January 16, 2002

The X-Files #6: The Dark Deeds of the Beast

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This compilation contains some of the most repulsive and difficult information I have ever networked. And it is just a glimpse of all you may discover if you follow all the links included.

Exposing this is only the first step in bringing this to an end!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. MYCOPLASMA: The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
2. FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-up
3. We must act quickly to trigger a broader outcry
4. Excerpt from "Genesis and the History of the Cosmic Conflict"
5. Trout Lake UFO Reports


Media compilations #40 & #41: "The U.S. Under Bush: True Democracy or Orwellian Nightmare" & "The Cover-up Administration" at:


AND http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/MediaCompilation41.htm

Government Agents and Deep-Cover Operatives Reveal and Document Widespread Corruption In Key Judicial and Other Government Offices

Consolidation Of Pertinent Facts Relating To September 11, 2001, Terrorist Hijackings And Showing Whose Misconduct Insured the Successful Terrorism


From: http://www.nexusmagazine.com/mycoplasma.html

MYCOPLASMA: The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
(August-September 2001)

Several strains of mycoplasma have been "engineered" to become more dangerous. They are now being blamed for AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Crohn's colitis and other neurosystemic diseases. (...) These are diseases that have existed for thousands of years, but they have been weaponised--which means they've been made more contagious and more effective. And they are spreading. The Special Virus Cancer Program, created by the CIA and NIH to develop a deadly pathogen for which humanity had no natural immunity (AIDS), was disguised as a war on cancer but was actually part of MKNAOMI.


NOTE FROM JEAN: Reading this entire article, it is hard not to feel nauseous at the really ignominous kind of people (mostly from the military establishment and their puppet masters) who could coldly decide to use their own population to test their devilish bioweapons of mass destruction - and the worst is that this criminal mindset is still very much behind several covert ongoing military activities as you will see in this compilation...

If you have the stomach to know the whole truth, read this whole article at http://www.nexusmagazine.com/mycoplasma.html

Here is another excerpt:

Testing via Mosquito Vector in Punta Gorda, Florida

A report from The New England Journal of Medicine reveals that one of the first outbreaks of chronic fatigue syndrome was in Punta Gorda, Florida, back in 1957. It was a strange coincidence that a week before these people came down with chronic fatigue syndrome, there was a huge influx of mosquitoes.

The National Institutes of Health claimed that the mosquitoes came from a forest fire 30 miles away. The truth is that those mosquitoes were infected in Canada by Dr Guilford B. Reed at Queen's University. They were bred in Belleville, Ontario, and taken down to Punta Gorda and released there. Within a week, the first five cases ever of chronic fatigue syndrome were reported to the local clinic in Punta Gorda. The cases kept coming until finally 450 people were ill with the disease.

Testing via Mosquito Vector in Ontario

"The Government of Canada had established the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, where it raised 100 million mosquitoes a month. These were shipped to Queen's University and certain other facilities to be infected with this crystalline disease agent. The mosquitoes were then let loose in certain communities in the middle of the night, so that the researchers could determine how many people would become ill with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, which was the first disease to show. One of the communities they tested it on was the St Lawrence Seaway valley, all the way from Kingston to Cornwall, in 1984. They let out hundreds of millions of infected mosquitoes. Over 700 people in the next four or five weeks developed myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. CLIP


Sent by Ken <NCEpanacea@aol.com>

Comment from Ken: What else can we expect after all the FBI's many other cover-ups of the past... A few notable ones: John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations, Ruby Ridge, WACO and the OKC bombing, the WTC/Pentagon and now the anthrax attacks... Where is Fox Mulder when we need him most?

January 2, 2002

FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-up:
Mueller Reports No Intention to Investigate Chief Suspect

Sandpoint, ID - FBI officials may be implicated in a conspiracy to impede justice in the anthrax mailings case, if not treasonous dereliction of duty, according to a growing number of scientists and consumer advocates. After officials cited the likeliest origin of the powdered anthrax was the U.S. Army's Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, or its Ohio-based supplier and CIA-contractor, Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI), FBI Director Robert Mueller announced the bureau has no intention of investigating anyone with, or formerly with, their chief suspect: BMI.

