August 26, 2004

The Empire of Darkness Series #13: The Reigning Monsters Inc.

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Another huge compilation of somewhat disgusting, disconcerting, disquieting, or even discouraging info for you - the only one this week, of course.

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1. Police State USA
2. Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision
3. A History Of Sometimes Fatal Secret Experimentation On US Citizens
4. Media Reform Needed for a Continuing Democracy
5. Iraq's real WMD crime
6. Unnatural Acts
7. Saddam is not her Saddam
8. Lest we forget
9. Whoa, Dude! Are We Peaking Yet?
10. Outsourcing Announcement

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US Naval Exercises scheduled off North Korea at the end of October (August 25)
Buried in an article in today's International Herald Tribune, without any particular emphasis, was a significant item of information: -- The United States has scheduled naval exercises off the coast of North Korea at the end of October. I can imagine only one explanation for a decision to schedule such naval exercises (by definition, optional) at precisely that time. Bush-Cheney-Rove wants to have the option, if Bush's election does not appear assured in the week prior to election day, to either (1) seek to provoke a genuine North Korean attack on an American ship -- and retaliate or (2) in good Gulf of Tonkin style, claim a non-existent North Korean attack -- and retaliate or (3) launch a frankly "preventive" or "pre-emptive" attack against North Korea. Where such courses of action would lead the region and the world cannot be determined in advance but, presumably, would be of limited concern to Bush-Cheney-Rove. Any of such alternative approaches to war would almost certainly assure the election of the Commander-in Chief on November 2.

America retools military to rule oil and Muslims (August 22, 2004)
Paris - Last week's announcement that 70,000 U.S. troops would be withdrawn from Germany and South Korea is an event of major geopolitical importance. However, far from reducing the 257,000 troops overseas in over 100 foreign bases, the Bush administration intends to intensify global military operations even though under-manned, over-committed U.S. armed forces are stretched to the breaking point. (...) Meanwhile, the U.S. will open new bases in Bulgaria and Romania as part of America's new "imperial lifeline." They will link to new U.S. bases being built across Central Asia, Pakistan, Iraq, and the Gulf, designed to cement Washington's hold on the Muslim world and its natural resources. As a result, the entire armed forces are being restructured for "expeditionary warfare" (the British used it call it "the imperial mission"). This process began a decade ago, but accelerated under the Bush administration, which has relentlessly militarized foreign policy. Army heavy tankers and artillery are being replaced by light, Canadian-made wheeled armoured vehicles. Troops are being trained in counter-insurgency operations and urban warfare. A "lilypad" concept of austere, rapidly created mini-bases will allow U.S. forces to leapfrog around the globe. The navy is developing "littoral warfare" ships for coastal operations that can project fire and troops deep inland. Fleets of prepositioned supply ships deployed around the globe will keep entire brigades in the field for months.The U.S. Air Force has developed "barebase" operations allowing it to deploy "strike packages" of attack, bomber and recon aircraft across the globe on short notice that can deliver devastating firepower. New cargo transports are being built. Constellations of spy satellites, listening devices and swarms of drones give Washington eyes and ears everywhere. These dramatic new deployments signal further expansion of military operations around the globe as America comes ever closer to resembling its forbear, the British Empire. Most Americans, however, remain unaware of their government's new imperial plans to rule oil and the Muslim world, and of the unexpected conflicts that lie in wait for America's increasingly far-flung expeditionary forces.

Voting machine test results "off-limits" to the public (08/23/04)
The three companies that certify the nation's voting technologies operate in secrecy and refuse to discuss flaws in the ATM-like machines to be used by nearly one in three voters in November. Despite concerns over whether the so-called touch-screen machines can be trusted, the testing companies won't say publicly whether they have encountered shoddy workmanship. They say they are committed to secrecy in their contracts with the voting machines' makers -- even though tax money ultimately buys or leases the machines. 'I find it grotesque that an organization charged with such a heavy responsibility feels no obligation to explain to anyone what it is doing,' Michael Shamos, a Carnegie Mellon computer scientist and electronic voting expert, told lawmakers in Washington. The system for 'testing and certifying voting equipment in this country is not only broken, but is virtually nonexistent,' Shamos added. CLIP

Sum of a Glitch (August 25, 2004)
Evidence Shows that Machines might be the Real Swing Voters this November

A World On Fire (19 August 2004)
"Iran's public warning of a possible 'pre-emptive' attack on American forces did not come by accident just as the U.S. and its puppet regime are threatening to invade the Shrine of Ali in Najaf." - (...) Now in 2004 as a result of what the Bush/Cheney/Israeli regime insisted on doing the world is dangerously on fire -- passions, hatreds, and fears all now enraged and engaged in an escalating "clash of civilizations" full of crusading rhetoric essentially pitting the U.S., U.K., and Israel against Arab and Muslim countries and peoples everywhere. Remember former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir's ominous departing words to the Organization of the Islamic Conference last year? Two years ago now Walter Cronkite -- the most prominent and credible American journalist of yesteryear -- publicly warned that the U.S. could be leading the world to World War III. About the same time one of Ariel Sharon's most trusted advisers off the record warned a small Jewish audience that he was "sure World War III was coming" and everyone must prepare. (...) Now faced with continual threats, and with American troops on both sides of Iran in Afghanistan and Iraq, yesterday the Iranian Defense Minister said in public Iran would not wait to be attacked (as Iraq had done) but might pre-emptively attack U.S. forces in the region; this just days after publicly displaying new long-range missiles and loudly warning that Israel would be destroyed if it attacked Iran. This is indeed how World Wars are made. Iran's startling public warning of a possible pre-emptive attack on American forces did not come by accident just as the U.S. and its puppet regime are threatening to invade the Shrine of Ali in Najaf and force everyone by overwhelming firepower to comply with their dictates or die. For what is happening these days in Najaf could just be the spark that ignites the entire region and maybe the entire world. CLIP - Recommended by Bill Derau>
NOTE FROM JEAN: I believe this threat of an escalation of the Iraqi nightmarish situation into a larger, even global conflict should be taken seriously...

The Gestapo and The Central Intelligence Agency might have commongrounds very soon
Representative Porter Goss, Bush's favorite for the head of the CIA, has introduced legislation that would allow the Central Intelligence Agency to conduct law-enforcement operations inside the United States-including arbitrary arrests of American citizens.The legislation, H.R. 4584, was put on the floor on 16 June 2004, under the guise of "intelligence reform". The changes would reverse a 57 year old ruling that disallowed the CIA from conducting internal law enforcement activities. The bill would give the CIA broader authority to include arresting Americans suspected of what ever might be arbitrarily deemed as suspicious. Apparently there is not going to be any hard and fast rules -only a perspective judgment call "I think this person may be a crimer". The bill's language is not fully known yet, but it would add the clause"except as otherwise permitted by law or as directed by the president". This would give Bush the ultimate retaliatory weapon against his critics which he deems as "unpatriotic" and "anti-American". CLIP

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib
New classified documents implicate U.S. forces in rape and sodomy of Iraqi prisoners - It has been months since the now-infamous photographs from Abu Ghraib revealed that American soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners -- yet the Bush administration has failed to get to the bottom of the abuses."There are some serious unanswered questions," says Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican on the Armed Services Committee. The Pentagon is stalling on several investigations, and congressional inquiries have ground to a halt. The foot-dragging is astonishing, given that Congress has access to classified documents detailing the abuses outlined by Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba in his report on Abu Ghraib. Rolling Stone obtained those files in June and offers this report on their contents.

Guantanamo's Torture Regime is a Shameful Disgrace (August 23)
(...) The document depicts a Kafkaesque nightmare combined with a barbaric system of punishments, including "short-shackling" for hours on end. Any decent person, British or American, could only feel the utmost shame and revulsion that such methods should be used. It is clear from the accounts of the three British detainees that many prisoners have gone mad and many have attempted suicide. The Foreign Office has evaded the requests of family lawyers to allow independent doctors to see the British citizens and UK residents who still remain in Guantanamo. Torture is morally repugnant, degrading both the tortured and the torturers. It is also wholly destructive of security, which in part depends on intelligence. Torture produces dysfunctional intelligence since the suspect is being forced to give only the answers the interrogators want. CLIP

'Staggering Amount' of Cash Missing In Iraq (August 20)
WASHINGTON, (IPS) - Three U.S. senators have called on Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to account for 8.8 billion dollars entrusted to the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq earlier this year but now gone missing. In a letter Thursday, Senators Ron Wyden of Oregon, Byron L Dorgan of North Dakota and Tom Harkin of Iowa, all opposition Democrats, demanded a "full, written account" of the money that was channelled to Iraqi ministries and authorities by the CPA, which was the governing body in the occupied country until Jun. 30. The loss was uncovered in an audit by the CPA's inspector general. It has not yet been released publicly and was initially reported on the web site of journalist and retired U.S. Army Col David Hackworth.

