April 24, 2003

The Writing on the Wall Series #22: For Those With Eyes to See

Hello everyone

You'll find in this one lots of material forwarded to me by ERN subscribers on a great variety of topics. One that really struck me as ominously disquieting is the second item "Mobilization Underway". Any comment on this? - or on anything else for that matter...

I have 3 other compilations ready to be sent plus the next installment of The Immortal Child story which I hope you enjoyed so far. So I'll definitely send you 2 more this week...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"If those in charge of our society - politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television - can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves."

- Howard Zinn, historian and author

"Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, . . . Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

- Barbara Bush in a recent interview on ABC-TV

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always."

- Mohatma Gandhi

"I find it helpful to remember that the Chinese character for "crisis" is a compound word consisting of "danger" and "opportunity." The dangers in this critical juncture in history are obvious. And yet there are enormous opportunities as well, not just to expose the lies of the Bush administration and its supporters but to propose alternatives for a new foreign policy consistent with our country's stated values of human rights, the rule of law, freedom, and democracy."

- Stephen Zunes, author of Tinderbox : U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism. Much more details at


From American Free Press (Washington), February 24, 2003, page 9:
"Calls by Vatican Met with Israeli Threats" by Michael Collins Piper
(Note: It's a university professor who's quoted, not a "religious fanatic")
In Israel one of the country's leading military strategists, Prof. Martin Van Crevald of Hebrew University in Jerusalem […]. Complaining about worldwide opposition to Israel, Van Crevald expounded on the nature of Israel's atomic arsenal, which is still officially non-existent. "We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch
them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force," he added, a threat at Europe itself.


1. Where to begin?
2. Mobilization Underway
3. War Video Games
4. While Others Stood Silent...
5. An Inspired Future
6. People are so brainwashed by the Media
7. Former KGB Head Hired By U.S. Homeland Security
8. Saga of the staged statue sacrifice
9. How and why the US encouraged looting in Iraq
10. Demo Against the Separation Wall on April 26 (In Israel!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Several quotes from articles that were originally included in this section below have been deleted because you've already received them when I mistakenly emailed you last Saturday my latest Media Compilation #131: Murky Future for the Middle East archived at

See also:

ACLU Challenges Government Secrecy on “No Fly” List at San Francisco Airport
SAN FRANCISCO - April 22, 2003 - Saying that federal officials violated privacy and public information laws, the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California today filed a federal lawsuit challenging secret "no fly" and other transportation watch lists. In papers filed with the court, the ACLU said that at least 339 passengers have been stopped and questioned at San Francisco International Airport since September 2001. "At the San Francisco airport alone, hundreds of passengers were stopped or questioned in connection with the so-called ‘no fly’ list," said Jayashri Srikantiah, a staff attorney with the ACLU of Northern California. "If that number is any indication, it is likely that thousands of individuals at airports across the country are being routinely detained and questioned because their names appear on a secret government list." (...) "The government has so far failed to disclose even basic information about the ‘no fly’ list, such as why names are added to the list, how incorrect names can be removed from such lists, and what the guidelines and restrictions are regarding the use of such lists," Srikantiah said. "The public has a right to accountability about the ‘no fly’ list and other government watch lists." The ACLU lawsuit seeks immediate disclosure of the requested records. The ACLU filed the FOIA and Privacy Act requests on behalf of itself and peace activists Jan Adams and Rebecca Gordon last November. Earlier in 2002, both women were told by airline agents that their names appeared on a secret "no fly" list at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The women were briefly detained by San Francisco Police while their names were checked against a "master" list. (...) Adams and Gordon, co-publishers of War Times, a newspaper that first began publication after September 11, 2001, said they are deeply troubled by the secrecy of the watch list. "We are deeply concerned about the government’s secret watch lists and the lack of government accountability," said Adams. "We want to find out how our names appeared on a government watch list and how we can get our names off the list. But instead of answering our questions, the federal government has refused to release any information." CLIP

Report: U.S. Has Plans To Bomb North Korea Nuke Plant (April 22)
CANBERRA (Reuters) - The Pentagon has drawn up plans to bomb a North Korea nuclear plant if it reprocesses spent nuclear fuel rods, according to an Australian newspaper report on Tuesday that was quickly downplayed by Australian officials.

Local Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act...

For 2004, Bush's Aides Plan Late Sprint For Re-Election
WASHINGTON, April 21 - President Bush's advisers have drafted a re-election strategy built around staging the latest nominating convention in the party's history, allowing Mr. Bush to begin his formal campaign near the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and to enhance his fund-raising advantage, Republicans close to the White House say. In addition, Mr. Bush's advisers say they are prepared to spend as much as $200 million - twice the amount of his first campaign - to finance television advertising and other campaign expenses through the primary season that leads up to the Republican convention in September 2004. That would be a record amount by a presidential candidate, and would be especially notable because Mr. Bush faces no serious opposition for his party's nomination.

A Bush Campaign, A 9/11 Anniversary (April 22)
To the Editor: Re "Bush's Aides Plan Late Sprint in '04"
It is disturbing that President Bush's political advisers intend that he begins his fund-raising and re-election campaign to coincide with the third anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. To harvest the human suffering of this event for his political gain, to exploit a national tragedy for re-election money, is repugnant. - Matthew Clark

Kucinich Requests DOD Release Number of Iraqi Casualties

Ari & I - White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer (April 22, 2003)
Mokhiber: MSNBC reported this week that Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal rivals that of France and Britain. Given that arsenal, does the President support Syria's call to make the Middle East a region free of weapons of mass destruction? Ari Fleischer: The United States has always supported the Middle East as a region free of weapons of mass destruction. Lester. Mokhiber: If I could follow up. Does Israel have nuclear weapons? Ari Fleischer: That's a question you need to ask to Israel. Lester.

