November 20, 2003

Miscellaneous Subjects #197: Facing the Black Knights Straight On

Hello everyone

I've received several beautiful feedbacks on what people experienced around the world during and after Harmonic Concordance. This is coming in my next compilation along with some pretty amazing news as you'll see. However before getting to this uplifting material, I must share with you all some rather sobering and hard-to-face realities concerning the wholesale destruction of the environment, marine life, human lives and lots of other things promoted, abetted and organized by the current US government under the presidency of "one of the world's arch environmental villains" according to Tony Juniper, head of Friends of the Earth. Tough read but ignoring those things would be a much worst self-defeating attitude. So I encourage you to take the time needed to review this compilation and decide what is worth sharing with your friends and colleagues.

As you read this, try keeping a benevolent attitude of compassion towards those lost souls in great need of spiritual succor and awakening is much more preferable to allowing us to fall into the trap of anger, despair, fear or even (unthinkably!) hate as this would be playing directly into the hands of those who would rather keep us disempowered and fearful than facing up courageously the formidable challenge they pose to all of us - as Starhawk and many other brave souls will do today in Miami (see below in Worthy of your attention) as well as over 100,000 peace activists in London to protest Bush's visit.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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The World Trade Summit Beach Tour -- dispatches from the FTAA meetings in Miami -- by David Waskow, Friends of the Earth (Nov 17)
The last stop was in Cancun, Mexico, in September, where World Trade Organization negotiations collapsed over deep disagreements between rich countries and developing countries (the rich countries wanted developing countries to accept rules granting broad rights to multinational corporations, but meanwhile didn't want to seriously address fundamental inequities in global agricultural trade, including the massive subsidies that agribusiness receives). (...) Now I'm in Miami. This time, it's for a major summit of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the FTAA (or ALCA in Spanish), a trade pact that would cover the entire Western Hemisphere, from Argentina to Canada. If the Bush administration has its way, the FTAA would be a far-reaching agreement, covering not only tariffs in manufactured goods, but also agriculture, multinational investment, services, government procurement, patents, and antitrust policy. Imagine, if you will, a congressional bill that touched on nearly every aspect of public policy, but -- as is true in the case of the FTAA -- was being negotiated and voted on completely behind closed doors. CLIP

November 18 report by David Waskow, Friends of the Earth
(...) Meanwhile, what we're hearing about the negotiations is that under intense pressure, the Bush administration -- which probably can't afford a collapse like the ones when WTO talks in Seattle and Cancun fell apart -- seems to be backing down a bit. The U.S. has agreed that countries can decide individually whether or not to sign on to the investment rules in an FTAA (and similarly for services, intellectual property, and government purchasing). But the U.S. (already 85 percent of the hemisphere's economy) also wants to keep a stick in its pocket -- the right to deny market access for products from countries that don't sign the investment rules. Outside, preparations for peaceful and legal citizen protests continue. Sitting in the storefront Citizens Trade Campaign office last night, listened to colleagues frantically searching for housing space for the large (unexpected) numbers of people coming to town for teach-ins and the major march. CLIP

November 19 report by David Waskow, Friends of the Earth
MIAMI, Fla.- In the streets of Miami, the police are now out in force to clamp down on the supposedly dangerous citizens here to protest the 34-country Free Trade Area of the Americas. But they haven't been able to stop political moves taking place inside the FTAA negotiations, where the U.S. and Bush administration agenda is being pushed back and the FTAA is coming apart at the seams. First thing this morning, I went to a meeting with other advocates, where we received a leaked copy of the new text for the final declaration that will conclude the talks here this week and lay the groundwork for whatever comes next in the FTAA. (...) What we saw was a pleasant surprise -- and, for now at least, an important victory. The U.S. has been forced off its position insisting on a "comprehensive" FTAA -- including the investment rules that we believe are a significant assault on environmental protection (as a reminder: these rules give private multinational investors the right to sue governments before international tribunals if the companies believe environmental or other public-interest laws have interfered with their business rights under the agreement). CLIP

Check also the latest reports of Starhawk from Miami (Update 11/17 - Homeless in Miami)
(...) Although the police have done their usual campaign of intimidation and fear mongering, people are mostly very glad to talk to us, to take our flyers and hear what we have to say. No one is hostile. Many are curious. I explain the FTAA carefully to a woman who speaks with a Caribbean lilt, and she listens carefully although she looks tired. "This is bad for me," she says finally. "The FTAA. It means no jobs here." She gets it. On the corner, the cops have three of our friends and appear to be arresting them. We stand and watch for a while, and call our legal support, but move on when it becomes clear there's nothing else we can do. Ryan and Sara have already been arrested once for walking on the sidewalk, and they'd like to stay out of jail at least until the action begins. CLIP

Starhawk's Update 11/18
(...) We form a circle and I suggest we create a space in which we consciously support each other's strong emotions, whatever they are. We might visualize that as cheering, or as sending a flow of water, or a beam of light, or whatever each person wants, but as a group we create an energy base that can give us room to express the feelings we haven't yet had time to deal with, grief or fear or rage. Even as we begin, a few people are crying. One by one, people step into the circle and speak from the heart. "I'm new to this, and I'm completely terrified." "I'm absolutely enraged that we have to be doing this." "I feel this incredible fear and incredible hope, and I'm overwhelmed with the responsibility of helping to make this transformation happen. There's so much at stake." Some just cry, others ask for a song, Around the circle we are sobbing. Something has happened to me since Cancun: I'm not stuck in the state of calm fatality that is so useful when preparing to go dance into a line of riot cops. I'm fully feeling my own well of grief, the pain that I can so easily stir up if I let myself think too much about Genoa or Palestine or just the everyday level of force I've seen used against us. Or if I let in the pain of the homeless woman on the street or the millions, the billions, she stands for. I want to go into the center and say that I spent weeks of the summer crying alone every day about what I'd seen in the spring in Palestine, releasing the grief I'd held from supporting the teams who'd been with Rachel Corrie when she died, and Brian Avery when he was shot, and Tom Hurndall when he was shot in Rafah.

Miami Update 11/19/03
Last thoughts before tomorrow's action.


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Brits: "Bush Stupid, Threat to World Peace" (Nov 16)
More than one in three Britons think George Bush is stupid and a majority branded the US president a threat to world peace, opinion poll results showed.

Bush Flies Into 'Fortress London'

US and UK Officials Dread Presidential Trip (Nov 17),3858,4798737-103685,00.html
Washington fears any re-election benefit will be marred by trade row and anti-war protests. Blair faces revival of 'US poodle' image.

War and peace - inside the two worlds of George Bush (Nov 20),12271,1089118,00.html
Jonathan Freedland reports on the first full day of the president's state visit.

Bush’s London visit highlights mass opposition to US and British governments (Nov 20)

Slain Troops' Parents Could Be Hard on Bush
Reg Keys, whose son Thomas was killed in Iraq, is not on the list of family members of fallen British servicemen invited to meet George W. Bush this week, but he wishes he was: he has a message for the U.S. president. "I'd love to meet him, but I'd refuse his hand," he said. "I'd say: 'I can't shake that hand. It's stained with the blood of my son.'" (...) "I think we were all deceived and I think (Bush) has got a nerve to show his face after the deceit he's pointed toward us," he added. "My son goes off to war thinking he's protecting the country -- he's gone off deceived and lost his life deceived."

President's Poll Ratings Still Flagging
WASHINGTON — President Bush's job approval rating is sagging, and in several other categories he is at or near the lowest point of his presidency, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll finds. As the war in Iraq drags on, the country is nearly split over the president's leadership: 50% approve of the job he is doing, and 47% disapprove.

Al Gore: Decline in Journalism Threatens Democracy (Nov 12)
The "quasi-hypnotic influence" of television in the United States has fostered a complacent nation that is a danger to democracy, former Vice President Al Gore said this week.

This first part lays out the case from the evidence presented in the Hutton inquiry why the death of Dr. David Kelly was not by suicide. Part two will show the reasons, in this writer’s opinion, Dr. Kelly was killed.

(...) At any rate, Kelly’s and Victoria’s project was no longer a secret (if it ever was). And now David Kelly has joined the growing list of world-class microbiologists who have met mysterious deaths and/or been murdered.

