April 1st, 2002

The X-Files #12: Kafkaesque, Grotesque and Downright Putrid

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The situation in the Middle East is getting more and more serious and requiring our urgent attention spiritually-wise. And as usual most media are covering up what is really happening - which is why I'm including some very important - and very disturbing! - things to know about all this below. Just as much as the despicable suicide bombings with their horrific consequences for innocent Israelis must be denounced, what the Israeli army is doing under Sharon's maniacal leadership is utterly inhumane.

You will also find some of the latest developments on the chip implant front - another very hot issue!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. The not-so-lone "Suicide Bomber" in Netanya
2. Even War has Limits
3. Ramallah: Without mercy: Israelis execute Arafat's elite guards
4. 34 Internationals in Arafat compound call for their Ambassadors
5. An I.D. Idea - Microchips Under Your Skin
6. Will implantable tracking chips be used by totalitarian government in China?
7. China's Secret Pyramids


Giuliani Invokes Hitler-Rockefeller-Bush Conspiracy to Explain 9/11

MEG Scalar Energy Device Patented - Production Starts Next Year

aelewis@provide.net wrote: "15 top microbiologists dead since 9/11. Funny thing. But, you know, I really wish those crazy UFO/X-Files/Conspiracy-Theory types would get smart and start listening to CNN. The guys at CNN never ask stupid questions like "who on earth would want to get rid of all the top microbiologic talent, anyway? and WHY?"

Mike Ruppert's article "A Career in Microbiology Can be Hazardous to Your Health" at http://www.copvcia.com/free/ww3/02_14_02_microbio.html

Yet another leading microbiologist dead in a plane crash this time

Another Top Microbiologist Dies - 12 In The Last Five Months
The Times - London Obituaries (March 27, 2002)

Troops Keep Arafat Confined; U.N. Urges Israeli Withdrawal
Israel tightened its grip around Yasir Arafat today, Palestinian officials said, even as the U.N. Security Council with U.S. backing called on Israel to withdraw.

Porn upsets Palestinians (Agence France-Presse - 31 march 02)
PORN movies and programs in Hebrew are being broadcast by Israeli troops who have taken over three Palestinian television stations of Ramallah, irate residents of the besieged West Bank town have told AFP. The offices of three local television and radio stations were occupied by soldiers yesterday morning, a few hours after tanks and hundreds of troops stormed the town in Israel's biggest offensive against the Palestinian Authority and its leader Yasser Arafat. The soldiers started broadcasting the porn clips -- considered extremely offensive by most Muslims -- intermittently this afternoon from the Al-Watan, Ammwaj, and Al-Sharaq channels, the residents said. "The pornographic movies started on Al-Watan television at around 3:30 pm," one 34-year-old Palestinian mother named Reema told AFP. "I have six children at home, they have nowhere to go with what is going on here and can't even watch TV," she said angrily. (...) "We are desperate for news and constantly flipping channels and get these terrible pictures instead," adding that videos of the intifada were also shown backwards with "ideal terrorism" written in red across the screen. CLIP



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The not-so-lone "Suicide Bomber" in Netanya

Are 'suicide bombers' really an inside job?

Posted By: JoeVialls <homestead@bluemail.ch>
Date: Thursday, 28 March 2002

The massive damage to the Park Hotel in Netanya indicates that Shin Bet or the revitalized Stern Gang have been at it again. Fox News put it this way:

'The explosion at the Park Hotel was large enough to cause major structural damage, hampering the efforts of emergency crews.' - 'The Islamic military group Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack in a phone call to the Arab TV station Al-Jazeera, identifying the bomber as Abdel Baset Odeh, from the West Bank town of Tulkarem. The 25-year-old Palestinian had worked in Netanya hotels in the past.'

Well, not exactly. The damage bit is almost an understatement of course, with conservative expert estimates of charge weight (HE) ranging from 80 to 150 pounds, supplemented by 200 pounds or more of shrapnel. In total this would be a respectable load for a small wheelie-bin. Have you noticed how incredibly strong the 'suicide bombers' are getting nowadays?

When Hamas genuinely claims responsibility, it is through the local media, which is always provided with the last speech of the Martyr in question on video tape. This exact process is designed to prevent anyone taking the Hamas name in vain.

