September 29, 2003

The Hybrid Series #11: Love in Action and Bush Regime on Edge

Hello everyone

Here is another large compilation to keep up up-to-date with many recent important developments. And there will be a second one this week, a new series entitled "The Gaian Consciousness Files". BTW I've never mentioned my personal experiences with the Meditation Focus so far but mine was so exceptionally intense yesterday, I'm curious to find out if others had a similar exceptional level of global mind/heart/soul meld as One awakening Being of Love - how can you put words anyway to describe such a thing as cosmic bliss? So if you'd like to say something on what your experience was, I'm sure I and others would be happy to get this kind of feedback. If there is enough material, I'll prepare a special Light Series compilation. Otherwise, they may go just as well in the coming Gaian Consciousness compilation.

Love and cheers!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all."

- Michael Rivero

"The unelected Bush Regime now controls the government, the military, the judiciary -- and the machinery of democracy itself. Absent some unlikely great awakening by the co-opted dullards of the corporate media, next November the last shreds of a genuine American republic will disappear -- at the push of a button."

- Chris Floyd, taken from Vanishing Act below


1. Yes to the transformative power of love!!!
2. Dennis Kucinich Sends An Audio Postcard To You
3. Deadline for Patriots
4. Support G.E Moratorium in N.Z
5. Forgotten Hero of Our Time
6. U.S. Plans to Attack Seven Muslim States
7. Feeding Frenzy
8. The Big Lie
9. Vanishing Act
10. Israel: Monday, Solidarity Vigil with the 27 pilots of moral courage
11. The looniest of all 9/11 conspiracy theories

Of Special Interest

The 2003 celestial pictograms (crop circles) in one big nutshell
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Dennis Kucinich is the 2003 Recipient of the Gandhi Peace Award
The Gandhi Peace Award is a certificate, calligraphed with an inscription summing up the work for peace of a distinguished citizen of the world. It is a medallion featuring the profile of Mohandas K. Gandhi, with his words "Love Ever Suffers/Never Revenges Itself" cast in bronze.

See also:

Bush Accused by Lords of the Bar
Ignored by most media, an array of prominent federal judges, government officials, and other members of the legal establishment has joined in a historic rebellion against George W. Bush's unprecedented and unconstitutional arrogance of power that threatens the fundamental right of American citizens to have access to their lawyers before disappearing indefinitely into military custody without charges, without seeing an attorney or anyone except their guards.

The Misleader
A daily chronicle of Bush administration distortion

Situation Excellent, I Am Attacking (Sept 24)
There is not enough grammar in the entirety of the English language to describe the incredible international humiliation that has befallen the United States of America. That this humiliation was brought down upon the American people by the man supposedly in charge of the country is, in all honesty, no big surprise for those who have been watching this all unfold. The layers of crushing embarrassment have been building like river sediment for months upon months upon months. On Tuesday, however, George W. Bush managed to completely obliterate the hard-won standing the United States has earned within the global community. CLIP

Bush at the UN—a war criminal takes the podium (Sept 24)
President George W. Bush's ignorant and insulting speech to the United Nations General Assembly September 23 made clear that the US administration has all but written off any hope of obtaining significant international support for its colonial venture in Iraq. Bush came before the body as an unrepentant war criminal, whose actions had violated the UN Charter and international law by waging a war of aggression as criminal and unprovoked as those carried out by the Hitlerite regime in Germany more than 60 years ago. Having just last week publicly acknowledged there is no evidence of a link between the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC, Bush began his speech to the UN by invoking the ruins of the World Trade Center as the “symbol of an unfinished war.” He likewise peddled yet again the now universally discredited pretext for the Iraq war, the claim that the Baghdad regime posed a grave and imminent threat because of its supposedly immense stockpile of “weapons of mass destruction.” This, just one week after the chief of the United Nations’ own inspection agency, Hans Blix, compared the US and British allegations about such weapons to the hunt for witches in the Middle Ages and amid reports that the unit set up by Washington to scour the country for the alleged tons of biological and chemical weapons materials has halted all searches. CLIP

Bush Isolated As U.N. Speech Falls Flat

United Nations Refuses to Help Bush in Iraq

Dean, Kerry call on Rumsfeld to Quit

Demonstrators gather in cities around the world to demand pullout from Iraq (Sept 27)
Thousands of protesters demanding an end to the occupation of Iraq took to the streets Saturday in London, Athens, Paris and other cities around the world, chanting slogans against the United States and Britain. The protests, the first major demonstrations since Saddam Hussein was ousted earlier this year, come as the United States tries to gain international help in rebuilding Iraq. The demonstrations were organized in each country by local activist groups that have informal contacts with each other.

The Truths About Iraq That Bush Isn't Telling (Sept 23)
CHICAGO - After eight years of Bill Clinton and 32 months of George W. Bush, it isn't news when a president dissembles, misleads, deceives, conceals, fudges or lies. News is something out of the ordinary, such as a president telling the truth. That's why President Bush made headlines last week when he said something that was known to everyone - well, everyone except 69 percent of the American people. "We've had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with Sept. 11," he informed reporters. As revelations go, this one was about as surprising as learning that Mike Tyson is not the Dalai Lama. But Mr. Bush's admission contradicted his own vice president - who earlier in the week had resurrected the tale that one of the hijackers had met with an Iraqi intelligence operative. For some truly inexplicable reason, the administration suddenly developed a fetish about accuracy, and one official after another trooped forward to disown Mr. Cheney's claim.

The Case For Bush Hatred : Mad About You (Sept 18)
I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it. I think his policies rank him among the worst presidents in U.S. history. And, while I'm tempted to leave it at that, the truth is that I hate him for less substantive reasons, too. I hate the inequitable way he has come to his economic and political achievements and his utter lack of humility (disguised behind transparently false modesty) at having done so. His favorite answer to the question of nepotism--"I inherited half my father's friends and all his enemies"--conveys the laughable implication that his birth bestowed more disadvantage than advantage. (...) There seem to be quite a few of us Bush haters. I have friends who have a viscerally hostile reaction to the sound of his voice or describe his existence as a constant oppressive force in their daily psyche. Nor is this phenomenon limited to my personal experience: Pollster Geoff Garin, speaking to The New York Times, called Bush hatred "as strong as anything I've experienced in 25 years now of polling." Columnist Robert Novak described it as a "hatred ... that I have never seen in 44 years of campaign watching." CLIP

Swedish Foreign Minister Lindh called Bush a 'lone ranger (Sept 16)
And she's felled by an 'unknown' assassin...

Michael Moore plans Bush-bin Laden film
LOS ANGELES, March 28 (UPI) -- Filmmaker Michael Moore's next project might be more controversial than his Oscar-winning documentary "Bowling for Columbine." According to a report in Friday's Daily Variety, Moore is working on a documentary about the "the murky relationship" between former President George Bush and the family of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. The paper said the movie, "Fahrenheit 911," will suggest that the bin Laden family profited greatly from the association.

Bad Moon on the rise (September 24)
Reverend Moon makes inroads into Bush administration - Overcoming his church's bizarre reputation and his own criminal record, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon has cemented ties with the Bush administration -- and gained government funding for his closest disciples.

