Caron"
Subject: International A.N.S.W.E.R. - Support the Haitian People
Date: 15 Feb 2004

The following is a change from what the mainstream media would have you believe... This looks exactly like what has been going on in Venezuela, where the same "interests" have tried unsuccessfully to overthrow President elect Hugo Chavez...


Statement from the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

The A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Caolition denounces any intervention by the Bush Administration against the democratically elected government of Haiti and its President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. We oppose the financial embargo of this Caribbean country by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank at the instruction of the U.S. government. We condemn any CIA support for the anti-democratic opposition and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) programs it has in Haiti to funnel money to the opposition.

Today Haiti faces a serious threat to its nascent democracy. Armed gangs led by disbanded military officers, right-wing FRAPH coup makers who overthrew President Aristide in his first term and then conducted a reign of terror, and the death squad Ton Ton Macoutes movement loyal to the old Duvalier regimes, are invading cities, burning police stations, killing and beating Lavalas Movement supporters, and attempting to violently remove the elected government from office.

The whole world (except the CIA and some business interests) took hope when the Haitian people, through the Lavalas Movement headed by former priest Jean Bertrand Aristide, came to office with a landslide victory in 1990. The whole world (except the CIA and some business interests) mourned when a military coup overthrew Aristide in 1991. Aristide is now serving again as elected president and the same forces that opposed him before continue their efforts to overthrow him.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. President Aristide's efforts to respond to the desperate needs of Haiti's poorest citizens has been crippled from the beginning by U.S. government manipulation of aid and international loans, and by a complete cut-off of international aid and loans since 2000. In a country as poor as Haiti, whose riches were looted by its colonial masters, cutting off international assistance has had a corrosive effect on society, opening the way for a re-emergence of the violent, right-wing forces of the past. A.N.S.W.E.R. demands that the U.S. government release all aid money appropriated by Congress for the Haitian government and to remove its block on international loans and grants.

Despite being crippled by the aid cut-off, Haiti has implemented admirable literacy campaigns and a Universal Schooling Program, has defended children's rights, and has worked to find alternatives to corporate globalization. Like Nicaragua of the 1980's and Venezuela today, this makes Haiti "the threat of a good example."

Two hundred years ago the Haitian people established the second oldest republic in the Americas. For sixty years the U.S. government refused to recognize the Haitian Republic, which resulted from the only successful slave insurrection in history. From 1849-1913 the U.S. threatened Haiti 26 times by anchoring warships in its harbors to protect U.S. business interests. The U.S. invaded Haiti in 1915 and occupied it until 1934. U.S. marines robbed $500,000 from the National Bank of Haiti in 1915. These stolen monies were then deposited in the National City Bank--now part of the trillion dollar Citibank octopus. The U.S. government supported some of the hemisphere's bloodiest, most repressive governments including "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc" Duvalier in the latter half of the 20th century. The U.S. invaded Haiti again in 1994 to return Aristide for the remainder of his first term, but dictated that his term could not be extended to make up for the three years denied him by the coup. U.S. soldiers remain in Haiti today.

The reason why Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is that it made so many other countries so rich. It was Haitian sugar--the product of slave labor--that fueled the industrial revolution in Britain and France. French bankers and big business alone owe Haiti at least $21 billion in reparations for a forced loan that took Haiti 120 years to pay off. Over the past few centuries, the Haitian people have also been punished for having the audacity to overthrow their slave masters. This heroic country opened its arms to Simon Bolivar, supplying the liberator with two ships and supplies needed to overthrow Spanish colonial rule. The only thing that Haiti asked in return was freedom for all the enslaved people in Latin America.

For all its problems, the majority of Haiti's eight million people will not support a return to colonial servitude. The aim of the right-wing insurrectionists is to provoke military intervention against the Haitian government, possibly under disguise of a United Nations "humanitarian mission." A.N.S.W.E.R. demands that the U.S., France, and the United Nations keep their hands off Haiti. With the reparations owed Haiti by France; with international aid directed by sovereign Haiti, Haitians can solve their own problems and chart their own destiny.

A.N.S.W.E.R. demands: Hands off Haiti! Stop the financial embargo of this heroic country!

