March 27, 2003

The Big Brother Files #49: 9/11 Deception Exposed - Life in Prison for Peacemakers and More!

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Not an easy one, I assure you!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

-- Thomas Jefferson

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."

-- Elie Wiesel, Nobel laureate


1. The Official Version Of 9/11 Is A Hoax
2. Life in prison for attending a peace rally!!
4. U.S. Military Seeking Permanent Exemptions From 5 Critical Environmental Laws

See also:

All Americans to be under house arrest, public school children undergo practice drills where they are relocated to "secret locations" (FEMA camps). On March 16, 2003 a Ganett News Service headline read, "Red Alert? Stay Home, Await Word." (see at Tom Baldwin went on to report that, while speaking at a news conference alongside Governor James E. McGreevey, Sid Caspersen, New Jersey's Director of the Office of Counter-Terrorism, stated, "If the nation escalates to "red alert," which is the highest in the color-coded readiness against terror, you will be assumed by authorities to be the enemy if you so much as venture outside your home." The article also stated, "A red alert would also tear away virtually all personal freedoms to move about and associate." It went on to report that Caspersen said, "You literally are staying home, is what happens, unless you are required to be out." (...) I talked to the parents of two different children who are attending school in Milbourne, Arkansas. For the last week their children have been put through what can only be described as brainwashing more severe than the conditioning undergone by Hitler youth. (...) He reported that school employees told the children that they were not going to be allowed to leave. Then men in dark blue uniforms with rifles locked the children and their teachers in their classrooms. The children's fear intensified when they noticed that their teachers did not know what was going on and were afraid themselves, trying the lock in vain attempts to get out. The children were then marched outside where flat faced prison-style school buses were waiting. The parents I talked to said their children clearly saw "US ARMY" on the side of the buses. The children were then marched back to their classrooms and the uniformed men (not local police) disappeared. The children were only then allowed to go home. In 1999, obtained an Associated Press report about a federal program administered by FEMA that was training schools to load children (handcuffed, in many cases) on school buses and take them to "emergency centers." We have seen hundreds reports of this kind of training going on across the country. The government is clearly turning our schools into preparation centers for the police state. CLIP

Plans For Civilian Internment: Stalag 17 American Style (March 22)
NOTE FROM JEAN: This is a very disturbing article and it's next to impossible to verify if it is true. Yet this story has been around for a good while. This article raps up quite well the whole topic. But still, it could all be a ploy to generate fear - a tool of disempowerment.

U.S. Steps Up Secret Surveillance (March 24)
FBI, Justice Dept. Increase Use of Wiretaps, Records Searches

War Pictures Cause Yellowtimes.Org To Be Shut Down, Again (March 25)
Somebody doesn't like hearing the truth. Okay, for a second, lets scratch that and choose a slightly less politically charged term. Someone doesn't like to be disputed with alternative views, counterclaims, research and fact. Someone wants you, the reading public, to only gather one-sided, monotone, Orwellian dispatch. News the way they "fashion" it. Or as CNN will have you believe, the "most reliable source for news." And so, once again, the staff at was threatened with a shutdown: "We are sorry to notify you of suspending your account: Your account has been suspended because [of] inappropriate graphic material." Within hours, the site was shut down. What's next? Martial law?

U.S. Ready to Rescind Clinton Order on Government Secrets (March 20)
Published in The New York Times
Making it easier for government agencies to keep documents secret, the Bush administration plans to revoke an order issued by President Bill Clinton that among other provisions said information should not be classified if there was "significant doubt" as to whether its release would damage national security. The new policy is outlined in a draft executive order being circulated among federal agencies. A final version is expected to be adopted before April 17, when the last elements of the Clinton order would take effect, requiring automatic declassification of most documents 25 or more years old. Under the draft, such automatic declassification would be postponed until Dec. 31, 2006. Other provisions of Mr. Clinton's order, which was issued in 1995, are already in force. But major changes to them contemplated in the draft would treat all information obtained from foreign governments as subject to classification and end the requirement that agencies prepare plans for declassifying records. The new policy would also permit reclassification of documents that have already been made public, and give the Central Intelligence Agency special authority to resist decisions by an interagency panel that considers classification appeals, typically from researchers. CLIP

Bush Orders Millions Of Documents Be Kept Secret

The Bilderberg Group - planning the world's future behind closed doors.

