November 17, 2003

The Light Series #54: In Loving Embrace of the Truth

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"There is genuine hope behind all of the "pro-light" activity, indeed, but too often it is over-laced with fear of the current and potential happenings, not faith that the light will overcome them, and this is the problem. It is the collective thoughts and feelings FOR peace, FOR love and light to prevail that are so greatly needed! This is the message that all of us in higher densities have been giving you all along!"

- Matthew Ward - Taken from "Focus For, Not Against" below


1. Feedback on Harmonic Ascending
2. Stephanie Jill Hope on Harmonic Concordance
3. "Focus For, Not Against" by Matthew Ward
4. Coming to Grips with a Globalizing World Society
5. Thankfulness for your intelligence in supporting NESARA
6. Invitation to our chorus site!
7. Afterthoughts on Harmonic Concordance

TRANSLATION OF "CHANGE THE WORLD - Decide whether we should show up"

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Subject: Re: Harmonic Ascending
Date: 11 Nov 2003

We had a small meditation group at our little church. There were eight of us. We received similar things during meditation, a Cross made of Light surrounding the world, and the Sun and Moon coming together. There was definitely something to it.

Just the very thought that our little group was meditating at the same time as many other people across the world is pretty amazing to me. I couldn't really sense that. I had to just think about it, that when the clock hit 6:12, there were other people out there somewhere.


Me ke Aloha,

Note from Jean: Other such Harmonic Concordance reports will be most welcomed...


Sent by Stephanie Jill Hope>

An event of Cosmic proportion took place on the 8/9th November 2003 with millions taking part in the celebrations witnessing the event in their own way-I am of course talking about the Harmonic Concordance.

For all of those of us who knew of its call and grouped ourselves with others around the globe there are millions of others who were not consciously aware. It is with these people in mind now that I wish to speak for they are equally undergoing the effects of its presence.
Many will say that 9-11 was a day that changed the world. Indeed it did. And so did the events of the Concordance for in their wake the energies have changed forever here on this beautiful planet. I have noticed varying effects within people’s fields of experience. Some are euphoric, some deeply angry, some sad without really knowing why, some sad and knowing exactly why, some reaching out and wanting to communicate at deeper levels with others, some wanting nothing more than to retreat into themselves. Some are finding deep memories surfacing with a great intensity; some to their amazement are reacting to events that happened even before they were born-events that affected the nations of their parents and grandparents times. But whatever the experience-people are experiencing profound and often complex reactions.

The dross and dirt of living is surfacing fast without warning; taking many by surprise. The shifts in emotions can be rapid, swinging from euphoria to deep depression within minutes. Some want to dance others want to put on tin hats and hibernate. But the age of revelation is here and nothing can be hidden anymore. The age of honesty has arrived and honesty can be deeply uncomfortable. The Soul will no longer hide or play the pretend games the physical demands of it anymore.

June 21st 2002 saw the Christ Consciousness enter all matter throughout the Universe as detailed in the Lightworker Series (, and what followed was exactly as stated-the reversal of all negative experience. All that was less than befitted the Divinity within was exposed and vomited out. Exposure of all dark secrets has built and gained momentum over the past 18 months, whoever it was that was 'hiding them'. We are now more aware of the agendas behind the sweet words our politicians use and there is nowhere to hide their atrocities. The Concordance is the death bell – the announcing of the finale where the Light that we are will triumph. Please remember that as the light raises so does the negativity and now we enter the most crucial and challenging times. Many thought that the Iraq War was the ultimate-it is the forerunner of much worse to come. It was stated in the Lightworker Series that two worlds co-existed for a short time and these two worlds; mirror worlds will now begin the slow process of parting forever. Birth can be painful, yet Life will always be and life is Light.

Take heart and hold the courage of the Light as your shield and purpose. Many of you will now be much more aware of why you entered Earth for this time, and this should help you on your mission. You are not alone; thousands walk with you. The Light that humanity is will never be destroyed. Have courage in the days ahead.

Stephanie Hope is not a member of the Findhorn Foundation, but is part of the larger community that has formed around its central nucleus. She lives independently with her partner Philip James in the village of Findhorn, adjacent to the world-renowned centre.
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NOTE FROM JEAN: The following is excerpted from the book "Illuminations For a New Era" published in 2003 and written by Suzanne Ward under the direct telepathic guidance of her son Matthew who died in 1980 and of several other spiritual beings and collective entities. For more details on the unique collaboration that has developed between Matthew speaking from Nirvana, the celestial dimension we call heaven, and his mother over the course of the last 9 years, please visit

I think his message is particularly relevant to our current global healing work, both in meditation and in active service to the Light.


December 8, 2002

S: Matthew, hi, dear! I need to talk with you here at the computer so I can record your comments.

MATTHEW: Hello to you, Mother! I've been aware of your consternation and I agree that it’s better for you to have a record of my reply rather than paraphrase it to answer that letter. So, please have your say.