Like now, for example.

This time there was no video, and the only tenuous links to Hamas were two still photos of Abdel Baset Odeh at a rally three months ago, plus a brief glimpse of the founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, filmed two years ago during an interview.

Since Odeh was actually a hotel worker in Netanya, and Shin Bet knew about his "secret" membership of Hamas, it would not be very difficult to kill him in the hotel kitchen, then name him as the suicide bomber afterwards. This is a critical point the mainstream nedia seems unwilling to publicise.

But what timing, what wonderful timing! Just when Ariel Sharon needed a major atrocity in order to launch World War Three 'big time', bits and pieces of various Jews start flying around Netanya at 12,000 feet per second.

This appears to be the fourth 'insider' terrorist job in nine months. The others are listed below:-

Synagogue Bombed in Beit Israel, 3 March 2002

Bombing Ben Yehudah Mall, 1 December 2001

Terror Bombing at Pacha's Disco, 2 June 2001


Sent by <Miri@phr.org.il>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002


Even War has Limits

We are told that this is a war against terror, and that war on terror knows no geographical or other constraints. The facts tell us that this is a war against civilians, and that red lines have been crossed:

At this very moment the hospitals in Ramallah are suffering from a shortage in medical supplies. Pregnant women, the chronically ill, wounded and bleeding lie waiting for ambulances to take them to hospital, while ambulances are prevented passage, their crews are detained and humiliated and their vehicles confiscated. The emergency services of the Palestine Red Crescent Society and Medical Relief are frequently attacked by Israeli forces and prevented from fulfilling their humanitarian duty.

At this very moment, tens of thousands of civilians are under military seige and curfew, and suffering from a shortage of basic provisions.

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel calls upon the Israeli government to put an end to the occupation and the resultant severe and systematic violations of human rights. However, as long as the attack on Palestinian society continues, Israel must adhere to International Humanitarian Law - designed precisely for times of occupation and armed conflict - to avoid harming civilians, and allow free and safe passage of medical personnel, ambulances, patients, food and medical supplies.

The principles of protection of medical personnel, allowing the treatment of the sick and wounded, are among the most basic foundations of International Humanitarian Law, the violation of which is crossing a dangerous red line. In the face of these severe abuses of medical neutrality and attacks on the fabric of Palestinian civil society, we call for immediate international intervention.

Hadas Ziv: +972-3-687-3718, +972-50-228-599


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The Observer (London)
Sunday March 31, 2002
Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor

Ramallah: Without mercy: Israelis execute Arafat's elite guards

The ambulancemen were carrying the first body out of the Cairo-Amman bank in the centre of Ramallah when I came across them.

His knees were doubled up in rigor mortis. One of the legs of his green parachute jumpsuit had been burned through to the skin by a round fired at such close quarters that the muzzle flash had ignited the fabric. A gaping wound was visible in his chest - also apparently from a burst of fire from close range. What killed him, however, was the gunshot to his temple.

A few minutes later, the paramedics brought the second body, that of a young man, also in Yasser Arafat's elite guard unit, Force 17.

Someone had taken off his boots, revealing his blue socks. The wounds that he had obviously been clutching when he died were also to his upper body. But what must have killed him, like his colleague, was a shot fired at close range to his temple that had demolished the back of his head.

The third body was of an older man, in his forties, grey-haired with a moustache. Someone had pulled his parachute suit above his head to hide the wound. When the stretcher-bearers put him down, the covering was pulled back. The wound was to the head.

What happened on the third floor of the Cairo-Amman bank at midnight on Friday during Israel's occupation of the Palestinian city of Ramallah can only be surmised. But in the few minutes after Israeli soldiers stormed the Palestinian position, five men were wounded and five men were put to death by the Israelis, each with a single coup de grace administered to the head or throat.

Maher Shalabi, bureau chief of Abu Dhabi television in Ramallah, was in his office in the same building when he heard several bursts of heavy shooting on the floors below. 'I heard heavy shooting; maybe it was an exchange of fire. But I believe this was an execution.'

Hassan Asfour, a senior Palestinian negotiator, added: 'They were executed in cold blood. This is a clear example of the collective execution policy adopted by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people.'

According to local residents, the dead men were part of a large group of Palestinian policemen who had taken shelter in the building, which also houses the offices of the British council, when the Israeli army entered Ramallah.

