February 4, 2003

Miscellaneous Subjects #175: Light in Sight at the End of the Tunnel

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"The movement for peace... is an irreversible process of the social awakening of the masses, a spiritual birth... Mankind is proposing liberation from a universal humiliating terror, from feelings of isolation, indifference, and cruelty -- from everything that impudently inspires and provokes one through propaganda to serve insanity... In the movement for peace, as in no other, concretely and not abstractly, the contemporary thought of mankind in all its fullness is reflected, tests itself and is realized."

- Chinghiz Aitmatov, 1983 -- Sent by Martin Schotz <>

"It is critical - especially in February - to stay focused in the highest frequency (Love) in order to stabilize the planet as we move through rough waters."

- Michael Lightweaver <>


1. A New Quantum Flux Level Over-Unity Device is Discovered!
2. War Times: Mobilizing for Peace
3. Pentagon Meditation Club
4. The "proof" of WMD in Iraq
6. A Prayer for World Peace

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Stronger than Ever (Jan 28 - by George Monbiot),3604,883654,00.html
Far from fizzling out, the global justice movement is growing in numbers and maturity
Mr Bush and Mr Blair might have a tougher fight than they anticipated. Not from Saddam Hussein perhaps - although it is still not obvious that they can capture and hold Iraq's cities without major losses - but from an anti-war movement that is beginning to look like nothing the world has seen before. It's not just that people have begun to gather in great numbers even before a shot has been fired. It's not just that they are doing so without the inducement of conscription or any other direct threat to their welfare. It's not just that there have already been meetings or demonstrations in almost every nation on Earth. It's also that the campaign is being coordinated globally with an unprecedented precision. And the people partly responsible for this are the members of a movement which, even within the past few weeks, the mainstream media has pronounced extinct. Last year, 40,000 members of the global justice movement gathered at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil. This year, more than 100,000, from 150 nations, have come - for a meeting! The world has seldom seen such political assemblies since Daniel O'Connell's "monster meetings" in the 1840s. Far from dying away, our movement has grown bigger than most of us could have guessed. CLIP

His most damning verdict on Tony Blair. This is about "impeccable" politicians who, at a safe distance, order the mass killing of ordinary people. CLIP

The Saddam Hussein Interview (Feb 4)

Stop Bush's Rush to War
Democratic Representative DeFazio and Republican Representative Paul have introduced legislation that rescinds the unilateral grant of war making power to Mr. Bush. You can help them by going to this website above.

Support petition to impeach Bush

We Are Facing a Serious Choice: Perpetual War or Resistance!
An International Call From Veterans and Soldiers To Members Of The Armed Forces

Global Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Peace

The yawning heights - looking out from the great oil peak
The end of cheap oil is upon us. It is the real underlying reason for the US attack on Iraq. This talk helps explain why the end of cheap oil will soon be permament, not just another oil shock, and why the only long-term answer is to reduce hydrocarbon consumption radically. We can now see that ‘easy’ oil either is already, depending on the whims of the Whitehouse chicken-hawks, or soon will be, a thing of the past. And so the party will finally be over. That is to say, consumer capitalism, the dominance of global superpowers, cheap industrial food and quite a few other things we know and love.

More on Oil Depletion at

Check also the other stories at

End of Cheap Oil Poses Serious Threat to World Economy, Experts Say (Jan 6, 2003)
When will the world run out of oil? That's the wrong question, according to experts who say it's much more important to ask when global oil production will reach its peak and begin to decline. Declining global production will end an era of inexpensive oil reaching back to the U.S. Civil War, and the all-important production peak could occur in just a few short years. Availability of cheap oil is a matter of enormous importance, because the effects of high oil prices would be felt throughout the global economy. Everything from transportation to food prices to trade and transport of goods are affected by the cost of oil. CLIP

Interview with Daniel Pauly - international fisheries expert, author of In A Perfect Ocean (Jan 14)
Prof. Daniel Paul talks about the state of fish stocks and fishing in the North Atlantic, and in the world. Whether you eat fish or not, his message is stark.
More about Daniel Pauly & his work at

The odyssey of Congressman George Hansen
Warning: This story contains graphic details of the "treatments" (his torture and incarceration by federal marshals) given to Congressman Hansen when he decided to do what was right, that is, having the audacity to implement a plan which would make Congress instantly accountable to the American public. "Freedom" as we know it does NOT exist in this country. And those who believe widespread torture does not exist in the Unites States of Terror are kidding themselves...

Broadcast Networks File FCC Comments - But Not Stories (1/29/03)
So, people who rely on network TV for their news are almost certainly unaware that the FCC is poised to roll back regulations that currently prevent networks from buying many of their independently owned affiliates. Or that the agency may soon allow one major network to buy another. Or that rules that have kept the newspaper business separate from the TV industry may soon be a thing of the past.



Date: 31 Jan 2003
From: Greg O'Neill <>
Subject: SEAS POWER, INC ANNOUNCES: A New Quantum Flux Level Over-Unity Device is Discovered!

Hi, Jean

I have some exciting news to pass along. Why have a 'war' over OIL when we can all have Free Energy systems that don't require fuel of any kind. Dr. Steven Greer has made arrangements with an inventor who has a Free Energy device that cranks out hundreds of watts of clean energy. Dr. Tom Bearden has a better FE system, the MEG (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator) technology. -- Let the world's People know that working FE systems exist, and tell them we don't need a fabricated, monstrous 'war', actually a slaughter of innocents, for global elitists to continue to make their bloody profits from OIL.

Spread the word.




From: "AMW House" <>

A New Quantum Flux Level Over-Unity Device is Discovered!

Presented 1/30/03 by Dr. Steven M. Greer PhD

DESCRIPTION: (Discretion is required at present on all details)

Size: Small enough to be picked up by one hand.

Shape: Rectangular

Appearance: Transparent casing (no moving parts were mentioned)

How does it work?: Dr. Greer picked it up and took the device outside to the sidewalk. He and his scientific team (Prof. Ted Loder and others unnamed) were able to independently hook it up with their own test equipment and the device was able to draw it's initiating power from the ambient air (possibly solar cells, but it was left unanswered purposely) just miliwatts of input energy - then the device came on and put out hundreds of watts of electrical power on its own.

Dr. Greer mentioned that a 300 watt light bulb, also a 100 watt light bulb, an electrical fan, and other appliances were plugged into the outlets provided - all at the same time - without overdrawing the power output of the device.

Over the years Dr. Greer has seen other over-unity devices that could produce more energy than was initially used to start its output but nothing that could do what this device can. Also, other devices seen in the past were such that they were far from production ready and would require millions of dollars to further develop to bring them to market.

This device, on the contrary is small, and Dr. Greer's team was able to verify for themselves the reality of its authenticity. No trickery or outside power sources were detected or discovered to be present in its action.

Dr. Greer mentioned that he was going on C2C to inform a large number of enthusiasts who could become a protective body of knowers that would protect both himself and the inventor from harm from the PTB. He asked that if anything should happen to the device (suppression, seizure, etc) or to himself or the inventor between now and the next few months when all the vetting is to be accomplished, that he would want 'us' to march in the streets to get it back out in public and to bring it online in the marketplace.

He mentioned that to date this inventor has not been harassed or threatened. Greer also mentioned that meeting this inventor was a revelation akin to meeting someone like Tesla; and he feels this man (unnamed for now) who has independently discovered how to capture the ZPE from the ambient vacuum of the space of air that we are surrounded by here on earth, is a natural genius, the kind that did not copy or learn this from another person, but self-discovered the process on his own thru several years of R&D.

The device was shown freely and fully to Greer's team and nothing was omitted in the exchange of disclosure about its functionality.

The next step is to properly run the reproducibility construction independent from the inventor, and once that is accomplished with success, the devices will be tested in at least 3 independent governmental and university level labs for verification of production and output, etc.

Let's all pray that this is the device that will bring about the balance of power in the whole world. And with wisdom and security will be distributed to the far reaches of the earth for ALL PEOPLE!

PS: Dr. Greer says he is willing to take a bullet for this IF it's finally vetted fully and proves to be the very device he's been looking for, AND he says there is NO amount of money that could entice him to sell it or allow the PTB to suppress it since he feels this is for our children and generations of their children to come.

Lastly, Greer has also hooked up with another inventor who can retrofit gas powered internal combustion engines in today's cars with a simple system that plugs right into the sparkplug holes of current cars and trucks that allows it to run on hydrogen fuel. With such a retrofit our cars could be completely converted to hydrogen immediately, as the new ZPE powered devices are further developed and begin rolling off the manufacturers conveyor belts by early 2004 and the hydrogen powered vehicles could be fully converted to ZPE/HD power!

Quite a new world we can look forward to, and very soon! Let's hope and pray that this is it! This could be our finest hour!

Anyone want to speculate about how this will change the way we are now considering going into space and to Mars?!

NOTE FROM JEAN: I asked for a confirmation on this device to Hal Fox (Editor, Journal of New Energy) my usual source of reference for all that pertains to new energy sources. Here is his reply:

"I have written Dr. Greer to congratulate him on his finding such a new-energy device. I listened to his talk on the radio, which one can do by going to his SEAS website. We hope that it is real and that we have a rapid commercialization of the device, which apparently taps the enormous energy of space (so-called zero-point energy or ZPE).


From: "War Times" <>
Subject: Mobilizing for Peace
Date: 1 Feb 2003

The weeks between now and February 15 and 16 may be our greatest and last opportunity to stop Bush from launching a no-weapons-barred, bloody assault on Iraq.

Bush wants war to win control of Iraqi oil; to signal to the world that anyone who opposes US power faces destruction by military force; and to provide cover for the reactionary-on-all-fronts domestic program his administration is imposing on the people of the United States.

At the same time, widespread opposition to a US-initiated war in Europe and the Middle East, the standoff with North Korea, the surge of popular energy in much of Latin America, and growing opposition at home is showing that Bush will be forced to pay a huge political price if he unleashes his weapons of mass destruction.

Our task in the next hours, days and weeks is to make clear to the administration that this price is already too high and will only get higher with each passing moment.

Every vigil, demonstration, letter to the editor and e-mail to congress contributes to our side of the scales. And this phase of protest will reach a crescendo February 15. The European antiwar movement has initiated a call for that day to be an International Day of Action to Stop the War on Iraq. They are expecting 500,000 to 1 million people to march in London alone. Adding the voices of tens and hundreds of thousands of people marching through New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco (on Feb. 16) and cities throughout the US to that turnout may tip the balance.

Stopping Bush's war on Iraq is important, not only to save the lives of innocent Iraqis; not only to show that the world will not stand for the US seizing the right to use military force - up to and including the use of nuclear weapons - whenever it wishes. Stopping the war will also make it harder for Israel's just-re-elected Ariel Sharon to follow through on threats to ethnically cleanse Palestine of its indigenous people, under cover of a US war on Iraq. It will make it harder for the US to bully governments in Latin America and across the globe. And for all of us struggling for justice, equality and economic survival here in the US, stopping Bush on the war front will weaken him politically in this country.

War Times's next issue, available by mid-February, is especially designed to get the antiwar message out to ever-broader circles of people. To receive a bundle (in multiples of 25, please), contact

To find out specifics of protests planned nationally or in your area, log on to, or go to,, or the website of your local peace coalition or committee.

Let's fill the next days and weeks with the largest, loudest and broadest cry for peace that the world has ever seen.

As always, it's the support of individuals like you that keeps War Times coming off the presses. Please consider making a donation to help keep us going. Visit, and click the "Donate On-Line" button. Thank you!


From: "Loretta Winchester" <>
Subject: Pentagon Meditation Club
Date: 30 Jan 2003

Dear Jean

I have enjoyed being a subscriber of Earth Rainbow Network for many years and have also forwarded your messages to the people on my list.

After one and a half years, Ed and I have finally put the finishing touches to the new "Pentagon Meditation Club" web site.

With the possibilities of a coming war in the Middle East (and also many prophecies including the Virgin Mary, that speak of a major devastating war to come to the US by foreign Asian invaders in few years - we pray this does not happen), we have felt an urgency to get Ed's messages and information about peace to help bring "healing to a world in crisis".

Many thanks and God Bless,

Loretta Winchester


Pentagon Meditation Club - "Healing A World In Crisis"

Are you ready? Are you prepared for the horrors of war, and for the possibility that war could come even to the United States? Whether you are among those who favor a first strike option, or one who is opposed to military action, are you ready to deal with death and destruction, even at your own doorstep.

As threats of terrorism increase daily, you may see people begin to lose faith and doubt whether there is any sure hope for protection and survival. Even now, many cannot understand how daily practice of prayer and meditation and calling on the Name of God can make any important difference in their lives and in the lives of other people. What is needed is a healing for a world in Crisis.

The great American patriot, Gen. Douglas MacArthur understood what is the ultimate solution to wars and the defense against evil and terrorism:

"We have had our last chance. If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door. The problem is basically theological and involves a spiritual recrudescence and improvement of human character. It must be of the spirit, if we are to save the flesh."


We invite you to visit "The Pentagon Meditation Club" web site at

OR Contact Ed:



From: "Wade Frazier" <>
Subject: The "proof" of WMD in Iraq
Date: 31 Jan 2003


A while back, Tony Blair produced a "dossier" of allegations relating to Iraq's "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

This analysis of the dossier allegations and the findings of the UN inspectors show how completely baseless Blair's claims are.

This should be kept in mind when Colin Powell produces his "evidence" of Iraq's WMD, as well as all the other evidence the White House has cited over the years that has either not existed at all, or has evaporated upon scrutiny, such as Reagan's "proof" that Libya was behind bombing a German nightclub, Clinton's "proof" that that Sudanese pharmaceutical factory was producing chemical weapons, and George Bush the First's "proof" that Iraq was preparing to invade Saudi Arabia. Given their track record of lying and outright evidence fabrication, nothing the American government produces can be believed without major independent investigation, especially since the U.S. already tipped off the UN inspectors to look in 13 Iraqi facilities, and the inspectors went to those places and found nothing.

Also, it cannot be overemphasized that the entire WMD issue is a complete canard, a smokescreen designed to distract from the real U.S. motivation, which is securing the world's most lucrative oil fields, as a first step in Bush and friends acquiring military hegemony over the entire Middle East, putting puppets in power and turning the whole place into a big oil pump.

Nobody in the Middle East feels the least bit threatened by Iraq, but Bush and friends are trying to portray Hussein as a threat to life on earth, with Bush recently making the asinine argument that Hussein will launch a fleet of crop dusters that will fly across the Atlantic and spray America with anthrax. That is even more ludicrous than Reagan's fervor over the Nicaraguan Contras, saying they could drive to Texas in a day to invade the U.S. The elephant is "afraid" of the phantom mice. Hitler conjured the same rhetoric to justify invading Czechoslovakia.

Hard to believe that anybody believes this rubbish, but they do. There is faint hope that this invasion can be averted, but it will not be done sitting down.





A Statement by the Maryknoll Lay Missioners in Venezuela

We are a group of nine Maryknoll lay missioners who have worked in Venezuela for between five and fifteen years, accompanying the poor of the urban barrios and rural towns in the state of Lara. At this moment, Venezuela finds itself in the throes of a very tense and bitter political conflict which is causing considerable damage to the lives of the average Venezuelan and to the well-being of the nation, and which appears to have the very real potential for becoming a much more violent conflict. We are currently on Day 53 of a national strike and our reality is one of twenty-hour gasoline lines, two-day lines for cooking fuel, scarcity and speculation of food staples, and the loss of billions of dollars from oil revenues that pay such items as teachers' salaries and hospital supplies. Perhaps most critical, once-peaceful marches are becoming increasingly confrontational and violent. As missioners who have walked alongside the Venezuelan people and experienced their tremendous warmth and generosity for many years, we feel pain and sadness as we witness the divisions and hardships that are taking place in front of our eyes, and we feel a sense of alarm that we may be at the doorstep of a much more serious and violent situation.