Rachel Corrie's Mother Speaks Out
ON MARCH 16, 23-year old Rachel Corrie, a Palestinian rights activist working with the International Solidarity Movement, stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer in the city of Rafah in Gaza. For three hours, there had been a standoff, as Rachel and others blocked the bulldozer from demolishing a Palestinian home. Activists at the scene say that the driver of the bulldozer knew that Rachel was in front of him--and deliberately drove toward her. Initially, he covered her in sand and other heavy debris on her. Then the bulldozer pushed Rachel to the ground and drove over her--then went into reverse to drive over her again. Rachel's arms, legs and skull were fractured. She died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. As if to underline Israel's contempt for Palestinians and anyone who supports them, a few days later, soldiers threw stun grenades and tear gas canisters at a group of Palestinian and international activists gathered for a memorial service at the spot where Rachel was crushed.

LATEST NEWS ON THE WTO (comprehensive listing of important articles)

WTO accused of favouring the rich whilst the poor pay the price (Feb 14)

8 More Probable SARS Cases In Ontario, Canada

31 Now Dead In China From Mystery Pneumonia

HK Creates Diagnostic Test for Killer Pneumonia (Mar 22)
Hong Kong researchers said on Saturday they had designed the first diagnostic test for a killer pneumonia which has spread across the world, coming a step closer to finding a cure for the mystery illness. Full Coverage at

NEW IMPORTANT BOOK: Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age by Bill McKibben
An eloquent plea to rein in the technologies that could undermine our common humanity. The author
argues that we now stand at a critical threshold, poised between the human past and a post-human future - and that in the face of this challenge, we must learn how to say, "Enough.
"McKibben paints a grim canvas of what will happen if nothing is done to arrest the 'technotopian' dreams of the gene engineers who will germline-insert all the smart genes that will turn rich kids into a superspecies and leave the poor behind on the evolutionary tree. (...) It is not an exaggeration to compare human germline engineering to nuclear technology."




The Official Version Of 9/11 Is A Hoax

By John Kaminski

Opposed by everyone in the world who was not bought off, the illegal invasion of Iraq was undertaken for many reasons - the imminent replacement of the dollar by the euro as the world's primary currency, the tempting lure of untapped oil reserves, the desire to consolidate U.S./Israeli military hegemony over a strategically vital region - but the most important reason was to further obscure questions about the awesome deception staged by the American government that has come to be known as 9/11.

9/11 was a hoax. This is no longer a wild conspiracy assertion; it is a fact, supported by thousands of other verifiable facts, foremost of which are:

- The attacks of 9/11 COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED without the willful failure of the American defense system. In Washington, Air Force pilots demanded to fly but were ordered to stand down. Yet instead of prosecuting the president and military leaders for this unprecedented dereliction of duty, military leaders were promoted and the president was praised for presiding over a defense system that suspiciously failed the most crucial test in its history. None of the deaths would have happened without the deliberate unplugging of America's air defenses.

Planes that lose contact with control towers are usually intercepted by fighter jets inside of ten minutes, as the incident with the golfer's plane a few months earlier so clearly demonstrated. Yet on 9/11, the jetliners that struck New York were allowed to proceed unmolested for more than a half-hour, and the plane that supposedly crashed in Washington was not intercepted for more than an hour and forty minutes after it was widely known that four planes had been hijacked.

- The twin towers could not have collapsed as a result of burning jet fuel. Most of that fuel was consumed on impact. In the south tower, most of the fuel was spilled outside the building. Heat caused by burning jet fuel does not reach temperatures needed to melt steel. What does stand out as particularly suspicious and still unexplained is that fires raged out of control beneath THREE of the collapsed towers for ONE HUNDRED DAYS, clearly indicating the presence of some kind of substance utilized in the demolition of the structures.