Peace Activists Prepare Mass Protest After Briton is Gunned Down by Israelis...

Our Fateful Choice
Through its work with the Present Danger Project, the Interhemispheric Resource Center has analyzed the origins of Bush's assaults on international law and has worked in coalition with other groups to craft an alternative framework for U.S. foreign and military policy.

Judge Questions Bush Request to Halt Cheney Suit (April 17)
WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals court today questioned the Bush administration's request to stop a lawsuit delving into Vice President Dick Cheney's contacts with energy industry executives and lobbyists. (...) U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan has ruled that the Sierra Club and Judicial Watch may be entitled to a limited amount of information about the meetings Cheney and his aides had with the energy industry in formulating the White House's energy plan. The plan, adopted four months after President Bush took office, favored opening up public lands to oil and gas drilling and a wide range of other steps backed by industry. (...) The environmental group and the conservative group allege that participants from industry effectively became members of Cheney's task force in assembling the White House's energy policy.

Democracy only grows from below (April 16),2763,937733,00.html
US-British policy has ensured that genuine Iraqi opposition is broken.

Gulf War Syndrome, The Sequel (April 8)
'People Are Sick Over There Already'

Weapon of mass destruction - Spectre orange (March 29),3605,923715,00.html
Nearly 30 years after the Vietnam war, a chemical weapon used by US troops is still exacting a hideous toll on each new generation. Hong Hanh is falling to pieces. She has been poisoned by the most toxic molecule known to science; it was sprayed during a prolonged military campaign. The contamination persists. No redress has been offered, no compensation. The superpower that spread the toxin has done nothing to combat the medical and environmental catastrophe that is overwhelming her country. This is not northern Iraq, where Saddam Hussein gassed 5,000 Kurds in 1988. Nor the trenches of first world war France. Hong Hanh's story, and that of many more like her, is quietly unfolding in Vietnam today. Her declining half-life is spent unseen, in her home, an unremarkable concrete box in Ho Chi Minh City, filled with photographs, family plaques and yellow enamel stars, a place where the best is made of the worst. Hong Hanh is both surprising and terrifying. Here is a 19-year-old who lives in a 10-year-old's body. She clatters around with disjointed spidery strides which leave her soaked in sweat. When she cannot stop crying, soothing creams and iodine are rubbed into her back, which is a lunar collage of septic blisters and scabs. "My daughter is dying," her mother says. "My youngest daughter is 11 and she has the same symptoms. What should we do? Their fingers and toes stick together before they drop off. Their hands wear down to stumps. Every day they lose a little more skin. And this is not leprosy. The doctors say it is connected to American chemical weapons we were exposed to during the Vietnam war." There are an estimated 650,000 like Hong Hanh in Vietnam, suffering from an array of baffling chronic conditions. Another 500,000 have already died. The thread that weaves through all their case histories is defoliants deployed by the US military during the war. Some of the victims are veterans who were doused in these chemicals during the war, others are farmers who lived off land that was sprayed. The second generation are the sons and daughters of war veterans, or children born to parents who lived on contaminated land. Now there is a third generation, the grandchildren of the war and its victims. This is a chain of events bitterly denied by the US government. Millions of litres of defoliants such as Agent Orange were dropped on Vietnam, but US government scientists claimed that these chemicals were harmless to humans and short-lived in the environment. US strategists argue that Agent Orange was a prototype smart weapon, a benign tactical herbicide that saved many hundreds of thousands of American lives by denying the North Vietnamese army the jungle cover that allowed it ruthlessly to strike and feint. New scientific research, however, confirms what the Vietnamese have been claiming for years. It also portrays the US government as one that has illicitly used weapons of mass destruction, stymied all independent efforts to assess the impact of their deployment, failed to acknowledge cold, hard evidence of maiming and slaughter, and pursued a policy of evasion and deception. Teams of international scientists working in Vietnam have now discovered that Agent Orange contains one of the most virulent poisons known to man, a strain of dioxin called TCCD which, 28 years after the fighting ended, remains in the soil, continuing to destroy the lives of those exposed to it. Evidence has also emerged that the US government not only knew that Agent Orange was contaminated, but was fully aware of the killing power of its contaminant dioxin, and yet still continued to use the herbicide in Vietnam for 10 years of the war and in concentrations that exceeded its own guidelines by 25 times. As well as spraying the North Vietnamese, the US doused its own troops stationed in the jungle, rather than lose tactical advantage by having them withdraw. (...) He lies on a mat on the floor, his matchstick limbs folded uselessly before him, his parents taking it in turns to mop his mouth, as if without them he would drown in his own saliva. Hoi, the boy's mother, tells us how she met her husband when they were assigned to the same Viet Cong unit in which they fought together for 10 years. But she alone was ordered to the battle of Troung Hon mountain. "I saw this powder falling from the sky," she says. "I felt sick, had a headache. I was sent to a field hospital. I was close to the gates of hell. By the time I was discharged, I had lost the strength in my legs and they have never fully recovered. Then Ky was born, our son, with yellow skin. Every year his problems get worse." Her husband, Hung, interrupts: "Sometimes, we have been so desperate for money that we have begged in the local market. I do not think you can imagine the humiliation of that." And this family is not alone. All the adults here, cycling past us or strolling along the dykes, are suffering from skin lesions and goitres that cling to necks like sagging balloons. The women spontaneously abort or give birth to genderless squabs that horrify even the most experienced midwives. In a yard, Nguyen, a neighbour's child, stares into space. He has a hydrocephalic head as large as a melon. Two houses down, Tan has distended eyes that bubble from his face. By the river, Ngoc is sleeping, so wan he resembles a pressed flower. "They told me the boy is depressed," his exhausted father tells us. "Of course he's depressed. He lives with disease and death." CLIP

