December 11, 2003

Heroes of Our Times Series #7: Holding The Light High

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Once again I was not expecting to send you another compilation this week and yet here is one with some pretty inspiring/moving/powerful contributions mostly from ERN subscribers. I believe you will enjoy quite a lot reading and sharing this one.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"As we come more into alignment with the divine, with a power that is far greater than ourselves, we are asked to be more gracious and more humble and to go beyond the ego. From there we can step into the arena of the unlimited and the boundless and gain a more expansive, richer and deeper sense of self. The Divine Presence will guide us, support and nourish us and give us the clarity we need on a daily basis, so as to help further our personal growth and the work we are here to do. Healing the separation from the divine is the most important work we can do. When we call upon the divine for help or assistance, it is always given but not necessarily in the way we expect it."

- Maggie Erotokritou - Taken from "Unification in a globalising world" below

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1. Next Time
2. Message from an Anonymous Saint for this Time
3. Unification in a globalising world
4. New Earth Teachers training offered
5. INDIGO wins Audience Choice Award
6. Miami: A Dangerous Victory
7. Support MoveOn.Org
8. I need your help


VERY MOVING STORY written and sent a few days ago by "Tony Budell"> a long-time ERN subscriber

Next Time

By Brother Anthony

The ice cold Siberian wind howled mercilessly through the streets, blowing snow into whirling mini tornado’s which felt more like tiny slivers of glass on my face, rather than snow. The intense cold penetrated my winter clothing, finding even the smallest gap up my sleeves or down my upturned collar, seeking out any tiny area of exposed skin with its insidiously icy fingers. I hurried as best as I could, head bent down and face turned away from the wind, then turning a corner and finding just a little respite from the howling blizzard.

I could now make out the church in front of me and I was somehow half expecting to see the ‘Beggar woman’ sitting upon its steps, holding out her little tin cup with which to collect any spare kopeks from kindly folk entering or leaving the church, but not today! Today she would not be there, nor would she be at her other favourite place, sitting on the steps of the subway that goes under the main road through Chernigov. In the summer months she would sit on the top step, but as summer turned to autumn, and autumn to winter, she would move down a few steps, finding what shelter she could from the Ukraine’s harsh winter and the cruelties of hunger, cold and aloneness.

Whenever I saw her, I would place a little money in her tin cup and she in turn would reach out for my hand and kiss it, thus offering me a blessing. I used to have a problem with this, feeling that I was receiving far more from her than I was giving, but my lovely healer friend, Baba Gayla, explained that it was not I that gave and not I that received. It was my soul that gave to the ‘Beggar woman’ and my soul that received from her. This interaction between us was our two souls recognising each other in a loving embrace of my giving and receiving and her receiving and giving. But not today!

Back in the summer when I was in Chernigov, I thought that maybe I would stop and have a chat with her, asking her if she had a family? Had she been married? Had she any children? What had brought her to this situation of dire poverty, destitution and want? It was difficult even knowing how old she was because the months, possibly even the years, of sitting out in all weathers had turned her once gentle skin into shadows of weariness, poverty and misfortune. I didn’t even know her name as we had never spoken one word to each other. Maybe she had a wonderful Russian name like, “Anastasia” or “Valentina,” I really wish I knew. I wanted to ask these things but I was always in a hurry and told myself that the next time I visited Chernigov, I would stop and talk with her. Yes, next time I would.

I entered the cemetery, situated behind the church, and walked over to the far corner, bracing myself against the blinding blizzard and found Father Ivan where he said he would be when he had telephoned and informed me that my ‘Beggar woman’ was dead. He spoke no English, so our greetings were exchanged in Russian. Under Ukrainian law, if a ‘Street person’ dies, the body is taken to the morgue and a small advertisement placed in the newspaper with a description for anyone to identify the dead person. If no one comes forward, then the body is placed in an unmarked ‘pauper’s grave’ in the far corner of the cemetery.

The coffin had already been lowered into the grave by four cemetery workers, who in turn had hurried back to their hut out of the cold, to drink hot coffee or vodka before returning to fill in the grave, once we had gone. Unlike western coffins, which are enclosed, the coffins of Ukraine are only the bottom half and with no lid, the body lying exposed. Father Ivan and I were the only witnesses to her burial, he standing at the head of the grave and I at the feet. He read the burial rites, rather too quickly for my liking, but then he was rather old and probably felt the cold even more keenly than I did. He finished by making the sign of the crucifix over the body and, pulling his collar up as far as he could, hurried back into the warmth of his church.

I now stand looking down at her as the falling snow veils her face. Something in me makes me want to climb down into the grave and gently brush the snow away so that I can see her face for a little longer, but I can’t. I feel totally distraught that time, poverty, and the harsh Ukrainian winter has robbed me of “next time.” My tears, unnoticed by me, turn into small drops of ice and stick to my cheeks. I am oblivious to the raging blizzard, the intense cold, or the howling wind. Her face is now completely covered with snow and at last she has found peace in the grave.

