July 10, 2003

The Hybrid Series #5: Some Important News to Network

Hello everyone

Going through some of the material I received, the following material caught my attention and I'd like to share it with you right now. There are some pretty interesting new developments in this compilation. I especially recommend to your attention "Backdoor to New Voting Machines Found - Bigger Than Watergate!" which is widely circulating on the Net right now. A major battle to save democracy in the U.S. could very well ensue from these astounding allegations.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"If we do not change our daily lives, we cannot change the world."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

"Treat everybody else as if they were you, only having grown up in different circumstances."

- Unknown

"A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving."

- Albert Einstein


2. Hawaiian farmers warn Thai farmers about genetically engineered papaya: Don’t do it!
3. Eight U.S. Soldiers Reportedly Killed In Iraq
4. Granny D, Hayden and Gandhi!
5. Climate Impacts - The Earth is getting hotter!
6. Wrestling For The Truth Of 9/11
7. An old message from Matthew that's timely

See also:

Backdoor to New Voting Machines Found - Bigger Than Watergate! (July 8)
How To Rig An Election In The United States - Fantasy vs Reality - How We Discovered The Backdoor - Evidence Of Motive - Evidence Of Opportunity - Evidence Of Method - Evidence Of Prior Conduct - Consistent Unexplained Circumstantial Evidence - Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. (...) The story you are about to read is in this writer's view the biggest political scandal in American history, if not global history. And it is being broken today here in New Zealand. This story cuts to the bone the machinery of democracy in America today. Democracy is the only protection we have against despotic and arbitrary government, and this story is deeply disturbing. Imagine if you will that you are a political interest group that wishes to control forevermore the levers of power. Imagine further that you know you are likely to implement a highly unpopular political agenda, and you do not wish to be removed by a ballot driven backlash. CLIP It is a recorded fact that every system of balloting established in America has been gamed and rigged. I.E. America's political practitioners have a very long history of ballot rigging and vote tampering. This is nothing new and evidence of the sort we have uncovered has been long predicted by computer scientists such as Dr Rebecca Mercuri. CLIP

Leading climate scientists reaffirm view that late 20th Century warming was unusual

Court Allows Suit on Cheney Energy Panel

Let's get Canadians to say No to Star Wars
(...) As Canadians we need to fully understand the potential dangers of the national missile defence program. The Union of Concerned Scientists calls the missile defence proposal "misguided and irresponsible." It's unproven technology. It's extremely costly. And, most disturbing, it's potentially destabilizing. The computer control system is so complex that, like any new computer program, it will be filled with "bugs." Many computer people believe the technology simply can't work 100 per cent of the time - which is what it has to do if it is to be of any use. The system is beyond human control. The response time is literally measured in fractions of a second. That means real people can't weigh the consequences before unleashing the defence. This is madness. President George W. Bush's priorities are upside down. Military research and expansion are his first priorities; that's why missile defence is at the top of his list.

White House Backs Off Claim on Iraqi Buy (July 8)
The Bush administration acknowledged for the first time yesterday that President Bush should not have alleged in his State of the Union address in January that Iraq had sought to buy uranium in Africa to reconstitute its nuclear weapons program. The statement was prompted by publication of a British parliamentary commission report, which raised serious questions about the reliability of British intelligence that was cited by Bush as part of his effort to convince Congress and the American people that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction program were a threat to U.S. security. The British panel said it was unclear why the British government asserted as a "bald claim" that there was intelligence that Iraq had sought to buy significant amounts of uranium in Africa. It noted that the CIA had already debunked this intelligence, and questioned why an official British government intelligence dossier published four months before Bush's speech included the allegation as part of an effort to make the case for going to war against Iraq. The findings by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee undercut one of the Bush administration's main defenses for including the allegation in the president's speech -- namely that despite the CIA's questions about the assertion, British intelligence was still maintaining that Iraq had indeed sought to buy uranium in Africa. Asked about the British report, the administration released a statement that, after weeks of questions about the president's uranium-purchase assertion, effectively conceded that intelligence underlying the president's statement was wrong. CLIP

t r u t h o u t | 07.10

Sept. 11 Panel Rips Lack of Cooperation

White House 'Warned Over Iraq Claim'

White House on Defensive Over Intelligence

Local Elite In Iraq Losing Faith In U.S.