Just weeks ago, major progress in the FBI's investigation seemed forthcoming. The New York Times and Washington Post revealed that BMI, Dugway's anthrax facility supplier and chief administrator had contracted with the CIA (in project "Clear Vision") to produce, albeit illegally, the 1 trillion spore-per-gram strain of anthrax under investigation. BMI, while heading the U.S. military's "Joint Vaccine Acquisitions Program" worth more than $1 billion in vaccine contracts, commissioned America's top anthrax expert, William C. Patrick, III, to deliver a report on the powdered anthrax's prospects for being spread through the mail.

Thus, by mid-December, the public, including health scientists urged to help federal officials identify suspects, realized that someone with high level security clearance, a "black-op budget," access to the BMI/Dugway anthrax labs, and vaccine sales incentive, most likely took BMI's powdered anthrax, and prepared it for mailing from Trenton, NJ; St. Petersburg, FL; Atlanta, GA; and Malaysia.

For the first time since the 1975 Frank Church congressional investigation of the CIA for illegally stockpiling anthrax and other biological weapons, the public learned that the CIA had been violating the international Geneva Accord moratorium on biological weapons development - a revelation somewhat embarrassing to American diplomats engaged in the global "War on Terrorism."

The day before Christmas, an Op Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal additionally implicated BMI, and potentially the FBI, along with rogue elements within the CIA, in an international conspiracy to commit and cover-up the anthrax mailings crime. BMI and Bioport, a Michigan-based offshoot of Britain's leading biological weapons organization at Porton Down, were previously reported to be collaborating on the manufacture and supply of America's only anthrax vaccine. Dr. Robert C. Myers, Chief Operating Officer of BioPort, told a Senate Appropriations Committee in 1996 that he "was part of a team of organizations, led by Battelle Memorial Institute..." The Journal writer Edward Jay Epstein cited the testimony of U.S. Army bioweapons official David Franz concerning America's reliance on British intelligence provided by Porton Down officials regarding the development and use of the powdered Ames strain of anthrax. Thus, the FBI's disregard of foreign suspects, especially Porton Down, with direct links to Bioport and BMI's anthrax vaccine, vaccine contracts, and BMI's and Dugway's anthrax experiments, was criticized by Epstein as it was days earlier in the Washington Post.

More evidence of the FBI's intentional ineptitude came from the Columbus Dispatch. Though the Washington Post reported that the FBI was allegedly pursuing the possibility that financial gain was the motive behind the anthrax mailings, and that "two laboratories" were especially implicated, that is, BMI and Dugway, a contradictory announcement was relayed the same day (Dec. 21, 2001) by Ohio Senator Mike DeWine. Based on an ABC News report concerning a BMI employee who had been under FBI investigation for an anthrax threat, FBI Director Robert Mueller had, according to The Dispatch, assured Senator DeWine that the bureau was not investigating, nor intending to investigate, anyone with, or formerly with, BMI.

Currently then, the FBI has no intention of investigating its chief suspect, despite the grave likelihood that the remaining mystery will continue to exact massive economic and sociopolitical tolls. These proceedings have bewildered and even outraged many scientists and public health professionals from whom the FBI requested assistance.

"If Senator DeWine's statements accurately reflect director Mueller's intention to disregard all of the most damning evidence concerning Battelle and allied vaccine makers," said Dr. Leonard Horowitz, "then the American people should demand a new FBI director, and Congress should demand the General Accounting Office investigate the bureau's misconduct."

Dr. Horowitz, among a handful of infectious disease authorities who openly criticized the CIA's illegal biological weapons program involving anthrax in his national best-selling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola- Nature, Accident or Intentional?, was the first to develop the theory that BMI and the CIA may be acting on behalf of British profiteers in what he says amounts to "military-industrial sabotage approaching American economic genocide." His lengthy report on the case, initially submitted to the FBI, is available from his publisher's website at http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/anthrax/anthrax_espionage.html

In defending the FBI's position, the Washington Post reported that the bureau only learned of a BMI-administered CIA "defensive" biowarfare contract involving the Ames-strain of anthrax in recent weeks. "The CIA program was [allegedly] designed to develop defenses to a vaccine-resistant strain of anthrax reportedly created by the former Soviet Union," officials defended. CIA spokespersons expressed certainty that "the anthrax used in the mailings did not come from their work."

Taking the agency on its word, the powdered anthrax may not have "come from their work," but their contractor's work, that is, BMI.