Republicans Push for Oil Drilling in the Arctic Refuge -- Again - It's the story that never dies: Republicans are once again plotting to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil and gas drilling, this time by adding a provision to a major energy bill that is now being hammered out in a congressional conference committee. Most Democrats and a number of moderate Republicans in the Senate have consistently opposed oil exploration in the Arctic Refuge, but Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) and Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.), who are heading up the energy negotiations, hope they can convince some of those drilling opponents to vote for the energy bill anyway if it contains a number of other provisions to their liking. Opponents aren't ready to roll over yet. "If the energy bill contains drilling in ANWR, it's in for a rough ride," said Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.).

10 reasons to drill
The case for oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- A satire in Soapbox

Sticker Shock and Awe: The real dimensions of $87 billion (Sept 18)
(...) $87 billion dollars -- enough, or maybe enough, to fund one year of military occupation in Iraq, as President Bush announced earlier this month. That $87 billion, of course, is just the latest figure in a war and reconstruction effort that has already cost us $166 billion and counting. (...) Eighty-seven billion dollars would be enough to support the soon-to-be-extinct Superfund at its peak level (last seen in 1995) of $3.6 billion per year for almost a quarter-century. The $4.9 billion maintenance and repairs backlog in our national parks could be erased like yesterday's homework assignment off a blackboard. Rather than relaxing the New Source Review rules of the Clean Air Act, Bush could just axe them entirely -- and instead provide public funding for power plants to immediately install state-of-the-art pollution controls. Wisconsin Energy recently agreed to spend about $577 million to upgrade emissions controls at five plants; at that rate, the feds could fund similar upgrades at all 51 of the power plants sued by the Clinton administration for failing to comply with the Clean Air Act, and still have $81 billion left over. And those are just some of the more-or-less calculable numbers. Heaven only knows what an injection of $87 billion would do to, say, the renewable energy industry. Even the ever-intransigent U.S. auto industry might manage to get highly efficient cars into showrooms if the feds put up a few billion bucks for R&D. Meanwhile, what would $87 billion buy beyond our borders -- other than war and the mopping up of its aftermath, that is? For starters, we could bankroll the entire United Nations (whose annual budget for 2000-2001 was $2.5 billion) for several decades. (And while we're at it, we could pony up the $1.3 billion in back fees and peacekeeping expenses we owe.) In the environmental arena, we could provide clean drinking water to some 500 million people -- almost half of the 1.1 billion who currently lack it. Every year for almost 35 years, we could make up the $2.5 billion annual shortfall needed to maintain the world's parks and protected areas. Alternatively, with rainforest conservation being a longstanding and important environmental goal and land in the Amazon basin averaging $20 to $200 per acre, we could just buy up most of Brazil. CLIP

Draft Report Said to Cite No Success in Iraq Arms Hunt (Sept 25)
WASHINGTON - An early draft of an interim report by the American leading the hunt for banned weapons in Iraq says his team has not found any of the unconventional weapons cited by the Bush administration as a principal reason for going to war, federal officials with knowledge of the findings said today. The long-awaited report by David Kay, the former United Nations weapons inspector who has been leading the American search for illicit weapons, will be the first public assessment of progress in that search since President Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1. Mr. Kay's team has spent nearly four months searching suspected sites and interviewing Iraqi scientists believed to have knowledge about the country's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Mr. Kay and his team had not found illicit weapons.

John Pilger: The Betrayal Of Afghanistan (Sept 20)
In a major article in The Guardian magazine, John Pilger describes Afghanistan since its liberation from the Taliban, which he filmed for his latest documentary, 'Breaking the Silence'. Apart from notional freedoms, little has changed. At the Labour party conference following the September 11 attacks, Tony Blair said memorably: "To the Afghan people, we make this commitment. We will not walk away... If the Taliban regime changes, we will work with you to make sure its successor is one that is broadbased, that unites all ethnic groups and offers some way out of the poverty that is your miserable existence." He was echoing George Bush, who had said a few days earlier: "The oppressed people of Afghanistan will know the generosity of America and its allies. As we strike military targets, we will also drop food, medicine and supplies to the starving and suffering men and women and children of Afghanistan. The US is a friend of the Afghan people." Almost every word they spoke was false. Their declarations of concern were cruel illusions that prepared the way for the conquest of both Afghanistan and Iraq. As the illegal Anglo-American occupation of Iraq now unravels, the forgotten disaster in Afghanistan, the first "victory" in the "war on terror", is perhaps an even more shocking testament to power.

Masked and Anonymous: Bob Dylan's Elegy for a Lost America
Bob Dylan's new film, "Masked and Anonymous," has met with almost universal condemnation (or worse, condescension) from critics in the corporate media. (...) Not ten minutes after the opening credits I could see why the film had been marked for assassination by big newspaper media critics. They are the villains of the piece! "Masked and Anonymous" portrays the reporters who wrote the bad reviews as people who have to wear ankle monitors. Editors hold the keys that control them. Who owns the editors is pretty clear, too. (...) All America's chicken-hawk foreign wars have come home to roost. The horrors once visited upon El Salvador, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Somalia and Iraq are now rolling through the streets of California. All the electoral disgrace of recent campaigns has been compressed into one presidential speech. As for the major media as portrayed in this film, it is impossible not to think of Christiane Amanpour's recent admission that CNN "was intimidated" by the Bush administration and operated in a "climate of fear and self-censorship" during the invasion of Iraq. When the new president (Mickey Roarke) concludes his "war-is-peace" oration at the end of the film with the sarcastic words "May God help you all," it is merely what anyone with a perceptive imagination can hear Bush or Cheney saying when they conclude their speeches with the formulaic "God Bless America." Certainly the administration portrayed in "Masked and Anonymous" is no more thuggish than the one currently rooting at the trough in Washington.

Concerns about citizen privacy grow as states create 'Matrix' database (Sept 24)
NEW YORK -- While privacy worries are frustrating the Pentagon's plans for a far-reaching database to combat terrorism, a similar project is quietly taking shape with the participation of more than a dozen states -- and $12 million in federal funds. The database project, created so states and local authorities can track would-be terrorists as well as criminal fugitives, is being built and housed in the offices of a private company but will be open to some federal law enforcers and perhaps even US intelligence agencies. Dubbed Matrix, the database has been in use for a year and a half in Florida, where police praise the crime-fighting tool as nimble and exhaustive. It cross-references the state's driving records and restricted police files with billions of pieces of public and private data, including credit and property records. But privacy advocates, officials in two states, and a competing data vendor have branded Matrix as playing fast and loose with Americans' private details.

