January 9, 2003

Rising Phoenix Series #21: With Open Hearts and Open Minds

Hello everyone

This compilation is in great part made from comments received from ERN subscribers - it is quite rare that a compilation triggers so many feedbacks.

I'll have another one for you tomorrow. Actually I have 3 more compilations ready for you and brimming with important material! But!... :¬)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"I awake in the morning, torn between a desire to save the world, and a desire to savor the world. That makes it hard to plan the day."

- E.H. White


1. Several comments about Nancy Thorwaldson's letter
2. Spoonbenders Answers from James Twyman
3. Several Feedbacks about the Spoonbenders Course issue
4. Becoming Peacemakers
5. Global Peace Meditation on January 12th (IMPORTANT! For this Sunday!)

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Date: 7 Jan 2003
From: Michael Dean <>
Subject: The Light on Christmas morning


I was deeply moved by Nancy Thorwaldson's powerful letter to you about the importance of focusing on the Light that is inexorably growing around the Earth, and not increasing the 'darkness' by condemning those who appear to be working against the Plan. And I was equally impressed by your heartfelt reply.

I have been as guilty as anyone else of reacting to all the cruelty and injustice in the world with rage and indignation. But at Christmas a wise friend gently but firmly reminded me of something I keep on forgetting:

"The warmongers, despots and profiteers who have done so much to create the present global crisis are serving the Plan just as effectively as you and I and the valiant army of Lightworkers around the planet! Let's thank them, not blame them - after all, they're doing all the dirty work! They're the ones who are galvanizing us into action!"

Love and thoughts and thanks, as ever, from London



From: "Sergey Troitsky" <>
Subject: Re: The Light Series #43: Growing All Together Towards Anchoring the New Consciousness This archived at
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for the Work you are doing! In particular I would like to thank you for Nancy's message you sent to us. I can not describe in word what it has done to me but I really now can accept everything God gives us straight into the heart, embrace it with Light and simply be Light, give it back in return. It has been like a revelation. I simply stood with my eyes, mouth, heart and sole wide open. It is like some frontiers within you are just dissolving. Please pass on my many thanks over to Nancy!

Thank you All for you Are!

Love and Light!



From: "Rita Teubner" <>
Subject: Thank you
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003

Thank you for putting Nancy's note in your newsletter, she said those things that I was thinking. In order to dispel the darkness we must be careful not to get stuck in their negativity and become "assistants" helping to fuel their fire of negativity. If we stand in light and love and not judgement and fear we can affect more change.





Date: 8 Jan 2003
Subject: Spoonbenders Answers

(...) There have also been questions about some of the financial aspects of the Spoonbenders Course, and I thought it was important for me to answer them personally. The vast majority of those who have registered for the class have been completely supportive, and we are very grateful. For others, though, a bit more clarity is needed. In this short letter I would like to describe the peace projects these funds are going to support, and explain the motivation for some of the decisions we have made.


All the funds we collect from the Spoonbenders Class will be going to support two projects. First of all, we are in the process of developing a retreat and research center here in Oregon where people can come from all over the world to experience peace and learn this prayer technology. It will be a kind of monastery, very much like the one I visited in 1995 when I met the Emissaries of Light in Bosnia. There will even be a group of people meditating for peace 24 hours a day around the Emissary wheel. You will all be invited to join us.

The second project is a scholarship program that will allow Psychic Children to attend special summer camps. One thing we have heard over and over from the children and their parents is a need to connect with others who understand what they're going through. We have hired a staff of people to develop powerful programs for helping the children tap their potential and bring peace. I feel this is one of the most important things we can do today.

