November 30, 2004

The Days of Infamy Series #3: Bush Visits Canada - War Crimes in Fallujah

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People across Canada are mobilizing to duly welcome the President of the United States of America and will be cheering for the Great Uniter who epitomizes compassionate conservatism, a man of faith guided by unswerving moral values whose legacy will be admired for generations to come.

On a related topic, those who watched Jay Leno's interview with Michael Moore this Monday evening have been treated to a most disquieting experience as they discovered that not only Mr Moore is now shaved and dressed like a corporate scion. It was hard to find any ironic twist in his various comments especially when he mentioned that if you cannot beat them, you can at least look like them. If there was an underlying revolutionary message in this "turncoat number" he gave us, I failed to grasp it and was deeply disappointed. But I'm sure he has his reasons... and that bloggers will have all sorts of comments on his performance.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. If you do not see the irony in the first paragraph of my introduction above, I recommend you check the links of the underlined words...

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"George Bush has declared the war on terrorism to be the cause of his generation. The cause of Canadian sovereignty will be ours."

- John Godfrey, Liberal M.P., 2002 -- Taken from

"People used to laugh at me when I told them Canada would lead the way towards a more sustainable future. They once laughed at me when I said I want to move there and help in building this sustainable future. But in reading the articles on your latest compilation, I don't think anyone will be laughing at me now. In fact, I think it is the countries of the north that will lead us to a healthier planet. Add Denmark, Norway, Samiland, Finland and Sweden to the list. It's up to us to support and applaud the efforts of the north countries."

- Patty-Lynne Herlevi"> (28 Nov 2004)

"Creating a sustainable world means creating new ways for people to live and thrive -- while keeping the planet balanced and healthy. Our principles of sustainability drive path-breaking models and tools that pass these three tests: Is it good for business, good for society and good for the environment? "

- Taken from - More details on sustainability at

Worthy of Your Attention (Especially if you live near Ottawa and Halifax)

No To Bush - Ottawa - November 30 - December 1, 2004
Mass Demonstrations Against Bush - Lots of planned activities!

Stop Bush! No Blood for Empire!

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 - MOCK TRIAL & MARCH AT VICTORIA PARKAT 5 PM Mock Trial & Rally 5:30 pm March to US Consulate Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden and South Park) On Tuesday, November 30, George W. Bush will go on trial under Canada's Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act at Victoria Park (corner of Spring Garden and South Park) at 5 pm and you have been called to the jury. After the trial at 5:30 pm, if you convict him, "Bush" will be marched down to the US consulate office in Purdy's Wharf Tower II on Lower Water St. and sent back to the US. Our trial and march coincides with "Canadians Say No to Bush" demonstrations taking place right across the country during Bush's two-day visit to Ottawa. These Canadian demonstrations will get international coverage, so we need a MASSIVE turnout to send a strong and clear message to Ottawa and the rest of the world that we do not want to follow the path of the US, we say NO to participating in American Ballistic Missile Defence, and we condemn the US's the illegal war & occupation of Iraq and its refusal to join international human rights and environmental agreements. Please bring your placards along with your co-workers, friends and family and help us spread the word! We are also encouraging everyone to wear black clothes, armbands or ribbons and/or to hang a black ribbon/flag OR a peace sign/flag from your house/office during Bush's visit in Canada over Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Black is for mourning the death and destruction the US government has caused to other people and to the environment. Canadians across the country will be wearing black as well! CLIP

You're Not Welcome, eh! Thanks for the belated thanks, but NO THANKS! - Lots of planned activities!

Meetings being held across Canada for actions in Halifax, Ottawa, and other cities.

CANADA WIDE STUDENT WALKOUT AGAINST BUSH: Highschool walkout November 30th
Express your anger at George W. Bush's visit to Canada! Most Canadians despise George W. Bush and what he stands for, yet the Canadian government has invited him to Ottawa on November 30th. Generally regarded as a war criminal, Bush is openly contemptuous of international law, world opinion, and all people. Paul Martin is receiving him with open arms to discuss increased Canadian cooperation with the Bush administration. How can we stand by and watch such ugly history being made? Massive Large protests will take place on the streets of Ottawa,however the vast majority of those outraged by the Bush visit will not be able to attend these protests. High school walkouts are a way for students across Canada to take part. CLIP

Reject the Bush Agenda!
The Canadian Peace Alliance Announces Cross Canada Days of Action

Cross Canada Event Listings
Demonstrations organized in 24 Canadian cities


1. 'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah
2. Falluja's Health Damage
3. Irony doesn't describe it
4. The Voice of the White House
6. A soldier makes his choice
8. AIDS-ravaged Africa is victim of 'genocide by indifference': UN
9. UN report sounds grim new warning over AIDS
10. Look on the Bright Side


VOLUSIA COUNTY SUED (November 23, 2004)
Florida counties stonewall records requests. While some Florida counties have been attentive to the public interest and have promptly complied with our public records requests, other counties have stalled, stonewalled, failed to comply in a timely manner, or outright refused to provide the records. UPDATE: Several Florida counties refused to comply with the law, by failing to provide the 8 items in the Black Box Voting Nov. 2 public records request in a timely manner.The following counties have refused to be held accountable for the 2004 presidential election, by declining to produce basic audit documents until after all election contest periods have lapsed: Palm Beach County, Ft. MyersCounty, Pasco County, Highland County, Holmes County, Indian River County,Lee County, Levy County. Black Box Voting is requesting citizen audit groups to work with us to take these counties into full audit mode in December.Other counties may be added to this list. SUMMARY OF IRREGULARITIES IN VOLUSIA CLIP

Judge Denies Demand for Ohio Recount (23 November 2004)
TOLEDO, Ohio - A federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by third-party presidential candidates who wanted to force a recount of Ohio ballots even before the official count was finished. Judge James G. Carr in Toledo ruled that the candidates have a right under Ohio law to a recount, but said it can wait. The judge wrote that he saw no reason to interfere with the final stages of Ohio's electoral process. Officials have said the results will be certified by Dec. 6. CLIP

New Ohio Voter Transcripts Feed Floodtide of Doubt about Republican Election Manipulation
25 November 2004 - Columbus - A floodtide of evidence of questionable practices in the 2004 election is mounting fast against Ohio Republican Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell and Republican Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) Director Matt Damschroder. New transcriptions of sworn voter testimony, presented below for the first time, confirm growing suspicions of widespread use of rigged machines. Voters experienced hostility from poll workers, refusal of Republican election officials to follow the law, and discriminatory manipulation of voting machine placement, driving significant numbers of Democrats away from the polls. CLIP

Keith Olbermann on more Ohio ironies (Nov 29) Olbermann on more Ohio ironies (Nov 29)

(...) "John Kerry supports a full investigation‰ of the voting irregularities in Ohio, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told reporters Saturday before he began two days of rallies in the state to push for an investigation - and a recount. "I talked with John Kerry last night (Friday), and he supports the investigation," The Chicago Sun-Times further quoted Jackson. "His lawyers are observing it closely." CLIP

Petition for a nationwide revote

See also:

Should Canada indict Bush? (Nov 16, 2004)
When U.S. President George W. Bush arrives in Ottawa — probably later this year — should he be welcomed? Or should he be charged with war crimes?It's an interesting question. On the face of it, Bush seems a perfect candidate for prosecution under Canada's Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act. This act was passed in 2000 to bring Canada's ineffectual laws in line with the rules of the new International Criminal Court. While never tested, it lays out sweeping categories under which a foreign leader like Bush could face arrest. In particular, it holds that anyone who commits a war crime, even outside Canada, may be prosecuted by our courts. What is a war crime? According to the statute, it is any conduct defined as such by "customary international law" or by conventions that Canada has adopted. War crimes also specifically include any breach of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, such as torture, degradation, willfully depriving prisoners of war of their rights "to a fair and regular trial," launching attacks "in the knowledge that such attacks will cause incidental loss of life or injury to civilians" and deportation of persons from an area under occupation. Outside of one well-publicized (and quickly squelched) attempt in Belgium, no one has tried to formally indict Bush. But both Oxfam International and the U.S. group Human Rights Watch have warned that some of the actions undertaken by the U.S. and its allies, particularly in Iraq, may fall under the war crime rubric. CLIP

Pull Welcome Mat for 'War Criminal' Bush? (Nov. 26th 2004)
Vancouver legal experts join movement to rule the U.S. president a violator of Geneva and U.N. conventions. When George W. Bush visits Canada this week, he's sure to get an earful from demonstrators who see him more as a "war crimes president" than a "war president."While activists prepare to put down their unwelcome mats, lawyers have been sharpening arguments to hold the president accountable for his actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. But amid the flurry of legal briefs flying across the country, the police, the immigration authorities, and the Minister of Justice seem to be unprepared for a brewing collision between Canadian law and political expediency. Gail Davidson, a Vancouver lawyer and co-chair of Lawyers Against the War,says the prime minister should rescind his invitation to Bush, because the president is a "major war criminal." Her arguments are familiar. The extent of civilian deaths during the American conquest of Iraq-currently estimated at 100,000 -are chief among them.Prominent jurists have echoed Davidson's claims. Most recently, Louise Arbour, the former war crimes prosecutor and current United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights, has called for an investigation into crimes against the Geneva Conventions during the recent American assault on Fallujah. Tying Bush to torture violations - But Davidson says Bush should be brought to justice for "one of the crimes that's been very well-substantiated, and that's the crime of torture." In May the American government released its investigation of Abu Ghraib prison,concluding that it was the scene of "sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses." CLIP