The Dick Cheney Tapes "Can You Handle the Truth? (Sept 23)
A videotape has surfaced in which a man believed to be Vice President Richard Cheney addresses the American people from an unidentified office. The tape is not dated, but analysts have inferred from the speaker's comments that it was made sometime this summer. He claims to be making his remarks on behalf of President Bush, but, if the tape is authentic, the fact that it was never offically released suggests that the president did not give the speech his final approval. Following is a transcript. -- Stan Cox My fellow Americans: Tonight I have been authorized by our President to tell you the truth. We have been reluctant to do this, because, as that movie actor once said, we didn't think you could handle the truth. But we have become concerned that your support for the Iraq effort is wavering, and we cannot let that happen. So we're going to tell you the truth, because, to be frank, we've tried just about everything else and you still don't seem satisfied. CLIP

Cheney Maintains Large Financial Ties to Halliburton

Wolfowitz: U.S. Forces in Iraq Through 2004

Number of Americans in Poverty Increases Again

In GOP, Concern Over Iraq Price Tag

What good friends left behind (September 20),3605,1044751,00.html
Two years ago, as the bombs began to drop, George Bush promised Afghanistan 'the generosity of America and its allies'. Now, the familiar old warlords are regaining power, religious fundamentalism is renewing its grip and military skirmishes continue routinely. What was the purpose? John Pilger reports. (...) Today, Samar lives in constant fear for her life. She has two fearsome bodyguards with automatic weapons. One is at her office door, the other at h er gate. She travels in a blacked-out van. "For the past 23 years, I was not safe," she told me, "but I was never in hiding or travelling with gunmen, which I must do now... There is no more official law to stop women from going to school and work; there is no law about dress code. But the reality is that even under the Taliban there was not the pressure on women in the rural areas there is now." The apartheid might have legally ended, but for as many as 90% of the women of Afghanistan, these "reforms" - such as the setting up of a women's ministry in Kabul - are little more than a technicality. The burka is still ubiquitous. As Samar says, the plight of rural women is often more desperate now because the ultra-puritanical Taliban dealt harshly with rape, murder and banditry. Unlike today, it was possible to travel safely across much of the country. At a bombed-out shoe factory in west Kabul, I found the population of two villages huddled on exposed floors without light and with one trickling tap. Small children squatted around open fires on crumbling parapets: the day before, a child had fallen to his death; on the day I arrived, another child fell and was badly injured. A meal for them is bread dipped in tea. Their owl eyes are those of terrified refugees. They had fled there, they explained, because warlords routinely robbed them and kidnapped their wives and daughters and sons, whom they would rape and ransom back to them. "During the Taliban we were living in a graveyard, but we were secure," a campaigner, Marina, told me. "Some people even say they were better. That's how desperate the situation is today. The laws may have changed, but women dare not leave their homes without the burka, which we wear as much for our protection."

In Cancun It Was Paeans to the World's Wealthy (Sept 23)
It was supposed to be a trade summit with a difference. The major sponsors promised to devote themselves to the poor. Nonetheless, the recent summit in the posh resort city of Cancun replayed old themes. Rather than develop new approaches to world poverty, the conference served only to reaffirm the political and moral virtue of the wealthy.


From: "Fred Burks">
Subject: Yes to the transformative power of love!!!
Date: 24 Sep 2003

Dear friends,

Thank you all so much!!! I received over 50 emails from friends excited about joining in to invite our world leaders to open to the love and divinity within them. Several of these friends forwarded the message to thousands of their friends around the globe (thanks especially to Jean Hudon), so we had an incredible amount of caring people joining in to energetically bombard our leaders with love. 

I felt your loving presence so strongly! When I awoke yesterday, I already felt an incredible amount of love and support around me which continued throughout the day. When I walked into the beautiful meeting room on the 35th floor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, I could feel and almost see your loving spirits filling the room. Thankfully, before the meeting started I had a few minutes to meditate in the room and connect with you all and with this amazing love energy.

President Bush and President Megawati only talked for about 20 minutes. Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice were among other well known people present. I felt your presence so strongly that it was almost hard for me to pay attention and interpret for the conversation. But I was able to hold both the communication and the love, and the conversation went smoothly. I sat right next to Bush and interpreted for him when he spoke. The Indonesian interpreter, Dino, sat next to Megawati and interpreted for her when she spoke. Whenever I wasn't interpreting, I opened to all of the amazingly powerful love and support I felt in the room and joined in channeling it into the hearts of all present.

At one point, about 15 minutes into the meeting, I felt an extra powerful surge of love from all of you flow into the room and through me. Amazingly, at that very moment everyone came to silence. It was just a brief pause, yet it was miraculous! I had absolutely no doubt that everyone in the room was feeling this powerful invitation to open to the love and divinity within themselves. Thank you all!!!

Together, we are creating a new paradigm of love and empowerment on the planet. I see and feel big shifts in me and in the world with increasing frequency. Through efforts like what we did at this powerful meeting, our divinity is shining through and helping others to remember the divinity and love the lies within all of us. Yea!!!

Again, I want to thank every one of you who in any went sent wishes for transformation of our leaders and our planet to a place of more love and cooperation. I felt your love and support surrounding and enveloping me, and I know every person in that room felt it in some way, too. We touched the divinity in their souls, and I know that makes a huge difference. I love you all and thank you all so much for allowing me to be a catalyst for our love as it spreads even to the top political leaders on our planet.

Wishing you much love, joy, creativity, and beauty,


PS I invite you to continue sending out love to these leaders and to all on our planet. We all know that right along with all the wonderful things happening now, there's lots of craziness and ugly things happening in the world, too. People become selfish and cruel because they have forgotten just how incredibly divine and full of love they are. We can help to be a reminder of who we really are by being and living the love and divinity that we all are. Take a look at the Web of Love website below for ideas on how to join many others in spreading our love like a web around the planet. For information and ideas on dealing with the dark side, see the website. It's great for helping others to wake up to all that is going on, and for inspiring them to join in working together for a brighter future. Thanks again and take care! Many blessing to us all!

Explore the empowering websites Fred coordinates: - strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all - sharing information and working together for a better world - building a Global Community for All
Together, we are creating a new paradigm of love and cooperation on Earth



From: "Fred Burks">
Subject: Thanks so much, Jean
Date: 24 Sep 2003

Thank you so much for posting my/our work in your recent emails. It's been very exciting to connect with so many wonderful people (including yourself) in doing this transformative work. With your emails, you are helping in a big way to spread this important news. The meeting yesterday was great! I'll be sending an email later today telling about it. Love was most definitely present and felt by all in that room! Little by little, we are transforming this planet in a very big way! Thanks again for all you are doing and for all that you are.

With lots of love and joy,



Thank you very much Fred for this moving account of your experience in the room with these political leaders. It was indeed a very powerful moment as we unconditionally loved our brother George and showered Light into his heart and into everyone's heart, present there and beyond, to assist in reminding them of their true divine nature.

This simple realization gradually making its way into each and every soul on Earth and beyond, and making itself felt in our day-to-day lives is what is slowly transforming this world and the very nature of our consciousness so we may one day fully anchor, here and now, wherever and whenever that is in the infinity of All That Is, the crystal clear Beingness of the One, the radiant Love that forever shines from It All, and the sheer pleasure of consciously and most willingly extending ourselves in our physical realities as perceiving/sensing/feeling inlets for God to experience a micro infinitesimal speck of All That Is through our sensory apparatus. For there truly is no separation and All is intrinsically One and only our own delusionary sense of isolation is preventing us from being fully and continuously aware of this.

As we continue our common journey towards complete remembrance and ever greater awakening through all options offered to us to unite as One Mind, One Heart, One Consciousness, be it during the weekly global Meditation Focus or with invitations such as yours, we gradually strengthen the Web of Love that now encompasses the entire world and shine, magnificently, the Light, Love and Life Force that make us all cry out of bliss in our mutually synchronized bursts of Oneness.

Love and Light will prevail




Date: 24 Sep 2003
Subject: Dennis Kucinich Sends An Audio Postcard To You

Hello Friend of Dennis Kucinich!