I tell her how sorry I am. How sorry I am that I did not give her more than a few kopeks, because if I had given her more maybe she would have been able to buy hot food to ward off the cold, or even a warm coat, scarf and gloves and maybe, just maybe, she would still be alive today. I feel really guilty and in that guilt, I feel that I have failed her and betrayed her, because I had so much and she so little. My tears intensify and I drop to my knees, oblivious to the cold wet snow seeping through my trousers. My guilt is that I could have done much more for her and I didn’t.

As I look down at her body, now completely covered with snow, my heart tells me that she was my mother, my wife, my sister, my best friend. She is all these and more and my heart yearns to tell her these unsaid things. She died alone in a pitiless existence and I could have done much more for her and others like her, in fact we all could!

With fingers numb with cold, I slowly unzipped my jacket, taking out a rather bedraggled yellow rose that I had purchased at the market on my way here. Her body was now almost completely covered with snow and, saying a short prayer, I dropped the rose into the grave.

The next time I see a ‘Beggar woman,’ of which there are many in this impoverished city of Chernigov, I will take the time to speak to her, to ask her the questions that I failed to ask this dear woman. Yes, next time I will………….. Rest in peace my dear ‘Anastasia,’ rest in peace my love.

A Happy New Year and God bless you all.


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Date: 9 Dec 2003
From: "Mihoko Suzuki">
Subject: Message from an Anonymous Saint for this Time

Hello Jean,

I truly appreciate for your magnificent work of Light. Today I have a special message for you. As the time of Great Phoenix birthing nears, my book, The Cosmic Heart, was finally released to the world. This is a story of miracle of an anonymous saint who lives in a small village in Japan. More than ten different books have been published (in Japanese language) about this extraordinary man of Light, and yet this is the first time that his message was made available in English so the whole world can have an access to his message. I met him in Hopi Land, AZ where I live now. Though he remains absolutely anonymous, his Light seems to have a way of attracting many people around him.

His message is simple, powerful and refreshing to the world as it is now going through such a tremendous shift. I feel that I was simply used as a vehicle to write this book.

I feel that you may have the same (or similar) role on the planet to spread the message of the True Heart.

Please find out more about this man of miracle and about The Cosmic Heart at my web site:

Many Many Blessings to You!!

Mihoko Knight Suzuki


NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is an excerpt from the Prologue of this book posted at

(...) During the summer of 1997, from the country where "the gourd full of ashes" was dropped came seventeen shamans to pay a visit to Hopi Land where the uranium, the very material of the "gourd" was excavated. Japan and Hopi Land are deeply and karmically related to each other, and those shamans had been called by their Spirits to visit and purify the karma of Hopi Land. At that time, I was called to bring the shamans and Hopi Elders together and work for them as an interpreter. I've interpreted many conferences internationally for years, however, no jobs have ever compared to this very special, spiritual project. It shook my soul so deeply and opened my spiritual eyes so wide, leading me into a mysterious path of vision quest.

Among the group of the seventeen Yuta, the Okinawan shamans, was a man who was inconspicuous in many ways. This book is about that anonymous man whom I later began to call "S. Sensei" (Master S.) This is a story of miracles; a true account of this extraordinary, anonymous saint and how in his ordinariness he has followed his Heart for over two decades traveling around the world as led by the Divine Beings. Master S. has already been introduced to Japanese readers in several books, yet this is the first attempt to introduce this Okinawan saint to the rest of the world. As a grateful one who had a chance to encounter him in this lifetime, I, too, wish so much to share with you his miraculous journeys, his divine mission on the Earth, and his empowering message for this trying time.


About a month after I met Mr. S. in Hopi Land (I was still calling him "S.-san" or Mr. S. then), I had a chance to visit him in Okinawa for the first time. In one corner of his backyard there was a sacred garden, honoring all the Deities of Japan. My eyes were instantly glued to a mysterious mossy stone the size of a human head. The mossy area on the stone inexplicably corresponded to the Earth like a terrestrial globe.

Mr. S. pointed to the stone and said, "The stone represents the Earth as it is now. God gave it to me, through a man, entrusting that I take care of it. When the green moss dies, the Earth ends as well. This is how our Planet is now." Ever since, Mr. S. has been taking care of the stone by watering it periodically, but the mossy areas have been turning brown no matter how well moistened it is. I have since visited him every year, and each time I see the brown areas have enlarged. During my last visit, I must sadly report the stone was a brown globe with a few green patches on it! It is showing me visually, a non-psychic, ordinary person, how much the Earth is weakening. The Earth is in pain and is visibly gasping for survival.

"Total nonsense!" you may say. You might suspect that I'm crazy, too. But you know what? I believe you will understand at your soul level what I am truly trying to convey to you if you read this story with an open heart. We are all part of One Life, sharing the same breath of the Universe.

Please ask yourself,

"Who am I truly?"
"Why am I here for, and where did I come from?"
"Am I doing what I was originally supposed to do on Earth now?"

Take time and try to remember these things.

I ask you please to read this book with an open mind. The world view or spiritual foundation of a "country of many Gods" is certainly different from that of monotheistic countries. Yet I believe that we all understand the language of the Heart which is the core message of Master S.

May all human beings now be awakened into the Light from our long and deep spiritual coma! May we all live in Love and Light through this time of grand transformation into the Cosmic Age!



