January 18, 2002

The X-Files #7: Standing up for the Truth

Hello everyone

A chilling story and a heart-warming ending - Thanks to God!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Mind control, which holds captive all puppets of the masters of darkness, will be reduced in corresponding measure to the reduction of that hold from the top."

- From the Creator's Decree below


1. A first-hand experience of the ultimate orwellian nightmare
2. An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control
3. Creator's Decree

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Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2002
Subject: Re: The Big Brother Files #26: The Ultimate Orwellian Nightmare! (Archived at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/BigBrother26.htm)
From: Continuum Magazine <anna@continuum-magazine.com>


Just a few words. If you are not sure about mind control and implants, and how they have been used, be sure. I know. I have experienced it. It's a nightmarish and unbelievable story. It is mine. Very few have ever heard it, and most people would not believe it. I didn't understand it then. I was born in 1948. So, what went on, went on then.

Today - well today I am fine. I removed my implant in 1990. That was part of the nightmare, and almost the end of it.

Thank you, for sending out this information. It makes perfect sense to me.


Anna B.
owner/editor Continuum Magazine


Thanks *a lot* Anna for this important feedback on your personal experience. Would it be OK with you if I include your comment in a coming compilation? And would you please give me/us all more details as to what effects it had, how you discovered this implant, how you believe it was implanted (and by who) and how you got it removed (assuming you are not talking about a so-called psychic implant but an actual physical one...)? If this is still too sensitive an issue for you to deal with emotionally, and you would prefer not to further delve on it ("almost the end of it"), I can perfectly understand it. CLIP


NOTE FROM JEAN: The next day I received Anna's detailed account of what happened to her. With such a detailed - and to me credible - account of what happened to one individual whose artificially enhanced psychic powers (possibly related to covert manipulations done to her when during the 3 week period for which she and her brother have no recall at all when they were at Camp Fallon, Nevada, at age 16 in 1965 - see her explanations below - near the infamous Area 51 where the implant was probably given to her) were closely monitored, we have one more proof that this is for real... I recommend everyone to send Anna lots of good healing and love vibes in support - and celebration! - of her bold, courageous decision to share her following story with us. Standing up for the Truth as she is doing is blazing the golden path ahead towards the victory of Light, Life and Love over the absence of those divinely gifted qualities in those kin souls who were led astray and away from the Presence of God. May we also shower those souls with utmost unconditional Love so as to assist in the Universal healing process now under on all fallen dimensions of Existence.

Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002
From: Anna <anna@continuum-magazine.com>


I had to think about it, but yes, go ahead and release the information. It occurs to me that I experienced it so that others might not have to.

It places me as a target of incredulous disbelief, and as a target for people to deny my reality, question my motives, and challenge my sanity. There is no glory in this story, it does not enhance my credibility as a journalist, and it totally devistated and changed my life. I can only tell you what I experienced. Here is part of the story:

In 1987 I was involved with a small group of people from my neighborhood. They were somewhat weird in energy, and one of them during my unfolding nightmare, said to me: "Have you heard of all the President's men?"

I responded yes, thinking of water-gate, and the news that I had read and movie that I had seen.

"I am protected," he said. "You must break program, we are watching you."

That was the first official hint. Here is what brought about that statement:

Things kept happening. Things went missing, small things. Pot-holders, place-mats, underwear, small items of clothing, utensils. Where were they going? Who was in my house and moving things about? I kept locking windows and doors, all to no avail. The stage of paranoia was being set.

One morning, I awoke, and looked in the mirror. My pupils were HUGE! I couldn't concentrate. I hadn't knowinlgy ingested anything, and was not on any prescriptions (other than estrace) and I couldn't figure it out. I began to hear information in all electrical appliances. My own psychic ability flew to the top of the charts. I could and did read the future constantly, and correctly. I had visions that came crashing in on me. I saw things exactly as they would unfold. Personal things, criminal activity, political activity, any and everything. The future and the "Now" virtually collided. My head was incredibly noisy.