While the world has its eyes focused on the possibility of war in Iraq, here in Venezuela we find that the underlying cause of this conflict is similar one: oil and the desire for control of Venezuela's huge reserves of oil. Likewise, we worry that the consequences of this conflict may spill over this nation's borders and have negative effects in the rest of the region. If unconstitutional or violent means are used to overthrow a democratically elected government here in Venezuela, this may set an undesirable precedent for other countries in Latin America.

We feel especially compelled to write at this moment because we sense that in spite of much media attention to this situation, there are voices in this explosive conflict that are not being heard: those in the urban barrios and rural towns such as those where we live and work. As the April events showed us, if attention is not given to the opinions of this rather large block of people in the search for a solution (i.e. the poor, who comprise over 50% of the population), the results may well be surprising, and this time lamentable. Likewise, if the underlying cause of this conflict is not acknowledged, a solution will not be long lasting.

Though the poor are routinely ignored by much of the press throughout the world, in Venezuela this situation is compounded by an unusual, and very disconcerting, situation. At a time in Venezuela in which political parties have lost the respect of the majority of the population, the leadership of the political opposition has been taken up by a very unlikely and very powerful source: the media. The power of the major television stations and newspapers is such that they appear to be directing the entire script of the opposition, using the very powerful tool that is in their hands. Some of what we see here seems almost impossible to believe when we express it on paper, even though we have taped dozens of hours of television programs for reference. For fifty three days, since the December 2nd initiation of the strike, the four major Venezuelan television stations have not shown one single commercial ad. They do, however, show approximately twelve commercials per hour, or around one hundred a day). Each and every one of the commercials is an anti-Chavez ad. They are strikingly slick, smooth, moving, and obviously very professional and expensive. We can only wonder where the funding for this is originating.

When we try to imagine a similar situation in the U.S., we realise how truly disconcerting this is. Imagine that ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN showed not a single commercial ad for fifty three days, but instead showed one hundred ads a day directed at removing President Bush from power, comparing him to Hitler and Satan. Imagine as well, that every day the channels invited the public to anti-Bush marches, showing, over ten times a day, the hour, location and title of each daily march. This situation is of course of grave concern to us, not only because it results in an unbalanced and inaccurate portrayal of the crisis in Venezuela, but also because the use of the press to incite violence rather than to inform is very disturbing.

The press presents this conflict as arising from a one very clear and simple problem: the presidency of Hugo Chavez. He is portrayed as a dictator under disguise as a democrat, and his removal ANY means available is procured. Certainly Chavez, with his flamboyant personality provides a striking, and often delightful, focal point for the opposition. However, for those of us who live in Venezuela, and especially for those of us who have lived under several other Venezuelan presidents, it is hard to find the facts to back this image of Chavez as a dictator, much less to find any justification to resorting to unconstitutional or violent measures to overthrow him. We do recognize and criticize the fact that often Chavez has used inflammatory and divisive language, and that at times his followers have resorted to violent tactics. We also recognize that the use of violence is not limited to one side of this conflict, and we unconditionally condemn any use of violence in this conflict.

Chavez was elected by the largest majority of any recent election and during his government there have been a total of four other, highly transparent elections. The new and very progressive constitution places a strong emphasis on human rights and the process that ushered it in was one of unprecedented participation. Our own low-income communities give testimony to the fact that this government has indeed given priority to the poor. Public schools and health care are now totally free and exempt of the "collaboration fees", a euphemism for privatization that was taking place under former governments. Increased percentages of the national budget have been given to health, education and housing, and for the first time we have spacious and attractive schools, hospitals, community centers and sports complexes in our own very poor communities. While the opposition frequently makes reference to the repression and violence imposed by this government, our experience is that this has been a government that, while certainly not error-free, has been much more guarded in its use of repressive measures. We don't have to take our memories too far back to recall many instances of repression under other recent presidents, most notably the terrible Caracazo massacre of 1989 under President Carlos Andres Perez.

