May 21, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #15: Transfiguring, Uniting and Metamorphosing

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Many of us have felt so frustrated for years, because hardly anyone within mainstream politics swims the deeper river of the American psyche anymore... But then comes Dennis Kucinich, and it's as though he sounds a clarion call to those of us trying to reconcile our love for this country with our disdain for so much of what we have come to stand for... He's a rare combination of poetry and power. If he does run for president, I'll help in any way I can."

- Marianne Williamson - see #3 below.

"The day we recognize our interdependency, and accept and embrace the oneness of humanity, is the day of resurrection for humanity."

- Hooshmand Kalayeh - see #2 below.


1. WorldWide Meditation: Transfiguration of the World Soul on May 25
2. World Unity Day Petition
3. Deeper Rivers - A Kucinich candidacy...
4. Letter From Michael Roll
5. Star Seeds/Star Kids Conference

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From: "Ron Baker" <>
Subject: WorldWide Meditation: Transfiguration of the World Soul on May 25
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002


I have SOOOOOOO appreciated all of the emails that you have been sending about what is going on behind the scenes in the world. We have received so much information from Archangel Gabriel that confirms from his perspective all of the same information. I am going to begin putting some of it on our web site at Children of Light when we return from Peru in June.

The main reason I am writing is to ask a favor. I have watched your emails as best I can. So far I have not seen an announcement about the WorldWide Meditation: Transfiguration of the World Soul on May 25 - Saturday, 5pm (Greenwich Mean Time/Universal Time) or 1pm Eastern (NY), 10am Pacific (CA). If there is any way for you to include it to your mailing list, I would most appreciate it.

The info can be found at

Many blessings in your work,

Ron Baker
Children of Light


From: "Hooshmand Kalayeh" <>
Subject: World Unity Day Petition

Dear Jean,

Earth is darkened with dust of injustice, division and disunity!
Where are the Light of the World?
Please be Light of the World and let my voice be heard!

Humanity has see enough of the endless wars!
Where are the champions for world peace?
Please be humanity's champion for world peace and let everyone know where do
you stand!

A world united is a world at peace!
Let's take the first step and have World Unity for one day!
Perhaps then we may be able to have it for a second day and so on.

Please sign my World Unity Day Petition and share it with all of your
friends around the world!

With warmest greetings,

Hooshmand Kalayeh

A Pittsford, New York resident's plea for peace


Dear People of Goodwill Everywhere,

The time has come for people of goodwill everywhere, regardless of race, religion, gender and nationality to work together, like fingers of one hand, to cure the blight on our unity. I dream that one day all the people of the world will get together, once a year on September 11, to remember heroes of our hearts and plant seeds of unity in the heart of our community, city, country, and all of humanity.

The smoke of hate, fear and prejudice has blocked the light of our love and compassion from shining through. This sad realization has impelled me to dedicate my life to the cause of unity and peace. If we genuinely accept, respect and appreciate our differences and have compassion for each other, our potential will be limitless. For us the key to true progress and an ever lasting civilization is accepting God's gracious gift of diversity as our greatest gift and strength.

As a scientist, I believe scientific and spiritual explorations are two wings of unity in the world. The day we recognize our interdependency, and accept and embrace the oneness of humanity, is the day of resurrection for humanity.

Whenever and wherever one human being is innocently killed, I hear God cry and I feel humanity's pain. On 9/11 humanity saw its worst enemy and cannot bear the pain. I believe the light of world unity is the only light capable of completely killing the cancer of terrorism. Now we have a choice, either go back to our past endless cycle of resentment, hate and revenge or start, a new cycle of universal justice, love and forgiveness.

I envision proclamation of September 11 as a yearly World Unity Holiday by the United Nations. Just imagine the impact such a day could have, a day in which all people of the world together not only remember heroes of humanity but also embrace a new beginning. A day to appreciate our differences, beliefs, races, genders, cultures and inter dependencies and taking steps toward a vision of world unity. This Unity Day could contribute whatever proceeds were raised to eliminate hunger, assure scientific self-sufficiency and promote peace in the world.

