April 26, 2004

The Empire of Darkness Series #10: Can They Really Get Away With All This?

Hello everyone

When reading all the material in this compilation, one is left with the questions: Can "they" really get away with all these criminal acts of inhumanity, horrors and destruction? Is it sensible and wise to wait till the November elections and hope democracy will be enough to make sure those things forever stop? Or shouldn't some really massive global mobilization and boycott of everything American get underway right now to bring enough pressure to bear so as to clear the way for real change?

Or is everything in divine order and all necessary actions and commitments have already been set in motion to ensure the victory of Light, Love and Peace?

What are your feelings on this?

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind."

- Maya Angelou

"If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavors to lead a life which they have imagined, they will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

- Henry David Thoreau

Worthy of Your Attention

Help spread the word about June 5 and join the Anti-War Contingent in the March for Women's Lives. As the U.S. military stands poised to carry out a murderous assault against hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in Fallujah and elsewhere, the anti-war movement is going into the street on June 5 to demand Bring the Troops Home Now - All foreign troops OUT of Iraq. Since the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition issued the Call to Acton for the June 5 March on the Pentagon less than two days ago, hundreds have endorsed. On that day, we will also demand End the Colonial Occupation of Palestine - Support the Right of Return; U.S. out of Haiti, Korea, Afghanistan, Philippines, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela; Money for Jobs, Education, Housing & Healthcare - Not for War; Defend Civil Liberties & Civil Rights. For more information, to read the Call to Action, to endorse, for a downloadable flyer, and to list transportation from your city to the March on the Pentagon in Washington DC or the joint actions in San Francisco and Los Angeles, go to

Visibility Project: In support of the 9-11 families' struggle for truth
We are an action-oriented 9-11 website. Many good websites already exist offering research and analysis of the events of September 11th, 2001. Our purpose is not to duplicate these efforts, nor to prove or disprove what really happened. Rather, our goal is to support the 9-11 truth movement itself, led by the victims' families' efforts to obtain full government accountability for the unprecedented intelligence and air defense failures that took place before and during the attacks. What you will find on this site are information and tools designed to help build this movement. CLIP - CHECK ALSO ONE OF THEIR CURRENT ACTIONS ALERTS AT -- DOJ attempts to gag FBI whistle-blower! Support former FBI translator and 9-11 whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds! There are five recommended actions. Please take the time to read Catherine's impassioned appeal.


1. The Negroponte nomination: a warning to the people of Iraq
2. Is Military Draft in the Works?
3. Ryongchon - Nuclear Trigger for American Conscription?
4. Direct Action--Montrealers Close Down the US Consulate
6. The Israeli Activist Festival
7. Tell the World Bank to Choose Clean Energy Now!
8. Debt-money system preventing true sustainable development

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Thousands March for Abortion Rights
WASHINGTON - Abortion-rights supporters marched in the hundreds of thousands Sunday, galvanized by what they see as an erosion of reproductive freedoms under President Bush and foreign policies that hurt women worldwide. Amid the clamor of an election year, the throng of demonstrators flooded the National Mall. Their target: Bush, like-minded officials in federal and state government and religious conservatives. Speaking beyond the masses to policy-makers, Francis Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice declared, "You will hear our pro-choice voices ringing in your ears until such time that you permit all women to make our own reproductive choices." Women joined the protest from across the nation and from nearly 60 countries, asserting that damage from Bush's policies is spreading far beyond U.S. shores through measures such as the ban on federal money for family-planning groups that promote or perform abortions abroad. The rally on the National Mall stretched from the base of the U.S. Capitol about a mile back to the Washington Monument. Authorities no longer give formal crowd estimates, but various police sources informally estimated the throng at between 500,000 and 800,000 strong. That would exceed the estimated 500,000 who protested for abortion rights in 1992. CLIP

US Civilians Prepare to Confront US Military in Najaf
NAJAF, IRAQ - April 23 - As numerous people from nonprofit organizations working in Iraq evacuated the country during the past week, an independent emergency delegation of U.S. civilians was preparing to enter the conflict-torn nation,traveling to the tense stand-off around Najaf, where the U.S. military recently deployed almost 3,000 troops for a looming assault to crush Shiite rebels there.The Najaf Emergency Peace Team, "Peace Between Peoples", a handful of determined volunteers from several well-established peace/global justice/human rights and religious organizations, has now arrived in the area to place themselves "nonviolently, symbolically and physically" between the U.S. armed forces massed nearby and the civilian population of the ancient holy city - in the way of any American military assault.The delegation has received messages of encouragement from religious and community leaders in south-central Iraq, including an advisor to Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. "We understand the dangers of our journey, but we are determined to try and contribute in our own small way to peace and justice for the people of Najaf and Iraq. Only when peacemakers are willing to shoulder some of the same risks that soldiers take in war, can we begin to move away from the cycle of violence that grips human society at the dawn of the 21st century," says the group's statement. CLIP

APRIL 29 to – MAY 1, 2004: LOCAL ACTIONS AND MEDIA WORK AGAINST THE ESCALATING CRISIS IN IRAQ - United for Peace and Justice - April 20th, 2004 - We must take action to express our urgent concern about the repression and chaos inside Iraq. During the first half of April, a spiral of violence has taken the lives of growing numbers of Iraqis and Americans. Hundreds of Iraqis and more than 100 U.S. troops have been killed so far this month. The siege of Fallujah led to the deaths of nearly 1,000 people when the Pentagon responded to an atrocity against Americans with excessive force and collective punishment. Throughout Iraq, occupation troops continue to violate the human rights of the Iraqi people by firing into civilian areas, detaining thousands of men and boys without charges, interfering with medical assistance, demolishing homes, and curtailing the rights of free press and freedom of assembly. The crisis in Iraq demands our attention, and our action. If the mission was "accomplished" a year ago, then it's high time to end the occupation and bring home the troops.The situation in Iraq is but one part of the deadly policies of the Bush Administration; now is the time for us to make the connections. Just last week Bush met with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and lent unilateral U.S. support to his plan to leave settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in tact. A few days later another Palestinian leader was assassinated by the Israeli military, with no sanctions taken by the U.S. The Bush Administration's policies are aggravating an already intolerable crisis, one that could quickly engulf the whole region. Occupation: wrong in Iraq, wrong in Palestine. UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE URGES YOU TO TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS:*ORGANIZE AN APRIL 30 OR MAY 1 ACTION IN FRONT OF YOUR SENATORS' OR REPRESENTATIVE'S OFFICES OR AT ANOTHER CENTRAL, VISIBLE LOCATION. CLIP

Geneva Convention 'Breached' in Fallujah,1321,1203764,00.html
(April 26, 2004) -- Aid agencies have warned that the Geneva convention is being breached in Iraq, amid serious concern about the safety of civilians in the city where at least 600 people have been killed by coalition forces. The medical emergency charity Merlin has issued a sternly worded statement, saying its fears for the safety of people in Falluja were "based on our experience on the ground in Iraq". The UK-based charity Islamic Relief has also warned of "a potential humanitarian crisis". The Merlin statement warns: "We have reason to believe that the Geneva convention -- which obliges the occupying power to restore and ensure public order, safety and basic service provision in the territory under its authority -- is being breached."

Children Killed in Iraq Attack
BAGHDAD (April 26, 2004) -- US troops have been accused of firing indiscriminately into a crowd of schoolchildren celebrating the attack on a military convoy here yesterday. At least four children were killed and five injured. Witnesses said the children had left their nearby school to look at a burning Humvee and some were "celebrating" the attack near the vehicle when the deadly shots were fired. The US military had no immediate word on the incident.

