February 12, 2003

Resistance is NOT Futile Series #1: Taking Action is Imperative - Now!

Hello everyone

I feel it is time to begin a new series of compilations, hence the title... which says it all!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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NOTE: Regarding the attached pic NWO Billboard.jpg Judith Iam" <> who sent it wrote: "The sort of ad we need on every american road."

"However many wise words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do if you do not act upon them?"

- The Dhammapada

"How is it possible that Americans would allow their government to commit this horrible atrocity and not take action? (...) Every night here as I go to sleep I cannot help but think of faces of children I have seen that day. I think of them being put to bed by their parents and how it will be if the bombing starts. It is beyond the imagination that these little children are seen as so expendable, "acceptable collateral damage." What kind of monster finds that acceptable. All for oil."

- Taken from "The View From Baghdad" #2 below.

"I will act as if I do make a difference."

- William James

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."

- MK Gandhi

"THE NEW NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY published by the White House in September 2002, if carried out, would amount to a radical revision of the political character of our nation. Its central and most significant statement is this: While the United States will constantly strive to enlist the support of the international community, we will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, to exercise our right of self defense by acting preemptively against such terrorists... (p. 6)"

- Taken from A Citizen's Response to the National Security Strategy of the United States of America at


1. URGENT: Send faxes to the Security Council
2. February 15: Single Largest Day of Protest in History
3. An Historic Day! "Vote To Impeach Bush"
4. Al-Jazeera denies Powell claim of new bin Laden tape
5. Mullah Krekar has evidence on 911
6. Prince Charles AGAINST war on Iraq and AGAINST America
7. The View From Baghdad
8. U.S. War Buildup in High Gear in Kuwait
9. Violence begets violence...

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The Choice Before Us (by Starhawk) VERY MOVING!
Somewhere tonight in Iraq, a small girl lies sleeping who in a few weeks may be a lump of scorched flesh buried under concrete. CLIP
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Global Opposition to War on Iraq Mounts (Feb 11)

A kinder, gentler fascism (MUST READ!)
Each and every one of us should be aware of what is occurring in the United States, under the name of terrorism and security. (...) "Like the Bush administration, the Nazis were funded and ultimately ushered into power by wealthy industrialists." Another "long, hideous nightmare" could soon begin...

British Refusniks (Feb 9)
One in three reservists try to get out of joining the call-up for war on Saddam - HUNDREDS of reservists are refusing to fall in for war on Iraq. More than one in five of those called up have already asked to be excused duty - or have simply not answered the call.

U.N. Urged to Consider Human Cost in Iraq (Feb 11)

France Proposes More Iraq Arms Inspectors (Feb 12)

Real Authors of Iraq Dossier Blast Blair (Feb 8)

Wimps, weasels and monkeys - the US media view of 'perfidious France' (February 11),12271,893204,00.html
Dissenters in Europe become the first victims - of a war of words.

Russia, France and Germany Call for Diplomatic Solution
(...) "Nothing today justifies a war," Chirac said. "This region really does not need another war." CLIP

Plans for sweeping expansion of government's police powers (Feb 8)
There's an important story developing tonight at the Justice Department. The non-partisan Center for Public Integrity ( has obtained a closely-guarded document that shows plans for a sweeping expansion of the government's police powers. Until now, few people outside of the department, not even members of key congressional committees have seen this draft legislation. It could lead to increased surveillance and greater secrecy - all in the name of the war on terror. It raises questions about how we balance liberty and security - the rights of individuals versus the rule of law. Bill Moyers talks to Chuck Lewis about the significance of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 and how it would affect civil liberties.
Read the complete interview at

Left over? (February 11),12271,893062,00.html
The left in America was once a powerful force that fought for civil rights and helped to end the Vietnam war. But today, with the US poised to attack Iraq, where are the voices of dissent? Gary Younge goes in search of the opposition.

Tax break 350 top economists deride Bush's revival package (February 11),12271,893211,00.html
More than 350 top economists, including 10 Nobel prize winners, yesterday signed a damning critique of President Bush's economic stimulus package.

Meet the New Boss (Jan 17)
Kissinger Replacement on 9-11 Panel Tied to Middle Eastern Oil

Guantanamo: The USA's Concentration Camp
14 attempted suicides at Guantanamo says all about the psychological state of the detainees at this concentration camp maintained by the USA in Cuba for political reasons. The prisoners were taken in Afghanistan, were transported to Guantanamo base, dressed in orange shell-suits and held in conditions of high security under suspicion, but not charges, of belonging either to Al-Qaeda or to the Taliban regime. The psychological problems appear because these people are being treated like sub-humans by a regime which does not even concede to them the right to the status of "prisoner of war", which would entitle them to protection under a number of conventions, the most famous of these being the Geneva Convention.

Our Government Has Already Been Caught Lying About Iraq
It turned out that the "Iraqi troops satellite photos" were fake. "We were told that Iraqi troops were massing at the Saudi border. And these satellite photographs were shown to the Saudi leadership, to get them to change their mind and allow US troops to enter their country. Well it turned out that those satellite photos were fake. They never existed. The story was broken in the St. Petersburg Times some months later. And it was something that people were convinced of because we were told it was satellite photographs" - Phyllis Bennis from the Institute for Policy Studies

Saudi Arabia plans for a future without US troops (Feb 10)
Saudi Arabia's leaders are making preparations for an era of military disengagement from the United States. They have also decided to enact what Saudi officials call the first significant democratic reforms at home, and to rein in the conservative clergy that has shared power in the kingdom.

The New US currency
These bills were printed by activists in the US. Thousands of Deception Dollars have been distributed. If the Bush economic plan is successful, the Deception Dollar may soon be worth more than the actual dollar bill.

Citizens For Legitimate Government
This is a pro-democracy activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.



Date: 11 Feb 2003
Subject: Send faxes to the Security Council

Dear Jean,

I don't know if you are working on a mailing that will get out in time but this seems like a very important effort we should make. Thank you for your wonderful list and for all of your hard work,

Suzanne Schecker


Dear VT & NH people:

Pamela Kraft is a friend [of a friend!] who works at the UN on indigenous people's issues. If she says it's important & worthwhile, I believe her. Members of the Security Council are indicating deep reservations about going ahead now with an invasion. They need to know that Americans do not support a new resolution authorizing force.

Let them know: we want more time to let the inspections process proceed that their is a strong belief in the US that the evidence to date Does Not Support an invasion that we support more "robust" inspections and more co-operation from the Iraqi leadership in order to avoid a global crisis that we support the firm stance that Security Council members are taking with the Bush administration. That the Bush administration is ignoring the collective voice of the anti-war movement and does not represent the will of the majority of US citizens.



I just spoke with France's UN office. They are BEGGING us to flood their offices and the other UN offices with Email to STOP the WAR. France needs to know that Americans are with them on this.

PLEASE forward this to everyone you can. The UN email addresses are below for the Security Council.


Bill Douglas

Contact info for members of Security Council:

S.E. Ambassador M. Jean-Marc de LA Sabliere
(212) 207-9765/fax

H.E. Ambassador Mr. Sergey Lavrov
(212) 628-0252/fax

H.E. Ambassador Wang Yingfan
(212) 634-7626/fax

H.E. Ambassador Sir Jeremy Greenstock
(212) 745-9316/fax

H.E. Ambassador Mr. Stefan Tafrov
(212) 472-9865/fax

S.E. Ambassador Martin Belinga Eboutou
(212) 249-0533/fax

H.E. Ambassador M. François Lonseny Fall
(212) 687-8248/fax

S. E. Embajador Adolfo Aguilar ZÃ-nser
(212) 688-8862/fax

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mikhaâ?Til Wahbi
(212) 983-4439/fax

S.E. Ambassador Dr. Ismael Gaspar Martins
(212) 861-9295/fax

S.E. Ambassador Juan Gabriel Valdés
(212) 832-0236/fax

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Gunter Pleuger
(212) 940-0402/fax

H.E. Ambassador Inocencio F. Arias
(212) 682-4460/fax

H.E. Ambassador Munir Akram
(212) 744-7348/fax


Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003
From: "Mona LaVine" <>




On Feb. 15th, massive demonstrations against a war in Iraq will take place in at least 50 capital cities across the world. Please consider joining your local rally and encouraging as many others as possible to do so.

We encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to express your views in support of peace and justice in the world. The time is NOW!

Some actions you might consider are attending demonstrations, handing out flyers at demonstrations and other events, writing letters to the editor of your local paper, calling your political representatives, signing and collecting signatures for petitions, or getting involved with organizations that are working toward these goals.

Some of the numerous Internet resources you might find useful are and (both of which list upcoming events around the country) and,,, and (all of which offer various political actions you can take).

If we can all join together in this common effort, our power to help bring peace and justice to the world will be magnified immensely. Let's do it!

From all of us at Share International USA



War is expensive, Peace is priceless.
The only thing we have to fear is Bush himself.
Anything War can do, Peace can do better.
Negotiation Not Annihilation.
Another patriot for peace.
Who would Jesus bomb?
Don't do it George, Dad will still love you.
Power to the Peaceful.
Drop Bush, Not Bombs
Evolve! Work For A Non-violent Future
Killing Innocent People Is The Problem, Not The Solution



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From: Michael Lightweaver <>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003
Subject: An Historic Day! "Vote To Impeach Bush"


This is an historic day for me. I have just voted to impeach George Bush!!! The votes submitted in this campaign will be delivered to the House Judiciary Committee and the leadership from both parties on the committee. We will also carry out a campaign in the mass media publicizing the efforts of thousands of people in the United States to impeach George W. Bush and the architects of his unconstitutional policies.

George W. Bush Must Answer to the People! Want to join me? Go at and Vote To Impeach Bush.

From the website: Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General during the Johnson Administration has drafted articles of impeachment setting forth high crimes and misdemeanors by President Bush and other civil officers of his administration. Mr. Clark has also prepared historical notes on the power of impeachment, for consideration in the impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and Attorney General Ashcroft.




Sent by "Mark Graffis" <> on 11 Feb 2003

Al-Jazeera denies Powell claim of new bin Laden tape

Doha, Qatar-AP -- It has aired several purported tapes of Osama bin Laden -- but Al Jazeera says it doesn't have a new one.

The Arab satellite station is denying it will air a new tape of bin Laden speaking to the Iraqi people.

Secretary of State Colin Powell told a Senate panel today that the station would be showing a statement from a man the U-S believes is the terror leader.

Powell said he read a transcript showing that bin Laden would say he's in "partnership with Iraq."

Powell told the Senate Budget Committee the tape shows why the world should be worried about Iraq's ties to terror.

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Al-Jazeera Silent on Reported Bin Laden Statement (Feb 11 - 1:36 PM ET)

Al-Jazeera Says It Has New bin Laden Tape (Feb 11 - 2:59 PM ET)

U.S. says alleged bin Laden tape proves connection between al-Qaeda and Iraq (Feb 11)


From: "Judith Iam" <>
Subject: Mullah Krekar has evidence on 911
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE - The suspected leader of a Kurdish Islamic extremist group threatened in an interview published Saturday to produce evidence of his contacts with Washington prior to the September 11 suicide hijackings.

"I have in my possession irrefutable evidence against the Americans and I am prepared to supply it ... if (the United States) tries to implicate me in an affair linked to terrorism," Mullah Krekar, who is believed to front Ansar al-Islam, told Al-Hayat newspaper. He dismissed as "fabrications" reports linking his group to Al-Qaeda, saying they were designed to justify a strike against Iraq.

Krekar told the Arabic-language daily he had been approached by the United States before September 11. "I had a meeting with a CIA representative and someone from the American army in the town of Sulaymaniya (Iraqi Kurdistan) at the end of 2000. They asked us to collaborate with them ... but we refused! to do so," he said.

British and US news reports this week claimed that Krekar, who has enjoyed political refugee status in Norway since 1991, and Ansar al-Islam would be key elements of US Secretary of State Colin Powell's proof of links between Al-Qaeda and Baghdad to be presented to the UN Security Council on Wednesday.

See also:

Mullah Krekar, the spiritual leader of the Islamic insurgent group Ansar al-Islam, operating near the Iranian border in Iraqi Kurdistan, has denied that his group is a link between Baghdad and the al Qa'ida terror group. CLIP


From: "Mark Graffis" <>
Subject: Prince Charles AGAINST war on Iraq and AGAINST America
Date: 09 Feb 2003


Hold your peace (Feb 9)

A SERIOUS rift has opened up between Prince Charles and the government because he is seen to be AGAINST a war on Iraq and AGAINST America.

Whitehall also believes the prince is sympathetic to the view of his Arab friends that war on Saddam Hussein is a bid by the US to grab a stake in the Middle East's oil.

Yet despite being colonel-in-chief to 17 regiments, Charles has shown little public support for the soldiers, airmen and sailors who are about to risk their lives in a Gulf conflict.

There are also worries that he makes no secret of his anti-American views in conversations with members of Arab royal families and their leading officials.


The prince's views have led to a worrying split with the American leadership. Two months ago, Charles had to abandon an official visit to the US because the White House made it clear he wasn't wanted.

The snub - directly from President Bush - came after security sources advised that Charles's presence in America would be "very unhelpful".

Washington diplomats were concerned the prince would show his disapproval during meetings with President Bush.

Charles - who reads the Koran every day and often adopts Islamic dress at home - spends long hours discussing the Middle East's problems with Saudi royal family members.

One of his closest friends is the former Saudi ambassador Ghazi Algosaibi who wrote a poem in praise of the first woman suicide bomber.

Algosaibi said that the "doors of heaven are opened for her". He once described the Israelis as worse than Nazis and he was a regular guest at Highgrove - Prince Charles's country home - before he was recalled by his government last year.


From: Ken <>
Date: 10 Feb 2003

Please read and send to people who might still have love...

From: Sand <>
Subject: The View From Baghdad

February 4

Dear Friends, Greetings from Baghdad!

It is very late here and I am sleepy. The hotel will not stop playing the theme from "The Last of the Mohicans" over and over again and we have had an exhausting day. Once again I will try to give you some idea of what it is like to be in Iraq during this time. And once again, as I have little time, this may be somewhat disorganized. But first I just have to share some very strong impressions.

It becomes clear so quickly here that the Iraqis are not prepared and cannot prepare for war. They wait for the terror to come as helpless as any people have ever been. They are totally unprepared. They are severely lacking medically and only have food to last three months. They have nowhere to go and if Team Bush does as they have threatened, and Baghdad is "leveled to the ground," they will have murdered five million helpless people. These people are sitting ducks. The US is the biggest military might in the world. The Iraqis are a depleted people, stripped of all economic support and without resources. The word genocide has been raised by some of the humanitarian workers here and as the days pass I see it also. It is the murder of a whole people.

Do you remember the old movies of Christians being thrown out into the coliseum to be killed by lions? It seems a little like that from the view from here.

The insidious nature of the sanctions become more and more apparent as we go deeper into the society and see the lives of everyday people. Every person in Baghdad receives rationed food. Iraqi cannot supply its own people under the sanctions. The UN oversees the "Food for Oil" program and people receive rations papers based on the number of persons in a family. At one time the Kurds in the north grew wheat which was sold throughout Iraq. But with the sanctions they can no longer sell directly in Iraq. Without a market they have stopped growing the wheat. An ancient agricultural tradition dies as the fields grow dusty. And a culture begins to wane.

People are beginning to come to us for medicine. A waiter needs cough syrup for his little boy. A woman is waiting for us at the hotel for vitamins for her children. Someone's uncle has pneumonia and needs antibiotics. The waiter has tears streaming down his cheeks and you can see it is humiliating for him to ask.

Today we saw a part of the food distribution, visited an orphanage and walked in a very poor neighborhood where we were mobbed by children.

Yesterday was a very difficult day as we went to a bomb shelter which was hit in February, 1991. It was filled with over a thousand people, mostly women and children. 480 died. The shelter was a very large concrete structure built into the ground. The walls were at least six feet thick made of concrete and rebar. The shelter was two stories deep into the ground. We were told that the people came there from the surrounding neighborhood to feel safe. They made their beds on the floor and slept during the bombing of Baghdad. At 4:30 in the morning a rocket sliced open the roof of the shelter and exploded. A few minutes later another rocket bore in through the hole made by the first and went through to the second level. From the survivors we hear that there was horror and chaos. People in the immediate area were incinerated on the spot. As the inferno grew the temperature was estimated to reach 450 degrees. All along the floor of the shelter you can see the marks of incinerated bodies. You can see the shape of the person and sometimes even the features of the face. I will tell you the hardest thing was to see a mother and her child, a black blotchy outline and smears of blood, etched into the floor. I just could not imagine it. There are photos of the victims on the walls and you cannot help but look at the outlines etched on the walls and floor and the photos and wonder, "was that her?"

And I wonder exactly who shot that rocket. Does he or she know the horrible result? What officer gave the command? Who authorized this?

Another thing that is becoming clear is the resignation of the people here in Baghdad. They seem to believe that it is inevitable they will be bombed; that war is coming and they will be destroyed. I have come to recognize this kind of sigh when they speak about the coming onslaught. A little shudder. It is difficult for them to talk about the future. Or perhaps it might be better to say "a future".

I have never spent time with people anywhere without hearing about plans for the future. "This child is planning to go to the university" or "this summer we hope to take a vacation". Or "Tomorrow I will see my friend" or whatever. People in Iraq do not speak about the future. At first I just could not figure it out, what was lacking in conversations. There was a missing element. It was the future. They do not know if they will have a future.

When they speak of this inevitable war they just hope that somehow, they and their families might survive. They know that within a few weeks they will lose friends; perhaps family. You can see that parents are overly protective of their children. There is this desperation. And you can see that they want to believe that we can somehow help them. "You are Americans, perhaps you can speak to the president and explain that we are no threat".

Today we went to a restaurant high about the city. As we were looking out at the city a young man approached two of us. He wanted to know why Americans wanted to bomb Iraqi people. We tried to explain the oil thing and he kept on asking, with a genuine innocence, "Why?". We could tell that he really thought we knew something and could explain it to him. It just did not make sense to him and he really wanted to understand.

It's gotten out that there are these American women in town who are working for Peace. Everywhere we go we get a thumbs up. We flash the peace sign and they flash it back. Sometimes we are treated almost like celebrities, with people coming up in the streets and thanking us. Men in suits, women in chadors, young men and women in jeans with hip haircuts, they all take a moment to thank us. They tell us they know it is not the American people who want to bomb them. They are completely lacking in hostility. When we say we are from the United States at first there is this surprise and then, immediately a smile.

Last night three of us also met with this totally wonderful group of 43 Spanish actors, dancers and singers. They plan to take over their embassy here. They embody word "vivacious" completely. After we had talked a while and described our work here and in the US, one of the reporters with them began to ask us about the American people. Why were they allowing this to happen. How could they tolerate this action by our President? Don't Americans read? How is it possible that Americans would allow their government to commit this horrible atrocity and not take action? Whoa, these were such hard things to describe. And we never did completely satisfy their questions. Maybe we don't fully understand it ourselves.

There are many Europeans here. Members of the European Parliament are here. They are all outraged and radical. They speak of the American "Bully" and in one press conference yesterday the US was described as "arrogant" and "full of itself". It's kinda the way I see it. It's embarrassing when you see the common view Europeans have of people in America.

We are moving about the city a lot and seeing many things. Orphanages, hospitals, etc., and meeting with officials of various programs. There has not been time for small quiet talks with Iraqi people. We are moving fast.

A quick note to Rick Abraham. I am with your friend Diane Wilson and just love her! For the rest of you Diane is a fourth generation fisherman from the Texas Gulf coast. She has spent the last fifteen years fighting environmental pollution. She has tied in the environmental issues to this war very nicely. Tonight we were talking about the reality that if we had developed or were in the process of developing alternative energy, there would be no Iraqi war. Without the need and greed for oil, we would not be bearing down on these people to take control of their oil.

Thursday we go to Babylon!! We will spend the day with a family and see their buffalo farm. Doctors without Borders are here and tomorrow morning we will meet with them.

Every night here as I go to sleep I cannot help but think of faces of children I have seen that day. I think of them being put to bed by their parents and how it will be if the bombing starts. It is beyond the imagination that these little children are seen as so expendable, "acceptable collateral damage." What kind of monster finds that acceptable. All for oil.

And I cannot help but think of that one young man who looked at me so direct and asked with such urgency, "Please help us."

Good night all, and Peace,



U.S. War Buildup in High Gear in Kuwait

Feb 10

CAMP VIRGINIA, Kuwait - The key launch pad for a future war on Iraq bustles with tens of thousands of U.S. and British soldiers. Military convoys clog highways, and the entire northern half of Kuwait is being sealed off as a military operations zone.

"Every day this thing grows by leaps and bounds," Lt. Col. Jeffrey Helmick said.

"We're bursting at the seams," said Helmick, commander of the U.S. Army's 6th Transportation Battalion, which helps truck tons of supplies from ports of entry to desert camps near the Iraqi border.

Officials will say little about the total number of U.S. troops being dispatched to Kuwait before a possible war. Washington says war is likely to begin soon because Iraq has failed to rid Iraq of all biological, chemical and nuclear weapons - weapons Iraq denies it has.

About 113,000 U.S. troops are now in the Gulf, and that number is expected to climb to 150,000 by Feb. 15 - enough to launch at least the first stage of an invasion. Britain is sending 35,000 troops - including a quarter of its army and its biggest naval task force in two decades.

When troops arrive in Kuwait - usually in cargo planes or in commercial jets chartered by the military - they travel to base camps in civilian buses with curtains that are drawn so potential terrorists don't see in.

The timing of any possible war could be driven less by diplomatic maneuverings than by the complicated logistics required to set up and supply an invasion force. Bringing in tens of thousands of troops involves building new roads, camps and living quarters, in addition to ensuring adequate supplies of food, water, electricity, weaponry, ammunition and vehicles.

Judging from the intense activity at Kuwaiti ports, the massive military convoys blocking traffic throughout the oil-rich emirate and the words of U.S. soldiers on the ground, the job is just about done.



From: "Jim Wells" <>
Subject: Violence begets violence...
Date: 2 Feb 2003

The quotes below are from the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore called " The Art of War and Peace" - it was planned way before 9/11.

"Ultimately, we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to reflect it towards others. And the more peace there is in us, the more peace there will be in our troubled world."

- Etty Hillesum, from An Interrupted Life: The Diaries of Etty Hillesum, 1941-43 (1983)

"Every war already carries within it the war which will answer it. Every war is answered by a new war, until everything, everything is smashed."

- Kathe Kollwitz from a letter (1944), quoted in The Diaries and Letters of Kathe Kollwitz (1955)

"Our human situation no longer permits us to make armed dichotomies between those who are good and those who are evil, those who are right and those who are wrong. The first blow dealt to the enemy's children will sign the death warrant of our own."

- Margaret Mead, from Continuities in Cultured Evolution (1964)

"Everything, everything in war is barbaric... But the worse barbarity of war is that it forces men collectively to commit acts against which individually they would revolt with their whole being."

- Ellen Key, from War, Peace, and the Future (1916)

"Violence begets violence, it's a universal law. All right, some will say situations vary from place to place and the situation will sometimes justify the use of violence, but that's a compromise and I say peace cannot be compromised."

- John Lennon from the second "Bed Peace", Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Canada, May 26, 1969, quoted in John Lennon: In His Own Words (1980)


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