Is the Annexation of Canada part of Bush's Military Agenda? (Nov 23) A MUST READ FOR CANADIANS!
Territorial control over Canada is part of Washington's geopolitical and military agenda as formulated in April 2002 by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Binational integration" of military command structures is also contemplated alongside a major revamping in the areas of immigration, law enforcement and intelligence.At this critical juncture in our history and in anticipation of the visit of George W. Bush to Canada on November 30th, an understanding of these issues is central to the articulation of a coherent anti-war and civil rights movement. The purpose of this detailed report is to encourage discussion and debate in Canada and Quebec, as well as in the US. (...) For nearly two years now, Ottawa has been quietly negotiating a far-reaching military cooperation agreement, which allows the US Military to cross the border and deploy troops anywhere in Canada, in our provinces, as well station American warships in Canadian territorial waters. This redesign of Canada's defense system is being discussed behind closed doors, not in Canada, but at the Peterson Air Force base in Colorado, at the headquarters of US Northern Command (NORTHCOM). The creation of NORTHCOM announced in April 2002, constitutes a blatant violation of both Canadian and Mexican territorial sovereignty. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced unilaterally that US Northern Command would have jurisdiction over the entire North American region. Canada and Mexico were presented with a fait accompli. US Northern Command's jurisdiction as outlined by the US DoD includes, in addition to the continental US, all of Canada, Mexico, as well as portions of the Caribbean, contiguous waters in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans up to 500 miles off the Mexican, US and Canadian coastlines as well as the Canadian Arctic. (...) In December 2001, in response to the 9/11 attacks, the Canadian government reached an agreement with the Head of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, entitled the "Canada-US Smart Border Declaration." Shrouded in secrecy, this agreement essentially hands over to the Homeland Security Department, confidential information on Canadian citizens and residents. It also provides US authorities with access to the tax records of Canadians. What these developments suggest is that the process of "binational integration" is not only occurring in the military command structures but also in the areas of immigration, police and intelligence. The question is what will be left over within Canada's jurisdiction as a sovereign nation, once this ongoing process of binational integration, including the sharing and/or merger of data banks, is completed? (...) The two year mandate of the BPG expires on the 9th of December 2004. Coinciding with president Bush's November visit to Canada, a decision to renew the BPG arrangement until Spring of 2005 has already been announced, at which time a decision pertaining to the formal integration of Canada into NORTHCOM will be made. This decision would essentially formalize a fait accompli. In this regard, the BPG has already prepared a comprehensive report,"recommending how the two countries' militaries can work together more effectively to counter these [terrorist] threats. In many cases, … the recommendations will involve formalizing cooperation already taking place on an informal basis." (Statement of BPG spokesman, US Department of Defense Information, November 3, 2004) Whether this report will be debated in the House of Commons remains to be seen. What is absolutely essential at this critical juncture in our history is that Canadians mobilize from coast to coast against the militarisation of Canada. The Canadian Prime Minister is anxious to avoid public debate and discussion on what constitutes the most significant encroachment on Canada's sovereignty since Confederation. (...) And ultimately what is at stake is that beneath the rhetoric, Canada will cease to function as a Nation: * Its borders will be controlled by US officials and confidential information on Canadians will be shared with Homeland Security. * US troops and Special Forces will be able to enter Canada as a result of a binational arrangement. * Canadian citizens can be arrested by US officials, acting on behalf of their Canadian counterparts and vice versa. CLIP

CANSPIRACY: Exposing the Continentalist Agenda - CONFIRMS WHAT IS SAID ABOVE!
U.S. set to unveil its plan to defend continent (April 17, 2002)
WASHINGTON -- Northern Command, a new U.S. military zone stretching from the Canadian Arctic to Mexico, is to be unveiled today as part of a sweeping global reorganization of the United States' power projection.For the first time, a U.S. four-star general charged with North American operations will have tanks, troops, warships and combat aircraft reporting to a single headquarters for homeland and continental defence.Details of the new command structure's mandate and possible impact on Canada were not clear last night. But plans for Northcom already were sparking concern in Ottawa that they could infringe on Canadian sovereignty. CLIP

A Plan for North American Integration
Did You Know That The US/Canadian Free Trade Agreement Contains provisions which are designed to ensure that Canada is Integrated into the U.S. as the 51st state by the year 2005?

Canada, U.S. near troop deal (August 28, 2002)

How to greet the guy next door (November 28, 2004)
(...) Republicans are beginning to look to me like a cult. The question now is how the Bush cult, one of the most violent on Earth led by a self-declared “war president,” will try to humiliate us. Mr. Bush is afraid to address the House of Commons in case he is heckled. But Mr. Martin has extracted promises that no insults, desk-banging or booing will take place. And as it turns out, Mr. Bush won't chance it. Our humiliation is complete. (...) At a Noam Chomsky lecture this week, hundreds of University of Toronto students were cheerfully planning their Bush protests, and they're off to Ottawa and Halifax. I was so proud of these young Canadians honouring their citizens-of-the-world Trudeauite legacy. Now that's decency.

The Voice of the White House (November 26, 2004)
“Some general comments here about security at the White House: Serious threats to the safety of President Bush are reaching monumental proportions, both in the US and abroad. A projected trip to Canada with a Bush speech to the Canadian Parliament had to be scrapped when the Canadian authorities learned that members of that body fully intended to not only boo the President’s speech but to stand in a body with their back to him as a mark of repudiation for his comments. His last speech to the UN was not greeted with boos but the media had to put in taped applause on their film of the speech because no one applauded Bush as a token of their dislike of him and his policies. Motor trips were also scrapped when Canadian officials decided that they were unable to protect Bush from expressions of public anger and that US counterproposals to supply large numbers of heavily armed US security forces was “totally unacceptable” to the Canadian government. Bush’s recent jeering by mobs in South America resulted in official state functions being cancelled and replaced with “personal meetings” with Columbian leaders in “a secure location.” As one whose job is to review foreign news sites on the internet, I must say that there are a burgeoning number of violently anti-Bush groups advocating physical violence towards the person of the President. The DoS people are having these inflammatory and dangerous sites removed by the governments of the countries involved but they keep cropping up again and again. The resurrection by the Iranians of the Assassin cult is causing spastic colon not only here inside the Beltway but also in various major US business circles who have learned of it. The concept of training and sending forth professional assassins is not a reassuring one, believe me….. Security, as I have said before, at the Inaugural functions will be tighter than anything Hitler ever had. This is not a good sign, folks, but make of it what you will. If Bush used the next four years to mend fences, he would be doing the best thing for all of us, including himself, but he will not do this. He is on a tear now, fully assured by his sycophantic staff that all America loves him and that God Himself looks down with great approval on the President. Reality is not one of the traits often expressed or considered inside the White House these days. It is more like a good old revival Holy Roller session. I keep my door shut as much as possible to prevent God-intoxicated staff members from rushing in, waving their hands in ecstasy and screeching about the Lord’s Anointed now in the Oval Office…(or hiding in the White House bunker)”

MPs attempt to impeach Blair over Iraq (25 November 2004)
Tony Blair has become the first prime minister in nearly 200 years to face a formal attempt at impeachment.A group of MPs tabled a little-used motion yesterday to trigger an investigation into claims that he was guilty of "gross misconduct" in the run-up to war in Iraq.Celebrities critical of the war joined 23 MPs to call for Mr Blair's impeachment in a motion calling for a special committee to investigate his claims in the months before the invasion. CLIP

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election (November 25, 2004)
According to informed sources in Washington and Houston, the Bush campaign spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives around the country to rig the election for Bush. The operatives were posing as Homeland Security and FBI agents but were actually technicians familiar with Diebold, Sequoia, ES&S, Triad, Unilect, and Danaher Controls voting machines. These technicians reportedly hacked the systems to skew the results in favor of Bush. The leak about the money and the rigged election apparently came from technicians who were promised to be paid a certain amount for their work but the Bush campaign interlocutors reneged and some of the technicians are revealing the nature of the vote rigging program. There have been media reports from around the country concerning the locking down of precincts while votes were being tallied. In one unprecedented action in Warren County, Ohio, election officials locked down the facility where votes were being counted. The officials said this was in response to a Level 10 high-threat terrorist warning being issued by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI for Warren County. George Bush won 72 percent of the vote in Warren County, much larger than his percentage of victory statewide. The money to rig the election in favor of Bush reportedly came from an entity called Five Star Trust, largely based in Houston but a worldwide entity that is directly tied to the Saudi Royal Family. Five Star Trust was termed "a well-protected vehicle" that has been used to support both Bush and Osama bin Laden in the US and around the world. Other money used to fund the election rigging was from siphoned Enron money stored away in accounts in the Cook Islands, which was once the base of one of the more questionable and Saudi-linked BCCI subsidiaries. Cook Islands banks also handled some of the weapons smuggling financing of the Iran-Contra scandal. A former Justice Department attorney who helped prosecute the BCCI case said the use of the Cook Islands by the Bush reelection team indicates they wanted the bank arrangements to be a "quick folding tent" operation that would cease to exist when the election was over. He said the Cook Islands was notorious for not requiring any documentation for such operations. In fact, the Cook Islands has been a favorite location for various covert intelligence activities. CLIP

