June 27, 2003

Miscellaneous Subjects #187: Summer Lull Explained

Hello everyone

Many of you must be wondering why you are not receiving any compilation from me. I simply do not have time right now to prepare any - well except this one compiled from the few things I managed to review from my incoming emails. I'm currently focusing most of my attention onto gardening, enjoying summer as much as possible, repairing things that needed to be fixed and translating a book which I need to complete by the end of July (still about a hundred pages to go). In August and September I intend to do some construction work here and thus cannot expect to really resume my compilation work in a major way before the end of September. I will continue however to prepare the Meditation Focus, albeit on a monthly basis instead, unless something really urgent and important comes up. Because I cannot attend to my emails on a regular basis, I'd certainly appreciate an extreme email restraint from those who may be tempted to forward me any material...

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Have a great summer (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere) everyone! ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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1. Dire situation in Zimbabwe
2. Prominent Canadians join river expeditions
3. Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
4. Kucinich Campaign -- Time to Join
6. Kucinich: "We're Gaining Ground"
7. Crop Circle News - 21st June 2003
8. Whose Media?
9. Global warming's sooty smokescreen revealed

See also:

Bush's Vietnam by John Pilger (June 22)
America's two "great victories" since 11 September 2001 are unravelling. In Afghanistan, the regime of Hamid Karzai has virtually no authority and no money, and would collapse without American guns. Al-Qaeda has not been defeated, and the Taliban are re-emerging. Regardless of showcase improvements, the situation of women and children remains desperate. The token woman in Karzai's cabinet, the courageous physician Sima Samar, has been forced out of government and is now in constant fear of her life, with an armed guard outside her office door and another at her gate. Murder, rape and child abuse are committed with impunity by the private armies of America's "friends", the warlords whom Washington has bribed with millions of dollars, cash in hand, to give the pretence of stability. "We are in a combat zone the moment we leave this base," an American colonel told me at Bagram airbase, near Kabul. "We are shot at every day, several times a day." When I said that surely he had come to liberate and protect the people, he belly-laughed. American troops are rarely seen in Afghanistan's towns. They escort US officials at high speed in armoured vans with blackened windows and military vehicles, mounted with machine-guns, in front and behind. Even the vast Bagram base was considered too insecure for the defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, during his recent, fleeting visit. So nervous are the Americans that a few weeks ago they "accidentally" shot dead four government soldiers in the centre of Kabul, igniting the second major street protest against their presence in a week. ... The Americans call the guerrillas "Saddam loyalists" and "Ba'athist fighters", in the same way they used to dismiss the Vietnamese as "communists". Recently, in Falluja, in the Sunni heartland of Iraq, it was clearly not the presence of Ba'athists or Saddamists, but the brutal behaviour of the occupiers, who fired point-blank at a crowd, that inspired the resistance. The American tanks gunning down a family of shepherds is reminiscent of the gunning down of a shepherd, his family and sheep by "coalition" aircraft in a "no-fly zone" four years ago, whose aftermath I filmed and which evoked, for me, the murderous games American aircraft used to play in Vietnam, gunning down farmers in their fields, children on their buffaloes. CLIP

US losing the peace in Afghanistan (June 21)
WASHINGTON - Just as the United States is struggling to deal with major postwar headaches in Iraq, its efforts to pacify Afghanistan appear to be unraveling, according to a new report by a key group of experts sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Asia Society. Titled "Afghanistan: Are We Losing the Peace?", the 24-page document, authored by, among others, three retired senior US government policymakers who specialize in South Asian affairs, answers that question very much in the affirmative and argues that Washington must do far more, and urgently, to save the situation. CLIP

Soldiers 'will create cycle of revenge' (June 20)
MPs from across the political spectrum today reacted with shock and concern to revelations that trigger-happy US troops in Iraq regularly kill civilians. Yesterday the Evening Standard published confessions from American soldiers that they have fired indiscriminately at non-combatants and left wounded fighters to die or even shot them. The GIs said they were often unable to tell civilians from enemy troops. However, former government whip Graham Allen, who led Labour backbenchers in opposition to the war against Saddam, said the Americans' conduct was creating a "cycle of hatred and revenge". Mr Allen said President Bush had "failed in his responsibility to prepare properly for the occupation of Iraq when Saddam Hussein had gone", adding: "Mr Bush never told his army or his people what to expect. "The result is the terrible and growing toll of casualties of US soldiers and Iraqi civilians, and a cycle of mistrust, hatred and revenge reminiscent of Vietnam. This situation is intolerably dangerous, not only for the Americans and the Iraqis but for British forces, administrators and aid workers." Mr Allen said there was now only one answer - the full-scale takeover of Iraq's administration by the United Nations.

