October 23, 2003

Miscellaneous Subjects #196: Here is What Got my Attention

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Because of other demands on my time here (book translation), it is very likely that I won't be able to dedicate as much time and attention towards compiling and networking material for you in the next several months. So please don't be surprise if my mega-compilations don't turn up as often as before in your email In-box. Likewise I won't be able to pay much attention to incoming emails. So don't expect any quick reply - unless you flag your personal correspondence to me as "URGENT" in the subject title.

In the meantime I'll do my utmost best to continue preparing the Meditation Focus as usual as this is a most vital global healing and peace-fostering work.

Love and Light to all of you.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Mr. President, the Emperor has no clothes. This entire adventure in Iraq has been based on propaganda and manipulation. Eighty-seven billion dollars is too much to pay for the continuation of a war based on falsehoods."

- Remarks by U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd on Final Passage of Iraq Supplemental Appropriations Bill - More at

Worthy of your attention

The 9 Fires of Truth: Teachings of Universal Peace & Harmony with Raven
As we view the world in its current state, noticing the war, the poverty, the disease, the grief, there is the tendency to lose hope. The 9 Fires of Truth restores the promise of Peace to humanity - both individually and as a species. The violet flame, at the center of the 9 Fires Peace Wheel, burns away the illusion of separation that exists between people because of nationality, color, sex, race, religion, economics, beliefs, or any other factors. The 9 Fires of Truth assist you to discover the Peace that resides in you. Being at peace means you are happy and content despite outward appearances. Inner peace means you are worry free, fear free, and conflict free. You are in harmony, balance, and One with all things. Join Raven in igniting the 9 Fires of Truth within yourself and for the world! We have reached a glorious time in the history of our world. We get to choose the future that we create. There have been times in our past when we made decisions based on fear, illusion and our belief in separation from creation. We know better now. We know that love is the more powerful choice. We have broken through the veils of illusion and we know that we are one with all of creation and the life force of our Creator. The 9 Fires of Truth, Teachings of Universal Peace and Harmony teach us to live in brotherhood and sisterhood with all of our relations and all of creation. Through the nine Fires we connect with and ignite the Fire of Creation, the violet flame that lies in the center of the Circle of Life. The Circle of Life encompasses all of creation. It is the sphere of our reality. All that we see around us is of the same beginnings, the same energy and the same creation. One cannot separate themselves from the whole, for if they were to do so they would no longer exist. We are all aspects of the One. CLIP - Much MORE at

Geneva Forum, November 3 to 5
21 conferences to map the future - reaching out to traditional business people with a new higher consciousness - including a conference by Dr. M. EMOTO, famous for his pictures showing the effects of thoughts on crystallized water. Here is an excerpt from : What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront of the Hado phenomenon is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect PHYSICAL reality. By producing different Hado through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting it to the SAME water samples, the water appears to "change its expression". The exquisite beauty of the above crystal of frozen tap water is clearly the result of Hado being projected at it. The expression of human gratitude (arigatou) is thus immediately reflected in water. (CLIP) During his conference, people from all over the world are invited to focalize positive thoughts towards a glass of water he will have with him, and which he will presumably use to prove his point about the fact that water is a powerful energy carrier. To get more details on this event, contact "Thomas EGLI (GENEVA FORUM)"> a long-time ERN subscriber.


1. Feedback on Rising Phoenix Series #25
2. Message from Matthew
3. United Nations Day Friday, October 24th
4. FDA just got control of food and dietary supplements
5. IERADIO correct URL
6. Bush Denies Torture at Guantanamo
7. Truth, Lies and the Legend of 9/11
8. North Sea faces collapse of its ecosystem
9. Millions Of Americans To Be Prohibited From Flying
10. European Directive Against Vitamins & Minerals

See also:

10 Dead, About 100 Injured in Israeli Raids (October 21)
Palestinians stand in the smoldering remains of a destroyed house following an Israeli air strike in Gaza City Monday, Oct. 20, 2003. Israeli F-16 warplanes on Monday attacked what the military said was a rocket workshop just 200 meters from the home of an Islamic Jihad leader, Abdullah Shami, who was not hurt. NUSSEIRAT REFUGEE CAMP, Gaza Strip - In the bloodiest day in the Gaza Strip in months, Israeli warplanes and helicopters pounded militant targets Monday, killing 10 Palestinians, including seven in a refugee camp where a car was destroyed, and wounding about 100, including four children.

Senior Israeli pilot condemns air strikes that hit civilians (October 21)
HAMISH ROBERTSON: Israeli F-16 warplanes and Apache helicopters have been busy over the skies of Gaza, launching four separate strikes against Hamas targets in the space of a few hours. The attacks have killed at least six people, including two Hamas militants and a civilian bystander, and wounded more than 30 others, including a baby and several young children. In an interview with AM, one of Israel's most decorated fighter pilots has condemned air strikes which hit innocent civilians as "immoral" and "unlawful". Reserve Brigadier-General Yiftah Spector is the most senior of 27 Israeli airmen to sign a petition in which they say they no longer want to "obey illegal and immoral orders" or to take part in raids against populated civilians centres.

