August 29, 2002

Turning Tide of History #7: Time To Get Active To Nip Tyranny In The Bud

Hello everyone

I've been really busy this week with all kinds of other things to do (harvesting vegetables in the garden and wood in the forest), which is why I'm having a hard time to keep up with the 100's of incoming emails and preparing the compilations.

There is a lot of important stuff in this one and several options for positive actions...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The control of information coupled with the knowledge that fear is a great motivator sets the stage for power-hungry leaders to begin practicing the ultimate in manipulation - getting others to do their bidding."

- Doreen Miller - Taken from The Lies We Are Told" - worth a read at


1. Dolphin Crop Circle--Amazing
2. Peace Vigil for the Earth in Washington D.C.
3. Linking the Bank and the War: Why go To Washington?
4. Police have opened fire on Bush protestors with rubber bullets, pepper spray and gas
5. "We Are Not The Enemy!" - The Battle of Portland
6. Chilling video: 911 The Road To Tyranny
7. The Revolution Will Be Televised

See also:

Misusing the Military (August 29) The New York Times Editorial
Some Bush administration officials would like to clear the way for American military forces to play a larger role in protecting the home front from terror attacks. That's not a step to be taken lightly. The idea of military forces roaming the nation enforcing the laws sounds like a bad Hollywood script — or life in a totalitarian society.

The Government In The Shadows (August 23)

U.S. Threats to Iraq Contested by Friend and Foe




Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002
Subject: Dolphin Crop Circle--Amazing

Beloved Friends,

I am utterly amazed at the news I just received. Joan Ocean, a renowned teacher who has worked extensively with the dolphins and whales, forwarded me a link to a web-site on crop circles today. I couldn't believe my eyes. On August 14th, at the same time Thomas, the Psychic Child from Bulgaria, was sending us his warning about the low frequency sonar that is beginning to destroy ocean mammals all over the world, a crop circle of dolphins surrounding the Earth appeared in England. It clearly shows two dolphins surrounding a small sphere, with three circles around that sphere. As I looked at the picture, it seemed that the sphere is our planet, and the three surrounding circles are the Grid the Children have been speaking about. Here is a link so you can see it for yourself:

Without missing a beat, I felt the influence of Thomas' mind upon my own. He has been speaking about the fate of the whales and dolphins for so long, and how important it is for us to receive the Gifts they are offering before it's too late. Now it seems that this same message is being delivered by some extraterrestrial source. All indications are that it is authentic, and it is dramatic. Thomas is asking that we forward this link and e-mail to as many people as we can. He feels that the crop circle has an imbedded code that will be revealed by simply looking at the picture.

Whatever you believe about this subject, the signs are becoming more insistent. We must pay attention and respond. The world of compassion and peace we have been trying to create is in the balance. This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

In Peace,

James Twyman


From Thomas:

Are you surprised that this information is being presented to you in this new way? These crop circles are communicating with your inner mind, and the message is clear. The Psychic Children have been telling you that we stand at the brink of an incredible awakening, and that the dolphins and whales play a critical role. Why, then, are we trying to destroy them, so that we won't have to hear their message or receive their Gift? The deployment of the low frequency sonar is how you have chosen to close your ears to their Gift, and to their cries for help. Why else would you seek to destroy their hearing, causing them to beach themselves and die? This is a wake up call, and it is not just from the Children, or even the dolphins and whales. Now it is coming from your brothers and sisters from other dimensions and planets. That is why this dolphin crop circle was revealed at exactly the same time these messages are being distributed. What will you do? Will you open your heart and become part of the creative solution? Or will you turn the other way, even though there are so many who are trying to snare your attention?

This is the moment you must decide? The Children are pulling humanity to the next level in its evolution, but only if you allow it. There is a code in this crop circle that only your super-conscious mind will comprehend. It may reveal your own role, how you can contribute to the world of peace and compassion. It is so important that people all over the world see this crop circle, for it will activate you in ways your mind cannot understand. Please send this e-mail to everyone you can so others will be activated as well. It is so important. This is the time you must respond.