The men had taken shelter in the foyer area on the third floor next to a dentist's surgery. Yesterday bullet holes spattered the walls and the floor was flecked with blood. On one wall were large splashes of blood. Elsewhere several bloody trails had been marked along the floor where someone had pulled the bodies towards the lift.

An Israeli army spokesman said soldiers entered the building after Palestinians opened fire from inside and threw a grenade at the force outside.

The coups de grace administered for these five men are a metaphor for what the Israeli incursion is hoping to achieve inside Ramallah. By isolating Arafat within his headquarters, Sharon hopes to decapitate the Palestinian Authority.

Yesterday, inside Arafat's compound, it was clear that, for all the claims of Ariel Sharon, Arafat was neither under threat nor under arrest. Arafat, simply, was surrounded by the Israelis.

As we approached the compound we could see the tanks and armoured personnel carriers ringing his sprawl of offices and barracks. On every side were soldiers taking positions and aiming their weapons.

Approaching closer the Israeli army tried to prevent us following a delegation from the Palestinian solidarity movement into the compound, led by Jose Bove, the French farmers leader and anti-globalisation protester.

In a surreal touch Bove and his colleagues had marched through the ruins of the town, even as fighting continued. With hands above their heads, and carrying palm fronds as Easter symbols of peace, they approached Arafat's compound with two columns of heavily armed Israeli infantry jogging the last few hundred metres behind.

Seeing Bove, who had marched through the town with a small group of fellow protesters bearing a tray of medicines for those still injured inside Arafat's compound, the soldiers relented and let us enter with him and approach the offices where Arafat was holed up.

Crossing a large car park we could see a three-storey block, its walls splattered with tank fire, two windows blackened by fire with sheets hanging where the occupants had tried to escape the flames.

I followed Bove to the entrance to the offices where Arafat was hiding but was grabbed from behind by an Israeli soldier and pulled away. Arafat may not be a prisoner but it is the Israelis who choose who goes to see the Palestinian chairman.

On every corner yesterday stood Israeli tanks. The devastation that these tanks have wrought inside the Palestinians' most attractive city has to be seen to be believed.

Roads have been dynamited or torn up by tanks. Buildings are burned and shattered. Everywhere there is rubble, spent ammunition and broken glass.

A little later, I met Hossam Sharkawi and Mohamed Awad, two senior officials in the Palestinian Red Crescent who I had met before.

Sharkawi, a co-ordinator for emergency services, told me the Israelis had arrested five of his drivers.

'They have them blindfolded and handcuffed. I cannot understand what the Israelis are thinking. They also used one of our ambulances today as a human shield. They sandwiched it inside a convoy.'

Sharkawi was able to reveal something of life inside Arafat's compound. 'We know there are injured inside,' he said. 'But they have been blocking ambulances entering to give treatment.' How many injured he could not say.

'All that we hear is that there may be between 50 and 100 people trapped with Arafat inside the building, without food, or water or any electricity and no telephone communication.' He shook his head and walked away.





Sent by LESLEY WHITING <lesleywhiting@yahoo.com>

Sunday, March 31, 2002

***Press Release***


[RAMALLAH] 50 International civilians entered Yasser Arafat's Presidential Compound today, which is under continuous siege by the Israeli Forces. The group of Internationals is comprised of civilian volunteers from France, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Israel who are here on a humanitarian mission. Thirty-four (34) international civilians remain inside. The group has stated that they will remain inside of the Presidential Compound until the siege is lifted; they remain in solidarity with all Palestinian people who are now under occupation and extend their demands to include the end of Israel's occupation of the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Israeli's have cut power, phone lines and water supply to the compound. Food is also in short supply.

The 34 foreign civilians are asking for their respective ambassadors to urgently come to President Arafat's compound.

The city of Ramallah, where the group of internationals is currently based, is under closure and violent occupation by Israeli Forces. Power has been cut in most neighborhoods of Ramallah and water and food is in short supply in many homes, hospitals have had to resort to back-up generators and the transport of medicine and medical supplies has been disrupted. International witnesses have reported Israeli forces breaking in doors of homes and conducting mass arrests, where Palestinian's have been bound and placed in torturous positions for extended periods, there have also been at least 14 extra-judicial executions performed by the Israeli Forces in the last 2 days. Medical personnel have been arrested by the Israeli's and several ambulances have been confiscated, Israeli Forces also attempted to enter Ramallah Hospital earlier today but were kept out by a human blockade of conducted by the Internationals.