Israel vows to go on with fence, despite UN condemnation (October 20)
Israel vowed on Wednesday to press on with building a vast barrier in the West Bank despite a U.N. resolution condemning the project as a violation of international law and demanding it be halted.

Jewish Lobby Does 'Rule' The US (Oct 21)
Malaysia - "And why was there no attempt by the Western media to prove [Mahathir] wrong by showing that the Jews are not proxy rulers? Instead, they just indulged in bashing, name-calling and tagged him as anti-semitic." Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's opening speech at last week's Organisation of Islamic Conference Summit in Putrajaya has been criticised by many in the West as being anti-Jew, disgusting and repulsive. Is this a correct perception? No, really. Which bit of Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad's speech at the opening of OIC summit is inflammatory, offensive, repugnant and deserving of contempt? That he called on Muslims to use their brains and not just brawn to fight their enemies? That he told them to stop blowing themselves up? And not act out of anger as irrational acts only beget more violence? Or that the Malaysian leader told Muslims they could learn a lesson or two from the Jews? And that numbers alone do not make strength? This means unity - something the 1.3 billion Muslims lack and the few million Jews have. Or was it his remarks that the Jews have become arrogant and arrogant people make mistakes? Or that the Jews rule the world by proxy and get others to fight and die for them? Now, really, which of these are untrue?

Antiwar Activists To Revisit District (Oct 19)
Protesters from more than 135 cities in 38 states are expected to converge on Washington on Saturday, as busloads of antiwar demonstrators return to the capital for the first time since the fall of Baghdad in April. Organizers said the rally and march will draw tens of thousands from across the United States and Canada. It is the first event of its kind co-sponsored by two major antiwar coalitions, International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice, both of which coordinated some of the country's biggest peace marches this year. The demonstration will coincide with a rally and march in downtown San Francisco. "The antiwar movement is becoming ascendant again; it's rising once more," ANSWER organizer Brian Becker said. "Our demonstration against the occupation on April 12 drew 30,000 people. We will draw substantially more than that for this demonstration." The gathering represents a resurgence of sorts of the antiwar movement, which had put its large-scale protests on hold in recent months as activists emphasized education over direct action. No major antiwar rally has been held in Washington since ANSWER's April protest.

Spending $87 Billion To Rebuild Iraq - Do The Numbers Add Up?

Check out our Q and A on Iraq and learn about who's benefiting as the country rebuilds:

U.S. Posts Record $374 Billion Budget Gap (October 20, 2003)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government posted its largest budget gap in history in the just-ended 2003 fiscal year, $374.22 billion in red ink, the Treasury Department said on Monday. That broke the previous record of more than $290 billion in the 1992 budget year. As a percentage of the economy, the deficit totaled 3.5 percent, the largest since 1993. In its final monthly budget statement for fiscal 2003, the Treasury also said the government posted a $26.38 billion surplus in September. Administration officials warned the deficit, which they blame on sluggish government revenues and rising expenses related to the war on terrorism, may be even larger in the current 2004 budget year, which began Oct. 1.

U.S. Ignores Soldiers' Killings of Civilians - Report
Washington, Oct 21 (IPS) - The U.S. military should be investigating the deaths of dozens of Iraqi civilians killed by its troops; instead, it is not even keeping track of their numbers, says a report released here Tuesday. In an investigation undertaken in late September, Human Rights Watch collected what it called credible reports of 94 civilian deaths at the hands of U.S. forces from May 1 to Oct. 1, all of which appear to have taken place in circumstances that warrant an official investigation.

Black Box Voting (Denouncing the BIG fraud of hidden vote tampering in the US)
Oct. 17, 2003 They've taken out, the site owned by the Black Box Voting publisher, for the third time in a month. DOWNLOAD THE 9 CHAPTERS FOR FREE OF THIS TELL-IT-ALL BOOK... CHECK ALSO

Princess Diana: Unpublished Documents pertaining to the "Car Accident Plot"

U.S. World Leader in Arms Sales, Saudi Arabia number 1 Buyer (Oct 15)
The United States sells more arms than any other country, and Saudi Arabia leads the world for buying arms among developing countries, a report from the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) said Wednesday. The United States holds a 40.3 percent market share in arms sales, raking in 10.241 billion dollars (8.8 billion euros) from sales in 2002, according to the IISS annual report "The Military Balance 2003-2004", on arms around the world. Saudi Arabia spent an estimated 5.2 billion dollars in 2002 buying weapons, despite having reduced arms purchases from the 1995-1998 period, the report said. Britain, the world's second-largest arms seller, sold 4.7 billion dollars worth of weapons in 2002 and has a 18.5 percent market share. It is followed by Russia (3.1 billion dollars and 12.2 percent market share) and Francebillion dollars and 7.1 percent market share). CLIP

