December 3, 2003

The Empire of Darkness Series #2: Global Terminator Challenged at Every Possible Turn

Hello everyone

I know it is a bit insane to send you so much reading material at once but I promise this is my last compilation for this week. One of its recurring themes is the militarization of the continental U.S.A. — some would say "iraqization" as in forcefully taking power over every nook and cranny of remaining pockets of freedom in the States. I know it sounds frightful, but I believe it is an accurate characterization of what a keenly aware observer may see in current events and trends in America (check "America's enemy within" as well as "Naked Gun" below and its complementary articles and you'll see my point). As in pre-invasion Iraq, countless millions are under the duress of what amounts to economic starvation policies (according to the Census Bureau survey, over 33 million American are unsure of where or how they will secure their next meal, while billions of pounds of food are being thrown away - see at, dehumanization of society (try getting health care in the US if you are not insured), and growing economic stress for all those who can still stake a claim to a job despite the artificially boosted economic output for the last quarter. The planet is now irrevocably set to get a lot more hotter and weather a lot more violent because of the torpedoing of the Kyoto Treaty, first by Bush and now by Putin. And that's just for a starter as they say. And then there is the media censorship and obscuring of all that could threaten the status quo so beneficial to their owners.

Much of this compilation once again brings to light much of what is wrong on this planet in the hope that it will stir ever more people into taking some action, reinvigorate all much needed Light Work, or pierce the well insulated bubble of some who still complacently ignore what is going on "out there".

Putting this together and bringing it to your computer screen and eyeballs is the small contribution I can offer at this point. It seems too easy to me. But I hope it will help make a difference in the end because I trust it does not fall on deaf minds.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away that right is to reduce man to slavery...."

- Thomas Paine


The Truth Seeker website - LOTS of excellent articles from various sources

Project Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2002-2003
#1: The Neoconservative Plan for Global Dominance - #2: Homeland Security Threatens Civil Liberty - #3: US Illegally Removes Pages from Iraq U.N. Report - #4: Rumsfeld's Plan to Provoke Terrorists - #5: The Effort to Make Unions Disappear - #6: Closing Access to Information Technology - #7: Treaty Busting by the United States - #8: US/British Forces Continue Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons Despite Massive Evidence of Negative Health Effects - #9: In Afghanistan: Poverty, Women's Rights, and Civil Disruption Worse than Ever - #10: Africa Faces Threat of New Colonialism - #11: U.S. Implicated in Taliban Massacre - #12: Bush Administration Behind Failed Military Coup in Venezuela - #13: Corporate Personhood Challenged - #14: Unwanted Refugees a Global Problem - #15: U.S. Military's War on the Earth - #16: Plan Puebla-Panama and the FTAA - #17: Clear Channel Monopoly Draws Criticism - #18: Charter Forest Proposal Threatens Access to Public Lands - #19: U.S. Dollar vs. the Euro: Another Reason for the Invasion of Iraq - #20: Pentagon Increases Private Military Contracts - #21: Third World Austerity Policies: Coming Soon to a City Near You - #22: Welfare Reform Up For Reauthorization, but Still No Safety Net - #23: Argentina Crisis Sparks Cooperative Growth - #24: Aid to Israel Fuels Repressive Occupation in Palestine - #25: Convicted Corporations Receive Perks Instead of Punishment


The Alaskan government is reviving the barbaric and unethical practice of using aircraft to shoot and kill wolves from the sky, or by chasing them for hours, and then landing and shooting the exhausted animals from the ground.

Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski who's responsible for allowing the return of this archaic practice, not seen since the height of government-sponsored wolf control programs in the first part of the last century, has worked diligently to overturn the will of his own constituents who voted TWICE – in 1996 and in 2000 – to ban land and shoot killing.

Just this month the Alaska Board of Game, whose members are appointed by the governor, approved an aerial wolf control program for a 1,700 square-mile area of interior Alaska. Every single wolf in this area will be shot by aerial gunners using airplanes and helicopters. A second, larger control program is planned for an area just east of Anchorage where 80% of the wolves will be killed.

Please sign the petition to Governor Murkowski to Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski, expressing your outrage over this land and shoot wolf hunting program, and insisting that such barbarity has no place in modern society.

Sources tell us the Governor's office is being inundated with calls and faxes, and that nearly 30,000 people have signed the petition already! The goal is 50,000. WE CAN WIN THIS ONE!!! FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE... SWARM IT TO SUCCESS...
Sent by Fraser Clark>


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3. The Soldiers at my Door
4. Possible Offensive Against Syria
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7. President Kennedy, The Fed And Executive Order 11110
8. The Bipartisan War Agenda
9. Naked Gun
10. Hack the Vote
11. Levels of the game: The deeper you go, the darker it gets
13. On the Road in Palestine
14. ADBUSTERS: Buy Nothing Day
15. Mormons and ETs

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A year of extremes provides evidence of global warming (Dec 3)
As the Kyoto protocol, the world climate change treaty, starts to crumble because of Russian reluctance to ratify it, evidence is mounting of the very threat it is designed to counter. Since January, many of the predicted consequences of a steadily warming atmosphere have started to come true. In June the World Meteorological Organisation drew attention to extreme weather events across the world and in a highly unusual move, linked them to global warming explicitly. India, Sri Lanka and the United States have registered record high temperatures, rainfall and tornadoes this year. There has been an increasing number of scientific reports of rapidly melting ice in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, and rapidly melting mountain glaciers. Continental Europe has seen forest fires like never before, and great rivers like Italy's Po have been reduced to a trickle. (...) oes back almost 350 years, have also occurred since 1990. If the evidence of global warming is mounting, how can the treaty designed to counter it be going down? The answer lies in its own contradictions. The Kyoto protocol requires legally binding cuts in greenhouse emissions, yet in some countries the demand for fossil fuels is so strong that the agreement would be impossible to fulfil. This is the case in the United States where four per cent of the world's population spews out nearly a quarter of the world's total greenhouse emissions. CLIP

Death knell for the Kyoto treaty (Dec 3)
Fifteen years of international effort to combat climate change appeared doomed last night after Russia said it would not ratify the Kyoto protocol, the world treaty on global warming. Russian ratification is necessary for the treaty to take effect. Andrei Illarionov, a senior economic adviser to President Vladimir Putin, said in a surprise announcement in Moscow that Russia was refusing to sign the agreement, because to do so would threaten the country's economic growth. The decision means the collapse of the mechanism, agonisingly constructed by thousands of officials from more than 150 countries over a decade and a half, for the world to try to deal with its greatest threat. (...) Since the treaty was agreed in December 1997, 120 countries including Britain have ratified it, but its fate has hung by a Russian thread since President George Bush, the oilman son of an oilman father, withdrew the US from it in March 2001, also alleging a threat to economic competitiveness. To take effect, the treaty has to be ratified by nations responsible for 55 per cent or more of the greenhouse gas emissions of the industrialised countries in 1990. In the absence of the US, the world's biggest emitter with 25 per cent of the total, this could not be achieved without the Russian contribution of 17 per cent. (...) There have been rumours over the past few months that the Americans have been putting pressure on the Russians to pull out of Kyoto. (!!!)

Dollar May be in Danger of Collapse - Thanks to the Bush Cartel's Artificially Low Interest Rates
The dollar tumbled across the board yesterday, hitting an all-time low against the euro amid fears that Wall Street was betting against the US currency The dollar slid to new multi-year lows against sterling and the Canadian dollar and a six-month low against the Swiss franc. Yesterday's fall added to the massive selling of the world's largest currency, which has tumbled by 14 per cent against the euro so far this year. The financial markets are growing increasingly concerned that the US will not be able to attract enough investment to fund its burgeoning current account deficit, which is running at record levels. ( Some Wall Street Banks are now warning their clients that as long as the Bush Federal Reserve insists on keeping interest levels at artificial lows (to give the false impression that the economy is in better shape than it is), the dollar is in serious danger of collapse.)

Schwarzenegger Launches Right-wing Agenda
Within the first two weeks of taking office, California's recently elected replacement governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has unveiled a series of reactionary measures. In addition to laying out an initial $3.8 billion worth of cuts in social services, Schwarzenegger is calling for the implementation of a budgetary spending cap and a massive borrowing scheme that will ultimately lead to the gutting of public services of all kinds. The Republican administration is seeking to provide big business with immediate benefits, while staving off fiscal insolvency by means of a $15 billion bond measure. This massive increase in state debt will enable Schwarzenegger to put off the most brutal cuts in social programs until after the November 2004 presidential election.

Bill Moyer's Keynote Address to the National Conference on Media Reform
(...) Consider where we are today. Never has there been an administration so disciplined in secrecy, so precisely in lockstep in keeping information from the people at large and – in defiance of the Constitution – from their representatives in Congress. Never has the so powerful a media oligopoly – the word is Barry Diller’s, not mine – been so unabashed in reaching like Caesar for still more wealth and power. Never have hand and glove fitted together so comfortably to manipulate free political debate, sow contempt for the idea of government itself, and trivialize the people’s need to know. When the journalist-historian Richard Reeves was once asked by a college student to define “real news”, he answered: “The news you and I need to keep our freedoms.” When journalism throws in with power that’s the first news marched by censors to the guillotine. The greatest moments in the history of the press came not when journalists made common cause with the state but when they stood fearlessly independent of it. Which brings me to the third powerful force – beyond governmental secrecy and megamedia conglomerates – that is shaping what Americans see, read, and hear. I am talking now about that quasi-official partisan press ideologically linked to an authoritarian administration that in turn is the ally and agent of the most powerful interests in the world. This convergence dominates the marketplace of political ideas today in a phenomenon unique in our history. You need not harbor the notion of a vast, right wing conspiracy to think this more collusion more than pure coincidence. Conspiracy is unnecessary when ideology hungers for power and its many adherents swarm of their own accord to the same pot of honey. Stretching from the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal to the faux news of Rupert Murdoch’s empire to the nattering nabobs of no-nothing radio to a legion of think tanks paid for and bought by conglomerates – the religious, partisan and corporate right have raised a mighty megaphone for sectarian, economic, and political forces that aim to transform the egalitarian and democratic ideals embodied in our founding documents. Authoritarianism. With no strong opposition party to challenge such triumphalist hegemony, it is left to journalism to be democracy’s best friend CLIP. Recommended by "Sharon Goodwyn">

Toll on U.S. troops in Iraq grows as wounded rolls approach 10,000 (Nov. 28)
ORLANDO, Fla. - (KRT) - Nearly 10,000 U.S. troops have been killed, wounded, injured or become ill enough to require evacuation from Iraq since the war began, the equivalent of almost one Army division, according to the Pentagon. Unlike the more than 2,800 American fighting men and women logged by the Defense Department as killed and wounded by weapons in Iraq, the numbers of injured and sick have been more difficult to track, leading critics to accuse the military of under-reporting casualty numbers.

Prominent American Rabbi Speaks Out
The second most influential Jew in America -- after Paul Wolfowitz -- has broken his silence and sharply attacked the policies of Israel's government. Rabbi Eric Yoffie, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism said the government's settlement policy endangers the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Yoffie went as far as warning that Israel is becoming an apartheid state, something most peace activists say has already happened. For its part, the Bush administration decided to give Israel a slap on the wrist for its illegal settlement activity, by reducing its loan guarantees to Israel this year by nearly $290 million, a paltry sum when compared with the $3 billion in direct economic and military aid Israel receives each year from the United States.