THE RECRUITERS OF 9/11 - Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11
They were reported to be al-Qaida's key recruiters in the UK and the EU - the men who indoctrinated Binalshibh, Atta, Moussaoui, the "shoe bomber", and countless others into the ranks of al-Qaida. Yet in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, with authorities throughout Europe rounding up nameless Muslim suspects by the score, these men were left untouched. In this latest excerpt from Chaim Kupferberg's landmark article, Kupferberg looks at the murky background surrounding the 9/11 recruiters, and sets out the following bold hypothesis: if one were to posit the presence of a covert intelligence service behind the actions of the 9/11 hijackers, the most logical place to look would be in the vicinity of al-Qaida's key recruiting agents. Does Kupferberg make his case? You be the judge.

White House Criticized for Using Photo of Bush for Fundraising (Funny!)
(...) For a $150 contribution, donors will be sent the photograph, reproduced below, which clearly shows the President standing at a podium in front of a stylized American flag and flanked by what appears to be the ghostly apparitions of presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Shrinking ice in Antarctic sea 'exposes global warming' (Nov 15),13993,1085643,00.html
Frozen oceans that affect currents such as the Gulf Stream have decreased dramatically, say scientists

A disastrous dead end: the Geneva Accord (Oct 28, 2003)
(...) While its creators have tried to sell the Geneva Accord as some sort of breakthrough, it is nothing of the sort. The document recycles the unworkable arrangements that Israel and the United States tried to impose at Camp David in July 2000. A Palestinian "state" would be established in the West Bank and Gaza, but without sovereignty or control of its own borders or airspace. Israel would be permitted to keep military forces in it forever, while the Palestinian "state" would not be allowed to defend itself. The Palestinian state would be occupied by a "Multinational Force" that could only be withdrawn with Israeli agreement, and so on. Israel would annex most of its West Bank settlements, including vast swathes of territory in and around Jerusalem and other major cities, a simple endorsement of most of the illegal territorial conquests Israel made since 1967. Crucially, the document completely cancels the basic rights of Palestinian refugees by giving Israel an absolute veto on the return of even a single person to his or her home. That the Geneva "negotiators," freed from any real accountability, could not come up with anything better than they did, underscores the utter bankruptcy of the glacial "step-by-step" approach toward a two-state solution, while that two-state-solution has galloped away because of Israeli colonization. CLIP

Unofficial Mideast plan gains ground (Nov. 14)
‘Geneva Accord’ would force radical steps by both sides - TEL AVIV, Israel — On Sunday, a weighty document will drop through the letter box of every home in Israel. Depending on the views of the household, it will either be discarded as an act of treachery, or held up as the only real hope for peace in a country locked in a seemingly intractable struggle with Palestinians, a violent confrontation that has spiraled with tragic results over the past three years.

Divide and destroy (Nov 13),3858,4796509-103552,00.html
Israel's separation wall is creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis for the Palestinians who live in its shadow. Christian Aid's Alex Klaushofer witnesses the devastation of communities (...) But whatever the barrier's form, its impact on the communities it dominates is devastating. In the farming villages of the northern West Bank, what was once a self-sufficient way of life is dying out because farmers cannot access their land. The new dependency emerging in the communities destroyed by the barrier is yet another example of how the poverty afflicting the Palestinians is a human creation. Here aid is not just part of the solution, it's a symptom of the underlying problem. CLIP

Working to free the slaves
An interview with Kevin Bales, author and executive director of the non-profit Free the Slaves, addressing modern day slavery. (There are 27 million people presently enslaved in the world!)

Relations Between Journalists and U.S. Troops in Iraq Sour (Nov 13)
With casualties mounting in Iraq, jumpy U.S. soldiers are becoming more aggressive in their treatment of journalists covering the conflict. Media people have been detained, news equipment has been confiscated and some journalists have suffered verbal and physical abuse while trying to report on events. Although the number of incidents involving soldiers and journalists is difficult to gauge, anecdotal evidence suggests it has risen sharply the past two months. The president of the Associated Press Managing Editors, an association of editors at AP's more than 1,700 newspapers in the United States and Canada, sent a protest letter to the Pentagon on Wednesday urging officials to "immediately take the steps to end such confrontations."

Bush Administration plan to reduce global warming could devastate sea life
URI marine biologist says CO2 injection in deep sea would alter ocean
chemistry, affect numerous creatures - KINGSTON, R.I. -- November 17, 2003 -- A Bush Administration proposal to mitigate the effects of global warming by capturing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and injecting it into the deep sea could have disastrous
effects on sea life, according to a University of Rhode Island researcher. (...) The government's "carbon sequestration" plan is designed to collect carbon dioxide emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and store them in underground geologic formations or deep in the ocean. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham announced in September the creation of seven regional partnerships to establish the framework needed to develop the necessary technologies and put them into action. In addition, the Bush Administration convened a Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum last June where energy ministers from 13 countries discussed the potential for CO2 injections around the globe. In the new book Climate Change and Biodiversity, published in August, Seibel and co-author Victoria Fabry wrote: "From the perspective of marine organisms, deep-ocean sequestration means concentrating an otherwise dilute toxin to well above lethal levels, and placing it in an environment where the organisms are less tolerant of environmental fluctuation in general and CO2 in particular.Localized devastation of biological communities at the injection sites is certain." CLIP

Bush Met in London by Environmental Protestors - Protesting the U.S. government's refusal to address the problem of global warming, environmental demonstrators gave President less-than-warm welcome yesterday as he arrived in London for a state visit. Up to 600 people noisily marched to the U.S. embassy to criticize Bush's rejection of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, carrying banners with such messages as, "Wanted for crimes against the planet" and "Bush go home." Tony Juniper, head of Friends of the Earth, told the crowd that Bush was "one of the world's arch environmental villains." And that's just the tip of the iceberg: As many as 100,000 people are expected to turn out for the biggest day of protests tomorrow, to lambaste Bush for the war in Iraq as well as for his policies on the environment and other matters.
Fortress London braced for anti-Bush demos,12809,1088044,00.html

WETLAND'S END: New Bush Plan Would Gut Wetland Protections
A draft rule under consideration by the Bush administration would remove so many streams and wetlands from protection under the Clean Water Act that enviros aren't the only ones upset -- even traditionally Republican hunters and anglers are hopping mad.

KILL BILL! - Final Version of Energy Bill Is Bad News for the Environment
After many weeks of pork-barrel politics conducted behind closed doors, Republican negotiators this week released a final version of the first big energy bill to emerge from Congress in more than a decade -- and it's a doozy. The package, which contains loads of subsidies for industry and loads of bad news for the environment, now goes back to the House and Senate for a vote; if the two chambers okay it, President Bush will enthusiastically sign it into law. Among other things, the bill would: give $14.5 billion in tax breaks to the oil, gas, and coal industries; provide major subsidies for ethanol producers; earmark $1.8 billion for research into "clean coal" (which enviros say is an oxymoron); use tax benefits to encourage nuclear power and a natural-gas pipeline from Alaska to the Midwest; smooth the way for oil and gas companies to drill on sensitive public lands with fewer environmental reviews; and let the U.S. EPA push back deadlines for polluted cities to clean up their air. On the plus side, the legislation would direct about $1.5 billion in tax breaks for energy efficiency, and it would not open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, but that's small comfort to enviros.

Tahoe Daily Tribune, Associated Press, 18 Nov 2003

Los Angeles Times, 18 Nov 2003

The Washington Post,18 Nov 2003


Date: 15 Nov 2003
Subject: Awareness Forum: "I Saw Fit to Remove Her From the World"
From: "The March For Justice">

"I Saw Fit to Remove Her From the World"
By Aviv Lavie and Moshe Gorali

"At exactly 8 P.M. the soldiers took their places and platoon commander Moshe recited the blessing over the wine. He then gave a Zionist pep talk, reiterating the importance of the unit's mission and the troops' contribution to the infant state. At the order of his deputy, Sergeant Michael, Private Yehuda read from the Bible. When he finished the soldiers burst into song, told jokes, ate and drank. Shortly before the end of the party, the platoon commander asked for quiet. He got up and, with a smile on his face, reminded the soldiers about the Bedouin girl they had caught earlier that day during a patrol in their sector. They had brought her to the outpost and she was now locked up in one of the huts. Platoon commander Moshe said he was putting forward two options for a vote. The first was that the Bedouin girl would become the outpost's kitchen worker; the second was for the soldiers to have their way with her."