Rev. Moon and the United Nations: A Challenge for the NGO Community (Nov 2001)
The organization of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is seeking a major role in the NGO community at the United Nations. Three Moon groups have been granted formal NGO status and others have applied. The Moon organization has used the UN for conferences and for publicity events. Moon has held a mass-wedding in a UN conference room. A new Moon-sponsored “umbrella group,” known as the World Association of NGOs (WANGO), proposes itself as an authentic voice of the NGO community. The Moon organization (1) commands considerable financial resources. It has held lavish conferences, with participants from many countries. A number of government missions have lent their support. Dozens of well-known scholars, NGO representatives, politicians and diplomats have unwittingly taken part. At a time when many are asking questions about who NGOs represent and what role they should have in global governance, we must carefully examine this newcomer, especially since it lays claim to broad international legitimacy. (2) The Moon organization, as we shall show, is a strange admixture of religion, politics and business. It has confounded tax and oversight authorities by doing much of its financial transactions in cash and by using the mantle of religious freedom to shield itself from scrutiny. (...) Former President George Bush is the world’s best-known Moon-booster, for reasons that appear to mix ideology and cash. Bush has been reported to receive very large fees for his speeches at Moon events in many countries. In September 1995, Bush and his wife Barbara gave many speeches in Asia for the Moon-controlled Women’s Federation for World Peace, including six events in Japan and further events in two other countries. (90) Also in 1995, he gave five speeches at Women’s Federation events in Washington. (91) On May 23, 1996, Bush gave the keynote speech at a big conference in Washington DC sponsored by the Moon-controlled Youth Federation for World Peace and during the summer of the same year, he spoke at another conference in Washington sponsored by the Moon-controlled Family Federation for World Peace. (92) On November 23,1996, Bush spoke at the launch of the Moon-run Tiempos del Mundo newspaper in Buenos Aires. (93) Bush is reported to have accepted very large sums for these appearances – more than $1 million total for the ’95-’96 series and possibly as much as $10 million. (94) The Bush-Moon partnership goes back to the Bush presidency (1989-92) and even before. A Frontline television special in 1992 reported that the Moon organizations sent out thirty million pieces of mail in support of the Bush 1988 campaign. (95) The Washington Times Foundation reportedly gave a $1 million contribution to the Bush Presidential Library. CLIP

The A-B-C of Popular Revolt - Or, How They Got Rid of a Tyrant in Bolivia
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA; OCTOBER 17, 2003: It wasn’t a coup. It was the people. And nobody, not even Viceroy David Greenlee, could stop it. Gonzalo “Goni” Sánchez de Lozada had to resign from the Bolivian presidency after weeks of popular mobilizations, for having massacred the people, for lying and trying to hang on to power by all means necessary. Now, vigilant and festive in the streets, the Bolivian people are the live expression of a democracy constructed from below. In these sentences, kind readers, we will try to give you the clearest picture possible of what has occured in this country where the people have rewritten history...

Inhumane drug used in many executions (October 18),1713,BDC_2490_2356655,00.html
The death penalty has once again made news. On Oct. 10, the European Union marked the first World Day Against the Death Penalty by calling for the worldwide abolition of capital punishment. The United States is in the company of, among others, Iran and Nigeria in using the death penalty to modify people's behavior.

Report: Army unit massacred 100s of Vietnamese civilians in 1967 (October 20)
TOLEDO, OHIO -- An elite unit of U.S. soldiers mutilated and killed hundreds of unarmed villagers over seven months in 1967 during the Vietnam War, and an Army investigation was closed with no charges filed, the Toledo Blade reported Sunday.

The 'war on terror' is being used as an excuse to further US energy interests in the Caspian (October 20),3604,1066570,00.html
Nearly two years ago, I travelled to Kyrgyzstan, the mountainous ex-Soviet republic in Central Asia, to witness a historical event: the deployment of the first American combat troops on former Soviet soil. As part of the Afghan campaign, the US air force set up a base near the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek. Brawny pioneers in desert camouflages were erecting hundreds of tents for nearly 3,000 soldiers. I asked their commander, a wiry brigadier general, if and when the troops would leave Kyrgyzstan (and its neighbour Uzbekistan, where Washington set up a second airbase). "There is no time limit," he replied. "We will pull out only when all al-Qaeda cells have been eradicated." Today, the Americans are still there and many of the tents have been replaced by concrete buildings. Bush has used his massive military build-up in Central Asia to seal the cold war victory against Russia, to contain Chinese influence and to tighten the noose around Iran. Most importantly, however, Washington - supported by the Blair government - is exploiting the "war on terror" to further American oil interests in the Caspian region. But this geopolitical gamble involving thuggish dictators and corrupt Saudi oil sheiks is only likely to produce more terrorists. The main spoils in today's Great Game are Caspian oil and gas. On its shores, and at the bottom of the Caspian Sea, lie the world's biggest untapped fossil fuel resources. Estimates range from 110 to 243bn barrels of crude, worth up to $4 trillion. According to the US department of energy, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan alone could sit on more than 130bn barrels, more than three times the US's reserves. Oil giants such as ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco and BP have already invested more than $30bn in new production facilities. (...) Although the US state department acknowledges that Uzbek security forces use "torture as a routine investigation technique", Washington last year gave the Karimov regime $500m in aid and rent payments for the US air base in Chanabad. The state department also quietly removed Uzbekistan from its annual list of countries where freedom of religion is under threat. CLIP

Curtains Ordered for Media Coverage of Returning Coffins (Oct 21)
Since the end of the Vietnam War, presidents have worried that their military actions would lose support once the public glimpsed the remains of U.S. soldiers arriving at air bases in flag-draped caskets. To this problem, the Bush administration has found a simple solution: It has ended the public dissemination of such images by banning news coverage and photography of dead soldiers' homecomings on all military bases.

PENTAGON ATTACK: The Missing Wings
More proof that AA Flight 77 did NOT hit the Pentagon

New Pentagon site
Jim Hoffman's new Pentagon site may be the finest analysis of the 9/11 Pentagon, according to John Kaminski>

World Trade Center Wired For Internal Explosives?
(...) Various details analyzed and compiled by others, strongly support the view that the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, on September 11, 2001, did not suddenly collapse shortly after something---an actual airplane, or a missile disguised with a hologram projection to simulate an airplane somehow hitting the Towers and each entire plane getting somehow swallowed up inside the buildings. Yet, aviation and engineering experts seriously doubt that a huge airplane, wings and tail, could penetrate the buildings hitting heavy reinforced pillars and such. Some question: how come the huge wings and tail, from vibration and impact, did not fall off to the ground below? How come Fire Department experts, on their walkie-talkies, stated that they got high up in one of the buildings; that the fire they saw was not that bad; and that other firemen should bring up hoses because the fire could easily be brought under control. Yet, shortly after making such a report, the buildings got pulverized and collapsed all the way down.

The Ghost of Adolph Hitler: Nazi Influence in America

Slide towards Fascism in America: The Emperor Has No Clothes, by US Senator Robert Byrd

Arnold Schwarznegger: "outspoken admirer of Hitler"

Nazi Eugenics based in U.S. Theory

China's Boom Adds to Global Warming Problem (Oct 22)
ZHANJIANG, China - China's rapid economic growth is producing a surge in emissions of greenhouse gases that threatens international efforts to curb global warming, as Chinese power plants burn ever more coal while car sales soar. Until the last few months, many energy experts and environmentalists said, they had hoped that China's contribution to global warming would be limited. Its state-owned enterprises have become more efficient in their energy use as they compete in an increasingly capitalist economy, and until recently official Chinese statistics had been showing a steep drop in coal production and consumption. But new figures from Chinese government agencies confirm what energy industry executives had suspected: that coal use has actually been climbing faster in China than practically anywhere else in the world. To the extent that global warming is caused by humanity, as many scientists believe, this is a serious problem because burning coal at a power plant releases more greenhouse gases than using oil or natural gas to generate the same amount of electricity.

NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND--British scientists say they've confirmed an age-old theory: sage can improve memory. Texts by herbalists in the Middle Ages show sage was believed to be good for memory and "quickening the senses." Many people drank sage teas and tinctures to boost their memory. A research team from the Universities of Newcastle and Northumbria carried out clinical trials with healthy, young adults using sage oil capsules. The British team tested 44 people aged 18 to 37. Some were given sage oil capsules and others, placebos. The volunteers took part in a word recall test and were tested at intervals to see how many words they could remember. They discovered those taking the pills performed significantly better in a word recall test. Sage is being investigated as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease, which affects about 10 million people worldwide. Researchers believe a combination of chemicals in sage could have an effect on an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase (AChE) — the enzyme is inhibited in Alzheimer's patients. "This research does have serious implications for people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, as it will inform drug research and development," said lead researcher Nicola Tildesley. Tildesley said more tests are needed to be carried out over a longer period of time. The study is published in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behaviour .