Dennis has created an Audio Postcard for you. It is his message to activists across the country during the International Day of Peace, Sept. 21.

To hear it, you will need to turn up the volume on your speakers. Then click on the following link:

It is time that millions more people learn about Dennis!

So, please send this audio postcard to 3 of your friends and loved ones and ask them to do the same. This is a powerful means to publicize Dennis and his message of world peace as he continues to build momentum for his Presidential campaign.

The postcard will provide you a link to forward it to your friends and family.

Also, let's contribute whatever money we can to Dennis' campaign before the 9/30 deadline! Such donations will make possible other audio postcards and provide more methods to reach a mass audience to help Dennis.

In The Spirit of Peace,

Kosta Makreas

For more info:
To donate:

NOTE: You can also listen to a related audiocard by legendary Willie Nelson at


Date: 24 Sep 2003
Subject: Deadline for Patriots
From: "The Ghost of Ben Franklin">

DEADLINE FOR THE "PATRIOT ACT" Congressman Dennis Kucinich continued his leadership today on Capitol Hill today by introducing the first comprehensive bill to repeal offensive sections of the misnamed "USA PATRIOT Act." The Kucinich bill -- called the "Benjamin Franklin True Patriot Act" -- is already supported by the ACLU, NAACP, a Jewish group, an Islamic group, and 20 members of Congress.

Kucinich's bill would repeal sections of the original "PATRIOT Act," that authorize 'sneak and peak' searches; warrantless library, medical, educational, and financial record searches; and the detention and deportation of non-citizens without meaningful judicial review. Passage would be the final deadline -- or death -- for the "PATRIOT Act."

Rep. Kucinich is the only presidential candidate who voted against the "PATRIOT Act" in October, 2001. The other Democrats in Congress currently running for president all voted for it -- and Howard Dean has said, "I never criticize them for that" in view of the post-9/11 pressure. Congressman Kucinich stood up to the pressure then...and now.

At a news conference today, Kucinich invoked the words of Ben Franklin, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Kucinich added: "Will we stand by as the Administration formulates a second more dangerous "PATRIOT Act" because, in the President's words, 'the first bill didn't go far enough'? Or will we step back from this atmosphere of fear and work to restore our basic freedoms and rights? With the introduction of the True Patriot Act, I say we take back our Constitution."


Sept 30 presents another deadline -- the quarterly fundraising deadline for presidential candidates. This is the time for true Patriots to support this unique candidate who is taking his battle against the "PATRIOT Act" nationwide

Many of you have already donated. If so, please send this email to every civil libertarian or Libertarian or Green or lover of privacy and individual rights you know and ask them to support a man who (whether you agree with him on all issues) is standing up for your basic freedoms on the campaign trail and on Capitol Hill.

It's quick and easy to donate:

For more on Kucinich:


From: "Di Hall">
Subject: Support G.E Moratorium in N.Z
Date: 25 Sep 2003

Dear Jean,

Firstly, thank you so much for the wonderful work you do that is appreciated world wide.

The Government here in our beautiful clean green country of New Zealand is about to lift the Moratorium on G.E next month against the wishes of the majority of the population.  

There has been a website set up for New Zealanders - wherever they are in the world - to vote online to let our Prime Minister (Helen Clark) know that we don't agree. The aim is to get one million votes by early October so they would hopefully take some notice.

I don't know if it would be appropriate for you to include this matter and the website in your compilation but would be grateful if you could.

With Love, Light and Gratitude,

Di Hall



From: (Douglas Mattern)>
Subject: Forgotten Hero of Our Time
Date: 23 Sep 2003

From: Association of World Citizens (AWC), San Francisco

Douglas Mattern

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE IS OF SPECIAL INTEREST AT THIS TIME OF NUCLEAR ESCALATION. AWC and the International Association of Educators for World Peace (U.S.) are writing a resolution that calls for the immediate removal of all nuclear warheads from "hair-trigger" alert to avoid the type of incident described in this article. We will get endorsements from influential personalities and make it the basis for a new campaign on this issue. Stay tuned to our website for details:


September 23, 2003

Global Disaster Averted by a Forgotten Hero of Our Time

by Douglas Mattern

"I think that this is the closest we've come to accidental nuclear war."
-- (Bruce Blair, Director, Center for Defense Information, Dateline NBC, Nov. 12, 2000)

This month marks the 20th anniversary of an incident that could have resulted in nuclear war. The forgotten hero that singularly avoided this disaster through his cool judgment under incredible pressure is Lt. Colonel Stanislav Petrov, formerly of the Soviet Army.

It was the night of September 26, 1983, with Colonel Petrov in charge of 200 men operating a Russian early warning bunker just south of Moscow. Petrov's job was monitoring incoming signals from satellites. He reported directly to the Russian early warning-system headquarters that reported to the Soviet leader on the possibility of launching a retaliatory attack.

It's important to note that this was a period of high tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. President Reagan was calling the Soviets the "Evil Empire." The Russian military shot down a Korean passenger jet just three weeks prior to this incident, and the U.S. and NATO were organizing a military exercise that centered on using tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. Soviet leaders were worried the west was planning a nuclear attack.

In an interview with the English newspaper Daily Mail, Colonel Petrov recalls that fateful night when alarms went off and the early warning computer screens were showing a nuclear attack launched by the United States. "I felt as if I'd been punched in my nervous system. There was a huge map of the States with a U.S. base lit up, showing that the missiles had been launched."

For several minutes Petrov held a phone in one hand and an intercom in the other as alarms continued blaring, red lights blinking, and the computers reporting that U.S. missiles were on their way. In the midst of this horrific chaos and terror, the prospect of the end of civilization itself, Petrov made an historic decision not to alert higher authorities, believing in his gut and hoping with all that is sacred, that contrary to what all the sophisticated equipment was reporting, this alarm was an error.

"I didn't want to make a mistake," Petrov said, "I made a decision and that was it." The Daily Mail wrote, "Had Petrov cracked and triggered a response, Soviet missiles would have rained down on U.S. cities. In turn, that would have brought a devastating response from the Pentagon."

As agonizing minutes passed, Petrov's decision proved correct. It was a computer error that signaled a U.S. attack. In the Daily Mail interview, Petrov said,"After it was over, I drank half a liter of vodka as if it were only a glass, and slept for 28 hours," and he commented, "In principle, a nuclear war could have broken out. The whole world could have been destroyed."

In our increasingly superficial societies that praise celebrities and all manner of fools as role models, many legitimate heroes go unnoticed and without reward. In the case of Colonel Petrov, he was dismissed from the Army on a pension that in succeeding years would prove nearly worthless. Petrov's superiors were reprimanded for the computer error, and in the Soviet system, all in the group were automatically subjected to the same treatment.

The Daily Mirror found Petrov's health destroyed by the terrible stress of the incident. His wife died of cancer and he lives alone in a second-floor flat in a dreary town of Fyranzino about 30 miles from Moscow.

"Once I would have liked to have been given some credit for what I did," said Petrov, "But it is to long ago and today everything is emotionally burned out inside me. I still have a bitter feeling inside my soul as I remember the way I was treated."

There have been many incidents like September 26, 1983; just how many we may never know. We do know that little has changed as thousands of U.S. and Russian nuclear warheads remain on "hair-trigger alert" that could be launched in a few minutes notice destroying both countries in less than one hour -- perhaps initiated by a computer error.