The Forgotten Holocaust: In 'Eisenhower's Death Camps': A U.S. Prison Guard's Story
In the wake of WWII, it's been estimated that between 9 and 15 million German prisoners of war died in custody. Yet, today it is barely remembered (...) The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets; many had no coats. They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement. It was a cold, wet spring and their misery from exposure alone was evident. Even more shocking was to see the prisoners throwing grass and weeds into a tin can containing a thin soup. They told me they did this to help ease their hunger pains. Quickly, they grew emaciated. Dysentery raged, and soon they were sleeping in their own excrement, too weak and crowded to reach the slit trenches. Many were begging for food, sickening and dying before our eyes. We had ample food and supplies, but did nothing to help them, including no medical assistance. Outraged, I protested to my officers and was met with hostility or bland indifference. When pressed, they explained they were under strict orders from "higher up." No officer would dare do this to 50,000 men if he felt that it was "out of line," leaving him open to charges.  CLIP

London and Miami: A Tale of Cops in Two Cities
Alexander Cockburn reports on the tactics used by police in Miami, in the face of anti-globalisation protests - The climax of the big demonstrations against President Bush on his recent London jaunt was the toppling of a papier mache statue of the commander in chief, a reprise on the carefully staged pulling down of Saddam's statue in Baghdad earlier this year. If those London jokesters had tried this in Miami during the recent protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit, it's a pretty safe bet they would have been gassed, tasered with electric stun guns, battered with rubber bullets, arrested and charged with felony counts costing them thousands until a judge threw the charges out. Mainstream coverage of the protests has missed a very big story, which is Miami proved once again that these days lawful political protest is a very dangerous business. CLIP

Hogtied and Abused at Fort Benning (Nov 27) (...) Today I have a black eye and the soreness that comes with severe muscle strain. Mostly, I’m burdened with a serious question, “What are these soldiers training for?” The soldiers conducting that search must have been ordered not to tolerate the slightest dissent. They were practicing intimidation tactics far beyond what would be needed to control an avowedly nonviolent group of protesters who had never, in thirteen years of previous actions, caused any disruption during the process of arrest.

Testimony of an Iraqi Minor Detained and Mistreated by US Forces The following statement was recorded by CPT members Le Anne Clausen and David Milne in a neighborhood heavily affected by US house raids in Baghdad. The family has asked that the 16 year old youth who gave the testimony not be identified because his relatives are still detained. CLIP

The Bubble of American Supremacy by George Soros (December 1)
A prominent financier argues that the heedless assertion of American power in the world resembles a financial bubble—and the moment of truth may be here.

Malariotherapy: An Affordable and Accessible Treatment For HIV/AIDS
Presented by Dr. Henry Heimlich at the PanAfrica 2002 AIDS Conference, October 31, 2002 (...) These studies and prior research by the CDC and others, cited above, confirm that malariotherapy is safe for HIV patients, just as it was for treatment of thousands of neurosyphilis patients over nearly six decades. Following malariotherapy in our HIV positive patients, CD4 cell counts increased and remained at normal levels for two years, during which time they have been clinically well. Treatment of additional HIV-positive patients is contemplated on a larger scale. Viral loads were not available during this preliminary study, but will be included in the future to determine the status of the HIV. It is apparent that the cost of malariotherapy is minimal and it is readily accessible. Drug therapy for HIV attempts to destroy the virus in order to restore the immune system. The virus, however, remains viable in the brain and other organs that drugs cannot penetrate and becomes resistant to the drugs. Consequently, drugs have provided only temporary improvement in HIV infected patients. Malariotherapy increases production of cytocines, strengthening the immune system, in order to overcome the virus throughout the body. For more than 50 years, from 1918 to 1975, malariotherapy was used in the United States and throughout the world to treat and eradicate neurosyphilis, syphilis of the brain. As reported from the Harvard School of Public Health, malariotherapy was proven to be safe and effective. Recent studies by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and others report that there is no adverse clinical or epidemiological association in HIV patients who also have malaria. This finding confirms the safety of malariotherapy when used in HIV infected patients. Our preliminary studies, treating eight HIV infected patients with malariotherapy, increased or maintained normal levels of CD4 immune cells during the two years they were followed, and the patients remained clinically well during that period. HIV infection causes a gradual fall in CD4 cells, eventually leaving patients susceptible to fatal diseases. The increase in CD4 cells following three weeks of malariotherapy indicates restoration of the patient's immune system. Sustained increase of CD4 cells to normal levels for two years without further treatment, and the fact that HIV patients treated with malariotherapy remain in good health, suggests that the virus has been controlled. Further tests and followup will determine whether the virus has been eradicated. Malariotherapy is the only treatment for HIV patients today with the potential to control the AIDS pandemic and at low cost. Malariotherapy's scientific basis and safety is clearly established. Several countries in Africa are considering initiating malariotherapy programs to further evaluate this HIV treatment alone, as well as in conjunction with drug therapy. Collaboration between countries will greatly enhance the development and evaluation of this treatment.

THIS WAS SENT by Edna Spennato> from Cape Town who wrote:
"Incredible information - getting malaria strengthens the immune system to such an extent that the body can effectively fight the HIV virus. If anyone is in touch with AIDS organizations and government officials in South Africa, please forward this on. Let's get this news out. This might just be the answer to the crisis facing us. Malariotherapy is cheap and natural, and far more effective than anti retroviral drugs, which cannot get through the blood-brain barrier, to destroy the virus already inside the brain. The entire article is fascinating."


Date: 25 Nov 2003
From: Starhawk>
Subject: Last update from Starhawk

At last hearing, everyone is out of jail. Many have had their charges dropped, others will need to return and be involved in lengthy court battles. Money can still be donated at The political battle is now shifting to pressure for a congressional investigation. Check, or for updates on how to help. Thanks to all who have called, written, donated, and offered support, Starhawk

Last Miami Update 11/23-25

I’m in the state of post-action rage that I recognize and still don’t know quite what to do with, in spite of being 52 years old, and my decades of experience transmuting rage and anger to creativity, in spite of my considerable ability to ground and stay calm and centered in crisis. I really want to just hit something. I’m at the School of the Americas protest, which has been linked this year to the Miami actions, with people encouraged to come to both. The School of the Americas is the enforcement arm of global corporate capitalism, the U.S. military school that trains Latin Americans and others in ‘counterinsurgency’ techniques—read torture and assassination. The death squads of Colombia, the torturers and kidnappers and political terror squads of Nicaragua and El Salvador, all originated here.

A long procession has formed up, thousands of people carrying crosses, each with the name of a victim of graduates of the school. And the names are being sung, from the stage, in a beautiful, soaring litany. After each name, the crowd sings back, "Presente!" "Present". Dead, but not forgotten, not disappeared, not made into nothingness. Still here. Each one as precious to someone as my friend Abby is to me, Abby who was jumped on and surrounded and beaten by cops. Or Kori, the chocolate brown, innocent eyed young woman from Sonoma county who was in my training. I’d ‘snatched’ her, pretending to be an undercover cop arresting her, to demonstrate that people of color may be at greater risk. I think she was with Abby, and is out of jail and on her way home now—but I hear rumors that someone named Kori was arrested and I am terrified to think of what could be happening to her. The litany of names is so intertwined with my own litany of the arrested and the disappeared. I know at least two friends who are immigrants are rumored to be in jail—I can’t name them until they are released. "Presente." The procession moves forward like a slow river of grief, poignant and unassuageable.

We are busying ourselves around the edges, collecting bail money, urging people to call the Mayor of Miami and complain. At one o’clock, there’s a meeting of those who have been in Miami behind the hospitality house, to connect and share stories and organize.

The procession continues behind us, hours and hours of victims, of names, sad and beautiful in its solemn power. After the Christian groups, delegations of nuns and priests and students from Jesuit colleges and Catholic schools, will come space for others—Pagans and puppets and drums. My friends in the pagan cluster tell me they are forming up. I am torn: I recognize a certain internal state endemic to actions and stress and the aftermath of violence, a feeling of needing to be in two places at once, that wherever you are not is where you should have been. The month and a half I spent in Palestine was infused with that restlessness and I did spend much of it chasing up and down that most difficult-to-travel-in country, and its been a rare week that I’ve spent in one place ever since. It’s as if exposure to violence fragments some energetic membrane that creates containment and coherence and continuity. Mine is already full of scar tissue and now it’s been ruptured again.

Zot Lynn suggests I stay where I am, and I nod. I’ve already been up to the front, seen the groups laying down their crosses, seen the brave few climbing over the fence and the barbed wire to enter the base in an act of completely nonviolent civil disobedience that has been yielding prison sentences of three months to a year. It’s a different kind of courage, a different witness, than we offered in Miami, but very, very powerful in its own way.

The Pagan cluster goes up without me, lays down candles and ties on ribbons we’ve charged in the ritual we did the night before. They do a silent spiral at the gate. The puppets process up with drums and noise and pageantry, a giant dragon, a huge bird, staging a pageant of liberation that brings back some joy and raucous power after the river of grief.

Meanwhile the Miami people circle, talk, meet, share stories of horror and joy. In truth the river of grief is too much for us right now—we’re still too raw and wide open, our friends are still currently in jail and we don’t know what’s happening to them, or missing and we don’t know where they are, and we haven’t emotionally left Miami although we’re here in body to support this action. We need to do what people do to heal trauma: talk, tell our stories, talk to others who have been through the same thing and understand, make sense and meaning from what we’ve experienced. We talk about what people suffered in jail and on the street, we name how strong and courageous we were, how we didn’t panic when the police attacked, how some always went to the front and faced them down and slowed their onslaught, how we held together in retreat and took care of each other. We tell stories of the support we got from local people when we were driven deep into the black ghetto, how people took us in, offered to shelter the puppets in their back yards, gave us smiles and thumbs-up signs, and how, too, a few people were accosted or robbed. A young man from Canada tells us he came down to support us because so many of us went up to Quebec City, and how important it is for the world to know that there is a resistance movement in the U.S., and how impressed he was with the courage he saw on the streets. And we remind each other that we have, indeed, had a victory, however grim. The FTAA that we were protesting in Quebec City two and half years ago is dead now, no longer even on the table. All they have done, in this summit, is to refer every substantive issue back to committee, and to reveal the extent of the repression which backs their regime.

We make plans for fundraising, jail support, ongoing political pressure. The meeting breaks up. I go back up to the fence, to see it covered with crosses, ribbons, utterly transformed. And then it is time to leave, to fly back home at last.

Monday noon we hold a small vigil at the Federal building in San Francisco. A few more survivors meet, tell our tales. We hold signs, hand out flyers. Across the street, a union group from the SEIU is picketing the State building, protesting the privatization of their security services. We join them, exchanging flyers, joining in their chants and drumming. It seems symbolic of the real victory of Miami—that glimpse we had of the movement we can build when we do unite, across the divisions of class and race and issue, when we hold each others’ backs: the unions and the direct action folks and the local community organizers and the NGOs and the ordinary people on the street. Under the barrage of rubber bullets and media lies, we can still meet on the common ground of truth. The strength of the assault against us reveals how imperative it is that we find that ground and hold it.

And now I go down to the beach with Wilow to find rocks to bring to aboriginal elders I will meet with in Australia, where I’m going tonight. It seems far too soon to be going so far away, but that’s how it is. A red tailed hawk circles three times above my head. The bushes are full of song sparrows who do not flee from our approach. A humming bird hovers and looks me in the eye. Back in Miami, our friends are out of jail. I can breathe again, let the ocean air and the spray from the waves wash me clean. The steelworkers are calling for a congressional investigation. We will join them. The inherent violence of the FTAA has been revealed, but whether this will work for or against greater liberation still remains to be seen. We will need your help to raise an uproar, to unite more voices in saying, ‘No!" This is not what democracy looks like.

This looks like everything we say we are against—bullying, arbitrary abuses of power, repression of dissent, blatant racism, oppressive power.

And democracy looks like what we experienced together, in the convergence center, on the streets, in the garden we planted, the meetings we held, the really, really free market, the dances, the joy, the thumbs-up signs, the linked arms and solid, grounded lines holding back the onslaughts of violence, If nothing else, Miami posed a clear choice. Another world is possible. Which world do we want?