The Image Turning America Against Bush (April 24)
The photographs that President George Bush does not want the American public to see show the flag-draped coffins containing the bodies of American servicemen and women - dying in Iraq at a rate of between four and six a day - being returned to the US and to their families. Aware of the power of these pictures and their potential to inflict political damage on Mr Bush as he campaigns for re-election, his chief political adviser, Karl Rove, is desperate that they should not be published. Under a White House directive, the press has not been permitted to photograph the return of such coffins for more than a year. But last week 361 images of military coffins being returned to Dover air force base in Delaware were released to an internet news site under the Freedom of Information Act. CLIP

Iraq Power Handover 'A Fraud'
Veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk details how the much talked-about handover of power to Iraqis on June 30 is a fraud, as US military officers will be issuing commands to Iraqi security forces regardless of who seems to be running things from Baghdad. Iraq will not be regaining sovereignty anytime soon.

The Royal Business (22 April 2004)
In this slick little Bush family saga, Bandar is the prince, and we're the paupers. - WASHINGTON, D.C.- Bit by bit, the Bush family's personal ties to the Saudi royal family and their intertwined social and business arrangements are emerging as the scandal over Iraq grows. Bob Woodward, for example, further elaborates the familial ties between Papa and Junior Bush and Prince Bandar, the Saudi ambassador in Washington, and his wife. The families, he reports in Plan of Attack, are locked together, with Bandar coming and going into the Oval Office, the Prince's wife inviting a lonely Bush daughter over for Thanksgiving dinner, and so on. Prince Bandar got the news of the coming war with Iraq before anyone else, and the president made sure the prince was a happy camper before going forward. Just to make sure the prince knew he was for real, Bush got Cheney to tell the prince, that, for sure, "Saddam was toast. " All in all, the Bush clan regards Prince Bandar and his wife are family, and vice versa. Being adopted into the Saudi royal family is no small event in the transplanted Connecticut Yankee WASP's life. After all, there are an estimated 5,000-plus Saudi princes, each one of whom is given $500,000 at birth as a sort of start-up fee. The family propagates at the extraordinary rate of 35 to 40 princes a month. The founding King Ibn Saud kept four wives, four concubines, and four slaves, whose numbers he replenished frequently. He married into 30 tribes, deftly building the country by tying it together into a network of mothers and children. The bedrock of the relationship between the U.S. and the Saudi royal family is Aramco, which began as a joint venture between the international oil giants Standard Oil and Texaco for exploration and development of the kingdom's immense oil and gas reserves, a business endeavor producing billions of dollars in revenues for the royal family. That money is turned right around and paid to American defense contractors for armaments of all types. Woodward says Bandar realized that Bush would need to show some economic progress before the 2004 election and that meant getting Saudi help in dropping the price of oil. "They're high," Woodward told 60 Minutes, referring to oil prices. "And they could go down very quickly. That's the Saudi pledge. Certainly over the summer, or as we get closer to the election, they could increase production several million barrels a day and the price would drop significantly." CLIP

Falluja, Najaf and the First Law of Holes By William Rivers Pitt (26 April 2004)
Anyone who believes that April has been the cruelest month of this Iraq war - 111 Americans killed with the total dead now at 718, hundreds upon hundreds of Iraqi civilians killed - should gird themselves for the reality that the worst, the very worst, the unimaginably awful, is still yet to come. CLIP

BBC Backs Account of US Atrocities Sent by Andy Pollack (April 24, 2004)
Picture emerges of Falluja siege A truce has brought a reduction in violence in the Iraqi city of Falluja after US troops fought insurgents there during a two-week siege. There was little media access during the fighting, but eyewitness reports are now emerging. Humanitarian workers speak of US gunmen firing at ambulances and civilians.

Plan to Reunify Cyprus Defeated in Vote (April 24)
(AP) - A U.N. plan to reunite Cyprus collapsed Saturday as Greek Cypriots overwhelmingly rejected it in a referendum. Turkish Cypriots voted heavily in favor. The rejection of the plan, which had to be approved by both communities, means that only Greek Cypriots will enjoy the benefits when Cyprus joins the European Union on May 1. With 96 percent of ballots counted in the Greek Cypriot south, official returns showed 76 percent voting against the plan and 24 percent approving it. More...

Amazon Destruction Rising Fast (22 April 2004)
Brazil has launched a $140 million plan to reverse Amazon deforestation, which hit near record levels last year. - RIO DE JANEIRO - President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva has Brazil's greens seeing red. Earlier this month, the government announced that annual Amazon deforestation had grown 2 percent last year, to 9,169 square miles - an area the size of New Hampshire and the second-highest year since officials started tracking it in 1988. What concerned critics, in addition to the soaring figure, was the government's reaction to the news. Although officials say they are not happy with the situation, they celebrated the relatively low increase, prompting environmentalists to complain that deforestation was being allowed to stabilize at too high a rate. Many greens expected something different from a supposedly eco-friendly president. "That 9,169 square miles disappeared last year is unacceptable," says Adriana Ramos, public-policy coordinator for the Socio-Environmental Institute, a nongovernmental organization. "What is extremely worrying is that it has leveled out at a rate so much higher than it was a decade ago." As in previous years, most of the destruction came along the "arc of deforestation," a swath of land on the southern and eastern borders of the forest that is home to many of Brazil's soy growers and cattle ranchers. Brazil is the world's second-biggest soy producer and has the second-largest herd of cattle - 57 million of which are in the Amazon. Beef exports have increased fivefold over the past six years, according to a report by the Center for International Forestry Research, and soy production has grown from 32 million tons in 2000 to 52 million tons last year. Fifteen months ago when Mr. da Silva took office, environmentalists were thrilled that the former socialist would be leading the world's most ecologically diverse nation. Lula, as he is known here, had always voiced strong support for environmental causes. Now the greens are skeptical. CLIP

FBI Admits: No Evidence Links 'Hijackers' to 9-11
The possibility that 19 Muslim men accused of being the Sept. 11 hijackers were not, in fact, the hijackers, is not so extraordinary an idea as it might seem. After seven months of non-stop declarations by U.S. government spokesmen that there exists solid proof tying 19 Muslim men to plotting the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, FBI Director Robert Mueller has now admitted quite the opposite. That 19 Muslim men who have apparently disappeared have been named as the hijackers is not in doubt.What is in doubt is whether those 19 men were actually plotting anything, either individually or together. The amazing possibility remains that others carried out the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, using the identities of the 19 Muslims who have been assigned guilt in the tragedy. In an April 19 speech delivered to the Common wealth Club in San Francisco, Mueller said that the purported hijackers, in his words, “left no paper trial.” The FBI director stated flatly: In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper—either here in the United States or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere—that mentioned any aspect of the Sept. 11 plot. CLIP

On Friday 14 December 2001 a videotape of Osama bin Laden "confessing" to the 9/11 attacks was released.The tape was supposedly found in a house in Qandahar, Afghanistan. The recording was of very poor audio and visual quality and the authenticity of the tape was questioned. This annoyed President Bush who said "[It is] preposterous to think this tape was doctored". CLIP

Special Effects Experts Say Fake OBL Tape Fairly Easy To Make

Secret Service Investigates Teen's Art Project Depicting Bush As Devil (April 26, 2004)
PROSSER, Wash. -- One drawing showed President Bush's head on a stick. Another depicted Bush as a devil launching a missile. The drawings by a 15-year-old boy in Prosser, Washington, were enough to prompt some questions from the Secret Service. Agents questioned the teen after being called by police. The boy's art teacher told school officials about the drawings, and they called police. The boy was not arrested but the school district has taken disciplinary action.



The Negroponte nomination: a warning to the people of Iraq

21 April 2004

With the nomination Monday of John Negroponte as the new US ambassador in Baghdad, the Bush administration has unmistakably signaled that it is planning to wage a protracted and dirty war of repression against the Iraqi people. Announcing the nomination at the White House, Bush described Negroponte as "a man of enormous experience and skill," who, in his current job as US ambassador to the United Nations, had done a "really good job of speaking for the United States to the world about our intentions to spread freedom and peace."

For the most part, the mass media echoed this line, touting Negroponte's diplomatic credentials and declaring that his selection was an indication that the US administration is banking on the United Nations taking over much of the responsibility for Iraq. Some reports suggested that the tapping of Negroponte represented a victory for the State Department against the Pentagon in the administration's internecine warfare over US policy in the Persian Gulf.What is largely ignored in this commentary is the fact that Negroponte's true job description is not that of a diplomat dealing with a sovereign state. Rather, he is to function as an imperial proconsul, wielding unfettered power over a militarily occupied country. The embassy he is to direct will be the largest ever assembled by any country in the world, with a staff of close to 4,000. Initially to be housed in one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces, it will act as the US colonial administration.