The Twin Towers did not fall because of plane impacts or fires. Most likely explosives were placed on structural supports in the towers (as was done in Oklahoma City), and these controlled implosions snuffed out the lives of three thousand people.

- FBI Director Robert Mueller insisted officials had no idea this kind of attack could happen when in fact the FBI had been investigating the possibility of EXACTLY this kind of attack for almost TEN YEARS. Numerous previous attempts at using planes as weapons, intimate knowledge of terror plans called Project Bojinka, and knowledge of suspicious characters attending flight schools who were being monitored by the FBI make his utterance a clear lie on its face.

In the weeks before 9/11, the U.S. received warnings from all over the world that an event just like this was about to happen, but FBI investigations into suspected terrorists were suppressed and those warnings were deliberately disregarded.

- The names of the alleged hijackers, all ostensibly Muslims, were released to the public only hours after the attacks, despite Mueller saying we had no knowledge this would happen. This is an impossible twist of logic. If he didn't know of a plan to strike buildings with planes, how would he know the names of the hijackers? Various artifacts were discovered in strategic places to try to confirm the government's story, but these have all been dismissed as suspicious planting of evidence. Since that time several names on that list have turned up alive and well, living in Arab countries. Yet no attempt has ever been made to update the list. And why were none of these names on the airlines' passenger lists?

- Much like the invasion of Iraq, the anthrax attacks were designed to deflect attention from unanswered 9/11 questions in the patriotic pandemonium that followed the tragedy. In addition to making large amounts of money for the president's father and his friends from the hasty sale of inefficient drugs to a panicked populace, the investigation into these killings was abruptly halted when the trail of evidence led straight to the government's door, and has not been reopened. The anthrax attacks also amped up the climate of fear and deflected attention from the passage of the government's repressive Patriot Act.

- The Patriot Act was presented in the days after the tragedy supposedly as a response to it, yet it was clear that this heinous act, drafted to nullify provisions for freedom in the U.S. Constitution, was put together long before 9/11. In addition, testimony by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) revealed that most members of Congress were compelled to vote for the bill without even reading it. This was a vote to eliminate the Constitutional Bill of Rights, which has defined American freedom for 200 years, and it was accomplished when legislators voted for the bill without even reading it.

- The invasion of Afghanistan was presented as an attempt to pursue the alleged perpetrators of 9/11, yet it had been discussed for years prior to the tragedy and actually planned in the months before the attacks on New York and Washington. Statements by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Republican-written Project for a New American Century have stressed that America needed a formidable enemy to accomplish its aggressive geopolitical aims. The supposed enemy we attacked in Afghanistan was a diverse group of men from all over the world who were initially recruited, encouraged and supported by the American CIA.

- The hole in the Pentagon was not made by a jumbo jet. Damage to the building was simply not consistent with the size of the hole nor the absence of debris. At the supposed point of impact, a whole bank of windows remained unbroken and there were no marks on the lawn. No airplane debris (except what was planted on the lawn) nor remains of passengers were ever found.

- The president has admitted that he continued to read a story to schoolchildren in a Florida school for 30 minutes after being informed that two planes had struck New York and that the nation was under attack. He has never explained this puzzling behavior, nor how he saw the first plane hit. It was never televised, only recorded by a French crew filming firemen in New York. In that film, the plane in question does not appear to be a passenger airliner.

- The plane in Pennsylvania was shot down and broke apart in midair. No other explanation can account for the wreckage, which was spread over a six-mile area, or the eyewitness accounts that describe debris falling from the sky.

- Cellphone calls cannot be made from airliners in flight that are not close to the ground. As research by Professor A. K. Dewdney has shown, the emotional conversations between hijacked passengers and others would not have been possible under conditions that existed at that moment. These calls were cynical fabrications, exploiting the distraught emotions of those who lost loved ones.

- Radio communications from firefighters on the upper floors of the Trade Center towers clearly indicate that fires were under control and the structure was in no danger of collapsing.