Witnesses say US forces killed unarmed civilians (24 November 2004)
Allegations of widespread abuse by US forces in Fallujah, including the killing of unarmed civilians and the targeting of a hospital in an attack, have been made by people who have escaped from the city.They said, in interviews with The Independent, that as well as deaths from bombs and artillery shells, a large number of people including children were killed by American snipers. US forces refused repeated calls for medical aid for injured civilians, they said.Some of the killings took place in the build-up to the assault on the rebel stronghold, and at least in one case - that of the death of a family of seven, including a three-month baby - the American authorities have admitted responsibility and offered compensation.The refugees from Fallujah describe a situation of extreme violence in which remaining civilians in the city, who have been told by the Americans to leave, appeared to have been seen as complicit in the insurgency. Men of military age were particularly vulnerable. But there are accounts of children as young as four, and women and old men being killed. (...) "One of things we noticed the most were the numbers of people killed by American snipers. They were not just men but women and some children as well. The youngest one I saw was a four-year-old boy. Almost all these people had been shot in the head, chest or neck." CLIP

U.S. Double Standard Prompts UN Tactical Twists (Nov 22)
The United States, which traditionally castigates human rights violators before the United Nations each year, has rarely or ever been formally condemned by the world body for its own transgressions of civil liberties... but things changed, at least momentarily. (...) The draft resolution, ''the first of its kind in United Nations history,''had achieved that objective, he added.If adopted, the motion would have urged the United States ''to bring its electoral process and legislative framework into line with international standards,'' and also that it ensure conditions of detention conformed to international standards.''''Moreover,'' said the draft resolution, ''a zero-tolerance policy on torture should be implemented (by the United States), and urgent measures taken to bring legislation on national security into compliance with U.S.obligations under relevant international instruments.''The rising criticisms against Washington have been prompted by its suspension of civil liberties and stringent new measures on detention --all in the name of fighting terrorism.The administration of U.S. President George W Bush has also come under fire for turning a blind eye to military excesses committed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay, home to prisoners in the "war on terrorism." CLIP

U.S. Media Miss Rumsfeld's 'Dirty Wars' Talk (23 November 2004)
Washington - If three, five, or 10 years from now, Latin America returns to the military dictatorships and "dirty wars" of its all-too-recent past, analysts may point to the past week's conference in Quito of the hemisphere's defense ministers - and particularly Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld's role in it - as a milestone in that journey. If they did, however, their assessment would surely draw a blank among the readers of U.S. newspapers or viewers of its television. For the vast majority of them, the conference was the equivalent of the proverbial tree toppling unheard and unseen in some vast, unobserved forest. While the major media were filled with speculation about Rumsfeld's future in President George W Bush's second term, his contribution to the meeting was entirely ignored by the electronic media and major newspapers with just a handful of exceptions. That was unfortunate because, in many ways, the Quito meeting confirmed an evolution in U.S. policy that has been underway since Bush declared his "war on terrorism" after the Sep. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon itself. Indeed, the purpose of the gathering was to erect a "new architecture" for continental security in which the armed forces, in Washington's view, would play a central role.

The Coming Indictment of Dick Cheney & the Neo-Cons (Nov 5)
(...) Iraq is not the only case of Cheney-Halliburton corruption, currently under criminal investigation. Two other potential Halliburton crimes, both carried out while Dick Cheney was the company's CEO, are the subjects of Justice Department inquiries, U.S. Federal grand juries, and foreign criminal probes. CLIP

Tag-Teaming The Mullahs (Newsweek - 06 December 2004)
Military strikes would do limited damage to Iran's nuclear facilities, rally the country round the regime and isolate. Anyone who tells you that he has a clear solution to the problem posed by Iran's nuclear ambitions is not being honest. It's about as tough as foreign-policy problems get. There are two basic approaches to prevent Iran from going nuclear: coercion and engagement. Both have serious flaws. But for either to have even a chance of working, the crucial player will not be America, but Europe. If coercion means American military strikes, it is an utterly counterproductive idea. Such a move would do limited damage to Iran's nuclear facilities, rally the country round the regime, isolate the United States further in the world and probably prompt the Iranians to retaliate by sponsoring terror attacks against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States has often faltered by not appreciating the strength of nationalism around the world-most recently in Iraq. Iranian nationalism is particularly strong. Iranians have long harbored deep suspicions about foreigners and particularly Americans. It was Iran, under the liberal Prime Minister Mossadeq, that first nationalized its oil industry. It was Iran, under the pro-American shah, that initiated the oil hikes of 1973. And it is Iran that remains the only Middle Eastern country to have deposed a regime largely because it was pro-American. American military strikes will not be welcomed by the population. CLIP

George W. Bush is ill. He has a psycho-spiritual dis-ease of the soul, a sickness that is endemic to our culture and symptomatic of the times we live in. It's an illness that has been with us since time immemorial. Because it's an illness that's in the soul of all of humanity, it pervades the field and is in all of us in potential at any moment, which makes it especially hard to diagnose. (...) Malignant egophrenia has so taken over President Bush as its living embodiment that this deadly disease could be said to be incarnating itself through him. Because of his position of power, Bush is able to act out and give shape and form to his inner pathology in such a way that his inner process is both literally, as well as symbolically, getting played out as the world process. Bush's process, as well as the world's process, is a reflection of our own process. ME disease is unique in that it collapses the boundary between inner and outer. Egophrenia is an inner disease of the soul that expresses itself via the medium of the outside world. CLIP

Economic Crisis a Question of When, Not If (November 22, 2004)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The economic policies of President Bush have set the country on a dangerous course that will likely end in crisis, Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman told Reuters in an interview.Krugman, who may be best known for his opinion column in The New York Times, said he was concerned that Bush's electoral victory over Sen. John Kerry earlier this month would only reinforce the administration's unwillingness to listen to dissenting opinions.That, in turn, could spell serious trouble for the U.S.economy, which under Bush's first term was plagued by soaring deficits, waning investor confidence and anemic job creation. (...) "So if you ask the question do we look like Argentina, the answer is a whole lot more than anyone is quite willing to admit at this point. We've become a banana republic." Crisis might take many forms, he said, but one key concern is the prospect that Asian central banks may lose their appetite for U.S. government debt, which has so far allowed the United States to finance its twindeficits.A deeper plunge in the already battered U.S. dollar is another possible route to crisis, the professor said. CLIP

Economic 'Armageddon' Predicted (23 November 2004)
Stephen Roach, the chief economist at investment banking giant Morgan Stanley, has a public reputation for being bearish. But you should hear what he's saying in private. Roach met select groups of fund managers downtown last week, including a group at Fidelity. His prediction: America has no better than a 10 percent chance of avoiding economic "Armageddon." Press were not allowed into the meetings. But the Herald has obtained a copy of Roach's presentation. A stunned source who was at one meeting said, "it struck me how extreme he was - much more, it seemed to me, than in public." CLIP

Dollar Plunge, Specter of the Crash (22 November 2004)
The dollar is falling again and will continue to fall. The direction is not really in question, but the manner, brutal or orderly, with or without a financial crisis, has not yet been determined. Let's first review a few figures to get a good sense of the scale of the American problem. The current account deficit (the difference between what Americans import and what they export to the rest of the world) at a new historic record will represent about 5.4% of American income in 2004. Every year, the deficit must be financed by growth in net debt to the rest of the world. This now stands at around 2.6 trillion dollars, 23% of the United States' income. In comparison, France's net external position is a positive 7% of its income. (...) As with global warming, the Bush administration minimizes the risks so as not to have to take any action that might be politically costly. The chain reactions generated by a brutal freefall of the dollar, precipitated by the markets, might not, all the same, be very pretty. By pushing operators to sell American assets to avoid losses, such a dollar drop could precipitate a Stock Exchange fall, a brutal increase in interest rates, not to mention the failure of a certain number of financial institutions that had invested heavily in dollars. In cartoons, the hero continues along his trajectory above the abyss before suddenly falling straight down into it. CLIP

China and India starts dumping US Dollar and buy Euro Currency (November 27, 2004)
The India, China and other countries have started dumping US Dollar quietly and buying Euro. That put a very serious pressure on US Dollar. Chinese and Indian central bank officials denied such reports. But Foreign exchange traders say they are quite convinced of Indian and Chinese moves. According some traders, there are many other countries specially oil rich Middle Eastern countries running away from dollar. (...) But the U.S. unit has declined sharply because of doubts about the fundamentals of the U.S. economy, which is running wide fiscal and trade deficits. It has fallen nearly 4.5 percent against the euro so far in 2004.