IOC Furious over Bush Ads (August 25)
(...) "The arrogance of the US administration is quite amazing. To hijack the Olympics name ... it is difficult to put it into words," said one senior IOC member. There was further anger here when there were suggestions that President Bush would come to the Olympics if Iraq had won their semi-final soccer match against Paraguay on Tuesday. It was seen by many IOC members as another move by the US president to exploit the Olympics in his campaign against his Democratic rival John Kerry. CLIP

ISRAEL ON TOP NOW - Yet 'on the eve of destruction'? (15 August 2004)
"We are living in a country that is undergoing a process of moral decay.""We are obtuse. We are blind. We do not feel and we do not see.""In our cabinet today there are ministers of war. One of them wants a war in Damascus and another wants war with the whole Arab world and a third just loves war." His father long headed the National Religious Party. He himself has been the head of the world Zionist movement as well as the Speaker of the Knesset. And yet -- even as the Israelis appear to be victorious with the Palestinians everywhere surrounded, subjugated, dispossessed and controlled -- Avraham Burg dares to speak out loudly about how perverted Zionism has become and that all the militarism, racism, and arrogance could in reality have put Israel 'on the eve of destruction'.

Sharon Rips Up 'Road-Map' With Plan For 1,001 New Settler Homes (August 18, 2004 )

One Thousand Reasons to Vote Against George Bush (AMAZING LIST!)
Before you vote for George Bush, take a close look at his record. Since his first day in office he has worked against the best interests of America. His assaults on the environment -- many of them small enough to escape notice -- have consistently favored corporate profits at the expense of clean air, clean water, and truly healthy forests.His mismanagement of our economy has driven us into debt of historic magnitude, while turning the gap between rich and poor into a chasm. Tax cuts! Tax cuts! he tells us, in spite of waging terribly expensive wars against two countries, in spite of fighting his mythical "war on terror." CLIP

More Holes in the Official Story: The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls (10 August 2004)

Sins of the flesh (19 August 2004)
Six months after Janet Jackson bared her breast for 1.7 seconds on live TV, draconian censorship and huge fines have changed the face of American broadcasting - and polarised the country. But the entertainment industry is fighting back - As obscenity goes, a flash of female breast is hardly worth bothering with. Magazines from Vogue to Heat show them all the time. Barely veiled bosoms are on view on young women in cities the world over. But this is the story of one exposed nipple that shook the world. It has been impossible to ponder the issue of public morality in America these past few months without wondering whether we aren't living in weird parallel universes. In the first, 2004 has been the year in which the United States was caught torturing prisoners in Iraq, was accused of lying about weapons of mass destruction, and was deemed to be violating the US constitution and international law by holding so-called "enemy combatants" indefinitely without trial. In the second universe, none of these matters one jot: not as moral issues, anyway. In this universe - the province of cable television, talk radio and the strangely hermetic corridors of power in Washington - there has been only one noteworthy moral outrage in 2004, one thing to offend the consciences of decent citizens and make them despair of the nation's moral fibre.We are talking, of course, of Janet Jackson's prime-time breast exposure during the Super Bowl. CLIPs

Viagra introduces its latest celebrity backer: the devil (19 August 2004)
The first in a new series of television advertisements now airing in the US features a husband shopping with his wife, dutifully standing by as she browses the shoe shelves. Up go the horns when they switch their gaze to the lingerie section. (...) Critics may counter that the drug makers are still dancing too delicately around the real message of their campaigns: sex is possible for guys with fickle equipment. However, they are also wary of appearing to encourage consumption of their pills for reasons other than erectile dysfunction.Recent research has shown a huge rise in consumption of Viagra, especially among men aged from 18 to 45. While the numbers using Viagra for straightforward medical reasons has begun to slide, the research shows a 312 per cent jump in sales to men who are using the pill just for fun. CLIP

Cleland Blasts Bush for Not Condemning Anti-Kerry Ads (25 August 2004)
(CNN) -- Vietnam veteran and former Sen. Max Cleland said Wednesday that attack ads questioning Sen. John Kerry's combat record in Vietnam were "scurrilous" and "dishonest and dishonorable" and called on President Bush to come out against them. Cleland, who lost both legs and an arm in the war, told reporters gathered at a school near Bush's Texas ranch that the commercials run by the group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were false and that "George Bush is behind it." "The question is, where is George Bush's honor? The question is where is his shame?" Cleland asked. "To attack a fellow veteran who has distinguished himself ... in combat, regardless of the political combat involved, is disgraceful." He said he was unsuccessful in trying to deliver a letter to President Bush urging him to condemn the ads. CLIP



Wacky Weather Continues Worldwide (24-Aug-2004)
Violent storms in the ocean off the U.K. and Ireland are ripping off huge chunks of cliffs and hurling the rocks long distances inland-distances scientists didn't think were possible. And a tornado has been seen at 12,000 feet in Sequoia National Park in the U.S., making it the highest elevation tornado ever recorded. This is something new, since tornadoes are a sea level phenomenon.

Alaska wildfires grow to record 5 million acres (August 19, 2004)
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Wildfires have scorched more than 5 million acres in Alaska as of Tuesday, forestry officials said, a new record that signals possible changes in climate conditions and the composition of the vast forests. "We will definitely not have the same kind of forest and landscape that we're familiar with today if this keeps up," said Glenn Juday, a forest-sciences professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. While it is common for vast sections of Alaska wild lands to ignite and smolder under the extended summer daylight, this year's fires have been driven by unusually hot and parched weather and plentiful lightning strikes. In a typical summer, 500,000 to 1.5 million Alaska acres burn, according to statistics from past years. And usually, fire is part of the natural cycle that clears black spruce and white spruce - slender, fast-growing conifers with high levels of flammable resin - out of the way for slower-growing hardwood trees like birch and aspen. Six hundred fires have burned during the summer, topping the 4.94 million acres charred in 1957, the previous record Alaska wildfire season. As of Tuesday, 103 fires were still burning, including the 1.1 million-acre Taylor Complex fire that was created when several blazes merged. About 50 buildings had been lost, including seven homes, and 1,075 firefighters were on duty, with about $30 million spent fighting the fires so far. Fire managers were still waiting for the heavy rains that usually douse Alaska's blazes by August. "We didn't get that ground-soaking, long-duration rain," said Andy Alexandrou, a fire information officer with the federal-state Alaska Interagency Coordination Center. Scientists warned that Alaska's trend is for increased wildfires of this magnitude. "Most of the explanations trace themselves back to the climate change," Juday said.

Climatologists give waterworld warning for Earth
As the world gets warmer, it is getting wetter. And one of the main conclusions reached at Europe's largest ever earth sciences conference was that we are less prepared for it than ever. While some delegates were still reeling from the catastrophic floods that hit the continent in August 2002, others warned that the risk of future flooding has been vastly underestimated. And studies of past episodes of climate change suggest that a wetter world may be not only a consequence of global warming but a trigger for further, more dramatic temperature rises. CLIP

The Big Thaw - National Geographic Magazine , September 2004 issue
Retreating glaciers, rising seas, and shrinking lakes are some of the global changes already under way. (...) Everywhere on Earth ice is changing. The famed snows of Kilimanjaro have melted more than 80 percent since 1912. Glaciers in the Garhwal Himalaya in India are retreating so fast that researchers believe that most central and eastern Himalayan glaciers could virtually disappear by 2035. Arctic sea ice has thinned significantly over the past half century, and its extent has declined by about 10 percent in the past 30 years. NASA's repeated laser altimeter readings show the edges of Greenland's ice sheet shrinking. Spring freshwater ice breakup in the Northern Hemisphere now occurs nine days earlier than it did 150 years ago, and autumn freeze-up ten days later. Thawing permafrost has caused the ground to subside more than 15 feet (4.5 meters) in parts of Alaska. From the Arctic to Peru, from Switzerland to the equatorial glaciers of Irian Jaya in Indonesia, massive ice fields, monstrous glaciers, and sea ice are disappearing, fast.