S: Thank you. Actually, I’ve heard from three women whom I respect for their light service that they choose not to be involved in movements like stopping war build-up, erosion of civil freedoms, killing whales, etc. The one who wrote today reminded me that you said not to add fuel by taking sides, but instead ease intense feelings so the energy of the opposite side will subside, too – the balancing act you talk about.

But you've also said—and so have my sources in the ET civilizations that are helping Earth—that we must help ourselves, so this seems contradictory. Now that dark activities are being exposed, aren't we supposed to actively oppose them? Surely ignoring them isn't going to help anything!

MATTHEW: Mother, I know you are viewing this situation as contradictory and thinking that only one of the two sides you've mentioned can be right, but ignoring the darkness is not the only alternative to actively opposing it. Although I applaud the enlightened outlook of your correspondents, what they have shared with you is not the whole story of what is happening.

From dimensions of higher spiritual awareness, it is known that both sides of this seeming contradiction are within the universal laws of energetic interaction. Certainly the outpouring of letters, petitions, marches and global prayer or meditation gatherings is necessary, but that is not in itself enough to conquer the darkness that still is having its impact.

What you and millions of others are doing is indeed a necessary part of this transition, but too often it’s without the most beneficial results. If the active participants stopped focusing mentally and emotionally on opposition to the activities of the darkness and instead focused on manifesting the love and light-filled traits in humankind that will displace the darkness, it would greatly aid in bringing that day sooner.

Although by now many there have heard of this universal principle of manifestation, not all accept it as a sufficient effort, and very, very few have the focusing intensity to produce the object or circumstance of their focus. However, those who are concentrating on positive results of others' "pro-light" activities but are not participating in them, are aiding this process just as directly as those who are signing petitions and marching, and often with more effectiveness as far as the abundance of light resulting. Those who focus on the heinous activities and feel guilty for not being able to actively oppose them are unwittingly diminishing the light produced by others.

S: Matthew, why haven't you made this clear to me before!

MATTHEW: Until you received that letter this morning, you were clear on this! No, not with that identical crystallization of words, but from the synthesis of all you have learned and your feelings, your approach was clear.

Mother, I know your heart and mind because your invitation to me is nearly constant, and your heartfelt emotions and your thoughts have been on the positive outcome! Your doubting, your sudden sense of having been given contradictory information, came into play just in the reading of that letter. That is when suddenly you felt in a quandary and saw this as your having to be on one side or the other and you didn't know which was the right one.

Dear soul, the WHOLE of everything has two sides. Do you remember Menta talking about this, saying that everyone chooses whether the positive or the negative side of the "coin" – and she meant either light or dark choices – will be the "upside"? (NOTE: Menta, a vast entity of collective souls, gave a lengthy presentation in the chapter, "Menta," in Revelations For A New Era.)

S: Yes, but both "sides" here – being active or not – seem to be in the light. So, is one just so-so as far as being effective and the other is better? Already some terrible situations have been turned around by the great amount of vocal and written opposition!

OK, you're saying that continued active participation is necessary, but we all should focus on what we DO want and not on what we DON'T want. Well, most of the activity already is FOR peace, FOR saving the environment, FOR saving the whales, FOR preserving civil liberties. That's the wording on posters, petitions, letters to governments, signs people carry and individuals' comments on newscasts, so what should be different here?

MATTHEW: Mother, the coin of my illustration does have two light sides – I didn’t have a chance to carry out my point on that because you jumped in with your comments. We are greatly heartened to see some dire situations being reversed by national or global outcries! But words FOR something are not enough. Thoughts and emotions register far more intensive energy than words. Often words are meaningless because they are without conviction or are with misrepresentation – consider political speeches! – or they are spoken with unhelpful feelings.

There is genuine hope behind all of the "pro-light" activity, indeed, but too often it is over-laced with fear of the current and potential happenings, not faith that the light will overcome them, and this is the problem. It is the collective thoughts and feelings FOR peace, FOR love and light to prevail that are so greatly needed! This is the message that all of us in higher densities have been giving you all along!

S: You're right, I do know that. But how can this reach people who don't know it?

MATTHEW: That is the rest of the story. When the exposure of the deception, corruption, cruelty, greed and fear-causing tactics reaches its zenith, then the light that is being raised by opposition to what has been exposed – and still more darkness will be exposed – that light also will reach its pinnacle of polarity. That is when the clarity of the light will reach the consciousness of the receptive masses.

With it will come the realization that their focus no longer need be on opposition, but on the glories that can be manifested through the solidarity of hearts and minds in serenity, balance and godself-assurance of Oneness. Then you will know what you have been co-creating – the era of love, peace and harmony on your planet.

Mother, every soul came into this lifetime having chosen the role each would play in this unprecedented hour on Earth. Those who came to personally and publicly rebel against the efforts of the dark powers are forcing the exposure of those activities, otherwise those powers would continue as they have for eons. Souls who came in to be more meditative in their service, the ones who are quietly focusing on a loving, peaceful world, are perfectly fulfilling their chosen missions. These two sides of the "light" coin are one swing of the metronome, you could say, and the darkness is the opposite swing. 