A thousand miles journey starts with a single step. Let's take the first step toward a unifying vision to illumine the darkened Earth. Please sign my World Unity Day petition. You can find it on the Web:


Hooshmand Kalayeh


Sent by "Hugh Perry" <>


May 10

Deeper Rivers - A Kucinich candidacy would tread where others can't reach

By David Corn

SINCE SEPTEMBER 11, MANY POLITICIANS have prayed for America, but only one offered a devotional accusing the government of "in effect canceling" the first and fourth amendments, warning that a "great fear" overwhelmed America's leaders, and opposing "war without end."

When Representative Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat from Cleveland who is not a familiar face on Sunday news gab shows, offered such a "prayer for America" in February at a Los Angeles meeting of the Southern California Americans for Democratic Action, he became a magnet for progressives suffering post–9/11 blues and longing for a kick-ass leader who would bash the Bush administration, the national-security establishment and the recent expansion of federal police powers, and who also could express a left vision promoting peace, social justice, civil liberties and democracy.

Thousands of leftists across the country read Kucinich's words on the Internet and sent him e-mails declaring, "Right on!" The response to his speech prompted talk among liberals in L.A. and elsewhere of an improbable Kucinich-for-president campaign. In The Nation magazine, a starry-eyed Studs Terkel, the well-known lefty oral historian, declared, "Kucinich Is the One."

That's some speech that can do all that. (And Kucinich began it by singing portions of various patriotic anthems.) But with most elected Democrats proclaiming their support for George W. Bush's war on terrorism at home and abroad, the competition is slim these days for a national progressive leader. For his part, Kucinich, 55, has long been an independent voice willing to cut against political fashion. The son of a truck driver and the oldest of seven children, Kucinich was a child star of Cleveland politics. He was elected to the City Council in 1969 at the age of 23, a populist eager to mix it up with the city's business establishment. In 1977, as the boy mayor of Cleveland, he waged a titanic struggle against the town's financial elite. The money gang wanted him to sell off the municipal utility to balance debt-ridden books he had inherited. Kucinich refused, hoping to preserve low electricity rates. The banks called in their loans, and the city went into default. Kucinich won voter referendums on the issue and on raising income taxes to cover the city deficit. But in the face of opposition from the local barons, he was bounced from office in 1979.

Seventeen years later, he was elected to Congress, beating a Republican incumbent/millionaire- businessman. As a backbencher in the minority, Kucinich does not have much clout. But he has become chairman of the Progressive Caucus, a collection of several dozen House liberals. And he has established himself as an iconoclastic and idealistic legislator who pushes issues few others will touch. At the Web site he recently set up -- -- Kucinich highlights three causes he's been chasing: establishing a Department of Peace, outlawing weapons based in space, and advocating nuclear disarmament. In Congress, he recently offered an amendment to stop Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent and apply that $187 billion to prescription-drug benefits for seniors. When Homeland Security czar Tom Ridge refused to testify before Congress but deigned to appear at an informal closed-door session, Kucinich walked out of the briefing in protest.

"I have a sense of urgency," says Kucinich. "This is a time when world peace is at stake, when nuclear armament is occurring, when domestic needs, such as health care, are being ignored... I am trying to be a spokesperson. I have this sense of an unarticulated consciousness that exists in this country and that has been waiting for representation."

His unadulterated message has registered. Not only has he been flooded by 20,000 or so e-mails, he's been receiving speaking invitations from across the country. In late May, for instance, he will be the keynote speaker at the Western conference meeting of the Democratic National Committee in Seattle.

KUCINICH HAS TAKEN POSITIONS not widely shared by his fellow elected Democrats. He is openly critical of the U.S. bombing campaign in Afghanistan, saying the response to the 9/11 attacks ought to have been more in line with a police action than a war. The incursions of Ariel Sharon, he adds, are bound to fail because they "will create more violence against Israel." In one break with traditional liberals, Kucinich is not pro-choice. He explains that he represents one of the most Catholic districts in the country and was raised in a Catholic setting: "I believe in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception." But, he adds, he has "never taken a position that Roe v. Wade should be overturned or that people should be prosecuted for abortion." In a similar vein, last year he joined with social conservatives to lead the fight in the House for a ban on all forms of human cloning, even therapeutic cloning.