The whole story can be found in the updates posted on and


Starhawk is an activist, organizer, and author of Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising and eight other books on feminism, politics and earth-based spirituality. She teaches Earth Activist Trainings that combine permaculture design and activist skills, and works with the RANT trainer’s collective, that offers training and support for mobilizations around global justice and peace issues. To get her periodic posts of her writings, email and put ‘subscribe’ in the subject heading.



America's enemy within

November 26, 2003

Armed checkpoints, embedded reporters in flak jackets, brutal suppression of peaceful demonstrators. Baghdad? No, Miami ...

In December 1990, President George Bush Sr travelled through South America to sell the continent on a bold new dream: "A free trade system that links all of the Americas." He said that the plan, later to be named the Free Trade Area of the Americas, would be "our hemisphere's new declaration of interdependence, the brilliant new dawn of a splendid new world."

Last week, Bush's two sons joined forces to try to usher in that new world by holding the FTAA negotiations in Florida - the state Governor Jeb Bush "delivered", even though that meant robbing many African-Americans of their right to vote. Now Jeb was vowing to hand his brother the coveted trade deal, even if that meant keeping thousands from exercising their right to protest.

However, the dream of a hemisphere united into a single free-market economy died last week - killed not by Miami demonstrators but by the populations of Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. The Brazilians brokered a compromise that makes the agreement a pick-and-choose affair. Washington will continue to bully countries into sweeping trade contracts on the model of the North American Free Trade Agreement, but there will be no single, unified deal.


Inside the Inter-Continental hotel, it was being called "FTAA lite". Outside, we experienced something heavier: "War-lite". The more control the US trade representatives lost at the negotiating table, the more raw power the police exerted on the streets.

Small, peaceful demonstrations were attacked with extreme force; organisations were infiltrated by undercover officers who used stun guns; buses of union members were prevented from joining permitted marches; people were beaten with batons; activists had guns pointed at their heads at checkpoints.

Though police violence outside trade summits is not new, what was striking about Miami was how divorced the security response was from anything resembling an actual threat. The protests were small and obedient, an understandable response to weeks of police intimidation.

The Summit in Miami represents the War On Terror‚s official homecoming. The techniques honed in Iraq - from a Hollywoodised military to a militarised media - have now been used on a grand scale in a major US city. "This should be a model for homeland defence" said the Miami mayor, Manny Diaz, describing the security operation that brought together over 40 law-enforcement agencies, from the FBI to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

For the Miami model to work, the police had to establish a connection between legitimate activists and dangerous terrorists. Enter the Miami police chief, John Timoney, an avowed enemy of activist "punks", who classified FTAA opponents as "outsiders coming in to terrorise and vandalise our city". With the activists recast as dangerous aliens, Miami became eligible for the open tap of public money irrigating the "War On Terror". In fact, the $8 million spent on FTAA security came from the $87billion extracted from Congress for Iraq last month.


But even more was borrowed from the Iraq war. Miami police also invited reporters to "embed" with them in armoured vehicles and helicopters. As in Iraq, most reporters embraced their role as pseudo soldiers with zeal, suiting up in combat helmets and flak jackets, so that the resulting media coverage was the familiar wartime combination of dramatic images and non-information. Local TV stations didn't cover the protests so much as hover over them. Their helicopters showed images of confrontations, but instead of hearing the voices on the streets pleading with police to stop shooting, we heard only from police officials and perky news anchors commiserating with the boys on the front line.

The Miami model of dealing with domestic dissent reaches far beyond a single meeting. On Sunday, the New York Times reported on a leaked FBI bulletin revealing "a coordinated, nationwide effort to collect intelligence" on the anti-war movement. The memorandum singles out lawful protest activities. Anthony Romero of the American Civil Liberties Union said the document revealed that "the FBI is targeting Americans engaged in lawful protest. The line between terrorism and legitimate civil disobedience is being blurred."

Just as civil liberties violations escalated when Washington lost control over the FTAA process, so we can expect more of these tactics on the homeland front as Bush faces the ultimate threat: losing control over the White House.

Already, Jim Wilkinson, director of strategic communications at US Central Command in Qatar (the operation that gave the world the Jessica Lynch Rescue!), has moved to New York to head up media operations for the Republican National Convention. "We're looking at embedding reporters," he told the New York Observer of his plans to use some of the Iraq tricks during the convention. "We're looking at new and interesting camera angles."

The war is coming home.


Forwarded by "Judith Iam"> on Dec 1, 2003

The Soldiers At My Front Door

by John Dear

I live in a tiny, remote, impoverished, three block long town in the desert of northeastern New Mexico. Everyone in town-and the whole state-knows that I am against the occupation of Iraq, that I have called for the closing of Los Alamos, and that as a priest, I have been preaching, like the Pope, against the bombing of Baghdad.

Last week, it was announced that the local National Guard unit for northeastern New Mexico, based in the nearby Armory, was being deployed to Iraq early next year. I was not surprised when yellow ribbons immediately sprang up after the press conference. But I was surprised the following morning to hear 75 soldiers singing, shouting and screaming as they jogged down Main Street, passed our St. Joseph's church, back and forth around town for an hour. It was 6 a.m., and they woke me up with their war slogans, chants like "Kill! Kill! Kill!" and "Swing your guns from left to right; we can kill those guys all night."

Their chants were disturbing, but this is war. They have to psyche themselves up for the kill. They have to believe that flying off to some tiny, remote desert town in Iraq where they will march in front of someone's house and kill poor young Iraqis has some greater meaning besides cold-blooded murder. Most of these young reservists have never left our town, and they need our support for the "unpleasant" task before them. I have been to Iraq, and led a delegation of Nobel Peace Prize winners to Baghdad in 1999, and I know that the people there are no different than the people here.

The screaming and chanting went on for one hour. They would march passed the church, down Main Street, back around the post office, and down Main Street again. It was clear they wanted to be seen and heard. In fact, it was quite scary because the desert is normally a place of perfect peace and silence.

Suddenly, at 7 a.m., the shouting got dramatically louder. I looked out the front window of the house where I live, next door to the church, and there they were-all 75 of them, standing yards away from my front door, in the street right in front of my house and our church, shouting and screaming to the top of their lungs, "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Their commanders had planted them there and were egging them on.

I was astonished and appalled. I suddenly realized that I do not need to go to Iraq; the war had come to my front door. Later, I heard that they had deliberately decided to do their exercises in front of my house and our church because of my outspoken opposition to the war. They wanted to put me in my place.

This, I think, is a new tactic. Over the years, I have been arrested some 75 times in demonstrations, been imprisoned for a "Plowshares" disarmament action, been bugged, tapped, and harassed, searched at airports, and monitored by police. But this time, the soldiers who will soon march through Baghdad and attack desert homes in Iraq, practiced on me. They confronted me personally, just as the death squad militaries did in Guatemala and El Salvador in the 1980s, which I witnessed there on several occasions.

I decided I had to do something. I put on my winter coat and walked out the front door right into the middle of the street. They stopped shouting and looked at me, so I said loudly, publicly for all to hear, "In the name of God, I order all of you to stop this nonsense, and not to go to Iraq. I want all of you to quit the military, disobey your orders to kill, and not to kill anyone. I do not want you to get killed. I want you to practice the love and nonviolence of Jesus. God does not bless war. God does not want you to kill so Bush and Cheney can get more oil. God does not support war. Stop all this and go home. God bless you."

Their jaws dropped, their eyeballs popped and they stood in shock and silence, looking steadily at me. Then they burst out laughing. Finally, the commander dismissed them and they left.

Later, military officials spread lies around town that I had disrupted their military exercises at the Armory, so they decided to come to my house and to the church in retaliation. Others appealed to the archbishop to have me kicked out of New Mexico for denouncing their warmaking. Then, a general called the mayor and asked him to mediate "negotiations" with me, saying he did not want the military "in confrontation" with the church. Really, the mayor told me, they fear that I will disrupt the gala send-off next month, just before Christmas, when the soldiers go to Iraq.

This dramatic episode is only the latest in a series of confrontations since I came to the desert of New Mexico in the summer of 2002 to serve as pastor of several poor, desert churches. I have spoken out extensively against the U.S. war on Iraq, and been denounced by people, including church people, across the state. I have organized small Christian peace groups throughout the state.

We planned a prayer vigil for nuclear disarmament at Los Alamos on the anniversary of Hiroshima this past August, but when the devout people of Los Alamos, most of them Catholic, heard about it, they appealed to the archbishop to have me expelled if I appeared publicly in their town.

In the end, I did not attend the vigil, but the publicity gave me further opportunities to call for the closing of Los Alamos. I receive hate mail, negative phone calls and at least one death threat for daring to criticize our country.

But New Mexico is the poorest state in the U.S. It is also number one in military spending and number one in nuclear weapons. It is the most militarized, the most in need of disarmament, the most in need of nonviolence. It is the first place the Pentagon goes to recruit poor youth into the empire's army.

If we are to change the direction of our country, and turn people against Bush's occupation of Iraq, we are going to have to face the ire and persecution of our local communities. If peace people in every local community insisted that our troops be brought home immediately, that the U.N. be sent in to restore Iraq, that all U.S. military aid to the Middle East be cut, and that our arsenal of weapons of mass destruction be dismantled, then we might all find soldiers marching at our front doors, trying to intimidate us.

If we can face our soldiers, call them to quit the military and urge them to disobey orders to kill, then perhaps some of them will refuse to fight, become conscientious objectors and take up the wisdom of nonviolence. If we can look them in the eye and engage them in personal Satyagraha as Gandhi demonstrated, then we know that the transformation has begun.

In the end, the episode for me was an experience of hope. We must be making a difference if the soldiers have to march at our front doors. That they failed to convert me or intimidate me, that they had to listen to my side of the story, may haunt their consciences as they travel to Iraq. No matter what happens, they have heard loud and clear the good news that God does not want them to kill anyone. I hope we can all learn the lesson.


John Dear is a Catholic priest, peace activist, lecturer, and former executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. His latest books include "Mohandas Gandhi" (Orbis) and "Mary of Nazareth, Prophet of Peace" (Ave Maria Press). For info, see.


Date: 30 Nov 2003
Subject: Possible Offensive Against Syria


by Gordon Thomas

Israel's former head of military intelligence, Major-General Shlomo Gazit, has broken ranks and taken the unprecedented step of warning Ariel Sharon to stop threatening Syria.

Gazit, now a respected elder of the Israeli intelligence community, spoke publicly in Tel Aviv last weekend.

He accused Sharon of running an "orchestrated campaign to incite and humiliate Damascus. It is only going to be a matter of time until the Syrians are unable to hold back and then the big blaze will begin".

He cited as an example of the "jab, jab policy" of Sharon, the recent incident when Israeli fighter planes buzzed the palace of Basha al-Assad, the Syrian president.

Gazit's blunt warning has sent a shock wave through Israel's military command structure. Sharon's cabinet office has dismissed Gazit as "someone out of touch with reality".

"But the reality is that Sharon IS preparing for a short, sharp offensive against Syria", insisted Gazit.

Support for this came only last Sunday when General Moshe Yaalon, chief of staff of the IDF, Israeli armed forces, also hinted at "further action" against Syria.

"If Damascus continues to ignore the message that Israel and other countries have sent to Syria, then it may be necessary to send messages of a different kind", said Yaalon in an address to the faculty of Tel Aviv university.

The reference to "other countries" was intended to convey that Washington would support an attack on Syria", Yaalon later admitted.

An hour after he had spoken, eight Israeli F-15 jets crossed the international border with Lebanon and flew over Beirut. There are 25,000 heavily armed Syrian troops in and around the city.

This was the latest incursion to deepen the crisis with Syria. Last month, F-15 jets dropped satellite-guided bombs on an empty Palestinian training base near Damascus. It was the first assault on the country's soil in 30 years.

Damascus promised to retaliate. It has not done so yet.

But Syrian vice-president Abd al-Halim joined in the war of words this week. He accused Sharon of "staging psychological warfare" against Syria. Next day, more Israeli jets swept over Syria's forces in Lebanon.

Sources close to Sharon have said he was now convinced by hawkish generals like Yaalon that Israel should next strike at Syria's missile sites hidden in Lebanon.

But Gazit, once a renowned hawk, has predicted such an attack could have deadly consequences.

"It would be wrong for Israel to underestimate Syria's military strength. Damascus could retaliate with a ferocity that would surprise us.

"The Syrians possess hundreds of ballistic missiles with conventional, maybe also chemical, warheads which are targeted on all of Israel", he said.

Bush's tacit support for an attack on Syria ˆ together with his signalled readiness to introduce the Syrian Accountability Act in Congress ˆ shows how closely Israel has veered towards war with Syria.

The Accountability Act calls for sanctions against Syria until Washington "decides" if Syria has stopped supporting terrorism, has withdrawn all its troops from Lebanon, has ceased the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction and is ready to enter into "serious unconditional peace talks with Israel".

The Act is the handiwork of the neo-conservatives around Bush, led by Paul Wolfowitz.

It is welcomed by Sharon as the first move for a "regime change" in Syria.

But men like Gazit now see the "Israelisation" of America as a dangerous ingredient in the already poisonous Middle East brew. With the situation in Iraq increasingly eating away at Bush's prospects of election for a second term, he will be more accommodating than ever to Israel. In turn, the powerful Jewish American lobby will pressurise the White House to allow Sharon a free hand in dealing with Syria.

For strategists like Gazit, one thing is clear: if America cannot quickly extricate itself from Iraq, for Washington to remain an Israeli partner in this most counter-productive of alliances in the Middle East will be a high price to pay for Bush.

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Gordon Thomas is a writer on intelligence - his many books include :
Gideon's Spies_The Secret History of Mossad
Robert Maxwell - Israel's Superspy
Seeds of Fire - China and the Story Behind the Attack on America

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From: "Boudewijn Wegerif">
Subject: WHAT MATTERS-154: To stop the killing
Date: 27 Nov 2003


To stop the killing - A commentary on 'The Kennedys, Physical Evidence and 9/11' by Michael Ruppert, posted yesterday at


Dear list members,

Your gratitude to Michael Ruppert of From the Wilderness will accompany mine, I am sure, when you read his article 'The Kennedys, Physical Evidence and 9/11' attached.

In the article Ruppert spells out clearly the now obvious fact that "the U.S. government was a deliberate facilitator of the attacks before they occurred." And he spells out equally clearly the lie to the barrage of anniversary programmes last week to commemorate the 'lone killer' assassination of JFK, and incidentally the assassination of his brother Robert by another 'lone killer'.

The conclusion Ruppert draws is that:


We need to face up to this. We need to recognise the money beast's success in getting away with murder.

Sadly, Michael Ruppert comes across as too accepting of that, however.


Significantly, Ruppert's FTW (From The Wilderness) well-selling and much seen video 'The Truth and Lies of 9/11' opens with a single segment from the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, shot on November 22, 1963, which shows that with the fatal head shot, JFK's body was pushed backwards and not forwards.

"In the simplest laws of physics this means one thing and one thing only; the shot was fired from JFK's front and hence, not by Oswald." Yet, writes Ruppert in this week's article, so effective has been the mind-numbing media coverage of events, at the end of the deluge of confusing anniversary programmes, "one was left with the message that it was still likely Oswald, a long-dead progenitor of crazed, lone, twentieth century-gunmen, who did it."

Ruppert goes on: "The historical corollary to JFK's front-to-back motion is the collapse of WTC Building 7, which was not struck by an aircraft at all, and yet it collapsed faster than gravity would permit - and perfectly within its own footprint. Inside that building were choice bits of history and evidence. . . .Nothing makes sense to explain the collapse of this building except controlled demolition. . . . It is inconceivable that this building was brought down by planes that hit buildings approximately a hundred yards away. But are there common citizens who believe it?"


Having drawn an incisive parallel between 9/11 and the Kennedy assassinations, Ruppert comes up with a red herring.

He cites out of his experience as an activist for government transparency, that nothing will be accomplished by "those newly awakened voices of opposition who expend needless energy debating whether explosives were placed in the towers, whether the planes were remote controlled, whether an airliner really hit the Pentagon, or whether maybe Congress will actually do something about any of it."

These debates, he argues, "are worse than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. They are expediting the demise of people who could otherwise be constructing life rafts. The proof already exists that the government lied."

The central issue for Ruppert, on which he wants us to focus, is that the government needed the 9/11 attack to "cause the American people to support 'the imperial mobilization necessary' to control 60 percent of the world's known energy resources".

"The fact is that the world is starting to run out of hydrocarbon energy, right now," writes Ruppert. "Wars, famines, economic failure and plagues are upon us today. The children of the Bull Market are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan." Therefore, Peak Oil and Gas is "the real story - the only story. . . 9/11 was its first visible manifestation. I fight to expose Peak Oil in part by exposing 9/11 in a way that registers in the public consciousness. That is my obligation to my readers and - as I see it - to my fellow man."


A crime has been committed; high treason, in fact. Justice must prevail, no matter what the cost and consequences.

We have to keep knocking at the door to the truth about 9/11 - knowing that that door will not open except out of a tremendous struggle in the land, with reverberations right round the world.

The fact that the government has been so effective with disinformation, so as to turn every truth about what happened into a debating point, is no reason to stop knocking at the door. No, lets start hammering.

I firmly believe that the established US government lie will be overturned, and so great will be the struggle for this, there will be a domino effect. With the overturning of the 9/11 lie, the established lies about the assassination of the Kennedy brothers (and Martin Luther King) will also be overturned. And from that will follow the overturning of the common mindset, which we all share and which allows the bankers usury that underpins the inhuman, competitive power structure that is today, now, killing the rain forests, killing the dolphins and whales, killing, simply killing, for money, for gain.

I agree with John Kaminski, who sent me the Ruppert article, "9/11 is the story of the millennium, the accurate reporting of which is the one thing that could actually lead to peace in this world. It is a story if accurately reported will not only bring down the Bush gang but the capitalist system and its fake terror and legal immunity from charges of treason, robbery and mass murder."

In friendship.

Boudewijn Wegerif,
What Matters Programme
Folkhogskola Vardingeby
150 21 Molnby, Sweden.


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* The What Matters Programme is an initiative by Boudewijn Wegerif, to spread information about what is happening in the world today, and how things could be, given a schooling at all levels to free the self and the world from debt/guilt oppression and money madness - a schooling for Satyagraha, truth and love force. The trustees of the What Matters Programme are the collegiate of Folkhögskola Vårdinge By, an adult education residential college south of Stockholm.

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President Kennedy, The Fed And Executive Order 11110

From APFN By Cedric X 11-20-3

Executive Order 1110 gave the US the ability to create its own money backed by silver. ...

On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy's order gave the Treasury the power "to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury." This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury's vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.

With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business. If enough of these silver certificats were to come into circulation they would have eliminated the demand for Federal Reserve notes. This is because the silver certificates are backed by silver and the Federal Reserve notes are not backed by anything. Executive Order 11110 could have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level, because it would have given the government the ability to repay its debt without going to the Federal Reserve and being charged interest in order to create the new money. Executive Order 11110 gave the U.S. the ability to create its own money backed by silver.

After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, no more silver certificates were issued. The Final Call has learned that the Executive Order was never repealed by any U.S. President through an Executive Order and is still valid. Why then has no president utilized it? Virtually all of the nearly $6 trillion in debt has been created since 1963, and if a U.S. president had utilized Executive Order 11110 the debt would be nowhere near the current level. Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to future presidents who would think to eliminate the U.S. debt by eliminating the Federal Reserve's control over the creation of money. Mr. Kennedy challenged the government of money by challenging the two most successful vehicles that have ever been used to drive up debt - war and the creation of money by a privately-owned central bank. His efforts to have all troops out of Vietnam by 1965 and Executive Order 11110 would have severely cut into the profits and control of the New York banking establishment.


Read the rest at


Date: 01 Dec 2003
From: "">
Subject: The Bipartisan War Agenda

Centre for Research on Globalization

Global Research (Canada) Feature Articles

2 December 2003


by Michel Chossudovsky and Ian Woods

Editorial, Global Outlook, Issue 6, Winter 2004

Complete text at:

As we go to press, the borders of Syria are being threatened. The Bush administration has identified Syria as the next stage of "the road map to war". The bombing of presumed "terrorist bases" in Syria by the Israeli Air Force in October was intended to provide a justification for subsequent pre-emptive military interventions. Ariel Sharon launched the attacks with the approval of Donald Rumsfeld. (See p. 6.)

This planned extension of the war into Syria has serious implications. It means that Israel becomes a major military actor in the US-led war, as well as an ëofficialí member of the Anglo-American coalition. The US, Britain and Israel already have a coordinated nuclear weapons policy. Meanwhile, Israeli nuclear warheads are pointed at certain major cities in the Middle East. The governments of all three countries have stated quite openly that they plan to use nuclear weapons "if they are attacked". (See p. 51.)

The Pentagon views "territorial control" over Syria, which constitutes a land bridge between Israel and occupied Iraq, as "strategic" from a military and economic standpoint. It also constitutes a means of controlling the Iraqi border and curbing the flow of volunteer fighters, who are traveling to Baghdad to join the Iraqi resistance movement.

This enlargement of the theater of war is consistent with Ariel Sharon's plan to build a "Greater Israel" "on the ruins of Palestinian nationalism". While Israel seeks to extend its territorial domain towards the Euphrates River, with designated areas of Jewish settlement in the Syrian heartland, Palestinians are imprisoned in Gaza and the West Bank behind an "Apartheid Wall".

In the meantime, the US Congress has tightened the economic sanctions on Libya and Iran. As well, Washington is hinting at the need for a "regime change" in Saudi Arabia. In turn, Turkish troops have entered the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq and a war of resistance against the occupation forces is ongoing in Afghanistan. So, the war could indeed spill over into a much broader region extending from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Indian sub-continent and Chinaís Western frontier.


Some people think that a change in direction will occur if the Democrats win the 2004 presidential election. Yet the Democrats are not at all opposed to the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. They have not committed their party to "bringing the troops home now!" (See p. 5.) Nor do they oppose President Bush's request to Congress to allocate $87 billion to finance Iraqís occupation and "reconstruction". (See p. 40.)

The war is in fact a bipartisan project. The Republicans led the first Gulf war, the Democrats led the wars in the Balkans leading to the military occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina under the Dayton Accords in 1995 and the invasion of Kosovo in 1999. The Democrats and the Republicans joined hands in enforcing the "No Fly Zone" (1991-2003) over Iraq plus a twelve year program of economic sanctions and indiscriminate bombings.

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Forwarded by Ken>


The Moscow Times

Nov. 28, 2003

Global Eye -- Naked Gun

By Chris Floyd

Don't kid yourself -- and don't let them kid you. When they come at you with that pious sugar, telling you how they're going to protect you, secure you, keep you free, you better run and check the back door – because that's where their goons will be breaking in.

Last week, the U.S. Congress approved an expansion of FBI powers that will allow Attorney General John Ashcroft's federal police to arbitrarily seize records from a range of private businesses without bothering a judge or grand jury with any silly-billy nonsense about evidence or even suspicion of criminal intent. All Ashcroft's boys have to do is say, "Boo! Terrorism!" and they can take whatever they want.

This expansion of Patriot (sic) Act powers was smuggled into the funding bill for the Bush Regime's security organs. Although the FBI is technically under the supervision of the Judiciary committees, Bushist bagmen in Congress routed the measure through the secret sessions of the intelligence committees to avoid any public debate, Wired Magazine reports.