Critics claim this CIA defense is deceptive for at least two other reasons: 1) the Soviet Union's most potent anthrax was only half as concentrated as this new CIA/Battelle creation; and 2) it is an American/British-Ames, Iowa-strain prototype, not a Soviet creation, and not resembling anything available to Iraq or other countries favored by terrorists. This spoils the excuse the powdered anthrax was produced for any form of "defense," including vaccines.

"Vaccines are developed to help guard against pre-existing threats," said Ingri Cassel, director of the national Vaccination Liberation association - a consumer education and advocacy group. "This anthrax powder was illegally prepared, apparently for offensive military uses, sabotage, and even terrorism. You simply don't develop a new hyper-weaponized strain of anthrax powder for military defense, which implies preventive vaccinations against old Soviet threats, and then commission the top U.S. anthrax expert [William C. Patrick, III] to report on this new weapon's capability and lethality from mailed delivery, unless that's how you foresee it being used," Ms. Cassel reasoned.

Many people are pondering the suspicious "Machiavellian-like" targeting of the mass media and congressional Democrats (liberals) befitting the phrase "the ends justifies the means." Multi-million dollar vaccine contracts, fast-tracked drug approvals, and frenzied consumer and legislative demand for costly, risky, and largely ineffective vaccines, antibiotics, and other high-priced preventives are the most obvious results of the anthrax mailings.

Referring to the unprecedented silica-based, electrostatically charged, dry powdered form of hyper-concentrated anthrax sent through the mail to members of the media and Senators Daschle and Leahy, Dr. Horowitz concluded, "It was the only form of anthrax that could be effectively spread, as it was, through the U.S. mail with such far reaching effects. Therefore, the primary suspects have been identified, their dubious histories are well known, and their motives are clear. Any further effort to impede this investigation places FBI director Mueller in the position of an "enemy national" or a traitor to the American people he is sworn to protect."

-end -

For more information about Dr. Horowitz's investigation and his books Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1998) and/or Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, (June, 2001) please call Elaine Zacky at 1-888-508-4787, or visit http://www.tetrahedron.org, or e-mail: pr@tetrahedron.org


Subject: We must act quickly to trigger a broader outcry

In a message dated 12/21/2001, in a reply to her, I asked Sharona Merel <MonaSpree@aol.com>

When you write "intuitively anticipating further developments on the global scale in days to come." could you be more explicit please and elucidate a bit.


I believe that those in spirit are giving these folks a run for their money in this moment, actually (as perhaps indicated by the events on the recent American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami which did not go as intended), although there are further plans in the works on the part of the corrupted ones. However, I do sense that these folks will be more and more exposed, with time, and will begin (at their own hand) to appear more and more ridiculous, as with "The Emperor's New Clothes". After all, "There is nothing done in the darkness that shall not be brought out into the light," yes? :)

From point of fact, I do know that there has been a major gearing up of military might across this country in the form of actual top secret deliveries of heavy duty artillery, including major missiles. It is believed that this ammunition is slated for (or has already been shipped) overseas. But the details of this are not known precisely, and there may be other purposes also.

These special deliveries, we do know, are scheduled to end in 3 weeks' time. During these deliveries, the drivers of the rigs and their loads are "escorted" by military officials, given special access through tolls, not permitted to drive off-route, etc. The constant deliveries are being made (for several months now) to military bases across the country in preparation for something big, but unspoken, perhaps another "surprise". There is conjecture that it could foreshadow an attack on Iraq (phase II?); some have also suggested Somalia, as well, but this is unconfirmed.

Upon reaching these destinations, the drivers (who are often not even permitted to know their own inventories) are also not, themselves, allowed to enter the bases during the unloading of these hauls or, in some cases, at all.

Intuitively, the current energy is still strange, and somber, yet has shifted some, most recently. Do you feel this too? It will shift again.

There are more serious programs in the works, as yet, toward the agendas of the corrupted, but my sense is that public opinion may not be as suggestive of enthusiastic and complete support, as first indicated... So, there is "patchwork propaganda" being constructed, and some rethinking of the original plans, toward further influencing of public opinion, signs of which I have seen. The renewed campaign may well involve one or more domestic terror incidents to "refresh" public support, and fervor for, further military actions, and more...

