May 23, 2003

The Hybrid Series #2: News You Can't Get in The Official Propaganda And More!

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Check also my latest Media Compilation #137: Kucinich Campaign - The Little Candidacy That Could archived at and introduced this way: "For once there is a real possibility that U.S. politics may get interesting from the progressive point of view, and frankly it is high time that the vast majority of people in the U.S. and around the world who are deeply unhappy with the pro-war, pro big-corrupted business, anti-environment politics of the current Administration finally get a chance to support a candidate whose progressive, people-centered and truly democratic views - and track record - speak to their deepest aspirations. He is bold enough to challenge the Bush dynasty and propose real solutions for a world in dire need of a change of leadership. Now the question is, When will the media in the U.S. and abroad will start paying attention to Dennis Kucinich and give Peace - and our planet's future - a chance?..."

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: Dennis Kucinich in Santa Cruz

Hello Jean Hudon, On Sunday 5/25/03, Dennis Kucinich, John Robbins & Marianne Williamson are speaking here in Santa Cruz. I'll be representing the Resource Center For Non Violence (RCNV). If you like, I'll write up a commentary of the event for EarthRainbowNetwork. Too, let me know if there's anything specifically I can ask Kucinich. May peace be with us all!
Camille Pierce - Email:

"To oppose the policies of a government does not mean you are against the country or the people that the government supposedly represents. Such opposition should be called what it really is: democracy, or democratic dissent, or having a critical perspective about what your leaders are doing. Either we have the right to democratic dissent and criticism of these policies or we all lie down and let the leader, the Fuhrer, do what is best, while we follow uncritically, and obey whatever he commands. That's just what the Germans did with Hitler, and look where it got them."

- Michael Parenti - Taken from GlobalNetNews-Summary May 22 2003 -- To get it:


1. Letter to George
2. Kucinich Campaign Says: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
3. Kucinich on Iraq: "A War Based on Pretext"
4. Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day - Saturday, May 24
5. Defense Spending Bill Attacks Wildlife Protection
6. Feedback on the Wesak Meditation Focus
8. Black Box Voting
10. Help Place the Reality-Check Ad Nationwide!
11. The masters of the universe

See also:

Grave Risk To Humans From Loss Of Species, Rising extinction rates threaten our survival, conference told (May 22),3604,961016,00.html
The increasing rates of extinction of plants and animals worldwide must be slowed to avoid threatening human food supplies, sources of wood, medicine, energy and clean water, and opportunities for recreation and tourism, a London conference was told yesterday. The meeting, organised to implement the UN target of "significantly reducing the rates of biodiversity loss by 2010", heard that instead of slowing down, extinction rates were now rising rapidly. Hamdallah Zedan, the executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, ratified by 187 nations, said that, at the Earth summit in Johannesburg last summer, it had been formally recognised that halting the loss of species was "a basic necessity of life".

Uneasy Peace Holding in Congo (May 18)
(...) The United Nations has relocated some peacekeepers from elsewhere in the country to bolster the forces around Bunia and steps are underway for a larger contingent of troops from Bangladesh.

Full text of the resolution approved on May 22 by the UN Security Council lifting economic sanctions against Iraq:

Watchdog to monitor use of Iraqi oil (May 22)

"The sanctions game"
Matthew Riemer describes why Russia and France have been hesitant in removing sanctions on Iraq, while the United States and U.K. are pushing the opposite way.

Rachael Corrie Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Where is the outrage over activist's death? (May 8)
(...) Rachel Corrie had tried to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes by armoured Israeli bulldozers - Was Corrie's death media collateral damage, forgotten in the bombing of Baghdad, Jessica Lynch, SARS, Laci Peterson and other news? Was she political fallout, best left unmentioned by a U.S. on the cusp of war? Is the world simply tired of the carnage in Israel, where thousands of civilians, Israeli and Palestinian, men, women and children, have been killed since the second intifada broke out in 2000? Or is something else at play here? As American conservative columnist Charley Reese wrote last month, Corrie was victimized "by a news media so adamantly determined to play the three monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) when it comes to Israel. After all, merely telling the truth will get you labelled an anti-Semite.' CLIP - (With 2 poignant pictures of how she died)

Take water and potash, add electricity and get - a mystery (May 18);$sessionid$UTFLVFU5KGT1XQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2003/05/18/ncell18.xml&sSheet=/news/2003/05/18/ixhome.html
British researchers believe that they have made a groundbreaking scientific discovery after apparently managing to "create" energy from hydrogen atoms. In results independently verified at Bristol University, a team from Gardner Watts - an environmental technology company based in Dedham, Essex - show a "thermal energy cell" which appears to produce hundreds of times more energy than that put into it. If the findings are correct and can be reproduced on a commercial scale, the thermal energy cell could become a feature of every home, heating water for a fraction of the cost and cutting fuel bills by at least 90 per cent. The makers of the cell, which passes an electric current through a liquid between two electrodes, admit that they cannot explain precisely how the invention works. They insist, however, that their cell is not just a repeat of the notorious "cold fusion" debacle of the late 1980s. CLIP

The perfect enemy: Terrorists who can't be caught because they don't really exist or because they're CIA assets (5/12/2003 by John Kaminski)