Kucinich has a spiritual -- almost New Age–ish -- side to his politics he is not afraid to show. "There is a hunger out there for a message that goes beyond traditional politics," he says. "My philosophy has a lot to do with the potential for all of us to unfold." For several years, Kucinich has been friends with best-selling, spirit-celebrating author Marianne Williamson, who, he says, "has a grasp of the deeper meanings of the American experience." Regarding Kucinich, Williamson observes, "Many of us have felt so frustrated for years, because hardly anyone within mainstream politics swims the deeper river of the American psyche anymore... But then comes Dennis, and it's as though he sounds a clarion call to those of us trying to reconcile our love for this country with our disdain for so much of what we have come to stand for... He's a rare combination of poetry and power." She adds, "If he does run for president, I'll help in any way I can."

IS KUCINICH PONDERING A PRESIDENTIAL bid? He pauses -- for a long time -- before answering: "I'm getting requests from people across the country who ask me to consider it -- some from people considered to be politically astute. But it's a bit early to start that speculation." As political reporters are quick to note, that's not a "no."

"I'd like to see him run for president," gushes Lila Garrett, the immediate past president of the Southern California Americans for Democratic Action, which provided last February's forum for Kucinich's prayer. "Stranger things have happened. Look at Jesse Ventura in Minnesota. I get calls every day from people asking what they can do to support him." If Kucinich does steer in that direction, it may be because of the encouragement flowing from the support base he has cultivated in Los Angeles, where he often speaks and raises money.

Would he have a prayer? Not since 1880 has a sitting member of the House grabbed the presidential nomination of a major party. And usually candidates need tens of millions of dollars to be competitive -- a chunk of change likely beyond Kucinich's reach. Still, a bid might be worth considering. Steve Cobble, a liberal political strategist, says, "There is an opening in the 2004 field for a progressive candidate who holds office, is used to organizing grassroots support rather than depending on elites, and is brave enough to lead rather than just report back on focus-group findings. He or she would rally millions of American progressive voters who currently have few political outlets for their energies." In the past, ideologically minded long-shot candidates have seen presidential campaigns bolster their status and influence. Pat Robertson's once-powerful Christian Coalition rose out of his 1988 presidential run, and Jesse Jackson's 1984 and 1988 campaigns transformed him, for a time, into the left's chief champion.

His prayer, Kucinich says, "was intended to let people know there's a real threat to our Bill of Rights and Constitution." In delivering it, Kucinich also won himself a much more prominent pulpit.


NOTE FROM JEAN: I've already networked 2 speeches from Dennis Kucinich - who incidentally has been a subscriber to this list since April 5.

The first one "A Prayer for America" is posted at


I've also circulated an interview with him, "We are Governed by Fear" posted at

And I've networked information on his Space Preservation Act - see at

The following may also be of interest to some of you. As an introduction to Dennis Kunicich's speech "PEACE AND NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT: A CALL TO ACTION" which I sent you a second time in The Light Series #21 last April 6, I suggested this...


This bold statement brought me this comment from David Weston <>:

Regarding the piece you penned (... LET ME INTRODUCE YOU ...), I am quite baffled at the idea of a president for the whole planet. As we Europeans can observe from the megalomaniac actions of American presidents over the years, we need LESS centralisation of power, not more, based upon the Principle of Subsidiarity.

I would note that country-based regionalism is growing, not declining - Scotland (has its own new parliament, and Gaelic is regularly heard and shown on TV, as well as being taught in northern schools); Wales (has its own new assembly, and has had its own official Welsh language for years); Eire (has had its own parliament, and its own official Gaelic language for years); Spain, as compared with ten years ago, is now made up of regions and governments each with their own distinctive languages - Catalan, Basques, Andalucian, Castillian, etc..

Canada, of which I am a citizen, does not want to be under any American or global president, and is currently struggling to avoid being taken over by the corporatist American government.