Missiles WERE Found In Iraq - Sold by Reagan-Bush, Covered Up by Bush-Cheney
Weapons of mass destruction were quietly found in Iraq earlier this month. For reasons that will be revealed in this column, the Bush Administration has been reluctant to promote the discovery of a very large number of offensive missiles. The find was reported in the 'Periscope' section of the June 9th, 2003 issue of Newsweek in a short article titled, 'Return to Sender' ... They were sold to Saddam by the United States of America during the Reagan-Bush Administration! We all know the Reagan-Bush Administration supplied missiles illegally to the mullahs of Iran during the Iran-Contra Affair. It now looks like this was not the only WMD export to rogue nations under Reagan and the senior George Bush. We need public hearings into their actions during that time.

Our troops suffer uranium sickness
Australian servicemen and women who served in the recent Iraq war were reporting symptoms of uranium sickness, a United States nuclear weapons expert said today.

Indonesian Military Uses Bush-Supplied F16 Planes to Destroy Schools in Aceh
The number of school buildings set on fire has risen to 507 in ten different districts of Aceh, since the start of the military offensive on May 19 against the separatist rebels active for decades in this western province of Indonesia.... Local authorities specified that the destroyed buildings include 4 kindergartens, 361 primary schools, 60 Islamic primary schools, 52 public secondary schools, 12 Islamic secondary schools, 12 public high-schools, 5 Islamic high-schools and a building that hosts schools of various levels. The situation was rendered more dramatic in Aceh by the use of F-16 war planes by the Indonesian military.

Bush's 9/11 coverup? - "the most important investigation ever done in American history"
Family members of victims of the terror attacks say the White House has smothered every attempt to get to the bottom of the outrageous intelligence failures that took place on its watch.

New catalyst paves way for cheap, renewable hydrogen
ARLINGTON, Va.--Scientists have developed a hydrogen-making catalyst that uses cheaper materials and yields fewer contaminants than do current processes, while extracting the element from common renewable plant sources. Further, the new catalyst lies at the heart of a chemical process the authors say is a significant advance in producing alternate fuels from domestic sources.

Looming Energy Crisis (June 23)
* Fertilizer Prices Up 55% * US Chemical Industry Suffering - Jobs at Risk * Cities Facing Brownouts * The Shape of Things to Come --Forget about terrorists. Don't give another thought to SARS. The single greatest threat to the U.S. right now comes from a critical shortage of natural gas. The impending crisis will affect all consumers directly in the pocket book, and it may well mean that some people won't survive next winter. The problem is not with wells or pumps. The problem is that North America is running out and there is no replacement supply.

Harpers Weekly Review
- North Korea announced its intention to accelerate its program to build a nuclear deterrent and said that a U.S. naval blockade or embargo could lead to "all-out war"; a state-run newspaper said that "the Iraqi war proved that disarmament leads to war. Therefore it is quite clear that the DPRK can never accept the U.S. demand that it scrap its nuclear weapons program first." President Bush declared that the world will not tolerate nuclear weapons in Iran. "Iran would be dangerous," he said, "if they have a nuclear weapon."  
- The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence made a deal to conduct a "review" of the Bush Administration's handling of intelligence on Iraq but only if Democrats agreed not to call it an "investigation." Stansfield Turner, a former director of central intelligence, criticized the Bush Administration for its use of intelligence to justify the conquest of Iraq: "There is no question in my mind [that policymakers] distorted the situation, either because they had bad intelligence or because they misinterpreted it." John Dean, former White House counsel to Richard Nixon, was more blunt: "If Bush has taken Congress and the nation into war based on bogus information, he is cooked. Manipulation or deliberate misuse of national security intelligence data, if proven, could be 'a high crime' under the Constitution's impeachment clause. It would also be a violation of federal criminal law, including the broad federal anti-conspiracy statute, which renders it a felony 'to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose.'" Other mainstream commentators were also beginning to use the word "impeachment" in connection with the weapons of mass destruction scandal. American soldiers in Iraq were being killed at a rate of one per day. ... ...(much more)

Slaughtergate (June 23)
American combat casualties in Iraq from June 1 to June 20

The Best Show in Town
An interesting perspective on the "removal" of settlements. (Uri Avnery is an Israeli peace activist)

How We Will Reach One Million Votes
Last month Ramsey Clark appealed to the 250,000 VoteToImpeach members to help build the campaign. Now, we are launching a new initiative to take this campaign to the million vote mark.