We love you,


Note from Jean: I checked last night and nearly 55,000 people went to see this dolphin cosmic glyph whereas usually other webpages on this site get only a few thousands hits at best...



From: "Rick Johnson" <>
Subject: Peace Vigil for the Earth in Washington D.C. - Pass it on!
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002

Hi Jean

Thank you so much for the Earth Rainbow Network and all your hard work! You are helping to spread awareness, which ultimately leads to balancing all the polarities, which in turn leads to peace. I'm sending a press release for the 10th Annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth. This is an amazing, free, volunteer-run event and we are calling for all peaceworkers, lightworkers and lovers of the earth (and beyond) to join together to energize and catalyze peace on Earth NOW. More than 7,000 people attended and participated in the 2000 Vigil. Last year's turnout was smaller because there was a lockdown mentality in D.C. after 9-11 last September, with many people being hesitant to travel. This year's vigil is happening at a crucial time. We need to mobilize the peace movement now more than ever. It's time to send the message loud and clear that the people of the Earth desire and demand to live in peace, and our governments had better get with the peace program or get left behind! We will start a new world without them. Are you feeling me? We hope to see every one of you (us) there.

Peace NOW,

Rick Johnson



Hi Jean

I have been reading every post on the ERN website for over a year now. You are providing a great service which is accomplishing several things. You are providing information that increases our awareness of global activities on many different fronts. and you are providing a forum for people to communicate with each other about their efforts to create positive change.

In this world we are faced with so much negativity that it sometimes seems hopeless to try to do anything about it. The Earth Rainbow Network lets people know that there are many who are working towards creating a peaceful world, that we are not alone in our efforts. We are slowly gaining the understanding that positive change happens on this planet as we first make the necessary changes within ourselves, and then begin to collaborate with each other to bring about changes on a larger scale. The ERN is a place for those that are ready to live in harmony and cooperation to start networking ideas and set the tidal wave of love and unity into motion. This is a great time to be here and thank you for helping to make it more fulfilling. keep up the great work!!!




CONTACT: Brenda Graham - 703-323-6117

August 21, 2002


International Prayer Gathering For Peace To Be Held In Nation's Capitol on the Washington Monument Grounds During September 21nd and 22rd

GET INVOLVED! The time is now. Calling all those who are working to build a new world of peace and harmony. Come together to plant the seeds for a positive future for us all. Be a part of creating a new model for human relations based on equality, respect and cooperation.

Washington--Continuous prayer and ceremony for global peace will be the main focus of the 10th Annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth to be held on September 21nd and 22nd on the Washington Monument grounds. This 33-hour prayer vigil will feature religious ceremonies and inspirational talks led by spiritual leaders from a variety of traditions and will include Native American and African drumming, Tibetan chants, and oral prophecies from a variety of elders about the present times. Other activities include music by renowned Nigerian drummer Baba Olatunji; and ceremonies honoring the Jewish, Islamic, and Sufi faiths.

During the Vigil, participants may walk the universal labyrinth, pray at the Christian, Hindu, or African altar, and bring the children to participate in the Voices of the Future throughout the program. Participants also will be able to meet and interact with elders from a variety of nations.

A highlight of this year's activities will be a display of the John Denver Peace Quilt, a peace quilt memorializing the work and legacy of John Denver. Denver has been the inspiration and motivation for hundreds of peacemakers whose own passion for peace has been kindled by his songs and his legacy of peace activism. Other activities include storytelling, community dancing, and ongoing musical performances where participants can join in with their own instruments.

Last year during the aftermath of September 11th, the Prayer Vigil for the Earth 2001, took on heightened importance as many sought the comfort of this prayer gathering. Native American Elders and other spiritual leaders led healing ceremonies and prayers, which included a "Wiping of the Tears" ceremony for the grief-stricken. A ceremony was also conducted near the Pentagon for the victims of 9-11 and their loved ones.

Mary Van Franklin and Hutke Fields of the Nachez tribe spoke about how people can positively change the environment in which we live. They explained, "We can each make a difference. Each person must take responsibility for cultivating peaceful relationships. Whenever conflict occurs among our family members, neighbors, and co-workers, we must find creative and loving ways to resolve these conflicts. This is how we change the world, one by one. Change doesn't occur overnight."

The intent of the Annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth is to be a living demonstration of peace, unity, tolerance, and respect among all people and to help cultivate a more peaceful world for the present and future generations. This event is totally staffed by volunteers and is free and open to the public. Begins at 6:30 a.m. on September 21nd and continues through 3 p.m. on September 22rd. Now is the time to send the message that there are billions of people on this planet who desire to live together in harmony and cooperation. Add your voice and your vision to the Prayer Vigil for the Earth. See you there!

For those who can't make it to D.C. : If you can't attend the Vigil, we are encouraging people to organize their own vigils, celebrations, prayer circles, in your local area to be held simultaneously with the Vigil in D.C. The recommended times are at sunrise on Saturday, Sept. 21, when the opening ceremony happens, and from 1-3 p.m. Sunday, Sept.22, to synchronize with the closing ceremonies. Join us in energizing and visualizing Peace on Earth. The love that we invest now will help manifest the kind of world that we want to live in. Visit the Vigil website at and go to the "Join Us" section to add your local event. Increase the Peace!!!



Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002
From: Starhawk <>
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Linking the Bank and the War: Why go To Washington?

By Starhawk

In November of 1969, President Nixon was preparing to use nuclear weapons against Hanoi and Haiphong. What stopped him were the anti-war mobilizations of that autumn. There were ‘too many people in the street.’ This September, as Bush continues to push for an invasion of Iraq, to support Sharon’s seige of Palestine, and to reinforce the endless ‘war on terror’, the streets of Washington DC will again be filled with protestors. A mass mobilization has been called for September 25-29, when the World Bank and International Monetary Fund hold their annual Fall meetings.

The protests will focus on issues of economic justice, but they are also a general expression of our opposition to the Bush gang and their policies. If they are large and successful, they too could serve as a deterrent to Bush’s escalation of his various wars, provided that we make clear connections between the issues of economic justice and peace.

What does global justice have to do with peace? Everything. The war on terror and the threatened war in the Middle East are integral outgrowths of the global corporate capitalist agenda.

That system has based its legitimacy on a fiction: that by opening the world’s resources and peoples to unchecked corporate exploitation, removing governments from their responsibilities as regulators and providers of social services, and releasing corporations from any community accountability, it can provide the good life for all. Endlessly expanding wealth will bring universal democracy and harmony—and you can be a part of it!

But in reality, most people in the world are worse off than they were twenty years ago. The environment deteriorates and governments prove unable to grapple with serious issues such as global warming. Third world countries struggle under crushing loads of debt, and suffer further from IMF policies that enforce privatization of state resources and services and cutbacks in health, social welfare and education. Argentina, the IMF’s ‘poster child’, is in economic ruin. Africa is more deeply impoverished than it was twenty years ago. In industrialized countries, policies of privatization, deregulation, corporate license and withdrawal of public support for social programs result in reduced services, increased prices, blackouts, brownouts, and unemployment, not to mention Enron, WorldCom, and all the rest. The promise now rings false to more and more people. Its legitimacy has successfully been eroded by campaigns of education, public information, demonstrations and direct action, and by its own flaws.

The system requires a new basis of legitimacy in order to retain power. Since September 11, that basis has been fear. If the promises of the system no longer seduce us, we may still cling to it out of fear of a larger enemy. An enemy is such a useful thing. It justifies the erosion of our freedoms and huge expenditures on armaments and the military. It keeps us from looking too closely at what our own leaders are doing, and focuses our anxieties and discontents on a foreign menace. An enemy allows us to periodically demonstrate the scope and firepower of the US Military, just in case anyone in the world still had lingering doubts about who is the top global superpower.