Read complete article at :


Read on THIS WEEK news by the march:

Israeli Security Chiefs Blast Treatment of Palestinians
"We are heading downhill towards near-catastrophe. If nothing happens and we go on living by the sword, we will continue to wallow in the mud and destroy ourselves." complete article at: complete article at:

Convicted Israeli Spy Loses Latest Appeal
Associated Press
Pollard 49, was a civilian intelligence analyst for the Navy when he copied and gave to his Israeli handlers enough classified documents to fill a walk-in closet. He was not paid when his spying began in 1984, but he
acknowledged that Israel later began paying him a few thousand dollars a complete article at:

Japan Postpones Iraq Deployment
BBC News
Japan has said it will postpone sending troops to join the US-led coalition in Iraq until next year because of the worsening security situation. Tokyo had hoped to deploy its first troops before the end of the year, but now says conditions are too complete article at:

Washington Seeking To Reduce Number of Anti-Israel Votes at U.N.
The United States is embarking on the most comprehensive campaign in years to reduce the number of anti-Israel resolutions routinely passed by the United Nations General complete article at:

Afghan Poppies Sprout Again
The Washington Post
Two years ago, Afghanistan was virtually poppy-free. The country‚s strict Islamic militia, the Taliban, banned the flourishing crop in mid-2000, and it soon vanished from the fields. But in recent months, with deterrence efforts weak and sporadic under democratic rule, opium poppies have made a spectacular comeback, nearly reaching the record-high production levels of the complete article at:

Poll Shows 17 Percent of Italians Believe "Israel" 'should cease to exist'
In the national survey, which appeared in the daily Corriere della Sera, seventy percent of responders said Israel had a right to exist despite bad policies of the Israeli government, while 17 percent thought it would be best if Israel ceased to exist complete article at:

GI Kills Head of Council in Baghdad Slum
The Washington Post
After a shouting match and fight that lasted a few minutes Sunday, a soldier shot Kaabi, the man leading the U.S.-supervised council that runs the slum, which is home to as many as 2 million people. His death left supporters of U.S. efforts grasping for explanations and handed detractors new evidence that tranquility under the occupation is complete article at:

Not Enough GIs for Veterans Day Marches
Associated Press
"We've really hit bottom as far as returning veterans are concerned," said Russ Geyer, an Army veteran who heads the parade committee in Miami Lakes. Only a handful of troops and a color guard from the U.S. Southern Command will be among the 750 people marching Sunday in the parade in the northwest Miami suburb, which has had drill units and military marching bands in the complete article at:


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November 14 / 23, 2003

Hold On to Your Humanity - An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq

By STAN GOFF (US Army Retired)

Dear American serviceperson in Iraq,

I am a retired veteran of the army, and my own son is among you, a paratrooper like I was. The changes that are happening to every one of you -- some more extreme than others -- are changes I know very well. So I'm going to say some things to you straight up in the language to which you are accustomed.

In 1970, I was assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade, then based in northern Binh Dinh Province in what was then the Republic of Vietnam. When I went there, I had my head full of shit: shit from the news media, shit from movies, shit about what it supposedly mean to be a man, and shit from a lot of my know-nothing neighbors who would tell you plenty about Vietnam even though they'd never been there, or to war at all.

The essence of all this shit was that we had to "stay the course in Vietnam," and that we were on some mission to save good Vietnamese from bad Vietnamese, and to keep the bad Vietnamese from hitting beachheads outside of Oakland. We stayed the course until 58,000 Americans were dead and lots more maimed for life, and 3,000,000 Southeast Asians were dead. Ex-military people and even many on active duty played a big part in finally bringing that crime to a halt.

When I started hearing about weapons of mass destruction that threatened the United States from Iraq, a shattered country that had endured almost a decade of trench war followed by an invasion and twelve years of sanctions, my first question was how in the hell can anyone believe that this suffering country presents a threat to the United States? But then I remembered how many people had believed Vietnam threatened the United States. Including me.

When that bullshit story about weapons came apart like a two-dollar shirt, the politicians who cooked up this war told everyone, including you, that you would be greeted like great liberators. They told us that we were in Vietnam to make sure everyone there could vote.

What they didn't tell me was that before I got there in 1970, the American armed forces had been burning villages, killing livestock, poisoning farmlands and forests, killing civilians for sport, bombing whole villages, and committing rapes and massacres, and the people who were grieving and raging over that weren't in a position to figure out the difference between me -- just in country -- and the people who had done those things to them.

What they didn't tell you is that over a million and a half Iraqis died between 1991 and 2003 from malnutrition, medical neglect, and bad sanitation. Over half a million of those who died were the weakest: the children, especially very young children.

My son who is over there now has a baby. We visit with our grandson every chance we get. He is eleven months old now. Lots of you have children, so you know how easy it is to really love them, and love them so hard you just know your entire world would collapse if anything happened to them. Iraqis feel that way about their babies, too. And they are not going to forget that the United States government was largely responsible for the deaths of half a million kids.

So the lie that you would be welcomed as liberators was just that. A lie. A lie for people in the United States to get them to open their purse for this obscenity, and a lie for you to pump you up for a fight.

And when you put this into perspective, you know that if you were an Iraqi, you probably wouldn't be crazy about American soldiers taking over your towns and cities either. This is the tough reality I faced in Vietnam. I knew while I was there that if I were Vietnamese, I would have been one of the Vietcong.

But there we were, ordered into someone else's country, playing the role of occupier when we didn't know the people, their language, or their culture, with our head full of bullshit our so-called leaders had told us during training and in preparation for deployment, and even when we got there. There we were, facing people we were ordered to dominate, but any one of whom might be pumping mortars at us or firing AKs at us later that night. The question we stated to ask is who put us in this position?

In our process of fighting to stay alive, and in their process of trying to expel an invader that violated their dignity, destroyed their property, and killed their innocents, we were faced off against each other by people who made these decisions in $5,000 suits, who laughed and slapped each other on the back in Washington, DC with their fat fucking asses stuffed full of cordon blue and caviar.

They chumped us. Anyone can be chumped.

That's you now. Just fewer trees and less water.

We haven't figured out how to stop the pasty-faced, oil-hungry backslappers in DC yet, and it looks like you all might be stuck there for a little longer. So I want to tell you the rest of the story.

I changed over there in Vietnam and they were not nice changes either. I started getting pulled into something -- something that craved other people's pain. Just to make sure I wasn't regarded as a "fucking missionary" or a possible rat, I learned how to fit myself into that group that was untouchable, people too crazy to fuck with, people who desired the rush of omnipotence that comes with setting someone's house on fire just for the pure hell of it, or who could kill anyone, man, woman, or child, with hardly a second thought. People who had the power of life and death -- because they could.

The anger helps. It's easy to hate everyone you can't trust because of your circumstances, and to rage about what you've seen, what has happened to you, and what you have done and can't take back.

It was all an act for me, a cover-up for deeper fears I couldn't name, and the reason I know that is that we had to dehumanize our victims before we did the things we did. We knew deep down that what we were doing was wrong. So they became dinks or gooks, just like Iraqis are now being transformed into ragheads or hajjis. People had to be reduced to "niggers" here before they could be lynched. No difference. We convinced ourselves we had to kill them to survive, even when that wasn't true, but something inside us told us that so long as they were human beings, with the same intrinsic value we had as human beings, we were not allowed to burn their homes and barns, kill their animals, and sometimes even kill them. So we used these words, these new names, to reduce them, to strip them of their essential humanity, and then we could do things like adjust artillery fire onto the cries of a baby.

Until that baby was silenced, though, and here's the important thing to understand, that baby never surrendered her humanity. I did. We did. That's the thing you might not get until it's too late. When you take away the humanity of another, you kill your own humanity. You attack your own soul because it is standing in the way.

So we finish our tour, and go back to our families, who can see that even though we function, we are empty and incapable of truly connecting to people any more, and maybe we can go for months or even years before we fill that void where we surrendered our humanity, with chemical anesthetics -- drugs, alcohol, until we realize that the void can never be filled and we shoot ourselves, or head off into the street where we can disappear with the flotsam of society, or we hurt others, especially those who try to love us, and end up as another incarceration statistic or a mental patient.

You can ever escape that you became a racist because you made the excuse that you needed that to survive, that you took things away from people that you can never give back, or that you killed a piece of yourself that you may never get back.

Some of us do. We get lucky and someone gives a damn enough to emotionally resuscitate us and bring us back to life. Many do not.