How to Rig an American Election

The Lost Decade

James Depreist: A Nation That Closes Its Eyes Is Sure To Stumble Sometime

The Pentagon's Plan for Tracking Everything That Moves

Republican Is Sentenced for Eavesdropping

Capitol Hill Blue Retracts Story

t r u t h o u t | 07.09

Congresswoman Says Bush Lied, Demands Probe

Robert Scheer | A Diplomat's Undiplomatic Truth: They Lied

Iraq Attacks Wound Seven U.S. Soldiers

Urban Combat Frustrates Army

Occupation's Ordeals Ravage Iraqi Psyche

Court Says Cheney Can Be Sued Over Energy Panel

Harvey Wasserman | Ohio's Hole-in-Head Nuke Machine

Bush Pushes For Next Generation Of Nukes

Americans Face Guerilla War in Baghdad

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Date: 10 Jul 2003
From: Peaceguy>
Subject: Hey Jean I need your help on this one

Hey Jean,

I could use some help with this local Miami Dade Florida petition. It needs as many international signers as I can get to show that it could affect tourism should they continue to use a nuisance animal trapper that kills the animals he traps. Any help you can give will be appreciated. It will save a lot of animals lives. It will also be a good show of what a grassroots effort can do for a political issue that otherwise wouldn't be given much attention. Isn't that what the Earth Rainbow Network is here for? :)

I hope you are doing well, I see you are keeping the fire lit. Hopefully I'll be back soon and give you a hand again. This should make it easier you can copy and paste it.

To all my Earth Rainbow Network Family, can you please sign our petition and spread it around to your buddies and friends. It's to offer an alternative to euthanasia for nuisance animals trapped and killed just for human convenience.

Our websites

Thank you.

Much love,

President of the Board at Everglades Outpost



LETTING IN THE LIGHT - Group Meditation

A Meditation Meeting will be held on the full moon of Cancer


THE CANCER FULL MOON OCCURS JULY 13th 3:22 pm US EDT, 19:22 GMT, 20:22 BST, 21:22 EC


There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the ocean we have a wonderful illustration of the law of cycles that governs all departments of manifested life. The soul’s meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature too – and a cyclic response to soul impulse lies back of the activities of a morning meditation, a noonday recollection, and an evening review.

A larger ebb and flow is indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and the new moon. Group meditation is held at the time of the full moon because this is when spiritual energies impact the earth more directly. Our task as a group is to receive and distribute the energies of light, love and the power of goodwill that pour forth from one of the zodiacal signs at the time of the full moon as a service to humanity. This type of work can be thought of as “receptive creativity” and meditation is the engine that drives it.

Cancer has been described as the truest expression of the collective mind of humanity for it is the sign of mass sensitivity and mass identification with form. As evolution proceeds, the human being moves out of this state towards self-consciousness, whose apotheosis we see in the dominant self-assertiveness associated with Leo. Following this stage of self-identification, another shift of identity takes place as the consciousness spirals onwards towards group consciousness, which is fully realised in Aquarius. While mass consciousness is diffuse and undefined, and governed by instinct, group consciousness is organised, integrated and purposeful and governed by the intuition. At this latter stage, our consciousness steadily expands to include all other lives as part of our own identity, and vice versa, all selves being regarded as part of the One Life in Whom we live and move and have our being.

As we grow towards group consciousness, a new form capable of receiving and expressing this expanded state of awareness is required – that "house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" to which the New Testament refers (II Cor. 5: l). The potencies that pour forth at the time of the full moon festival of Cancer can help us build this new dwelling place as is expressed in its keynote: I build a lighted house and therein dwell. This process concerns the transmutation of selfish desire into love and goodwill to all beings. The energy behind every thought and deed that is infused with these qualities rises towards the soul adding light and beauty to its subtle form of expression on the mental plane. The bridge of communication between the soul and its human expression is also widened enabling the soul, in turn, to pour its love and light more fully into the lower worlds.

