March 11, 2003

Defeating the U.S. War Plans Series #22: Thou Shall Not Kill

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One way or another, this could be one of the last compilations - perhaps even THE last one! - bearing this title. Even if the headlong rush to war is not defeated in the end - it seems it would take a miracle to prevent it now - the global community of Peace loving people has made a huge difference and is likely to grow much more vocal and determined to cocreate Peace on Earth - in due time - during and after the operation "Eternal Stupidity" of the U.S. government.

In the meantime, read on and share...

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" we're about ready to send them into a war again -- we can't do it. We just can't do it. It's a crime against God. It's a crime against humanity to use uranium munitions ... (The) consequences last for eternity. The half-life of uranium 238 is 4.5 billion years. And we left over 320 tons all over the place in Iraq."

- US Army Major Douglas Rokke


1. Get Ready For More American Deaths From The Infamous 'Gulf Syndrome'
2. Blair Races to War as Cabinet Crumbles
3. Robert Scheer: Bush Pushes the Big Lie Toward the Brink

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"Pressure mounts on Blair over Iraq" (March 10)

West's failure to donate humanitarian aid threatens catastrophe for millions, UN given only quarter of requested funds as plans fall behind (March 10),3604,910816,00.html

Iraq War to begin on the Jewish Festival of Purim?
Is this merely a coincidence? Or could it be part of some grand design?

US Will Attack Even If UN Vetoes - Israeli General (March 9)

Allied Bombs Threaten A New Generation Of Iraqi Children With Disease And Death (March 9)
(...) fear is now all-pervasive as Iraqis wait for the ferocious bombardment that the Americans have promised to unleash upon them.

Mr Bush goes for the kill (March 9),12239,910023,00.html
There is a "moral case" for taking out Saddam. But what about everybody else? (...) A recent UN report reckons that if and when the US starts bombing as many as 100,000 Iraqis will die.

We Say Liberation, You Say War Crimes (March 7)
(...) In 1991, American gunners fired a million rounds of DU projectiles to destroy Iraqi armored vehicles. DU rounds are far more effective than regular ammunition at penetrating armor: They are denser and generate intense heat on impact, and literally burn their way through. The heat also causes the radioactive DU to disintegrate into fine particles that contaminate soil, water, air and people. The Pentagon does not deny that DU carries risks. Washington tightly regulates its creation and use, and mandates disposal into low-level radioactive waste dumps. But in Iraq, DU blows in the desert wind across its still-radioactive battlefields; it clings to old tank bodies; it contaminates the environment. (...) From Baghdad to Basra, and from government officials to foreign-trained doctors and impoverished mothers, the Iraqis I talked to all believe that DU is causing an epidemic of cancer and birth defects. According to Jawad Khudim al-Ali, director of the cancer ward at Saddam Teaching Hospital in Basra – the area most exposed to DU – cancer rates are now 11 times what they were before the last war. Doctors at the hospital wheeled out for me an elderly woman, who they said was dying of cancer caused by DU. CLIP

Depleted Uranium: Nuclear Threat

Who Armed Iraq? (March 6)
(...) According to the December declaration, treated with much derision from the Bush administration, U.S. and Western companies played a key role in building Hussein's war machine. The 1,200-page document contains a list of Western corporations and countries – as well as individuals – that exported chemical and biological materials to Iraq in the past two decades. Embarrassed, no doubt, by revelations of their own complicity in Mideast arms proliferation, the U.S.-led Security Council censored the entire dossier, deleting more than 100 names of companies and groups that profited from Iraq's crimes and aggression. The censorship came too late, however. The long list – including names of large U.S. corporations – Dupont, Hewlett-Packard, and Honeywell – was leaked to a German daily, Die Tageszeitung. Despite the Security Council coverup, the truth came out. A German company, for example, exported 1,000 ignition systems for Styx and Scud missiles capable of carrying biological and nuclear warheads. CLIP

A War Policy in Collapse (March 4)
WHAT A DIFFERENCE a month makes. On Feb. 5, Secretary of State Colin Powell made the Bush administration's case against Iraq with a show of authority that moved many officials and pundits out of ambivalence and into acceptance. The war came to seem inevitable, which then prompted millions of people to express their opposition in streets around the globe. Over subsequent weeks, the debate between hawks and doves took on the strident character of ideologues beating each other with fixed positions. The sputtering rage of war opponents and the grandiose abstractions of war advocates both seemed disconnected from the relentless marshaling of troops. War was coming. Further argument was fruitless. The time seemed to have arrived, finally, for a columnist to change the subject. And then the events of last week. Within a period of a few days, the war policy of the Bush administration suddenly showed signs of incipient collapse. No one of these developments by itself marks the ultimate reversal of fortune for Bush, but taken together, they indicate that the law of ''unintended consequences,'' which famously unravels the best-laid plans of warriors, may apply this time before the war formally begins. Unraveling is underway. CLIP

