July 30, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #17: Shifting to Higher Consciousness

Hello everyone

Another inspirational and energizing compilation I'm sure many of you will like ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I WILL DO."

- Cecilia Garaycochea <ceesga1@yahoo.com>


1. A Cool Feedback
2. You Become What You Think!
3. For the love of Jesus by Brother Anthony
4. Peoples Earth Summit and World Sustainability Hearings
5. A Letter from Congressman Dennis Kucinich
6. Path to Peace - symbol of the new world religion
7. Nigerian Women's Protest Wins Oil Company Attention
8. We're all animals here
9. What you can do about 9/11



Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002
From: Lesley Whiting <desertmoon1012001@yahoo.com>
Subject: Short appreciation message!

Hi Jean,

I look forward to your mailings as a source of 2 things as essential as air and water; TRUTH and HOPE. You unfailingly supply both of them in abundance. However tough it gets, wading through all those emails and compiling them, please, for the sake of all our futures, don't ever stop!!



Dearest Lesley

I'm glad I can be of service because this is how I best feel alive and part of the grand and loving symphony of Life in which we ALL play a vital part. A million thanks for your words and feelings of appreciation.


From: AngelaTafari@aol.com
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002
Subject: You Become What You Think!

Dear Visionary,

Although I have subscribed to your newsletter, and appreciate your efforts to keep us informed about the world outside, I would like to send you this following quote to contemplate and meditate on, as I often find that after reading the always-negative "news of the political world", I actually LOSE energy, instead of gaining something. I'm open to your comments.

Love and Light,

Angela TafarI.

"The flow is constant. What we take from it, how we experience it changes with the moment.One day there is beauty. One day, pain. Then, beauty and pain. What I look for is what I create. How I perceive comes from my creation. I am devastated and filled. I open and close, feel and shut down.

Watching the vicissitudes I am overwhelmed by the shifting fortunes of fate. Everything is happening all at once, every kind of experience constant. I choose what I see, what I record, how I live and feel. Everything is a choice constantly presented to me. The more I choose the divine the more there is. My perception creates it.

There are consequences for what I see and how I think. I REINFORCE THE ENERGY THAT I FOCUS ON. I contribute love when I love, pain when I hurt. I choose more and more, love. I stop hurting people with my negative perceptions and begin to build a world of hope and prayer. My dream opens. I share my love and there is love. The river I am carries joy and the richness of life into the ocean of consciousness. My affirmations are a small fraction of reality. And so I do what I can. And the incredibly beautiful thing is that in my small billionth of reality rainbows emanate, jewels shine, and hearts beat together in the joy of the divine, feeling the radiance of the infinite in every moment, every fraction of the flowing continuum.

Bless and we create blessing. Simple physics."

Eman8tions by John MacEnulty 7/21/2002, St. Louis, MO

"The entertainment industry said, let's make TV shows and movies that promote profanity, violence, and illicit sex. Let's record music that encourages rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and satanic themes. And we said it's just entertainment, it has no adverse effect, nobody takes it seriously anyway, so go right ahead. We are asking ourselves why our children have no conscience, why they don't know right from wrong, and why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, their classmates, and themselves. Probably, if we think about it long and hard enough, we can figure it out. I think it has a great deal to do with WE REAP WHAT WE SOW."

- Anne Graham


Dear Angela

Once again I feel blessed and amazed by the vast wealth of resource, wisdom and insights that is to be found in the contribution of the participating members of this Earth Rainbow Network such as the vitally important reminder and perspective you provide for us all today - and the several other shining examples included in this and many other compilations. The delicate balancing act I have undertaken to do by compiling and networking all this information, which indeed all too often focuses our attention unto the dark aspects of our collective human experience at this key crossroad of our history, is a constant challenge for me as I'm well aware that shedding Light unto the human imperfections - or sheer greed and cruelty of some if you prefer - without also providing ways for us, individually and collectively, to positively affect the evolutionary awakening of humanity and foster a greater sense of responsibility, is like forgetting the miracle of Life on this wondrous planet to look only at a few stained spots, however dangerous they may appear.