As usual, the power grab was accompanied by earnest pledges that it would only be used in the most extreme cases of genuine terrorist danger. This was also the line given out when the Patriot (sic) Act was first passed in 2001. Ashcroft -- who is so holy that he had his daddy pour cooking oil over his head after his 1994 election to the Senate to signify that he, like King David, had been anointed with the Lord's "dominion over men" -- solemnly swore that the draconian measures would never be applied to anything but dire threats to the national security.

This was, of course, the usual load of mule manure we've come to expect from the incontinently mendacious Regime. Witness the scene in Las Vegas this month, where Ashcroft's agents invoked the Patriot (sic) Act's anti-terrorism powers to run roughshod over due process in a local probe of a lap-dancing joint. The club owner was suspected of offering bribes to Vegas officials to win approval of a law allowing a more hands-on approach between dancers and customers, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. While the case had nothing to do with terrorism, obviously the very thought of naked flesh being fondled constituted a dire threat to the national security in Ashcroft's oily mind. And obviously, nothing will prevent Ashcroft and his minions from using the Act to pursue any other personal bee that's buzzing in their fully armed federal bonnets.

While Ashcroft's sexual anxieties are mildly amusing (last year he installed an $8,000 curtain to hide the wantonly bare breast of a statue at his Washington headquarters), there's a far more sinister side to this corrosion of America's few remaining liberties. For the very day after the Congressional rubberstamps gave their Viagra-like boost to the FBI's reach, another legislative committee released its report on "one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement" -- the FBI's eager participation in Mob murders, carried out with the full knowledge and approval of the highest levels of government, The New York Times reports.

It began in the heyday of J. Edgar Hoover, the cross-dressing martinet who reigned supreme in Washington for decades, blackmailing presidents, wiretapping dissidents (his sex tapes of Martin Luther King Jr. were said to be a particular favorite) and generally playing merry hell with American liberties all across the board. In the 1960s, the FBI formed a partnership with a Boston gangland outfit, using its hitmen as informants to finger other gangs. It was a sweet deal for both parties: the Bureau got high-profile collars for its PR mill, and the gangsters got to knock off their enemies with the blessing -- and cover -- of the biggest "roof" around: the U.S. government.

Not only did the FBI cover for its pet killers; agents actually allowed four men to be convicted (two of them sentenced to execution) for a murder that Hoover knew had been committed by one of his "informants". Two of the innocent men died in prison; the others were freed after serving 30 years of hard time. In all, the FBI's informants murdered more than 20 people in Boston -- "often with the help of FBI agents," noted the Congressional report. And lest you think this blood work was just something from the "bad old days," consider this: the FBI-Mob death squad was still operative at least as late as 1995, when a helpful fed tipped off Boston's top mobster, Whitey Bulger, before he could be arrested by some nonmobbed cops. Whitey is still at large -- and presumably still enjoying the shelter of his trusty "roof."

And by the way, not a single FBI agent has ever been arrested -- or even disciplined -- for their part in this murderous enterprise.

So don't kid yourself that these new powers won't be abused. They will. Power -- the armed power of the state, the power over life, death and the liberty of the individual -- will always go just as far as you let it. It will trample every ethical and moral boundary, pour itself into every nook and cranny of life, public and private, seeking dominance at every level -- unless you maintain a rigorous system of checks and balances to balk the flow of power, frustrate it, channel it, disperse it, subject it to reason, humanize it.

But in the militarized, one-party state of Bushist America, where law is scorned and reason has fled, those restraints are being swept aside. The back door is wide open.


See also:

Rise of the American KGB (Nov 24)
Richard Willing writes, “DNA profiles from hundreds of thousands of juvenile offenders and adults arrested but not convicted of crimes could be added to the FBI's national DNA crime-fighting program under a proposed law moving through Congress. [Emphasis mine.] “The law, if enacted, would be the greatest single expansion of the federal government's power to collect and use DNA since the FBI's national database was created in 1992. The FBI says its national DNA database holds genetic profiles from about 1.4 million adults convicted of state and federal crimes. “The changes, in a little-noticed section of a bill that would authorize $755 million for DNA testing, were approved by the House of Representatives on Nov. 5. Backers say the Senate is likely to approve a similar version by early next year.” Thanks to this regime’s undeclared War on Terror, it’s a sure bet that this proposed crime-fighting law will easily pass with little or no debate, let alone dissent or opposition. As I wrote almost a year ago, DNA database networks will soon be the de facto national ID card system. This proposed law, in addition to PATRIOT I, bodes ill for what remains of our justice system. It opens a brand new door to abuse by State agents. If you think that once that door is open, nothing bad will happen, you are not only naïve and deluded, you are smoking something that is not sold at 7-Eleven. Unlike fingerprints, DNA material is easily planted at a crime scene. Once passed, this law will enable any State agent to arrest you for any reason, specious or otherwise, just to get DNA material from you. Once they have it, you can be freed, with all “charges” dropped. When the State needs a fall guy, all it has to do is plant one of your hairs at a crime scene. The FBI’s computer will then find the "criminal" and you will be quickly arrested, charged, tried, and convicted because, as we all know, DNA matching is virtually 100% proof positive. PATRIOT I already enables State agents to search your home at any time, giving them plenty of opportunities to gather new DNA material that will then mysteriously appear at a crime scene. It will not matter who your attorney is, how much money you make, or what your alibi is, you will be convicted and sent to prison if/when the State targets you. (...) "We are fast approaching the stage in the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest period of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." ." Timothy Lynch writes, “There is, of course, cause for concern. Federal officials have abused their powers in the past, such as by throwing Japanese-Americans into detention camps, by conducting barbaric experiments on black men in Tuskegee , Ala. , and by deliberately exposing GIs to atomic blasts, to name just a few. If we believe that tomorrow's political leaders will somehow be incapable of abusing their power over a fully centralized DNA database, the next generation will never forgive us -- and rightly so.” PATRIOT I, the pending PATRIOT II, and this proposed law all mark the rise of the American KGB. CLIP FEEDBACK ON THIS ARTICLE: “The United States has a mixed economy - fascist (corporate control, corporate welfare), capitalist (market economy) and socialist (some small business subsidies, but not the extent of the other). It also has a mixed political system - representative and fascist. The U.S. government is encroaching on private life, moving toward totalitarianism.”

US Congress approves intelligence bill (Nov 21)
... the House approved the legislation 264-163 with most House Democrats voting against it due to a provision they saw as too great an expansion of FBI powers.

Extra caution greets expansion of powers (Nov 23)
'Patriot II' on hold, but other bills may serve same end - Congress has reacted much more cautiously to Attorney General John Ashcroft's reported crafting of a "Patriot II'' act than it did to the original law, which rode a bipartisan wave to passage soon after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. (...) So President Bush and Ashcroft are expanding Patriot I with piecemeal legislation and executive orders. For instance, last week the House approved a provision in the 2004 Intelligence Authorization bill that will permit the FBI to demand records from a number of businesses, without the approval of a judge or grand jury, if the agency feels the records are relevant to a terrorism investigation. Previously, only financial institutions were obliged to turn over such records to the FBI. Under the Intelligence Authorization bill provision, securities dealers, currency exchanges, travel agents, car dealers, post offices, casinos and pawnbrokers would face the same possibility.

Conservative Voices Against PATRIOT Act II
Bob Barr, former Republican member of Congress ("Subpoena plan stirs alarm," Atlanta Journal Constitution, 9/26/2003) [On the President’s request to give law enforcement administrative subpoenas]: "This moves us in the direction of the executive law enforcement power extending to the point where they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want to do it… All in the name of fighting terrorism."

Romero: Feds Are Targeting Innocent Americans Engaged in Lawful Protest, Dissent
The ACLU denounces a classified FBI intelligence memorandum, obtained by The New York Times, which gives police detailed instructions on how to target and monitor lawful political demonstrations under the rubric of fighting terrorism. “Attorney General Ashcroft has dismissed critics of the Justice Department’s tactics as 'hysterical' and has even said that such criticism aids the terrorists,” said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director. “But this bulletin confirms that the federal government is targeting innocent Americans engaged in nothing more than lawful protest and dissent. The American people deserve an explanation for what is clearly a return to the days of J. Edgar Hoover’s spying tactics.” According to a front-page story in today’s New York Times, the memorandum was circulated last month to local law enforcement agencies around the country in advance of mass marches and rallies in Washington, DC and San Francisco against the U.S. occupation in Iraq. (...) News of the classified bulletin also comes on the heels of an ACLU lawsuit against the Secret Service for the continuing practice of allowing pro-Bush protesters to remain visible to cameras during presidential appearances, and corralling anti-Bush protesters into pens or designated areas far from the media.

Take Action: Oppose surveillance of peaceful protesters
The ability to speak freely and peacefully protest government policies is a cherished right, as enshrined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. A confidential FBI memo leaked to the New York Times confirms however that the federal government is targeting innocent Americans engaged in nothing more than lawful protest and dissent.

Unpatriotic Acts: The FBI's Power to Rifle Through Your Records and Personal Belongings Without Telling You

Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains: The Growth of an American Surveillance Society (Jan 03)
Americans need to step back from the daily drum of privacy stories and absorb the big picture: the United States is at risk of turning into a full-fledged surveillance society. The fact is, Orwell’s vision of "Big Brother" is now, for the first time, technologically possible.  Preface: There is no shortage of stories in the media today about the continuing assault on our privacy. But while the latest surveillance program or privacy-invading gadget always receives ample coverage, it is much rarer to find stories that connect the dots and describe the overall impact on privacy in the United States. And without that big picture, the importance of the individual pieces often gets lost. This new report from the American Civil Liberties Union seeks to provide greater understanding of how our activities are increasingly being tracked and recorded, and how all that data could be drawn together from different sources to create a single high-resolution image of our private lives. For decades, the notion of a “surveillance society,” where every facet of our private lives is monitored and recorded, has sounded abstract, paranoid or far-fetched to many people. No more! The public’s recent introduction to the Pentagon’s “Total Information Awareness” project, which seeks to tie together every facet of our private lives in one big surveillance scheme, has provided a stunning lesson in the realities of the new world in which we live. The revelations about the Total Information Awareness program have given the public a sudden introduction to the concept of “data surveillance,” and an early glimmer of the technological potential for a surveillance society. It has also confirmed the national security and law enforcement establishments’ hunger for such surveillance. Yet too many people still do not understand the danger, do not grasp just how radical an increase in surveillance by both the government and the private sector is becoming possible, or do not see that the danger stems not just from a single government program, but from a number of parallel developments in the worlds of technology, law, and politics. In this report, the ACLU seeks to flesh out these trends, and, by setting down various developments together in one place, to illuminate the overall danger and what can be done to eliminate it. The surveillance monster is getting bigger and stronger by the day. But the American Civil Liberties Union believes that it is not too late to build a system of law that can chain it. It is not too late to take back our data. Introduction: Privacy and liberty in the United States are at risk. A combination of lightning-fast technological innovation and the erosion of privacy protections threatens to transform Big Brother from an oft-cited but remote threat into a very real part of American life. We are at risk of turning into a Surveillance Society. The explosion of computers, cameras, sensors, wireless communication, GPS, biometrics, and other technologies in just the last 10 years is feeding a surveillance monster that is growing silently in our midst. Scarcely a month goes by in which we don’t read about some new high-tech way to invade people’s privacy, from face recognition to implantable microchips, data-mining, DNA chips, and even “brain wave fingerprinting.” The fact is, there are no longer any technical barriers to the Big Brother regime portrayed by George Orwell. Even as this surveillance monster grows in power, we are weakening the legal chains that keep it from trampling our lives. We should be responding to intrusive new technologies by building stronger restraints to protect our privacy; instead, we are doing the opposite – loosening regulations on government surveillance, watching passively as private surveillance grows unchecked, and contemplating the introduction of tremendously powerful new surveillance infrastructures that will tie all this information together. CLIP

All developments and news related to the USA PATRIOT Act I and II


Here is the most critical factor around next year's election and one that needs our attention, letters to editors, articles, and activism NOW! Thanks to Paul Krugman of the NY Times, this news is getting on the radar screen.