The U.S. military sprayed twice as much herbicide on Vietnam during the war there than previously estimated, according to a study published last week in the journal Nature. Relying on previously unexamined military documents and new assessments of dioxin concentrations, the study found that an additional 1.8 million gallons of toxic herbicides, mostly Agent Orange, were used by the Armed Forces. From 1961 to 1971, more than 10 percent of what was then South Vietnam was sprayed with defoliants in an effort to destroy food crops and remove forest cover from combat areas. An estimated 14 percent of Vietnam's forests were obliterated, and the herbicides have been blamed for birth defects and illnesses in both Vietnamese citizens and American veterans. The U.S. compensates veterans for diseases associated with the spraying in Vietnam but has refused recompense to the Vietnamese until more data are available.

Red tape restricts aid to world's poor (February 25),12128,902281,00.html
Millions of the world's poorest people are suffering because Brussels bureaucracy is slowing the payment of aid, EU officials admitted yesterday.

Book review of Bin Laden: the Forbidden Truth


From: "John Owen">
Subject: Where to begin?
Date: 15 Apr 2003


This is forwarded for consideration for the compilation. You're doing the spiritual work; I also think it's necessary to do the physical work on the ground of political organizing and action. Spirit made flesh, and all that. Thus, I've participated in, and been a leader, in numerous nonviolence campaigns over the years, and for the past four years been attending the nonviolence seminars in Los Angeles led by the Reverend James Lawson, who was a contempary of Martin Luther King, and King's mentor in nonviolent strategy and tactics. I don't know how i got on the interdream team list, but i got a message from them this morning and responded to it as follows. I don't know if their original mailing is worth including, without editing, but hopefully my response can stand alone

peace and joy,

John Owen

----- Original Message -----
From: John Owen>
To: Inter-DREAM-team>
Sent: April 15, 2003
Subject: Re: Where to begin? (THE STUPID "HUMANS")

We need to look at the theory and practice of successful nonviolent campaigns, those that brought about the end of institutionalized racism in the United States and brought about Women's rights. The revolution against nuclear power at Seabrook and Diablo Canyon, was my cause and a successful campaign, so far. The bloodless/nearly bloodless revolutions in South Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Philippines in recent years, should be examined. Get the book "A Force More Powerful" and/or the PBS series based on it, and study it. People need to work very hard from their kitchen tables, to bring about change, and we need to organize with all like minded people of whatever color or socioeconomic group, all over the world. Then we'll win. Elections are pretty much useless, They are devices for maintaining the status quo. Talking to our friends so we can feel good about ourselves is also useless. We must go with the things that unite us instead of focusing on the things that divide us, such as the destructive argument about "patriotism." As Ben Franklin said, "We must hang together, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately." Only when the powerful discover that we can and will stop their little red wagon its tracks, will they consent to change. The powerful want their spots at the head table more than they want any particular policy. Stop the machine. This struggle to be successful must dominate our lives, our treasure, our sacred honor. As Gandhi said, First, they ignore you. Then, they scoff at you. Then they attack you. Then you win..

No War
No Pollution
No Justice No Peace

May Peace Prevail on Earth

John Owen

----- Original Message -----

From: Peter Carter>
Sent: April 03, 2003
Subject: Re: [councilofpeace] Where to begin?

Where to begin?

By looking at war with a clear head.
By judging war objectively and impartially.
All modern weapons of war are Weapons of Mass Destruction.
They must all be banned.

WAR is
stupid (reptilian minded)
an evil act
a sin

War is hell.

War generates hatred and distrust.

Modern war is worse in all respects than primitive war by orders of magnitude.
It represents a huge decline in human morality and spirituality.

Peace is
intelligent (most advanced/evolved form)

Peace is the way to happiness - pursue it,
Peace is Heaven on Earth.
Peace is the one way to true love.

We must have zero tolerance of war.
Aspire always to peace.
We must dream a world of peace.
Our dreams of peace are inviolable and indomitable.

The world is how we dream it.



Recommended by Suzanne Phillips>

Mobilization Underway

Those concerned should pay serious attention to this listing of USA Reserve and National Guard units mobilized for active duty as of March 26, 2003. This reserve mobilization is far larger than the 1990 Desert Storm call-up. More ominously, there is a complete qualitative difference in the types of reserve units being called up. This difference shows the current effort is merely a preliminary to a far vaster general mobilization on the order of World War II. "The Roster" shows four broad categories of reserve units that have already been mobilized. The total 'package' is clearly designed as a balanced First Wave of mobilization to prepare for still further mobilization. And this is precisely how the USA began war mobilization in 1940. Now it's being done again.

Category I. Round out reserve units for active regular units. This grouping has some combat units and many more logistics support units. These are explainable in the context of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Thus they are not exceptional if "Gulf War II" is considered in isolation. It's much less understandable since the overwhelming majority did not go there per Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Perle's specific directions. Almost all are still in the USA with their parent regular units.