Drawing upon the influences of Cancer in group meditation, we are able to assist in widening the planetary bridge of communication between the human and the spiritual kingdoms until they fuse and blend into one synthetic expression of Divinity. This is not such a distant prospect as it might at first seem for we find ourselves in a time when the refinement and redirection of mass desire is taking place all over the world. The new group of world servers is evoking the urge to goodwill in humanity and people everywhere are becoming more vociferous in their demand for a world of peace and justice. Gradually, the lighted house of our planet is becoming brighter and the opportunity and need for meditating groups to empower this great act of transformation is real and vital.

Each year at this festival there arises the restoration and renewal of all life in all human hearts. “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule.” Let us reflect on the application of this keynote to daily life and in so doing allow the thoughts which our souls create to reach and encourage all humanity.


* * * * *

He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world of men; he passes on the Lighted Way to the great Centre of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way.

He faces towards the dark, and then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light, and lo! The face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors twixt the light and dark blazes the light of Hierarchy.

CLIP - More details at


Recommended by "June Mewhort">


Hawaiian farmers warn Thai farmers about genetically engineered papaya: Don’t do it!

Bangkok, July 3, 2003 -- A delegation of Hawaiian farmers today met with Thai farmers and community organisations warning Thailand against planting genetically engineered papaya. In an event organised by Greenpeace, the Hawaiian farmers pointed out that although the previous introduction of GMO papaya had been disastrous both economically and environmentally, old promotional arguments are now used in Thailand without sharing the negative evidence.

“When GMO papaya was introduced 5 years ago they claimed it was a ‘solution’ to the papaya ringspot virus problem. But instead it has caused serious environmental and economic problems for farmers,” said Melanie Bondera, a sustainable agriculture farmer and member of the Hawaii Genetic Engineering Action Network (HIGEAN) on Big Island, Hawaii.

The rejection of GMO papaya in overseas markets has been devastating for Hawaiian farmers. The selling price of GMO papaya has fallen to 30-40% below production costs, and the price that farmers get for their GMO papaya is 600% lower than the price for organic papaya.

Farmers have also discovered that ‘SunUp’ GMO papaya is more easily infected by new plant fungi and diseases like ‘blackspot’ fungus. This discovery came 5 years after GMO papaya was approved for commercial growing. Now farmers must spray toxic chemical fungicides on their SunUp papaya plants every 10 days.

Bondera described the anger and frustration of organic farmers who were forced to cut down all of their papaya plants because of contamination by GMO papaya. GMO papaya seed has contaminated seed supplies and cross-pollination of non- GMO plants is widespread.

“Tests have shown that GMO contamination is widespread. Genetic pollution is a clear violation of farmers’ rights to choose what they grow and how they grow it,” she added.

While GMO papaya was proving to be a disaster in Hawaii, the same US scientists and companies worked with Thailand’s Department of Agriculture and the Department of Science & Technology to develop GMO papaya in Thailand. Backed by the global genetic engineering industry giant, Monsanto, which holds several patents on GMO papaya, open-air field trials of GMO papaya were carried out in several locations throughout Thailand. Now these corporate-sponsored scientists say that GMO papaya is ‘safe’ and is ready for commercial growing by farmers.

“The developers of GMO papaya are saying that it’s ready for commercial release in Thailand. But the message from Hawaii is very clear: GMO papaya is an ecological disaster,” said Varoonvarn Svansopakul, Genetic Engineering Campaigner for Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

The consequences of growing GMO papaya in Thailand are feared to be even more serious than Hawaii. Not only is green papaya eaten as a daily staple food, it is also grown everywhere -- in farmers’ fields, schoolyards and backyard gardens.

“That means the kind of GMO contamination seen in Hawaii will be multiplied a hundred-fold, and there’s no way that seed contamination or cross-pollination can be prevented,” Varoonvarn added.

These concerns were reinforced by Dr.Janet Cotter, Greenpeace scientist from the United Kingdom. Speaking at today’s public event, Dr Cotter presented the findings of a scientific report on the potential ecological and health risks of GMO papaya.

“Even those scientists who developed the GMO papaya recognise that GMO contamination of non-GMO papaya is inevitable. Once it’s out there, it’s out of control,” said Dr Cotter. “The fact is that GMO is a crude and imprecise technology, subject to unexpected and unpredictable effects. In the case of GMO papaya scientists aren’t even sure why it has resistance to the ringspot virus, or whether this creates new ecological risks. This includes the risk of new strains of the virus that would have a lasting impact on the environment.”

Also addressing Thai farmers and community organisations was Jon Biloon, a farmer with 30 years’ experience of sustainable agricultural farming in Big Island, Hawaii. Biloon argues that GMO papaya is unnecessary.

“There are practical solutions to ringspot virus that are friendly to the environment and better for farmers. This makes GMO papaya totally unnecessary,” Biloon said. Biloon has developed an organic system to deal with ringspot virus and is organising training workshops and helping other farmers to introduce ecologically sustainable methods for managing plant diseases like ringspot.

“The message that the Hawaiian farmers bring to us today is clear: we must not allow GMO papaya to be released into the environment. It’s not too late. We must act now to say no to GMO papaya,” Varoonvarn concluded.



From: "Mark Graffis">
Subject: Eight U.S. Soldiers Reportedly Killed In Iraq
Date: 8 Jul 2003

Islam Online- News Section

I'm not finding this in any US news sources:


Eight U.S. Soldiers Reportedly Killed In Iraq

Additional Reporting By Sobhi Haddad, IOL Baghdad Correspondent

BAGHDAD, July 8 ( & News Agencies) - Eight U.S. soldiers were killed when two armored vehicles came under a fresh grenade attack in Baghdad early Tuesday, July 8, it was reported here.

The attack by rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) occurred at 9.15 local time (5.14 GMT), eyewitnesses told

All the eight soldiers were probably charred in the vehicles targeted by the attack in the main street linking the Baghdad International Airport and Al-Amel and Al-Bayaa street to the west, according to the eyewitnesses account, yet to be confirmed by independent sources.

Similar raids on the U.S. occupation forces were reported in the same area, which is leading to the largest American military base at the Baghdad airport.

Apache helicopters rushed to the scene to clear the area, the eyewitnesses said.

Thirteen U.S. soldiers were killed during the last 48 hours, as anti-American sentiments are on the rise among local inhabitants furious over lack of security and basic services, three months since the occupation forces rolled into Baghdad.

The Tuesday attack came few hours after unidentified assailants lobbed grenades at a police station in northern Baghdad overnight, injuring two Iraqi policemen. The U.S. officials Tuesday declared the attack on the police station, but did not comment on the reported killing of the eight soldiers.

At least two attackers detonated three or more grenades and raked with gunfire a police station in the city's Ash-Shab district, where U.S. military police are stationed to train members of Iraq's new police force.

"Two Iraqi police were wounded by shrapnel, one in the hand and one in the pelvis," a U.S. intelligence officer told Agence France-Presse (AFP). An exchange of fire ensued, in which the U.S. army said it believed one attacker was wounded but escaped. No Americans were reported injured. Iraq's budding police force suffered a major blow Saturday when seven of its recruits were killed and up to 45 others wounded in an explosion in the town of Ramadi, west of the capital.

British Soldier Injured

Also Tuesday, the British Ministry of Defense said a British soldier was injured on Sunday in the southern Iraqi city of Basra when he was shot in the leg by a sniper.

"A British army patrol has been fired upon by two Iraqi gunmen while just patrolling in the outskirts of the city, in northern Basra," a Defence Ministry spokesman said.

The spokesman added that the soldier was in a stable condition in the British army field hospital in southern Basra after the incident, which took place on Sunday.

The attack comes after six British troops were killed on June 25 during clashes with the residents of a village about mid-way between Baghdad and Basra, which is under British control along with other sections of southern Iraq.

A British freelance journalist was shot dead by unknown assailants on Saturday in the first killing of a reporter in Iraq since the United States declared the end of its war here at the beginning of May 2003. On Monday, July 7, the U.S. military said Two U.S. soldiers and two Iraqis were killed in two separate attacks in the Iraqi capital Baghdad overnight, as another American soldier shot a day earlier died of his wounds. On Sunday, July 6, a U.S. soldier died of his wounds after being shot point-blank in Baghdad while guarding the university campus in the centre of the city.

More than 70 U.S. soldiers were killed in a spate of attacks since U.S. President George W. Bush declared an end to the offensive against Iraq on May 1.


Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003
Subject: Granny D, Hayden and Gandhi!
From: Kucinich Campaign>

Endorsements Rolling In

What do these three people have in common -- a grandmother from New Hampshire who walked across America for campaign reform at age 89; a legendary 1960s civil rights and antiwar activist; and the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi? They all just endorsed Dennis Kucinich for President.

Momentum keeps building for our insurgent campaign as leading peace and justice activists add their support and influence. Yesterday, a multiracial group of feminists endorsed Kucinich and began recruiting the support of others. Today, we announce the endorsements of Granny D, former California State Senator Tom Hayden, and Arun Gandhi.

GRANNY D is the unstoppable social change activist, now in her 90s, from the first primary state of New Hampshire. In 1999, she wore out four sets of shoes and was hospitalized in Arizona for dehydration and pneumonia, but she would not be deterred as she marched for political reform from California to her triumphant arrival in Washington D.C. 14 months later. She sent a poetic statement of support that can be read in full at . Hereís an abridged version.

"I am proud to endorse Dennis Kucinich for President. When I walked 3,200 miles across the United States and inquired of people why they were not voting, they said: 'Find us someone who understands us, who cares about us.' I'm talking about people living in trailers; people living in small towns with boarded-up windows on Main Street; people coming out of farmhouses in Iowa, squeezed out of their livelihood by stinking agri-hog farms; people living in cities who have been out of work for over a year; people whose well-paid jobs have been shipped overseas.

I promised to look for someone who would understand them, that had a vision of the future for them, that believed in Peace, Love, Justice. Well, here he is: Dennis Kucinich. I believe he is the candidate who can bring new voters and disgruntled voters into the political process.

To those people I met on my walk across America: 'Now keep your promise to me and come out and vote for him!'"

TOM HAYDEN is another renowned activist endorsing Kucinich, who he refers to as "the candidate with the best stands and the best history." A founder of Students for a Democratic Society in the early 1960s, civil rights activist, author, leader of the anti-Vietnam War movement and defendant in the "Chicago 8" trial, Hayden went on to become an effective California State Assemblyman and Senator for 7-terms. He is a leading figure and writer in today's peace movement and the movement for global justice and against sweatshops.

ARUN GANDHI heads the M.K. Gandhi Institute of Nonviolence in Tennessee, where he carries on the work of his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi. Arun is a U.S. citizen who is endorsing as an individual, not as a representative of any group. He issued this statement:

"I am happy to support Dennis Kucinich because I believe he is our only hope. Never before has it been so important that the nation rally around one candidate as today. This nation has been hijacked by right-wing politicians who are leading us on to certain disaster. Dennis Kucinich, with his progressive policies and love of peace, is the only candidate who can bring us back from the brink."


Help spread the word about the Kucinich campaign:

Please make a donation:

Please circulate this email to others.

NOTE FROM JEAN: The following is taken from their previous announcement:


Rather than waiting to hear what all the Democratic candidates have to say, then jumping on the bandwagon of the least offensive, we decided to make our own list of priorities and see who agrees with us.

1) We want a candidate who will stop the war on the poor.

2) We want a candidate who stands for peace, respects international treaties and institutions such as the U.N. and the International Criminal Court, and tries to resolve problems through negotiation.

3) We want a candidate who will defend the separation of church and state, and the individual rights guaranteed us by the Constitution.

4) We want a candidate who opposes discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and who stands for women's reproductive rights and recognizes that these rights depend on universal health insurance.

5) We want a candidate who will address questions of global economic imbalance and stand up for the rights of immigrants. 

6) We want a candidate who will challenge racism domestically and internationally.

Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate who not only agrees with all these points but has developed policies to support them: starting a cabinet-level Department of Peace; supporting unions and the right to organize; cutting the bloated military budget; restoring environmental regulations and launching a "Global Green Deal" to benefit developing countries; withdrawing from NAFTA and the WTO and challenging IMF/World Bank policies; repealing the "Patriot Act"; upholding Roe v. Wade; working for universal health insurance; and abolishing the racially and economically biased death penalty.

Because we feel that he comes closest to representing our priorities, we have decided to support Dennis Kucinich for President.

For the full statement, and to sign on:



Climate Impacts - The Earth is getting hotter!

The three hottest years on record were all in the 1990s. (1990, 1995 and 1997). Although there are many uncertainties in forecasting climate change, the debate has shifted from the question of whether or not global warming is happening to that of how bad the consequences will be. The longer we delay action, the greater the disaster will be for our children.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the scientific body tasked by the United Nations to look into impacts, "there is new and stronger evidence that most of the observed warming over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities". The projected increase in temperature over the next century is alarmingly anywhere in the range of 1.4 - 5.8 degrees centigrade.

The most noticeable effects of climate change will not be a gradual warming. Instead, 'extreme weather events' such as severe drought, windstorms, flooding, thunderstorms, tornadoes, landslides and storm surges will occur more frequently and with greater severity. As a result, people in many parts of the world are forced to live in more exposed and marginal areas. It is estimated that decline in overall food production as a result of global climate change will lead to increased hunger of 60-350 million people.

In Thailand and the Philippines, projected effects on ecological systems such as changes in precipitation and rainfall patterns in agricultural lands and rainforests will be devastating. Sea-level rise and increases in sea-surface temperature will have disastrous effects on coastal ecosystems. It is also likely that coral reefs will suffer from bleaching as a result of rising temperatures.

Thailand for example has approximately 2490 km of coastline, much of which contains important economic activities, particularly fisheries, aquaculture and rice farming. In the next century, if sea level rises at least one meter, it is likely that most sandy coastlines will have retreated and face erosion. Beach resorts and the tourism industry such as in Pattaya and Rayong will be under threat. Bangkok is most vulnerable as it is within one meter of sea level!

The impact of climate change on human health will be severe. This is especially true for poorer communities, which are less able to cope and have less access to health care services. Warmer temperatures will increase cases of malaria and dengue as mosquito populations multiply. Water-related infectious diseases (i.e. diarrhea), which already account for the majority of epidemic emergencies in the region, are also expected to increase with higher temperature and humidity.

The first signs of climate change are already measurable and noticeable. Can we afford to wait until we know and experience more?

Forwarded by Mark Elsis - check his 100s of websites through and



Wrestling For The Truth Of 9/11

The New York Times

July 9, 2003

The Bush administration, long allergic to the idea of investigating the government's failure to prevent the Sept. 11 terror attacks, is now doing its best to bury the national commission that was created to review Washington's conduct. That was made plain yesterday in a muted way by Thomas Kean, the former New Jersey governor, and Lee Hamilton, the former congressman, who are directing the inquiry. When these seasoned, mild-mannered men start complaining that the administration is trying to intimidate the commission, the country had better take notice.

In a status report on its work, the commission said various agencies — particularly the Pentagon and the Justice Department — were blocking requests for vital information and resources. Acting more like the Soviet Kremlin than the American government, the administration has insisted that monitors from various agencies attend debriefings of key officials by investigators. Mr. Kean is quite correct in objecting to this as a thinly veiled attempt at intimidation. Meanwhile, the clock is running for the commission to complete a full report to the nation by next May.

Too polite to use the word "stonewalling," the bipartisan commission nevertheless warned the nation that thus far the administration had "underestimated the scale of the commission's work and the full breadth of support required."

The White House has repeatedly pledged cooperation while stressing the delicacy of protecting classified secrets. There are techniques and precedents for the commission to be extended access to critical information without compromising security. Two serious areas of dispute that should be quickly settled in the commission's favor are access to the minutes of National Security Council meetings and to the daily briefing memorandums prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency for President Bush.

Mr. Kean assumed the chairmanship after questions were raised about potential conflicts of interest for the White House's initial choice, Henry Kissinger. "The coming weeks will determine whether we will be able to do our job," the commission warned in prodding the administration to protect the nation's future security as passionately as it clings to its past secrets.


From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: An old message from Matthew that's timely
Date: 3 Jul 2003

The material in Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven was given to me nine years ago. Considering the recent Supreme Court decision declaring that a Texas law aimed at banning homosexual unions is unconstitutional and all the subsequent pro and con discussions, this excerpt from the book's chapter "Relationships" is timely. Suzy

S: Can homosexual partners here continue their unions in Nirvana if they want to?

MATTHEW: Yes. Mother, homosexuality is not understood on Earth, and this is a good context in which to explain it. Homosexuality is an evolutionary stage of the spirit even more than an aspect of the physical being, and it is not to be condemned or honored any more than any other physical or spiritual stage of development.

Remember, we are dealing with cumulative souls here, not single personages. Within each cumulative soul are perhaps as many as thousands of lifetimes of experiencing as male, female and androgynous beings in both incarnate and discarnate bodies. However, it is the immediate past life that most emphatically affects the beginning growth state here. If that Earth lifetime was homosexual in orientation, it will enter here the same way. Since our bodies aren't designed for sexual activity, only the mental aspect of the orientation accompanies the arriving soul.

The immediate past Earth lifetime has another impact upon this issue. The people there who most vehemently denounce homosexuality are those whose souls experienced an immediate past lifetime as a personage with that orientation.

S: Matthew, that doesn't make sense to me. I'd think understanding and acceptance would be much more likely.

MATTHEW: It's a complex and confusing psychic situation, Mother. The energy of the personages is still fractured from their immediate previous life experiences. At the extreme, homosexuals have been physically tortured and even killed, and at the least they have been maligned, often even by their families, to such extent that their psyches were severely damaged. Maybe they lived with the pain of denial or shame or the guilt of deception. Whatever their experience, their energy has not healed enough for them to see the very same sorts of traumatic situations they themselves experienced and thus feel empathy. Rather, they see revenge opportunities.

The cycle of experiencing happens so quickly that the pain of memories most recently known, but hidden from consciousness, is with them too closely for the healing that will come in subsequent lifetimes. The lingering pain in the suppressed memories of those souls who in this lifetime chose heterosexual nature causes their extremely antagonistic attitudes toward homosexuals. Those painful feelings will not surface in the form of memories of their homosexual lifetime experiences, but in attitudes to stifle the memories.

This is the universal like-attracts-like principle. When the feelings resulting from harsh or unjust treatment in any situation are recent and intense, similar feelings are attracted to that soul. Suppressed memories subconsciously know the source and recall it, thus attracting "like." However, the current lifetime psyche cannot consciously know that the attraction is of shared feelings, and the painful sensations of the suppressed memories take over.

Moving forward from that point in the psychic labyrinth comes in the process of lifeprint review, identification of karmic lessons still to be learned, choosing the next lifetime, and progress in spiritual awareness.

S: Do people who were homosexual in their immediate past lifetime always go through what you described, which would seem just to perpetuate things, or is there some leveling out point where all of us will accept each other just as we are?

MATTHEW: The "leveling out" most assuredly is part of the divine plan, because feelings of prejudice and hatred and the infliction of emotional and physical cruelty are impediments to spiritual growth. However, even with the acceleration of light being beamed at your planet to dispel the negativity abounding in humankind, please do not expect this change to be completed within the next generation.

S: Is homosexuality more prevalent now than previously in Earth history?

MATTHEW: No, but there are more people now than previously in your recorded history, so the same percentage creates the greater numbers. Throughout your recorded history well known and highly respected masters in one field or another have been homosexual, and many produced their brilliant and inspiring creations because of their tormented minds regarding this aspect of their nature. You could say that without this element of their personage, they may not have been driven to create in the magnitude and splendor they did.