As the media spin indicates, there will be some attempt by Washington to exploit Negroponte's connection with the UN to secure UN cover for the US occupation and the deployment of at least a token military force to protect UN operations in the country. Negroponte's nomination is being unveiled within the context of the Bush administration's stated intention to "hand over sovereignty" to a yet-to-be defined Iraqi entity on July 1. The current US administrator of the occupation, Paul Bremer, stated the obvious this week-that Iraqi security forces recruited and trained by the US military will not be ready to take responsibility for security. In the face of the nationalist uprising that has swept the country in recent weeks, much of the police force has melted away, turning over their stations and weapons to insurgents, while large numbers of Iraqi troops have either deserted or refused to fight. As Bremer made clear, the 135,000 US troops currently deployed in Iraq will remain indefinitely, exercising the only real sovereignty in the occupied country.

(...) The experience he does have, however, prepares him for directing the suppression of the growing Iraqi resistance to US occupation. He has an intimate familiarity with mass killing, covert operations and death squads.Negroponte's "experience and skill" lie not in spreading "freedom and peace," as Bush piously declared, but rather in organizing bloody repression-from Vietnam to Central America and elsewhere.Some of the media reports have stated that among Negroponte's qualifications is his experience in "running a large embassy." The most formative experience in this regard was his role as head of the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras at the height of the dirty wars waged by the Reagan administration against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua and the popular insurgency in El Salvador.

(...) In 1999, mass graves were discovered at the site, along with blood-stained jail cells. While he was ambassador to Honduras, Negroponte supervised a 20-fold increase in US military aid to the country, which he aggressively defended as a model of democracy in Central America. His predecessor as US ambassador warned him that the Honduran security forces were resorting to "extralegal tactics-disappearances and apparently physical eliminations to control a perceived subversive threat," according to a briefing book obtained by the Baltimore Sun for a detailed investigation it produced in 1995.

Negroponte, however, systematically suppressed any reporting of the human rights violations that escalated substantially after he assumed control of the US embassy. He issued report after report claiming that the country had no political prisoners, torture or extra-judicial executions, and that"student, worker, peasant and other interest groups have full freedom to organize..."

During this same period, hundreds of people were kidnapped and"disappeared," including a number of union leaders, student organizers and other opponents of the military-dominated regime. Prisoners were routinely tortured on the direct orders of the chief of the Honduran armed forces.Much of this dirty work was carried out by a unit known as Battalion 316,whose members were trained in the United States and "advised" by the CIA in Honduras. While issuing his glowing endorsements of the Honduran regime's human rights record, Negroponte was intimately familiar with the grisly work of these killers. He worked to silence reports of the killings and torture, threatening dissenting Honduran officials by accusing them of aiding "communism."

CLIP - read the whole article at



Is Military Draft in the Works?

By Andrew Greenley
The Chicago Sun Times

23 April 2004

There's a sign on the horizon, no bigger than a man's hand, that there's a military draft in the works. The Defense Department has announced that Selective Service is making preparations for another draft, "in case one is needed." The New York Times in an inane editorial pleads with the president to articulate a goal for the war that if it "was clear and comprehensive and people understood how to reach it, then Mr. Bush could . . . even bolster the desperately straitened military with a draft if Americans understood the need to sacrifice."

If the editorial writers of the New York Times are talking about a new draft that would send young men and women to die in the deserts of Iraq fighting crazy religious fanatics, then the idea is certainly being whispered about in the upper echelons of American society. A draft would not be proposed before the election -- if it were, Bush would be wiped out in a landslide. But a wise person would not bet against the draft being proposed next January.

What in the world is the Times talking about? Why should Americans sacrifice for the Iraq War? Not by the wildest stretch of the imagination can one seriously argue that the war in Iraq is to defend vital American interests. We found that there were no weapons of mass destruction there and no connection with al-Qaida or the Sept. 11 attack. The only issue seems to be whether we can impose democracy on Iraqis who don't seem seriously to want it or to prevent a civil war that will happen anyway as soon as our army leaves. Americans are supposed to accept the need to sacrifice their unwilling sons and daughters to fight for such absurd goals?

There are many authoritarian liberals who have a kind of illicit romance with the draft. Young people owe their a country a part of their lives, even their lives itself (not their own sons and daughters' lives, of course). Military service is good for you, some veterans insist. It will make a man out of a drifting late adolescent. What it will do for a young woman remains to be seen -- probably teach her how to live in a world where rape is commonplace.

Building up the army with a draft will serve only the needs of the Bush administration to "win" a war. Gen. Eric Shinseki, then-chief of staff of the Army, said that 200,000 would be needed to pacify Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld made fun of him in public. Now the Defense Department seems to be engaged in remote planning for a draft army that will be much larger.

How many men and women, it must be asked, will be required to pacify Iraq and to turn it into a freedom-loving democracy? How long will it take, how many lives must be sacrificed to protect the honor and the legacy of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and their crowd of imperialists?

Doubtless it will be argued in favor of a draft that we all must make sacrifices for a war on terrorism. It might be better if one sent men and women in their 40s to fight in a foolish, unjust, immoral, criminal war. It would be good for them. They'd have to lose weight and get back in physical condition.

Bush has made "the war on terrorism" a mantra to cover everything his administration has done. But the Iraq war has nothing to do with the war on terrorism, as we now know. It was a plan of Cheney and Rumsfeld and their coterie of "neo-conservative" intellectuals (like Paul Wolfowitz) long before they came to power. It was supposed to make the United States a major power in the Middle East; to provide a democratic alternative to the typical Arab autocracy; to give the United States control of major oil fields; to take pressure off Israel, and to establish that the United States was a superpower that could go anywhere in the world and do anything it wanted. The "war on terror" was only a pretext to implement this plan, as accounts of the early White House reaction to the Sept. 11 attack seem to indicate.

Does one have to say that none of these goals have been achieved or can be achieved?

I wonder why Sen. John Kerry sounds so much like Hubert Humphrey in his support of the continuation of the war. I hope at least he makes opposition to a new draft a major issue in the election.




Ryongchon - Nuclear Trigger for American Conscription?

South Korean "official" accurately announced the shocking level of damage only one hour after the blast, long before the North Koreans could even reach Ryongchon's ground zero

Joe Vialls, 25 April 2004

The Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM) is a U.S. Navy and Marines project dating back to the mid sixties, and still operational today with weapons ranging from 10 to 5,000 tons TNT equivalent yield. The backpack nuclear weapon is designed to allow one man to parachute from any type of aircraft carrying the weapon package which is placed in a harbor or other strategic location that can be accessed covertly by sea or by air. Another parachutist without a weapon package follows to provide support. The two-man team places the weapon package in the desired location, arms the radio detonator, then hopefully escapes by waiting submarine.
Viewed through the eyes of desperate Zionist neocons like Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Sharon, if North Korea could be successfully provoked into action by a small tactical nuclear strike deep inside its own territory, the most likely response would be 5,000 North Korean artillery shells per hour raining down on Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Within days or weeks, the United States of America would once again be obliged to protect South Korea and the rest of the western world from the Communist "Red Menace", this time artificially reborn as "Axis of Evil" member North Korea. Clearly this new 'patriotic defensive' action against Korea would require hundreds of thousands of American conscripts.

Although Iraq is where the conscripts are really needed, no sane American would accept the illegal invasion of Iraq as justification for conscription, because all have already worked out that this stupefying atrocity in the Middle East has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, nothing to do with Saddam Hussein, and absolutely nothing to do with American national security. Trying to enforce conscription today in a visible attempt to obtain the extra 500,000 troops needed to steal Iraq's oil reserves for the Zionist madmen on Wall Street, would simply result in every campus across America exploding into justifiably violent protests.