Sweat, Fear and Resignation Amid All the Toys (26 November 2004)
Despite Mattel's efforts to police factories, thousands of workers are suffering.    Just off a wide dirt road that leads to a densely packed jumble of factories, workers behind one guarded metal gate toil seven days a week, sometimes as many as 24 hours straight, making toys for about 20 cents an hour. It is a pace that makes them almost numb to the poor ventilation, the lack of bathroom breaks and a fear that they will be beaten if they complain. Sweatshops aren't unusual, of course, in a country that possesses a large and cheap workforce and a permissive government hungry to attract big business. What makes this situation notable is that these workers make products for a company widely considered one of the most socially responsible American firms: Mattel Inc. The El Segundo-based toy manufacturer was one of the first U.S. companies - and the only major player in its industry - to establish an independent system for monitoring and publicizing how factory workers are treated. In fact, Mattel routinely checks and rechecks hundreds of plants around the world, aiming to ensure that they comply with its 112-item code of conduct. The seven-year effort has paid off - at least to a point. When it comes to limiting work hours, ensuring fair pay and improving health and safety standards, "Mattel is one of the best," said Chan Ka Wai, associate director of the Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee, which has done extensive investigations into working conditions in the Chinese toy industry. Yet for all of that, tens of thousands of workers who make Mattel products still suffer. One big reason is that half of the toys displaying Mattel's familiar red logo are made in facilities, like the one here in an industrial area of Shenzhen, that the company doesn't own. "Mattel has no way to know the truth about what really goes on here," said a 24-year-old worker at the Shenzhen factory. "Every time there is an inspection, the bosses tell us what lies to say." CLIP

The danger of chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields (COMPREHENSIVE!)
Extremely low frequency pulsed electromagnetic radiation does affect living organisms. That means you and me. We are the experiment. (...) Whatever choices you make, whatever common sense you exercise, a mast can land in your neighbourhood, next to your house, at any time. And it is increasingly likely. By 2007, it is estimated there will be 100,000 masts in the UK, pushed by an industry and government that is telling us we need them. And here is where your choice, your rights and your freedoms end. So what is the problem? The problem is that whilst you can limit personal exposure from (mobile) phones, you cannot limit exposure to masts. (...) The subtle touch of microwave radiation may never appear in a 30 minute laboratory experiment. But the touch of billions of microwave photons as they pass right through you from a neighbourhood mast have a cumulative effect. And all those of us whose sleep (and therefore melatonin production) is in any way affected, will be the most vulnerable. No, this is not like ionising radiation that causes DNA damage straight away. This is a subtle touch that you are unaware of for a long time. CLIP

Italian Chemtrail Researchers Come To Survey US-Canada (Dec 14, 2003)
(...) During their visit to Canada, the Italians were especially interested in the experience of Espanola. Repeatedly overflown by photo-identified U.S. Air Forcer tankers spraying lingering white plumes that made people sick over 50 square-miles in the spring and summer of 1991, this small community west of Sudbury, Ontario was the first to petition a national government to stop chemtrail spraying. "I'm convinced people here have died as a result of this spraying, including a close friend," says an activist involved in the early protests there. (...) Known colloquially as the 'Tesla Center', Ohio's Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the reputed repository of that energetic inventor's prodigious papers and patents. Two scientists working on the chemtrail project at 'Wright Pat' told Columbus Alive reporter Bob Fitrakis that besides climate-modification, temporary 'chemical antennas' utilize barium sprayed by air force tankers to conduct radio and radar waves over-the-horizon. Extreme high-energy pulses beamed from HAARP could also be 'ducted' by barium chemtrails, affecting countries thousands of miles away. HAARP was last ordered to full power one-week before Sept. 11, 2001. (...) BUT WHY? The original idea and intent, Bernard Eastlund told me in an earlier interview, was to manipulate weather at great distances using HAARP's computer-controlled antenna array to 'steer' parts of the ionosphere around. Think of Earth doffing her protective cap to killing gamma and X-rays from unprecedented solar flares. HAARP on steroids is not pretty to contemplate. But as Chemtrails Confirmed documents, published plans call for plucking HAARP at one billion watts - at which point all ecological bets are off. CLIP

The Cabal A geoplutocratic "elite" bent on global domination - by Richard Boylan (Nov 28)

Eighty Whales, Dolphins Die on Australian Island (Nov 28) ANOTHER LFAS INDUCED TRAGEDY?
CANBERRA (Reuters) - At least 80 whales and dolphins have died after beaching themselves on a remote island between the Australian mainland and the country's island state of Tasmania. The number of deaths on King Island could be higher as some bodies might have been washed back out to sea, said Warwick Brennan, a spokesman for Tasmania's Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment. "What we found at first light this morning...was 80 animals strewn along several hundred meters of beach. All those animals were dead," Brennan said on Monday. "There was a mixture of adults and juvenile animals. So it was a very grim sight," Brennan told Australian radio. He said there were 55 dead long-finned pilot whales and 25 dead bottle-nosed dolphins on King Island beach, around 250 km (160 miles) south of the Victorian state capital Melbourne. A further 17 whales were swimming around 1 km offshore. "The immediate focus for the rescue team will be ensuring that the group does not come closer to shore," Brennan said in a statement. The team is made up department officers, police and volunteers. He said it was unknown why the animals beached themselves. The deaths come a year after 100 pilot whales died on a remote beach on the southwest coast of Tasmania.

New mobile phone link to cancer

Omega-News Collection 20. November 2004

Omega-News Collection 25. November 2004




'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah

By Dahr Jamail

Inter Press Service

26 November 2004

Baghdad - The U.S. military has used poison gas and other non-conventional weapons against civilians in Fallujah, eyewitnesses report..

"Poisonous gases have been used in Fallujah," 35-year-old trader from Fallujah Abu Hammad told IPS. "They used everything -- tanks, artillery, infantry, poison gas. Fallujah has been bombed to the ground."

Hammad is from the Julan district of Fallujah where some of the heaviest fighting occurred. Other residents of that area report the use of illegal weapons.

"They used these weird bombs that put up smoke like a mushroom cloud," Abu Sabah, another Fallujah refugee from the Julan area told IPS. "Then small pieces fall from the air with long tails of smoke behind them."

He said pieces of these bombs exploded into large fires that burnt the skin even when water was thrown on the burns. Phosphorous weapons as well as napalm are known to cause such effects. "People suffered so much from these," he said.

Macabre accounts of killing of civilians are emerging through the cordon U.S. forces are still maintaining around Fallujah.

"Doctors in Fallujah are reporting to me that there are patients in the hospital there who were forced out by the Americans," said Mehdi Abdulla, a 33-year-old ambulance driver at a hospital in Baghdad. "Some doctors there told me they had a major operation going, but the soldiers took the doctors away and left the patient to die."

Kassem Mohammed Ahmed who escaped from Fallujah a little over a week ago told IPS he witnessed many atrocities committed by U.S. soldiers in the city.

"I watched them roll over wounded people in the street with tanks," he said. "This happened so many times."

Abdul Razaq Ismail who escaped from Fallujah two weeks back said soldiers had used tanks to pull bodies to the soccer stadium to be buried. "I saw dead bodies on the ground and nobody could bury them because of the American snipers," he said. "The Americans were dropping some of the bodies into the Euphrates near Fallujah."

Abu Hammad said he saw people attempt to swim across the Euphrates to escape the siege. "The Americans shot them with rifles from the shore," he said. "Even if some of them were holding a white flag or white clothes over their heads to show they are not fighters, they were all shot…"

Hammad said he had seen elderly women carrying white flags shot by U.S. soldiers. "Even the wounded people were killed. The Americans made announcements for people to come to one mosque if they wanted to leave Fallujah, and even the people who went there carrying white flags were killed."

Another Fallujah resident Khalil (40) told IPS he saw civilians shot as they held up makeshift white flags. "They shot women and old men in the streets," he said. "Then they shot anyone who tried to get their bodies … Fallujah is suffering too much, it is almost gone now."

Refugees had moved to another kind of misery now, he said. "It's a disaster living here at this camp," Khalil said. "We are living like dogs and the kids do not have enough clothes."

Spokesman for the Iraqi Red Crescent in Baghdad Abdel Hamid Salim told IPS that none of their relief teams had been allowed into Fallujah, and that the military had said it would be at least two more weeks before any refugees would be allowed back into the city.

"There is still heavy fighting in Fallujah," said Salim. "And the Americans won't let us in so we can help people."

In many camps around Fallujah and throughout Baghdad, refugees are living without enough food, clothing and shelter. Relief groups estimate there are at least 15,000 refugee families in temporary shelters outside Fallujah.


See also:

Smoking while Iraq burns BY Naomi Klein (November 26, 2004),,1359871,00.html
Its idolisation of 'the face of Falluja' shows how numb the US is to everyone's pain but its own - Iconic images inspire love and hate, and so it is with the photograph of James Blake Miller, the 20-year-old marine from Appalachia, who has been christened "the face of Falluja" by pro-war pundits, and the "the Marlboro man" by pretty much everyone else. Reprinted in more than a hundred newspapers, the Los Angeles Times photograph shows Miller "after more than 12 hours of nearly non-stop, deadly combat" in Falluja, his face coated in war paint, a bloody scratch on his nose, and a freshly lit cigarette hanging from his lips. (...) On second thoughts, perhaps Miller does deserve to be elevated to the status of icon - not of the war in Iraq, but of the new era of supercharged American impunity. Because outside US borders, it is, of course, a different marine who has been awarded the prize as "the face of Falluja": the soldier captured on tape executing a wounded, unarmed prisoner in a mosque. Runners-up are a photograph of a two-year-old Fallujan in a hospital bed with one of his tiny legs blown off; a dead child lying in the street, clutching the headless body of an adult; and an emergency health clinic blasted to rubble. Inside the US, these snapshots of a lawless occupation appeared only briefly, if they appeared at all. Yet Miller's icon status has endured, kept alive with human interest stories about fans sending cartons of Marlboros to Falluja, interviews with the marine's proud mother, and earnest discussions about whether smoking might reduce Miller's effectiveness as a fighting machine. Impunity - the perception of being outside the law - has long been the hallmark of the Bush regime. What is alarming is that it appears to have deepened since the election, ushering in what can only be described as an orgy of impunity. In Iraq, US forces and their Iraqi surrogates are no longer bothering to conceal attacks on civilian targets and are openly eliminating anyone - doctors, clerics, journalists - who dares to count the bodies. At home, impunity has been made official policy with Bush's appointment of Alberto Gonzales as attorney general, the man who personally advised the president in his infamous "torture memo" that the Geneva conventions are "obsolete". CLIP