US seeks to force-feed scientific apartheid to Third World (May 21)
The noose is slowly tightening. An all-out offensive has been launched, using the three most important instruments of economic power - the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - along with the badly bruised but democratically elected governments. This time, the target is not oil but to force the world to accept genetically modified (GM) food and crops. The battle for controlling the global food chain has begun. The US administration fired the first missile this month by formally launching a complaint with the WTO against the European Union (EU) for its five-year ban on approving new biotech crops. This action has set the stage for an international showdown over an increasingly controversial issue. (...) The US continues to hold the world's largest collection of plant germ plasm - about 600 000 plant accessions - which actually belongs to the developing world. These plant collections, forcibly held in custody, are the raw material for the multibillion-dollar US biotechnology industry. In addition, the biotechnology industry has earned an estimated $ 5.4 billion from biopiracy alone. With the biotech patents coming into force and the definition of micro-organism extended to include genes and cell lines, the US has ensured that once the Trips agreement is internationally harmonised in 2005, it will be the beginning of the end for public sector research in agriculture in the developing countries. In the words of Ismail Serageldin, a former chairman of the Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research (CGIAR): "Whenever the product and process patents in food and agriculture come into effect, it will be a scientific apartheid against Third World." CLIP _ Recommended by "Glenn Ashton"> who wrote: " This is an article that must be read by everyone."

US 'mini nukes' decision alarms critics (22 May)
The Bush administration has won a big victory in its push to start research into a new generation of low-yield and bunker-busting nuclear weapons - which critics say would increase the risk of global nuclear proliferation.

"Washington, D.C. has moved"
John Brand satirically compares the current secrecy in the U.S. government to that of U.S. off-shore corporations.

"Hush, hush on coalition deaths"
Al-Atraqchi discusses recent events in Iraq; he questions the lack of control that the U.S. government is currently exercising over Iraq.

Busy Baghdad morgue shows lawlessness plaguing city

U.S. Troops on Shooting Spree after Iraq Attack

Iraq Occupation Illegal, Blair Told

NOW with Bill Moyers | The FCC and Democracy

LA Times | Declassify the 9/11 Report

Patriot Act Use Expands

Interesting site (Peace activism, etc.) recommended by Mark Graffis



NOTE FROM JEAN: At first you may not resonate - for a number of reasons - with how this letter goes but eventually, as you deal with the irresistible reactions it and the mere mention of Bush may indeed stir in you, you’ll come to appreciate how it concludes and what it ultimalety means to express and truly behold the Power of Love as the healing-it-all cure for most if not all of our ills, individual and collective. In serving as the prodding “tyrant” (symbolically and in actual reality for some people) who forces us all to face the dark side lying dormant - albeit often restlessly - in all of us, our brother George enables those who have eyes to see beyond the pale of human hubris the gem of God that is enshrined in every single living being, be it a man, an animal, a tree or the tiniest grain of sand. It is time to think, talk and act like the true divine star of the One God we All Are... Or as I mentioned on the ERN homepage, “There is nothing to do but to BE!”

Date: 21 May 2003
Subject: Letter to George
From: Ariel Ky>

Dear Jean,

I thought you might want to include this letter in a compilation that I wrote to Bush yesterday.

May 20, 2003

Dear George,

We all know that you've been doing your best to live up to the expectations of your parents and their friends, especially your father. You've done everything they've asked of you and they've asked a lot. Sometimes you must wonder how much more you have to do to earn their love because that carrot just keeps being dangled out of reach.

Most people in the world hate and abhor you, but you'll endure their censure so long as you think your own parents will love you. If only they would love you, then you might feel at peace with yourself. If only they would love you and praise you, the world would be a beautiful place to live.

George, at some level this may come as no surprise, but your parents will probably never love you in the way you crave, no matter what you do, even if you win another four years in office and blow away thousands more people in several more countries.

Your energy and commitment are admirable even though misguided. What a splendid leader you would make, how beloved you would be around the world, if you would go within and listen to the silence of your soul. The love you are seeking is within you and you will feel wholly loved when you connect with the divine presence at an inner level.

We are praying for you to wake up George and become aware of the awesome power within you, the power of love and compassion. You will then know that no longer need you seek to be loved, but that you will have a fountain of love to offer your parents who are so limited in their ability to give you love. And you will discover that you are free to make your own choices by your own inner compass.

When you are filled with love, you will understand that war and killing are no longer necessary for any reason. When you are connected to your higher self, you will also be connected to everyone and know that you must make your decisions based on what is best for the good of all.

When you listen to the silence, you will feel the heartbeat of our mother Earth who loves us all and gives us freely of the air we need to breathe, the water we need to drink and the food we need to live. And you will want to honor and revere our mother.

George, I send you my love and compassion, even though I do not acknowledge you as the president of the United States. I stand in opposition to the means with which you took office and just about every action you have taken since then. Still I send you light to heal you and hold you and ask our great Mother Earth to get your attention and assist in your shift in awareness.

May the light of love move through you and bless you with the knowing of what your true mission on earth is. I hold the vision of your awakening and the great good you have yet to do.

Sincerely yours,

Ariel Ky
Daughter of the Earth


Date: Tue, 20 May 2003
Subject: Kucinich Campaign Says: "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
From: Kucinich Campaign>

“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"


Many Kucinich for President activists have complained about how mass media marginalize our candidate, belittle our chances, attack our policies. The complaints are valid, but such coverage is exactly what we expected. Given their bias and boosterism on the war, one could hardly expect these same outlets to fully and fairly cover the presidential candidate who led antiwar opposition in Congress.

