April 11, 2002

Rising Phoenix Series #12: Peace is the Only Viable Option

Hello everyone

I've gathered some material that may help show the Peace Light at the end of the War Tunnel.

For in the end, Peace Will Prevail.

Please do participate to the Light Activation and peace prayer proposed below. I would really help!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"When a critical number of people change how they think and behave, a new era will begin."

- Jean Shinoda Bolen - From http://www.millionthcircle.org/mc2005/mc_intentions.html

"It is in the inherent nature of human beings to yearn for freedom, equality and dignity. Brute force, no matter how strongly applied, can never subdue the basic desire for freedom and dignity."

- H. H. Dalai Lama

"We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

- Martin Luther King Jr.


2. Worldwide circle of prayer for peace between Israel and Palestine on April 12
3. Invitation to the Ring of Power
4. Excerpts from Fighting For Our Lives
6. Why We Blow Ourselves Up
7. How the Trauma Takes Its Toll on Us


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Some weeks ago I sent you all the Turtle Woman's Vision on The Golden Light Grid Activation which is to take place this Saturday, April 13, 2002, 3:00 PM Central Time -- which is at 1:00 PM on the West Coast, 4:00 PM on the East Coast - 9:00 PM in the UK - 10:00 PM in Europe, and on April 14 at 6:00 AM in Australia and 8:00 in New Zealand. You may also check at http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/full.html to find your corresponding local time.

Here is what Patricia Diane Cota-Robles wrote on this very special global meditation


Through this activity of Light, the Golden Light Grid will be permanently anchored into the physical Crystal Grid System of Mother Earth. This will greatly accelerate the healing process of the Earth and exponentially raise the planet's vibratory rate in preparation for our Ascension up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th Dimension.

In order for us to be the most effective Instruments of God for this monumental event, we must BE the manifestation of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Mercy. We can accomplish this by breathing the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love in through our Heart Chakras, then up into our Third Eye Chakras. After absorbing the Light into our Spiritual Brain Centers, we must exhale It out through our Crown Chakras. This Holy Breath will awaken our medulla oblongatas, pineal glands and the other Spiritual Centers within our physical brain structures.

As you absorb this Holy Breath, feel the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love filling every cell of your body. Feel yourself become the tangible manifestation of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Mercy. As you breathe out, know that the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love is bathing every particle of Life in Its Divine Essence, preparing every electron of precious Life energy to receive the Golden Light Grid.

Listen carefully to the promptings of your God Self and see just where you are being guided to be during the Golden Light Grid Activation. We are all Beings of Light, and we can certainly project our Light to anywhere on the planet. In this activation, however, we are anchoring the Golden Light Grid into the physical Crystal Grid System of the planet. The physical Crystal Grid System of Earth is the same as the acupuncture points and meridians within our human bodies.

Those of you who are familiar with the process of using acupuncture to heal the maladies of the physical body know that, on a physical level, projecting Light into an acupuncture point or meridian from a distance is not nearly as effective as using an acupuncture needle, a magnet or applying physical pressure directly into the point. Our Solar Spines with our Twelve Solar Chakras serve as acupuncture needles. When we are physically aligned along a meridian or on an acupuncture point on the planet, we are much more capable of securing the Golden Light Grid into the physical Crystal Grid System through our Solar Spines, according to the Divine Plan.

The Golden Light Grid vibrates with the Golden Light of Divine Consciousness, Eternal Peace and God's Limitless Abundance. Listen to your Heart's Call. Respond to the promptings of your God Self, and go where you are guided to go. You will be eternally blessed for your selfless service to the Light. You have been preparing for this Cosmic Moment for aeons, and the time is NOW!

Please read the Turtle Woman's Vision very carefully, and keep shining your Light!

God Bless You,

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose
E-mail: PattiCR@aol.com




From: mskykooles@webtv.net
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002
Subject: An excerpt from the Planet Prayer Network Calendar for April

April 12, 2002: Tariqa Ibrahimiyya, a Sufi Moslem-Jewish group, is initiating a call for all the Children of Faith to join in a worldwide circle of prayer for peace between Israel and Palestine, to be held the same day all over the world. The day chosen time is anytime throughout the day.