Why then, is there such blind hatred and determination on the part of many to remove this man?

It seems to us that the overriding motivation of the average participant in the opposition is an irrational fear, sometimes cultivated and certainly stroked by the media, that exists within upper-income sectors of society. It is a fear that Chavez will somehow cause the poor majority to come streaming down from the hillside barrios and take over their lives and world as they have known it. The truth is, the poor do feel invited down, not to destroy or take over, but to take part in their country, for the very first time. And this is precisely what is behind their often blind love of this man: their very existence as human beings has been recognized and embraced, and the value of their participation has been affirmed. This has mobilized them to take part in the public life of their country to the degree that, whatever happens to Chavez at this moment, they will remain a significant force to deal with. Perhaps this is why the walls of the barrios are often painted with the phrase "Chavez somos todos".

We do, however, think that there is a much deeper issue present here which has turned an otherwise manageable political conflict into one that could spin out of control and spill beyond the country's borders: Venezuela's oil. PDVSA, the state oil company, provides the government with nearly half of its $20 billion budget and provides the United States with about 15% of its oil imports. Although the industry was nominally nationalized in 1976, it has been following the global tendency towards privatization and in recent years gives only 20% of its earnings to national coffers compared to 80% at the time of nationalization. In 2001 a law was passed under the new Venezuelan constitution that guarantees that the state own at least 51% of any energy venture in Venezuela. Many feel that the passage of this law is what brought outside interests to the Venezuelan conflict and plentiful funding for the opposition, and motivated the United States to be among a lonely group of countries to recognize the interim government that replaced Chavez in a short-lived military coup in April. Certainly, the involvement of the oil industry in the national strike is what has produced the most damage and hardships to the country.

In summary, we share with you some specific positions of the nine Maryknoll lay missioners currently working in Venezuela:

We reject the use of any violence on the part of any side in the conflict. We call for an end to the national strike that has already caused serious damage to the country. We are concerned that the Venezuelan media is being used to incite violence rather than to inform. We think that it is important to acknowledge that the root of this conflict is control of Venezuelan oil. We think that all voices should be heard in the shaping of a solution, not just those with greater access to funds and to media sources. W are concerned about the role of the U.S. in the Venezuelan conflict, particularly because of their recognition of the April coup leader, and are cautious about any role that they may have in a shaping a solution. We believe that this conflict must be resolved within the legal framework of the Venezuelan constitution. We are grateful for your attention and your support and appreciate your prayers for the Venezuelan people.

In peace,

Martha Benson, Phil Brady, Mary Jo Commerford, Maggie Han, Glenn Rabut, Peter Ree, David Rodriguez, Sami Scott, Lisa Sullivan, Maryknoll lay missioners in Venezuela


Forwarded by Ken Hardy <> on Jan 31

A Prayer for World Peace

Precious Lord of the Universe:

Today I am laying down all weapons of anger and attack in my thoughts, my words and my actions.

Today I am laying down the grievances and upsets that have led me to attack others and brutally assault myself.

Today, I am laying down all thoughts of criticism and judgement, all words of destructive defensiveness and all acts of vicious vengeance and violence against myself and others.

Today I ask that you cleanse me of all thoughts and words of aggression, so that I may take the necessary steps toward being peaceful in my own heart and offering that peace to the world.

Today, I ask that you remind me how important I am in ensuring the active presence of peace.

Today, I am opening my heart and sending forth the light of love to all world leaders.

Today, I am opening my mind to the creation and experience of a world where aggression and violence sleep forever.

Today, I am opening my eyes to be aware of everything I can do or say that will promote the presence of peace.

Today, I realize that peace begins with me.

Today, I humbly surrender myself, every thought I think, every word I speak, everything I do, to the creation, maintenance and advancement of peace.

Today, I ask for peace, I invite peace in and I dedicate myself to promoting peace in my every experience.

Let the light of peace reign in me!

May the power of peace shine forth through me!

May peace pervade the world!

Let it be so! And so it is!

- Iyanla Vanzant


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