Information for the European Parliament on Aspartame

important article on BRAIN CELL DAMAGE due to Aspartame

Scientists Discover New, Clean Way to Generate Power from Water (Oct 20)
Scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada are creating a stir with their discovery of a clean and simple way to generate electricity by forcing water through narrow glass tubes, a finding being touted as the first completely new way to generate electricity in more than 160 years. According to research published this week in the latest issue of the "Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering," the process works by harnessing the natural energy created when a flowing liquid meets a solid surface. The work is in its early stages, say researchers Larry Kostiuk and Daniel Kwok, but by the end of the decade the process could be used to make "water batteries" to power mobile phones and other small electronic devices without using toxic materials or creating pollution. Eventually the system might be used for full-scale generation of clean power.

Unicef: Global Trade Keeps a Billion Children in Poverty


From: "Birgitta Storjohann">
Subject: RE: Rising Phoenix Series #25: Shifting Point Fast Approaching
Date: 17 Oct 2003

THANK YOU Jean for this most fantastic series of articles. Surely everyone will find hope and great encouragements to pursue their efforts to lift their vibrations, so as to follow and help the Earth's ascension. I found matter for the spirit, for the heart and for the mind in these articles to increase my dedication to the light, to help humanity to free itself from its blind slavery. We are incredibly strong when in UNITY. May we just add more compassion and discernment into our lives. Thanks to all these brilliant and dedicated souls that write the articles mailed through your network. They are the living evidence that we together, have everything needed for our conversion into a finer light body.

I am sending you 40$ as a contribution for your work in handling and spreading the information to enable each one of us to make our own choices of alignment.

With love and many thanks to you.



NOTE FROM JEAN: Please know that if you need to communicate with Suzy Ward you must use ONLY> as any email sent to her other email address> will bounce back to you

From: "Suzy">
Subject: Message from Matthew
Date: 17 Oct 2003

You may be interested in what Matthew said about Yellowstone Park activity in this short sitting.

October 17, 2003

S: Hi, sweetheart! How are you?

MATTHEW: Mother, what an endearing question! I am radiant, thank you! One reason is, I can see so many new reasons for joy on Earth! New lights are beaming throughout your world. The sustained light that has been prevailing for the past many months is reaching formerly closed minds, and more and more people are connecting with their souls in a more conscious way. This is both spiritual advancement and awareness of their need to closely discern information that they used to accept without question. The pockets where the darkness was so firmly entrenched that those souls felt their lies never would be revealed, now are being exposed by the light and people’s outcries about these discoveries are becoming thunderous.

S: Are you referring to all the lies about the war in Iraq? 

MATTHEW: Yes, but definitely not exclusively. I mean the lies of the ages—about the religious dogmas, the history that has been taught, the collusion of governments with international corporations, the usurping of taxation and interest monies, the intentional development and implementation of diseases and harmful drugs. On and on, the lies and the deeds of the darkness.

S: Well, I don’t think what I want to know falls into any of that. What can you tell me about what’s going on in Yellowstone Park?

MATTHEW: Quite a bit, and Mother, you are wrong about this not “falling into any of that.” Yes, the scientists’ reports are worthy evaluations of the changing conditions, but like you, they are unaware that what is happening is a combination of Mother Nature and man-made technology. It is not news to you that dark forces will use any means possible to create devastation to divert minds from discovery of truth and acting upon that. A volcanic eruption in Yellowstone Park could certainly do that, and of what use to the dark forces is that park and all areas that would be severely affected by an eruption? None—other than diverting people’s attention from the deception and corruption being exposed by creating more sources of fear and more planetary devastation.

A “natural” eruption in Yellowstone Park is not needed to relieve the negativity that Earth has been ridding herself of with the help of the off-planet light sources and now, the additional light being generated by her own civilization. By divine design, an enormous amount of quake and eruption activity is taking place in areas of sparse human population.    

While I would love to tell you that there is no possibility of an eruption in Yellowstone, I can’t because of that free will law that has to be observed even in those souls who would deliberately cause that kind of destruction. With the amount of light now on Earth, left alone that volcano will quiet itself, and what can be done, if necessary, is the power of your ET brothers’ superior technology to alleviate the effects of a man-made eruption.

Mother, I think it is a good idea to send this to Jean and Michael and any others you wish to inform. 

S: I’ll do that. Do you want to add anything?

MATTHEW: I think my reply to your asking how I am is a succinct update on how Earth herself is, so this is all for now. 

S: OK, dear, I’ll get this tidied up and into cyberspace.

MATTHEW: Thank you, and later we’ll return to the book.


Date: 22 Oct 2003
From: Mona LaVine>
Subject: FWD: United Nations Day Friday, October 24th

Date: 21 Oct 2003

United Nations Day Friday, October 24th

Friday, October 24 is United Nations Day. It is an ideal time to create a vision of one world and one humanity. The UN is the only instrument in place which exists for a peaceful resolution of world conflict. It is the symbol of humanity's aspiration for unity in the midst of diversity. The UN is a center for the focusing of the world consciousness, holding in itself the seeds of world cooperation. It is one place on the planet where representatives can come together to work toward the common good. Also at the United Nations is an information network on global issues with various conferences, studies, data banks, eighteen specialized agencies and fourteen special programs. 