I began to notice that I had no sanctity. I began to notice I was always followed. I took a long bus trip (from Florida to Oregon), and people on the bus not only knew my name, but knew of many private events that had happened in my life. They knew my ex-boyfriends names, the names of my children, what I ate and didn't eat. It was un-nerving.

I knew that doctors and others would not listen to me. My symptoms were classic: I was paranoid, I decided that sattelites were the culprit. I decided that my thoughts were being "somehow screened," and that I was being fed programmed information. I rationalized that I would get through this crash-bang of realities on my own. I could still function, and I intended no-one harm.

I had no peace. No matter where I went, my home was violated, people knew my name, and sometimes a note would be left in my apartment or house (depending on where I ran to). I decided that I needed to get away from the sattelites. I moved from Oregon to Arizona. It didn't help much.

I could sometimes count up to 6 cars that were following me. Strange men in black would always be around me. People approached my oler son and his girl-friend and told them not to come within 50 miles of me - and if they did, they would find themselves convicted of a federal crime and doing time. They identified themselves on different occasions as CIA and FBI. I don't think, quite honestly, that there were either - but they were real.

In the meantime, I had to find someway to find peace in my head. I drank volumes of diet coke. The sodium seemed to help - and if I was out in the open, away from electrical appliances and wires, I could think more clearly.

I was scared.

One time, after discovering a note on my refrigerator, and a strange looking device in my light bulb, that I broke deliberately (because it was "humming") I burst out of my apartment in Phoenix and announced quite loudly that I was going to wait until the Red Chinese picked me up. I said out-loud that at least in China, people knew they had no rights - and that in the United States people were still under the mis-guided impression that they did have rights. I rushed and hid in my car, under the dash-board, curled up in a ball on the floor. It was around 8 pm in the summer. Within 20 minutes helicopters were roaming over-head and cars and trucks were driving up and down my street. Finally, a white pick-up truck stopped beside my car (parked at the curb), shined a flash-light on me, and announced so that I could hear him: "Here she is, she's hiding."

There was no reason for that to go on.

Open hostility happend to me, everywhere. People were overtly rude. They would bump me, spit on me, point at me, and call me by name. It was awful.

I could hear the "satelite" broadcasts. I knew that I was a product of programming and electronic control. My family were the perfect targets (now all deceased). My father was, at one time, a communist who later became a staunch Repulbican. My mother was the first woman lobbyist for the American Civil Liberties Union. My dad became a strong political influence. He was best friends with the then Senator Scoop Jackson, head of the House Ways and Means Committee of the Military. My brother-in-law (my sister was 13 years my senior) was military intelligence, a Lt. Col., in the Marines. I visited the bowels of the Pentagon when I was 10 years old. They taught me some morse code, and I met Eisenhower there. Later, I was at Camp Fallon, Nevada (age of 16), for three weeks in the summer (1965?) with my brother, and my sister's family. Neither my brother nor I had any memories of anything that we did at that time. We knew that we had no memories the week following Camp Fallon, when we went on with our vacation to Reno, Nevada. We discussed having no memory of anything, except one day we swam in the officers pool - and the last day, we shopped at the very small commisary. Other than that, we collectively and individually, had no memory.

My brother has been schizophrenic since 1969. He is on 100% disability from the army. Viet Nam or Mind Control? My dad quickly got him his disabilty, which the army wanted to deny, through his political contacts.

Anyway, back to what was going on. I was getting exhausted. I couldn't get any straight information from anybody. Strange things would go on in my home, or almost anywhere I would stay. Blue lights would (narrow beams) would come through the windows. Fires would spontaneously erupt in various parts of the room, and several times, these things I call "thunder balls" would rool across upholstered surfaces, or bedding. They were soft balls of a gaseous nature, that "rolled" until they were stopped by an object - whereupon they would "break apart and disipate. I figured they weren't too healthy. This stuff went on, by the way, for three years. Everyday, it was something.

One time, on an answering machine of a friend of mine, we heard recorded conversation of two people (men) discussing me. They made comments about my psychic ab ility, and how they needed to keep closer tabs on me.

