August 19, 2003

Miscellaneous Subjects #192: The Baddies, the Goodies and Everything in Between

Hello everyone

As I was compiling this material for you, I was taken aback once again by how inhumane and insensitive to human life - and all life on Earth for that matter - the U.S. government is and has been - with various shades of grey - for quite some time now. The same could be said also of the current Israeli government... Of course there is hope (always!) that things will eventually change for the better - just see how wonderful was the people's reaction to the blackout as only kindness and benevolent gestures occurred in contrast with looting episodes in some past similar massive black outs in the U.S. - as there are literally armies of good people now doing their best to counter, correct and heal all the bad things that have been done by the unenlightened ones - or dim lights as some call them.

I know that once again this is a lot of material to read but I'm sure that if you have time for this you'll find lots of important things, both good and bad, to know and remember so as to direct healing attention and supportive encouragement in whichever way you'll feel attracted to as a contribution for co-creating a new, healthier, radiant world for all sentient beings on Earth.

Feel free to share with others ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Soon the drama and the dance of destruction will complete its cycle here on Terra/Lady Gaia. Trees will once again be abundant and respected and will be heard by many as in ancient days. Animals will be considered equals and we will work hand in hand with our space brothers and sisters out in the open. I will be an emissary who comes out into the open about who I am when the time is right. We will be taught the new energy forms soon and the paradigm shift will occur. Rainbow money will be issued, and it will happen. Grassroots groups will grow and unite and the name-calling and labeling will forever stop. These are not my visions. These are truths. These are the results of heart awakenings throughout the Universe. The cetaeceans are working so hard during these end times of the dark times. Friends are telling me of the pods that are reaching out to them while they swim and surf. It is so beautifully amazing. The dolphins are talking so much and those who hear them know of the light focus they project for our planet. Then your compilations can totally shift into wondrous instructions and sharings of the glory of the happenings of New Earth and all the other planets who will come forward as our friends in reconstruction."

- A'keara> August 12, 2003


1. A visionary suggestion for September 11, 2003
2. The latest bogus fossil-nuke blackout: this grid should not exist
3. Blowing In The Wind
5. Important documentary Video "9/11 the Road to Tyranny"
6. Just what NESARA is all about?...
7. My alma mater is a moral cesspool
8. Lt. Col. Steve Butler Says Bush is Responsible for September 11th Attacks
9. American Gulag in Iraq
10. Iraqi Commander Swears He Saw USAF Fly Saddam Out of Baghdad
11. Bush toy was not much fun


Voices In The Wilderness Sued
The US Justice Department is suing Voices in the Wilderness [to try to collect a fine of $20,000 from VitW for bringing medicines to the people of Iraq]. Over the past seven years, Voices in the Wilderness has organized over 65 delegations to Iraq. Comprised of teachers, veterans, social workers, artists, health care professionals, tradespeople, and people of faith.... [Many of these delegates carried symbolic amounts of medicine as an act of civil disobedience against the injustice of the economic sanctions; they then returned to the United States to tell about the brutalizing effects of the sanctions, magnified by the US bombing of the Iraqi civilian infrastructure during the Gulf War.] We are asking for 20,000 people to raise their voices against the injustice and hypocrisy of this lawsuit. Read more about our call for 20,000 voices at:

See also:

Arctic Ice Shrinking Due to Global Warming - Report (August 14)
OSLO - Global warming will melt most of the Arctic icecap in summertime by the end of the century, a report showed yesterday.

What really determines elections
What really determines elections is who counts the votes, and who counts the votes is somebody you probably didn't know, and if you did know them, you surely wouldn't trust them to count the votes. No government agency counts the votes. And the people who count the votes, who tell you who your next president is, have no government oversight, no audit, no official you have elected watching over them. The people who really count the votes are the media, more specifically a politically influenced cabal of minions bought and paid for by corporate tycoons who own the nation's major media outlets. These are the same people who don't think peace demonstrations are worthy of coverage, and who in the year 2000 got together and reviewed the data from Florida and then really wouldn't tell us what they found out. They'd only say ... Bush won, just like the Supreme Court.
Sent by BILL D>

RICO! How California and the Minority in Congress Can Prosecute the White House
Katherine Yurica writes that Democrats in Congress, "can still file an unprecedented RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) case against the Bush-Cheney enterprise. Similarly, California's Governor Gray Davis (or Cruz Bustamante-should he succeed Davis) can file both a civil and criminal RICO against the Bush-Cheney enterprise... The fact that what I am suggesting has never been done before is no reason why it should not be carried out now. Never before have we had a suspected criminal enterprise being directed from the White House. RICO was created by Congress to reach racketeering activities, including white-collar crimes that could not be prosecuted by any other means... RICO allows prosecutors (civil or criminal) to name the corporate entity, which in this case is the U.S. Government as a defendant, plus the corrupt 'enterprise' within the government as a defendant, and ! the individuals who make up the corrupt enterprise and commit the illegal acts as defendants."
Recommended by Goldi> >who wrote: "From the intrepid investigators that brought us the smoking article on the White House connections to the California crisis comes this potential alternative to impeachment, which has been shown to not have the necessary support in the Republican-ruled Congress. Plenty of evidence provided to make the case for RICO!"

US military pioneers death ray bomb, Pentagon project brings fear of new arms race,12271,1018361,00.html
The Guardian - August 14, 2003 - American military scientists are developing a weapon which kills by delivering an enormous burst of high-energy gamma rays, it is claimed today. The bomb, which produces little fallout, blurs the distinction between conventional and nuclear weapons, and experts have already warned it could spark a new arms race. The science behind the gamma ray bomb is still in its infancy, and technical problems mean it could be decades before the devices are developed. But the Pentagon is taking the project seriously. The plans are getting under way at a time when the Bush administration is seeking ways to expand its arsenal of unconventional weapons, and could well fuel charges that Washington risks triggering a new arms race. In May, Congress approved further research on a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons: bunker busters, designed to drill into underground shelters, buried beneath hundreds of feet of con crete, and so-called mini-nukes with explosive yields of less than five kilotons. (...) Such weapons would allow military commanders to increase firepower without being forced to push the nuclear button. Experts have warned that if the US scientists succeed in building a gamma ray bomb, it could force other countries to start nuclear programmes, or worse, encourage those who already possess nuclear weapons to use them. "Many countries which will not have access to these weapons will produce nuclear weapons as a deterrent," Andre Gsponer, director of the Independent Scientific Research Institute in Geneva, told New Scientist. Just one gram of the explosive would store more energy than 50kg of conventional TNT. It would be as expensive as enriched uranium, but less would be needed for a bomb. Unlike uranium, it does not need a critical mass of material to maintain the nuclear reaction. It would produce little radioactive fallout compared with an atomic explosion, but could cause long-term health problems for anyone breathing the particles in.

Devastating weapon which uses no explosive will transform tank warfare
THE United States has been working for almost three decades on a project to create a hyper-velocity supergun whose shells could be fired without chemical propellant or a high-explosive warhead.

Another War Crime? Iraqi Cities Hot‚ With Depleted Uranium (August 15)
The Pentagon fired radioactive Depleted Uranium weapons in downtown Baghdad, leaving the capitol city contaminated with radiation levels that are 1,000 to 1,900 times higher than normal. Washington has stated it will not be responsible for undertaking any clean-up of these dangerous pollution hot-spots. Has US use of depleted-uranium weapons turned Iraq into a radioactive danger area for both Iraqis and occupation troops? This question has already had serious consequences. In hot spots in downtown Baghdad, reporters have measured radiation levels that are 1,000 to 1,900 times higher than normal background radiation levels. It has also opened a debate in the Netherlands parliament and media as 1,100 Dutch troops in Kuwait prepare to enter Iraq as part of the U.S./British-led occupation forces. The Dutch are concerned about the danger of radioactive poisoning and radiation sickness in Iraq.

Israel's Red Flag on Iran (August 13)
A grim warning from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to President Bush that Iran is much closer to producing nuclear weapons than U.S. intelligence believes has triggered concern here that Israel is seriously considering a preemptive strike against Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor. Sharon dramatized his forecast by bringing Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, a three-star army officer who serves as his military secretary, to a meeting with Bush in the Oval Office two weeks ago, U.S. and Israeli sources tell me. Galant showered a worried-looking Bush with photographs and charts from a thick dossier on Iran's covert program.

