July 22, 2003

The Hybrid Series #6: Shame on Bushdom/America

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This large 4-part compilation is most likely to be the only one for this week. Much important reading and stuff to network if you feel so inclined.

The title of this compilation will make sense once you discover what's in it.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"No, a few yellowcake lies are the least of our worries. What's worse is the rising magma of moral corruption: torture, assassination, secret arrests, mass murder of civilians, and the human sacrifice of one's own soldiers to the greed and incompetence of pampered elites. The blinkered, blundering fools who have deliberately sent America and Britain down the path of aggression have committed a folly far greater than their own cramped and tainted minds will ever comprehend."

- Chris Floyd -- Taken from "Global Eye -- Cake Walk" below

"Trace the history of the U.S.A. in real history books (not the ones they use in public schools to shape the next generation of zombies) and you'll see clearly, from the Indians on down to the Arabs, that American history is a never-ending story of murder and robbery, of rape and poison, of burying the bodies and lying about the stories. The United States of America is a profit-making criminal enterprise that already has plundered much of the planet and will not stop until it ravages even its own territory, for the purpose of making those who pretend to be our leaders very rich and the remaining 90 percent of the population very poor, if not outright dead."

John Kaminski - Taken from America The Ugly below

"I think the most constructive thing we can do is follow the facts and resist premature accusations and conclusions. My efforts since March are to that end. I want to know how the Niger hoax became a central part of the President's case for war, and whether the White House intentionally manipulated other intelligence information. If the facts demonstrate that this Administration misled the American public and the world, then we have a bigger problem than finding any hidden chemical weapons in Iraq."

- U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman (Democrat-California) who is leading the fight to discover how the claim about Iraq seeking uranium from Niger got into President Bush's State of the Union address. More details at

"Dennis Kucinich is one of the most dedicated, honest, and visionary leaders ever to come onto the U.S. political scene."

- David Korten, author of "When Corporations Rule the World" - More details at

"Ultimately we have just one moral duty: To reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to reflect it to others. And the more peace there is in us, the more peace there will be in our troubled world."

- Etty Hillesum (1914-1943) (Sent by "Nelly Solange Lewin">)


1. Political hope
2. A Firm Basis for Impeachment
3. America The Ugly
4. Bush ready to wreck ozone layer treaty
6. 8th of the 8th 2003
7. Media Cover-up: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press
8. Yes, We'll Have No Bananas
9. Eight international peace activists to be deported
10. Global Eye -- Cake Walk
11. Stonewalling the Peace Process
12. Fraud Traced to the White House
13. Gulf War Vet Admits Setting Oil-Well Fires Under UN Command

Worthy of attention


More than 1,000 organizations and individuals have already endorsed the October 25 March on the Pentagon. March from the Justice Department to the White House to the Pentagon to say:
- End the occupation of Iraq
- Bring the troops home now
- Money for jobs, education & healthcare - Not war

To read the CALL TO ACTION, go to:

New York 212.633.6646
Washington 202.544.3389
Los Angeles 213.487.2368
San Francisco 415.821.6545

Healing the Hurts of Nations - the human side of globalisation by Palden Jenkins
About current events, their meaning and symbolism, the effect of past history on today, the deeper feelings of peoples, the collective unconscious, what we can do toward addressing the causes of conflict and hardship, and what we need to achieve in the twenty-first century.
Note from Jean: Palden is an old friend of mine whose elaborate and insightful comments have often been featured in compilations of past years. His new and most important book is the first to look at the underlying causes of our present global crisis from a highly original angle, showing how history and irrationality influence the behavior of nations and peoples. "So a matter of primary importance is to set in motion a global process of directly addressing the world's pain, hopes and fears", writes Palden Jenkins. Here is a brief excerpt from chapter 11. The Ghosts and Ghouls of Nations : "Every year, a new horror breaks out somewhere in the world. The standards of negativity are getting worse, not better. Though nuclear war is less feared now than twenty or forty years ago, eight nations still possess 20,000 nuclear warheads between them. Something is still going on here, and we cannot vainly expect the nuclear question to go away. There are as many automatic weapons in the world as agricultural implements - this is a disgrace to all inhabitants of Earth. This general state of world violence has escalated to a point where the world public, synchronised by media-feed, witnesses every kind of ugly action humans can possibly concoct. Human sensitivity has increased too - in the 1950s to the 1970s horror and disaster images in films and TV were taken more philosophically than today. This growing sensitivity vies with 'compassion fatigue' and image-saturation, but each few years it shifts forward another notch. During the genocidal killings in Rwanda in 1994, Time Magazine announced Apocalypse Now on its front cover, and it did not exaggerate. We witnessed a horror of an ultimate, primeval kind, carried out with machetes and by hand. Stung by events such as this, the feelings and sympathies of millions of people are nowadays stirred up and churned at a deep level and, as in butter-making, the churning consolidates something new out of the mixture. Indifference is slowly being transformed through fire into the water of conscience and empathy." There are more extracts and writings on the book's website at and the book can be ordered through that site or from the publisher at

Our democracy at risk - Urgent need for a pro-democracy movement
Recent alarming events and bad laws such as the "Patriot" Act are taking the United States down the wrong track. It's time to build a pro-democracy movement in this country. As part of that effort a Democracy Caravan '03 - '04 is getting ready to roll. More details from Benjamin Sher>, 916-489-3363 or at


See also:

Bush deserves to be impeached
(...) Thanks to Bush's blundering, nearly 50% of U.S. Army combat units are now stuck in a spreading guerrilla war in Iraq , costing $4 billion US monthly, that is becoming the biggest, most expensive, and bloodiest foreign mess since Vietnam. This when the U.S. is threatening military action against North Korea. As the furor in Washington grows over Bush's admission of now-discredited claims about Iraqi uranium imports from Africa in his keynote state of the union address, administration officials are viciously blaming one another.

What Bush did and didn't do on 9-11 when he learned a plane had crashed on the WTC

BBC says Kelly was weapons source (July 20)
The BBC has disclosed that Dr David Kelly was the source for its controversial report claiming Downing Street had "sexed up" a dossier outlining the threat from Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. The BBC's director of news Richard Sambrook made the disclosure after speaking to the family of the Iraq weapons expert who was found dead on Friday.

Kelly warned of 'dark actors playing games' - no sign of depression (July 19)
Weapons expert Dr David Kelly told of "many dark actors playing games" in an e-mail to a journalist hours before his suicide, it was reported today. The words appeared to refer to officials at the Ministry of Defence and UK intelligence agencies with whom he had sparred over interpretations of weapons reports, according to the New York Times. The message gave no mindication that he was depressed and said he was waiting "until the end of the week" before judging how his appearance before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee had gone.

Probe Into Adviser's Suicide Should Have Broader Scope, Lawmakers Say (July 21)

Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists (15!!!) and...."Dead Disease Experts"
[...] FTW's reporting on the mysterious post-9-11 deaths of 15 microbiologists, some of whom have done research on infectious diseases, has drawn the attention of and sometimes questionable rebuttals by major publications in the U.S. and Canada. The New York Times last month expended 7,800 words in an effort to explain away these recent deaths as coincidence. CLIP

William Rivers Pitt | The Crime and the Cover-Up

Rainforests of the sea' ravaged (July 18)
Overfishing and pollution kill 80% of coral on Caribbean reefs - It might look like a tropical paradise, but underneath the sparkling blue waves something truly grim is happening in the Caribbean. Four-fifths of the coral on Caribbean reefs has disappeared in the past 25 years in a phenomenal saga of destruction, British-based researchers reveal today. Human actions are almost certainly responsible for most of it. And the size of the loss, the first to be accurately quantified over a very wide area anywhere, has astonished even scientists who have been studying the global decline of coral. Coral reefs are thought of as "the rainforests of the sea" because of their richness in wildlife, and the figure is equivalent in marine terms to saying that 80 per cent of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared. The rate of coral loss is higher than that of rainforest destruction, which, as The Independent reported two weeks ago, is accelerating rapidly in Brazil. There has been nothing like it in the past few thousand years according to the study, which is published in the journal Science.

China Growth Aims Environmentally Impossible - UN (July 17)
SYDNEY - China's ambitious economic growth plans are environmentally unachievable because the world does not have enough resources to allow its 1.3 billion people to become Western-style consumers, a U.N. official said yesterday. Klaus Toepfer, head of the U.N. Environment Program, said China's aim of quadrupling its economy by 2020 can only occur if developed nations radically change their consumption habits to free up scarce resources for the world's poor.

Most in US Would Shun Labeled Biotech Foods - Poll (July 16)
WASHINGTON - More than half of American adults surveyed said they would be less likely to buy a food product at the grocery store if it carried a label saying it contained gene-altered ingredients, according to an ABC News poll released yesterday. The survey of 1,024 adults also found that 92 percent said the federal government should require labels on biotech foods. U.S. food makers and the Bush administration oppose special labels on genetically modified foods, contending they meet the same safety and nutrition standards as conventional foods. However, the European Parliament earlier this month passed laws to require labels on biotech foods, reflecting the concerns of many Europeans about long-term health and environmental impacts. (...) About 80 percent of the U.S. soybean crop and 40 percent of the corn crop are genetically modified varieties.

One in ten new HIV cases in Europe is drug-resistant (July 17)
AIDS meeting debates prescription and monitoring problems. One in ten people who test positive for HIV in Europe is infected with a virus that is already resistant to drugs, suggests a Europe-wide survey. Europe's resistance levels are now akin to those in the United States.