Peace, Georgia Kelly


Hack the Vote


December 2, 2003

Inviting Bush supporters to a fund-raiser, the host wrote, "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year." No surprise there. But Walden O'Dell - who says that he wasn't talking about his business operations - happens to be the chief executive of Diebold Inc., whose touch-screen voting machines are in increasingly widespread use across the United States.

For example, Georgia - where Republicans scored spectacular upset victories in the 2002 midterm elections - relies exclusively on Diebold machines. To be clear, though there were many anomalies in that 2002 vote, there is no evidence that the machines miscounted. But there is also no evidence that the machines counted correctly. You see, Diebold machines leave no paper trail.

Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey, who has introduced a bill requiring that digital voting machines leave a paper trail and that their software be available for public inspection, is occasionally told that systems lacking these safeguards haven't caused problems. "How do you know?" he asks. What we do know about Diebold does not inspire confidence. The details are technical, but they add up to a picture of a company that was, at the very least, extremely sloppy about security, and may have been trying to cover up product defects.

Early this year Bev Harris, who is writing a book on voting machines, found Diebold software - which the company refuses to make available for public inspection, on the grounds that it's proprietary - on an unprotected server, where anyone could download it. (The software was in a folder titled "") The server was used by employees of Diebold Election Systems to update software on its machines. This in itself was an incredible breach of security, offering someone who wanted to hack into the machines both the information and the opportunity to do so.

An analysis of Diebold software by researchers at Johns Hopkins and Rice Universities found it both unreliable and subject to abuse. A later report commissioned by the state of Maryland apparently reached similar conclusions. (It's hard to be sure because the state released only a heavily redacted version.)

Meanwhile, leaked internal Diebold e-mail suggests that corporate officials knew their system was flawed, and circumvented tests that would have revealed these problems. The company hasn't contested the authenticity of these documents; instead, it has engaged in legal actions to prevent their dissemination.

Why isn't this front-page news? In October, a British newspaper, The Independent, ran a hair-raising investigative report on U.S. touch-screen voting. But while the mainstream press has reported the basics, the Diebold affair has been treated as a technology or business story - not as a potential political scandal.

This diffidence recalls the treatment of other voting issues, like the Florida "felon purge" that inappropriately prevented many citizens from voting in the 2000 presidential election. The attitude seems to be that questions about the integrity of vote counts are divisive at best, paranoid at worst. Even reform advocates like Mr. Holt make a point of dissociating themselves from "conspiracy theories." Instead, they focus on legislation to prevent future abuses.

But there's nothing paranoid about suggesting that political operatives, given the opportunity, might engage in dirty tricks. Indeed, given the intensity of partisanship these days, one suspects that small dirty tricks are common. For example, Orrin Hatch, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, recently announced that one of his aides had improperly accessed sensitive Democratic computer files that were leaked to the press.

This admission - contradicting an earlier declaration by Senator Hatch that his staff had been cleared of culpability - came on the same day that the Senate police announced that they were hiring a counterespionage expert to investigate the theft. Republican members of the committee have demanded that the expert investigate only how those specific documents were leaked, not whether any other breaches took place. I wonder why.

The point is that you don't have to believe in a central conspiracy to worry that partisans will take advantage of an insecure, unverifiable voting system to manipulate election results. Why expose them to temptation? I'll discuss what to do in a future column. But let's be clear: the credibility of U.S. democracy may be at stake.


See also:

Black Box Voting - ballot Tampering in the 21st Century
(...) Nov 26, 2003 - Thanks, Rep. Kucinich: Diebold withdraws in the legal fight over the memos! The EFF lawsuit could have gone either way, but there was no winning the battle against a powerful congressman, and presidential candidate, like the Honorable Rep. Dennis Kucinich. He did a courageous thing, which shows truly effective leadership and demonstrates his commitment to this issue in the strongest possible terms: He posted the Diebold Memos on his Web site and then challenged Diebold to revoke its abusive use of DMCA cease and desist orders. If you would like to express your appreciation for his leadership on this issue, here is a direct link where you can make a contribution to his presidential campaign. was the very first Web site to publish memos, and was the first to get a Diebold DMCA pulldown demand over the memos — it very nearly decapitated us, taking us down for 30 days! You can see just how important these memos are by visiting The Kucinich Project in the Activism Forum. Rep. Kucinich's staff used this forum, which was private at the time, to prepare his Web page with the Diebold memos.

Roll up your sleeves: Hit the Activism Forum at



Date: 30 Nov 2003

Levels of the game: The deeper you go, the darker it gets

By John Kaminski

Did you know there's a war game played by Air Force types that posits a situation where the United States in the year 2017 conducts a preemptive first strike on China by using a next-generation space shuttle, which swoops down and annihilates strategic targets before booking back up to the Space Station? This is followed by the total destruction of China by a spaced-based laser, which the Pentagon humorously calls the Death Star.

I learned of this gut-wrenching scenario by watching a video titled "Arsenal of Hypocrisy," a frightening array of future probabilities compiled by Gainesville, Florida filmmaker Randy Atkins ( detailing a shocking portrait of America's militarization of space. This film features the commentary of anti-nuke legend Bruce Gagnon, social critic Noam Chomsky, and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, as well as former president Dwight Eisenhower, and provides such a chilling view of the future that it simply blew all the current news right out of my brain as my jaw dropped open and stayed that way for a few hours.

I mean, what's the point of speculating about what really happened on 9/11 or the sinister butchery of innocents in Iraq when a plan for total domination of the earth through calculated American violence is already in place and inexorably evolving toward its ugly conclusion?

The game is over. Nobody can oppose this war machine. It doesn't matter if we find out that no planes were actually used in the 9/11 deception, that it was all holograms and film. What court, what cop, is going to act on our discovery? They're all bought and paid for. And so are the "peace-loving" Democrats who are now clamoring to bestow their own version of American totalitarianism on the people of the world.

"Whoever controls space will win all the wars on the earth," says Gagnon in the film. "There is no challenger on this earth able to stand against us.

Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Nuclear Power and Weapons in Space and organizer of many demonstrations at the Kennedy Space Center, goes on: "We have 7500 nuclear missiles, China has 20. We are going to manage China." He explains that the deployment of U.S. forces in Central Asia are principally about encircling China, including "deploying theater missile defense systems off the coast of China."

He concludes: "They don't want the American people to understand the depth of the plans for moving the arms race into the heavens ... we shouldn't have any illusions anymore about our country ... our democracy is under the control of corporations."

At least watching the film took my mind off the depressing load of e-mails I face every day. These e-mails are certainly just as enlightening as Atkins' film, and one from my pal Hazel the other day got me thinking that even the brightest among the people I have come to know and respect on the Internet are still pretty much in the dark as to what is really going on.

The story, now widely circulated (, involved a fellow named Michael Meiring, who happened to blow his legs off last year while constructing a bomb in the Philippines. The theory is that Meiring, operating under the cover of being a "treasure hunter" (a common CIA occupation), was instantly whisked out the country by American agents to presumably a secure and secret location.

Hazel reported he was "a CIA operative and had spent 10 years on assignment associating with Islamic groups, Abu Sayef, MNLF, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and other Philippine based Islamic groups, supplying them with US counterfeit notes (courtesy of US intelligence) and bomb making materials so that they may create terrorist mayhem within the Philippines, giving the US a pretext to move in and "help," just like in Indonesia ˜ just like nearly everywhere else these Mafia-like thugs can plant their terror and, "protection" racket."

The story set off alarm bells with me. I have long insisted that al-Qaeda is nothing more than a CIA/Mossad strategem, useful in creating havoc when the U.S. military wants to respond to a threat. Got a place you want to invade? Have al-Qaeda blow something up, and we'll respond. It's a policy very much on the order of the Israeli formula, which creates terror to respond to whenever it wants to instill its repression of those whose land it wants to steal.

So now that everytime I hear about al-Qaeda doing some dastardly deed, I simply assume it is U.S.-Israeli operatives committing some "false-flag" operation in order to achieve some other, devilish purpose, just as we saw in Istanbul, Turkey the other day.

I wrote about this earlier ( in a piece called "The perfect enemy" which was widely circulated. The point being, an enemy under your complete control which you can deploy at your own whim is the perfect vehicle to keep the war machine making money, and Meiring is one of the best examples of that formula.

The so-called Muslim insurgency in the Philippines (and in a gaggle of other countries) is nothing more than a false-flag operation provoked by the CIA/Mossad construction named al-Qaeda in order to provide a justification for further military action and expenditures on armaments, not to mention that new cash cow, rebuilding countries the U.S. has destroyed, using American corporations with close ties to the Bush Administration. That's really the growth industry you should be investing in, if you're a murderous pig with absolutely no conscience about who you kill and what you destroy.

Istanbul was the most recent example of one of these false flag operations, as was Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, and, a little while back, the explosion in Bali, meant to exascerbate tensions and repression against Muslims in Indonesia.

Of course the granddaddy of all these provocations was 9/11, where the money men blasted the most famous American corporate landmark, made billions on savvy stock transactions and insurance claims, and created for themselves the perfect pretext to spread their population-reducing and profit-producing mayhem all around the globe, not to mention put all the American people in prison by means of Patriot Act and other repressive legislation.

And speaking of 9/11, I have been involved in the most fascinating round-robin conversation among absolutely the best, most conscientious researchers in the world. I would like to share some of this debate (but not all) with you, to maybe get your opinions on an apparent schism among the group, and also alert you to some very portentous developments.

This debate was essentially triggered by the curious revelations of Mike Ruppert, certainly the most well-known (and deservedly so) of those proposing an alternative view of what happened on 9/11. I term the revelations curious because what should have been page 1 news among the 9/11 research community was buried near the bottom of an otherwise pedestrian column about old JFK news and the issue of when the world's oil supplies will run out.

Ruppert admitted as a person that he believed the WTC towers were not brought down by the jetliners that crashed into them, that he believed the buildings were destroyed by demolition charges. He also said he believed no airliner hit the Pentagon, and that something else was responsible for the death and damage there.

This was a change in his basic policy of reporting, and the curious part of it was that he published his admission so unobtrusively. The admission, however, sent shockwaves through the 9/11 research community, and opened up whole new areas for renewed debate.

Because ... if the so-called top 9/11 researcher anywhere had revised his opinion, and now believed that the towers in New York were NOT felled by airliners, and that the Pentagon was NOT really hit by an airliner, it not only gives all those websites and researchers who have been insisting these very things all along a lot more credibility in the public eye, but it also astronomically increases the chances that the general public will begin to believe that George W. Bush's official version of what happened on 9/11 is an absolute lie, and that our country and the world are in much bigger trouble than most people have been willing to believe.

Ruppert's admission significantly increases the likelihood, in the public mind, that 9/11 was an inside job, meant to create a police state atmosphere within the United States, and also meant to create a pretext for bombing any country Bush says is harboring the terrorists who did 9/11.

BUT ... if the Twin Towers were demolished, and the Pentagon was hit by something other than a hijacked airliner ... well, you have to ask: how could Arabs in a cave in Afghanistan have pulled that off? Hmm? Wouldn't you agree?

And if Arabs in a cave in Afghanistan didn't do the dirty deed, who did?

Of course, the shocking part of contemplating that question is that it can't help but shatter the whole world view of whomever has the courage to confront it. I mean, we're talking about the president of the United States condoning the killing of American citizens, a lot of them, right in the middle of America's biggest city.

It's not an easy assertion to consider, for any of us. Because it means that everything this country has stood for, and been built upon, has been a lie, or at least is now a lie. It means that our leaders were willing to sacrifice thousands of its own citizens simply to facilitate a more aggressive and lucrative geopolitical agenda.

It is perfectly understandable to all how the mind of a loyal American would recoil at that idea, declare it preposterous, and consign advocates of such a theory to the loony bin.

