October 22, 2002

Turning Tide of History #10: The Last Stand For Peace

Hello everyone

This is a quite eclectic compilation - and deliberately so - that I've just prepared for you.

If you are going to network something this week, this is the one...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood."

- Kahlil Gibran, "The Visit of Wisdom"

"When all violence subsides in the human heart, what remains is love."

Gandhi - Taken from http://www.healingamongnations.org


1. A Call to Walk Our Talk by Matthew
2. March For Peace On Saturday
4. Old feedback
5. Connecting our Visions
6. How can we let our voices be heard
7. Stop the United States of Aggression!
9. Nine Actions to Help Turn the Tide

See also:

Opposition Over Iraq Takes Rise Via the Net

Anti-War Protests Get Louder In California

with a joint action in San Francisco
On Saturday, October 26, 2002 - the first anniversary of the signing of the so-called Patriot Act - anti-war, civil rights, labor, student and other forces are joining together to launch a massive international mobilization in opposition to a new war against the people of Iraq. Mass marches and rallies will be held in Washington DC and San Francisco in the U.S., and in many other countries. CLIP

Jules and Jonah March on Washington (October 21)
(...) Despite the ratio of nine-to-one calls against the war that Senate and Congress staffers received (as they admitted to Not in Our Name lobbyists), the vast majority voted with the President. (...) But Jules and Jonah still look forward to joining what they hope will be many thousands of citizens marching on Oct. 26 in Washington DC. A simultaneous march is planned in San Francisco. The sponsor of the two events, the coalition Act Now to Stop War & Racism, is hoping to influence the mid-term elections. Buses will be traveling from 120 cities in 35 states to attend, and maybe, just maybe, the major TV networks and print media outlets might find it newsworthy.

Beyond Iraq: What kind of America?
As the US government prepares for war in Iraq, what do "we the people" need to know to decide what stance the US should take? And how can we make our voices heard during these troubled times? This special web-only issue of YES! is a place for you to get answers to your questions about the impending war in Iraq and the new Bush Doctrine, to consider alternatives to war, to hear the prayers, poems and words of wisdom from other Americans and to link up with others to make your views known.

From Empire to Earth Community (September 28)
(...) These are turbulent and frightening times. There is good reason to feel despair. Therefore it is important to remind ourselves that we are privileged to live at the most exciting moment in the whole of human history. For this is the moment when we are being called by the deep forces of creation to awaken to a new consciousness of our own possibilities and to embrace the responsibilities that go with our collective presence on the living jewel of life called Earth. We have the need and the means to create a true Earth community. The choice is ours. The time is now. We’re the one’s we’ve been waiting for.

Can Love Save the World?
Yes, but only if it's the smart, militant, hard-edged kind of love that Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., had in mind.

Information about an interesting Rainbow Exhibition in Germany -- prepared and recommended by Thomas Bertschi <rainbowproject@bluewin.ch> (who is a long-time ERN subscriber)
Thomas just wrote asking for help in finding a US publisher for the English edition of their First Rainbow Catalogue. Contact him is you can be of assistance.

The Center for a New American Dream
Helping Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and promote social justice.
And while you are there, check their excellent Turn the Tide - Nine personal actions to protect the environment at http://www.newdream.org/turnthetide/



Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002
From: Matthew and Lotus <matthew@planetaryawakening.com>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #155: The Never-Ending Saga --- Posted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Archives2002/MiscelSubjects155.htm

Aloha Jean,

Thank you for your tireless work and compilation. You are inspirational. In the fervor of "resistance", war protests, and peace gatherings, prayer vigils, etc, throughout the country and indeed the world, I have seen few calls to action on any other level. Some suggestions to this end I feel are in order, as some may not know where to apply their energy in action other than through letters, phone calls, marches, and prayer. Please do not mistake my words--all of these actions coming from whole-hearted emotion and energy hold great power, and yet there are some areas which could strengthen this energy.