Anyway, on the advice of a friend (I didn't have many of those then, as I didn't trust ANYBODY), I began to consider the possibility of an implant. I asked for spiritual guidance. I cried. I meditated. I decided that I could find it, I could dispose of it...and believe it or not, I did.

I simply (although it was NOT SIMPLE), felt along the back of my scull. I was in a crouched position on the floor. I was sofly crying. The noise in my life and the lack of privacy, the crazy reality were getting to me. I couldn't take it. I placed my hands, with prayerful guidance, on either side of that small "indent" at the top of the neck, base of the scull. I begin to "incise" with a small finger-nail file, and my own fingers. In my internal vision, I could see my hands, and they were "on the wrong side - my left was my right and visa-versa. I consoled myself, that even if I accidentally killed myself, at that point it would be better. I found it. Very small, almost a filiment looking thing, wider at one end than the other. About as big as the end of a fingernail and about that width. It was white and silver. I got it, threw it on the floor, and proceeded to pack my open small wound with my own hair to stop any bleeding (which was minimal). The device, by the way, was missing from inside my jewelry box, within a few days. It just, like many things in my life, went away.

I had many hundreds of experiences along the way. I had people that pestered me, questioned my friends, followed me etc. I saw strange events and lights. Many weird and amazing things happened to me during those years. I haven't ever chronicled them. They are too unbelievable. I don't like the negative attention, and I don't like people to infer that I am crazy, on drugs, or trying to obtain some sort of martyr status.

What I do know, is that it is real. It happened. It was and is a conspiracy, piracy, of the spirit, the soul, the individual and the will. It has to be stopped. If it happened to me, then it has happened to others.

There you have it. I submit this, in hope that our world will improve with my revelation. It is, in part, the reason that I started the magazine...Continuum Magazine - Many Paths, One Voice, (http://www.continuum-magazine.com) and although I never print in the magazine negative material, nor do I delve into conspiracy plots or theories (I don't want more covert government attack) - you know that I know about them and believe in them. My mission, then, is to keep the magazine going, and enlighten people - because if I hadn't had the insight into the power of the spirit of God within myself, I would be, like the rest of my family, dead. If I can help the world realize the goodness within themselves, and the responsibility they share with mankind, then perhaps my lesson will be well worth it. Now is an important time on the earth, my experience during this lifetime has convinced me of that. God Bless the Activists and you Jean, for creating the forum.

In Humble Blessings of Love and Light, I remain,

Anna B.
Owner/editor Continuum Magazine - Many Paths, One Voice



From: NCEpanacea@aol.com
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002
Subject: An Appraisal of the Technologies of Political Control

A good look at some of the technologies that they have to use on us who "dissent" to the cover-ups and controls being implemented in our country since before the OKC bombing and rapidly being deployed now since the WTC/Pentagon attacks. (This does not include the many "black budget" secret biological and electromagnetic "silent weapons for quiet wars" that are in the arsenals of those who will rule the New World Order.)


"What is emerging in certain quarters is a chilling picture of ongoing innovation in the science and technology of social and political control, including: semi-intelligent zone-denial systems using neural networks which can identify and potentially punish unsanctioned behaviour; the advent of global telecommunications surveillance systems using voice recognition and other biometric techniques to facilitate human tracking; data-veillance systems which can match computer held data to visual recognition systems or identify friendship maps simply by analysing the telephone and email links between who calls whom; new sub-lethal incapacitating weapons used both for prison and riot control as well as in sub-state conflict operations other than war; new target acquisition aids, lethal weapons and expanding dum-dum like ammunition which although banned by the Geneva conventions for use against other state's soldiers, is finding increasing popularity amongst SWAT and special forces teams; discreet order vehicles designed to look like ambulances on prime time television but which can deploy a formidable array of weaponry to provide a show of force in countries like Indonesia or Turkey, or spray harassing chemicals or dye onto protestors. Such marking appears to be kid-glove in its restraint but tags all protestors so that the snatch squads can arrest them later, out of the prying lenses of CNN."