President Bush II had much more time for his Gulf build-up than President Bush I did for his. The first one had from August 1990 to January, 1991. That's 5 1/2 months. The second one had from October, 2002 until late March, 2003. That's around 6 months. And President Bush II has better and more fast sealift ships available than his daddy did. Acquiring such ships was one of the priority improvments made after Desert Storm. Consequently CENTCOM's small force size is the result of a fully conscious policy choice by the National Command Authority. It does not arise from mere logistics limitations.

Category II. Mobilization and garrison support units. These are US Army Reserve units whose function is to provide stateside base support. The sheer numbers of Army Reserve Garrison Support, Mobilization Support, Finance, Adjutant General and Replacement units are inexplicable except on the assumption many more bases are going to be filling with still more people. This means yet more mobilization is anticipated to occur. Supporting a large wartime mobilization is the only reason these units exist. The existing peacetime bases already have their own large bureaucracies.

Category III. US Army Reserve Training Divisions. These are numbered 'divisions' such as the 85th USAR Division in Illinois/Indiana, the 87th USAR Division in Florida/Georgia and so on. They're sub-divided into Brigades and Battalions. Despite their historic combat unit numbers these 'divisions' are not combat units any more. These are units of drill sergeants and skill trainers organized to serve as the teaching cadre staffs of individual replacement training centers. These units are only called up when 'They' are planning to do a lot more training of more civilians. This means training more civilians than the Department of Defense's existing peacetime training establishment can handle. The mobilization of such units is a critical milestone on the road to mobilizing a far larger combat army. So has this happened? Let's check 'The Roster'. And deah dey iz, Rastus. Divisions and divisions of reserve drill sergeants and soldier trainers summoned to active duty.

In Category II we saw the support cadres for more base bureaucracies. Here in Category III we see the trainers needed to teach new trainees. So where are these ''trainees"? Can you say draft? This too is already being talked up by the appropriate authorities, meaning Congress. It should be clear already that nothing these training units could do would influence "Operation Iraqi Freedom" as planned by Donald Rumsfeld. This fact was already well known to those responsible for mobilizing them.

Category IV. Leading edge Army National Guard combat battalions. This means combat units not attached to existing regular units as 'roundouts'. Without spreadsheeting The Roster there seem to be about 100 reserve combat battalions mobilized so far. All the different combat branches (infantry, armor, artillery, air defense) are represented. So why mobilize so many reserve combat battalions when so many Regular Army and Marine battalions are still in North America and 'unemployed' in "Iraqi Freedom"? More precisely, why does the Secretary of Defense mobilize them all and then get involved in a public dumbshow posing as McNamara sending Westmoreland too few active combat units?

There are several answers to these questions. The first answer is to conserve forces for a much larger expected campaign. The next answer is to bring the reserve combat units up to full training efficiency, and especially their leadership cadres. See the list again and do some internet spot checking. Most of these battalions were only summoned in December, 2002, or later. The plans for "Operation Iraqi Freedom" were already fairly final by then. Many other National Guard combat battalions remain to be called up. Back in 1940 National Guard mobilization proceeded in several waves, too. It didn't happen all at once. Ultimately many of these units will receive still more troops.

Another thing these units can do if required is to spawn still more combat units. In this process they subdivide just like bacteria. One battalion extrudes a cadre of experienced officers and sergeants who are promoted on the job to the next higher level. Then these form one or two more identical battalions. Newly trained privates for these newly formed combat units stream in from individual replacement training centers. These centers are operated and can only be operated by the training units discussed in Categories II and III above.

This is how it was done in World War II, also. Some National Guard divisions (all called up in 1940) were subdivided so many times to form more units that the original unit (with 90% new personnel by then) didn't reach combat until 1944 or 1945. The 38th Infantry Division is a good example. It was mobilized in 1940 but didn't reach a Pacific combat area until 1944. In the interim period it extruded cadre levy after cadre levy for many of the 88 other US Army combat divisions that were created.

The current reserve mobilization has summoned forth precisely the required machinery to begin the above process again. Many of these units have been "in reserve" for half a century without being called up. They were preserved to retain an option that is now being exercised. ZOG is putting very heavy stakes on the table. And it is doing so in a way that can be understood by most of the world's general staffs and military intelligence agencies.

The extreme statements made by Ariel Sharon, by George Bush and his Jewish- Zionist advisors, by the current and now by a former director of the CIA concerning long term vast Warre, "clash of civilizations" and "World War IV" are well known. Now we see specific miitary actions being taken to turn these Words into horrible Reality. They are taking this seriously. Self-perceived targets are taking this seriously.

Are you taking it seriously?

World War IV Warning. This is not a drill.

See the whole detailed list at


Date: 17 Apr 2003
Subject: War Video Games

I just saw a segment on NBC about all the war and battle type video games that have gotten a huge boost in sales since the Prez began agitating for his Iraq war.

Did you know that the Army and the Department of Defense have spent *millions* on the development of their own games and are in cahoots with the big software companies to develop and market them?  At least one is available as a free download on the web. They are aimed at ...... teenagers.  