Satellite-Observed Changes In the Arctic (August 10, 2004)
The Arctic has warmed by about 1°C in the past two decades. That time period has seen glaciers retreat, permafrost thaw, snow cover decrease, and ice sheets thin.
(...) In Alaska alone, polar-orbiting satellites are monitoring 15 000 glaciers, most of which appear to be retreating. Figure 4a shows a sample image of several glaciers on Ellesmere Island and icebergs calved into Dobbin Bay from Eugenie Glacier's floating tongue. Among the most dramatic of the glacial ice changes in the Arctic during the period of satellite record is the major breakup between 2000 and 2002 of the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf along the northern coast of Ellesmere Island. Data from RADARSAT, a satellite equipped with a high-resolution imaging radar, showed no evidence of fracturing of the shelf in 1998 or 1999, a clear fracture in April 2000, and substantial decay by September 2002.(...) For the Northern Hemisphere as a whole, over the period from late 1978 to the end of 1999, both the visible and passive microwave data showed a decrease in snow cover. But the visible data revealed snow cover to be decreasing at a rate of 59 000 km2 per year (2.6% per decade), whereas the passive microwave data estimated the trend at roughly half that rate. The percentage change is not large, but in the locations where the trend is occurring, the implications could be significant—for example, for freshwater supplies during the melt season and for the ski industry during the winter. During the past decade, evidence has mounted to indicate that the areal extent of permafrost in the Arctic has similarly decreased, as would be expected under long-term warming conditions. (...) Satellite images indicate that as the tundra and overlying air have warmed, the tree line in the Northern Hemisphere has moved north into the Arctic. Judging from various resources, including visible and near-IR satellite data and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, about 15% of the Arctic tundra has been lost since the 1970s—an amount of land roughly three times the size of California. (...) Diminishing sea ice - Researchers use sea-ice concentration maps to estimate the area and extent (that is, the integrated ocean area within at least 15% ice coverage) to which sea ice blankets the Arctic. Those data, in turn, are used to calculate trends. Microwave satellite data indicate that the extent of sea-ice coverage and area covered by sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere as a whole declined at an average rate of 2-3% per decade from 1978 through 2003—about 350 000 km2 per decade, which is consistent with earlier studies.13 Sea-ice thickness has also decreased, as revealed by submarine sonar data taken since the 1950s (although those data were collected sporadically and over limited areas) and by satellite altimeter readings taken since the late 1990s. The diminishing sea-ice cover is raising concerns among researchers and others because positive feedbacks with other elements of the climate system may exacerbate the trend and because the sea-ice diminution impacts the Arctic ecosystems, including polar bears and also plants and animals lower on the food chain. The sea ice extent varies from about 7 to 16 million km2 from summer to winter. An analysis of the Arctic perennial ice cover—the ice that survives the summer melt—shows particularly dramatic changes. By monitoring the ice minimum each September, researchers have noticed that the rapid decline in perennial ice observed from 1978 to 200015 has continued, with the least extensive coverage observed by satellite in 2002 and almost as low an amount in 2003. CLIP

Accelerated Sea-Ice Melting in the Arctic (Jan 9, 2004 - with satellite pictures of 2003)
(...) Recently, area and thickness of the Arctic sea ice cover are reported to decrease year by year, and the connection of those decreases to the global warming phenomenon are investigated by scientists.

DEVELOPING NATIONS DO IT FASTER - Population to Grow Rapidly in Developing Countries.
The world population is expected to balloon from 6.3 billion to 9.3 billion by 2050, and nearly 99 percent of the growth will take place in developing countries, according to comprehensive new population projections by the Population Reference Bureau. Industrialized countries like Japan and most countries in Europe are expected to lose population -- the one exception being the U.S., where liberal immigration policies and a higher birth rate portend growth of more than 40 percent by 2050, from 294 to 420 million. Meanwhile, countries in South Asia and Africa are set to explode: The population of India is expected to go from 1.1 billion to 1.6 billion by 2050, far surpassing China as the world's most populous country. Of the 12 countries expected to double (or more) their numbers, all are poor and politically, socially, or environmentally volatile. A separate forthcoming report from the Worldwatch Institute will predict that fuel, food, and water shortages will curtail population growth in poor countries.
World faces population explosion in poor countries (18 Aug 2004),2763,1285358,00.html
India population 'to be biggest' (18 Aug 2004)

Report Warns Europe Particularly Vulnerable to Climate Change (18 Aug 2004)
Europe will suffer worse, and sooner, than other parts of the world from climate change, according to a new report from the European Environment Agency. The report "pulls together a wealth of evidence that climate change is already happening and having widespread impacts, many of them with substantial economic costs, on people and ecosystems across Europe," said the EEA's Jacqueline McGlade. The continent can expect more severe heat waves and more frequent and violent storms of the kind that led to the flash flood earlier this month that virtually destroyed the U.K. village of Boscastle. Northern Europe can expect more precipitation, while southern regions are likely to experience drought. By 2080, cold winters could almost entirely disappear. Economic damage from floods, droughts, storms, and heat waves has more than doubled in Europe over the last 20 years. The report urged, as you might expect, worldwide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


From: "Phyllis">
Date: 19 Aug 2004
Subject: Police State USA

Excellent article by sen. Ron Paul from

It so amazes me how much people buy into the fear without question.


Police State USA

Last week's announcement that the terrorist threat warning level has been raised in parts of New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. has led to dramatic and unprecedented restrictions on the movements of citizens. Americans wishing to visit the U.S. Capitol must, for example, pass through several checkpoints and submit to police inspection of their cars and persons.

Many Americans support the new security measures because they claim to feel safer when the government issues terror alerts and fills the streets with militarized police forces. As one tourist interviewed this week said, "It makes me feel comfortable to know that everything is being checked." It is ironic that tourists coming to Washington to celebrate the freedoms embodied in the Declaration of Independence are so eager to give up those freedoms with no questions asked.

Freedom is not defined by safety. Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference. Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place. Only a totalitarian society would even claim absolute safety as a worthy ideal, because it would require total state control over its citizens‚ lives. This doesn't stop governments, including our own, from seeking more control over and intrusion into our lives. As one Member of Congress stated to the press last week, "people who don't want to be searched don't need to come on Capitol grounds." What an insult! The Capitol belongs to the American people who pay for it, not to Congress or the police.

It is worth noting that the government rushes first to protect itself, devoting enormous resources to make places like the Capitol grounds safe, while just beyond lies one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation. What makes Congress more worthy of protection from terrorists than ordinary citizens?

To understand the nature of our domestic response to the September 11th, 2001 attacks, we must understand the nature of government. Government naturally expands, and any crises - whether real or manufactured - serve to justify more and more government power over our lives. Bureaucrats have used the tragedy of 9-11 as an excuse to seize police powers sought for decades, such as warrantless searches, Internet monitoring, and access to bank records. It should be no surprise that the recently released report of the 9-11 Commission has but one central recommendation: bigger government and more spending at home and abroad.

Every new security measure represents another failure of the once-courageous American spirit. The more we change our lives, the more we obsess about terrorism, the more the terrorists have won. As commentator Lew Rockwell of the Ludwig von Mises Institute explains, terrorists in effect have been elevated by our response to 9-11: "They are running the country. They determine our civic life. They shape our private life. They decide how public resources are spent. They may dictate who gets to be the next president. It should be obvious that the government doesn't object. Not at all. The government benefits, by getting ever more reason for ever more money and power."

Every generation must resist the temptation to believe that it lives in the most dangerous time in American history. The threat of Islamic terrorism is real, but it is not the greatest danger ever faced by our nation. This is not to dismiss the threat of terrorism, but rather to put it in perspective. Those who seek to whip the nation into a frenzy of fear do a disservice to a country that expelled the British, fought two world wars, and stared down the Soviet empire.

Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset. When we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints, random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets, we have lost a vital part of our American heritage. America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government. Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.

Jonathan Turley is a professor of constitutional law at George Washington University.


See also:

Specter of a police state - FBI “anti-terror” task force targets Bush administration opponents (18 August 2004)
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has embarked on a large-scale operation to intimidate and attack opponents of the Bush administration’s war policy. In advance of the Democratic National Convention held earlier this month in Boston and the upcoming Republican convention in New York City, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) has mobilized agents to spy on, interrogate and threaten antiwar protesters and disrupt their activities.In violation of basic democratic and Constitutional rights, the JTTF has placed under surveillance, and in some cases interviewed, dozens of people in at least six states about their antiwar views and actions. The JTTF’s measures have included visits to the homes and workplaces of antiwar activists, as well as to their friends and family members. In none of these cases was there any evidence of criminal activity—either committed or planned—on the part of the targeted individuals. In keeping with Bush administration policy in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the FBI claims the operation is warranted by the “war on terrorism,” and that this outweighs any abridgment of basic civil liberties, including the First Amendment right to free speech and association. The spying operation is, in fact, a revival of McCarthyite tactics, aimed at silencing opponents of government policy. Local offices of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have reported that FBI agents throughout the US have been monitoring the daily activities of numerous political activists, whom the authorities believe are planning to protest at major political events, including the upcoming Republican National Convention. (...) With the activities of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, the political establishment seeks to create a definite public mindset, in which external terrorism is conflated with domestic dissent. The basic premise is that anyone who opposes the foreign or domestic policies of the government is ipso facto guilty of aiding and abetting the terrorists. (...) It is becoming increasingly clear that these escalating police state measures are not designed to thwart a foreign terrorist threat, but are aimed at the growing opposition to government policy. Is it a mere coincidence that those alleged by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force to be likely promoters of violence are inevitably opponents of the Bush administration’s militarist policies? The government never explains why it is precisely those who oppose the government’s policies from the left who represent witting or unwitting allies of terrorism.It is worth recalling that the most bloody act of terrorism carried out on US soil prior to 9/11—the Oklahoma City bombing of April 1995—was perpetrated by fascistic elements associated with militia movements and other groups linked to prominent forces within the Republican Party. These latest measures against antiwar protesters have received only perfunctory mention in the mainstream print and broadcast media. Where they have been reported, such as the August 16 New York Times article, the implications of their implementation for the American population have been downplayed. CLIP

Wiretapping the Web (August 17, 2004)
A literal reading of electronic eavesdropping laws—coupled with a new FCC proposal—may make it easier for Washington to watch you online.

