July 15, 2003

Miscellaneous Subjects #189: The Tide of Events is Turning in Our Favor

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This should be the only compilation for this week.

I believe the proverbial glass is filling up with positive signs that the no-less proverbial pendulum is in the process of shifting direction. With a little help from all our friends it may very well swing back all the way to the left and burst the limited confines of the old left-right paradigm bringing us all along for the mightiest, loveliest ride of all times...

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The richest 1% of the world's population (around 60 million) now receive as much income as the poorest 57%, while the income of the richest 25 million Americans is the equivalent of that of almost 2 billion of the world's poorest people. In 1820 western Europe's per capita income was three times that of Africa's; by the 90s it was more than 13 times as high. "

Taken from The Lost Decade at,3604,994440,00.html

During the war crimes trials at Nuremberg, psychologist Gustave Gilbert visited Nazi Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering in his prison cell. "We got around to the subject of war again and I said that, contrary to his attitude, I did not think that the common people are very thankful for leaders who bring them war and destruction," Gilbert wrote in his journal, Nuremberg Diary.  

"Why, of course, the people don't want war," Goering shrugged. "Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? ... That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist dictatorship ... That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."

“How is the world ruled and led to war? Diplomats lie to journalists and believe these lies when they see them in print.”

- Karl Kraus

“Today every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when this planet may no longer be habitable. Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or madness.”

- John F. Kennedy

(Both quotes above were sent by Stan Penner>)

Note from Jean: I've hesitated to include this quote from Kennedy above because I don't believe a nuclear Armageddon will be allowed to happen by our space brothers and sisters as stated by Matthew Ward. And yet the current U.S. administration has a professed policy of nuclear preemptive strike, so there is still cause for concern as long as this policy is not changed.


1. Feedback on the Next US Elections
2. Ending Judgmental Duality, Opening to Darkness As a Divine Teacher
3. Vote now at
4. Good $$News for the Kucinich Campaign
5. Nader Urging Democrats To Back Kucinich In '04 Primaries
6. Greg Palast, Robert Fisk, John Pilger - correspondents who tell it straight
7. On sky patrol with the flying saucer squad
8. UK tanks roll on Indonesian rebels
9. Our President Is A Criminal
10. Concern of Excessive use of Force against Palestinian Female Prisoners


World Day of Love and Thanks to Water - July 25, 2003
Please join us to send our Love and Thanks to all the water in our physical body that has been sustaining and nurturing our lives on this planet. 70% of our body is made of water. We owe so much our health to the water in our body. Then, let us send our Love and Thanks to all the water on Planet Earth. 70% of the surface of the Earth is occupied by water. The environment on planet Earth is maintained by the water circulating in various forms. If it had not been for water, life would not have been created on planet Earth. We have a vision that on this day, our Earth will be filled with beautiful golden/silver light of Love and Thanks that is flowing from the hearts of each and every one of us. Golden/silver light is the highest vibration in the range of visible light, and it will heal and cleanse all the water on earth, be it water of the ocean or that of our own body. (...) Water is the most ordinary matter on this planet, but at the same time it is multidimensional and connected deeply with our own consciousness. By sending our Love and Thanks to water, we believe that we can not only purify the water on this planet but also raise our own collective consciousness towards the peace of world.

Complementary introduction to the book Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven

See also:

Bush Knew Iraq Info Was False (July 10)

Bush's Approval Rating Drops Sharply (July 11)
Public Increasingly Concerned About Casualties in Iraq
Public support for President Bush has dropped sharply amid growing concerns about mounting U.S. military casualties and doubts whether the war with Iraq was worth fighting, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Bush's overall job approval rating dropped to 59 percent, down nine points in the past 18 days. That decline exactly mirrored the slide in public support for Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq, which now stands at 58 percent.

CIA Asked Britain To Drop Iraq Claim (July 11)

Bush Team United Iraq Front Unravels (July 11)
The familiar drip, drip, drip of a brewing political scandal echoes through the power centers of Washington and London these days as the Bush administration and the government of British Prime Minister Tony Blair are pelted daily with increasingly pointed questions about the case they made for going to war against Iraq. The admission that the president made an apparently false allegation against Iraq in his State of the Union address was supposed to help put the issue to rest. Instead, it reopened fissures inside the administration and in Blair's government over the validity of their case for war. (...) "This was a war made in Washington, pushed by a handful of neoconservatives and pursued for reasons of U.S. foreign strategy and domestic politics," Cook wrote in the London daily The Independent on Friday. Cook's broadside coincided with new statements from anonymous British Cabinet members saying they now had very little expectation that any banned weapons would ever be found in Iraq.