I'm grateful for this contribution to our collective awakening you are providing us all and hope that ever more people on this ERN list will likewise become active participants towards facilitating our global awakening and recentering upon our quintessential spiritual and hence divinely perfect eternal nature. However, this being said, I do not believe it would be wise to ignore, deny or otherwise block out the warning signs and stories detailing what still need to be acknowledged as unenlightened behaviours as this is the only way - just like the built-in pain sensors in our bodies that tell us something is wrong and need to be corrected - for our collective consciousness to direct the proper healing attention and implement the proper remedies for our innate divine nature to be-come entirely manifested in all its brilliance and beauty -- once the spell of the gripping illusion of this physical experience has been recognized for what it is, that is just a misconceived perception, and yet also the divinely mastered play designed for our spiritual evolution back to the Ultimate Source of All Bliss.


From: "Tony Budell" <BHA@netcomuk.co.uk>
Subject: For the love of Jesus by Brother Anthony
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002

Hello Jean,

As you know, I write articles under the title of "Brother Anthony" and although this month's article is somewhat provocative and against all the teachings of the recognised churches, I still felt the inspiration and spiritual guidance to write it.

Kindest regards,



For the love of Jesus

By Brother Anthony

I have waited from Easter until now before writing this article. Part of me wanted to write it straight away and yet that other part, the insecure part, said, “No, people will think it’s a crazy assumption.” Well crazy or not, it happened, and although it will be August when you receive this, I think that the time is right for me to write it...

Once a year, on Good Friday, a group of us gather together in the Canterbury church for our annual Good Friday meditation. About a dozen of us gathered together, sitting in a circle, with a lighted candle in the centre.

I guided the group into a loving meditation, describing a small room with but a single door. I asked them to visualise themselves sitting on a chair, some six feet away from the door, and asked them to try and open it, but no matter how hard they tried, it would not open. There was no handle, no lock, no special key, and I asked them to throw all their anger, jealousy, negativity at that door and no matter how hard they tried, it would not open.

I used this meditation ‘technique’ because for a couple of year previous to this, I had been having the same recurring dream of this door. In my dream, I was throwing knives, axes, bricks, you name it, I was throwing it at this door and it just would not budge. When I awoke in the morning, it was always the same thought, “Not that blasted door again.”

It was only after receiving and reading, James F Twyman’s “The Emissaries of Light,” that the significance of the door became clear. On the front cover is a picture of a large wooden door and on seeing the book cover for the first time; it was a wonderful realisation that here was ‘my’ door. On the other side of the door were the celestial realms and this door was the portal between this earthly realm and the spiritual realm.

I realised that in my dream, I was trying to open the door using the wrong key. I was using the key of anger instead of the key of love and that evening, I sat in meditation and instead of throwing knives, axes and bricks at the door, and I used an outpouring of love. I breathed in the love and then exhaled that love towards the door, which just very gently opened. This was the meditation that I used on the group, although at the time, I said that if they preferred another type of meditation, then that was fine.

During my own mediation, I walked through the door and was greeted by a myriad of amazing colours and gently moving light. Although the ground beneath me was firm, I could not discern any visible path or road. It was as if I was walking on air, and yet it was firm underfoot.

Standing in front of me were two rows of ‘people’ facing each other, some eight feet apart, and I started to walk slowly between the two rows. At first I recognised many friends and relatives who had returned to spirit, especially those that had passed over whilst I was working in Canterbury hospital. Patients who had become my dear friend’s, passing from this earthly plane with terminal cancer and other debilitating illnesses. Friends, who had succumbed to the injuries resulting from traffic, and other accidents, were there and it was a wonderful reunion to be with them once again.

I then noticed angels and archangels and to these I bowed in reverence to them. As I walked slowly forward, I noticed a brilliant light at the far end of the two rows, some two hundred yards ahead, and to this I was gently making my way. I knew intuitively that this light was emanating from the Divine Mother Herself, the feminine aspect of the duality of the Godhead and I walked slowly forward in absolute awe of Her Divine presence.

I suddenly realised that someone was walking beside me, just to my left, and as I turned, I saw that it was The Master Jesus. “May I walk with you,” He asked and my heart sang at this wonderful event. “Of course Master,” I replied and together we walked slowly among the lines of people. “I would like to introduce you to some friends,” He said and pointing to some bearded men wearing white robes and sandals. “This is my friend Mathew, this is Mark, Luke, John” and so on, but what for me was extraordinary was that as The Master pointed at each of His disciples, they dissolved from bearded men wearing white robes and sandals, into brilliant shining lights.