Thirteen Myths About the Case for War in Iraq (March 4)
The Internet has certainly played a major role in the current debate over war in Iraq. Recently, a group of online "mythbusters" involved in the project went one step further. They posted a summary of key claims made by the proponents of war and then invited hundreds of people to offer suggestions on how to respond. The following is the result of this exchange. The complete document, with more than 120 footnotes from mainstream and primary sources, is online at

American Voices: The view from outside Washington

UN weapons report: Feb. 27 draft (pdf format)

Iran calls for UN-sponsored election in Iraq (March 4)
TEHRAN - Iran says neighbouring Iraq should hold elections supervised by the United Nations as a way of averting war.

Expatriate Richard Perle - By Kurt Nimmo

The Secret Empire
The U.S. military in the 21st century

US Makes Afghanistan #1 in Heroin Again!
Afghanistan retook its place as the world's leading producer of heroin last year, after US-led forces overthrew the Taliban which had banned cultivation of opium poppies. The finding was made in a key drug report, distributed in Kabul on Sunday by the US State Department, which supports almost identical findings by the United Nations last week.

Budget report sees $1.8 trillion in red ink (March 8)
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush's budget would produce unyielding deficits through the next decade totaling $1.82 trillion, Congress' top budget analyst said Friday, prompting debate over Bush's plan for more tax cuts. The analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office also accentuated how abruptly the government's fiscal fortunes are declining. Just two years ago, forecasters envisioned an unprecedented $5.6 trillion in surpluses for the next decade.

'Dirty Bomb' Material Stolen From Halliburton In Nigeria (More Cheneynigan!)



From: "Joy Rae Freeman" <>
Subject: Get Ready For More American Deaths From the Infamous 'Gulf Syndrome'
Date: 2 Mar 2003

Douglas Rokke has a PhD in health physics and was originally trained as a forensic scientist. When the Gulf War started, he was assigned by the US military to prepare soldiers to respond to nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, and sent to the Gulf. What he experienced has made him a passionate voice for peace, traveling the US to speak out. The following interview was conducted by the director of the Traprock Peace Center, Sunny Miller:

Sunny Miller (SM): Any viewer who saw the war on television had the impression this was an easy war, fought from a distance and soldiers coming back relatively unharmed. Is this an accurate picture?

Douglas Rokke (DR): At the completion of the Gulf War, when we came back to the United States in the fall of 1991, we had a total casualty count of 760: 294 dead, a little over 400 wounded or ill. But the casualty rate now for Gulf War veterans is approximately 30 percent. Of those stationed in the theater, including after the conflict, 221,000 have been awarded disability, according to a Veterans Affairs (VA) report issued September 10, 2002.

Many of the US casualties died as a direct result of uranium munitions friendly fire. US forces killed and wounded US forces. We recommended care for anybody downwind of any uranium dust, anybody working in and around uranium contamination, and anyone within a vehicle, structure, or building that's struck with uranium munitions. That's thousands upon thousands of individuals, but not only US troops.

You should provide medical care not only for the enemy soldiers, but for the Iraqi women and children affected, and clean up all of the contamination in Iraq. And it's not just children in Iraq. It's children born to soldiers after they came back home. The military admitted that they were finding uranium excreted in the semen of the soldiers. If you've got uranium in the semen, the genetics are messed up. So when the children were conceived -- the alpha particles cause such tremendous cell damage and genetics damage that everything goes bad. Studies have found that male soldiers who served in the Gulf War were almost twice as likely to have a child with a birth defect, and female soldiers almost three times as likely.

SM: You have been a military man for over 35 years. You served in Vietnam as a bombardier and you are still in the US Army Reserves. Now you're going around the country speaking about the dangers of depleted uranium (DU). What made you decide you had to speak publicly about DU?

DR: Everybody on my team was getting sick. My best friend John Sitton was dying. The military refused him medical care, and he died. John set up the medical evacuation communication system for the entire theater. Then he got contaminated doing the work. John and Rolla Dolph and I were best friends in the civilian world, the military world, forever. Rolla got sick. I personally got the order that sent him to war. We were both activated together. I was given the assignment to teach nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare and make sure soldiers came back alive and safe. I take it seriously. I was sent to the Gulf with this instruction: Bring 'em back alive. Clear as could be. But when I got all the training together, all the environmental cleanup procedures together all the medical directives, nothing happened.