Another Scenario Emerges in Death of Army Reservist (July 15)
Time magazine has outlined a new scenario for the death this month in Iraq of an Army reservist from Kennebunk, adding more confusion as the family awaits the results of an official investigation. The case raises a very troubling question, which is, are combat deaths being disguised as accidents . . . so it would appear less harm is being caused by the Iraqi resistance than is the case?

The Real Winners: A rogue's gallery of war profiteers (July 13)
Even as bombs were raining down on Baghdad, a short list of private beneficiaries was being drawn up behind closed doors. As the invasion entered its final phase, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Army Corps of Engineers (funded through the Pentagon) began doling out contracts. Citing security concerns and time constraints, they hand picked the companies that would be allowed to bid for the contracts (American firms only, thank you), and in some cases they awarded colossal sums with no bidding at all.

What Israel does to Palestine, we are doing to Iraq - by Robert Fisk (July 12)
Want to criticise the Israelis for shooting stone-throwers in Gaza? The US does the same in Falujah.

U.S. Report on 9/11 to be 'Explosive' (July 10)
WASHINGTON - A long-awaited final report on the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks will be released in the next two weeks, containing new information about U.S. government mistakes and Saudi financing of terrorists. Former Rep. Tim Roemer, who served on the House Intelligence Committee and who has read the report, said it will be ''highly explosive'' when it becomes public.

9/11 report due soon (July 11),,2-10-1462_1386188,00.html
US government blunders and Saudi financing of terrorists will be revealed in a long-awaited final report on the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

9/11 Inquiry Alleges Witness Intimidation (July 10),11209,994933,00.html
A US panel investigating the September 11 terrorist attacks yesterday accused the Pentagon and the justice department of obstructing the inquiry and said witnesses were being intimidated.

PM calls off medal ceremony in US (July 12)
TONY BLAIR has ditched plans to receive a "thank you" medal from President Bush next week for backing the war on Iraq. The Prime Minister and the President scrapped the ceremony as it would have triggered a furious backlash in Britain where controversy over the war is raging. Mr Blair is engulfed in a growing crisis over the legality of the war and the Daily Mirror can reveal American officials have had intensive talks with the PM's aides over the past week. Pictures of a smiling Mr Blair having the Congressional Gold Medal pinned on him by President Bush would have been beamed around the world at a time when British and American soldiers are still losing their lives in Iraq. It would have been a public relations catastrophe and stirred up fresh fury in the Labour ranks. Democrats in the US have also fiercely opposed the idea of a medal as they have branded the war illegal and accused President Bush of misleading the American public.

Families of Dead UK Troops: Blair Shouldn't Get Away With It (July 13)

Zimbabwe faces food riots after massive rise in price of maize (July 12)
Zimbabwe braced itself for an increase of at least a 500 per cent in the price of maize meal yesterday after the government appeared to abandon its price freeze. In 1998 a 25 per cent rise in maize meal - the staple diet for Zimbabweans - sparked food riots and led the government to impose price controls backed by subsidies.

EPA said to avoid studies conflicting with White House (July 14)
Washington -- In the last several months, the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed or refused to do analyses on proposals that conflict with the president's air pollution agenda, say members of Congress, their aides, environmental advocates and agency employees. Agency employees say they have been told either not to analyze or not to release information about mercury, carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. This has prompted inquiries and complaints from environmental groups, as well as Democrats and Republicans in Congress. "It's totally unacceptable," said Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn. "This is an administration that lets its politics and ideology overwhelm and stifle scientific fact."

US Leans On Belgians to Spare Sharon From Trial By Robert Fisk (July 11)

t r u t h o u t | 07.15

Bush Says Iraq Intelligence Was 'Darn Good'

One U.S. Soldier Killed, Six Wounded in Iraq

Iraq War Cost Could Reach $100 Billion

Democrats Attack Credibility of Bush

Neil Mackay | Niger and Iraq: The War's Biggest Lie?

Blix Slams UK Iraq WMD Claim

Asbestos Bill Could Be Windfall for Halliburton

US Soldier: "I'm Hurting Right Now, Mom"

Michael Kramer | Bush Could Be A One-Termer

Newsweek | A Quagmire for Bush?


t r u t h o u t | 07.14

William Rivers Pitt | The Dubious Suicide of George Tenet

CIA Got Uranium Reference Cut in October

20 Lies About the War

Van Bergen & Gittings | Military Necessity or War Crimes?

Attacks on US Troops in Iraq May Worsen

Pentagon Had No Plans for Reconstructing Post-War Iraq

Maureen Dowd | National House of Waffles

Ex-Administration Officials Dismiss Iraq Tie To Al-Qaida

Why Does The 9-11 Inquiry Scare Bush?