Personally, I am most concerned over the present program to forcibly "vaccinate" at least 300 million persons in the U.S.A. "against smallpox virus", [See States Given Power To Force Vaccines And Medication Under Model State Emergency Plan, http://www.rense.com/general16/force.htm; and http://www.publichealthlaw.net/MSEHPA/MSEHPA.pdf, MSEHPA (Quarantines & Vaccinations)] as these "vaccines" have already been partially delivered, and the rest are due to be, soon. As you may know, there are a series of disciplinary actions already devised for those who refuse (See MSEHPA). Also, there is potentially grave danger to many from these innoculations, especially the very young, the elderly, the ill, and immune-suppressed. Further, even if not directly vaccinated, a particularly susceptible individual could be harmed significantly by these vaccines from simple proximity to another who has been vaccinated. These adverse facts, and others, have not been addressed properly nor openly, it has been suggested. [See VACCINE INJURIES & IMMUNIZATION RISKS -- Thinktwice.com, http://thinktwice.com/database.htm - an Oxford Professor says, "Lack of research on vaccine damage is scandalous" - http://www.vaccines.plus.com/moxon.html]

Clearly, we are in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, there is a major gearing up, it would seem, toward the completion (?) of their ongoing "spraying" agenda apparently intended to precondition us toward various susceptibilities to illness and failed immunities. I believe it is imperative that there begin to be an audible powerful outcry from all of us against this insidious practice of poisoning us, as a people. Many of us with immune issues already are experiencing increasingly evident alarming symptoms of systemic poisoning (strangely similar to that of carbon monoxide poisoning, among other things...), and there is bound to be a "statistical" fall-out from this... These statistics ought to be attributed accordingly, but will be attributed to other things...(so be diffused and go unnoticed as to trends), unless we act, quickly and collectively, to trigger a broader outcry. This secret spraying practice must be made further known to inspire this outcry, a significant heightening of public awareness, and tough questions of the corrupted ones. Otherwise, those here in the U.S. Congress who DO care enough to actually advocate for the people will continue to feel isolated and alone in it...; that there is little to no awareness or involvement on the part of the people they represent, such that the substantial risk in standing up is all their own... It remains very quiet in Congress as regards these things...

Also, it is an abomination that there is now little to no available effective response to the unheard "cries for help" from those suffering greatly already, from a medical industry almost entirely oblivious to the gravity of this situation, and/or in denial, and, as such, of virtually no assistance whatsoever to the many who, already poisoned and compromised, suffer... These people need available recourse and soon. We must have a chance of fighting for our lives.

This is why I've included the link http://coyoteroad.net/authorslist.html
Healing From ChemTrails e-book by Marguerite Elsbeth.

(Please see addendum below Re: "Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning" and "Contents and Some Effects of Chemtrails".)

I hope this helps. Thanks once again, Jean, for your phenomenal example to us all.

Much love,

"Concerned Humanity"

[c/o Sharona (Merel) MonaSpree@aol.com]


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning include general malaise, sore, achy joints and muscle spasms, alingering, persistent, dry, hacking cough, respiratory problems, pneumonia,meningitis, bladder and/or urinary tract infection with an ammonia smell to the urine, runny nose, crusty eyes,extreme vertigo and/or nausea, severe nose bleeds, inflamed or infectedsinuses, sore gums or toothache, sudden immobilizing exhaustion, feelings of anxiety or panic, nervous system disorders, and a subtle metallic taste and/or odor.

Contents and Some Effects of Chemtrails

Chemtrails contain extremely damaging substances, including JP8 jet fuel laced with Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), a chemical pesticide banned by the EPA as a definite carcinogen and chemical toxin. This, in and of itself, can cause respiratory tract problems and/or complete respiratory failure, sinus and throat infections, swollen lymph glands, coughing spasms, shortness of breath, migraine headaches, and damage to the heart and liver.

Chemtrails may also contain aluminum (a metal associatedwith Alzheimer's Disease), barium (a radioactive substance), freeze-dried red and white blood cells, assorted experimental biowarfare bacteria and other highly toxic and potentially deadly man-made pathogens, possibly including Bacillus Anthracis (Anthrax), Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (a significant player in the jet fuel compound, ethylene dibromide), and/or Mycoplasma Fermetens, a bioengineered substance found in veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome -- this is the same Mycoplasma mentioned in the first article of this compilation!.