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Date: 18 Jun 2003
Subject: Dire situation in Zimbabwe

Beloved Jean,

I thought you and your readers might be interested in an update on the difficult situation in Zimbabwe that I just received from a friend in South Africa. Sad, the results of madness and power. May we keep the people of this once gentle, peaceful place in our hearts with Light and Love! MK writes: "As for Zimbabwe, the news grows dimmer each day. Now, in addition to no petrol, no maize, no milk, no butter, no oil and no sugar, there is no currency and the government does not have money to print new bills. Melody tells me the banks were only giving out Z$20,000 at a day to account holders (or about US$25 at current ‘official’ rate). Things are so dire that companies are beginning to issue their own ‘script’ in order to have some kind of currency in circulation. Phone/electric service is being cut off for non-payment, but customers cannot get their own currency from the bank to make payment and checks are no longer being honored. It has been outlandish there for last four years, but now it could be considered cartoonish, if it were not for the very real hardships that are being endured. Life has rarely been so difficult for the people of this once lovely country."

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Prominent Canadians join river expeditions to celebrate Canada's Boreal Forest

From David Suzuki Foundation

June 17, 2003

TORONTO – In order to highlight the rich ecological treasure of Canada’s vast Boreal region, more than 25 prominent Canadians are joining a series of river expeditions this summer through the heart of the boreal forest.

Those supporting conservation of this vast wilderness ecosystem include: Rick Mercer, Justin Trudeau, David Suzuki, Tomson Highway, Tom Cochrane, Ken Dryden, Silken Laumann, Sarah Harmer, Veronica Tennant, Florent Vollant, Derek Miller, the Rheostatics and Susan Aglukark. Several of these great Canadians will attend a concert in Toronto today to launch the Boreal Rendezvous.

In July and August, they will join members of local communities, scientists and conservationists on canoe trips on eight of the most magnificent, wild and rugged rivers in Canada’s boreal region, which stretches from Newfoundland and Labrador to the Rocky Mountains and into the Yukon.

“The Earth’s forests have been overcut and fragmented,” said Dr. David Suzuki. “The Canadian boreal is one of the last and largest intact forests remaining on the planet. The boreal gives us one last chance to do the right thing with our forests, and we as Canadians have the opportunity to protect this global treasure which is part of our national identity and heritage.”

The Boreal Rendezvous is an initiative of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation and the Canadian Boreal Initiative (CBI).

“Canada’s boreal region is where our geography meets our music, literature and national identity,” said Tim Gray, Director of Boreal Programs for CPAWS. “These boreal rivers run right through the heart of the country and connect us all … east and west, north and south and the local communities. With the Rendezvous we hope to make this region come alive to Canadians,” he added. With its mosaic of rivers, forests and wetlands, Canada’s boreal region is an unparalleled natural jewel, and features one of the largest intact forests left on earth.

New public opinion polling conducted for the Canadian Boreal Initiative released today shows that eight in ten Canadians (81%) are concerned about the loss of wilderness forests in their province.

“An overwhelming number of Canadians told us that they value our northern wilderness as a source of clean air and water, a place for nature and wild animals and as a legacy for our children,” said Cathy Wilkinson, Canadian Boreal Initiative director.

Boreal Rendezvous features river trips on the Yukon’s Wind, Snake, Bonnet Plume and Coal Rivers, the legendary canyons of the Northwest Territories’ Nahanni, the Dease river in BC, the Athabasca in Alberta, the Churchill and Sturgeon-Weir rivers in Saskatchewan, the Berens river in Ontario and Manitoba and Quebec’s Moisie river.

The summer-long campaign is sponsored by Mountain Equipment Co-op. “The rivers and forests of the boreal are places many of our members have experienced first-hand,” said Peter Robinson, Mountain Equipment Co-op CEO. “Our gear was there on those adventures and it will be there on Boreal Rendezvous. MEC is proud to lend support through its Environment Fund to help protect these precious Canadian ecosystems.”