They showed clips of some of them.  They are extremely realistic. They are not just hour-long games.  They can go on for days, and are meant to simulate real missions and battles, and are often intended for multiple players.  They train the viewers in teamwork and actual battle conditions, and the special effects are really quite astonishing!   You can see how young men would find these very cool and exciting!  They get to use high-powered assault type weapons and missiles - and of course, they don't get maimed or killed....they only incur certain 'penalties'.   The only unrealistic thing in them is the cartoon-like 'blood' that gets spilled by their 'kills' -- there's no gore or unpleasant sounds of death.  All very sterile and surreal.

Of the two 'experts' consulted in this piece, the 'con' guy said that these are definitely used as "recruiting tools".

He also pointed out that all of the youngsters who killed classmates and teachers at Columbine and other schools, including the most recent incident in Germany where 16 kids were killed, were all found to have these games in their rooms, and were known to be addicted to them.  And the Beltway sniper kid, Malveaux had been trained extensively on one of them by his mentor, Mohammed, in order to desensitise him to killing.

My guess is that not only are they promoted to 'desensitise' the upcoming class of killers and assassins, but they probably also contain embedded mind control codes that are producing an entire generation of numbed-out sleeper agents who can be 'triggered' whenever the gov/mil regime needs their services.


Anni :º)


Even more ominously I read in this month's Actualité - a French magazine here is Quebec - that scientists are developing a new psychoactive drug that is primarily aimed at treating people with post-traumatic disorder and who keep reminiscing past traumatic events and which somehow turns off the brain center controlling their sense of right and wrong so as to make these events look less daunting to the mind - if I remember correctly. In the article, one of the scientists admitted that this would be a perfect drug for the Pentagon to make their soldiers totally oblivious to the harm and death they are causing on the battlefield and thus become even more recklessly lethal. Some of them are wondering how they could prevent armies from misusing this potent new drug to be available in just a couple years after more testings.


Date: 14 Apr 2003
From: Kucinich Campaign>

A letter to our activist friends
from Barbara Ehrenreich (feminist/author)
and Marcus Raskin (author/peace activist)


More than a year ago, Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio stood up before the Southern California ADA and boldly challenged the War Party. His speech was entitled "A Prayer for America," which you can find by going to (then click on Speeches), and here are some of the points he made:

"We did not authorize the invasion of Iraq...
We did not authorize the withdrawal from the Geneva Convention...
We did not authorize the resurrection of COINTELPRO...
We did not authorize the repeal of the Bill of Rights...
We did not authorize the revocation of the Constitution...
We did not authorize the administration to wage war anytime,
anywhere, anyhow it pleases...
We did not authorize war without end...
We did not authorize a permanent war economy..."

All true a year ago. But only Dennis Kucinich was speaking truth to power then.

Just as true today, even as George W. Bush launches his pre-emptive strike. But except for Dennis, the silence on Capitol Hill is striking.

Even more true tomorrow, as the peace movement attempts to build its electoral power, to go along with the astounding people power it has tapped all around America, and all around the globe.

If this rings true to you, go to and make a donation, volunteer, forward this on to your friends. Together we can build, as Dennis put it more than a year ago, an "America which stands not in pursuit of an axis of evil, but which is itself at the axis of hope and faith and peace and freedom."

A better America is possible.

Barbara Ehrenreich & Marcus Raskin


Date: 12 Apr 2003
Subject: An Inspired Future
From: Sharon Rose>

Dear One,

It is rare to have an enlightened person in politics. I think he deserves our support so he can carry an inspired vision into the Presidency.

With gratitude,



A Note From Peter Coyote


If three people were to give $25 dollars each and each notify 3 people and get them to do the same, in a month around a billion dollars would be accumulated.

I'm writing to urge each of you to send $25.00 to the campaign of Dennis Kucinich and to commit to organize three others to do the same thing. Dennis is the most progressive candidate currently running for President. Whether or not you finally vote for him is immaterial. A small donation now will advance his campaign immeasurably, force the media to pay attention to him, and spread his positions: National Health for all, anti-Nafta and Gatt, ending the war, de-militarizing space. There is virtually no difference between his positions and the Green Party platform, but as a Democratic Congressman, he is not a symbolic candidate. He is a tried and tested politician who has stayed true to his principles.

He must have $20,000,000 in the bank by June (this is true for all candidates) to be taken seriously. We could do this for less than the cost of a good bottle of wine. Send $25.00 and get three people to commit to the same. Support Democratic diversity, support a peace initiative and support a progressive agenda. Try it. It doesn't preclude you from supporting other candidates, but if you simply support who you think will "win", you can't complain when they don't represent your interests.

Go to: and hit "contribute." The internet is changing national politics. Please participate.


Peter Coyote


Date: 13 Apr 2003
Subject: People are so brainwashed by the Media

Hello Jean

Thank you again for all the infos. It is shocking to see how these people here in our area and others are so brainwashed by the Media. They are so proud to be Americans waving their flags and speaking out arrogantly how they won the war in Iraq. Of course I became a minority with a few friends but it is also a challenge for me to tell the truth and I noticed they all leave now the minute they see me. "They think, that the Iraqi people are of a lower class and it did not even touch them to see the children in Baghdad and the injured men and women. These people call themselves Christians and they learn this in their churches. Well, there is a Karma and Universal law and I will continue to tell the truth with love not hate. Right now I am disillusioned hoping for total Peace on Earth.

Love and Light



Forwarded by "Monica Wilson"> on April 5

Former KGB Head Hired By U.S. Homeland Security

Get Ready for the USSA (The United Soviet States of America)

"Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw,

March 17, 2003

You will be happy to learn that the former head of the KGB (the secret police of the former Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primakov, has been hired as a consultant by the US Department of Homeland Security. Do you think he will share his expertise in "security" to prepare US citizens for domestic internal passports under the pretense of fighting the never-ending "War on Terrorism"?