There are a number of excellent sources to learn more about recent events in Haiti. Here are a few:

The Black Commentator

Haiti Progress

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition:
New York 212-633-6646
Washington 202-544-3389
Los Angeles 213-487-2368
San Francisco 415-821-6545
Boston 617-522-6626



Also forwarded by "Jean-Pierre Caron"

Media vs. Reality in Haiti

by Anthony Fenton

ZNet 13 February 2004

Judging by the corporate media’s recent coverage of the crisis in Haiti, one might be led to believe that they are “aiding and abetting” an attempted coup d’etat aimed at the democratically elected Jean Bertand Aristide. On a daily basis, mainstream international media is churning out stories provided mainly by the Associated Press and Reuters that have little basis in fact.

On Feb. 10th, the Globe and Mail, Canada’s main national daily, reprinted an AP article that relied on Haiti’s elite-owned Radio Vision 2000. [1] This article contrasted the recent “violent uprising” in Gonaives, Haiti’s fourth-largest city, with the 1986 uprising that saw the overthrow of the oppressive Duvalier dictatorship. The inevitable conclusion that the Canadian readership is steered toward is that Aristide is, or could be, a dictator, who may or may not deserve what he is about to get. This is hardly the kind of context that will compel citizens to lend support to the embattled Haitians.

The Globe’s paul Knox has been reporting from Haiti since Feb. 11th, and has submitted two stories thus far, neither of which have strayed from the “disinformation loop” which sees the recycling of dubious elite-spawned information by the corporate press corps. [see Pina] The same context as above is given credence - that Aristide faces a legitimate opposition that has every right to support his violent overthrow. Knox quotes Charles Baker, a wealthy factory owner who says: “We are all fighting for the same thing. Aristide has to resign.” [2]

Canada’s other national daily, the National Post [also considered the more ‘right wing’ of the two dailies] has no problem running headlines like the one featured on February 13th website: “Rock-throwing Aristide militants force opponents to cancel protest march.” [3] Nowhere in the article is President Aristide’s press release mentioned, which condemned the obstruction of the protest, and called for the constitutional right of peaceful demonstration to be adhered to.

Interestingly, the corporate media has neglected to mention that the “opposition” to which they refer and repeatedly give legitimacy to, only represents a meagre 8 per cent of registered voters in Haiti, according to a US poll conducted in 2000. According to the Council on Hemispheric Affairs [COHA], “their only policy goal seems to be reconstituting the army and the implementation of rigorous structural adjustment programs.” [4] As corporate journalists rely on the opposition for little more than inflammatory soundbites, information that would otherwise be sought to lend their efforts credibility is repeatedly overlooked.

US Congresswoman Maxine Waters issued a press release Feb. 11th, on the heels of her recent visit to Haiti, that called on the Bush administration to join her in condemning the “so-called opposition” and, specifically, Andre Apaid Jr., who is a “Duvalier supporter” that, along with his Group of 184, is “attempting to instigate a bloodbath in Haiti and then blame the government for the resulting disaster in the belief that the U.S. will aid the so-called protestors against President Aristide.” [5]

She also took aim at the World Bank and IMF and their “continuing embargo” , which amounts to hundreds of millions of desperately needed funds. Rep. Waters outlined the following positive measures that Aristide has initiated:

“Under his leadership, the Haitian government has made major investments in agriculture, public transportation and infrastructure…The government [recently] doubled the minimum wage from 36 to 70 gourdes per day, despite strong opposition from the business community…President Aristide has also made health care and education national priorities. More schools were built in Haiti between 1994 and 2000 than between 1804 and 1994. The government expanded school lunch and school bus programs and provides a 70% subsidy for schoolbooks and uniforms”

Rep. Waters made clear assertions on Aristide’s behalf that are otherwise absent from Bush administration commentary and corporate media deceptions regarding Haiti. Waters completed her statement with an important appeal, which called on the corporate media to “discontinue the practice of repeating rumours and innuendos,” whereby they function as “international megaphones for the opposition. They lie shamelessly on a daily basis.”