These are merely a few of the deliberately false statements made by U.S. officials about 9/11. They provide crystal clear evidence that our president, his staff, and many legislators should be indicted on charges of treason, obstruction of justice and mass murder. Above all, these evil men should be removed from their positions of authority before they implement more of their moneymaking murder schemes like the one they are now perpetrating on the innocent people of Iraq.

Otherwise, we face a future of endless war abroad and merciless repression at home.

Consider just a few more of the other unanswered questions from among the thousands of unexplained loose ends that all point to 9/11 being an inside job.

- Who benefited from the suspiciously high numbers of put options purchased prior to September 11 for shares in companies whose stock prices subsequently plummeted, on the supposition that whoever was behind the hijacking was also behind most of the purchases of these put options? And what was the role of the new executive director of the CIA, Buzzy Krongard, who handled these transactions?

- Why was the debris from the collapsed Twin Towers removed from the site with no forensic examination? Why was almost all of it sold to scrap merchants and shipped abroad where it would not be available for scientific examination?

- Why does the government refuse to release any transcripts of communications or any records at all relating to signals of any form transmitted by those jets?

- Why did so many people, from San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown to many employees of companies in the World Trade Center who failed to come to work that day, know in advance that something bad was going to happen on Sept. 11, 2001?

- Why do all the major U.S. media continue to act as if none of these questions is legitimate or relevant?

Today, millions of people around the world are protesting the criminal destruction of the nation of Iraq. But these protests won't change the number of minds necessary to stop America's criminal madmen from continuing with their genocidal aim of enslaving the entire world.

What WILL stop them is spreading the realization that President George W. Bush and his billionaire accomplices in the oil industry perpetrated 9/11 as an excuse to begin the militarization of America for the purpose of world conquest.

History has shown all too clearly the deceived American people WILL support the destruction of faraway countries on phony pretexts of defending so-called freedom.

Thus the needless wars continue. Right now we watch high-tech weapons slaughter the defenseless people of Iraq. Soon it will be Iran, Syria, Colombia, Venezuela, North Korea, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and who knows where else. All these misguided atrocities will be possible because of the hoax known as 9/11.

But the American people will not - and cannot - tolerate leaders who kill our own people merely to invent a pretext - the war on terror - to go around killing anyone they like.

If the American people DO tolerate such an insane strategy, then they clearly do not deserve to survive as a nation or a people.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida and can't understand why the president hasn't been arrested for his obvious lies and crimes.

For 911 indepth read: and

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We Are As Others See Us


From: "John Owen" <>
Subject: Life in prison for attending a peace rally!!
Date: 24 Mar 2003

Dear Jean,

If we weren't depressed enough already, now there is this. Please distribute.


John Owen


From: Tom Atlee <>

Dear friends,

This is serious and urgent. There is a clear and present danger to democracy in Oregon which could spread to other states.

Senate Bill 742 proposed by Oregon State Senator Minnis (R-Dist. 25 / Fairview)(Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee) creates the crime of "terrorism" -- punishable by life imprisonment. Senator Minnis defines "terrorism" so broadly that even being present at a demonstration that is in any way "disruptive" could result in life imprisonment.

I have given the relevant sections of the bill below, as well as the link to the whole bill. I have also provided information from the American Civil Liberties Union regarding this, including contact information for the relevant Oregon State Senators.

Ever since laws began to be passed criminalizing "terrorism," I have been concerned that its definition would be expanded to include anything that authorities wished to suppress which could then be subject to extreme punishment, laying the groundwork for serious suppression. It seems that is now happening. It must be energetically nipped in the bud if we are to prevent its spread.

If this law passes in Oregon, it is highly likely that other states will pass similar laws, especially in the current political climate.

I trust you will act if you feel so moved. Whether you are an Oregon resident or not, you can express your dismay to the Oregon State Senators listed below. If you are an Oregon resident you can, in addition, attend a hearing Monday morning Mar 24 in Salem, OR (specifics below).

Coheartedly, Tom

PS: The law also sets aside (in terrorism cases) two other Oregon laws which prevent police from (a) spying on innocent people and organizations and (b) apprehending people solely for immigration violations.


Excerpts from the proposed law:

72nd OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2003 Regular Session
Senate Bill 742
Sponsored by Senator MINNIS

SUMMARY: Creates crime of terrorism. Punishes by life imprisonment.


(1) A person commits the crime of terrorism if the person knowingly plans, participates in or carries out any act that is intended, by at least one of its participants, to disrupt:
(a) The free and orderly assembly of the inhabitants of the State of Oregon;
(b) Commerce or the transportation systems of the State of Oregon; or
(c) The educational or governmental institutions of the State of Oregon or its inhabitants.

(2) A person commits the crime of terrorism if the person conspires to do any of the activities described in subsection (1) of this section.

(a) A person convicted of terrorism shall be punished by imprisonment for life.
(b) When a person is convicted of terrorism under this section, the court shall order that the person be confined for a minimum of 25 years without possibility of parole, release to post-prison supervision, release on work release or any form of temporary leave or employment at a forest or work camp....

The Alert from the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU of Oregon Email Activist Network

There was an ACLU-OR Action: SB 742 Hearing last March 24

SB 742 creates the crime of "terrorism" and defines it so broadly that individuals would be subject to life in prison if any other participant intended to disrupt commerce, transportation, educational, or governmental institutions (such as, strikes, protests, student food fights).

Here's the link to the bill:

CLIP - For more details contact at Tom Atlee at <> or read this whole original email in this:

Oregon Bill Could Give LIFE In Prison To Peace Protestors (March 23)

From: Tom Atlee * The Co-Intelligence Institute * PO Box 493 * Eugene, OR 97440

Check also:

Ashcroft Is Bypassing Courts With New Spy Powers
Documents obtained by the ACLU through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit suggest Attorney General John Ashcroft is forcing banks, Internet service providers, telephone companies


Date: 24 Mar 2003
From: Christopher Ruby <>

Jean... PLEASE consider doing a "counterpoint" series to your Mass Destruction Insanity Series

I suggest calling it: "BLUEPRINT FOR A GOLDEN AGE" Series.

I'll be doing the weekly lessons and providing lots of "blueprint" material, scenarios, strategies, etc.

I just sent you last night an INTRODUCTORY brief to a lengthy Introductory article also sent.

THAT ALONE provides lots of copy components for initial series lead-ins, preface material, etc.

Jean, I'm a veteran of reporting the on-line war insanity and I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE how easy it is to succumb to the "bandwagon lemming effect" in the collective consciousness that GOES ALONG with the insanity the more that we report it as though it is the "justice that just is"... as in self-fulfilling prophecy.

Like "great sex", there's got to be good release of great tension OR PEOPLE GET NEUROTIC WITH ENERGY BLOCKS FROM BASE TO CROWN. There is great tension in the collective consciousness on both ends of that "chakra spectrum" that needs to be released with G.O.D.~LOVE/3rd eye VISION as COUNTERPOINT to the mass media 3rd eye mind control BLOCKING awareness of the definitive TRANSITIONING PROCESS for healing all our social, political and economic institutions in the virtual "twinkling of God's eye".

Jean, PLEASE realize that I've prepared 33 years for this time and cycle and, by God's grace, have a simple yet profound VISION/MISSION STRATEGY that is a "shot to the 3rd eye of Goliath", the media beast, WHILE THE INTERNET IS STILL OPEN!

The building of God's kingdom follows from the outpicturing of LOVE consciousness... the higher Christ mind centered in holy compassion. That's the core vision of ultimate virtue positioned, packaged and promoted through the 33 week course. It's whole enough and bold that if told enough it will counter the Big Lie with a self-fulfilling prophecy of a Higher Power-in-Love that "just is" true justice.

I need your help as a "commissioned office" in this battle. You're already a "major general" in the angelic bands arrayed for the victory. Hey, someone has to do it! Now, at least we have a way to get paid for our service so we can better serve!

Personally, I can't think of anything better to do. If you feel the same way, give this some prayerful thought and do what you can. The Masters are stepping through the thinning veil to sponsor us... an Ascended Mastermind Alliance.

PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH with those key questions you would like answered at each level of 33 LESSONS. There's a spiral of Victory for Self and Civilization here that, by God's grace, we can mediate through the "LoveNet" we nurture from Internet to "InnerNet"... cyberspace to innerspace... antahkarana to Morphegnenic grid of the planet.

Fact is Jean, just between you and I for now, we're kind of like Jonah at Niniva, but it's the whole world that is facing THE JUDGEMENT as Planet X comes in to REACT to the energy in the Morphegenic grid of Earth. If the "shields" of spaceship Earth are "down" due to "warring in the members" (mutiny on board), the negative polarity of the planet could MAGNETIZE a massive plasma discharge that it picked up from the Sun as it swung into the solar system... followed by an "artillery barrage" of debris from the tail of the comet. A SANITIZED ACCOUNT OF THIS AT (near bottom of the page).

The real story on this would paralyze most people with fear so there has been massive cover-up on the inbound Planet X for a decade, and moreso now. With the 4th lesson, I'll release a compendium on this... with the mind-set to deal with it. The elite have their underground cities prepared, using "black-ops" (drugs, provocateur terror, etc.), to strip money from the masses for the elite's security, replacing our security with tyranny.

Conversely, the Lightworkers have fearless faith to jump-start the global revolution and "raise the shields". WE NEED TO UNITE THEM IN THIS VISION/MISSION. The only real security has always been purity... in Greater Love.

The New World Order will either reflect the faithless fear that brings the worst fears of victim dictum upon us... or it will reflect the fearless faith in divine order as will harmonize the transitioning and healing of Earth back to paradise status. [use these words freely as though they were your own]

TAKE A DEEP BREATH JEAN! Heaven know you are BLESSED with greater responsibility-as-opportunity.

You're fighting the good fight. Hang tight. It doesn't get any better than this! Great Love is your reward.

All Ways Victory When We LOVE Enough,



Ok Christopher, here is what I'll do.

Since I absolutely do not have time to review the long introductory material you sent yesterday (I now have 6466 unprocessed emails in my Inbox), I've included your letter above in a coming compilation and will leave it to people interested to find out more about you and what you propose to contact you directly.

This is in no way an endorsement of you or what you write about. I must confess that I'm not personally attracted towards your brand of spirituality but it is not for me to decide whether it is OK or not for others. Which is why I'm including your letter and this reply in this compilation.

All my best to you and thanks for your counterpoint suggestion which the positive category compilations (the bi-monthly Meditation Focuses, as well as the “Light Series”, “Rising Phoenix Series” and “Turning Tide of History” compilations) are all about.



From: "Kathy Farrell" <>
Subject: U.S. Military Seeking Permanent Exemptions From 5 Critical Environmental Laws
Date: 26 Mar 2003

Urgent Action Needed

The Department of Defense (DoD) is seeking permanent exemptions from five critical environmental laws: the Endangered Species Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Clean Air Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the federal Superfund law which governs the cleanup of toxic waste sites. While there is no denying that military readiness is crucial, each of these laws already allows case-by-case exemptions for national security reasons. Moreover, the military to date has been able to prepare for war while protecting wildlife and public health.

There is no evidence that the military has ever been refused an exemption from these laws when it has been sought, and there is abundant evidence that cooperative local efforts have produced effective solutions. The military has, time and time again, found reasonable solutions to pursue necessary training in compliance with environmental laws.

Independent and administration sources agree that protecting the environment has not compromised readiness. The General Accounting Office (GAO) said the DoD has failed to produce quantitative evidence that environmental laws or other "encroachments" have significantly affected military readiness. Last year, with the exception of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Congress rejected these exemptions. But this year, Congress is quickly moving forward with a Defense Authorization bill that contains these exemptions.

Congress is quickly moving forward with the Defense Authorization bill, which contains these exemptions. Please take a moment to urge your members of Congress to oppose any attempts to exempt the Department of Defense from the nation's most important environmental laws. Follow the link below to go to a web page where you can e-mail your members of Congress.


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