Police Think Fairfield Teenagers' Story Full of Holes (July 19)
Bored teens try to claim crop circles

Australia Asks Mexico to Save 'Abducted' Dolphins (July 18)
SYDNEY - Australia asked Mexico yesterday to block the import of 200 dolphins captured in the lawless Solomon Islands and held in crowded, shallow pens after being bought by a Mexican consortium. Environment Minister David Kemp, whose country is on the verge of leading 2,000 troops and police to help restore order in the strife-torn South Pacific nation, said the trade in dolphins was banned if it resulted in harm to the species. "We are also communicating our concern to the Solomon Islands, however we believe that on-ground action in the Solomon Islands to prevent the export may be difficult in light of that country's current situation," Kemp said in a statement. Animal rights groups say around 200 dolphins had been rounded up by Solomon Islands fishermen, dumped in open boats and then imprisoned in three-feet deep pens on Gela island. Pressure group Australians for Animals said the dolphins were being sold to a Mexican consortium. Australian newspapers have reported they are being sold for $263 cash a head. The first batch of 33 "traumatized and terrified" dolphins was expected to be loaded on to a charter flight to Mexico in a few weeks, Australians for Animals said. "No civilized nation can stand back and allow this kind of horrible marine abduction," said group coordinator Sue Arnold. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora, to which Mexico is a signatory, prohibits the trade in dolphins if it is detrimental to them and not subject to proper licensing and regulation. The Solomons, a chain of 1,000 islands 1,200 miles northeast of Australia, has not signed up to the convention. Nor does it have a properly functioning public sector to efficiently oversee such things as export permits. The former British protectorate is about to be virtually taken over by an international police and peacekeeping force, led by Australia, after years of ethnic violence and a 2000 coup sent it spiralling into anarchy and bankruptcy.

Plane Arrives to Carry Captured Solomons Dolphins (July 22)
HONIARA, Solomon Islands - A cargo plane arrived in the lawless Solomon Islands Monday to pick up wild dolphins captured to order for a Mexican syndicate in what activists have blasted as an environmental crime, regional media reported. (...) They were destined for an amusement park in the Mexican resort town of Cancun, environmentalists said. (...) Humane Society International says it is the worst exploitation of wildlife in decades and an environmental crime. It said the dolphins could be sold abroad for up to $30,000 each.

Why U.S. Is Running Out of Gas (July 21),9171,1101030721-464406,00.html
Inflated oil prices and natural gas shortages are wiping out jobs and savings, thanks to three decades of bungled energy policy. Get ready for more bungling.

Sexual Assualt Lawsuit Against George Walker Bush (July 17)
U.S. media still refuses to mention Bush sexual assault lawsuit that Texas woman continues to pursue. - A Texas woman continues to pursue a lawsuit she filed last December against George W. Bush alleging that the White House inhabitant sexually assaulted her. Contacted by phone at her home in mid-July by this writer, plaintiff Margie Den ise Schoedinger said I was one of the first media members to attempt to contact her about the case. In case you’re counting, that’s more than seven months after she filed the legal brief in a Fort Bend County court. "I am still trying to prosecute [the lawsuit]," said Schoedinger, a 38-year-old African-American woman who lives in the Houston suburb of Missouri City. "I haven’t had a court date set, yet….I want to get this matter settled and go on with my life." (...) I could only unearth one U.S. mainstream newspaper that has mentioned the lawsuit - a December 2002 story by the Texas-based Fort Bend Star. And that paper even later ran a nasty letter by a reader recommending it fire the reporter for simply doing her job and covering the story.

Careful: The FB-eye May Be Watching (July 17)
Reading the wrong thing in public can get you in trouble

Top US General in Iraq to Soldiers: Shut Up! (July 18)
This item was buried in a New York Times story on July 17:
The coalition forces commander - General Abizaid - declared that American troops must silence their criticism concerning the President and Defense Secretary: "None of us that wear this uniform are free to say anything disparaging about the secretary of defense or the president of the United States. . . We're not free to do that. It's our professional code. Whatever action may be taken, whether it's a verbal reprimand or something more stringent is up to the commanders on the scene and it's not for me to comment."

Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq (July 17)
BAGHDAD - Several mysterious diseases were reported among a number of American troops within the vicinity of Baghdad airport, a military source closely close to NATO unveiled. U.S. soldiers deployed around Baghdad airport started showing symptoms of mysterious fever, itching, scars and dark brown spots on the skin, the source, who refused to be named, said in statements published Thursday, July 17, by the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper. He asserted that three soldiers who suffered these symptoms did not respond to medical treatment in Iraqi hospitals and were flown to Washington for medication. The military source reported a media blackout by U.S. officials to hide such information from the public. The Americans claim the symptoms and the mysterious diseases were resulting from exposure to the scourging sun, which the U.S. troops are not used to, he added. U.S. officials did not come up with an explanation for the symptoms, which NATO experts tend to believe result from direct exposure to powerful nuclear radiations of the sophisticated B-2 bombs used in the war on Iraq, particularly in striking Iraqi Republican Guards forces who deployed to defend the vicinity of Baghdad airport.

Pentagon May Punish GIs Who Spoke Out on TV
Fallujah, Iraq -- Morale is dipping pretty low among U.S. soldiers as they stew in Iraq's broiling heat, get shot at by an increasingly hostile population and get repeated orders to extend their tours of duty. Ask any grunt standing guard on a 115-degree day what he or she thinks of the open-ended Iraq occupation, and you'll get an earful of colorful complaints. But going public isn't always easy, as soldiers of the Army's Second Brigade, Third Infantry Division found out after "Good Morning America" aired their complaints. The brigade's soldiers received word this week from the Pentagon that it was extending their stay, with a vague promise to send them home by September if the security situation allows. They've been away from home since September, and this week's announcement was the third time their mission has been extended.

Calls Multiply for U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq (July 19)

Who's Rewriting History Now (July 18)
Look While the world continues to parse President Bush's 16 little words in his State of the Union message on Iraq's alleged try to buy nuclear fuel in Africa, it seems to have ignored his latest contribution to, as he likes to say, "revisionist history." In an exchange with reporters the other day after the White House visit of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the president offered this to explain why he invaded Iraq: "The fundamental question is, did Saddam Hussein have a weapons program? And the answer is, absolutely. And we gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in. And therefore, after a reasonable request, we decided to remove him from power, along with other nations, so as to make sure he was not a threat to the United States and our friends and allies in the region." What? Unless memory fails, Mr. Hussein did let the weapons inspectors in, and they had to be withdrawn for their own safety when Mr. Bush decided to bypass them and the U.N. Security Council and proceed with his invasion of Iraq. Surprisingly, neither The New York Times nor many other newspapers paid any attention to this colossal misstatement. The Washington Post, in a Page One story focusing on the faulty intelligence controversy, did note that Mr. Bush had said he had given the Iraqi dictator "a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."

Cleric Calls for 'Islamic Army'
U.S. Authority Challenged by Shiite Leader - BAGHDAD, July 18 -- A leading Shiite Muslim cleric today issued a sharp challenge to American authority and the U.S.-backed Iraqi leadership, announcing plans to form an independent "Islamic army" and denouncing the Iraqi Governing Council as an "illegitimate" body of American "lackeys."

The Vendetta's Victim - Crisis for the Blair Government (July 19),12956,1001435,00.html
Tony Blair's government was last night shaken to its foundations by the apparent suicide of Dr David Kelly, the backroom Whitehall scientist caught in the lethal crossfire over weapons of mass destruction between Downing Street and the BBC. Though No 10 moved quickly to concede a judicial inquiry, chaired by Lord Hutton, into the official handling of Dr Kelly during the last week of his life, the latest tragedy arising from the Iraq war looked set to cast an ever-longer shadow over Mr. Blair's already troubled second administration.

Bush's Approval Ratings Continue to Fall (July 18)
Bush Job Performance Slips to 53% Positive, 46% Negative; More Voters (47%) Say It's Time for Someone New Than Say He Deserves Re-election; Two-in-Three Say it Makes No Difference if WMDs Are Never Found, According to Newest Zogby America Poll President George W. Bush's job performance rating has slipped to 53% positive, his lowest since the terrorist attacks in 2001, according to a poll of 1,004 likely U.S. voters by Zogby International. His negative rating reached 46%, just under his pre-9/11 unfavorable of 49%:

Finger of blame points at Bush, Spin doctors can't find a cure for his wilting credibility

Group: Cheney Task Force Eyed on Iraq Oil (July 18),0,7562329.story
WASHINGTON -- Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force appeared to have some interest in early 2001 in Iraq's oil industry, including which foreign companies were pursuing business there, according to documents released Friday by a private watchdog group. Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group, obtained a batch of task force-related Commerce Department papers that included a detailed map of Iraq's oil fields, terminals and pipelines as well as a list entitled "Foreign Suitors of Iraqi Oilfield Contracts." The papers also included a detailed map of oil fields and pipelines in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates and a list of oil and gas development projects in those two countries.

Democrat Eyes Potential Grounds for Bush Impeachment (July 17)
CONCORD, N.H. (Reuters) - U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham said on Thursday there were grounds to impeach President Bush if he was found to have led America to war under false pretenses. While Graham did not call for Bush's impeachment, he said if the president lied about the reasons for going to war with Iraq it would be "more serious" than former President Bill Clinton's lie under oath about his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Senate rejects plan to probe arguments for war (July 18)
The Republican-led US Senate on Wednesday night defeated an effort to establish a bipartisan panel to examine the use of intelligence in the prelude to the Iraq war.

Upping the ante for Kim Jong Il, Pentagon Plan 5030, a new blueprint for facing down North Korea (July 21)
Within the past two months, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has ordered U.S. military commanders to devise a new war plan for a possible conflict with North Korea. Elements of the draft, known as Operations Plan 5030, are so aggressive that they could provoke a war, some senior Bush administration officials tell U.S. News.

16 US troops killed in Taliban attack (July 21)

Iraqi Scientists Disappeared By U.S.,6903,1001673,00.html

Blair Declines to Raise Israel's Nuclear Arms with Sharon (July 18)
"Blair's comments were seen in stark contrast to the recent threats of sanctions he has made against Iran, which unlike Israel, is a signatory to the NPT and is subjected to regular IAEA tests .." LONDON - British Prime Minister Tony Blair avoided raising any concern over Israel's illegal arsenal of nuclear weapons during his meetings this week with Ariel Sharon in London, it has been revealed in parliament. In response to a written parliamentary question published Friday, Blair insisted that the "priority for the visit was to discuss road map implementation and bilateral relations." Despite its reported arsenal of 400 nuclear warheads, Blair said that his government "constantly urge Israel to accede to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as a non-nuclear weapons sate and to sign a full-scope safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)." Blair's comments were seen in stark contrast to the recent threats of sanctions he has made against Iran, which unlike Israel, is a signatory to the NPT and is subjected to regular IAEA tests that have produced no evidence contrary to its civilian nuclear program.