"New surveillance technology can exert a powerful 'chill effect' on those who might wish to take a dissenting view and few will risk exercising their right to democratic protest if the cost is punitive riot policing with equipment which may lead to permanent injury or loss of life."

-[snip]- "The overall drift of this technology is to increase the power and reliability of the policing process, either enhancing the individual power of police operatives, replacing personnel with less expensive machines to monitor activity or to automate certain police monitoring, detection and communication facilities completely. A massive Police Industrial Complex has been spawned to service the needs of police, paramilitary and security forces, evidenced by the number of companies now active in the market. An overall trend is towards globalisation of these technologies and a drift to increasing proliferation, without much regard to local conditions.

"One core trend has been towards a militarisation of the police and a paramilitarisation of military forces in Europe. Often this begins via special units involved in crisis policing, such as the Special Weapons and Tactics Squads such as the Grenz Schutz Gruppe in Germany; the Gendarmeries National in France; the Carabinieri in Italy; and the Special Patrol Group in the UK or the federal police paramilitary teams in the United States (FBI, DEA & BATF) that adopt the same weaponry as their military counterparts. Then a growing percentage of ordinary police are trained in public order duties and tactics which incorporate some element of firearms training. The tactical training is often a mirror image of the low intensity counter-revolutionary warfare tactics adopted by the military."

More details at http://www.icdc.com/~paulwolf/eu_stoa_2.htm where these excerpts come from.


The following is an excerpt from "Revelations for a New Era" by Suzanne Ward

More details at http://www.matthewbooks.com

See also:

The Veil is Opening - Introduction to the book "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/VeilOpening.htm

This most important message from Matthew ties in perfectly with the overall issue of mind control and manipulations of this compilation - but on a cosmic scale! Feel free to copy and share.


In autumn 1995 Matthew told me that the dark forces had been stepping up their negativity bombardment of Earth to counter the light beings' increased activities on our behalf. Telepathic communication lines between Nirvana and Earth were being reinforced with additional light energy to prevent incursion by the dark forces. During sittings from that time for the next six or eight months, Matthew was in the company of about 100 souls whose composite energy enabled unbroken contact.

Often the transmissions during that period, including the one that follows, were from the "group mind," the knowledge of all the participating individuals amalgamated by a universal synthesis process. When Matthew spoke alone he was supported by the group's collective energy. In either case, I was addressed as Mother.


October 17, 1995

MATTHEW/GROUP: Mother, we greet you this morning with MOMENTOUS news! Creator has decreed that the free will of the dark forces no longer will be permitted to override the free will choices of the light beings! The willful destructiveness within the darkness that has prevailed through the gift of free will is coming to an end!

We have just learned of this victory for the light from sources who have visited realms at the highest point available to any soul with the power to ascend to that height and return to this level. The news comes from a series of such messengers, all totally trusted within the light and at such high grace beingness that their integrity and enlightenment cannot be in doubt.

Creator's decree is not because the forces of light are dimmer or weaker than the forces of darkness. Light always shall be stronger in total, and ultimately light shall prevail completely. Always the individuality of each light being has been and ever more shall be held sacred and inviolate, with the free will choices of each soul separately registered and honored.

With the dark forces, it has been different always. The free will of a person drawn into fascination with the darkness has been added to the power of the darkness by the design of its masters. No longer have that person's choices been individual, because his free will has been gathered into the total armament of the darkness and become a part of its grand deception.

These combined free will choices of the dark forces have been their strength. Evidence of the effects of that strength is the negativity that has been building for eons on Earth. The magnitude of that combined strength is far greater in intensity than the choices of each individual light being, thus the forces of darkness have been able to continue proliferating negativity and prevailing over the free will choices of individual light beings.

Only by the withdrawal of free will from the apex of the darkness can the free will of all other souls be honored, and that is what Creator via God is now instituting within this universe. The battle no longer will be lopsided, with a massive dark force of captive beings acting in unison to conquer the individual beings of light.

The decree's most profound effect on Earth is this: The cleansing to rid your planet of the accumulated negativity will continue, but it can be far less in scope and intensity, far less in damage and physical death than formerly required! It is far more likely now that there will be several years of releasing kinetic energy without the cataclysmic force that would have been necessary prior to the decree from Creator.

When the cleansing activity began in earnest, about half a century ago, great intensity was building within Earth and very close to her surface. That was the work of the darkness, which had gathered itself into a tightly knit force. The same light energy being beamed toward the planet to effect the essential human cellular restructuring also was needed to battle those dark forces, as the very heart and soul of Earth was at stake.

The heavy presence of darkness and the critical engagement of the light forces in opposition were jeopardizing the cellular restructuring process. That is why it has gone on for several decades. The process, which is done at soul level and cellular level, where the patterning is known and agreed upon, could have been completed within a twinkling of your eye. Instead, the ongoing battle between light and dark has not only prevented that swift cellular change, but also has been causing the tremendous pressures within the planet and on the surface. If light forces had not been present throughout that time, the consciousness of Earth's people -- and perhaps even the planet consciousness itself, which also has free will -- could have been severely compromised in vision through free will choices made in the climate of prevailing negativity. Without the light in constant opposition, those dark forces could have successfully waged this campaign and ended the struggle for domination long ago. Civilization would have capitulated and the darkness would be in total control now.

With thanks to the light forces, that is not the case! However, even though the darkness is being withdrawn in its ultimate hold, billions of other sources of negativity -- thought forms and energy arising from intent, actions and feelings -- still need to be diminished through the work of the light. The pressures of negativity that have been building for thousands of years still must be relieved by dissipation of the kinetic energy already at work. While the process will not result in the devastation previously considered necessary, still there will be upheavals and planetary changes as the kinetic energy is released. The soul level rejoicing in this realm will be assisting Earth during the remaining cleansing activity.

The light beingness that had been battling so long and so valiantly entirely within the mind and spirit of God and Creator has in recent times attracted assistance from many distant sources. Yes, Mother, they are the benevolent and highly evolved civilizations whose representatives you have met via their cogent messages to Earth's people.

S: Matthew, your news about Creator's decree and the decreased need for devastating cleansing activity is -- well, beyond my ability to express. I'm wondering if the formal presentations by all those powerful light beings will have as much value now as previously, though.

MATTHEW: Absolutely, Mother! For decades those entities have been helping to save the very life and breath of Earth! The planet's stability in orbit and composition throughout the past 50-year struggle has been due largely to the magnitude of their energy assistance, yet their invaluable aid has been almost totally unrecognized by Earth's people.

In recent times, their focus and presence has been required in far greater measure than previously, as it has been clearly known to the dark forces at the top most pocket of the universe that Earth is a prize about to be won or lost, and they, too, are increasing their pressure.

While these light entities' steadfast assistance under the formerly envisioned drastic cleansing conditions may not be needed in the actual measure they willingly offered, their willingness is what is vital. Their willingness in past and ongoing assistance has helped to preserve the life of Earth, and their willingness to stick it out until your planet is healthy once again is paramount in the times to come.

Absolutely their messages are of the same critical value as before Creator's decree! Perhaps even more so. There is no less need for their help now than when it was originally presented and enacted, but it is devoutly wished that henceforth their assistance will be met with Earth peoples' cooperation in openness and love. Their messages will help to engender this type of welcoming, appreciation and open cooperation. The great changes will not allow the millions of innocents to be captured by darkness, nevertheless souls still have their individual journeys through their karmic lessons. Only by journeying in knowledge and respect of universal brotherhood, only in awareness of the interconnectedness of all God's creations, can souls grow toward the light. That passageway to reintegration with Creator is as essential now as at any time in Earth's existence!

S: Yes, I can see now that their messages are just as vital as they were before the decree. Besides the reduced need for destructive cleansing activity, what is in store for us?

MATTHEW: The duality within each soul, which is the personal struggle for balance, and the bipolar existence of Earth, which is a planetary phenomenon, will be unfolding the lighted truth. Therein is the balance that is the essential ingredient to reintegration with God and Creator. But please do not expect a miraculous overnight achievement, Mother. Rather, it will be an unfolding of the powers of the light, which will be reinforced throughout the years in which the changes will be occurring.