Knock, Knock! It's The FBI (August 16, 2004)
The anti-terrorist chickens have come home to roost. For several years I've been writing about how the frenzy to lock down America over counterterrorism would lead to abuses and paranoia. I've especially focused on the so-called Joint Terrorism Task Forces that the FBI created in every city in America since the 1980s, and especially since 9/11. These task forces unite dozens of federal, state and local agencies on the watch for terrorism, from the FBI and the CIA, to the Secret Service, the DEA, ATF, state police, city cops and more.

Who Is Running America?
The Bankruptcy of America, the Corporate United States, and the New World Order (...) Did you ever hear of the Independent Treasury Act of 1921? No, you say.... Hmmmmmmm....? The Independent Treasury Act of 1921 suspended the de jure (meaning "by right of legal establishment") Treasury Department of the United States government. Our Congress turned the treasury department over to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve and their agents. The bulk of the ownership of the Federal Reserve System, a very well kept secret from the American Citizen, is held by these banking interests:
Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
The Federal Reserve is at the root of most of our present laws. Basically, the Federal Reserve is the "STATE" of the United States. CLIP


Watchdog's Big Brother UK warning



Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision

Attorney general shows himself as a menace to liberty.

By Jonathan Turley

Los Angeles Times

14 August, 2002

Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace.

Ashcroft's plan, disclosed last week but little publicized, would allow him to order the indefinite incarceration of U.S. citizens and summarily strip them of their constitutional rights and access to the courts by declaring them enemy combatants.

The proposed camp plan should trigger immediate congressional hearings and reconsideration of Ashcroft's fitness for this important office. Whereas Al Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens, Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties.

The camp plan was forged at an optimistic time for Ashcroft's small inner circle, which has been carefully watching two test cases to see whether this vision could become a reality. The cases of Jose Padilla and Yaser Esam Hamdi will determine whether U.S. citizens can be held without charges and subject to the arbitrary and unchecked authority of the government.

Hamdi has been held without charge even though the facts of his case are virtually identical to those in the case of John Walker Lindh. Both Hamdi and Lindh were captured in Afghanistan as foot soldiers in Taliban units. Yet Lindh was given a lawyer and a trial, while Hamdi rots in a floating Navy brig in Norfolk, Va.

This week, the government refused to comply with a federal judge who ordered that he be given the underlying evidence justifying Hamdi's treatment. The Justice Department has insisted that the judge must simply accept its declaration and cannot interfere with the president's absolute authority in "a time of war."

In Padilla's case, Ashcroft initially claimed that the arrest stopped a plan to detonate a radioactive bomb in New York or Washington, D.C. The administration later issued an embarrassing correction that there was no evidence Padilla was on such a mission. What is clear is that Padilla is an American citizen and was arrested in the United States--two facts that should trigger the full application of constitutional rights.

Ashcroft hopes to use his self-made "enemy combatant" stamp for any citizen whom he deems to be part of a wider terrorist conspiracy.

Perhaps because of his discredited claims of preventing radiological terrorism, aides have indicated that a "high-level committee" will recommend which citizens are to be stripped of their constitutional rights and sent to Ashcroft's new camps.

Few would have imagined any attorney general seeking to reestablish such camps for citizens. Of course, Ashcroft is not considering camps on the order of the internment camps used to incarcerate Japanese American citizens in World War II. But he can be credited only with thinking smaller; we have learned from painful experience that unchecked authority, once tasted, easily becomes insatiable.

We are only now getting a full vision of Ashcroft's America. Some of his predecessors dreamed of creating a great society or a nation unfettered by racism. Ashcroft seems to dream of a country secured from itself, neatly contained and controlled by his judgment of loyalty.

For more than 200 years, security and liberty have been viewed as coexistent values. Ashcroft and his aides appear to view this relationship as lineal, where security must precede liberty.

Since the nation will never be entirely safe from terrorism, liberty has become a mere rhetorical justification for increased security.

Ashcroft is a catalyst for constitutional devolution, encouraging citizens to accept autocratic rule as their only way of avoiding massive terrorist attacks.

His greatest problem has been preserving a level of panic and fear that would induce a free people to surrender the rights so dearly won by their ancestors.

In "A Man for All Seasons," Sir Thomas More was confronted by a young lawyer, Will Roper, who sought his daughter's hand. Roper proclaimed that he would cut down every law in England to get after the devil.

More's response seems almost tailored for Ashcroft: "And when the last law was down and the devil turned round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? ... This country's planted thick with laws from coast to coast ... and if you cut them down--and you are just the man to do it--do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?"

Every generation has had Ropers and Ashcrofts who view our laws and traditions as mere obstructions rather than protections in times of peril. But before we allow Ashcroft to denude our own constitutional landscape, we must take a stand and have the courage to say, "Enough."

Every generation has its test of principle in which people of good faith can no longer remain silent in the face of authoritarian ambition. If we cannot join together to fight the abomination of American camps, we have already lost what we are defending.


See also:

From John Ashcroft's lips to God's ear - Kiss Your Rights Goodbye (August 23rd, 2004)
It will never be said of George W. Bush that he left office with any less intelligence, grace, and dignity than he came in with. Intimidation of black voters in Florida has already begun, with surprise visits to the newly registered by Jeb Bush's state police, "investigating voter fraud"—an ingeniously ironic whopper, of the stripe that's endeared the Bush family to generations of Saudi princes, defense contractors, and homicidal dictators. Iraq is a catastrophe, bloodier by the hour. Our Afghan proxy controls a full 10 yards of sovereign territory around his office in Kabul. The only successful war Bush has waged from the comfort of his ranch thus far has been an unremitting attack on the U.S. Constitution. The First, Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments in the Bill of Rights have already sustained serious injury. (...) After 9-11 and the anthrax scare, Ashcroft's Patriot Act, and the subsequent Homeland Security Act sailed through a terrified Congress like shit through a canebrake. Although Ashcroft has disavowed a leaked draft of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act, which bears a twinship to the Nazi Party's 1933 platform, Patriot Act II, as it's affectionately known, is definitely on the menu for a second Bush administration, should Diebold Corporation and Brother Jeb come through for our current appointee. CLIP



A History Of Sometimes Fatal Secret Experimentation On US Citizens

1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infects human subjects with cancer cells. He later goes on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama, and is named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. While there, he begins a series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients.

1932 The Tuskegee Syphilis Study begins. 200 black men diagnosed with syphilis are never told of their illness, are denied treatment, and instead are used as human guinea pigs in order to follow the progression and symptoms of the disease. They all subsequently die from syphilis, their families never told that they could have been treated.

1935 The Pellagra Incident. After millions of individuals die from Pellagra over a span of two decades, the U.S. Public Health Service finally acts to stem the disease. The director of the agency admits it had known for at least 20 years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to act since most of the deaths occured within poverty-striken black populations.

1940 Four hundred prisoners in Chicago are infected with Malaria in order to study the effects of new and experimental drugs to combat the disease. Nazi doctors later on trial at Nuremberg cite this American study to defend their own actions during the Holocaust.

1942 Chemical Warfare Services begins mustard gas experiments on approximately 4,000 servicemen. The experiments continue until 1945 and made use of Seventh Day Adventists who chose to become human guinea pigs rather than serve on active duty.

1943 In response to Japan's full-scale germ warfare program, the U.S. begins research on biological weapons at Fort Detrick, MD.

1944 U.S. Navy uses human subjects to test gas masks and clothing. Individuals were locked in a gas chamber and exposed to mustard gas and lewisite.

1945 Project Paperclip is initiated. The U.S. State Department, Army intelligence, and the CIA recruit Nazi scientists and offer them immunity and secret identities in exchange for work on top secret government projects in the United States.

1945 "Program F" is implemented by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). This is the most extensive U.S. study of the health effects of fluoride, which was the key chemical component in atomic bomb production. One of the most toxic chemicals known to man, fluoride, it is found, causes marked adverse effects to the central nervous system but much of the information is squelched in the name of national security because of fear that lawsuits would undermine full-scale production of atomic bombs.

1946 Patients in VA hospitals are used as guinea pigs for medical experiments. In order to allay suspicions, the order is given to change the word "experiments" to "investigations" or "observations" whenever reporting a medical study performed in one of the nation's veteran's hospitals.

1947 Colonel E.E. Kirkpatrick of the U.S. Atomic Energy Comission issues a secret document (Document 07075001, January 8, 1947) stating that the agency will begin administering intravenous doses of radioactive substances to human subjects.