Because the photographs and other hard evidence in this report completely rule out an "accident" in Ryongchon, we are left with the harsh reality that one of the most important strategic locations in the whole of North Korea was deliberately nuked with a relatively low-yield weapon, by a nation or nations currently unknown. This inevitably draws us to ask who has the opportunity, motive and method for the attack, or, put another way, to ask which nations on earth have the nuclear weapons, stealth delivery systems, and the political need to vaporize more than a thousand North Koreans civilians in a cowardly sneak attack reminiscent of Pearl Harbor.

Nowadays there are dozens of nations with declared or undeclared nuclear weapons, but only a handful with long range precision stealth delivery systems, the latter limited to America, Russia, China, France and Great Britain. Of these five possible candidates for the sneak nuclear attack, only America has openly labeled North Korea a member of the mythical "Axis of Evil", and, equally, warned openly of horrific but unspecified military reprisals if North Korea does not stop supplying missile delivery systems to Iran. Thus before we even take into account America's current perilous military predicament in Iraq, there is only one candidate out of the five left with the necessary motive for the attack.

Regardless of any future call to arms to block the "Commies" in Korea, rest assured this entire scenario is all about Iraq and its priceless oil reserves. The Zionist Cabal in New York knows perfectly well that unless it can somehow import up to half a million more sacrificial American soldiers into Iraq to 'secure' all of that priceless oil, the tottering economies of American and the Jewish State will finally collapse, in turn robbing them of any future prospect of global control, and leaving the cabal and its lackeys vulnerable to an unprecedented furious backlash by the American people.

Ominously, as I write this report on 25 April, the Republican Guard has just killed another six American servicemen in Iraq, this time using the relatively new technique of firing 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets from converted taxis and waterborne Zodiac speedboats. This Mach 2 rocket has a deadly flat line-of-sight range of about 5,000 yards, and before the invasion was fitted to every ground attack aircraft and helicopter used by the Iraqi armed forces. Before the Americans arrived the entire arsenal of 40,000 x 57-mm rockets was removed and hidden for a rainy day, and it seems that rainy day has now arrived.

During the dual attacks on Tikrit and Basra harbor yesterday, the Republican Guard used four of these weapons to kill six American soldiers and wound thirteen others, which means that on pre-invasion estimates they have only 39,996 of these rockets left. However, by using this weapon for the first time since the invasion started, the Republican Guard is sending a far more chilling message to America and its nervous conscripted 'allies' from Britain and Australia.

The message is disarmingly simple: It matters not if four-star General John Abizaid lines the highway from Kuwait to Baghdad shoulder-to-shoulder with soldiers ordered to stop the Republican Guard planting culvert bombs designed to blow up American convoys, because the counter-insurgents will simply use 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets fired from 5,000 yards away instead. Without potable water, food and fuel, and with desert temperatures already soaring over 100F, the American invasion army will be beaten primarily by a complete lack of vital supply convoys, leading in turn to broken morale and total psychological defeat.

When Marine three-star General James Conway 'anonymously' told the New York Times on 22 April that forces under his command could turn the Iraqi city of Fallujah into "a killing field in a couple of days", he was either drunk or smoking dope. Less than 48 hours earlier General Conway received an intelligence analysis from the DIA that detailed the perilous position of all American forces. Of the total marines deployed in Iraq on 19 April 2004, sixty-percent had been reduced to two hot meals a day, while the remaining forty-percent had been reduced to one hot meal per day. There was no water available for washing, and potable drinking water supplies had reached an all-time low. Forget fuel completely, because there was [and is] barely enough to top up the tanks of a few Humvees.
Presumably Conway has a high-ranking friend in the USAF who has offered to turn the city into "a killing field in a couple of days" by using several squadrons of B-52 strategic heavies to carpet-bomb the good citizens of Fallujah into a bloody pulp. If this real possibility brings back unpleasant memories of North Vietnam and Cambodia, it is only because Iraq is already well beyond the Vietnam stage in terms of outright brutality borne of sheer desperation.

The situation in southern Iraq near the Kuwaiti border is equally desperate, with more than 2,500 soldiers outside Najaf forced to sleep under their armored vehicles, because the Halliburton civilian drivers are too frightened to deliver tent supplies from nearby Kuwait. The drivers point out reasonably that the Iraqis control all the highways and will kill them if they even try, but this does nothing to help the soldiers baking in 101F heat. Remember, these are the very same soldiers that the New York Times is currently telling you will 'capture' Muqtada al-Sadr and 'destroy' his million-man Shi'ite Mehdi Army.

Perhaps someone out there can tell me how 2,500 desperately tired and thirsty American soldiers, running short of food and almost out of fuel, are going to achieve this New York Times miracle? And as they sit baking in the increasing heat blasted by sandstorms, these demoralized men are obliged to watch on helplessly as Spanish troops drive south on their way home to their families, followed in turn by troops from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Norway. Soon the American servicemen will be all alone in the hostile Iraqi desert, captive pawns in a giant Zionist chess game.

Though this may be the first you have heard of the dire situation in Iraq, remember that the Zionist Cabal, the National Security Council and the White House have known about it for several weeks, certainly long enough to formulate an alternative plan of action, no matter how insane that plan might be. Time is running short and, ultimately, as the Zionist Cabal in New York already knows, it cannot force the military to hold its positions in Iraq forever.

General John Abizaid cannot withdraw completely from Iraq without permission from his political masters, but he is the man directly responsible for the welfare and safety of all servicemen within Central Command, which includes Iraq. Dubbed the "Mad Arab" at West Point, Abizaid will certainly hold on as long as he can, but he will certainly not sacrifice 125,000 men under his direct command on the say so of a bunch of 'suits' in New York and Washington, D.C. Unless Washington can provide him with more than 100,000 extra men and machinery very quickly, General Abizaid will be forced to roll back his forces very slowly towards the Kuwaiti border, because it is the only sure way to keep them alive.

So it was against this backdrop of certain defeat in Iraq in the medium to long term, that the neocons had to devise a giant distraction somewhere else. In other words they had to trigger a large war in another part of the world, in order to initiate conscription in America to "Fight Communism", which in turn would be used to divert vast quantities of young Americans towards Iraq and the waiting 39,996 x 57-mm spin-stabilized rockets of the highly aggressive Republican Guard and Mehdi Army. Remember once again that the only real Zionist objective is to capture Iraq's incredibly rich oil reserves, and no Zionist gives a damn how many Americans have to die in securing this objective.

A sneak attack on "Axis of Evil" member Iran was completely out of the question, because Russia had prudently located several invincible nuclear-tipped "Sunburn" missiles on Iranian and Syrian soil, and then made it discreetly known through back channels that an attack on either nation would be considered as an attack on itself, resulting in two unstoppable supersonic ground-hugging Sunburns instantly winging their lethal way towards Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Zionists know President Vladimir Putin is very much a man of his word, so a tactical nuclear strike anywhere on Iran would clearly result in two giant smoking holes appearing in the middle of the Jewish State.

North Korea was an entirely different matter. Already demonized by New York as a 'Rogue State' possibly armed with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, the lonely Stalinist country was the only viable choice left, but for the sake of appearances the North Koreans had to be goaded into attacking South Korea first, or hundred of thousands of future American conscripts might become more than a little suspicious when their draft papers arrive on the doormat, and arrive they will, irrespective of whether it is Bush or Kerry who are temporary residents at the White House.

With all of their tame psychiatrists assuring them that President Kim Jong Il was in fact a "paranoid dictator", who could be "trusted to attack if suitably provoked", the neocons laid their devious plans, which promise to be every bit as successful as their attack on Iraq. Obviously Kim had to alive in order to issue the order to attack the south, so the tactical nuke was detonated in the Ryongchon railway marshalling yards, just a few hours after Kim's armored train passed through on its way back from Beijing to Pyong Yang, loaded down with 'no strings attached' Chinese aid money.