CAPPS II is the name of the ne w program which is technically under the auspices of the US Department of Transportation, but that's only technical and the only reason they did that was to use the Transportation Department's budget to buy the computer hardware and software they need.

The way it works is you give them your credit card and they slide it thorough like you would in a store and then they hit a button and the monitor reads: CAPPS II, SS CTF. The SS CTF evidently stands for State Security Citizen Threat File. But it has nothing to do with the Department of Transportation. It goes directly to a division, which has been established between the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA and several other federal agencies. This is a new division, referred to as the Office of Internal Security, which is coordinating the effort to establish citizen threat files on every US citizen. It will be a huge database including credit files, medical files, political and religious affiliation, military history, attendance at anti-government rallies, etc. The newsclip didn't point out what information is being accessed.

The only thing they'll tell you is they're going to access your credit history, but like the guy giving the interview said they will be accessing a whole lot more. They just don't tell you what it is. When the Department of Homeland Security was asked about it, they wouldn't say but replied that it would defeat the purpose if we told you what it was we were looking for.

No announcement will be made to the public about what information exactly is being accessed or exactly how much information or what type of information is going to be included in each citizen's security threat file.

What I liked about this segment is that they interviewed General Yevgeni Primakov, who is now a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security along with General Alexander Karpov. Primakov was laughing about it because he's getting paid a big fee to do it.

He doesn't care, of course. Primakov speaks beautiful English, as you would expect a former head of the KGB to do. When he was asked what is this CAPPS II program really about, because obviously even "terrorists" could have credit ratings.

Primakov said that this is one of the steps now being employed along with NICA and new identity upgrade features which are coming to your driver's license. It is being used to get the people used to new types of documentation and carrying new types of identity cards pursuant to the United States instituting a formal policy of internal passports. And he actually used the words "internal passports." It's like he said and he was pretty knowledgeable. When the NICA (National Identity Card Act) gets passed, the Posse Comitatus Act gets overturned, a few other pieces of legislation yet to be proffered get passed, the White House will have more control over the American people than the Kremlin had over the Russian people when Stalin was alive. He said that and then he laughed.

What Primakov finds funny are what he calls these "right wing flag wavers" that were so anti-communist and now they're supporting a state policy of internal passports.

The irony is deafening.

Old right wing farts -- turn up your hearing aids for the irony is deafening!

Primakov continued by saying that he had been hired as a consultant and he was consulting on other "security" matters, an ongoing policy in various agencies of government (some of thes e offices haven't even been created yet) to consistently narrow the rights of the American people and to expand the power of government. He professed not to know why, the reason for all this was, other than he admitted that "it doesn't have much to do with 'fighting terrorism.'"

In other words, it's funny that we need a commie to come over here and tell people the truth. And remember its not just any commie, it's the former head of the KGB, who is being (paid) for with taxpayers' money from all the (naive) flag wavers out there.

If you think about it - how ironic this whole thing is. And it's not only Primakov, who was, by the way the last general of the KGB, before the KGB was changed to RFSS. Look who else was hired. There's General Primakov.

Then there's General Karpov, former KGB station chief of their Washington station at their embassy a nd the first director of the Russian Federal Security Service.

You could call this the "Sovietization of America." Primakov said he can't wait to get on the payroll (he called it the "pay corps," referring to the Heritage Foundation, the PNAC and all the other right wing foundations in the United States) He cant get over how many ex-KGB generals and colonels still want to come over to the United States and become consultants to get on the pay corps.

It has been reported that Nikita Krushchev Jr. works for the Heritage Foundation. Another right wing foundation has Elena Stalin. The Old Soviet Brand names are all coming to Washington to get on the gravy train and teach the Bush administration how to further restrict the rights of the American people.

And Primakov is waiting for the USSA, The United Soviet States of America. It'll probably m ake him feel right at home.

AL MARTIN is America's foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history.

Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw,


Date: 12 Apr 2003
From: Goldi>
Subject: Saga of the staged statue sacrifice - or - "would our media lie to us?!

Saga of the staged statue sacrifice (Alternet Iraq log)

It now appears that the toppling of Saddam's statue in Baghdad was simply a media circus, organized by the U.S. government to help promote its war. Two wide-angle photos of the square in which the statue stood bely the message of a large Iraqi crowd. (link:

And what's more, the flag that was draped over the statue's head briefly was none other than the flag that flew over the Pentagon on 9/11. Stupefyingly, the U.S. Army called it a "coincidence" that said flag was the only flag on hand. (link: )

More damning photos Isn't it funny that the man seen accompanying Rumsfeld protege Ahmed Chalabi into Iraq looks identical to the person who was pictured greeting the Marines minutes before Saddam's statue was pulled down? Check it out for yourself:

My Note: How much more obvious does it have to be to convince people? How much more outrageous do they have to get???

Who would be "behind" all this? The main question to ask is, who controls the main media channels, information-wise? Have a look at this:


The chilling reality of our time is that our biggest enemies are within.

CNN is one such enemy.

The New World Order crusaders know that it is better to control people and nations with the scientific application of fear and lies rather than the more unpredictable and expensive methodology of bullets and bombs.