An Afternoon With Eustace Mullins (July 15)
(...) In my search for the reasons why two skyscrapers came down on a Tuesday morning, why we witnessed the suspension of the Fourth and Sixth Amendments via the Patriot Act and a why a seemingly Zionist-heavy foreign policy had America tied-up like a junkyard dog, I stumbled upon Eustace Mullins in my own backyard while researching the Federal Reserve.

Lockheed Sues Peaceful Anti-War Protesters (July 17)
Summary: Something is very wrong within our democracy when a multi-billion dollar corporation, Lockheed-Martin, one of our Nation's largest defense contractors, sues anti-war protestors. Civil rights advocates call it "an assault on democracy," as the company seeks to block free speech by placing a price tag on public gatherings ... "Lockheed seeks restitution from anti-war protesters in unprecedented "backdoor" SLAPP suit" - Civil rights advocates call it "an assault on democracy"

U.S. ranks 27th in world social progress; Africa in dire straits (July 21)
(...) The last decade has seen a sharp deterioration in overall life quality for vast segments of the world's population, especially for people living in the poorest nations of Africa and Asia. Even people in previously well-off countries are not doing as well today." (...) "Chronic poverty is the greatest threat to social progress in the United States," Estes said. "More than 33 million Americans -- almost 12 million of them children -- are poor." "Contrary to public perception," Estes said, "the majority of poor in the United States are members of established family households who work full-time and are white. No other economically advanced country tolerates such a level of poverty." Other challenges impeding American social progress include slow economic growth, increasing unemployment, insecure access for many people to adequate health care and deteriorating schools in many urban areas. Estes identified 21 African and Asian countries nearing "social collapse" due to concentrated poverty, weak political institutions, repeated economic failure, disease and cultural isolation. "These roadblocks to progress," he said, " are contributing to global social unrest, including religious fundamentalism and terrorism. Rich countries ignore the desperate plight of the world's poorest nations at our own risk."

According to "Boudewijn Wegerif"> "You really will be amazed at the reproduction of the Honda Accord advertisement" at
"It is an amazingly impressive demonstration of technical perfection; flawless, yet inane. (...) The film cost six million dollars and took three months to complete including a full engineering of the sequence. Everything you see really happened in real time exactly as you
see it."


From: "Karen Revell">
Subject: Political hope
Date: 20 Jul 2003

I went to a political rally last night for presidential hopeful, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio). There was about 500 of us there. It was held on a small island, and many people came from far away. It wasn't publicized much, so I was surprised to see it packed.

I have been on his e-mail list for awhile, and have been impressed by some of his ideals. He called a spade a spade when talking about the current administration. The crowd was very vocal in their approval of his speech.

His webpage is

His message is almost that of a third party candidate, but he is a Democrat. He is running a grassroots platform, and does not want any corporate financing for his campaign. The media will have to acknowledge him at some point since he is a Democrat rather than a third party candidate.

Dennis is a wide awake spiritual being and doesn't try to hide his beliefs. He is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the stink in Washington DC.

Karen Revell
Washington State


See also:

“Peace is possible, peace is inevitable”
An interview with US congressman and Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, highlighting his core values of peace, activism, sharing, human rights and environmental sustainability.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">

A Firm Basis for Impeachment

Robert Scheer Los Angeles Times

Tuesday 15 July 2003

Does the president not read? Does his national security staff, led by Condoleezza Rice, keep him in the dark about the most pressing issues of the day? Or is this administration blatantly lying to the American people to secure its ideological ends?

Those questions arise because of the White House admission that the charge that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger was excised from a Bush speech in October 2002 after the CIA and State Department insisted it was unfounded. Bizarrely, however, three months later - without any additional evidence emerging - that outrageous lie was inserted into the State of the Union speech to justify the president's case for bypassing the United Nations Security Council, for chasing U.N. inspectors out of Iraq and for invading and occupying an oil-rich country.

This weekend, administration sources disclosed that CIA Director George Tenet intervened in October to warn White House officials, including deputy national security advisor Stephen Hadley, not to use the Niger information because it was based on a single source. That source proved to be a forged document with glaring inconsistencies.

Bush's top security aides, led by Hadley's boss, Rice, went along with the CIA, and Bush's October speech was edited to eliminate the false charge that Iraq was seeking to acquire uranium from Niger to create a nuclear weapon.

We now know that before Bush's January speech, Robert G. Joseph, the National Security Council individual who reports to Rice on nuclear proliferation, was fully briefed by CIA analyst Alan Foley that the Niger connection was no stronger than it had been in October. It is inconceivable that in reviewing draft after draft of the State of the Union speech, NSC staffers Hadley and Joseph failed to tell Rice that the president was about to spread a big lie to justify going to war. On national security, the buck doesn't stop with Tenet, the current fall guy. The buck stops with Bush and his national security advisor, who is charged with funneling intelligence data to the president. That included cluing in the president that the CIA's concerns were backed by the State Department's conclusion that "the claims of Iraqi pursuit of natural uranium in Africa are highly dubious."

For her part, Rice has tried to fend off controversy by claiming ignorance. On "Meet the Press" in June, Rice claimed, "We did not know at the time - no one knew at the time, in our circles - maybe someone knew down in the bowels of the agency, but no one in our circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be a forgery." On Friday, Rice admitted that she had known the State Department intelligence unit "was the one that within the overall intelligence estimate had objected to that sentence" and that Secretary of State Colin Powell had refused to use the Niger document in his presentation to the U.N. because of what she described as long-standing concerns about its credibility. But Rice also knew the case for bypassing U.N. inspections and invading Iraq required demonstrating an imminent threat. The terrifying charge that Iraq was hellbent on developing nuclear weapons would do the trick nicely.

However, with the discrediting of the Niger buy and the equally dubious citation of a purchase of aluminum tubes (which turned out to be inappropriate for the production of enriched uranium), one can imagine the disappointment at the White House. There was no evidence for painting Saddam Hussein as a nuclear threat.

The proper reaction should have been to support the U.N. inspectors in doing their work in an efficient and timely fashion. We now know, and perhaps the White House knew then, that the inspectors eventually would come up empty-handed because no weapons of mass destruction program existed - not even a stray vial of chemical and biological weapons has been discovered. However, that would have obviated the administration's key rationale for an invasion, so lies substituted for facts that didn't exist.

And there, dear readers, exists the firm basis for bringing a charge of impeachment against the president who employed lies to lead us into war.


See also:

Impeach Bush: The Great Misleader


Message To Bush, Frist, Hastert And Hyde: Prepare Yourselves. You Are In For An Awakening
You will soon be called to account for your acts before you make further mockery of our Constitution.

Important flash presentation concerning Bush and Iraq



From: "Mark Elsis">
Subject: America The Ugly -- by John Kaminski
Date: 17 Jul 2003

America The Ugly

Our leaders lie to make money from war. The big question is do you lie too?

by John Kaminski,

July 17, 2003

Our current president, Bush the Younger, lied; he lied about everything; our vice president is currently being asked to step down because he lied, lied about uranium, lied about oil, lied about profits of rich oil men; our former president, the likeable Slick Willie, lied; he lied about oral sex in the oval office, he lied about giving secrets to China, he lied about the murders of six generals and a host of other people; the president before him, Bush the Older, lied; he lied about trying to kill his predecessor, he lied about helping to loot the savings and loan industry, a scam in which he made billions; he lied to Saddam about Kuwait; the president before him, The Gipper, lied; he lied about everything, including that he knew what was really going on. He may have known, but so many times it didn't look like he did ...

And on and on it goes, back into history. Our leaders lie. All of the above and those before them lied and continue to lie about the CIA being involved in drug smuggling. Control of the drug trade funds all the secret activities the government does, and doesn't want you to know about. The government smuggles drugs. The evidence is overwhelming. Start with Gary Webb's series. The government has always smuggled drugs. The British built an empire on it, an empire on which the sun never set until it did.

Our leaders lie. All of the above know without question they are killing their own soldiers by using ammunition that is radioactive. Ten thousand Americans have died after fighting in the first Gulf War because of their proximity to lethal, depleted uranium ammunition, yet the subject never comes up in polite conversation, because the men who make these decisions don't want it come up. They and the friends who put them where they are simply making too much money off it. Our soldiers are already dying from what they were exposed to during the slaughter in Iraq.

Our leaders lie. After the capitulation of the Soviet Union, most peace-loving people were jubilant that there now was no reason to be so paranoidly prepared for war. And yet now, without any reasonably formidable enemy in sight, the defense budget is much bigger that it was when we had what at least seemed to a real adversary.

So now we have an archenemy that no one can see. Have you ever seen a news clipping of an al-Qaeda spokesperson articulating the war on terror against America. No you haven't. You may have seen doctored footage of some strange, bearded Arab guy whom you can't understand because you can't understand the language he's speaking and have to rely on translations by the very government who says he's such a dangerous threat. But you haven't really heard a legitimate enemy of the U.S. speak, because the only enemies America has are the ones she has created for her own evil purposes.

Have you heard any other reputable representative of this mysterious group which claims to be the mortal enemy of the United States. No. Why? Because it doesn't exist. It is the total brainchild of the American military establishment, which, faced with the prospect of having to decommission itself after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, had to invent a new threat to keep itself in business.

It is a trick America learned from Israel, which expands its borders and eradicates its enemies after first committing atrocities upon its own citizens, then cries foul and vows retaliation over the offense.

The threat is terrorism. The perfect enemy. It is the perfect enemy because it cannot be defeated. It cannot be defeated because it doesn't exist. It exists only in the minds of defense contractors who need to keep selling their weapons of death. It exists only on the videotape of provocateurs - often Jewish provocateurs - who hire actors to play terrorists who threaten the freedom of Americans, thereby necessitating the spending of [trillions] billions of dollars to fight this threat that was created by the very people who are doing the fighting, and making the weapons with which to do the killing.

Our leaders lie about this, because they and their billionaire friends are making huge amounts of money from it. Most distressing of all is that the so-called political opposition - sometimes know as the Democrats - go along with this lie because they are making money, too, off a system that spends all its money on preparations for war against an enemy that doesn't really exist. The perfect enemy. An enemy that can never be defeated. An enemy that necessitates an endless war. And endless profits for those who manufacture the weapons.