This event in itself should have been enough to ensure that Kim immediately attacked South Korea, but the American psychiatrists wanted to make absolutely sure the message was received, understood, and acted on promptly, which brings us back to the chosen target. During the 'United Nations' Korean War of the fifties, the Ryongchon railway marshalling yards were critically important to the North Koreans, as the primary route for re-supply from its primary backer China. Ryongchon and nearby Sinuiju were subjected to countless bombing raids by the Americans, as were the railway bridges over the Yalu River, and North Korea's major K-30 airbase, located just a few miles away and responsible for using its Mig-15 fighters to repel American bomber attacks.

If Kim Jong Il was in any doubt about the nature of the explosion, this emotionally supercharged 'psychological flashback' to the fifties was really shoving it in his face. "The Americans are in front of you in South Korea, and they have just cut off you re-supply from China behind you!" Then just to put the boot in, less than one hour after the massive detonation, a reporter for South Korea's all-news cable channel, YTN, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that a South Korean government official [who he declined to identify], had stated the likely total number of dead and injured would be around three thousand, which according to my old nuclear tables is almost exactly correct for a tactical weapon of 2 kilotons detonated in an urban area.

As every reader knows, this is the exact figure that was then picked up by rote from New York and published in every Zionist-controlled western newspaper, meaning that until the figure was suddenly and inexplicably reduced from 3,000 to 54 the next day, President Kim Jong Il knew that America already knew the exact magnitude of the blast in Ryongchon, despite no visitors being allowed in the city, and despite all communications from Ryongchon to the outside world being severed completely. The YTN reporter pushed it a bit too far when he later claimed, "Debris from the explosion soared high into the sky and fell on Sinuju," which is nearly ten miles away.

Whether paranoid or not, this accurate reportage of an event that America could not possibly have witnessed, certainly told Kim Jong Il and Chinese Intelligence that South Korea and America must both have been directly involved in the attack. The only reasonable course of action for a "paranoid dictator", would therefore be to wipe out South Korea and take back the entire peninsula from these Imperial aggressors, who had been goading his country for so many years.

The split-second that Kim's artillery opened fire on Seoul, conscription would be back on the agenda in Washington with a vengeance, vigorously supported by more than 100,000 elderly American veterans from the first Korean War, who could be relied on to urge young Americans to "do their bit for America" and "stem the tide of Communism" by agreeing to be blown face down into a rice paddy, there to lie forever after in a giant puddle of blood.

We will probably never know exactly how the tactical nuke was delivered to the Ryongchon railway marshalling yards, though it is OK to ignore the deliberately 'touched-up' satellite photographs carried by every Zionist-controlled western newspaper yesterday, urging you to believe that the long train-shaped black smear along the center, was caused by the massive explosion of a train variously rumored to be carrying ammonium nitrate, and/or dynamite, and/or LPG, and/or gasoline. The only photos of any use to you are those on this page showing the 72 foot crater and 20 p.s.i. overpressure blast damage out to 500 yards, sourced directly from the official Chinese News Agency.

Using these critical data as direct references, it is obvious that weapon yield exceeded 1,000 tons TNT equivalent, and was possible as high as 5,000 tons. The fact that there is a giant crater tells us that this weapon was detonated underground, because surface weapons cannot dig craters at all, as explained comprehensively and conclusively in "Bali Bomb", linked at the bottom of this page.

On the perfectly reasonably assumption that the weapon was American or Israeli in origin, there are really only two possibilities where delivery is concerned. In the first case, a modern portable backpack nuke could have been infiltrated and positioned in one of the Ryongchon underground caverns, originally used during the first Korean War for the deep storage of ammo. Though entirely possible because of the huge population flow to and fro across the Yalu River, this method might have compromised a modern backpack nuke and its handlers, which could be a very hazardous matter in North Korea.

Far more likely would be a nuclear-tipped deep-penetration "bunker busting" missile, capable of diving nearly 100 feet into the ground before detonation, and impossible for the Koreans to detect in advance because of its stealth profile and supersonic speed. When these weapons are used, the blast of the explosion itself 'swallows' the mild supersonic bang, which of course is delayed for a second or two until the missile has already impacted. The most likely weapon and delivery system would be the AGM-142A Raptor, launched about 50 miles out over the Yellow Sea by a B2 Stealth Bomber, though there are other possibilities including submarines.

Where the Zionist Cabal and American neocon academics got it so terribly wrong, lay in their superimposing known American behavior patterns and likely reactions on Kim Jong Il and his Chinese sponsors in Beijing. If an unknown enemy dropped a tactical nuke on the outskirts of Chicago, for example, it is the American way to strike back immediately, even if the correct target has not been positively identified. This is what happened after the attack on the World Trade center, whereupon, after pausing to catch his breath, George Bush attacked a lonely mountain range in eastern Afghanistan. So why on earth expect the Koreans or the Chinese to do things differently?

The reality is that North Korea, and more importantly its sponsor China, have been fighting wars on and off for the last five thousand years using entirely different methods. When the tactical nuke exploded in Ryongchon railway marshalling yards, the first job for Chinese Intelligence was that of working out the most likely attacker, which of course was not a very complex problem. Who apart from America could and would want to nuke a railway marshalling yard in North Korea?

Far more important for China, and impacting directly on suggestions later relayed to Kim Jong Il in Pyong Yang, was the question "WHY?". For thousands of years Chinese fighting doctrine has revolved exclusively around asymmetric [unconventional] warfare, where the name of the game is finding out exactly what your enemy wants you to do, then doing the opposite in order to defeat him.

It seems likely that Chinese Intelligence had worked out the "Why?" of this particular American operation at least 24 hours before I started writing the first paragraph of this report, which should come as no great surprise, because they had a very hefty head start on me. As Chinese warfare doctrine requires, a heavy bamboo curtain was then rapidly thrown across the entire disaster area, and the North Koreans started murmuring gently that the blast might have been "an accident".

The bait was offered, Seoul was brightly lit and wide-open to thousands of artillery pieces positioned just north of the demilitarized zone, but then the bait was abruptly refused. It is the Asian way, and that means asymmetric warfare at its very best. The North Koreans will have to bury more than 1,000 of their own dead in Ryongchon, but have probably grimly calculated with the Chinese that, by refusing to take their attacker's bait, America will in turn pay an even greater price, calculated in body bags being flown back home from Iraq.

Before you young Americans rejoice at having avoided conscription, be warned that the Zionist Cabal has one giant trump card left up its sleeve, which under more normal circumstances only madmen would use. If push comes to shove, one day on the not-too-distant future, a lone 'North Korean Missile' might arc up into the stratosphere, its apogee carefully tracked and recorded by the radars of every nation bordering the Pacific Ocean. The missile will appear to have been launched from North Korea, and will be tipped with exactly the kind of 25 Kiloton 'dirty' atomic warhead the North Koreans are accused of building.

While the world holds its collective breath, the warhead will reenter the atmosphere and descend onto an area of significant population density on the American West Coast. Hollywood will be spared because it is the headquarters of Zionist propaganda, and San Diego will be spared because of the U.S. Fleet. My best guess is San Francisco, and then you, my naive young conscript, will finally believe. You will eagerly rally round the flag and demand to be drafted, and your demand will be met. Then in the fullness of time you will travel far away from America, and finally get blown into a pool of your own blood, in a paddy field next to the River Tigris in southern Iraq.