Of course the global corporate centralists would like to have a centralist president that they can manipulate in the goal of creating a thousand year reign.

This is in no way a derogation of Dennis Kucinich, who is saying some great things, but we must beware of proposing structures that are not accountable to people.


Hi David

Please do not get me wrong. I'm not advocating a structure of centralized world governance that would totally dominate all lower, regional and local political processes and constituencies. Actually - although it is obviously not spelled out at all in this short visionary suggestion for a united world I did - what I have in mind would be an elected global governing body with elected representatives coming from every single corner of the planet based on "one human/one vote" form of democracy. This would be the apex of a very decentralized but totally denationalized form of government where the real power for local and regional matters directly affecting the people would be entirely dealt with at this level - this would be total participatory democracy whereas - a bit as in Switzerland - a certain mandated fixed percentage of the population could repel laws and/or regulations adopted by their local elected representatives or put forward for adoption laws and/or regulations through a petition process with mandated balanced information provided through state media for all viewpoints against and for any such laws and regulations to be exposed and debated with the active participation of all the media (through televised, radioed, printed and webbed critical review and discussion sessions) followed by state-financed referenda whose results would be implemented despite any objections of the elected representatives. No lobby or political kings would be able to prevent the voice of the people from having the final say.

But all global matters would be dealt with at the global level of governance with nationalistic and/or narrow corporate/individual interests carefully weeded out so as to enable the best possible, most balanced and environmentally sustainable global policies to be adopted after all due process. And even at that level, if enough regions succeed in mandating their representatives through regional referenda to make changes to some global policies, they could still succeed to impose the will of the people - not through some unelected, unaccountable and often corrupted supreme judges - upon the global governing body and the president it will elect among its peers.

No one right now, and certainly not the United Nations (controlled by the security council and the vetos of a select club of powerful nations), is legally empowered to speak and legislate on behalf of and for the wellbeing of the whole planetary population. No one can legally represent humanity in future official contacts with other civilized planets and galactic cultures. The unification of mankind through the awakening to our essential Oneness and under the aegis of an elected world governing body is inevitable and will come to be a reality much sooner than anyone may anticipate right now. Let's just hope that we can avoid another devastating global conflict between competing nations and through the hidden manipulations of a powerful megafilthyrich elite before we become mature and spiritually awakened enough for this to happen.

I trust that with enlightned human beings as Dennis Kucinich, such a destiny awaits us after a progressive and peaceful transition towards a unified world and with the assistance of all those here and beyond who deeply care for our global family of souls.


My sweetheart A'keara recommended me 6 weeks ago to network this vision. So there you have it ;-)


Date: Wed, 15 May 2002
From: "Hal Fox" <>
Subject: Letter From Michael Roll

Dear Jean Hudon,

I believe you will find the following of interest:

From: Michael Roll <email withheld upon request>
Subject: Fw: Exciting discoveries in physics
Date: Friday, May 10, 2002

Hal, many thanks for your e-mail. Please send this to Jean Hudon. This brings into play the staggering mathematics of a chain letter. In a very short time most people on Earth will have access to it. Michael

To BBC Radio Derbyshire and all broadcasters & journalists. An introduction to the secular case for survival after death.

Many thanks for your e-mail. I can understand what you mean about coming in cold. This is what happens when uncomfortable discoveries in physics have been deliberately blocked for over 100 years. They come as a shock to everybody. It's very simple, the people have only been allowed access to just two philosophies:

1.. When you are dead, you're dead. This is orthodox scientific teaching across every discipline including psychology and philosophy. They have all started from the base that the mind and the brain are the same. Scientific teaching did away with the aether (the "spirit" world) in 1905 when Einstein published his Theory of Relativity. Some consider the abandonment of the aether as a scientific disaster.

2.. The religious idea of resting in peace in the ground waiting for a Judgement Day. The priests have a monopoly on the vast and lucrative life after death industry. All the time orthodox scientists give no hope of survival this keeps the priests in power and makes them the only alternative. We are putting forward the secular case that we all possess a soul and are immediately reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us - a separate mind and brain. Our case starts with the experimental proof - repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions carried out by teams of international scientists. These experiments are now backed up by a mathematical theory showing what our souls are made of and where the so-called next world is.

