January 7, 2003

Defeating the U.S. War Plans Series #13: Operation Force of Love

Hello everyone

According to one of the latest GLOBE-INTEL report, the coming assault on Saddam has been code-named "Operation Force on Mind". Now let's see if we can all use the combined Force of unconditional Love to actually transform, aikido-like, the whole agressive energy of this invasion force into a more benign operation of retreat from the brink of war. If we can gently shift the U.S. public opinion towards seeing this as the naked, unprovoked and deliberate agression it truly is, then no one in their right mind at the White House will risk going against the will of the vast majority of their voting constituencies.

The real deal is to turn the hawks into doves - through the Power of Love - and then the world shall begin to turn it swords into ploughshares.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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1. Act NOW to Stop the War on Iraq
2. White House Wants Opinions on War
3. The Speech the UN Should Have Heard
5. ANSWERing Bush's big myths about Iraq
6. U.S. Deleted Iraqi-run Florida Chemical Plant from UN Weapons List

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U.N. Sees 500,000 Iraqi Casualties at Start of War

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Act NOW to Stop the War on Iraq

Imagine: Los Angeles bombed by American warplanes. Baghdad has just as many people.

At this very moment, our country is at the brink of committing an unparalleled atrocity.

Without explicit provocation we are about to go to war with Iraq. Pundits differ about details, but all agree that if we attack Iraq, the first step will be a prolonged and extensive aerial bombardment of Baghdad, a densely populated city of 4.5 million people.

Our government needs or wants nothing from us but our silence.

If we give them that, this atrocity WILL occur.

It is up to us, individually and collectively to speak up and say to our government STOP! STOP!

Take no innocent lives in my name!

It is up to us, however reluctant, to speak out to our friends, our acquaintances, our business associates, and to ask them speak out to prevent this war. If we fail to act, we will all have the innocent blood of the Iraqi people on our hands.

Think about this:

Some recently-leaked military plans for invading Iraq would rely on a relatively small contingent of U.S. ground troops with heavy reliance on air strikes, and would focus first and primarily on Baghdad. The Iraqi capital is described as being ringed with Saddam Hussein's crack troops and studded with anti-aircraft batteries. What is never mentioned is the inconvenient fact that Baghdad is also a crowded city also filled with somewhere between four- and five-million human beings — grandmothers, children, families, schools, hospitals, old people... A heavy air bombardment would cause the equivalent human catastrophe of heavy air bombardment of Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York.

Think about it.

Think about it again.

Now act.

Print out the No War Commitment Card (from pdf* [81k] or gif [897k] format) at and hand them out to all your friends.

Ask them to make a commitment to call in the next 24 hours, make copies of it, and hand it to all of their friends.

We CAN stop this tragedy if we ACT NOW.

Commit to make at least one WAR call or e-mail within 24 hours.

Bush & (202) 456-1111 -
Senate: (202) 224-3121
House: (202) 224-3121

Tell them:

- You do NOT want the U.S. to invade Iraq.

- The goal is disarmament, NOT an illegal "regime change." Regardless of Hussein's despotism, the U.S. must follow international law-If we don't, why should anyone else?

- To abide by U.N. decisions as a member of the international community rather than acting alone as a rogue state.


From: "Mark Graffis" <>
Subject: White House Wants Opinions on War at 202-456-1111
Date: 4 Jan 2003


The president has said that he wants to know what the American people are thinking. Let him know whether you oppose or approve of the war in Iraq.

The 'opinion' line accepts calls from 9 - 5 EST, Monday thru Friday ONLY: 202/456-1111. A machine will detain you for only a moment and then a live operator will thank you for saying "I oppose" or "I approve". They ask you what state you are from and then ask for your comment. It will only take minutes.

Time is running out. Please forward this e-mail to anyone who you think might want to make a difference.




The Speech the UN Should Have Heard: Why Regime Change is Necessary for World Stability

Action Must Be Taken Now

By Ian Kleinfeld

Ladies and Gentlemen of the International Community:

I speak to you today of a grave threat to the international order and peace. There is a nation among us that is an immediate danger to us all, requiring immediate action by all peace-loving countries that believe in the rule of law.