See also:

N. Korea Accuses U.S. of Preparing Attack (April 25)
SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea accused the United States Sunday of preparing to attack it and said it would review parts of the armistice that ended the Korean War five decades ago. North Korea cited U.S. military plans to relinquish control of a key outpost along the tense border between the two Koreas. The turnover of Observation Post Ouellette would mean U.S. troops would no longer be responsible for patrolling the heavily fortified buffer area, called the Demilitarized Zone. Those duties would fall to South Korea (news - web sites), which has a 600,000-member military staring off against North Korean forces. The North's army is the world's fifth largest with 1.1 million soldiers. "The U.S. decision to take even its small force out of ... Panmunjom ... indicates that the U.S. preparations for a pre-emptive attack upon the DPRK are underway at a final phase," said a spokesman for the North Korean army's mission in the truce village of Panmunjom, according to KCNA, the North's official news agency. CLIP

N.Korea Says U.S. Ditching Truce, Raising Tensions (April 25)
SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea (news - web sites) accused the United States on Sunday of abandoning a 50-year-old truce by deciding to withdraw its forces from the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone that divides the Korean peninsula. But U.S. and South Korean officials said the North Korean military, in a statement issued by the official KCNA news agency, had misconstrued Washington's position on the Demilitarized Zone and the truce village of Panmunjom. They said Washington had no intention of giving up its command in the truce village. The Panmunjom mission of the Korean People's Army -- North Korea's 1.1-million strong military -- said in its statement the United States had announced "all of a sudden" it was withdrawing completely from the Demilitarized Zone and the so-called Joint Security Area that straddles the border in the truce village. "The report is completely factually in error," U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Bertrand said. "The United States retains its presence in and command of the Joint Security Area." CLIP

Pyongyang blocks deliveries of aid from South Korea (April 26),2763,1203726,00.html
North Korea told its southern neighbour today that it would not accept any overland deliveries of urgently needed medical aid for the victims of last week's train explosion. The blast, which obliterated a school and large parts of the town of Ryongchon, killed at least 161 people. The death toll could rise as hundreds more are suffering from serious burns. The $1m worth of aid promised by South Korea has been blocked by the unwillingness of the notoriously secretive North to allow trucks across its border. The frontier between the two the countries, which are technically still at war, is one of the most heavily militarised in the world.The alternative to the four-hour road journey is a much longer sea crossing. UN officials in North Korea said aid from the Chinese, who also promised $1m, was reaching Ryongchon but that a lot more help was needed."At the hospital, they are overwhelmed. They have very little in the way of equipment and the necessary drugs and medicines," Gerald Bourke, a spokesman for the UN world food programme (WFP) in North Korea, told the Reuters news agency.

Aid flows to shattered N. Korean town
BEIJING -- A North Korean town devastated by a freak rail accident last week continued recovery efforts Sunday assisted by international aid workers.Of the 161 people killed Thursday when electric sparks ignited a rail car loaded with ammonium nitrate fertilizer, 76 were children, North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency said. More than 1,300 other people were injured, many severely. Initial reports had estimated the number of dead and injured at 3,000.''There's damage within a (2 1/2-mile) radius, which is an enormous area,'' said John Sparrow, a Red Cross spokesman in Beijing. ''The station itself has been obliterated.'' Red Cross workers who visited the site said the blast left a huge crater where the train station had stood. Buildings on the perimeter of the rail yard, including a school, were badly scorched. ''A wall of fire went through there,'' Sparrow said. (...) As the extent of the damage became clear, North Korea quickly issued a statement welcoming help from other countries. That move contrasted with North Korea's long history of hushing up disasters. Some observers said it was impossible for North Korea to stonewall because the explosion's billowing black cloud could be seen across the border in China.Others saw desperation behind the candor. ''North Korea usually conceals accidents like that for quite a long period,'' said Kim Tae Woo, a defense analyst in Seoul, South Korea. ''This time, North Korea quickly acknowledged it. That means their economy is that bad.''North Korea's economy is near collapse. Desperately needed food and oil travel from China along the rail link, which, like much of North Korea's infrastructure, is dilapidated. CLIP

Full Coverage on North Korea


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From: Lawyers Against The War>
Sent: April 25, 2004
Subject: Direct Action--Montrealers Close Down the US Consulate

Interrupting the empire Montreal, 18 April

As US bombers continued to terrorize people in Fallujah, and as their troops surround the holy city of Najaf, a small group of people in Montreal succeeded in closing down the US consulate for four hours on Friday.

Five organizations - Block the Empire Montreal, Canadian Muslim Forum, Iraq Solidarity Project, Parole Arabe, and Voices of Conscience - came together for the first time to plan the interruption of business as usual at the imperial outpost. The Canadian government having failed to condemn the war crimes and the illegal occupation of Iraq, it is left to us to respond. We lay siege to the consulate and break the guilty silence with anti-war music and the protest of our pots and pans orchestra, slogans and drums. A security agent who works at the building tells us that only a few consulate staff have showed up because of the shut-down.

"Yes!" said an older man, stopping to nod with feeling at a banner which reads, "US Imperialism: Vietnam 3 million; El Salvador 200,000; Iraq 600,000 kids and still counting ... God bless America!" He is from El Salvador. We read the poem by Emmanuel Ortiz, "A moment of silence in honor of those who died in the World Trade Center last September 11th ... also for all of those who have been harassed, imprisoned, disappeared, tortured, raped, or killed in retaliation for those strikes in both Afghanistan and the US ... Six months of silence for the million and a half Iraqi people, mostly children, who have died as a result of an 11-year US embargo ... An hour of silence for El Salvador ... An afternoon of silence for Nicaragua ... Two days of silence for the Guetmaltecos ... 25 years of silence for the hundred million Africans who found their graves far deeper in the ocean than any building could poke into the sky ... We could be silent forever, or just long enough to hunger for the dust to bury us ... Here is your silence. Take it. But take it all. Don't cut in line. Let your silence begin at the beginning of crime." A Muslim couple stops to thank us warmly for organising the shut down. Passing trucks and cars honk in solidarity. Even several of the people prevented from entering the consulate support the action. There is enough support to build on, out of which something significant could come.

Echec a la guerre, the 160-member anti-war coalition in Montreal, begins a press scrum in front of the shut-down. They demand that Canada denounce the massacre and the illegal occupation of Iraq. Then the good folks of CKUT 90.3 FM radio bring in a live report from Iraq Solidarity Project delegate Andrea Schmidt in Baghdad. Her disembodied voice comes to us through one of the car-battery powered Sonic Resistance mobile sound units built by these same local community radio activists. She describes what she has witnessed first-hand in Baghdad and the reports she has heard from people coming out of Fallujah. She talks about the blast walls in Baghdad which separate those whose security is deemed to deserve protection from those who can be bombed with impunity. Every hour or so, the police caravan down the street in a display of legitimate force. Otherwise they seem shy of media attention. Only a few were visible, grimly guarding the consulate's locked door, when we arrived. But in a nearby alley, nine vans full of riot police are hiding, and a little police army lurks in the neighbouring carpark, poised to come to the defense of the empire should we get out of hand.

We don't get out of hand, choosing for various reasons to leave the more confrontational roles in the capable hands of the police, well-equipped with their guns and swagger. We let them bar the door and tell people that the consulate is closed for the morning. We step in only to explain that the closure is due to the massacre at Fallujah. The police are silent on this point.

At one point we threaten security by chalking the names of Iraqis killed since the beginning of the invasion on the walls of the consulate. Ali Hamada; parents of Seif Saleh, age 10; Mustafa Mohammed Saleh, age 7; Hussein Abdul Fattah; Haki Ismail; Hakim Abdul Reza, age 36; Ali Bakr, age 9; Salwan Jalami; Jafer Abdulmajid Bilbas; Cimshid Khorshid Rashid; family of Metaq Ali; Salima Hashem; Fateha Ghazzi, age 8; Nada Abdallah, age 16; Khowla Abdel-Fattah; a sister of Thamur Sheikel and also his 2 nephews; ... On and on and on until the police become alarmed by the dangerous rise in the level of reality in the area. We are ordered to stop by the security forces. So much truth threatens our freedom.

Stories from un-embedded reporters have been coming out of Fallujah of snipers shooting anyone who moved - children, grandmothers, fathers - of the use of cluster bombs, of F16s bombing residential areas ... of hundreds of people killed, the power station bombed, the main hospital bombed, ambulances being shot at, and medical supplies blocked. One hundred dead in Sad'r City, the poor Shi'a neighbourhood of Baghdad. Najaf, the holy city for Shi'as, is surrounded by US troops. They threaten to enter and trigger a blood-bath.