854 Israeli Violations Of Truce In July: Report
GAZA CITY, Aug 12 ( - Israel has in the last month alone killed seven Palestinians and carried out 854 violations of the three-month truce declared by Palestinian resistance factions, a Palestinian human rights report revealed Tuesday, August12 . The seven victims included four children under18 , one man who was assassinated by Israeli troops and two others, who were killed by Israeli settlers, according to a report by the Palestinian National Information Center of the Gaza Information Service. Israeli tanks shelled residential districts and houses 299 times while public and private establishments were bombed 312 times, it said, adding that eight government, public and private establishments had been partially or totally damaged. (...) The report further said that Israeli occupation forces erected 46 military checkpoints and obstructed the Palestinians' freedom of movement for67 times during the same period. It registered 21 Israeli operations of scooping up Palestinian farmlands as well as two attacks on media correspondents and reporters. Israeli bulldozers devastated 3510 donums of land, uprooted 100757 trees, destroyed 15 greenhouses, three stables and confiscated 4733 donums of farmland owned by Palestinians for the interest of Jewish settlers, indicated the report.

`Torture in Israel has again become routine' (August 18)
A report released yesterday by the Public Committee Against Torture claims that the use of torture in the interrogation of Palestinian suspects has increased significantly over the past two years.

Western vice - Iraq's new tyrant (August 13)
Iraq's brutal dictatorship has been replaced by a crime wave. Now sex and drugs are freely available on the street, writes Paul McGeough in Baghdad. It is 10am and the crowd is pouring into the seedy Al Najah cinema on Baghdad's Al Rasheed Street. They come, at 70 cents a ticket, for sex on a loop - fleshy scenes from a dozen B-grade movies spliced into a single program, for which there is standing room only. In Sadoun Street the midday temperature is 50 degrees and the prostitutes tout for business from the shade of a beach umbrella. Further along, in Fidros Square - where US troops stage-managed the demolition of a statue of Saddam Hussein on April 9 - as many as 30 teenagers are sniffing glue and paint thinner. Drug dealers in the treacherous Bab al Sharqi markets, just off central Tahrir Square, are doing a brisk trade in looted prescription drugs.

Operation Oily Immunity (July 24)
During the initial assault on Baghdad, soldiers set up forward bases named Camp Shell and Camp Exxon. Those soldiers knew the score, even if the Pentagon's talking points dismissed any ties between Iraqi oil and their blood. The Bush/Cheney administration has moved quickly to ensure U.S. corporate control over Iraqi resources at least through the year 2007. The first part of the plan, created by the UN under U.S. pressure is the Development Fund for Iraq which is being controlled by the U.S. and advised by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The second is a recent Bush executive order that provides absolute legal protection for U.S. interests in Iraqi oil.

Massive military contractor's media mess
WASHINGTON - It is no secret that US defense and construction companies - particularly those with close ties to the administration of President George W Bush - are making a lot of money in the post-war rush for contracts in Iraq.

Under The Radar - Jim Hightower
There are three things you never want to see: Water coming out of your electrical sockets. Flames shooting out of your sock drawer. A press release coming out of the White House that begins: "The Bush administration today announced revised standards for..." It doesn't matter "for what." When you see that eight-word lead you just know it's going to be yet another piece of awful news, yet another revision of the rules that'll let yet another industry or specific corporation have a free hand to clobber us regular folks. From inaugural day forward, the Bush White House has spewed out a torrent of "revised standards," altering the rules to allow the Powers That Be more leeway to pollute our air and water, restrict our access to health care, invade our privacy, take away our rights on the job, raid our pensions, muffle our freedom of speech, privatize our public resources ... you name it. Bush & Co. has quietly, but deliberately, unleashed a handpicked squad of legal beagles, think-tank zealots, corporate henchmen, knaves, demolition experts, hit men, screwballs and a couple of psychopaths to go deep into the Works of Government, giving them a green light to rip out any and all public protections that corporate interests find inconvenient, irritating or -- especially -- effective.

At least 61 die in Afghan violence (August 14),2106,2627415a12,00.html
KABUL: Sixty-one people have been killed and dozens wounded in outbreaks of violence across Afghanistan in the troubled country's bloodiest 24 hours in more than a year, officials say. At least 25 people, mostly factional fighters, were killed after fighting erupted early on Wednesday between forces of a sacked provincial official and his successor in a remote district of Uruzgan province, a cabinet minister said yesterday.

America's selective strong dollar policy
With its current account deficit approaching US$600 billion this year and the federal deficit running at $450 billion, the United States needs to attract about a net $5 billion of funding every working day, much of it from overseas. That is 5 percent of US gross domestic product (GDP) in nominal value. Assuming money velocity at a conservative multiple of five, foreign fund inflow supports 25 percent of the US economy.

Florida Creates "the Matrix", a Big Brother-Like Surveillance System (August 7)

Move to clean up animal feed (August 13)
WHO says antibiotic growth promoters produce resistant bacteria - The World Health Organization will recommend today that nations phase out the widespread and controversial use of antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed, saying the move will help preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics for medicine and can be done without significant expense or health consequences to farm animals. Based on a study of Denmark's experience following a 1998 voluntary ban on antibiotic growth promoters, WHO concluded that under similar conditions, the use of low-dosage antibiotics "for the sole purpose of growth promotion can be discontinued."

Antibiotics in Cattle Not Needed—and They Make Us Sick (August 13)
Ever since ranchers stopped grazing their cattle, and started fattening them up more quickly with corn, they've had to dose them with antibiotics, since cows can't digest corn easily and it often makes them ill. Corn feeding also produces beef with high levels of cholesterol, unlike grass-fed beef, so corn-fed beef may be one of the causes of heart disease. But the biggest problem is that ingesting so many antibiotics in our food means they no longer work for us when we need them. Debora MacKenzie writes in New Scientist that a voluntary ban in Denmark on putting antibiotics in chicken and pigs cut the antibiotic resistance in the bacteria in the animals by over 90%, and there was no increase in the bacterial content of the meat. It also didn't make meat production significantly more expensive. The European Union has adopted a total ban on antibiotics in animals starting in 2006, meaning they won't be buying any more meat from us. Marc Kaufman writes in the Washington Post that U.S. farmers don't want to quit relying on antibiotics. Dan Murphy, of the American Meat Institute, says, "It just doesn't make sense to us to focus so much on antibiotic growth promoters on the farm. The real hot spot for the development of antibiotic resistance is in the hospital and the doctor’s office, where antibiotics are overused and resistance is clearly growing. What might be coming from the farm is minor in comparison." Despite this, McDonalds has yielded to public pressure and has told its meat suppliers to reduce or stop the use of some growth promoters by the end of next year. Their new policy would prohibit the use of 24 antibiotic growth promoters but would allow low-dose antibiotics that are used to prevent disease. CLIP

The Alps are Collapsing (August 12)
Scientists think global warming will melt the Alps over the next twenty years, causing the mountains to collapse into piles of rubble. The mountain range is made up of rocks, with an icy crust of permafrost holding them together. This ice is melting fast, and the rocks are falling in great avalanches, making climbing dangerous. One avalanche killed 50 people 4 years ago.

French death toll may have reached 5000: report (August 18)
French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has defended his government's handling of a killer heatwave amid reports that the final death toll could hit 5000, far higher than the 3000 victims registered so far.

Coral Reefs Doomed, Study Says Centuries Of Overfishing Killing Ecosystems
Pummeled by overfishing, the world's coral reef ecosystems "will not survive for more than a few decades" unless drastic action is taken to protect them, experts warn. To forestall a disaster that could devastate marine life, expose populous coastlines to stormier waves and economically devastate a tourism-dependent nation like Australia, the United States and other nations should vastly expand the designated "no take" zones -- where fishing and other exploitation is banned -- in coral ecosystems, said one author of an article for Friday's issue of Science. Historical evidence dating back thousands of years proves that overfishing, not recent coral diseases or other causes, is the main cause of the slow death of the world's coral ecosystems, marine paleontologist John Pandolfi of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and 11 other researchers say in the article. CLIP

Coral Reef Decline Predates Global Warming

Iceland criticised as whale hunt starts

World’s Water Report
It is time to act to preserve the world's water supplies.