More than 100 American soldiers were exposed to DU in friendly fire accidents, plus untold numbers of soldiers who climbed on and entered tanks that had been hit with DU, taking photos and gathering souvenirs to take home. They didn't know about the hazards.

DU is an extremely effective weapon. Each tank round is 10 pounds of solid uranium-238 contaminated with plutonium, neptunium, americium. It is pyrophoric, generating intense heat on impact, penetrating a tank because of the heavy weight of its metal. When uranium munitions hit, it's like a firestorm inside any vehicle or structure, and so we saw tremendous burns, tremendous injuries. It was devastating.

The US military decided to blow up Saddam's chemical, biological, and radiological stockpiles in place, which released the contamination back on the US troops and on everybody in the whole region. The chemical agent detectors and radiological monitors were going off all over the place. We had all of the various nerve agents. We think there were biological agents, and there were destroyed nuclear reactor facilities. It was a toxic wasteland. And we had DU added to this whole mess.

When we first got assigned to clean up the DU and arrived in northern Saudi Arabia, we started getting sick within 72 hours. Respiratory problems, rashes, bleeding, open sores started almost immediately.

When you have a mass dose of radioactive particulates and you start breathing that in, the deposit sits in the back of the pharynx, where the cancer started initially on the first guy. It doesn't take a lot of time. I had a father and son working with me. The father is already dead from lung cancer, and the sick son is still denied medical care.

SM: Did you suspect what was happening?

DR: We didn't know anything about DU when the Gulf War started. As a warrior, you're listening to your leaders, and they're saying there are no health effects from the DU. But, as we started to study this, to go back to what we learned in physics and our engineering -- I was a professor of environmental science and engineering -- you learn rapidly that what they're telling you doesn't agree with what you know and observe. In June of 1991, when I got back to the States, I was sick. Respiratory problems and the rashes and neurological things were starting to show up.

SM: Why didn't you go to the VA with a medical complaint?

DR: Because I was still in the Army, and I was told I couldn't file. You have to have the information that connects your exposure to your service before you go to the VA. The VA obviously wasn't going to take care of me, so I went to my private physician. We had no idea what it was, but so many good people were coming back sick. They didn't do tests on me or my team members. According to the Department of Defense's own guidelines put out in 1992, any excretion level in the urine above 15 micrograms of uranium per day should result in immediate medical testing, and when you get up to 250 micrograms of total uranium excreted per day, you're supposed to be under continuous medical care.

Finally the US Department of Energy performed a radio-bio-essay on me in November 1994, while I was director of the Depleted Uranium Project for the Department of Defense. My excretion rate was approximately 1500 micrograms per day. My level was 5 to 6 times beyond the level that requires continuous medical care. But they didn't tell me for two and a half years.

SM: What are the symptoms of exposure to DU?

DR: Fibromyalgia. Eye cataracts from the radiation. When uranium impacts any type of vehicle or structure, uranium oxide dust and pieces of uranium explode all over the place. This can be breathed in or go into a wound. Once it gets in the body, a portion of this stuff is soluble, which means it goes into the blood stream and all of your organs. The insoluble fraction stays -- in the lungs, for example. The radiation damage and the particulates destroy the lungs.

SM: What kind of training have the troops had, who are getting called up right now -- the ones being shipped to the vicinity of what may be the next Gulf War?

DR: As the director of the Depleted Uranium Project, I developed a 40-hour block of training. All that curriculum has been shelved.

They turned what I wrote into a 20-minute program that's full of distortions. It doesn't deal with the reality of uranium munitions. The equipment is defective. The General Accounting Office verified that the gas masks leak, the chemical protective suits leak. Unbelievably, Defense Department officials recently said the defects can be fixed with duct tape (AGAIN!).

SM: If my neighbors are being sent off to combat with equipment and training that is inadequate, and into battle with a toxic weapon, DU, who can speak up?

DR: Every husband and wife, son and daughter, grandparent, aunt and uncle needs to call their congressmen and cite these official government reports and force the military to ensure that our troops have adequate equipment and adequate training. If we don't take care of our American veterans after a war, as happened with the Gulf War, and now we're about ready to send them into a war again... we can't do it. We just can't do it. It's a crime against God.

It's a crime against humanity to use uranium munitions in a war, and it's devastating to ignore the consequences of war. These consequences last for eternity. The half life of uranium 238 is 4.5 billion years. And we left over 320 tons all over the place in Iraq.

We also bombarded Vieques, Puerto Rico, with DU in preparation for the war in Kosovo. That's affecting American citizens on American territory. When I tried to activate our team from the Department of Defense responsible for radiological safety and DU cleanup in Vieques, I was told no. When I tried to activate medical care, I was told no.