Please gather as many friends as you can and join us on this day, at any hour you can, with a prayer for peace. Spread out the word. Let us gird the world with prayer and hope, instead of violence and despair. I'd be grateful if you could post the call.

Ma'a Salaama
[Ibrahim al-Qa'im]


Received on April 7, 2002

Invitation to the “Ring of Power” by Sabine Lichtenfels

Dear friends,

The violence is closing in, the global ring of violence becomes tighter and tighter. It seems to eat up the last oasis’s of hope. At the same time more and more people decide in spite - of this insanity - to commit themselves to peace and to a meaningful live on earth. In this context it becomes more and more clear to me how closely spiritual research and political acting belong to each other. This years peace camp “Peace in Palestine and Israel” originated from a peace meditation.
After being asked repeatedly, I decided to start an experiment. I call it the “Ring of Power”. The Ring of Power addresses all the peace workers who know that spiritual research and political acting belong to each other. You will only be able to realise as much peace in the outside world as you have realised within. In this time of the globalisation of violence everybody who is active in peace work needs an active training, which provides the personal strength and knowledge to walk the path of trust and fearlessness. The close cooperation with all powers of peace is the connecting thought of the Ring of Power. We go to the spiritual sources which feed our capacity for free and loving action in this world. I myself do a morning attunement at sun rise to connect myself to the power of universal love and all cosmic peace powers. Everyday at sun rise I go to a special place for this peace meditation. I wish that a spiritual-political meditation ring around the globe starts, which holds the Ring of Power. Thoughts create reality — may we strengthen the peace bringing powers by our meditation.

There were many committed peace bringers. Courageous people, who connected prayer and political acting and who left behind a precious knowledge, which we can apply daily in our concrete peace work. I will gather quotes and excerpts, from time to time also portray a person from whom we can learn a lot.

You will find sentences of strength for the week, insights from my meditations and occasionally statements concerning the concrete political situation. Additionally a new web-page will be launched for the Ring of Power, on which current news and diary notes can be read. We will let you know about the start.

Apart from your decision whether to participate in the sun rise meditations, you can participate in the Ring of Power. It is meant as an inspiration for all who seek new courage and thoughts for their peace work. I will send my thoughts into the Ring of Power each Monday. You can add a personal peace prayer and distribute it to your network. Thus the Ring of Power will slowly but surely grow and create a network of the heart. I ask everybody who wants to participate to send an email to ring-of-power@gmx.net. It would be great if you could support the Ring of Power also financially but it is no condition. The money will finance the spiritual-political actions which come out of the Ring of Power. Right now it would be used to pay for flights for young Palestinian peace activists to come to the Israel-Palestine-Camp. I will inform about donations and their use. I look forward to a creative cooperation.

A warm welcome to the Ring of Power - a network for peace workers.


Sabine Lichtenfels

Please mark in which way you want to become part of the Ring of Power. We will only send out the messages to people who explicitly wish so. Thank you.

Yes - I want to participate in the Ring of Power and receive your emails____

Yes - I want to participate in the Ring of Power by receiving and forwarding your emails____

Yes - I want to join the Ring of Power and the morning meditations regularly____

Responses please to: ring-of-power@gmx.net (German: Ring-der-Kraft@gmx.net )
Financial support please to the following account:
Amelie Weimar, VR Bank Flaming eG BLZ:160 620 08 Kto.-Nr: 4102056100 Keyword: Ring of Power

IGF - Institut für Globale Friedensarbeit (institute for Global Peace Work),
Monte do Cerro, P- 7630 Colos, Portugal http://www.tamera.org
igf@tamera.org , Tel: ±351-283 635 3-06, Fax: -74



Sent by Alan Moore <Bflyspirit@aol.com>

Excerpts from Fighting For Our Lives
by Dr. Helen Caldicott

Changing the Political Climate

Caldicott is convinced that the American people are hungry for real visionary leadership, and are ready for someone with integrity - perhaps a woman - to lead the electorate into a positive future, teaching and guiding and inspiring them with a prophetic voice. She encourages the implementation of quick, effective strategies to shift the balance of power into the hands of truly "wise, visionary, courageous leaders who will do the right thing for the people of this country-not the corporations, but the people, and by extension the entire world."