1947 The CIA begins its study of LSD as a potential weapon for use by American intelligence. Human subjects (both civilian and military) are used with and without their knowledge.

1950 Department of Defense begins plans to detonate nuclear weapons in desert areas and monitor downwind residents for medical problems and mortality rates.

1950 I n an experiment to determine how susceptible an American city would be to biological attack, the U.S. Navy sprays a cloud of bacteria from ships over San Franciso. Monitoring devices are situated throughout the city in order to test the extent of infection. Many residents become ill with pneumonia-like symptoms.

1951 Department of Defense begins open air tests using disease-producing bacteria and viruses. Tests last through 1969 and there is concern that people in the surrounding areas have been exposed.

1953 U.S. military releases clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide gas over Winnipeg, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland, and Leesburg, Virginia. Their intent is to determine how efficiently they could disperse chemical agents.

1953 Joint Army-Navy-CIA experiments are conducted in which tens of thousands of people in New York and San Francisco are exposed to the airborne germs Serratia marcescens and Bacillus glogigii.

1953 CIA initiates Project MKULTRA. This is an eleven year research program designed to produce and test drugs and biological agents that would be used for mind control and behavior modification. Six of the subprojects involved testing the agents on unwitting human beings.

1955 The CIA, in an experiment to test its ability to infect human populations with biological agents, releases a bacteria withdrawn from the Army's biological warfare arsenal over Tampa Bay, Fl.

1955 Army Chemical Corps continues LSD research, studying its potential use as a chemical incapacitating agent. More than 1,000 Americans participate in the tests, which continue until 1958.

1956 U.S. military releases mosquitoes infected with Yellow Fever over Savannah, Ga and Avon Park, Fl. Following each test, Army agents posing as public health officials test victims for effects.

1958 LSD is tested on 95 volunteers at the Army's Chemical Warfare Laboratories for its effect on intelligence.

1960 The Army Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Intelligence (ACSI) authorizes field testing of LSD in Europe and the Far East. Testing of the european population is code named Project THIRD CHANCE; testing of the Asian population is code named Project DERBY HAT.

1965 Project CIA and Department of Defense begin Project MKSEARCH, a program to develop a capability to manipulate human behavior through the use of mind-altering drugs.

1965 Prisoners at the Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia are subjected to dioxin, the highly toxic chemical component of Agent Orange used in Viet Nam. The men are later studied for development of cancer, which indicates that Agent Orange had been a suspected carcinogen all along.

1966 CIA initiates Project MKOFTEN, a program to test the toxicological effects of certain drugs on humans and animals.

1966 U.S. Army dispenses Bacillus subtilis variant niger throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians are exposed when army scientists drop lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto ventilation grates.

1967 CIA and Department of Defense implement Project MKNAOMI, successor to MKULTRA and designed to maintain, stockpile and test biological and chemical weapons.

1968 CIA experiments with the possibility of poisoning drinking water by injecting chemicals into the water supply of the FDA in Washington, D.C.

1969 Dr. Robert MacMahan of the Department of Defense requests from congress $10 million to develop, within 5 to 10 years, a synthetic biological agent to which no natural immunity exists.

1970 Funding for the synthetic biological agent is obtained under H.R. 15090. The project, under the supervision of the CIA, is carried out by the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, the army's top secret biological weapons facility. Speculation is raised that molecular biology techniques are used to produce AIDS-like retroviruses.

1970 United States intensifies its development of "ethnic weapons" (Military Review, Nov., 1970), designed to selectively target and eliminate specific ethnic groups who are susceptible due to genetic differences and variations in DNA.

1975 The virus section of Fort Detrick's Center for Biological Warfare Research is renamed the Fredrick Cancer Research Facilities and placed under the supervision of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). It is here that a special virus cancer program is initiated by the U.S. Navy, purportedly to develop cancer-causing viruses. It is also here that retrovirologists isolate a virus to which no immunity exists. It is later named HTLV (Human T-cell Leukemia Virus).

1977 Senate hearings on Health and Scientific Research confirm that 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969. Some of the areas included San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Key West, Panama City, Minneapolis, and St. Louis.

1978 Experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trials, conducted by the CDC, begin in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ads for research subjects specifically ask for promiscuous homosexual men.

1981 First cases of AIDS are confirmed in homosexual men in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, triggering speculation that AIDS may have been introduced via the Hepatitis B vaccine

1985 According to the journal Science (227:173-177), HTLV and VISNA, a fatal sheep virus, are very similar, indicating a close taxonomic and evolutionary relationship.

1986 According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (83:4007-4011), HIV and VISNA are highly similar and share all structural elements, except for a small segment which is nearly identical to HTLV. This leads to speculation that HTLV and VISNA may have been linked to produce a new retrovirus to which no natural immunity exists.

1986 A report to Congress reveals that the U.S. Government's current generation of biological agents includes: modified viruses, naturally occurring toxins, and agents that are altered through genetic engineering to change immunological character and prevent treatment by all existing vaccines.

1987 Department of Defense admits that, despite a treaty banning research and development of biological agents, it continues to operate research facilities at 127 facilities and universities around the nation.

1990 More than 1500 six-month old black and hispanic babies in Los Angeles are given an "experimental" measles vaccine that had never been licensed for use in the United States. CDC later admits that parents were never informed that the vaccine being injected to their children was experimental.

1994 With a technique called "gene tracking," Dr. Garth Nicolson at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX discovers that many returning Desert Storm veterans are infected with an altered strain of Mycoplasma incognitus, a microbe commonly used in the production of biological weapons. Incorporated into its molecular structure is 40 percent of the HIV protein coat, indicating that it had been man-made.

1994 Senator John D. Rockefeller issues a report revealing that for at least 50 years the Department of Defense has used hundreds of thousands of military personnel in human experiments and for intentional exposure to dangerous substances. Materials included mustard and nerve gas, ionizing radiation, psychochemicals, hallucinogens, and drugs used during the Gulf War .

1995 U.S. Government admits that it had offered Japanese war criminals and scientists who had performed human medical experiments salaries and immunity from prosecution in exchange for data on biological warfare research.

1995 Dr. Garth Nicolson, uncovers evidence that the biological agents used during the Gulf War had been manufactured in Houston, TX and Boca Raton, Fl and tested on prisoners in the Texas Department of Corrections.

1996 Department of Defense admits that Desert Storm soldiers were exposed to chemical agents.

1997 Eighty-eight members of Congress sign a letter demanding an investigation into bioweapons use & Gulf War Syndrome.

1998-2000 Health News



Date: 25 Aug 2004
From: Peter Phillips>
Subject: Media Reform Needed for a Continuing Democracy

Media Reform Needed for a Continuing Democracy

By Peter Phillips

The First Amendment of the US constitution, guaranteeing freedom of the press, was established to maximize citizen cognition of critical issues in society. It was understood clearly by the founders that Democracy could only be maintained through an informed electorate.

A daily newspaper, along with the three major TV networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, are the major sources of news and information for most Americans. News stories and the invidious entertainment segments from these corporate sources generally have similar themes and common frames of understanding. This concentration of access to media sources leaves most Americans with very narrow parameters of news awareness and an almost complete lack of competing opinions.

Important questions that impact most Americans are generally ignored. Why are 45 million American without health care? Why is poverty increasing in the US? What happened to the safety net of social programs for the disadvantaged? What are the underlying reasons - other than oil - for the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan? Will the military draft be re-instituted in the US after the 04 election? What is the truth behind global warming and extreme weather conditions? Where have all the living wage jobs gone? Why is minimum wage now at 60% of its value in 1968? Who got rich in the 90s and kept the money? Who owns the electronic voting machine companies?

Each of these questions and many more directly affect nearly every American and their personal motivations to participate in the democratic process. Yet the corporate media choose not to address these important issues in any significant way. Instead, they are keeping us on top of the Peterson murder case, the Michael Jackson trial and the threat of new terror attacks.

By not addressing relevant issues facing everyday Americans, the corporate media are weakening democracy in the US. More than half the eligible voters in the country do not vote in elections. Most non-voters believe their vote matters very little. Therefore, they do not make the effort to distinguish important issues between candidates nor do the corporate media do it for them. Non-voters often see little difference between the two primary political parties and tend to believe that voting is a waste of time.

The corporate media agenda of maximum profits undermines the public purpose of a free press by creating the fiscal necessity for cutting costs and increasing the entertainment content. Ratings and audience share translate to higher advertising value and higher profits. This structural arrangement of corporate media results in an electorate who perceive few personal reasons to get involved, not just as voters but as activists on political issues as well.

How can we address media reform to broaden citizen democratic participation? The regulator of the media -- the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) -- is the body established to insure that the purposes of the First Amendment are maintained. Bush administration pro-corporate media appointees, however, have captured the FCC. Chaired by Michael Powell, the FCC has been trying to relax the media ownership rules by allowing expanded market share by any single media conglomerate and they propose to deregulate the rules of cross ownership between radio, television and newspapers in the same locale.