Michael Roll (0117 9561960): Thanks to Roll's mother pointing him in the right direction from birth he has always started from the base that the subject of survival after death is a branch of physics - that we are dealing with natural and normal forces in the universe. Roll's only aim is to just present the non religious case for survival so that people can accept it or reject it as the case may be. Roll is reading history and translates the exciting scientific discoveries into layman's language.

Ron Pearson B.Sc. (Eng): The Derbyshire scientist who has discovered a structure of the aether which has potential to evolve intelligence. This is the reason why Sir William Crookes did not breakthrough in 1874 when he published the results of his experiments. They lacked the mathematical theory to back up such a revolutionary experiment where a "dead" person physically materialised in his laboratory.

"Your mathematical theories must always match the experiment, if they don't then they are wrong." Prof. Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate.

Pearson's papers match this experiment. Einstein's Theory of Relativity doesn't. Pearson's papers have been peer-refereed and published by physicists at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Center for Frontier Sciences in the USA. He has now retired from lecturing in thermodynamics at Liverpool and Bath University. Full details are to be found on the websites that are presenting the secular case for survival after death:
On 2nd November 2001 Ron Pearson and Michael Roll were joined by the Cambridge University physicist Professor Peter Wadhams. They broadcast across the world on the Jeff Rense Programme in the USA. Direct to broadcast:

End of email from Roll

Best personal regards,

Hal Fox

Note from Jean: Give a look at Michael Roll's website at - here is a quote from it:

Survival after Death

Dying is as natural as being born. Immortality is a natural physical phenomenon. The study of immortality is an area of science, not faith. Scientific proof has existed for over a century that we all survive the death of our physical bodies, irrespective of our religious beliefs. The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom is working to achieve a philosophical balance in the media, and to increase public awareness of the existence of scientific proof that we all survive death."

And in a letter to me Michael wrote: "I have come across censored scientific discoveries that belong to every person on Earth. I am fighting to just present these exciting discoveries that prove we all possess a soul and survive the death of our physical body. Only for people to accept or reject as the case may be. People can only accept or reject something if they have access to it in the first place."

From: "Pat Hale Dolphin Portraits" <>
Subject: Star Seeds/Star Kids Conference
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002

Report on the ACCET Star Seeds/Star Kids Conference

"Star Kids and Star Seeds: Helpers in These Times of Transition"

By Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

The weekend of April 6-7, 2002 was Spring-like warm in Berkeley as 75 people of all ages and ethnicities, many of them Star Seeds or Star Kids, gathered to learn and pool information about transformational changes going on in their lives. They were not disappointed. Over the next 48 hours they heard from world-renown experts, and from small schoolchildren, that average people have been altered in profound and paranormal ways by Visitors from the stars. The Conference was held by the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET), a nonprofit organization of clinicians who work with experiencers of contact by Star Visitors. The meeting was held in the lovely old Finnish Kaleva Hall, with warm wood floors and walls architecture that provided a natural energy to the gathering.

The Conference opened with a prayerful invocation by Abuna Mortoma, Archbishop of the Orthodox Church branch founded by the Apostle Thomas.

It concluded with a Native American Pipe Ceremony prayer by Dr. Richard Boylan. Between these prayerful bookends, eight noted speakers and three panels set forth information, some of which had never before been presented at a public conference.

The Conference opened with ACCET Past President and famed UFO researcher Dr. Leo Sprinkle reading a message from the current President, Dr. Ruth Hover, sidelined with recent surgery. Dr. Hover message invited all present to open their minds and hearts to the cutting-edge knowledge they were about to hear. She encouraged everyone to work together and move forward into a new page of history.

The next Speaker was Marian MacNeil, CHT. She related a few of her encounters, and described two principal individuals with whom she has interacted. Over her lifetime, a Visitor who lets himself be called Neuman has communicated with her telepathically and by guided writing, and shown himself on several occasions. Another Visitor she described as the Alabaster Man, because of his glowing white skin tone. She told of her gradual journey of waking up to this experience in 1995, and later recalling earlier experiences stretching back into childhood.