Of its own volition, light is all encompassing, unfolding, empowering. Those who choose the light do so in total awareness that their individuality always prevails amidst the desired unity within the love and free will from top to bottom of the light hierarchy.

That is not true of darkness! That is based upon delusion, deception and mastery at the top and mental and spiritual enslavement thereafter. So the souls who have been trapped in darkness must outgrow the inclinations that led them to it and were perpetuated by their captivity. Those individuals can act only within their own understanding of strength and power, and their free will choices must be honored even while still tending toward that dark direction.

They will awaken eventually. Spiritual clarity will return to them, which in itself is light-filling, and it will overcome the spaces of darkness. Even in deep pockets, that darkness will be dislodged. But again, please do not expect this to unfold immediately, as not all individuals' free will choices may be in that spiritual growth path.

Nothing happens anywhere on Earth that does not affect the universe, and planet-wide remedial efforts are needed in abundance! The deprived people, who number in the billions, are the most innocent, the most needy, and the most forgotten. Not all of them chose karmic learning in such abject poverty, hardships, pain, and hopelessness. Their suffering has been caused by the decisions of the few government or business leaders totally captivated by the puppet masters, and therefore free will has not been prevailing among those innocents.

That control will be released from those leaders, but who can say whether the light being beamed at them will be accepted or rejected? Remember, the free will that is being withdrawn at the apex of the darkness DOES remain at the individual level. It cannot be denied to the few who are causing misery for the masses. Their decisions still must be honored throughout the time required for their reemergence into the light. However, the light being beamed at them can penetrate more clearly without the constant over-influence of the darkness master. Also, they cannot band together as formerly, and that fragmentation alone will have wonderful growth effects for the lighted beings. Additionally, through divine grace, the accumulation of karma incurred by the deprived masses can be used to offset the aggregate darkness in its most stubborn pockets.

According to reports reaching us, many changes will come about in government and other structures for functioning within an orderly civilization. This is necessary for the preservation of humankind and the planet. At one time those systems were based in honor and integrity, and there can be the return to that status. It will be a time-consuming procedure, as this will be voted upon and opposed for a time, but eventually the light will prevail in such intensity that the darkness simply cannot exist in power.

According to the reports, your monetary systems will change. Since hardships are presented continually due to money, it should come as a relief that in your not-too-distant future, money will not be needed at all. Not need, but greed has created the money flow and the entire economic system of Earth. With its core of darkness, that system cannot stand the coming of greater and greater light. It will be replaced with a system that is of light quality devised by hearts and minds based in light beingness.

There will be an exchange for a while of services, goods and assistance one to another, and the light that will be pervasive by then will negate the need for the economic accounting principles existing now. Only cooperation and solicitation for the good of all will be the basis for commerce.

Mind control, which holds captive all puppets of the masters of darkness, will be reduced in corresponding measure to the reduction of that hold from the top. As souls begin to see that their individuality is as powerful as their unity was within the darkness, mind control will be lessened. Individuals will realize the restoration of their free will and they can withdraw voluntarily from the darkness. Again, the effects will linger, as will the effects of all other insidious measures designed for controlling people within ignorance, deception, fear and misery.

Conscience is being given fortification, as the unity within darkness permitted almost no conscience to function. So the flexibility of this energy layer of the soul is being returned to individuals.

All negativity will diminish as the source of it is removed and the power of negative energy attachments dissipates. Although the negativity has been building over eons, the lessening effect can be within just a few of your calendar years, we are told.

The photon belt's course is unchanged, and that is seen here as good news. As it continues its roaming through the heavens, I think you should eliminate it from your "potentially worrisome situations" and consider it edification in celestial activity.

Mother, let your spirit be lifted in continual rejoicing at the forthcoming changes due to Creator's decree! The light that will radiate in greater and greater glory will embrace you in love and enlightenment during whatever spiritual and physical journey awaits you and Earth!

Taken from Revelations for a New Era
by Suzanne Ward