Members of Congress have been attempting to scale back the proposed FCC changes, but they need a public outcry to encourage them to continue their efforts.

Media reform is not a topic covered by the corporate media themselves and without a strong public expression of concern congressional resolve may weaken in an election year. We must continue the pressure and demand that a diversity of independent news sources be maintained in every city. And we must ask for public funding of locally-controlled grassroots independent news agencies throughout the country as well. Democracy is too precious to lose.

Peter Phillips is Department Chair and Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and director of Project Censored, a media research organization.

Peter Phillips Ph.D.
Sociology Department/Project Censored
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928




Iraq's real WMD crime

By Lawrence Smallman in Baghdad

17 March 2004

There are weapons of mass destruction all over Iraq and they were used this past year. Iraqi children continue to find them every day.

They have ruined the lives of just under 300,000 people during the last decade - and numbers will increase.

The reason is simple. Two hundred tonnes of radioactive material were fired by invading US forces into buildings, homes, streets and gardens all over Baghdad.

The material in question is depleted uranium (DU). Left over after natural uranium has been enriched, DU is 1.7 times denser than lead - effective in penetrating armoured objects such as tanks.

After a DU-coated shell strikes, it goes straight through before exploding into a burning vapour which turns to dust.

"Depleted uranium has a half life of 4.7 billion years – that means thousands upon thousands of Iraqi children will suffer for tens of thousands of years to come. This is what I call terrorism," says Dr Ahmad Hardan.

As a special scientific adviser to the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and the Iraqi Ministry of Health, Dr Hardan is the man who documented the effects of depleted uranium in Iraq between 1991 and 2002.

"This has caused a health crisis that has affected almost a third of a million people."
Dr Ahmad Hardan,
scientific adviser to the World Health Organisation

But the war and occupation has doubled his workload.

Terrible history repeated

"American forces admit to using over 300 tonnes of depleted uranium weapons in 1991. The actual figure is closer to 800.

"This has caused a health crisis that has affected almost a third of a million people. As if that was not enough, America went on and used 200 tonnes more in Baghdad alone (last) April. I don't know about other parts of Iraq, it will take me years to document that."

Hardan is particularly angry because he says there is no need for this type of weapon – US conventional weapons are quite capable of destroying tanks and buildings.

"In Basra, it took us two years to obtain conclusive proof of what DU does, but we now know what to look for and the results are terrifying."

Leukaemia has already become the most common type of cancer in Iraq among all age groups, but is most prevalent in the under-15 category. It has increased way above the percentage of population growth in every single province of Iraq without exception.

Women as young as 35 are developing breast cancer. Sterility among men has increased tenfold.

Barely human 

Depleted uranium has caused
severe deformities in babies

But by far the most devastating effect is on unborn children. Nothing can prepare anyone for the sight of hundreds of preserved foetuses – barely human in appearance.

There is no doubt that DU is to blame.

"All children with congenital anomalies are subjected to karyotyping and chromosomal studies with complete genetic back-grounding and clinical assessment. Family and obstetrical histories are taken too. These international studies have produced ample evidence to show that DU has disastrous consequences."

Not only are there 200 tonnes of uranium lying around in Baghdad, the containers which carried the ammunition were discarded. For months afterwards, many used them to carry water – others used them to sell milk publicly.

It is already too late to reverse the effects.

After his experience in Basra, Hardan says within the next two years he expects to see significant rises in congenital cataracts, anopthalmia, microphthalmia, corneal opacities and coloboma of the iris – and that is just in people’s eyes.

Add to this foetal deformities, sterility in both sexes, an increase in miscarriages and premature births, congenital malformations, additional abnormal organs, hydrocephaly, anencephaly and delayed growth.

"A world famous German cancer specialist agreed to come, only to be told later that he would not be given permission to enter Iraq"

Dr Ahmad Hardan,
scientific adviser to the World Health Organisation

Soaring cancer rates

"I had hoped the lessons of using DU would have been learnt – especially as it is affecting American and British troops stationed in Iraq as we speak, they are not immune to its effects either."

If the experience of Basra is played out in the rest of the country, Iraq is looking at an increase of more than 300% in all types of cancer over the next decade.

The signs are already here in Baghdad - the effects are starting to be seen. Every form of cancer has jumped up at least 10% with the exception of bone tumours and skin cancer, which have only risen 2.6% and 9.3% respectively.

Another tragic outcome is the delayed growth of children.
Skeletal age comparisons between boys from southern Iraq and boys from Michigan show Iraqi males are 26 months behind in their development by the time they are 12-years-old and girls are almost half a year behind.

"The effects of ionising radiation on growth and development are especially significant in the prenatal child", adds Dr Hardan. "Embryonic development is especially affected."

Action needed

Those who have seen the effects of DU hope the US and its allies will never use these weapons again – but it seems no such decision is likely in the foreseeable future.

Many affected foetuses are so
deformed they cannot survive

"I arranged for a delegation from Japan's Hiroshima hospital to come and share their expertise in the radiological related diseases we are likely to face over time," says Hardan. "The delegation told me the Americans had objected and they had decided not to come.

"Similarly, a world famous German cancer specialist agreed to come, only to be told later that he would not be given permission to enter Iraq."

Moreover, Hardan believes the authorities need to produce precise information about what was used and where, and there needs to be a clean-up operation and centres for specialist cancer treatment and radiation-related illnesses.

Iraq only has two hospitals that specialise in DU-related illnesses, one in Basra and one in Mosul – this needs to change and soon.

"I'm fed up of delegations coming and weeping as I show them children dying before their eyes. I want action and not emotion. The crime has been committed and documented – but we must act now to save our children's future."


See also:

Cancer Spreads Like Wildfire in Iraq
BAGHDAD (July 28. 2004) - Depleted uranium (DU) used by the United States and its allies against Iraq has taken its toll on around 120,000 to 140,000 Iraqis, according to the latest estimates released by the Iraqi health ministry. With Iraq becoming an almost radioactive toxic wasteland, the number of birth defects and cancer-infected Iraqis is on the rise, the London-based Al-Quds Press news agency reported on July 27. The director of Baghdad's only nuclear medicine hospital, said 7,500 Iraqis are infected with cancer ever year.

Iraqi Doctor Learns from Hiroshima's Past
HIROSHIMA (August 4, 2004) -- The number of child cancer cases jumped eightfold in the southern Iraqi city between 1988 and 2002. Iraqi doctors allege DU weapons cause leukemia and cancer while US authorities deny direct links between DU and the cancer on the rise in Iraq. The medical community in Japan, a US staunch ally, is also reluctant to admit a connection. Hussam Mahmood Salih, 34, a pediatrician from Basra, is now studying at Hiroshima University Hospital at the invitation of a Japanese civic group. Japanese doctors understand about these diseases," said Salih. "I think we cold learn very much from Japan's experiences," said Salih.

Uranium Weapons Poisoned Iraqi Civilians and Coalition Troops
Tedd Weyman / Uranium Medical Research Centre
In September/October 2003, five months after the cessation of the Shock and Awe bombing campaign in Iraq, the Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC) sent in a team to collect biological and environmental samples, conduct a public health survey, and a field radiation survey. The goal: to determine the extent and nature of radiological contamination from the use of weapons containing uranium. Dr. M. Al Shaickly and Tedd Weyman traveled with Dr. Siegwart-Horst Guenther to survey battlefields in Baghdad and Al Basra. Dr. Guenther conducted an independent survey of Iraqi hospitals and patients, interviewing physicians and surveying the medical effects of Gulf War I and the 2003 Iraq War on civilians exposed to battlefield contaminants and the fallout of US and UK bombs and missiles. CLIP

FILM: 'Doctors, Depleted Uranium and Dying Children' (August 11, 2004)
A powerful new German documentary exposes radioactive warfare in Iraq. "The Doctors, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children" surveys the impact of radioactive weapons in the war against Iraq. The film features two British veterans describing their exposure to radioactive, depleted‚ uranium (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of their children. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Günther and Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Center traveled to Iraq, from Germany and Canada respectively, to assess uranium contamination in Iraq. The film is now available for purchase from the Traprock Peace Center for $25.00 for non-commercial, non-institutional use.

MDs Fear Cancer Epidemic Linked to US WMDs
A growing number of US personnel who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan have become sick and disabled from a variety of symptoms commonly known as Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). "Gulf war vets are coming down with these symptoms at twice the rate of vets from previous conflicts," said Barbara A. Goodno from the Department of Defense‚s Deployment Health Support Directorate. Nearly half the soldiers in one returned unit have malignant growths, possibly the result of exposure to depleted uranium weapons (DU). According to GWS researcher Dr. András Korényi-Both, 27 percent to 28 percent of Gulf War vets have suffered chronic health problems -- more than five times the rate of Vietnam vets and four times the rate of Korean War vets.



Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"> on August 18


Unnatural Acts

by Chris Floyd
Published: August 13, 2004

After months of bad press, here at last was an act of genuine humanitarianism by U.S. troops in Iraq that could have been trumpeted to the skies: a unit of National Guard troops -- part-time citizen-soldiers from Oregon -- rescuing a group of prisoners from sadistic torture by the security forces of the "sovereign" Iraqi government. Yet the incident was buried by U.S. brass, who repudiated their own soldiers -- and backed the Iraqi torturers.

It happened on June 29 -- the first full day of Iraqi "sovereignty" -- when a guardsman on routine patrol in an observation tower near a Baghdad prison saw Iraqi guards beating bound and blindfolded prisoners with metal rods, The Oregonian reported this week. The soldier called in the atrocity, and men from his unit were ordered into the prison. There they found dozens of prisoners -- including children -- bloodied, bruised, shot, starving, crammed into concrete pens, lying in their own filth. Torture implements were scattered through the compound, the paper said: "rods, rubber hoses, electrical wires and bottles of chemicals."

The Guard troops -- many of whom said they'd been shamed by the American atrocities at Abu Ghraib -- disarmed the Iraqi security men and began giving first aid, water and food to the prisoners. They questioned the mysterious Iraqi civilian in charge -- an "obese man" in swank mufti. He told them there had been no torture at all -- and anyway, these prisoners were just street scum: "thieves, users of marijuana and other types of bad people," according to the written account of the incident provided by eyewitness Captain Jarrell Southall and corroborated by the other soldiers.

There was no claim that the prisoners were insurgents or terrorists. Most of them had been rounded up in the poorest sections of Baghdad during broad, brutal "security sweeps" ordered by Iyad Allawi, the former terrorist chieftain and Baathist Party enforcer now serving as the unelected overseer of the Bush Regime's Iraqi plantation. (In this, the prisoners doubtless shared the fate of their brethren in Abu Ghraib, where the Red Cross says that 70 percent to 90 percent of the thousands of captives taken by the Americans were innocent of wrongdoing.)

Having stopped the torture, the Oregon soldiers asked for further orders: What should they do now? The request was relayed far up through the chain of command, and the answer came back from on high: Go away -- and give the prisoners back to the men who were torturing them. Give back the weapons, give back the torture tools, stop helping the prisoners, mind your own business.

And that was it. The American troops, outraged but obedient, withdrew. The prisoners -- the wounded men, the bleeding children -- were bound up again and shoved back into the stinking pits. Why? It's simple. Because the Iraqi security goons were doing exactly what George W. Bush wanted them to do.

One year ago this month, we noted here that Bush had begun hiring agents of Saddam's murderous security service, the Mukhabarat -- "an instrument renowned across the Arab world for its casual use of torture, fear, intimidation, rape and imprisonment," as The Washington Post described it then. Top Bush officials confirmed they were secretly putting dozens, perhaps hundreds of Saddam's most vicious killers and rapists on the U.S. payroll, the Post reported.

We must admit to shockingly childish naivete in that earlier column. Although the Eye did voice some mild criticism of Bush's Mukhabarat embrace ("a monstrous copulation of rapacious conquerors with bloodthirsty scum," was the demure phrase), at the time we assumed Bush was simply looking for local proxies to do his dirty work, so American soldiers wouldn't have to.

Now, of course, we all know that Bush and his top legal advisers had already spent months concocting devious "justifications" for a systematic torture regimen to be used by U.S. forces throughout a global gulag of hidey holes, secret prisons, holding pens and concentration camps. The Abu Ghraib crimes that so shamed the Oregon soldiers are just one small chunk of a giant dungheap that is very slowly but surely oozing into view -- and creeping up toward its Oval originators.

So Bush obviously didn't want the Mukhabarat as a proxy for the dirty work; he was glad -- even eager -- to have Americans taint themselves with such evil. Saddam's men were not substitutes but reinforcements, allies, comrades-in-arms in the noble crusade to put a more pliable strongman on Iraq's throne. Of course, the U.S. military presence in Iraq -- planned years ago by Bushist cadres -- is wildly unpopular among the conquered. Thus for Bush's great work of looting and dominance to continue, the Iraqi people must be beaten down -- with metal rods, if necessary.

And that's what it's all about: loot. Bush's own auditors confessed last month that at least $8.8 billion in Iraqi oil money controlled by the Americans is now unaccounted for, Colonel David Hackworth reports in DefenseWatch. This secret siphon -- doubtless sloshing into offshore accounts around the world, as Hackworth notes -- is on top of the tens of billions in tax dollars openly pumped to Bush's corporate cronies and campaign donors.

But that's just the short-end money. Getting a stranglehold on world oil supplies through the strategic Iraqi bottleneck -- the ultimate object of the whole blood-soaked exercise -- will be worth trillions as reserves begin running out in the coming decades. For Bush is not just thinking of himself, you see; no, he's fighting to secure the future for generations of corrupt elitists yet unborn.

And for that, he needs terrorists, torturers, ruthless goons -- not a bunch of Oregon boy scouts gumming up the works with acts of mercy.


Date: 18 Aug 2004
From: BILL D>
Subject: Saddam is not her Saddam

From the July 2004 Idaho Observer:

The Bush administration turned "legal" custody of Saddam Hussein over to the Iraqi people, but retains "physical" custody of the former CIA asset.

Similarly, the Bush administration turned the functions of administrative government over to Iraq June 28, 2004 (two days ahead of schedule), but has no plans to withdraw its military occupation of that allegedly sovereign nation.

Regarding the "trial" of a defendant the U.S. claims is Saddam Hussein, the U.S. decides who the witnesses will and will not be, determines what information will be released and who is allowed in the "court" room.

For Americans to believe that the Iraqis have custody of Saddam Hussein, or believe that the Iraqi people are now in charge of their own domestic affairs requires us to ignore what we have known since 6th grade: "Possession is 9/10 of the law."

Mrs. Saddam says defendant Saddam is not her Saddam

BAGHDAD -- Seldom in history has there been a question as to the true identity of a defendant in a court trial. However, in the alleged trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, controversy abounds as to whether or not the man being tried is, indeed, Saddam Hussein. Mike Ruppert reported June 18, 2004, that the Russian newspaper Pravda published a story claiming the U.S. finally allowed Saddam's wife Sajida Heiralla Tuffa to see her husband. Within moments of entering the prison in Quatar where the deposed president is allegedly being held, she reportedly reemerged screaming in a rage, "This is not my husband, it's his double, where is my husband? Take me to my husband!"Since Tuffa's public display of outrage, several reporters have noted that live footage and photos of the man being tried as Saddam reveal that he has bad teeth and an underbite. Conversely, photos of the real Saddam consistently show that he has near perfect teeth and an overbite. "This single forensic fact alone proves that 'Shaddam' is not the former president,"commented dissident reporter Joe Vialls.


From: "Les Whale">
Subject: Lest we forget
Date: 20 Aug 2004


The following is a significant amount of research that I have put together in this past week. Even though you may have received many emails about this from me in the past there are now aspect that I believe you will find startling, new and possibly disturbing.

I ask that you send this email on to as many people as you know as the governments and media have lied continually about the truth surrounding these events.

In Love and Light

Les Whale


Lest We Forget

We are now nearing three years since the attack on the World trade centre. Since that time a significant amount of research has been carried out to determine the truth regarding this and subsequent events. To review at least some of this evidence and research will enable people to gain a significant understanding to the deceptions and miss information given by the governments and media to date. Recently it was announced that 78% of Americans now believe that Saddam Hussein of Iraq was directly responsible for the twin towers attack is beyond my comprehension and this alone needs to be addressed. Further to this people all round the world still believe what they have been told by the media and governments yet the evidence and research shows a very different story.

Some of the most damming evidence shows that both towers were NOT brought down by either plane impact of subsequent fire. Both towers and the third trade centre which was not hit by any plane or affected by any fire were brought down by controlled demolition. The picture evidence and first hand accounts show and describe explosions of some kind below ground just prior to both towers coming down. However further to this two unexplained "spikes" in the seismic record from Sept. 11 indicate huge bursts of energy shook the ground beneath the World Trade Centre’s twin towers immediately prior to the collapse. New York seismometers recorded huge bursts of energy, which caused unexplained seismic "spikes" at the beginning of each collapse. These spikes suggest that massive underground explosions may have literally knocked the towers off their foundations, causing them to collapse.