Caldicott is thrilled by France's recent 'parity law' requiring that 50% of all candidates running for office must be women. She believes the Equal Rights Amendment was nothing compared to this. "It's time that women rise up and take their rightful place in government. We are 53% of the world's population, we hold up 53% of the sky, yet we have no power at all. The three hormones-testosterone versus estrogen and progesterone-have very different and obvious effects upon the psyche. I could go on at length about the physiology of those hormones, how they affect the brain and behavior. It's imperative that there be gender balance now."

Counteracting the Corporations

Caldicott emphasized the importance of taking full advantage of the public broadcasting system to get the anti-nuclear point of view heard. "I'm setting up an institute equal and opposite to the Heritage Foundation so that Rumsfeld, Cheney, and their other spokespersons never again go on television unchallenged and lie to the American people. I may need about $1 million a year, but I guarantee, we'll do them in. We'll just put the best, most brilliant people on news and talk shows all over the country to disclose the whole truth, to educate the citizens, and we'll end the Nuclear Age."

Caldicott has experienced censorship in attempting to get equal time on television and in print. GE, whose slogan is, ironically, "We bring good things to life," is one of the two American manufacturers (along with CBS-owner Westinghouse) of nuclear weapons, nuclear space probes, and nuclear reactors/power plants for domestic and overseas markets. "As they own NBC, they predictably would be antithetical to speaking about the medical problems of what they're actually doing. After writing a book called If You Love This Planet, in which I used GE as an example of a very bad corporation, I was scheduled to go on the Today Show and was very excited. Then they read the book and I was cancelled.

"There is a conspiracy of silence in this country," she said. "The European Parliament has been up in arms, frantic because so many foreign soldiers who fought in Kosovo and the Gulf are getting leukemia. Articles are flooding the European press, yet there's nothing in this country at all."

Awakening the Numbed According to Caldicott, the manic denial of reality, or "psychic numbing," is an epidemic state of mind amongst Americans when it comes to acknowledging the immediate and ongoing possibility of nuclear war. "'Displacement Activity' is described when you put rats in a cage and threaten them with a lethal situation. They then tend to run away and do something totally irrelevant to that which threatens them. Similarly, people are running around engaged in all sorts of insignificant, smaller activities that they can get their brains around." Such distractions and obsessions are not difficult to see imbedded in daily American culture: addictions to technological toys such as television, computers, video games, gourmet food, designer fashions, and spectator sports.

"There can be no more important issue than saving the planet from nuclear destruction. If we set the priority of all moving together towards the abolition of nuclear weapons and power plants, that in itself will create a massive change of perspective within the country and empower the other groups to get going on their issues." In other words, first things first.

"Our children know they have no future. It's grim. Furthermore, they see no sign that the adults are willing to protect them or fix it for them. To be good parents and grandparents, it is implicit that we take responsibility to save their future. Certainly in Australia, where we only have 19.5 million people, the male teenage suicide rate is higher than ever before, and many are profoundly depressed. That's the time you're supposed to look forward with great passion and enthusiasm for life, to fall in love, to discover your dreams. The teenagers here are just as well educated-they watch television and listen to the radio, they hear who's lying, they know the truth. Talk to primary school children, they all know. If I were a teenager now, I would be deeply depressed."

Read Full Article at: http://www.wholelifetimes.com/Caldicott.html

NOTE FROM JEAN: I also recommmend you read:

Bush's Stealth Policy on Nuclear Arms (March 12, 2002)


Sent by "Lee Voosen" <leevoosen@gmx.li>


(Essay by Dieter Duhm)

The Middle East is about more than the fate of two peoples. If peace is achievable here then something new will have been achieved for human kind. In this war the potential conflict between all of humanity is revealed. Peace in the Middle East is not only of regional importance but also of planetary significance. In the following text I want to highlight a number of aspects and bring a call for active support.

In Israel a new peace movement is being born. In spite of severe sanctions, a growing number of soldiers object to military service or the murderous orders in the Occupied Territories. In a public declaration they state: "We will not go on fighting beyond the 'green line' for the purposes of domination, expulsion, starvation and humiliation of an entire people". Hundreds of soldiers signed this declaration. Their courage deserves our gratitude. A sign of hope is apparent. May it be followed by many more.