Where's the New Picasso? Fallujah, the 21st Century Guernica (November 27)
On November 12, as US jets bombed Fallujah for the ninth straight day, a Redwood City California jury found Scott Peterson guilty of murdering his wife and unborn child. That macabre theme captured the headlines and dominated conversation throughout workplaces and homes.Indeed, Peterson "news" all but drowned out the US military's claim that successful bombing and shelling of a city of 300 thousand residents had struck only sites where "insurgents," had holed up. On November 15, the BBC embedded newsman with a marine detachment claimed that the unofficial death toll estimate had risen to well over 2000, many of them civilians. As Iraqi eye witnesses told BBC reporters he had seen bombs hitting residential targets, Americans exchanged viewpoints and kinky jokes about Peterson. One photographer captured a Fallujah man holding his dead son, one of two kids he lost to US bombers. He could not get medical help to stop the bleeding. A November 14 Reuters reporter wrote that residents told him that "US bombardments hit a clinic inside the Sunni Muslim city, killing doctors, nurses and patients." The US military denied the reports. Such stories did not make headlines. Civilian casualties in aggressive US wars don't sell media space. (...) Where is the new Picasso who will offer a dramatic painting to help the 21st Century public understand that what the US Air Force just did to the people of Fallujah resembles what the Nazis did to Guernica?In Germany and Italy in 1937, the media focused on the vicissitudes suffered by those pilots who were sacrificing for the ideals of their country by combating a "threat." The US media prattles about the difficulties encountered by the US marines. It never calls them bullies who occupy another people's country, subduing patriots with superior technology to kill civilians and destroy their homes and mosques. On November 15, an embedded NBC cameraman filmed a US soldier murdering a wounded Iraqi prisoner in cold blood. As CNN showed the tape, its reporter offered "extenuating circumstances" for the assassination we had witnessed. The wounded man might have booby-trapped himself as other "insurgents" had done. After all, these marines had gone through hell in the last week.The reporting smacks of older imperial wars, Andrew Greely reminded us in the November 12, Chicago Sun Times. "The United States has fought unjust wars before -- Mexican American, the Indian Wars, Spanish American, the Filipino Insurrection, Vietnam. Our hands are not clean. They are covered with blood, and there'll be more blood this time." Falluja should serve as the symbol of this war of atrocity against the Iraqi people, our Guernica. CLIP



Falluja's Health Damage

By Miles Schuman

The Nation

November 24, 2004

While the North American news media have focused on the military triumph of US Marines in Falluja, little attention has been paid to reports that US armed forces killed scores of patients in an attack on a Falluja health center and have deprived civilians of medical care, food and water.

Although the US military has dismissed accounts of the health center bombing as "unsubstantiated," in fact they are credible and come from multiple sources. Dr. Sami al-Jumaili described how US warplanes bombed the Central Health Centre in which he was working at 5:30 am on November 9. The clinic had been treating many of the city's sick and wounded after US forces took over the main hospital at the start of the invasion. According to Dr. al-Jumaili, US warplanes dropped three bombs on the clinic, where approximately sixty patients--many of whom had serious injuries from US aerial bombings and attacks - were being treated.

Dr. al-Jumaili reports that thirty-five patients were killed in the airstrike, including two girls and three boys under the age of 10. In addition, he said, fifteen medics, four nurses and five health support staff were killed, among them health aides Sami Omar and Omar Mahmoud, nurses Ali Amini and Omar Ahmed, and physicians Muhammad Abbas, Hamid Rabia, Saluan al-Kubaissy and Mustafa Sheriff.

Although the deaths of these individual health workers could not be independently confirmed, Dr. al-Jumaili's account is echoed by Fadhil Badrani, an Iraqi reporter for Reuters and the BBC. Reached by phone in Falluja, Badrani estimated that forty patients and fifteen health workers had been killed in the bombing. Dr. Eiman al-Ani of Falluja General Hospital, who said he reached the site shortly after the attack, said that the entire health center had collapsed on the patients.

It was well-known that the Falluja facility was a health center operating as a small hospital, a protected institution under international law. According to James Ross of Human Rights Watch, "the onus would be on the US government to demonstrate that the hospital was being used for military purposes and that its response was proportionate. Even if there were snipers there, it would never justify destroying a hospital."

US airstrikes also leveled a warehouse in which medical supplies were stored next to the health center, Dr. al-Jumaili reports. Ambulances from the city had been confiscated by the government, he says, and the only vehicle left was targeted by US fire, killing the driver and wounding a paramedic. Hamid Salaman of the Falluja General Hospital told the Associated Press that five patients in the ambulance were killed.

US and allied Iraqi military forces stormed the Falluja General Hospital, which is on the perimeter of the city, at the beginning of the assault, claiming it was under insurgent control and was a center of propaganda about civilian casualties during last April's attack on the city. The soldiers encountered no resistance. Dr. Rafe Chiad, the hospital's director, reached by phone, stated emphatically that it is a neutral institution, providing humanitarian aid. According to Dr. Chiad, the US military has prevented hospital physicians, including a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, internists and general practitioners, from entering Falluja. US authorities have denied all requests to send doctors, ambulances, medical equipment and supplies from the hospital into the city to tend to the wounded, he said. Now the city's only health facility is a small Iraqi military clinic, which is inaccessible to most of the city's remaining population because of its distance from many neighborhoods and the dangers posed by US snipers and crossfire.

"Falluja is dying," said Dr. al-Ani. "We want to save whoever we can." Jim Welsh, health and human rights coordinator for Amnesty International in London, notes that under the Geneva Conventions, "medical personnel cannot be forced to refrain from providing healthcare which they believe is their ethical responsibility." The 173-bed Falluja General Hospital remains empty, according to Dr. Chiad.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has called the health conditions in and around Falluja "catastrophic." One hospital staff member who recently left the city reports that there were severe outbreaks of diarrheal infections among the population, with children and the elderly dying from infectious disease, starvation and dehydration in greater numbers each day. Dr. al-Jumaili, Dr. al-Ani and journalist Badrani each stated that the wounded and children are dying because of lack of medical attention and water. In one case, according to Dr. al-Jumaili, three children died of dehydration when their father was unable to find water for them. The US forces cut off the city's water supply before launching their assault.

"The people are dying because they are injured, have nothing to eat or drink, almost no healthcare," said Dr. al-Ani. "The small rations of food and water handed out by the US soldiers cannot provide for the population." For the thousands living in makeshift camps outside the city, according to Firdus al-Ubadi of the Red Crescent Society, hygiene and health conditions are as precarious as in Falluja. There are no oral rehydration solutions or salts for those who are dehydrated, she says.

These reports demand an immediate international response, an end to assaults on Falluja's civilian population and the free passage of medical aid, food and water. Louise Arbour, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, has vowed to investigate "violations of the rules of war designed to protect civilians and combatants" in Falluja and to bring the perpetrators to justice. The San Francisco-based Association of Humanitarian Lawyers has petitioned the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States to investigate the deaths. The bombing of hospitalized patients, forced starvation and dehydration, denial of medicines and health services to the sick and wounded must be recognized for what they are: war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Miles Schuman is a family physician and member of the medical network of the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture.


See also:

What Became of Conservatives? (November 26, 2004)
I remember when friends would excitedly telephone to report that Rush Limbaugh or G. Gordon Liddy had just read one of my syndicated columns over the air. That was before I became a critic of the US invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration, and the neoconservative ideologues who have seized control of the US government. America has blundered into a needless and dangerous war, and fully half of the country’s population is enthusiastic. Many Christians think that war in the Middle East signals "end times" and that they are about to be wafted up to heaven. Many patriots think that, finally, America is standing up for itself and demonstrating its righteous might. Conservatives are taking out their Vietnam frustrations on Iraqis. Karl Rove is wrapping Bush in the protective cloak of war leader. The military-industrial complex is drooling over the profits of war. And neoconservatives are laying the groundwork for Israeli territorial expansion. (...) Delusion is still the defining characteristic of the Bush administration. We have smashed Fallujah, a city of 300,000, only to discover that the 10,000 US Marines are bogged down in the ruins of the city. If the Marines leave, the "defeated" insurgents will return. Meanwhile the insurgents have moved on to destabilize Mosul, a city five times as large. Thus, the call for more US troops. There are no more troops. Our former allies are not going to send troops. The only way the Bush administration can continue with its Iraq policy is to reinstate the draft. When the draft is reinstated, conservatives will loudly proclaim their pride that their sons, fathers, husbands and brothers are going to die for "our freedom." Not a single one of them will be able to explain why destroying Iraqi cities and occupying the ruins are necessary for "our freedom." But this inability will not lessen the enthusiasm for the project. To protect their delusions from "reality-based" critics, they will demand that the critics be arrested for treason and silenced. Many encouraged by talk radio already speak this way. Because of the triumph of delusional "new conservatives" and the demise of the liberal media, this war is different from the Vietnam war. As more Americans are killed and maimed in the pointless carnage, more Americans have a powerful emotional stake that the war not be lost and not be in vain. Trapped in violence and unable to admit mistake, a reckless administration will escalate. The rapidly collapsing US dollar is hard evidence that the world sees the US as bankrupt. Flight from the dollar as the reserve currency will adversely impact American living standards, which are already falling as a result of job outsourcing and offshore production. The US cannot afford a costly and interminable war. Falling living standards and inability to impose our will on the Middle East will result in great frustrations that will diminish our country.



From: "Mark Graffis"">
Subject: Irony doesn't describe it
Date: 24 Nov 2004

Report: Ukrainian Officials To Discuss Election Results (Nov 24)
Ukraine's Opposition Leader Calls For Strike To Protest Election

This is all about which leader would have given the US access to Ukraine oil of course. Notice how all of a sudden exit polls are actually important? 


Secretary of State Colin Powell said the United States does not consider the Ukraine election results legitimate and has challenged the country's leaders to decide "whether they are on the side of democracy or not."