In the basements of the collapsed towers, where the 47 central support columns connected with the bedrock, hot spots of "literally molten steel" were discovered more than a month after the collapse. Such persistent and intense residual heat, 70 feet below the surface, in an oxygen starved environment, could explain how these crucial structural supports failed. Peter Tully, president of Tully Construction of Flushing, N.Y., told AFP that he saw pools of "literally molten steel" at the bottoms of the elevator shafts of the main towers, down seven [basement] levels at the World Trade Centre. Molten steel was also found at 7 WTC, which collapsed mysteriously in the late afternoon. Construction steel has an extremely high melting point of about 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. It is known that the reinforced steel is not affected or compromised by temperatures in excess of 2200 degrees. The maximum temperature that can be reached by hydrocarbons like jet-fuel burning in air is 1,520 degrees F and up to 1,800 degrees under high oxygen environment. Thus the fire could not and would not have caused the destruction of the towers.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) used an Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) to locate and measure the site's hot spots. Dozens of hot spots were mapped, the hottest being in the east corner of the South Tower where a temperature of 1,377 degrees F was recorded. This is, however, less than half as hot at the molten steel in the basement.
The foundations of the twin towers were 70 feet deep. At that level, 47 huge box columns, connected to the bedrock, supported the entire gravity load of the structures. The steel walls of these lower box columns were four inches thick.
Seismologist Thorne Lay of University of California at Santa Cruz told AFP a "sharp spike of short duration" is how an underground nuclear explosion appears on a seismograph. The two unexplained spikes are more than 20 times the amplitude of the other seismic waves associated with the collapses.

While steel is often tested for evidence of explosions, despite numerous eyewitness reports of explosions in the towers, pictures showing a large plume of smoke coming from the base of the towers just prior to collapse and the seismic records, the engineers involved in the FEMA-sponsored building assessment did no such tests.

All cellphone contact in New York ceased at the time of the collapse, though that in Washington remained unaffected. This further indicates to a high frequency electromagnetic pulse produced by this initial explosion just prior to the towers demolition, the type produced by a nuclear weapon. This high frequency pulse is known as "Source Region Electromagnetic Pulse (SREMP)." The worst effect is on extremely high frequency equipment [including cellphones]. The risk of SREMPs
in war is the reason you have a nationwide very low frequency
(150 KHz) emergency communications network.

No explanation has ever been given as to how or why the American defence system completely failed on September 11th. 2001.

CLIP - Read the rest at


See also:

The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11 (August 15, 2004)
That governments have permitted terrorist acts against their own people, and have even themselves been perpetrators in order to find strategic advantage is quite likely true, but this is the United States we're talking about. That intelligence agencies, financiers, terrorists and narco-criminals have a long history together is well established, but the Nugan Hand Bank, BCCI, Banco Ambrosiano, the P2 Lodge, the CIA/Mafia anti-Castro/Kennedy alliance, Iran/Contra and the rest were a long time ago, so there’s no need to rehash all that. That was then, this is now! That Jonathan Bush’s Riggs Bank has been found guilty of laundering terrorist funds and fined a US-record $25 million must embarrass his nephew George, but it's still no justification for leaping to paranoid conclusions. That George Bush's brother Marvin sat on the board of the Kuwaiti-owned company which provided electronic security to the World Trade Centre, Dulles Airport and United Airlines means nothing more than you must admit those Bush boys have done alright for themselves. That George Bush found success as a businessman only after the investment of Osama’s brother Salem and reputed al Qaeda financier Khalid bin Mahfouz is just one of those things - one of those crazy things. That Osama bin Laden is known to have been an asset of US foreign policy in no way implies he still is. That al Qaeda was active in the Balkan conflict, fighting on the same side as the US as recently as 1999, while the US protected its cells, is merely one of history's little aberrations. CLIP

Porter Goss Republican congress-cridder Porter Goss the new CIA director are linked to the moneyman that funded 911 terror attack. The chairmen of the Joint Inquiry have dubious links to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) which is known to have actively supported Al Qaeda and the Taliban.Moreover, according to intelligence sources, including the FBI, Pakistan's ISI played a role in financing the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The two Joint Inquiry chairmen Sen Bob Graham and Rep Porter Goss were fully cognizant of the "Pakistani ISI connection" and the role played by its former head, General Mahmoud Ahmad. Why then did they choose to exclude an examination of the role of the ISI from the Joint Inquiry's 858 page Report? While hinting to "Saudi support and involvement" in 9/11, the Report fails to mention that the Pakistani government, its military and intelligence apparatus (ISI), have actively supported and financed a number of terrorist organizations, with the support of Washington. Was it "an intelligence failure" to seek the cooperation of the Pakistani government in the "war on terrorism" in an agreement brokered by the head of the ISI, a spy agency, which is known to support the Islamic brigades? This support by Pakistan's ISI to various "Islamic terrorist" organizations was pursued prior as well as in the wake of 9/11, despite the commitment of the Pakistani government to "cooperate" with Washington. CLIP

Movies of missiles fired at the 2 WTC towers


Date: 22 Aug 2004
From: goldi>
Subject: Whoa, Dude! Are We Peaking Yet?

Hi Jean,

Hope all is well with you! It has certainly been awhile since I last wrote to you directly. I must say that I continue to stand in awe of the tremendous amount of effort you expend in putting your compilations together! There is such a wealth of information in them that often it is difficult to find the time to even review it all, so I have much respect for the amount of time and effort it took for you to gather all those pieces together.

I am forwarding to you some information on my latest area of research, one that is guaranteed to be very controversial - especially with those who would dearly love to see us all eliminate our dependence on petroleum. Many of these are, if not enthusiastic supporters, at least not opposed to the notion of oil as a finite resource that is soon about to "run out".

I believe this is being used to maximum effect by "the powers that be" in their efforts at control and manipulation, while also making gobs of money and forcing an even stronger dependency on authority for every aspect of our lives. I intend to write an essay exploring these areas and how this myth of "Peak Oil" is exploiting them, especially among those who are opposed to the current US regime and it's activities around the world. In the meantime, I thought you might find this information provocative enough to consider networking it, since it is not receiving as much attention as I feel it should.

I will assume that you are familiar with the body of work being promoted by Mike Ruppert of From The Wilderness on the Peak Oil issue. Many of the articles penned and posted on the FTW site were authored by Dale Allen Pfeiffer, who I know to be a person of integrity, even if I may disagree with the conclusions he has come to - considering that they are based on questionable sources, as Dave McGowan reveals in his newsletters on the topic (the most recent of which is included below, with links to the rest). Mike, in particular, became rather hostile toward Dave (as you will see from the content of those links) for suggesting that he was promoting "a lie". Many people have rushed to take sides on this issue (mostly on the side of "Peak Oil", from what I can see), and my suggestion for this has to do with those underlying beliefs that have been triggered by the whole subject.

Whether or not "Peak Oil" is fact or fiction IS a matter of grave importance for our world, and should be reviewed carefully, since it is being used as a primary causus belli (though by no means the only one) for the turmoil deliberately stirred up in the Middle East, and isn't likely to go away anytime soon.

I hope that life is treating you well, Jean! And I continue to hold a vision of Peace being attained in our lifetime, for all peoples and all of Creation. May Love prevail!


NOTE FROM JEAN: To review the accompanying 10-page long document to which Goldi refers to above. please go at


Date: 5 Aug 2004

Washington D.C. - Congress today announced that the Office of President of the United States will be outsourced to overseas as of August 30. The move is being made to save $400K a year in salary, a record $521 Billion in deficit expenditures and related overhead.

"The cost savings will be quite significant" says Congressman Adam Smith (R-Wash) who, with the aid of Congress research arm, the General Accounting Office has studied outsourcing of American jobs extensively. "We simply can no longer afford this level of outlay and remain competitive on the world stage," Congressman Smith said. Exporting American jobs has been a popular trend lately, ironically at the urging of President Bush.

Mr. Bush was informed by email this morning of the termination of his position. He will receive health coverage, expenses and salary until his final day of employment. After that, with a two week waiting period, he will then be eligible for $240 a week from unemployment insurance for 13 weeks.

Unfortunately he will not be able to receive state Medicaid health insurance coverage as his unemployment benefits are over the required limit. "I'm in shock," Mr. Bush stated. "I thought for sure I'd have some job security around this here place. I have no idea what I'll do now," he further lamented.

Preparations have been underway for some time for the job move.

Sanji Gurvinder Singh of Indus Teleservices, Mumbai, India, will be assuming the Office of President of the United States as of September 1. Mr. Singh was born in the United States while his parents were here on student visas, thus making him eligible for the position. He will receive a salary of $320 USD a month but with no health coverage or other benefits.

Due to the time difference between the US and India, Mr. Singh will be working primarily at night, when offices of the US Government will be open. "I am excited to serve in this position," Mr. Singh stated in an exclusive interview. "Working nights will let me keep my day job at the American Express call center. I always knew I could be President someday."

Congress stressed patience when calling Mr. Singh as he may not be fully aware of all the issues involved with his new position. A Congressional Spokesperson noted that Mr. Singh has been given a script tree to follow which will allow him to respond to most topics of concern. The Spokesperson further noted that "additional savings will be realized as these scripting tools have already been used previously by Mr. Bush here in the US. Such scripts will enable Mr. Singh to provide an answer without having to fully understand the issue itself."

Congress continues to explore other outsourcing possibilities including that of Vice-president and most Cabinet positions.


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