From: "Maggie Erotokritou">
Subject: Unification in a globalising world
Date: 6 Nov 2003

Messages to Humanity on Unification in a Globalising World

by Maggie Erotokritou

I just came back from Istanbul, where I was invited to give a presentation at the World Brotherhood Union, the Mevlana Supreme Foundation. This was a lightworkers gathering and the subject of the conference was "Messages to Humanity on Unification in a Globalising World." The whole week was a unique experience with very high energy and a constant sharing of light and knowledge. After the presentation, we sounded three OMs, the first time I did this with over a thousand people. It was amazing.

I would like to share parts of my speech with you. I started off giving an overview of the Cyprus problem, the division of the island, the inability to cross over to the other side for 29 years and the opening of the border earlier this year and the work that still needs to be done. When the invitation came to visit Turkey, I knew it was a unique opportunity at such a time and an opportunity to make lightlinks. I then focused on different ways of working, the political, the humanitarian, the peacework and lightwork. Lightwork was the main focus of the speech. If anyone wants the full speech, I can email it to them.

Love and blessings, Maggie 


(...) In a sense the lightworkers have the most difficult task and rarely receive recognition or acknowledgement for their work. They may put a lot of time and energy into this work but oftentimes the results are not obvious and may not be visibly seen by the uninitiated and is also difficult to explain or define.

Yet we must never allow this to create doubts in our minds. For lightworkers with the purest of intention working from the highest level of integrity, can have great influence and accomplish amazing feats, for lightwork is the realm of the miraculous. Oftentimes, we do not know the outcome of our work, so we have to just keep following our intuition or the guidance that is given. Spiritual endeavours are accomplished with the blessings and guidance of those on the higher realms. In performing lightwork, we rise above the apparent and the obvious and move towards the realms of the celestial. This is the realm of all possibilities, wherein we can expect the unexpected, and know that divine intervention is always possible.

We can never fully understand the karmic implications of any given situation or why things happen in a certain way. We may see what led up to it and what happened before that, but we cannot see how far back in history those karmic threads go to create the karmic repercussions that are occurring today. We therefore cannot put blame and it is not our position to do so, for ultimately we cannot see the whole picture and unconsciously we may be biased by our cultural and social programming.

We cannot see the great Master Plan, though sometimes we are given glimpses, insights and revelations that help us gain a clearer understanding and propel us forward. The Divine Presence and the Ascended Masters desire to work with those who are willing and ready, but first we need to prepare ourselves and purify in order to become pure channels, so as to be able to receive what is given. By maintaining a constant state of peace and harmony within and releasing and transforming all negative discord, we can recreate the balance that is needed, first on a personal level and then globally.

As lightworkers, we must continue to question ourselves as to what more we can do. So often we feel impotent, like our hands are tied and that the systems that govern do not allow us the freedom to create or to do what we want to do. To aid this process, we must become more peaceful and harmonious in ourselves and maintain a clear, vibrant energy field. As that energy field becomes more radiant, it subtly influences everything around us. This is known as our circle of influence, which spreads out much further that we realize.

Conferences and gatherings like this one help bring people with vision together. As we share our visions, we can inspire, uplift and encourage each other along the path. In such circumstances, we get an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and traditions, and to get a glimpse into each others lives and to share a deeper part of who we really are, something that our every day encounters may not allow us to do. Remaining focused and steadfast in our work requires determined energy and a lot of patience and perseverance. Sometimes it takes great courage to hold our vision in the face of adversity.

As we come more into alignment with the divine, with a power that is far greater than ourselves, we are asked to be more gracious and more humble and to go beyond the ego. From there we can step into the arena of the unlimited and the boundless and gain a more expansive, richer and deeper sense of self. The Divine Presence will guide us, support and nourish us and give us the clarity we need on a daily basis, so as to help further our personal growth and the work we are here to do. Healing the separation from the divine is the most important work we can do. When we call upon the divine for help or assistance, it is always given but not necessarily in the way we expect it.

When we move into stillness, into the deepest stillness within our being, where every fluctuation and vibration can be felt, we are nourished by the energy of the divine as it fills us up. In this state, we can leave behind our daily woes and cares, and go beyond our personal desires, frustrations and expectations as we are wrapped and protected by the wings of the divine. Through moving into a state of beingness and grace, we can create a beautiful and harmonious field of love and light.

It does not matter what our background, faith or religion is, because in a higher state of consciousness, we transcend them all. When we transcend, we move beyond all dogma and differences. In unity consciousness, we know and appreciate the oneness of all living things. 

As our alignment with the divine increases and we are able to maintain it both during meditation and throughout the day, we start to experience samadhi, pure realized consciousness, which brings total awareness and full compassion for humanity. Alignment may come through prayer or meditation or through a deep reverence of the divine. Meditation is a tool that allows us access into the depths of our beingness, into the vast reservoirs of the heart and mind. This gives us clarity and a deeper understanding of how we can truly be of service to humanity. As lightworkers, we have a great task before us, we are called to embrace this role with joy and courage and to diminish all fear, knowing that support is always given.  