We are dealing with a nation that routinely thwarts the will of the international community, that has both possession of and continues to seek further weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons despite international laws and treaties prohibiting it.

This country has shown itself to be a belligerent force, invading sovereign nations it does not approve of with impunity and in violation of international laws and consensus. It uses its military solely to further its power over oil.

It has shown complete disregard for the safety of the international community by overthrowing legitimate governments, supporting and arming dictators, and murdering civilians by the millions.

Thousands of dissidents have disappeared in its jails without legal recourse, in contradiction to the words and spirit of its own Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It destroys its own natural resources and contributes to massive environmental destruction worldwide, while using its military force to squelch opposition to its policies.

This country has a long history of brutality and disrespect of civil rights and international law. The list of UN resolutions that it has ignored or sabotaged is nearly endless. It uses its power in the UN to aid its allies and punish its ideological adversaries with no regard for what is right, true, ethical, or in the best interests of the greater good. Even now it threatens to act with unilateral violence if the UN fails to take action it wants.

A government like this has no place in the international community.

It is for all these reasons that I call on you today to foment regime change in the United States by any means necessary. In the years to come, your actions will go down in history as a courageous people acting the interest of the world to ensure peace.

If you fail to act, the consequences are enormous, and will lead to an ever-increasing cycle of violence, and the end of peace on this planet as we know it, making the 3037 who died on September 11th appear a small tragedy in comparison.

I urge you all act now, act decisively, and act effectively—the world's safety depends on it.



From: "Judith Iam" <>
Date: 4 Jan 2003



by Gordon Thomas

President Bush has ear marked the start of the war with Iraq for the last week in February.

Midnight on the 21st of the month has been fed into strike force computers as the launch of the most powerful air attack the world has known. Bush revealed the details to Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, in a telephone call over Christmas.

Sharon has already hinted he knows the date but insists he is sworn to secrecy. But his military commanders have been briefed on the role Israel's forces will play.

In the last Gulf War, Washington persuaded Israel to remain out of the conflict - because their involvement would wreck the fragile coalition America had built with Arab nations.

But Sharon has insisted that this time Israel must have a part in ending the threat Saddam poses to the Jewish state. Israel's role will be to launch round the clock air attacks to destroy Saudi
missiles roaming in the Iraqi deserts only minutes flying time from Tel Aviv.

Israeli fighter aircraft will also be on hard stand readiness to shoot down any Iraqi planes that try to seek refuge in Syria. In the last Gulf War, Saddam's planes fled to Iran - where they have

Israel's airfields are already acting as an air bridge for American forces - bringing in men and supplies for the ground assault that will follow the initial February bombardment.


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NOTE FROM JEAN: I was curious to find out more about Gordon Thomas and so I visited his site above where I picked the following material...



The CIA and Its Secret Experiments with Germ Warfare.

America’s Great State Secret

by Gordon Thomas

- Sensational never-seen-before documents from inside the White House, CIA and other agencies.

- Reveals the documentary evidence that links US Vice-President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to the cover-up of the death of a top CIA scientist.

- Explains how the CIA financed a ruthless and systematic assault of the human psyche – using a British-born psychiatrist to spearhead the assault.

- Names other world renowned physicians who were involved in the most sinister research programme ever created by any United States government – and its secret partner – the British government.

- Reveals how a woman was programmed to become a CIA assassin.


- Publishes the CIA Manual of Assassination – a shocking document describing how to commit state-approved murder.

All this and more is supported by a wealth of never before published evidence; personal interviews with those doctors involved in the work that mocks their oath to do no harm to their patients. It is also the story of a brave man, William Buckley, the longest serving agent in the CIA, until his own terrible death at the hands of a doctor trained in the techniques the CIA pioneered. Buckley was a close personal friend of the author.

It is a shattering account of how the dark side of science collaborated with sheer lunacy to create a chilling tour de force of terror. Based upon impeccable research, it shows how our elected governments lied to the people for over fifty years – and continues to obscure the truth. It is a story of murder, inhuman experiments and torture.