Glimpses of Bush, Through Chosen Eyes Only

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Articles About The United States Government Unilaterally Violating Numerous International Treaties



Date: 10 Jul 2003
From: "John T. Linnell">
Subject: Re: US Elections


It won't mean a damn who any American votes for in the next election with the voting machines all made and modified by the Republicans and rigged to ensure that "The Village Idiot" (Bush) gets re-elected. There will be no records to back check or to count and exit polls won't exist. The whole thing is already well and truly fixed and it is too late now to try to change it. You might as well welcome "Nazimerica" as that's what will be.


P.S. At 75 I think I am just sticking around to see just how bad it can get. Let's face it Canada is not much better than the US and our invasions of privacy are getting worse and now they fired the Privacy Commissioner. We need someone like Skolnick ( in the States here.



From: "Fred Burks">
Subject: Ending Judgmental Duality, Opening to Darkness As a Divine Teacher
Date: 13 Jul 2003

Dear friends,

While doing my morning yoga/stretching the other day, I had a powerful realization. I realized that for thousands of years this world has been focused on judgmental duality. The mass consensus has long judged most everything in terms of light vs darkness, good vs evil, God vs. Satan, us vs. them. We've been indoctrinated to embrace the light, while avoiding and separating ourselves from darkness, as it is evil; it is of Satan. As a result of this judgmental duality, we've ended up in many deep conflicts and wars both in the world and inside of ourselves.

I sense that humanity is now on the brink of a paradigm shift. It is time now to embrace both light and darkness, both good and evil, both God and Satan, both us and them. It is time to recognize that all of these are simply aspects or manifestations of the same divine spirit, of the All That Is. It's time to welcome back darkness, evil, Satan, and "them" as our long-neglected brothers, as divine children of God who can help us to learn and grow.

By embracing the darkness, I'm not in the least suggesting that we unleash our base desires and do whatever we want to whoever we want. We need to stop disempowering behaviors whenever possible. I'm suggesting, rather, that we do our best to accept, understand, and learn from the darkness which causes negative behaviors. I'm suggesting that even as we stop negative behaviors, we look beyond the behavior to the divine spark at the essence of all beings. In doing this, we allow for deep healing to occur. By accepting and embracing the essence of all beings and all parts of ourselves as divine, we open the doors to deep healing and love for all of us.

The new paradigm pierces the veil of judgment to see the absolute divinity that lies deep within each of us. No matter how "evil" some people or some parts of ourselves may appear from the outside, deep down we are all love. We are all divine. The darkness is a divine teacher with its own divine purpose. We are all here to learn from and love each other. By welcoming back these lost parts of ourselves--these parts of ourselves we have long judged, blamed, and avoided--we not only allow for deep healing, we invite a deep transformation of all humanity into divine beings capable of powerfully spreading love around the planet.

I am deeply committed to helping birth this new paradigm by breathing it and living it as consciously as I can every day and every moment of my life. I invite all who resonate with this to join me. I invite you all to join in transcending the old paradigm of judgmental duality. Let us create a new paradigm of deep healing and love for all beings on this planet and in the universe. Together, we are creating a brighter future by choosing to open to all that we are in this sacred moment!

Sent with wishes for lots of love, healing, and empowerment to all that you are,

PS For more on the new paradigm, check out

Explore the empowering websites Fred coordinates: - strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all - sharing information and working together for a better world - building a Global Community for All

Together, we are powerfully creating a new paradigm of love and cooperation on the planet.


From: "Robert Rodvik">
Subject: Vote now at Wolf Blitzer
Date: 10 Jul 2003 Blitzer

Did Bush make an honest mistake?
Or did he deliberately Lie to public?

Vote now at - Wolf Blitzer


Date: 15 Jul 2003
Subject: Good $$News for the Kucinich Campaign
From: Kucinich Campaign>


Today, the Kucinich campaign released its financial figures for the April-June quarter, showing the biggest percentage jump in fundraising of any presidential campaign. Our fundraising climbed this quarter to more than $1.5 million, and we ended with over $1 million cash on hand.

"Our goal was to raise a million dollars in our first full quarter," said Congressman Kucinich. "We far exceeded our expectations. A grassroots campaign like ours, with thousands of volunteers, doesn't need to match the other campaigns in fundraising -- we will invest our cash on hand in expanded field operations...We are showing that a campaign based on a progressive issues agenda can resonate with voters and gain momentum -- despite those in the media who want to write us out of the race."

Our campaign has been surging in recent weeks. Of the $1.5 million raised in the quarter, roughly half came in the last two weeks, and 2/3 of the total came from credit card donations through the Internet. The average donation for the quarter was $77. With so many small donations, the great news for our campaign is that 90-95% of our total will be eligible for federal matching funds.



Forwarded by Larry Morningstar>


Nader Urging Democrats To Back Kucinich In '04 Primaries


Washington - Consumer activist Ralph Nader, still undecided about running again as a third-party candidate, said yesterday that he is urging Democrats to vote for Rep. Dennis Kucinich in the presidential primaries next year.