Another Congresswoman, Barbara Lee, directly challenged Colin Powell in a formal letter to him February 12th, after Powell had announced that the US administration is “not interested in regime change” in Haiti. Said Lee: “It appears that the US is aiding and abetting the attempt to violently topple the Aristide government. With all due respect, this looks like “regime change”…Our actions – or inaction – may be making things worse.” [6]

In a press conference Wednesday, Aristide called for peace and a democratic resolution to the unrest ongoing in Haiti. He once again called on the opposition to rationally discuss things with his government so that they can work toward an equitable resolution.

Now would seem to be a good opportunity for broad-based social justice groups to galvanize around the critical issue of Haiti. Haitians are desperately in need of popular international support if they are to overcome the latest onslaught. With history as our guide, we should be extremely wary when one side of the US administration’s mouth promotes “democracy and freedom” and a “peaceful resolution” to the situation in Haiti, while out of the other they support the interests of such players as André Apaid Jr. The statements of some US representatives are encouraging. Others are somewhat flaky.

CLIP - Read the rest at



Forwarded by "Kiara Windrider"

From: Elora Gabriel
Sent: February 13, 2004
Subject: The Omniversal Energy

Dear Kiara,

Here is my story of what I call the Omniversal Energy. Before I begin, I’ll introduce you to a few of the people who will show up in this tale. John is my partner; he comes from a long line of Appalachian psychics and seers, and also works as an energy healer. Karen is one of my staff members and has very good clairaudience. Deb is a local healer with awesome abilities and is also one of the clearer people I know. Lastly, I myself am certainly not always clear, but am highly sensitive (for example, as soon as I started reading and thinking about Kalki, he showed up, and I also found myself in a large classroom one night where he was teaching.)

I’ll also add that we live in Asheville, NC, and that this area is very energetically active with many ley lines, portals, and power points. There are areas which are energetically calmer, and those areas have not experienced as much upheaval or release of negative energies and beings, as we have here.

I came into this life filled with a tremendous drive to evolve, and also programmed for Earth ascension and to be part of that process. I studied Vedanta as a teenager, read the Findhorn channelings in the 70’s and many others in the 80’s and 90’s; and was convinced that the rapid transformation of our planet was imminent.

Somewhere between ’96 and ‘98 I began to lose my faith. It was very clear that, at least on the outer level, Earth was *not* transforming. In fact, because of the increasing environmental devastation, overall things appeared to be getting worse. I tried and tried to understand what was really happening. Had there been a plan, and had it gone awry; derailed (as so many have been) by the unexpectedly recalcitrant behavior of humanity and the density of 3D life here? Had interference from the dark side simply been too great? Or had the whole thing been a grand illusion, and were the channelers simply recycling mass thought forms which bore no resemblance to reality? A number of my lightworker friends felt the same way. There was a sense of weariness, of deep disappointment. So many of us had worked so hard, and it appeared that the transformation of the our planet—if it happened at all—was probably thousands of years down the line.

That’s how things stood with me until September of 2003. Despite feeling discouraged about outcomes on Earth, I never ceased to explore inner realms. It was about mid-September that John and I both noticed a great increase of psychic attacks and various types of attachments in people we knew. *Everybody* was picking up dark forces (a term sometimes used for the beings who are the opposite of angels), negative entities, and even discarnates. Even John and I were getting them! I had to continually clear the staff, and at times the “infestations” were so bad that one sensitive employee couldn’t get to work until she was cleared. (It was because of this situation that I created a vibrational essence called “Protection” which we found to be strong enough to repel all these types of entities, as well as to actually get rid of attachments if used frequently.)

John and I separately went to guidance and asked what was going on. To our surprise, we were told that the upsurge in “critters” was due to something positive—an increase of light on the planet. The cockroaches were being flushed out of the cracks, so to speak. Of course this interested me greatly, so we did our best to get more details. Some of my sources on the inner said they didn’t know where this light was coming from—it was a source so high that even they couldn’t comprehend it, but they could perceive it all right. I tuned in to the Omniversal Energy, as I call it, and found that it felt like an intense beam of light energy which was experienced as descending directly through the crown chakra.