Study Finds Atmospheric Decline in Pesticide Harmful to Ozone (August 17)
Government scientists have measured a significant drop in atmospheric levels of methyl bromide, a versatile pesticide that is being phased out of use because it damages the planet's protective ozone layer. The scientists say the drop, 13 percent since 1998, is attributable to mandatory curbs on the chemical under the Montreal Protocol, a 1987 treaty aimed at restoring the layer, which blocks ultraviolet radiation that could otherwise raise cancer rates and harm ecosystems. (...) Environmentalists welcomed the new findings but expressed concern about recent proposals by the United States and other countries to continue and expand certain uses of methyl bromide past 2005, when, under the Montreal pact, a ban is to take effect in industrialized countries. This year the Bush administration is seeking exemptions to the ban on behalf of dozens of strawberry and tomato farmers, golf-course owners and other users of methyl bromide who say no inexpensive alternatives exist.

Farmer Watches Crop Circle Form (July 21)
A farmer in Wisconsin saw a crop circle being formed in his barley field. Arthur Rantala says, "The holes appeared and there it was but you couldn't see what made it, but I [saw] it right when it happened." He says, "It looked like a lake. The waves, the wind blowing, and then all of the sudden this dark hole appears, like a black hole. And then immediately, one to the right, then another to the center of it." When asked if the grain could have been flattened by a board, he says, "No. How you gonna go around knock[ing] this down so flat is hasn't come up since?…UFOs? Let them think what they do, but I saw this actually happen so my eyes know what I [saw]. So I know it was Mother Nature and nobody else."

It Will Soon be Impossible to Spot UFOs (August 15)
In the coming years, all kinds of new spacecraft will be roaming the skies. Many of these are unfamiliar to us and will be reported as UFOs. Strange sightings will no longer be attributed to ball lightning, they'll be dismissed as UAVs, which are robot craft designed to look for criminal and terrorist activity. This means reports of "real" UFOs will be ignored more than ever. Leonard David writes in that Tom Ridge, who runs Homeland Security, wants to use UAVs to monitor U.S. borders "very seriously" and plans to work with the Department of Defense to build robot planes that can do the job. "I would definitely say that as time goes on it is becoming increasingly difficult to categorize UFOs as unidentified, given the large number of UAV projects that are in development," says Colm Kelleher, of the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS). NASA says there are 50 U.S. companies, academic institutions, and government groups working to develop over 150 UAV designs—and those are just the unclassified models. Many UAVs are classified, since they're used by intelligence and the military. In 1999, NIDS set up a hotline for UFO sightings and has received around 5,000 phone calls and emails. They investigated them, weeding out rocket launches, satellite re- entries, and meteors, and were left with 1,100 reports to follow up. "Among these were approximately 300 sightings of large black triangles, but also multiple reports of sightings of small objects, some in daylight," says Kelleher. NIDS now needs to determine how many of these may actually be UAVs. CLIP

Gangs Of America - The Rise Of Corporate Power and Disabling Of Democracy
Corporations are the dominant force in modern life, surpassing even church and state. The largest are richer than entire nations, and courts have given these entities more rights than people. To many Americans, corporate power seems out of control. According to a Business Week/Harris poll released in September 2000, 82 percent of those surveyed agreed that "business has too much power over too many aspects of our lives." And the recent revelations of corporate scandal and political influence have only added to such concerns.
Download the book for free[pdf] at:

Washington Post exposes Bush lies
Americans have known for months that President Bush used weak evidence of weapons of mass destruction to push for an immediate, unilateral war with Iraq. But in a devastating report this week, the Washington Post showed how the Bush administration systematically distorted the evidence, continuing to mislead the public after learning that the evidence contradicted their statements.

The Case Against the Generals (August 17)
US Now Home to Hundreds of Accused War Criminals and Torturers from All Over Latin America

Lazy Journalist Syndrome - Will It Be America's Undoing? (August 11)
Lazy journalist syndrome has spread like a virus through America's newsrooms, rendering hundreds of reporters and editors useless to the cause of journalism, as if they were flat on their backs with the flu. In fact, journalistic laziness is one of the most critical problems facing the nation. Why? Because these are the "good men doing nothing" of whom Thomas Jefferson warned -the indifferent majority who may ultimately allow "evil to succeed."

Hack the Vote: Unreliable Software Exposes California Recall to Fraud (August 14)


Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003
Subject: A visionary suggestion for September 11, 2003

Hi there,

First, thanks for the Great work you are performing. It is much desired and appreciated.

Second, I have a comment to anyone planning on being in Washington on September 11. I received a vision recently where 1000's of people were demonstrating in Washington D.C. regarding the coverup/complicity of the US government in the 2001 event. They were not demonstrating in the way that you would normally expect however, and that was the most powerful part of it. They all marched to the White House in Total Silence. No banners, no signs, nothing. And then they formed a large ring in the streets completely surrounding the White House and then joined hands. Next they all began to pray and some went into very deep meditative states, all with One Vision. The Vision of course, was World Peace, Universal Love and Truth. They did not pray for it to happen, they Prayed appreciation for it already has happened. When the mediation was complete, one speaker calmly and quietly read a prepared statement listing issues which needed to be addressed each with a desired action and result, for instance, 9-11 Citizens Investigation Committee formed and supported consisting of one impartial citizen from each state in the country. 

In the vision, this very reverent demonstration caused an immediate shift so profound that government bodies began to change immediately.

When I awoke, my heart was stretched to bursting with Love and Compassion. I felt unable to act on this however, as I am living in England at the moment with no foreseeable change in that circumstance. 

If you see this as an activity that you would like to circulate, feel free. Since this type of activity would probably be best kept under the normal media radar for as long as possible, I thought you would be the best vehicle for dissemination. 

Thanks for listening.

Peace and Love,




The latest bogus fossil-nuke blackout: this grid should not exist

By Harvey Wasserman

August 15, 2003

This is the fourth---and worst---completely unnecessary major regional blackout in this country in forty years, dating back to 1965. 

It's scope---from Detroit to Ottawa to New York and New Jersey---is absolutely awesome, especially since it's due to total stupidity and corruption.

This does not count the blackouts that raged through California in 2000-2001.  Those were "blackmails," set by Enron and the other Bush gas cronies to rip $60 billion out of the state, leading to, among other things, the impending ouster of Gov. Gray Davis.

When the lights went out, Davis kissed the feet of Southern California Edison's John Bryson, who engineered a deregulation bill that gouged $30 billion out of the ratepayers for the state's failed nukes.  That opened the gates for the gas pirates to steal yet another $60 billion.  Davis got caught in the backdraft.

The culprits in this latest northeastern disaster are basically the same---the barons of fossil and nuclear power and their cronies in the electric utility business.

Their "weapon" is an ancient electric grid that's obsolete if not obscene. It is a massively fragile Rube Goldberg device that dangerously and inefficiently carts around electricity from expensive, polluting and extremely unsafe central generating plants to buildings that waste massive amounts of energy and generate none.

That the grid will crash again and again and yet again is absolutely certain.  The only question is who are the real terrorists:  errant crazies who blow things up, or entrenched interests that refuse to change?

The technology now exists to transcend this mess.  In the mid 1990s California's green energy advocates proposed a 600-megawatt mosaic of solar, wind and other renewable generators that would have entirely prevented the fake deregulatory crisis of 2000-1.  It was approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, but then killed by Southern California Edison and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Today, the Bush Administration wants to further subsidize its fossil/utility friends with a bad energy bill, and by pouring billions into "upgrading" the electric grid.  The only thing certain is that every cent of that money will be wasted.

In 1952 a Blue Ribbon report to Harry Truman predicted that the future of America's energy rested with the sun.  It predicted 13 million solar-powered homes here by 1975, and the promise of decentralized, off-grid self-sufficiency.

Instead, Dwight Eisenhower took us into the pit of the "Peaceful Atom".  A trillion dollars later, we have a half-century of crashing grids and dangerous nukes that are vulnerable to terrorism and must shut down precisely when they're most needed, as they did during this latest blackout.  The latest Bush energy bill only makes the situation worse, with more nuke subsidies and a powerful push for fossil fuels, especially coal.

The whole system demands a green deconstruction.  Solar technologies are ready to make energy self-sufficiency a tangible reality.  Photovoltaic cells on rooftops and embedded in windows can produce grid-free electricity, with battery or fuel-cell backups.  Geothermal power can heat and cool with nothing but the power of the earth's crust.  Methane digestion can turn waste into usable gas.  Basement generators can use biomass fuels like ethanol and soy diesel for off-grid self-sufficiency.

These systems need not provide 100% of a building's energy, but can gradually make them increasingly self-sufficient.  Meanwhile more efficient heating, lighting and cooling systems can reduce demand.  Windows that actually open and close can balance usage, building by building.