We have moved into a new era, and a new energy is pouring into the planet. It is the energy of the Divine Feminine. This energy is available to anyone who is open to it, both men and women. The Divine Feminine brings with it the qualities of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, harmony, warmth and nurturing. It is a softer and sweeter energy; it is more nourishing and protective. The Divine Feminine ignites the threefold flame within the heart, the flames of love, wisdom and power, which are so desperately needed in the world. The Divine Feminine fills us with love and helps us to transform all discordant tendencies right down to the cellular level so as to bring about a spiritual metamorphosis.

The Divine Feminine challenges us to be all that we can be, to grow into our full potential and to move into a more expansive and blissful way of being. Once we have tasted the nectar of the Divine Feminine, it will open and soften our hearts and heal the wounds of the past so that we can actualise and work consciously from our true spiritual self. Then each of us can become a teacher in our own right, sharing the knowledge and the wisdom we have gained. Sometimes we are required to be more public or to teach verbally, and other times we teach silently through our presence, through the vibrations we give out.

Through daily alignment, attunement and meditation, we continually sharpen our skills of observation. The spiritual path is an embarkation on a never ending journey of self actualisation and development, so as to transform ourselves into beings of light that work consciously together to create a better life for all.   

Our thoughts precede our actions and our manifestations, so by becoming aware of every thought, we can become more conscious of what we are creating in the moment. Energy follows thought and energy and consciousness work together. We are the creators of our reality and as lightworkers we have the ability to work from a very high level of consciousness and to hold the highest vision for humanity. This vision needs to encompass the principles of world peace, equality, food, shelter and adequate resources and opportunities for all.


Maggie Erotokritou is the author of Radiant Woman, Every Woman's Guide to Health, Healing and Rejuvenation. See contact

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NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is more about Maggie and her most excellent book:

About the Book:

Radiant Woman, Every Woman’s Guide to Health, Healing and Rejuvenation, offers many practical ideas on complimentary and holistic approaches to preventive health care. The emphasis of this book is upon creating radiant health through taking responsibility for one’s health and getting to the root cause of imbalances and disease. Radiant health is more than just feeling physically good or being disease free, it is about being filled with energy, vitality and joy so as to be able to live a high quality of life. By paying attention to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, healing and transformation can take place.

Radiance and true beauty come from within. Radiant Woman shows you how to create balance and harmony in your life through nurturing yourself by implementing life-enhancing ideas, which promote regeneration and rejuvenation.

Maggie Erotokritou:

Maggie Erotokritou is an Ayurvedic health consultant, rebirther, healer, transformational counsellor and Yoga and meditation teacher. She co-directed the Surya Centre for health and healing in Cyprus, founded the Women’s Spiritual Network and the Global Spiritual Network on the Internet. She lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus and also works in London. She gives seminars on health, healing and spiritual development and women’s issues.

Her book, Radiant Woman, Every Woman’s Guide to Health, Healing and Rejuvenation is based upon many years of personal experience of exploration into different healing modalities including Ayurveda, Esoteric Healing and Rebirthing.

She is deeply interested in the metaphysical and energetic aspects of healing and the study of consciousness and human potential.

Free Preview:

Radiant women have an inner beauty that stands out. They are not necessarily beautiful in the traditional way, because of their outer looks, facial features, body shape or size. It is their presence that comes forth, their warmth, their joy and their way of being that makes them attractive. A radiant woman glows, her eyes sparkle and her smile dazzles. She radiates a blissful aura, her energy is powerful and centered and she is clear and positive. A radiant woman knows how to nurture and take care of herself. She takes responsibility for her health and well-being, listens to her body and pays attention to how she feels and acts accordingly.

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From: "Wistancia">
Subject: New Earth Teachers training offered
Date: 3 Dec 2003


This is about the training Channie is starting that makes a teacher out of everyone. It answers what can people really Do to become a part of the rising frequency on the Earth. There is so much focus on what is wrong - here is someone who is training people in what they can DO with positive love and to move the whole thing forward. This is really different.

What in the World is Happening?

How can we be a part of it?

NET: New Earth Teachers

For Earth’s Big Transformation:

You can Become a New Earth Teacher

CHANNIE CENTARA, an incarnated Extraterrestrial, in an Enlightened lecture answers:

"How can I help? What can I really do?"

Here is some information on it:

Please go to for details on NET training. Click on the button NET.

CHANNIE CENTARA presents "A NET-workshop: New Earth Teachers"

For info: 1.818.706.8533 -

Channie Centara’s NET-workshop addresses the heart and the body at this momentous time of shift and change. It offers clear-cut inspiration, concrete information, and Universal understanding about planetary shifts, how to feel our way into them and what we can physically do to speed up the process and make it more beautiful and smooth. The Earth entered the first stage of its big transformation at the end of September 2003. The topic of this revolutionary workshop is how to become a part of what is occurring in a real and tangible way. How to connect with the soul and spirit of Mother Earth and feel our way into going through it together, participating in what is occurring. Adding our love and our light. This workshop will discuss many ways that everyone can help Mother Earth in her process, so that she may rise up to her new level, take her new form and become The New Earth. It answers the question many are asking: "How can I help? What can I really do?" Channie brings an understanding about ways to elevate Earth’s frequency as well as what is happening, both around us, and within our bodies. Channie is an incarnated extraterrestrial of highest Light who has full memory of her lives and other bodies in the Universe, as well as memory of other planetary transformations into higher dimensional energies. Her work has brought her here to help Earth in its evolution and the coming of a New Era. Channie’s work has brought her to many places in the world, teaching, healing, lecturing, writing, doing workshops and opening large portals, and more.