John is quite a good channel and has recently been channeling a being who identifies himself as Maitreya (not the current Maitreya, but the first one to hold that office). Maitreya had a lot to say about the Omniversal Energy. He said that it is the highest and most powerful energy we have ever known on this planet. That it is what we have been waiting for—and while its arrival was expected to occur quite a bit earlier, it is indeed here now. As it intensifies, Maitreya told us, the OE would change everything on our world beyond recognition. It will clean up our planet to the very last corner, and as the OE increases in power, absolutely nothing will be able to withstand it. The OE will gradually raise the frequency of Earth as well, so that all matter here will become less and less dense. If you took our dining room table, as it will be some years or decades down the line, and brought it back to our current reality, we would be able to pass our hand through it.

Maitreya said that the OE is affecting not only earth but our entire universe. Our universe, according to my own research and that of others, is a kind of maverick, experimental universe, very different than most of the positive, well-ordered universes out there. It’s my belief that what we call the star seeds on Earth not only came here from other planets, but originally came from other universes to help this one. Some consider this universe to be a bold experiment while others feel it’s such a mess that the whole thing might have to be scrapped at some point, which would involve a huge salvage operation. In any case, Maitreya stated that the OE will ultimately clean up and transform our entire universe. He said there would be dark corners for a long time, and many highly negative beings would choose to leave Earth as the light increases, to hide out in such places. Even they, eventually, would have to face the music. Earth, however, was in line to receive a high dose of this energy, and is therefore a good place to be right now.

To explore further, I asked Karen to relay information to me from Z, one of my very trusted inner plane contacts. Z said much the same type of thing that I’ve relayed above. Z felt it was high time that the OE had arrived, and that it would make sweeping changes in our world. As closely as I could get, it had arrived on September 5, and we had started noticing the effects some time after that. We also began to observe that many people around us were experiencing dramatic and intense life changes. For example, Karen had followed a certain Eastern master for 30 years (all of her adult life) as well as for 6 lives prior to this one. On September 6, she found out that he was not a being of integrity and renounced him. Shortly after that her father died and her apartment was flooded, plus she had to deal with ongoing psychic attacks from the astral minions of her former guru. I have 4 staff members, and 3 of them had deaths in their families in the months directly after the entry of the OE. I myself broke a karmic contract of over 3000 years standing, and went through other very intense changes and realizations.

In October, we had dinner with Deb and she told us she had also felt the arrival of the OE, about the same time that we had pinpointed it. Her feelings about it closely echoed the information we had received. Later, a friend sent me one of Ronna Herman’s channelings from Archangel Michael which was dated October 2003. The channeling states:

“Before your planet was created it was decreed that it would become the Zero Point or the center of a new creative endeavor whereby the Angelic Realm, the Co-creator Gods, the Great Beings of Light, and the Star Seed from throughout the Omniverse would send emissaries to Earth bringing their Light, their wisdom and their desire to fulfill the Creator's Grand Plan. Humanity and the Earth's soul are reaching up and out to connect with our Father/Mother God, and *the Supreme Creator is opening the pathway from the core of Its Being down through the multi-universes, the Great Central Suns, dimensions, and realms beyond measure* in order to incorporate and harvest the beauty and magnificence of what has been wrought by all of us in the name of our Omnipotent Creator.” [emphasis added]

It was because of these words of Archangel Michael that I started to call this new energy the “Omniversal Energy”. I was personally told that it comes from a central power source within the Omniverse (that which contains all the universes). That it is stepped down through many gateways before it reaches our planet, probably including what we call the Great Central Sun; but comes from far beyond this universe.

At the time of the Harmonic Concordance, Deb said that the OE changed. It became more balanced, more full. She said that if it had been a single note previously, it was now a chord. I agreed with her assessment. Originally, the OE felt a bit harsh, but now it feels more rounded. And perhaps we are getting more acclimatized to it as well. Initially, back in October for example, I could see that a lot of it was “sheeting off” Earth, and not being well absorbed. That seems to have changed.

Things have continued to be pretty intense in our area. I have seen the earth venting, as it were, huge clouds and plumes of black smoke in its cleansing process. This was in January of 2004. In February, I noticed that the earth in the area where we live (which contains many power points) literally feels scorching hot, energetically. It now looks as if the Earth is on fire as it passes through an intense purification process. (Deb confirmed both of these observations—the “venting” and the burning.) We became very uncomfortable living here (even before realizing why) and a new rental dropped into our laps, which we found to be an area that is much calmer energy-wise. Karen and a couple other staff members and friends live on the other side of Asheville, on a huge ley line that comes down from Mt. Pisgah. Again, without or before realizing why on an inner level, they have all decided to move as well.