So forty years ago, the CIA's, "Operation Mockingbird" went into full swing. The goal of the program was simply to control all mechanisms of opinion - the print news, the public opinion polls and the television news media. Their thinking was, if you control what people think, you've won the war before it has even begun.

And they have been frighteningly successful at achieving their goal - Since the 1950's all major news and polling organizations have, to one degree or another, been absorbed into the sphere of control of the intelligence agencies.

Now, the hard truth, which is simply too fantastic for most people to believe much less even comprehend in the first place is that the major news media is in actuality, mind controlling, opinion forming, population control mechanisms, and little else.

CNN is such a mind control machine.

CNN Being wholly a government propaganda machine, an organ of the CIA, and indeed as claimed by many in the right as well as left, extraordinarily influenced to the point of near subservience to a Zionist political agenda (more so than any discernible American agenda), CNN is in charge of faking out the American people and tricking us into thinking there is support for the government, Bush and the war.

CNN, Fox and the other government propaganda channels are clear warnings of what these New World Order types have in store for us - lies, war, death, slick 3D graphics, fraudulent polls, fraudulent elections, ominous theme music and dumb newsreaders.

CNN - the masters of the televisual lie."

And regarding those polls showing "70% support"? BUSHIT! As we've known all along! As vox says:

"And so now, the reptilian newsreaders with hairdos and tanning cream at CIA-CNN issue the latest fraudulent poll - 70% of the people support the president. This poll is a lie. It is a fake poll. The polling organizations, Time, Gallop, USA Today, CNN and all the rest of the CIA front companies posing as legitimate news organizations are all controlled by the CIA who themselves answer to the billionaire banksters and industrialists.

The function of these fraudulent polls is to get people to conform with what they are tricked into believing that "everyone else" is conforming to. The polls are designed to create your attitudes, not reflect them. It's called, "push polling," and it works.

Not in a million years do 70% of the people support the president. People in the big cities have never met anyone who supports this jerk in the White House, yet there is this myth perpetrated by the media that there are these giant pockets of people (presumably hillbillies and rednecks) somewhere (presumably in the "heartland" of America) who are the ones who comprise this overwhelming 70% majority of Bush supporters. But when you look at the map, there just isn't that many people in the, "hillbilly belt", to comprise this mythical 70%. And so what does that mean? It means folks that you're being lied to on a scale you never even imagined possible.

That is the biggest scam and biggest secret of today - That there could be such an all encompassing hoax, pulled off right before our eyes - is real. But it is.


And the lies work! You really can control the vast majority of American 'opinion' with massive transmission towers and cable systems transmitting 24 hour a day lies. That's how it's done.

"We are discreet sheep; we wait to see how the drove is going, and then we go with the drove."

- Mark Twain

If the lie is transmitted over and over and over again, and if the application of fear is constant and conducted with the utmost of scientific precision - people can be transformed into sheep and herded into a corral of fear where they become well behaved, obedient sheep.

So turn off your TV news and forget about the major polls."

Some other relevant quotes:

"The warfare, at cause and core, is spiritual and psychological. It's time to "lock and load" the thoughtforms and organizational processes that will catalyze, crystallize and otherwise "geometrize" the God Flame in our hearts, DNA, cultural institutions and the Morphegenic Grid of the planet... the genesis effect. The mysteries of God are not a mystery when known; like computers, it's hard until you know how and then it's easy. The universal laws of divine order and language of divine love is the heart of SOVEREIGNTY; a Vision of wholeness for healing of Self and Civilization."

- Christos Lightweaver

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order... We are grateful to The Washington Post. The New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." --David Rockefeller, at a 1991 Bilderberger meeting.

GUESS WHO OWNS AND CONTROLS THE MAJOR MEDIA? Rockefeller/Zionist minions today couldn't say it better: Back in 1953, John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff for the New York Times, was asked to give a toast to the independent press before the New York Press Club. What follows is a portion from his toast:

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print.

"I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of the paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. Or quite possibly, I'd be dead."

"The business of journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it. What folly is this, toasting to an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes, whores. Nothing more."

(Source: Labor's Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.)

The above two quotes are available from multiple sources on the net. I don't have exact links handy, but will dig them up if anyone finds them necessary.

Feel free to share this widely. The more people begin to understand how their beliefs and opinions are being manipulated, the better for ALL of us!


Date: 16 Apr 2003
From: IPSGeneva>
Subject: How and why the US encouraged looting in Iraq

Eyewitness Charges US
With Encouraging Looting

The following article is from Sweden's largest daily newspaper,

Dagens Nyheter, Saturday April 11, 2003
Translation by Kenneth Rasmusson

US Forces Encourage Looting
By Ole Rothenborg

MALMOE -- Khaled Bayomi looks a bit surprised when he looks at the American officer on TV regret that they dont have any resources to stop the looting in Baghdad.

"I happened to be there just as the US forces told people to commence looting."

Khaled Bayomi departed from Malmoe to Baghdad, as a human shield, and arrived on the same day the fighting begun. About this he can tell us plenty and for a long time, but the most interesting part of his story is his witness-account about the great surge of looting now taking place.

"I had visited a few friends that live in a worn-down area just beyond the Haifa Avenue, on the west bank of the Tigris River. It was April 8 and the fighting was so heavy I couldn't make it over to the other side of the river. On the afternoon it became perfectly quit, and four American tanks pulled up in position on the outskirts of the slum area. From these tanks we heard anxious calls in Arabic, which told the population to come closer.

"During the morning everybody that tried to cross the streets had been fired upon. But during this strange silence people eventually became curious. After three-quarters of an hour the first Baghdad citizens dared to come forward. At that moment the US solders shot two Sudanese guards, who were posted in front of a local administrative building, on the other side of the Haifa Avenue.

"I was just 300 meters away when the guards where murdered. Then they shot the building entrance to pieces, and their Arabic translators in the tanks told people to run for grabs inside the building. Rumours spread rapidly and the house was cleaned out. Moments later tanks broke down the doors to the Justice Department, residing in the neighbouring building, and looting was carried on to there.

"I was standing in a big crowd of civilians that saw all this together with me. They did not take any part in the looting, but were to afraid to take any action against it. Many of them had tears of shame in their eyes. The next morning looting spread to the Museum of Modern Art, which lies another 500 meters to the north. There was also two crowds in place, one that was looting and another one that disgracefully saw it happen."

Do you mean to say that it was the US troops that initiated the looting?

"Absolutely. The lack of scenes of joy had the US forces in need of images of Iraqis who in different ways demonstrated their disgust with Saddam's regime."

But people in Baghdad tore down a big statue of Saddam?

"They did? It was a US tank that did this, close to the hotel where all the journalists live. Until noon on the 9th of April, I didn't see a single torn picture of Saddam anywhere. If people had wanted to turn over statues they could have gone for some of the many smaller ones, without the help of an American tank. Had this been a political uproar then people would have turned over statues first and looted afterwards."

Back home in Sweden Khaled Bayomi is PhD student at the University of Lund, where he since ten years teaches and researches about conflicts in the Middle East. He is very well informed about the conflicts, as well as he is on the propaganda war.

Isn't it good that Saddam is gone?

"He is not gone. He has dissolved his army into tiny, tiny groups. This is why there never was any big battle. Saddam dissolved Iraq as a state already in 1992 and have had a parallel tribal structure going, which since then has been altogether decisive for the country. When USA begun the war Saddam completely abandoned the state, and now depends on this tribal structure. This is why he left the big cities without any battle.

"Now USA are forced to do everything themselves, because there is no political force from within that would challenge the structure in place. The two challengers who came in from the outside were immediately lynched."

Khaled Bayomi refers to what happened to general Nazar al-Khazraji, who escaped from Denmark, and Shia-muslim leader Abdul Majid al-Khoei, who both where chopped to pieces by a raging crowd in Najaf, because they where perceived to be American marionettes. According to Danish newspaper BT, al-Khazraji was picked up by the CIA in Denmark and then brought to Iraq.

"Now we have an occupying power in place in Iraq, that has not said how long they will stay, not brought forward any time-plan for civilian rule and no date for general elections. Now awaits only a big chaos."


See also:

How and why the US encouraged looting in Iraq (15 April 2003)
The widespread looting in Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Kirkuk and other Iraqi cities, following the collapse of the Ba’athist regime of President Saddam Hussein, was not merely an incidental byproduct of the US military conquest of Iraq. It was deliberately encouraged and fostered by the Bush administration and the Pentagon for definite political and economic reasons. CLIP


From: "Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)">
Date: 23 Apr 2003

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -

Army decided to remove internationals
1) General Moshe Yaíalon's pronouncement on the radio
2) Implementation started
3) Who can help bail them out?
4) Where to protest


26/4 - Demo Against the Separation Wall - Tulkarem

Together Against the Walls of Annexation and Expropriation

From: Ta'ayush Arab-Jewish>

Quickly and invisibly, a system of fences is being erected: "The Wall of Separation", which has risen far and deep east of the Green Line. The outline of this wall/fence was decided according to the demands of the settlers. It constitutes an organized land robbery on a grand scale, effectively annexing thousands of dunams of land from the West Bank into Israel.

Around and inside Jerusalem a system of walls and fences are rising, turning thousands of Palestinians to prisoners in their own homeland. The region of Kalkilya is already walled in from all sides, and has turned into an enclosed enclave. Around Tul-Karm an additional fence is rising, caging thousands of Palestinians into inhabitants of a giant enclosures, subject to the mercy of the occupation authorities. These days work has started to mark the outline of a new fence, which will annex to Israel the settlements of Ariel and Immanuel, and which will turn thousands of Palestinians in the region of Salfit into inhabitants of fenced enclaves.

While exploiting the anxieties and promising false promises of security, the program of annexation and expropriation is moving ahead. Should we accept it now, it will bring an end to the possibility of the foundation of an independent Palestinian State alongside the State of Israel. If we do not oppose it now, the West Bank will become a series of isolated Palestinian enclaves, ruled by settlers and under military control.

This is the future that Sharon is preparing for us: Apartheid. True security should not be based upon expropriation and annexation, upon starvation and imprisonment; rather, it should be based on peace between equals. For there is no peace without justice. The barbed wires are a death trap to us all, to the Palestinians and the Israelis. Let's do something about it:

Join us to a joint Palestinian-Israeli demonstration in Tul Karm area. Against the walls of annexation and expropriation For a life of peace and justice in this country!

The demonstration will take place on Saturday, April 26. Further details (place, hour, transportation) will follow. You can also check at or our voice-mail 03-6914437. It is crucial that we bring this message to the public. We need volunteers for distribution of leaflets. Those willing to join, contact Tali 053-367102.

A map of the separation wall at gush site + info about the protest tent at Mash'a (English)

Did you know (y)our protest was succesful? BBC was brought back to the Israeli screens.

Our site: (English)


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