S: Why is homosexuality a necessary experience?

MATTHEW: How better to learn balance in the two extremes of male and female sexual energy than on an integrated basis? The ideal is androgyny, which has nothing whatsoever to do with human sexual nature, but rather with the two opposites of human sexual energy attributes. Androgynous souls are far more spiritually advanced because of the male and female sexual energy balance they have achieved.

Just as male energy is not the province of only male humans, female energy is not confined to female humans. Male energy is harsh, often productive by ruthless means, always needing to prove a point or achieve success in a venture. Female energy is gentle, yet with greater, quiet strength as its foundation. Interconnectedness, which is the ultimate in conscious achievement, is female energy.

In relationships wherein one partner has only male energy traits and the other has only female energy traits, the female energy partner cannot withstand the imbalance lifelong or the life will not be long. In my awareness of such relationships, those which remained in that imbalance ended in early transition of the female energy soul. The survivor often has no frame of reference of his or her involvement in the partner's death. You say "That person - or 'you' - will be the death of me." Like many other common expressions you use, that can be an accurate statement, but few understand the truth of their words. No blame is attributed here to either partner in such a relationship, as in many instances this is no more than karma being fulfilled according to pre-birth agreements. The dissolution of those partnerships by divorce also may be in accordance with the chosen lessons of their agreements.

Any balance within a lifetime is desirable. However, since sexual energy is one of the most essential aspects of the human psyche, the balance of male and female energies is probably the most desirable. In this realm there is that blending of male and female energies insofar as tendencies, sensibilities and sensitivities. That ideal state of balanced reality once existed on Earth, but it was corrupted.

Behaviors stemming from the perversion of the sexual energy stream have proliferated negativity on Earth in such proportions as to be almost unimaginable. By no means is sexual energy confined to what you commonly call "wanting sex" or "having sex." Although extending beyond the original intent of the sex drive, which was procreation, a satisfying sexual relationship brings harmony into the lives of loving mates, and I definitely am NOT speaking against a mutually pleasurable, beneficial sexual union. Furthermore, it is possible to transmute sexual energy into other productive avenues, and many who have lost or never had loving mates, do so. But I am not addressing the positive use of this energy, only the rampant negativity created by perversion of the entire sexual energy stream.

This has been the root cause of all that you think of as evil attributes in human nature. There is no crime by your civil, religious or philosophical standards that is not committed from a root cause of sexual energy perversion. As an example, Satanic worship involving the torture and sacrifice of human and animal lives and brutal sexual activities prevails on a scale that would beg disbelief, but is real. This is cloaked under the guise of "religion," and your government officially recognizes it as such! You do not connect either those ungodly practices or their religion status with the perverted use of sexual energy that it actually is.

It shouldn't surprise you that often murder is sexual energy directed into gross deviance, or that rape and incest are other examples. Promiscuous sexual encounters or obsession with either having sex or rigidly refraining from natural urges are more benign, but still destructive to the psyche.

The dark forces are behind all these behaviors resulting from perverted sexual energy. It is not uncommon for the most corrupted activities to lead to the basest of dense energy, and no other aspect of human nature has been so pivotal in alienating a person from God. At soul level there is inseparability, but in physical life, the more corrupt and deviant the sexual energy, the more the people engaging in those activities are distancing themselves from God. Sadly for you and Earth, these free will choices are rampant in your civilization and far from the chosen missions in most of the souls' pre-birth agreements.

Mother, however viewed by many on Earth, a loving homosexual partnership is NOT a perversion of sexual energy, and that brings us back to your question about homosexual unions in this realm. Since there is no condemnation here of people's former sexual orientation, clearly there is no judgment regarding which souls are attracted to each other as mates. Experiencing here on every level is designed for the souls' spiritual evolvement, and that includes all unions. Whether heterosexual or homosexual in nature, the soul level energy and bonding commitment of all couples is totally respected.


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