But the tidal wave of disgust and anger that should rise up against such terrorism hasn't even made it over the blast wall. It has, in part, been quieted in these parts by the dominant media outlets, which give far more importance to the deaths of relatively few soldiers and mercenaries who are in Iraq to uphold an illegal occupation, than to the deaths of thousands of Iraqis -hundreds in the past week in Fallujah alone. In most mainstream outlets, the detention of an astounding 18,000 Iraqis by Occupation Forces has been overshadowed by foreign hostage-taking, as though the Iraqis have no families who weep over them and fear for their lives. An embedded journalist nonchalantly reports watching an F16 drop a 2000 lb bomb on a building in Fallujah, whether an apartment block or a business, we are not told. It is an aside in an article whose chief concern is with the boredom facing US troops - and it normalises the extraordinary violence. News agencies even lend credibility to Bush's hypocrisies about terrorism and Bremer's risible account of the uprising, "Iraq's democratic future is challenged by violent minorities".

The shut-down succeeds at least in interrupting the empire for a few hours. We end it when visiting hours are over. The names of the dead remain on the walls when we leave.


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Fallujah Massacre (14 April 2004)
Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt must be tried for heinous war crimes - The Lockheed AC-130 'Spectre' is America's most deadly punitive weapon system. At least five times in the last week, U.S. Marine commanders have summoned Spectres overhead Fallujah, where each has indiscriminately pumped more than 4,000 rounds of high explosive ammo per minute into the defenseless civilian population below. Vietnam's Mai Lai atrocity was a mere walk in the park by comparison with this international outrage, which has left between 600 and 1,100 unarmed civilians dead, and more than 2,500 seriously injured. CLIP



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TRANSLATION: The mother of all oil shocks is looming

Written by Mark Jensen

02 April 2004

Translated from Le Monde (Paris). A French elected official from the Green Party warns that there will be an oil crisis unlike any that preceded it by the end of the decade. He says our only hope is something hard to imagine: a worldwide agreement to draw down oil consumption....

Point of view

By Yves Cochet

Le Monde (Paris)
March 31, 2004


From: Starhawk
Sent: April 24, 2004
Subject: Last update

The Israeli Activist Festival 

By Starhawk

I'm home again, back to my comfortable bed, my burgeoning garden, my friends and family. In fact, I've been back for a week, but various other commitments have kept me from writing. More than that; I find myself having a very hard time putting these words down on the page. I am almost too heartsick to write.

Writing, for me, is what I do in the worst moments of my life. When I've really, really badly screwed up, or when I've been trapped in some situation of utter helplessness, caught in the Indymedia Center in Genoa watching in anguish as stretchers are being carried out from the building across the street, when I'm asking myself, "Oh Goddess, what can I do? What can I do?" the answer is always, "I could write something." Writing is my way of screaming-better than beating on pillows as my therapist used to advise me to do. It makes me feel better, and there's always the hope that what I write might do some small good.

But for me to personally feel better, now, almost seems like a betrayal of the awfulness of the situation. To enjoy my garden, to sleep in my own bed, feels like I'm abandoning my friends whose own gardens are about to be destroyed or sequestered behind the wall, who can't escape the situation, or who have chosen to stay, getting up every morning and going out to demonstrations where they know there is a chance of being killed. Moreover, writing inevitably puts me into the center of the story, if only because it is being seen and described through my eyes-and this is not about me.

I know that it is just this kind of thinking that leads to burnout and post traumatic stress or maybe is a form of post traumatic stress-except nothing happened to me on this past trip that would seem to justify a good case of PTSD. Hell, I was there for nearly a month and didn't see a single tank! I was only rarely and briefly in physical danger, and most often in beautiful places, surrounded by warm and welcoming people, albeit with the underlying knowledge that those places were doomed to destruction and those people at risk of the same. If I were counseling someone else I'd tell them, relax, renew yourself, don't stop enjoying what there is to enjoy, treat yourself as a precious resource so that you have the energy to carry on. And the roses are beautiful, the fruit trees laden with marble-sized apples and apricots and plums, the birds are making their own territorial claims with song instead of bullets, proclaiming the glory of the spring morning and their ardent desire to mate. But my heart is heavy.

Two weeks ago, I left Ramallah and the West Bank to spend a few days in Israel proper, at a 'festival of activism.' It seemed a good chance to meet up with some of the Israeli activists I knew, meet some others, and see a different aspect of the political scene. My friend Rena was also planning to go, with her family, and kindly offered to translate for me as the workshops were all in Hebrew.

The festival had been planned for a forest site, but hassles and restrictions from the authorities forced it to move to the grounds of a peace center near Haderah. Around two thousand people attended, camping or staying in dorms or simply coming for the day. There were workshops on everything from resisting the wall to permaculture, and I gave two presentations on some of the organizing I've done this year in the global justice movement, trying to link it to the resistance to the Occupation, and on the ways we've brought permaculture into our mobilizations. For the first day, I wandered around in a state of mild culture shock. After a month on the Palestinian side, it felt strange to see so many people who looked just like any crowd of activists back home, to see bare arms and legs and uncovered midriffs, and such a preponderance of flowing, curly hair! A group of young soldiers camped near us, and my body went into a moment of visceral shock. But I took a breath, reminded myself that almost all Israelis do their year of military service, that man soldiers are also resisters, and that it was a good thing they were hear to participate in the festival. I saw a few familiar Palestinian faces from last year's peace camp at Mas'Ha, where the nonviolent resistance to the wall was kicked off, and we greeted each other warmly. One woman from the International Women's Peace Service had spread out a blanket and is doing outreach, but I was the only representative from the ISM-in part because all of the workshops except mine are in Hebrew. Next year, I think, we should have an information booth.

I attended workshops on the wall, and two given by the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions. (ICAHD). I was interested-and a bit surprised-to learn what background information the presenters needed to give about the wall, how little even this group of people progressive enough to attend this festival knew about it, how many basic terms of the occupation had to be defined. The Israelis who are involved in the day to day resistance are incredibly committed and courageous. Many of them said to me that they know it is only a matter of time before there is an Israeli 'shaheed'-a martyr of the occupation. Being Israeli is no longer a protection against the violence of the military. One Israeli, Gil Na'amati from Kibbutz Re'im in the Negev desert, himself just weeks out of the army was shot in the legs with live ammunition. Etai Levinsky was shot by a rubber-coated steel bullet right between the eyes while he was lying on the ground, talking to the soldiers in Hebrew through a bullhorm. Jonathan Pollack was nearly run down by a jeep, but managed to leap onto the hood and save himself. Many of the activists are young, and go home from the demonstrations to families who do not support their politics or their actions.

I met other Israelis taking action on many fronts. Jeff Halper, head of the Israeli Committee on Home Demolitions, together with Salim Shawamre, told the story of Salim's house, which had been demolished four times by the Israeli authorities and rebuilt five. 11.000 Palestinian homes have been demolished since 1967, as part of the ongoing program of control and dispossession. Salim, who is an Israeli-Palestinian, was unable to get a building permit to build a home for his family on his own land in the outskirts of Jerusalem. Israeli policy prevents Palestinians from building or expanding their living quarters within Israel proper, leading to overcrowding and public health hazards in Palestinian towns and neighborhoods. Those who take matters into their own hands risk soldiers coming in the middle of the night, ordering the family out of their house, and bulldozing it. In the Occupied Territories, homes are destroyed because they are in the path of the wall, or too close to the border, or because someone in the extended family is accused of a bombing or simply organizes even nonviolent resistance to the occupation. Last year, I'd gone to a demonstration at Salim's house to represent the International Solidarity Movement shortly after Rachel Corrie was killed trying to prevent a home demolition in Rafah. Then, they were beginning to rebuild the house as a peace center.

"But how many peace centers can we have?" Salim asked. "Eleven thousand? People need a place to live."