Bush's "upgrading the grid" means a new money pit for the same old unsafe nukes, polluting coal burners and gas turbines whose prices are set to skyrocket… all looped together by dangerous, wasteful wires that are bound to crash again and again.

San Francisco has used part of a public bond to put the first of a new generation of solar cells atop its downtown Moscone Center.  Those same cells could've kept Madison Square Garden or any other Manhattan building up and running during this latest outage.  Will New Yorkers know better next time?

The technology for a decentralized, solar-based power system is ready now. We don't need massive research breakthroughs.

We need public demand and fully funded production capacity.  And to stop repeating the same mistakes because the utility and fossil/nuke guys fund the politicians in power.

This isn't rocket science.  It's just common solar sense, known to all since 1952.

Harvey Wasserman is author of THE LAST ENERGY WAR and senior editor of


See also:

Welcome To The Dark Ages (August 15 - By Greg Palast)
The tale of the Brits who swiped 800 jobs from New York, carted off $90 million, and then turned off our lights.

Throughout Dennis Kucinich's political career, he has battled for public power and against privatization and deregulation. Today, he's demanding answers about the massive power failure that rocked our country, a blackout that reports indicate may have started within the FirstEnergy Corp system. Dennis fought First Energy's predecessor, Cleveland Electric (CEI), when he saved Cleveland's city-owned utility in the late 1970s.

Bush blamed for chaos which led to blackouts (August 18)

Blackout: Energy History Repeats Itself

No Signs Of Deliberate Attack In Blackout, But Possibility Not Ruled Out

The Power Grid (August 15)
The massive failure that knocked out power to the Northeast and Midwest U.S. and Canada looks like the disastrous blackouts of 1965 and 1977. Once again we are reminded of our technological vulnerability and the impossibility of eliminating failure.

Tesla's Electromagnetic Pyramids

An Energy Solutions Reader

Eastern Power Outage Unfortunate but Entirely Predictable (August 15)
Americans should look to distributed, diverse, and resilient clean technologies to power their industries, homes, and communities. America's existing system -- based on a hundred years' worth of heavily centralized generation and distribution policies -- can trigger a cascading series of errors that leaves us vulnerable and should be corrected.

We Predicted This: Energy Expert (August 15)
Energy experts have been warning about large-scale blackouts in North America since the early eighties. Bill Browning of the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado says a report for the U.S. Pentagon in 1982 (Brittle Power: Energy Strategy for National Security) cautioned the American government about the fragility of the power grid system in North America.

If Bush Wants To Investigate The Cause Of The Largest Blackout In American History, He Should Start With The Vice-President, Tom Delay And Himself
(...) FACT: In June of 2001, Bush opposed and the congressional GOP voted down legislation to provide $350 million worth of loans to modernize the nation's power grid because of known weaknesses in reliability and capacity. Supporters of the amendment pointed to studies by the Energy Department showing that the grid was in desperate need of upgrades as proof that their legislation sponsored by U.S. Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) should pass. Unfortunately, the Bush Administration lobbied against it and the Republicans voted it down three separate times

It's The Oil Economy, Stupid
An alternative energy plan called the New Apollo project is designed to reduce U.S. demand on Middle East oil.

Deregulation: The elephant in the livingroom (August 16)
In the search for the source of Thursday's blackout, the underlying cause has been all but ignored: deregulation. In principle, deregulation of the power industry was supposed to use the discipline of free markets to generate just the right amount of electricity at the right price. But electric power, it turns out, is not like ordinary commodities.

A blackout waiting to happen (August 17)
Nation's energy system is neglected and decrepit, say experts



Blowing In The Wind

Lester R. Brown is the founder and president of Earth Policy Institute.

In 1991, a national wind resource inventory taken by the U.S. Department of Energy startled the world when it reported that the three most wind-rich states -- North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas -- had enough harnessable wind energy to satisfy national electricity needs. Now a new study by a team of engineers at Stanford reports that the wind energy potential is actually substantially greater than that estimated in 1991.

Advances in wind turbine design since 1991 allow turbines to operate at lower wind speeds, to harness more of the wind's energy, and to harvest it at greater heights -- dramatically expanding the harnessable wind resource. Add to this the recent bullish assessments of offshore wind potential, and the enormity of the wind resource becomes apparent. Wind power can meet not only all U.S. electricity needs, but all U.S. energy needs.

In a joint assessment of global wind resources called Wind Force 12, the European Wind Energy Association and Greenpeace concluded that the world's wind-generating potential -- assuming that only 10 percent of the earth's land area would be available for development -- is double the projected world electricity demand in 2020. A far larger share of the land area could be used for wind generation in sparsely populated, wind-rich regions, such as the Great Plains of North America, northwest China, eastern Siberia and the Patagonian region of Argentina. If the huge offshore potential is added to this, it seems likely that wind power could satisfy not only world electricity needs but perhaps even total energy needs. (See data.)

Over the last decade wind has been the world's fastest-growing energy source. Rising from 4,800 megawatts of generating capacity in 1995 to 31,100 megawatts in 2002, it increased a staggering sixfold. Worldwide, wind turbines now supply enough electricity to satisfy the residential needs of 40 million Europeans.

Wind is popular because it is abundant, cheap, inexhaustible, widely distributed, climate-benign, and clean -- attributes that no other energy source can match. The cost of wind-generated electricity has dropped from 38¢ a kilowatt-hour in the early 1980s to roughly 4¢ a kilowatt-hour today on prime wind sites. Some recently signed U.S. and U.K. long-term supply contracts are providing electricity at 3¢ a kilowatt-hour. Wind Force 12 projected that the average cost per kilowatt hour of wind-generated electricity will drop to 2.6¢ by 2010 and to 2.1¢ by 2020. U.S. energy consultant Harry Braun says that if wind turbines are mass-produced on assembly lines like automobiles, the cost of wind-generated electricity could drop to 1-2¢ per kilowatt hour.

Although wind-generated electricity is already cheap, its cost continues to fall. In contrast with oil, there is no OPEC to set prices for wind. And in contrast to natural gas prices, which are highly volatile and can double in a matter of months, wind prices are declining.

Another great appeal of wind is its wide distribution. In the United States, for example, some 28 states now have utility-scale wind farms feeding electricity into the local grid. While a small handful of countries controls the world's oil, nearly all countries can tap wind energy.

Denmark leads the world in the share of its electricity from wind -- 20 percent. In terms of sheer generating capacity, Germany leads with 12,000 megawatts. By the end of 2003, it will have already surpassed its 2010 goal of 12,500 megawatts of generating capacity. For Germany, this rapid growth in wind power is central to reaching its goal of reducing carbon emissions 40 percent by 2020.

Rapid worldwide growth is projected to continue as more countries turn to wind. In addition to the early leaders -- Denmark, Germany, Spain and the United States -- many other countries have ambitious plans, including the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and China.

In densely populated Europe, the off-shore potential for developing wind is also being exploited. Denmark is now building its second off-shore wind farm, this one with 160 megawatts of generating capacity. Germany has some 12,000 megawatts of off-shore generating capacity under consideration.

Wind power is now a viable, robust, fast-growing industry. Cheap electricity from wind makes it economical to electrolyze water and produce hydrogen. Hydrogen is the fuel of choice for the highly efficient fuel cells that will be used widely in the future to power motor vehicles and to supply electricity, heating, and cooling for buildings. Hydrogen also offers a way of storing wind energy and of transporting it efficiently by pipeline or in liquefied form by ship.

With the wind industry's engineering know-how and manufacturing experience, it would be relatively easy to scale up the size of the industry, even doubling it annually for several years, if the need arose. If, for example, crop-shrinking heat waves raise food prices and generate public pressure to quickly reduce carbon emissions by replacing coal and oil with wind and hydrogen, it will be possible to do so. If the need arises to shift quickly to hydrogen-fueled automobiles, this can be done by converting gasoline-burning internal combustion engines to hydrogen with inexpensive conversion kits.

For energy investors, growth in the future lies with wind and the hydrogen produced with cheap wind-generated electricity. Solar cell sales are growing at over 30 percent a year and are likely to supply much of the electricity for the 1.7 billion people who are still without electricity, most of them living in villages in developing countries. But solar cells are still too costly to supply the vast amounts of energy required to power a modern economy.