See also:

NATURAL HEALING for the Chemtrail Syndrome
by Marguerite Elsbeth (with Deb Huglin)

100% FREE Download:

Chemtrails are produced by military and commercial aircraft flying for hours in crossing patterns and in close proximity to each other. Look up at the sky, and you will see broad white chemical jet plumes. Unlike normal contrails, these linger for hours in parallel furrows, X's, and grid patterns that gradually merge into cirrus-like clouds and occlude clear blue skies. Chemtrails are making some people and animals, especially the old and infirm, and those with comprised immune systems, very sick. Do you have the "Flu That's NOT the Flu"? Herein Natural Healing for the Chemtrail Syndrome, the authors share information, and natural healing remedies and methods that have worked for them with positive results.

Marguerite Elsbeth


Eugenics Watch, Goals of American Eugenics Society:

Promoting Eugenics in America:


NOTE FROM JEAN: I asked Suzy Ward to read the following material and verify with Matthew (in heaven) what comment he may have to offer on this. Here is their reply (in part):

"I've read (but not with the idea of memorizing) all the excerpts you included, below. Ages ago (7 years or so) Matthew verified that there are underground areas with tunnels, laboratories and unthinkable experimentation. He just now said that he's never in favor of suppressing truth, and the existence of those is true; on the other hand, he's in favor of relieving fear even more than publicizing something that will induce fear. (...) He says you can do this in the nature of asking legitimate questions, not in the nature of ridiculing, and making the strong point that whatever parts of this information are happening, is an indication of how much more light work we all need to be doing. The bottom line is, things do need to come to light or they'll continue being perpetuated by the darkness, so it's a matter of informing at the same time being calming and reassuring."

So if you feel up to it, go ahead, but if you think it may disturb you, simply skip the rest of this compilation...

Excerpt from the book "Genesis and the History of the Cosmic Conflict" available in its entirety at http://www.apfn.org/apfn/genesis.HTM

This quote comes from http://www.apfn.org/apfn/genesis22.htm

(...) "Regarding abductions of people, they pick out medium to low IQ personnel. They are able to scope out each one (so we can do the same thing with electro-magnetic spectrum analyzers). (* I don't know this part -- word mixup -- drop). They pick up these people and then put implants into them and then take tissue samples, including ovum from the women, sperm from the men and DNA. "THEY CAN PROGRAM THESE PEOPLE AS SLAVES TO DO WHATEVER THEY WISH AND THEY WILL HAVE NO MEMORY OF IT. THEY (The Hard Core type) STAUNCHLY REFUSE TO BE X-RAYED OR HYPNOTICALLY REGRESSED. YOU CAN RECOGNIZE THEM BECAUSE OF THEIR EYES. HE SAYS 'PECULIAR LOOK IN THE EYES AND A FUNNY SMILE.' (* An expression) Hynek knows about all of this and has been in contact with Coral (Lorenzen). He regards Hynek as a threat. (* Not really -- I just think he is still a Gov. cover) At his house, he showed Hynek films and out in the back yard a flying saucer. He asked Hynek about his view with regard to abductions as to how many people might have been abducted. Hynek, unhesitatingly said ABOUT ONE OUT OF FORTY. "He said that many people come to his door to see him, just 'out of the blue' and HE SEES SCARS ON THE BACK OF THEIR NECKS (Note: Refer to the remake of the movie INVADERS FROM MARS and also the movie THE PUPPETMASTERS based on Robert A. Heinleins book. The former depicted a mind-control implant inserted into the lower brain through the BACK OF THE NECK -- leaving scars, whereas the latter depicted an alien parasite that attached itself in a controlling capacity to a human brain through the BACK OF THE NECK. - Branton). That previous old scars are easy to detect and that new ones are hard to detect. HE FEELS THAT THIS IS A SICKENING SITUATION. "THE ALIENS HAVE GONE WILD AND USE HYPODERMICS. He has been paralyzed four times and has been hit 250 times by hypodermics. He says they knock you cold and they do whatever they want to do and the above points have been verified medically. "


PAUL FEELS THAT IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THIS INFORMATION BE RELEASED BECAUSE HE FEELS THAT IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO BE INVOLVED IN SUCH AN ARRANGEMENT THAT INVADES THE PRIVACY OF THE INDIVIDUALS BY THE IMPLANTATION'S. HE SAID THAT 'ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN TAMPERED WITH BY THE ALIENS, THEY ARE NEVER THE SAME.' So it appears that, for the privilege of collecting the biological materials in the mutilation of (cattle) and the abductions and the operations on board the craft, the government has allowed this to go on and even to assist for the privilege of getting the nuclear flight technology, plus also the embryos which are flown out of the base. (A rather fantastic story -- Jim McCampbell comment) Paul strikes me as being an extremely conservative, extremely knowledgeable and reliable scientist, who was intimately familiar with sophisticated laboratory equipment. His is thoroughly scientific and reliable. (Jim McCampbell evaluation) "