The Boreal Rendezvous ends in September with a final celebration and concert in Ottawa.

For more information, contact: Tamara Nowakowsky

Media Relations, Boreal Rendezvous David Suzuki Foundation

Web site:

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Forwarded by "Mark Graffis" <> on June 9

Subject: Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich

Hi Joe,

We went to see him. Colleen Olson and Nancy Longo also went. We were all quite impressed, but I'll speak for myself from now on. I was so impressed, that I'm co-coordinator of the Lakes and Mountain Regions for the Kucinich campaign. I don't want to be pushy with my enthusiasm, but I have a few e-mail articles that I can send to you about him. He's a real person, dare I go so far as to say he's a spiritual person, a person with a heart. That was extremely evident. Colleen Olson would be better at filling you in on one very emotional point, when the last person, Fatima, asked a question. She's a Palestinian American. She became very emotional when she was addressing her concerns about her fear of living in a country like the U.S. with the Patriot Act, about her family overseas, etc. Dennis Kucinich laid down his microphone on the stage and quietly walked over to her and held her hand then gave her a big hug. He spoke quietly to her, in a very loving, empathic, supportive way (the audience could hear because she had been talking into a microphone). Then he gave her a big hug. It was quite moving. Kucinich is full of ideas. I'll jump to who is likely to be the main opponent of Kucinich, and that is Howard Dean. Kucinich's congressional district in Cleveland, OH, is larger than the whole State of Vermont. Not to mention that VT is made up mostly of WASP. Kucinich is used to serving a racially, ethnically, religiously diverse group of people, which is much more representative of the U.S. than is the State of VT.

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Date: 9 Jun 2003
Subject: Kucinich Campaign -- Time to Join
From: Kucinich Campaign <>


The Kucinich for President Campaign has been first in the size of our crowds, first in audience response at candidate forums, first in the number of grassroots volunteers flocking to our campaign to take on key roles -- but we have not been first in raising money. Or second...or third... So consider this a naked appeal for donations. And please circulate to friends, relatives and/or fellow activists who can help us.

It's easy to donate -- and all contributions up to $250 are matched. So your $25 means $50 to our campaign.

To help you line up the support of your friends and fellow activists, we've developed a new email brochure about Dennis and his "Progressive Vision" on 10 key issues.

-- Despite our limited budget, we're gaining ground. Democratic activists are still buzzing about Dennis' speech to the "Take Back America" conference in D.C. on Thursday, and about Sunday's appearance in Iowa that was telecast on C-SPAN.

For days, the Congressman has been in the news due to his leadership on Capitol Hill demanding answers about how the Bush administration drove our country to war. He led 30 members of Congress in introducing a Resolution of Inquiry to compel the White House to release intelligence substantiating claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that posed an "imminent threat" to the United States.

-- And this just in from the Des Moines Register -- the largest daily in Iowa, which holds the first presidential balloting in the country. The Register reports on two surprises: that while John Edwards' lavishly-funded campaign seems to be stalled in Iowa, the Kucinich campaign is picking up steam. Hereís an excerpt:

"Kucinich, on the other hand, arrived in Iowa in February as a relative unknown. His outspoken position against the war in Iraq gave him an instant following around Iowa City, a bastion of anti-war sentiment, said Johnson County Democratic Chairman Rod Sullivan.

"But his aggressiveness in courting the grass-roots supporters in Iowa, his populist message, and fiery stump speeches have given him a base of support beyond anti-war Democrats, Sullivan said. 'I've been impressed by the ability of Kucinich to line up locals,' he said. Kucinich, who unveiled a clean water initiative Friday in Davenport, has used Iowa as the backdrop for introducing his health care and farm policy plans.

"Kucinich brought union delegates to their feet in Des Moines last month during his speech at a public employees' union presidential forum that seven of the candidates attended. 'He's just a fireball,' said [Sandy] Opstvedt, co-chairwoman of the 4th U.S. House District Democratic committee. 'He's out there pushing hard to get support and a lot of people get excited when they hear him.'

"Kucinich's message plays with Democratic caucus voters in part because they tend to be more liberal than the average Democrat. The most ardent party members can be counted on to turn out on a cold January night and attend a caucus meeting for several hours to cast their vote.