Rather than limiting our perception to the failures or successes, political manipulation, or other outer aspects, it seems important to focus on the possibilities of the United Nations. Even though there are still many challenges to be worked out, as well as conflicting interests in all corners of the globe, the United Nations has the potential to help us to safely and fully enter into an era of interdependence and cooperation. All that can be done practically to enhance the work and effectiveness of the United Nations is important and worth our thoughts and wherever possible, our actions. 

In every land people are using prayer and meditation that we may meet in the spirit of good will and cooperation. They are invoking the forces of Light to bring illumination to all humanity, and particularly to those seeking to guide our destiny who are in positions of leadership throughout the world. Wont you join them on United Nations Day and thereafter by giving your support to this great effort? On United Nations Day please give some time to celebrate this important organization and the unification of all humanity.

Jean M Bates
Executive Director
Meditation Mount


Date: 18 Oct 2003
From: "Carolyn">
Subject: FDA just got control of food and dietary supplements

Are you aware that the FDA and Dept of Health and Human services now has control over all vitamins, herbs, and food as of last Thursday, 10/9/03, and that it goes into effect on 12/15 or 12/16? There is room for complaints to be filed, though the presentation on television under Public Affairs indicated that their decisions were fairly final. Was this even passed in Congress??



Date: 19 Oct 2003
From: "John T. Linnell">
Subject: Re IERADIO

You have a bad URL listed for this



Bush Denies Torture at Guantanamo

Le Nouvel Observateur

19 October 2003

During an interview broadcast by Australian television, American President George W. Bush denied that military personnel have tortured presumed terrorists detained in Cuba. A lawyer in the United States defending two Australians incarcerated on the base accused the American army Wednesday of having tortured detainees suspected of terrorism and threatened to bring a complaint before the United Nations.

"We don't torture people in America and people who say we do simply know nothing about our country", President Bush said during an interview Channel Nine taped a few days ago.

Tortures "worthy of the Middle Ages"

George W. Bush added that the two Australians, Mamdouh Habib and David Hicks, had been sent to Guantanamo because they had "been captured on the battlefield." "We're trying to learn more about them to be sure that we completely understand," George W. Bush added.

Richard Bourke, an Australian lawyer based in the United States, had asserted on Radio ABC that David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib had been subjected to tortures "worthy of the Middle Ages", having been, for example, forced to stand in full sunlight with their arms stretched in a cross until they collapsed.

Mr. Bourke clarified that he was looking for a government sufficiently courageous to support the submission of a case to the United Nations Permanent Commission against Torture.

Hicks, arrested in Afghanistan while he fought alongside the Taliban, is suspected of links with the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, while Habib had been taken in for questioning in Pakistan for presumed training with terrorists.


Date: 20 Oct 2003
From: Global Reseach>
Subject: Truth, Lies and the Legend of 9/11
Centre for Research on Globalization
Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation


21 October 2003

"Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11", by Chaim Kupferberg

In a landmark work on the subject, independent researcher Chaim Kupferberg traces the full contours of the publicly marketed 9/11 Legend. Referencing mostly mainstream sources, Kupferberg details - with compelling evidence - a decade-long disinformation campaign rife with coincidences, anomalies, and well-timed set-ups. For the very first time on the Web at, Kupferberg surveys the whole depth and breadth of the events leading up to, and arising from, the September 11 attack on the United States, offering the novice reader a comprehensive picture of what we know and - most importantly - how we've come to know it.

With a keen eye for subtle connections, Kupferberg chronicles the tale of Daniel Pearl's alleged kidnapper, tracing his earliest post-9/11 public role as the alleged trainer of the hijackers, followed by his exposure as the 9/11 paymaster - and on to a cover-up that reaches its crescendo with the June 2002 public introduction of the new 9/11 mastermind. Along the way, Kupferberg explains the roles of FBI Director Robert Mueller, FBI Agent John O'Neill, the murkiness of the Moussaoui case, the probable proxies, the intended patsies, and the machinations of a surprisingly insular circle of media operatives.

Among the bombshell revelations:

**** The smoking gun article that reported on Robert Mueller's knowledge concerning Daniel Pearl's alleged kidnapper - reported just one day before Pearl's kidnapping.

****The September 11 breakfast meeting of the two future joint authors of the congressional 9/11 Inquiry with the man who would later be exposed as the handler of the 9/11 paymaster.

****The intensive summer 2002 campaign to market Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh as the "brains" behind 9/11 - and the coordinated set-ups resulting in their official arrests.