I have found that the OE is highly intelligent, responsive, and seems to know everything. I often communicate with it. I don’t know what percent of its full intensity we are currently receiving, probably no more than a tenth.

With the advent of the OE, and now with what I’ve learned about Kalki and his work here, I feel once again that our world is on track for a rapid transformation. Just how rapid I don’t know for sure. I hope it will occur by 2012 and there appears to be a good chance of it. Certainly the ecosphere can’t take too many more years of abuse without some kind of major collapse. I think the rate of change is going to be speeding up exponentially. And I do hope that those of us who have been doing our work for so long, will ultimately be able to ride the waves of change in a joyful way, as well as being able to help others who may be struggling.

As you wrote in your article The Supramental Awakening, “During this process, there would be a transition period which would be chaotic, extremely chaotic, as the last strongholds of greed, fear, and darkness, came up to the surface to be dispelled.” Ever since I read the Kalki material, I’ve been wondering what it might be like to have a world where true enlightenment was within reach. Many humans, especially those in Eastern cultures, would eagerly reach for it as the concept would be familiar to them. Others, from more fundamentalist belief systems, would be extremely threatened and would see this movement as the work of the devil. There could be some pretty intense polarization occurring… We’re in for interesting times.

This was a long story, but I’ve been wanting to record my observations about the Omniversal Energy for some time. I’m sure others have noticed it, but as I mentioned before, nobody wrote about it with the exception of the AA Michael channeling, and its entry point didn’t occur in conjunction with any big known activation or astrological configuration, so it seems to have gone unnoticed by most. If you or your friends and contact have any feedback I’d be most interested.

Thanks for listening.

With love,



From: "Jean-Pierre Caron"
Subject: Kucinich Reaches Out to the Neglected
Date: 15 Feb 2004


Kucinich Reaches Out to the Neglected

Primary Travels Will Focus On 'Other America'

By Evelyn Nieves
Washington Post Staff Writer
February 15, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO -- It was 7 p.m., well into the killing hours at the Sunnydale Housing Project. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (Ohio) had been whisked in the back of a van to the project's deadliest corner, the boundary between two warring gangs that police believe are responsible for eight or nine murders in the city so far this year.

The Democratic presidential candidate, in a navy pin-striped suit, jumped from the van to greet waiting residents. Two dozen people marching in a circle at the corner, as they do every Friday evening in a rally for peace in their streets, let out whoops of hello as he approached them. "This is great!" Kucinich said, smiling to his ears. He knelt down to hug two little girls who rushed to welcome the first presidential candidate to visit this part of San Francisco in as long as anyone could remember.

Kucinich, the longest of long-shot candidates, was on a two-day campaign swing through California. But Friday night, this neighborhood marked the beginning of a new mission. He was launching his "Other America Tour" here, an effort, he said, to spotlight the poorest, most neglected neighborhoods in the country.

Sunnydale, a square mile of row after row of brick barracks-like buildings where nearly half the families earn less than &dol;15,000 a year, is as poor and neglected as San Francisco gets. People who have lived in the city for decades -- in the parts where two-bedroom fixer-upper houses bottom out at &dol;500,000 -- often confess they have never seen Sunnydale, and are not even sure how to get there.

"One consequence of poverty is being invisible," Kucinich said, echoing the words of Michael Harrington's 1962 book, "The Other America," which helped launch the war on poverty. "Another is drugs. Another is violence. I've said before that poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. We need to disarm it."

He is not the first Democratic presidential candidate this season to mention "the Other America." Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), in his stump speech, speaks constantly of "two Americas" ("one for the rich, the other for everyone else") -- and frequently mentions the "Other America" -- where 35 million Americans live below the poverty line, 43 million have no health insurance and growing, still uncounted numbers are giving up on finding work.