As we neared the last disciple, Jesus said, “I would like you to meet my greatest friend of all, Judas.” As He said this, Judas approached Jesus and they embraced each other in great love for each other. I was taken aback and very confused at this, saying to Jesus, “But Master, how could Judas be your dearest friend after what he did to you?” “Jesus smiled the smile of love within all love, His face radiating with warmth and affection for His friend Judas, “Dear Brother Anthony, I have come that you may understand a great truth. I would like you to relate this truth to those who love me and who have ears to listen and hearts that will understand. Without my friend Judas and his incredible courage, nothing happens. No crucifixion, no Christianity, nothing. You must understand, and others also, that Judas and I planned my betrayal. At the last supper when I said to Judas, “Go and do what you must do,” it was not me being a seer, this was in response to what we had planned earlier. Do you understand this, Brother Anthony?” My mind was in a whirl. All the teachings about the betrayal of Jesus by Judas I had received throughout my life were now turned upside down.
As I began to look at this event with different eyes, I realised how wrong our thinking has been about the so-called, betrayal of Jesus. I began to think of the incredible Karma that Judas had accepted on behalf of all Christianity and my eyes filled with tears at just how wrong I, and many others, had been.

As they finished embracing each other, Judas stepped back and dissolved into the most brilliant golden light imaginable and as I turned back to The Master, He too had gone.

For over two thousand years we have condemned and despised Judas as the betrayer of Jesus. No child, that I know of, has ever been christened, ‘Judas’ and certainly no church has been named, ‘The church of Judas Iscariot,’ and yet do we christens not owe a debt of gratitude to the unbelievable gift of unconditional love that Judas showed to The master, knowing as he did, that he would be reviled throughout history for what he had done.

Whether you can accept this change of thinking about Judas, is entirely up to you. I write that which I am given to write.

Bless you all

NOTE FROM JEAN: I can vouchsafe for the accuracy of this story about the high service of Judas which I discovered as the French translator of the book "Nine Faces of Christ: Quest of the True Initiate" by Eugene E. Whitworth (Editor DeVorss & Company), who tells the story of the actual life of Joseph-bar-Joseph, aka Jesus, as he grew in an Essenian community and was successively initiated by advanced masters in preparation for his absolutely vital mission, which was to show all of us that is is possible, as a mystic and highly advanced initiate of the universal teaching of the eternal religion, to transmute the flesh of his body into an immortal body of Light. He had to achieve this amidst the most challenging test of all in a supreme act of love and forgiveness, after going through the most tormenting Night of utter despair, and indeed a carefully planned initiation which could only be made possible through the benevolent sacrifice of Judas as Brother Anthony describes, and which was actually completed only several days after his apparent resurrection (a willfull reoccupation of his "deceased" physical form with his spiritual bodies, a bit like what happens after a near-death experience) during a highly powerful final initiation in the presence of the Ascended Masters who guided him throughout his earthly life. If you ever want to read what I consider to be the true story of Jesus' life, I recommend this book to you. According to what the author told the French publisher, something which is not mentioned anywhere in the book, he received this story when he was planning to write an entirely different kind of novel, soon after leaving the U.S. Navy and with absolutely no esoteric knowledge whatsoever at that point - something which the book is replete with.

To order Nine Faces of Christ: A Narrative of Nine Great Mystic Initiations of Joseph, Bar, Joseph in the Eternal Religion, go at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0875166652/qid=1027794372/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-0024031-6879245

See also an excellent review at http://www.forthrt.com/~chronicl/archoct/review.htm
Check also at http://devorss.com/display.cgi?tpl=item&record=1009


From: "Jeremy Burnham" <jeremy@pes.org.za>
Subject: Peoples Earth Summit and World Sustainability Hearings
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002

Hello Jean, would you like to tell your readers about our wonderful plans for the coming Summit in Jo'burg? - love - Jeremy


The PEOPLES EARTH SUMMIT (P-E-S) in Jo'burg is preparing for a parallel event at next month's Summit to offer some sanity and calm amidst the somewhat unstable energy that currently pervades in the run-up.

P-E-S is a global event. We want to encourage as many people as possible all over the world to use P-E-S as a platform to reach out to their own communities to raise awareness about the issues affecting our planet and to tell them how they can be involved to make positive changes to save the Earth.