To end this utter madness all nuclear warheads must be removed from "hair-trigger" alert and placed in storage with continuous inspection by both sides and the United Nations. Only then will be daily threat of nuclear incineration by an accident missile launch or miscalculation be eliminated.

In an interview with Stanislav Petrov on Dateline NBC (Nov. 12, 2000) reporter Dennis Murphy said: "I know you don't regard yourself as a hero, Colonel, but, belatedly, on behalf of the people in Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, thank you for being on duty that night."

At the close of the Dateline NBC interview with Stanislav Petrov on Nov. 12, 2000, anchor Stone Phillips said, "Some of you may be wondering just how verifiable this story is. Well, a former CIA official we spoke to told us it is confirmed by Russian and other sources and that he believes it. He says Petrov's account is consistent with what we knew about the Soviet early warning system at the time and the way it was operated. He also notes that the Russian government has never challenged the story."

Long overdue, the Association of World Citizens is recognizing Stanislav Petrov and the debt we all owe him with a Distinguished World Citizen Award to be presented in a public ceremony in Moscow.

The author is President of the Association of World Citizens, a San Francisco based international peace organization with branches in 30 countries and NGO status with the United Nations.



Editor's Note | For truthout readers uncertain about the use of Al Jazeerra as a primary source, the data offered below is backed up in exacting specificity by this article from MSNBC entitled The Clark Critique. The relevant quote: "I went back through the Pentagon in November 2001, and one of the senior military staff officers had time for a chat. Yes, we were still on track for going against Iraq, he said. But there was more. This was being discussed as part of a five-year campaign plan, he said, and there were a total of seven countries, beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan. So, I thought, this is what they mean when they talk about "draining the swamp." It was evidence of the Cold War approach: Terrorism must have a "state sponsor," and it would be much more effective to attack a state than to chase after individuals, nebulous organizations, and shadowy associations. He said it with reproach—with disbelief, almost—at the breadth of the vision. I moved the conversation away, for this was not something I wanted to hear. And it was not something I wanted to see moving forward, either."

U.S. Plans to Attack Seven Muslim States

Al Jazeera

Monday 22 September 2003

Presidential hopeful General Wesley Clark says the White House devised a five-year plan after the 9/11 strikes to attack seven majority-Muslim countries.

A former commander of NATO's forces in Europe, Clark claims he met a senior military officer in Washington in November 2001 who told him the Bush administration was planning to attack Iraq first before taking action against Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan.

The general’s allegations surface in a new book, The Clark Critique, excerpts from which appear in the latest edition of the U.S. magazine Newsweek.

Clark says after the 11 September 2001 attacks, many Bush administration officials seemed determined to move against Iraq, invoking the idea of state sponsorship of terrorism, "even though there was no evidence of Iraqi sponsorship of 9/11 whatsoever".

Ousting Saddam Hussein promised concrete, visible action, the general writes, dismissing it as a "Cold War approach".

Clark criticises the plan to attack the seven states, saying it targeted the wrong countries, ignored the "real sources of terrorists", and failed to achieve "the greater force of international law" that would bring wider global support.

He also condemns George Bush’s notorious Axis of Evil speech made during his 2002 State of the Union address. "There were no obvious connections between Iraq, Iran, and North Korea," says Clark.

Clark’s culprits The former NATO commander acknowledges Iranian and Syrian support for resistance groups such as Lebanon’s Hizb Allah and the Palestinian movement Hamas.

"But neither Hezbollah [sic] nor Hamas were targeting Americans," he writes. "Why not build international power against Al Qaeda?"

Instead, Clark points the finger at what he calls "the real sources of terrorists - U.S. allies in the region like Egypt, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia".

Clark blames Egypt’s "repressive policies", Pakistan’s "corruption and poverty, as well as Saudi Arabia’s "radical ideology and direct funding" for creating a pool of angry young men who became "terrorists".

The recent Democrat Party convert says Bush should have adopted a more preventive measures and targeted extremist leaders. "The way to beat terrorists was to take away their popular support," adds Clark, though he offers little to suggest how this would be achieved.

But White House policy was quickly set in order to achieve particular goals, Clark writes, saying the U.S. administration used the 9/11 attacks to address broader objectives in the Middle East.

Clark, who supervised NATO’s campaign to oust Serbia’s forces from Kosovo in 1999, also takes a swipe at the United States’ allies in Europe, which provided staging bases and planning headquarters for "radical" groups.

War record The retired general last week declared his intention to win the Democrat nomination to challenge George Bush for the presidency in 2004.

Just days after entering the presidential race, Clark has raced ahead of the nine other Democratic contenders in the latest polls.

Many political observers have portrayed Clark as an anti-war candidate whose own war record – he was decorated after being shot and wounded while serving in Vietnam – means he cannot be accused of lacking courage or patriotism.

Clark has frequently criticised Washington’s policy towards Iraq.

He claimed previously that after the 9/11 attacks, he was pressed by the Bush administration to link the strikes directly to Iraq but refused - a claim the White House denies. However, once the war on Iraq began, he urged decisive action to achieve a rapid U.S. victory.

Despite his anti-war stand on Iraq, the general has had a reputation for being belligerent. He was criticised during the Kosovo campaign for defending attacks on civilian Serbian targets, including the bombing of a television station that left about 20 journalists and other staff dead.



Sent by Ken>


The Moscow Times

Feeding Frenzy

By Chris Floyd


Now the mission is accomplished!

George W. Bush's premature projaculation of victory last May notwithstanding, the real objective of the Potomac Empire's invasion of Iraq was finally achieved last weekend, when the sock puppets of the occupying powers put their rubber stamp to an American diktat opening up the entire nation to plunder by foreign bagmen.

At the signed order of Bushist viceroy Paul Bremer (emphasis on vice), almost every aspect of Iraqi life -- electricity, water, medicine, education, agriculture, transportation, communications and, above all, banking and finance -- was laid open to unfettered exploitation by the plutocrats and lootocrats of the "civilized" world. The lone exception to this unprecedented fire sale of an entire nation is, of course, Iraq's oil wealth, which has already been put into the loving, no-bid, open-ended "oversight" of Dick Cheney's Halliburton and associates.

The measure, announced by surprise last Sunday -- not even Bush's so-called partner in conquest, the British government, knew about it in advance -- permits 100 percent foreign ownership in all non-energy sectors of the conquered land's economy, which will be "privatized" to a fare-thee-well. What's more, the edict allows the "full, immediate remittance to the [investor's] host country of profits, dividends, interest and royalties."

In other words, the looters won't have to plow so much as a dime of their swag back into the local economy; every last cent wrung from the bludgeoned Iraqi people will flow into corporate coffers and private pockets in London, Paris, Tokyo, Riyadh, New York, Moscow, Kennebunkport and Crawford. Taxes will be minimal, tariffs almost nonexistent, and there will be none of the pesky rules and regulations that occasionally hamper unfettered corporate gobbling in more unenlightened states -- like, say, the United States and Britain.