This workshop is available to everyone, easily affordable and makes a NET teacher out of all who attend. In this way it is the hope that the people and the planet will benefit by learning new techniques and technologies to truly assist the transition. In this workshop, the following curriculum will be taught.

1: How to open small Portals.

2: How to make small portals on oceans, lakes and water.

3: How to connect with Mother Earth's Soul and Spirit.

4: Two specific meditations about The New Earth.

5: How to take the first step in cleaning and fixing the present Earth. How to build a crystalline device for clearing water.

6: How to help karma and release karma from the Earth.

7: Understanding the New Chakras and how to use stones to balance them.

8: Raising frequency by using elixirs.

9: How to do The Golden Movement Part One, which connects one to the Energy and Power of the Universe.

10: Receiving an initiation to become a NET teacher.

11: How to initiate others so that they also will become NET teachers.

This workshop is an invitation, you could say, to put your love into action and easily become a NET teacher if you want to. The training can be accomplished in person or by distance, using phone or computer or even the mail. The purpose is to spread the knowledge contained in the course to everyone so that people, animals, nature, the environment and the planet come into greater harmony.

Jean, Can you network any of this for everyone? This is the most positive answer to helping Earth and people and nature that I have heard of anywhere. It is designed to be very affordable and to easily pass it forward. Therefore it can be done in physical and through email/computers...or phone. I think it is brilliant, Jean. For it is coming from a higher place to truly give human lightworkers something tangible to do with their spirit, soul, heart, mind and body! Please network this information. It is just what is needed "before" there is going to be real, physical, big contact. We have to help our planet and be part of everything. that is what taking our role on Earth and in the Universe is all about, and NET seems to be the most profound answer that I can think of. There will be other series of NET teachings/trainings. Each designed to take it further and further and each step brings us closer to the New Earth.

Thanks, Jean. Please let me know how we can work together on this.




From: "James Twyman">
Subject: INDIGO wins Audience Choice Award
Date: 9 Dec 2003

We are proud to announce that INDIGO won the prestigious "Audience Choice Award" at the Santa Fe Film Festival last weekend! This was the only award that was voted on by the audiences themselves, in a festival that featured a total of 211 films, some of which
had actors like Sean Penn, Ben Kingsley and Nicole Kidman. This is an amazing honor and an incredible way for INDIGO to begin what will likely be a long life, inspiring millions with its message and heart warming story.

Nearly 2000 people came from all over the world to be part of INDIGO's premiere. At least 70% of the audience came from outside the Santa Fe area, creating a buzz that this festival has never experienced before. When the Audience Choice Award was announced, the presenter made an amazing statement: "The Santa Fe Film Festival is honored to witness the creation of a new genre in film -- Spiritual Cinema."

And yet, INDIGO's journey has just begun. We will be showing the film at other film festivals over the next several months, and hope to continue this momentum to ensure a worldwide theatrical release sometime in 2004. Many of you have asked us how you can help this project move forward. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Contact film festivals near you and tell them that you would like to see INDIGO. One of the things that impressed the Santa Fe Festival was that the majority of the people who came to see INDIGO were first time film festival attendees. (The first screening sold out in only four hours, shutting down the entire festival phone system.) Other festival organizers will respond when they realize that there is an audience waiting to see this film.

2. Join us for one of the upcoming festivals. We will keep you attuned to the schedule so you'll have plenty of time to make plans. (For a complete listing of film festivals around the US, go to If you haven't already, go to and join our email list. You can also see clips from the filming of INDIGO, as well as other details.

3. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspapers, as well as national publications like Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Premier Magazine and the New York Times, telling them of the success of INDIGO and that you want to see more films with this message in the future. Let's keep this amazing buzz going.

Over 100,000 people contributed to making INDIGO a reality, and most of the other film makers at the festival could not believe that we only started TALKING about this movie eight months ago. This is a phenomenon, and it is happening because of you. Thank you for playing your important role.

James, Neale and Stephen



Date: 08 Dec 2003
From: Starhawk>
Subject: Miami--More Thoughts

Miami: A Dangerous Victory

By Starhawk

For those of us who participated in the protests against the FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas, in Miami the third week in November, it's a bit hard to feel victorious. We are bruised, battered, worried about companeros still in jail, and grieving for the Jordan Feder, a young medic who died of meningitis after the action. We've been harassed, arrested, tear gassed, pepper sprayed, hit, beaten, assaulted, lied about, and in some cases literally tortured and sexually assaulted in jail, and we've stared directly into the naked red gaze of the New American Fascism.

Nevertheless we have had a significant victory that we need to understand and recognize, not least because it throws us into a new and very dangerous phase of activism.

Our victory was not tactical. None of our own attempts to physically enter or disrupt the conference were very effective. I've heard rumors that one group did actually take down a section of fence, but most of us just managed to march up to it and maintain a presence close to it for short periods of time before being driven back by police riots. And while I could list numerous missed opportunities and tactical errors we made, I can't honestly think of anything much we could have done, given the overwhelming police presence and the physical layout of Miami, that would have made for a significantly different tactical outcome.

We were Iraqued˜that is, we were attacked not for anything we‚d done but for someone's inflated fears of what we might do; shot, gassed, beaten and arrested for weapons of destruction we did not have; targeted for who we are and what we stand for, not for acts we had committed. The 8.5 million dollars that was allocated for the policing of this event came out of the 87 billion dollar appropriations bill for Iraq. Miami was the Bush policy of pre-emptive bullying brought home.

There is a certain visceral sense of satisfaction in breaching a barricade and directly blocking a meeting, but those are not actually the measures we should use to judge our success. The direct action strategy in contesting the summits is not really about physically disrupting them. It's about undermining their legitimacy, unmasking them, making visible their inherent violence and the repression necessary to support them and undercutting public belief in their beneficence or right to exist. And there, we are winning, not because of any tactical brilliance on our part, but because in truth all we had to do was show up, to be there as a visible body of opposition and withstand the onslaught.

Our most effective direct actions may have been those we did in the days and weeks before the meetings: the outreach, the community gardening, the door-to-door flyering downtown, conducted under the constant threat of arrest by a police force acting like Nazi bully boys, arresting protestors for walking on the street, standing on the sidewalk, talking to people or witnessing other arrests. In spite of the major fear campaign and the negative propaganda being put forth by the police and the media, just about every interaction we had with ordinary Miami folks was positive. Locals were told by police that dangerous anarchists would burn their shops, would shoot them with squirt guns full of urine and feces, would smash their windows, and destroy Miami if not contained. Nevertheless, local people were scared, but interested in what we had to say. The poor and immigrant populations of downtown Miami understand the issues of underlying economic injustice. They could quickly grasp what the FTAA might mean for their jobs. They told us stories of water privatization in their home countries, of 16 hour a day workshifts on cruise ships that unions couldn't organize because they are registered in other countries, of their daily struggle to survive on the streets, of the ongoing police brutality faced by the homeless and the poor.

When we were driven back into Overtown, Miami's black ghetto, people smiled and waved, came forward to help us, offered places for hunted activists to hide, sheltered our puppets in their back yards. Other local people came forward to offer housing and shelter, to donate food, plants, and time to the mobilization, to hold vigils at the jail and to provide support after most of the action had left town. It was as if the bulk of the population pressed the "mute‚ button on the soundtrack spewed by the media and the police, noticed what their own eyes were telling them, and knew who their true allies were.

That disconnect, that gap between the reality the power structure was attempting to construct and the actual reality of ordinary people, is the fertile political space we need to nurture and explore in order to move forward. For it leaves the bullies building a more and more elaborate fortress of control that is unsupported by any foundation of credibility or legitimacy. Where there should be the concrete of credence and the rebar of faith, there is only air: and such a structure is bound to fall. In its fall, it may well take a lot of us with it, and therein lies both the danger and the opportunity of this political moment.

Miami was a clear example of the New American Fascism brought home. I don't use the word "fascism‚ lightly. I use it to mean that combination of brutal state power applied ruthlessly against its critics, backed by surveillance, media distortions, hate propaganda, and lies, allied politically and economically with those who profit from the industries of weaponry, prisons, and war.

In "The Lord of the Rings", the evil Sauron is represented by a red, glaring, all-seeing eye. To be in Miami in November was to suffer that searing, hostile gaze. The red eye of fascism is a double-barreled gaze: the eye that watches, that records, that holds you under surveillance and videos your comings and goings and compiles the records: and the media/propaganda eye, that frames the story, that defines and distorts you and tells everyone just what the justification is for your repression.

For true totalitarian control, misrepresenting facts, telling a false story, is not enough. Total control requires control over the frame of the story, the meaning of the language you use, the boundaries of what it is possible to think about. So "Violence" becomes a word whose meaning changes radically when it is applied to protestors as opposed to agents of the state. "Violence" is simply not applied to police by the media or the political powers that be. The use of sound bombs, pepper spray, rubber, wooden and plastic bullets, wooden batons, bean bag pellets, and tear gas, illegal arrests, beatings, deprivation of basic human rights, medical care, food and water, overt torture and sexual assault are properly characterized by the word, "restraint," as in "the police acted with restraint."

Friends of mine who were watching the news on the days of action all reported a similar experience. They saw police move in on a crowd of peaceful protestors, swinging billy clubs and firing tear gas and rubber bullets. What they heard was commentary suggesting that protestors were "violent", and that therefore the police were justified in whatever measures they chose.

Applied to activists, "violence" means "any act of opposition to total military and police control, any act of resistance from walking in the wrong place to talking to the wrong people to allying with other suspects." Above all, any attempts to remove oneself from the all-seeing gaze, to mask oneself, to carve out any space free of that hostile red arc light, are evidence of violence.

Totalitarian control is deeply racist, sexist and homophobic, for it depends on division and separation. Police attempted to divide the unions from the direct action folk, by pushing the action into the area where the permitted labor march was scheduled to go, attacking the crowd there, attacking union members and punishing them for associating with "potentially dangerous" others.

Activists of color were singled out for special abuse by the police and prison guards, subjected to brutal beatings and outright torture in jail, in spite of solidarity efforts by other activists. Sexual assaults were carried out on women and transgendered prisoners. Queer prisoners were harassed and mistreated.

The greatest victory we achieved in Miami is that these strategies of division did not work. Instead of dividing labor and direct action, repressive police tactics angered the unions who are now calling for a congressional investigation. Our solidarity with labor remains strong, as does our commitment to stand together and support each other through the aftermath of the brutal attacks against our fellow activists, and to name and unmask the racism, sexism and homophobia we encountered.

The overwhelming military force and brutality of the police was a measure of the utter bankruptcy of the policies they were defending. Neoliberal economics, the "Washington consensus" behind the various free trade agreements and institutions, is not hard to delegitimize because it doesn't work. It promises increased prosperity for all if we allow corporations free reign over the globe, privatize all public resources, and end government support for any arenas of human activity that actually increase health or well being or quality of life. Somehow the poor are supposed to benefit from this. But this promise has overwhelmingly proved false. Countries that implement these policies have lost economic ground or gone belly-up, like Argentina. The gap between rich and poor has grown into a vast chasm. NAFTA has been devastating to the US economy, costing us over 785.000 good manufacturing jobs, allowing corporations to sue governments for loss of their projected profits if governments pass inconvenient environmental or labor regulations. The developing countries have not been able to use the WTO or any of these trade agreements as platforms to reduce tariffs for their products or persuade the US and EU to reduce the agricultural subsidies that have devastated small farmers around the world—hence the walkout in Cancun of countries from the global south.

No one was defending the FTAA with any passion. In fact, brute force seemed to be the major argument in its favor. And the FTAA summit ended in a glossed-over failure. To prevent its utter collapse, the conveners referred all controversial issues back to committee, ended a day early, and pulled back from the original vision of an overarching agreement to a truncated "FTAA-Lite‚—which even in its watered-down form has little chance of being adopted.

Their failure was a result of the years of organizing, education, truth telling, and direct action we've done in the north to create and foster that gap of belief, and perhaps even more, a result of the absolute social disruption that the policies of the neoliberalism have spawned in the global south, where governments have already fallen and ministers know their populations will not tolerate more of the same.

We in the north are left confronting an alliance between economic powers desperate to retain their advantage in a sinking economy, the most powerful military/police force ever amassed on the planet, and a subservient media willing to tell whatever story the rulers command. But the more ruthless and brutal the system becomes, the wider and deeper that gap of legitimacy may become.

Our political success and personal survival may depend on our ability to understand and deepen that disconnect between eyes and ears, direct experience and propaganda. At what point does it set in? When do people start to believe their own eyes, to question the authority of the commentators? How do we prevent the power structure from consolidating a new foundation of belief? How far does that gap extend? How do we widen and deepen the gap, and how do we mobilize and empower those who have ceased to believe to take action? And as the fortress of control begins to crumble over our heads, where do we find shelter from the falling debris, and what new structures will we build in its place?

If we can build on the successes of Miami: the solidarity, the deepened alliances, the trust, if we can turn those alliances into real political power, we will have a strong victory. If the combined forces of the progressive movements and the unions and the NGOs can succeed in making the political and police powers of Miami pay a political and social cost, we can stem the tide of repression.

There were actions we took in Miami that undoubtedly contributed to the support we received: we waged a proactive media campaign, we planted a community garden in Overtown and gave away dozens of trees, above all, we went out and talked to people on the street. In the worst moments of police assault, there were always those who moved forward to put their bodies on the front line and slow the assault of the storm troopers. People helped and supported and strengthened each other, and the shock of the violence we experienced was tempered by the sweetness of support and the inspiration of acts of courage.

We can go further in making our actions and organizing welcoming and friendly, can perhaps devote more of our efforts to outreach and connection instead of obsessing on our tactics, can confront our own vestigial racism, sexism, homophobia and the other prejudices that can divide us, and we can frame our actions and organizing with a clear strategic goal: to broaden and deepen that gap of belief, to make strong alliances with the disaffected and to mobilize the political power of dissent, to unmask the violence, repression, and sheer ugliness of the structures of control, to counter them with the beauty and joy of our visions brought to life. Then we can stare back into that red, totalitarian eye and pierce it with a white-hot gaze of truth, a spear in the eye of the Cyclops. And we will have the support and strength we need to withstand the monster's crash, and to begin the process of building the world that we want.

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Starhawk's daily reports from Miami are archived at: Starhawk is an activist, organizer, and author of Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising and eight other books on feminism, politics and earth-based spirituality. She teaches Earth Activist Trainings that combine permaculture design and activist skills, and works with the RANT trainer's collective, that offers training and support for mobilizations around global justice and peace issues. To get her periodic posts of her writings, send an email to

Starhawk is a lifelong activist in peace and global justice movements, a leader in the feminist and earth-based spirituality movements, author or coauthor of nine books, including The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and her latest, Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising.


Date: 10 Dec 2003
Subject: Support MoveOn.Org

Dear Global CyberFriends: 

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Happy Holidays,

Ed Elkin


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"It's called the Omnibus," the print ad starts. "No, it's not Santa's sleigh, but it is laden with presents. It's coming to Washington, DC this week. And you better believe the Bush Administration's best friends have front row seats." Then it details the giveaways in the bill. Our TV ad concludes: "Yes, big contributors, there is a Santa Claus. But he's not at the North Pole. He's in the White House."

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For your continued support, thank you. Together, we're changing the way politics works.


--Carrie, Eli, James, Joan, Noah, Peter, Wes, and Zack
The Team
December 9th, 2003


From: "Eve Howard">
Subject: Greetings Jean, I need your help - Eve
Date: 10 Dec 2003
Organization: Steve Howard Construction

Hi Jean,

I wonder if I could please run something by you and see if you would have any suggestions. I currently have a client that we were to start building a
healthy home environment for her this coming spring. She is the first person I have worked with who has had such a severe need for this assistance. She has been diagnosed chemically sensitive. I understand she has been dealing with this problem since the early 80's but has only known the cause for the last several years. I have known her only a few months since being connected with her by a mutual acquaintance in a local design firm. Since I have known her - the condition has gone from bad to worse. The doctor she was dealing with in Arizona, who she tells me is renowned in the field, has all but given up on her. She is at a point now where she has only left the house for quick trips to the health food store and treatments in the last eight months. She wears a mask at all times when in public. Her last blood draws were scary and they said they could not figure out what was happening. Do you by any chance know of anyone who is making any progress in this field?
I thought possibly with all your contacts you may have an idea. My heart goes out to her, she tries terribly to keep her chin up but is living in a very lonely world - isolated with very little human contact and has been abandoned by her family. Hope to hear from you soon Jean.

Lots of Love to you - I know we are close - did you get the recent message from Kiara Windrider regarding the Mayan Calendar - I will attach it to the end of the note,  just in case - I found it to be uplifting, even though it paints the next few years as rough it also gives lots of light at the end of the tunnel and brings so much into perspective.


Dear Eve

Thanks for writing to me about this. I truly sympathize with your client as this is a widely misunderstood health condition that indeed leads to several forms of self-isolation because of an increasingly toxic environment in several parts of the world and because so few people are willing to admit it is a genuine problem and not merely a self-inflicted psychosis condition as many are lead to believe. Yet this being said, the difficulty of finding few people able to understand and truly empathize with one's often discouraging condition may also lead to self-emphasis and near obsessional focus on The Problem, thus turning the subtle subconscious healing mechanisms against oneself in a kid of reversed placebo effect.

Obviously I'm not an expert in this field - and actually relying on any external expert in a self-disempowering way may not be very helpful although, of course, it is always good to seek advice from competent sources - but I'd say this person and especially those in her family who misunderstand what she is going through may want to carefully read what seems to me to be a good source of reference, that is a medical article entitled "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome" available at and look also the "Resources for the Chemically Injured, Chemically Sensitive or Environmentally Ill" at which is VERY comprehensive checking also their book section at and what to do in case of an emergency situation or various precautions to take at

Then aside from trying to live in a healthy environment as she is trying to do with this new chemically-safe house she is going to have, and eating only organic food as she seems to do, systematically avoiding all dairy products and all food products or beverages that could contain dangerous hidden chemicals like aspartame, avoiding sources of unnatural electromagnetic radiations, or other chemical or toxic irritants in the air, in short, taking care of the physical component of this condition, I'd say it is just as much important to nurture back in her psyche a sense and understanding of her own spiritual healing abilities through self-love, seeking and healing of past traumas, yoga, deep relaxation, self-suggestions, meditation and all other natural spiritual awakening methods that are compatible with her so as to atone for the deep fears and insecurities that are probably part of her moment to moment relation with life and others, until her divine and natural gifts of unconditional love, trust in the benevolence of Life and rejoining in conscious Oneness with the Universal Source of All That Is blossom and recreate balance, harmony and sustainable health in herself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Life is meant to be an experience of joy, blissful happiness, continuous learning and free expression of the Light, Love and Beauty we all are in essence.

It is very likely that other people on the ERN list will have useful advices and suggestions to share with you, which you may then decide to pass on to her if you feel it is appropriate, so I will include your letter and this reply in tonight's compilation.

Thanks also for sending me Kiara's latest posting which I had not received. Since it is actually 18 page-long I cannot include it, but for those interested, here is how he introduced it:

"Dr Carl Calleman's research takes an entirely new look at the prophetic cycles within the Mayan calendar. According to this research, we have entered a new galactic creation cycle in 1999, and will continue to see accelerated changes in predictable directions until 2011, when another new creation cycle begins, leading to universal consciousness and the end of linear history. If this subject interests you, you may wish to print out this material, as it requires serious study. Feel welcome to pass it on. Please go to, and for more details. Several articles by Carl Calleman are also posted up on the homepage." CLIP
To get the full article please ask it from Kiara Windrider>

Love and Light to you Eve



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