"'Kucinich is a factor in this race. There's no question about it,' [Iowa Democratic Chair Gordon] Fischer said. 'I've seen his summer travel schedule. He's going to be here constantly.'"

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Date: 18 Jun 2003
From: Stephanie <>
Subject: KUCINICH CAN BE ELECTED - The best so far about Kucinich

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Whole-hearted support + Word of Mouth + Internet = Geometric Progression = Kucinich

by Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Chances are that you will hear about Dennis Kucinich, Democratic candidate for President, from someone you know who has heard him speak. Imagine having someone run for president who is intelligent, principled, spiritual, courageous, a person with depth, humor and compassion! (Invariably, there are lots of positive adjectives). And, your friend will comment, "You'll really like what he stands for!" All true. Chances are that you then may hear yourself parroting the voice of conventional wisdom: "Yes, but how could Kucinich possibly win?" One of the "Yes, but .. discouraged comments I even got from one of my friends was," He is a wonderful man but he will not be president, he is too short and too radical."

Listen up! This article is about how twenty-first century communication plus whole-hearted, altruistic support makes it possible for Dennis Kucinich to become the Democratic candidate who beats Bush. This potential is a mathematical reality based on the social dynamics of reaching a critical mass. As unlikely as it may seem at first glance, Kucinich can be elected

The ideas that support this possibility are drawn from The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell, The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World, by Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, and my own The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World inspired by the Hundredth Monkey story and Rupert Sheldrake's theory in A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance which sustained the anti-nuclear activists when conventional wisdom said that mere citizens could not stop the superpowers from their inevitable destructive course. The success of the women's movement and the end of the nuclear arms race between the United States and Russia are examples of how ideas that initially were resisted and thought to be impossible became reality.

John F. Kennedy was the first president elected with the help of television coverage, Dennis Kucinich can be the first president elected with the help of websites and emails. In the last presidential election, 106 million of the156 million registered voters actually voted. There are probably only two or three degrees of separation between those of us who have or will respond positively to Kucinich early in this election and the number of people needed to win the Democratic nomination, which is the first task.

The largest identifiable group that holds the similar views as Kucinich is the fifty million Cultural Creatives, sixty percent of whom are women. According to the data and research, we are Americans who care deeply about ecology and saving the planet, about relationships, peace, social justice, self-expression, and spirituality. We are both inner directed and socially concerned. We are optimistic, altruistic and idealistic, and believe in gender equality and reproductive choice. Especially relevant in a political campaign, we are volunteers, activists, and contributors to good causes. Neither those of us who fit into this category nor political strategists realize that in numbers and in influence that we have the potential to shape 21st century America by our active, whole-hearted support of Dennis Kucinich. (A second category of voters who respond to Dennis Kucinich as one of their own are working class people. This is a whole other constituency that trusts him to do right by them.)

Word of mouth epidemics follow the same geometric progression as the epidemiology of AIDS or SARS. A virus or an idea held at first by a few, spreads rapidly to many, and reaches a critical mass or "tipping point" and becomes an epidemic. This is how Dennis Kucinich as the least known candidate and without millions of his own or from special interests, could get his message out and be elected.

The most famous example of a word-of-mouth epidemic was Paul Revere's famous Midnight ride. On April 18, 1775, Revere and others in Boston became convinced that the British invasion was set for the next day. At 10 PM, he jumped on his horse and rode to Lexington, stopping in every town along the way to pass the word. The news spread like wildfire -- or like a contagion -- as those alerted by Paul Revere sent out riders with the message and roused their communities by ringing the church bells. The next morning when the British began their march toward Lexington, the region was prepared. In Concord, they were soundly defeated. The American Revolution had begun.

There were actually two midnight riders that night. Paul Revere took the message northwest of Boston, while William Dawes took it to the southwest. Both men carried the same message, rode through just as many towns and over as many miles, but Dawes' ride had little effect. In Gladwell's analysis--which is very relevant for a word of mouth campaign, it was because of the difference between the two men. People whose words are believed are not distinguished by worldly status and achievement, but by the particular standing they have among their friends and in Revere's case in the number of people who knew him as well. The people who can mobilize a word of mouth epidemic are known and trusted. They are information gatherers, connectors, persuaders, innovators or early adopters. If you are reading this, you are likely to be such a person.