In fact, there will "no government screening" at all of foreign investors, the edict says. If you can pay, you can play. After all, that's free enterprise, isn't it? If Bechtel, Carlyle, Vivendi, or the still-unslain beast of Enron want to buy up Baghdad's water supply and raise rates through the roof, why shouldn't they? If Bush -- who just this week issued new regulations opening the federal pork barrel to his favorite "faith-based organizations" -- wants to give Pat Robertson a billion dollars of taxpayer money to take over the Iraqi school system, why shouldn't he? What's the point of slaughtering thousands of innocent people and seizing their country if you can't do whatever the hell you want with it? It's not like this was some humanitarian exercise, you know. It's strictly business -- as Michael Corleone used to say.

The lack of "government screening" is only to be expected, of course -- because there is no government in Iraq: no constitution, no body of law, no popular representation, nothing even remotely resembling a genuine state with the authority to take such a momentous step: i.e., the surrender of the nation's wealth to rapacious conquerors. And there was rich comedy to be had in watching the American media mandarins try to finesse this inconvenient point. Indeed, The New York Times went so far as to declare that some mysterious entity known only as "Iraq" actually issued these "new laws." The "paper of record" did refer to the "Iraqi Governing Council" -- without noting for the "record" that this body is entirely appointed by the Anglo-American invaders and dares not even sneeze without imperial permission.

However, Britain's Financial Times -- writing for a business audience that needs to know who's really holding the keys to the Iraqi vaults -- was more direct. It was the only major paper to note that the laws were actually "signed by Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority" and that the Governing [sic] Council had only been "consulted." ("Say, Ahmed, you think we should send down to Dubai for pizza while Bremer finishes this edict?" "Yes, pizza would be nice." "Great. Consider yourself consulted.")

There is, however, a hidden side to this brazen daylight robbery. The edict is the clearest signal yet that America intends to control Iraq by force, indefinitely. American power -- or more likely, American-controlled proxy armies, local or foreign -- must hold ultimate authority in the country or else the edict's proffered sweetmeats will hold no allure for global Lootists. As Bush's treasury secretary, John Snow, put it in lauding the edict this week: "Capital is a coward. It doesn't go places where it feels threatened."

Thus, no Iraqi government will be allowed to impose limits on the flow of cowardly capital in and out -- mostly out -- of the country, or to nationalize or "Islamicize" the assets now being flogged off by Bremer and the Bushists. The only way to guarantee the investments of the bagmen is to prevent -- by force or threat of force -- a truly independent government from arising in Iraq.

That's the plan, anyway. But as anyone with even a passing acquaintance of the history of U.S. foreign policy since World War II could tell you, the reality is likely to be something quite different. To wit: years of wholesale gouging by politically connected foreign firms, accompanied by growing internal strife, massive corruption, guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks, followed by a gigantic bust-up -- civil war, Islamic revolution, military coup, etc. -- followed by a panicky pullout (as in Havana, Saigon, Teheran, Beirut, etc.), followed by years of scab-picking recriminations on editorial pages and political hustings: "Who lost Iraq?"

But for now the trough is wide open, and you can hear those eager trotters thundering toward the feast.




The Big Lie

By John Pilger

The London Daily Mirror

22 September 2003


EXACTLY one year ago, Tony Blair told Parliament: "Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction programme is active, detailed and growing.

"The policy of containment is not working. The weapons of mass destruction programme is not shut down. It is up and running now."

Not only was every word of this false, it was part of a big lie invented in Washington within hours of the attacks of September 11 2001 and used to hoodwink the American public and distract the media from the real reason for attacking Iraq. "It was 95 per cent charade," a former senior CIA analyst told me.

An investigation of files and archive film for my TV documentary Breaking The Silence, together with interviews with former intelligence officers and senior Bush officials have revealed that Bush and Blair knew all along that Saddam Hussein was effectively disarmed.

Both Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State, and Condoleezza Rice, President Bush's closest adviser, made clear before September 11 2001 that Saddam Hussein was no threat - to America, Europe or the Middle East.

In Cairo, on February 24 2001, Powell said: "He (Saddam Hussein) has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbours."

This is the very opposite of what Bush and Blair said in public.

Powell even boasted that it was the U.S. policy of "containment" that had effectively disarmed the Iraqi dictator - again the very opposite of what Blair said time and again. On May 15 2001, Powell went further and said that Saddam Hussein had not been able to "build his military back up or to develop weapons of mass destruction" for "the last 10 years". America, he said, had been successful in keeping him "in a box".

Two months later, Condoleezza Rice also described a weak, divided and militarily defenceless Iraq. "Saddam does not control the northern part of the country," she said. "We are able to keep his arms from him. His military forces have not been rebuilt."

So here were two of Bush's most important officials putting the lie to their own propaganda, and the Blair government's propaganda that subsequently provided the justification for an unprovoked, illegal attack on Iraq. The result was the deaths of what reliable studies now put at 50,000 people, civilians and mostly conscript Iraqi soldiers, as well as British and American troops. There is no estimate of the countless thousands of wounded.

In a torrent of propaganda seeking to justify this violence before and during the invasion, there were occasional truths that never made headlines. In April last year, Condoleezza Rice described September 11 2001 as an "enormous opportunity" and said America "must move to take advantage of these new opportunities."

Taking over Iraq, the world's second biggest oil producer, was the first such opportunity.

At 2.40pm on September 11, according to confidential notes taken by his aides, Donald Rumsfeld, the Defense Secretary, said he wanted to "hit" Iraq - even though not a shred of evidence existed that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the attacks on New York and Washington. "Go massive," the notes quote Rumsfeld as saying. "Sweep it all up. Things related and not." Iraq was given a brief reprieve when it was decided instead to attack Afghanistan. This was the "softest option" and easiest to explain to the American people - even though not a single September 11 hijacker came from Afghanistan. In the meantime, securing the "big prize", Iraq, became an obsession in both Washington and London.

An Office of Special Plans was hurriedly set up in the Pentagon for the sole purpose of converting "loose" or unsubstantiated intelligence into U.S. policy. This was a source from which Downing Street received much of the "evidence" of weapons of mass destruction we now know to be phoney.

Contrary to Blair's denials at the time, the decision to attack Iraq was set in motion on September 17 2001, just six days after the attacks on New York and Washington.

On that day, Bush signed a top- secret directive, ordering the Pentagon to begin planning "military options" for an invasion of Iraq. In July 2002, Condoleezza Rice told another Bush official who had voiced doubts about invading Iraq: "A decision has been made. Don't waste your breath."

The ultimate cynicism of this cover-up was expressed by Rumsfeld himself only last week. When asked why he thought most Americans still believed Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks of September 11, he replied: "I've not seen any indication that would lead me to believe I could say that."

It is this that makes the Hutton inquiry in London virtually a sham. By setting up an inquiry solely into the death of the weapons expert David Kelly, Blair has ensured there will be no official public investigation into the real reasons he and Bush attacked Iraq and into when exactly they made that decision. He has ensured there will be no headlines about disclosures in email traffic between Downing Street and the White House, only secretive tittle-tattle from Whitehall and the smearing of the messenger of Blair's misdeeds.




The Moscow Times

September 24, 2003

Vanishing Act

By Chris Floyd

It's a shell game, with money, companies and corporate brands switching in a blur of buyouts and bogus fronts. It's a sinkhole, where mobbed-up operators, paid-off public servants, crazed Christian fascists, CIA shadow-jobbers, war-pimping arms dealers -- and presidential family members -- lie down together in the slime. It's a hacker's dream, with pork-funded, half-finished, secretly programmed computer systems installed without basic security standards by politically partisan private firms, and protected by law from public scrutiny. It's how the United States, the "world's greatest democracy," casts its votes. And it's why George W. Bush will almost certainly be the next president of the United States -- no matter what the people of the United States might want.