No longer can the violations of international law committed by the Israelis against their neighbours be inactively observed. Israel treats the Palestinians as the Americans treated the Native Indians when conquering their continent. It can be difficult to not offer such a one-sided judgment but in this case it is necessary, if truth and humaneness are to be given an opportunity at all. Many Israelis know little truth about the situation as true information is rarely accessible. The Palestinian Intifada is not the cause but the consequence of an endless series of human rights violations by the Israelis. Draining fresh water resources, cutting down the olive groves, destroying Palestinian homes with bulldozers are all examples, are all stains in a cruel line of humiliation and violence. These things must be known to understand the uncontrollable hate of the Palestinian people. The extreme measures taken by the Israelis reflect the fatal self-consciousness of a "master race". It appears as if a section of the Jewish people now do to others as has been done to them for centuries. The terrifying logic of history, assuming its rule until true powers of peace enter the path of new solutions and reconciliation.

The Palestinians also have to contribute to this solution. There is no sense in defending honour with violence. The spiral of violence will not be stopped through violence, suicides are heroic but no means to peace. In order to attain peace direct, visible and humane reconciliation on both sides is needed. The youth on both sides needs new songs, new ways and concepts of meeting and living together. The thought of peace villages has to be seen within this context.

Israel has a cruel history. Jerusalem has been a crucial point for religious and political events for 3000 years. The Jewish people were bound to their God and country in a very special way. The spiritual background of the Zionist movement cannot be ignored. For the Jewish people to find a new home after centuries of persecution and Diaspora left its mark. The founding history of the State of Israel was necessarily a history of pain on both sides.

However the current events are not just the consequence of this pain. Both military and financial superiority has been adopted to destroy an entire people step by step and encage them into the Ghettos. This is not said out from a place of hate as we do not hate the Jewish people. But things must be clearly defined in order for the Palestinian people to reclaim a voice in the world. Otherwise more desperate actions will be unavoidable. These words are also there to give support to Israeli peace workers who are as stunned by the daily injustice as we are. But paramount is the wish to search for a solution together.

Israel against Palestine: this is not only one people fighting another people, not only one religion fighting another religion but an imperialistic system of power fighting an almost helpless people. Israel is not fighting alone. As an important stronghold for the American "world order" it is supported by the US with weapons and money. Recently, Hillary Clinton publicly sympathised with Ariel Sharon. Veiled behind this conflict is an international power cartel that recognizes Israel as an important strategic point for globalisation.

Human rights violations occurring in Palestine are, right now, occurring all over the world. The entire globe is dominated by the suppression of imperialistic economic powers against helpless peoples. There is hardly a farming family freely running their own land, hardly a village not threatened by the relentless methods of worldwide exploitation. Global terror is not the desperate actions of individual rebels, but the power strategies of international finance and their representatives all over the world. The same structures of violence are reflected by this system globally. The same structures of pain are left in its wake everywhere. The tears of a Palestinian mother mourning for her dead child are the same tears as a mother in Israel, in Chechnya, in Sierra Leone or in Nicaragua, the same in Manhattan and in Afghanistan. The sorrow for a lost husband or lover, the pain of a destroyed home, the freezing of refugees on their endless trails, the hate towards the cynical suppressors, the unavoidable desire for revenge, mourning on one side and jubilation on the other. Everywhere are the same structures of a deeply split human race.

The causes of global violence lay not only in the power politics of corporate companies, banks, the military and secret services. They also lay in the misguided orientation of the entire human civilization. Humanity has lost its anchor. The anchor lays in the unity and holiness of life and the interconnectedness of all beings. The human world has to reconnect with the higher orders of life and creation. Peace, healing and a true home on earth can only be found when it is shared with all other beings. The earth belongs to all of us; humans, animals, plants, rivers, and mountains. All of us are part of the big unity of life we must return in order to build a new planetary culture of peace.

Healing is sacredness. If peace is wanted then it is necessary to build a society in where human life is re-embedded into the holy matrix, the basis of all life. We need peace villages that have the strength to develop such models and we need people with the strength to build such peace villages. A single fully functioning peace village, the size of a few hundred people, could trigger an iterative process throughout the entire earth comparable to the "butterfly effect" in chaos research. If a few such peace villages were built successfully in different places, a global healing process would already be active.