Powell warned that "there will be consequences" for Ukraine's relationship with the United States. Powell also urged outgoing Ukraine President Leonid Kuchma to avoid a crackdown on the demonstrators.

Many Western observers previously said Sunday's vote was seriously flawed and did not meet democratic standards. Exit polls also showed that the pro-Western Yushchenko had won.


See also:

Ukraine Crisis Threatens Rift Between U.S. and Russia (24 November 2004),15569,1358199,00.html
Ukraine's political crisis deepened last night after three days of street protests and political drama threatened to cause a diplomatic rift between Russia and the US.

"CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) President Bush warned Friday that the international community is watching carefully as Ukraine deals with vote-fraud charges."

- Quote sent on November 26, 2004 by Meria Heller"> with this comment: "Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha!"...

U.S. Campaign Behind the Turmoil in Kiev (26 November 2004) A MUST READ - ASTOUNDING!,,1360080,00.html
With their websites and stickers, their pranks and slogans aimed at banishing widespread fear of a corrupt regime, the democracy guerrillas of the Ukrainian Pora youth movement have already notched up a famous victory - whatever the outcome of the dangerous stand-off in Kiev. Ukraine, traditionally passive in its politics, has been mobilized by the young democracy activists and will never be the same again. But while the gains of the orange-bedecked "chestnut revolution" are Ukraine's, the campaign is an American creation, a sophisticated and brilliantly conceived exercise in western branding and mass marketing that, in four countries in four years, has been used to try to salvage rigged elections and topple unsavory regimes. Funded and organized by the US government, deploying US consultancies, pollsters, diplomats, the two big American parties and US non-government organizations, the campaign was first used in Europe in Belgrade in 2000 to beat Slobodan Milosevic at the ballot box. Richard Miles, the US ambassador in Belgrade, played a key role. And by last year, as US ambassador in Tbilisi, he repeated the trick in Georgia, coaching Mikhail Saakashvili in how to bring down Eduard Shevardnadze. Ten months after the success in Belgrade, the US ambassador in Minsk, Michael Kozak, a veteran of similar operations in central America, notably in Nicaragua, organized a near identical campaign to try to defeat the Belarus hardman, Alexander Lukashenko. That one failed. "There will be no Kostunica in Belarus," the Belarus president declared, referring to the victory in Belgrade. But experience gained in Serbia, Georgia and Belarus has been invaluable in plotting to beat the regime of Leonid Kuchma in Kiev. The operation - engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience - is now so slick that the methods have matured into a template for winning other people's elections. In the center of Belgrade, there is a dingy office staffed by computer-literate youngsters who call themselves the Centre for Non-violent Resistance. If you want to know how to beat a regime that controls the mass media, the judges, the courts, the security apparatus and the voting stations, the young Belgrade activists are for hire. (...) Freedom House and the Democratic party's NDI helped fund and organize the "largest civil regional election monitoring effort" in Ukraine, involving more than 1,000 trained observers. They also organized exit polls. On Sunday night those polls gave Mr. Yushchenko an 11-point lead and set the agenda for much of what has followed. The exit polls are seen as critical because they seize the initiative in the propaganda battle with the regime, invariably appearing first, receiving wide media coverage and putting the onus on the authorities to respond. The final stage in the US template concerns how to react when the incumbent tries to steal a lost election. CLIP -SOMEONE SHOULD TELL PUTIN TO HIRE SIMILAR SLEEK POLITICAL MANIPULATORS TO ENGINEER NONVIOLENT PUBLIC PROTESTS IN THE US AGAINST THE NOV 2 STOLEN ELECTIONS ... TIME TO LET THE US OLIGARCHIC GOVERNMENT TASTE ITS OWN BITTER MEDICINE...

Western Aggression (05 November 2004)
How the US and Britain are intervening in Ukraine's elections.

Ukraine State TV in Revolt (26 November 2004)
Journalists on Ukraine's state-owned channel - which had previously given unswerving support to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych - have joined the opposition, saying they have had enough of "telling the government's lies". CLIP - IMAGINE IF THE SAME THING HAPPENED IN THE US!...


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"">


The Voice of the White House

November 20, 2004: “It is pretty evident from where I sit that war against Iran is a dead certainty but no one here knows the mechanics of the attack. The actual military planning I know has been completed with several scenarios in place to choose from. I do know about the press agitation for this war. It is now working full blast.

Very cooperative networks, coordinating with the White House staff, are even now giving fake news stories about the danger Iran poses to America. They are so blind that they are using the same identical methods that were used to sandbag us into the Iraqi war.

Rove knows everything about manipulating public opinion but nothing at all about the deadly consequences of launching a new war in the Middle East. There are some drawbacks to the planning, that much I do know. We do not know exactly where the Iranian atomic production plants are located. CIA informants inside Iran have supplied us with some information but considering how much they are paid (plenty) and how untrustworthy these informers have been in the past, it would not surprise many of us if they were feeding us bovine fecal matter by the shovel full.

However, it is this kind of useless crap that the President wants to hear and so it will be accepted. All of this is why Powell is quitting and Rice has been chosen to replace him. Why? She is an outrageous suck-ass for sure but consider this: Condi’s special field was Soviet Russia. She hates the Russians with a passion and is lusting for an opportunity to go after Putin and his people.

This is complete suicide because Russia has many deadly missiles and plenty of atomic weaponry. Will they use it if attacked? Of course they will but Bush is told that the Russian army is a shambles, their Navy rusting in the harbors and their aircraft grounded for lack of spare parts. There is some truth concerning the naval units but not the rest of it. Yes, the Russian army is much smaller than it was but if Fat Karl and his nutty friends bothered to read history, they would learn that when attacked, the Russians will fight to the death defending their soil.

If we think we are having “little problems” now dealing with an increasingly enraged 25,000,000 Iraqis wait until we discover, too late, that there are 70,000,000 Iranians and many more millions of Russians. Bush is as crazy as a loon. I have heard him say, very coldly, that God got him reelected and that both God and the entire nation are now behind him. He believes he has a devastating mandate to rule but he does not. No one here would dare to even hint at this to him or they would get a dose of really foul language and a pink slip on the moment. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Prez.

Bush probably got enough votes, but barely, and he certainly does not have any kind of a mandate. Nixon was an intelligent man (I worked for him) but during his second term, he let the power go to his head and this is exactly what Bush has fallen into.

Never believe your own lies.

Bush and Wolfowitz plus Rove and Rice see a powerful American empire that will rule the world through force, not diplomacy. Bush devoutly believes this crap and so do his people but the military and senior DoS people are not quite as confident. In fact, there is a very growing concern both in the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom that the fanatical and dim-witted Bush will take the lid off of hell and we will all be incinerated.

I have said it before and I will say it now: There will be a universal draft.

There will be another major war in Iran with serious military threats directed towards both Russia and North Korea.

Bush and his people will clamp down completely on any form of dissent inside the United States to include shutting off any American access to the Internet that they all view with loathing and fear.

Bush has closed off any escape, either by potential draftees, deserters (whose numbers are now growing out of all proportions, or potential anti-Bush people whom they feel might set up resistance movements elsewhere) to Canada and will make it impossible for anyone of draft age (18-35), or dissenters, to even leave the country in the future. Very soon now, anyone subject to the draft may not leave the country on the grounds that they might not come back. I am telling you, my friends, there is very stormy weather ahead for all of us. Next? Nuremberg-style Bush rallies held throughout the country and lots of pretty pictures of our new ‘God-mandated’-Fuehrer for church, school and public office walls. (Probably mass-produced in China!)”

November 21, 2004: “There is a great misconception in America these days, deliberately fostered and heavily publicized, that the only reason the United States is really in Iraq is to secure the huge Iraqi oilfield for their own use.

Yes, there is some pragmatic truth to this but the underlying force behind our totally disastrous new Vietnam in Iraq is not the desperate American need for oil.

We get more than enough oil from Mexico, Venezuela, Canada and Nigeria with Saudi oil down the list. We also get oil from Indonesia as well so stories about Saudi Arabia being threatened by Iran and Iraq are pure nonsense and the Bush people well know it.

The sole reason why American troops are now being killed in Iran is not the need for oil but only because of the Administration’s blind and total subservience to the State of Israel and its ultra militaristic and fascistic Likud government, personified by the savage Sharon.. Iraq had attacked Israel during the Gulf War and Tel Aviv never forgot that. They wanted Hussein out and this is how they got it without losing a single Israeli soldier.

The so-called neocons are almost entirely Jewish in composition (many are Israeli citizens and have worked for Israeli intelligence in the past…and certainly now) and very, very pro Israel. In fact, they openly put Israel’s needs before those of the United States. In effect, the neocons totally control US foreign policy, at least insofar as the Middle East is concerned. It was they who formed an unholy alliance with Karl Rove and persuaded Bush to attack Iraq. Many other reasons are given for this attack but the basic fact remains that the only really strong motivation for Bush to attack Saddam, to our great, and continuing, loss, was because Israel wanted it.

Like the news media, many Israeli Mossad agents were openly “embedded” with CIA and MI units and wreaked havoc on captured Iraqi prisoners. Much of the deliberate torture and murder of unarmed civilians was directly caused by these agents. And naturally, the US gets all the blame while the Mossad people have all the fun.

The CIA and the Pentagon are clearly aware of this but are afraid to say anything about it. Why? Because the so-called Israeli Lobby is immensely powerful in Washington. They have huge sums of money with which to bribe politicians and coupled with this is the threat of having their newspapers and television networks (which represent most of the American media today) attack any legislator who dares to question the primacy of Israeli needs.