For ideas of how you can create a Peoples Earth Summit where you are, go to http://www.peoplesearthsummit.org

Two major international events not to be missed:

1. Launch of A DECADE OF COMMITMENT TO EARTH JUSTICE. Humanity is at the Crossroads. On Sunday September 1 - Spring Day in the Southern hemisphere - we celebrate the launch of a decade of Earth Democracy in which we no longer wait for our leaders to take action. Ordinary people worldwide will save the planet by thinking and working together. For more details about this day log on to www.peoplesearthsummit.org

2. EARTH CELEBRATION - on August 31, in preparation for the Launch, people every–where are invited to join with us - in their homes, on the streets, to create or dedicate a happening to celeb–rate LIFE on Earth and make their commit–ment to the decade. (In Jo'burg drummers and musicians will lead festivities).

IF YOU'RE COMING TO JO'BURG, and have something you'd like to offer towards the greater understanding of the issues of the Summit, please consider being part of our event at St Stithians College, about ten minutes North of Sandton (overlooking the UN Convention Centre).

We are partnering with Earth Island Institute's WORLD SUSTAINABILITY HEARINGS to present a variety of offerings including:

*** World Sustainability Hearings - a series of all-day hearings drawing some of the most articulate speakers and activists from around the world to focus in turn on each of the main themes of Agenda 21

*** Biowatch - presenting biodiversity in its widest sense, from seeds and plants to cultures, foods, music and dance - "Spice of Life" will be an ongoing expo/celebration/serious discussion of the interdependencies that keep us thriving.

*** Biowatch are running a Biopiracy Summit on 22-23 August - NGO's, academics and activists, government delegates, industry and the media will explore the growing challenge of bioprospecting, biopiracy and the abuse of intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge.

*** The New Economics - world experts from the New Economic Foundation presenting a model of monetary management that has been shown clearly to support sustainable development.

*** The African Perspective - indigenous healers, leaders, sangomas and the carriers of ancient wisdom will share their thoughts and visions about the future, together with some of the ritual required to heal the past.

*** The Natural Step - a model for corp–orate management that allows management to view social and environmental considerations in a system–atic way and to integrate them into corporate strategy for long term sustainable prosperity.

*** Managing Ownership - how do we achieve social justice and sustainability with so many competing claims on key resources - land, water, money, labour, love . .? insights based on successful interventions in Southern Africa.

*** Earth Justice - developing governance systems, modelled on ecolog–ical and cultural systems that regulate human behaviour to ensure justice for all elements of the Earth Community.

*** The Sixth Extinction - a group of eminent scientists have brought together a wealth of evidence from a wide range of disciplines which clearly shows that the rate of biodiversity depletion in the continents of former Gondwanaland surpasses the rates that led to previous mass planet-wide extinctions.

*** Global Moratorium on Genetic Engineering in Agriculture - leading negotiators in the Bio-safety Protocol, farmers converging from around Africa and elsewhere, consumers and producers will announce a concerted commitment to establish a global moratorium to prevent further contamination.

*** Ecological Footprint Test - Earth Day Network will offer their measure of sustainability.

Global Drumming Wave - Full Moon - August 22 - Opening ceremony for the P-E-S, building on a monthly series that has been preparing the energy around the planet for the Summit. Join professional African drummers from sundown, and then again every evening of the Summit.

For further information write <jeremy@pes.org.za>
For media enquiries contact <sangeetah@msn.com>


Subject: A Letter from Congressman Dennis Kucinich
From: "Congressman Dennis Kucinich" <dennis@denniskucinich.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002

Dear Friend,

The response to my speech "A Prayer for America" was so overwhelming that it has taken us literally months to be able to catch up with the avalanche of emails. I have read thousands of emails personally and I am deeply grateful for your expression of support and concern. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As you know, I have continued to speak out about U.S. foreign policy, the erosion of our civil rights at home, the impending war with Iraq, and the need to develop a new national consensus for peace, human rights, health care, social security, education, and the environment. I see the world as interconnected. The decisions each of us make affects all of us. The decisions made in the name of our nation can have a far reaching impact on the lives of people all over the world.

Your response has been quite heartening. Yet we are at the beginning of an endeavor where we must connect people of good will from across America and around the world. I ask you to continue to participate in our efforts, through offering your opinion and your involvement.