GORDON THOMAS, is the author of forty-five books. Total sales exceed 54 million copies. Several were Main Selections for US Book of the Month Club; the US Literary Guild Book; and the Readers Digest Book Club. He has received two Mark Twain Society Awards for Reporting Excellence. Seven of his books are major motion pictures, including the five times Academy Award nominated Voyage of the Damned; and Enola Gay, which won the Emmy Awards Foreign Critics Prize. Experiences won the Juries and Critics prize at the Monte Carlo Film Festival. He holds an Edgar Allan Poe Award for Shipwreck. His screenplay, Underpass, was voted the most original at the Canne Mircom Festival.

His books of best-selling David Morton novels are being filmed by IAC International as a 22-hour television series to be screened worldwide in 2004. His Gideon’s Spies: Mossad’s Secret Warriors became a major documentary which he wrote and narrated for Britain’s Channel Four. It followed three years of research during which he was given unprecedented access to Mossad’s key personnel. The book has so far been published in 54 countries. His next book, The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Super Spy is co-authored with Martin Dillon. It will be published in November by Graf-Carroll (New York). Gordon Thomas lives in Ireland with his wife, an interior designer. His four children work in various sections of the entertainment industry.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I checked through Google this claim about all these books and found them at,%20Gordon

Critical acclaim from Victims and Victimisers.

"I am a survivor of the MK-ULTRA programme. It was run by the CIA and designed to control a subject’s mind and will to the point where he or she would become an assassin. To achieve this I was forced to undergo extensive drugging, electro-shock, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, partake in pornographic films, act as a prostitute and much else. I finally have realised I cannot keep hiding that it has left me only a shell of life to live. In going public I want to end the fear all survivors of MK-ULTRA live with."

- Kathleen Ann Sullivan

"Mindfield is filled with the same intrigue and political adventures found in the best spy novels. Only Mindfield is true. I know because I was involved in the CIA mind-control experiments. This book has been meticulously researched and penetrates much of the mystery that shrouds the CIA. It reveals the agency as it was and as it remains: cold and dedicated to its own self-designed purpose. The pages of this book are filled with the correct phrases, the right quotations and accurate assumptions honed by clear professional judgement."

- Alexander Legault
Former US Naval Intelligence/Operations

"Meticulously researched, Mindfield is a deeply disturbing story of hideous government experiments using drugs and behavioural modification. Teaching hospitals on both sides of the Atlantic were used. Many of the doctors who performed those experiments remain in high office today and still conduct those experiments with impunity. Mindfield is a terrifying warning how easy it is for elected governments to sanction secret experiments to control human behaviour. Gordon Thomas has meticulously taken us from incredulity to awareness of the Machiavellian lengths our governments go to in our unsuspecting name. This remarkable book is essential reading for all those in a trusted role to care for people. In every sense it is an outstanding text that reveals the darker side of medicine."

- Professor Anne White
M.C.S.P. Bsc M.D. F.R.C.P.A.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry
McMaster University, Canada


- Puts an end to a life-time of official denials. Here is the proof the world has asked for.

- Intensely researched and referenced expose of a sinister agenda.

- Hubris, paranoia and sheer evil among scientists and military leaders are exposed.

- Given current concerns about bio-terrorism, this book is simply a MUST.

Much more details available from


ANSWERing Bush's big myths about Iraq

Myth # 1

The United States has the right to wage preemptive war against Iraq

Preemptive war is war of aggression. Under international law, a preemptive war may be justified as an act of self-defense only where there exists a genuine and imminent threat of physical attack. Bush's preemptive war against Iraq doesn't even purport to preempt a physical attack. It purports to preempt a threat that is neither issued nor posed. Iraq is not issuing threats of attack against the United States. It is only the United States that threatens war. There has been no evidence that Iraq is capable of an attack on the U.S., let alone possessing the intention of carrying out such an attack.