The State Department’s main goal in the Middle East is to force the Arab countries to not only accept the presence of Israel but to cease and desist attacking her. No one here bothers to study history because they are too busy building their power bases and too frightened of the Israeli Lobby to dare to stray from the official party line. That’s the Likud Party, not the Republican. The Arabs are at war with Israel solely because Israel stole their land and slaughtered as many of the Arab inhabitants of Jerusalem that they could not drive into the wilderness of refugee camps. We in America have no business being involved in sacrificing American troops and spending huge sums of American taxpayer’s funds in support of a country that is not our friend.

They spy on us regularly, steal our military and business secrets, attack our ships, infiltrate our law enforcement agencies so as to direct them against any person or group that dares to speak as I am speaking and now very clearly dictate our foreign policy.

The Jews detest Christians whom they feel, with some justice, have persecuted them over the last 2,000 years but they have gleefully formed an unholy alliance with the dimwitted American Pentecostals.

The latter somehow see Israel as the Great Promised Land, the father of all the Christian religions and who must be protected by all means. A grotesque combination of rabid Pentecostals, moronic trailer park residents and imperialistic ultra right wing Republicans have gotten together to support a George Bush-type because they have complete control over his actions and through his utter dependence on them, to basically rule the United States for their own religious and political benefit.

That this support of Israel is leading the people of the United States into a complete political, military and economic disaster is of no concern to them. What is of concern to them is that Jewish money and media support continue to keep them in office on one level and on another, that the union of the moronic, the religious fanatics, the Lukudists and the Imperial America supporters maintain and continue this control into the foreseeable future.

Our Presidential and foreign policies should, by all rights, be dictated by the needs of the American people, not a handful of religious nuts and rabid Lukudists.

These self-centered and vicious creatures do not like anyone to hear the advice of our first President, George Washington. He warned repeatedly that America should take no sides in any foreign quarrel and should sell equally to both sides. No entangling alliances was the theme of this but three times in the 20th century and once in the 21st. our ruling politicians have embroiled American in someone else’s wars.

The First and Second world wars were fought to help an England that had a strong social and economic hold on American financial institutions, Vietnam was fought by the Eisenhower administration to assist the French hold on to the natural resources of their former colony and now, in the 21st century, we are once more engaged in a protracted and endless guerrilla war that has already put intolerable strains on our economics and the very social fabric of the American people as well.

The Israeli/Republican juggernaut has totally alienated the United States from the rest of the world and has caused many otherwise friendly countries to, in fact, abandon us. The dollar is collapsing worldwide, we did not get any Iraqi oil to at least justify our eternal warfare, our young men are dying every day and considering the terrible wounds many of the others have suffered by exploding booby traps, they are the lucky ones.

We desperately need to revert to the ideals of George Washington, maintain a strict neutrality everywhere, and especially in the powder magazine of the Middle East and remove the vicious and manipulative clique that is now running the United States…straight into the swamps.”


Powell 'pushed out' by Bush for seeking to rein in Israel

by Charles Laurence in New York and Philip Sherwell

UK Telegraph

November 21, 2004

Colin Powell, the outgoing US secretary of state, was given his marching orders after telling President George W Bush that he wanted greater power to confront Israel over the stalled Middle East peace process.

Although Mr Powell's departure was announced on November 15, his letter of resignation was dated November 11, the day he had a meeting with Mr Bush. According to White House officials, at the meeting Mr Powell was not asked to stay on and gave no hints that he would do so. Briefing reporters later, he referred to "fulsome discussions" - diplomatic code for disagreements. "The clincher came over the Mid-East peace process," said a recently-retired state department official.

"Powell thought he could use the credit he had banked as the president's 'good cop' in foreign policy to rein in Ariel Sharon [Israel's prime minister] and get the peace process going. He was wrong."

Bob Woodward, the veteran Washington reporter who was granted unprecedented access to the first Bush administration for his books Bush At War and Plan Of Attack, said last week that Mr Powell had been "dreaming" if he thought that he could stay on.

Vice-president Dick Cheney and his fellow hardliner, John Bolton, an under-secretary of state to Mr Powell, are both understood to have lobbied Mr Bush to replace him.

They wanted to make Iran's alleged nuclear bomb aspirations and support for Islamic terror groups the foreign policy priority for the new administration and believed that Mr Powell would back away from a confrontational approach. The two are frustrated that Britain, France and Germany are still seeking a diplomatic deal with Teheran rather than backing an immediate UN Security Council resolution condemning Iran and threatening sanctions.

Mr Powell's final pitch to remain in office for at least another year was made during Tony Blair's visit to Washington nine days ago, The Telegraph has learned. Earlier indications had been that he intended to step down after enduring four years of clashes with the office of Mr Cheney and the Pentagon under Donald Rumsfeld.

Friends of Mr Powell later briefed journalists that he had changed his mind because he saw the chance of progress on the peace process and wanted to see through the Iraqi elections.

Mr Powell is to be replaced by Condoleezza Rice, the national security adviser and close confidante of Mr Bush.

Mr Bolton's predicted promotion as her deputy is a further signal that the president wants to conduct foreign policy without the "moderating" influence and popular public face of Mr Powell.

Prominent neo-conservatives in Washington make no secret of their desire for regime change in Teheran, although few believe that a full-scale military operation is a viable strategy.

Instead, the emphasis is on establishing economic sanctions as a means to squeeze the ruling mullahs. There is also the option that the US may tacitly back Israeli air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.

The overhaul of the CIA under its new director, Porter Goss, a recent Bush appointee, is also intended to remove critics of America's foreign policy.




Subject: Air force develops wave beam that penetrates a 64th of an inch beneath the skin
From: Andy Thames
Date: 22 Nov 2004


It was only a matter of time, I guess. First, the Air Force builds a real-life, microwave-like pain ray. Then, it gets a company to strap that real-life, microwave-like pain ray to the back of a jet.

For years, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has been working on a millimeter-wave beam that penetrates a 64th of an inch beneath the skin. That causes the water molecules there to bubble. And that hurts like hell; people tend to run -- fast -- in the other direction. Small wonder, then, that non-lethal weapons experts call this "Active Denial System" the "holy grail of crowd control."

Active Denial been tested on people a bunch of times. A Humvee-mounted prototype is about to start undergoing trials. And now, Active Denial is going airborne.

AFRL handed Palo Alto's Communications & Power Industries a four year, $7 million contract, according to the Hilltop Times -- the in-house paper of Hill Air Force Base.

Dr. Diana Loree, the project officer for Active Denial, said four AFRL directorates are involved in developing this airborne capability: directed energy here; propulsion and vehicles at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio; and human effectiveness at Brooks City-Base, Texas.

Experts from directed energy, as the lead directorate, focuses on the systems engineering and radiating system development, she said. Propulsion directorate experts focus on the airborne power generation and conditioning required for the radiating system. Vehicles directorate scientists and engineers put their efforts toward Active Denial's thermal management and aircraft integration issues while human effectiveness experts focus on biological effects research.


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A soldier makes his choice

by Heather Mallick

November 22, 2004

We were spoiled for choice this week, with two hideous killings filmed in Iraq, and doubtless more to come. There was a bullet in the head for Margaret Hassan, the saintly British woman who was the director of Care International in Iraq — she was best of British, she was — and another bullet for a bleeding Iraqi whose name we may never know.

So low have we sunk that I was relieved that Ms. Hassan was shot, not beheaded. I was so grateful not to see the shot, as I looked at that famous photograph from Vietnam of a man's face in a spidery wrinkle of terror as the trigger was pulled. (I remain suspicious about whose interests Ms. Hassan's killing served, given that many Iraqis and even al-Qaeda called for her release.)

But I saw an old man die, many times.

It was a quiet whitewashed room in a building beside a mosque, empty save for five Iraqi men on the floor bleeding to death. The elderly man lay slumped, half-breathing, against a wall; another man lay with his head touching the old man's thigh (his son?) and the light slanted through the spooky scene like an Edward Hopper painting. The CBC showed me the man about to be killed; the American networks pixellated it out, as they did the Marine who was heard to say, “He's . . . faking he's dead,” and the Marine who blew the old man's head off and said with tight machismo, i.e., restrained glee, “He's dead now.”

This is a war crime, filmed by an NBC pool reporter. It is being watched all over the world, like Abu Ghraib on the move. The Marine has been taken out of combat; the U.S. military is investigating whether wounded Iraqis were left for 24 hours to die and whether three other dying men were killed.

A British Falklands veteran wrote this week of his sympathy for the Marine while noting that each nation brings its own character to war. The Brits are taught to use aggression coldly, without anger, while the United States uses a “group revving-up” that he thinks is dangerous. Was this why our soldiers died in Afghanistan, bombed by U.S. part-timers on speed and rah-rah-rah?

I have read of soldiers keeping company, without hatred, with their dying enemy. Farley Mowat describes entering a stone hut in Italy in 1943 and finding a German soldier sitting against a wall quietly, much like the old Iraqi man. The German's arm had been severed and gouted blood. A glistening mass that must have been his liver protruded from a giant gash in his side. He pleaded for “vasser,” but all Mr. Mowat had was rum. So they got drunk together. “And in a little while he died.”

Or you could have gone another way, Farley. A soldier has a choice. You made yours and the American soldier made his, and we ponder this.

George W. Bush's re-election has made America one of the most despised nations on Earth. Democrats know this and care. All week, when I have needed cheering, I've visited and studied Web photos sent in by ordinary Americans apologizing to the world for having saddled it with this violent, stupid President. The originality, wit, humour and sheer human goodness on display boggle the mind; I haven't felt so moved by American voices since my last Bruce Springsteen concert or Anne Tyler novel.