If we truly oppose the actions that the government is taking--a government currently being run by a "run-away President" clearly with his own agenda, the agenda of the hidden government, those behind the scenes in the new world order--we must recognize that the government is not acting as it was created to act! I support the call to impeach President Bush, as he does not deserve the position he has taken. Our country has been taken from us by the military-government complex, and it must be re-claimed.

If we truly oppose the actions of this government, and its aims--low frequency sonar to devastate the oceans and its creatures, forced vaccinations, chem-trails, military rule of the American people, and ultimately control of the entire global population - how can we continue to support it?

How many people who read these articles on a daily and weekly basis consider the ways they are actually supporting the actions proposed and undertaken by the government and military of the United States. Focussing on the United States of America and Canada at this point for simplicity, (but it is the same in other countries), how many who are opposed to these actions are paying for them? How many pay into the social security trust fund every week -- the fund which is being stolen from to pay for these atrocities? How many pay the income taxes which go to the Fed and IMF, the military forces of the UN and military of this country? How many are unwittingly giving away all rights as sovereign beings by using social security numbers, getting marriage licenses, drivers licenses, etc.? In all these ways and so many more, we give these governing institutions the very ground we stand on, the money in our bank accounts, the hours of toil at our jobs, and the sweat of our labor.

If we are to "wake up" as a country, as I read so often, we must look at all levels of our relationship with this being - the political military body - and decide if we can go on supporting it in some ways and fighting it in others. When we truly wake up, there is no room for hypocrisy. We cannot go along with it here because it is easier and more convenient, and fight it over there where the risk is lower. Where is the integrity? Where is the power in mediocrity? To be whole, to act on true Insight with an awakened consciousness, we feel all these truths resonating within us, and if we pay attention, the truth calls us to take action that the everyday "Citizen" may find difficult. Check the law. As a citizen, you are an employee of this government. You work for them! You pay them for your work, and you give them what they want, your rights, your sovereignty, your life and possessions. If you have a social security number, you are an employee. It is your ID tag.

For those interested in looking further at these issues, I strongly recommend my friends at http://www.ICResource.com

Their work is instrumental to this holistic awareness, and to the actions it requires.

We must not sit on this fence. Do we support it or resist it? Can we find strength, resolve, and peace within ourselves doing both? I believe that in order to live in integrity, we must look deeply into our hearts, into our minds, into our emotions, and align these all with something much greater than our 'humanity', our Spirit. With this alignment comes the end to all fear, as we no longer fear even death itself, as we know it to be an illusion. When we look deeply at all levels of our beings, all our relationships on this earth are seen to represent this inner relationship with our Spirit, with our essence, and with all of creation. Living in the present, in the moment, means bringing every thought into this alignment, every emotional energy which passes through us, and every action becomes the fruit of prayer, because every thought is its seed. Our consciousness is the lens for limitless energy. The more focussed we become, the more powerful we are. We must consider all the ways in which we are unfocussed, out of alignment, and diffusing our energies, in addition to physically supporting energies and actions we would rather have nothing to do with. The depth of living spiritually, harmonically, and in integrity is greater than the rational mind readily comprehends. It is time to bring it to a new level.

With love, and in peace,



From: http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=14353

March For Peace On Saturday

October 21, 2002

This Saturday, Oct. 26, tens of thousands of students, peaceniks, priests, union members, war veterans and working moms and dads will gather in Washington D.C. and San Francisco to protest the war on Iraq. It will be the latest and biggest in a series of protests that have been spontaneously emerging across the nation over the past few weeks.

The Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal Washington think-tank that compiles a list of anti-war events planned throughout the country over the next two weeks, says it can barely keep up. "People are organizing at all levels," co-director Amy Quinn told the Washington Post. "I'm not surprised that people are coming out against the war. I am surprised at how organized and vocal people are."

And organizers predict that the Oct. 26 march will be huge. The vote in Congress authorizing Bush to attack Iraq may have been the tipping point for an anti-war movement that has been steadily gaining momentum with each passing week.

"The vote closed all doors. The only real option left for people in terms of stopping the war is to take to the streets," says Global Exchange peace coordinator Kristi Laughlin. The International ANSWER Coalition, a broad-based alliance of activist groups organizing the protest, says it is "confidently expecting" up to a hundred thousand people to show up and be counted.