I live with the rage every day of my life, even when no one else sees it. You might hear it in my words. I hate being chumped.

So here is my message to you. You will do what you have to do to survive, however you define survival, while we do what we have to do to stop this thing. But don't surrender your humanity. Not to fit in. Not to prove yourself. Not for an adrenaline rush. Not to lash out when you are angry and frustrated. Not for some ticket-punching fucking military careerist to make his bones on. Especially not for the Bush-Cheney Gas & Oil Consortium.

The big bosses are trying to gain control of the world's energy supplies to twist the arms of future economic competitors. That's what's going on, and you need to understand it, then do what you need to do to hold on to your humanity. The system does that; tells you you are some kind of hero action figures, but uses you as gunmen. They chump you.

Your so-called civilian leadership sees you as an expendable commodity. They don't care about your nightmares, about the DU that you are breathing, about the loneliness, the doubts, the pain, or about how your humanity is stripped away a piece at a time. They will cut your benefits, deny your illnesses, and hide your wounded and dead from the public. They already are.

They don't care. So you have to. And to preserve your own humanity, you must recognize the humanity of the people whose nation you now occupy and know that both you and they are victims of the filthy rich bastards who are calling the shots.

They are your enemies -- The Suits -- and they are the enemies of peace, and the enemies of your families, especially if they are Black families, or immigrant families, or poor families. They are thieves and bullies who take and never give, and they say they will "never run" in Iraq, but you and I know that they will never have to run, because they fucking aren't there. You are.

They'll skin and grin while they are getting what they want from you, and throw you away like a used condom when they are done. Ask the vets who are having their benefits slashed out from under them now. Bushfeld and their cronies are parasites, and they are the sole beneficiaries of the chaos you are learning to live in. They get the money. You get the prosthetic devices, the nightmares, and the mysterious illnesses.

So if your rage needs a target, there they are, responsible for your being there, and responsible for keeping you there. I can't tell you to disobey. That would probably run me afoul of the law. That will be a decision you will have to take when and if the circumstances and your own conscience dictate. But it's perfectly legal for you to refuse illegal orders, and orders to abuse or attack civilians are illegal. Ordering you to keep silent about these crimes is also illegal.

I can tell you, without fear of legal consequence, that you are never under any obligation to hate Iraqis, you are never under any obligation to give yourself over to racism and nihilism and the thirst to kill for the sake of killing, and you are never under any obligation to let them drive out the last vestiges of your capacity to see and tell the truth to yourself and to the world. You do not owe them your souls.

Come home safe, and come home sane. The people who love you and who have loved you all your lives are waiting here, and we want you to come back and be able to look us in the face. Don't leave your souls in the dust there like another corpse.

Hold on to your humanity.

Stan Goff

US Army (Ret.)

Stan Goff is the author of "Hideous Dream: A Soldier's Memoir of the US Invasion of Haiti" (Soft Skull Press, 2000) and of the upcoming book "Full Spectrum Disorder" (Soft Skull Press, 2003). He is a member of the BRING THEM HOME NOW! coordinating committee, a retired Special Forces master sergeant, and the father of an active duty soldier. E-mail for BRING THEM HOME NOW! is

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Date: 14 Nov 2003
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Subject: Feature Articles from Global Research

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1-14 November 2003

The Recruiters of 9/11, Chaim Kupferberg,

USAF Scrambling. A Clear Case of 9/11 Double Standards,

Empire Builders and Homicidal War: George Galloway's historic speech,

Five Israelis seen filming as jet liners ploughed into Twin Towers on September 11, Neil Mackay,

Géopolitique de l'Impérialisme contemporain, Samir Amin,

9/11: The BCCI Connection, Chaim Kupferberg,

Landmine Mania: America's Love Affair with Anti-Personnel Mines, John Stanton,

Impacts of WTO Entry on China's Banking System, Guohan Zhu,

Conservation International's Global Greenwash Machine, Aziz Choudry (MUST READ!!)
(...) CI's major supporters include Cemex, Citigroup, Chiquita, Exxon Mobil Foundation, Ford, Gap, J P Morgan Chase and Co., McDonalds, Sony, Starbucks, United Airlines and Walt Disney. Gordon Moore, the chair of CI's executive committee - and donor of the $261 million grant - founded Intel Corporation. CLIP

MI6 and Princess Diana: Blinding Driver With Strobe before he entered Tunnel, Richard Tomlinson,

9/11 Legend: Timothy McVeigh and the Marketing of Osama Bin Laden, Chaim Kupferberg,

Target Iran: It's a semi-secret joint US-Israel Operation, Gordon Thomas,

Halliburton Won't Back Off Doing Biz In Iran, Jason Leopold,

911: Deliberate Negligence? Prashant Bhushan,

Who was behind the Attack on the Red Cross in Baghdad? Michel Chossudovsky,


The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, 2nd Edition of Michel Chossudovsky`s International Bestseller, Global Outlook, Shanty Bay, Ont, 2003

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Op-Ed Columnist: A Scary Afghan Road

November 15, 2003


Tere's a foreign affairs quiz:
1. In the two years since the war in Afghanistan, opium production has:
(A) virtually been eliminated by Hamid Karzai's government and American forces.
(B) declined 30 percent, but eradication is not expected until 2008.
(C) soared 19-fold and become the major source of the world's heroin.

2. In Paktika and Zabul, two religiously conservative parts of Afghanistan, the number of children going to school:
(A) has quintupled, with most girls at least finishing third grade.
(B) has risen 40 percent, although few girls go to school.
(C) has plummeted as poor security has closed nearly all schools there.

The correct answer to both questions, alas, is (C).

With the White House finally acknowledging that the challenge in Iraq runs deeper than gloomy journalism, the talk of what to do next is sounding rather like Afghanistan. And that's alarming, because we have flubbed the peace in Afghanistan even more egregiously than in Iraq.

"There is a palpable risk that Afghanistan will again turn into a failed state, this time in the hands of drug cartels and narco-terrorists," Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, writes in a grim new report on Afghanistan.

I strongly supported President Bush's war in Afghanistan, and I was there in Kabul and saw firsthand the excitement and relief of ordinary Afghans, who were immensely grateful to the U.S. for freeing them (a crucial distinction between Iraq and Afghanistan, to anyone who covered both wars, is that you never saw the same adulation among Iraqis). Mr. Bush oversaw a smart war in Afghanistan, and two years ago the crisp mountain air there pullulated with hope - along with pleas for more security.

One day back then when I was thinking of driving to the southeast, six Afghans arrived from there - minus their noses. Taliban guerrillas had stopped their vehicle at gunpoint and chopped off their noses because they had trimmed their beards. I stroked my chin, admired my own proboscis, and decided not to drive on that road.

Every foreign and local official said then that Afghanistan desperately needed security on roads like that one. But the Pentagon made the same misjudgment about Afghanistan that it did about Iraq: it fatally underestimated the importance of ensuring security. The big winner was the Taliban, which is now mounting a resurgence.

"Things are definitely deteriorating on the security front," notes Paul Barker, the Afghan country director for CARE International. Twelve aid workers have been killed in the last year and dozens injured. A year ago, there was, on average, one attack on aid workers per month; now such attacks average one per day.

In at least three districts in the southeast, there is no central government representation, and the Taliban has de facto control. In Paktika and Zabul, not only have most schools closed, but the conservative madrasas are regaining strength.

"We've operated in Afghanistan for about 15 years," said Nancy Lindborg of Mercy Corps, the American aid group, "and we've never had the insecurity that we have now." She noted that the Taliban used to accept aid agencies (grudgingly), but that the Taliban had turned decisively against all foreigners.

"Separate yourself from Jews and the Christian community," a recent open letter from the Taliban warned. It ordered Afghans to avoid music, funerals for aid workers and "un-Islamic education" - or face a "bad result." The opium boom is one indication of the downward spiral. The Taliban banned opium production in 2000, so the 2001 crop was only 185 metric tons. The U.N. estimates that this year's crop was 3,600 tons, the second-largest in Afghan history. The crop is worth twice the Afghan government's annual budget, and much of the profit will support warlords and the Taliban. An analyst in the U.S. intelligence community, who seeks to direct more attention to the way narco-trafficking is destabilizing the region, says that Afghanistan now accounts for 75 percent of the poppies grown for narcotics worldwide.

"The issue is not a high priority for the Bush administration," he said. If Afghanistan is a White House model for Iraq, heaven help us.