Our leaders, and all those who aspire to replace them through so-called free elections, all lie, because they don't reveal that it's the system that is the biggest threat to all life on this planet, not one party or the other. It's the American system, which once aspired to be a representative democracy but long ago was stricken by a kind of virus known corporate financial manipulation that killed that democracy, that made it a shell of a concept, which people believed in but never were able to operate as it should have operated, namely, one person, one vote. Hell, they don't even count the votes anymore; they just make up the numbers with computer programs, and nobody is allowed to check on the veracity of the totals.

Our leaders have always lied about this kind of terror. As far back into American history as you want to go, our leaders have lied because there was a profit to be made. But let's not bury you with details. Suffice it to say that all the wars of the 20th century were unnecessary because they all were caused by people wanting to take someone else's money. Unfortunately for our own self-esteem (assuming most of the people reading this are Americans), all these wars were caused by America, which is not what you've read in your history books, but our leaders lie about those, too.

What is happening now is what has always happened. Facts and figures are rigged, then trumpeted by paid whores called journalists, the public rage is kindled, and wars are started. This charade of an invasion of Iraq is the classic example. Tens of thousands dead because of lies. But it is only the latest example.

What an opportunity to learn about what America really is about to be lost because people - the sheeple - are too afraid to ask logical questions. What about Hitler's desire to have an interest-free society? Jewish bankers didn't like that very much, did they, since the entire Jewish legacy is built on usury. What about the oil drilling off the shores of Vietnam that was accomplished so quietly? And lately, Iraq was a 45-minutes-away threat to the Western world. And now, we haven't sent a dime to Iraq to alleviate the suffering we have caused because our leaders lie. Our leaders always lie.

Like, if Bush lied about the reasons for going to war in Iraq - which is now a certainty believed by 100 percent of the intelligent people in the world - and he lied about the reasons for going to war in Afghanistan - another certainty, as thousands of nomads are dying from radiation poisoning - what kind of profoundly ignorant buffoon would believe what Bush is saying about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

To think that a majority of the American people believe what Bush says would make even God turn his head away in shame.

How ignorant, or how corrupt, do you have to be to believe what Bush is still saying about that? Bush said God told him to wipe out Afghanistan and Iraq, and now he's going to do it to Palestine? How complete a fool are you, if you believe that?

The facts are clear, made crystal clear by all the lies, which if you believe them, there is absolutely no hope for you, your children, all the things you would like to hold dear. No hope for any of us, in fact, as long as you continue to believe the lies.

The truth is that the so-called terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were a deep cover operation engineered by highest levels of the American and world corporate governments, concocted using Arabs at flight schools as a convenient deception (none of these Arabs has ever been traced to an actual terrorist group, other than what the deceivers claimed was a terrorist group), using remote controlled aircraft and many thousands of deaths to advance their moneymaking scheme of permanent war, with the fringe benefit of blaming Arabs to advance the demonic cause of Israel stealing huge chunks of Middle East real estate.

And this sophisticated deception caused all Americans (or all American legislators, at least) to instantly give up their freedoms in a frenzied hunt for dark-skinned terrorists who did not really exist, except as the creation of the sinister American intelligence agencies.

Our leaders all lie about this. Even all those would-be leaders who seek to replace the psychopaths who devised this plan lie about it, refuse to recognize it, think it's better to keep silent about it, lest they lose their opportunity to profit from this same evil system.

The legendary underground historian Eustace Mullins had it exactly right the other day in his exclusive interview on The Zionist neocon cabal that controls the Bush White House is a much greater threat to world freedom than the Soviet Union's monolithic and corrupt brand of communism ever was or could have been. And our leaders lie about that too, because they are all part of it.

Our leaders lie about all this, and we let them, which means we are lying about it, too. We are lying about who we are, what we really want, and what our country really is.

Trace the history of the U.S.A. in real history books (not the ones they use in public schools to shape the next generation of zombies) and you'll see clearly, from the Indians on down to the Arabs, that American history is a neverending story of murder and robbery, of rape and poison, of burying the bodies and lying about the stories.

The United States of America is a profit-making criminal enterprise that already has plundered much of the planet and will not stop until it ravages even its own territory, for the purpose of making those who pretend to be our leaders very rich and the remaining 90 percent of the population very poor, if not outright dead.

This is the plan. It's obvious now. If you are still waving your flag [made in China] while your own soldiers are dying in some God-forsaken desert from poisons made by their own leaders, then your head is so far up your own butt that you can't hear any of this. You can't even hear your own children screaming in pain from the hypocrisy of it all.

It should be really obvious. The time for revolution is now. Our leaders all lie about that, refuse to even begin to acknowledge the really important issues, which are the 9/11 coverup, the poison of Zionist influence, and a widespread plan to kill large numbers of people using depleted uranium ammunition, toxic drugs and genetically modified food.

The outcome of this ongoing outrage - no joke, the fate of the world - depends on whether you will lie, too.

John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of his internet essays, now available from Dandelion Books. For a copy autographed by the author, send $18.95 plus $5 shipping and handling to: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223.

America The Ugly
Will be published on


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Bush ready to wreck ozone layer treaty

US slips in demand to drop ban on harmful pesticide

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

20 July 2003

President George Bush is targeting the international treaty to save the ozone layer which protects all life on earth from deadly radiation, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

New US demands - tabled at a little-noticed meeting in Montreal earlier this month - threaten to unravel one of the greatest environmental success stories of the past few decades, causing millions of deaths from cancer. The news comes at a particularly embarrassing time for the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who pressed the President in their talks in Washington last week to stop his attempts to sabotage the Kyoto Protocol which sets out to control global warming: one of the few international issues on which they differ.

Now, instead of heeding Mr Blair, Mr Bush is undermining the ozone treaty as well, by seeking to perpetuate the use of the most ozone-destructive chemical still employed in developed countries, otherwise soon to be phased out. Ironically, it was sustained pressure from the Reagan administration, in which Mr Bush's father served as vice-president, that ensured the treaty was adopted in the first place. It has proved such a success that environmentalists have long regarded it as inviolable.

The ozone layer - made of a type of oxygen so thinly scattered through the upper atmosphere that, if gathered all together, it would form a ring around the earth no thicker than the sole of a shoe - screens out the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays which would, otherwise, wipe out terrestrial life. As it weakens, more of the rays get through, causing skin cancer and blindness from cataracts.

The world was shocked to discover in the 1980s that pollution from man-made chemicals had opened a hole the size of the United States in the layer above Antarctica, and had thinned it worldwide. Led by the US, nations moved with unprecedented speed to agree the treaty, called the Montreal Protocol, in 1987 - which started the process of phasing out use of the chemicals. The measures have been progressively tightened ever since. Scientists reckon that they will eventually prevent 2 million cases of cancer a year in the US and Europe alone. But President Bush's new demands threaten to throw the process into reverse.

They centre on a pesticide, methyl bromide, now the greatest attacker of ozone left in industrialised countries. The US is responsible for a quarter of the world's consumption of the chemical, which has also been linked with increased prostate cancers in farmers.

Under an extension to the Montreal Protocol, agreed in 1997, the pesticide is being gradually phased out and replaced with substitutes; its use in the West is due to end completely in 2005. Nations are legally allowed to extend the use of small amounts in "critical" applications, but the US is demanding exemptions far beyond those permitted, for uses ranging from growing strawberries to tending golf courses.

It is also pressing to exploit a loophole in the treaty - allowing the use of the chemical to treat wood packaging - so that, instead of being phased out, its use would increase threefold.

The demands now go to an international conference in Nairobi this autumn. Experts fear that, if agreed, the treaty will begin to fall apart, not least because developing countries - which are following rich nations in phasing out ozone-depleting chemicals - could cease their efforts.

"The US is reneging on the agreement, and working very, very hard to get other countries to agree," said David Doniger, a former senior US government official dealing with ozone issues, who now works for the Natural Resources Defense Council. "If it succeeds, it threatens to unravel the whole fabric of the treaty."

Dr Joe Farman, the Cambridge scientist who discovered the Antarctic ozone hole, added: "This is madness. We do not need this chemical. We do need the ozone layer. How stupid can people be?"


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Published on Thursday, May 29, 2003 by the National Catholic Reporter


by Sister Joan Chittister, OSB

A Benedictine Sister of Erie

This is what I don't understand: All of a sudden nothing seems to matter. First, they said they wanted Bin Laden "dead or alive." But they didn't get him. So now they tell us that it doesn't matter. Our mission is greater than one man.

Then they said they wanted Saddam Hussein, "dead or alive." He's apparently alive but we haven't got him yet, either. However, President Bush told reporters recently, "It doesn't matter. Our mission is greater than one man."

Finally, they told us that we were invading Iraq to destroy their weapons of mass destruction. Now they say those weapons probably don't exist. Maybe never existed. Apparently that doesn't matter either.

Except that it does matter.

I know we're not supposed to say that. I know it's called "unpatriotic."

But it's also called honesty. And dishonesty matters. It matters that the infrastructure of a foreign nation that couldn't defend itself against us has been destroyed on the grounds that it was a military threat to the world.

It matters that it was destroyed by us under a new doctrine of pre-emptive war" when there was apparently nothing worth pre-empting. It surely matters to the families here whose sons went to war to make the world safe from weapons of mass destruction and will never come home.

It matters to families in the United States whose life support programs were ended, whose medical insurance ran out, whose food stamps were cut off, whose day care programs were eliminated so we could spend the money on sending an army to do what did not need to be done.

It matters to the Iraqi girl whose face was burned by a lamp that toppled over as a result of a U.S. bombing run.

It matters to Ali, the Iraqi boy who lost his family - and both his arms - in a U.S. air attack.

It matters to the people in Baghdad whose water supply is now fetid, whose electricity is gone, whose streets are unsafe, whose 158 government ministries' buildings and all their records have been destroyed, whose cultural heritage and social system has been looted and whose cities teem with anti-American protests.

It matters that the people we say we "liberated" do not feel liberated in the midst of the lawlessness, destruction and wholesale social suffering that so-called liberation created.

It matters to the United Nations whose integrity was impugned, whose authority was denied, whose inspection teams are even now still being overlooked in the process of technical evaluation and disarmament.

It matters to the reputation of the United States in the eyes of the world, both now and for decades to come, perhaps.

And surely it matters to the integrity of this nation whether or not its intelligence gathering agencies have any real intelligence or not before we launch a military armada on its say-so.

And it should matter whether or not our government is either incompetent and didn't know what they were doing or were dishonest and refused to say. The unspoken truth is that either as a people we were misled, or we were lied to, about the real reason for this war.

Either we made a huge - and unforgivable - mistake, an arrogant or ignorant mistake, or we are swaggering around the world like a blind giant, flailing in all directions while the rest of the world watches in horror or in ridicule.

If Bill Clinton's definition of "is" matters, surely this matters. If a president's sex life matters, surely a president's use of global force against some of the weakest people in the world matters. If a president's word in a court of law about a private indiscretion matters, surely a president's word to the community of nations and
the security of millions of people matters.

And if not, why not? If not, surely there is something as wrong with us as citizens, as thinkers, as Christians as there must be with some facet of the government. If wars that the public says are wrong yesterday - as over 70% of U.S. citizens did before the attack on Iraq - suddenly become "right" the minute the first bombs drop, what kind of national morality is that?

Of what are we really capable as a nation if the considered judgment of politicians and people around the world means nothing to us as a people?

What is the depth of the American soul if we can allow destruction to be done in our name and the name of "liberation" and never even demand an accounting of its costs, both personal and public, when it is over?

We like to take comfort in the notion that people make a distinction between our government and ourselves. We like to say that the people of the world love Americans, they simply mistrust our government. But excoriating a distant and anonymous "government" for wreaking rubble on a nation in pretense of good requires very little of either character or intelligence.

What may count most, however, is that we may well be the ones Proverbs warns when it reminds us: "Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value the one who speaks the truth." The point is clear: If the people speak and the king doesn't listen, there is something wrong with the king. If the king acts precipitously and the people
say nothing, something is wrong with the people.

It may be time for us to realize that in a country that prides itself on being democratic, we are our government. And the rest of the world is figuring that out very quickly.

From where I stand, that matters.

Sister Joan

If you agree with Sister Joan, keep this going.


From: "Jeremy Burnham">
Subject: 8th of the 8th 2003
Date: 17 Jul 2003

Hi Jean! - You may like to include this in your meditation focus for August - much love - Jeremy (Jo'burg)

Dear Friends and fellow Lightweavers,

The 8th of August 2003 is truly a very special and sacred day. The Sun Chakra will be grounding the full impact and blessings of it's power for humanity on this day. Kuthumi has aksed me to let everyone know that you are a part of this process and we will benefit tremendously by aligning collectively on that day at 12 pm SA time. All you need to do is imagine the power and light of the Great Central Sun opening it's heart centre to the planet, and imagine your heart centre opening to receive this light which will move through your heart and directly to your Sun Chakra. Please read further for more in depth information regarding the Sun Chakra.

I know many of you are unable to join myself, Gail Kleinschmidt and a group of people on the 8th physically, but we can all connect on the inner planes and allow ourselves to welcome this awesome and sacred blessing. Kuthumi will be channeling through me at that time and all of you will receive a copy of the transcript.

The Sun Chakra

These are notes taken by Chris Stormer and Anita Degenaar at the Monthly channelling given by Lord Kuthumi through Michelle Eloff on 7/6/03.

The tape unfortunately did not record but thanks to Anita Degenaar & Chris Stormer we got most of it.

Kuthumi ...."There is a chakra called the Sun Chakra which has been dormant for 26000 years. Its contribution is to the evolutionary process of the human soul. There are various types of nature: soul nature, animal nature, human nature, etc.

Sun Chakra = the spiritual nature. It is the source of energy and light that feeds the earth. It has been dormant for about 26,000 years because human consciousness was not in position to understand and comprehend this activation. This is being activated at present because you are ready to hold this responsibility. There is a connection between the Sun Chakra and the Lions, especially the Golden Lions who are the one of the 3 Sun Chakra Guardians and help support humanity. These animals are here to assist with the teachings of Truth, they also support the 8th chakra, throat and sacral chakras, as well as the activation of the Sun Chakra. The Lions teaches one how to roar your truth and stand in your truth. They teach how to respect truth. They work with 26 Masters of Light and together they form a grid of Light which will be fully grounded and activated on the 8th of August 2003.

There are 26 Masters of Light who assist these animals, - Lord Sian, Lord Ra, Lord Soltec, Lord Maitreya and I, Lord Kuthumi, to name but a few. We form a grid to support this activation process which began in June 2003. This process will give rise to deep introspection and you will have to look at what motivates both your thoughts and actions, so that you can understand what motivates you and what the source of life is inside you. This process helps you build your own identity and helps you understand what roots you to the earth - recognize your purpose on earth, even if it is only a little. Forgive yourself for the past and others too. Leave the past behind, taking the wisdom, leaving the pain. Carrying past pain into the present limits your journey and creates spiritual paralysis and earth-ego procrastination. So, if you find yourself procrastinating, know it indicates fear, fear of making the same mistakes perhaps. Rather learn from your mistakes and move on, this brings you the opportunities to know the lessons and when you do your journey will improve.

There is an exercise you can do:

Write about your past - the good things and the challenges. The challenges are where you learnt your lessons and are not to be considered mistakes. The Sun Chakra is a catalyst and will be working with this.

Once you have written this then read it through. Feel the shame, the anger, guilt etc and highlight these in red.

Now feel the joy, happiness, excitement etc and highlight this in green.
Begin with the content in red.

Call the 5 Masters mentioned earlier and imagine these Beings forming a circle around you.
Imagine yourself in the centre of the circle and on either side of you is a Lion; on the left a male and your right a female.

Lay your hands on them... feel their fur and connect with the rhythm of their breathing.
Then say out loud or in your mind " It is my conscious choice to willingly release the pain of (and state all the red highlighted issues) and then ask that the warmth and light of the Sun Chakra become active in your body. This will create a Sun Aura around your body.
In your mind's eye draw this energy toward your body, visualizing yourself held in this warmth.

Imagine your body going soft, all your cells are open and release the pain.... acknowledge that you are letting go of old patterns and beliefs.

Stay in this light until you feel the process is complete...
Ask the Lions to bless you with a message....

Again affirm what it is you are releasing and this time also affirm what qualities it is you are replacing the old with....

Give thanks to the Beings present, including your Lion helpers and draw your consciousness back into your physical body.

For 7 - 14 days you may feel emotional, not every day, but during that period. Go with the flow.

Go through the red highlighted topics and tick off all the ones you have worked through and redo the exercise if necessary to release any remaining issues.

Take time to focus on the qualities of self - your uniqueness, your strengths. Give thanks for what it is you have achieved. The attitude of Gratitude keeps one open to manifestation and abundance. Challenges help one learn and go (grow)further

Working with the Lions is about connecting with the Truth of these creatures as well as the truth of self and seeing the light reflected back to you. Animals do not put on a mask, as do people, they show you the truth of your heart.

The Sun Chakra burns through the veils of illusion between your present self and your Mastered Self and supports you in making peace with your past. This assists in merging your energy with your Soul's Ego, not earth -ego, which works with your Divine Plan, bringing trust. The Sun Chakra breaks down the walls of defence and gives birth to the creative force inside of you that you to date have not ever experienced, therefore you are unable to truly even fathom it's potential.

Awaken to the power of these creatures (Lions, Elephants & Dolphins) for guidance of your Divine Plan.

Everybody is a catalyst, you are now ready. You are all Leaders of Light, and through awakening to more of your truth you can help others move beyond fear. You are the key catalyst for your children and grandchildren in keeping the Sun Chakra fully open and making the way clear for them to come into their full power and take Mother earth fully into the Golden Age.

The Sun Chakra is situated between the base chakra and the sacral chakra. Physically, the activation of this chakra in a woman may feel the same as the movement of an unborn child (everyone will experience it differently though) In men, it could feel like an itchiness, heat or butterflies in the lower abdominal area.

The crystal Sun Stone will be useful to help this chakra stay balanced during this time.

This process will continue for the next 18 months, beginning in the month of June 2003 and you may find that it takes you this long to settle into the new energy, remember, you have not experienced this energy in 26,000 years.

Some of you have asked when the Christ will be coming. With the activation of the Sun Chakra, Christ is closer than ever before. Each of you is a Christed Being opening to this life giving energy. The Christ within will become more authentic to you as more of your authentic self emerges.

You will come to understand what it means to spread the Word of God through action, because actions speak louder than words.

The Sun Chakra has also been activated for the Planet and too will take 18 months to complete the process. The major grounding process takes place on the 8th of August 2003 at 12 pm. The areas in Africa that are holding this energy are Johannesburg, Kwa Zulu Natal, Cape, Botswana, Namibia. The main holding point is in the Drakensburg area in Kwa Zulu Natal.

The people of Africa are to lead the world in finding the light in their hearts and being. The disruptions you see in Africa is the throwing off of the old. As Mother Africa detoxifies, so are all of your purging. Conflict ˆ purges the self of all that no longer supports the blue print.

Cataclysmic events are already happening, not that the world is coming to an end, but rather that a New World is being born and the Old World is dying. Gaia has chosen to transform. Because you live on her body, what you do to self affects her and affects God. You are Earth & Spirit. This is the matter of who you are. Educate humanity to honour every aspect of life.........."

Much love,



Date: 19 Jul 2003
Subject: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

Media Cover-up: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

This is a two-page summary of fascinating accounts by 18 award-winning journalists from the book Into the Buzzsaw, edited by Kristina Borjesson. All of these writers were prevented by corporate media ownership from reporting major, incredibly revealing news. Some were even fired or laid off. These journalists have won numerous awards, including several Emmys and a Pulitzer. Help create a better world by spreading this news across the land.


Jane Akrehas—Fox News. After our struggle to air an honest report, Fox fired the general manager [of our station]. The new GM said that if we didn’t agree to changes that the lawyers were insisting upon, we’d be fired for insubordination in 48 hours. We pleaded with [him] to look at the facts we’d uncovered. His reply: “We paid $3 billion dollars for these TV stations. We’ll tell you what the news is. The news is what we say it is!” [After we refused,] Fox’s general manager presented us an agreement that would give us a full year of salary, and benefits worth close to $200,000 in “consulting jobs,” but with strings attached: no mention of how Fox covered up the story and no opportunity to ever expose the facts. [After declining] we were fired. P. 43-45, 49

Kristina Borjesson—CBS, Emmy award winner. Pierre Salinger announced to the world on Nov. 8, 1996, that he’d received documents proving that a US Navy missile had accidentally downed [TWA flight 800]. That same day, FBI’s Jim Kallstrom called a press conference. A man raised his hand and asked why the navy was involved in the recovery and investigation while a possible suspect. “Remove him!” [Kallstrom] yelled. Two men leapt over to the questioner and grabbed him by the arms. There was a momentary chill in the air after the guy had been dragged out of the room. Kallstrom and entourage acted as if nothing had happened. P. 110, 111

Philip Weiss—New York Times Magazine. James Kallstrom, then of the FBI, said vehemently at a press conference that every boat in the area of the [TWA flight 800] crash had been identified. Subsequently, government radar data was released showing that the boat closest to the crash had never been identified and sped away at more than thirty knots an hour. Kallstrom was later hired by CBS. P. 186

April Oliver—CNN. CNN was a willing accomplice in [the] campaign to crush the [Tailwind] story. CNN management ran at the first sign of heat. The heat included everyone from Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell to Special Forces veterans. My co-producer and I were fired. We were branded journalistic felons. CNN’s goal, in the words of one manager, “kill this thing, drive a stake through its heart and bury it.” P. 217, 218

Greg Palast—BBC. In the months leading up to the November [2000] balloting, Gov. Jeb Bush ordered elections supervisors to purge 58,000 voters on the grounds they were felons not entitled to vote. As it turns out, only a handful of these voters were felons. This extraordinary news ran on page one of the country’s leading paper. Unfortunately, it was in the wrong country: Britain. In the USA, it was not covered. The office of the governor [also] illegally ordered the removal of felons from the voter rolls—real felons—but with the right to vote under Florida law. As a result, 50,000 of these voters could not vote. The fact that 90% of these voters were Democrats should have made it news as this alone more than accounted for Bush’s victory. P. 65, 66

Monika Jensen-Stevenson—Emmy-winning producer for 60 minutes. Robert R. Garwood—14 years a prisoner of the Vietnamese, was found guilty in the longest court-martial in US history. At the end of the court-martial, there seemed no question that Garwood was a monstrous traitor. Several years later in 1985, Garwood was speaking publicly about something that had never made the news during his court-martial. He knew of other American prisoners in Vietnam long after the war was over. He was supported by Vietnam veterans whose war records were impeccable… My sources included outstanding experts like former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency General Tighe and returned POWs like Captain McDaniel, who held the Navy’s top award for bravery. With such advocates, it was hard not to consider the possibility that prisoners (some 3,500) had in fact been kept by the Vietnamese as hostages to make sure the US would pay the more than $3 billion in war reparations. [After the war] American POWs had become worthless pawns. The US had not paid the promised monies and had no intention of paying in the future. P. 225, 226, 233

Michael Levine—25-year veteran of DEA, writer for New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today. The Chang Mai “factory” that the CIA prevented me from destroying was the source of massive amounts of heroin being smuggled into the US in the bodies and body bags of GIs killed in Vietnam. Case after case was killed by CIA and State Department intervention and there wasn’t a thing we could do about it….In 1980, CIA-recruited mercenaries and drug traffickers unseated Bolivia’s democratically elected president. Bolivia [was] the source of virtually 100% of the cocaine entering the US. Immediately after the coup, cocaine production increased massively. This was the beginning of the crack “plague.”…The CIA along with State and Justice departments had to protect their drug-dealing assets by destroying a DEA investigation. How do I know? I was the inside source….I sat down at my desk in the American embassy and wrote evidence of my charges. I addressed it to Newsweek. Three weeks later DEA’s internal security [called] to notify me that I was under investigation….The highlight of the 60 Minutes piece is when the administrator of the DEA, Federal Judge Robert Bonner, tells Mike Wallace, “There is no other way to put it, Mike, [what the CIA did] is drug smuggling. It’s illegal.” P. 264-268, 271, 289

Gary Webb—San Jose Mercury News, Pulitzer Prize winner. In 1996, I wrote a series of stories that began this way: For the better part of a decade, a Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods gangs of LA and funneled millions in drug profits to a guerilla army run by the CIA. The cocaine that flooded in helped spark a crack explosion in urban America….The story was developing a momentum all of its own, despite a virtual news blackout from the major media. Ultimately, it was public pressure that forced the national newspapers into the fray. The Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times published stories, but spent little time exploring the CIA’s activities. Instead, my reporting and I became the focus of their scrutiny. It was remarkable [Mercury News editor] Ceppos wrote, that the four Washington Post reporters assigned to debunk the series “could not find a single significant factual error.” A few months later, the Mercury News [due to intense CIA pressure] backed away from the story, publishing a long column by Ceppos apologizing for “shortcomings” in the series. The New York Times hailed Ceppos for “setting a brave new standard,” and splashed his apology on their front page, the first time the series had ever been mentioned there. I quit the Mercury News not long after that….Do we have a free press today? Sure. It’s free to report all the sex scandals, all the stock market news, [and] every new health fad that comes down the pike. But when it comes to the real down and dirty stuff—such stories are not even open for discussion. P. 297, 303-310

John Kelly—author, ABC producer. ABC hired me to help produce a story about an investment firm that was heavily involved with the CIA. Part of the ABC report charged that the CIA had plotted to assassinate an American, Ron Rewald, the president of [the investment firm]. Scott Barnes said on camera that the CIA had asked him to kill Rewald. After the show aired, CIA officials met with ABC executive David Burke, [who] was sufficiently impressed “by the vigor with which they made their case” to order an on-air “clarification.” But that was not enough. [CIA Director] Casey called ABC Chairman Goldenson. [Thus] despite all the documented evidence presented in the program, Peter Jennings reported that ABC could no longer substantiate the charges. That same day, the CIA filed a formal complaint with the FCC charging that ABC had “deliberately distorted” the news. In the complaint, Casey asked that ABC be stripped of its TV and radio Licenses….During this time, Capital Cities Communications was maneuvering to buy ABC. [CIA Director] Casey was one of the founders of Cap Cities. Cap Cities bought ABC. Within months, the entire investigative unit was dispersed. P. 326-329

Robert McChesney—500 radio & TV appearances. [There has been a] striking consolidation of the media from hundreds of firms to an industry dominated by less than ten enormous transnational conglomerates. The largest ten media firms own all US TV networks, most TV stations, all major film studios, all major music companies, nearly all cable TV channels, much of the book and magazine publishing [industry], and much, much more. Expensive investigative journalism—especially that which goes after national security or powerful corporate interests—is discouraged. Largely irrelevant human interest/tragedy stories get extensive coverage….A few weeks after the war began in Afghanistan, CNN president Isaacson authorized CNN to provide two different versions of the war: a more critical one for the global audience and a sugarcoated one for Americans….It is nearly impossible to conceive of a better world without some changes in the media status quo. We have no time to waste. P. 371-381

More on this at


See also:

How The Fourth Estate Have Become Corporate Lap Dog Mockingbird Stenographers

Weapons Of Mass Stupidity
Fox News hits a new lowest common denominator. (...) But the scariest thing about Fox and Rupert Murdoch, the thing that renders them all fear and no fun in a time of national crisis, is that they channel for the Bush administration as faithfully as if they were on the White House payroll. Like no other substantial media outlet in American history, Fox serves -- voluntarily -- as the propaganda arm of a controversial, manipulative, image-obsessed government. To watch its war coverage for even a minute was to grind your teeth convulsively at each Orwellian repetition of the Newspeak mantra, "Operation Iraqi Freedom." I swear I hate to stoop to Nazi analogies; but if Joseph Goebbels had run his own cable channel, it would have been indistinguishable from Fox News.



Yes, We'll Have No Bananas - Thanks to Selective Breeding, our Favourite Fruit can Neither Reproduce nor Defend Itself from Disease

by Robert Alison - Globe and Mail / Canada - July 19, 2003

The banana is about to disappear from store shelves around the globe. Experts say the world's favourite fruit will pass into oblivion within a decade. No more fresh bananas. No more banana bread. No more banana muffins or banana cream pie.

Why? Because the banana is the victim of centuries of genetic tampering. Scientists say they will be unable to prevent the extirpation of the banana as an edible commercial crop. And its demise may be one more powerful argument in the hands of those who are concerned about genetic modification of foods.

The banana's main problem is that it has become sterile and seedless as a result of 10,000 years of selective breeding. It has, over time, become a plant with unvarying genetic sameness. The genetic diversity needed to cope with environmental stresses, such as diseases and crop pests, has long ago been bred out of the banana. Consequently, the banana plantations of the world are completely vulnerable to devastating environmental pressures. According to Emile Frison, newly appointed director-general of the Rome-based International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, science is helpless to prevent the demise of the banana. Already, he says, as much as 50 per cent of the world's banana harvest is lost to insects and disease.

When humankind first encountered this fruit thousands of years ago we were probably not impressed by the almost inedible giant wild bananas. Historic mutations, rare and accidental, produced seedless bananas through chromosome triplication. Ancient humans focused on these seedless, pollen-less mutants to generate progressively more edible crops. Eventually, edible banana flesh retained only a few vague traces of the viable seeds once carried in the ancestral wild stock.

Ancient plant breeders grew edible bananas by grafting sterile mutants onto wild stems. This process was repeated for thousands of years to produce the emasculated, sterile -- and defenceless -- plantation banana that currently feeds millions of people globally.

But the stage was set for the final act in the story of this beloved yellow fruit in the 1950s. By then, generations of selective breeding had long since inhibited natural banana reproduction, and genetic tinkering had all but obliterated most commercial varieties. Eventually, one morph remained, the Gros Michel variety. All domestic stock was its clone, an exact genetic copy of that one variety. Every tree was equally vulnerable to plant disease, crop pests and climate variables.

Then Panama disease, a soil fungus, attacked banana plantations and the genetically enfeebled Gros Michel banana was virtually wiped out. By 1960, the Gros Michel was no longer a viable crop. Tireless agricultural research eventually produced a successor, the Cavendish. For the past 40 years or so, the Cavendish has been virtually the only commercially grown stock available on store shelves in developed nations.

In the tropics, you can still find other, less desirable banana varieties, mainly grown as a starchy food staple rather than a sweet treat. But these tropical bananas aren't much like their commercial cousins in North American supermarkets. They taste bland. Their texture is often fibrous and mealy. North American consumers would probably find them quite unpalatable compared to the Cavendish, which is sweeter and smoother-textured.

But like its genetic predecessor, the Cavendish is also sterile, equally unprotected from diseases and crop pests. And now a powerful plant pathogen, the Black Sigatoka fungus, has appeared on the scene, attacking the Cavendish stock around the world. Banana yields have already dropped by 50-70 per cent, and banana-tree life spans have been reduced from about 30 years to just about two years. The genetic uniformity among Cavendish bananas has made them helpless to fight Black Sigatoka.

Nor can chemical spraying save the day. Commercial growers have long attempted to control the fungus using fungicides such as dibromochloropropane (now banned because it caused sterility and leukemia among banana industry workers). According to Dr. Frison, even powerful fungicides don't work against Black Sigatoka because the fungus is rapidly capable of developing resistance to them. Indeed, banana plantations in Costa Rica and the Amazon have already been largely destroyed.

The selective plant breeding that has brought us to this impasse is comparable to genetic engineering. Both change the genetic makeup of a plant, perhaps irreversibly. So the case of the banana gives ammunition to critics of genetic engineering and to their claim that much can go wrong when we tamper with plant genetics.

Such warnings aren't new. In 1995, biologists warned that changing the genetic makeup of a plant is like playing with fire. Even so, genetic alteration continues. At Oregon State University, scientists are at work on generating sterility in poplar trees; the Canadian Forest Service is looking into breeding insect resistance in white spruces; at the University of California, work is being done on changing root systems in walnut trees. And at the Independent University in Madrid, orange trees are being modified to promote early fruit-bearing and to grow oranges that are easier to peel. The International Plant Genetic Resources Institute's Dr. Frison says biotechnology could still delay the loss of the banana, by providing the genetic blueprint of inedible wild varieties that can be genetically altered to create a genetically modified product. Does this hold out hope of an 11th-hour reprieve? Will consumers accept a GM substitute for the sweet fruit they enjoy so much?

The disappearance of the banana should be a wakeup call -- to what can result from reckless genetic manipulation, complacency and inattention. If this can happen to the world's most popular fruit with all humanity as its witness, imagine what could happen to more obscure, but no less useful plants whose fates are less publicized and open to public scrutiny. Robert Alison, a consultant biologist based in Orillia, Ont., is a former senior biologist for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.


From:Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)>
Sent: July 17, 2003
Subject: Eight international peace activists to be deported

GUSH SHALOM pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033

Tobias, Tarek, Fredrick, Bill, Daniel, Alex, Saul and Thomas - eight peace activists of nearly as many countries will be deported from Israel/Palestine as "dangerous to state security". The efforts invested by their four lawyers, Leah Tsemel, Gabi Laski, Shammai Leibowitz and Yoni Lerman - all in vain. We didn't stop this - even with several US diplomats present in the courtroom. It is clear that there has been a high-up decision to get rid of the ISM. The fact that this actually proves the effectiveness of their method of non-violent action is meagre consolation.

The trial itself was truly a farce. From the outset the attitude of the judge was evident. He was aggressive, particularly with Leah Tsemel.The state insisted that the ISM endangers soldiers' lives by interfering with their activities. But no proof was given of this occurring for any of today's defendants. Yet both the state and the judge reiterated the broad powers given to the Minister of Interior to grant or deny visas, and to deport--all without having to furnish a reason. And indeed, the judge omitted furnishing any reason for his verdict, as though he were a clerk sent by the Ministry of the Interior rather than an impartial observer carefully weighing on the scales of justice the arguments of both sides. 

[in the above was made use of the report of Dorothy Naor> of New Profile]

Below find the ISM report.

Date: 17 Jul 2003
From: Rapprochement Centre>
Subject: [palsolidarity] Israel to Deport Eight International Peace Activists

International Solidarity Movement July 17, 2003 For Immediate Release

Israel to Deport Eight International Peace Activists

Today Tel Aviv District Court Judge Nissim Yeshaya upheld the deportation orders of eight International Peace activists who were working with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Of the eight activists, Tobias Karlsson (SWEDEN), Tarek Loubani (CANADA), Fredrick Lind (DENMARK), Bill Capowski (USA), Daniel Knutsson (SWEDEN), Alex Perry (UK), Saul Reid (UK) and Thomas Pellas (FRANCE)

Four were arrested on July 9 while at a camp on Palestinian land in the village of Arrabony near Jenin slated to be confiscated by Israel for the building of the separation wall, and four on July 10 while helping to remove roadblocks near the city of Nablus calling attention to the restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement under the occupation. 

They were subsequently issued deportation orders by the Ministry of the Interior. 

The Israeli military has claimed that the ISM and all peace activists are a security threat and the lawyer for the state used this as the argument for why the activists should be deported. No evidence as to the illegality of the defendants' actions was presented. Signed affidavits that the presence and work of ISM is important were submitted by prominent Israeli organizations and individuals such as Bat Shalom, MK Yossi Sarid and several Israeli professors. The judge sided with the state lawyers saying that under Israeli law the Ministry of the Interior has unlimited power to deport and revoke visas of internationals.

The policy of punishing international peace activists without any evidence other than labeling them a security threat is an expansion of Israel's policy of using administrative detention to punish Palestinians the military labels a security threat. Currently there are over 1,000 Palestinians being held in administrative detention after having secret evidence used against them. Administrative detention is an indefinitely renewable six months of captivity. Many Palestinians have now been held in detention for years without any charge or knowledge of when they might be released.

After the ruling, a lawyer for the eight defendants requested a one-week stay on the deportations to allow time to file an appeal. The request was denied. 

Two Israeli citizens were also arrested with one of the groups of activists. Both were released without charge. Some of the activists reported being kicked and otherwise abused while interrogated after the arrests and at least one was severely beaten after they stopped eating in protest two days ago.

For a picture of the eight in court please see our website:

Global Eye -- Cake Walk

By Chris Floyd

July 18, 2003

The convoluted controversy over whether or not Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium "yellowcake" ore from Niger last year and whether or not George W. Bush should have mentioned this alleged attempted transaction in his State of the Union address last January is a classic case of fretting about a molehill when a mountainous volcano is erupting right behind you.

While it is of course highly edifying to see the designer-shod feet of George W. Bush and Tony Blair held to the fire over their mendacious manipulation of crudely forged documents concerning the Niger nukestuff, the persnickety parsing of a few words in a couple of speeches is merely a diversion from the larger moral corruption that stems from aggressive war and military occupation -- a corrosive flow that eats away the very spirit of a nation.

But let us, too, eat cake -- or parse cake -- for a moment, resorting to the highly unusual expedient of consulting the actual facts. As Professor Norman Dombey reports in The Guardian, uranium ore is not fissile material; it can only be weaponized in elaborate enrichment plants. And all such plants in Iraq had been dismantled by UN inspectors by 1995. What's more, Saddam already had tons of the non-fissile stuff; he didn't have to go to Niger to get it, as the warmongers well know. Their lack of genuine concern over such material is shown by their failure to secure Iraq's nuclear plants after the invasion, allowing looters to cart away yellowcake by the barrelful. Thus, even if Bush and Blair somehow "prove" their scaremongering tales of African ore-shopping to be true, it doesn't matter: Iraq could not have used uranium ore from Niger -- or any other country -- for nuclear weapons.

Nor does this controversy affect the Anglo-American "case" for going to war. Despite all the blue smoke and red herrings we've seen the past two weeks, the true casus belli has been clear for months, even years. It has nothing to do with terrorism or big boogey-man weapons. It certainly has nothing to do with mass graves, Saddam's tyranny or "Iraqi freedom," none of which has ever been of the slightest concern to the architects of the aggression.

These architects -- a clique of extremist ideologues and Establishment heavies closely associated with the Bush Family -- announced their intentions publicly years ago, in September 2000. Here's what they said: "While the unresolved conflict with Saddam Hussein provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."

Yes, we're back in PNAC country. For those who came in late, the "Project for the New American Century" is a gaggle of right-wing war-wonks whose ranks included Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, plus a slew of other Bushist minions now swaggering along the corridors of power. PNAC's 2000 broadside called for a vast militarization of American society and an aggressive foreign policy geared to "pre-emptive" military action and the establishment of "substantial American force presence" throughout the world. The stated goal was to ensure that no other nation or group of nations could ever challenge American political and economic hegemony, even in their own regions -- on pain of "pre-emption." America alone would be the dominant authority in all areas relevant to "energy security."

PNAC did acknowledge that such "revolutionary" changes could take decades to bring about -- unless, of course, the United States was struck by what the Cheney-Rumsfeld group called "some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor." Lucky duckies, they got their wish just a year later -- on Sept. 11 -- and the entire PNAC agenda became national policy. The longed-for planting of American bases in Iraq could now proceed without serious hindrance.

So there you have it. Iraq was invaded because this elitist clique wanted a "substantial American force presence" in the Gulf region. That's it. That's all. Their witless lust for ever-more loot and ever-more power "transcended" the "issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein." They were always going to invade Iraq, come hell or high water -- or yellowcake. The hysterically hyped and constantly changing "justifications" they offered for the attack were just the aggressor's usual "sound and fury, signifying nothing."

The "threat" posed by Saddam's nonexistent weapons of mass destruction was always their most flimsy smokescreen. The warmongers knew from top Iraqi defectors that Saddam had destroyed Iraq's WMD in 1994 -- a fact duly reported by Newsweek last February then promptly forgotten. Likewise, the bestial repression of Saddam's regime -- now increasingly cited as the sole justification for the war -- never troubled our world dominators. George Bush I ordered U.S. officials to strengthen ties with Saddam long after the infamous gassing of Kurds and other atrocities. Cheney, as a corporate chief, happily signed deals with Saddam after the invasion of Kuwait, after the murderous suppression, with Bush I's collusion, of the Shiite revolt in 1991 -- the main source of those mass graves now so mournfully cited by Bush II and Blair.

No, a few yellowcake lies are the least of our worries. What's worse is the rising magma of moral corruption: torture, assassination, secret arrests, mass murder of civilians, and the human sacrifice of one's own soldiers to the greed and incompetence of pampered elites. The blinkered, blundering fools who have deliberately sent America and Britain down the path of aggression have committed a folly far greater than their own cramped and tainted minds will ever comprehend.


Forwarded by BILL D>

Stonewalling the Peace Process

By Patrick Conners,

July 21, 2003

George Bush's road map for Middle East peace may soon crash straight into a wall, or to be more accurate, a "security fence."

Israeli newspapers report that Condoleezza Rice and President Bush recently raised objections with Ariel Sharon over Israel's construction of a West Bank "security fence," a barrier ostensibly aimed at preventing Palestinians from entering Israel to carry out attacks.

In reality, however, the "fence" is a massive wall that serves an illegitimate goal: the seizure of Palestinian land in the West Bank. In many places the "fence" is actually a 25-foot-high concrete wall, with guard towers and trenches. Yet it is not the size but the location of the Wall that worries the Bush administration.
It is primarily being built within the West Bank, up to four miles from the "Green Line", the generally recognized border between Israel and the West Bank. Its path is being bulldozed through Palestinian olive groves and greenhouses, surrounding entire Palestinian cities and villages, separating them from their farmland and wells, while trapping other villages in a "no man's land" between the Wall and Israel.

The Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem found that the Wall's northern phase alone "will likely infringe the human rights of more than 210,000 Palestinians residing in sixty-seven villages, towns, and cities." A World Bank study raises fears that "the Wall will isolate, fragment, and, in some cases, impoverish those affected by its construction."

It is choking the life from the Palestinian city of Qalqilya. With 40,000 residents, Qalqilya is entirely surrounded, a ghetto with one narrow, Israeli-controlled entrance for people and goods. The villages of Jayyous and Mas'ha primarily depend on agriculture but will lose virtually all their farmland behind the Wall. Both lie four miles inside the "Green Line." Meron Rappaport of the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth writes that, "Behind the separation fence are thousands of personal tragedies, which are entirely invisible to the Israeli public."

The initial route planned for the Wall isolated 10 percent of the West Bank. But in recent months, the Sharon government has proposed a more drastic plan, cutting ten miles into the West Bank to surround major Israeli settlement blocs, and building a second wall in the eastern West Bank to secure Israeli control of the Jordan Valley. If executed, these plans would effectively annex more than 50 percent of the West Bank to Israel, imprisoning Palestinians in three disconnected islands.

Israel's government asserts that the Wall is not a permanent, political boundary, and that Palestinian farmers will pass through gates to their farmland. But the colossal, concrete Wall is clearly not designed to be removed, and some Israeli soldiers are already harassing many farmers, denying them access to their land. B'Tselem, the World Bank and others have expressed deep concerns about the Wall's permanence, and maintaining farmers' access to their land.

Village residents, with support from Israeli peace groups and the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), have held peaceful protests against the Wall. In Mas'ha, Palestinians, Israelis and foreigners established an open-air "peace camp" to educate visitors about the Wall's impacts. B'Tselem, echoing the views of Palestinian farmers, recommends: "If it is decided that there is no choice other than building the barrier, the government must set the route, as a rule, along the Green Line or, alternatively, within Israel."

Israel's security needs are real, but the means being used to achieve them are unjust and self-defeating. No wall has ever brought peace between peoples, and one forcibly built upon stolen land at the expense of recognized international boundaries certainly will not.


See also:

Rush order for 30 new villages inside Green Line (July 20)
In what may turn out to be the largest settlement effort inside the Green Line in the last 25 years, the Prime Minister's Office is planning to establish some 30 new towns, most in the Negev and the Galilee. The project, which will be given top priority, is expected to be completed in the shortest possible period. According to the adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on settlement, Uzi Kern, Sharon reached the conclusion that following the enormous investment in settling the territories, it is now necessary to settle the Galilee and the Negev.

Deconstructing the Roadmap (July 18)
Poverty of spirit and moral obtuseness are the salient characteristics of current Israeli policy vis-à-vis the Palestinians in the context of the road map. Why else would the government stage a big show of "dismantling" or "evacuating" settlement outposts (that are largely vacant and makeshift), then look the other way when more outposts are established on nearby hilltops? Why else would Sharon urge his partners in land-theft to continue settlement construction and expansion, but to do so in silence and in secrecy? Why else would the hundreds of checkposts, permanent and ad hoc, continue to besiege our towns and villages like a burning necklace stealthily stealing all our life force, freedom, and vitality? Why else would the notorious apartheid wall snake its way among our villages and farms in the north, sucking up all our water, uprooting ancient olive trees, razing homes to the ground, and spewing out a particularly long-lasting venom in the belly of the earth as well as in the minds of people? Why else would the abduction of Palestinians from their own cities and homes continue, while the authorities "generously" release those captives who had served out most of their sentences, or had not been sentenced at all, or had been caught trying to stave off hunger by working in Israel without a permit? Beyond the cold cynicism and immunity to pain is a deliberate dehumanization that seeks to negate the most elemental rights of the other, hence destroy the basis of any shared discourse or vision. The distortion of the occupation has given rise to the most lethal form of arrogance that "normalizes" control and gives itself license to act simultaneously as judge, executioner, and victim. Thus the occupier‚s "self defense" is the blanket justification for the occupation itself and all its cruelties and aberrations. It is the root of the evil of violence against civilians and innocents (on both sides) who were trampled by the oppressive machine in a way not dissimilar to the obscenity of the Israeli bulldozer crushing to death the young and unsuspecting body of Rachel Corrie. CLIP

Israeli Settlers Rebuilding Even As Outposts Are Razed (July 5)§ion=/printstory

Palestinians Reduced To Begging,2763,1001422,00.html
Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank have been "reduced to begging" by Israeli military action, and Israel is breaching international law by failing to provide much-needed aid, a UN expert said yesterday. "There is a permanent, grave violation of the right to food by the occupying forces. There is a catastrophic humanitarian situation," said Jean Ziegler, UN special expert on the right to food. Palestinian villages are encircled by troops, preventing food being delivered and farmers reaching their fields, he said. Many villages had to buy their water because sources had been cut off. Mr Ziegler also cited the destruction or confiscation of fertile Palestinian land for military zones or Jewish colonies. "We saw thousands of olive trees destroyed by bulldozers," he said. . . According to the World Bank, almost one child in 10 in Gaza and the West Bank is suffering from severe malnutrition.


Date: 21 Jul 2003
Subject: Fraud Traced to the White House - this one SMOKES!

Here's a real smoker of an article! This is another one that should be shared widely, especially now that there's a glimmer of hope that the American people are beginning to wake up to the criminal shenanigans of this illegal administration, and the "I" word is beginning to be discussed more frequently and openly - particularly in the media and the legislative body.

I am posting the opening paragraphs, along with the link since this is a rather long piece, but it's well worth taking the time to read it. I think you'll understand why Cheney was so hell-bent on keeping his Energy Policy info secret after you read this.

The more nails we can hammer into the coffin of this criminal administration, the better!

We'll work out how to get the rest of the criminal elite removed from their stranglehold on our country, our lives and the world once we get past this initial, critical step.

There IS hope for us yet!

~~ goldi



Fraud Traced to the White House

How California‚s energy scam was inextricably linked to a war for oil scheme

By Katherine Yurica

This story begins with the California energy crisis, which started in 2000 and continued through the early months of 2001, when electricity prices spiked to their highest levels. Prices went from $12 per megawatt hour in 1998 to $200 in December 2000 to $250 in January 2001, and at times a megawatt cost $1,000.

One event occurred earlier. On July 13, 1998, employees of one of the two power-marketing centers in California watched incredulously as the wholesale price of $1 a megawatt hour spiked to $9,999, stayed at that price for four hours, then dropped to a penny. Someone was testing the system to find the limits of market exploitation. This incident was the earliest indication that the people and the state could become victims of fraud. The Sacramento Bee broke the story three years later, on May 6, 2001.

Today, Californians are still paying the costs of the debacle while according to state officials the power companies who manipulated the energy markets reaped more than $7.5 billion in unfair profits.

During those early months of the Bush administration, and even during the prior transition period, Dick Cheney was deeply involved in gathering information for a national energy policy. The intelligence he gathered would provide justification for a war against Iraq but would also place White House footprints all over a fraud scam. This is how it all happened.

CLIP - Read the rest at

Forwarded by Christopher Ruby>

Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2003 4:50 PM

Gulf War Vet Admits Setting Oil-Well Fires Under UN Command

DURING the past six years, the American Gulf War Veterans Association has received numerous reports from veterans [as has this website] stating that US forces were responsible for the setting of the oil well fires at the end of the Gulf War.

One veteran has now stepped forward and given a detailed account of how he and others in special teams, moved forward of the front, behind enemy lines ahead of US forces, set explosive and incendiary charges on the well heads, and remained hidden until after the charges were remotely detonated and US forces advanced beyond their position.

"We were mustered into the briefing tent at which point a gentleman whom I first had thought to be an American· but I was concerned because he was wearing a UN uniform and insignias, began to brief us on the operation."

"There was concern that America, the American public, might see this conflict as an unnecessary thing, and we were asked to do this - or we were ordered to do this in order to sway any public opinion - American public opinion to remove any doubts whatsoever that Saddam Hussein and his regime were a terrible evil that had to be dealt with."

Stating that he was given a small number of wells to set the charges on: "I carried out my mission parameters and than I withdrew and concealed myself until such a time as the front moved past me."

The information provided over a series of meetings with this veteran corroborates the reports from other veterans who are totally unconnected with this individual.

See also:

The Torching of the Oil Wells

Gulf War Vets question Who Started the Oil Well Fires in Kuwait


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