What fine people these good Americans are! The site has exploded with photographs of people holding up written apologies to the planet. Clumps of college students arrange their sneakers to spell out “sorry world,” 16-year-old girls beg forgiveness for being too young to have voted for John Kerry. “Please don't hate us. We tried our hardest,” one Wisconsin woman pleads. People's pets and newborn babies are enlisted to apologize.

The site, begun by a 20-year-old University of Southern California student named James Zetlen, is the first genuine evidence I have seen of a global village that looks like a nice place to live.

Million of Americans visit the site and the world is responding. Citizens of Austria, home of Ah-nuld, have accepted Democratic apologies for what Republicans did and will do, as have Swedes, Canadians and even Muslims, along with long-suffering Argentines, and most remarkably, a French waiter. Young James, you made history. You made a Parisian waiter forgive. They are hard men.

Republicans are enraged that anyone should even speak to furriners and have set up their own websites to tell their traitorous fellow citizens and the rest of the world to get stuffed (my polite translation).

There it stands. There are hate websites and there are stricken-with-guilt websites, much as you can finish off a dying enemy or you can share a drink with him. You decide.

One photo message posted on featuring a really depressed-looking baby, says “Since we're close enough to get burned here in Canada, our hearts and thoughts are with you. Keep living, keep loving, don't let him bring you down.”

Prime Minister Paul Martin should realize that, until he fired her, fearless MP Carolyn Parrish was doing him a great service by voicing the opinion of most Canadians. This enabled him to toady. We don't want to be part of Star Wars or go to Iraq, and we do not like this Bush creature. Ms. Parrish made Liberals sound like the party of Lester B. Pearson. We approved.

I would have every one of those Americans on as a guest in my home and that includes the weeping southern biker in the weird hairy horned helmet. Me, Ms. Canadian Nationalism, am declaring now that I love 48 per cent of that country. Soul mates, they are.

The rest of them? If I were dying, I know they'd finish me off with a bullet.

If they were dying? I'd offer them a drink.


Heather Mallick's column is in The Globe and Mail each Saturday. It appears on Sunday in


Sent by Gush Shalom">


Sharon has promised the Americans and the Europeans not to sabotage the Palestinian elections.

And in practice?

- The members of a regional election committee were held up for six hours at a checkpoint between Yata and Hebron.
- Instead of setting prisoners free, the army continues every night to arrest activists of all factions, including people active in the election campaign. 
- While the Fatah leadership in Ramallah is discussing the elections, Fatah activist Muhammad Rassan and two of his colleagues were killed in a Ramallah suburb.
- The Israeli army continues to shoot without warning at Palestinian policemen who are carrying arms, calling them ‘terrorists”. These are the same policemen who are supposes to maintain order during the election campaign.

Under such conditions, free elections are impossible.

We are warning again: Don’t listen to what Sharon is saying, look at what Sharon is doing!

Gush Shalom,
Help us with donations to
P.O.Box 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033,
Phone 972-3-5221732.
Requests for information about current actions:



AIDS-ravaged Africa is victim of 'genocide by indifference': UN

BERLIN (AFP) - Nov 24, 2004

The AIDS pandemic ravaging Africa is tantamount to "genocide by indifference," says Stephen Lewis, the UN special envoy on AIDS in Africa.

"We spend tiny sums to keep people alive while we spend huge amounts to make war," he says in an interview to appear Thursday in the German weekly Die Zeit, noting that the UN AIDS agency spent 4.3 billion dollars last year while war and reconstruction in Iraq will cost 200 billion dollars as of the end of

Speaking ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1, Lewis said: "Africa lost its geostrategic interest after the end of the Cold War. ... But there has always also been underlying racism towards Africa and Africans, which of course no one is prepared to acknowledge."

"This is why I speak of genocide through indifference. Rich countries don't worry enough about poor countries," he said.

Lewis, a Canadian, also lamented that most African AIDS patients cannot afford anti-AIDS drugs, even if they had access to cheaper generic versions.

"We must start supplying free medications," he urged, adding that today "responsibility resides less with pharmaceutical companies than with governments."

Africa is home to nearly two-thirds of all those living with HIV or AIDS in the world, and three-quarters of women AIDS patients.

In 2004, some 3.1 million Africans contracted the virus which destroys immunity to disease and 2.3 million died of it.

AIDS has driven life expectancy below 40 years in nine African countries: Botswana, the Central African Republic, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


See also:

World AIDS Day focuses on rising women victims (Nov 29)
This year’s global celebration of World AIDS Day focuses on women and girls who form almost half of the estimated 37.5 million people living with the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome. CLIP



UN report sounds grim new warning over AIDS

BRUSSELS (AFP) Nov 23, 2004

The UN warned Tuesday that the world is facing a "unique development challenge," as new data showed nearly 40 million people now have HIV and over 3 million will die of AIDS this year, the highest tolls in the 23-year history of the killer disease.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNAIDS named Asia and Eastern Europe as the regions where the AIDS virus is spreading the most swiftly and noted the pandemic was advancing alarmingly among women.

Without urgent action "the world is unlikely to gain the upper hand over AIDS," the two United Nations agencies warned bluntly.

"These latest developments firmly establish AIDS as a unique development challenge," said UNAIDS chief Peter Piot, who presented a new report at a Brussels press conference.

"The time of quick fixes and emergency responses is over. We have to balance the emergency nature of the crisis with the need for sustainable solutions," he added.

In an annual report, "AIDS Epidemic Update," published ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1, the two agencies estimated that 3.1 million people will have died from AIDS in 2004, the most in any one year and 200,000 more than the mortality in 2003.

Around 39.4 million people have the human immunodeficiency viruswhich causes the disease, an increase of 1.6 million over the previous year and another record.

In 2004, 4.9 million people, the most in any single year, will have become infected by HIV, compared with 4.8 million new cases in 2003, they estimated.

"The number of people living with HIV has been rising in every region," the report said. "(...) A massive effort is needed to achieve a response on that which matches the global AIDS epidemic."

It sounded the alarm for East Asia and countries of the former Soviet Union, but said the situation in sub-Saharan Africa, the world's worst-hit region, where more than 25 million people have the AIDS virus, was varied.

It made these points:

- EAST ASIA: 1.1 million people have HIV, an increase of 56 percent over the past two years that is mainly attributable to an explosive rise in China, where all 31 provinces are now affected. The disease is being spread in diverse ways, but mainly through sex workers and shared syringes used by injecting drug users.

"If China is to shape the course of its epidemic, it needs to move swiftly and with great resolve," the report warned.

- SOUTH ASIA AND SOUTHEAST ASIA: HIV infections have spiralled upwards, from 6.4 million in 2002 to 7.1 million in 2004, of which 5.1 million live in India -- the highest in the world except for South Africa.

- EASTERN EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA: Some 1.4 million people have the AIDS virus, compared with a million two years ago. The causes: a resurgence of infections in Ukraine and a relentless rise in Russia, where it is entering the population mainstream through sexual intercourse, after being largely limited to injecting drug users.

- SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: Remains by far the worst-affected region in the world, although the situation varies greatly across the continent. In South Africa, where 5.3 million people are infected, "there is no sign yet of a decline in the epidemic," and HIV prevalence among pregnant women, which in 2003 was already 27.9 percent, is continuing to rise. However, rates have remained stable in much of West and Central Africa and Uganda has seen modest declines.

- WOMEN: Women are increasingly at risk from the spreading pandemic. In 2004, 47 percent of new infections occurred among females, a figure that ranges from 21 percent in Oceania to 57 percent in Africa. Poor education, domination by men and physical susceptibility to the virus are blamed.

- TREATMENT: Distribution of the anti-retroviral drugs which can hold HIV at bay is widening, but slowly. Around 440,000 people in poorer countries now have access to this medication, yet they account for only 10 percent of those currently in need.

"If this low level of coverage continues, five to six million people will die of AIDS in the next two years," the report said.

On the positive side, WHO and UNAIDS judged there had been "a sea-change" in funding for the war on AIDS.

"Global funding has increased from roughly 2.1 billion dollars in 2001 to an estimated 6.1 billion in 2004, and access to key prevention and care services has improved markedly," they said.

But cash is not enough, they warned. "The big challenge for all of us is to ensure that this money reaches the people who need it," Piot told reporters. "We have the funding, now we have to act," he said.

More than 23 million people have died from AIDS since the disease, caused by destruction of the immune system by a virus, came to light in 1981.


Forwarded by Ed Elkin">

Look on the Bright Side

With the Blue States in hand, the Democrats have firm control of 80% of the country's fresh water, over 90% of our pineapple and lettuce, 92% of all fresh fruit production, 93% of the artichoke production, 95% of America's export quality wines, 90% of all cheese production, 90% of the high tech industry, most of the US low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools, plus Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Stanford, Berkeley, CalTech and MIT. We can live simply but well. The Red States, on the other hand, now have to cope with 88% of all obese Americans (and their projected health care cost spike), 92% of all US mosquitoes, nearly 100% of all tornadoes, 90% of all hurricanes, 99% of all Southern Baptists, 100% of all Televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia. A high price to pay for controlling the presidency. Additionally, 38% of those in the Red states believe Jonah was actually eaten by a whale, 62% believe life is sacred unless we're discussing the death penalty or gun laws, 44% believe that evolution is just a theory, 53% that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11 and most hard to grasp, 61% believe that Bush is a person of moral conviction.


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