I heard about Dennis Kucinich from Gina Thompson, an old friend who called me up and said that after she heard Dennis speak, she became involved in a political campaign for the first time in her life. She and John, her registered Republican husband hosted a fund-raising, meet-the-candidate event at their house, which provided the opportunity for me to hear him speak publicly as well as talk to him informally. To my amazement, I found that he had read The Tao of Psychology. Three weeks later, I along with Jack Kornfield and Sylvia Boorstein, (both founders of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center and authors) joined him on stage as he spoke on "Repair the American Dream: Reclaim Conscience in U.S. Politics." The large church sanctuary in which he spoke was literally full to the rafters; even the choir loft had standing room only. They had come via word-of-mouth through emails and the Internet or after hearing Kris Welch interview Joanna Macy about her support for Kucinich on KPFA. Word of mouth is information generated and passed on because it's good news that people want to share. This is how we learn about restaurants, movies, or books, (rarely about someone running for office) from people we trust to have discrimination, who care enough to pass the good word along. Dennis Kucinich, a candidate who is for real, is good news.

However, the rational mind may need numbers and examples to be convinced that Kucinich can be elected. Recall how the AIDS virus could spread from its small pool of infected people in Africa to reach the critical mass and become a worldwide epidemic. Viruses and ideas can spread by geometric progression; this is how a critical mass is reached. If each time a message is communicated, the number of people who get the message and then pass it on were to double, the numbers multiply astronomically. In The Tipping Point, the mind-boggling example begins with the idea of folding and then refolding a piece of paper, until the paper has been refolded fifty times. If this were possible to do, the stack would reach from here to the sun and if you could fold it one more time, it would reach back to the Earth.

Morphic resonance and the hundredth monkey or the millionth circle also depends upon critical mass to bring about change. Sheldrake's human morphic field and C.G. Jung's collective unconscious are the same. This means that when a critical number of people change their perceptions and behavior, it becomes a new choice or pattern in the collective psyche, which each of us can contribute to or draw from. The Hundredth Monkey in the allegorical story was the monkey who, upon learning a new behavior, tipped the scales, so that monkeys who were not even in direct communication now changed what they did. When a critical mass is reached, in this theory, new attitudes and behavior will spread through the species unconsciously. This can either be deducted through researched examples or grasped intuitively.

Dennis Kucinich can win when a critical number of people support his candidacy whole-heartedly. Lukewarm support for another Democratic candidate will not beat Bush. Whole-hearted support generates a commitment that is contagious to others. Go to or to learn about him, read his speeches, and check out what he stands for and the largeness of his vision for America and for America's participation in a global community. Once you are convinced, commit yourself and providence will move, too.

Name recognition that comes first through word-of-mouth is a wonderful beginning. With the Internet, ordinary people's contributions made to the Kucinich website will grow by geometrical progression, so that when money is really needed, it will be there. Roughly, this far ahead of the election, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were little known governors from small southern states. Dennis Kucinich now occupies a dark horse position. He is a Congressman from Ohio, who is not yet considered in the running by the media. Meanwhile, below the CNN and Fox News radar, the word is getting out -- Dennis Kucinich is for real and he can be elected.


Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst in private practice, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California Medical Center, and an internationally known lecturer. She is the author of Goddesses in Older Women, The Millionth Circle, The Tao of Psychology, Goddesses in Everywoman, Gods in Everyman, Ring of Power, Crossing to Avalon, and Close to the Bone.

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Date: 25 Jun 2003
Subject: Kucinich: "We're Gaining Ground"
From: Kucinich Campaign <>

Statement from Dennis Kucinich:

WE'RE GAINING GROUND. Our campaign has progressed dramatically in the last several weeks. The wonderful exposure of the MoveOn Primary has dramatically increased our fundraising. We passed $1 million yesterday when we took in over $100,000. As you know, we receive federal matching funds on all contributions up to $250.

The MoveOn voting deadline is in a few hours. But another key deadline, June 30, is the fundraising filing deadline. Please donate to our expanding campaign in the next few days.

Another exciting campaign development is that I've just added 3 top professionals to our growing staff. CLIP

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From: Paul Vigay <>
Date: 21 Jun
Subject: Crop Circle News - 21st June 2003

Hi all,

I've just uploaded an aerial photo of the new formation at Waden Hill, Avebury. Thanks very much to Busty Taylor for providing an excellent photo, detailing the complex design.