If you would like us to stay in touch with you, please respond to this email and write in the subject line, "Keep me informed."

Please note that we are using a new email address, info@denniskucinich.net, and update your records.

Finally, Phil Donahue has a new show on MSNBC. I am privileged to be on the show tonight, Monday July 22, at 8pm and 11pm EST, 5pm and 8pm Pacific. I will be debating a top advisor to George Bush regarding Iraq.

Thank you for your patience in accepting this belated response. Please stay in contact as we work together to create a better future. I welcome your advice and your input.

Best wishes and thank you for caring about our country and the people of the world.


Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich


The talk show pioneer's new MSNBC show brings a little decency and tolerance into the rabidly right-wing jungle of cable TV.


From: Raanan Hagit <h-raanan@netvision.net.il>
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 2:27 AM
Subject: Path to Peace - symbol of the new world religion

May Peace Prevail on Earth - Yishre Shalom Al Ha'adama - Al Salam Lil'Alam Ajma - Sekai Jinruiga Heiwade Arimasuyouni

I write this message from Israel. Over than 6 years ago I received the following image, they told me it is the symbol of the new world religion. Each of the faith do believe in all that you said, and they may continue serve - each - in his own way but, and it is big BUT - respect the other, remember that we are all one, there is ONE GOD, and one only.

As you may notice the Cross, Crescent and Star of David all together and in the center is a pure heart with the sound of the creation OM!

My understanding is also that the Peace Pray of St' Francis of Assisi say it all.

Please accept my modest token of appreciation of all that you are and all that you do.

In Oneness and infinite love - Hagit



Sent by "Mark Graffis" <mgraffis@vitelcom.net>

We're all animals here

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

By David Suzuki

The sign in the shopping mall said, "No animals allowed." As I read it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It reflected a failure to admit or acknowledge our biological nature. We are animals and have a taxonomic classification: Kingdom, Animalia; Phylum, Chordata; Class, Mammilia; Order, Primates; Family, Hominidae; Genus, Homo; Species, sapiens.

Our reluctance to acknowledge our animal nature is indicated in our attitude toward other animals. If we call someone a worm, snake, pig, chicken, mule or ape, it is an insult. Indeed, to accuse someone of being a "wild animal" at a party is an insult.

As more and more people live in the human-created environments of cities, our connection with nature and our biological needs become less apparent. It is easy then to believe the illusion that our way of life is made possible by the economy. Indeed, I've often been told, "We can't afford to protect the environment if the economy isn't strong and growing."

Our food reflects our separation from nature. We want it free of blemishes, polished with waxes, or color-enhanced with dyes. I well remember when I was a boy, in the fall my mother would sit with a basket of apples, cutting out the larvae before cooking the fruit. We didn't mind sharing the fruit with another species then, but today we find that intolerable and we drench our food with fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. We attempt to eliminate all traces of blood, fur, feathers or scales in our food. The ultimate achievement is processed foods that bear little indication of the biological origin of their contents.

Yet check out the label on a can of mushroom soup -- mushrooms, corn starch, vegetable oil, buttermilk, cream, wheat flour, whey protein, spice, yeast extract, garlic -- a lot of other species make up the contents of that can. Every university student should know the biological content of Kraft dinner -- macaroni, whey, cheddar cheese, butter, buttermilk, enzymes, food starch. Every bit of the food that we consume for our nutrition was once alive. Indeed, botanist Margaret Crouch says our relationship with food is the most intimate relationship we have with another being. Not only do we take it into our mouths, we pull it apart and incorporate the molecules into our own bodies.

Where does air come from? From the moment we leave our mother's body at birth to our last gasp on our deathbed, we need air every minute. And that air that is so vital to our survival and well-being isn't something made by human ingenuity; it is created and maintained by the web of green things on this planet.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, water is filtered by old-growth rainforests lining the sides of three watersheds. Their roots, soil fungi and microorganisms all filter out material, and the region can boast of some of the best water in the world.

Our food grows in soil that is created by life. Before life on earth evolved, there was no soil -- only dust, clay, sand, silt and gravel. To get the soil in which we grow our food, we need countless generations of life forms to grow and die and release their molecules to the surrounding matrix. And to this day, it is not industry that creates soil, it is the life forms in the soil. All life on earth needs energy to grow, move and reproduce, and for all animals, that means sunlight that is captured by plants through photosynthesis.