But Kucinich, often called the "peace candidate" for his opposition to the war in Iraq and for his plan to create a Cabinet-level Department of Peace, said his Other America Tour was simply putting "a sharper focus" on issues he has talked about as a candidate for months.

"I'm from the other America," he had said in the van on the way to Sunnydale, launching into how he and his six siblings lived in 21 places by the time he was 17, "including a couple of cars."

"So what I bring to this," the candidate said, "is the wisdom of a heart that is connected experientially and the knowledge of an integrated system thinker who thinks that there is a direct correlation between political action and desired outcome."

Kucinich's appearance at Sunnydale did not get much attention. He had more media around him earlier in the day, when he was at the University of California at Berkeley, vowing to win the Bay Area vote in the March 2 Super Tuesday primary. And Kucinich would have more media attention later in the night, at New College of California in the city, where Sean Penn, the actor, was part of the audience cheering his anti-Bush talk.

In Sunnydale, Kucinich did not give a stump speech. He shook hands and chatted and hugged people.

But it was obvious he was talking to people who believed he believes what he has been saying about "reordering priorities" and making sure everyone in this country has equal access to education, job opportunities, health care and hope.

"I think it takes a lot of courage to do what he is doing," said Damon Garrison, an urban outreach counselor in the neighborhood who volunteered to work on Kucinich's campaign. "What he talks about, we want a president to talk about. He has the opportunity to influence the discussions going on in this campaign."

Garrison went into the corner grocery and liquor store to make a point. He pointed to a bulletin board headlined "the Wall of Shame." Pinned to the board were photos, taken by a video camera, of people caught shoplifting. Among them were a woman caught stealing a bottle of cooking oil and children caught stealing fruit.

"At first, you think the board is funny," Garrison said, "then you look at what some people are stealing, and you realize it's sad. That's what Dennis is speaking to."

Kucinich, who has won only one delegate so far, said that regardless of what happens on Super Tuesday, where he faces an uphill battle even in his home state of Ohio, he will stay in the race through the Democratic National Convention in late July.

This Other America Tour, he said, will be a big part of his travels throughout the country in the next several months. "Wherever I go," he said solemnly, "I'll go to these places where no one goes."


See also:

"The Redcoats are..., The Corporations Are Coming! The Corporations Are Coming!!"

(...) Kucinich's campaign is a breath of fresh air, holistically Spirited and elevated the National discussion, dialogue. Witness the other candidates gravitating to the ground he has "staked out" on a number of issues. Kerry thinks it is now popular enough to say "rejoin" the world community, Dean, in one debate said we will leave the troops there a couple years, in following debate has moved down to "as soon as possible".Edwards is one by one lifting planks right from the Kucinich platform, unlike Dennis the others mostly give the same speech simplistically over and over, well Edwards must have read Prayer for America, because the America has 2 governments, one lobbyists,corporations whats left is for the people---this comes right out of an early chapter of Kucinich's best-selling book from an understanding Dennis experienced as mayor trying to pass fair legislation while dealing with the shadow, hidden government of just one major american city, Dennis also phrases it a couple of ways to examplify and clarify. Dr. Dean has also stolen his slogan, have you seen the hope not fear signs ? Evidently they are realizing his crystal-clear crystal ball assessment of the political landscape, especially into spring and summer is proving to be right-on, while they depend on inside political marketers and bought off media's orchestrated reality control.

What I like about Kucinich is his common-sense, unbridled optimism and the most important trait for Presidents in the 21st century- INTEGRITY, with an emphasis on GRIT ! integrity is evidenced from his remarks in an interview about sitting in on democratic meetings and seeing what goes on, he said they make all their decisions based on polls ?? "It's Sick", he said. I have a message for these wayward writers who are taking turns, in a deliberate, orchestrated smear campaign to impugn a modern-day prophet and refuse to recognize, and hence INSULT, the burdgeoning grassroots movement arising from the awakened masses. HERE is The Message---this beautiful movement can only be delayed ,Never stopped because it has Founding Father energy and LightWorkers and healers who Love this Land and the principles of Liberty, Equality and Unity and are working very hard to co-create a New Covenant to give to posterity ! We are alive, real and in tune with the higher cause of our existence.

Kucinich is the only one with consistent, clear, articulated plans and People First in the 21st Policies. He is the only who will garner support necessary to imperatively reign-in the frankenstein monstrousity-which is the indefensible Defense Budget. He is the only one who Did Not further the WMD claims and lies, which promoted a political climate conducive and enabling an "aggressive" war. He has the only solution, Peace Plan to bring our fellow americans home from a Worsening Quagmire.
He is even magnanimous when pointing out differences with Kerry, calmly saying in his radio ad, surely John must remember Vietnam and the draft. 40,000 more John ? Who is telling you to do this ? Surely no one has asked us the people,or the troops, their families, its time for Sunshine government, this idealogical agenda,behind the curtain rule is not serving the public's interests, lets feed not bleed. He has legislation to replace the Patriot Act--called the Ben Franklin act, our right to privacy can be peeping tommed, while the authorities claim for themselves total secrecy ? This act should be immediately rescinded simply because no one read it before they passed it, how often in history has this happened? He is concerned about jobs and workers, on February 17th, 2003 he declared his candidacy giving a speech entitled The Workers White House. NAFTA, GATT and the WTO are beasts negotiated by souless Lobbyists, Corporations and one-world Predatory Capitalists pirates to sell out and sell short the Human Race into a kind of Global Slave plantation, and now attempting to traumatize and condition us into a Prison Planet. Aren't People a national treasure ?, a sacred resource ? We should move up on the list of valuable resources, replacing gold, oil, coal, capital etc. We can shell out tax dollars for roads, rails, infrastructure but can't clothe, feed the hungry and homeless and heal the sick. It is a simple choice--money for death and destruction ? OR money for health and construction ? money to help the kids ? OR money for contracts with NO bids ?




Kucinich is the only choice

February 8, 2004


Don Miller wrote in a recent editorial: "Who besides Dennis Kucinich is going to grab local hearts, minds and March 2 primary voters?" He follows this with, "Because even died-in-the-progressive acolytes of The Man they call ‘Dennis’ — familiarity breeds ... — must concede he’s got no chance."

This presumptuous attitude reflects the atmosphere of fear and futility which the current administration has been fostering since its inception. Once again, many voters are paralyzed by the belief that they must vote for the lesser of two evils rather than for the only candidate, Dennis Kucinich, who demonstrates a clarity of vision, clarity of purpose and clarity of communication for a government which is on the side of its people.

For example, Dennis Kucinich proposes:

* Universal health care with a single-payer system. The United States is the only industrial nation that doesn’t provide national health care. Workers should not have to negotiate with employers over their health care.

* Bringing our troops home from Iraq now and allowing the U.N. to take over peace-keeping operations. The international community will agree to this because they will also take over the management and distribution to Iraqi people of Iraq’s oil profits and award contracts to rebuild Iraq — no sweetheart deals for the likes of Halliburton! N.B. to correct Howard Dean’s erroneous claim, Dennis Kucinich was the only presidential candidate to vote against the war in Iraq, as co-leader of the Progressive Democratic Caucus.

* Repealing the so-called "Patriot Act." Dennis Kucinich, a fourth-term congressman from Ohio, was the only presidential candidate to vote against this legislation, which nullifies our Bill of Rights. With 20 other members of Congress, he has already introduced the Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act, which would repeal several major sections of the current law.

* Promoting clean energy and environmental renewal; reducing oil dependence, creating jobs to develop renewable energy sources such as hydrogen, solar, wind and ocean; supporting the Kyoto Treaty on global climate change and Zero Cut, Zero Extraction on public lands.

I urge readers to visit for further positions.

While so-called pundits are placing bets on how much longer so-and-so will remain in the race, Dennis Kucinich has pledged to continue through the Democratic National Convention in July. His articulate, perceptive comments in debates and speeches have evoked standing ovations and have noticeably raised the level of the other contenders’ campaigns. Thus, it is vitally important for voters to continue to support his positive and pragmatic agenda throughout the Democratic primaries.

A primary is not the time to compromise. I urge local voters to think positively and to vote for Dennis Kucinich on March 2.



Forwarded by "Judith Iam"

From: "Paul Cienfuegos"
Sent: February 14, 2004
Subject: We urgently need your help here in Humboldt County.....