Nader, stopping short of an endorsement of the long-shot Democrat, said he will decide before the end of the year whether to run again for president.

Excepting Cleveland's Kucinich, and at times former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, he faulted the Democratic field for not attacking President Bush with gusto on the Iraqi war and corporate scandals, such as the Enron bankruptcy.

Unlike some of his rivals, Kucinich "says publicly what he believes privately," Nader said at a breakfast meeting with reporters. "At this point, I am urging Democrats to vote for him in the primary."

Nader, who attracted nearly 3 million votes as the liberal Green candidate in 2000, said "there would be less reason" for him to declare his candidacy if Kucinich captured the Democratic nomination. But he said he could not wait for voters to sort out the nine Democratic candidates next year before making a decision.

"The congressman and Ralph have been friends for over 30 years," said Kucinich spokesman Doug Gordon. "He appreciates the nice words. From the beginning, he has said his campaign is about bringing people who feel alienated or left out of the Democratic Party back into the party."

Nader still gets the cold shoulder from many Democrats who blame him for siphoning liberal votes from Al Gore in the close 2000 contest against Bush. But he said Kucinich and Sens. John Edwards of North Carolina and John Kerry of Massachusetts have sought his support in the developing 2004 race.

Asked how President Nader would have handled the Sept. 11 attacks, Nader said he would not have put the nation on a war footing but would have pursued the terrorist masterminds with commando units.

Nader said he thought Bush could be subject to impeachment for exaggerating the threat posed by Iraq, asserting a connection with the al-Qaida terrorist organization and claiming that Saddam Hussein ordered his army to use chemical or biological weapons against American troops.


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif">
Subject: Greg Palast, Robert Fisk, John Pilger - correspondents who tell it straight
Date: 15 Jul 2003

Dear What Matters list members,

Below is an article by Greg Palast on Bill Gates' dubious philanthropy. Greg Palast is one of the few media correspondents who report straight. He is author of the New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. You can subscribe to his writings for Britain's Observer and Guardian newspapers, and view his investigative reports for BBC Television's Newsnight, at .

Two other journalists who tell it straight are Robert Fisk, who writes for The Independent in London, and John Pilger, the Australian author, broadcaster and film maker who writes for England's Daily Mirror. Fisk and Pilger were in Oslo, Norway recently - Pilger to receive the $100,000 Sophie Prize for 30 years of work to expose deception and war against humanity and Fisk to give a lecture at Fritt Ord, a Norwegian media foundation. Robert Fisk told fellow journalists at a meeting of the Inter Press Service in Oslo that the story in Iraq most correspondents chose not to report was the "bomb now, die later" policy through use of depleted uranium (DU).

Since the Gulf War of 1991 the number of cancer patients had risen, and 'strange vegetables' had begun to appear on the market. The distortions were most likely to have been caused by use of DU, he said.

"I told my colleagues that this was an interesting story that should be reported," Fisk said. "But most of them said, 'honestly Bob, we do not want to write home about sick children'. An official American military document states that DU dust can indeed be spread in battles and lead to serious illness in humans, but this is not reported."

The public and civil society opposed the Iraq war because they understood the hidden agenda, but "editors have a tendency to underestimate their readership", he said. Readers are seen as ignorant or disinterested. Self- censorship continues in Iraq after the war, and elsewhere, Fisk said.

"Many more people have died so far in the war against terrorism than on September 11 2001," Fisk said. "That is the story of our time, and very few are writing it."

Twenty thousand people have died just in the Afghanistan war, seven times more than on September 11, Fisk said. This is just one example of the "great power of silence that is threatening to dominate us all". Coupled with self- censorship is the censorship being imposed on the Iraqi media, Fisk said. This, too, is not being reported adequately in the United States. The US administration has set up a committee for press censorship in Iraq, which means the Iraqi press can publish anything to remind people about the terror of Saddam, but is not allowed to write freely about current events crucial to them and their future. John Pilger sees reason for optimism, though. "There is a movement of resistance globally from the landless peoples movement in Brazil to the huge anti-war movement," he said. "Nothing like this has ever happened before in my lifetime." The superpower in Washington is being challenged by the other superpower, he says; the superpower of public opinion. Source, 'The Power of Silence' by Gorill Husby and Guri Wiggen, posted at

In friendship,

Boudewijn Wegerif

See also:

Why Has Our Military Refused to Show This Training Video To Our Troops Now Serving In Iraq? US ARMY TRAINING VIDEO: Depleted Uranium Hazard Awareness



by Greg Palast - July 14, 2003

Bring back Jayson Blair! The New York Times has eliminated the scourge of plagiarized journalism by eliminating journalism altogether from its front page. Check this Sunday's edition: "Bill Gates is no ordinary philanthropist," gushes a Times reporter named Stephanie Strom, re-writing one of the digital diva's self-loving press releases. Gates has saved 100,000 lives by providing vaccines to Africans, gushes Stephanie, according to someone on the payroll of Bill Gates. And he's making drugs for Africans, especially for AIDS victims, "cheaper and easier." Stephanie knows because she asked Bill Gates himself!