The Kucinich campaign is no ordinary campaign; it is a movement campaign. The mainstream media are not going to be any friendlier to us than to the movements that animate our campaign: peace, labor, environmental, family farm, consumer rights and every civil rights movement for equality and dignity.

Kucinich supporters have to be brave enough to keep building, recruiting and organizing our grassroots campaign without validation from mainstream media. "Don't count on the mainstream media to lead a social revolution," a former New York Times reporter once said. "They won't even know about it for six months."(In Seattle in 1999, when Kucinich joined thousands of labor and environmental activists in protesting the WTO, no group was caught more off-guard by events than mainstream media.)

We will of course continue fighting for access to mass media forums, reaching out to conscientious journalists who work in the mainstream, and responding to media attacks (often with your help/ see bottom) -- but our strategy must rely in the coming months mostly on grassroots organizing, plus independent, alternative outlets and the Internet.

Let's face it: as a result of deregulation that Dennis Kucinich has long opposed, today's media are dominated by huge conglomerates. The three cable TV news channels are now right, righter and rightist, and conservatives dominate opinion shaping from radio and TV talkshows to syndicated columnists. Outlets formerly seen as "liberal," including public broadcasting, are corporatized, timid or both, and the spectrum of mass media opinion typically extends from GE to GM. U.S. coverage of the war was denounced worldwide, even by the head of the BBC, as sanitized and propagandistic.

Given the narrowing center-right media spectrum, when Dennis Kucinich proposes common-sense programs that are popular with most Democrats, and often most Americans -- national health insurance, ending unfair trade treaties, returning Social Security's retirement age to 65, cutting the bloated military budget, reversing a reckless foreign policy to conform with international law and treaties -- he is deemed beyond the pale by elite punditry.

To mainstream pundits, Lieberman has "serious" foreign policy views... because they're so indistinguishable from Bush's. Gephardt has a "bold" health plan... because it keeps the private insurance bureaucracy in the center of healthcare. Dean is the "peace candidate"... because of a shallow critique, free of any talk about cutting a military budget that almost equals the military spending of all other countries combined.

Due to the grassroots nature of the Kucinich campaign and late start, our fundraising and organizational apparatus are just getting going. Both will be upgraded in the next months. While mainstream media may take note of that, we should not count on mass media to legitimize a progressive campaign that -- unlike those of Dean and Gephardt and Kerry -- seeks to transform the policies of the Democratic Party and the nation.

The insurgent campaigns of Jesse Jackson in '88 and Jerry Brown in '92 got little help from mainstream media and a lot of ridicule -- but they persevered in spite of media attacks, and rocked the political process.

In recent weeks, Kucinich has been attacked by leading conservative commentators and operatives -- including George Will and Mary Matalin. This is good news. Let's keep building, recruiting, fundraising, organizing in Iowa and elsewhere, and we'll earn more such attacks!

But don't count on the mainstream media to help us build a movement to transform the party and country. They won't even know about it for six months... until we rise up in the Iowa caucuses come January.


Check out our new web feature 'Responses to Media', and join our effort to challenge biased coverage.


Date: 22 May 2003
Subject: Kucinich on Iraq: "A War Based on Pretext"
From: Kucinich Campaign>


Throughout the buildup to the Iraq war, Dennis J. Kucinich led Congressional antiwar forces and stood firm in asking the tough questions of the Bush administration. He is still asking them. Indeed, he stands above the other presidential candidates in demanding answers.

Yesterday, Kucinich took to the House floor to again challenge the Administration's deceptions on Iraq:

"This Administration led this nation into a war based on a pretext that Iraq was an imminent threat, which it was not. The Secretary of State presented pictures to the world he said were proof. Today, despite having total control in Iraq, none of the very serious claims that the Administration made to this Congress, to this nation, and to the world have been substantiated.

"Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Indeed, what was the basis for the war? We spend $400 billion for defense. Will we spend a minute to defend truth? The American people gave up their health care, education and veterans benefits to pay for this war. And for what? Answer the questions, Mr. President."


Dennis Kucinich will not be deterred. He will not fade away. When the GOP used war drums and deceptions about Iraq to help it win the 2002 election, many Democratic leaders went into hiding. The Kucinich campaign won't allow a re-run in the 2004 election.


Date: 21 May 2003
Subject: IMPORTANT.. Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day - Saturday, May 24
From: Liz Daly>

Anti-Cruelty Campaigners Hold Global Protest Against P&G's Animal Tests Activists Expose False Research Claims & Urge Customers 'Don't Buy The Lie'

MILL VALLEY, Calif. ˆ On Saturday May 24, 2003, anti-cruelty activists around the globe will take part in the 7th annual Global Boycott Procter & Gamble (P&G) Day - organized in the United States by In Defense of Animals and in the UK by Uncaged Campaigns - to protest the trans-national company's cruel animal testing policies.