Dear friends and allies across the US,

Many months ago, i sent a news story to you about Maxxam Corporation, which - in the guise of Pacific Lumber Company - is a corporate clear-cutting nightmare here in Humboldt County. After decades of good old boy District Attorneys in this county, we finally elected someone prepared to take them on. Within months of taking office, D.A. Paul Gallegos had charged them with fraud. What felt like just weeks later, a Recall Paul Gallegos campaign was launched to kick him out so he couldn't carry through with his lawsuit. And surprise surprise - 93% of the funding for this recall effort has come from Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Corporation. He tries to sue them. They fund a campaign to unseat him. I'm writing to my entire national email list today to URGE you to consider making a generous donation toward our anti-recall efforts. Time is very short. The vote takes place in a little over two weeks (March 2nd). And we are expecting that our opponents will play every dirty trick in the book, and will be saturating local residents with deceptive TV, radio and print advertising. Thanks for any financial support you can offer. We hope to hear from MANY of you soon. Donations can be made by mail or online. Any donation you can afford will make an ENORMOUS difference! Best to you all, and feel free to CC this list to YOUR friends and colleagues, Paul Cienfuegos Arcata, CA

P.S. Here's a letter from the D.A. himself. You'll find details on how to make a donation at the end of his letter.


February 12, 2004

Dear Friend,

It's still hard to believe, but a wealthy out-of-town corporation that I am prosecuting for fraud is now bankrolling a campaign to recall me in the March 2 election. As far as I know, this is the first time a defendant has sponsored a campaign to recall a D.A.

I need your help to fend off their attacks and defend our democratic system from these special interests.

The defendant is Texas-based Maxxam-Pacific Lumber Corporation. Pacific Lumber and its owner Charles Hurwitz became well known for their brand of hardball politics when they persuaded state and federal lawmakers to pay $480 million and give various exemptions from environmental laws in exchange for 7,500 acres of old-growth redwoods. Last year I sued the company for committing fraud and deceptive concealment when negotiating the Headwaters Forest agreement.

We believe Pacific Lumber deliberately hid crucial information from government negotiators so it could log on unstable hillsides, despite the near-certainty that such logging would send hillsides into rivers and kill salmon (along with good fishing jobs).

Now, in an attempt to avoid facing a judge and jury, Pacific Lumber has let it be known that it will spend whatever it takes to get rid of me.

Recent election financing reports show that Pacific Lumber is responsible for over 90 percent of the recall effort's funding. My campaign, by contrast, has received many small contributions, many of them through the Internet, and is relying on a grassroots effort to get the word out.

When I was elected District Attorney I knew very little about Maxxam or Pacific Lumber. I ran a positive campaign focused on balancing the needs of medical marijuana patients with the need to crack down on violent crimes like elder abuse, and to direct more resources toward prosecuting hard-core drug dealing, methamphetamine production and large-scale marijuana cultivation.

It was a nonpartisan race and I made it clear to anyone who asked that I am a moderate without allegiances to anyone -- timber corporations or environmental activists. I believe that the job of the D.A. is to enforce the law. Period. For that reason, when I was presented with evidence of fraud by Pacific Lumber shortly after becoming D.A. in January, 2003, I felt it was my professional obligation to file the lawsuit.

It's been hard for Pacific Lumber to hide its involvement in the recall, but its hired political guns have done their best to attack me on issues totally unrelated to the fraud suit. They sense, correctly, that there is something unseemly about the timber company's involvement. Predictably, they've tried to accuse me of not being tough enough on crime.

It's an ironic strategy: if I'm so soft on crime, why is a defendant trying to recall me?

Humboldt County is a small community, so most everyone knows that I have three young children. It's hard for voters to believe that I would let child rapists off easy -- their sensational main charge. And recently the Eureka Times-Standard, our local paper, reported that despite budget and staff cuts we actually filed more cases than my predecessor did the year before I took office.

I hope you can help. You can make secure contributions of any amount over the Internet at or you can mail checks to:

Friends of Paul Gallegos P.O. Box 135, Eureka, CA 95502

For our families and our future,

Paul Gallegos District Attorney, Humboldt County



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