Halper outlined how the wall was a long-planned strategy of Sharon & Co., conceived back in the 1970s. The expansion of settlements was a deliberate strategy to claim territory with 'facts on the ground'. During the Oslo peace process, the number of settlers doubled, undermining the Palestinian's belief in the good faith of Israeli leaders. Now the wall would consolidate the settlement blocs, annexing them to Israel proper. The new Trans-Israel highway, running close to the West Bank, was part of the plan. It would open up new population centers in the relatively empty eastern spine of the country. Currently, most Israeli's live close to the coast. The road would transfer population eastward, integrating the settlements into huge urban blocs extending out from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Modi'in. The most fertile and productive land of the West Bank, and the prime aquifers beneath it, would become a de facto part of Israel. Any real two-state solution would become impossible: there would not be enough of Palestine left to form a viable state.

Halper spoke eloquently of the need to reframe the issue. As long as the right wing can frame the conflict as a security issue, they control the dialogue and the parameters of the solutions discussed. If we could succeed in reframing it as a political struggle, then political solutions, dialogue and negotiations become possible. But sadly, he ended by saying that all of their work--the resistance to demolitions, the rebuilding projects, the media work-had so far had little or no impact on overall Israeli public opinion.

You can find his excellent article on Israel's Matrix of Control, and a map of the settlement blocs at the ICAHD website, And for a map of the wall, see

And I found myself embroiled in many arguments, that often started when someone asked how long I'd been in Israel. "I've been in Palestine for almost a month," I'd say, "but here just for a couple of days."

"As soon as you say the word 'Palestine' you've lost them," Rena said. The basic frame of the story, from the mainstream Israeli point of view, is that there are no 'Palestinians', only an undifferentiated mass of Arabs that could conveniently move on to some other Arab country, there never was a Palestine, only "a land without a people for a people without a land," as the Zionist slogan went. So even to say the word is to challenge the frame, to stake out a side, to reveal your alliance-and for many Israelis, that alliance alone immediately discredits anything you have to say.

Then Rena and I drove to Tel Aviv for dinner with friends, on the beach, in a restaurant which serves calamari (very unKosher) but by law cannot serve pasta or bread during Passover. Then I grabbed a taxi to catch my flight home.

What happened at the airport is another story, which maybe I'll tell someday. Suffice to say that the authorities made it known that I will not be welcomed back. So I write now with the consciousness of exile, as the news worsens, as Bush has apparently authorized the wall and its annexation and given the green light to another political assassination, as another nonviolent demonstrator is shot and killed in Buddu, as tanks and Apaches menace Rafah, as internationals and journalists are ordered out of Nablus, as even Ramallah is under some kind of closure and the Israeli forces appear to be mobilizing for some new massive incursions. Here the roses are exuberantly blooming and the greenhouse overflowing with lettuce and kale. The hills are dotted with wild iris and blue-eyed grass. A heavy stone of fear sits in my belly-fear for Neta and her newborn and laughing one-year-old Nawal, for wry Monsour and generous, macho Mohammed, fear for sixteen year old Shams playing the doumbek and singing ,fear for Fatima whirling round in the fields, arms outflung with the exuberant joy of spring, proclaiming, "This is our land! This is our land!" Fear for my friends in the ISM, for serious, responsible Gabe, for red-haired Becca and calm, quiet Shoura, fear for the battle-hardened men and the shy, determined women struggling to forge a nonviolent movement under fire in the midst of a combat zone.

Exile, a small taste of the experience of generations of Palestinians and diaspora Jews, an experience which would, in a better world, draw us together, not lead us to build walls of separation. As in a better world, our history of oppression would lead us to oppose injustice and alleviate suffering, not perpetuate them.

But even a short sojourn in the West Bank teaches that the world is rarely better, that justice does not always win out in the end, that good may not prevail, that those of us who stake our lives on the possibility that compassion, creativity and love might be stronger in the end than domination and force can lose, bigtime. And still, in the face of that knowledge, with five people already killed in peaceful protests in their town, the women of Biddu are preparing to march on Sunday, into the lines of soldiers, the hail of sound bombs, tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and real bullets, to sit in front of the bulldozers and try to protect their land. Aisha, who fed us the wonderful feast, her daughters-in-law, who proudly showed their wedding pictures and kept urging me to dance, the tiny woman who lent me her bee suit so I could watch them work their hives, the young volunteers with the ISM and the grandmothers will be there.

And the only way that I can accompany them, now, is with the unglamorous but real support from afar, the phone calls, the letters, the emails and petitions, the pressure on those governments who fund and supply the bullets. If you've read these stories, if you now know more than you did before or care more, it's time to hammer at the doors of Bush, Sharon, and all their supporters, to say:

No to political assassination as a policy. Stop killing nonviolent protestors. No to the wall and the annexation of the West Bank. No to legitimization of the illegal settlements. Yes to a real peace process, that leads to reconciliation and justice for both peoples.

Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister
Shaul Mofaz, Minister of Defense
George Bush
Israeli Embassy in Washington DC 202-364-5500

For more information about the International Solidarity movement, see

Starhawk is an activist, organizer, and author of Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising and eight other books on feminism, politics and earth-based spirituality. She teaches Earth Activist Trainings that combine permaculture design and activist skills, and works with the RANT trainer's collective, that offers training and support for mobilizations around global justice and peace issues. These updates will be posted on her website, , on the Utne Reader website,, and Awakened Woman,

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Date: 23 Apr 2004
From: "Greenpeace Action Network">>
Subject: Tell the World Bank to Choose Clean Energy Now!

Dear Cyberactivists,

The World Bank recently commissioned an independent consultative process to consider its future role in the oil, gas and mining industries. Extractive Industries Review (EIR) recommended that the Bank adopt significant reforms, including phasing out its support for coal and oil production by 2008. The Bank-sponsored review also recommended an end to support for destructive mining technologies, and increasing support for renewable energy projects.

In response to this assessment, the Bank's management proposed the rejection of all but the weakest of EIR's recommendations.

Check it out at:

Tell the World Bank to listen to the concerns and advice of the consultants that it hired! To send a letter, visit:

Thanks for your support,
Chris Miller
Clean Energy Now! Coordinator


From: "Alan Armstrong">
Subject: Debt-money system preventing true sustainable development
Date: 24 Apr 2004

Dear Jean

Thanks for this and previous e-letters.

Let me get to the heart of the matter - to save Earth's human life support system we must bring a stop to incremental "economic "growth and follow the path of sustainable development (note: not sustainable growth which is a contradiction in terms).

Alas this cannot be done for so long as the world is driven by the debt-money system which all the world uses and which is unsustainable in the longer term (and possible in the quite short term now).

Why is this so?

Because in every country in the world the national money supply is made up of "fiat money" created by government in the form of notes and coins and "debt-money" which is created by bankers "out of nothing" and lent into circulation in the form of interest-bearing debt. In the case of the UK for example Government today creates just 3% of the total money supply on an interest-free basis while the UK commercial banking system creates the remaining 97% in the form of interest-bearing debt.

When this is lent into the economic system, final prices must include interest, for which at that point no money has been created with which the relevant interest might be paid.

The result is that period by period there is a shortfall in purchasing power relative to final prices and a corresponding surplus of goods/services on the market. We might try to solve this problem by dumping the surpluses (as in the 1930s - a very short term solution which subsequently simply ensures a much greater problem at some time in the future ), sell below cost (again a very short term "solution") or by setting in process yet another round of production during which money paid out in input costs may help temporarily to liquidate current debts. However at the end of each subsequent round of production the problem must simply recur on a higher level. Finally, war is the solution for armaments never come on to the market and after the devastation war the system may re-start with of course government debt to the system having very greatly increased. It is this dilemma that, short of a large scale war, leads to the demand for continuous "economic growth" (with all its attendant ills in the form of overfishing, destruction of the world's rainforests, loss of species, global warming which in a finite world is simply unsustainable.

Only when creation of the nations' money supply is created on behalf of the community by governments (under strict rules to avoid inflation) will sustainable development become at least a practical possibility.

For a lucid and authoritative exposition of this problem and solution let me refer you to William F. Hixson and his two books published in hardback by Praeger in Westport, Connecticut and London . They are:

A Matter of Interest Re-examining Money, Debt and Real Economic Growth and Real Economic Growth

Triumph of the Bankers - Money and Banking in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Best Wishes

Alan Armstrong
(Dunoon, Scotland)


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