And yet one of the top researchers of 9/11 in the world, Mike Ruppert, has admitted that he has been convinced of the truth that the WTC towers were demolished, and that the Pentagon was not hit by an airliner.

And now the choices are clear for every American. You can either hide your head in the sand, and continue to believe that the government of the good old USA would never do such a thing to its own people, or you can confront the evidence. I think now the choice has come down to confronting the evidence or not taking care of your own life.

Which leads me to the little matter of the schism among 9/11 researchers, precious few of whom (and those who do now fall under a glaring spotlight of suspicion as to their motivations) believe that jetliners felled the WTC towers or that a jetliner hit the Pentagon.

The schism is a matter of what constitutes political realism. Of what is possible under the circumstances.

I have long advocated the immediate arrest, on the basis of probable cause for obstruction of justice, of the president and all his staff and Cabinet. I'd prefer this order extend to most members of Congress as well. More detailed charges of conspiracy to commit mass murder, and conspiracy to commit treason, could be developed after the suspects were incarcerated and not able to do any more damage to innocent people all over the world.

Among 9/11 researchers, I am not in the majority, clearly. Though I'm not alone, either.

What is happening now is that several high-profile investigators want to make a movie about 9/11 and the sham that the official government probe has become. When this was announced, a number of us worried that the film could become another layer of the coverup if the right questions weren't asked.

We seem split into two camps: those who believe the crime must be punished and the perpetrators ˜ whomever they may be ˜ arrested and prosecuted, and those who believe (as Ruppert and others do) that the American government must be maintained, that we must go through channels, work within the system, and achieve the best results we can given the political realities we confront.

So what's your call? Should we let the killers slide in the interest of maintaining the decorous, storied infrastructure of the American hierarchy, or should we really go after the real murderers of all those innocent people with everything we have in our guts?

Next time you read anything about 9/11, or the Patriot Act, or the exterminations now ongoing in Iraq, or government scientists developing the famous 1918 strain of Spanish flu, or white-haired Americans being clubbed by Miami police, try to keep this question in mind.

You do know, my friends, which side I'm on.


John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a collection of his Internet essays. See For more of his work, also see


Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003
Subject: ------ WORLD BAD AIR ALERT ------

I'm sorry, this isn't very good news; but if we get this stopped it will be VERY GOOD NEWS.

PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know. TOGETHER we can stop this global insanity.

People in the UK, and in many other countries, are getting dangerously sick because of the massive spraying in the sky and air of toxic chemicals -- such as barium stearate and aluminium oxide. This 'Chemtrail Spraying' started in West USA around 1991, and became severe over many countries in 1999 and 2000.

Over the past few years millions of people will have died from, and many millions are now sick with, these conditions and complications from the massive 'Chemtrail' spraying operation occurring over many countries.....

Examples of Symptoms related to Chemtrail exposure:

Allergies, sore and blocked sinuses; Dry, hacking, persistent cough; Nosebleeds, blood in mucous; Swollen, burning, teary eyes with mucous; Flu-like, fever, sore throat; Pneumonia, upper respiratory; Mycoplasma infections; Migraine or splitting headaches; Pain in back of neck, particularly at the top of the spine, extremely stiff neck; Disorientation, foggy brain, sudden dizziness; Extreme fatigue, lethargy, inability to concentrate; Loud ringing in your ears; Depression, anxiety attacks; Gastrointestinal distress, bloating; Diarrhoea, bloody stools; joint pain, Aching joints and muscles; Thirst (your pets, too) or loss of appetite; Loss of bladder control, tics or spasms; Recurring fungal infections; Metallic, oily or corrosive smell and taste.

I have been trying (along with many, many others) to coalesce action to stop this madness for 36 months, but now this spraying is becoming very severe - so, I am trying again. In a chemical-filled storm (caused by planes dropping their chemical loads into approaching weather fronts) here on the Isle of Man a few weeks ago, I heard first-hand of many babies being taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. Now is the time to tell this story and to unite people, because most people are now beginning to understand that we have some pretty mad people making many of the biggest decisions on Earth. If you are new to the subject of 'Chemtrails' ask around a few friends and contacts and you will find people who have known about this for some time.

There are many, many health emergencies connected with this massive chemical pollution. A key recent connection may be the 'Flu' outbreak in central USA. Doctors have been unable to identify what virus is causing this outbreak, however huge spraying of Chemtrails were reported across central U.S. states in the week or so prior to class rooms being emptied and children dying because of this 'outbreak'.


If we follow every avenue we can to distribute this information and if everyone raises an outcry, we can stop this mad abuse to all life on Earth. Most people in Britain (and in many other countries) already know something very strange is going on in our sky -- if you give them information on 'CHEMTRAILS' they will KNOW what is happening. You can also simply tell them to search on the Internet for 'CHEMTRAILS' and they will find masses of information dating back at least four years.

Poisonous Chemtrail spraying is being organised by the same powerful people who control George Bush Junior and Tony Blair. These are the people who organised 9-11 and the phony 'War On Terror'. They are the people who have hidden 'Free Energy' from the world for over 40 years. These people are mad. If we unite together, we can defeat them.


This is a simple OVERVIEW of 'CHEMTRAILS':

'CONTRAILS' are the normal trails of jets and comprise of ice crystals formed from moisture emitted in the engine exhaust and usually evaporate within a few minutes of appearing. Contrails are usually only made and observed at fairly high altitudes, in most cases, in temperate regions, above 25,000 feet. Contrails are ICE.

'CHEMTRAILS' are laid down in a similar way to normal contrails, but do not dissipate; instead they linger in the air, disperse widely and at mid and lower altitudes form a greyish, streaky cloud-like cover which can last all day. They are not made of ice crystals, but of solid, very fine, particulate matter. And will therefore land on the ground, water, sea, and in our lungs, as widely dispersed, but nevertheless, SOLID physical matter.

'CHEMTRAILS' are widely observed in NUMEROUS countries: Britain, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland, etc. Military and civil authorities in these countries are reluctant to give information on exactly what is being sprayed by aircraft to cause this new, man-made type of 'cloud' cover. One suggested explanation is that it is to reduce the effects of 'Global Warming'. However, current information suggests the spraying of toxic and therefore poisonous chemtrails actually INCREASES local ambient temperatures.

HEALTH: There appear to be serious consequences to the health of human, animal and vegetable life onto which the spray falls. There are reports of Chemtrail spraying going back to 1991. Around 1993, many countries began to experience a large increase in illness of many types, especially connected with respiratory conditions. Also: pneumonia, influenza, viruses, allergies, etc. From around 1998, there seems to have been an extra increase in Chemtrail spraying, and likewise, an increase in illness in humans and animals, and abnormalities to vegetation.

BRITISH ISLES: Chemtrails seem to be badly affecting the British Isles. On many days you will notice the trails of planes linger in the sky for many hours, forming a wispy, untidy, low-level 'cloud' cover, obscuring the sky above and reducing sunlight. A large increase in illness occurred all over the British Isles around 1993/94. In recent years, there has been a large increase in the incidence of asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis. Also, colds, nagging coughs, flus, and viruses which are very severe and in many cases never seem to clear up. A constant and debilitating respiratory infection is very common.


NOTES: You will find a large number of groups and websites on the Internet, and from these websites and groups, you can follow links to other websites and groups. The amount of information on the Internet on Chemtrails is increasing at a high rate. There are a relatively small number of websites saying that Chemtrails are not happening -- please largely ignore these 'debunking' websites; on most days you can clearly see the obvious, adverse affects of chemtrails in the sky above you. Now that more of the general public have become aware of this massive discharge of toxic chemicals into our skies and air, spray planes are dropping their loads off-shore into approaching weather fronts to be swept inland mixed in with the wind and weather in an effort to disguise what they are doing -- but on many days you will still see planes right above you spraying thick and messy trails which will soon reach ground level, causing allergic reactions and sickness.


Phone everyone you can --- BRING IN EVERYONE ON THIS --- and raise an outcry. Babies etc. are asphyxiating because they can't get enough oxygen to breath. Adults are permanently sick, depressed, confused, and are getting all manner of strange and virulent conditions. ACT NOW - please. Bring everyone in on this. If you are new to this subject, and have not noticed the mess in our skies these past few years, please speak to friends who DO know about it. And then please get into action as soon as possible.

This mail-out is going to Magazines, Action groups, Health groups, Spiritual centres, 'Alternatives' centres, etc. If you are a magazine, please publish information on 'Chemtrail' spraying as soon as possible -- people know something odd is happening in the sky, but they don't know what it is. If you are a centre or run an alternatives, action, spiritual, or health group, please disseminate this information urgently, and ask people to copy and pass the information on. People are finding it hard to concentrate and to feel energised - that is due to the chemicals etc. in the spray - explain the situation to them and ask them to make an effort.

If we all raise an outcry - we can stop this.

Michael Irving
World-Action and Stop-Chemtrails
Isle of Man, British Isles



Please FORWARD this important information
to friends, contacts, magazines, centres, etc.


The Team


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis"> on Dec 2

FROM: JOHN ROSS> 415-282-2341 (message phone)

On the Road in Palestine


EIN ABUS OCCUPIED PALESTINE (Nov. 6th) -- The Children of God charged down the bare brown hillside swinging thick clubs and hurling large lethal stones, war-whooping in Hebrew their harsh curses upon the people of this lacerated land. I was standing with a Palestinian farmer and his family under a freshly-picked olive tree when they came for us and thus, I suppose, guilty of being a race traitor in their perverted vision.

The old farmer had just showed me the scars on his scalp from the beating the settler youth had inflicted upon him in last year's olive harvest when he heard them running towards us. Hurriedly, his wife gathered up the tarpaulins and his son shouldered the heavy sack of new olives. Yala, they warned. Time to go.

I was following the old man down the terraced terrain when the savages broke out of the trees and before I had time to turn towards them, they were upon me -- six, maybe seven, young men in yarmulkes and long, lank hair. The first blow glanced off the small of my back and I tumbled to the red-brown earth. trying to cover my head with my forearm. The second smashed into my wrist and the blood began to spurt -- the wound only excited the settlers' thirst for more of it. Now they were pulping my lower legs with sharp blows from their sticks. One Nazi youth picked up a large, jagged rock and advanced upon me with malice glowing in his evil, rabid eyes, hurling it from five feet away. I felt the painful crack against my knee and winced visibly, and then they were pulling me to my feet . tearing my clothes and booting me down the hill like a punctured soccer ball.

Just as I felt my legs collapsing under me all over again, my new friend Arik Ascherman, the head mavin of the Rabbis for Human Rights, dove into the fray, momentarily diverting the attackers' attentions. Soon, they had ripped Arik's own yarmulke from his bushy head and yelled at him that he was a betrayer of the Jews. Meanwhile, young Palestinian men took hold of both my bloody arms and led me down the narrow goat path to safety in the valley below.

The rabbis had come to Ein Abus, a village north of Jerusalem, to verify reports that these self-appointed children of god had chainsawed hundreds of olive trees the week previous, a crime against both the people and the land. Yitzhar, an illegal, barebones settlement which had spawned these crazies, stretches across 18 kilometers of naked hilltops but is really not much more than a string of tincan mobile homes that followers of the late and unlamented Meir Kahane seized from Palestinian villagers a decade ago.

Under the so-called "road map" peace plan, so hypercritically touted by George W. Bush and Israeli strongman Ariel Sharon, Yitzhar was supposed to have been dismantled because it lacks the proper permits to be a settlement at all but when the Israeli Army sent its troops to accomplish this simple task last spring, the heavily-armed soldiers were pelted with rocks and eggs and retreated in shame.

Although the Israeli press and even the U.S. consulate would half-heartedly condemn the attack on Rabbi Ascherman and this old Jewish reporter, minimal energy would be expended on bringing the muggers to justice (I have been mugged by better people) -- much as little effort was assigned to investigate the murders of Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, and the maiming of Brian Avery, young International Solidarity Movement activists last spring under the guns and bulldozers of the Israeli "Defense" Force (IDF). Bringing homicidal settlers and soldiers to justice does not have much political scratch here in this Promised Land.