When the process reaches those two points of polarity I mentioned, the swinging will slow as the light reaches more and more souls, then it will reach the balance that is the world of light and love and spiritual clarity – the fulfillment of all light workers’ chosen roles. But remember, you cannot know if a soul is fulfilling or defaulting in chosen karmic lessons to attain this balance, so you may be shocked when you discover which is which. We do know, and the purpose of all light sources within, on and surrounding your planet is to reach as many "defaulting" souls as we can.


Note from Jean: Suzy asked me to mention that MATTHEW BOOKS is offering a 20% holiday discount on all orders placed November 15 - December 31. Contact> for details.



Coming to Grips with a Globalizing World Society

With the end of the Cold War and the decade-long dismemberment of the Cold War structures, humanity is once more on the move. As Francisco Sagasti, formerly Chairman of the UN Advisory Committee on Science and Technology for Development has written “We are witnessing the emergence of what I would call a ‘fractured’ global order. This is an order that is global, but is not integrated. It is an order that puts all of us in contact with one another – but simultaneously maintains deep fissures between different groups of countries, and between peoples within countries. And it is an order that segregates a large portion of the world’s population, preventing it from sharing the benefits of scientific advances and technological progress. This is not an inevitable condition, nor an inescapable trap. There is no need passively to accept the emergence of a disjointed world economy or a sharply divided global society in which a privileged few coexist in uneasy truce with a majority of dispossessed. As the title of this journal Transnational Perspectives indicates, the world is no longer only a world of States but also of peoples, of ideas and cultural trends, all of which cross State lines. There is a slow shift away from the State as the dominant actor in world politics toward a more complex structure of a world society in which States, regional federations, important cities, economic corporations, and social movements all interact. We live in a transnational world in which there is a broad range of significant institutions which have an impact on the lives of each person. Therefore, we must build an intellectual framework which takes into account not only political issues but economic behaviour and cultural aspirations. Transnational Perspectives will discern trends and emerging social forces and advocate policies of compassion, cooperation and transformation. We welcome your confidence and support.

- René Wadlow



The Alchemy of Conflict Transformation

As humanity moves into a new historical-astrological cycle, from the Piscean Period of the Age of Aquarius, there remains throughout the world a number of unresolved conflicts linked to the past. These protracted conflicts have become crystallised. Such conflicts exist at many levels: political, social, economic, ideological, and strategic. These levels interact and reinforce each other. For humanity to advance fully and all together into the New Age, these crystallised conflicts which exist both within individuals and outside of them as social structures must be dissolved. The chief symbol or metaphor for the dissolution of the crystals of conflict is that of the alchemist melting metal in order to transform it into a higher form. The alchemist works both externally and internally upon himself. The fire, the liquid, the metal are also symbols of the conditions within the mind and heart. Conflict transformation thus requires an inner dissolution of outdated attitudes and emotions as well as the outer transformations of political, social, and economic structures. This series reviews books which help develop the alchemic skills of conflict transformation.

Owning the Process: Public Participation in Peacemaking

Being in the Middle by Being at the Edge

Ethnicity and Intra-State Conflicts : Types, Causes and Peace Strategies

Cultural Disarmament : The Way to Peace

Conflict Mediation Across Cultures: Pathways and Patterns

Conflict Resolution: Dynamics, Process and Structure

The Courage for Peace

Conflict Transformation

The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution

People, Peace and Power: Conflict Transformation in Action

TO ACCESS THOSE ARTICLES (available as pdf files), PLEASE GO AT



Louise Diamond
The Courage For Peace
(Berkeley, CA : Conari Press, 2000, 263pp)

Louise Diamond, a co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy in Washington, DC, works in areas of inter-ethnic conflict to empower peacebuilders. “Our power to empower is perhaps the most important role we can play in the 21st century. The more individuals who feel empowered to work in their own systems for peace and conflict transformation, the closer the world comes to that critical mass that will allow for a massive leap of consciousness, allowing new processes for peace that were previously unimaginable to become normative and easy.” She stresses in her book that the Spirit of Peace is a living process, encoded in our hearts, embodied in our words, expressed through our thoughts and empowered through our choices. Peace “is the everyday practical matter of how we can live together harmoniously, dealing creatively and effectively with the inevitable differences, hurts and fears that arise in human relationships… On a larger scale, peace is a political goal of nations and peoples; on a smaller scale, inner peace is a personal goal for those of us who are trying to live more consciously within this frenzied world.”

The world can seem frenzied as “a new cycle is beginning, one that stems from the recognition of the fact that we are one. Favoring a relational, intuitional, opportunity-oriented way of thinking and a community, inter-connective, partnership approach to social relations, this new way of being is built on our emerging understanding of universal truths: matter is energy with meaning and motion. Life is not static; it is flow. We are not broken, we are whole. If we oppress others, we oppress ourselves…Even as the old systems disintegrate and fade away; pioneers among us are creating new ways of living and working together that honor the truth of our oneness. I happen to believe that peacebuilding is at the forefront of this wave, and that its pioneers are and will be among the greatest champions of a new era.”

Louise Diamond’s views will be familiar to those who deal with individual therapy. As she writes “I found that whether I was working with individuals, couples, families or organizations, the work was inevitably about the issues of power and healing. In short, people were struggling to find peace and balance within themselves and to live and work harmoniously with each other.”

Her road map for action is based on four principles based on faith and common sense but that are also the lessons learned for experiences – her own and that of other peacebuilders whose views she shares. “These lessons have to do with our basic unity and wholeness, our interdependence, the power of love for reconciliation, and our ability through conscious thought and action, to shape the world we live in.” Her book is an inquiry into the practical implications of these spiritual lessons. How do we heal ancient wounds and restore justice? How do we ensure healthy communities?

Peace can be envisaged as having three basic aspects – the water, ice, steam analogy. The most fundamental aspect – the water stage – we could call “metaphysical” and has to do with peace as order, harmony, and unity. Then there is the “serenity” aspect, often an inner peace, which is expressed as calm, tranquillity, equanimity. This calm, however, is also a source of energy, a will to action. “For me, peace is literally a powerhouse of strength. I experience peace as a specific vibration of dynamic state of being, which, like a song, radiates from my heart and soul.” The third aspect is that of “relationship – agreement, accord, rapport. The Spirit of Peace reminds us that these three aspects are really one.

Peace as harmony, order, tranquillity, accord is very close to the Taoist image of the Tao. As in Taoism, there are many avenues to tap into this flow of peace: music, poetry, dance, communing with nature, making love, deep relaxation, prayer and meditation. “When we tap into that energy, we have access to vision, intuition, creativity, synergy, and the power of miracles – resources of mind, body, and spirit far beyond our day-to-day awareness. When we rest there, we are at home; we have found peace. The Spirit of Peace arises from this place. Our work, when confronted with our small-minded sense of separation, our lack of harmony, our experience of conflict, is to center home. (By ‘centering home’, I mean touching the Source within myself.)” By touching the Source, we awaken to what we need to carry us to new levels of thought and action.

Louise Diamond deals with the shifts in vision and attitudes necessary for the Spirit of Peace to fill our lives. There are, of course, other aspects of building a peaceful society. There are often needs to build new political and economic institutions and to formulate new policies. Yet attitude change, at a deep level, is essential. Many, I believe, will find Louise Diamond’s book both very clear and profound.

René Wadlow


The Courage for Peace: Daring to Create Harmony in Ourselves and the World by Louise Diamond, Neale Donald Walsch

Note from Jean: I recommend reading an excerpt from this book starting at
and then click to go to the next page. This seems like a MOST excellent book to read and Louise Diamond is definitely a most wonderful and courageous human being.
More on her at



Date: 16 Nov 2003
From: Taansen>
Subject: Thankfulness for your intelligence in supporting NESARA

Last 11/11/2003 you wrote:

NOTE FROM JEAN: I know many people consider NESARA to be so controversial and touchy a topic that they would prefer not hearing about it anymore. I was one of them before. But considering Matthew and Suzy's track record and high-level quality with regard to all material previously networked in these compilations and in her books, I'd say it would be perhaps a good idea to put any reluctance about this topic on hold for a moment and carefully review and consider at its face value what is proposed below.

Cherished Jean:

For a few months now I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for your openness, wisdom, and intelligence in rising to the more enlightened view of the reality of NESARA. I do recall a couple of years ago when you almost removed me from your list because of my support of NESARA. You were indeed against it. But you have used your God-given intelligence to reconsider it, and all of us have been deeply grateful, respectful, sympathetic, and impressed that you made it successfully through to the truth.

Several of my correspondents have expressed negativity about it too, and here are a few of the facts and beams of light I have shared with them:

How many people believed the light bulb or the telephone or the airplane before they happened? Did you know that the Wright Brothers were flying their planes a full ten years before most people believed it? One time they flew their plane right past a newspaper office window, deliberately, to show them - - and the newspaper STILL wrote that it was a hoax!

Contrary to what cubicle-thinking people assume, whether there is such a thing as a NESARA law sitting at the US Supreme Court is secondary. Whether it was secretly passed by Congress, as Dove claims, is secondary. Those are not the criteria by which we judge whether it is authentic. Anyone who says it is a fraud or a hoax based on those arguments is working for the dark agenda, either intentionally or unintentionally - - but either way it is incredibly stupid.

The real criterion for judging the merits of Dove's version of NESARA is the matured intelligence of higher consciousness, with which one can plainly see the beauty and innocence of its goals. These goals are summarized in a nutshell as follows:

1. Each country MUST ABOLISH their INCOME TAXES;
2. Each country must agree to institute common law;
3. Each country must have government leaders elected by the people;
4. Each country must agree to live in PEACE;
5. Each country must bestow UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY to ALL their citizens by using the money-making formulas and processes which have a proven 200-year track record of success in providing massive prosperity.

Now WHO of intelligence could disagree with these ideals? Of course, the TRUE NESARA law has MANY more benefits than these, such as debt forgiveness, gold-backed currency, massive prosperity for all, open public communications with extraterrestrials and physical interaction with them, the release of vastly superior healing and free energy technologies for the upliftment of mankind, etc. etc. But the above five are the basics, and they're enough to win the heart of anyone who has a healthy spirit, a clear mind, and a pure heart.

As humanity graduates out of its kindergarten, it matures into peace, love, intelligence, wisdom, and compassion. These are the qualities that NESARA is bringing - - the shift of global power from war to peace, the coming of freedom from oppression, the removal of corruption, the liberation of untold wealth, the unleashing of vast prosperity, the return of the power systems to truth and honesty, the ending of income tax, the wiping out of most debts, and waves of other benefits.

Most importantly, it will elevate the enlightened people of the world, those who truly have the best intentions at heart for the happiness of mankind, as well as the spiritual consciousness, the genius, and the personal power to bring it about - - it will elevate them to positions of public position so that for the first time in history, the halls of government, education, media, finance, and all kinds of power will have the Givers of Life in them instead of the killers, liars, thieves, and criminals.

How could anyone of any intelligence disagree with this ideal?

Some may say they agree with the ideals but argue that there is no NESARA law guaranteeing these things, and there is no likelihood of the globalist cabal allowing such ideals or being overcome by those promoting them.

The response to this is, anyone who calls it a fraud or a hoax just because of lack of proof that someone drafted it at the Supreme Court and passed it in Congress, has his priorities mixed up. The priority is NOT whether it has been drafted, approved, or passed. The priority is, is it in tune with the Divine Plan and with Natural Law? The answer is an obvious and emphatic YES!

As to the likelihood of the globalist cabal allowing such ideals, now this one does require more wisdom to understand, because it is indeed very true that those who have been in dominance have not allowed NESARA or the ideals it will bring. It is, in fact, because of this very dark force, the "federal Mafia", the Illuminati, that NESARA has been obstructed and the ideals it will bring have been suppressed. This is indeed true.

What the skeptics have to realize, though, is that this so-called dark force is within all unenlightened human beings, which is most of mankind, including the skeptics. Those playing the outer role of the Illuminati have no intrinsic power of their own. They only have the power that we collectively give them. So if you say the Illuminati "will never allow NESARA", that is the same as saying you yourself will never allow it!

By contrast, millions and millions of people worldwide are experiencing higher states of consciousness. This awakening is spreading exponentially. As Ken Carey once said, fear spreads numerically; but Love spreads exponentially. So a far smaller number of people in Divine Radiance can change the world.

What the skeptics also have to realize is that thousands of human beings walk this Earth among us, here today in the body, who are far more intelligent, far more advanced, far more spiritually evolved, and far more enlightened . . . than most people. These compassionate Masters can remove the Illuminati from power as easily as brushing a dust particle off their coats.

Anyone who doesn't know or believe this is simply ignorant. Ignorance is perfectly okay as long as it is humble, sincere, and open to learning. It is when some ignorant people become stubborn, that their mindset degrades to one of "my mind is made up; don't confuse me with facts."

Enlightened and Ascended Masters are physically here today among us, on all continents, in all walks of life. They live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a perpetual state of superconsciousness. They have what ordinary people would call "supernormal powers".

Their having not used these powers already to remove the Illuminati is not due to any inability, but rather to the necessity of Divine Sequence. This means evolving mankind must progress through its elementary school of action-reaction, cause and effect, and reaping what it sows. Humanity must be given as much free will as possible and as much time as possible to experiment with the laws of the universe - - suffering consequences when it violates them, and enjoying happiness when it harmonizes with them.

If the Masters were to simply remove the "bad guys" prematurely, wave their hands, and bring Heaven on Earth overnight, then how would mankind learn its lessons? How would those of lesser development complete their training?

At a certain point, when a sufficient critical mass of humanity has risen to the necessary level, then the Masters will remove the Illuminati, NESARA will be ushered in, and a whole new phase of cosmic education will begin. It will be like returning from a survival camp in the wilderness where we had to deal with wild deadly beasts, to a much more comfortable university campus where our education can continue on much higher and more pleasant levels.

Those who are intuitive know that NESARA HAS been drafted, approved, and passed, and it IS being advanced towards national and worldwide implementation. It WILL win a decisive victory over everyone who has been trying to monopolize, enslave, and dominate. But that is not the most important point of focus. What is important is, are its ideals basically good? Are its ideals in tune with universal law? Are its ideals in the best interests of the evolution and enlightenment of the entire human race?

The answer is completely "yes", and therefore, it deserves our support, our respect, and our reverence, regardless of whether we can see the "proof" that we are able to perceive, of having been drafted, approved, and passed. The credibility of its messengers stands pure as the highest snow in the eyes of pure Being, because they have done nothing but support the ideals which can liberate you and all humankind. We stand for freedom, Love, and enlightenment for all humanity, and anyone who thinks that this ruins one's credibility is too retarded to even know what credibility means.

That is why we can be so absolutely confident and definite that the true NESARA law, as expressed by Dove and the site, deserve your support, and everyone's.

For those who have not read the Saint Germain books, the ones that provide the background knowledge which serves and the Source, Basis, and Inspiration for all that the true NESARA law represents, we highly, highly encourage you to do so. Once again, that information is: If you would like to own a copy of the book "Unveiled Mysteries", or any of the other Saint Germain books, from which Dove provides quotes, you may obtain them from:

Saint Germain Foundation & Press
1120 Stonehedge Drive
Schaumburg, Illinois 60194 USA

The two most recommended books to obtain are "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence". These are the two masterpieces that tell the story of real live people who have interacted in the United States with Saint Germain, physically, and who have witnessed first hand the powerful, magnificent, and dazzling powers of a modern-day Ascended Master.

NESARA is an absolute fact, and that it WILL be announced publicly and implemented. The only catch is, nobody knows exactly when; or if anyone does, they're not telling. Those of more fully matured awareness see it clearly from the mountain peak perspective. Those who don't see it, at the very least, should remain open minded.

Certainly it is hard to "believe" in the likelihood of it if one is not high enough in consciousness and not well enough informed. Only spiritual practices can develop the consciousness. The counterpart, the information, is available through the Dove reports.

The two combined, the daily education available of the details of it unfolding, which are CONFIRMED by actual events and by publicly available data and news - - along with the sufficient level of consciousness to intuit its accuracy - - are the only requirements necessary to See it as those who Know it do.

There are two maxims you may enjoy in relation to this:

"Entertain all new ideas royally; for one of them may be the King." . . . and . . .

"The mind is like a parachute. In order to function, it first has to open."

In Love, Ohana, Brotherhood, Fellowship, and Friendship, For the Victory and Reign of Universal Love on Earth,

Dr. Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D. . . . Your Fellow Bringer of the Dawn


* Ends Income Tax ; Unleashes Vast Prosperity
* Forgives Credit Card & Mortgage Debt
* Creates Gold-backed Treasury Bank System
* Creates Foundation for Golden Age of Enlightenment
see for facts; also

"Governments pay a man to fight and die for the nation, why not pay him to prevent all problems for the nation?"
"Effectively disarming terrorism at its basis. Offers a proven, practical technology for preventing terrorism that has been validated by more than 50 replications and 19 published research studies. An essential component in any comprehensive approach to
combating terrorism."



From: "Frances Key">
Subject: Invitation to our chorus site!
Date: 11 Nov 2003

Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to listen to excerpts of our new Cd, "The Mountain of Peace" on, and consider one as a Christmas gift - what better way to share the spirit of peace on earth than through these uplifting and moving songs, sung by very talented youth and adults in our community? Thanks for your support of The International Peace Performers, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Frances Key



From: "Nora">
Subject: Afterthoughts - Harmonic Concordance
Date: 16 Nov 2003

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was a fun event. People were all revved up and in good spirits, partying. The feelings were optimistic and it was a revival of the peace, love and flowers movement of the 1960s. It felt like the entire world was somehow involved in the event - and it was a good excuse to enjoy being alive and connected. It was also what I'd consider to be the earlier days of more people than ever before becoming more spiritual in their daily lives. Channeling was becoming very popular and alternative healing methods were expanding. But I don't believe that it was all because of one day only. I think it was a process of unfolding events continually evolving.

The Harmonic Concordance that occurred on Saturday, November 8, 2003 didn't feel the same as the Harmonic Convergence for me. The energy wasn't there as it was in 1987. Maybe it was just a DIFFERENT kind of energy, and although messages about this event had circulated months in advance, for some reason I just didn't FEEL the global unity. I know that people all over the world knew about it and had participated in group meditations and other events, but I didn't feel the connection within myself. I don't know why, but it was odd. Maybe we have reached a point where we are more individually empowered and realize that this might be more about what is going on within ourselves. I also know that the configurations in the stars and planets did happen - they often do many times each year. I guess I get wary of exact dates as predictions for when all of humanity or the entire universe will make a drastic shift - only on that special day, and no other. That doesn't sit well for me.

Does anybody think it was over-hype? Did anyone perceive (in any form) anything remarkably different during the Harmonic Concordance yesterday? I didn't feel anything different from any other day - aside from an energy ebb and flow kind of thing (which could happen on any day), and I was a bit edgy. I didn't do any meditation or channeling - just went about my daily business. Did you have any profound meditations, or insights? Did anyone actually feel a shift of anything?

I heard from a few people and the responses ranged from feeling nothing at all that was out of the ordinary to some more deeper experiences, such as visions from the Star of David pattern and bringing harmonic balance to Earth from the moon; to seeing a portal. But, it seemed that most of the people who responded to my questions didn't feel anything extraordinary. Maybe we didn't have to perceive anything but just know something did happen?

I was online in the late morning hours to participate in a group channeling/meditation, but the moderators couldn't get the room to function right and the channel was kicked out of it as most of us were and couldn't return to it. When you have around 500 people together in a room with audio and video around the world, I don't think most bandwidth can handle it very well. So, it didn't work and the channel had to do it in private and relay the message later on in the day and said he won't try this until the technology is tight. Really, we tried for an hour and a half before giving up. That group washout didn't seem to be very balanced and harmonic lol.

One of the messages from that channeling was that this event is happening that is beyond our understanding, yet it is magic and goes far beyond our human understanding. But, this day is here to help us to connect all the alternate realities as a single one and that is why they use the term harmonic. To start a series of events into motion that will create a higher reality for all of us, a higher vibrational state, and we are using technology in a new way and all our equipment has been acclimated over the last three months. We will see things we haven't been able to see before and to create energy. Furthermore, we have now stepped into the possibility of creating no war on our planet - that has begun. We have five more checkpoints to go before we step into the angelic realm. But, later on in the message this group said that we should not worry about our mistakes, for it is our mistakes that define us. your mistakes DEFINE who you are? Well, there was a lot in that message, many things that have been said before (even in my own channelings, this one in particular about passion, and about channeling and angels, etc., and if you'd like to hear the channeled message I refer to above, it's at

Then we heard about two terrorist bombings by al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia killing and wounding many people. Doesn't say much for peace and harmony that we have created, does it?

I wonder if nobody told anybody what the Harmonic Concordance was "supposed to be about" would people have had the same experiences? I'm curious about how these thoughts are put into people's minds and then they direct their experiences based on what they think they're to experience and expect, and then say "Ohhh....what a miracle! I felt it!" I wonder if you'd ask somebody on an island somewhere where they have no Internet or TV and haven't heard of the Harmonic Concordance if they had some unusual, mind-blowing, energy-altering experience, or if yesterday was like any other day? How did you feel? Did you pretend that you felt it - think that you had to be with the "in crowd" of some kind and feared being laughed at if you didn't feel something? The fact that people talked about this day for a long time prior no doubt set up a strong energy to make it happen, or whatever...but if no one said anything prior to it, what do you think would have happened (aside from the cosmic alignments)? Do you think it would have gone largely unnoticed? Do you feel you're creating what you want to create through this? Are people just too suggestible? What about the importance of personal discernment? I think it's interesting to look at such phenomena as a potential form of mass hysteria and mind control - even IF it is towards something positive.

I've read various reports that say our years are all messed up and this is really 2009 or 2012. Does it matter? I think astrology shows a blueprint of what was going on in the cosmos when we were born, and potentials. But is not final about the future and transitions, those choices are up to us. Every planet and star has its own consciousness, too, but how far do those influences extend in physical or energetic reality? Why do we feel we have to incorporate these into our present reality? We grew up reading about the Ides of March, and other astrological configurations that leaders of the ancient worlds used as a guide. Maybe that's all they had because their own consciousness wasn't as evolved? Maybe we don't need to focus on these things so much now? Think about this: Many or most of us were those ancients who brought forward this info and set up these things!

In the present, do we need to say, "Oh, darn Mercury is Retrograde, I have to be careful, my car might not work, the electrical stuff in my house might fizzle out." (I've made it through hundreds of Retrogrades without a problem - haven't you, even if Mercury wasn't R in your natal chart?) Think of the messages we give ourselves when we think this way. Where does our personal empowerment fit into this picture if we continue to think these powers outside of us control us? Okay, even if we look at them as part of us, it is WE who decide to let it have the power it does, I think.

You know what I would like? For those who know that much about astrology and astronomy and numerology that they know when certain alignments are coming up (geez, they happen all of the time, anyway) and just let people know that and let us figure out how to interpret it and what to do with the energies. Not to say what to expect because that sets certain things in motion on its own. And not to say something like "things are happening that are beyond your understanding." So why bring it up? I think this might more damaging to spirituality. Aren't we all a little tired of the spiritual parenting stuff that is so prevalent and sends out double messages - like you're masters of your creations but you can't understand what's going down so let me explain the little you CAN understand, our little creations, you, angels in training - we're so very proud of you. Blach! Gag me. I don't mean to be merely sarcastic, just critical of what I see as failings in spiritual messages. I feel that if these guides who pass around messages love us and see us as masters, then leave us the heck alone to create however we will (with our free will), or answer our questions as to how we can better create what we want to create.

As to yesterday: As a friend of mine said as a universal request - spare us from another non-event (in terms of feeling it). I think, as masters of creating our reality, I think what it all comes down to is what we want these days to mean; nothing more, and nothing less. And hopefully that will be with our own intuition and wisdom.


NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is what I shared with Nora in my reply to her:

You may be interested to know that we were 6 people meditating together here for 30 minutes and aside from me, no one else had anything special to report afterwards (we talked in high mood about everything but the meditation itself), but everyone seemed to have enjoyed it. I was the only one there having experience in participating regularly to such global meditations, so it may account for the lack of things to report of others on their experience. Yet I did not feel very much inclined either to put into words what had felt so profoundly sacred and precious, as if wording those feelings would somehow expose them to misunderstanding and judgement, a feeling which I'm sure many people have in common when it comes to trying to describe the mystical content of their very personal and intimate relationship with All That Is. I would not rate it as the top best experience of my life as compared to other previous meditations (physical conditions and environment were not optimal for me but that's a compromise I was happy to make to be in the company of others to do this here in our intentional community, a rare occurrence). Yet I could feel during most of the day an exhilarating sense of anticipation and mounting crescendo of cosmic energies as the magical appointed hour approached, as it was very easy to tinglingly jump/shift into soul consciousness mode. During the climax itself, I could feel intensely the Oneness of all Life and Mother Gaia joining in happily as well as lots of other-dimensional contributors to the pool of heightened vibrations. I don't recall much specific elements as I did not try to recall all that happened, but one high point I remember was when I heard the summoning call "NOW!" which engaged a bursting couple minutes of joined global activity beyond the usual scale of such Work. A close friend also mentioned having this word "now" repeatedly emerging into her consciousness on that momentous day.

So although you may not have encountered people with rarefied high vibrational experiences to share, I'm sure there were plenty who did experience a lot but have not come forward yet, for their own personal reasons, to express them. And we are all sooo busy and on an ever shortening time-leash, so as to say, as compared to the good old time of Harmonic Convergence, circa 1987. There is in my view not much that can be compared between those two events except that at that time in 87 we were not all Internet blasé-seen-done-it-all kind of jaded, but all freshly enthusiastic about participating in one of the first (the large 86 World Healing Meditation proposed by Randolph Price was the previous benchmark) such global meditations with so many groups and people joining as the sun rose in colorful ceremonies, including a couple thousands at Mount Shasta, that this story made the cover of Time Magazine the following week. No such thing this time. Yet to me it felt like another step on the long ascensional ladder of global awakening, a large one for sure, but just one more stage in a gradual process whose pinnacle will come at the time our our global shifting into the 4th dimension, a process already under way as far as Terra Gaia is concerned, with all of us prompted one way or another to adjust our overall vibes upward in preparation for the day in perhaps just about 11 years from now when our planet will go across the threshold into the 4th dimension with as many of us as possible in high-vibrational tow.

One last comment. I share your hesitation about relying on whatever this or that channel is proposing to "explain" what is supposed to have happened or what should take place in other similar global events. Very few channelers today, no matter their personal fame, reach me with highly resonant interpretations of what is. I know they certainly play a very useful role for some people who need some form of guideposts in their fledging exploration of the unfathomably large spiritual iceberg lying dormant under the surface of their conditioned mind, but to attach too much importance on any interpretation of divine, immutable, omniversal reality is giving in to the same disempowering methods of all those religions, sects and gurus of the past who implicitly or overtly pretended to have a better grasp - sometimes the only good one! - on what God is and what we are supposed to do and think to be "saved". I know that some channelings can play a useful part in reassuring us that we are treading in the right direction and can offer good tips as to how we may proceed ahead. But (yes... but!) they all have their limitations and some channelers thrive on those buying their wares (books, tapes and videos) to make a living and are thus producing a regular flow of often empty channelings that serve little useful purpose except maintaining interest, book sales and large attending crowds at their conferences. So critical discernment is in order if one is to avoid being sucking into a slower line until some awakening happens to the fact that the only reliable, minute by minute, source of guidance we will ever need is provided, free of charge and with bountiful love and respect, by the still small voice within of the God-spawn soul that we each are beyond the fleshy, material duality/theatre/school we temporarily live in right now.


Hi Jean:

Thanks for reading what I sent you and for finding and correcting additional typos. My article began as a poll I was taking amongst my friends and contacts on web sites and through emails, phone calls, etc. I had many replies, and from these responses the majority didn't experience anything noticeable on the day of the concordance. And these are people who have a long history of metaphysics, science, writing, politics, ET/UFO experts, and teaching, and so forth. Everyone commented on the difference between 1987 and the present. I think you made a good point about how, in 1987, most people weren't so globally connected and didn't have information-overload thanks to the Internet. Since my household was busy that day cleaning the garage and helping my brother-in-law move back to this city, there wasn't the time or the proper atmosphere around here for me to go into a meditation all day - so for fun I thought I'd see what was going on with the online event (which fizzled out before it even began) and the message was relayed after the fact (which is the Steve Rother/Group channeling I wrote about). So, the day had me in good spirits anyway, and I found humor in watching what was going on around the world. That started me wondering on some other levels about what was happening, why, and how we can interpret it, to reinforce the importance of discernment and personal empowerment. I felt and still feel that it was more of a private and personal experience, something you echoed in your email to me. The message "now" that you received is wonderful, I think :-)

Thank you for sharing your experience and for including what I wrote in your next compilation. I think it might yield some interesting feedback.

Warm regards,



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