Many of the marchers will not be lifelong activists, but ordinary Americans who are tired of being ignored by D.C. politicos more interested in expediency than in the nation's welfare. With help from local groups, ANSWER is organizing 250 buses to transport people from around the country to Washington and San Francisco. A demonstration that large should serve as a richly deserved wake-up call to the Bush administration and the Democrats who scurried to join the war effort.

Some recent articles, for example, have raised questions about the participation of fringe groups in organizing these demonstrations. But as many point out, what matters is not the presence of a few radical groups but the remarkable diversity of the participants from all walks of life and every political stripe, both seasoned activists and first-time marchers -- veterans, concerned parents, religious leaders, people of color, teenagers and women. Even Bush's own United Methodist church has launched a scathing attack on his plans for war, saying it is "without any justification according to the teachings of Christ." "It is hard to dismiss these people as just kooks," Laughlin says.

The escalating anti-war movement is well aware that Bush's new war will make the world a more dangerous place. If the U.S. makes war on Iraq, we all stand to lose whatever peace and security we now have. Some of the demonstrators may have differing political beliefs, but they are united in their conviction that war with Iraq is not the answer and dissent is democratic. If you, your family, friends and colleagues share this conviction, please join the demonstrators and march for peace this Saturday.


For more information on how you can participate in the protests, visit the http://www.InternationalAnswer.org website where I got the following:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2002: NATIONAL MARCH in DC & joint action in SF:

Rally @ 11 am
Constitution Gardens adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial
21st St & Constitution Ave. N.W.

**March to the White House**

Rally @ 11 am
Justin Herman Plaza
foot of Market St at Embarcadero

**March to Civic Center Plaza**





George W. Bush has declared his intention to wage a "preemptive" war against Iraq and is now seeking to strong-arm the international community, the U.N., and the Congress into support and submission. As members of Congress rush to show their obedience and member states of the U.N. line up to receive the anticipated spoils of war, the administration is now waging a campaign to convince the people of the United States to fall into step and finance with money and blood this war brought for conquest on behalf of the corporate and oil interests that make up Bush's true constituency. Bush's preemptive war is a war of aggression. The U.S. policy supporting the war is not the rule of law, but the rule of force. CLIP
Read the rest at http://www.InternationalAnswer.org/news/update/092902highcrimes.html


See also:

Ramsey Clark speaking at D.C. press conference announcing October 26 March on Washington

Worldwide Anti-war Protests Set for October 26

Anti-War Movement's Response to Bush's War Speech: 100's of Thousands will March October 26!




By Corinne McLaughlin

In a democracy like ours, it is a spiritual responsibility to vote. Over 90% of the American people say they are guided by spiritual values or faith, but less than 50% of the American people vote in any Presidential election. If we are committed to living by spiritual values, we must bring them into the voting booth, and educate ourselves about the candidates and the issues.

Spirituality can have a major impact on politics and elections, and politics can make our spirituality grounded and practical. If spiritual people don’t become engaged politically, we will be exploited by those whose only concern is self-interest. And we may lose our democracy. The upcoming elections present us with a important opportunity to decide what direction we want ourcountry to go in, and will have a major impact on our children’s future. The questions below are designed to be a guide for deeper reflection.

CLIP - Read the rest at http://www.visionarylead.org/summit2000__voter.htm
...where you'll also find SPIRITUAL PRACTICES FOR POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT. Explore also http://www.visionarylead.org/ - It is really worth a good look. Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson who founded the Center for Visionary Leadership also initially co-founded the Sirius Community which, in a sense is the equivalent in America of the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Their *most* beautiful and inspiring site at http://www.siriuscommunity.org is also worth an exhaustive visit. Make sure to click on the 4 pictures displayed at first.



Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002
From: Trevor Osborne <wharmony@westnet.com.au>
Subject: Re: Revisiting 9-11 Series #2: It Ain't Over Till It's Really Over

Hi jean,

A quick note to again thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing. I particularly favour pointing out the choice we have to use negative events for positive outcomes. I refer to your latest compilation:

"...something which, to the best of my spiritual understanding, will never be allowed to come to full fruition because we, the Light servers of this world, along with all our invisible allies from on high, will simply not allow it to happen and actually take advantage of this crisis to precipitate the gradual onset of a New Golden Age of Peace, Love and Harmony on Earth."

I believe it is very important for us all not to loose sight of this as it is so easy to get caught up in what is happening and thereby add energy to the negative.

Bless you my friend...




From: JsphnLan@aol.com
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002
Subject: Connecting our Visions

Dear Jean,

Once again, thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.

If a 'group' is formed re Connecting our Visions, I would certainly like to be a part of it, please do let me know if this wonderful 'idea' does 'take off'.

(NOTE FROM JEAN: The new Earth Rainbow Village discussion group has been created for this purpose as well. Join at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EarthRainbowVillage/)

I would like to take the opportunity to say how uplifting I found Barry Martin's article - Not Giving Power to the World of Appearances - I empathise fully with his words and find his solution to dealing with this problem very helpful - thank you!

I received an email this morning from the Phoenix-Ascended Newsgroup regarding their plan for a World Peace Experiment - it resonates very much with what Barry said in his article! They (Phoenix Ascended) are seeking 80,000 people worldwide to be part of an experiment to shift the world's perception of 'good and evil'.

Step 1 is: "Whenever you perceive that a negative event is occurring to say the words ONLY LOVE PREVAILS - this phrase sends positive energy to the perceived negative event, as you stand as an observer in non-judgement. It also helps shift the perception that for good to exist, evil must also exist (polarity theory).

Step 2: Briefly - is to protect oneself from exposure to negative or fear based stories in the media.May I suggest that anyone interested in signing up to be a part of this 'experiment' (it's free!!) visit their website:


Their main website is: http://phoenixascended.org

Once more, thank you for the wonderful work you are doing Bless You.

Much Love to all,



From: EagleSkyDance@aol.com
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002
Subject: How can we let our voices be heard

Dear Jean,

I wanted to tell you about an article I read in my local newspaper this morning, that bothered me. It's about the Anti-Americanism spreading through the UK. They view Americans as being stupid, fat and greedy. That is true of some people that live in America, but America is not the only place where people like that live, and not all Americans are like that, so all of America should not be labeled as being such. The article goes on saying we Americans are the goofiest people on the planet. I don't really blame them for viewing us in such a manner with all of the RIDICULOUS things that happen here.

My question to you is do you know anyone over in the UK or other nations where we can write and let our voices be heard? I am really tired of all of the good things that are going on right now with people uniting and trying to spread the message of ONENESS being swept under the rug.

Do you have an estimated number of how many people did oppose the war? I can't believe we're being overlooked the way we are. The pictures I've seen of President Bush lately make me think he might be ill, his aura isn't looking too good. I'm into astrology and his stars say that his emotional behavior will definitely catch up with him and manifest as disease. So hopefully...

How can we make our voices be heard??? Really heard and not pushed aside. I never saw anything in my newspaper that talked about the Peace rallies or people calling their Senators. So where can we go to get our message out???

I want people to know that we don't live in a *free* country, that our leaders don't give a damn about us. That our government is going to destroy much so that they may become wealthier and in the meantime the poverty level in America will increase, because we have to pay for the weapons for the leaders to become richer.

How do we tell people that we have a terrorist in charge of this country and that he's dragging us along with him and we can't stop him or we would. Can't we get ahold of some celebrities somehow?? We need some people in the public eye, with that power to start spreading the light around. Do you have any ideas???

Loving Light,

Misty Pifer


I know it is hard to face all those prejudices so many are now harboring and all the labeling that goes on. But I believe anyone giving energy to such thinking and talking can just as easily fall in a similar category as they ascribe to Americans or others. In other word, they are no better.