The worldwide campaign against unnecessary, cruel and lethal tests performed on monkeys, cats, dogs and other animals by P&G in the development of consumer products highlight P&G's continued use of animal tests for cosmetics even though such tests are not required by US law and even banned in the UK. An internal memo leaked to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (reported in London's The Independent, April 11, 2002) revealed how P&G secretly lobbied the European Union to stall a popular proposal for a European-wide ban on testing cosmetics and toiletries on animals. The memo went on to explain that knowledge of their lobbying efforts for animal tests should be kept secret and that "it was important that we were successful in keeping P&G out of the media spotlight. It would be damaging to be seen as the company lobbying to test on animals, against public opinion." P&G aimed to get around the UK ban by conducting unpopular animal tests outside the UK.

P&G's pet food subsidiary, IAMS/Eukanuba, was recently exposed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for subjecting dogs to cruel pet food research - where muscles were hacked out of the legs of living animals. The story shocked consumer advocates and animal activists around the world. Just as disturbing, the animals used in the experiments were kept in deplorable conditions.

"Behind the splashy marketing of popular products like Crest toothpaste, IAMS/Eukanuba pet food and Head & Shoulders shampoo is a company that continues to subject animals to untold suffering for the sake of "whiter whites" and "younger-looking skin" - while at the same time attempting to trying to sanitize their campaign to continue unpopular and cruel animal tests," said Lawrence Carter-Long, Issues Specialist for In Defense of Animals. "Once people become aware, they want nothing to do with corporate cruelty to animals. It is illegal to test consumer goods on animals in the UK and Americans don't want P&G exporting its cruel animal tests to the United States. In a global economy, purchase equals support. People who buy P&G products might as well be killing animals themselves."

For more information, go to:  or call: 415.388.9641


In Defense of Animals, located in Mill Valley, CA, is a national, animal protection organization dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare.


Eukanuba, IAMS, Cover Girl, Max Factor, Oil of Olay, Old Spice, Secret, Sure, Luvs, Pampers, Folgers, Millstone Coffee, Pringles, Sunny Delight, Torengos, Giorgio of Beverly Hills, Helmut Lang Fragrances, Herve Leger, Hugo Boss, A Touch of Sun, Aussie, Balsam Color, Clairol, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Hydrience, Infusium 23, Lasting Color, Loving Care, Men's Choice, Natural Instincts, Nice 'n Easy, Pantene, Pert Plus, Physique, Ultress, Vidal Sassoon, Bounce, Cascade, Cheer, Dawn, Downy, Dreft, Dryel, Era, Febreze, Gain, Ivory, Ivory Snow, Joy, Mr. Clean, Swiffer, Tide, DayQuil, Metamucil, NyQuil, Pepto-Bismol, PUR water filtration system, Sinex, Thermacare, Vicks, Crest, Fixodent, Gleem, Scope, Whitestrips, Bounty, Charmin, Puffs, Clearstick, Cover Girl, Max Factor, Noxzema, Ohm, Olay, Camay, Ivory, Safeguard, Zest, Always,



Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">

Defense Spending Bill Attacks Wildlife Protection

By J.R. Pegg

WASHINGTON, DC, May 20, 2003 (ENS) - The House version of the 2004 military budget contains provisions that critics believe will gut the Endangered Species Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Rather than just exempt the military from the two laws as requested by the Bush administration, House Republicans have included exemptions that could apply to other federal agencies and private industry.

"This has turned into industry gang warfare on the nation's two leading conservation laws under the guise of military readiness," said Phillip Clapp, president of the National Environmental Trust. The provisions are "irresponsible," said U.S. Representative Ellen Tauscher, a California Democrat.

Congressional Republicans and the administration, Tauscher said today in a teleconference with reporters, are using "our military victories and the goodwill they have accrued to try to roll back these very important environmental protections."

In its budget proposal to Congress, the Bush administration asked for broad exemptions from five major environmental laws, which officials say are compromising the military's training and readiness.

Exemptions from hazardous waste laws and the Clean Air Act were stripped from the military spending bill, but the provisions to exempt the military from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) were rewritten and expanded by the House Resources Committee. The bill changes the ESA by eliminating the requirement to designate critical habitat on all federal lands - the military had asked just for exemption on lands it controls.

It requires that only critical habitat deemed "necessary" be designated but fails to define "necessary," leaving the protection of critical habitat to the discretion of the Secretaries of Interior and Commerce. This cuts out the heart of the ESA, environmentalists say, and leaves decisions about when and where to designate critical habitat solely in the hands of political appointees.

Critical habitat is "the only provision in the act that proactively protects habitat," said Bill Snape, chief counsel with Defenders of Wildlife and chairman of the Endangered Species Coalition.

Habitat degradation is the number one reason for species decline - some 85 percent of species currently listed on the ESA are in decline because of habitat loss.

In addition, the bill eliminates the designation under the ESA of any critical habitat on all lands "owned or controlled" by the military where the Defense Department has established its own Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan, even though the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has shown this type of plan is inadequate for the protection of endangered species. This could affect some 25 millions acres nationwide, including crucial habitat for more than 300 species now on the brink of extinction. "These changes represent a major attack at the core of the act," Clapp said. The bill makes three broad changes to the MMPA, including a provision that allows the Department of Defense (DOD) to grant itself categorical exemptions from the law. It revises the current definition of "harassment" - not just for the military, but for all ocean users.