My point is that when we become estranged from the natural world, we forget our own biological nature and our dependence on a rich, diverse community of life forms all around the planet. So the next time you encounter a "no animals allowed" sign, ask the proprietor how he or she will make a living -- because as an animal, you're not allowed.

For more from David Suzuki and his foundation go at http://www.davidsuzuki.org/


From: http://www.commondreams.org/views02/0720-05.htm

Nigerian Women's Protest Wins Oil Company Attention

July 20 - in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

In the best traditions of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, several hundred Nigerian women took a nonviolent stand for their country. Ranging in age from 25 to 90 -- some with infants strapped to their backs -- the women held a successful sit-in at a ChevronTexaco Escravos facility in Nigeria's oil-rich delta.

Without firing a shot or injuring a soul, they shut down an operation that produces a half million barrels of oil a day. In the end, they accomplished what their men could not, and what their government should have done long ago.

Nearly two weeks ago, about 600 women took an estimated 1,000 oil workers hostage by occupying the control room, docks and landing areas of the island facility and blocking all arrivals and departures. When company executives initially balked at demands, the mostly elderly women threatened to strip naked, which in their culture is a method of shaming others.

Apparently that, and the thought of having to forcibly remove or open fire on old women and children, created some kind of breakthrough. Under an agreement struck this week, the women ended their 10-day occupation in exchange for jobs for their sons and help building clinics, schools and farms. Chalk up one more victory for the power of peaceful protest -- and one for using chauvinism to everyone's advantage.

In Nigeria, occupations and protests of this sort are common. Tribal communities that see the black gold flowing away from their area to enrich others regularly storm facilities to demand investments, jobs and compensation for pollution. In the past, native men have kidnapped, but rarely harmed, oil workers. Government police and oil-company security didn't hesitate to use force to quell such attempts by male protesters.

Conflict between oil firms and Nigerian locals attracted international attention in the mid-1990s, when violent protests by the small Ogoni tribe forced the Shell company to abandon wells on their land. The late dictator Gen. Sani Abacha responded in 1995 by hanging nine Ogoni leaders, including writer and environmental activist Ken Saro Wiwa, and drew global outrage.

Nigeria's current government is elected, but it too uses harsh methods to protect the oil facilities while collecting millions from Shell, Exxon and ChevronTexaco. Although delta oil brings in more than 80 percent of Nigeria's hard currency, the region's 7 million residents are among the poorest in the nation.

Every day, the locals live in squalor in the shadows of plants that look like paradise. They watch black gold flow from their backyards to enrich others, while they have no access to the fruits of those profits. Even more insulting are the exorbitant prices residents pay for petrol to fuel small lamps and stoves. Hundreds have been killed or injured in explosions as desperate citizens try to siphon oil from pipelines.

Female-led protests have now spread to other parts of the delta and are showing signs of some ethnic rivalries. But no matter what their tribe, the women are right. They do not seek handouts; rather they rightly want to share in their nation's oil wealth through self-sufficiency. The oil companies and the Nigerian government should invest more in education, health, employment and infrastructure.


See also:

The victory of 600 Nigerian women against ChevronTexaco is a testament to the power of non-violent protest.


What you can do about 9/11

If you believe in the power of love, the power of prayer, or the power of positive thought and action, join billions worldwide in this expression of love on 9/11/02

Together we can change the course of history.
When we hold one vision, miracles are possible...
Love overcomes the past,
And creates a future of our choosing.

People of all faiths in cities and villages across the planet are invited to plan events for 9/11/02. We suggest that each location begin and end their gathering with the ringing of bells. The vision is to "Let Love Ring!" for a 24-hour period. The intent is to cover the earth with a blanket of love, thereby inaugurating a new era of peace and cooperation on Earth through accepting, as well as honoring, our tragedies, diversities and oneness.

What you can do:

1. Treat yourself, all others and the earth with love and respect.
2. Volunteer to help with the event being planned in Nashville, TN, or your area.
3. Give your resources – Financial contributions are tax deductible. Other needs include office space, corporate sponsorships, celebrity supporters, printer services and paper.

A coloring book of children’s artwork is being produced to give to the children of NYC and Washington, D. C. on 9/11/02. Plans are to give them to children in the Middle East at a later date.