Then we get to the real point of this journalistic Lewinsky: "Those who think of Mr. Gates as a ruthless billionaire monopolist may find it hard to reconcile that image with one of a humorously self-deprecating philanthropist."

Actually, that's not hard at all.

Stephanie, let me let you in on a little secret about Bill and Melinda Gates so-called "Foundation." Gate's demi- trillionaire status is based on a nasty little monopoly-protecting trade treaty called "TRIPS" - the Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights rules of the World Trade Organization. TRIPS gives Gates a hammerlock on computer operating systems worldwide, legally granting him a monopoly that the Robber Barons of yore could only dream of. But TRIPS, the rule which helps Gates rule, also bars African governments from buying AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis medicine at cheap market prices.

Example: in June 2000, at the urging of Big Pharma, Bill Clinton threatened trade sanctions against Argentina for that nation's daring to offer low-cost drugs to Southern Africa.

Gates knows darn well that the "intellectual property rights" laws such as TRIPS - which keep him and Melinda richer than Saddam and the Mafia combined -- are under attack by Nelson Mandela and front-line doctors trying to get cheap drugs to the 23 million Africans sick with the AIDS virus. Gate's brilliant and self-serving solution: he's spending an itsy-bitsy part of his monopoly profits (the $6 billion spent by Gates' foundation is less than 2% of his net worth) to buy some drugs for a fraction of the dying. The bully billionaire's "philanthropic" organization is currently working paw-in-claw with the big pharmaceutical companies in support of the blockade on cheap drug shipments.

Gates' game is given away by the fact that his Foundation has invested $200 million in the very drug companies stopping the shipment of low-cost AIDS drugs to Africa.

Gates says his plan is to reach one million people with medicine by the end of the decade. Another way to read it: he's locking in a trade system that will block the delivery of cheap medicine to over 20 million.

The computer magnate's scheme has a powerful ally. "The president could have been reading from a script prepared by Mr. Gates," enthuses the Times' cub reporter, referring to Mr. Bush's AIDS plan offered up this week to skeptical Africans. The US press does not understand why Africans don't jump for Bush's generous offer. None note that the money held out to the continent's desperate nations has strings attached or, more accurately, chains and manacles. The billions offered are mostly loans at full interest which may be used only to buy patent drugs at a price several times that available from other nations. What Africans want, an end to the devastating tyranny of TRIPS and other trade rules, is dismissed by the Liberator of Baghdad.

We are all serfs on Microsoft's and Big Pharma's 'intellectual property.' If Gates' fake philanthropy eviscerates the movement to free Africans from the tyranny of TRIPS, then Bill and Melinda's donations could have the effect of killing more Africans than then even their PR agents claim they have saved. And for our own Republic, we can only hope that when the bully-boy billionaire injects his next wad of loot into the Bush political campaign, he uses a condom.




On sky patrol with the flying saucer squad

The evidence for extraterrestrial life continues to pile up

Toby Manhire

July 9, 2003

If you need convincing the truth is out there, what better authority than the British constabulary? In UFO Magazine (July), Gary Heseltine, detective constable No 1877 of the British transport police, presented the results of a year's work compiling police officers' observations of unidentified flying objects. "The last 12 months have literally flown by," recounted DC Heseltine. But his feet were firmly on the ground as he presented a database bulging with encounters of the first, second and third kind - a total of 84 incidents, spanning the period from 1950 to 2002, involving more than 200 police officers.

"Given that well over half the number of incidents were corroborated by other police officers present at the time, this dispels any notion that all of the 218 officers could have been mistaken or imagining things," said DC Heseltine. And he was keen to find more members of the flying saucer squad: "I firmly believe that this report is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg - and I appeal to all officers out there who have had such experiences, past or present, to come forward and contact me, safe in the knowledge that I will protect their identities if required to do so." The editor of UFO Magazine, Graham Birdsall, was convinced. "Witness credibility and testimony par excellence," he said.

Birdsall also appeared in the latest issue of Nexus (June-July), interviewing Valery Uvarov, of Russia's national security academy. Here was more evidence of extraterrestrial activity. Investigations suggested that an asteroid struck Earth about 12,500 years ago, throwing the planet off its "finely tuned frequency", said Mr Uvarov.

"We believe the orbit of the Earth was altered, artificially, to compensate for this ... This has taught us to believe that we have friends - friends that watch over us, silently. They did not allow then, nor will they allow now, any planet, comet or asteroid to strike and destroy the Earth. This, for us, is now absolutely clear." Mr Uvarov was no crank. "I am answerable to two people above me," intoned the Agent Mulder of Moscow. "They are answerable to the next person above them, who is our president."

In Fortean Times (August), David Hambling offered an explanation for the flying broomstick: a hallucinogenic ointment with an active ingredient of the plant henbane. The evidence "points strongly to the conclusion that the flight of witches was a henbane-induced hallucination, however much they may have believed in it themselves", he said. "Although scientists maintain that the effects of flying ointment are entirely hallucinatory, some modern witches disagree. The flight provided by henbane may not be of the physical type, but they maintain it enables the spirit to be projected in a genuine out-of-body experience."

Could Hambling be referring to astral projection, the out-of-body state detailed in the latest issue of Witchcraft and Wicca (Beltane- Lamas 2003; or May to August for non-witches)? There is no mention of ointment in its "practical magic" guide, however, although "avoiding eating for at least three to four hours before attempting astral projection" is advised. Practice makes perfect: "During the first few times you leave your body you might have problems knowing how to move your body. Those who experience this will need to learn to fly just as a baby learns to crawl, then walk."

W&W - "the most popular witchcraft magazine in Europe" - certainly has the modern witch in mind. There are references to "coming out of the broom closet", a focus on the suitability of young people exploring witchcraft, and much enthusiasm for the popular appeal of the forthcoming Witchfest UK, where there will be "music and entertainment for everyone ... from the Mediæval Bæbes' classical melodic vocal style, to the high-energy witchy gothic of Inkubus Sukkubus".



UK tanks roll on Indonesian rebels

Antony Barnett
July 13, 2003
The Observer

The British Government faces fresh embarrassment over its controversial policy of selling arms to Indonesia as the first evidence emerged of the Indonesian military using UK-made tanks to crush a rebellion in its Aceh province.

Friday's edition of Indonesian daily Suara Pembaruan published a photo of two Scorpion tanks, made by the Coventry firm Alvis, in offensive operations in Pidie sub-district, north Aceh, while an Indonesian military commander told The Observer he knew the Foreign Office in London would 'have a fit'.

The spectre of British-made tanks involved in the conflict is acutely embarrassing for the Blair Government, which came under pressure to block the sale after it was elected in 1997. Yesterday a Foreign Office spokesman said an investigation would be launched.

Despite pledging to introduce an ethical foreign policy, then Foreign Secretary Robin Cook allowed the export of these tanks because he claimed they had received assurances the equipment would not not be used for internal repression.

The decision by the Indonesian military to use them in this bloody civil conflict is a clear violation of those promises, and human rights groups are demanding the British Government intervenes.

Indonesian generals have repeatedly said they do not intend to abide by non-binding assurances made to the British Government about the use of weapons. Earlier this month Colonel Ditya Sudarsono insisted they would not be used to violate civilians' human rights but would be used offensively. 'They will become a key part of our campaign to finish off the separatists,' he said. 'They will be used for restoring peace to the province.'

Ditya admitted Britain would be unhappy at the Scorpions' deployment. 'Maybe later the British Foreign Minister will have a fit,' he said.

Special report - The arms trade,10674,519643,00.html


Sent by Ken on July 14


Our President Is A Criminal

By Daniel Patrick Welch


It's well past time to say it. Despite the weaseling and finger-pointing -- in fact, because of it -- the Forged Niger letter is indeed the smoking gun, and the chips have yet to stop falling. Who wrote the damn thing, and on whose orders? Who cares whether Tenet, his job on the line, acquiesced to including a literal truth that actually amounts to one of the great frauds of the century? The sheer audacity and cynicism of this coterie of hacks and hustlers is simply astounding. As a teacher, I won't let six-year-olds get away with such transparent sophistry. The bottom line is that Bush knew the information was bogus, and used it anyway to convince millions to go along with his phony war.

For that alone, for the memory of the thousands of dead Iraqis and Americans, he deserves the il Duce treatment (figuratively speaking, Mr. Ashcroft -- no need to start tapping my phone or putting me on no-fly lists). The criminal enterprise called the Bush administration is (Helen Thomas was right) the worst ever. Their campaign in furtherance of the conspiracy to defraud the public into buying the Iraq war is one of the most cynical abuses of power in U.S. history. It deserves to be treated as such.

Alarmist? You bet. This guy already thinks (and occasionally tells foreign leaders) that he gets his orders from God. If these radical extremists can get away with this, then the dumbing down of America will be complete, and the stage will be set for the next wave of the nascent fascism. La Cosa Bush (apologies to the Mafia) is, like all crime families, violent, arrogant, and beyond the reach of the law -- so far. Bush's handlers no longer even have the decency, courage or self-restraint to prevent his criminally stupid comments from wreaking havoc around the globe. Was last week's pseudo-macho invitation to "Bring 'em on" even a mistake? Or was it another calculated ploy to make him look "tough" to the American people, playing to the ugliest side of the American psyche while once again enraging thinking people the world over. No matter -- he must be stopped. This cabal has been lying, cheating, and manipulating national tragedy to force their right wing agenda down our throats long enough.

And half-measures won't do any more. None of this vague safe rhetoric about "misleading" or cautious calls for those who "know who they are" to step down. WE know who they are, the junta that has hijacked our government and our national agenda. The cartel must go: Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle should all resign, be fired or impeached immediately, before their conspiracy of lies and their mutual pact of self-protection is allowed to further endanger the country and the world. Cornered criminals, especially stupid ones, are a dangerous lot, and there is no telling to what lengths they will go to cover their own behinds.

On a mission from God, installed by a viciously partisan Supreme Court, the skids are greased for a further slide into misadventure, bankruptcy and ruin. With the addition of Congress on their side, they are acting with particularly reckless abandon -- and impeachment is not in the cards as long as the GOP circles the wagons. None will have the courage or integrity Goldwater showed when he told Nixon the jig was up. Power corrupts, and the Republicans are so drunk with it they won't turn on their Lord Fauntleroy until he robs a bank on camera in broad daylight.

But that is no reason not to tell the truth: whatever their chances, some of the braver souls in congress should introduce impeachment legislation immediately: Conyers, Kucinich, Lee, Paul? The media has already shown they will not help; moneyed interests overwhelmingly favor the right. A campaign based on the old game of raising oodles of money and buying ads is a sure failure. The only thing that can save us now is a grassroots, velvet revolution, the principled, impassioned movement calling for these people's head on a spike.

And maybe, just maybe, this one isn't an impeachable offense, but I'm just plain getting sick of Rumsfeld's smug, arrogant grin on the tube. What the hell is he smiling at all the time? Is it funny, somehow, that thousands of Iraqi civilians are dead after his "precision" bombing? It is ironic, admittedly, another fraud, to be sure-but hardly amusing. Maybe it's just part of what you do when you think you can get away with anything.

Senate Intelligence Chair Pat Roberts foreshadowed just how twisted the logic is going to get when he said that what concerns him most "is what appears to be a campaign of press leaks by the CIA in an effort to discredit the president," Yeah, right. The black bag set, whose penchant for secrecy and service verges on pathology, are the real problem here -- not the curious fact that even some of them have finally decided that things are so bad that someone, somewhere has to speak out.

It's time to close the curtain on this Bizarro World. Saddam loyalists -- not nationalist resistance to occupation -- are the real problem in Iraq. Protesters are terrorists, but we are fighting for our freedoms. Bush's popularity remains robust, yet huge shows of force and repressive rules on free speech are needed to keep the viewing public from seeing that he is dogged by protest at every turn. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and some animals are more equal than others. The lies won't stop until we fire the liars.

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Subject: PHR-IL: Concern of Excessive use of Force against Palestinian Female Prisoners in Neve Tirtza Prison
Date: 14 Jul 2003
From: "Shabtai Gold">

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel


13 July 2003

Concern of Excessive use of Force against Palestinian Female Prisoners in Neve Tirtza Prison

Testimonies received by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-Israel) indicate excessive use of force against Palestinian female prisoners, resulting in the need for medical care, and that they suffered humiliation at the hands of security forces.

Affidavits given to Adv. Ihab Iraqi, and from examinations of the prisoners by Dr. Shifrit Ofir- a volunteer for PHR-Israel- indicate that on Monday, 7 July, 25 Palestinian female prisoners began a protest against their detention conditions, and to the fact that promises given to them by various people in the prison, were not upheld. The prisoners sat in the courtyard and refused to enter their rooms. The prisoner Arij Sh'habri, who acts as the spokesperson for the ward, informed the commander of the ward that the women would continue to sit in the courtyard until the Deputy Director of Neve Tirtza prison would speak with them. Approximately 15 minutes later the deputy, along with the 'Officer of Prisoners', arrived in the courtyard, but refused to speak with the prisoners. After a few minutes the senior officials left the courtyard and in their place entered a force of some 50 prison guards; according to Shahabri those guards were not part of the regular staff, and were reinforcements. The guards wore protective gear and had truncheons and helmets.

Initially, individual guards entered and used two fire extinguisher hoses to congregate the prisoners in one corner of the courtyard. Once this was done, more guards entered and began to beat the women using the truncheons. The number of those issuing beatings rose above the number of prisoners, thus, each prisoner was beaten by more than one guard at once. The prisoners were hit all over their bodies, and especially on their legs and back.

