February 26, 2002

Turning Tide of History #3: Signs of Hope and Positive Changes

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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1. The most amazing thing has happened to me
2. Inspired speech by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich
3. I Am an Emissary of LOVE, NOW!
4. Amazing -- more Psychic Children
5. Turning point in Israel?
6. I had a dream last night
7. 65 Ways to say I Love You



From: "Arielle Laman" <ariel_laman@hotmail.com>
Subject: The most amazing thing has happened to me
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002

Aloha Jean,

The most amazing thing has happened to me as a result of signing the Earth Proclamation - posted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Proclamation.htm - and stating that I will participate in local and global peace efforts already underway. I have become politically active in my home. I put together a list of thoughts on what I really wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I focused on pulling together everything I have ever learned to bring forth within myself & my world a sustainable, just and equitable planet (plan-it because we are the only ones who can), but the final piece moved into place recently when I took that next step & physically took action to help with opposing a project that is slowly killing our home.

I have never felt so passionately about anything political before, but the energy of so many of us combined, and we willingly came together to give about 6 hours of testimony against a proposed development which only has negative impacts on our environment, our families, our partners, ourselves, each other and our world.

I found myself placing flyers underneath windshield wipers on cars parked in parking lots, threatened with being arrested if I didn't remove them, making signs and standing along the highway informing people of the upcoming county council meeting, spending several hours writing lengthy letters to each member of the county council and emailing or faxing the letters to the council. Last, but not least, I attended the county council meeting and gave very impassioned testimony about how destructive it would be to go forward with the development. I was only one among 90 people who testified, 15 people were for it and the rest of us were against it. We had several professional people, scientists, environmentalists, many people from the silent majority who spoke along with a few people who were born and raised here. There was also a 17 year old student who spoke on behalf of her classmates, and several people who are living on the streets.

I saw the man sitting next to me who was totally committed to this development going forward, changed after hearing 5 hours of testimony, some of which was very moving and emotional. But that didn't change the mindset of some of the members of the council.

There were a variety of techniques brought forth at this point, to push this thing through, meeting an equal amount of energy and well thought out planning to make sure it didn't. I sent an email to one or two of the council members who were for this development asking them what benefits they saw in it for our home, and no one responded. The main thing we, those of us against this development, are focusing on, is the thought that we have to work together toward a greater goal. We live on an island, dependent upon each other for our livelihood and quality of life. We are setting an example of how to work together when our desires are at odds.

The most important part of this whole process for me, was in seeing how effective it is when we verbally & respectfully take a stand for sustainability and justice, while making sure that the other side knows we are including them in focusing on the larger goal.

We had to use wise strategies to send the message to the developers that we don't want this, while offering creative and do-able alternatives. We sent the message to the politicians that the old way of doing business will not work any more.

The results of this effort, which has been going on for a long time, is that there were not enough members present to allow this project to go forward and it was returned to the planning committee. We are staying on top of this, because it is still in the planning commission.

I can't tell you how good it feels to know that with my little piece, combined with the little pieces, and larger pieces that others contributed, we voted for mother earth, sending a message, and we had a major impact.


Arielle Laman


This was sent to me by MANY people
Subject: Inspired speech by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002

A comment on this speech by Olivia Barham <Livvi@aol.com>

"This speech is fantastic! Kucinich is the first Congressman to publicly decry the current war agenda. Let's do what we can to support him."


Available at http://www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=139550&group=webcast

With a number of comments including this one: "A Prayer for America" is the most brilliant piece of insightful writing I have come across since 9-11 to restore the Republic. It must be dropped as leaflets over the American people, and put on their windshields in every car park in America. They must be awoken out of their dangerous slumber. To love America is to do that.

Also posted at http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=12477

University of Southern California
Sunday, February 17, 2002
United States Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio)
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A Prayer for America

(to be sung as an overture for America)

"My country 'tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty of thee I sing. . . . From every mountain side, let freedom ring. . . Long may our land be bright. With freedom's holy light. . ."

"Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave. O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?" "America, America, God shed grace on thee. And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. . ."

I offer these brief remarks today as a prayer for our country, with love of democracy, as a celebration of our country. With love for our country. With hope for our country. With a belief that the light of freedom cannot be extinguished as long as it is inside of us. With a belief that freedom rings resoundingly in a democracy each time we speak freely. With the understanding that freedom stirs the human heart and fear stills it. With the belief that a free people cannot walk in fear and faith at the same time. With the understanding that there is a deeper truth expressed in the unity of the United States. That implicate in the union of our country is the union of all people. That all people are essentially one. That the world is interconnected not only on the material level of economics, trade, communication, and transportation, but innerconnected through human consciousness, through the human heart, through the heart of the world, through the simply expressed impulse and yearning to be and to breathe free. I offer this prayer for America.

Let us pray that our nation will remember that the unfolding of the promise of democracy in our nation paralleled the striving for civil rights. That is why we must challenge the rationale of the Patriot Act. We must ask why should America put aside guarantees of constitutional justice?

How can we justify in effect canceling the First Amendment and the right of free speech, the right to peaceably assemble? How can we justify in effect canceling the Fourth Amendment, probable cause, the prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure? How can we justify in effect canceling the Fifth Amendment, nullifying due process, and allowing for indefinite incarceration without a trial? How can we justify in effect canceling the Sixth Amendment, the right to prompt and public trial? How can we justify in effect canceling the Eighth Amendment which protects against cruel and unusual punishment?

We cannot justify widespread wiretaps and internet surveillance without judicial supervision, let alone with it. We cannot justify secret searches without a warrant. We cannot justify giving the Attorney General the ability to designate domestic terror groups. We cannot justify giving the FBI total access to any type of data which may exist in any system anywhere such as medical records and financial records.

We cannot justify giving the CIA the ability to target people in this country for intelligence surveillance. We cannot justify a government which takes from the people our right to privacy and then assumes for its own operations a right to total secrecy. The Attorney General recently covered up a statue of Lady Justice showing her bosom as if to underscore there is no danger of justice exposing herself at this time, before this administration.

Let us pray that our nation's leaders will not be overcome with fear. Because today there is great fear in our great Capitol. And this must be understood before we can ask about the shortcomings of Congress in the current environment. The great fear began when we had to evacuate the Capitol on September 11. It continued when we had to leave the Capitol again when a bomb scare occurred as members were pressing the CIA during a secret briefing. It continued when we abandoned Washington when anthrax, possibly from a government lab, arrived in the mail. It continued when the Attorney General declared a nationwide terror alert and then the Administration brought the destructive Patriot Bill to the floor of the House. It continued in the release of the Bin Laden tapes at the same time the President was announcing the withdrawal from the ABM treaty. It remains present in the cordoning off of the Capitol. It is present in the camouflaged armed national guardsmen who greet members of Congress each day we enter the Capitol campus. It is present in the labyrinth of concrete barriers through which we must pass each time we go to vote. The trappings of a state of siege trap us in a state of fear, ill equipped to deal with the Patriot Games, the Mind Games, the War Games of an unelected President and his unelected Vice President.

Let us pray that our country will stop this war. "To promote the common defense" is one of the formational principles of America. Our Congress gave the President the ability to respond to the tragedy of September the Eleventh. We licensed a response to those who helped bring the terror of September the Eleventh. But we the people and our elected representatives must reserve the right to measure the response, to proportion the response, to challenge the response, and to correct the response.

Because we did not authorize the invasion of Iraq.
We did not authorize the invasion of Iran.
We did not authorize the invasion of North Korea.
We did not authorize the bombing of civilians in Afghanistan.
We did not authorize permanent detainees in Guantanamo Bay.
We did not authorize the withdrawal from the Geneva Convention.
We did not authorize military tribunals suspending due process and habeas corpus.
We did not authorize assassination squads.
We did not authorize the resurrection of COINTELPRO.
We did not authorize the repeal of the Bill of Rights.
We did not authorize the revocation of the Constitution.
We did not authorize national identity cards.
We did not authorize the eye of Big Brother to peer from cameras throughout our cities.
We did not authorize an eye for an eye.
Nor did we ask that the blood of innocent people, who perished on September 11, be avenged with the blood of innocent villagers in Afghanistan.
We did not authorize the administration to wage war anytime, anywhere, anyhow it pleases.
We did not authorize war without end.
We did not authorize a permanent war economy.

Yet we are upon the threshold of a permanent war economy. The President has requested a $45.6 billion increase in military spending. All defense-related programs will cost close to $400 billion. Consider that the Department of Defense has never passed an independent audit. Consider that the Inspector General has notified Congress that the Pentagon cannot properly account for $1.2 trillion in transactions. Consider that in recent years the Dept. of Defense could not match $22 billion worth of expenditures to the items it purchased, wrote off, as lost, billions of dollars worth of in-transit inventory and stored nearly $30 billion worth of spare parts it did not need.

Yet the defense budget grows with more money for weapons systems to fight a cold war which ended, weapon systems in search of new enemies to create new wars. This has nothing to do with fighting terror. This has everything to do with fueling a military industrial machine with the treasure of our nation, risking the future of our nation, risking democracy itself with the militarization of thought which follows the militarization of the budget.

Let us pray for our children. Our children deserve a world without end. Not a war without end. Our children deserve a world free of the terror of hunger, free of the terror of poor health care, free of the terror of homelessness, free of the terror of ignorance, free of the terror of hopelessness, free of the terror of policies which are committed to a world view which is not appropriate for the survival of a free people, not appropriate for the survival of democratic values, not appropriate for the survival of our nation, and not appropriate for the survival of the world.

Let us pray that we have the courage and the will as a people and as a nation to shore ourselves up, to reclaim from the ruins of September the Eleventh our democratic traditions. Let us declare our love for democracy. Let us declare our intent for peace. Let us work to make nonviolence an organizing principle in our own society. Let us recommit ourselves to the slow and painstaking work of statecraft, which sees peace, not war as being inevitable. Let us work for a world where someday war becomes archaic. That is the vision which the proposal to create a Department of Peace envisions. Forty-three members of congress are now cosponsoring the legislation. Let us work for a world where nuclear disarmament is an imperative. That is why we must begin by insisting on the commitments of the ABM treaty. That is why we must be steadfast for nonproliferation.

Let us work for a world where America can lead the way in banning weapons of mass destruction not only from our land and sea and sky but from outer space itself. That is the vision of HR 3616: A universe free of fear. Where we can look up at God's creation in the stars and imagine infinite wisdom, infinite peace, infinite possibilities, not infinite war, because we are taught that the kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.

Let us pray that we have the courage to replace the images of death which haunt us, the layers of images of September the Eleventh, faded into images of patriotism, spliced into images of military mobilization, jump cut into images of our secular celebrations of the World Series, New Year's Eve, the Superbowl, the Olympics, the strobic flashes which touch our deepest fears, let us replace those images with the work of human relations, reaching out to people, helping our own citizens here at home, lifting the plight of the poor everywhere. That is the America which has the ability to rally the support of the world. That is the America which stands not in pursuit of an axis of evil, but which is itself at the axis of hope and faith and peace and freedom.

America, America. God shed grace on thee. Crown thy good, America. Not with weapons of mass destruction. Not with invocations of an axis of evil. Not through breaking international treaties. Not through establishing America as king of a unipolar world. Crown thy good America.

America, America. Let us pray for our country. Let us love our country. Let us defend our country not only from the threats without but from the threats within. Crown thy good, America. Crown thy good with brotherhood, and sisterhood. And crown thy good with compassion and restraint and forbearance and a commitment to peace, to democracy, to economic justice here at home and throughout the world. Crown thy good, America. Crown thy good America. Crown thy good.

Thank you.

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"Forgiveness is the answer to the child's dream of a miracle by which what is broken is made whole again, what is soiled is made clean again."

- Dag Hammarskjold


Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002
From: Rainbow Bridge Coalition <bridge@rainbowbridgecoalition.org>
Subject: Re: Rising Phoenix Series #8: "I Am an Emissary of LOVE, NOW!"

Hi Jean

Just a note to thank you again for all you are doing on behalf of us all. And to say that when I first received the messages from the Psychic Children, via James Twyman, I immediately experienced being on the scaffolding of the grid of LOVE the children so beautifully conveyed. For several days, each time I would focus on this grid, I could feel their loving support embracing and holding Us All up.

Then, for the past several days, while I've been left-brained focused on getting our webHome actively open, I felt a gap growing with that profound inner experience of LOVE. This morning, in my meditation, I again turned my attention to the grid, but my connection felt thin -- nowhere as full and all encompassing as I had initially experienced.

As soon as I read "I am an Emissary of Love, NOW" in your Phoenix Rising Series #8, this morning, I felt the whole grid activate and come alive in me again. So thank you, Jean, thank you, Stephanie Challis from New Zealand who wrote to remind us, thank you beloved Indigos for coming forward at this time, thank you, James, for being such an incredible bridge ... thank Us All!!

Repeating "I Am An Emissary of LOVE, NOW" has become my NOW bridge to an even stronger connection with All That I Am ... and All That We Are ...

With Blessings to Us All for All That We Are

Joie and the Rainbow Council of Light

For receiving updates and/or to acknowledge your place on our Rainbow Bridge, write to our ListServ at: navigate-request@rainbowbridgecoalition.org - Place SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Website: http://www.rainbowbridgecoalition.org


From: The Beloved Community <belovedjt@aol.com>
Subject: Amazing -- more Psychic Children
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002
List-Subscribe: <ThomasMessages-subscribe@topica.com>

Beloved Friends,

Since we began sending out the messages from Thomas, one of the Psychic Children I met in Bulgaria, we have received dozens of emails from other children and parents with other stories and teachings. Most we are not able to forward along (there are just too many of them), but some scream to be heard. Today we received two letters that I felt I absolutely had to share. The first is from a 14 year old boy named Michael who claims to be in contact with the Children of Oz at the monastery in Bulgaria. (He even mentions knowing the four children, but under different names. I never shared the fact that I was asked to change their names for the sake of their privacy) The second is from a parent in Mexico with an amazing story to tell. I think you'll agree that these stories offer a deeper glimpse into the truths we heard from Thomas, and the emergence of these special beings.

(For more stories or for information on "Emissary of Love, the Psychic Children Speak to the World," visit my site at http://www.jamestwyman.com.)

Here is a message from young Michael:


My name is Michael, and I am one of the children of oz. I'm 14 years old. I wanted to tell you about my experiences. I knew I was one of these children when I began hearing other children talking to me in my head. I felt they were real children, not my imagination. That was when I was seven or eight. Then I started reading peoples minds, though I didn't tell them because I knew they would be scared. The other children were still there too and I knew I could talk back. That was when I started to understand. Some of them taught me things. Pretty soon I could do other psychic stuff. I also have been to the monastery you talked about, but in my dreams. I met four children there, but they had different names than what you wrote. They are learning how to use their gifts, just like me. We want to use them to bring peace, and to teach others how to use them. That is why we're here.

This is what I want to say. The reason we can do these things is because we know that the world is not real. Sometimes when I'm dreaming I realize I am dreaming and can then do fun things. It's the same in this dream as well. When you know that everything is just from your mind, then you can have fun with it. You have been pretending the world into existence, but you can pretend a different world if you want too. It can be a world of peace. That's why we talk about pretending. If you pretend that the world is filled with love, then it is. If you pretend it is bad, then that's how you'll see it. It's not hard at all. The other stuff happens by itself. The psychic stuff isn't so important, but the love is. That's what the children are here to say.

As for this grid, I know what you are talking about, and I can tell you it's ready."

And here is another letter from a man in Mexico who was healed by his young daughter. Get ready for an amazing story:

"My name is Carlos Lopez, and I have been reading all the information about the Psychic Children, and all this wonderful information thas has brought tremendous Light & Love to all of us.

We live at an important industrial city called Monterrey on the northern state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, about two hours and a half away from Laredo, TX by road. I'm a 30 yr. old daddy of a beautiful 1 yr. and 8 months old baby girl. This I will tell you is a bit long story, but you have all my conscent to edit this e-mail as you wish and as you need. Besides I want to talk to you about these things because I'm amazed all the time, and as our baby grows new things happen.


Since very little, we've noticed that our baby looks around the room or the kitchen, and other parts looking at things that move, and that we don't see, because one can easily notice when a baby is looking at something that, walks, flies, and jumps. We've seen her waving at things on the floor, and then jumping onto the bed. We ask her all the time if they're angels and she says "Yes".

Now, here comes the utter most important experience we've had with her. Last Wednesday (Feb 20th) I got home from work, and felt very sick (like a month ago I was hospitalized for beginnings of pneumonia), and now a very sore throat made me feel pretty bad. I was shivering because of high temperature, very sore eyes, throat pain, fatigue, pain on all articulations, headache... I felt terrible. Since we don't have anyone who can help us during the day, my wife had to cook while was on bed, and our baby was on the crib crying for me... we didn't want her to be there, but I felt terrible... so from our bed I would tell her to calm down, that I felt bad, and wasn't able to carry her. A couple of hours passed, and mom would come now and then to calm her down. Then she carried her and put her on bed, and explained to our baby that I was sick... that she could touch me and feel how high was my temperature. At that moment, with my baby kneeled by me I felt even worse that I wasn't able to carry her and I asked, I begged her to please cure me. I took her little hand, and try to put it on my throat bus she would take if of quickly. But then, she rapidly put both hands over my chest and her forehead over my plexus in the middle of my chest. And she did it as a reverence. At that moment I knew something special was going on, and right away I asked Thomas and the Children of OZ to help her if she was doing something to me... I visualized the Children of Oz helping her. Then after a couple of seconds, she would lift her head, looked back with a strange look in her face and did a quick and strange movement with head and mouth, as if she were telling off someone who'd be next to her... like hushing someone. Then she smiled back to me and climbed my belly. To my surprise... immediately I felt relief, in my eyes, and head. I was amazed, we were amazed. A couple of minutes ago I was feeling terrible, and 5 minutes later I had no pain whatsoever, just in my throat, but didn't have headache, nor fatigue, nor sore eyes... etc every symptom had disappeared. I got up from bed, baby was very happy to se me standing, then she took me by the hands and wanted me to help her jump over the bed. In 10 minutes I was a healthy, painless man. I mentally thanked the Children of Oz because I was sure they helped out my baby girl heal me.

The next day I told this story to a friend I have in UK and that's a psyckic granny. She told me that our girl would be a Healer, that it was her destiny."

Thank you for all your letters and prayers. This seems to be gaining momentum, and the energy is revealing new levels of peace and compassion. We'll continue to forward some of these amazing letters.

In Peace,

James Twyman


From: "Jonathan Evelight" <rainbow@aum.freewire.co.uk>
Date: 25 Feb 2002
Subject: Turning point in Israel?


Thank you for your continuing work. We hold the hope that it will continue as a voice for truth on the pulse of change around the world. Here is a story to share.

Some Hope for Israel?

An encouraging development in the continuing Israeli-Palestinian struggle seems worthy of note here and that is the remarkable form of resistance that has emerged in Israel in the form of 50 combat officers and soldiers, who announced, in an open letter published on January 25th in the Israeli press, that they would no longer serve in the Occupied Territories. Less than two weeks after the letter's publication, another 150 soldiers signed up, among them many sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and even a few colonels. This is the biggest challenge to the army's authority since the Palestinian uprising began 16 months ago, the reservists have said they are not willing to fight for the purpose of "dominating, expelling, starving and humiliating an entire people". This initiative seems to be gathering momentum and has been featured in several world news reports. It is highly significant that this should have happened in the humanitarian-inspired Aquarian cycle and its progress during the Piscean cycle will be crucial.

To find out more about this movement and to lend your support, visit: http://seruv.nethost.co.il/defaulteng.asp (once inside the website, click the section for the English version and scroll to the bottom of the page).


From: "Kiara Windrider" <hoep@snowcrest.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: I had a dream last night

Well, today is 20/02, 2002, and perhaps the reflections on this theme yesterday set the tone for a dream I had last night, which I would like to share with you.

I am at a birthday party. It is my sister's birthday and she is six years old today, and in the dream I am also my sister and experiencing the magic and wonder of everything around me directly through her eyes. I feel how much she adores me, her precious older brother, as well as her parents and my younger brother, and I am so touched I want to cry. I live through an entire day through her eyes, and then I find myself in the body of my grandmother when she was still alive. Again, I see all the familiar relationships from a totally different perspective. I touch her pain, I touch her love, and I realize I am seeing her like I've never seen her before. The dream continues all night long. I shape shift and feel myself becoming all the people that are important to me, family, friends, loved ones. Soon I learn that I can be in any one incarnation and shape shift in and out of various people's lives at will. I become aware of one unchanging wheel of life that holds steady as the players change. I see that the only common connection is love. My heart is so full. I see myself as no longer identified with myself as a personality, but as the I AM Presence, incarnate in any or all of these personalities simultaneously, and extending throughout the planet. I decide to explore other times.

I become part of ancient Camelot in England, feeling the group soul of those times, then I feel into the invading armies of Saxons. There is so much pain now because I feel the enmity between these groups of people, and yet I have seen so clearly through each of their eyes what is most precious to each of them, and it's the same things: life, family, land, and peace that they can enjoy these. In the last part of my dream I am of the Druids. I am at Stonehenge, before the Standing Stones were broken, and there is a tremendous hum of life energies flowing through the circle of stones and through the land. I realize that the Great Wheel of Life is superimposed directly over the Circle of Stones. They are one and the same, a portal for the I AM consciousness to individualize and travel anywhere in time and space it chooses, and then telescope back out unified with all life in all times.

I woke up from the dream and cried for a long time. I'm crying still as I share this dream. Perhaps this is what John Lennon was trying to teach in his immortal song, Imagine. There was so much love in the dream. Indeed I am so deeeply aware that love is all there is. Love is as simple as seeing through another's eyes. If each human glimpsed a tiny fraction of this in direct experience how could we ever go to war or hurt each other or any aspect of the One Presence ever again?

One heart



65 Ways to say I Love You

1. Afrikaan -- Ek is lief vir jou!

2. Albanian -- Te dua!

3. Amharic -- Afekrishalehou!

4. Arabic -- Ohiboke (male to female) - Nohiboka (female to male)

5. Armenian -- Yes kez si'rumem!

6. Basque -- Maite zaitut!

7. Bengali -- Ami tomake bahlobashi!

8. Bosnian -- Volim te!

9. Bulgarian -- Obicham te!

10. Catalan -- T'estimo!

11. Creole -- Mi aime jou!

12. Croatian -- Volim te!

13. Czech -- Miluji tev!

14. Danish -- Jeg elsker dig!

15. Dutch -- Ik hou van je!

16. English -- I love you!

17. Esperanto -- Mi amas vin!

18. Estonian -- Mina armastan sind!

19. Farsi -- Tora dost daram!

20. Filipino -- Iniibig kita!

21. Finnish -- (Mä) rakastan sua!

22. French -- Je t'aime!

23. Frisian -- Ik hald fan dei!

24. Galician -- Querote!

25. German -- Ich liebe dich!

26. Greek -- S'ayapo!

27. Gujarati -- Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon!tane chaahuN chhuN!

28. Hawaiian -- Aloha wau ia 'oe!

29. Hebrew -- Anee ohev otakh (male to female) - Anee ohevet otkha (female to male)

30. Hindi -- Mai tumase pyar karata hun (male to female) Mai tumase pyar karati hun (female to male)

31. Hungarian -- Szeretlek!

32. Icelandic -- Eg elska thig!

33. Indonesian -- Saya cinta padamu!

34. Irish -- t'a gr'a agam dhuit!

35. Italian -- Ti amo!

36. Japanese -- Kimi o ai shiteru!

37. Korean -- Dangsinul saranghee yo!

38. Latin -- Te amo!

39. Latvian -- Es tevi milu!

40. Lithuanian -- As tave myliu!

41. Malaysian -- Saya cintamu!

42. Mandarin -- Wo ai ni!

43. Marshallese -- Yokwe Yuk!

44. Norwegian -- Jeg elsker deg!

45. Polish -- Kocham ciebie!

46. Portuguese -- Eu te amo!

47. Romanian -- Te iubesc!

48. Russian -- Ya tyebya lyublyu!

49. Sanskrit -- twayi snihyaami

50. Serbian -- Volim te!

51. Sesotho -- Kiyahurata!

52. Slovak -- Lubim ta!

53. Slovenian -- Ljubim te!

54. Spanish -- Te amo!

55. Swahili -- Nakupenda!

56. Swedish -- Jag älskar dig!

57. Tagalog -- Mahal kita!

58. Thai -- Phom rug khun (Male speaker) - Chan rug khun (Female speaker)

59. Turkish -- Seni seviyorum!

60. Ukrainian -- Ya tebe kokhayu!

61. Urdu -- Main tumse muhabbat karta hoon!

62. Vietnamese -- Anh yeu em (male to female) - Em yeu an (female to male)

63. Welsh -- Rwy'n dy garu di!

64. Yiddish -- Kh'hob dikh lib!

64. Zulu -- Ngiyakuthanda!


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