Two days after the attack in Ein Abus October 27th, Rabbi Ascherman and I traveled to the white-washed modern settlement of Ariel where district police headquarters are located, to file complaints against god's children. Ariel, a fenced city of 20,000, is, of course, named after current prime minister Ariel Sharon, once the nation's housing secretary who had sponsored its construction when he took over that ministry after being replaced as defense chief in the wake of the terrible massacre of 1700 Palestinian refugees in Beirut at Sabra and Chatila in 1982. As such a malevolent context implies, justice would not be served at Ariel.

For five hours, we paced the hallways of the fortress-like police headquarters there waiting to identify our attackers. With obvious disinterest, the cops showed us a handful of ill-defined mug shots and seemed to suggest that we were responsible for our own beatings. The idea, I suspect, was to drive us away unsatisfied with Israeli justice which is not unlike that meted out in Mexico City or San Francisco's Mission District, venues in which I have been similarly assaulted, so that never again would we have the chutzpah to demand redress. Although Arik, the first peace activist to stand up to an Israeli bulldozer after Rachel Corrie was crushed last March during a home demolition in Rafah camp, Gaza (for which he will soon stand trial -- the settler community has published a 'wanted for incitement to murder' poster with his likeness attached), is a persistent man, at the end of the day he had to concede he owed me 50 shekels which I had wagered on the hunch that justice would never be done.

The Israeli settlement movement first took wing after the 1967 war that defined the occupied territories when the children of god established a beachhead in Hebron where the Brooklyn-born racist fanatic Baruch Goldstein would later murder 29 Palestinians to become a martyr to their movement. Today, there are 195 settlements in Israel proper and the occupied territories, with a total population of 200,000 (twice that if east Jerusalem is factored in.)

Although they account for only a small fraction of the Israeli population, financed by U.S. tycoons, White House loan guarantees, and the all-powerful Israeli lobby, the settlements gobble up vast and disproportionate government resources, depleting education, health, and other social service outlays for the majority of Israeli citizens -- not to mention hundreds of thousands of acres of Palestinian farm land.

As I stumbled bleeding and bruised (x-rays showed no bones broken) down the hillside in Ein Abus after the beating at the hands of god's children, my Palestinian hosts were eager to underscore how they had suffered such wounds during a half century of Israeli despotism "Perhaps it is not nice to say this when you are in such pain" Moussa (not his real name), a village official said gravely, "but now you will know in your own body how we have suffered here."


John Ross invites his readers to know the reality of Palestinian life by participating on the annual olive harvest in this hard and dangerous land.




ADBUSTERS: Buy Nothing Day

Since its launch in the Pacific Northwest twelve years ago, Buy Nothing Day has grown into a worldwide celebration of consumer awareness and simple living. Observed on the day after US Thanksgiving – America's busiest shopping day of the year – the campaign has sparked debate, radio talk shows, TV news items and newspaper headlines around the world.

People in more than thirty countries have made a pact with themselves and, as a personal experiment and public statement, stepped out of the consumer stream for 24 hours. The ways in which people have marked the event worldwide have been as diverse as the participants themselves.

Many play with the icons of our consumer landscape by taking off on mock shopping sprees, by hawking "hope" and "happiness," or simply by opening up shop and selling nothing more.

The daredevils of the Ruckus Society, a California-based direct-action group, dropped a boxcar-sized banner ridiculing overconsumption smack in the middle of the Mall of America. Other more down-to-earth-types created and distributed the Gift Exemption Voucher – a polite way of saying, Let's not get each other anything this year, out of principle. In Seattle, helpful Buy Nothing Day celebrants offered a credit-card cut-up service outside a downtown mall.

In America, Buy Nothing Day played out in some of the nation's last remaining public spaces - its malls. Costumed groups of revelers managed to slip in and stay long enough to set up tables and suggest alternatives to heavy holiday spending such as giving to charity. Spend time with family and friends, rather than money on them, was the message. Yes it's cliche, but, the things most worth pursuing, and exchanging - love, ritual, attention, sacrifice, freedom-are the things no-one can buy.

Buy Nothing Day just wouldn't be the same if the networks didn't reject our opt-not-to-shop TV uncommercial. Every season, we approach ABC, CBS and NBC to air the spot, and every year they refuse us–claiming our ad asking people not to buy anything threatens "the current economic policy of the United States." It will be interesting to see if this year CNN Headline News, the one show that has taken our money and aired the spot (after their "Dollars and Sense" program since 1996) continues to break ranks.

Most constitutional-law experts aren't bothered by the networks' refusal of the spot, according to Robert Berner in The Wall Street Journal. Networks aren't under any legal obligation to air it. But as Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe remarked, "At least the networks make it clear who butters their bread."

Since September 11th much has changed, yet much remains the same. Despite an enormous body of evidence warning of the dire consequences of fossil-fuel-induced climate change, including massive floods in Europe and crippling droughts on Canadian prairies, consumption of oil has scarcely slackened. Bush's thinly-veiled quest for domination over Middle Eastern oil reserves promises to perpetuate this trend. The ongoing "war on terrorism" has sharpened our appreciation of how tenuous and potentially catastrophic is a voracious First World's dependence on foreign oil, networked international money markets, and the utterly uncompassionate survival instincts of multinational corporations.

Lost in the breast-beating is any critical discussion of the *point* of all this economic patriotism. The goal is to boost the flagging gross domestic product. The GDP is the usual measurement of the strength of the economy, but how useful is it? Consider that whenever there's an ecological or human disaster in the U.S., the GDP goes up, and we call it "progress." By that logic, the crash of those jets into the Twin Towers was a good thing, because it, too, sent the GDP up (or it almost certainly would have, with new billions spent on defense and health and cleanup, had the fear factor not kicked in). The point is, we measure the goods, but we do not measure the bads – and, unchecked, it’s the bads that will bury us. (For more on this subject, check out the website of the folks at Redefining Progress in San Francisco. Overconsumption creates long-term ecological problems that aren't accounted for in the GDP. That’s one of the things Buy Nothing Day is all about.

There’s no right way to celebrate Buy Nothing Day. The idea is to do *something* to spark up debate, not shut it down. The shining hope for a revolution in human consciousness lies in the actions of everyday people. And so in the most profound sense, nothing has changed at all

Find out much more through



Date: 30 Nov 2003
From: Sovinec dostal> S
Subject: Mormons and ETs

Web site http://www.aliendave is also about Utah. Very interesting. This piece below confirms what I have read about Mormons and what they are doing as missionaries...

Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.alien.research,alt.paranet.ufo, alt.conspiracy,alt.illuminati Subject: Re: UNDERGROUND BASES
Date: 28 Apr 1996


IS THE MORMON CHURCH INVOLVED WITH ALIENS? (What's Going On Beneath Salt Lake City?)

(CAC General Reading, September 9, 1990)


In a letter from this entity in Utah, J.R., he writes about something and I'd like to ask if this information is true. He writes: "You most likely have heard of the Mormon Church, LDS, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, here in Utah, of which they control the total state in all fields and phases of human endeavors. They have built temples in 100 countries. The missionaries in all these countries, including the USA work with the CIA. As the missionaries can get into countries where the CIA cannot, they collect information on the people and everything of any and all nature, the countries' government and all their activities. All this world-wide information is shared with the CIA and it is fed into three of the largest computers in the world, church-owned, here in Salt Lake City. This church is one of the most powerful and rich organizations in the world today. It has one of the largest and secret police force in the world. I have collected this kind of information for 45 years. The above is not all they are into.

A high official of this church was recently kicked out of the church as he got too snoopy and asked too many questions. He came to me a few months ago and told me what happened. He said that his life had been threatened if he told anyone of what he had found out. So he told me that if anything happened to him, to release the information he gave me. This information concerns a giant cavern beneath Salt Lake City and the Wasatch mountain range. It goes north to Idaho and south clear down past the Arizona line, with offshoots west into Nevada and east into Colorado. This cavern has been common knowledge for over 120 years. Many cases over the years has appeared in the news papers of people and groups of people going into the cavern, but never coming out. Several did find their way out, were hopelessly insane. At least that's what the newspaper said about them. At present, the Archaeological Dept. of Utah are down in southeastern Utah looking for a certain entrance into this cavern that fellow by the name of John Brewer of Manti, Utah, discovered around 30 years ago. He brought out of the cavern quite a few ancient plates of an unknown language. Some of the plates were gold, some silver, brass copper and clay. He also saw many strange things he won't talk about, such as what he thought were weapons of crystal. His son was tortured and killed by some unknown person or persons trying to force the secrets out of him. The church wanted the plates in the worst way -- they still do. The information I was given by this former member of the Church is very close to being the same as Dulce, New Mexico. Like he told me, "After all, where on earth would be a better contact point for the aliens than Utah, with thousands of miles of deserts and places not even on the present-day maps. Plus a large and powerful organization with hospitals, schools and universities where aliens could undergo physical changes, educated in our languages and customs, using research labs, some of the best in the United States. A lot of genetic experiments and research is also going on here in different laboratories. Thousands of children and adults have vanished with out a trace of most of them, here in Utah.

The fellow who is giving me this information also mentioned that for years now, the Church has been working on a vault-like repository in the mountains behind Salt Lake (East) part of the upper cavern to put all the church records, secret documents, and other valuables for safe keeping. He said for over a period of time he helped on this detail. Several times he said he spotted several small humanoids with extra- large eyes watching them from a distance. He said there was a lot of building going on in a lower portion of the cavern. He heard motor dynamos, the high whine of generators and voices. All this he said has been going on for over 15 years that he knew of.

He said his curiosity got the best of him one day, he slipped away from the work gang he was in and went down to a lower part of the cavern. He came to some buildings with lots of rooms. There was a lot of building and other activity going on. There were many men and women working on work benches with computers, and building electronic units of some kind. Among these workers were more of these small humanoids with big black eyes. When he started back, two security officers caught him and escorted him back to the repository vault, where they reported his actions and wanderings into the off limits area, to his superiors. They in turn put him on a truck and sent him back to town. He was warned to keep his mouth shut about what he saw. They told him what was going on down there was a U.S. government operation and was Top Secret. If he talked about it to any one, he would get 20 years in a Federal prison or worse. He kept asking questions to different members he thought were friends. Someone reported him. In turn he was apostated from the Church, with a death threat.

This is the third time in the last 20 years I have heard about this activity from different friends of mine who are members of this church. I didn't pay too much attention to it until I received the info on "The Web of Conspiracy" and Dulce, New Mexico which your organization sent out to me. I think its high time to put this info out to the public. Most people are so brainwashed by the church here, and by television, that most people won't believe any of it anyway. But I believe there are people in this land of ours who will believe. Those are the ones who need all the information of this nature they can receive. At least they will be aware of the existing situation and won't be so easily trapped. They in turn can help others. If you receive this letter, let me know.

Sincerely, J.R."

That was the end of his letter, and I'd like to ask Awareness, is this information basically true?


This Awareness indicates that this information is not a fabrication; that it is based on the information as the entity understood it from his contact, and that his contact did relay as nearly and as clearly as possible his own true version. This Awareness indicates that there may be slight misunderstandings or misinterpretations in places in terms of what was going on, or as to the purpose of it.

This Awareness indicates that it appears that this is another area and base of operation for this kind of research; that there are a number of such places beside Dulce and in some of these, the activities are of a different nature, Dulce being the most notorious. This Awareness indicates that it is the first time this area has been brought out and mentioned and this will become valuable new information to those in the UFO circles, those who investigate this alien phenomena and UFO phenomena.

This Awareness does not wish to make excessive comments on this for the information speaks for itself and is essentially 95 percent accurate insofar as it goes. This Awareness indicates there may be further information emerging from this, further information emerging from sources such as this in the future, in other areas of UFO research.
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