The thought of peace villages is not unfamiliar to the Jewish tradition. It was religious Jews who set up the Chassidic communities around their founder Baalschem during the 18th century. It was the Jewish representatives of a humane socialism who laid the foundations for the Kibbutz movement a hundred years ago. The Zionist movement, widely linked today with the international power cartel had, initially, a very spiritual background. They wanted to renew the covenant that their ancestors had made with their god 3000 years ago. They wanted to reunite their people on the basis of this covenant. For a faithful Jew this was not an imperialistic thought but a deeply religious one. The move from the Diaspora into the Holy Land was the beginning of a new life for many Jews. It is similar to many of us today who experience the move from industrial mega-societies into new forms of living as the beginning of a new life.

Palestine/Israel is located in a special place on this earth. In Palestine, the town of Jericho was founded 10,000 years ago, one of the oldest towns in human history. The old capital Jerusalem is a political and religious centre point of history for 3000 years now. The temple of Salomon (built 3000 years ago) held enough secrets to trigger the movement of the Templars in the medieval times (under the guidance of Bernard of Clairvaux, the most powerful catholic bishop at that time). Today "The Dome of Rock", built by Muslims, crowns the same place, beneath several stages of earlier history. Much was struggled for here, much attempted, much hoped for and much destroyed. Jerusalem, Israel, Palestine: these are not only political definitions, they are also symbols of a highly committed search of human kind. Israel/Palestine is an acupuncture point in the spiritual energy system of the earth. If the implantation of a peace information through the method of a real peace village would succeed here, it would have the effect of a signal to the world.

Already human processes are experienced in Israel and Palestine that move the question of peace to our hearts core in a new way. On both sides there are women and men who do not preach hate and revenge any longer, for they have suffered too much. There are peace workers who understood, by their own suffering, the suffering of their supposed enemies, forever. Is it not possible to build up a huge model of reconciliation, forever?

The day will come when we will realize, through tears, what we have done to those considered enemies. The day will come when we will realize, through tears, what we have done to all the animals. And the day will come when the two halves of humanity - men and women - will realize what they have done to each other. Reconciliation is the central motive of the peace villages. We need places on earth where wounds can heal.

Finally, a few words regarding the possibility of realising a better world. In theory it is hardly a problem. The question is only whether there will be enough people who think and act accordingly. I reasoned the theoretical possibility for global peace in my book "The Holy Matrix". The world is a 'holon', a living unity. If it is possible to build up new structures and information in one part, it will affect the whole. There is an effect on the whole as a medicament has an effect on the whole organism. If developing a peace information with enough depth and complexity is achievable in any location, it is fed into the informational body of the earth (Noosphere) and becomes accessible in any location. Consequently the 'holon' is in a 'stimulated state'; the probability that similar structures develop in other places on earth increases. Here, as in any other 'holon' the law of morphogenetic field building holds true.

We still talk in a subjunctive mode but want to state that, already, work on the concrete preparations of peace villages has been going for a few years. The "Institute for Global Peace Work" in Portugal was founded for this purpose and now enters the public domain to invite dedicated people to join in co-operation and support. It is desirable that many committed people take in these ideas and disseminate them into a worldwide ring of peace. This year (August 2002) we will hold a summer camp where we expect about 40 participants from Israel and Palestine. We urgently ask for financial support.

For the hope of all who love.

For new models for live in Israel and Palestine.

Salaam! Shalom!

Further information:

IGF - Institute for Global Peace Work
Location: Healing Biotope I Tamera

Monte do Cerro
P - 7630 Colos
Tel.: ++351 - 283 635 306
email: igf@tamera.org
Web: http://www.tamera.org



From: http://timecanada.com/story.adp?storyid=3&area=_toc

April 8, 2002

Why We Blow Ourselves Up

A Palestinian doctor explains why so many of his people want to be martyrs

By Eyad Sarraj

A few weeks ago, my sister, a professional and a mother of four, was visibly shaken as she watched, on television, Israeli tanks torturing the streets of a refugee camp and soldiers raping its homes. She shocked us all when she declared that she would like to become a martyr. A few hours later, a young Palestinian woman stunned the world when she turned herself into a human bomb and exploded in Jerusalem, killing one Israeli and wounding 150 others. In the weeks after, more women joined the queue of suicide bombers as the world stood alarmed and bewildered.

To understand why Palestinian men, and now women, are blowing themselves up in Israeli restaurants and buses is to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict. Ours is a nation of anger and defiance. The struggle today is how not to become a suicide bomber. We are told that there are long queues of people willing to join the road to heaven, and I believe it.

What propels people into such action is a long history of humiliation and a desire for revenge that every Arab harbors. Since the establishment of Israel in 1948 and the resultant uprooting of Palestinians, a deep-seated feeling of shame has taken root in the Arab psyche. Shame is the most painful emotion in the Arab culture, producing the feeling that one is unworthy to live. The honorable Arab is the one who refuses to suffer shame and dies in dignity.


In every case of martyrdom, there is a personal story of tragedy and trauma. A curious journalist once asked me to introduce him to a potential martyr. When the journalist asked, “Why would you do it?” he was told, “Would you fight for your country or not? Of course you would. You would be respected in your country as a brave man, and I would be remembered as a martyr.”

This is the influence of the teaching of the Koran, the most potent and powerful book in Arabia for the past 14 centuries. In the holy book, God promised Muslims who sacrificed themselves for the sake of Islam that they would not die. They would live on in paradise. Muslims, men and women, even secularists, hold to the promise literally. Heaven is then the ultimate reward of the devout who have the courage to take the ultimate test of faith.

What the young man did not say was that he was burning with a desire for revenge. He was a tearful witness, at the age of six, to his father’s beating by Israeli soldiers. He would never forget seeing his father taken away, bleeding from the nose.

As Sharon was taking Arafat hostage and grinding the salt of humiliation into the sour wounds, he was taking us into a new horrific level of madness. Another Palestinian girl blew herself up in Jerusalem last week, killing two Israelis and wounding more. She will not be the last.


From: http://timecanada.com/story.adp?storyid=4&area=_toc

April 8, 2002

How the Trauma Takes Its Toll on Us

Two therapists tell how Israelis are trapped between vigilance and numbness

Life in quicksand has altered the Israeli experience in profound ways. Those directly exposed to violence have suffered physical and emotional injuries that will scar them for life. As mental-health workers, we have treated many victims who have been injured in more than one terror attack. We have tried to help people who have just lost a loved one while still grieving for an earlier victim. We have worked with doctors and nurses who are at risk for secondary traumatization owing to their exposure to so many dead and maimed.

The repeated scenes of violence, funerals and portraits of the dead are putting the population at large at risk of secondary trauma. With each new assault, many of our patients suffer a reactivation of earlier trauma. Others report feelings of great vulnerability because of their familiarity with a victim or their proximity to an attack. A colleague was shocked when her neighborhood café, which she had just left, exploded, along with its patrons.

Yet even more demoralizing than terror is the growing realization that there is no solution in sight. “The Situation” is what everyone calls the state we’re in. It’s a depersonalized term that reflects the feeling that there is no one responsible and no control possible. Like an enigmatic curse or a supernatural vapor, The Situation has come and settled in. In this atmosphere of powerlessness, people oscillate between being oversensitized and being numb.


Long accustomed to worrying about the danger to their children in the military, Israelis are now worried about the danger to their children in the schools. In fact, class outings have been suspended. One day recently, the mayor of the town of Nahariya shut down all its schools after a warning of an impending terrorist act. In a society characterized by its love of gatherings, even the youngest children know that crowds are to be avoided.

The flip side of all this vigilance is an anesthetized sensibility. Some of our usually well-informed and politically passionate acquaintances have stopped reading newspapers and debating politics. Others respond to the news by assessing any given terror attack by the quantity of dead and injured. (“That one wasn’t so bad; only three were killed.”) A young mother we know has witnessed this kind of imperviousness in her two sons, ages 4 and 6, who cry, “Terror attack,” and joyfully throw their toy cars into the air. There is a numbness too in Israeli attitudes toward the punishment inflicted upon the Palestinian population. Most Israelis operate in denial, either ignoring this human suffering or justifying it with rationalizations such as “They started it.”