A few people have e-mailed us with concerns about how much money a project like this might generate. This is the point I would like to address most of all. I wonder how many people question how much money a rock star makes every time they buy a new CD, or how much money Bill Gates makes when they purchase software. Why, then, do we worry about how abundant our spiritual organizations are, especially if they are trying to do the spiritual work they promote? It is one thing to make money for money's sake, but we should applaud those people and groups that are doing good work with their abundance. If you do not have faith that The Beloved Community is promoting these values, then I bless you in finding an organization that does. All I can tell you is that we have a staff of truly dedicated souls who give their lives for this work, and I have risked my own life many times for the same visiting countries at war. I do not mention this to draw attention to our dedication, but to hopefully inspire your own. I commit myself to producing programs that will inspire peace around the world, and I am grateful for all of you who have helped us achieve this goal.

(By the way, we are a non-profit organization, so all money we receive must go to these projects.)




Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003
From: Debbie Dehm <>
Subject: Dear Jean,

Hi Jean,

I too was dissappointed about the Spoonbenders course, even though I think James has wonderful intentions. I thought his explanation on his website was almost manipulative. Anyway, he will reach lots of people and that is great but I have taught several people to bend spoons myself and it is much easier than one would think and I will be glad to share the info. with your readers really free of charge.




From: "Jeanie Dean" <>
Subject: Re: The Light Series #43: Growing All Together Towards Anchoring the New Consciousness
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003

Re: spoonbenders

I recall a passage from the 7 volume Book of the Essenes which J. Twyman was selling a few years ago at one of his conferences. The passage states that the Essene priests may not collect money for their ministry work and they should plow the fields like everyone else. I think this is a principle of several sects of the Gnostic Order of priesthood which he claims to be part of.

It's a two edge sword. Humans tend to respect money power and status. This attracts more.

What should one do?



From: "Peter van der Burg" <>
Subject: spoonbendercourse
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 22:05:18 +0100

Dear Jean,

The commotion about the free course of JT looks like a riddle, and it is.

The answer is quite simple. If you want to be free, you have to free you 'ego'.

The Godself has no expectations, only the ego has.

The Godself can't be humiliated, only the ego can.

In fact, the fuzz about the money is a lesson in making the decission about identity.

Getting rid of pride is a major healing and serves the world. Dilemma's don't exist, but can be created in the Illusion of Ego.

Many things can be created in the Illusion of Ego, it's called living. And it's our responsabilety
to create in the Illusion of Ego, according the benefit of All. Bringing 'heaven on earth'. You can't, if you identify with the Illusion, you have to identify with truth, being free of Illusion.

In my view it is a Free-course!


Peter van der Burg


From: "Helen Jandamit" <>
Subject: Re: The Light Series #43
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003
Organization: House of Dhamma

Dear Jean,

Thank you dear Jean for your wonderful networking.

Thank you James Twyman for starting the process that has enabled me to share this with more people.

* Psychic ability is not the same as enlightenment.*

The ability to bend spoons, walk on water, change the direction of shadows etc. even when practised simultaneously by tens of thousands cannot match the power of one pure and wisely-compassionate mind.

Each one of us has all the ability and knowledge we need within, we have just forgotten it. Finding it again is as simple as allowing yourself some time to be quietly with yourself each day, honestly experiencing all there is within each moment without judgment and allowing the disturbances of the mind to settle so that you consciously become balanced and aware.

From that point of aware balance you may choose to remain in that state for a while to strengthen your equilibrium and enjoy peace. Alternatively, you may choose to direct loving kindness to all and deliberately direct your attention that way.

There are many ways to do this and I'm sure many will respond as I am doing now to share various techniques. Some of those 'techniques' will have been practised within various 'religious' frameworks. Although we may not resonate to the outward trappings of religious culture, there is deep wisdom hidden within those traditions.

If you choose, you may check what I have put out on my website for ways to wisely and compassionately direct the mind. Here are the relevant links: for basic calming and clearing and (please take time to scroll down to the second section here for details of ways to direct loving kindness to all).

Here is a sample section:

'Within each mind moment we affect the consciousness of others. In the same way that the resonance of a pure, high note can set glasses singing, so our thoughts and actions set up waves of conditioned reaction within our environment.

Each inner transformation affects the wholeness of being. When individuals tune into inner peace, the effect is felt around them. When groups come together and focus their combined energy, the effect resonates throughout the Earth.'

The teachings on these pages were shared freely two thousand five hundred years ago. They are as relevant now as they were then and I freely share them with you now.

You do not need a degree or fifty years of experience in a monastery to do this. All you need is a mind and body and the loving intention to work for the good of all.

One with you,



From: Suzan Patrick <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003
Subject: Re: The Light Series #43

Dear Jean

I'd like to reply to those who have commented on what James Twyman is doing. The first thought that came to my mind when I read this was "wow - people's issues about money are really coming up because of this".

For the record, I experienced no such problem when I signed up and didn't really know what all the confusion was about. I simply signed on and got a button that asked me to click. It prompted me with an address to send a check to - which I have already done.

I guess it's human nature to find flaws - we don't have to look hard to find them. With that said, please know that James Twyman is a human attempting to do something of almost a galactic nature. He's daring to dream the dream and to go the extra distance to heed his calling. He's daring to lead us or guide us or inspire us to do the same. He's sending out little vibrational nuances that say "we CAN make a difference".

I challenge those of you who were disappointed with the flow of things to ask yourselves "what is this about for me"? I choose not to believe that James purposely deceived anyone. I've experienced him in person - he's just not that kind of man.

What I do know is that there is always going to be technical problems when something of this magnitude is set up and there is just going to be no way to please everyone, I suppose. I challenge people to go past the technical difficulties (Mercury is retrograde, remember?) and remember the GREATER good of what we are doing.

Please do not fault someone for charging money for services rendered. He "could" have made it a charge only course - and I believe it would have been worth every dime. However he had the foresight to see the possibilities for huge world changes in the arena of peace, and he rendered it a "donation only" course. From where I stand, I'm seeing him be true to that.

Let's not assume we know why paypal did what it did or that someone is to fault. There's so many possible answers and it just really doesn't matter in the long run. I understand that people have money issues and lack problems. I'm a single mother and have pulled myself out of the trenches of poverty - so I have full compassion for this situation. This is not about finding fault with you or James or his staff - just a simple reminder of what we're intending to accomplish in the first place.

If we are clear in our intentions to participate in this program - I guess it's only natural that our own blocks are going to appear, if they are there. I'd like to gently remind everyone that these blocks can potentially keep us from whatever it is that we need to do UNLESS we stand up against them and affirm "I intend to do this - period". If you don't feel that it's worth the money or for some reason you don't have the money, the scholarships ARE available. Perhaps a deeper message might be that there are those out there who are not ready to participate at this level - and THAT's Ok. He asks in the very first sentence - what is your reason for wanting to do this course?

He poses this question, I believe, in order for us to really look within. If we're getting sidetracked on money issues up front - perhaps it's more of an opportunity to look at our own money issues and move beyond them. Bless those feelings and let them go - but please don't go into attack mode. I really felt the anger of the people on the message board and again on this post today. I thought how sad it was that while we are working on a global peace project that people's own fears and issues are rearing their heads and are giving them justification of discrediting the entire effort. Please find a way to rise above it or lovingly back out and trust that spirit has other things in store for us. When I find myself experiencing the anger or frustration to the level that I was reading today, I realize that there is something blocked for me and I have to back up and examine that before I will ever see forward motion.

This is all ultimately about peace. We are human beings - banning together to stand united - GLOBALLY - in an effort to anchor peace. I am excited to be a part of this. Time is truly short - we are hearing the drums of war in our heads on every front. Television, radio, etc. - - - we're feeling the noose tighten.

I challenge all of you - my brothers and sisters of the light - to acknowledge whatever issues or feelings that may arise as a result of this - but check them at the door. Let's rise above all the adversity and potential things we could whine and bitch about and just go forth as the true warriors of peace we've been called upon to be.

For some will find that it is easier or less work to stay back in the anger of the glitch with the money issue. Some will have the eyes to see beyond it, and some won't. Many will choose that path. Whatever you choose - anger, frustration or whatever - that's fine. Let's go forth with trust and faith that this is part of our global assignment for the moment. We truly are miracle workers. We signed up to be. Let's find a way to hold each other up to that calling and a way to help each other through this if something triggers us.

Just my thoughts.

Blessings to you, dear brother - for a wonderful spirit of communication, truth and integrity.

Suzan Patrick
Denver, Colorado


Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003
From: Didier <>
Subject: Re: The Light Series #43: Growing All Together Towards Anchoring the New Consciousness

Dear Jean,

I don't want to make the "Spoonbonders course" a never ending story but it is important to know
that IT IS POSSIBLE TO FOLLOW THE COURSE WITH NO CHARGE. People just need to go (as I did) to : and register a name. That's all and free of any charge. You can then access 4 lessons.

As a lot of people, I've been quite desappointed by the tone used by James in its last messages
and I have personally a lot of concerns about the idea of "forcing" people to make peace with each
other when there are not in peace with themselves. Nevertheless, the most important thing will be
what the 100.000 people will have in mind the 9th of February. If they just use this technique to
spread a lot of love all around the world, it will be useful, no doubt about it. But if instead of
"offering" their love, they expect anything in return (even peace...), well, we'll see...

And for those who are very upset about the way this initiative is going, just remember one thing :
each time an action is taken for a better, there is a re-action for the worst... Each time the
light finds a way to bright, the brightness shows us a little bit more of the darkness... Who said
it was easy to live in full conscience...?

Love to everyone,



From: "Karen Kirschbaum" <>
Subject: Spoonbenders
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003

Dear Jean,

Thank you SO much for your attention to the controversy over the Spoonbenders Course. I have read all of James Twyman's books and consider myself somewhat of a "fan" of his work. I began to be uncomfortable about this class. A good friend of mine says " Always pray for the Highest Truth. True Peace follows Truth. If we manipulate and manufacture a false peace, the karmic imbalance to be addressed will be even greater." As you have quoted in your newsletters, Peace isn't the absence of war. Peace is when our hearts are imbued with the "Peace That Passeth All Understanding." That is not an absence, but a present Power so great that it radiates from the deepest core of our being, turning our bodies into Bodies of Light. It is these radiant beings - US - that will transform the world. We are that Hundredth Monkey!

Thoughts create Reality. I don't want to "bend" anyone to my will. I don't even want to bend anyone to what I perceive to be the will of the Creator. That has been the cause of SO many deaths on this planet. The latest book by Neal Donald Walsh, "The New Revelations," addresses this very eloquently. When we rise up in our consciousness to where we have love and compassion for all beings, removing judgment from our mind, we really can see the greater "Lila" (Divine Play) in all.

I hope that James can get some of this feedback and listen to it. It is always important for all of us to remember that none of us is more important than any other and to welcome corrections on the way. May all of us taste the sweet Nectar of True Peace in our hearts.

With Love,

Karen Kirschbaum


Date: 09 Jan 2003
From: Cisela Wildes <>
Subject: money for you

Hi Jean - good continuation on the new year like we say here in Sweden! i read your #43 about the money issue about spoonbenders and negative comments and have some thoughts.

1. I will send Emissaries half of the course fee and the other half to you for your work. i think you are worth more than the yearly fee for my credit card costs :-) which i gladly send you every year.

2. People can send money for scholarships for the ones who rather not pay and i know for sure that giving leads to receiving especially if it is your last $.

3. I just today, 8 Jan., opened the course without paying so maybe things have changed.

4. It is a great decision to make no negative comments indicating fear. i hope you will continue though to send the info like what you have sent as it is tedious reading all the positive stuff from only positive sources. it gets to be so repetitious although i support the idea and thoughts but people who want to read about those things can go to such sites. i pep myself daily and have only so much time and strength living with a dement man to sit at the computer so i want to get what the newsmedia never tells us.

In the Light

Cisela in Sweden


From: "Tricia" <>
Subject: Spoonbending.
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your balanced response to the discomfort that so many of us are feeling regarding the "donations" for James Twymans course.

I have been feeling discomfort around this whole exercise. Not just the "donation" but the imposition of our will on those we believe need peace. Who are we to decide that this is the best thing for them? I'm reminded of Judas, who tried to speed Christ's mission by forcing him into a position where he would have to reveal himself ... and we know the outcome of that interference.

What has excited me, and driven me to put finger to keyboard, is your suggestion to open up the waves to sharing ways to connect to the light. If this is the only outcome of the Spoonbenders Course, then it will have been worth while .... if not in the way James Twyman anticipated.

Thank you for your regular messages. They are a great source of thought and inspiration.

Kind regards,



Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002
From: "S. Garst" <>
Subject: Becoming Peacemakers

Got this in email today! Deena’s website is interesting.

Enjoy! YCS


Becoming Peacemakers

[An expanded version of Where Peace Begins, Local Activists speak Out, The Whole Life Times, Issue 248, December 2002.

In mid October, after Congress voted the unelected American President extensive war powers to inflict the nightmare of modern technology on Iraq, a dream taught me that spirits are real. A woman's face appeared above me, her features perfect, her polished skin the color of olive wood, her face serene. You are a peacemaker, she said. Yes. I answered, but I don t know how to do it. Will you guide me? I needed more than the theory and techniques of peacemaking; I needed hands-on direction.

This month, I have been grieved by the amount of mail that I have received that has chronicled arguments between people and organizations who have fallen into bitter disagreement about one issue or another though sharing at least one passionate point of affiliation on behalf of peacemaking and/or the environment. Reading these letters, I thought back to the dream and wondered how a peacemaker might respond?

If we are going to save anything, we must give up our insistence that we are the righteous and good ones, must relinquish our reflexive intention to gain, win, protect or impose our own position and truth. We must give up our reflexive defensiveness and its inevitable hostilities. We cannot continue to favor our own survival, safety and self-preservation over the survival of all. We cannot. We must not. This is the time for constant and repeated self-scrutiny in order to see where we are inadvertently contributing to the hostilities, and so losing sight of the essential places where we are in agreement and are inter-dependent. I am speaking now about our behavior as individuals as well as our behavior as a nation. Not, I want or I believe, but How do we work this out? We will be more successful when we begin to think consistently and reflexively in terms of mutuality, alliance and cooperation.

A respected friend said, The bottom line is the earth, the preservation of the natural world. she could have easily said, The bottom line is peace for everyone and all beings and what contributes to it. The power of alliance will come to us when we can agree on these bottom lines while very honestly recognizing that each of us has been given a different but effective vision of how to accomplish them. This is not the chaos described by the legend of the tower of Babel. This is the visionary wisdom of ecological models. In order for an ecosystem [and a human system] to survive and function extraordinary diversity is required. Vitality depends on each diverse eco-niche combining with all other diverse eco-niches to form the single piece of music we might call the natural world.


The question behind peacemaking is: How be consistently peaceable within oneself and with others? As a nation, we have a mistaken idea that peace can be achieved through the diplomatic efforts of intrinsically argumentative, belligerent people. We strategize peace without living it. We thrive on debate and conflict. We honor competition and winners. We define others as losers. some of these ways are seemingly innocent but their far-reaching consequences are grave.

The cliche regarding American's fascination with violence obscures its horrific reality. Violence is imprinted on each of our interactions. The media is saturated with it. Our economic, political and military policies systematically undermine all indigenous and wisdom traditions devastating peacemaking traditions everywhere. Despite our spurious rationales, we have made our lives, and lives all over the world, grotesqueries. We are responsible. That a nation, even the United States, legally declares war or insists on the righteousness of extreme defense policies does not justify anyone's participation in such hostilities. International law, as established in the Nuremberg Trials after World War II, asserted the primacy of individual responsibility.

As a child, I was taught that the Messiah would come when everyone was ready, that is at peace and living an ethical life. Being peaceable, a most difficult spiritual practice and way of life, is more difficult and demanding than warfare. Among other qualities, peaceableness accepts diversity. We need to awaken our hearts to other ways of seeing and being.

There is still time to change the trajectory, but no Messiah will save us though peacemaking spirits or peacemaking intelligence will probably appear to guide whomever volunteers his or her life. To have peace, we must have peaceable cultures and hearts first; to achieve these is a challenging inner adventure.

Cultures develop from the integrity of the innumerable lived details that underlie what is believed, taught, enacted, from the art created and the ways all beings are treated. At this time in human history, each individual's original, daily, on-going contributions and commitment are critical.


As I was about to post this, I focused again on the heartbreaking divisiveness in our communities and realized that such behaviors occur when people are terrified, exhausted and hopeless or when they are traumatized. We are all being driven mad by the tension of the war mongering, the incitement and exaggeration of terrorism, the valorization of torture and destruction, the horrific possibility that the US might make pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons, the horror of the erosion and destruction of our democracy, and what all of this might mean for each of us, our families and the people and beings in the rest of the world. so, in addition to everything we must do, let us be very kind to each other and forgiving and understanding of each other's fears. Let us awaken our hearts to other ways of seeing and being.

If we ground ourselves in the future, rather than in history, decidedly imagining a vital future that includes the natural world and all of us, the task becomes easier. We see the future in our mind's heart and we take the small next step that will enable us to get there together. This is the activity of radical hope.

Peace and Blessings,

Deena Metzger


From: "Andromis" <>
Subject: Global Peace Meditation on January 12th, 2003 at 8:00 h pm GMT (3:00 h pm EST, New York)
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003

Global Peace Meditation on January 12th, 2003 at 8:00 h pm GMT (3:00 h pm EST, New York) - because of the tense political situation in Iraq with two more dates in this year!

We all wish for a more peaceful world filled with love. However, reality is completely different, still very much influenced by war and violence. We would like to help strengthen the forces of love and peace and therefore call for a common peace meditation on the following three Sundays each meditation starting at 3:00 h pm EST (New York), 8:00 h pm GMT:

Sunday, January 12, 2003
Sunday, February 9th, 2003
Sunday, March 9th, 2003

By repeating this kind of work over a period of three months we can generate a strong field of love energy coming from all of our hearts. We have the power of renewal on our side and that is a strong potential with which we can give a clear sign.

The Peace Meditation

In your meditation connect with the Cosmos and Mother Earth, get centered and ask for protection and guidance.

Let yourself be filled with the love energies from the cosmic source. Feel completely filled with this vibration and feel the endless love of God / the Universe / the Source. Put your attention on the area of your heart (heart chakra). Breathe calmly and evenly and let your breath flow into this space of your heart.

Now imagine in your heart a rose bud which is opening to become a wonderful flower. The more it unfolds its petals the more you open your heart for the love energies surrounding you. When the flower is completely open you are ONE with all-that-is and you feel safe and secure in this all-embracing love.

Now send this love energy in the shape of a pink ray of light into the world. Connect with this same energy of other humans on this planet to create an all-encompassing field of love. See and feel how the earth is envelopped in this net of divine energies.

Choose a center of conflict. The best is to take the one that emotionally touches you the most at this moment. Ask your spiritual guidance for a picture so you can better work with it.

Now see or feel the needs of the humans affected by this conflict for love and for being accepted. Realize that it is the wounds of the non-fulfillment of these needs that make them do these acts of terror and violence. Ask God / the Universe / the Source to help these humans realize that they are not really able to solve their problems in a war-like and violent way. Send them your peace.

Keep this heart connection - if it feels right to you - for at least three minutes. Then say good-bye to this connection with the global field of love energy and come back to the here and now.

Thank for this work you were allowed to do during your meditation / prayer and thank for the protection and guidance you experienced.


Initiator: Stefan Andromis Herbert
Project Vision 2012:


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