Behind the News

(October 28, 2003) The White House advisors have been making discreet inquiries on the Hill about the Bush plan to reinstitute a universal draft in America, this in spite of the potentially deadly reactions that could blast the President out of the White House. Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld are pushing this in spite of repeated warnings, even from inside the Pentagon, that this would be political suicide. "We need this and we are going to get it", Wolfowitz said to one of our senior editors on Monday.

(October 29) Although statistics show an increase in spending, it appears that this is only a rush of pre-Christmas buying stimulated by retailers dropping prices. The White House is claiming that the economy is "roaring back" but it is not. Hedge bets on this one, however. We do not want to be seen putting a damper on a recovery but we do not want to be seen as a toady for White House cheerleaders either..

(November 1) One of our people in Baghdad was roughed up and had his camera and film confiscated by MPs yesterday because he dared to film two dead GIs. That is the new policy direct from the President. No, repeat, no, pictures of dead Iraqi civilians and most surely, no dead or wounded GIs. Two foreign reporters have been shot very dead for disobeying these orders. We are deciding about pulling our people out and letting the Pentagon supply its faked pictures in the future.

(November 1) Our private polls indicate that if the elections were held today, ‘Vietnam George’ would have his sorry ass kicked by Dr. Dean. Kerry has the Vietnam killings dragging him down, no one is going to support Lieberman because he cannot do business on Saturdays and the rest of the Demo pack are sorry losers.

(November 2) In spite of the resistance of the White House, we are going ahead with our plans to do human interest bits on the families of dead GIs. We have no choice on this because of pubic pressure. Look for cries of 'filtering' from the President. My God, statements like that about the press from him are rank hypocrisy. The current Administration will never tell the truth if a lie will suffice.

(November 5) A recent confidential report from the NSC sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland! These rabid warmongers are obviously nutty as hell and the rest of us will have to suffer from it. November cannot come soon enough.

(November 6) Everyone is keeping their mouths officially shut over the Jessica Lynch/John Wayne film. Here were have a dumb hillbilly truck driver from East Jesus, Tennessee being put forward as a cross between Joan of Arc and John Wayne "shooting her way through battalions of terrified Iraqi Elite Guards" when in fact the poor bitch was smashed up in a truck crash and can't remember a damned thing...surprising Bush doesn't give her the Congressional Medal of Honor. Wasn't he put up for one for his heroic sorties in the air over Vietnam? (By God, he shot down 60 MiGs in one afternoon while reading the Bible with one hand) Or was that for hiding in a roadhouse in Louisiana when he was supposed to be in Texas learning to be a flyboy like his dad? Did I say Alice in Wonderland yesterday? Something by L. Ron Hubbard would be more to the point.


Forwarded by Goldi>

Sent: November 16, 2003
Subject: US Energy Bill - What it will do to our air, land & water + counter arguments

The impact this bill will have on our health and well-being leaves little to be desired. Scrapping environmental regulations and eroding protections for our air, water and lands are more than disappointing -- i would even go so far as to say they are alarming, at best... (see below)

The energy bill has "... included language that would weaken clean air protections for some of the most polluted cities in the country, exempt certain oil and gas activities from Clean Water Act requirements, and make oil and gas development the dominant use of America's public lands. These are not the only provisions in the bill that would undermine the country's long-standing environmental safeguards, but they are among the most egregious."

Read the article in full:

Also see the counter arguments by DeLay:

And see Statement by National Environmental Trust President Philip E. Clapp on the Energy Conference Report (last two paragraphs):

"The White House and Republican leadership strategy is to rush this thousand plus page bill through the House of Representatives as quickly as possible and then deposit it on the Senate's doorstep. Then it becomes a game of chicken, with Republicans daring Democrats to block a budget busting bill called 'energy.'

"Just dropping ANWR and coastal drilling off California and Alaska does not fix the bill from an environmental point of view. The billions of dollars in new tax subsidies for the oil, gas and coal industries are a huge new setback for renewable energy development."


Under each heading I copied and pasted only the first paragraph ...

Read the article in full:

Dirty Air Provision Threatens Public Health

"The dirty air rider, snuck in behind closed doors during conference, would drastically weaken clean air protections for some of the most polluted cities in the nation, including Washington DC, Dallas, Atlanta, and Baton Rouge. This provision would allow these cities to delay implementation of health- protecting clean air measures already adopted in cities with similar air pollution problems, including New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, and Milwaukee....

Special Interest Rider Exempts Oil and Gas Industry from the Clean Water Act

"Another provision in the bill threatens 30 years of work to clean up the nation's waters. Oil and gas industry lobbyists got a provision slipped into the House version of the Energy bill that could exempt them from Clean Water Act provisions that limit stormwater pollution from construction sites. Under the Clean Water Act, businesses must take steps to limit polluted runoff from construction sites-runoff that causes excess sediment to build up in streams and rivers, killing fish and other aquatic life. Stormwater runoff from construction sites can even contain toxic chemicals, such as benzene, toluene, and heavy metals that also pollute our nation's waters, even threatening the safety of drinking water supplies....

Oil and Gas Development on America's Public Lands

"Over the past 50 years, Congress has mandated a "multiple use" principle for public lands, ensuring that uses such as energy development will be balanced with all other uses and values, including protecting wildlife and habitat, air, watersheds, recreational uses, wildlands, cultural and agricultural sites, and the private property rights of residents who own surface rights but not the mineral rights underneath them. The Energy bill conference report tries to upset the balance of public land usage by making oil and gas development the dominant use of America's public lands. The conference report seeks to require federal land managers to determine whether programs to protect wildlife, watersheds, wildlands, and recreational activities would have "a significant adverse effect" on energy development before "taking action" to implement such plans.....

"The special interest give-aways in the energy bill are clearly attempts to place oil and gas development above all other values-including citizens' rights to clean air, clean water, and recreation on their public lands," said Moorman.

"In addition to the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and public lands give-aways, the Energy bill also contains several other special-interest provisions, including:

-- Language that attempts to exclude drilling fluids - many containing diesel fuels and other potentially toxic chemicals - from being considered drinking water pollutants under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

-- A provision to delay a rule to limit emissions of the neurotoxin mercury from power plants, currently due this December.

-- An unprecedented waiver of liability for manufacturers of MTBE, a gasoline additive that has poisoned drinking water wells nationwide.


Earthjustice experts will be reviewing the conference report over the weekend, and will be available for reporter questions (see contact info below)

If you would like more information on these energy bill exemptions that threaten the health of our lakes, streams, rivers, air quality, and communities, please contact:

Clean Water Act: Joan Mulhern, Earthjustice, 202-667-4500 ext. 223 (cell: 202-329-1552)

Clean Air Act: David Baron, Earthjustice, 202-667-4500 ext. 220 (cell: 202-841-6657)

Energy & Public Lands: Randy Moorman, Earthjustice, 202-667- 4500 ext. 201 (cell: 240-498-1339)


See also:

Massive energy bill clears hurdle (Nov. 14)
Billions in tax breaks for fossil fuel; ethanol also boosted — Republicans on Friday finished a massive energy bill that would double Americans’ use of ethanol in their cars, reduce their susceptibility to power blackouts and aim tax breaks at oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power providers. However, the measure would deny President Bush his top energy priority: oil drilling in the Arctic wildlife refuge.


Forwarded on Nov 17 by Mark Gilliland> who wrote:

Bad news for the Keepers of the Oceans. Obviously a place we have to focus healing energy on to ensure a change in policy impact. Otherwise, the whales and dolphins will continue to leave us and move on to other dimensions.


From: John Adams>
Date: 14 Nov 2003
Subject: Marine mammals are innocent victims of war on terror

Dear NRDC Member,

As you may already know, our campaign to protect marine mammals against deadly sonar and other man-made threats suffered a terrible setback last week in the United States Congress.

Under the cynical pretext of protecting national security, the Bush administration strong-armed the Senate Armed Services Committee into approving the most far-reaching rollback of marine mammal protection in the last 30 years. It exempts the U.S. military from obeying core provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Because these unprecedented exemptions are part of a "must-pass" defense bill, they were quickly approved by both the House and Senate, and President Bush is sure to sign the bill into law.

Before I tell you what this setback will mean for marine mammals, I want you to know one thing: we fought our hearts out to defeat these disastrous provisions. Our legislative staff worked day and night to get Congress the facts and win over critical swing votes. Two weeks ago, thousands of NRDC activists in the key states of Virginia, Michigan, Arizona and Maine joined the fray by flooding their senators' offices with pro-marine mammal phone calls.

Thanks to their selfless efforts, we came awfully close to pulling off a last- minute victory. In the end, however, we just could not overcome a White House that was shamelessly -- and erroneously -- claiming military necessity in the midst of wartime.

What do these new exemptions mean in the real world? It will now be far easier for the U.S. military to harass and kill whales, dolphins and other marine mammals with high-intensity sonar and underwater explosives. The armed forces will no longer be limited to harming or killing a "small number" of animals.

In another ominous change, the new law allows the military to entirely exempt itself from all environmental review under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. In the past, NRDC has used that process to block destructive activities like the detonation of tons of explosives in sensitive marine areas.

Finally, the military will now be allowed to destroy the habitat of endangered birds and mammals that live on 25 million acres of land under the Pentagon's jurisdiction.

The Bush administration claims that these drastic steps are necessary because environmental laws are compromising combat readiness for the war on terror. Baloney! Even the EPA's own administrator testified last spring that she couldn't name a single training mission anywhere in the country that had been delayed or canceled because of environmental restrictions.

Make no mistake, this White House has cynically exploited the war in Iraq as a convenient opportunity to try to give the Pentagon what it has always sought: a free pass to trample our environment and carte blanche to harass marine mammals in the course of testing its weapons and sonar.

It is a telling measure of this administration's hatred of the environment that the bill was even more destructive to marine mammals than what the Pentagon itself had asked for!

The only piece of good news I can share is this: the new exemptions are unlikely to affect the courtroom victory we won in August when a federal judge barred the U.S. Navy from deploying its deadly LFA sonar system across 75 percent of the world's oceans. That's because the Bush administration violated so many different laws in approving that particular system that even an exemption from the Marine Mammal Protection Act won't get the Navy off the hook.

I am not going to soft-pedal last week's defeat. It is a tragic day indeed when the White House oversees the evisceration of landmark laws -- passed by a bipartisan majority in Congress -- that have helped save so many of our planet's embattled populations of whales and dolphins.

But I would urge you to outrage and action, not despair. Let's put this setback in perspective. Getting the military to stop injuring and killing marine mammals is a monumental task, one that could take decades. We have already made great strides in court, and the tides of change and public opinion are on our side. More than 80 percent of Americans don't think the Pentagon should be above environmental laws. If we harness that people power, we will one day prevail.

In the months ahead, NRDC will be fighting in Congress to overturn these disastrous new exemptions. We will partner with European groups to mount a worldwide campaign of political pressure against dangerous, high-powered sonar systems. We will pursue every opportunity to block lethal sonar systems in the courts. And if the Bush administration does attempt to overturn our victory against LFA sonar, we will go back to court and fight tooth and nail to defend it.

Defending marine mammals on so many different fronts will require an extraordinary amount of funding. If you would like to help further this NRDC campaign against deadly sonar, please consider making an online contribution. It will be put to work immediately and be deeply appreciated. Just go to

In the meantime, for the sake of whales and other marine mammals around the globe, we're counting on you to stay the course with us. We need your idealism, your energy and your activism. Thank you for all you've done.


John H. Adams
President Natural Resources Defense Council

. . .

Note: If you have any questions about this message, please write to us at



Aloha Jean - I know that the military have once again made moves towards marine mammal terrorism... Reading the compilation from Nov 17 ... the apparent paradox of focusing on what we want while letting the world know that we do not approve of genocide, ecocide
etc. led me to sending you these lyrics and liner notes. I believe that these songs walk the line between good and evil. We see what is and we offer an alternative vision. Both in the music and in the activism that goes with presenting the music - bringing true beauty into the political arena seems to be a part of my work on this exquisite planet. The full song is available as a free download, along with another eco-activist piece called Sanctuary. I invite readers to enjoy the music and to send it to any relevant places - it has been sent to the Pentagon, various hierarchical desks in the Navy etc. Just copy the URL and send it with your petition. are a reputable site - it is safe to download from their site without spam harassment, I am told. Below is the URL

Check also Jaiia's lovely site at

The lyrics of OceanSong

The lyrics of Sanctuary


NOTE FROM JEAN: I was directed to this article below through this item in the Nov 17 Crisis newsletter: "Sunday Herald (Scotland) breaks mainstream taboo and questions whether two Israeli spy rings were helping the 9/11 hijackers. Telegraph pulls 9/11 story off its web site." This newsletter is published by Ian Henshall> who also created those 2 sites: and


02 November 2003

Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 ...

Were they part of a massive spy ring which shadowed the 9/11 hijackers and knew that al-Qaeda planned a devastating terrorist attack on the USA?

Neil Mackay investigates

THERE was ruin and terror in Manhattan, but, over the Hudson River in New Jersey, a handful of men were dancing. As the World Trade Centre burned and crumpled, the five men celebrated and filmed the worst atrocity ever committed on American soil as it played out before their eyes.

Who do you think they were? Palestinians? Saudis? Iraqis, even? Al-Qaeda, surely? Wrong on all counts. They were Israelis – and at least two of them were Israeli intelligence agents, working for Mossad, the equivalent of MI6 or the CIA.

Their discovery and arrest that morning is a matter of indisputable fact. To those who have investigated just what the Israelis were up to that day, the case raises one dreadful possibility: that Israeli intelligence had been shadowing the al-Qaeda hijackers as they moved from the Middle East through Europe and into America where they trained as pilots and prepared to suicide-bomb the symbolic heart of the United States. And the motive? To bind America in blood and mutual suffering to the Israeli cause.

After the attacks on New York and Washington, the former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was asked what the terrorist strikes would mean for US-Israeli relations. He said: “It’s very good.” Then he corrected himself, adding: “Well, it’s not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy [for Israel from Americans].”

If Israel’s closest ally felt the collective pain of mass civilian deaths at the hands of terrorists, then Israel would have an unbreakable bond with the world’s only hyperpower and an effective free hand in dealing with the Palestinian terrorists who had been murdering its innocent civilians as the second intifada dragged on throughout 2001.

It’s not surprising that the New Jersey housewife who first spotted the five Israelis and their white van wants to preserve her anonymity. She’s insisted that she only be identified as Maria. A neighbour in her apartment building had called her just after the first strike on the Twin Towers. Maria grabbed a pair of binoculars and, like millions across the world, she watched the horror of the day unfold.

As she gazed at the burning towers, she noticed a group of men kneeling on the roof of a white van in her parking lot. Here’s her recollection: “They seemed to be taking a movie. They were like happy, you know ... they didn’t look shocked to me. I thought it was strange.”

Maria jotted down the van’s registration and called the police. The FBI was alerted and soon there was a statewide all points bulletin put out for the apprehension of the van and its occupants. The cops traced the number, establishing that it belonged to a company called Urban Moving.

Police Chief John Schmidig said: “We got an alert to be on the lookout for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and writing on the side. Three individuals were seen celebrating in Liberty State Park after the impact. They said three people were jumping up and down.”

By 4pm on the afternoon of September 11, the van was spotted near New Jersey’s Giants stadium. A squad car pulled it over and inside were five men in their 20s. They were hustled out of the car with guns levelled at their heads and handcuffed.

In the car was $4700 in cash, a couple of foreign passports and a pair of box cutters – the concealed Stanley Knife-type blades used by the 19 hijackers who’d flown jetliners into the World Trade Centre and Pentagon just hours before. There were also fresh pictures of the men standing with the smouldering wreckage of the Twin Towers in the background. One image showed a hand flicking a lighter in front of the devastated buildings, like a fan at a pop concert. The driver of the van then told the arresting officers: “We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

His name was Sivan Kurzberg. The other four passengers were Kurzberg’s brother Paul, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari. The men were dragged off to prison and transferred out of the custody of the FBI’s Criminal Division and into the hands of their Foreign Counterintelligence Section – the bureau’s anti-espionage squad.

A warrant was issued for a search of the Urban Moving premises in Weehawken in New Jersey. Boxes of papers and computers were removed. The FBI questioned the firm’s Israeli owner, Dominik Otto Suter, but when agents returned to re-interview him a few days later, he was gone. An employee of Urban Moving said his co-workers had laughed about the Manhattan attacks the day they happened. “I was in tears,” the man said. “These guys were joking and that bothered me. These guys were like, ‘Now America knows what we go through.’”

Vince Cannistraro, former chief of operations for counter-terrorism with the CIA, says the red flag went up among investigators when it was discovered that some of the Israelis’ names were found in a search of the national intelligence database. Cannistraro says many in the US intelligence community believed that some of the Israelis were working for Mossad and there was speculation over whether Urban Moving had been “set up or exploited for the purpose of launching an intelligence operation against radical Islamists”.

This makes it clear that there was no suggestion whatsoever from within American intelligence that the Israelis were colluding with the 9/11 hijackers – simply that the possibility remains that they knew the attacks were going to happen, but effectively did nothing to help stop them.

After the owner vanished, the offices of Urban Moving looked as if they’d been closed down in a big hurry. Mobile phones were littered about, the office phones were still connected and the property of at least a dozen clients were stacked up in the warehouse. The owner had cleared out his family home in New Jersey and returned to Israel.

Two weeks after their arrest, the Israelis were still in detention, held on immigration charges. Then a judge ruled that they should be deported. But the CIA scuppered the deal and the five remained in custody for another two months. Some went into solitary confinement, all underwent two polygraph tests and at least one underwent up to seven lie detector sessions before they were eventually deported at the end of November 2001. Paul Kurzberg refused to take a lie detector test for 10 weeks, but then failed it. His lawyer said he was reluctant to take the test as he had once worked for Israeli intelligence in another country.

Nevertheless, their lawyer, Ram Horvitz, dismissed the allegations as “stupid and ridiculous”. Yet US government sources still maintained that the Israelis were collecting information on the fundraising activities of groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Mark Regev, of the Israeli embassy in Washington, would have none of that and he said the allegations were “simply false”. The men themselves claimed they’d read about the World Trade Centre attacks on the internet, couldn’t see it from their office and went to the parking lot for a better view. Their lawyers and the embassy say their ghoulish and sinister celebrations as the Twin Towers blazed and thousands died were due to youthful foolishness.

The respected New York Jewish newspaper, The Forward, reported in March 2002, however, that it had received a briefing on the case of the five Israelis from a US official who was regularly updated by law enforcement agencies. This is what he told The Forward: “The assessment was that Urban Moving Systems was a front for the Mossad and operatives employed by it.” He added that “the conclusion of the FBI was that they were spying on local Arabs”, but the men were released because they “did not know anything about 9/11”.

Back in Israel, several of the men discussed what happened on an Israeli talk show. One of them made this remarkable comment: “The fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily. Our purpose was to document the event.” But how can you document an event unless you know it is going to happen?

We are now deep in conspiracy theory territory. But there is more than a little circumstantial evidence to show that Mossad – whose motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt do war” – was spying on Arab extremists in the USA and may have known that September 11 was in the offing, yet decided to withhold vital information from their American counterparts which could have prevented the terror attacks.

Following September 11, 2001, more than 60 Israelis were taken into custody under the Patriot Act and immigration laws. One highly placed investigator told Carl Cameron of Fox News that there were “tie-ins” between the Israelis and September 11; the hint was clearly that they’d gathered intelligence on the planned attacks but kept it to themselves.

The Fox News source refused to give details, saying: “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.” Fox News is not noted for its condemnation of Israel; it’s a ruggedly patriotic news channel owned by Rupert Murdoch and was President Bush’s main cheerleader in the war on terror and the invasion of Iraq.

Another group of around 140 Israelis were detained prior to September 11, 2001, in the USA as part of a widespread investigation into a suspected espionage ring run by Israel inside the USA. Government documents refer to the spy ring as an “organised intelligence-gathering operation” designed to “penetrate government facilities”. Most of those arrested had served in the Israeli armed forces – but military service is compulsory in Israel. Nevertheless, a number had an intelligence background.

The first glimmerings of an Israeli spying exercise in the USA came to light in spring 2001, when the FBI sent a warning to other federal agencies alerting them to be wary of visitors calling themselves “Israeli art students” and attempting to bypass security at federal buildings in order to sell paintings. A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) report suggested the Israeli calls “may well be an organised intelligence-gathering activity”. Law enforcement documents say that the Israelis “targeted and penetrated military bases” as well as the DEA, FBI and dozens of government facilities, including secret offices and the unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

A number of Israelis questioned by the authorities said they were students from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, but Pnina Calpen, a spokeswoman for the Israeli school, did not recognise the names of any Israelis mentioned as studying there in the past 10 years. A federal report into the so-called art students said many had served in intelligence and electronic signal intercept units during their military service.

According to a 61-page report, drafted after an investigation by the DEA and the US immigration service, the Israelis were organised into cells of four to six people. The significance of what the Israelis were doing didn’t emerge until after September 11, 2001, when a report by a French intelligence agency noted “according to the FBI, Arab terrorists and suspected terror cells lived in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as in Miami and Hollywood, Florida, from December 2000 to April 2001 in direct proximity to the Israeli spy cells”.

The report contended that Mossad agents were spying on Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehi, two of leaders of the 9/11 hijack teams. The pair had settled in Hollywood, Florida, along with three other hijackers, after leaving Hamburg – where another Mossad team was operating close by.

Hollywood in Florida is a town of just 25,000 souls. The French intelligence report says the leader of the Mossad cell in Florida rented apartments “right near the apartment of Atta and al-Shehi”. More than a third of the Israeli “art students” claimed residence in Florida. Two other Israelis connected to the art ring showed up in Fort Lauderdale. At one time, eight of the hijackers lived just north of the town.

Put together, the facts do appear to indicate that Israel knew that 9/11, or at least a large-scale terror attack, was about to take place on American soil, but did nothing to warn the USA. But that’s not quite true. In August 2001, the Israelis handed over a list of terrorist suspects – on it were the names of four of the September 11 hijackers. Significantly, however, the warning said the terrorists were planning an attack “outside the United States”.

The Israeli embassy in Washington has dismissed claims about the spying ring as “simply untrue”. The same denials have been issued repeatedly by the five Israelis seen high-fiving each other as the World Trade Centre burned in front of them.

Their lawyer, Ram Horwitz, insisted his clients were not intelligence officers. Irit Stoffer, the Israeli foreign minister, said the allegations were “completely untrue”. She said the men were arrested because of “visa violations”, adding: “The FBI investigated those cases because of 9/11.”

Jim Margolin, an FBI spokesman in New York, implied that the public would never know the truth, saying: “If we found evidence of unauthorised intelligence operations that would be classified material.” Yet, Israel has long been known, according to US administration sources, for “conducting the most aggressive espionage operations against the US of any US ally”. Seventeen years ago, Jonathan Pollard, a civilian working for the American Navy, was jailed for life for passing secrets to Israel. At first, Israel claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but the government later took responsibility for his work.

It has always been a long-accepted agreement among allies – such as Britain and America or America and Israel – that neither country will jail a “friendly spy” nor shame the allied country for espionage. Chip Berlet, a senior analyst at Boston’s Political Research Associates and an expert in intelligence, says: “It’s a backdoor agreement between allies that says that if one of your spies gets caught and didn’t do too much harm, he goes home. It goes on all the time. The official reason is always visa violation.”

What we are left with, then, is fact sullied by innuendo. Certainly, it seems, Israel was spying within the borders of the United States and it is equally certain that the targets were Islamic extremists probably linked to September 11. But did Israel know in advance that the Twin Towers would be hit and the world plunged into a war without end; a war which would give Israel the power to strike its enemies almost without limit? That’s a conspiracy theory too far, perhaps. But the unpleasant feeling that, in this age of spin and secrets, we do not know the full and unadulterated truth won’t go away. Maybe we can guess, but it’s for the history books to discover and decide.


See also:

It is now official: Israeli spies fed fake evidence to US government through Jewish US Government officials!

The spies who pushed for war (July 17, 2003),2763,999737,00.html
Julian Borger reports on the shadow rightwing intelligence network set up in Washington to second-guess the CIA and deliver a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force.

WHERE WAS OSAMA BIN LADEN ON 9/11? (by Michel Chossudovsky)
If the January 2002 CBS report by Dan Rather is accurate and Osama had indeed been admitted to the Pakistani military hospital on September 10, courtesy of the America's ally, he was in all likelihood still in hospital in Rawalpindi on the 11th of September, when the attacks occurred. In all probability, his whereabouts were known to US officials on the morning of September 12, when Secretary of State Colin Powell initiated negotiations with Pakistan, with a view to arresting and extraditing bin Laden.



9/11: did Israel sacrifice the twin towers?

On November 2nd 2003, The Sunday Herald published its investigation into the mystery surrounding the five Israelis seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, asking whether they were part of a massive spy ring which shadowed the 9/11 hijackers and knew that al-Qaeda planned a devastating terrorist attack on the USA.

The story exploded onto the international agenda, attracting record numbers of visitors to this website and provoking a stormy debate that raged across the world's media. To give readers a flavour of the investigation's impact, listed below is a selection from the hundreds of news organisations, weblogs and newsgroups that responded to an article that woke a world from its slumbers.

Please note: The Sunday Herald is not responsible for the content of external sites. The views they contain do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper or its staff.

ABC News

The Palestine Chronicle

Indymedia - Israeli Mossad & 9/11
This piece (from a Scottish newspaper) summarizes some of the information that points toward Israeli prior knowledge of the 9/11 atrocities. Most of this information became public in 2001 but has since sunk into the memory hole. It’s simply taboo. Since simply pointing out the neoconservatives’ leading role in the war on Iraq brings on the lethal charge of "anti-Semitism," even though all of the evidence comes from published sources, it is clear that it would be absolutely verboten to move into more secretive areas. Obviously, the circumstantial evidence of an Israeli connection to 9/11 is strong; in fact, I would say it is obvious. The fact that Israelis, with apparent Mossad connections, managed to take photographs from across the Hudson River of the jet liners hitting the Twin Towers and that Israeli spies (some posing as "art students") lived in close proximity to the 9/11 Islamic terrorists obviously points to some connection. (...) A final intriguing tidbit regarding Israel and 9/11 that might not mean anything, but then . . . A private security company called ICTS, owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, is said to have provided security services to all the airports where the 911 planes were hijacked. Many of its personnel are said to be ex-Shin Bet officers. (Israel’s internal security service.) CLIP

The Forward - Spy Rumors Fly on Gusts of Truth

Scoop Links: CIA Perjury & Israeli 911 Spy Rings


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


What Iraq Will Get Isn't Self-Rule

November 16, 2003

Toronto Star

by Haroon Siddiqui

It was because of our deep belief as Canadians in the values of multilateralism and the United Nations that we did not go to war in Iraq. - Jean Chrétien, to a standing ovation during his farewell speech at the Liberal convention in Toronto.

The Prime Minister can't say it, but more than unilateralism, it was dishonesty that doomed George W. Bush's war on Iraq and soured much of the world on America.

Incompetence - exacerbated by imperial arrogance and cultural ignorance - turned the occupation into a nightmare. Now, all those traits are in play in the American plan to ostensibly turn Iraq over to the Iraqis.

The decision to hasten self-rule has little to do with installing real democracy. That's the patina the president needs to cover the panic suddenly gripping the White House.

The insurgency in Iraq is growing in intensity and expanding in geography. It will get much worse, according to a bleak assessment just offered by the Central Intelligence Agency.

More than the terrorism of Baathist "remnants" and "bitter-enders," or even "the 200 or so foreign terrorists" that the administration has been harping about dismissively amid its happy talk of progress in Iraq, the CIA says a full-scale insurgency is underway, with a majority of Iraqis opposing the occupation.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking toward next year's presidential election. Rather than lurching from crisis to crisis, as he has for six months, Bush needs an exit strategy, fast. We are seeing the outlines of one: Cut and run, albeit over an extended period. It has both a military and a political component.

The army is already striking hard at suspected pockets of resistance. Iraqi human cannon fodder will be rushed in to minimize American body bags now and reduce the number of American troops by next summer. There will be a partial devolution of political power, in a bid to persuade Iraqis that they are ruled not by a foreign power but by their own leaders. Both stratagems constitute major reversals of policy.

Post-war, America couldn't disband the Iraqi army fast enough. Now, chief U.S. administrator Paul Bremer can't reconstitute it quickly enough for the White House. He has already twice shortened the minimal training of police and military recruits.

Crunching it further can only confirm the long-simmering suspicion that what America wants is not a real Iraqi army, lest it pose a future threat to American interests in the region, but rather security guards, policemen, intelligence agents and advance foot soldiers.

This is a tried and true colonial formula - in fact, a dead-ringer for what the British did in Iraq when faced with an insurgency after their post-Ottoman takeover in 1917.

Of the 2,000 soldiers who died crushing that Iraqi rebellion along the Euphrates, about 1,550 were recruits from British India. On the political front, Bremer's job had been to slow down self-rule, lest the dreaded majority Shiites take over.

Now, it is to speed up the process - without losing control. This is only the latest twist in a game plan gone awry. The Pentagon had flown in its favorite puppet, the discredited exile Ahmad Chalabi, behind the advancing American troops in hopes of installing him as the new ruler, much like the British did back in 1921 with Prince Faisal. But the Shiites and Kurds balked.

That triggered Plan B - a 15-member governing council, genuinely representative of Iraq's religious, ethnic and tribal interests, but bereft of power. When even these handpicked members started accusing Bremer of neither fixing the security situation nor making any democratic progress, skepticism among Iraqis skyrocketed.

The Americans responded with accusations that the council members were "not doing their jobs," as Congressman Richard Lugar said last week. The council does not know what its job is, replied Massoud Barzani, the seasoned Kurdish leader.

Mutual recrimination will no doubt recede under the new presidential directive for speeded-up self-rule. But not for long. There is no coherent plan yet whether a constitutional assembly would be elected, as the Shiites want, or nominated.

Whether a constitution would precede or follow a general election. Whether there would be a genuine election at all, as opposed to a manipulated process to install Chalabi or some other quisling. And, most crucially, how much power the new government would have, including the freedom to reverse the economic policies of privatization and pillage already underway for the benefit of American corporations, and the democratic right to go against American geopolitical interests.

Notwithstanding Bush's lectures on democracy, only the naïve would continue to believe that America wants anything other than a satellite state. The only change toward that overall goal is the gradual reduction of the American footprint in Iraq, with an increase in remote control from Washington. Pity the poor Iraqis.

Haroon Siddiqui is the Star's editorial page editor emeritus.



Mac Supercomputer Joins Elite

Nov. 15, 2003

Virginia Tech's "Big Mac" supercomputer is officially the world's third-fastest supercomputer.

As previously reported, preliminary numbers suggested Big Mac would be ranked that high, but now it's official.

Big Mac -- the first supercomputer made of Macs -- trails only Japan's Earth Simulator and Los Alamos National Laboratory's ASCI Q in the Top500, a list of the world's 500 fastest machines.

The ranking will be unveiled Sunday at the opening of the Supercomputer Conference in Phoenix.

The machine, strung together from 1,100 dual-processor Power Mac G5s, is the first supercomputer made from Macs. It is also one of the cheapest supercomputers ever made, costing a relatively modest $5.2 million. The Earth Simulator cost an estimated $350 million to $400 million.

The machine is capable of performing 10.28 trillion operations a second (teraflops). The Earth Simulator operates at about 35 teraflops.

A spokeswoman for Virginia Tech said the college's next bargain supercomputer, due to begin construction in 2006, will be shooting for 50 teraflops.

Meanwhile, IBM is working on a monster supercomputer that will easily rank as the world's fastest supercomputer when it comes online next year. Blue Gene/L will be capable of performing 360 trillion calculations per second, or 360 teraflops.

Commissioned by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Blue Gene/L will be based on 130,000 processors.

Not only will it be the fastest, but Blue Gene/L will also be the most compact, IBM said.

IBM has managed to cram 1,024 PowerPC 440GX processors into a slanted cabinet the size of a dishwasher. The unit -- described by IBM as a small-scale prototype of Blue Gene/L -- is already ranked 73rd in the new Top500 list.

When finished, Blue Gene/L will be about the size of half a tennis court. "That's very small considering how powerful it is," said IBM spokesman Adam Emery.

By contrast, the Earth Simulator's 5,120 processors would fill four tennis courts.

Livermore researchers hope to use Blue Gene/L to simulate a range of complex physical phenomena, from cosmological phenomenon like stellar binary pairs to the aging of high explosives.

The machine will likely run on Linux.

IBM is due to deliver that machine and a 100-teraflop supercomputer, ASCI Purple, to Livermore by early 2005 as part of a deal with the Department of Energy costing up to $267 million.



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