Myth # 2

The U.N. Security Council can lawfully authorize preemptive war

The United Nations Security Council cannot authorize a potential nuclear U.S. first strike and war of aggression that violates the U.N. Charter, international law and the law prohibiting war crimes, crimes against the peace and crimes against humanity. The U.N. Charter – which creates the Security Council and which grants the Council its authority – requires the “Security Council to act in accordance with the Purposes and Principles of the United Nations.” (Article 24)

The U.N. Charter requires international disputes or situations that might lead to a breach of peace to be resolved by peaceful means. (Article 1 and Chapter VI) In other words, a nation may not wage war based on the claim that it seeks to prevent war. A nation may use force unilaterally in self-defense only "if an armed attack occurs" against it. (Article 51)

Myth # 3

The United States Congress can lawfully authorize preemptive war against Iraq

Article VI of the U.S. Constitution establishes that ratified treaties, such as the U.N. Charter, are the "supreme law of the land." The U.N. Charter has been ratified by the United States, and the Congress may not take actions – including wars of aggression – in violation of the Charter. Wars of aggression, and even the making of the threat of a war of aggression, violates the international humanitarian law to which all nations are bound. Neither Congress nor the President has the right to engage the U.S. in a war of aggression and any vote of endorsement, far from legalizing or legitimizing global war plans, serves only as ratification of war crimes.

Myth # 4

The U.S. government intends to "liberate" the Iraqi people

The October 11, 2002, New York Times revealed the true plans of the United States: "The White House is developing a detailed plan, modeled on the postwar occupation of Japan, to install an American-led military government in Iraq if the United States topples Saddam Hussein, senior administration officials said today.… In the initial phase, Iraq would be governed by an American military commander – perhaps Gen. Tommy R. Franks, commander of the United States forces in the Persian Gulf, or one of his subordinates – who would assume the role that Gen. Douglas MacArthur served in Japan after its surrender in 1945." (“U.S. has a plan to occupy Iraq, officials report")

The true intention of the U.S. government is to recolonize Iraq. Prior to the 1960s, U.S. corporations made 50 percent of their foreign profits from investments in oil from this region. The Bush administration wants Iraq to denationalize its oil wealth – 10% of the world's supply. This war is an attempt to reconquer Iraq and all of its natural resources. The Bush administration wants to reshuffle the deck in the Middle East and undo all of the achievements of the national liberation movements from the last sixty years. They want to eliminate independence for all countries in the region and assert their domination and control – not in the interest of the vast majority of people – but for access to oil.

Myth # 5

Iraq is a military threat to the world

There is no record to support this claim. During the Gulf War of 1991, while the United States bombed Iraq with a barrage that included 110,000 sorties, Iraq did not destroy even one U.S. tank or plane. Desert Storm destroyed, according to U.N. weapons inspectors, 80% of Iraq's weaponry. As part of the inspections that followed, 90% of Iraq's remaining military capability was destroyed. Iraq has been paying indemnities to Kuwait and U.S. oil corporations since 1991 and has not had the financial capacity to build another arsenal. In addition, there has not been a threat by Iraq of any kind against any other country.

Myth # 6

Iraq threw out the weapons inspectors

Iraq did not tell the inspectors to leave. The weapons inspectors withdrew in December 1998 because the United States told them to pull out so that the U.S. could launch a bombing campaign on Baghdad. The next day, on December 16, the U.S. unleashed Operation Desert Fox, which included dropping 1,100 bombs and Cruise missiles on Iraq. After the bombing campaign, a Washington Post report confirmed the assertions of Iraq that the inspections were intelligence-gathering exercises conducted on the orders of the Defense Intelligence Agency. The Pentagon used the information collected from the so-called inspections to set up coordinates for its bombing operations. After this revelation, the Iraqi government quite understandably did not let the inspectors back in.

Myth # 7

Sanctions are a kinder, gentler way to deal with Iraq

The plan for sanctions on Iraq came from the Pentagon, not the Department of Health and Human Services. It was a central part of the Pentagon's war strategy against the Iraqi people. Sanctions have been more devastating than the Gulf War itself. "UNICEF confirms that five to six thousand Iraqi children are dying unnecessarily every month due to the impact of the sanctions, and that figure is probably modest," Denis Halliday told a Congressional hearing in October 1998. Halliday, who had just resigned his post as U.N. Assistant Secretary General and head of the U.N. humanitarian mission in Iraq, spoke of the "tragic incompatibility of sanctions with the U.N. Charter and the Convention on Human Rights."