The American vote-count is controlled by three major corporate players -- Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia -- with a fourth, Science Applications International Corporation, coming on strong. These companies -- all of them hardwired into the Bushist Party power grid -- have been given billions of dollars by the Bush Regime to complete a sweeping computerization of voting machines nationwide by the 2004 election. These glitch-riddled systems -- many using "touch-screen" technology that leaves no paper trail at all -- are almost laughably open to manipulation, according to corporate whistleblowers and computer scientists at Stanford, Johns Hopkins and other universities.

The technology had a trial run in the 2002 midterm elections. In Georgia, serviced by new Diebold systems, a popular Democratic governor and senator were both unseated in what the media called "amazing" upsets, with results showing vote swings of up to 16 percent from the last pre-ballot polls. In computerized Minnesota, former Vice President Walter Mondale -- a replacement for popular incumbent Paul Wellstone, who died days before the vote -- was also defeated in a large last-second vote swing. Convenient "glitches" in Florida saw an untold number of votes intended for the Democratic candidate registering instead for Governor Jeb "L'il Brother" Bush. A Florida Democrat who lost a similarly "glitched" local election went to court to have the computers examined -- but the case was thrown out by a judge who ruled that the innards of America's voting machines are the "trade secrets" of the private companies who make them.

Who's behind these private companies? It's hard to tell: The corporate lines -- even the bloodlines -- of these "competitors" are so intricately mixed. For example, at Diebold -- whose corporate chief, Wally O'Dell, a top Bush fundraiser, has publicly committed himself to "delivering" his home state's votes to Bush next year -- the election division is run by Bob Urosevich. Bob's brother, Todd, is a top executive at "rival" ES&S. The brothers were originally staked in the vote-count business by Howard Ahmanson, a member of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing "steering group" stacked with Bushist faithful.

Ahmanson is also one of the bagmen behind the extremist "Christian Reconstructionist" movement, which openly advocates a theocratic takeover of American democracy, placing the entire society under the "dominion" of "Christ the King." This "dominion" includes the death penalty for homosexuals, exclusion of citizenship for non-Christians, stoning of sinners and -- we kid you not -- slavery, "one of the most beneficent of Biblical laws."

Ahmanson also has major holdings in ES&S, whose former CEO is Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. When Hagel ran for office, his own company counted the votes; needless to say, his initial victory was reported as "an amazing upset." Hagel still has a million-dollar stake in the parent company of ES&S. In Florida, Jeb Bush's first choice for a running mate in his 1998 gubernatorial race was ES&S lobbyist Sandra Mortham, who made a mint installing the machines that counted Jeb's votes.

Sequoia also has a colorful history, most recently in Louisiana, where it was the center of a massive corruption case that sent top state officials to jail for bribery, most of it funneled through Mob-connected front firms. Sequoia executives were also indicted, but escaped trial after giving immunized testimony against state officials. The British-owned company's corporate parent is private equity firm Madison Dearborn -- a partner of the Carlyle Group, where George Bush I makes millions trolling the world for war pork, privatizations and sweetheart deals with government insiders.

Meanwhile, the shadowy defense contractor SAIC has jumped into the vote-counting game, both directly and through spinoffs by its top brass, including Admiral Bill Owens, former military aide to Dick Cheney and Carlyle honcho Frank Carlucci, and ex-CIA chief Robert Gates. SAIC's history of fraud charges and security lapses in its electronic systems hasn't prevented it from becoming one of the largest Pentagon and CIA contractors -- and will doubtless pose little obstacle to its entrance into election engineering.

The mad rush to install unverifiable computer voting is driven by the Help America Vote Act, signed by Bush last year. The chief lobbying group pushing for the act was a consortium of arms dealers -- those disinterested corporate citizens -- including Northop-Grumman and Lockheed-Martin. The bill also mandates that all states adopt the computerized "ineligible voter purge" system that Jeb used to eliminate 91,000 eligible black voters from the Florida rolls in 2000. The Republican-run private company that accomplished this electoral miracle, ChoicePoint, is bagging the lion's share of the new Bush-ordered purge contracts.

The unelected Bush Regime now controls the government, the military, the judiciary -- and the machinery of democracy itself. Absent some unlikely great awakening by the co-opted dullards of the corporate media, next November the last shreds of a genuine American republic will disappear -- at the push of a button.


See also:

E-voting given go-ahead despite flaws (Sept 25)
A US electronic voting system which sparked alarm in July when experts suggested it could subvert an election outcome, has been given the go-ahead. Faulty software underpinning a touch-screen voting system used in past US elections has been revamped substantially and will be used by Maryland voters in the next US elections, says a report published by the Governor's Office of Maryland on Wednesday. But the lead researcher on the original study showing that serious bugs in the software might allow one person to cast many votes, was sceptical. Avi Rubin at Johns Hopkins University, maintains that by continuing to use the software - the Diebold AccuVote Touch Screen Voting System - American democracy remains jeopardized.

Rep. Rush Holt Introduces Legislation to Require All Voting Machines To Produce A Voter-Verified Paper Trail
Washington, DC - Rep. Rush Holt today responded to the growing chorus of concern from election reform specialists and computer security experts about the integrity of future elections by introducing reform legislation, The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2003. The measure would require all voting machines to produce an actual paper record by 2004 that voters can view to check the accuracy of their votes and that election officials can use to verify votes in the event of a computer malfunction, hacking, or other irregularity. Experts often refer to this paper record as a "voter-verified paper trail." "We cannot afford nor can we permit another major assault on the integrity of the American electoral process," said Rep. Rush Holt. "Imagine it's Election Day 2004. You enter your local polling place and go to cast your vote on a brand new "touch screen" voting machine. The screen says your vote has been counted. As you exit the voting booth, however, you begin to wonder. How do I know if the machine actually recorded my vote? The fact is, you don't."



From: "Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)">
Date: 28 Sep 2003
Subject: Israel: Monday, Solidarity Vigil with the 27 pilots of moral courage

GUSH SHALOM pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033

We call for a Solidarity Vigil with the pilots

Monday evening, Opposite the Defense Ministry Gate, Tel-Aviv

You, the 27 of moral courage, who are refusing to comply with immoral orders, who are rebelling against the occupation,
YOU are the real patriots,
YOU save the honor of Israel,
YOU restore the belief in our state,

Gush Shalom ad published in Ha'aretz, September 26

On Monday, Sept 29 at 5.30 PM, we will hold a solidarity vigil opposite the Defense Ministry gate in Tel-Aviv (Kaplan St.) to express support for the refusal of the 27 combat pilots to obey illegal and immoral orders; to bomb Palestinian neighborhoods in the course of "targeted liquidations.

Other groups are invited to join.