As for finding a way around the lie/propaganda-filled media and distorsion of facts being done by the oligarchic front government of the U.S., as far as I know the Internet is one of the easest route to go. Street protests is another way (and there are several others, including the selfless, invisible energy work done through meditation on the root causes of things and situations) but the true aims and intents of demonstrators are never faithfully reflected by the media - always demeaned, distorted or ridiculed.

If that's OK with you I'll share excerpts of your letter in a coming compilation along with my comment above and you'll see what others may have to contribute towards your query.

May I remind you that if you want to discuss this and numerous other issues, you may also join the new Earth Rainbow Village community that has formed on the web recently at the initiative of Anni von Maltzan <Cowpetvi@aol.com> - More on this at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EarthRainbowVillage/

Love and Light



From: http://www.stopusa.be/Appeal/Appeal.html

Stop the United States of Aggression!

No War Against Iraq!

Three peace inspectors who visited Iraq last April, launch an international appeal against a new war on Iraq. "We oppose the war policy of the US. On 21 January 2002, US president Bush declared total war on all countries and movements not prepared to submit to world domination by the US.

We oppose a new war against Iraq. The US alone spends more on defense than the nine other major powers together. No weapons of mass destruction have caused more victims than the 110,000 air attacks and the twelve years of embargo against Iraq. Iraq has been bled dry, and mourns one and a half million victims. Iraq is a third world country, not considered to be a threat by any of its neighbours. Leading UN weapons inspectors declare that 95% of Iraq’s military power has been destroyed.

We want to prevent Bush from igniting the whole Middle East with the sole aim of controlling the region’s oil resources and putting regimes into power which are willing to invest their oil profits in the deeply indebted US economy.

Bush is trying to overthrow Saddam Hussein in order to have his hands free to take on the Palestinians, Iran, Syria and even Saudi Arabia, where plunder by the US is encountering more and more resistance. A war against Iraq increases the risk that larger-scale wars will ensue.

We oppose the war, because its collateral damages are racism and the breakdown of our democratic rights. National liberation movements are being called ‘terrorists’. Strikes are are declared "unpatriotic" and millions of people are being enlisted to keep an eye on their neighbors.

Rebuilding Iraq would cost $50 billion. The US and its allies want to spend double this amount in order to destroy Iraq completely. They will deduct this money from the social security, education, health-care and housingbudgets of the allied countries"

For all these reasons, we demand:

Stop the United States of Aggression! No war against Iraq! Stop bombing! No sanctions! Lift the embargo against Iraq! No foreign interference! Free Palestine! A Palestinian state now! Support the resistance of the Palestinian people!

An initiative of:

Michel Collon (journalist and writer) - michel.collon@skynet.be
Dirk Adriaensens (S.O.S. Iraq Belgium) - sos.irak@skynet.be Luk Brusselaers (S.O.S. Children of Iraq, the Netherlands) - brusselaers@zeelandnet.nl

For more information or to sign this appeal on behalf of your association or trade union committee, Contact <sos.irak@skynet.be>

First signers at http://www.stopusa.be/Appeal/signatures.html


10 Oct-16 Oct 2002

Here are two words you never thought you'd see next to each other: organic Cheetos. Yep, it's true -- snack-food maker Frito Lay is entering the organic food market, along with dozens of other huge food companies. Heinz now makes organic ketchup, and General Mills owns Cascadian Farms, an organic brand started in the Northwest in the 1970s. Such companies hope to make a buck off a new USDA logo that, as of next week, will indicate that food has been grown without genetically modified material or irradiation, and with little or no chemicals or antibiotics. Many long-time organics advocates are dismayed that mega-corporations have entered what had been a niche market; they imagine massive mono-cropped fields with their own environmental problems, and fear being driven out of business because larger producers will be able to offer organic food at lower prices. Others believe agribusiness simply isn't compatible with the organic vision of food grown in a local and sustainable fashion. However, Warren Weber, a pioneer of organic farming in California, says the latest developments are a sign that the movement has succeeded "beyond its wildest dreams."

San Francisco Chronicle, Kim Severson, 13 Oct 2002


Compost isn't just for your garden anymore: Scientists at the University of the West of England have created a microbial fuel-cell battery powered by organic waste. The miniature battery converts biochemical energy from food into electricity, using E. coli bacteria that release hydrogen atoms as they break down carbohydrates. The fuel cell runs on sugar cubes, and the scientists are currently using it to run a light-sensitive robot. But eventually a series of connected cells, sold for about $15 each, could power home appliances, the scientists say. And possible creative improvements abound: "They aim to move on to carrot power," New Scientist magazine reported.

CNN.com, Reuters, 10 Oct 2002


See also:

Tohoku University Professor Produces Hydrogen from the Sunlight
September 30, 2002-- Tohoku University Prof. Kazuyuki Toji has discovered an efficient way to create hydrogen, which can be used in fuel cells to produce clean energy, by exposing a hydrogen sulfide solution to sunlight. Toji's discovery is expected to reduce costs in producing hydrogen for fuel cells. Hydrogen is mainly produced by passing electricity through water, but it can also be created through photodecomposition when hydrogen sulfide is exposed to sunlight. CLIP


From: http://www.newdream.org/TurnTheTide/ActionItems/icons.html

Climate -- Human-induced climate change has the potential to cause increased severe weather, rising sea levels, dramatic shifts in the agricultural capabilities of certain areas and decreased biodiversity due to the local extinction of climate-sensitive organisms. But climate change isn't some far-off potential threat - it's happening now. The earth's warming process has intensified over the past 20 years and has already been accompanied by retreating glaciers, thinning arctic ice and rising sea levels. More at http://www.newdream.org/turnthetide/ActionItems/faq.html


1. Skip a car trip each week
2. Eat one less beef meal per week
4. Independence from junk mail
5. Install compact fluorescents
6. Move the thermostat 3 degrees
8. Reduce home water usage

Water -- Of all natural resources, water is the most essential. But globally, 2 billion people live in areas with chronic water shortages. And the United States is not exempt from these problems. The mighty Colorado River is so drained by irrigation and cities that its channels run dry part of the year. The Ogalalla aquifer that waters one-fifth of all U.S. irrigated land is overdrawn by 12 billion cubic meters per year, a problem that has already caused more than two million acres of farmland to be taken out of irrigation. In California's Central Valley, which grows half the nation's fruits and vegetables, groundwater withdrawal exceeds recharge by 1 billion cubic meters per year. More at http://www.newdream.org/monthly/aug00.html


2. Eat one less beef meal per week
4. Independence from junk mail
8. Reduce home water usage

Forests -- The world's forests are feeling the strain of unsustainable demand for wood and paper. The United States consumed 99 million tons of paper in 1997, or about 740 pounds per American. The U.S., with five percent of the world's population, consumes 30% of the world's paper. More at http://www.newdream.org/junkmail/facts.html


4. Independence from junk mail

Fisheries -- Today, nearly 70 percent of the world's fisheries are fully fished or overfished, and about 60 billion pounds of fish, sharks, and seabirds die each year as "bycatch," caught accidentally as a result of wasteful fishing techniques. Shrimp fishing ranks the highest: for every pound of shrimp caught, between four and ten pounds of marine life are discarded, dead or dying, back into the ocean. Shrimp farms are no better, spilling pesticides into surrounding waterways and destroying over a quarter of the world's mangrove forests. This is disastrous because mangrove forests provide an essential breeding habitat for hundreds of species of birds and fish while also preventing coastline erosion.


3. Shift from shrimp

Chemicals -- Many common pesticides are known or suspected carcinogens. Furthermore, 40 percent of all pesticides used in the U.S. mimic hormones in our bodies, causing reproductive disorders and interfering with fetal development.


7. Eliminate lawn pesticides

Avoiding conventional cotton (see at http://www.newdream.org/TurnTheTide/ActionItems/7okcotton.html") and opting for organic produce are also positive steps toward decreased toxicity.

Grain -- Seventy percent of U.S. grain production is grown to feed livestock. This inefficient allocation of resource couples with high rates of topsoil erosion and chemical fertilizer use to make beef an ecologically costly meal.


2. Eat one less beef meal per week


9. Inspire two friends to Turn the Tide