Myth # 8

The UN allows U.S. and U.K. planes to bomb the "No Fly Zones"

The United States agreed to a ceasefire with Iraq in February 1991. The no-flight zones over two-thirds of Iraq were imposed by the U.S., Britain and France 18 months after the Gulf War. The United Nations has never sanctioned the no-flight zones. France has since condemned them. The so-called no-flight zones are in violation of international law. Iraq has every right under international law and all known laws in the world to defend itself in these U.S.-declared no-flight zones. According to Article 51 of the U.N. Charter, Iraq has the right of self-defense in all of its country, including these "no-flight zones."

Myth # 9

The people support a war on Iraq

Not even opinion polls support this phony assertion. The polls confirm that there is wide opposition to a war. Normally there is wide support for a president who is about to launch a war. Instead, Congressional offices report overwhelming constituent opposition to a unilateral war on Iraq. Worldwide, the opposition is even bigger. While British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a vocal acolyte of Bush, few in Britain support a war on Iraq. Already, a march against war of 400,000 was held in London. Similar demonstrations have been held in Rome and Madrid. The general sentiment in Europe was summed up by the Greek Development Minister who said, "We are totally opposed to any military conflict ... even if there is a UN Resolution." Around the world, the sentiment is no different. New Zealand's government opposes the war. No country in the Middle East supports a war on Iraq. Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates all oppose a war. As do France, Russia and China.

Myth # 10

War will be good for the economy

It already costs U.S. taxpayers $50 billion per year to keep U.S. armed forces in the Persian Gulf. The estimated $200 billion for a war on Iraq will come straight out of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education and welfare. The average working-class taxpayer will foot the bill. The upper classes have already had their taxes greatly reduced so that they pay only a small part of the bill.

Myth # 11

This war will be quick and painless

War is rarely quick, never painless. A new war will be neither. The 4.8 million people in Baghdad face an invasion by the most modern and lethally equipped military in the world. Iraq is a nation of 22 million people. They will bear the brunt of the pain and the deaths of the war.

Myth # 12

Gulf War Syndrome is a myth

The Veterans Benefits Administration Office noted that 36% of Desert Storm vets have filed claims for service-related disabilities. A primary reason is because the U.S. used Depleted Uranium. In July 1990, "The U.S. Army Armaments Munitions and Chemical Command admitted DU posed longterm risks to natives and combat veterans... . Low doses have been linked to cancer." Gulf War vets have a 500% greater incidence of Lou Gehrig's disease than the general population. Desert Storm female vets have a 300% greater incidence of bearing children with birth defects. For male vets the figure is 200%.


Prepared by the International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

NYC: 39 West 14 Street #206, New York, NY 10011



U.S. Deleted Iraqi-run Florida Chemical Plant from UN Weapons List

By Tom Flocco

January 03, 2003

Most recently activated American soldiers are unaware that they will likely be facing the same deadly chemical and biological agents provided illegally to Iraq by their own government just prior to the last Gulf War – and that high-ranking Bush 41 cabinet officials profited from secret investments in these companies manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. (WMD)

This, while war with Saddam Hussein is considered by most to be a foregone conclusion, what with 70% of Congress having already voted to permit the president to order troops into combat in the Middle East.

Members of George Sr.’s cabinet held sizable and conflicting financial positions in Gulf War-related companies linked to a SECRET IRAQI POLICY DOCUMENT which was classified at the time and kept from Congress. Amazingly, however, Congress has continued to allow the now-unclassified document to remain partially redacted.

Moreover, the war-related WMD financial holdings were substantial enough in 1990 to necessitate presidential advisor George W. Bush’s father the president to employ a CONFIDENTIAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST WAIVER -- ALSO KEPT SECRET FROM CONGRESS -- in order to absolve his cabinet and others from future legal action should Gulf War military families ever question or litigate the private and undisclosed financial links of high-ranking government officials to Iraq.

Incredibly, a potential tragedy facing American military families will be the outrage that some of the chemicals Saddam will use against Americans in ground combat were actually manufactured by an Iraqi terrorist on United States soil just before the Gulf War at a plant in Boca Raton, Florida.