For more information call:
Adam 972 52 481 261
Huwaida 972 52 642-709
972 55 851 896
972 55 975 374

For information on Israeli: Allegra: 972 50 387 570

For statement from Israeli see http://www.jerusalem.indymedia.org

For information in Egypt: ism_egypt@yahoo.com


Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002
From: Sharona Merel <MonaSpree@aol.com>
Subject: An ID idea: Microchips under your skin

Dear Friends of Truth and Good:

Please note, in the following articles, references to implants targeted to society in general, as in telemetric microchips now being touted by media as "An I.D. Idea - Microchips Under Your Skin".

Beware of pending "smallpox scares" that may be announced, whether real, manufactured or imagined, as this has been revealed as the pre-arranged impetus for pressing the agenda forward for massive "mandatory vaccination" campaigns - complete with chip, some have confided, which are being promoted in photos of ants holding injectable microchips so tiny that they fit in their antennae. As one CIA operative confided to a respected author, "If we say 'NO' to anything, say 'NO' to this!"

As Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health & Human Services, has himself recently said, "Every American should know that there is a vaccine prepared 'with his or her name on it'." Custom-made and rush-ordered, even "diluted", says CNN (for anticipated expedited delivery?).

No need to "obtain your agreement", as it's done quite well for you making moot the point of the nationwide social acceptance of "national I.D.'s".

Remember, $10,000 fine and 9 months in prison if you decline (already enacted zealously in Wisconsin, with little interest if any at all in others' expressed concerns) regardless of the 4% of society who are immune-suppressed, elderly, of tender age, infirm or ill, and who are quite literally subject to severe reaction or death upon injection (see vaccination warnings sites throughout the internet). 4% of 300 mil people is 12 million, friends.

If you think they won't persist in this agenda (if not first held fully-accountable for their intent) just reread the Eugenics Agendas of the British and American Eugenics Societies "Post-Hitler" (if not already plucked from the net and/or see "End Notes" at end of this message) and their membership rosters that go back to the early 1900's. Then look at their connection to who's making these decisions, and from which agencies and offices, today.

Let's keep on top of this outrage and examine more closely the undertones and motivations of such proposed (and "mandated") programs. Very few of us are fools.

Thank you for reading what follows fully and for sharing this with friends, family, and concerned colleagues at your earliest opportunity.

In genuineness,

Sharona Merel
for Concerned Humanity

From: http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/2828025.htm?template=contentModules/emailstory.jsp

An ID idea: Microchips under your skin
The Miami Herald - 03/10/2002

TINY TECH: A dime dwarfs the VeriChip, which is made by a Palm Beach company.

Nathan Isaacson of Tamarac is one of 2,500 people who want to get computer chips implanted in their bodies. The 83-year-old is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. If he wanders off or gets hurt, family members worry that medical workers won't know who he is or that he's allergic to penicillin. Or that he has a recently implanted pacemaker.

The solution to such emergencies, says Palm Beach-based Applied Digital Solutions, is the VeriChip.

The $200 microchip can be encoded with information such as a person's name and Social Security number and a list of medical allergies, then injected under the skin. Emergency room workers would then use scanners to read the chip. "It might sound regimental, but aren't we in that type of world these days?" said Isaacson's wife, Micki.

Applied Digital is not the only company implanting computer chips.

MicroCHIPS, in Cambridge, Mass., makes products that deliver medicine to the body; AVID, in Norco, Calif., tracks pets implanted with its microchips; and Trovan, in Santa Barbara, Calif., has implantable transponders in more than 300 zoos worldwide.

For all the arguments against chip implants turning people into human LoJacks, the fate of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is an example of how safety issues may override privacy concerns. Richard Sullivan, chief executive officer of Applied Digital Solutions, also suggests another application: helping to track undocumented immigrants.

The problem could be solved, he said, if "people were required to be chipped or had some combination of a device requiring them to be scanned and monitored at all times." "I think it's not unreasonable to ask people who want to come to work in the country that they respect the rights of people who are citizens in the United States," Sullivan said.


VeriChip is the next step in the evolution of another Applied Digital product called Digital Angel, a pager-like gadget that uses global positioning system (GPS) tracking to keep tabs on people, and biosensors that monitor vital signs. Digital Angel can be turned off by the wearer or by an administrator, depending on how it's programmed. VeriChip can be removed only surgically.

Los Angeles County parolees are being monitored by Digital Angel through a three-year pilot program. Implanted microchips currently track more than 86,000 pets in Florida, as well as livestock and zoo animals. Experts predict that if trackable chip implants become widely available, there will be a long line of military personnel, diplomats, corporate executives, foreign correspondents and celebrities waiting to "get chipped."

This month, Brazilian government official Antonio de Cunha Lima, the first distributor of the VeriChip in Brazil, will be implanted with the chip.

Even famous curmudgeon Andy Rooney is pro-chip. "We need some system for permanently identifying safe people," Rooney said in a 60 Minutes commentary on CBS. "Most of us are never going to blow anything up, and there's got to be something better than one of [those] photo IDs -- a tattoo somewhere, maybe.

"I wouldn't mind having something planted permanently in my arm that would identify me."

But not everyone will want to become a human bar code. "If a government ever requires a technology like this on a segment of its population, then I think it's going to be very provocative," said Stephen Keating, executive director of the Denver-based Privacy Foundation.

For example, airlines could encourage demand for chips by allowing people with implants to get faster security clearance. "It can become commercially coercive," Keating said.

Before there is widespread acceptance, VeriChip needs to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States -- a process that could take up to 18 months. And the company may have a tough time convincing hospitals and ambulance and pharmaceutical companies, which would have to buy scanners, of the chip's medical value.

Applied Digital needs FDA approval sooner rather than later. Amid a major corporate restructuring, the company has lost more than $267 million in the past year. The company also faces competition. A Boca Raton plastic surgeon says he has created an implantable device -- the size of a quarter -- that can monitor missing children, parolees, Alzheimer's patients and valuables.

"We hope this will be on the market within the year," said Dr. Daniel Man, who patented the device in 1987 and has been working on it since.

At Applied Digital's offices on Royal Palm Way, Vice President Keith Bolton demonstrates the product by waving a scanner two to three inches from the microchip, which can hold up to 128 characters. In nanoseconds, an identification number appears on the screen.


See also:


The Most Dangerous Game
The Most Dangerous Game traces the history of top-secret CIA mind control operation MK-ULTRA: from the covert importation of NAZI scientists at the end of WWII, to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted on the patients of world famous psychiatric researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron - cut to the pulsing hypnotica of Mitchell Akiyama.

Mind Control & MK-ULTRA


From: http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=26991

'Digital Angel' lands in China

Will implantable tracking chips be used by totalitarian government? (March 28, 2002)

Making good on its promise to "achieve a global presence," Digital Angel Corporation - manufacturer and marketer of high-tech, implantable devices for tracking human beings - has opened a research and development facility in Shen Zhen, a special economic zone near Hong Kong, hoping to cash in on vast markets in China and the Far East.

As WorldNetDaily first reported, Digital Angel is a sophisticated, miniaturized tracking device intended by its manufacturer for subdermal implantation in large numbers of human beings. After heavy publicity, the manufacturer last year deflected criticism from privacy advocates and Christians concerned over biblical prophesy by removing all references to human implantation from its website and literature, only to re-introduce human implantation - with a product called VeriChip - after Sept. 11, due to the nation's new preoccupation with security.


The emergence of Digital Angel has met with protests from civil libertarians in the United States who are concerned over potential involuntary applications of injectable tracking chips. But an area of even greater concern may be its use in China. After all, China currently has one of the world's worst human rights records. Over the years, human rights organizations like Amnesty International, Freedom House and the Laogai Research Foundation have documented widespread persecution in China of political dissidents and religious persons. Such persecution routinely includes surveillance and arrest of innocent persons who are then sent to slave labor camps, mental hospitals or "re-education" facilities.

Time will tell if the injectable chips will be used eventually to track the movements of dissidents, in order to round up friends, family members and locate secret meetings. Recent news reports have documented Christian believers using cell-phone codes to arrange secret prayer meetings, and the rural government officials committing protesters to psychiatric facilities where they are "treated."