This writer was the following Speaker. First I defined Star Seeds and Star Kids as physically, psychically and metaphysically changed as a result of either their own contacts with the Visitors, or the Visitors' modifying their parents reproductive material. I enumerated some of the various unusual attributes they often have, such as telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, penetrating intuitiveness, ability to see and interpret auras, amplified bioenergetic fields, healing powers by touch or mental projection, levitation, creating invisibility, mentally influencing others, working with earth's energy, effecting time dilation or contraction, presensitivity to disasters, interdimensional awareness, astral (out-of-body) travel, and their close connectedness with their Star Visitor guardians. I pointed out that startling as the paranormal powers might be, the most important changes are in understanding and outlook: a new understanding of the richness and diversity of intelligent life across the universe, and a new outlook on the human condition -- as transmuting into what an official of the Smithsonian Institute called Homo Noeticus, Cosmic Human. The talk urged others to help nurture this new generation, Star Kids as the vanguard of what humanity is becoming.

The Panel of Parents of Star Kids featured five intrepid mothers and fathers. They came from near and far to speak about their children. But these were not just more proud parents. They described the struggle to gradually realize what extraordinary and special children they were gifted with. A number of these parents acknowledged that they themselves were Star Seed. This helped them bring insight into the struggles about identity and differentness which their children have. Their cheerfulness and hopefulness were inspiring.


Boys and girls ages 11 to 15 formed the Star Kids panel. As could be expected of children in those awkward changing years, many of the panel had stage-fright and found public speaking quite challenging. Still each affirmed by their presence and by declaring themselves as Star Kids, that they knew and accepted their differentness. Others were more vocal, most of all teenager Adam Clark, who joined the Conference by phone hook-up from his home in Virginia. Adam freely spoke of his visitations and communications. He attributed his going public as host of a radio interview program
on UFOS to the mission the Visitors gave him to wake the people up.

The Star Kids were followed by the retired City Desk Editor of the Los Angeles Times. Phillip Krapf started out as a die-hard agnostic about UFO reality. His skepticism was cured in a single night, when he was taken aboard a starship by a race he dubbed the Verdants, because they come from a lush green planet. The Verdants showed him their plan for acclimating humans to Star Visitor presence. The plan involves various notable public figures being approached by the Star Visitors and tasked with a mission to come out of the closet about their experiences at the strategically right time. These notable political, media, and professional individuals are so well known that the public would not challenge their revelations. The events of September Eleventh set the Announcement timetable back some, the Verdants told him, but the majority of Verdants want the plan to go forward soon.

Noted hypnotherapist and crop circles researcher Barbara Lamb, LMFT and psychic Judith Moore, coauthors of Crop Circles Revealed, discussed the findings from their study of these remarkable patterns made by Star Visitors in grainfields and other media. They presented wonderful slides, as they described the glyphs. Judith provided interpretations of the decoded meaning of some of the symbols used by the Visitors. Their talk left the audience wishing more time was available for learning the cereological messages.


Final Speaker was Southern California podiatrist and Star Visitor contact investigator Dr. Roger Leir. He made a riveting presentation on how children have changed in the past 50 years, just two generations.

Basing his observations on the child growth and development milestones published in medical textbooks, he pointed out how the average age for such abilities as a baby's holding the head up unaided, first speech, first step, etc. have advanced from half a year earlier to two years earlier than children a half-century ago. Thus he concluded that not only are Star Kids emerging among us, but that the entire human race is rapidly being advanced forward at a rate unlikely to be due to slow evolutionary forces. Many wonderful volunteers made this conference the warm and wonderful "gathering of the tribe" that so many participants felt it to be. The conference participants left with the message to go out and make a difference in the world.


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., LLC Post Office Box 22310, Sacramento, CA 95822, USA.
Phone/voice mail/fax: (916) 422-7400; E-mail address:
Official website: or