There is ample evidence that President George H. W. Bush and his advisor George Jr. were quite aware that the Boca Raton plant was in full operation and under the control and supervision of the Iraqi terrorist and chemical engineer for a number of years while CIA operatives were facilitating the chemical transfers directly to Saddam Hussein even just before the Gulf War – chemicals used on American troops only a few months later!

Stories of an administration desperate to quickly employ warfare abroad to divert attention away from stock fraud, a mismanaged economy, and the September 11 investigation cover-up at home are already being reported outside the United States.

According to Anu de Monterice’s translation of a 12-18-2002 truncated version of the Iraqi weapons dossier in the German periodical Taz (die tageszeitung), there is a huge portion of missing data in Iraq’s recently submitted report to the United Nations concerning foreign suppliers of Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons arsenal. (de Monterice’s translation can be found on Jeff Rense’s news website at

The lengths to which the current Bush Administration will go in attempting to keep secret and mislead the American people regarding the true extent of the transfer of WMD to Iraq is best illustrated in a story in the London Sunday Herald. (12- ? - 2002)

The 8000 page deletion and cover-up – left virtually unreported in the American media – begs the question: What did the U.S. take out of the report?

According to a United Nations source in New York, "in effect the U.S. is saying trust us, and there are many who just will not."

"Current and former UN diplomats are said to be livid at what some have called the ‘theft’ of the Iraqi document by the United States," the Sunday Herald reported.

A former UN official is also displeased with the American cover-up, which will prevent Congress from learning the truth even as the president rushes to activate and deploy troops to the Gulf before Congress is able to commence an investigation in January.

Hans von Sponeck, former UN assistant general secretary and UN humanitarian coordinator in Iraq until 2000, called the deletion of eight thousand pages from Iraq’s report "an outrageous attempt by the U.S. to mislead," also according to the Herald.

Of key importance is the fact that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (U.S., UK, France, China, and Russia) have access to the complete version, but agreed that the U.S. be allowed to edit the report [8000 pages worth] since "the contents were ‘risky’ in terms of security on weapons proliferation."

While it is understandable that government officials would be concerned about “political ramifications” related to personal, private, and undisclosed investments in weapons of mass destruction -- which may ultimately be used yet once more against American troops -- congressional inaction regarding an investigation of such unconscionable acts is more than a disgrace.

However, CONCEALING AN IRAQI CHEMICAL WEAPONS PLANT IN FLORIDA becomes even more outrageous when one considers that a confidential May 31, 1990 billing statement links lawyers from former Bush 41 Secretary of State James Baker’s Houston law firm Baker & Botts to telephone conferences, the drawing up of enzyme contracts, and holding secret formulas connected to another lawyer from Iraqi terrorist Ihsan Barbouti's main Houston office of his Boca Raton chemical company.

This, according to Robert Bickel, senior investigator and legal analyst in the Oklahoma City law offices of John Michael Johnston and investigative collaborator with Judicial Watch's chief counsel Larry Klayman, while bringing suit because U.S. Federal agents ignored evidence indicating Iraqi involvement in the aftermath of the April, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Building.

Bickel is one of several who are aware of facts relating to U.S. government protection of Ihsan Barbouti, by allowing his terrorist-related chemical and nerve gas plant to operate untouched for years in Florida. Ted Koppel of ABC Nightline, placed some 30 reporters on the story, completing an incredible Nightline expose of the Boca Raton factory in July, 1991.

While American troops wait anxiously for their upcoming orders regarding war in the Gulf, American citizens may want to know more about why an administration already steeped in secrecy and clandestine activity is withholding information which is politically embarrassing – or worse – from its citizens and Congress, not to mention its trusting soldiers.

For how can a president explain that while he was an advisor during his father's administration, both knew about an Iraqi-operated nerve gas plant in Florida, that members of his father's cabinet held financial investments and were linked to lawyers who drew up legal contracts for an Iraqi terrorist, and that CIA operatives then sent the manufacturing equipment and raw materials able to penetrate and break down American gas mask filters -- to Iraq -- which was then used months later on his own soldiers?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who will guard the guards?) WHERE IS CONGRESS?

Where are the American people?


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