See also:

Meet the 'Digital Angel' -- from Hell


From: http://www.atlantisrising.com/ar11contents.html

China's Secret Pyramids

Pyramids and pyramidal structures are a worldwide phenomena, found in Egypt, Peru, Central America, America's Mississippi Valley, France, Polynesia. Now we can add two more locations, China and Japan.

For decades, one of the few clues that China has pyramids was a grainy, black and white photo of a huge, shadowy, pyramidal form. It is an aerial shot, taken by WWII USAF pilot James Gaussman, as he flew over China delivering supplies from India to Chungking, in the spring of 1945.


In the 1970s, when communication between the U.S. and China improved, the astronaut went to China. He was interested in seeing those pyramids up close. He succeeded. Chinese authorities told him the pyramids were the graves of nine of the eleven emperors of the western Han era, and dated from 206 to 8 B.C. The height of these graves, according to Chinese sources, can be compared to a 40-story building, around 300 feet. This is comparable to Egypt's Giza pyramids.


Then there are the structures found recently off the coast of Japan. In the spring of 1995, divers looking for clear water heard about a remote island in Okinawa. There they came across huge stone terraces, cut in right angles, punctuated by perfect staircases, precisely cut lanes, and hexagonal columns. So far, five separate sites on three different islands have been found, all 60 to 75 feet under the sea.

Frank Joseph, author of Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake and editor of Ancient American magazine, went to Japan to investigate, and reports that the most accessible site is 170 meters from the southwest end of Okinawa, off the shore near Chatan. Other sites are just off the shore of Aguni Island and Yonaguni island, where a pyramidal platform 80 meters long and 20 meters high, with its tip only 5 meters before the sea's surface, was found. The structures, spread over a 500 kilometer area, seem to be oriented due south.

Joseph likens the sites to the pre-Inca city of Pachacamac, a huge, sacred city with multi-stepped pyramids build at right angles, located just outside of Lima, Peru, and the architecture of the Moches ceremonial center near Trujillo, Peru.

Joseph also points out that James Churchward, who wrote extensively about Mu or Lemuria, predicted that remnants of a powerful civilization centered in the Pacific Ocean would eventually be discovered. The Japanese are quite open to theories involving Mu; it is compatible with their own ancient traditions. And Joseph believes it is not mere coincidence that the names of Japan's first emperors contain a mu,; Jimmu, Timmu, Kammu, are but a few. Mu translates to that which does not exist in Japanese.

Edgar Cayce talks more about Atlantis than Mu, says Joseph, but he did say that at one time, a land mass, and he never referred to Mu or Lemuria as a continent, always a land mass, was physically connected to South America. We now have scientific verification of this. Scripps Oceanographic has just put out a map of the topography of the ocean, and there, off the coast of Peru, is a sunken archipelago, called the Nasca Rise, that was once above water. Today it is less than a hundred feet below the ocean's surface, and extends for several hundred miles.

The ancient Chinese also seemed to know about Mu. In 1900 a Taoist monk came across a cave containing a library, hidden away to avoid the Imperial edict given in 212 B.C. to destroy all texts dealing with the ancient past, which made reference to the Motherland, Mu, and which contained a fragment of an ancient map depicting a continent in the Pacific Ocean.

Television and magazines in Japan have had a field day with their underwater cities. Ancient mysteries researcher and translator Shun Daichi sent me a videotape with serious and extensive TV coverage that included a large, beautifully executed scale model of one of the most impressive structures, with a toy boat suspended by a wire to illustrate the height of the sea's surface. Shun reports that you can draw a straight line connecting the underwater sites with on-land sites of similar design, ancient castles of unknown origin. Some geologists are surmising that the last time this area was above water was a minimum of 12,000 years ago, when the Ice Age ice sheets melted, raising the ocean levels.

Which leads me to two of the most puzzling questions I have about these extraordinary archeological wonders: Why, in the age of instantaneous global communication, did it take two years for the news to reach us, and why haven't American news reports or archeological institutes reported on these newsworthy finds?


This article was in Issue Number 11 http://www.atlantisrising.com/issue11/ar11chinapyr.html