World coal burning peaked in 1996 and has fallen 2 percent since then. It is a fading industry, not an exciting investment prospect. Nor is oil particularly promising, since world production is not likely to expand far beyond current levels. Production of natural gas, the cleanest and least climate-disruptive of the fossil fuels, is likely to continue expanding for a few more decades, fortuitously developing an infrastructure that can be adapted for hydrogen. Nuclear power generation is expected to peak soon, when the large number of aging plants that will be closing down will exceed the small number of plants that are under construction.

The energy future belongs to wind. The world energy economy became progressively more global during the twentieth century as the world turned to oil. It promises to reverse direction and become more local during the 21st century as the world turns to wind, wind-generated hydrogen, and solar cells. Wind and wind-generated hydrogen will shape not only the energy sector of the global economy but the global economy itself.



Forwarded by Ken>


Sticking It To The Poobahs; News So Hot You Can Fry Eggs

by Sherman H. Skolnick


Daddy Bush had a falling out with private business partner, Saddam Hussein and the rest is called Persian Gulf War One. The Bush Crime Family is having a divorce from the Saudi Royals, and it is called the Great Black-Out of 2003.

With the true nature unraveling of the U.S./British high-level crazies having created the monstrous disaster called 9-11, the Saudis are not standing still while the Bushies and the Carlyle Group blame it on supposed "terrorist" hi-jackers financed by the Saudis. Part of an espionage/political assassination-type trick, called The Parallel Track, the Arabs now realize they were all the latter-day "Lee Harvey Oswalds," purely patsies.

What to do? Simple. The Saudis, until now paid for their oil treasure in "U.S. Dollars", have on deposit in U.S. money center banks, mainly New York, more than One Trillion Dollars. The largest such, Citibank New York, has as its heaviest shareholder, with the Rockefellers, a top-member of the Saudi royals.

The U.S. Treasury got wind of the Saudi plan for Thursday, August 14, 2003, to begin the wire-transferring of 98 Billion Dollars. The recipients? Why, French banks and other enterprises in Quebec and through Toronto, Canada. In greater part, that is, the French Rothschilds, official bankers of the Vatican.

Shortly after noon of U.S. Financial Doomsday, the U.S. Treasury ordered their unit, Internal Revenue Service, Manhattan, to immediately revert to back-up power. This according to a wire service story used once and later, dropped down the Orwell "1984" media hole.

Three hours later, began the greatest U.S./Canadian black-out, blamed by the U.S. monopoly press on the Canadian side of Niagara power. The Canadians immediately rejected the fake U.S. explanation of a "lightning" strike. That the treacherous Brits, and the Queen of England, having recently bought into a key portion of the U.S. grid, and tied to the Bushies, remains generally unknown.

So in a State of Emergency, by a created mess, the Saudi money escape, for now, has been blocked.

Just earlier than the U.S. Treasury command, the Financial Times of London, showed how Federal Reserve Commissar, Alan Greenspan, is trapped in a U.S. Bond Collapse, causing interest rates to spike, (according to some, perhaps worse than 21-1/2 per cent, for the most solvent creditors, as in 1981).

Now what? Perhaps a new fabricated crisis. Such as, a strange ship entering New York Harbor with "nuclear terrorists". Or, maybe thirty nuclear suitcase bombs (code-named "Red Mercury") known to be located in or near Manhattan. The problem? Simple. Stop the Saudis. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled pro-British American monopoly press can holler that the Saudi royals are secretly financing the Iraqi underground killing our troops.

The solution? By U.S. Military force, divide up Saudi Arabia. The non-oil western part with the two religious sites, to house the Royals. The eastern part, seized for oil for the U.S. and such.

Can there be any question that the U.S. Treasury had prior knowledge of the Great Black-Out of 2003? Does the Treasury intend to finger the Vatican plan to seize Jerusalem as their capital? Or admit the Saudi attempted money escape? Or admit that the Bush Crime Family should be arrested for treason against the American people?


Sherman H. Skolnick is author of AHEAD OF THE PARADE: A Who's Who Of Treason And High Crimes - Exclusive Details Of Fraud And Corruption Of The Monopoly Press, The Banks, The Bench And The Bar, And The Secret Political Police -- just released by Dandelion Books and available at


Date: 11 Aug 2003
Subject: Fwd: **Important documentary Video "9/11 the Road to Tyranny"

Thanks for sharing to Carol Rosin

**Important video re truth about the lies/control happening to us** Date: 8/7/2003

FYI: I just watched this DVD...and agree with Jeff. CSR


Lot's of people have been asking me about the documentary "9/11 the Road to Tyranny".

If you'd like to see what made my jaw drop for three hours please go to:
The DVD is two and a half hours long and well worth the $25.00 investment. No matter what your views or political persuasion I think you'll find it revealing and more than a bit unnerving.

The researcher backs up 90% of what he says with rare news footage, government documents and witness testimony.

PS- Prepare to be disturbed.



See also:

9/11 and US-Led Neo-Fascism (August 17)
The "War on Terrorism" and legislation such as the "PATRIOT" Act are the latest phase of a plan for US-led global neo-fascism which has been in the works for decades at least. Powerful elements in the US government wanted to take over Afghanistan and the surrounding area, with its oil, natural gas, minerals, and opium, to further worldwide US military and economic dominance. The terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 are reminiscent of previous "arranged" attacks including the Boston Massacre, Pearl Harbor, and the Gulf of Tonkin "incident."


From: "Wallace J. Hodder">
Date: 12 Aug 2003
Subject: Just what NESARA is all about?...

The “National Economic Security And Reformation Act” – NESARA - provides major benefits to Americans including:

1) Forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds;

2) Creates U.S. Treasury Bank system which absorbs the Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency;

3) Restores Constitutional Law;

4) Requires resignations of Bush and Cheney to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections;

5) Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly and ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately; 

6) Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government, and many more improvements.

Boudewijn Wegerif>,


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


My alma mater is a moral cesspool

by Francis A. Boyle . August 2, 2003

Neocons, fundies, feddies, and the University of Chicago

It is now a matter of public record that immediately after the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001, U.S. Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld and his pro-Israeli "neoconservative" Deputy Paul Wolfowitz began to plot, plan, scheme, and conspire to wage a war of aggression against Iraq by manipulating the tragic events of September 11th in order to provide a pretext for doing so.

Of course, Iraq had nothing at all to do with September 11th or supporting Al-Qaeda. But that made no difference to Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the numerous other pro-Israeli neocons in the Bush Jr. administration.

These pro-Israeli neocons had been schooled in the Machiavellian/Nietzschean theories of Professor Leo Strauss, who taught political philosophy at the University of Chicago in their Department of Political Science.


Chicago routinely trained me and numerous other students to become ruthless and unprincipled Machiavellians. That is precisely why so many neophyte neocon students gravitated towards the University of Chicago or towards Chicago alumni at other universities. The University of Chicago became the "brains" behind the Bush Jr. empire and his Ashcroft police state. Attorney General John Ashcroft received his law degree from the University of Chicago in 1967. Many of his "lawyers" at the Department of Injustice are members of the rightwing, racist, bigoted, reactionary, and totalitarian Federalist Society (aka "feddies"), which originated in part at the University of Chicago.

Although miseducated at Yale and Harvard Business School, the "Ivies" proved to be too liberal for Bush Jr. and his fundamentalist Christian supporters, whose pointman and spearcarrier in the Bush Jr. administration was Ashcroft, a fundie himself. The neocons and the fundies contracted an unholy alliance in support of Bush Jr. across the board. For their own different reasons, both groups also worked hand-in-hand to support Israel's genocidal Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, an internationally acknowledged war criminal. Strange bedfellows indeed.

According to his own public estimate and boast before the American Enterprise Institute, President Bush Jr. hired about 20 Straussians to occupy key positions in his administration, many holding offices where they could push American foreign policy in favor of Israel and against its chosen enemies such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians. It was the Chicago Straussian cabal of pro- Israeli neocons who set up a separate "intelligence" unit within the Pentagon that was responsible for manufacturing many of the baldfaced lies, deceptions, half-truths, and outright propaganda that the Bush Jr. administration then disseminated to the lapdog U.S. news media in order to generate public support for a war of aggression against Iraq for the benefit of Israel and in order to steal Iraq's oil.


Does anyone seriously believe that the Chicago/Strauss/Bloom product--Wolfowitz--cares one whit about democracy in Iraq? Or the Bush Jr. administration itself, after having stolen the 2000 presidential election from the American people in Florida and before the Republican-controlled U.S. Supreme Court, some of whom were feddies? Do not send your children to the University of Chicago where they will grow up to become warmongers like Wolfowitz or totalitarians like Ashcroft! Chicago is an intellectual and moral cesspool.