At the Dulce Base, most signs on doors and hallways are in the alien symbol language and a universal symbol system understood by humans and aliens. Thomas stated that after the second level, everyone is weighed, in the nude, then given a uniform. Visitors are given off-white uniforms. The weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. card each day. Any change in weight is noted. Any change in over three pounds requires a physical exam and X-ray. The uniforms are jump suits with a zipper. "In front of all sensitive areas are scales built into the floor by doorways and the door control panels. An individual places his computer I.D. card into the door slot, then presses a numerical code and buttons. The person's card must match with the weight and code or the door will not open. Any discrepancy in weight will summon security. No one is allowed to carry anything into sensitive areas. All supplies are put on a conveyor belt and X-rayed. The same method is used in leaving sensitive areas. "All elevators are controlled magnetically, but there are no elevator cables. The magnetic system is inside the walls of the elevator shaft. There are no normal electrical controls. Everything is controlled by advanced magnetics, including lighting. There are no regular light bulbs. The tunnels are illuminated by Phosphorous units with broad, structureless emission bands. Some DEEP TUNNELS use a form of phosphorous pentoxide to temporarily illuminate certain areas. The aliens won't go near these zones for reasons unknown (Note: This suggests that these deeper tunnels may have originally been built by ancient beings other than the reptilians - Branton). "The studies on Level 4 include human-aura research, as well as all aspects of telepathy, hypnosis, and dreams.

CLIP - The rest is at http://www.apfn.org/apfn/genesis22.htm


From : http://www.apfn.org/apfn/genesis23.htm

Researcher Jim Bennett, in a letter to Jacques Vallee dated Jan. 15, 1992 stated the following: "It is our belief that even if there is a Fascist-CIA cabal trying to establish a world dictatorship using the 'threat' of an alien invasion to foment world government, that the 'threat' may be real all the same. It is possible that the Illuminati may be working with very real ALIENS in an end-game designed to establish a world government using this 'threat' as an excuse to do so, although when the world is under 'their' control the serpent cults may betray the human race by turning some global government controls over to the reptilians [the Beast?], which assisted the Bavarians in carrying out their despotic plans in the first place."


And from http://www.apfn.org/apfn/phil.htm

This is a transcript of a lecture given by Phil Schneider at Global Science Denver, CO, Aug 1995


Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget

I love the country I am living in more than I love my life, but I would not be standing before you now, risking my life, if I did not believe it was so. The first part of this talk is going to concern deep underground military bases and the Black Budget. The Black Budget is a secretive budget that garners 25% of the gross national product of the United States. The Black Budget currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States.

They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940s. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-levity trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity. Al Bielek has my only copy of one of them. Richard Souder, a Ph.D. architect*, has risked his life by talking about this. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases. In around where you live, in Idaho, there are 11 of them. (...) The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. CLIP


Trout Lake UFO Reports

TROUT LAKE -- With over 2000 eyewitnesses here at the Sattva Sanctuary in Trout Lake, some of which are Astro/Nuclear/Plasma physicists, 14+ hours of video of ships stopping, lighting up on command, accelerating, making right angle turns, landing and morphing into as many as four brilliant lights then back to one, appearing with pre-knowledge right on schedule, and with pictures taken by UFO investigators etc., it seems this is not enough.

This case, if the evidence presented in a court of law, would win hands down as proof UFOs are real. People are executed on less evidence. There are even pictures of ships stepping down in vibration. Scientists, such as Jim Todd at the Omsi Planetarium say these are nothing more than satellites. We are at a complete loss as to how a scientist with any ability to reason or apply scientific method could make such a statement after viewing the footage.

These objects are coming in every size shape and color, are seen by multiple eyewitnesses. They are shown maneuvering, responding to requests by people on the ground to light up, landing on the mountain, and flying behind trees.

They allowed us to photograph them with pre-knowledge of the event. Any reasonable mind would come to the conclusion that these are unknowns, they do not fit into any know parameter and indeed need further study. There is no landing strip in the nearby forest, and satellites do not change directions, stop, and land.

The latest photos: