March 12, 2003

The Light Series #47: The Iraq Crisis From a Spiritual Perspective

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The essence of bravery is being without self-deception."

- Pema Chödrön

My heart may be heavy, but my fire is strong.

- Meria Heller

The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls.

- Elizabeth Cady Stanton


1. Urgent Peace Petition to Sign Before James Twyman Delivers it to the Pope
2. Feedback Re: Meditation Focus #83
3. What must happen now
4. Healing Domes of Light Awaiting Your Activation
5. Global Meditation Alert: A Wakeup Call for us All
6. Animated anti-war video: "Don't Go!"
7. Feedback Re: Zimbabwe
8. What is a Light Worker?
9. Wear a White Scarf Around Your Neck, On Your Back Pack, or Fly a White Flag On Your Car

See also:

Smart-Mobbing the War (March 9)
You can find America's new antiwar movement in a bright yellow room fourfloors above the traffic of West 57th Street -- a room so small that its occupant burns himself on the heat pipe when he turns over in bed and can commute to his office without touching the floor. Eli Pariser, 22, tall, bearded, spends long hours every day at his desk hunched over a laptop, plotting strategy and directing the electronic traffic of an instantaneous movement that was partly assembled in his computer. During the past three months it has gathered the numbers that took three years to build during Vietnam. It may be the fastest-growing protest movement in American history.

Anti-gun film wins top award
Bowling for Columbine, the anti-gun documentary by satirist Michael Moore, has won best original screenplay in the Writers Guild of America's awards. This marks the first time a documentary has won the prize. No other documentary had ever been nominated in the 55 years the Guild has been giving awards.

Take Back The Media! Flash Animation of Iraqi Children

The Wall (March 9 - this story says it all!)
(...) "We never learn, do we?" he asked. My quizzical look made him chuckle, and he continued as he turned back toward the Wall: "It never ceases to amaze me what we let ourselves be turned into cannon fodder for. We let ourselves get talked into all sorts of horror, and only after the body bags start piling up do we begin to wonder why." We both knew he had my attention now. "Know how many names are here?" he asked. "Something like 50,000," I replied. "You make it sound like a goddamn statistic" he said, "There's Fifty Eight Thousand Two Hundred And Twenty Nine names on this Wall." He said the words slowly, enunciating each one. "Fifty Eight Thousand Two Hundred And Twenty Nine. Every one of them a son; a brother, or a father, a husband, a cousin, a lover, a neighbor, a friend. Fifty Eight Thousand Two Hundred And Twenty Nine boys brought home in boxes. For what? For fuckin' nothing. And now the bastards are gonna do it again." CLIP

Top Ten Good News Stories of 2002


Tell the Security Council "Middle 6" to Oppose War in Iraq!
Not in recent memory have the deliberations of the UN Security Council been so heated, nor so much in the forefront of public attention. The US, UK, Spain and Bulgaria are beating the drums of war. France, Germany, Russia, China, and Syria are firmly on the side of continued inspections and a peaceful resolution. Caught in the middle, yet arguing for peaceful solutions, are Mexico, Cameroon, Guinea, Angola, Chile, and Pakistan. The US needs the UK politically, and Mr. Blair cannot go to war without the UN. So, tremendous pressures are building on the ëmiddle 6í to back the new US resolution. So far, they seem to be resisting, but the economic and political pressure to buckle under to the US is growing day by day. Let your voice be heard. Encourage all 6 undecided nations on the Security Council to support the French/German/Russian initiative for continued inspections. We cannot match the economic and military threats of the US and UK, but as the demonstrations on 15 February showed the world, public opinion DOES matter.

Join and support the tens of thousands of people who are holding an Emergency March on the White House Saturday, March 15 and conducting solidarity Stop the War actions all around the world. On March 15, workers in Italy are staging an anti-war General Strike. In Spain, Greece, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and in Los Angeles, San Francisco and cities around the world people are coming together in Emergency Mass Action on March 15 to stop the U.S./UK war against the people of Iraq.
Bush and Blair have announced a March 17 deadline for war and demanded the international community's ratification. They are paving the path to war by racing to convince the world that war is inevitable and that they answer to no one except George W. Bush and his warmongering associates. They want to demoralize and immobilize the opposition at the most critical moment. But the warmakers can still be stopped, and they know it. If it hadn't been for the worldwide uprising against the war the carnage would have started months ago. We can and must intensify the mobilization for March 15.

Join the Iraq Pledge of Resistance!


Growing Number in U.S. Back War, Survey Finds
55% of Americans now say they would support military action against Iraq even if the Security Council refuses to support an invasion.


From: "James Twyman" <>
Subject: James Twyman to visit Pope
Date: 10 Mar 2003

A few days ago I asked you to send an email to His Holiness Pope John Paul II, asking him to personally intervene in the conflict with Iraq by traveling to Baghdad, and to invite other religious and spiritual leaders to join him. I believe that this would immediately halt plans by the US government to begin bombing the Iraqi people, giving the UN inspectors and world politicians more time to find a peaceful solution.

We are now going to take this a step further. I am asking for at least a million people to add their names to a petition that I can present to His Holiness as quickly as possible, imploring him to help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq. We will also present the same petition to His Holiness the Dalai Lama through an emissary, asking him to join the Pope. (They have been partners in peace before, most notably at the historic peace gathering that took place in Assisi in 1986.)


We do not have much time, and so I am asking that you add your name today, and pass this email to as many people as you can. I am personally sending it to 100,000 people, so the goal is well within our reach. If the Pope and the Dalai Lama hear the voices of so many dedicated Spiritual Peacemakers calling for their presence, they may actually respond.

Simply go to and click on the link at the top of the page. You will then be asked to read the following statement, and if you agree, add your name:

"We believe that a spiritual solution is required to peacefully resolve the current political situation in Iraq, and we believe that the presence in Iraq of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and other spiritual leaders from around the world, would shift the current tide toward lasting peace. We humbly ask you to please consider this heartfelt request from a million Spiritual Peacemakers to take time from your schedule and travel to Baghdad. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and the hope of world peace, may lie in your hands."

There is no time to waste. The war could begin almost any day, and so we hope to have all million names by March 18. Help us reach our goal in one week!!!

In the event that the war breaks out before I am able to personally deliver this petition, we have two contingency plans:

1. Each day we will forward the names that are posted on the site to the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and GEORGE BUSH himself. We don't want these men to become aware of this important campaign after it happens, but while it's in full force. Imagine them getting 200,000 names a day, or more, on a file. We will also post the name count we have collected and sent each day at so you can check in and monitor our progress.

2. We will immediately forward all million names (via Internet) to an emissary in Rome who will copy and deliver the document to the Pope. We will do the same for the Dalai Lama.

Please hold the success of peace and this mission of peace in your hearts. But most of all, please add your name today, and pass this email to everyone you know.

Peace Prevails on Earth NOW!

James Twyman


If you wish to reply to this email, go to our website page:

See also:

Pope To Bush: Go Into Iraq And You Go Without God (March 5)
(...) the Pope's message: A war would be a "defeat for humanity" and would be neither morally nor legally justified. The Pope also questioned the President's statements invoking God's name as justification for the invasion. "God is a neutral observer in the affairs of man," the Pope said. "Man cannot march into war and assume God will be at his side." In Rome, the pope called for "common efforts to spare humanity another dramatic conflict."

A realistic opportunity to avert war

Contact the UN to demand they invoke UN Resolution 377 -- aptly titled "Uniting for Peace"


Date: 9 Mar 2003
Subject: Feedback Re: Meditation Focus #83: Unconditional Love - Total Forgiveness


I am writing to thank you for your beautiful words at the start of the Meditation Focus. Yesterday I wrote suggesting a meditation to "bend weapons and transmute toxins;" today I am feeling a sense of inevitability and, as a result, of surrender. I think we lightworkers have done so much these past months to bring a new blueprint of peace to the planet. The peace on which we focus must be a larger peace. As James Twyman wrote today in the newest course: "You are not here to bring worldly peace, but the Peace of God."

How are we to bring the Peace of God? Can we do it through earthly peace (which seems logical and feels good in my heart.): that is the part to surrender.

In today's Denver Post, former Senator Tim Wirth (currently president of the United Nations Foundation and the Better World Fund) said that he sees the war as inevitable. More importantly, he described the "grander vision" of what this war - if it comes - might mean: by deposing Hussein and creating a major military presence of the US in the Middle East, we might "develop the capacity for democracy, discourage a safe haven for terrorists, bring reform to the surrounding countries of Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and above all else, through American presence and resolve, to bring stability and ultimately peace to the Israeli-Palestinean conflict." All of which would - in my view - be positive (but insufficient - since I envision much more - outcomes. If we cannot achieve all of that in a peaceful way (because a decision is made to proceed to war), then this - and something even grander - is what our focus may be.

As you said - unconditional love and forgiveness must be our focus. That and the flowering of God's peace, brotherhood (and sisterhood), dignity, and abundance for all. I no longer know what it the "right" way to achieve this vision - I only know that the vision is what we must hold so that, whatever may come, it is this vision that rises in the aftermath.

May we all hold steady to the course of Love and Light for all. May we bless and forgive George Bush, who believes his is the right way, and those who share in his beliefs. May we bless and forgive all those who disagree with him and the choice he has made; may we all remember we are all One and the Divine Plan is being served.

Blessings and gratitude,


Note from Jean: As a complement to this excellent feedback and to further elaborate on what is implied in the Denver post mentioned above, I recommend reading THE COMMITTEE TO BOMB IRAQ (Background info on the people behind the war push) at
(...) The report also sheds light on the motives for invading Iraq. Considering its associations to petroleum industry giants like Chevron and Halliburton, the Bush Administration will have a hard time convincing anyone that oil is not a motivating factor for invading the country with the second largest known supply of oil reserves. And a recent admission by a senior defense official that military planners have "crafted strategies that will allow us to secure and protect Iraq's oil fields as rapidly as possible" makes it clear that seizing Iraq's oil fields is a priority for the US.


From: "Jane Pickup" <>
Subject: What must happen now Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #174: Mixed Bag of News archived at
Date: 9 Mar 2003

This is absolutely what must happen now. There is still hope for the world if this information can begin to come out now. We must let the truth shine out from the darkness and wake people up to what is really going on in this world. We must wake people up from their apathy and slumber. So many people have said to me that "it will all end in a big bang and we won't know anything about it." Maybe they won't "know anything about it until they find themselves in another world where things have got into an even worst state then they are now, a world even more corrupted and with its people even more enslaved then they are now. This must not happen!


From: "Jasmine Zidaric" <>
Subject: Healing Domes of Light Awaiting Your Activation
Date: 9 Mar 2003

Beloved friends of the Loving Light,

The world needs us. Our brothers and sisters are in need of us. Life needs us.

The world and the Cosmos need us now. In this moment now, in every now.

Every breath we take is an extraordinary opportunity for us to bring loving light into the world, for on the wings of our DESIRE and INTENT with every breath we take in we can pull into ourselves Loving Light and Divine Peace from the higher realms ... and as we breathe out we can radiate Loving Light and Divine Peace into the world. Let the light infuse all of you until you become the emobodiment of Loving Light and Divine Peace. We need to become now a *walking, talking, breathing, smiling pillar of the energy of Loving Light and Peace*. A Pillar of Light, one with all the Loving Light Substance of the Universe. Let go of all the negative thoughts and feelings. Release all of that on the out-breath and be the pillar of Light and Peace that you ARE.

This is what is needed now.

When we allow ourselves to become the embodiments of Loving Light and Peace, we are one with ALL THERE IS, Mother Father God. Then, what we ask for, what we visualize and hold our focus on, IS BEING DONE.

This is what is needed now.

There is an energetic construct which is most appropriate to work with now.

It is a dome of light with a very high spire of light in the center. The spire is high enough to reach the dimension of Perfect Harmony and Peace that passes all understanding. Through this spire the frequencies of Harmony and Peace can come to us, come into this world, come into any place on earth over which we visualize the dome and spire of light. Visualize this dome over yourSelf, over all the places and situations where you perceive the energetic atmosphere to be one of fear, of chaos, of confusion, of pain, of destructiveness, of ill intent. As you visualize this dome from the inner vibration of Peace and Love, you activate it, and thus make it possible for the Loving Light of God to come into the world more fully. A sacred task.

Friends, we are all ONE. Those of the Light and of the Dark are all aspects of the ONE Life that IS. Only the Loving Light and Peace of the ONE can heal the gap between the two and bring about a transformation toward the union of the two into One. Ask that this be done. Imagine all people coming together with understanding, peace, compassion and love. Imagine all of us together building a beautiful world based on Peace and Love. Imagine the best, only the best, and so it shall be.

As we send the energy of the Loving Light and Divine Peace to where there seems to be none, we are acting on behalf of the ONE and are the agents of the healing of the world.

This is the ultimate purpose for each and every one of us.

Friends, we are needed now.

Love and Peace,

Jasmine Zidaric


P.S. Please feel free to share this information in its entirety with those you feel are attuned to these ideas.

Jasmine Zidaric is a Personal Empowerment Coach and a spokesperson for the Brotherhood of Light. To contact her please send email to


From: "Leigh"
Subject: Global Meditation Alert: A Wakeup Call for us All
Date: 9 Mar 2003

Dear Friends

This is a special edition of the Global Meditation Bulletin which will focus on our role in the current crisis befalling humanity. Your help would be appreciated in networking it far and wide.

May Peace and Love Prevail


1. A Note from the Editor
2. Emergency Convergence at the Whitehouse (March 15)
3. Global Meditation Focus (March 16 and daily)
4. Full Moon Meditation (March 18)
5. Marine Meditation (March 20)
6. Equinox Meditations (March 20-21)
7. Earth Day (March 20-21)
8. Day of Workplace Solidarity Against War (March 21)
9. An Appeal from Dr. Helen Caldicott
10. Mr. Bush: I'm Coming for You
11. Please Bomb Seattle: An open letter to President Bush from a Seattle resident
12. World Healing Project Latest


1. A Note From The Editor

Like the current crisis befalling humanity, this bulletin is a wakeup call to all of us to say NO to war, not just in thought or meditation or passing conversation, but in real action.

The imperialist war machine fronted by Bush and Blair only exists because the people - us - give it the power it needs to survive. That power might be the taxes we pay, the politicians we elect, the jobs we carry out for the Government and its agencies, or it may be our own silence and inactivity as we sink into apathy and unconsciousness.

Thanks to the efforts of healers, lightworkers, meditators, and alternative thinkers, we now have a substantial shift of consciousness on the planet, which means that the days of withdrawal into meditation are becoming less important. What is important now is to become an active, walking meditator, for without action, nothing materialises. For those of us who are used to retreating into our quiet spaces to meditate, this may present a big challenge to us, but it can no longer be avoided if we are to turn the world around towards greater peace and healing.

Being an active, walking meditator means ensuring that all our activities and choices are congruent with the ideals and truths we hold in our peace meditations. It means that our every activity and choice is an extension of our meditation. It means acting and choosing with greater, focused awareness, so that we express the truth of our inner light, rather than live a bi-polar life. We are all responsible for whether peace or war breaks out, because we all involved in the current situation befalling humanity. The choice to be silent and inactive when a murderous war is being plotted by a confused and disturbed minority is a choice to collude with that war and those plotting it.

Therefore, let us see the current world crisis as a personal opportunity for peace, and let us not see Bush and Blair as our enemies - however much we disapprove of or hate their behaviour - but as our greatest teachers.

War is planned for a week's time, on March 17, a few hours before the Virgo Full Moon. The Virgo Full Moon represents an opportunity to serve for the good of others, but it also represents the blind duty of service - like the soldiers who believe they serve their country by going to war. I suggest that one of the things to hold in the forefront of our minds at this time is an awareness of what and who we are serving through our daily thoughts and actions, and who benefits, and to look at how we can serve the highest good of all, the spiritual self-realisation of humanity. Mars rides through Capricorn teaching the lessons of responsible will. These lessons are not just for those who would abuse their authority by waging war, but for those who would support the war, or fail to act to stop war. I have heard it said by "lightworkers" that war can be a good thing because it brings things to the fore to be learnt from. While there is some cold truth in this, the problem with this reasoning is that wars have gone on for centuries and still we have yet to learn and heal the disease that perpetrates it. So I pray that this reasoning is not used to excuse inactivity amongst those who say they stand for peace.

For me, March 15 Washington Convergence will be more important than the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, for waking up to spirituality counts for little if we remain spiritual prisoners in a materialistic world. We came to this Earth not simply to evolve our consciousness, but to inhabit a body that would provide us with the lesson of evolving our consciousness through physical action. Why else would we have a hand that could either caress another with love, or pull a trigger to destroy life?

The good news is that the peace movement is growing.




Date: 08 Mar 2003
Subject: Animated anti-war video: "Don't Go!"
From: Zendik Farm <>

Hi Jean,

We are on your mailing list and receive updates from you regularly. (Which we very much appreciate.)

I am from Zendik Arts, a 34 year old artists/activists community located in the mountains of North Carolina. I am writing because we just finished an animated version of a very powerful and moving anti-war story called "Don't Go!" that I just thought you would appreciate seeing. It was written by Wulf Zendik in 1969 and had a HUGE impact during the Vietnam war. We have received an overwhelmingly moving response to the video since it's posting. Below is the link to the 9 minute video along with the history of "Don't Go." Please check out the video. html://

Here at Zendik Arts, forty of us live together working to build a sane culture/ way to live. We publish the largest non-commercial arts and ideas magazine in the US, along with producing music, dance, video and other art forms to inspire creative change in the world.

We've been around for over 30 years and we believe in art as a weapon against the insanity of the world. We want to cut through people's seeming separateness... and reach the emotional place we all feel. As we gear up for yet another insane war we feel this video has the power to affect how people view this war. If interested, possibly you can send this video link to those on your mailing list and possibly post a link on your website. Let me know if possible.

Thanks for your work and time,

Vie Davis

Zendik Arts
(828) 625-8280


Sent: March 08, 2003
Subject: Feedback Re: Zimbabwe

Hi Jean,

Again a message congratulating you for carrying news and information that's otherwise not easily available....and very necessary!

I'm particularly touched by Cathy Buckle's accounts of current life in Zimbabwe. I used to live in Zambia, Zim's neighbour, and am planning to return in a couple of weeks for an extended period. Life in Zambia as recently as the early 90s was sparse, and my friends and I would flee to Zimbabwe as often as possible for R&R, shopping, fresh vegetables, good restaurants, films, etc., and what we saw as a dose of "civilization."

The situation is now reversed. When I was in Zambia in December it was startling to see people fleeing from a chaotic Zimbabwe into a peaceful, pretty stable, improved Zambia. As happy as I am to see even a little improvement in Zambia, it breaks my heart to see what is happening in Zimbabwe, an exquisite country full of wonderful people who are being driven to the edge of the cliff by a despot who's well past his sell-by date and who seems to have decided to take the country down with him. And the rest of the world hardly notices. Or, even worse, notices and does nothing!

Our prayers are with you, Cathy.

Light and Love and Blessings,


NOTE: "Cathy Buckle" <> who also got a copy of this above replied:

Dear Jean and Pam,

Thank you very much for your encouragement and support - it gives strength and courage to face another day of doing what I do.

With love,




What is a Light Worker?

by Rev. Cecilia M. Burkhart, Moon Rock Chapel

The term, "Light Worker" is used frequently. Do we ever stop to think what this means? The term itself means someone who works in the Light. These are people who consciously work in the loving light of God. This is a choice. Many are called to work for the greater good of the "All". Many work in the Light as a natural part of who they are, and do not even consider it a conscious choice. But all who call themselves Light Workers are consciously choosing this expression as a means to communicate what they have chosen in their life.

A Light Worker calls upon the God Light for protection and healing. They use this Light to promote healing in self, in others and for the world. They surround themselves with God’s Light for protection from harm. They invoke the Light at will, believing that it is their divine right, as children of God, to do so. The Light of God is the energy that is capable of all things.

Some of the beliefs that are shared by Light Workers:

1) Life is continuous, never ending. Though the physical body may return to the earth, the being that we are never dies.

2) All life is connected to each other and to God. What one being does affects the whole.

3) Love is the greatest force in the universe.

4) The world is governed by universal laws.

5) By actively using the God Light, the Oneness is affected, thus creating a better world for all life.

There are many other beliefs. These cover some of the main ones.

The mind is the most important aspect in this because it involves choice. Everyday we are given opportunities to do good, to work in the Light, to shape our thoughts, to listen to our heart and choose to act upon our heart’s guidance. How many times have we said, "Darn. I knew that and I didn’t listen." It is the discipline of the mind.

It is the daily challenge — the challenge of every moment to draw one’s self out of the negative into the positive, to draw one’s mind out of the darkness into the Light. This is not taught in our schools, nor in culture. It is something that must be felt from the heart and brought forward into the conscious mind. One can read about it and then understand what the heart is trying to say.

It takes time. This does not happen overnight. The realization may occur that quickly, but the actual work only comes with practice. Even after years of someone consciously choosing to work in the Light, someone may have an experience that will cause them to shut down in this area. I know of someone who was doing Light work, who taught and gave healings, who helped people in many ways. Then she suffered the loss of a loved one. For two years, she shut down and didn’t want to talk about God or working in the Light, avoiding contact with people, so deep was her grief. If you had the chance to talk to her then, she would tell you that she didn’t believe in that stuff. Then she started to come out of her mourning. Little by little, she allowed herself once again to be herself.

There is no judgment here. She had to experience her loss in her own way.

We are all here to learn. Each person must learn at their own rate and with their own particular experiences. That is true for all of us. If it is your path, you will not find peace until you walk it again.

Working in the Light takes commitment. It means commitment to self and to the All. There have been many times when I have had to remind myself of my commitment to self. If you cannot commit to self, you cannot commit to the All.

Working in the Light takes courage. It is a noble cause and many will try to downplay what you do. They will say that it is a dream that is unattainable. They will try to discourage you. Yet, just as many will encourage you. Just as many will recognize what is possible. If we are actively listening, we will hear the positive.

Light Workers believe in a divine plan for the world. They believe that God, the Great Creative Source is always present. That all we experience, all that we think and feel has purpose. This takes practice. Yes, even believing this simple concept takes practice. It is when the world seems dark, when tragedy occurs, when everything seems hopeless, that we can come back to the divine plan. It is what can help us in times of despair.

A Light Worker is one who is committed to the All, the Oneness of the universe and the divine plan fulfilled upon this Earth through love. It is a label to identify our purpose in life and to identify others with the same purpose. As we grow in our spiritual work, the label may not describe all that we are, but it is a label with which I am comfortable.


Forwarded by "Ariel Laman" <>

Wear a White Scarf Around Your Neck, On Your Back Pack, or Fly a White Flag On Your Car

A spontaneous war protest has started in Montreal after a popular radio host here announced that Mrs. George W Bush had cancelled a meeting with a group of women at the White House because several of them planned to attend the meeting with a white scarf round their necks as a silent symbol of their desire for peace. This symbol had power as it disturbed Mrs Bush.

This story has triggered a grassroots email campaign asking those committed to peace in the world to wear a white scarf.

If everyone who disagreed with the war were to wear a white scarf around their neck, tie a white handkerchief to their back-packs, their attache case, their school bags, white pennants from car antennas, white flags on balconies and hanging in front of houses the world over, would this not be a powerful message to send to our leaders? Sometimes images and symbols are more powerful than words.

If you feel that this idea has any validity, please join the email campaign and pass this on to your network.