****The crucial early months of 1995, when the main structural pivots of the 9/11 Legend were set in place - and the link with the right-wing militia threat.

****And finally, the mystery of the 9/11 paymaster - the red-hot core of the post-9/11 disinformation campaign.

Kupferberg sets it all in historical context, offering a stunning hypothesis that will forever change the way we envision this day of infamy - and the legend that envelops it.

"Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11", by Chaim Kupferberg may be found at:



Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


North Sea faces collapse of its ecosystem

Fish stocks and sea bird numbers plummet as soaring water temperatures kill off vital plankton

By Richard Sadler and Geoffrey Lean 19 October 2003

The North Sea is undergoing "ecological meltdown" as a result of global warming, according to startling new research. Scientists say that they are witnessing "a collapse in the system", with devastating implications for fisheries and wildlife.

Record sea temperatures are killing off the plankton on which all life in the sea depends, because they underpin the entire marine food chain. Fish stocks and sea bird populations have slumped.

Scientists at the Sir Alistair Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science in Plymouth, which has been monitoring plankton in the North Sea for over 70 years, say that an unprecedented heating of the waters has driven the cold-water species of this microscopic but vital food hundreds of miles to the north. They have been replaced by smaller, warm-water species that are less nutritious.

"A regime shift has taken place and the whole ecology of the North Sea has changed quite dramatically", says Dr Chris Reid, the foundation's director. "We are seeing a collapse in the system as we knew it. Catches of salmon and cod are already down and we are getting smaller fish.

"We are seeing visual evidence of climate change on a large-scale ecosystem. We are likely to see even greater warming, with temperatures becoming more like those off the Atlantic coast of Spain or further south, bringing a complete change of ecology.

"Some of the colder-water fish species that people like to have with chips are at the southern limit of their range, and if the warming trend continues, cod are likely to become extinct in the North Sea in the next few decades."

This year stocks of young cod were at their lowest for 20 years. The numbers of wild salmon have almost halved over the past two decades and this year the numbers returning to British rivers to spawn fell to a record low. Meanwhile, warm-water fish such as red mullet, horse mackerel, pilchards and squid are becoming increasingly common.

Overfishing has played a part in the decline, but scientists have been surprised to see that stocks have not made their expected recovery after severe cuts in fishing quotas. They say that continued warming will effect all forms of marine life, including seabirds and dolphins.

Research by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has established that seabird colonies off the Yorkshire coast and the Shetlands this year suffered their worst breeding season since records began, with many simply abandoning nesting sites.

The society puts it down to a record slump in sand eels, which normally breed in their millions, providing the staple diet for many seabirds and large fish. The eels depend on the plankton that are now being pushed out by the warming waters.

The survey concentrated on kittiwakes, but other species that feed on the eels, including puffins and razorbills, are also known to be seriously affected. Dr Euan Dunn of the RSPB said last week: "We know that sand eel populations fluctuate and you do get bad years. But there is a suggestion that we are getting a series of bad years, and that suggests something more sinister is happening."

He too pointed the finger at global warming and added: "Everything points to the conclusion that there are major ecological changes going on in the North Sea."


Microscopic creatures found in their billions in every square foot of sea. As the base of the marine food chain, they are vital to young cod, salmon and sand eels. As North Sea temperatures have risen, cold-water plankton have moved hundreds of miles to the north, disrupting ecology. Warmer-water species tend to be smaller and less nutritious.


Crab and lobster fisheries are thriving in the warmer water around the UK and on warm-water plankton which have taken the place of cold-water species.

Sea birds

An RSPB survey this summer shows east coast colonies of kittiwakes, guillemots, puffins and razorbills had the worst breeding season on record. Nest counts in east Yorkshire and Shetlands show kittiwakes not laying or hatching eggs because of a severe shortage of their favourite food - sand eels. Some colonies have even been abandoned.


Populations of common seal were hit in the late Eighties by viral infection. Numbers had almost recovered when they were hit by a second outbreak last winter. Both viral outbreaks coincided with influxes of warm Atlantic water into the North Sea, and some scientists believe that two events might be linked.


Numbers estimated to have almost halved in 20 years, and this year adults returning to UK rivers fell to a new low. Studies show salmon are highly dependent on plankton on their journey to feeding grounds in the north Atlantic.

Mediterranean fish

As seas have warmed, large numbers of Mediterranean species, such as red mullet, squid and sardine, have moved into UK waters. Red mullet, popular in Spain and France, are now being caught commercially in the North Sea. In the Channel there are emerging sardine fisheries.

Sand eels

Make up between a third and half of the weight of all fish in the North Sea. Caught in huge quantities by Danish factory ships, which turn them into food pellets for pigs and fish. This summer, the Danish fleet caught only 300,000 tonnes out of its 950,000-tonne quota - a record low.


Stocks of young cod this year at their lowest for 20 years. Waters around the UK are the southern limit of their range. The International Council for the Exploration of the Seas says numbers are lower than previously thought, and has called for a ban on cod fishing in the North Sea and Irish Sea.


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Millions Of Americans To Be Prohibited From Flying


Last February, the Transportation Security Agency announced that all U.S. citizens who fly would be assigned a green, yellow or red travel code under a new system known as CAAPS II - "Computer Assisted Passenger Screening." A green code means you fly like normal. A yellow code means you would be subject to repeated searches and interrogation by police before you would be allowed to fly. A red code means you can't fly and may be arrested. The system will eventually be expanded to every form of public transportation, including ships, trains and buses. It will probably also be expanded eventually to issuing driver's licenses and even opening bank accounts. The criteria for determining your travel code is secret, and there is no provision for challenging it. So, if you're assigned a yellow or red travel code, and you are prohibited from visiting your own children or lose your job because you keep on missing business flights while police interrogate you, tough luck! Now TSA has dropped another shocker: The number of U.S. citizens to be initially yellow- or red-coded is enormous! Up to 8% of all U.S. citizens are to be yellow-coded initially, and 2-3% red-coded. That's 10% of the entire U.S. adult population! TSA says they plan to implement this system nationwide within 12 months. And CAAPS II is just one of many threats you now face to your liberty and privacy, in post 9-11 America, including:


Under Total Information Awareness, the Pentagon is now creating comprehensive, computerized dossiers on every man, woman and child in America. (Code names: "The Beast" and "the Matrix.") If anything suspicious turns up, expect a visit from the new security police.


The USA Patriot Act creates the new crime of "bulk cash smuggling.' If you now leave or enter the U.S. without declaring that you have more than $10,000 in cash or currency instruments, you can be stripped of your money - without any proof you have committed any crime. You can also be sentenced to five years in prison. Even carrying more than a few hundred dollars in cash in the U.S. can now result in your cash being seized by police as "drug money," under civil asset forfeiture laws. Under the Patriot Act, your bank accounts can also now be seized if you have given even a single dollar to a Muslim charity or any organization the government classifies as "terrorist sympathizers," or if you have committed any of over 400 offenses - including shoplifting or drunk driving.


Under the USA Patriot Act (passed in October 2001), if you are accused of any activities which "violate federal or state law" and which "endanger human life" (participating in a demonstration where someone is injured?) you can now be classified as a "suspected terrorist" or "enemy combatant," and imprisoned indefinitely without trial. At least 2,000 people have already been detained under this law, and hundreds are still imprisoned without charges -- including at least two dozen U.S. citizens. CLIP


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European Directive Against Vitamins & Minerals

by Sam Burcher

First 300 key vitamins and minerals axed, now 5 000 supplements banned by "insane" EU Directive.

The Alliance of Natural Health (ANH) is set to legally challenge the contentious EU Directive on Food Supplements (FSD). The FSD passed into European law in July 2002 and effectively brings about a ban on 300 nutrients included in 5 000 health products, most of which are in dietary supplements closest to food forms.

In July this year, the House of Commons Standing Committee for FSD Regulations met and voted the Food Supplement Directive through into English, Scottish and Welsh law. Dr Robert Verkerk, executive director of London-based ANH hopes a successful challenge would result in the FSD being overturned by all EU states.

Some of the 300 vitamins and mineral excluded from the FSD positive list

Substance Boron (All forms)
Vitamin E (naturally occurring tocopherols and toctotrienols)
Calcium (23 food forms)
Chromium (17 forms)
Magnesium (30 forms)
Potassium (21 forms)
Silica (All forms)
Selenium (14 forms)

The dietary supplement Glucosamine, a combination of minerals,vitamins and fatty acids bought by millions of arthritis suffers to ease their painful symptoms has been banned as a food supplement by the Medicines Agency in Denmark and Sweden. Instead it is has been allowed on to the shelves as an over the counter medicine produced by Recip Glucosine and Pharma Nord - two pharmaceutical companies.

The Food Supplements Directive covers two fundamental areas:

1. The types of vitamins and minerals that may be legally sold from mid-2005.

2. The maximum doses at which they may be supplied from 2006.

The EU Commission has designated a list of permissible nutrients called 'The Positive List.' Specialist vitamin manufactures have expressed concern that their products containing organic ingredients, excluded from the 'List', are being compromised by synthetic or inorganic equivalents that are on the 'List.' All attempts to include a number of organic vitamins and minerals have been refused. Not only that, but to register their high quality products for sale could cost up to £250,00 per nutrient plus evidence of their safety. All nutrients must be paid for and registered by August 2005, putting small, large and medium suppliers of food supplements under intense pressure.


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