Environmentalists fear this will allow projects, such as oil and gas exploration and high intensity sonar testing, to escape analysis by wildlife agencies, public comment, monitoring, and mitigation. The MMPA's provision to protect marine mammals from harassment is "one the cornerstones of the Act," explains Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist with the Humane Society.

The existing definition is "very precautionary and very protective," Rose said, but the bill turns this definition on its head. The bill removes the current requirement of MMPA's permitting process that requires any injuring or killing of marine mammals be limited to "small numbers" in a "specific geographical region."

"There is simply no need for such broad exemptions from the law," said Congressman Tom Allen, a Maine Democrat. Critics of these exemptions say supporters have no evidence that even the military needs exemption from these laws.

Both the ESA and the MMPA have case by case exemptions for national security and a recent General Accounting Office report found that the Pentagon had failed to show any evidence that environmental laws had compromised military readiness.

A host of state officials have criticized the administration's plan, which they believe abdicates the federal government from important conservation measures and shifts a greater burden onto states and local governments. "For the Department of Defense, this is simply a matter of convenience - they do not want to be bothered," Allen said. "The military has never said there has been a problem with readiness because of an environmental law and it looks and it feels like they are making this up for their own convenience."

The lack of empirical evidence that the military needs exemptions from environmental laws has prompted "DOD political appointees to aggressively distort facts to try and make their case," Snape said. He cited false information given to Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, about the impact protection for Sonoran pronghorn was alleged to have had on military training.

McCain said in a Senate hearing that 40 percent of flyovers at overflights at the Barry Goldwater range had been cancelled or postponed because of Sonoran Pronghorn conservation efforts. The real number is six percent, Snape said, and McCain has asked a commission to investigate. "They are constantly pushing the factual envelope trying to make their case because when the facts speak for themselves, they are not left with much," Snape said.

Critics point to an amendment added to the bill by Arizona Representative Rick Renzi, a Republican, as evidence that the bill's supporters are simply pushing an ideological and political agenda.

Renzi's provision gives the military an exemption from any responsibility for ground water pumping around Arizona's Fort Huachuca. Environmentalists say this will be devastating for the adjacent San Pedro River and its watershed, considered by many to be one of the the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth.

"This would kill the last living river in an American desert," Snape explained. "It has nothing to do with DOD readiness."

House Democrats are preparing several amendments to revoke the broad exemptions to the MMPA and the ESA contained in the bill, but Tauscher acknowledged she and some of her colleagues are looking to the Senate to help eliminate these provisions.

The current Senate version of the bill only exempts the military from the ESA.

If House Republicans believed the American public supported their broad revisions to the ESA and the MMPA, Tauscher said, they would not have slipped them into the $400 billion defense spending bill. "We need to stop this pernicious attack on our environment at a time when we have many other things that we should be doing," Tauscher said.


See also:

US Navy Admits Burning 600,000 Gallons of Radioactive Material in San Francisco
Federal officials say the revelation should prompt new radiation surveys in and around the shipyard - With little fanfare, U.S. Navy officials in charge of cleaning up the Hunters Point Shipyard acknowledged last week that Navy personnel had burned large amounts of fuel contaminated with radioactive material in the shipyard's boilers 56 years ago. In its announcement, the Navy contended that the burning of more than 600,000 gallons of fuel oil containing traces of plutonium and other radioactive materials caused no harm to the environment or to people. But the Navy did not make clear how it determined there had been no harm.


Date: 22 May 2003
From: "">
Subject: Re: Wesak Meditation Focus: Healing the Soul of the World

Hello Friends,

How exciting it was for us to open your bi-weekly meditation group emails and see that you chose the Wesak as a meditation focus. After scrolling down we were even more surprised and honored to see that our web materials were being shared by you with others. How wonderous!

Thank you for spreading the word about the Wesak Festival. We were told in meditation that it was very important for as many people as possible on the planet to be receptive to the Wesak energies this year. Thanks for playing your part so well in further distributing this information. Feels like the spiritual web community is getting to know each other, supporting each other and uniting globally!

(It was interesting to learn on your website that your meditation focus group began in April 2000 as initially went up online on the spring equinox the same year.)

Your site and the focussed meditations have been listed for a long time on our Global Meditation page.

And meanwhile to let you know we have listed your site as a Spiritual Resourse on our recommended sites "Linkups" page ...

We also just realized you were not on our newly developed mailing list and are adding you now.

We are in the process of creating the last of the Spring Festivals global meditation focus for the Festival of Goodwill at the Gemini full moon, this year on Saturday, June 14. As we are putting these up as month-long meditations we would appreciate your consideration of this upcoming focus as a bi-monthly meditation for the two week period beginning around the time of this next full moon, and we will be posting the information and sending notice out in about a week from now.

May the Soul's plan be manifest.
May the greatest good come forth!

Kate Ingram and Susan Sun
for B.Wise Productions at


15 May-21 May 2003


U.S. EPA Administrator Christie Whitman handed President Bush her letter of resignation yesterday, citing the desire to spend more time with her family. Whitman, who was frequently at odds with the Bush administration and constantly under fire from conservationists and industry leaders alike, did not mention political differences as a factor in her decision to step down from her post. Her resignation -- which will be effective June 27 -- comes shortly after the White House called on Cabinet members and senior staff to leave now or commit through the 2004 election. In her letter to Bush, Whitman defended the EPA's policies, which environmentalists have characterized as a series of attacks on air, water, and land protections. Enviros have been predicting Whitman's resignation since last year, with some calling on her to step down on principle to protest the Bush administration's anti-environmentalism.