By use of this force, the prisoners were finally placed into their rooms, and there they discovered, that as a punishment, the water and power supply had been turned off. The women requested that a paramedic or physician come to examine the prisoners, some of whom were bleeding, but the request was not accepted.

Only the following morning, Tuesday, did a paramedic arrive, but he refused to examine the prisoners, claiming that he was not qualified. He handed out painkillers to all the women, including to those who did not participate in the event. The women requested ice in order to treat the many injuries, and also requested to be filmed in order to document the injuries. The request for ice was not accepted and only three women were filmed.

That same morning, the commander of the ward and an intelligence officer entered and allotted punishments to the prisoners in response to the event: negating family visits, correspondence, and canteen for two months; courtyards walks would be limited to one hour, instead of the usual three, for an unlimited period; negating passage between rooms, also for an unlimited period. In addition, the chairs in the rooms were removed.

In protest of the punishments the prisoners refused to leave their rooms and requested to speak with the Director, but were denied. At 10:00 in the morning, tear gas was sprayed in the rooms, and the doors and small windows were slammed shut. Afterwards, security forces, that the prisoners did not recognize, arrived, and opened each door, one at a time, and began to beat the prisoners with truncheons and handcuffed their hands and feet. While they continued to beat the prisoners and kick them, they dragged the prisoners outside to the hallway. The women noted that the security officials that handled them seemed to be from a special unit, since they were "especially big and wore black". While being dragged on the floor, shirts of some of the women fell off or were lifted, such that their backs and breasts were exposed. "The guards passed by and laughed", testified Arij Sh'habri in her affidavit, "I begged them to allow me to cover up my breasts and back, and finally we ourselves tried to cover each other, as we remained shackled."

Following the event, some of the women were transferred to solitary confinement. Four women who gave their affidavits regarding the events to a lawyer from PHR-Israel, were transferred to the Israeli Prisons Service's (IPS) medical center, there they were visited by a lawyer and the affidavits were given. The prisoners say that they were transferred to the medical center in order to distance them from Neve Tirtza and not in order to give them medical care. This information was confirmed by the center's staff to Adv. Iraqi.

Dr. Shirit Ofir, the PHR-Israel volunteer who visited the prisoners while they resided in the medical center, testified that they were not given a proper medical examination by a physician until the day she arrived, even though they continuously requested to be examined and to receive treatment. According to the prisoners, and according to their medical records, a physician came in to see the prisoners on Wednesday, 9 July; however, the prisoners say that he did not examine them. Following this visit, the only sign of documentation in the medical records is the remark "no changes in her condition". It is unclear what "condition" is being referred to since there is no description of a previous one. The prisoners only received a professional medical examination on Friday morning, the day that the physician from PHR-Israel was supposed to visit them. Dr. Ofir testified that all the women were injured, but were not in need of special treatment, except for L., whose hand might be broken. Even though this fear was confirmed by the prison's physician, he told Dr. Ofir that the woman would only be sent out for X-Rays on Sunday morning. The reason for this delay in treatment is unclear, as is the delayed physician's examination throughout the entire event.

Even if the IPS's claim is correct, as was expressed in the media, that the prisoners were disruptive and acted violently, it seems that during the event there was excessive use of force against the prisoners, and purposeful abuse and humiliation were given in addition. The prisoners noted that the action was most likely well planned and did not stem from a situation which got out of control. The proof for this is that before the tear gas was fired, a woman with a two month old baby was removed from her room. It is doubtful that the guards' response to seeing women with their breasts exposed- which is both hurtful and humiliating- would have been identical, had these been religious Jewish women.

PHR-Israel filed a complaint regarding the event with the Department for Police Investigation and with the Department for Prison Guard Investigation, demanding that the event be investigated and those from the Security forces and/or the IPS who are responsible face trial. Similarly, the concern for the prisoner L. was passed on to the accountable guard at the IPS medical center on Friday, and this morning, Sunday, to Dr. Adler, the Head of the Medical Department of the IPS.

For more information: Anat Litvina, Director Prisoners and Detainees Project, +972-67-322007 or Shabtai Gold, Public Outreach +972-3-6873718.


From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.">
Subject: New Healing Our World Commentary available
Date: 13 Jul 2003


Mainstream media stories, and many members of the public, will often refer to the efforts of small bands of people who want to stop some defenseless animal from being killed or who want to end the destruction of the Earth's forests and oceans as being "extreme."

What if we all decide that we will work hard to define a new norm for us all? What if a normal day became driving as little as we can, buying nothing other than what we need to survive, not watching TV, not throwing anything out, and doing something to help someone who has nothing? What's so extreme about that?

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Take care and I wish you peace.


Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.
Columnist, Environment News Service


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