Francis A. Boyle, Professor of Law, University of Illinois, author of FOUNDATIONS OF WORLD ORDER (Duke University Press), THE CRIMINALITY OF NUCLEAR DETERRENCE, and PALESTINE, PALESTINIANS, AND INTERNATIONAL LAW (Clarity Press).

You can reach him at: FBOYLE@LAW.UIUC.EDU


See also:

The Leo-conservatives (August 4),1518,259860,00.html
For the past few weeks, US President George W. Bush has been surrounded by a secretive circle of advisors and public relations experts, giving rise to all kinds of conspiracy theories and debates. It's been said that the group's idol is German Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss.


Forwarded by Donata Ahern>


Lt. Col. Steve Butler Says Bush is Responsible for September 11th Attacks

Air Force Officer Delivers Blistering Excoriation Of Bush Says Bush is Responsible for September 11th Attacks

By Jerry Isaacs

A US Air Force officer in California recently accused President Bush of deliberately allowing the September 11 terror attacks to take place. The officer has been relieved of his command and faces further discipline. The controversy surrounding Lt. Col. Steve Butler's letter to the editor, in which he affirmed that Bush did nothing to warn the American people because he "needed this war on terrorism," received scant coverage in the media.

Universally ignored by the press, however, was that the officer was not merely expressing a personal opinion. He was in a position to have direct knowledge of contacts between the US military and some of the hijackers in the period before the terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon.

Lieutenant Colonel Butler, who wrote in a letter to the editor of the Monterey County Herald charging that "Bush knew about the impending attacks," was vice chancellor for student affairs at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California " a US military facility that one or more of the hijackers reportedly attended during the 1990s. In his May 26 letter to the newspaper, Butler responded to Bush supporters, who had written the paper opposing the congressional investigation into the September 11 events. He wrote:

"Of course President Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His daddy had Saddam and he needed Osama. His presidency was going nowhere. He wasn't elected by the American people, but placed in the Oval Office by a conservative supreme court. The economy was sliding into the usual Republican pits and he needed something on which to hang his presidency.... This guy is a joke. What is sleazy and contemptible is the President of the United States not telling the American people what he knows for political gain."

The letter provoked immediate retaliation against the 24-year Air Force veteran. Butler was transferred from the Monterey installation and threatened with court martial under Article 88 of the military code, which prohibits officers from publicly using "contemptuous words" against the president and other officials.

Last week the Air Force announced it had concluded its investigation of the case and suggested Butler would likely face "nonjudicial punishment," such as a fine or a letter of reprimand, rather than a stiffer sentence. If he refuses this punishment, however, Butler, who is ready to retire, could still face a court martial.

The issue is a particularly sensitive one for the Pentagon and the Bush administration. While many people believe that the Bush administration viewed September 11 as a priceless opportunity to implement an ultra-reactionary program of militarism and repression, Butler is different. His military assignment brought him into contact with at least one of the alleged hijackers.

Shortly after September 11, several US news outlets reported that Saeed Alghamdi named as taking part in the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in western Pennsylvania had taken courses at the Defense Language Institute, the US military's primary foreign language facility, where Butler was a leading officer overseeing students (essentially, dean of students).

Alghamdi, a 41-year-old Saudi national, was one of several alleged hijackers, including accused ringleader Mohamed Atta, who reportedly trained at US military facilities, according to a series of articles published between September 15 and 17 in the Washington Post, Newsweek magazine, the New York Times and several other newspapers.

On September 15, Newsweek reported: "U.S. military sources have given the FBI information that suggests five of the alleged hijackers of the planes used in Tuesday's terror attacks received training at secure U.S. military installations in the 1990s."

The magazine said that Saeed Alghamdi was among three who had taken flight training at the Navy Air Station in Pensacola, Florida known as the "cradle of US Navy aviation" which also administers training of foreign aviation students for the Navy. The magazine, citing "a high-ranking Pentagon official" as its source, reported that two others both former Saudi air force pilots who had come to the US also attended such facilities. One received tactical training at the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama and the other language training at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Over the next few days, more detailed information appeared in several other newspapers. A September 16 article in the New York Times reported: "Three of the men identified as the hijackers in the attacks on Tuesday have the same names as alumni of American military schools, the authorities said today. The men were identified as Mohamed Atta, Abdulaziz al-Omari and Saeed al-Ghamdi.

"The Defense Department said Mr. Atta had gone to the International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama; Mr. al-Omari to the Aerospace Medical School at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas; and Mr. al-Ghamdi to the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio in Monterey, Calif."

The Knight Ridder news service also reported that Saeed Alghamdi had been to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey and the Associated Press cited Air Force sources indicating that more than one of the hijackers may have received language training at the installation. The media dropped the story after the Air Force officials issued a cursory statement aimed at preventing any further inquiry into links between the US military and the terrorists. While acknowledging that some of the suspected terrorists "had similar names to foreign alumni of U.S. military courses," the statement said discrepancies in biographical information, such as birth dates and name spellings, "indicate we are probably not talking about the same people." Without providing any substantiation, the statement suggested the hijackers may have stolen the identities of foreign military personnel who received training at the bases.

Following this less than convincing explanation, the Air Force refused to release the ages, countries of hijackers making it virtually impossible to verify the claim that these were not the same individuals.

Attorney General John Ashcroft and the FBI also refused to make public any information. Asked by Florida Senator Bill Nelson whether any of the hijackers were trained at the Pensacola base, the Justice Department refused to give a definitive answer, and the FBI said it could not respond until it could "sort through something complicated and difficult," according to the senator's representative.

To receive such training, the hijackers would have had connections to Arab governments that enjoyed close relations with the US government. A former Navy pilot at the Pensacola air station told Newsweek that during his years on the base, "We always, always, always trained other countries' pilots. When I was there two decades ago, it was Iranians. The Shah was in power. Whoever the country du jour is, that's whose pilots we train."

Military officials acknowledged that the US has a longstanding agreement with Saudi Arabia to train pilots for the kingdom's national guard. Candidates receive air combat training and other courses on several Army and Navy bases, in a program paid for by Saudi Arabia. Significantly 15 of the 19 hijackers were believed to be Saudi nationals.

According to its web site, the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey founded in 1946 as the Military Intelligence Service Language School "provides foreign language services to Department of Defense, government agencies and foreign governments" to support "national security interests and global operational needs."

As vice chancellor for student affairs, Butler had extensive contact with students, according to Pete Randazzo, a close associate of the officer and president of the National Association of Government Employees Local 1690, which represents civilian employees at the language school.

"He would go and have lunch with the students, sit in their classrooms. He was a very caring officer over there," Randazzo told the Herald. Butler was also navigator of a B-52 bomber during the Persian Gulf War, which made it likely he was familiar with Saudi military operations, given the close relations between the US and Saudi Arabia during the 1990-91 war against Iraq.

In the 1990s, several officers were disciplined under Article 88 of the military code for publicly denouncing Clinton, including an Air Force general who went so far as to ridicule the president as a "gay-loving, pot-smoking, draft-dodging womanizer" in front of 250 people at an awards banquet.

With Butler's comments, however, the Pentagon faces a more delicate problem. The Lieutenant Colonel may well know considerably more than he is saying about US military-intelligence apparatus involvement in the September 11 events, and, on the eve of his retirement, took the opportunity to set the record straight.

For further information


Date: 14 Aug 2003
Subject: American Gulag in Iraq


by Gordon Thomas

Each prisoner receives six pints of dank, tepid water a day. He uses it to wash and drink in summer noonday temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius.

He is not allowed to wash his clothes. He is provided with a small cup of delousing powder to deal with the worst of his body infestation.

For the slightest infringement of draconian rules he is forced to sit in painful positions. If he cries out in protest his head is covered with a sack for lengthy periods.

This is daily life in America's shameful Gulag - Camp Cropper on the outskirts of Baghdad International Airport. Only the International Red Cross are allowed inside. They are forbidden to describe what they see. But some of its staff have broken ranks - to tell Amnesty International of the shocking conditions the 3000 Iraqi prisoners are held under.

None had been charged with any offence. They are listed as suspected "looters" and "rioters". Or listed as "loyal to Saddam Hussein".

Every day more prisoners are crowded into the broiling, dusty compound.
Surrounded by ten-foot high razor wire, they live in tents that are little protection against the blistering sun. They sleep eighty to a tent on wafer thin mats.

Each prisoner has a long-handled shovel to dig his own latrine. Some are too old or weak to dig the ordered depth of three feet. Others find they have excavated pits already used. The over-powering stench in this hell-hole is suffocating.

"Add to sleep deprivation and physical abuse you have highly degrading conditions which are tantamount to torture and gross abuse of human rights" said Curt Goering, deputy director of Amnesty International, the London-based human rights watchdog.

He confirmed that Amnesty had received "credible reports" of detainees which had died in custody, "mostly as a result of shooting by members of the coalition forces". Camp Cropper also houses a growing number of what are listed as "special prisoners".

They include the former deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, Saadiun Hammadi, the former speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, and Ezzar Ibrahim, the son of Saddam's second in command on the Revolutionary Command Council.

The one woman "special" is Huda Ammash - known as "Chemical Sally", because a key member of Saddam's chemical and biological weapons programme.

The week before he committed suicide, Dr David Kelly, the English scientist, had prepared a list of questions he planned to put to her when he returned to Iraq to assist in the search for weapons of mass destruction.

Chemical Sally sleeps in a tent with other women members of the Ba‚ath party. Like the men they are not allowed to wash their underwear- and several have developed unsightly sores, according to a Red Cross visitor. After two months incarceration none of the "special prisoners" have been told what charges they will face - though several, like Tariq Aziz, then had surrendered voluntarily to the Americans.

A glimpse of his life nowadays has come from one of the few prisoners to be released, Adnan Jassim. "Tariq Aziz has aged very much in the past months in the camp. He shuffles and has a stoop. This may because he has to dig his own toilet hole. It is forbidden for anyone to help him to do this. He is treated just like anyone else- an animal to be driven wherever the guards want him.

"His hair has grown. It is very dirty. He gets no special treatment. The same terrible food. Mostly he eats very little of it. It is hard to believe he was, second to Saddam, the most powerful man in Iraq".

Jassim was arrested the day after the war officially ended. He insists, according to a Red Cross official, that he was stopped for speeding.

"The Americans just fired at my car. Then they threw me into a truck and took me to the camp. At the gate I had a badge pinned to my shirt. It said‚ presumed killer‚. I have never even fired a gun, let alone kill anyone", Jassim insisted.

Amnesty's human rights workers and Red Cross officials have gathered statements from the few prisoners who have been released.

One is Qays al Salman, a 54-year-old guard at one of Saddam's palaces. He claims: "One day we became so angry that all the man in my tent began shouting, ‘Freedom, freedom!’ The soldiers rushed in, tied us up and forced us to lie down in the middle of the day in the open. Some of us had bad sun stroke. Other detainees, like Suheil Laibbi Mohammed, who used to work as a mechanic, repairing Saddam's fleet of cars, said he had seen prisoners repeatedly hit with riffle butts."

Detainees described being given food as inedible to Muslims. Most of the meat was pork. "But it was either eat it or starve", said Rafed Adel Mehdi.

Tariq Aziz's wife, Zureida, and his two sons fled to Jordan when the war ended.
In London their family lawyer, Dr Abdul Haq al-Ani, wants to serve a writ of habeas corpus on Britain's embattled Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, arguing that his client is being held in contravention of the Geneva Convention and the Human Rights Act.

"I spent a week in Baghdad but I was not allowed to see my client. I know the conditions he is being held under from those who have been released. It is outrageous what is happening", he said.
Chemical Sally's family are also planning legal moves to have her freed.

They have submitted evidence to the Americans that she has breast cancer and requires to continue with her medical treatment.

Her mother, Kasmah Ammash, a frail 70-year-old said: "My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late Eighties. She went to Pittsburgh for chemotherapy and underwent a mastectomy. Before she was arrested she was undergoing further follow up treatment. How can they be so cruel".

Amnesty International said it had urged the coalition forces to look into such allegations- and to bring to justice those found guilty of offences.

"The Americans have acknowledged there are some serious problems. But there is a difference of opinion on what laws apply", said Mr Goering.

Nada Doumani, the International Red Cross spokesman in Baghdad said "we never comment on the conditions at the detention centers".

"The Geneva Convention is clear about the obligations that exist for legal advice and visits. If someone is being held as a POW then there is a legal obligation to allow them access to legal advice. But if they are held as a civilian detainee that does not apply. A tribunal has been set up to decide which category each person in the camp fits into. Until their work is complete we can say no more".

A spokesman for Lt-General Ricardo Sanchez, the coalition forces commander in Iraq, said he could not give a time frame when the tribunal's work will be completed.


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See also:

Iraq's Disappeared
As many as 8,000 people have disappeared since Saddam's regime collapsed, and many relatives are searching for answers about their fate. More than 5,000 are in U.S. custody; others may be among those killed by fellow Iraqis, and in some cases by American troops. Those who have been detained are nearly always held incommunicado, without access to lawyers or even the right to contact their families. In most cases their loved ones can't find out where they are. With Iraqi prisons looted and destroyed, captives are jailed in barbed-wire compounds, converted warehouses and vast tent camps. Conditions are primitive; at their worst they amount to what Amnesty International describes as "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment." But the lack of a proper justice system is not just a human-rights issue. It also raises questions about whether the U.S. military, in its campaign to stamp out the Iraqi resistance, is creating new enemies.


Date: 18 Aug 2003
Subject: Iraqi Commander Swears He Saw USAF Fly Saddam Out of Baghdad

(Comment: Here is the original article I sent along several months ago about the subject of Saddam Hussein being flown to safety by the U.S. The first article below is the more recent one.)


Also from:

Iraqi Commander Swears He Saw USAF Fly Saddam Out of Baghdad

Bill Dash - Far Shores

Film will soon be made public of an Iraqi Army officer describing how he saw a US Air Force transport fly Saddam Hussein out of Baghdad. The explosive eyewitness testimony was shot by independent filmmaker Patrick Dillon, who recently returned from a risky one-man odyssey in Iraq. In the film, the officer, who told Dillon that he commanded a special combat unit during the battle for Baghdad airport and whose identity is temporarily being withheld, explains in detail how he watched as the Iraqi dictator and members of his inner circle were evacuated from Iraq's capital by what he emphatically insists were United States Air Force cargo planes. Presently, the only copies of the film (which I have not yet seen) are in New York City. People who have viewed it describe it to me as compelling.

Dillon told me by phone that, prior to the final assault on the capital by American ground forces, the officer had been entrusted with the near impossible job of ensuring that one of Baghdad airport's runways would remain operational no matter what. In civilian life the officer is reportedly a highly trained civil engineer specializing in airport operations. He states he was selected to command this hazardous mission in part because of his expertise in concrete surface construction. He goes on to report that there was a ferocious battle at the airport, with losses on both sides far worse than the mainstream news services acknowledge. He deviates even further from officially sanctioned accounts, by unequivocally stating that the battle for control of the airport actually lasted several days longer than commonly believed, dragging on through April 8th and culminating around dawn on the morning of the 9th. Most news sources cite April 4th as the day when the airport fell. But many conventional accounts also acknowledge, if only in passing, uncertainty as to exactly when the airport was fully subdued, frequently offering the 5th and the 6th as other possibilities. Virtually everyone agrees on April 9th as the day that the battle for the entire city officially ended.

In any event, the officer adamantly maintains that his combat/construction brigade, despite heavy casualties, managed to hold off US troops and preserve a useable length of runway right through the night of April the 8th.

Then early on the morning of April 9th, as the remnants of his unit were close to being overrun, a general cease-fire was unexpectedly declared for 6 AM. Shortly after it went into effect, and in broad daylight, the officer claims a motorcade of 10 Mercedes stretch limos suddenly barreled onto the airfield, carrying Saddam and his entourage. Almost simultaneously, a flight of what the officer asserts were four USAF Hercules transports swooped down and landed on the lone stretch of intact runway. All four C-130s dropped their rear loading ramps and the limos drove up into the cargo bays of the waiting planes, which then took off. The officer insists he has no idea where Saddam or any of the other members of his party may have gone.

Dillon says his film lends major support to what many have believed for years: that Saddam was little more than an american tool, a stage-managed "evildoer", just one in a long line of useful villains bought and paid for by the United States in order to better manipulate international politics and commerce. The gutsy New York based filmmaker, who risked his life amid the chaos of postwar Iraq, says that much of the Iraqi populace believes Saddam is not dead and they worry he could still exact revenge from afar. While many Iraqi civilians initially welcomed American forces, Dillon told me most Iraqis, having now had a bitter taste of American occupation, feel enraged with the US and its soldiers. Dillon said living conditions in Iraq are horrible and that little of significance is being done to relieve the situation.

Based on what he saw during his travels, Dillon told me he's convinced the war and its sweeping devastation of the Iraqi nation is in reality a mind boggling charade. Rather than liberating Iraq, its actual purpose is to corral Iraq's huge oil reserves and to serve as a pretext for channeling tens of billions in largesse to favored American corporations like Haliburton and Bechtel. As an example, Dillon pointed to how US air strikes systematically obliterated every last Iraqi telecommunications facility from one end of the country to the other, a measure he maintains vastly exceeded all practical military necessity. Then, without even the pretense of a competitive bid, Washington gifted WorldCom, the near bankrupt US telecom giant responsible for the greatest fraud in financial history, with a huge multi-billion dollar contract to build Iraq a new nationwide state-of-the-art telephone system.

Courtesy Henry Makow Ph.D.



Hussein Given Safe Haven in Belarus?

The World Tribune – 25 April 2003

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has obtained safe haven in Belarus, several intelligence agencies believe.

Western intelligence sources said several intelligence agencies in the Middle East and Europe base this assessment on new information about a March 29 flight from Baghdad to Minsk. They said the flight of a chartered cargo plane could have transported Saddam, his sons and much of his family to Belarus.

"There's no proof that Saddam was on the plane but we have proof that a plane left on that day from Baghdad airport and arrived in Minsk," a senior intelligence source said. "If you can think of anybody else who could obtain permission to fly out of Baghdad in the middle of a war, then please tell me."

U.S. officials and Iraqi opposition sources said Saddam and his sons appear to have escaped two assassination attempts during the war. But they did not confirm the registration of a cargo flight from Baghdad to Minsk on March 29, Middle East Newsline reported.

The sources said the cargo aircraft took off from an unspecified Baghdad-area airport and entered Iranian air space on the flight toward Minsk. They said Iran did not attempt to interfere with the Iraqi flight.

About two weeks later, a registration of the cargo flight was found by the U.S. military in wake of the capture of the airport and the rest of the Baghdad area. Baghdad International Airport was captured on April 4.

U.S. officials said Saddam had been exploring the prospect of fleeing to Belarus over the last year. They said the Iraqi ruler was in close contact with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and that Minsk became a major military supplier to Baghdad.

Within hours after the departure of the cargo flight to Minsk on March 29, the Saddam regime was awash with rumors that the president had escaped. Intelligence sources said the rumors spread rapidly throughout the military command and among field officers.

"There was a significant decline in Iraqi combat strength starting from around March 31," an intelligence source said. "In interviews with coalition interrogators, Iraqi commanders have attributed the decline in combat to the feeling that Saddam had fled."

In Washington, Sen. Bob Graham, former chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, said on Thursday that a senior Saddam aide had been captured in Syria over the previous 24 hours. Graham did not identify the aide, but said he held one of the most sensitive positions in the regime.

The aide was believed to be Izzat Eddin Ibrahim Al Douri, vice chairman of the Revolutionary Council and the man who spent the longest amount of time with Saddam in power.

On Wednesday, British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon said Saddam was believed to be alive and hiding somewhere in Iraq. "In the end we don't know, but it is still our best judgment that he is [in Iraq]," Hoon said.

"As each day goes by, as we continue to search those places he may be hiding, we have to keep an open mind, but it is still my best judgment."

On Thursday, U.S. officials reported that Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz, regarded as the Western face of the Saddam regime, surrendered to U.S. military authorities. They said Aziz, who last month had vowed to die rather than be detained, held negotiations with the United States on the terms of his surrender.

Whilst the above article is interesting and informative it omits to make one critical conclusion. Coalition forces had complete mastery over Iraqi airspace: that being the case they must have allowed Hussein's flight out of Iraq.



Iran Media Leaks Secret Deal Behind Demise Of Baghdad

Source: Gulf News April 15, 2003

AN Iranian news agency close to top conservative military figures attributed the fall of Baghdad to a secret tripartite agreement between Saddam Hussein, Russia and the US.

According to the Baztab agency, 13 days after the start of the war, Saddam and Russian intelligence allegedly pledged to hand over Baghdad with minimal resistance to allied forces provided they spared the lives of Saddam and a hundred of his close relatives. The US, for its part, promised to safely send Saddam and his entourage to a third country.

Baztab added that Mohammed Saeed Al Sahaf, Iraqi Information Minister, was instructed to stay in Baghdad until the very last moments to lend the impression that everything in Saddam's camp was under control. The agency also claimed that Russia gained $5 billion to orchestrate this agreement.

Iran's state TV, which is under the supervision of the supreme leader, also attributed the fall of Baghdad to a secret deal between coalition forces and the deposed Iraqi president. It aired the fall of Baghdad without showing scenes of Iraqis dancing in the streets. Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, said there are serious questions surrounding Saddam's demise.

Robert Fisk talking to Amy Goodman: ”You know what, I have this absolute fixation that he’s in Belarus, the most horrible ex-Soviet state that exists: Minsk. I tell you why I think this. This is long before the Iran – sorry, Freudian slip – long before the Iraq war, I had this absolute obsession that Minsk – I’ve been to Minsk; it’s a horrible city! It’s full of whiskey, corruption, prostitutes and damp apartments. Very, very favorable to the Ba’ath party of Iraq. And I noticed in the local newspaper here in Beirut, I fear about six or seven weeks ago an article that said that the Olympic committee of Belarus in Minsk had invited Uday Hussein, beloved son of the ‘great ruler of Iraq’, to a chess tournament in Minsk and I thought, My God, this is where they’re going to go. And if you think of all the stories which may be complete hogwash of how they got out by train with the Russian ambassador through Syria, where else to go but Minsk? I actually mentioned it to my foreign desk and my foreign editor said “Off you go to Belarus!” and I said “No please, please, not Belarus! I’ve been there before. It’s awful!” But I do have this kind of suspicion maybe he’s there.”

Full interview with Robert Fisk in: 'An Anti Colonial War Against the Americans may have already Begun'


Date: 17 Aug 2003
From: Goldi>
Subject: Fwd: Bush toy was not much fun

This is the best response yet that I've seen to the stupid Bush doll from KB Toys!


Bush toy was not much fun

By MATT LITTLE Special to The Star

Dear Blue Box:

With great disappointment, I am returning the George W. Bush “action figure,” which you will find enclosed in this package. I am seeking a full refund for this defective toy for the following reasons:

• Despite its billing as an action figure to pair up with my GI Joes, it was obviously not made to be a soldier. Never mind the lack of any scar on its face. The bigger problem is that I cannot find any weapons of mass destruction anywhere in the box. Heck, I can't find any weapons at all!

• When I pull the string to make it talk, the results are muffled and unintelligible or make no sense at all. Is this supposed to be some kind of rotten joke on your customers?

• Every time I turn the doll upside down and shake it, white powder comes out. What's with that?

• Even worse, my GI Joe dolls don't seem to like this one at all, and I'm beginning to understand why:

All last week, during the grueling sandbox battles in my backyard between my GI Joes and the hideous armies of Grog, the GW Bush doll was missing. I thought it was lost for good. But then, after my GI Joes won the day and made the sandbox safe again, there the Bush doll was, front and center, looking splendid and unruffled in pristine army fatigues. Evidently it'd been playing dress-up all week with my sister's Ken doll but was right there to take the credit for the GI Joe's victory.

My GI Joes are all saying that the GW Bush doll is stealing money out of their pockets and giving it to my sister's Ken and Barbie dolls. I didn't believe this at first, but this afternoon I spied a nice, new dollhouse in my sister's room and now I'm thinking it must be so.

I'm certain you can understand my desire to return this toy to you. Your quality control supervisor must be asleep on the job. Frankly, I don't know why you even produced this doll in the first place. If you value your reputation at all, you will recall it immediately.

All this is terrible, but the worst part of all is that this is not the doll I originally ordered! I carefully filled out the order form, yet the toy I received was not the one I expected. I wonder how many other customers ended up with a different “action figure” than the one they requested. I hope the rumor that you cannot correct this error for two more years is untrue.

Please either send me the action figure I ordered or refund my money. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Matt Little is a marketing, communications and design consultant who lives in Overland Park.

"A man without a knowledge of his people's history . . . remains a child forever."

-- Marcus Tullius Cicero

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