As always, the very latest information is available at - so bookmark now. Completely free access, including the most extensive crop circle database archives on the Internet.

Also, please feel free to recommend this free mailing list to your friends and colleagues, and anyone you feel may be interested in the crop circle phenomenon. It's completely free and guaranteed free from viruses, passing your email address to any third-party, and will ensure that you receive the very latest news and information from the crop circle world. Why pay expensive subscriptions for periodic or monthly mailings when you can receive free information as soon as events happen? Join now, by visiting

Don't forget also, that for the first time ever, you can obtain crop circle information direct on your mobile phone, by visiting - including access to our unique 'pocket' crop circle database.

Our dedicated server is now running on fast and reliable Sun Sparc servers,in dedicated hosting facilities in London, which means we can now cope with over 2 million visitors a year. Let's educate the public to changes and events happening in the world today - share this information with your friends and lets make it 4 million visitors by the end of the year! Encourage people to look beyond the soap operas and news the media feed you. Open your mind to the mysteries around us, and encourage others to join the voyage of adventure....




The Crop Circle News Service is a free information service for anyone who wants the latest information and news concerning the world-wide crop circle phenomenon. Please feel free to recommend this service to your friends and colleagues. Further information and joining information can be found at

To subscribe from this list, please send a blank email to with the subject Subscribe

NOTE FROM JEAN: You may also go at to review the 2003 celestial gifts.

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Whose Media? - John Nichols and Robert W. McChesney

John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation, and University of Illinois professor Robert W. McChesney are the co-authors of Our Media, Not Theirs: The Democratic Struggle Against Corporate Media (Seven Stories). They are co-founders of Free Press, a media reform network that collects information about media activism, including efforts to block the FCC rule changes, at The FCC did not listen to the American people, but the Senate Commerce Committee did.

Prodded by thousands of e-mails, letters and petitions from Americans angered by the June 2 decision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to loosen media ownership rules, the Senate Commerce Committee voted on June 19 to restore the rules and to change the commission's behind-closed-doors, special-interest- driven way of doing business. "The people won today -- this is a huge blow to big media conglomerates," said Consumers Union's director of advocacy and public policy Gene Kimmelman. What the people won, with solid support from Democrats and key Republicans on the committee, was a legislative package that seeks to:

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Forwarded by "Mark Graffis" <>


Global warming's sooty smokescreen revealed

04 June 03

Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition

Smoke is clouding our view of global warming, protecting the planet from perhaps three-quarters of the greenhouse effect. That might sound like good news, but experts say that as the cover diminishes in coming decades, we are in for a dramatic escalation of warming that could be two or even three times as great as official best guesses.

This was the dramatic conclusion reached last week at a workshop in Dahlem, Berlin, where top atmospheric scientists got together, including Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen and Swedish meteorologist Bert Bolin, former chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

IPCC scientists have suspected for a decade that aerosols of smoke and other particles from burning rainforest, crop waste and fossil fuels are blocking sunlight and counteracting the warming effect of carbon dioxide emissions. Until now, they reckoned that aerosols reduced greenhouse warming by perhaps a quarter, cutting increases by 0.2 °C. So the 0.6 °C of warming over the past century would have been 0.8 °C without aerosols. But the Berlin workshop concluded that the real figure is even higher - aerosols may have reduced global warming by as much as three-quarters, cutting increases by 1.8 °C. If so, the good news is that aerosols have prevented the world getting almost two degrees warmer than it is now. But the bad news is that the climate system is much more sensitive to greenhouse gases than previously guessed.

As those gases are expected to continue accumulating in the atmosphere while aerosols stabilise or fall, that means "dramatic consequences for estimates of future climate change", the scientists agreed in a draft report from the workshop.

Parasol effect

Past calculations of the cooling effect of aerosols have been inferred from "missing" global warming predicted by climate models. But direct measurements reported in Science (vol 300, p 1103) in May by Theodore Anderson of the University of Washington in Seattle show a much greater parasol effect. Anderson says climate sensitivity could be larger than climate models suggest.

The Berlin meeting also heard evidence that past warm eras had higher temperatures than they ought to, if estimates of the atmospheric composition at the time and greenhouse models are correct. Again this suggests greater sensitivity.

