December 17, 2003

The Light Series #55: The Return of the Light

Hello everyone

I found some pretty interesting material for this compilation which, hopefully, you'll enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I do not expect to have time to prepare other compilations for the next couple weeks, so if you get anything from me before January it will be because something really important came to my attention.

Also I should mention for the benefit of all AOL subscribers to this list that my last compilation Tuesday was not bounced back from AOL to the listserver and I presume you all got it. So this is good. But another complication occurred as I realized yesterday that my emails are now blocked if I try to email directly from here (instead of through the listserver) to any AOL subscriber, and if I have anything in my email containing Again AOL anti-SPAM blacklisting seems to be the reason. So now I'm no longer sure this compilation will even reach all AOL subscribers through this listserver. I'll know soon if all AOL email addresses bounce back to the listserver in which case I'll have to re-rout my next email to them through a friend and this will be about the deletion of all AOL addresses from my list and a request to provide me with a new non-AOL address if they want to continue receiving my compilations. Of course, they may try to get AOL to de-blacklist - many tried last week - but this may not last as they seem to have adopted a much more stringent anti-SPAM policy with hardly any safeguards to prevent legitimate and sometimes important emails to reach their subscribers, which if unchanged, may lead to their downfall as people will leave them in drove when they realize, as many reported to me this past week, that many emails no longer reach them because they are with AOL.

This being said, and sorry to have bothered all other non-AOL subscribers with this, I wish you all a happy holiday period and much Light, Love and happiness within and around you ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature - the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter."

- Rachel Carson

"A new, spiritually based social activism is beginning to assert itself. It stems not from hating what is wrong and trying to fight it, but from loving what could be and making the commitment to bring it forth."

- Marianne Williamson -- Taken from "Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices as Spiritual Citizens" below

"We need to become mystic activists. Mystics must get active and equally the activists must become mystic. Activists must learn to act from divine peace that will feed them divine wisdom. You must always act from as loving and forgiving a heart as possible and remember you have to learn how to ask and you will be given what you need. Then this world can become the living kingdom of this divine humanity."

- Taken from "The Great Rethinking: The Prophets Oxford a review by Positive News" below

Worthy of Your Attention

A spiritual warrior is someone who walks with God, standing for truth and integrity, releasing all others' opinions and judgments. A spiritual warrior lives from the heart with uncompromising faith. Are you ready to walk the path of the spiritual warrior? If you are ready to walk this path, here are the steps to get started.

Everyone has an inner voice... most people just ignore it. But it has a purpose. If you listen to that inner voice, you can leave fear and anxiety behind. You can be guided towards an experience of ease and flow; you can open up your eyes and ears and heart to new and wondrous things... just by listening. Can you hear it?

Barbara Marx Hubbard takes us on a journey down our new spiritual path to compassion. This path is open to all who wish to make it to the next stage of evolution; the transition to becoming Universal Humans rising in consciousness and freedom.

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Those who have enjoyed the ET message "Change the World" will also enjoy this...
In 1990, during a nap, I found myself projected into as trange environment where there were three non-human entities, i.e. not belonging to our race. Although I could not see them, I somehow knew they were extraterrestrials. This environment consisted of a projection of a diagram which seemed alive and whose parts were active. There, I saw four parts of technology:
* A rotor turning at a speed close to the speed of light, inside a container.
* A super-conductive network which formed a part of the air frame cell, and the internal connections.
* A peripheral torus (ring of circular section) in which something circulated that was probably plasmatic in nature, in a closed loop and at very high speed.
* A crystal in the centre which shone powerfully and tuned the frequencies of the device.
(...) A strange phenomenon occurred on March 7th, 2002, quite late (11.30 pm) on a Thursday evening in the house where we lived on the island of Reunion. While I slept, my wife heard an intense noise followed immediately by the barking of the dogs in the area (a quiet country area). This noise sounded very similar to what she had heard during her UFO experience near Gap(France) like a wire spinning very quickly with sudden banging or cracking sounds. The sound was so loud that she thought at once of a helicopter which was going to crash down on us. However, the "volume" of the noise was so great that it was far louder than the blades of a helicopter. So she was expecting a terrible crash but it didn't happen. The sound rapidly disappeared. She went to look through the window but no neighbour showed the slightest movement. Then the barking stopped. My wife told me all this the next morning at about 11:00. I got up at 4:30 and began writing for three hours. In fact, the visions which I had had in 1990 resumed their intensity in understanding without the actual images being seen. I felt a compelling order to pass on this information. New information reached me some of which is going to drastically change our vision of the world and the equations of the physicists.It gives a prodigious coherence to all UFO and paranormal phenomena: The unit of time expands or contracts! Parallel universes are nothing other than a different flow of time. In fact, time possesses three dimensions ! It's not easy to read what follows without a good dose of concentration because it is a little bit difficult. But if it were easy to get out of the matrix we would have already learnt how to do it. So here is the triple nature of time : CLIP (Very complex reading, not for the faint of brain!)

Click the globe or visit for a Flash animation that allows you to spin the globe and find out about Dennis Kucinich's plans to address issues from around the world. To be regularly informed about the Kucinich campaign go at

News.Google Search with Lord of the Rings! (3,880 results)
Some titles: "Movie hysteria for The Lord of the Rings finale" - "Local Lord of the Rings Camp Out" - "Fans flock to The Lord of the Rings" - "Movie fans praise 'Lord of the Rings'" - "Hundreds queue for final Lord of Rings" - "Long live the ‘King’: ‘Lord of the Rings’ ends in triumph: A surprising number of fans who waited in line to see the first showing of "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" actually looked a bit like hobbits. " - ‘Lord of the Rings’ : Fellowship of the Fanatics" - "Return of the King Hard on Your Seat Bones: (...) it’s the longest of the bunch at 3 hours, 45 minutes! - "Conclusion of 'Rings' saga is one film that rules them all" - "Fans flock to theaters to see Lord of the Rings movie marathon: Elves were everywhere, but their destination was not the North Pole. These elves, the Middle Earth kind, came to claim seats to a back-to-back marathon of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, including an early screening of The Return of the King"

Check this photo Gallery of 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King.' (45 pics!),0,1905794.photogallery?coll=sfla-entertainment-headlines


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Editor's word for the Winter issue of Yes magazine
(...) We are watery beings. Well over half our bodies are water—for babies, the proportion is closer to 90 percent. As Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke point out , the amount of water on Earth is pretty much a constant. During some epochs, more or less water has been frozen or in a gaseous state, but without water in a liquid state, between zero and 100 degrees Celsius, life could not exist—at least in forms we can imagine. Given all that, isn’t it absurd to ask, whose water? How can water be anyone’s? There was water on Earth long before people, and there will be water long after we’re gone. Trying to own water makes no more sense than owning love—it is the flow that matters. And yet corporations, the World Bank, and the U.S. government are pushing for the privatization of water (see page 12), raising the spectre of people shut out from access to water for lack of enough cash to pay for it and for the water corporations’ profits. CLIP
Check out this whole issue at and read The Battle for Water at

Connecting the Heart - Celebration By Barbara Rother
What a wonderful time of year. This is the time of celebration for most of us. I can feel the excitement as the days pass by. Each day builds the anticipation of the days before us. It is a time of joy continuing on to the celebration of the beginning of a magnificent new year. Remember how you felt as a child this time of year? Find that inner childhood happiness deep inside you. I can hear some of you right now. "Isn't she an optimist? Maybe life is good for her but not for me." Please know that I am aware of the emotions that many are going through. I have heard from people who share their pain and uneasiness in this time of transition. Life is a choice. It's up to you as to how you choose to view your reality. This quickly approaching New Year does make us reevaluate our reality. When dissatisfied with what you' re getting out of life, take an inventory of what you're putting in. A simple statement of "I choose happiness" can move you into the way of creating this very feeling. Our future is built from the stepping stones of our past. Each step has been a lesson learned. But once you have experienced the lesson, it is time to move on and not stay stuck on this step with resentment, guilt, and finding comfort in your pain. We build on what we believe. Our beliefs are formed with the collection of our thoughts and emotions of our perception of the people, places and things in our life. Our future is based on what our perceptions of truth are in our everyday reality. Release what no longer serves you. Keep the thoughts that build the next stepping stones of who you are becoming day by day. See life as an unfolding adventure, and follow your heart where it leads you. CLIP
Recommended by "Regina-Sophia Siegel">

The Wright Brothers First Flight Centennial Photographs

SPECIAL NOTE FROM JEAN: A subscriber sent me this suggestion:

"(...) Jean, your work is so vital. It's what you are meant to do in this lifetime. Please don't be offended by me suggesting you make money at it. To me, it's the right thing to do. I'd even start charging for the ERN. Okay, okay, I know you probably hate me for that suggestion. But it is so worth it. In the material world, the value increases when you do ask for what it's worth. I would pay, and I think there are many others who would too. I would require it, if it were me."

... To which I replied:

"Thanks for your concern for me and recommendation to try to earn money out of my service, but I resolved several years ago that I would never "charge" for it.

You see, the only real currency that matters in the universe is LOVE and earning the love and affection of kindred souls and all creation is so much more important than money. There have been many years, even recently when I had less than $6,000 Can a year to use and yet I consider myself very fortunate and wealthy in all kinds of manners, and actually live such a fulfilling life in such a wondrous environment with all the amenities and gadgets I would ever need that I would never consider swapping my situation with that of any so-called wealthy people on Earth. Granted I must work hard sometime - I entirely built my house which did cost me only $25,000 Can (in 1989) because I used lots of recycled material, I grow a significant percentage of my food (all my vegetables and plenty!), I harvest trees in a sustainable manner on our 540 acres of communal land, cut them in pieces and chop it all for firewood to heat my house in winter, and do all the repairs when necessary. I built a small cottage last summer on the shore of our part of a lake which will be used by me and other community members when completed (to be done next summer).

Currently I work as a translator and earn a decent living from my work plus I sometimes receive donations from ERN subscribers like you whenever they feel like giving something from their heart as a token of their appreciation, not because they would need to BUY or PAY for the information they receive from me.

So I'm sure you now get a better feel of why it is that I don't feel pressed to try to earn money from my networking service. And besides, if you think of it, we are striving to eventually get rid of the whole money-grabbing mind-set and economic system (yes even money will no longer be needed some day soon), so we've got to prime the pump and get the ball rolling for that to happen some day. That is also part of the message of the Earth Rainbow Network networking service.

The idea that something is more worthy of our attention if we pay for it is also another pernicious and still prevailing delusion ingrained in so many people's hearts and minds. On the contrary, to me and to a growing number of people, whatever is given freely and with pure intent in service to the Light, and not in a self-serving manner, is infinitely more worthy of my attention than all the stuff sold by big corporations with their brainwashing, manipulative advertisements techniques used to compel us into buying their products, thus benefiting their bottom line to the detriment, unfortunately in still too many cases, of exploited and poorly paid workers, with a series of environmental repercussions that will haunt our children and their children for generations to come. I know you are fully aware of this but I wanted to spell it out as a reminder of what the worthy-only-if-you-pay-for-it mentality really implies, in my view."



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The Great Rethinking: The Prophets Oxford a review by Positive News

"The Universe is evolving towards an even greater destiny, and we are the means of this global transformation."

- Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Head Sufi International Order We stand on the verge of a revolution in scientific thinking that will transform the world. This new revolution is not about our understanding of outer space. Rather, it is about our understanding of inner space and the nature of consciousness.

Peter Russell, author, physicist, mathematician and philosopher told The Great Rethinking Conference, at the Oxford Union, that until now scientist have been completely uninterested in consciousness. They believed that when we understood the material world we would understand everything. So we have ignored what is probably the most interesting question of all.

Peter Russell, author of From Science to God, The Mystery of Consciousness and The Meaning of Light, says: "Today we are in the early stages of a shift in the worldview that lies behind the whole of science. In the current worldview or metaparadigm, within which the whole of science operates, space, time and matter are primary. But this worldview does not allow for the existence of consciousness, which is the fundamental quality of the cosmos. It is primary. It is as real and fundamental as space, time and matter. Indeed more fundamental. In fact matter is derived from mind and not mind from matter."

Professor Ervin Laszlo, widely acknowledged as the father of general evolution theory, told the Prophets Conference: "We operate in an outdated worldview with outdated priorities where might is right and fitness is the key quality. These Newtonian and Darwinian ideas have been transcended by science so we have to change. We have to shift from reliance on outer authority to trust in our inner sources of consciousness and knowing."

This is already happening as millions reject the views of those in authority who say it is reasonable for one country to bomb another and for the world to spend 800 billion dollars every year on arms when 70 billion dollars could provide for clean water and the basic needs of two billion of the world's poor and destitute who live on less than two dollars a day.

"We are experiencing unprecedented systems breakdown with global warming, environmental breakdown, species extinction, massive hunger and violence and with our security and confidence deeply shaken. At the same time there is increasing recognition of the fundamental interconnectedness of all aspects of reality and experience. Perhaps the way to salvation is recognizing that our error is that we operate within an outdated, mechanistic, competitive model."

Professor Laszlo provides the foundations for a scientific theory of universal connectivity in his latest groundbreaking book, The Connectivity Hypothesis: Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life and Consciousness. He said: "Our task is to adopt the new scientific understanding that allows for the existence of the divine consciousness in everything, so we can move from separation to wholeness and create a peaceful and sustainable future."

Professor Michio Kaku, an internationally recognized authority in theoretical physics, said his mission was to achieve Einstein's dream of creating a theory of everything. A co-founder of string theory, he explained: "Music is the language of the universe. All the particles of nature are nothing but notes on a string and the Universe is the symphony of the strings. The Mind of God is music resonating through hyperspace. So there is a creator. We spend all of our life saying 'this is all there is' but we have to realise that there are unseen dimensions. We are privileged to be alive at the birth of the most incredible transition in human history, the birth of a planetary civilization.

"At our hand the earth has open sores caused by human activity. We have to heal the earth. We have global warning. Some people deny it exists, yet today is the hottest time in human history going back 100,000 years. There will be no snow on Kilimanjaro by 2020. The North Pole is now a puddle of water for half the year. Alaska is thawing out. This is what man has wrought with our technology and it comes from oil. Oil is the reason why US Foreign Policy is so skewed. It puts the US in bed with dictatorships and feudal monarchies."

Professor Kaku, who is also an environmentalist, said he used to be a keen advocate of nuclear power and worked in the atomic industry but he now concludes that nuclear power is unfinished, unviable and unnecessary.

"The sun is a nuclear reactor and it is the only safe nuclear reactor because it is 93 million miles away where every nuclear reactor ought to be. The problem with solar power is that it's for free; it's for everyone.

"I have dedicated my life to the prospects of a peaceful world. I believe we will see the day when nations do live in harmony and peace."

The writer and mystic, Andrew Harvey, who was the youngest ever fellow of All Soul's Oxford said: "We are now, as a race about to move into the eye of the storm that will decide the future of the race and the planet. It is crucial for all of us to know as the crisis deepens that what will look and feel like destruction is the stripping away of delusions.

"The secret of this storm is that it is a birthing and it is going to demand everything of you and 1. We must now purify our hearts and galvanize our wills to ensure that the new divine humanity can be born. We are going through a dark night of the species as a whole. The crisis is offering humanity these intensities to expand and shatter the heart of humanity and for the first time in history we will start to create a world of love and justice.

"What are you doing to stop this madness?" he asked. "How are you living? What are you risking at this time of unprecedented crisis? Nature is bleeding to death. The population is exploding. Weapons of mass destruction are proliferating and religions are retreating into fundamentalism. "The mass media is feeding us trivialities when we need to be taught about real reality. The rich world is locking itself into materialism that leaves the rest of the world starving.

"We need to become mystic activists. Mystics must get active and equally the activists must become mystic. Activists must learn to act from divine peace that will feed them divine wisdom. You must always act from as loving and forgiving a heart as possible and remember you have to learn how to ask and you will be given what you need. Then this world can become the living kingdom of this divine humanity."

FURTHER INFORMATION : The Prophets Conference, 369 Montezuma Avenue, Suite 103, Santa Fe, NM. USA


Positive News, Autumn 2003

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Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices as Spiritual Citizens

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

- Marianne Williamson

The Great Rethinking: The Prophets Palm Springs is honored to have MARIANNE WILLIAMSON join the exceptional line-up of today's prominent and powerful authors and teachers who are coming together the weekend of March 12-14, 2004 to lend us guidance for this unprecedented time of personal and planetary change.

The following is from the preface of Marianne Williamson's book, Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices as Spiritual Citizens.

MANY people are going around today saying, "In any situation, I just ask myself, What would Buddha, or Jesus, do? What would the Torah tell me to do, or the Koran, or the New Testament?" Thinking about such things is a perfect test, reading the news today. Would Jesus, if he were a citizen of the richest nation on earth, choose to feed the poor or fatten the rich? It's certainly an interesting question.

All of us are better off when contemplation of holy principles is at the center of our lives. But it is in actually applying that we forge the marriage between heaven and earth, while merely dwelling on principle falls short of the human effort needed to carry out God's will. Just as we need the light of the sun--but looking straight into it can blind us as well.

There is a point in everyone's spiritual journey where, if your are not careful, the search for self-awareness can turn into self-preoccupation. There is a fine line, at times, between self-exploration and narcissism. One way to see how we're doing is to measure the fun factor: spiritual growth that's too much fun all the time usually isn't growth at all. Anything that has become too comfortable cannot ultimately be comforting. The universe is invested in our healing, and healing is a fierce, transformative fire. It is the product of human willingness to change, and change is often hard.

For years, I thought I only had to heal myself, and the world would take care of itself. Clearly we must work on healing our own neuroses in order to become effective healers. But then, having worked on our own issues a while, another question begs for an answer: how healed can we ultimately become while the social systems in which we live and move, and have our earthly being, remain sick?

Years ago, we realized that people's psychology is intimately bound up with the psychology of their family units. Today, it is very clear that the family, too, dwells within a larger psychological system. It's not just our childhood of families whose dysfunctions influence us; our educational systems, government, and business structures are often dysfunctional as well, and in a manner that affects us all. None of us lives in isolation anymore, from anyone or anything.

The principles that apply to our personal healing apply as well to the healing of the larger world. First, all healing principles are universal because they come from God. And second, there actually is no objective outer world, for what's out there is merely a projection of what's in our minds. The laws of consciousness apply to everything. Anything, when truly seen for what it is and surrendered to the higher mind, begins to self-correct. But what is not looked at is doomed to eternal re-enactment, for an individual or for a nation.

Politics, ideally, is a context for the care of the public good. The word politics comes from an ancient Greek root politeia, meaning not "of the government" but rather "gathering of citizens." The source of power in America is not the government; the source of power is us. And millions of us, citizens of the United States, have begun to see life in a less mechanistic, more enlightened way. The consciousness revolution has already transformed both mainstream medicine and business. Harvard Medical School has hosted symposiums on the role of spirituality and healing in medicine, and highly paid corporate consultants call on business executives to turn their workplaces into "sanctuaries for the soul." Government is the only major American institution that doesn't yet seem to have heard that the world has unalterably changed.

There are new ideas on the world's horizon, as different from the twentieth-century worldview as the twentieth century was different from the nineteenth century. We are ready to apply principles of healing and recovery, not just to our bodies, not just to our relationships, but to every aspect of life.

World conditions challenge us to look beyond the status quo for responses to the pain of our times. We look to powers within as well as to powers without. A new, spiritually based social activism is beginning to assert itself. It stems not from hating what is wrong and trying to fight it, but from loving what could be and making the commitment to bring it forth. A nonviolent political dynamic is once again emerging, and it is a beacon of light at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Its goal, as in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., is "the establishment of the beloved community." Nothing less will heal our hearts and nothing less will heal the world.

It is a task of our generation to recreate the American politeia, to awaken from our culture of distraction and re-engage the process of democracy with soulfulness and hope. Yes, we see there are problems in the world. But we believe in a universal force that, when activated by the human heart, has the power to make all things right. Such is the divine authority of love: to renew the heart, renew the nations, and ultimately, renew the world.


MARIANNE WILLIAMSON is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. She has published eight books, four of which - including the mega bestseller A RETURN TO LOVE and the newly-released EVERYDAY GRACE - have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. Her titles also include ILLUMINATA, A WOMAN'S WORTH, and HEALING THE SOUL OF AMERICA. She also edited IMAGINE: What American Could Be in the 21st Century, a compilation of essays by some of America's most visionary thinkers.

Ms. Williamson has been a popular guest on numerous television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, and Charlie Rose.

Marianne Williamson has lectured professionally since 1983. In 1989, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily.

Ms. Williamson also co-founded the Global Renaissance Alliance (GRA -, a worldwide network of peace activists. The mission of the GRA is to harness the power of non-violence as a social force for good.

Be sure to listen to Marianne Williamson's new weekday talk radio show. LISTEN TO THE SHOW LIVE! at



In May of 2003, we received a message from the Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan in Guatemala, delivered by Carlos Barrios. This included a warning for the period of August 15 to December 16, 2003 and specific instructions for prayer and meditation for the period of December 4-7. While this larger period has not yet concluded, we write here an observation of this time as well as share words of guidance offered by Carlos.

Over the last several months, we have been witness to some extraordinary manifestations. From blackouts, fires, heat waves, unprecedented solar activity, unusual earthquakes, hurricanes out of season, asteroids passing extremely close to the earth and other strange geothermal activity such as that at Yellowstone, there has certainly been movement. In spite of various terrorist attacks and other causes of loss, we as humanity have been fortunate to have been spared from the potential destruction the elders recognized. So what happened? According to Carlos, the work of humanity to create balance has to some extent demonstrated success. The prayers, meditation, lighting candles, ceremonies and actions have moved humanity towards creating a new balance. There are many people that have been moving towards the positive, thus becoming a part of achieving that balance. Indeed, there were many positive things that were manifest during this period as well. In Guatemala, the will of the people overcame tyranny as 80% of eligible voters cast ballots to cast out a former dictator and give hope to a better future. With a peoples revolution in Bolivia, Sarayacu in the Amazon of Ecuador receiving a favorable ruling before the inter-American Commission on Human Rights to success by the SAGE Council and others in preventing a road being constructed through their sacred Petroglyph Monument, we've seen progress that holds great meaning for many people.

So as this cycle draws to a close, where are we left and what have we to do? Carlos says we must continue to be vigilant. We need to deepen our connection to the earth, spirituality and ourselves. We should continue to light candles for a greater awareness and for the rebuilding of Mother Earth. While the energies began to move to the south and, we should continue to put attention towards the translation of this energy from the north to the south. And we must continue to create the balance between the positivity and the negativity. Carlos stated that there are not many positive energies aligned for next year, but we have the power to change that. He stated we should move from a dependence on materialistic things, especially those we use as a crutch for our self-esteem as there is a new possibility of economic imbalance. We have the power to create this harmony as we move towards 2012.

What are the most important things to focus on in this new period? There are two things: Clarity and Purification. Clarity in that we need to stop lying to ourselves and others. We must begin to truly know ourselves - what we really are and what we would like to change. We must develop this consciousness with a greater profundity. Purification upon the four planes which we exist: We must clean our bodies. Don't eat too much meat, drink soda or take in chemicals and processed foods - we should return to a more natural diet. We should also return to more natural and preventive medicines. We can purify our minds. We must identify the problems inside of us then 1) accept the problem and 2) work to remedy it. We can purify our psychic selves: we can identify what is in our subconscious, then accept the problem and go deeper to remedy it, with meditation and working with the energies. We can look deep within ourselves and see what promises we've made that have been left unfulfilled. We can purify our spirit: We need to develop the awareness that we are all a part of the Great Spirit, that we are all divine beings. With this awareness, we can be free and heal ourselves and be free of desire. Spirit is manifest in each one of us in the vertebrae near the heart. If we put our attention to this part of the body, we can come into contact with our spirit. We can work to remove the armor we place there that we use to shield ourselves from the world. Then we come to realize that we are elders, masters, etc.

As we walk this path together as humanity, we are presented with great opportunity in the face of adversity. Our steps are taken with the choices we make. May we choose these steps with wisdom and may they lead us down a road of greater harmony, balance and justice as we approach 2012.

The full article, along with user permission information is available at:




January 13, 1997

S: Is God encouraged by progress here that we can't see but it can be seen from your vantage point?

MATTHEW: I believe so, but I'd think that you would prefer His direct reply. 

S: Do I just ask Him, like saying "God, can we talk"?

MATTHEW: I'd say so!

S: Well, then, God, do you know my question and feelings about what Matthew and I have been discussing? How will I know if you are the one responding, if you do?

GOD: My child, I'm glad you felt assurance enough to type in there "GOD:" and not "?:". You always can have assurance if you will just allow its sensation to pervade your uncertainty.

As for "progress" on Earth, I weep with each soul who is suffering in any way and I rejoice with each soul who is feeling joy. I am the soul of all of the worst and all of the best, so I cannot be inseparable from the best and not inseparable from the worst. Am I happy about what I see happening on Earth? For those who are happy, yes, I am, too. For those who are worrying that their tyrannical power is diminishing, I feel that, too. Do you see?

S: I think so, but I meant as the total God, the entirety of souls in this universe, how do you feel?

GOD: There is no "entirety" of separate pieces, there is amalgamation. The souls are inviolate during their physical lifetimes and remain inviolate in spirit, so they influence within the body of God just as they influence the play unfolding on Earth. It is simple, not complex, but I see that you are not grasping my words.

As a child of mine, you have equal importance with the life of Jesus that Christian religions exalt as perfect in my eyes, and you have equal importance with the soul who is causing misery and death. There are equal amounts of my powers and love within every soul who is born into a body you recognize or a body you do not recognize or a body you cannot even conceive of in appearance. Yet, you wish me to see something that doesn't exist beyond the view of me on Earth, that I am only a loving and merciful God.

With equal aspects of what you think of as good and what you decry as evil, how can I be except what I am? In one stage of my Totality, I was purely light and love. Then parts of my creations descended into the darkness Matthew refers to, but they were nonetheless inseparable parts of my whole. And thus they remain.

That is why I cannot give you the answer that you wish in your heart, dear child, that I am saddened and appalled by the injustice and brutality. Nor can I say that I am gladdened only by what I see of the light being spread on Earth. I can reply only as the amalgamation of the two sides of each soul. Each soul has its potential for goodness and darkness, or godliness as it was in the Beginning and the evil, as you see it, in motion. My child, can you relate to what I am in all truth telling you?

S: I'm sorry, but I just don't know. Please let me read what you said. .....

Thank you. I'm not sure I understand everything, but what you said doesn't seem consistent with what Matthew has said about a "totally loving God."

GOD: Then let me correct Matthew. There is resistance to who I am in "entirety" anywhere religions prevail. First, I AM that I AM. And what I AM is what you and countless - well, I could have an actual count if I wished to investigate and pass on to you, but I don't want to do that right now - so I shall say that I am the countless beings who have lived in any form in any place within this universe in any speck of time since its Beginning. 

I am not a separate oversoul - or parent, if you will - who can see my likeness in a child of myself but am disappointed when the child doesn't grow into my measurements of good or bad. I have no such measurements for my children! There is that energy balancing of the polar opposites that Matthew calls light and darkness, and that's as good as any differentiation for the two opposing forces.

Those opposing forces keep the universe spinning, so they are not soon to be changed from their oppositeness or everything would go haywire. As for souls, like everything else in the universe, they are energy, my original light energy as I was co-created by Creator and the highest angelic realm. However, when free will became "abused unmercifully" - I am acceding to using your words because it's your sentiment, but it is not correct in my eyes, dear one...

Let me start again. I am each person who is judged in such poor light by others who cannot know the heart and soul of that single one. None of you on Earth is connected in awareness at soul level, so your judgments can be quite off kilter insofar as a particular soul's purpose in this lifetime. Each agreed to play his or her part in the balancing act, and I know how often Matthew has told you about the need for balance in each soul so that can extend to all of Earth. To all of the universe, for that matter.

Suzanne, I see that I am straying from what you originally asked: How do I feel about what you and Matthew were discussing? But I did reply to that, just not what you wanted to hear. Shall we go on?

S: Then "personal God" means that you respect each person's life as much as any other?

GOD: Yes, but I know your question about motive and intent counting for more than the evidence. There is the difference, perhaps, that you want so much for me to bring into this commentary. Do I WISH that all of my parts were within the light in which I was created? Yes! Who would not wish that perfection of Creator to be returned!

But I do not hold forth condemnation or punishment to any faltering part of me. I am here to respond to what you call prayers of the "godly" just as I am bound by the laws of Creator set up within the parameters of my operating powers if the choice made is not within the light. Do you see?

S: I'm not sure I heard your last statement correctly. If I did, your meaning still isn't clear to me.

GOD: I know that, of course, but I intend to give you frequent opportunities to question rather than my rambling without your understanding any of it. So then, to clarify: I am whoever is living at any time, all the time, anywhere in this universe. I cannot be a separate entity or a power beyond that given to me.

Nor can I make new laws of science or nature that you also call my laws. They are NOT my laws, they are Creator's laws! Within those I was created and am bound to honor. I don't object to those laws, but I do object to having them ascribed to me only because it is part of the non-understanding about me that prevails in your minds.

S: If you are the total of darkness and light and you really want the light to prevail, isn't that denying the darkness what it wants?

GOD: It is gratifying to see you thinking, my dear child. Hatonn would be pleased. Why? Because he is one of my major aspects when it comes to communications and records, and he adores deeper thinking beyond the superficiality of most thoughts emanating from Earth. He's been given a bum rap there because for ages one of my children has been claiming that what she's putting out is from him, and that's not so, but that's another story.

You are worried that I'm taking sides, or better said, can't take sides. Then who better to set you straight, my child? I am as much the gentleness and searching and on the lighted pathway as you wish to be, yet there is the part of me that equally is, and cannot deny, that soul whose interests and actions and motives are what you call evil. I am not separate from that soul, and whatever that soul does and all of its effects, however "ungodly," as you think, become within my composite and are an inseparable part of me. So, to say that I could "take sides" of myself is just plain unscientific, isn't it?

S: Then it seems that we're really just on our own, stumbling along thinking that prayers for anyone's safety or health are reaching you, but actually, all you're doing is being aware. Is it, then, that any actual beneficial intervention is coming from other sources, like the angels, spirit guides, souls in Nirvana or highly evolved extraterrestrial civilizations?

GOD: Is that arrangement so bad, my child? ..... You're waiting for me to continue, as if I didn't say it all right there.

S: Those other sources are you, too, aren't they?

GOD: You see! I didn't intend for this to become like your analysts of the mind who desire you to see for yourselves rather than be told. But it was immensely heartening to me that you came to that realization, just as it was for you, dear Suzanne.

My beloved child, you can see that I am not the God that for all those years you believed me to be. You still cling to the idea that what you were taught is correct - OK, that at least most of it is. But most of it is not! Religion and spirit, or spirituality, are not the same. Well, maybe for a moment now and then in Earth time they were, when some of the people received the truth I sent by various messengers as I intended, and those who did thought of it as "religion." But actually it was spirit - seeing, feeling, LIVING the light and love in the ministry of my children who carried my Word.

Especially in the case of my child Emmanuel, whom you call Jesus, were the messages quickly subverted into what the self-serving leaders of that day needed to keep their positions of authority and control. Greed and power got in the way of the truth every time. So your religions of today teach the lies inherited from those early leaders who turned them into religious teachings, and woe to those who disagreed!

Matthew has explained this and still you haven't released all of the hold that your Christian indoctrination gained over your own reasoning powers. Oh, yes, you are opening to the truth because you don't want your son to be giving forth incorrect information. Of course you don't! But it's difficult for you to accept the damage that has been done by the suppression of the truth that time and again I have sent to Earth. 

And where has this gotten me? More and more fighting - even killing each other in my name! - between the various religions that have been formed by deliberate distortions of my messengers' words, that's where. Each religion thinks it's absolutely right and is the only right one. Oh my! And because every one of those souls who believes whatever he or she has been taught is a part of me, and I am all of them, I love all without reservation, you see.

S: God, thank you for talking with me. I guess you know that I'm not really comfortable with what you've said, but maybe with more time to think about these revelations, I will be.

GOD: Child, with humility and respect and divine love I hold you, enfold you, and allow you to experience in accordance with your own needs and wishes. In no moment shall I be separate from you, in no moment shall I be disappointed in you, in no moment will I fault you or judge you, and never shall we be more or less than who we are. And it is the same with all of my children. Amen.

S: Matthew? Do you know what God and I talked about?

MATTHEW: Yes, Mother, and I know your dismay that God seems so different from the Almighty and All Merciful God of your religious orientation that still is holding your beliefs very strongly. God would not speak ill of Himself, and He would not be dishonest with you, even if parts of Him are those souls in whom dishonesty reigns. You demand only light, and therefore you receive what you demand.

S: Well, I need to read this again to really digest it all, but Matthew, I do have the gist of it and what you've told me and what God has just said aren't the same. So what do you say about that?

MATTHEW: Mother, no, I haven't explained God as completely as He did Himself, and sometimes in my fervor to make a point about love and light being so desperately needed on Earth, I have ascribed only that to Him. But please remember that I have told you that each soul is an inseparable part of God, and think of the many instances when I have mentioned the necessity of balance. Think how often I have explained the playing out of karmic lessons and why judgment of others' actions is not the way to go because you cannot know what roles to achieve balance are at work. But I acknowledge my omission in not pulling all of that together in one fell swoop so you understood that God is all of the light and dark playing out the karmic balancing.

S: OK, dear. Now I have it from Him Himself.


NOTE: This conversation with God and Matthew above is taken from the third Matthew Book:

"Illuminations for a New Era"
Understanding These Turbulent Times

... which covers the following topics: Messages from God. Healing power of love. Extraterrestrial cooperation during Earth’s spiritual ascension and world peace progress. Universal energy in meditation, emotions and beliefs. Chemtrails. Planet X/Nibiru. Vaccinations. Crop circles. Indigo children.

To find out more about all the books published so far, go at

Final reminder: There is a 20% holiday discount on all orders placed before December 31. Please contact> for details.

Please note also that due to the printer's malfunctioning press which produced poor quality Voices of the Universe books, the whole printing will be done again shortly and this book should be available for ordering through around January 20th. Because of their non-availability prior to that time, the 20% holiday discount offer on that book will be extended until January 31, 2004. Here are some details on this forthcoming book:

"Voices Of The Universe"
Your voice affects the universe - Let it be with LOVE

...which covers the following topics: How we affect our world and the universe. Direct communication with God. Significance of synchronicity in our lives. The need for discernment. Politics from God’s perspective. The Illuminati. Clarification of ascended masters. Evolution of an ancient civilization. Reptilian commander’s message. NESARA. Thought form transference. ET assistance on the planet and from space.


Forwarded by Philippe> On Dec 16

Introducing the Prepare4contact discussion group and Michael Salla's website

Greetings Everyone,

My best wishes to Jean (Ederman) and others spreading the message regarding the Change the World message. When I received the message on Nov 2, it certainly sparked a recognition within me that a new phase had begun. It moved me from a primarily research role in the study of the extraterrestrial phenomenon - all my research papers are on my website including some papers discussing the Change the World message into an activist role.

One of my first initiatives for spreading news of the global ballot was to create at a yahoo discussion list where we immediately began discussion on what to do in response to the ballot request.

At this time we have approximately 270 members and have put together a Statement of Aspirations/Code of Conduct for any ETs that show up. We have an online poll in the discussion group underway. We are also looking at further initiatives to promote a global ballot and giving a soul based yes to the question.

I look forward to working with you all and making this the beginning of a new reality for us all.

In peace

Michael E. Salla



Prepare4contact is a discussion forum dedicated to the study of how individuals, communities and humanity in general can best prepare for open interaction with extraterrestrial races visiting Earth. The forum seeks to disseminate accurate information about extraterrestrial races, their agendas, activities and history that assists members in making informed choices about how to best prepare for that defining moment when the extraterrestrial presence moves from the fringes of society, into the mainstream of public life. The underlying idea behind the forum is that it is only through a self-empowered and aware humanity, that open interaction between humanity and ET races can do justice to humanity’s need for equality, freedom and sovereignty when interacting with more technologically developed races. A primary goal of the forum is to be a vehicle for promoting the aspirations and views of that segment of humanity that has long been denied political representation in secret government interactions with extraterrestrial races. Recommended readings are in the files section.




This site is dedicated to producing high quality research papers that focus on the political implications of what an overwhelming amount of evidence conclusively points to as an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that is known by clandestine government organizations who keep official knowledge of this presence secret from the general public and elected political officials. The evidence suggests that decision making is restricted to a small group of officials drawn primarily from the military and intelligence branches of various national governments who operate on a 'need to know' basis, and whose appointments are made in a way that 'stretches' or breaks accepted constitutional guidelines and processes.

If one accepts the available evidence and concludes that the above is indeed occurring, then it is up to each individual to familiarize herself or himself with the issues and take whatever action is appropriate. The place to begin your journey through this site and discover Exopolitics is through the Research Study papers and the articles that are periodically published on this site.




A Message to Humanity: A Genuine Communication from an Extraterrestrial Race?

(...) As a result of my analysis of Ederman’s background, intellectual abilities, and technical knowledge, nothing stands out as excluding the possibility that his Message constitutes a genuine communication from an ET race. My analysis of the political implications of the Message indicates that it is consistent with the basic facts concerning the ET presence. It does not appear to be the case that the Message is ‘disinformation’ by covert branches of the military-intelligence community. My overall conclusion is that the Message is a genuine communication to global humanity from an ET race. The question that then arises is do we give permission to this ET race or races to physically intervene in human affairs?

Certainly, the myriad difficulties caused by the military-intelligence communities entering into technology exchange agreements with some ET factions, maintaining secrecy over these, consuming vast ‘black budget’ resources, not releasing the technology to the civilian sector, and the vast damage done to the global environment from using predatory technologies, constitutes a global crisis. This is nowhere better exemplified than in the energy arena where it appears that fossil fuel dependence would be redundant if the technology available from ET races were made available to the general public. Having a physical ET intervention would assist in addressing these issues, but it would have to happen in a way that empowers global humanity, rather than make it dependent on the ET helpers that appear on the scene to assist humanity. My recommendation is that we should welcome the Message. Rather than say yes to the question, ‘Do You Wish That We Show Up?’ say ‘thanks for asking us’, and we'll see what answer we can come up with. We need to develop very quickly a set of ground rules for what we would like in terms of an ET intervention, and something along the lines of a ‘Code of Conduct’ to govern subsequent interactions. Coming up with such agreements by groups of ‘individuals without distinction’ willing to contribute to such an endeavor will take time, dialogue and negotiation amongst many who are still unsure or fearful of the ET presence. I believe that what's most important about the message is its self-empowering potential, and the hope that those individuals who best represent ‘enlightened global humanity will in time work out a consensus over what needs to be done in responding to an offer of assistance from a service oriented ET race or races.

Michael E.Salla, PhD, November 8, 2003
Is the author of Expolitics: Political Implications of the ET Presence (forthcoming Dandelion Books, 2004), and Founder of the website: .

He is a Researcher in Residence, Center for Global Peace, American University, and has an academic website at
He can be contacted at



The Race for First Contact - Shaping Public Opinion for the Open Appearance of Extraterrestrial Races

December 8, 2003

There has been a worldwide suppression of a secret extraterrestrial presence on Earth for at least 50 years from the general public and most elected public officials. The official public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence has long been speculated to be imminent. The repeated delays have led to much uncertainty over when the secret extraterrestrial presence will eventually be disclosed. However, rather than ‘when’ being the critical issue to be decided, it appears that the more difficult issue is ‘how’ the extraterrestrial presence will be disclosed. There appears to be a secret race to shape public opinion of an extraterrestrial presence in a way that prepares the public to accept a particular ‘first contact’ scenario. Public disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence is likely to occur in a manner that provides clandestine national security agencies a means for effectively dealing with whatever contingencies arise out of unknown global/celestial events that have been predicted or even started to occur. An ever-growing number of authors, scientists and military-intelligence officials describe such global/celestial events in terms of a ‘reversal of the magnetic poles’, a shift in the physical poles, vast solar eruptions, a large unknown planetoid passing nearby the Earth, and comets/asteroids that impact with the earth. The evidence for each of these global/celestial events is sketchy and not conclusive, but whistleblower testimonies suggest that clandestine preparations are well underway for a global contingency involving tremendous social and political upheavals that lie just ahead. It appears that what has yet to be decided is when public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence occurs and how it will be ‘spun’ to facilitate continued control by small clandestine groups of public officials not governed by usual democratic rules over accountability and transparency. The different scenarios of a first contact that have emerged into the public arena by various UFO researchers/whistleblowers point to a race between and within clandestine government agencies for how First Contact will be ‘spun’ for world-wide consumption. It appears that there are strong factional rivalries within clandestine organizations that respectively have their own favored contact scenario. It is these rivalries that best explain the long delay in public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.



There is consequently a race occurring between two factions of the clandestine groups that manage the extraterrestrial presence around the planet - the Cabal and the White Knights that ostensibly represent the 'dark' and 'light' agendas in how the extraterrestrial presence will be disclosed to the general public. However, a third actor in the form of an emerging global mass movement has been sparked into action by an unknown group of extraterrestrials responsible for initiating a series of global ballots on whether extraterrestrials should show up. These contact groups represent a genuine revolution in management of the extraterrestrial presence, going far beyond the limited reforms promised by White Knights in their efforts to remove the Cabal from dominating the management of the extraterrestrial presence, while still maintaining a high degree of secrecy over the true extent and history of the extraterrestrial presence. The race to shape public opinion is likely to enter unchartered waters as the two rival factions in the extraterrestrial global management system find that the rise of a broad based global movement of contact groups represents a new dynamic in ‘when’ and ‘how’ First Contact will occur. The former dominant contact scenarios based on Orson Wells and Steven Spielberg, have been joined by a plausible Gene Rodenberry scenario that is quickly capturing the hearts and minds of the global population. The race to First Contact is well underway, it is up to every individual to learn as much as possible in the remaining time before the extraterrestrial presence emerges openly into the public arena. Understanding and learning about the extraterrestrial presence and First Contact is the best way in which ‘individuals without distinction’ can influence ‘when’ and ‘how’ First Contact will occur.



Ancient Mysteries Revealed

Greetings Explorers,

Since our debut on the web in 1998 Labyrinthina has presented provocative articles, explorations, and new and compelling insights into the Ancient Mysteries of Peru. Forged by a desire to share information not previously available to the public we are happy to announce the opening of our new Members Portal. Here students of Andean Mysteries will find exclusive in-depth investigation into some of Peru's most hidden secrets.

Ancient Time Capsule

According to Edgar Cayce, America's "sleeping prophet," hidden time capsules sealed during Atlantean times would be revealed near the end of the 20th century leading to new discoveries into human origins, heralding a time of trauma, followed by an era of Global Peace.

In the early 1960's following massive flooding of the Ica river an unknown cave was exposed in the Peruvian desert lying just north of the enigmatic Nazca Lines. Revealed were thousands of oddly carved stones ( depicting an ancient technologically advanced civilization. This phenomenal discovery caught the attention of one Dr. Javier Cabrera who later became the leading authority on the ancient carvings and curator of the largest collection of Engraved Ica Stones in existence.

In an interview just weeks prior to his untimely passing in December 2001, the doctor released sensitive information he'd previously deemed much too controversial for public consumption. Perhaps it was the wish of a dying man that this discovery not be fated to obscurity, for much to our surprise, we were asked to photograph the contents of a heretofore unknown chamber, and later share the knowledge. Due to the sensitive nature of the images found in the chamber and a request by the doctor's heirs to delay the release of said information, we were unable to proceed with the documentation until now. Select images from Dr. Cabrera's secret chamber ( will soon be available for private preview, in addition, our Members Gallery now includes over 170 photos from the Ica Stone Collection.

Lost Records of an Unknown Humanity

Known as a place outside the boundaries of time, the mysterious Markawasi Stone Forest rises high above the western Andean ridge of Peru. Here massive carved effigies including a curious replica emulating the Face on Mars (with its archeoastronomical implications), dot the ancient landscape. Among the effigies are found massive mind-boggling winged sphinxes, elephants, camels, and animals not known to this continent. The most spectacular monument dominating the landscape with its sixteen carved faces of the Races of Man known as the Monument of Humanity (, prominently sits above a key grid point connecting it to other ancient sites thousands of miles and continents away. Our multi-part series features the largest online collection of original photography from the Markawasi Stone Forest and begs the Question: Who were the builders of this phenomenal site?

Markawasi Plateau denoting Ruzo's discoveries of key monuments.

Scholars of ancient Andean mysteries believe the sculpted Peruvian plateau predates the Egyptian dynastic period yet holds a direct link to the Isis Mysteries. How is this possible? With its mysterious stunning monuments emulating among other things Egyptian deities, and claims of healing energy plus recorded testimony of levitation, the mysterious plateau is believed to be the remnant of Atlantean technology with a human extraterrestrial presence in evidence.

Cocooned in oblivion for eons and sculpted into the ancient landscape by a mysterious lost humanity the Markawasi plateau reawakens at this pivotal moment in history.


Markawasi Mysteries in Stone: A Fantastic Discovery
The works of art referred to in the introduction of his book are the monuments, monolithic sculptures, some megaliths, which are found on top of Marcahuasi. There are hundreds of these monuments on the 41/2KM x 1KM plateau. They are so large, so clear that even someone who isn't a seeker cannot argue their existence. The "monuments repeating the same symbols" are found in Tepotzlan and Guanajuato, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro and Vila Velha in Brazil; Lake Titicaca, San Cristobal and Los Angeles in Peru; Stonehenge and Avebury in England; The Sacred Valley of the Kings in Egypt; the Carpathian mountains in Rumania; and Kakadu National Park in Australia to name a few. Although Daniel Ruzo also studied the monuments of the Easter Islands, he made no conclusion about their origin. All of the monuments in all of these places, according to Ruzo, were created by a humanity that lived before the time of the flood for which Noah built his arc.

(Continued from

Mystery of the Desert

Photographic evidence and first-hand testimony has recently emerged from the Nazca Lines including revelations regarding the work of the late Maria Reiche (, officially proclaimed "Guardian of the Lines." This intrepid German mathematician and scientist was once asked what had prepared her for a lifelong investigation of the mystery lines of the desert, where she had lived alone for more then 40 years of her life. Maria laughed, and humbly replied . . .
"It was a kind of destiny. When I first came to Peru the ship went passing through the center of four consecutive rainbows! Four arcs, one inside the other! It was a marvelous spectacle. It must have been some kind of prediction or something. Imagine a boat, a boat driving through the open sea passing through arching rainbows touching the waves. What compelled me on this quest was my curiosity. I wanted to know!”


See also:

Nazca : The Enigmatic Lines of the Nazca Pampa and

which includes this:

Geoglyphs Found In Bolivia Larger Than Those Of Nazca

CorreoPeru, Lima, Peru 17 May 2003 -- A group of archaeologists from the U.S. announced yesterday they have discovered the presence of geoglyphs, gigantic drawings in sand, in an area of 22 kilometers near the National Park of Sajama in west Bolivia, with a size 16 times larger than the lines of Nazca, Peru.
The important find consists of a group of lines "one to two meters in width" and "20 kilometers" in length, and in some cases, form 436 distinct routes, and could be related to the Andean Cosmogony, sustained one of the members of the expedition, called Tierra Sajama.

And this:

"Secrets of the Ancient World: Ancient Aliens"
Well produced New Video from the History Channel!
In modern times, the first UFO was reported in 1947. But many people believe that aliens have been among us for thousands of years. And for evidence, they point to certain ancient texts and monuments. Do they, in fact, tell the story of extraterrestrial contact eons ago? This documentary features footage from the Nazca Lines, Tiwanaku, Egypt et all and correlations with the ancient astronauts theory. Join the worlds leading UFO experts including the authors of the bestselling Alien Identities and Fingerprints of the Gods for an extraordinary investigation that journeys through human history in search of evidence of alien contact. Why do so many structures, from different societies worldwide, seem to point towards the same spot in the skies? What other possible explanation is there for the frequent references to strange flying objects in ancient texts? Do some clues point to the presence of aliens among the ancients themselves? With dramatic re-creations, footage from around the world and inspired scholarship, ANCIENT ALIENS attempts to uncover the truth.




Consuelo Luz

Through song, an exploration of history from the Sephardic (Judeo-Hispanic) perspective and with her own rich, personal history, Consuelo brings to life an expanded view of our world and the political, cultural and spiritual forces that have brought us to this perilous and exciting time of transformation.

Consuelo draws from her own fascinating Spanish Basque, Sephardic and Mapuche Indian ancestral background. "I understand the pull of ancestral myth in families and societies. In my case it is a heavy mix of some very powerful forces. Making peace in my soul is a process of exploring all these roots and creating an environment where they can all live together. The Mapuche Indian chief, the Jewish philosopher, the Catholic saint, the Royal family, the conquistador, the indigenous warrior, the aristocrat, the musical prodigy, the socialist revolutionary, the President. As both archetypes and genetic factors, these influences populate my consciousness but the very power of their diversity also challenge me to go beyond them to a place in my heart that is fluid, open and present to the now, that embraces all of humanity and envisions a transformed and loving world celebrating its diversity while at the same time honoring its oneness." Raised in Greece, the Philippines, Spain, Italy and Peru by Chilean/Cuban parents, Consuelo completed Cambridge University's Overseas Spanish Literature A Level in Lima, Peru, and went on to study Literature and Music at New York's New School for Social Research and Drama at the Stella Adler Theater Studio in New York City where she also did street theater.

"Raised Catholic, as I grew older I became conscious of Jewish ancestry on my Chilean mother's side. In 1973 I moved to Taos, New Mexico, where I thrived spiritually as I raised my sons and daughter in mountain villages where I learned to treasure the wisdom and beauty of the local culture and its spiritual ties to the land and where I made deep and lasting friendships which taught me the true meaning of community and the value of this way of life which was in danger of disappearing. I learned the art of tinwork, sang in churches and cantinas, learned to make adobes, and cedar coyote fences, went for firewood in the forests, chopped wood and hauled water from the river, learned to make tortillas on a wood stove, picked apricots and learned how to preserve them, hunted el venado, fished for trucha, learned how to make a dirt floor with used motor oil and Elmer's glue (instead of goat's blood) and how to clean the acequia so that the agua sagrada could flow freely in the spring."

As a Spanish singer living in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, Consuelo was approached by Rabbi Chavah Carp with some ancient Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) prayer songs. As she discovered the haunting beauty of these songs, she was asked to sing them at religious and social gatherings and have been collecting these songs and singing them ever since, culminating in the international release of her Sephardic/World Music CD DEZEO.

"Though I have always considered myself socially and politically aware and have been involved in much community and cultural work throughout my life, 9/11 was a wake up call for me. My consciousness was lifted to a new level and I could not rest until I was satisfied that I had thoroughly investigated what was really going on in the world. After months of reading, researching and exploring the Internet, a veil seemed to lift from my brain as I started understanding the true meaning of the events we were witnessing: the virtual coup d'etat by George W. Bush and his cabinet of oil executives, The Free Trade agreements, NAFTA, the Patriot Act, the consolidation of the media which was becoming the most powerful propaganda machine in the history of the planet, the scapegoating of Muslims, the depletion of resources, all these under the umbrella of the growing runaway beast: Corporate globalization and its unsupervised, unfettered branches of administrative power - the multinationals, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and a slew of other quasi secret "groups" and "commissions" who seemed to be deciding the fate of humanity behind closed doors with no seeming accountability.

"I started contacting people in my community who were apparently doing the same thing as I was. As we shared information a sense of urgency developed and the need to share what we were discovering with as many people as possible. With my friend and fellow musician, Nelson Denman, we created Freedom Café, a series of events which brought together poets, musicians and speakers on the urgent issues of the day. Volunteers manned tables where we made available petitions, brochures, info on organizations and activities and lists of websites and contacts to expand the surging network of concerned individuals. As more and more people became active, a grass roots self-organized movement emerged in Santa Fe.

"This new imperialism threatening to gobble up the planet and reduce humans to consumers or slaves seems to have a life of its own. Who is accountable? As governments become irrelevant it becomes up to the people to take responsibility for our Earth. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We move into this new consciousness with love, grace and joy."

Find out more about her at



"The song lists the millions of casualties of wars and genocides and asks: "As we gasp for air, for kindness, for sanity, for life itself … how much can our hearts take …". The song ends on a positive note as we wake up from the mass unconscious denial and follow our hearts to planetary transformation."

Recommended by "Jean-Pierre Caron">


Date: 13 Dec 2003
Subject: Are the Polls Wrong About Kucinich?
From: "David Swanson, Kucinich Campaign">


That's the headline of an article at that shows that the website is the second most read presidential campaign site, and which presents other reasons to believe Kucinich's low ranking in some polls is misleading. Read the article at

Yesterday, disappeared from Google and other search engines. We have reason to believe that someone sent very numerous requests to search engines requesting that the site be listed (which it already was), and that as a result it was removed. Google considers programs that submit to hundreds of search engines at once as spam and removes sites using these tools from its indexes. It's unlikely but conceivable that this was even done by an overzealous supporter.

The last thing you should do is contact the search engines. We're doing so. But you should do this right away: put a link to on any website you control, and make the link use the words "Kucinich for President," and put the address in the signature of your Emails. Despite this setback, the site had its biggest day ever yesterday, so this is no time to get disheartened!


The Democratic caucuses and primaries are the time to support the candidate who has the best chance of defeating George W. Bush. Clearly, that candidate is Dennis Kucinich. The primaries are not the time for supporting the candidate who you think has the best chance of winning the primaries. That's exactly as useful as staying home. Why is Dennis the one to beat Bush?

1.-Dennis' platform fits his record. He opposes the "PATRIOT Act" now, and is the only candidate who voted against it. He opposes the war now, and is the only candidate who voted against it or who opposed it from the start. And he is the only one who will bring our troops home in 90 days.

2.-Dennis cannot be attacked for planning to cut services or raise taxes because he is the one candidate with the guts to cut the bloated Pentagon budget and end the occupation of Iraq. He makes proposals and explains how he will pay for them. And his tax plan is laid out in detail at

3.-Dennis and most Americans want single-payer universal health coverage. President Bush and most other candidates want to keep the HMOs and private insurance companies in charge.

4.-Dennis is the only candidate with a plan to end NAFTA and withdraw from the WTO, replacing these corporate trade agreements with fair bilateral trade based on workers' rights, human rights, and the environment. The other candidates side with the current President in wanting to maintain NAFTA and the WTO.

5.-Dennis has a history of attracting swing voters and "Reagan Democrats" in winning elections against better-funded Republican opponents, it is Dennis Kucinich. He has repeatedly defeated entrenched incumbents. He beat a Republican incumbent for mayor in 1977, for state senator in 1994 (overcoming the national right-wing tide) and for Congress in 1996.

6.-Dennis' Congressional district includes the suburb of Parma, Ohio, described as "one of the original homes of the Reagan Democrats." An Ohio daily calls it a "conservative Democratic district," which he carried by 74% in 2002. Being a success there may be a better predictor of national success than holding statewide office in a liberal stronghold like Vermont or Massachusetts.

7.-Dennis, unlike some other candidates, opposes the death penalty, will end the war on drugs, supports the Kyoto treaty, will take us to 20 percent renewable energy by 2010, and will back no justice who will not uphold Roe v. Wade.

8.-Dennis attracts third party voters and Ralph Nader supporters.

9.-Ohio has 20 electoral votes. It is the state that is key to national victory; only two candidates in the 20th century have won the presidency without carrying Ohio.






KOPPEL: When you hear some of your colleagues here -- you know, I get a little bit of a sense of sour grapes here, that if anyone else on this stage had gotten Al Gore's endorsement, he would have been happy to have it. What do you think?

KUCINICH: Well, I can't say I was really counting on it.


But let me say, Ted, let me say -- let me say that some of the best talent in American politics is on this stage right now.


And with all due respect to you, Ted Koppel, who I've admired over the years greatly...

KOPPEL: There's a zinger coming now, isn't there?



To begin this kind of a forum with a question about an endorsement, no matter by who, I think actually trivializes the issues that are before us.


For example, at this moment there are 130,000 troops in Iraq. I mean, I would like to hear you ask during this event what's the plan for getting out. This war is not over. I have a plan, which is on my Web site at, to get the United States out of Iraq.

KUCINICH: I want to talk about that tonight, and I hope we have a substantive discussion tonight and that we're not going to spend the night talking about endorsements.


KOPPEL: Well, we've got...



KOPPEL: This is a question to Ambassador Braun, Reverend Sharpton, Congressman Kucinich. You don't have any money, or at least not much. Reverend Sharpton has almost none. You don't have very much, Ambassador Braun.

KUCINICH: We've raised $4.5 million. I mean, that's not nothing.


KOPPEL: You've got about $750,000 in the bank right now, and that's close to nothing when you're coming up against this kind of opposition. But let me finish the question. The question is, will there come a point when polls, money and then ultimately the actual votes that will take place here in places like New Hampshire, the caucuses in Iowa, will there come a point when we can expect one or more of the three of you to drop out? Or are you in this as sort of a vanity candidacy? Reverend Sharpton, you go first.


KOPPEL: When do you pull out?

KUCINICH: After I -- when I take the oath of office, when you're there to cover it...



... and I can tell you, Ted, you know, we started at the beginning of this evening, talking about an endorsement. Well, I want the American people to see where the media takes politics in this country. To start with endorsements...


We start talking about endorsements, now we're talking about polls, and then we're talking about money. Well, you know, when you do that, you don't have to talk about what's important to the American people. Ted, I'm the only one up here that actually...


... I'm the only up here on the stage that actually voted against the PATRIOT Act and voted against the war -- the only one on this stage. I'm also...


... I'm also one of the few candidates up here who's talking about taking our health-care system from this for-profit system to a not-for-profit, single-payer universal health care for all.


I'm also the only one who has talked about getting out of NAFTA and the WTO and going back to bilateral trade...


... conditioned on workers' rights, human rights and the environment. Now...

KOPPEL: Congressman?

KUCINICH: ... I may be inconvenient for some of those in the media, but, you know, I'm sorry about that.


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From: "Philip David">
Subject: Fw: New energy disclosure initiative
Date: 14 Dec 2003

* Please post to all relevant email lists and newsgroups *

This memo is linked from the SEAS Web site

Disclosure Project web site:



The Disclosure Project has announced that it will be pursuing a disclosure on the existence of new and alternate energy systems that have been deliberately and illegally suppressed.

The Disclosure Project, in cooperation with Space Energy Access Systems Inc., has discovered that over the past 75 years a number of important breakthroughs in energy efficiency, alternate forms of energy generation and propulsion have been deliberately withheld from the public to prop > up the oil, gas, coal, public utility and nuclear power industries.

These significant technological breakthroughs that have been suppressed range from modifications of the internal combustion engine to get significantly higher miles per gallon to new electromagnetic generating systems that extract energy from the so-called Quantum vacuum.

Current intelligence gathered by The Disclosure Project and SEAS indicates that a shadowy operation connected to covert government and intelligence programs but run primarily by US and foreign corporate interests have resulted in this suppression.

Actions taken to effect secrecy and to neutralize the public availability of these technologies - which by now could have completely replaced the need for fossil fuels - include:

- Threats, intimidation and on occasion the murder of scientists and inventors originating these energy breakthroughs;

- Corporate acquisition of technologies with subsequent 'black shelving' - that is the deliberate suppression of the technology by owning the rights and then refusing to release the technology to the public;

- The illegal application of section 181 and related sections of the Patent Law to force inventors to keep the technology secret or face substantial fines and jail time;

- The bogus and illegal use of other so-called national security provisions to intimidate inventors and suppress technologies;

- Sabotage of inventor labs, prototypes and facilities in order to cause the loss of the technology or to intimidate inventors and colleagues.

It is clear that human society will continue to be harmed by the deliberate and illegal withholding of such technologies and that a thoroughly documented and sourced Disclosure of the matter is urgently needed. The widening gap between poor and rich nations, the worsening situation in the Middle East and elsewhere, the relentless decay in the environment, global warming, intractable world poverty and many other pressing problems facing humanity are directly related to the suppression of these energy breakthroughs.

We call on all concerned citizens to assist us in identifying and securing the cooperation of the following:

- Scientists and Inventors of high credentialed credibility who have been the target or victim of such suppression;

- Corporate Whistleblowers who have observed or been part of the acquisition or suppression of such technologies;

- Government, military and intelligence whistleblowers who have witnessed or been part of such actions. These include current or past whistleblower witnesses from the Patent Office, Department of Defense, CIA, NASA, NRO, NSA, Executive Branch/White House, Congress or any other branch of the military and government;

- Non-US whistleblowers associated with foreign governments, particularly western Europe, Great Britain, Russia/former USSR, and Japan;

- Foreign corporate or institutional whistleblowers

- Whistleblowers associated with government labs or para-governmental institutes, universities and research centers.

- Any person who has or can acquire documentation, whether government or private/corporate of such suppression and acquisition of technologies and who can establish the authenticity of said documents.

The Disclosure Project will coordinate an international release of such whistleblower testimony and documents once there is sufficient credible named sources and evidence to establish beyond any doubt the reality of the existence and suppression of such technological developments.

Please help us identify such witnesses and evidence. It is time the world knew the truth about energy, oil and why humanity continues to be held down by our artificial addiction to oil and fossil fuels. The time for change is now.


Date: 13 Dec 2003
From: Antares>
Subject: Weeweechu?

One beautiful December evening Huan Cho and his girlfriend Jung Lee were sitting by the side of the ocean.

It was a romantic full moon, when Huan Cho said "Hey baby, let's play Weeweechu."

"Oh no, not now, lets look at the moon" said Jung Lee.

"Oh, c'mon baby, let's you and I play Weeweechu. I love you and its the perfect time," Huan Cho begged.

"But I rather just hold your hand and watch the moon."

"Please Jung Lee, just once play Weeweechu with me."

Jung Lee looked at Huan Chi and said, "OK, we'll play Weeweechu."

Huan Cho then grabbed Jung Lee's hand and.....

(scroll down)

Picked up his guitar and they both sang.....

"Weeweechu a melly Chlistmas,
Weeweechu a melly Chlistmas,
Weeweechu a melly Chlistmas,
and a happy New Year."



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