The US Army made me their expert. I went into the project with the total intent to ensure they could use uranium munitions in war, because I'm a warrior. What I saw as director of the project, doing the research and working with my own medical conditions and everybody else's, led me to one conclusion: uranium munitions must be banned from the planet, for eternity, and medical care must be provided for everyone, not just the US or the Canadians or the British or the Germans or the French but for the American citizens of Vieques, for the residents of Iraq, of Okinawa, of Scotland, of Indiana, of Maryland, and now Afghanistan and Kosovo.

SM: If your information got out widely, do you think there's a possibility that the families of those soldiers would beg them to refuse?

DR: If you're going to be sent into a toxic wasteland, and you know you are going to wear gas masks and chemical protective suits that leak, and you re not going to get any medical care after you're exposed to all of these things, would you go? Suppose they gave a war and nobody came. You've got to start peace sometime.

SM: It does sound remarkable for someone who has been in the military for 35 years to be talking about when peace should begin.

DR: When I do these talks, especially in churches, I'm reminded that these religions say, "And a child will lead us to peace". But if we contaminate the environment, where will the child come from? The children won't be there. War has become obsolete, because we can't deal with the consequences on our warriors or the environment, but more important, on the noncombatants. When you reach a point in war when the contamination and the health effects of war can't be cleaned up because of the weapons you use, and medical care can't be given to the soldiers who participated in the war on either side or to the civilians affected, then it's time for peace.

This interview with Douglas Rokke is available for re-broadcast at


For more information on DU, see:

The WISE Uranium Project

The National Gulf War Resource Center

Veterans for Common Sense

Silver Bullet: Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium: FAQ

The Gulf War's New Casualties (July 1997)
After effects of use of depleted uranium. Includes another interview with Doug Rokke.

PLENTY MORE Depleted Uranium Links!


Date: 10 Mar 2003
From: Ian Henshall <>
Subject: Blair Races to War as Cabinet Crumbles

Blair Races to War as Cabinet Crumbles

by Ian Henshall

Publisher: -

The Blair government was rocked last night as Clare Short, a popular Labour politician and key ally of Chancellor Gordon Browne, confirmed that she will resign if Bush and Blair attack Iraq without an express UN mandate.

Short clearly believes that Bush/Blair are resigned to rejection by the UN and have decided to start illegal attacks on Iraq as soon as possible, before opposition has time to build further. There is no longer a rush to war, there is a race to war. The BBC reports that US/UK raids on Iraq are up to 500 sorties per night.

This resignation threat in itself could be shrugged off by Blair's dwindling band of allies, but the tone of Short's criticism makes a move to depose Blair inevitable. The British political world has not seen such a scathing attack on a Prime Minister by a cabinet colleague since Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe condemned Margaret Thatcher in 1990. Within weeks Thatcher was out of power.

Short was scathing of Blair's `recklessness` which she described as `very surprising`. In case there could be any doubt as to her planned resignation, Short made it a condition of her support that there should be not only UN approval for the planned attack, but also that there should be a UN refugee plan in place, an issue which so far pro-Blair UK media whores have barely mentioned.

In contrast to ex-cabinet minister Chris Smith, who led the massive rebellion against Blair in the House of Commons two weeks ago, Short is adopting a tone of contempt for Blair, making it clear that she sees him as an emotionally immature liar.

Unable to breach Cabinet secrecy openly, Short gave a clue to the Bush/Blair war strategy by stating that Blair was telling the cabinet one thing while his spin doctors (Bilderberg plotter Peter Mandelson and reformed alcoholic Alaistair Campbell) are telling the world something quite different.

Short's intention to resign is not the only indication that Blair's days are numbered. The New Statesman, the house magazine for Labour intellectuals, recently carried a readers poll splitting 80 to 20 against Blair. The current issue has devastating articles by moderate opinion-former David Marquand, saying that Blair has played Rumsfeld's game to destroy Europe "in a remarkably juvenile and clumsy way" and intellectual John Gray explaining that US power is overstated and the rest of the world is likely to keep on saying no to Bush/Blair's plans.

Even in the staunchly pro-war Observer influential columnist Andrew Rawnsley drew a shocking picture of Blair personally, portraying him as isolated, plagued by flu, desperately short of sleep, and unable to stop obsessive meddling in irrelevant government business. The implication was that Blair is headed for a breakdown.

Meanwhile in the US opinion is similarly settled against war in defiance of the UN, but with the tv networks still loyal to the Bush Junta and corrupt Senators controlled by pro-war slush funds, attention is shifting to the financial markets where it is feared that the US cannot finance the war on its own. Even looted Iraqi oil will not be on a scale to staunch the flood of dollars needed to pay for the US trade deficit, conquer Iraq and as Tony Blair puts it "deal with" North Korea and Iran.

Financial markets are more concened with the truth than politicians and the media whores, and they have noticed that the world may refuse to accept trillions of freshly printed dollars at face value, especially with Euros underpinned by real wealth and oil producers starting to accept them.

The last time the world was confronted by a bankrupt country armed to the teeth? Yes, it was nazi Germany. And the country which helped them to invade Czechoslovakia for its wealth? Britain, of course. Plus ca change...


From Ian Henshall, chair of INK and proprietor of The Tea and Coffee Plant. INK is the umbrella trade organisation for the UK alternative press. Comment is written in a strictly personal capacity. To get future Crisis Newsletters, email to
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Robert Scheer: Bush Pushes the Big Lie Toward the Brink

Even some in government can no longer be silent in the face of falsehood.

So the truth is out: George W. Bush lied when he claimed to be worried about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction. Otherwise, Iraq's stepped-up cooperation with the U.N. on disarmament would be stunningly good news, obviating the need to rush to war.

Instead, the U.N. weapons inspectors' verification of Iraq's destruction of missiles, private meetings with Iraqi weapons scientists, visits to locations where biological and chemical weapons were destroyed in 1991 and a series of unfettered flights by U2 spy plans have been met with a shrug and sneer in Washington. The White House line is that even if the Iraqis destroy all their slingshots, Goliath is still bringing his tanks and instituting "regime change." The arrogance is breathtaking. We have demanded that a country disarm -- and even as it is doing so, we say it doesn't matter: it's too late; we're coming in. Put down your guns and await the slaughter.

Abraham Lincoln once observed that even a free people can be fooled for a time -- and this, mind you, was long before Fox News existed -- and in his chaotic two-year presidency, Bush has pushed the Big Lie approach so far that we are seeing dramatic signs of its cracking: an international backlash, a domestic peace movement and whistle-blowing from inside our own intelligence and diplomatic corps.

"We have not seen such systematic distortion of intelligence, such systematic manipulation of the American people, since the war in Vietnam," wrote John Brady Kiesling, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service in his letter of resignation last week to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Kiesling, who was political counselor in U.S. embassies throughout the Mideast, added that "until this administration, it had been possible to believe that by upholding the policies of my president, I was also upholding the interests of the American people and the world. I believe it no longer."

And this brave man is not the only one who has caught on. The entire world is astonished that our president is lying not about a personal indiscretion but about the most sacred duty of the leader of the most powerful nation in human history not to recklessly endanger the lives of his own or the world's people. Yet lie he has.

The first lie, claimed outright, was that Iraq aided and abetted the Sept. 11 terrorists. There is no evidence at all for this claim. It is also interesting to note that not a single leading Al Qaeda operative has turned out to be Iraqi. The latest to be nabbed, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, was living in Pakistan, was raised in Kuwait and studied engineering -- and presumably the physics of explosives -- at a college in North Carolina.

The second lie was that Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction represent an imminent threat to U.S. security. Despite the most hugely expensive but secret high-tech spy operation in human history -- estimated by most at well over $100 billion a year -- and a vast network of defectors and spies, we have not been able to find their supposed weapons.

The third and most dangerous lie is that our mission now is to bring lasting peace to the Mideast by a devastating invasion of Iraq, which will end, as the president outlined last week, in U.S. dominance over the structure of government and politics throughout the region. After abandoning promising efforts by the previous administration to create peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the Bush team now claims that changing Muslim governments around the world will end the downward spiral of violence there. Which leads us to another lie: that this is all good for our ally, Israel -- the claim of the cabal of neoconservative ideologues running our Mideast policy. In fact, however, Israel will be placed in a terribly dangerous position, serving as a fig leaf for U.S. ambitions, further ensuring that it remain forever an isolated military garrison.

This construction of a new world order comes from a naive and untraveled president, emboldened in his ignorance by advisors who have been plotting an aggressive Pax Americana ever since the Soviet bloc's collapse. Bush insiders Richard Perle, Elliott Abrams, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld are all members of something called the Project for a New American Century that has been pushing for a U.S. redesign of the Mideast since 1997. After Sept. 11, they seized on our national tragedy as a way to enlist George W. in support of their grand design. Not only was this reckless scheme never mentioned by Bush during the election campaign, it was the sort of thing renounced as "nation-building," something he would never support. Yet another lie.


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