"It looks like the warming today may be only about a quarter of what we would have got without aerosols," Crutzen told New Scientist. "You could say the cooling has done us a big favour. But the health effects of many aerosols in smog are so great that even in the poor world, they are already cutting emissions." For good reasons, aerosol levels look set to fall. Moreover, most aerosol emissions only stay in the atmosphere for a few days. Most greenhouses gases remain for a century or longer. So as time goes on, aerosols will protect us less and less from global warming. "They are giving us a false sense of security right now," said Crutzen.

'Sooner, not later'

One tentative estimate put warming two or even three times higher than current middle-range forecasts of 3 to 4 °C based on a doubling of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is likely by late this century. That suggests global warming well above the IPCC maximum forecast of 5.8 °C. Back-of-the-envelope calculations now suggest a "worst case" warming of 7 to 10 °C.

Will Steffen of the Swedish Academy of Sciences says the message for policy makers is clear: "We need to get on top of the greenhouse gas emissions problem sooner rather than later."

Fred Pearce, Berlin

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12 Jun -18 Jun 2003


The Bush administration has been busily touting fuel-cell cars as a critical component of its energy plan and the solution to many an environmental woe. But what if the solution turns out to cause its own problems? According to new research published in last week's issue of Science, the technology used in hydrogen fuel cells could contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from excessive doses of ultraviolet light. If fuel cells were used to power everything from cars to utilities, the researchers found, large amounts of hydrogen would drift into the stratosphere and increase the depletion of the ozone layer. The technology could be refined to mitigate the problem, but the scientists emphasized that the likely impact on the ozone layer must be taken into account when planning the shift to a hydrogen-based economy.

Boston Globe, Associated Press, H. Josef Hebert, 13 Jun 2003

Tough cell -- what can we learn from Bush's
FreedomCAR hydrogen plan? -- by Amanda Griscom in Powers That Be


New gadgetry at truck stops could help slash pollution from idling big rigs. Most truck drivers across the U.S. leave their vehicles' engines running all night while they're parked at truck stops because it's the only way to keep the heating or air conditioning on while they get some shuteye. Between 840 million and 2 billion gallons of gasoline are burned each year in the U.S. by these idling trucks, according to an estimate from the South Coast Air Quality Management District in southern California, and that results in a lot of dangerous diesel exhaust that can damage lungs and exacerbate asthma or bronchitis, not to mention heat up the planet. IdleAire Technologies, a Tennessee-based company, has a solution to this dirty problem: truck stops where drivers can turn off their engines and tap into a system that gives them heated or cooled air via a tube with a control panel that attaches to a truck window. The system even offers Internet access. Think eco-friendly drive-in theater for the 21st century. So far, 200 truck stops in the U.S. have plans to adopt the IdleAire technology. 

San Francisco Chronicle, David R. Baker, 16 Jun 2003


Ah, summer, that delightful season of ... sunburn and bug bites. But before you reach for the sun block or the mosquito repellent, do yourself and the environment a favor and check out the ingredient list on the back of the bottle. Many sunscreens contain carcinogens and endocrine disrupters, which can end up in the water supply and interfere with the reproductive cycles of aquatic organisms. And many bug repellents contain nasty chemicals as well, including DEET, a persistent organic pollutant that is one of the most common contaminants found in U.S. waterways. 

To enjoy your summer in comfort AND safety, check out the latest advice on eco-friendly ways to handle bugs and sun, in this month's Earthly Possessions column -- only on the Grist Magazine website.

The green take on insect repellants and sunscreens, by Molly Rauch with P.W. McRandle in Earthly Possessions


Bush Must Step Down - NEW YORK--George W. Bush told us that Iraq and Al Qaeda were working together. They weren't. He repeatedly implied that Iraq had had something to do with 9/11. It hadn't. He claimed to have proof that Saddam Hussein possessed banned weapons of mass destruction. He didn't. As our allies watched in horror and disgust, Bush conned us into a one-sided war of aggression that killed and maimed thousands of innocent people, destroyed billions of dollars in Iraqi infrastructure, cost tens of billions of dollars, cost the lives of American soldiers, and transformed our international image as the world's shining beacon of freedom into that of a marauding police state. Presidents Nixon and Clinton rightly faced impeachment for comparatively trivial offenses; if we hope to restore our nation's honor, George W. Bush too must face a president's gravest political sanction.

The Silent Genocide from America


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