Text of the pilots' letter at (in Hebrew)
Letters of support to:

Our site: (English)

\\photos - of actions or otherwise informative
\\the weekly Gush Shalom ad - in Hebrew and English
\\the columns of Uri Avnery - in Hebrew, Arab and English
\\and a lot more

N.B.: On the Gush Shalom website links for:
Articles and documents in German, French and Spanish


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The looniest of all 9/11 conspiracy theories (August 2003)

"Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories," President Bush stated amid increasingly loud accusations that his administration may have allowed the tragic events of 9/11 to occur as a pretext justifying U.S. expansion of armed conflict around the world to allegedly wage war on terrorism. Curiously, most of the "outrageous conspiracy theories" to which he refers incorporate some extremely sound science, logic and witness testimony where the official version is lacking in those critical areas. The following is a rather clever and immensely sarcastic approach to the government's explanation of 9/11 -- which follows a pattern established by the "magic bullet theory" to explain the assassination of JFK and a Ryder truck full of fertilizer and fuel oil to explain the damage at the Murrah federal building in OK City.

by Gerard Holmgren

Astute observers of history are aware that for every notable event there will usually be at least one ,often several wild conspiracy theories which spring up around it. "The CIA killed Hendrix"; "the Pope had John Lennon murdered"; "Hitler was half Werewolf"; "Space aliens replaced Nixon with a clone," etc, etc. The bigger the event, the more ridiculous and more numerous are the fanciful rantings which circulate in relation to it.

So its hardly surprising that the events of Sept. 11, 2001, have spawned their fair share of these ludicrous fairy tales. And as always, there is -- sadly -- a small but gullible percentage of the population eager to lap up these tall tales, regardless of facts or rational analysis.

One of the wilder stories circulating about Sept 11 (and one that has attracted something of a cult following amongst conspiracy buffs) is that it was carried out by 19 fanatical Arab hijackers, masterminded by an evil genius named Osama bin Laden, with no apparent motivation other than that they "hate our freedoms."

Never a group of people to be bothered by facts, the perpetrators of this cartoon fantasy have constructed an elaborately woven web of delusions and unsubstantiated hearsay in order to promote this garbage across the Internet and the media to the extent that a number of otherwise rational people have actually fallen under its spell.

Normally I don't even bother debunking this kind of junk, but the effect that this paranoid myth is beginning to have requires a little rational analysis, in order to consign it to the same rubbish bin as all such silly conspiracy theories.

These crackpots even contend that the extremist Bush regime was caught unawares by the attacks, had no hand in organizing them and actually would have stopped them if it had been able. Blindly ignoring the stand down of the U.S. Air Force, the insider trading on airline stocks (linked to the CIA), the complicit behavior of Bush on the morning of the attacks, the controlled demolition of the WTC, the firing of a missile into the Pentagon and a host of other documented proofs that the Bush regime was behind the attacks, the conspiracy theorists stick doggedly to a silly story about 19 Arab hijackers somehow managing to commandeer four planes simultaneously and fly them around U.S. airspace for nearly two hours, crashing them into important buildings, without the U.S. intelligence services having any idea that it was coming, and without the Air Force knowing what to do.

The daunting task of analysis

The huge difficulties with such a stupid story force them to invent even more preposterous stories to distract from its core silliness, and thus the tale has escalated into a mythic fantasy of truly gargantuan proportions.

It's difficult to apply rational analysis to such unmitigated stupidity, but that is the task which I take on in this article. However, it should be noted that one of the curious characteristics of conspiracy theorists is that they effortlessly change their so called evidence in response to each aspect which is debunked. As soon as one delusion is unmasked, they simply invent another to replace it and deny that the first ever existed. Eventually, when they have turned full circle through this endlessly changing fantasy fog , they then reinvent the original delusion and deny that you ever debunked it, thus beginning the circle once more. This technique is known as "the fruit loop" and saves the conspiracy theorist from ever having to see any of their ideas through to their (ill)logical conclusions.

The fruit loop

According to the practitioners of the fruit loop, 19 Arabs took over the four planes by subduing the passengers and crew through the use of guns, knives, box cutters and gas, and then used electronic guidance systems which they had smuggled on board to fly the planes to their targets.

The suspension of disbelief required for this outrageous concoction is only for the hard core conspiracy theorist. For a start, they conveniently skip over the awkward fact that there weren't any Arabs on the planes.

If there were, one must speculate that they somehow got on board without being filmed by any of the security cameras and without being registered on the passenger lists. But the curly question of how they are supposed to have got on board is all too mundane for the exciting world of the conspiracy theorist.

Who's on first?

With vague mumblings that they must have been using false ID (but never specifying which IDs they are alleged to have used, or how these were traced to their real identities), they quickly bypass this problem, to relate exciting and sinister tales about how some of the fictitious fiends were actually searched before boarding because they looked suspicious.

However, as inevitably happens with any web of lies, this simply paints them into an even more difficult corner. How are they supposed to have gotten on board with all that stuff if they were searched? And if they used gas in a confined space, they would have been affected themselves unless they also had masks in their luggage.

"Excuse me sir, why do you have a boxcutter, a gun, a container of gas, a gas mask and an electronic guidance unit in your luggage?"

"A present for your grandmother? Very well sir, on you get."

"Very strange," thinks the security officer. "That's the fourth Arabic man without an Arabic name who just got on board with a knife, gun or boxcutter and gas mask. And why does that security camera keep flicking off every time one these characters shows up? Must be one of those days I guess..."

Asking any of these basic questions to a conspiracy theorist is likely to cause a sudden leap to the claim that we know that they were on board because they left a credit card trail for the tickets they had purchased and cars they had rented. So, if they used credit cards that identified them, how does that reconcile with the claim that they used false IDs to get on to the plane?

But by this time, the fruit loop is in full swing, as the conspiracy theorist tries to stay one jump ahead of this annoying and awkward rational analysis. They will allege that the hijackers' passports were found at the crash scenes. "So there!" they exalt triumphantly, their fanatical faces lighting up with that deranged look of one who has just experienced a revelation of questionable sanity.

Hmm? So they got on board with false IDs but took their real passports with them? However, by this time the fruit loop has been completely circumnavigated, and the conspiracy theorist exclaims impatiently, "Who said anything about false IDs? We know what seats they were sitting in! Their presence is well documented!"

And so the whole loop starts again. "Well, why aren't they on the passenger lists?"

"You numbskull! They assumed the identities of other passengers!" And so on...

Finally, out of sheer fascination with this circular method of creative delusion, the rational sceptic will allow them to get away with this loop, in order to move on to the next question, and see what further delights await us in the unraveling of this marvelously stupid story.

CLIP - Read the (long) missing part at


Once they get desperate enough, you can be sure that the UFO conspiracy stuff will make an appearance. The Arabs are in league with the Martians. Space aliens snatched the remains of the Pentagon plane and fixed most of the hole in the wall, just to confuse people. They gave the Arabs invisibility pills to help get them onto the planes. Little green men were seen talking to Bin Laden a few weeks prior to the attacks.

As the nation gears up to impeach the traitor Bush, and stop his perpetual oil war, it's not helpful to have these idiots distracting from the process by spreading silly conspiracy theories about mythical Arabs, stories which do nothing but play into the hands of the extremist Bush regime.

At a less serious time, we might tolerate such crackpots with amused detachment, but they need to understand that the treachery that was perpetrated on Sept. 11, and the subsequent war crimes committed in "retaliation" are far too serious for us to allow such frivolous self indulgence to go unchallenged.

Those who are truly addicted to conspiracy delusions should find a more appropriate outlet for their paranoia.

Its time to stop loony conspiracy theories about Sept 11.


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