Washington Post, Associated Press, John Heilprin, 21 May 2003

Read Whitman's letter of resignation

We knew it all along -- okay, so we were a little early, but we anticipated Whitman's resignation back in December

Sierra Club, NRDC React To Whitman Resignation

Ninety percent of the world's largest and most economically important fish have disappeared due to a half-century of industrial fishing, according to a groundbreaking study published in last week's issue of the journal Nature. The study found that modern fishing has become so efficient that it can decimate 80 percent or more of a given species in just 15 years; the species currently affected include cod, halibut, tuna, swordfish, and marlin. One of the primary culprits is longline fishing, where a single boat can trail a line up to 60 miles long and covered in thousands of hooks. Ransom Myers, coauthor of the study, said that continuing today's fishing practices will lead to economic disruption, food shortages in developing nations that rely on seafood as a dietary staple, and long-term damage to the marine environment.

Washington Post, Rick Weiss, 15 May 2003

Take action and eat the right fish


Date: 22 May 2003
From: Erik Hoffner> (by way of EarthAction)


Black Box Voting

by Bev Harris

Computerized voting machines in the 2002 election did all kinds of weird things: if you pressed the Democrat's name in some counties in Texas, for example, the Republican's name was chosen. And in Cormal County, Texas, three Republican candidates won by exactly 18,181 votes apiece. There's the kind of coincidence the FBI loves. But it gets even more amazing: in two other races elsewhere in this great nation, Republicans won by--wait for it--18,181 votes. The odds of this are similar to the odds of waking up on the surface of Mars with your underwear on your head and a bowling trophy gripped between your knees.

These results were eventually 'adjusted', proving it was all just a wacky coincidence. But how can we know? Because there is no physical evidence of how a vote was cast. No punch card, no paper ballot, no twig with notches in it. And they stopped doing exit polling in 2002 (apparently the results) weren't coming out right-- I see what they mean) so we can't even get an objective comparison of the digital results with the voter's intentions by asking them how they voted as they leave the polling place, bilious and sickened. Kind of makes you feel all scared and crampy, doesn't it? But yes, gentle reader, it does get worse.

2/25/2003 Dan Spillane, a voting machine test engineer, has filed a lawsuit against his former employer, DRE touch-screen voting machine manufacturer VoteHere. Spillane's lawsuit charges wrongful and retaliatory termination; he contends he was removed so that he could not blow the whistle to certification labs and pass critical information to the US General Accounting Office. He says he has evidence which shows voting systems are certified despite known flaws, demonstrating a weakness in both the NASED and the ITA system for certifying machines.

But in the November 2002 election, when some Florida voters pressed the touch-screen "button" for Bush's Democratic opponent, votes were instead recorded for Bush. "Misaligned" touch-screen voting machines were blamed for the computer-driven vote-theft, and when a losing candidate in Palm Beach sued to inspect the software of Florida's computerized voting machines, a local judge denied the petition, citing the privacy rights of the corporation that wrote the programs.

Dan Spillane, a former software engineer for a voting machine company that includes a former CIA Director and Dick Cheney's former assistant on its board of directors, has sued his employer for firing him when he pointed out holes in their system that he claims could lead to vote-rigging. Although there is a certification process for ensuring the honesty of votes tabulated by computerized, touch-screen voting machines, according to Spillane the system works "very much like Arthur Andersen in the Enron case."

Maybe Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel honestly won two US Senate elections. Maybe it's true that the citizens of Georgia simply decided that incumbent Democratic Senator Max Cleland, a wildly popular war veteran who lost three limbs in Vietnam, was, as his successful Republican challenger suggested in his campaign ads, too unpatriotic to remain in the Senate. Maybe George W. Bush, Alabama's new Republican governor Bob Riley, and a small but congressionally decisive handful of other long-shot Republican candidates really did win those states where conventional wisdom and straw polls showed them losing in the last few election cycles.

Perhaps, after a half-century of fine-tuning exit polling to such a science that it's now sometimes used to verify how clean elections are in Third World countries, it really did suddenly become inaccurate in the United States in the past six years and just won't work here anymore. Perhaps it's just a coincidence that the sudden rise of inaccurate exit polls happened around the same time corporate-programmed, computer-controlled, modem-capable voting machines began recording and tabulating ballots.

But if any of this is true, there's not much of a paper trail from the voters' hand to prove it. You'd think in an open democracy that the government - answerable to all its citizens rather than a handful of corporate officers and stockholders - would program, repair, and control the voting machines. You'd think the computers that handle our cherished ballots would be open and their software and programming available for public scrutiny. You'd think there would be a paper trail of the vote, which could be followed and audited if a there was evidence of voting fraud or if exit polls disagreed with computerized vote counts.

You'd be wrong.

The respected Washington, DC publication The Hill has confirmed that former conservative radio talk-show host and now Republican U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel was the head of, and continues to own part interest in, the company that owns the company that installed, programmed, and largely ran the voting machines that were used by most of the citizens of Nebraska.





DISNEY's modern-day magic kingdom has room for all: Now joining Mickey and Minnie and Pooh bear and Goofy -- is Hollywood badboy Michael Moore, the DRUDGE REPORT explains.