It is no accident that the enemy now wears a Muslim face. The power base of the Bush gang is oil. Oil is the life blood of the global corporate capitalist system. Only cheap oil can subsidize the transport of goods that make it possible for corporations to roam the globe in search of the cheapest labor and most lax regulations. An endlessly expanding economy requires endless oil reserves.

To maintain their control, the oil barons need to maintain our dependence on oil, undercutting the development of alternative fuels and renewable sources of energy, denying the facts of global warming and of oil’s environmental costs. Much of the world’s oil is under the Middle East, so American control must be maintained there. The world’s largest untapped reserves of oil are in central Asia: hence the invasion of Afghanistan. Israel acts as a surrogate for U.S. military power, maintaining a harsh and humiliating control over Palestine as an ongoing warning to the rest of the Arab and Muslim world. A new mythology postulating a ‘clash of civilizations’ reworks old stereotypes of a progressive, democratic West in conflict with a regressive, primitive, autocratic East—when in reality, repressive forces can be found on both sides.

The mobilization needs to make these connections.

How do we delegitimize fear in a world in which we have real enemies? Not by pretending the world is safe, or by denying that there are regimes that pose the threat of violence. But by challenging the idea that safety can be assured by military backing for systems that create gross inequalities and mass despair. People’s desires for lives of dignity and hope cannot be stamped out by force. Real security cannot be achieved by the hegemony of U.S. military might backing global corporate control. Global justice is the solution to global security These issues need to be faced on a global stage. Some voices in the movement have been suggesting that resources are better used locally than in going to mass mobilizations. While local organizing is always important, now is not the moment to pull back into a local focus. For this is the historic moment when the Bush forces will either win overarching control or be stymied. We are facing national and global policies that threaten our basic liberties and undermine anything we can achieve on a local level. It’s a global system—its center of power is in Washington, DC, and that is the place to confront it. And the time to confront it is now.

Now—when the false promises of corporate globalization are more and more evident and its legitimacy is faltering. Now—when the Bush junta is pushing its warmongering agenda on an increasingly unsympathetic public. Now—when we most need to show the power holders and the world that there is a strong US movement that is not willing to march lockstep into the war frenzy. Now—when we still have a chance to prevent the next round of slaughter. Now is the moment to fill the streets in an exuberant uprising against the politics of fear and the policies of greed—and to recognize that they are two faces of the same system, and to disrupt it in as many unruly and joyful ways as our imaginations can conceive. For systems that depend on fear are on shaky ground.

We can refuse to be ruled by fear ourselves, to let fear narrow our choices and constrict our imagination. Courage feels good. When we act in spite of fear, we feel good about ourselves. When we plan and act with courage, when we choose our boldest and most creative visions, we evoke the opposite of fear, which is love, the tremor that can bring the fortress down.

The mobilization in Washington DC is from September 25-30.

For more information, see:

AntiCapitalist Convergence Main Day of action: 9/27 - 202-452-5912

Schedule of events:


Sept 25-27 End Corporate Rule Teach-In: Global Struggles Against the IMF & World Bank organized by 50 Years is Enough and others (see


Sept. 27th Anti-Capitalist Convergence Action (see

Sept. 28th-29th IMF & World Bank Group Annual meetings


From Washington to Quito Join us for Corporate Fall!



SEE MY NOTE BELOW UNDER "What's Next...Concentration Camps?"

Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002
From: American Patriot Friends Network <>
Subject: [PORTLAND] Police opened fire on Bush protestors with rubber bullets...


Police have opened fire on Bush protestors with rubber bullets, pepper spray and gas. The crowds of people are moving around and regrouping.

The crowd was standing at the barricades and the police had called a state of emergency. Pepper spray was used on group early on. Batons were used on some people. Group included babies in strollers and older people, also people in wheelchairs. Those that could get out of the way were cut off surrounded by police. There are snipers on the roofs.

All protestors were given a phone number to write on their arm by legal group that would hook them up with legal services if they are arrested. There are also medic's interspersed in the crowd.

The crowd included union people - longshoremen, anti-war people, people who see Bush as a corporate lackey who is stealing our retirement.

Add your own comments:


Police reaction to Portland protest
by Lisa Thomas
Aug 22 '02

This will backfire. Even our most ostrich-like citizens are not going to stand for rubber bullets being shot in crowds with babies in strollers. This will hopefully wake people up as to what kind of people are running our country and how much closer to a police state we are moving.


I saw it with my own eyes
by Randy
Aug 22 '02

I was between 5th and 6th on the sidewalk. Maybe the ones in front were warned to move, but I didn't hear any warning. It had been a peaceful protest. Suddenly the police came forward spraying pepper spray. A man nearby with an infant in a backpack got hit real good. The baby's face was so red I thought it had quit breathing. We pounded on the door at Carl's Jr. asking for water, but they had locked up. From the other direction came cop cars through the crowd and rubber bullets were fired at those closest to the cars. I kept retreating but the cops kept spraying. Lots of people were sprayed including the camera man from Channel 2 KATU. Some of us ended up across the street at Standard Insurance and used the fountain and pool.



by On Jacob's Ladder
Aug 22 '02

Thank you Portland for sending the message loud and clear! I thought the sheeple of this country too comfortable, too stupid, too crass to really care about what is happening here. We can never again ask "How did the German people let it happen?" Wake up - if we do not take to the streets we are letting it happen here. Even Gore (ol'"I'll fight for you" Al) ran and hid under a rock... Taking it to the streets is the only way - there is no other way - hey, Ostrich, do you think writing your Congressperson is the way to do it? They are owned by someone else, not by thee and me... The few who are not don't last (think Anita McKinney). Do you think the ballot is the way? Have you forgotten Florida? They will only "count" the votes they want to count. The only hope we have is in the streets... In closing, a historical message for you: "Why of course the people don't want war... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship...

"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."

- Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II



Activists in Portland protest Bush policies

President Bush's remarks on forest health and preservation Bush raises record $1 million for Smith, GOP


What's Next...Concentration Camps?

by Anis Shivani

Until a few weeks ago, there was little mention in the media, even in most of its alternative, progressive form, of words like "fascism," "totalitarianism," "dictatorship," "police state," "martial law," "genocide," "concentration camps," etc. So the dirty work of laying the foundations of the genocidal state occurred in full sight, with open "coverage" by the media.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I checked this article above by Anis Shivani. Quite convincing and yet utterly frightening - which is precisely the effect this kind of scheme (if ever implemented) intends to create, so that by maintaining people in fear (as happened to the Jews during the Holocaust) they can get away with whatever crime they do. So if you go read this, keep in mind to not allow yourself to lower your vibrational stance into fear but instead use this info to renew your commitment to prevent the imposition of such a tyranny on a global scale. In the end, Love and Light always prevail.



Re: The threat of terrorism from anti-government "Patriots"

Constitutional Rights of "Individual" U.S. Citizens - Ken Murrell - If American Citizens want to remain FREE this "Homeland Security" nonsense MUST BE STOPPED immediately!




"We Are Not The Enemy!" - The Battle of Portland

by William Rivers Pitt
t r u t h o u t | Report

Saturday, 24 August, 2002

The image is chilling. A middle-aged woman, plainly dressed, with a puff of auburn hair, is clutched in a hammer-lock by a Portland police officer dressed in full riot gear. His riot baton is jammed high under her chin. Around her, three more armor-clad police officers swarm in, face-masks down. The woman's face is contorted in terror. In her hand is a sign protesting George W. Bush.

This was the scene on the streets of Portland, OR, on the evening of August 22nd as captured by a photographer for the Associated Press. Thousands of peaceful protesters had descended upon the Hilton Hotel where Mr. Bush was attending a political fundraiser for Senator Gordon Smith. They held signs reading, "Drop Bush, not Bombs," and other similar slogans. Among the protesters were pregnant women, parents with infants and small children, elderly citizens, and citizens in wheelchairs

According to a report by CBS News, the protest became unruly when some of the fundraiser attendees were "jostled" as they moved through the crowd towards the entrance to the hotel. At that point, the riot police swarmed in, swinging clubs and dousing the crowd with pepper spray. Rubber bullets were also fired into the crowd, and snipers were seen on the roofs surrounding the scene. The protesters responded by hammering on the hoods of police cars and screaming, "We are not the enemy!"

A man named Randy, who attended the protest, reports the sequence of events as follows:

"I was between 5th and 6th on the sidewalk. Maybe the ones in front were warned to move, but I didn't hear any warning. It had been a peaceful protest. Suddenly the police came forward spraying pepper spray. A man nearby with an infant in a backpack got hit real good. The baby's face was so red I thought it had quit breathing. From the other direction came cop cars through the crowd and rubber bullets were fired at those closest to the cars. I kept retreating but the cops kept spraying. Lots of people were sprayed, including the cameraman from Channel 2 KATU."

Other eyewitness accounts from the streets of Portland similarly describe what appears to have been a terrifyingly violent response from the police to a peaceful protest by assembled American citizens.

This is a profoundly disturbing turn of events. Mr. Bush is protested wherever he goes these days, and the crowds which attend them are growing. These are not black-clad anarchists kicking in windows, however. The woman who was attacked by the police looked as ordinary as any small-town librarian, and anarchists are smart enough to leave their children at home if there is a riot in the offing. The streets of Portland were filled on August 22nd by average American citizens seeking to inform the President of their disfavor regarding the manner in which he is governing their country. They were rewarded with the business end of a billy club, a face-full of pepper spray, and the jarring impact of a rubber bullet.

If America needed one more example of the cancer that has been chewing through the guts of our most basic freedoms since Mr. Bush assumed office, they can look to Portland. The right to freely assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances has been rescinded at the point of a gun.

The imperative is clear. Such violence by the authorities cannot go unchallenged. The next time Mr. Bush appears in public, there must be even more concerned Americans to greet him. They must face the baton and the pepper spray, they must stare into the shielded faces of the police, and they must stand in non-violent disobedience of the idea that they are not allowed to be there. The men and women who faced the brunt of police fury in Portland are to be lauded as American patriots, and their actions must be duplicated by us all. The groups which organized this protest, and the ones to come, deserve our praise.

The media, which spent much of the evening reporting that only a few hundred protesters were in attendance, must be browbeaten into reporting the facts from both sides - from the police, who reportedly detained people like the woman in the picture "for their own safety," and from the protesters who took a savage beating for daring to stand against Mr. Bush. If the battle of Portland is allowed to cast even more fear into the hearts and minds of Americans, we have lost yet another swath of freedoms. Stand and be counted if you can.

The whole world is watching.



From: "Leonard Spade" <>
Subject: Chilling video: 911 The Road To Tyranny
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002


Have you seen this 2 hour video report by Alex Jones? It can be downloaded, played on the Net or purchased on DVD. It is a very well crafted document that I think everyone should see. Frightful though it is, the documented information is not to be denied. I watched the whole thing and it is chilling. It puts the whole story of the WTC event into perspective from Zbigniew Brizinski and the Grand Chessboard to The Carlyle Group, The Bin Ladens etc. Black helicopters in mock exercises to implantable ID chips.



See also this amazing relevant resource:

Government Prior Knowledge and Involvement in the 9-11 Attacks




The Revolution Will Be Televised

27 Aug 2002

As you will see from the link below, we are one-step closer to forming a comprehensive news and action network that will bring together hundreds of independent website owners, book and magazine publishers, reporters, and those who operate online news services. The response to my initial article, "The Revolution Will Be Televised" was overwhelming, and with your input, we're moving ahead and taking action rather than being passive. Please read this update concerning our World Internet News Group (WING), and more importantly, we urge you to get involved, pass this information long to others, and give us your feedback. If we don't act soon, I'm sorry to say that it may be too late. The article can be found at:

I welcome your input,

Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani -