May 6, 2003

Rising Phoenix Series #24: Spiritual Awakenings

Hello everyone

To begin this week, I have for you here a rather spiritually "juicy" compilation which I hope you will enjoy reading and sharing with others.

Have a great day!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The destiny of humans cannot be separated from the destiny of earth."

- Thomas Berry

"Science can explain what's happening down inside atoms and what's happening at the edge of the universe, but it cannot explain consciousness. It's a paradox--without consciousness there would be no science, but science doesn't know what to do, at all, with consciousness."
-- Author, physicist, and futurist Peter Russell in "Science and Spirituality," Timeline March/April 1999.

"Ego is a messenger. And when it has gotten your attention, when you have suffered enough, when you have beaten yourself up enough to the place where you say, "Oh wait. There must be, there must be another way. Another voice. Is there another voice?" Yes, there is another voice. It is the voice, the still small voice of your holiness that calls to you just as strongly as the ego but is a bit more patient. Until you will attend to that voice and say, "Oh, okay. Now I see where I have been abiding. Now I can choose anew." Each time you choose for peace, each time you choose for the still small voice, each time you choose for expanded vision, you ascend. Now do you ascend the body? A bit. In truth, a bit. For you allow an expansion even within the cells of the body. You allow the ascension of the energy known as the kundalini to expand and to rise and every cell feels itself to be a bit more free to radiate the light and the energy of light. That is why when you feel the moment of peace, when you feel the moment of love and you say, "Oh, I am loved of the Father. I must not be all that bad." You feel an expansion even within the breathing for you allow yourself in that moment the deep breath that expands even the chest cavity and you ascend. You ascend in consciousness out the limitation where you have held yourself momentarily, and you allow even the body a bit of ascension."

- Jeshua - Sent by Jasmine Zidaric>


1. Feedback on Meditation Focus #87
2. Kinesiology and Meditation Focus #87
3. Global Meditation for Peace proposed by the Dalai Lama
4. Living on the Edge
5. Taken with ‘Taken’
6. The Experience Festival in INDIA
7. No more Secrets, No More Lies / A Handbook to Starseed Awakening
8. Source of Light Message - Wake Up Call

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A movement to grant legal protections to animals is gathering force (May 2)
The fight to give animals legal rights barely registers on the environmental agenda, but perhaps it should. This isn't simply an endless philosophical debate but a gathering global force with broad implications for our planet's future, including how we use our natural resources. If animals had rights, we probably couldn't continue to eat them, experiment on them with impunity, or wear their skins on our backs. Our fundamental relationship would change. (...) In 2003, however, a new movement is gathering force that is trying to afford some genuine legal rights for animals. Buoyed by a growing awareness about animal intelligence and capacities, the courts, state governments, and the general public (in statewide referenda) are enacting and enforcing new legislation. (...) Animal rights are back on the agenda, at least partly due to the release of the new book Dominion by an unlikely author, White House speech writer Matthew Scully. The book might have gotten some attention even if the writer came from the ranks of known animal sympathizers, but the fact that Scully is a self-described conservative and a Bush insider got it widely reviewed and discussed. CLIP



Date: 04 May 2003
Subject: Feedback on Meditation Focus #87: Nurturing Peace on Earth
From: Liz Daly>

Greetings in Peace

I thank your heart for co-creating such an immensely powerful and informative meditation focus. I will now open my heart and share with you a bit about my meditation experience.

May you be blessed by my heartfelt gift of love to you this day and all days ahead of you.


As I sent the Harth symbol (opens hearts if it be the free will choice of the recipients) to all players in all peace-making roles in all countries mentioned in your focus, my own heart expanded in a breathtaking manner. For the first time, I envisioned only Light bodies (no human or animal forms, just Light forms), as All of Us became One force of Golden Light upholding the virtues of peace, hope, understanding, compassion and love. This energetic body resonated such intensely love-based strength, I felt it circulate the globe and beyond.

Golden, nurturing energies were transmitted from my heart frequency to each heart, whether human, animal or species unknown by name. "Heart" was shown to me in many symbolic forms. Forms I have never viewed before. It was like the language of "heart" was being taught to me in a new way. This was fascinating. Lord Buddha placed a golden heart-shaped pendant around the heart of Terra and EVERYTHING has shifted.

Golden dolphins are jumping through shore lines in celebration of Peace. The waves of the oceans are glistening and reflecting the Peace within each heart. The wind, the fire, the water, the Earth are all anchoring in the energy of Peace. As the wind caresses our physicality, know it is carrying the higher essence of Peace. As you touch Terra, her soil, know you are being blessed with the higher essence of Peace. As we drink and feel and see water, we are being baptized in a new Peace. As we sit around all of the fire celebrations of Beltaine at the beginning of May, the sacrament is, fresh, clear, bright...illusion free.

We are Now Peace. We are Always Peace. PEACE PREVAILS ALWAYS.

As my crown chakra arched with the crowns of All of Us, peace tears of acceptance streamed down my cheeks. Acceptance. Accept peace. Just accept. Open higher. Extend up. Accept the blessing of World Peace. It is about acceptance, as the creation is in place.

The tapestry of Terra is in the highest order of Beauty NOW. See with high eyes. The truth is there. Let go of your personal tapestry. The perfect tapestry is already hanging on the "Wall of Peace". Peace is You. Peace is Me. Peace is All. Peace-Oneness-Acceptance. Surrender to Peace. Accept the tapestry, as it is in the perfect place for viewing.

Brilliant aquamarine energies surround Terra now, coveting her as she is so precious. The aquamarine frequency feels like magnificent clearing energy. It feels like a vacuuming away of hate and blame and harmful energies taking place in the full space and force of Grace.

Terra, May 4, 2003



From: "Beverly Halling">
Subject: Kinesiology and Meditation Focus #87: Nurturing Peace on Earth
Date: 4 May 2003

Dear Jean,

If you read the books, Power vs. Force and The Eye of the I by Dr. David Hawkins you will know why all of the countries you mentioned are moving toward peaceful relations with each other. I just heard about these books and have read Power vs. Force and am part way through The Eye of the I. By raising our own spiritual vibration or consciousness we raise the vibration or consciousness of the whole planet. Dr. Hawkins uses kinesiology to test the vibration of everyone and everything for truth or falsehood. He says anything or anyone that vibrates under 200 doesn't know the difference between truth and falsehood. In over 20 years of study and work he is able to prove his works. He has tested millions of people. He has been able to set up a point system so we can determine where we or others are in our consciousness vibration by using kinesiology (muscle testing). He provides instructions for the test. Those vibrating or calibrating under 200 do not know the difference between truth and falsehood. The calibration figures represent a logarithmic progression. This is a list of the points: Shame 20, Guilt 30, Apathy 50, Grief 75, Fear 100, Desire 125, Anger 150, Pride 175, Courage 200 (this is where the turning point is) Neutrality 250, Willingness 310, Acceptance 350, Reason 400, Love 500, Joy 540, Peace 600, Enlightenment 700 - 1000.

"Although only 15% of the world's population is above the critical consciousness level of 200, the collective power of that 15% has the weight to counterbalance the negativity of the remaining 85% of the world's people. Because the scale of power advances logarithmically, a single avatar at a consciousness level of 1000 can, in fact, counterbalance the collective negativity of all of mankind. Kinesiological testing has shown that: One individual at level 300 counterbalances 90,000 individuals below level 200, one at 400 - 400,000; one at 500 - 750,000; one at 600 - 10 million; one at 700 - counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200." What this says to me is that it won't take very many of us to bring peace to this planet if we are willing to learn how to raise our own calibration/ vibration or level of consciousness and then proceed to do it by getting out of Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire, Anger, and Pride and getting up the scale from Courage and Neutrality to at least Willingness (310) and better yet 500 (Love) so we can cover as many as possible that are calibrating below 200. In 1995 there were 12 persons on the planet who calibrated at 700." There are several more now according to Dr. Wayne Dyer in one of his recent taped lecture series: It is Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile, Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. "Were it not for these counterbalances mankind would self-destruct out of the sheer mass of its unopposed negativity. The difference in power between a loving thought (10-35 million megawatts) and a fearful thought (10-750 microwatts) is so enormous as to be beyond the capacity of the human imagination to easily comprehend. We can see from the analysis above, however, that even a few loving thoughts during the course of the day more than counterbalance all of our negative thoughts."

I hope you will check these books out and pass on this information to everyone on your email list. We can bring peace to this planet and it won't take very many of us if we use this method.

Love, Light, Peace,

Beverly Halling
Spearfish, South Dakota
605 - 722 - 3771 (telephone)


From: "Peter Rennie">
Subject: Global Meditation for Peace proposed by the Dalai Lama
Date: 2 May 2003

"Grains of Sand can start an Avalanche"

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama has set a time for Worldwide simultaneous prayer or meditation for Peace and Non-Violence in solving all conflicts

For 15 minutes on Wednesday 7 May 2003 (wherever you are) from 10.00am to 10.15am Indian Standard Time, which is from 4.30am to 4.45am GMT, which is 2.30pm to 2.45pm (Australian EST)

There is enormous good energy in the unity of many minds focusing at the same time on the possibility of peace. Please join in and please spread the news!

" What comes from the heart touches the heart"

- Don Sibet

More details at


Date: 3 May 2003
Subject: Living on the Edge

Thank you for continuing to expand our awareness Jean.....

Caroline Browne


Living on the Edge

Willful Annihilation Rationalized. The wanton destruction of life caused by the thoughtless value placed on existence and extinction. When bodies of children, mothers, daughters and fathers whose lives have been exterminated because of a difference in ideology are piled like endless stacks of firewood, whose purpose does this serve? Warfare does nothing but take the innocent along with those who propose to bring a change for the better. Where is the justice and who will speak for those who are no more?

Abandoned dreams and hopes smashed by oppression, hate and intolerance brought on by the judgments formed on the foundation of ignorance, fear and the lack of respect for those who are different and usually have the most to loose. Why can we always find money to support a war, but there’s never enough to feed the poor?

Radical leaders who demonstrate peace and do not quiver under the threat of death, but take a stand when they are most criticized for not participating in mute regimes. They know to keep their silence is giving open consent to wrong doings which will affect the future of those held close to their hearts.

We go into this century fooled by power and greed, yet we have not learned the lessons of the past. Devastation's of War such as famine, orphans, homelessness, hopelessness, plague and disease just to name a few have rendered us vulnerable to those we have wreaked havoc on. Revelations revealed, but do we take heed? No, we who cause and fuel War bring these apocalypses on ourselves and cannot see the future because we only focus on the present.

Caroline A. Browne




Last January 3, 2003 Samone sent me an excerpt (that I've already circulated to this list) of the following article which she introduced this way:

"I thought you and your readers might be interested in the following excerpt from an article that I am writing. I was early spring cleaning and came across my notes. I felt it was timely since I was writing an article for Beyond Magazine about the TV Series, "Taken". It is also timely because of what is said about the times we are in, beginning NOW.

Also, I am being reminded of my role in getting people to understand that everything is connected. I find it interesting how things are sliced and diced. For instance, people that call themselves "metaphysical" want little to nothing to do with ETs, and UFO enthusiasts think little to nothing about metaphysics. Therefore, a part of my role is to have people understand that everything is metaphysics. The way we live, what we believe, our thoughts and actions are all tied with the same bow. Or if you prefer, all energy is a sphere. Everything that touches your reality is inside your sphere. What you choose to do with it, is another story.

The other reason that I chose to write about this particular channeling is because of the misleading information on the Greys. Like us and all other ET Groups, they are extremely diverse. However, I do not think most people associate metaphysics, Christ Consciousness, and the like with them. Also, as you will see by the article, I used to be in fear of them. But, now have only love and respect."


Date: 1 May 2003
To: "Samone">
Subject: Taken with ‘Taken’ - Full article of previously sent Excerpt

Dear Jean,

You had been nice enough to post an excerpt from me previously of an article I had written to Beyond Magazine. However, since Beyond has gone belly up, they never posted it. Therefore, I have decided to send the full article to you, and will allow you to determine whether you would like to post it on the Earth Rainbow Network.

The previous excerpt and the full article represent the first time for me coming out with pertinent details on some of my experiences, particularly with the Greys. I had held back in the past, but the time is right to start coming forward with information of this nature.

Thank you for all that you do in the way of dissemination of information.

Sending love and light,



Taken with ‘Taken’

By Samone Michaels, Author & Researcher

Recently I had the pleasure of watching the Television series, Taken, produced by Steven Spielberg. This was only because a friend was kind enough to tape it and mail me the tapes. Interesting enough, the Sci Fi Channel was pulled two weeks before the airing of the series. I decided that here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, they did that because it was “a little close to home.”

Admittedly I was glued to the television, as a friend and I watched almost nonstop, the entire series. I made mental notes about what I did and did not think was accurate. And before I express those, I would like to first thank Mr. Spielberg for this series. I would rather have something shown to the public on this subject rather than nothing.

So allow me to dismiss with the things that clearly are misleading in the series. First, the U.S. government, if not other governments, has known about Extraterrestrials (ETs) since at least the early 1900s. The series portrays that until World War II, nobody knew about ETs. Secondly, don’t kid yourself, Roswell was not the only crush of a vehicle. There have been many. Even the Rand McNally Map of New Mexico shows four crash sites in different places, i.e., Roswell, Pine Lodge (as depicted in the series), Corona, and Aztec. And there were survivors.

Also, the series would like you to believe that one family (3 people) and one Army General are the only ones in the U.S. that come from power, control and greed is ridiculous. Now I realize that this may have been necessary to condense into a story line for television. But, it is misleading, and important to understand that there are many factions within the U.S. government, jockeying for position.

I also didn’t like that the series gave the audience the idea that the only ETs out there are the Greys. Even someone off the street would agree that this doesn’t make sense. Look around at our own planet and how many different looking people there are. Would it surprise you to know that life on other planets is just as diverse? No, I didn’t think so. Also, the series gives the impression that ETs are here to gain something from us without our permission. This is short-sighted and naïve. Yes, they have something to gain, but so do we. Besides, nothing happens that isn’t meant to happen.

But, let me switch gears and describe the positive aspects of the series. Yes, the Greys have been visiting our planet for a long time. They chose us because we are the closest to what they used to be like. This is key and something that was not stressed, but mentioned. If we continue on the path that the majority of people are on, we will become the Greys. Some say that many of us did become the Greys in our future, and we are back to help change the picture.

Whether that is or isn’t true doesn’t matter when you understand that the Greys over hundreds and thousands of years bred themselves out of an emotional body, a heart chakra and the ability to reproduce. So who better to help the Greys recapture their emotional body and heart chakra, but those beings that were like them prior to their loss. Those other Beings are us. Further, we gave permission on a soul level to do this.

Now you might be wondering what we get out of this by helping. I believe that there are two essential things. One is a chance to change our future, especially for those set on a path of destruction. The Greys represent the ultimate lessons learned, if we would only “learn”. Secondly, we have their assistance in evolving our DNA with changes that are over due and are crucial to our evolution as a species. These DNA changes are already reflected in children referred to as Indigo’s, Crystal Children or the Psychic Children, and adults that have raised their consciousness enough to receive the changes.

So why now? Why in a relatively short period of time have the Greys “taken” people and performed various experiments? It has to do with timing for this planet. We are coming to the end of a planetary cycle, called “The Fifth World” by the Hopi or “Zero Point” inferred by the end of the Mayan Calendar or most familiar, “The End Times” as suggested in the bible. We are at a crossroads for planetary transformation.

The TV Series eluded to some things that I have had personal experience with and/or believe to be true. For starters, the Greys have been successful at recapturing their emotional bodies and heart chakras. And just like the series suggests, don’t need to “take” people anymore. Notice that most abduction stories stop in the mid 1990s. They definitely came and retrieved their brothers and sisters and ships. Also, the series credits one little girl with unusual “gifts”, leading you to think that the reason she has these is because she is part ET. Well, that is and isn’t correct. I believe that all of us have these abilities. We just haven’t used them, or admit to them or know how to tap into them. In addition, many of us repress abilities as a child after an adult makes fun of us. How many of you had an imaginary friend, heard voices, or saw ghosts?

Although I did not intend to go public with my personal experiences and knowledge of the Greys, I feel compelled to do so now. No longer is being an anonymous messenger “good enough”. And since one of my missions is to disseminate information to help people raise their consciousness, I will share some key experiences.

I am not sure when I became aware of being “taken” aboard ships. I intuitively knew that as a child I was different in certain respects. I could read people’s minds. I could hear voices from people across dimensions. I started to develop my abilities in moving objects. I would lie in bed and move things on the dresser. Some of this scared even me, and when demonstrated in front of family members or friends, the reactions were enough for me to cease and desist.

I also knew that I was going somewhere at night, but didn’t know where. I knew wherever it was and whom it was with, I liked and looked forward to it. To this day, I love to sleep. As a child, I would stare out the window at the stars. I also had a black light poster over my bed of the constellations and would gaze endlessly at the stars until I drifted off.

Additionally, I knew I have had unusual experiences. I had recalls of being aboard ships and having a favorite window to look out, and have seen several UFOs during the day and at night. I have had missing time. I was aware of having sex when I was not dating. I was pregnant and then not pregnant in a matter of a few weeks. I even have had unusual marks on my body. And had medical problems that led to two implants being removed, although at the time neither the doctors nor I knew what was being removed.

But, it wasn’t until I was much older and started to wake up consciously did I realize what was happening to me. A turning point in my life came while I was at a conference in New York City about six years ago. A friend insisted that I have a reading done by a psychic. I thought, “What the hell”, but got increasingly anxious as the time neared for my session. I told her that I was afraid that Greys were going to be there, and she said, “Yes, they are already here”. She looked around the hotel room where we were seated facing each other and nervously commented that she had never seen so many. I had a pen and paper on my lap and started diligently taking notes as she talked about my role with the Greys, and connections to Egypt and Mars. Then shortly after the reading began, her outline shape shifted into a male Grey. I was scared, but transfixed.

The Grey came fully forward and didn’t waste any time. I was frozen in fear. He said, “You don’t fear Christ. Why do you fear us?” I was taken off guard since I had never been religious and certainly didn’t care for the Christian religion, let alone understanding the significance of that question. He continued with, “We can’t do this without your help.” Instantly, I knew what he meant. I knew I was reading his mind and vice versa. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Out of the peripheral vision, I could see as many as 30-40 Greys in the room, on the bed, near the ceiling…everywhere. I sat motionless.

Out of nervousness but with my sense of humor, I said, “Nothing like a little weight on my shoulders.” I clearly felt and saw a shift. He inwardly smiled, closed his eyes, and dropped his head just for a second. As he lifted his head slowly, opened his eyes and touched my hand, he had this to say:

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The dice has not been thrown (inferring that it is not yet known). Your military is attempting to destroy the Christ Consciousness grid. This is an attempt to stop our integration and all of our evolution. They have been detonating bombs and using electronic waves in key places on the planet. Their attempt is to destroy the grid and prevent further evolution. They will establish a military state, disarm citizens and declare martial law. Your government will target individuals using false claims, tax returns and IRS Agents. This has already begun.”

I blurted out, “How can this be stopped?” Without skipping a beat he said, “Simple really. Assemble 144,000 people and with collective energy for one hour in one day hold light from your heart to strengthen the Christ Consciousness Grid. Form a light of steel. He then drew the symbol shown at the right, which interesting enough is the symbol of the state of New Mexico where I reside and is also where the heart chakra for the planet is located.
With or without the circle, all living forces of the Universe are drawing together. We have been giving this message to your government since the 1920s. However, people will die from their own fears. The government will create a false war using holographic images of spacecraft and Beings. They will create the illusion of saving human beings. In 2003 they will decide to move forward with this plan. There will be concentration camps, much like in Nazi Germany. Do not allow them to take you there.”

He paused so long I thought he was finished. But, then he continued: “The time of the Ascended Masters is 2005-2008. All is perfect. Molecules are never separate. The concept is challenging to accept. But, in the end, I am you and you are me. In the end, I am the very government that wishes to destroy me. In the end, it is just a game of illusion directed to teach us love.”

As you can imagine, I sat for a long time and let his words repeat over and over in my head. I quickly made a point to jot everything down that I missed. The psychic slowly came back into her body and I recall her saying something like, “Oh my God, that was powerful!” All I could muster was “Yes”. Then managed to thank her, telling her that it changed my life and that I would always be grateful. I left feeling blown away.

In the year that followed, I developed abilities that I call “doing meditations”. Others call it remote viewing, out of body or astral projection. It really is all of the above plus the awareness that all of us have these abilities. Most of us, though, just haven’t used them. Through meditations, I learned that I could go anywhere and speak to anyone, including ETs. The Greys were one of the groups that were prevalent in my life and since the reading in New York City, the question was looming over my head. What was it that I was supposed to do that the Greys couldn’t do without me?

I soon got my answer. A friend and I were shown that Greys were kept imprisoned in certain places in our country by our military. The places and what was being done to the Greys was horrific. Whatever you imagine that is horrible was being done to them. These facilities were all underground, and the further down the level, the worse the treatment it seemed.
We were shown three distinct facilities. I will refrain from listing these locations. All three had Reptilian Beings at the lower levels. The Greys told us that the government was doing something that prohibited them from completing the integration of their emotional bodies and heart chakras. It had also put a major glitch to the development of hybrid children. The Greys asked us to help them be released.

At the time we had no idea how we were going to help. But, the Greys and other ET groups taught us skills to enable their release. So we were ‘taken’ during the day and at night for several weeks to learn specific skills. The primary skill was the awareness of the fields around our bodies and what some call a merkaba. The merkaba is a sphere of approximately 50 feet around the body. However, the merkaba, we learned can be anything or any shape you want it to be. In essence, it is energy. All things are energy. Therefore, you can mold energy into any form.

So similar to the TV Series, where the little girl creates illusions, manipulates time, and manifests, is what the Greys taught us how to do. After 6 weeks of intensive training, we were ready. All we needed was a place and a time. Before my friend and I could think about the implications of what we were doing, we were off and running.

First, we had to pick a place. The Greys told us, “Thousand Oaks”. Now for those of you that know Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas, Thousand Oaks is not exactly out in the middle of nowhere. I was living south of Los Angeles and wondered why there? We quickly established a code and called it, TKO. I got no response from the Greys about it. But, while talking to my friend in the car one day, I passed a dumpster that had “TKO” written in bold letters. We laughed and took it as a definitive sign.

Next step was selecting the time. We weren’t about to go marching in these places Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. In fact, we had been specifically warned not to even remote view these places because our military had sensors that could trace our signature. I scratched my head and then recalled my days with the government and how nobody worked hard on a holiday. So I called my friend who lived on the east coast and said, “How about midnight the Sunday night before President’s Day?” My friend was game.

Then came the exciting part. I felt like a spy right out of a movie. I rented a car and drove up to TKO to stake out where, if need be, a spacecraft could come down with little to no interference. TKO is a typical suburb in Southern California with rows of houses behind walls, golf courses and an occasional greenbelt. The only area that was remote was in behind in the mountains that separated TKO from the ocean.

I drove along the 101 Freeway and asked for a sign as to what exit to take that would lead me up into the mountains. I burst out laughing as I came upon an exit that had a handmade sign that said “Area 51 Picnic” with an arrow pointing left. What are the odds? I kept laughing as I drove up the highway. It quickly turned into a two-lane road that wound up through the mountains.

I came upon a cone shaped hill that had a trail leading to the top with a clearing. I drove up the road to look at it from above. I pulled the rental car into a turnout to turn around, and what I saw on the rock stopped me from breathing. Written with black paint were the letters “SG.” SG was our code for Secret Government! I looked around to see if anyone was watching and asked myself (and the Greys) what it meant. “Were they on to us?” I wondered. Something tugged at me to just be cautious and I turned the car around.
From the top of the mountain I could see that the place I had passed with the clearing was perfect. It was in a fairly isolated high valley and the only house for miles was on the other side of the ridge. I knew I had found the place. But, the “SG” bothered me all the way home. I called my friend and explained what had happened. We both decided to proceed.

The Sunday before President’s Day came upon us quickly. I had already prepared by reserving a different rental car for “The Event”. As I dressed in dark clothes, and gathered a flashlight, jacket, etc., it started to dawn on me that what we were about to do was putting our lives in danger. I sat down and collected my thoughts. I realized that I had committed myself and that I knew I was destined to do to this. I gulped down a glass of red wine, patted my cat on the head and told my dog that I loved her, and went out the door. I drove with the radio off, concentrating fully on the task at hand. I knew that I was walking into the unexpected.

As I neared Thousand Oaks, a terrible thunderstorm started. The rain came down in torrents. I wondered if this was a good sign or a warning. I kept on driving. I pulled off the exit (the Area 51 Picnic sign was gone) and drove slowly up the mountain road. It was hard to see because of how hard the rain was pouring down and due to the windshield fogging up. But, I managed to wind my way up to the designated site. I had previously picked out a place to park, but for some reason parked on the down side of the hill. Something also told me to walk up the backside of the hill. This internal voice probably saved my life.

I struggled walking up the hill, slipping, and almost fell. The rain continued to pour as I came around the trail about 30 feet from the top. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. My heart raced. There on the top I could make out about 7-8 uniformed men with weapons. They were huddled under a canvas held up by four poles. Fortunately they were facing the other way. My heart was thumping so hard I thought for sure they could hear it through the downpour and the thunder. I turned and quickly made my way back down the trail, doing everything to keep myself from falling and praying they wouldn’t see me.

I realized that the rain and the thunder had turned out to be in my favor. With any luck they hadn’t seen my car headlights when I drove up. I got in the car and locked the doors. I prayed. I asked God to help me. I looked at my watch. It was one minute to midnight. I calmed my racing heart by doing breathing exercises. I then created a merkaba that formed over the three areas where the Greys were kept prisoners. My friend at the same time did something similar that the Greys had taught us. Only my friend was 3000 miles away.
I kept my eyes closed, not knowing the entire time whether the military guys had spotted me. I heard telepathically the Greys tell me, “Stay in form.” I felt a ship nearby. I knew they were right over the car. The pressure in my ears changed and I could hear the soft whirling sound that accompanied their ships. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated, not knowing what was going to happen. In that moment, I decided that I didn’t care if I lived or died. It was ok.

I no longer knew whether I was in the car or on board their ship. I was in deep concentration and held the vision. I created the holographic images and formed my merkaba to allow for the imprisoned Greys to be taken aboard their ships. Time stopped. I was suspended.
Then I felt the presence of about 50 Greys. I heard them thank me. My ears popped and the whirling sound disappeared. I opened my eyes, realizing that I was all right. I started the car, took it out of park and only when I was far enough down the road did I turn on the headlights. The rain had slowed by the time I got to the exit ramp. Talk about an adrenalin rush! We had done it! I drove home with the radio blasting classic 70 rock and roll music singing to the top of my lungs.

Now here it is five years later. I still mark my calendar on January 19th as the anniversary of The Event. You also have an idea why I was taken by “Taken”. The TV series validated that there are others on this planet that have played a role in helping the Greys which in turn helps all of us. The TV Series is well worth watching. Also, if sharing some of my experiences has done nothing else, I hope it assists those that have helped the Greys come away with a different understanding that it is for a wonderful cause. Thank you again, Mr. Spielberg!




Subject: Countering the Artificial Grid

Jean, you may want to post this on your network. Up to you> As many of you know, I continue to be an aerospace consultant. I am on mailing lists for Congressional Reports, among other things, and from time to time, I comment about the underlying and read-between-the-lines info that pops out at me. The cover of the report attached and below caught my attention.

I thought I would send it out to you since the public generally has no idea how many satellites are in space. Nor does the public have an understanding of what each launch has a potential for doing in the way of continuing the Secret Govt's agenda.

Keeping in mind that the cover only depicts U.S. satellites, unclassified satellites and is 3 years old (there are 3-4 launches a month by the U.S. alone), take note of two things. One is the inner circle that almost completely engulfs our planet with a matrix of satellites in low Earth orbit. I think this is the first artificial grid and is used in conjunction with HAARP. Secondly, take note of the outer circle of satellites that in my opinion is to counter the Christ Consciousness Grid.

It is for this reason that I ask each of you from time to time to take a minute or a second or even one simple thought... to visualize love strengthening the Christ Consciousness Grid and Higher Consciousness Grids. See love in the form of light moving through the grid(s) and becoming brighter. Come from your heart, and give thanks to the Beings that hold the grid.

We can and are making a difference!

Samone Michaels
Author and Researcher



Thanks for reading, commenting, and posting my full article. Yes, everything I wrote is true. I have no reason to lie, and I couldn't possibly make most of that up anyway!

What motivates me in coming out with this kind of information is my inner guidance, as well as keeping in timing with events unfolding. You mentioned one - the night trains through Montana. Another is SARS, and NASA already posting an article suggesting that SARS is extraterrestrial in nature. The next step COULD be "their big bad alien scenario". Regardless, I am sensing that this is a "last ditch effort". But, light will prevail for those that have chosen to transition with Gaia. We must have faith.

This in combination with a feeling that many of us got right before 9/11 has led me to disseminating this kind of information. It is like a build-up; a calm before the storm feeling. It had not been important before because I believe strongly in "it is the message, not the messenger" theory. So my personal experiences, albeit extraordinary, were on the back burner. CLIP


From: Parlan Fritz/LivsHalsa>
Subject: The Experience Festival in INDIA
Date: 4 May 2003

Dear Jean!

Thank you for your wonderful work. I like to introduce the work that I am part of. In the midst of war and political turmoil, we are a group based in Sweden who have put our entire focus to the creation of a global event that honors the diversity of Spiritual and cultural expressions rather than letting the differences serve as a reason for war and conflict.

We have initiated a project called the Experience Festival that will take place August 2-8 2003 in India. The Experience Festival bring together spiritual wisdom teachings from all over the world. After the Experience Festival there will be the pre-launch of The World University, an Educational and Scientific institution dedicated to the rediscovery, documentation and teaching of wisdoms and sciences developed by ancient cultures from around the world.

In these times of great change, we believe that the building of international and intercultural networks based on acceptance and tolerance are more important than ever before in the history of mankind. The communication highways of today provide an extraordinary opportunity for people to connect and share information over borders. (Your newsletters are a good example of that!)

The world cannot but change to the better when more and more people chose to focus on creating something positive rather then blaming the negative. The whole concept of good and bad, right and wrong might be one of the most destructive concepts made by man. Especially when we apply these concepts to the inner world. (For example judging our own thoughts as bad, trying to change ourselves, striving to be "right". "Internal terrorism" may lead to violence in the outer world.

The Experience Festival is an initiative that provide an opportunity for people to learn more about the diversity of Spiritual wisdom residing in many ancient cultures. All in a spirit of non-dogma and open mindsets.

For more information, check:

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."

- Lao Tse

Best wishes,

Parlan Fritz


From: Susan Ferguson>
Date: 04 May 2003
Subject: No more Secrets, No More Lies / A Handbook to Starseed Awakening

[I don't often rally around a channeled book anymore, but here's one definitely worth reading! ---Susan]

Starseed Awakening

If in your heart you know that “there are those...who have come into incarnation to stand for humankind and fight for Gaia...warriors all” and if you Remember that “when you decided to come into this earth adventure that blowing down the Establishment Walls would be a Herculean task ... but fall they would indeed” – then this book was written for you.

If Ken Carey’s book 'The Starseed Transmissions' feels like an old and trusted friend, then you will welcome Patricia Cori’s Sirian transmissions with a joyful oh-yes! recognition.

This book illuminates the current state of planet Earth and our progress toward the higher dimensions in consciousness with information on all the layers: the Anunnaki & Nibiru, imminent contact with the ET’s, the dark forces, media manipulation, our food & water, the year 2012, the cosmic consequences of reconnecting our DNA, and much more.

It takes great courage to write a book like this and I thank Patricia Cori for doing so. I believe that 'No More Secrets, No More Lies' is the next book for the Starseeds – and you know who you are.

No more Secrets, No More Lies A Handbook to Starseed Awakening Unveiling the knowledge of who you are and what you came here to do By Patricia Cori



From: "Jasmine Zidaric">
Subject: Source of Light Message - Wake Up Call
Date: 12 Apr 2003

From: Ka'ra>
Subject: Source of light Message from the "Angel Group" Wake up Call!

Source of Light message

Love your enemy does not mean you deny the energy of darkness in you or anyone else. You consciously recognize the fear based distortions as the illusions and stay centered in love and light within you. You then organically transmute and transcend those distortions. Manifestation of divine love through you expands the consciousness of the whole. You uplift the world into light. There are many forms of the manifestation of divine love. These forms are powerful forces of light which dispels the darkness. Ignite your consciousness with the truth of the many diverse love manifestations of the forces of light, you then become one with all. You become peace. This is the only goal, your solution to all suffering.

As the mass race screams in blind pain, you, as earth angels (facilitators of divine love) hold the vision of truth being awakened here and now. Co-creating with your Creator the many visions of a new consciousness. This new paradigm is built and established as a new age for mankind. This takes sincere commitment to awaken to the truth within you, and a lot of inner work on your individual part. You are here to assist with the birthing of this new consciousness. Remembering that whenever you try to change anything outside yourself you will always experience resistance. You can only work on yourself. This is true change.

You must hold the vision of love and light securely within yourself and others highest knowing.

This planet Earth is in great crisis. Crisis creates the opportunity to heal the wounds of separateness and forgetfulness. This is a strong call for transcendence. This call is strong and clear.

Wake up! Wake up!


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