The WALT DISNEY CO. is set to spend millions financing a new explosive Bush-bashing documentary from Michael Moore [BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE] -- a documentary which claims bin Laden was greatly enriched by the Bush family!

DISNEY, via subsidiary MIRAMAX, has agreed to cover the production costs, said to be in the millions, of Moore's planned FAHRENHEIT 911.

"The primary thrust of the new film is what has happened to the country since Sept. 11, and how the Bush administration used this tragic event to push its agenda," Moore explains.

FAHRENHEIT 911 will be released during the upcoming presidential election cycle. [More Moore in '04.]

The director claims he will document on film how the "senior Bush kept his ties with the bin Laden family up until two months after Sept. 11."

Moore will also scrutinize, in graphic detail, why America is so disliked abroad.

With DISNEY financing now secure, Moore, who once railed against corporate media interests, may appear at this week's Cannes film festival in France.




Here's how the ad begins:

PEAK OIL - The war which "will not end in our lifetimes" is being waged because the world is beginning to run out of oil and gas. The gap between demand and production will increase forever. This is called Peak Oil. There is only enough conventional oil to last at present consumption rates for 35 years. Yet demand is increasing every year. There are no more large reserves to find. The Caspian Sea "bonanza" which was estimated at 250 billion barrels (Gb) in 1995-6, has turned out to be less than 40 Gb after two years of drilling. The world consumes a billion barrels of oil every 12 days.

On average, every barrel will now be more expensive to pump. Oil fields are dead when it takes more energy to pump oil than one gets from burning it. The only sources of cheap oil, in quantity, are the OPEC nations of the Middle East until they also peak in about 8 years. Iran has already passed its peak of production and will begin to import gasoline next year. The U.S. passed its peak of production in 1970. Within 20 years we will be importing 70% of our oil. So will China. About 60% of all recoverable oil is in the Middle East.

Hydrogen is too far away. It takes more than 3,000 gallons of gaseous hydrogen to equal one gallon of gasoline. Fuel cells do not create energy - they only store it. Producing commercial hydrogen requires both electricity and natural gas. It takes more energy to produce hydrogen than burning it yields. It is too late to change the infrastructure before economic and social crises begin.

The war which will not end in our lifetimes will include: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Colombia, Venezuela, West Africa, and the Southwest Pacific; anywhere there are significant reserves of oil and gas. These conflicts are being created now through The National Security Strategy of the U.S. Afghanistan and Iraq were only the beginning. CLIP

Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">

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* Ari Fleischer (White House press secretary) who announced his departure on May 17th;

* Mitch Daniels (White House budget director) who announced his resignation on May 6th (after The Washington Post had received the ad copy); and,

* Christie Todd Whitman (EPA Administrator) who announced her departure on May 21.

While it would be unreasonable to assume that our ad was solely responsible for their departures, we do know that the ad addressed issues that touched all four of them directly. In the case of Daniels it was announced that he had been subpoenaed in a stock fraud investigation right after his resignation. That had been in the works for some time. The point is that our ad highlighted either the personal liabilities each person carried with them, or the risks inherent in the position itself. It made a difference! These departures going in to an election cycle are the administration's way of shedding liabilities and possibly (in Whitman's case) someone saying, "I just can't do this anymore!"

That's part of what ads like this can do.

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See also:

The pressures of spin
Smith and Fleisher - psychically linked? Tony Blair and George Bush may be close - but for them to lose their spokesmen on the same day is verging on the paranormal. Just a couple of hours after White House press secretary Ari Fleischer announced he was standing down, the prime minister's official spokesman Godric Smith revealed he too was quitting.



May 22, 2003

The masters of the universe

By Pepe Escobar

It may be instructive to learn what US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the "Prince of Darkness" Richard Perle were doing last weekend. From May 15 to 18 they were guests at the Trianon Palace Hotel, close to the spectacular Versailles palace near Paris, for the annual meeting of the Bilderberg club.

Depending on the ideological prism applied, the Bilderberg club may be considered an ultra-VIP international lobby of the power elite of Europe and America, capable of steering international policy from behind closed doors; a harmless "discussion group" of politicians, academics and business tycoons; or a capitalist secret society operating entirely through self interest and plotting world domination.

The Bilderberg club is regarded by many financial and business elites as the high chamber of the high priests of capitalism. You can't apply for membership of such a club. Each year, a mysterious "steering committee" devises a selected invitation list with a maximum 100 names. The location of their annual meeting is not exactly secret: they even have a headquarters in Leiden, in the Netherlands. But the meetings are shrouded in the utmost secrecy. Participants and guests rarely reveal that they are attending. Their security is managed by military intelligence. But what is the secretive group really up to? Well, they talk. They lobby. They try to magnify their already immense political clout, on both sides of the Atlantic. And everybody pledges absolute secrecy on what has been discussed.

The Bilderberg mingles central bankers, defense experts, press barons, government ministers, prime ministers, royalty, international financiers and political leaders from Europe and America. Guests this year, along with Rumsfeld and Perle (US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz is also a member) included banker David Rockefeller, as well as various members of the Rockefeller family, Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain, and high officials of assorted governments. The Bilderberg does not invite - or accept - Asians, Middle Easterners, Latin Americans or Africans.

