March 26, 2003

The Light Series #49: Insurrectionary Beauty Coming Your Way

Hello everyone

Since we probably all need a break from the war news, not to go into any kind of escapism but to replenish our spiritual sense of courage, trust and resolve to face the many difficult days ahead, here is a much needed shot of spiritual inspiration.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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“The God in me sees the God in you. Think of the problems that would be solved overnight if we truely saw ourselves and each other this way. For it is not enought to only look on your brother as part of the God spark but also do not forget you also are that divine spark of infinite intelligence that creates all things. Don't run from the magnificence of who you truely are and what you can do. Don't give your power away to a government, boss, religion or even a loved one. Each one of you is God. FEEL that with your heart for you cannot comprehend the reality of it with your mind. The mind is an ego trap. You must use your feelings to experience joy, peace, love, these are not mental concepts. They are feelings! How many of you don't even recognize them when you feel them? Stretch those muscles, your heart is the biggest muscle in the body for a reason. Use IT! Look into the eyes of your brother, lover, sister, children and see God there and then look in the mirror and see him there too. Namaste...”

-- Pierre Chardin de Chardin - Received through Debbie Dehm <>

"What matters most now is not buying into the outer world of discord. What is important is to stay focused on the Peace we hold within."

- Margie <> (an ERN subscriber)

"I am pleased with so many anti-war protests, but disturbed that many light and peace workers have been spitting on cars (Calif.), throwing stones, etc. If true, these actions are not those of light and actually detract from our protests and our prayers for peace and resolution. I invite all peace and light workers to refrain from actions of anger, violence and hate and instead, be the models and carriers of the energy of peace!"

- Joyce A. Kovelman <> (another ERN subscriber)


1. Remembering
3. I have created my own personal news show
4. The Declaration of Humanity
5. Special Message Concerning the State of the World
6. Psychic Children to visit White House?
7. Indigos of the cornfields

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When you think about peace, you instantly associate it with something good. When you think about war, the word evil springs immediately to mind. But what is good and what is evil? In order to create true harmony we will have to become aware of the meaning of these polarities. What to one person is good, to another is not good and vice versa. Harmony is based on love but it requires discipline.

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Date: 18 Mar 2003
Subject: Remembering

Aloha Jean ~ If we can believe Shakespeare had it right to the effect that all the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players, we need not take "dark" events to our personal detriment.

When we discern incoherent performers appearing to screw up what otherwise would be a joyful play, we must remember that without darkness many among us may never wake up to the freedom of their GODness.

"If you know not the darkness, how can you understand the light? If there was only light, how could you choose that which is sacred, for only in the darkness can you see the sacred light" (Revelation III, the third book of the Apocalypse).

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All,



From: "Sharon Goodwyn" <>
Date: 22 Mar 2003

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for all your messages, they have been supportive in this chapter of my life. I have a few comments that I would like to share with you and anyone with an ear to hear. I can't help but wonder what is the missing ingredient needed so that, "we the peoples," can be effectual in our creations. One thing that stands out to me is this notion that we can pray for peace out there some where. How about if we go inside and create peace, love, joy or whatever is one's heart's desire within, regardless of what is being reflected back to us. In fact the reflection merely indicates what needs to be addressed inside. From inside out we vibrate and ta da we create the reality that we experience. When we become solid in our confidence of who we really are, "DIVINE CREATORS," which takes spending time going within to access your power and knowledge, instead of looking for someone or something outside of you to show you the way. Inside out, creates an unshakable "KNOWING," erasing all doubt, enabling each of us, "we the peoples," or shall I say "Divine Creators" to fully bloom. And just maybe that is the point of this game or the jist of the cosmic joke.

"Rise up, rise up, spread the love. Wake up, wake up, open your eyes." Words to a song playing at this moment on wpfw 89.3 fm, by David Ruther, called "Jerusalem."

I would like to share some articles written by Steve Gamble, a point of view worth considering...... He says it better than I do.

And close with words from a wise woman, Marianne Williamson...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Thank you Jean for all your love, time and consideration.

From my heart to yours,

Sharon Deborah Goodwyn


Date: 25 Mar 2003
Subject: I have created my own personal news show

Hello, I have created my own personal news show via my camcorder with your newsletters. I read many of them aloud and added some opinions of my own about the war. Do you have any recommendations for what I should do with this and would you be interested in viewing these? Thanks~

Carrie Wolgamott

NOTE FROM JEAN: If anyone of you is interested please contact Carrie directly.


Forwarded by (Brenda/Beverly) on March 20

Breathe deeply and relax....

Stand tall and raise your arms.Imagine holding the planet with care, and suround yourself with pink and gold light.

Speak the following words with conviction. You may want to light a candle or face the sun, Mecca, parliament or whatever your faith prescribes.

Peace be with us


The Declaration of Humanity

I declare that I am a Spiritual Being, an essential and eternal part of the Soul of Humanity, one and indivisible.

I declare that I am a Human Being whose rights and security ultimately depend on assuring the human rights of all people of Earth.

I declare that I am a Child of the Earth, with the will and awareness to work for goals that benefit the entire community of life on Earth.

I declare that I am a Healer, with the power and purpose to heal the many forms of divisions and conflicts that exist on Earth.

I declare that I am a Protector, with the knowledge and the responsibility to help the Earth recover her natural harmony and beauty.

I declare that I am an Activist, with the commitment and the ability to make a positive difference in my society.

Then give thanks that our spiritual work has had a powerful effect. Gratitude is one of the most important parts of the process.It is the positive energy which dissolves all theobstacles in the way of success and is the power link to the divine.

And please pass this email to everyone you know. Let this declaration spread across the planet.


From: "Jasmine Zidaric" <>
Subject: Special Message Concerning the State of the World
Date: 19 Mar 2003

Beloved friends

I want to share with you a really beautiful message that comes from On High from Cynthia Rose <> of Spiritus Sanctus.

Love, Jasmine


The gateway to spiritual consciousness is the still small voice within.

Listen to that voice instead of the voice of fear.

"Fear not."

How many times have you heard dire predictions?

--which came to naught.

In order to get clear guidance from your inner voice, you must be free of triggered feelings of fear and upsetness from the past. Be aware that many now are reacting from fear. This fear must be loved with unconditional all encompassing love and allowed to heal through flowing safely and non-destructively, each time these feelings arise. The challenge is to choose transformation of fear.

Stop; go within. Remember being a little child.

What does your still inner voice say as you imagine being free from all of the lies that have been spoken around you?

You are connected to all that is. You are one with the things of this earth and one with the consciousness of heaven. We are all one with all power, all love, and all wisdom.

"On earth as it is in heaven."

Instead of being continually inundated by fear messages from the media imagine what you would be feeling if you had been in silence. Imagine if you had been alone all of this time in a beautiful forest with no other influence but the breeze in the leaves of the trees, the sunlight dancing upon the beauty of nature, and the cheerful melody of bird and bug, the laughing waters and the sound of your own breathing.

What would your inner voice be saying?

What is the truth? Now is the time to choose. What do you believe? What do you feel?

Now is the supposed ripening of the most fearful lies to ever be spoken, and you must decide if these lies have power to manifest, or does the love and truth in your heart know the true power?

Now is the time to resolve one way or the other who you are going to believe, and what, therefore, you are going to feel and attract into manifestation.

If you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, it is said that you have the power to say to a mountain; "Be ye hense removed unto the sea", and it shall be removed.

In whom do you place your faith?



From: "James Twyman" <>
Subject: Psychic Children to visit White House?
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003

Beloved Friends,

Last weekend 600 people gathered on the Big Island of Hawaii to listen to the messages of peace from several of the Psychic Children we have been working with over the past year. I believe it was one of the most profound experiences any of us have ever had, and the Children themselves were overjoyed with the opportunity. In fact, during a panel discussion on Sunday, they presented their idea of a world wide prayer vigil that they believe would have a profound effect on the current crisis in Iraq. Its simplicity and wisdom is overwhelming, and the fact that the idea comes from children makes it irresistible.

They want to call this:

A Prayer Vigil for George Bush

They explained that there is so much energy against President Bush that we are not helping him make decisions for the highest good of every person on the planet. The more we focus on what we don't like, the more it increases. They suggest that we See him as God would, and focus on the Light in the President, thereby amplifying the Light. The children believe that if hundreds of thousands of people do this at the same moment, then the effect on his consciousness would be profound. I have to agree.

Therefore, we have decided to conduct an mergency "Great Experiment IV" and are asking all the Spiritual Peacemakers around the world to join us in this important project.

Here are the details:

April 1, 2003, 11 AM New York time, 8 AM California Time (determine your own time zone based on this) Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, will join together for fifteen minutes as one mind and pray for President Bush (and all those who influence his decision making) to make all his decisions based on the highest good of all beings on earth. The Children suggested that we begin by imagining him as a little boy, and use our energy to empower his heart. They say that the boy is still within him, though he is very afraid. He doesn't need to be attacked for what he is doing, but loved, not for his actions, but for the Truth within him. We call this: "Seeing as God Sees and Loving as God Loves." If possible, gather with other people during this vigil, and please pass this E-mail on to as many people as you can to help spread the word.

Hundreds of people will be joining together in Washington, DC to anchor these important prayers. We are in the process of securing a permit for a location as close to the White House as possible, and will have children present a section of the "Children's Cloth of Many Colors" at the White House that same day. (The Children's Cloth of Many Colors is over one-third of a mile long, and is made up of pieces of cloth that have been infused with the energy of peace from tens of thousands of children from around the world. It came from the original "Cloth of Many Colors" peace project I started in 1999 which has been presented at the UN in New York, the US Capitol, the Pentagon, and many other places around the world. For more info on the CCMC, go to .) If you live in the Washington area and would like to join the group praying near the White House, send an E-mail to: You will receive a reply as soon as the location has been secured.

The Children wanted me to stress that this has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with President Bush in regard to the war in Iraq. They say that in order to be Spiritual Peacemakers we must release our judgment and focus only on the higher good. George Bush has the power to effect the lives of so many people, and we pray that he will do so with compassion and peace. The intention of this vigil is to break down the walls of fear and increase the love in his heart. It is the gift of the children. Please join us.

Once again, April 1, 11 AM EST, fifteen minutes sending George Bush all the love you have in your heart. And tell the whole world.

In Peace, James Twyman

Here's a link to an Internet site with a tool to convert time zones: (uncheck the "use current date/time" check box to calculate our vigil time)



Indigos of the cornfields

B Y  G. W.  H A R D I N

WHO'D 'A THUNK AN UNEXPLAINABLE INDIGO PHENOMENON would emerge from the cornfields of Kansas and Oklahoma? Certainly not me, even though exploring unbelievable and inexplicable events is my hallmark as a New York Times best-selling author. How did I stumble on these Indigo youths who are being struck by or visited by a brilliant white light? Sounds like something out of the movies. But it isn’t. It’s really happening, and in different ways. So far I’ve interviewed five out of seven of these kids who have come to my attention. The first and most bizarre event occurred with nineteen-year-old Joey Klein, who used to be into drugs, alcohol, and racing cars on city streets.

It took a near-fatal car crash for me to meet Joey Klein. Rescue personnel insisted an ambulance take me to the County Hospital emergency room. My objection that I had to deliver a keynote address the next morning at the nearby Colorado Crestone New Age Conference fell on deaf ears. Not until the ER doctors could find nothing wrong with me but a bloodied ear and a mild concussion was I finally able to get a ride to the conference. The next day I would meet an Indigo there who would change my life. While taking a walk in the grounds, I overheard a man and a woman talking about the accident, and me, and how beat up I looked. Actually, I kind of looked like Yoda with my swollen ear. The woman said, "Somebody really doesn’t want this guy here at the conference.” Well, I felt a bit put out at hearing that. But then the man rebutted, “No, actually I think someone really does want him here.” The man was right. If it hadn’t been for the car accident, I wouldn’t be writing this article and traveling the country with my message.

Joey Klein, a mere nineteen, would discover himself that weekend in the high desert. Because I could not leave the conference when I had planned, my car having been turned into an accordion, Joey and I spent hours in conversation, his questions deep and delving. Certainly I had heard about Indigo, or Crystal, or Starseed Children, but I’d never actually met one. It wasn’t until this sage-like teenager asked to come and live with me and study the healing path, that I took him seriously. My life hasn’t been the same since.

Why would a precocious teen quit his job and give up on his studies at college to apprentice with me? Something unexpected happened to Joey soon after the conference - he was struck by a brilliant white light, which paralyzed him for a time, then caused him to see what others cannot see - including angels. Joey Klein was awakening. And this was just the beginning. It turned out that he is not the only young adult having these Love-Light visitations. Why is this happening?

In working with Joey, I believe I’ve discovered what others like James Twyman and Doreen Virtue have discovered: The time is now for the Indigos - or as I prefer to call them, “the Children of the New Earth” - to awaken. But how? Do they awaken themselves? Are all of them, or a selected number of them, in need of awakening?

On Sunday March 23, Joey Klein and I will address these questions before an audience at the East West Book Shop in Seattle. We will talk about the coming days of wonder, the subject of my new book. What seems to be emerging is like a mirage in a desert: There’s more than shimmering promises of water needed to quench the thirst of these young adepts in our midst. They thirst for wisdom. And what seems to be the primary watering hole is the pool of wisdom found in elders. Now isn’t that curious? In a society that has grown accustomed to treating its senior citizens as castaways or afterthoughts, these awakening adepts are finding treasure.

Something powerful is afoot here, and I encourage everyone to start paying attention. We may be looking at nothing less than a watershed transformation fomented by the brewing together of the wisdom of elders and the enthusiastic revolution of youth demanding changes in a world yearning for healing. When asked about awakening the Children of the New Earth, Klein says, “I believe many like me have similar gifts to mine, some of them are even better at this healing work. On the other side of the spectrum, some have gifts such as peacemaking, psychic abilities, cooperative leadership skills, spiritual teaching, or working with the plant or animal kingdoms, yet all have a common purpose in healing this world.”

Why haven’t others like Klein come forward? He says, “When I awakened, it was an extremely trying time. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. My first efforts at getting answers ended up with my being told that I was possessed or that I had gotten involved with cult energy. None of this was true, and it took a great deal of effort to finally arrive at the truth: that I had been struck by a divine light, which had awakened me. I don’t want others who are having similar experiences to have to go through what I went through.” And thus the reason for Klein’s going public. Hopefully it will allow other Children of the New Earth to come forward and awaken to their gifts.

And what about the other Indigos who have been visited or struck by this Divine Light? Like Joey, they also heard words from peers and parents of warnings and dire consequences if they opened themselves to a new spiritual path. But unlike Joey they have chosen to stay in silence, to take their time in trusting what is happening to them. Which is fine. We must allow people to move with these great forces in their own way and their own time. What is important is to start the awakening process, which gets us back to the topic of the role of Elders. Some kind of networking or clearing house of wisdom folk needs to be established so that these awakening teens can find refuge or direction or rites of passage they can freely and fully choose on their own. These Elders also must be willing to work with parents, for parents are oftentimes more of the problem than they are the solution. The parents’ world gets rocked by the tremendous capacities of these Indigos to foster change and chaos. And who can blame the parents for wanting to hang on to their ways, their comfort zones, and their values? Yet something must be done. In some households the dynamics between the parents and their gifted kids resembles a war zone rather than family sanctuary.

So, what is an Elder? It’s not up to me or someone else to define. It needs to be whatever it needs to be. Are Elders simply old people? Well, maybe. Are they wise men and wise women? I have found that to be instrumental. But then who defines what is wisdom? This leads me to the conclusion that we are all better off if we stay away from trying to define. Let us simply create a place, an environment for these kids and/or their parents to come to. Let them decide what it is they need. Let them pick the Elders they need. But for that to happen, folks need to know that Elders are available. We need to listen closely to these gifted children, even when we don’t want to. First and foremost, these Elders must be good listeners.

When asked what kind of message Joey would like people to hear, Klein’s eyes glow with a kind of inner joy. “Truthfully, I want people to wholly love themselves for who they are, and then take that love and give it to everyone else. Not only are we all family, but we are all perfect, whole, and complete just the way we are. Some people cringe when they hear that. But if you ask them if a flower is perfect, whole, and complete just the way it is, they’ll say, ‘Yeah, of course.’ If you ask them if the seed the flower grows from is perfect, whole, and complete, once again I hear people say Yes. Well, if we can see that kind of perfection from seed to flower, then why not see it in ourselves? For we are all seeds of God growing into beings of light and love.”

Treat yourselves to a peek at the New Earth, and hear what else this young man has to say to his peers as he travels the country.

© 2003 G.W. Hardin

Illustration: Courtesy of Juliane Kristine Rea. To see more of Juliane's work please visit

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G.W. Hardin is a New York Times best-selling author. His works include THE MESSENGERS and ON THE WINGS OFHEAVEN. He will be autographing his latest book, THE DAYS OF WONDER, the long awaited sequel to THE MESSENGERS, in different cities in the coming months (

Well known for his true stories about new consciousness and unexplainable phenomena, Hardin strives to bring forth information that will take us toward a better world. He resides in Missoula, Montana.



Forwarded by Sophie Kiiro <> on March 25


by Rob Brezsny

This is a perfect moment.
It's a perfect moment for many reasons,
but especially because you and I
are waking up
from our sleepwalking thumbsucking dumbclucking collusion
with the masters of illusion and destruction.

Thanks to them, from whom the painful blessings flow,
We are waking up.

Thanks to them, from whom the awful teachings ooze,
We are waking up.

Their wars and tortures,
their devils and borders,
extinctions of species
and brand new diseases,
their spying and lying
in the name of the father,
sterilizing seeds and
trademarking water,
stealing our dreams and
changing our names,
their brilliant commercials,
their endless rehearsals
for the end of the world.

Thanks to them, from whom the painful blessings flow,
We are waking up.

Thanks to them, from whom the awful teachings ooze,
We are waking up

Their painful blessings
are cracking open holes
in the sour and puckered
mass hallucination
mistakenly called reality.

News of the soul's true home
is pouring in,
infiltrating our increasingly lucid
waking dreams.

Wild ripe juicy eternity
is flooding in.

Our allies
from the other side of the veil
are swarming in.

We're waking up.

And as Heaven and Earth come together,
as the dreamtime and daytime merge,
as paradise and the underworld overlap,
we register the shockingly exhilarating fact
that we are in charge
-- you and I are in charge --
of making a brand new world.
Not in some distant time or faraway place,
but right here and right now.

As we stand on this brink,
as we dance on this verge,
we can't let the ruling fools of the dying world
sustain their curses.

We have to rise up and fight their insane logic;
defy and resist and prevent their tragic magic;
unleash our sacred rage and let them feel it.

But overthrowing the living dead is not enough.
Protesting the well-dressed monsters is not enough.
We can't afford to be consumed with anger --
can't be obsessed and possessed with complaint.
Our sweet animal bodies
need to feel rowdy blessings.
Our amazing imaginations
need to thrive on missions
that incite our delight.

We need truths in their wild state,
insurrectionary beauty
that excites our curiosity,
outrageous goodness
that drives us to perform
heroic acts of lusty compassion,
ingenious love
that endlessly transforms us,
tricky freedom
that is never permanent
but must be reinvented and reclaimed every day,
and a totally-serious-yet-always-laughing justice
that schemes and dreams
about how to diminish the suffering
and increase the joy
of every sentient being.

So I'm radically curious, my fellow creators;
I'm seriously delirious:
Since we are in charge
of making a brand New World,
where do we begin?

What truths in their wild state
are we planning to plant
at the heart of our creation?
What stories will be our reminders?
What questions will be our fuel?

Here's one for you:
In the New World
you will know through and through
that life is crazily in love with you --
life is wildly and innocently in love with you.

In the New World,
you will know beyond a doubt
that thousands of secret helpers are
angling to turn you into
the gorgeous curiosity you were born to be.

But then here's the loaded question.
The love that life eternally floods you with
has not exactly been unrequited,
but there's room for you to be more demonstrative.
If life is wildly and innocently in love with you,
are you prepared to start loving life back
the way it loves you?

In the New World, you will.

In the New World,
you will reject paranoia with all of your smart heart.
Instead, you will embrace Pronoia,
Which is the opposite of paranoia.
Pronoia is the sneaking suspicion
that the whole living world
is conspiring to shower you with rowdy blessings.
Pronoia is the dawning perception
that life is a conspiracy
to liberate you from ignorance,
and fill you with love,
and make you brilliantly soulful.

My fellow creators,
I want you to know
that I am allergic to dogma.
I don't trust any idea
that requires me to believe in it absolutely.
There are very few things
about which I am totally certain.

But I am absolutely certain
that Pronoia describes the way the world actually is.
Pronoia is wetter than water,
truer than the facts,
and stronger than death.
It smells like cedar smoke in spring rain,
and if you close your eyes right now,
you can feel it shimmering
in your soft warm animal body
like the aurora borealis.

The sweet stuff that quenches all of your longing
is not far away in some other time and place.
It's right here and right now.

Earth is crammed with heaven.


Rob Brezsny's website is at where this above is also posted.


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