Some of the Western world's leading financiers and foreign policy strategists attend Bilderberg, in their view, to polish and reinforce a virtual consensus, an illusion that globalization, defined under their terms - what's good for banking and big business is good for everybody else - is inevitable and for the greater good of mankind. If they have a hidden agenda, it is the fact that their fabulous concentration of wealth and power is completely dissociated from the explanation to their guests of how globalization benefits 6.2 billion people. Some of the club's earlier guests went on to become crucial players. Bill Clinton in 1991 and Tony Blair in 1993 were invited and duly "approved" by the Bilderberg before they took office.

There are innumerable shady, still unexplained connections between the early Bilderberg club and the Nazis, via Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the father of Queen Beatrix, who founded the club in Bilderberg in 1954 (the name is taken from a Dutch hotel), aiming to "increase understanding between Europe and North America". Bernhard was a member of Adolf Hitler's SS. One of the founding members of the Bilderberg is Otto Wolff von Amerongen - who actively improved business links between Germany and the Soviet bloc and served on 26 boards of directors, including Deutsche Bank. Few people know him - and perhaps for some good reason: he has been linked to the Nazi's theft of Jewish holdings before and during World War II.

Rumsfeld is an active Bilderberger. So is General Peter Sutherland from Ireland, a former European Union commissioner and chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP. Rumsfeld and Sutherland served together in 2000 on the board of Swiss energy company ABB. And ABB happened to have sold two light-water nuclear reactors to North Korea. At the time, of course, North Korea was not an active member of the "axis of evil".

This year, the Bilderberg meeting in Versailles conveniently merged into the G8 meeting of finance ministers in Paris, a 20-minute car ride from Versailles, on May 19. The procedure is traditional: what happens in the Bilderberg is usually a preview of what is later discussed at the full G8 gathering, which this year will be held from June 1 to 3 at Evian-les-Bains in the French Alps.

On Bilderberg's first full working day on May 15, French President Jacques Chirac delivered a welcoming speech, trying to bury the bitter divisions among the guests over the war on Iraq by emphasizing that the US and Western Europe are longtime allies. But Chirac's gracious hosting may not have been enough to soothe the hawks in the US administration still miffed at "pacifist" France.

An influential Jewish European banker reveals that the ruling elite in Europe is now telling their minions that the West is on the brink of total financial meltdown; so the only way to save their precious investments is to bet on the new global crisis centered around the Middle East, which replaced the crisis evolving around the Cold War.

According to a banking source in the City of London connected to Versailles, what has transpired from the 2003 meeting is that American and European Bilderbergers have not exactly managed to control their split over the American invasion and occupation of Iraq, as well as over Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's hardline policy against the Palestinians. As the Bilderbergers were chattering away, Sharon all but rejected Bush's Middle East road map, already endorsed by the other members of the so-called quartet: the United Nations, the European Union and Russia. This road map, as it stands, is over: even the presence of US Secretary of State Colin Powell - who stopped by Versailles to brief the Bilderbergers - was not enough to persuade Sharon to even discuss the dismantling of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

American imperial adventures are usually rehearsed at Bilderberg meetings. Europe's elite were opposed to an American invasion of Iraq since the 2002 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. Rumsfeld himself had promised them it wouldn't happen. Last week, everybody struck back at Rumsfeld, asking about the infamous "weapons of mass destruction". Most of Europe's elite do not believe American promises that Iraq's oil will "benefit the Iraqi people". They know that revenues from Iraqi oil will be used to rebuild what America has bombed. And the debate is still raging on what kind of contracts which rewarded Bechtel and Halliburton will "benefit" Western Europe.

Europe's elite, according to those close to Bilderberg, are suspicious that the US does not need or even want a stable, legitimate central government in Iraq. When that happens, there will be no reason for the US to remain in the country. Europe's elite see the US establishing "facts on the ground": establishing a long-term military presence and getting the oil flowing again under American control. This could go on for years, as long as the Americans can guarantee enough essential services to prevent the Iraqi people from engaging in a war of national liberation.

It was also extremely hard at the Versailles meeting to forge a consensus on the necessity of a European Union army totally independent of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The US establishment, of course, is against the EU army. But so are some Europeans, starting with anti-army cheerleader Lord Robertson, NATO's secretary general. Europe's elite can't stand US domination of NATO any more. Some Europeans suggest a separate force, but controlled by NATO. Americans argue that a separate EU force would dissolve NATO's role as the UN's world army. And Americans insist that NATO is no longer confined to the defense of Europe: its troops now could go anywhere in the world, directed or not by the UN Security Council. The impasse remains.

All these crucial developments were discussed behind closed doors. The Trianon Palace Hotel in Versailles was closed to the public and all non-Bilderberg guests had to check out. Part-time employees were sent home. The ones who remained were told that they would be fired if caught revealing anything about the meeting. They couldn't speak to any Bilderberger unless spoken to. They couldn't look anybody in the eye. Armed guards completely isolated and cordoned off the hotel. Some members of the American corporate press were there - but the public will never know about it: Bilderberg news is not fit to print - or broadcast. No journalists from any media controlled by Bilderberg multinational tycoons such as Rupert Murdoch were or will be allowed to report it. Even if they somehow managed to crash the party. There's no business like (private) elite business.


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